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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 18, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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pedestrians don't like round abouts, but they insist this simple idea is building up the quality of life here and that's building up the business climate all around. >> there you go. there's a difference between a rotary and a round about. i just learned something. >> i'm still learning when you're supposed to slow down and stop and when you're not. we're going to take a long break. we'll see you back here at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. ali's back. >> good morning. -- captions by vitac -- there could be big developments today in the case of the imf chief. the maid who claimed dominique strauss-kahn tried to rape her could tell her story and pressure the growing for him to resign. flooding could get worse and the water could be high for a long time.
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the governor of louisiana says the record water levels could last more than a month. houston's newspaper reports that doctors will perform major surgery on gabrielle giffords. but first, we have an idea of who will leave al-qaeda and it's not who you'd expect. dan rivers is in london. who is this man? >> this is saif al-adel, who is a former egyptian special forces officer, a veteran of al-qaeda, the chief of their military committee for many years. a veteran of afghanistan and somalia. he's got a long record as a terrorist. he has been appointed in a caretaker capacity to sort of look after the organization while they try and find a permanent replacement for bin laden, which may be sa hary. that has been hampered by the
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intelligence that the u.s. has seized at bin laden's layer in pakistan. >> do we know where he is now? >> saif al-adel we understand is in afghanistan. we're not sure where, but his talked from one source, a former libyan islamist, now turned his back on terrorism, he has got sources who say that there is activity in kunar province in eastern afghanistan. the training camps are being reestablished there, so that's a possible location. >> many thanks. also this morning, there are calls for dominique strauss-kahn to resign. after all, it's tough to keep the global economy stable when you're locked on up rikers island fighting sex charges. deborah fayerick is following the story for us. has the alleged victim talked with the grand jury yet? >> what we're learning now is that the 32-year-old west
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african at the heart of what's now become an international incident is set to testify today. that's according to her lawyer. we are also told she was finally reunited with her teenage daughter yesterday. that's according to a friend. she will likely recount the story of how she allegedly walked into the hotel room in order to clean it as instructed and that's when she has said that strauss-kahn grabbed her from behind and the sexual assault took place. her lawyer, her private lawyer, says this incident has turned her world upside down. >> she's frightened, yes. totally frightened. this is a person who assaulted her, raped her, and she's, any television program she turns on, he's pictured on itened she has to live this. a nightmare that keeps recycling in her mind.
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she has no point of refuge. >> dominique strauss-kahn was supposed to be in europe meeting with leader to try to figure out the debt crisis. instead after that handcuffed walk out of the police station house which you saw, that's sprg the french call outrageous and illegal. he has been put on a suicide watch. this is just a precaution. he's not suicidal. they do this for many of their high profile clients or i should say people who are incarcerated, just as a precaution to make sure this fall from grace doesn't affect them as deeply as it might. his lawyer has said forensic evidence will show the encounter was not forced. if indicted, he will plead not guilty. the woman's lawyer disputes suggestions saying this was consentual, saying in no way, was this con sennal.
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her lawyer calls her intelligent. somebody without pretense, without an agenda. >> live from new york, thank you. maria shriver is not hiding after the scandal broke out about her husband's scandal. she was in chicago with her good friend, oprah, and we have pictu pictures to show you. she was taking part in oprah's last show tapings. we'll have more on that later. today, we're also learning more about the scandal inside the schwarzenegger house. the ex-governor admitting to fathering a child with a household staffer. the new york times is reporting the child is a boy, about 14 years old now. that his mother was working in the house while pregnant and while shriver was pregnant with the couple's youngest child. we're seeing how schwarzenegger's family is dealing with this. she put out this statement --
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their 17-year-old son, patrick, dealing with the fact he has a half brother nearly his age posted a tweet using his mother's maiden name. he says -- and his 21-year-old sister wrote -- newt gingrich is having a really bad week and it's only wednesday. there was that big bill at tiffany's, the ill received criticism of paul ryan's medicare plan and he was also covered in glitter. paul steinhowser joins us, it's been such a bad week for him. some are saying his campaign is already over. >> just one week ago today that
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the former house speaker from georgia announced he was running. last night, gingrich apologizing to paul ryan, the budget chairman. the republican from wisconsin. and he also said this on fox news last night, quote, i made a mistake. what are we talking about? this started on sunday when he was on the sunday talk shows and talking about paul ryan's medicare proposal, backed by just about every republican in congress. he said -- that's how he described it. obviously a critique of the medicare plan. since then, he has been hammered by conservatives and republicans across the country and now, seems he is doing this. this is damaging stuff and a lot of people are are saying can he recover from this. his campaign says yes. >> why can't he have a different opinion? >> of course he can have a different opinion, but it just shows how much the republican party when it comes to stuff
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like medicare, is very, very strict and almost orthodox. >> just to follow up about that, tiffany's bill. anything new about that? >> yeah. this is how he responded last night. he said on fox news, i don't want to play the games in washington and i'm not going to participate saying "the washington post" asked me to respond, he said no. and do you want more? check this out. let's go to the videotape as i would say. in minneapolis, he was there with his wife. this was a book signing. a gay protester hit gingrich and his wife with confetti. a liberal blog posted the video. the guy was rushed out of the room and gingrich said, nice to live in a free country, so it just doesn't end. interesting week. stay tuned. >> we will. we'll have your next political update in one hour and for all the latest political news, go to our website.
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he wrote an open letter to president obama with tips on how to make the arab world love americans. up next, social activist and arab comedian will tell us what the president has to do and oddly enough, it involves a cigarette. look at the lines. the only things that inspire this kind of turnout are iphones and oprah. we'll tell you more about maria shooifrs's surprise appearance. ♪ [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download,
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checking stories across-country. in georgia, students at pebble brook high school outside of atlanta left their classes. they took a stand against the state's newly signed immigration law. last week, georgia's governor signed what many consider the toughest antiimmigration bill into law. in auburn, michigan, people want to know why a recent $2 million lottery winner is still using food stamps a year after winning the jackpot. he justifies it by saying he paid close to a million dollars in taxes on his payout. shoppers in select cities will be able to pick up a wedding dress at costco.
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they are selling cotour inspired gowns ranging from $699 to $1400. a special ten-day rollout event began yesterday in san diego. being billed as a presidential speech that could reshape the debate over peace in the middle east. president obama is scheduled to -- president obama has scheduled what's being called a major policy address tomorrow at the state department, but we've heard this before, haven't we? remember president carter's camp david in 1978? then the oslo accords in 1993. then in 2002, the mideast road map to peace was developed during president bush's administration and in 2003, we saw the secretive geneva accord sponsored by the palestinians. let's bring in jill daugherty for a preview of what we expect to hear from president obama. so, dare we hope, jill?
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>> you know, i could ask you this question. what peace fest process? basically, it is dead in the water. so, if you look at this speech, it's either a good time to give a speech or a bad time to give a speech. it's a good time in a sense because he's not just going to talk about mideast peace. he's going to talk about the region and osama bin laden is dead. you have the so-called arab spring. those democratic movements in certain countries and egypt and bahrain are doing well, but look at syria and we expect that the president will go pretty hard on syria and perhaps talk personally about the president. essentially on mideast peace, it's not a good time to be delivering a speech. >> so, on that note, on the israeli palestinian conflict, do we expect the president will
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break any new ground? >> not really. look at what is happening or not. number one, you have the unity between the palestinian political party, the leadership, and hamas, which is considered by the united states a terrorist organization. you also have palestinian demonstrators coming over the border, coming right up and over the border into israel. israeli troops firing back on them because they're taking their cue, the demonstrators, from the arab spring and they're unarmed. a real dilemma for israeli security. you also have george mitchell, the special representative from the united states on the arab israeli peace and he resigned. finally, you have this big moment in september, the palestinians want a united nations resolution for independents. so, at this moment, why would the president stick his neck out at a time like this? >> i guess we'll fipd out
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tomorrow. many thanks. so, the mood for a new middle east peace plan is tepid at best. dean is is an arab american comedian who is written a letter to president obama with suggestions on how to win over the arab world. welcome. >> thanks for having me on. >> looking forwar to it. there's this new poll out that shows the arab world dislikes america as much ever despite its desire for democracy. why? >> well, when i've been in the middle east, i've been performing stand-up comedy the last three years, egypt to saudi arabia. i was there the day after president obama was elected and crowds of 4,000 people in cairo cheering for president obama. i was in the middle east in june 2009. he had the arab world at a low. recently, i've noticed the crowds have diminished in their
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chief cheering of president obama. it's a dispointment frankly, there's great rhetoric, we're foipg change. america's like the cool kid in high school and the arab world wants to sit at the table with us. they want to sit down. they want the swap the apple pie, have a good time together. sometimes, i think they feel they're kept as arms length. some of my advice is reaching out. >> also in your op-ed, you suggest jobs would make arabs love president obama more, but jobs would make americans love president obama more. how realistic is that that america could help arabs create more jobs? >> i reached out using social media and asked the young arabs across the region, what are the issue of most concern. there were three. the practical one was job creation. it's difficult for the president
6:18 am
of the united states to create jobs there. other than using our expertise and perhaps financial aid, the other was democratic reforms. specially, each country, the arab world is not a monolithic place. the third, emotional issue. the palestinian israeli issue. the young arabs are linked to there. they want to see american leadership and want us to see us fair and just in our resolution and leadership, not just one side. not just pro israel. we have to have some fairness in it. that will help both in reaching out to the 300 plus million people in the arab world. >> wish we could talk more, but also in our piece, you talk that president obama should openly smoke in the arab world because they're into smokers there. >> they love smoking. at the gym, an ashtray and a treadmill. they'll love that. believe me. >> thank you. we appreciate your being here. if you want to read more, go to
6:19 am and you can see the president's meeting policy speech live here tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. eastern. there aren't many people who can steal oprah's spotlight, but this week, this lady's one of them. more on maria shriver's surprise appearance last night. also, what relaxes you after a tough day at work? putting your feet up? watching some tv? that is certainly true for men, but it's a story for the ladies too, and they may not like it. we'll explain. i'm hank williams jr. and you can make an impact to help the people of alabama, georgia, mississippi, that have been totally devastated by the worst disaster in the history of the state. you have to be here. just can't describe it. absolutely unbelievable. these cities need not millions, they need billions.
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we just got new pictures to show you and here they are. there is is maria shriver with oprah winfrey. they were in chicago for the taping of oprah's last week of shows and there's a shot of maria walking out on to stage. if you're wondering what she said, well, our entertainment correspondent, kareen winter, was there. when she walked on stage, what was the reaction of the crowd? >> you can just imagine. they completely embraced her. you could see oprah's expression. when you can of the two, this took a lot of guts. a lot of courage. this is a woman who came out on this national stage. she's in the midst of this scandalous split with arnold schwarzenegger, but you know why she did it? she and oprah go way back. when she walked out on stage, she came out with gayle king and
6:24 am
didn't say much, but boy, did she dazzle the crowd. she was dressed to kill in that gorgeous blue sequinned dress. her hair was done. her makeup. she was smiling ear to ear. she thanked oprah for her friendship over the years. she's known oprah for about three decades and thanked oprah for teaching her the truth. this is one of the highlight of the night. oprah chimed in and said here's to the truth and guess what, carol? the audience just rose to its feet, applauded, embraced maria, you're really, really felt for her. no specific reference to the scandal, of course, but you could tell they really appreciated her coming out on this huge night. >> oh, yeah, no need at all. there are a lot of rumors flying around, like i heard that when maria shriver got the news that the scandal would break and would become public, she was eating with oprah winfrey. >> well, we know that she did
6:25 am
dine with oprah on monday at a chicago restaurant. maria's children were there. and it's not surprising. again, they have a long friendship. they go way back and it really, really is pointed in the fact that despite all she's going through, that's why she came out last night and there was so much speculation leading up to it. oprah's camp wasn't saying much. would maria be there it really meant a lot to oprah. >> i like it. i like stories about girl power. many thanks. cia flying radar drones deep into pakistani air space. details after a break and they've quit their jobs, given away pets, broken leases, they are true believers that this sat is judgment day. we'll get the scoop from a producer who hit the road with their christian caravan. [ female announcer ] in and out. out and in.
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new information emerging on the cia's covert mission that led to osama bin laden's capture. according to the "washington post," the cia used drones to fly into pakistani for months to spy on the compound where os offensive tack
6:29 am
osama bin laden was killed. what are you hearing about this report? >> it certainly fits with what we've been hearing all along. this was an absolutely precise operation. it was carried out several months that they had kept this osama bin laden compound under surveillance. what we're talking about here, a stealth drones. they avoid detection. they fly much higher than the regular drones we're used to hearing about in pakistan, which attack the pakistan, afghanistan border, targets insurgents. these had flown over this compound for months trying to ascertain if bin laden was actually there. they didn't get any photos of him, but they were able to see activity inside the house and there were reports of this tall man seen walking back and forth. they believe that was bin laden himself. there's about reports of a safe
6:30 am
house in abbottabad. these safe houses were being used to keep a watch on this compound, all part of this intricate planning. >> another question. essentially, these drones were looking into people's homes within pakistan. if that's true, is that likely to increase the tension ever more between the united states and pakistan? >> absolutely. you know, you've come -- this comes at a critical time. there has been so much concern, so much finger pointing since the killing of osama bin laden and what pakistan is concerned about is what they see as elected respect for its sovereignty and innovation of its air space. they are concerned this whole mission was carried out covertly, secretly, that they were not brought into the loop. they say if this is a relationship of trust, if this is really an alliance, how could the united states carry this out. the u.s. counters and says the stakes were so high here, that
6:31 am
secrecy was an absolute must, but it has certainly damaged this relationship. we saw yesterday this clash between a nato helicopter and pakistan military. came into pakistan air space, they fired on each other and troops were injured. an environment of suspicious, mistrust and anything that suggests a lack of trust is not going to be viewed well. >> stan grant live from islamabad. other stories we're following, a source with knowledge of al-qaeda says the terror group has picked a new, temporary replacement. he has saif al-adel, an egyptian who has played a prominent role in al-qaeda. he's only a caretaker until the permanent replacement is selected. the housekeeper who dominique strauss-kahn -- taz international monetary fund.
6:32 am
space shuttle "endeavour" docked at the international space station this morning bringing a science expermit. the last mission before nasa retires the shuttle fleet. there was a preview of a possible baseball playoff series last night. it had the same kind of october dramat dramatic. st. louis leading philadelphia in the eighth inning when the philly's jimmy rollins popped it up. tyler green drops the ball. he was in as a defensive replacement. rollins made the score to tie the game. then in the bottom of the ninth -- you see it. the bases were loaded for the cardinals, berkman lines the single. the cards lead 2-1. two superstars performances last night, but only one team could win. we'll have more sports for you in 20 minutes. at the epd of the long day
6:33 am
at work, how do you relax? a new study shows if you're a woman, the answer is drastically different than if you're a man. allison kosik has the detas. i had to laugh. >> i did, too. this is pretty funny. for men, their stress levels fall when they're wives are busy working around the house, while they're relaxing. meaning they feel more relaxed while watching their wives stay busy. so they're eating on the couch, feeling good -- >> they're drinking a beer. what are you talking about. eating bonbons? >> we can only imagine. this is a study out of the ucla. what it did, it looked at how many women are able to relax after a long day at work and how household chores fit in to that mix. what did the men do? they watched tv, do a hobby, but
6:34 am
doing house work doesn't relax us women. we have to do it. it's a priority for us. what truly relaxes us is when our significant others are helping us with the stuff around the house. the studies conclusion is that the division of labor at home really does affect our physical health. so step it up, men. you may actually find your less stress if your wife is less stressed. >> good point. i hope my husband is listening, but i'm sure he's not. the next generation of american employees hit the workforce. >> these kids have been told that they're the most amazing things on the face of this earth from the day they were born. >> we'll take a look at the mill len yals coming to a workplace
6:35 am
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the snapshot discount. new, huge, and only from progressive. it is an eye catching
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campaign for sure. billboards across the country and around the world announcing that may 21st, this coming saturday, is judgment day. a christian broadcaster and his followers have been trying to spread is word for months an the reception, it's been mixed. >> we see people that give us the thumb. they say thumb's up. we also see people that unfortunately, give us the other finger. >> ouch. you probably noticed that guy was in an rv. he and his fellow believers have been crisscrossing the country in caravans giving us a heads-up that the world will end on saturday. that's right. on saturday, they say a monster earthquake will start at the international da interdate line and hit each time zone at 6:00. jessica hit the road with these
6:39 am
people. first of all, i want to know how many people believe this. >> it's hard to count numbers. i was with a team of ten people who were traveling and there were four other teams, four total that had hit the road. the radio station owner, this 89-year-old guy, estimates there there are maybe 20,000 listen listenere listenerers, but broadcast online as well. no telling how many people are listening. >> these people really believe it because some have given up their jobs. >> they've walked away from homes, jobs, even from kids in some cases. >> so, exactly do they think? the earthquake will hit, the world will be destroyed and what will happen for them? >> for those who have been saved or are going to be saved, they'll be beamed up to heavy on that day. every one else will suffer unspeakable sufferings for the next five months until the world ends on october 21st.
6:40 am
>> so this christian broadcaster, didn't he say like 10 or 15 years ago that the world would end in 1994, so why do these people believe him now? >> now, he's been able to study more closely different passages in the bible and has understood things he didn't understand then. different proofs have been revealed, so now, they're certain this is it. >> just hard to wrap your head around. so, if the world does not end on saturday, how will that affect these people who've given up their livelihoods in preparation for heaven? we'll just have to check in with them. they won't even entertain that thought. it's a given on their mind. i tried to ask them what they would do if they woke up on may 22nd and they won't go there. >> i'll be watching the
6:41 am
preakness. you'll be going to a wedding. >> thank you so much. you can read more of the piece, tick-tock goes the doomsday clock at and if you'd like to join the conversation, leave a comment for jessica. they're young, college educated and quick to jump ship if you don't keep them happy. >> they don't want to read more than a few sentences and don't read more than a few sentences. >> their millenials coming to a workplace near you. we'll tell you how one man's big mac attack has him hitting a new high mark under the golden arches. in 2011, at&t is at wor, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call
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that's funny." and i go, "reall? i look a lot better than you right now." [ men laugh ] [ male announcer ] hurry, join for free today. weight watchers online for men. finally, losing weight clicks. checking stories across could be tri. deputies in cherokee county, georgia arrest a woman who told them she had been kidnapped, but they say her story didn't add up. she faces charges of making false statements. police in missouri release the dash cam tape of a shootout last week. cops were purr seeing a man armed with an assault rival and drove speeds that reached 120
6:45 am
miles per hour. it ended on a nearby college campus. in wisconsin, a personal milestone that earns national attention. that's don gorske eating his 25,000th big mac. on the 39th anniversary of his first. time now for cnn in depth. they're high performer, yet high maintenance allan chernoff investigates how mill lean yal employees are changing america's work culture. >> taking an inventory of all the stuff we have that we can give away. >> reporter: al son bronze surrounded herself with young employees, mostly in their 20s. >> a memorial day package. >> reporter: she says their energetic, tech savvy, but can be needy. >> they have been told they're
6:46 am
the most amazing thing on the face of this earth from the day they were born. >> reporter: even after the recession, many still except favored treatment from employers. just as their coddling parents may have provided. >> my parents pushed that for me, told me i was the best at whatever i did and as a result, i think millennials crave that attention and praise. >> reporter: there's skill in being able to tweet and talk at the same moment. never has there been such a generation of talented multit k multitaske multitaskers, but such talents can come with side effects. employers say they have short attention spans and communicate as they tweet. >> they don't want to read more than a few sentences and don't read more than a few sentences. >> reporter: they also believe work is not their entire life.
6:47 am
the most important factor is choosing a good work-life balance. salary came in second and work atmosphere, third. none of which is to say they are slackers. many are ambitious. three quarters believe hard work is the key to achievement. to bring out the best in young workers, bosses need to manage their style. lots of feedback, set concrete goals and consultants say, think more of yourself at a t-ball coach than as a boot camp instru instructor. >> i think they have it together. balance, work and personal life. that's great and so much better than what baby boomers thought. work is everything. so, i'm going to give a break on that. but i also wonder what happens if they are not getting the attention or recognition they're used to. >> if they don't, they are quick
6:48 am
to jump ship. look at some of their role models. mark zuckerberg, founder of facebook and instant billionaire. a lot of these folks want success very rapidly. of course, the reality is that most of us have to gradually climb that corporate ladder. >> oh, that. fascinating report. thank you. all week, we'll continue to partner with cnn money and "time" magazine to dig deep on america's job hunt. check out the new the 14-year-old son of the cleveland cavaliers' owner represented the team at the nba draft lottery last night and delivered a unusual one pick. really special. we've got sports in less than ten minutes.
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an update for you on the mississippi river flooding. it's now estimated about 9,000 people have been displaced or evacuated in louisiana and mississippi. louisiana's governor warns record water levels could last for more than a month. cnn's rob marciano is in morgan city, that's about 70 miles west of new orleans, where people are
6:52 am
going to great lengths to protect their homes. >> reporter: carol, the folks who live in the path of the morgan city spillway express, the water that's pouring out of the right side of the mississippi, some of them are take something drastic measures to save their home, especially those who live outside of the protective levees and sea walls. check out the house behind me. it's an old one. 150 yearsed old, so worth saving. once the flooding is done, they're going to make it a permanent structure. the flood walters are coming in here. the river itself should be 400, 500 yards that way so it's encroaching rapidly. spoke with a family member who grew up in this house earlier today. people say, well, they live outside of the floodwall, i shouldn't feel sympathetic to them. >> some people say that because we chose to live here. we chose to live here because it's hard to find riverfront property and it's pristine. i loved growing up here. a lot of childhood experiences.
6:53 am
love it. >> reporter: two bedroom, one bath, got electricity, plumbing, it's on the river, they're going to ride out the flood, believe it or not. folks have evacuated a lot of areas up and down the basin but not one red cross shelter has been activated yet. a lot of folks are moving out, doing it slowly, staying with friends and families. the river here is not expected to crest until next week in morgan city. the personal belongs of ted kaczynski, aka, the unabomber, will be sold in an online auction in the next hour. the federal government is raising money for his victims. kaczynski's mail bombs killed three people. and 11:30 eastern this morning, president obama will deliver the commencement address. and secretary of state hillary clinton will have are remarks on the state department's operation center. she'll be joined by madeleine
6:54 am
albright and lawrence eagleburger. we're following the news in the newsroom. let's check in with stan grant. >> reporter: yeah, carol, a lot of speculation as how much money pakistan gets from the u.s. every year. billions of dollars, now, this relationship at a new low. some are asking, is the u.s. getting what it pays for. more of that at the top of the hour. >> reporter: a new chapter in the recovery of the congresswoman gabrielle giffords. i have an exclusive interview with her neurosurgeon, he talks about he's going to close up the gaping hole in her skull. >> reporter: i'm kareen wynter in chicago, the fans, the famous faces, the fantastic performances, oprah winfrey's farewell spectacular. it did not disappoint. i'll have all the details coming up. >> thanks to all of you, also it's been a tough week for newt gingrich. reports of a big bill at
6:55 am
tiffany's and then got attack over medicare. then an that's correct of his honey. a glitter attack. that's coming up in the next hour. of experience in their fields to help him turn a thesis into a business plan and accelerate the path between ideas... and actions. my name is myron sullivan, i'm developing a robotic system to clean oil spills, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] learn more about the school of business at yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend of performance and craftsmanship. see how jaguar outperforms the competition at or visit your local jaguar dealer.
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6:57 am
your trip begins at most basketball fans were expecting to see the lakers and spurs battling right now to go to the nba finals. jeff fischel is here. >> yeah, we're you'd to this year after year, seeing kobe bryant and tim duncan go at it. they're the stars, they're the
6:58 am
teams that go at it at the western correspondennference ti. not this year. game one, ridiculous shot by durant. look at that on the baseline. getting the roll. he had 40. the thunder within five in the final minutes but don't mess with dirk. that step-back in your eye jumper was deadly all night for dirk. 48 points for the big "d," in the big "d," dallas wins game two tomorrow. the cleveland cavaliers had a big farm at the nba draft lottery. that's nick gilbert the son of the cavs' owner dan gilbert. he made dad proud. he won the number one pick. talk about a long shot, nick knows about long odds, he's been baffling m.f., a nerve disorder since board. and shoots right between two defenders and scores. two goals, two assists in period
6:59 am
number two. it's a breakout game for the rookie, he's only on the ice because of a teammate's injury. in fact, he spent it in the press box sitting and watching and apparently learns. bruins are tied. one game apiece. and the braves needed him, with two strike, he hit a pinch-hit home run to tie the game withcann, no, you don't ge off. again, gone! a two-run game-winning home run. which is called a walkoff homer. the braves win it 3-1. elvis has not left the ballpark. in fact, he's playing great "d." texas shortstop elvis anders does his own shakes and moves. it chicago would beat texas 4-3. harmon killebrew died
7:00 am
yesterday after battling cancer. he was 74. he finished with 573 hits all-time. this guy was loved in the twin cities, not only because he was a great player, because he was a great guy. in fact, one time he was asked, what do you do to have fun? he said, you know, i do the dishes. he's an ease-going, nice guy. in fact, they love him so much, they buried a picture of him under home plate. >> he was amazing. 40 home runs like six seasons in a row. >> yeah, former mvp of the american league. again, when you thought of the minnesota twins through the '60s and '70s, you thought of harmon killebrew. he was great. it's 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. 7:00 a.m. in the west. i'm carol costello. good morning to you. here are some of the stories we're following right now. an interesting campaign stop for
7:01 am
republican candidate newt gingrich. today a gay rights protester hits newt gingrich and his wife with a glitter bomb in minnesota. we don't know exactly who shot the video, however, it was posted online. mexican authorities stopped two tractor trailer trucks suspected of carrying illegal immigrants. they never suspected 513 people crammed inside in awful conditions. they each paid $7,000 to travel to the united states. and it's a disaster in slow motion on the lower mississippi river. already at record levels. it's expected to peak tomorrow. the army corps of engineers says the water levels will stay abnormally high for weeks to come. president obama will give a major speech tomorrow about u.s. relations with the middle east and north africa. details are starting to trickle out as you might expect. of course, a lot has changed in the two years since he spoke to the muslim world in cairo with
7:02 am
the uprisings and the end of osama bin laden. ed lavandera, give us a preview. >> reporter: one thing they will not do is give a speech to the muslim world. they want to stress, this is a broader speech, not just aimed at the muslim world, but the broader world, out of protests, all the upheaval in the mideast, as well as north africa, and try to present a coherent, u.s. strategy, u.s. policy to deal with all of that and bring stabilities to the region, number one. secondly, this will not be just a speech about the mideast peace process. the israeli/palestinian issue something that they've focused on since day one. but they've had some problems with the mideast envoy announced friday that he's going to be step down on the eve of this speech.
7:03 am
certainly will cast a pall over this. one of the things that the aides say he's waiting to weigh is whether or not to get specific and calls for the israelis to go back to the pre1967 arab/israeli war of borders to try and bring the palestinians in on the thorny issues, carol. >> something else we hear he's going to mention, syria and possible sanctions against syria. what are you hearing? >> reporter: absolutely, u.s. officials are saying in private, you can expect the president to mention it, also this administration is putting together some specific eye sanctions, aim ted assad government in syria. we've seen the violent clashes. the crackdown on peaceful protesters, number one. but number two, what has been particularly alarming for this administration, particularly alarming for israel as well, is
7:04 am
the fact that along the border, we've seen the attempts to cross the border. there have been some bloody clashes already. and i was talking to one official yesterday already who said they fear here there are going to be many more clashes in the days ahead. >> ed henry live at the white house, thank you. of course, you can see the president's middle east policy speech live right here on cnn tomorrow. that will come your way at 11:30 a.m. eastern. and the president will be live from the state department. new developments in the osama bin laden story. al qaeda has named a new leader. he is saif al adel, an egyptian who has played a key role in al qaeda. a source with knowledge of the group says he's only a caretaker unless the various affiliates of al qaeda work together to appoint a permanent replacement. for months, the cia reportedly
7:05 am
used stealth drones to fly over the pakistani airspace to monitor the compound where osama bin laden was killed. that information is from "the washington post." the drones were specifically designed to aroid radar detection. and there's growing concern in congress to trim u.s. aid to pakistan. senator carl levin suggests pakistani leaders turned a blind eye to terrorists who were after u.s. targets. stan grant is live in islamabad. stan, pakistan and the united states are -- i guess they're still allies on the war on terror, even though it doesn't seem like it these days. what if the united states does pull aid from pakistan? what would happen? >> reporter: yeah, it's really critical, you know. many people talk about this, carol, a relationship as an alliance. really, it's a transaction. so much money has been pumped into pakistan, particularly since 9/11. i think over the last ten years some 20 billion dollars flowed
7:06 am
pakistan's way. currently, it runs at $3 billion a year. and that's directly for the war against the insurgency here. there's also extra money which comes in here to help social services and civilian assistance and so on. so you can see this adds up to a lot of money each year. now with this relationship falling into a new low, particularly with the questions being asked about what pakistan knew about osama bin laden being inside this country, many in the united states, we're hearing from lawmakers and others saying, why are we paying this money? are we getting what we're actually paying for? that has been heightened as well to the pakistan prime minister to china, calling china pakistan's truest and most trusted friend. if you're in the united states and spending billions of dollars here, that's not the sort of message you want to hear, you know. >> stan grant reporting live. thank you. pressure is on for dominique strauss-kahn to resign as head of the international monetary
7:07 am
fund, after all, it's tough to keep the global economy stable when you're locked up on rikers island on sex charges. a deputy director is running the organization. the french says strauss-kahn to resign and the u.s. treasury secretary, tim geithner, has also weighed in. >> he's obviously not in a position to run the imf. and i think it's important that the board of the imf formally put in place for an interim period somebody to act as managing director. and they have in john lipsky -- it's not the constitution or the succession, but the legal order of succession. >> there's a new poll in dominique strauss-kahn's native france. people are asked what they think of the case, more than half of them believe that strauss-kahn is a victim of conspiracy. the grand jury in new york will marry the alleged victim's story today. cnn's dib bra feyerick tells us
7:08 am
where it stands now. >> the 32-year-old west african is set to testify before a grand jury today. that's according to her lawyer who spoke on a morning show earlier. after laying low, we were told that she was finally reunited with her teenage daughter yesterday. that's according to a friend. now, this woman is set to testify before the grand jury and will likely recount the story how she allegedly walked into the hotel room in order to clean it. that's what she has said that strauss-kahn grabbed her from behind and the sexual assault took place. the lawyer, her private lawyer, says this incident has turned her world upside down. >> she's frightened. yes, totally frightened. this is a person who assaulted her, raped her. and any television program that she turns on, he's pictured on it. she has to relive this. it's a nightmare that keeps recycling in her mind, and she can't escape from it.
7:09 am
she has no point of refuge. >> reporter: now dominique strauss-kahn was supposed to be in europe, as you mentioned meeting with world financial leaders to try to figure out the debt crisis over there. instead, after that handcuffed walk out of the police station house which you saw, that's something that the french call outrageous and illegal. in fact, he's been put on a suicide watch at rikers island. this just a precaution. technically, he's not sued siic. they do this for people who are incarcerated, just as a precaution that the fall from grace doesn't affect him as deeply as it might. his lawyer has said that forensic evidence will show that the encounter was not forced. that if indicted, strauss-kahn will plead guilty. we're learning that the woman fled new guinea, she came to the united states seeking asylum. she's been working at the
7:10 am
sofitel for 2 1/2 years, somebody without an agenda. talk about a surprise guest, maria shriver shrugs off the media frenzy to be there for her good friend oprah winfrey. there they were on stage at the united center where oprah was taping two of her favorite shows. our own kareen wynter was there. when maria shriver walked on stage, what was the crowd's reaction? >> everyone was floored. it was an absolute surprise. the night was about oprah. she was surprised all night long with the celebrity guests. but i have to say, that one moment had everyone just kind of stepping back and saying, is this for real. you have to think what she's going through right now. the very, very scandalous split from arnold schwarzenegger, no one thought -- there were rumors of whether or not she'd be there that night and she showed up. did you see what she was wearing? she was wearing that beautiful,
7:11 am
beautiful navy sequins gown stepping out on stage. look sewing confident and smiling, looking directly with oprah. these are women the women that oprah aligns herself with. despite that they're going through, she was strong and fearless. she stepped out on stage. it was brief, her speech. but it was very pointed. she thanked oprah for their years of friendship. she's known oprah three decades and she also thanked oprah for teaching her honesty. and when she did that, oprah said "here's to the truth." and the audience stood up, they embraced. no specific reference, but we all knew what was going on. oprah's very dear friend. a great moment last night. >> yeah, oprah's show has always been about empowerment. maria shriver was there, dressed to the nines. she wasn't the only big star though there, was she?
7:12 am
>> reporter: no, in keeping on the theme, carol, we love this ride of women who show so much power. you're about to see a couple stars we spoke with backstage. the night was about oprah. these are people who really reflected on what this woman has done for them through their careers. what she's meant really for the tv industry, for audiences all over the country. let's listen to what they had to say. >> the great thing about oprah, even if you don't know her personally, you feel you know her personally. that's a talent she has. she's very accessible. >> i have watched every single episode. i tape it before tivo. i used to tape it on vhs tapes. >> she's someone that i love to know that you can be a very good stand-up person and achieve everything you dream. >> reporter: and believe it or not, carol, rosie, we spoke with her last night, she actually is go to come right by oprah's side. oprah launched her brand-new channel, the oprah winfrey
7:13 am
network, in january. the ratings haven't been great. she's focusing only her channel. guess what, rosie is going to have a new show on own. it debuts in the fall. and she's taking over oprah's studio in chicago. >> that is something. that's great for rosie o'donnell because she's had her problems in the past. must have been a fascinating time. i envy you, kareen wynter, thank you. >> it was great. >> oh, it was nothing. a reality tv happy ending turns into a tragic soap opera said. the family gets a home makeover because the two kids were listed as having a serious immune disorder. now, we hear it could be a lie. the feds raffling off the personal belongings of ted kaczynski, aka, the unabomber. [ female announcer ] sun damage is on the rise.
7:14 am
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> and i'm a master of disguise >> as am i. > as am i. >> as am i. > as am i. >> well played naomi pryce. personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. the happy endings on the reality tv show "extreme makeover" has been a ratings winner for eight years now. now comes word, though, at least one of those tearjerker conclusions was now a big fat lie. let's get more from "showbiz tonight's" aj. hammer. this is awful. >> abc's "extreme makeover" has been one of my favorite shows
7:17 am
who help people down on luck. bringing viewers to tears, including myself since 2004. sometimes, you watch, and you think the stories seem too sad to be true. it seems that the makeover gang were in fact duped by one family. here's how the story goes, according to reporting done by the oregonian, chuck and terry, they got a brand-new home in early 2009. when terry made the appeal to the show, she said she and her 10 and 8-year-old daughters suffer from an immune disease, the girls had to wear masks in the air of the their run-down, mold-filled out. "extreme makeover" came right in and built them a new home, the swimming pool, the trimmings, the flat screen tvs, by the
7:18 am
fall, the family said they couldn't afford the cost of operating this home so they sold it. and they came under scrutiny for suspected child abuse in portland, oregon. and the court case told a different story. six doctors testified that the daughters weren't sick at all. the doctors believed their mother had a syndrome caution her to seek medical attention for her children for her own gratification. the judge agreed but said the father, chuck, was a capable parent. so he sent the kids back home. terry moves with the girls back to las vegas without the husband. not such a happy ending at all. what a twisted, twisted story, carol. >> i am stunned by that. what a strange and sad twisted story, you're right. let's move on -- actually, this "dancing with the stars" story is not so happy either. >> no. at least not for the person who
7:19 am
got bounced last night. season 12 of "dancing with the stars" is in the final stretch. and it was ralph macchio and his partner karina smurnoff who were tossed off the show. now that they're gone, ralph and karina slammed the show judges. >> on my shoulders -- >> on the hips. >> or if the hands weren't right, early in the season. we worked on that in "romeo & juliet." we saw that. those are smart notes. this felt like, oh, you're not worthy to be with this group. >> they wanted to be the stars, if they wanted to be the stars, they should have auditioned to be the stars, rather than the judges. >> you got chelsea kane and hines ward. i'm firmly on team chelsea. >> i don't know who to root for.
7:20 am
it's kind of a sore loser sort of thing. a.j. hammer, many thanks. if you want information, a.j.'s got it tonight on "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 p.m. on hln. their members once included future presidents of the united states. now, an elite yale university fraternity gets a big smackdown. what a youtube video has to do with it. what?! sam, get your ears cleaned out. but what did he say? 42 wild italians. huh? it's a cruise for plus-size individuals.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
checking stories cross-country now. happening in atlanta. an online auction of personal items that once belonged to convicted unabomber ted kaczynski. proceeds of the sale will go to some of his victims. kaczynski who is 68 now, he's serving a life sentence in colorado's supermax prison. things will go into the auction like that hood and dark sunglasses. and people want to know why a recent $2 million lottery winner is still using food stamps after winning the jackpot. leroy justifies using it because he's paid $2 million in taxes on his lottery payout.
7:24 am
the chanting "no means yes" that's the video that got yale's delta cap sa epsilon thrown off campus. as you know that video went viral a few months back. the dean announced the suspension of a chapter in an e-mail to students and staffers yesterday. a yale graduate herself, alexandra, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> refresh our memories about this video. >> say it again? >> can you refresh our memories about this video and what went down on it? >> basically, the fraternity members of delta cappa epsilon is making a joke about raped
7:25 am
women. >> they're making the chant "question means no." >> that's why i was hesitating. >> yale has suspended this fraternity, is that a big deal? >> yeah, it is a big deal. usually fraternities are governed with the national headquarters. national headquarters often sell opportunities when national rules conflict with university rules, national rules triumph which is interesting. so there's always been a back and forth between who has authority over these groups. yale is now stepping up and saying, we're not allowing this, which say big deal in campus life. >> as far as discipline for the individuals, do you know what their punishment was? >> i don't know yet what their punishment was. but it's very important that yale is not only penalizing the group, but also penalizing the individuals. it sends a strong message to
7:26 am
fraternity members at yale and across the country. >> this is a fraternity whose former members include both bush presidents, george w. h. bush and george w. bush. they have prominent alumnis. can yale kind of continue to control the future of this fraternity? >> yeah, certainly. what yale is doing differently than before, yale is a very old boy culture. and d.e.c. is known particularly as old boy. the fact that yale is doing this, sends a message that other misbehavior won't be tolerated either. >> alexandra, we appreciate it. she's the author of "pledge." and her new book "the geeks shall inherit the earth." we've had a day to absorb
7:27 am
the shock. details are coming out in the schwarzenegger house. we know that maria shriver have visited oprah. we know her children are expressing their feelings via twitter. what's arnold doing now that the secret is out? and it's been quite a week for newt gingrich. he got major flak after the proposal to overhaul medicare. and then he suffered another attack. a glitter attack. [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck. @@ yet an instant classic."
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7:30 am
we are learning more and more about the scandal inside the schwarzenegger/shriver home. the ex-govern admitted to fathering a child with a staffer. "the new york times" is reporting the child is a boy. he's 14 years old. they're also saying his mother was working in the home while she was pregnant and while shriver was pregnant with the couple's youngest child. thelma gutierrez joins us. it just gets uglier. >> a source told us last night that arnold schwarzenegger is in los angeles. that this is a difficult time for him. the source says that schwarzenegger realizes he made a terrible mistake, that he has a lot of work to do to repair his relationship with his family. we're also told that schwarzenegger is doing everything he can to take full responsibility to take the spotlight off of his wife and children. he's maintained a low-profile since the news of the separation broke last week, and we're told that he will continue to do so. those around him are under clear
7:31 am
directive not to talk about his relationship with maria or his children. >> the children are tweeting. 17-year-old patrick writes some days you feel like -- emflorida tiff. some days you want to quit and be normal. yet, i love my family till death do us part. >> and from patrick, i will definitely move forward in life. i will always love my family. >> you mentioned some of what arnold schwarzenegger is trying to do to take the spotlight off of his family. at some point, he's going to restart his movie career. that's just going to put the spotlight right back on him, right back on his family. has he made any statements other than the "i'm sorry" statement he made yesterday? >> carol we do know that he is in touch with his family. a source close to us told us that he talked to his children the night before the statement was released where he admitted fathering a child.
7:32 am
we're told that he apologized but he also talked to maria. that he wants to make sure his family needs everything they need to get through this. according to that source, he says he would do whatever they want him to do. if the family wants space, he will give it to them to allow them to heal. if they need him to be nearby, we're told he will be there. so he's pretty much doing what he needs to do to keep his family together, carol. >> thelma gutierrez, live in los angeles. thank you. it's time for "political buzz." each of our brilliant political observers get 20 seconds. cornell belcherer leans left. daneia lohse is a conservative. and commitman pete domenic will lend his own unique perspective. here's the first question. tomorrow, the president will get a speech of the state department. in it, he'll unveil his road map
7:33 am
to peace for the middle east but should we bother, cornell? >> thanks for putting me on top. this is the first time i've been on the top of the pyramid. the middle east has stymied the president for a long time. this is a tough issue, i give the president a lot of credit for taking it on. >> dana? >> best of luck to him, but it's going to be a really hard-fought battle, especially when you have one entity that refuses to play nice with others. we saw this road map to peace in 2004. didn't work out as well. in fact, we saw a more militarizeded entity. if everybody wants peace. >> pete, you've got 20 seconds to tell me what the president should say about the middle east conflict? oh, my gosh! damned if he does, damned if he does. this president finds himself in
7:34 am
a more difficult situation than any other time. he's not going to say anything that anyone has predicted. i guarantee that. >> pete, that was beautifully succinct. newt gingrich has had say big week. a big bill at tiffany, and the medicare plan. and look at this video. it shows gingrich covered in glitter. man, is this campaign over? is it in trouble? dana? >> i think newt gingrich say very smart man, that's why i don't think he misspoke sunday morning. i don't get the glitter. i feel bad for his p.r. people. i don't know how he can come back from this, i honestly don't. >> cornell? >> i don't know how you spend $500,000 in tiffany's. i've been in tiffany's. i don't understand how you spend
7:35 am
$500,000 in tiffany's. >> dpii do. >> you can't flip-flop on the plan and then on medicare. >> pete. >> well listen, the glitter shower is the best thing that's happened to newt gingrich all week. as a matter of fact, i think he looked relieved that he wasn't doused with something else. one time when one of these guys have heckled or doused with something, good to live in a free country, i love that to slam back in the face with a pie. >> coming up, the buzzer beater, willie nelson's teapot party has endorsed a governor for president, legalizing marijuana. we'll be back with that question after this. s america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity,
7:36 am
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7:38 am
okay. let's bring our buzz panelists back in for one final question. we call it our "buzzer beater." on the right, dana loesch, on the right, cornell belcher. on the bubble, pete domenic. here we go. willie nelson's teapot party has endorsed a former republican governor for president. a major plank in his platform, tax it, regulate it, legalize it, as in marijuana. can he expect a capping post for cheech and chong ii? >> it's not that far fetched in ten years.
7:39 am
this may be the law in a lot of the parts of the country, in fact, out west. >> dana. >> i think we may see a graduation towards this but i don't think it will work. i think it's an excuse for big government to spend more. they have something more to tax. >> pete, i'm suddenly feeling very hungry, i think i've got the munchies. marijuana, it's costing us millions every year. legalize it. this is ridiculous. let's take this joke and take it seriously. >> thank you for playing "political buzz" this morning. "political buzz" will come back tomorrow. checking stories cross-country now. authorities in cherokee county, georgia arrest a woman who hours earlier said she had been kidnapped. the story did not add up. they track herd down by cell phone. shoppers in collect cities will be able to pick up a wedding dress at costco. it has couture-inspired gowns ranging from $699 to 1400 bucks.
7:40 am
spell rollout began in san diego. and in fond du lac, wisconsin, a personal milestone that earns national attention. that's don gorske, he's eating his -- that's number 25,000 in the big mac department. oh. and it happened on the 39th anniversary of his first. congresswoman giffords faces new surgery, perhaps as soon as today. we'll have an exclusive interview with her surgeon who talks about the procedure and explains why it's a positive part for her recovery. [ woman ] welcome back jogging stroller.
7:41 am
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doctors could operate on congresswoman gabrielle giffords as early as today. the timing of this new surgery comes from the houston chronicle. giffords will undergo a procedure to reinsert part of her skull. cnn's medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is here. you spoke exclusively with her surgeon. tell us about the procedure. >> you know, the procedure was very interesting because when she was shot, there was a lot of swelling in her brain which is what happens. so to get rid of that swelling, they cut a hole in her skull. it's a big hole. we'll have a picture in a second. it's bigger than a lot of people would expect. so the next step in her recovery will be to put an implant in that hole to cover -- you know,
7:44 am
to make it a skull again. you can see right there, dr. don kim, who is her neurosurgeon is attached it with plates and screws. >> it's actually that big? >> it is actually that big. people have holes in their skull that big before they get it put back on. >> oh, my gosh. so is this a serious procedure? i mean, it seems like it would be? >> you know, it's interesting. i think it's kind of a meat and potatoes procedure for neurosurgeons. he do this all the time so it's not a particularly risky operation. >> i ask that because her husband is in space maybe he would want to be there. >> right. and it's important to say that we don't know when this surgeon is going to happen. but it is the next step. and it's the next step so she can get out of there. also so she doesn't have to wear this. this is a helmet that people wear when they have a hole in their head from the craniotomy. so her, anybody else when they have a hole in the head, if they want to get up, walk around,
7:45 am
physical therapy, they have to wear this. >> so while she was watching the launch, she was probably wearing a helmet like that? >> i would imagine, patients when they're up and about, they need to be wearing this. once she gets that piece in there, and doesn't a hole, she's free to walk around. >> will she be discharged from that rehabilitation center and sent somewhere elsewhere. >> the way it was described to me by dr. kim, when people get that hole back on, it's close to discharge. you can go home. you can do your physical therapy on an out-patient basis. so they say, many patients do have the surgery and pretty soon afterwards are discharged. >> our best to her. elizabeth cohen, thank you. some stories making headlines. president obama will deliver the commencement address at the u.s. coast guard academy at new london, connecticut. and secretary of state hillary clinton delivers remarks at the 50th anniversary of the state
7:46 am
department's operation center. and the conflict of studies of u.s. catholic priests abusing minors. this report was conducted by researches at john j. criminal college. the head of the international monetary fund, accused of sexual assault in new york, now the alleged victim's lawyer is headed to cnn's prime time show "in the arena" joining us for the prime time preview is "in the arena" anchor e.d. hill. welcome, e.d. >> hi, carol. it's a fascinating interview. eliot will be talking for the attorney for the maid. what we have learned, the hotel key cards, it's those cards that you insert in, the door opens up. we're able to watch as she opens the door, find out how long it stayed open, find out when it closed. and that kind of time stamp is probably going to be one of the key factors in determining who's telling the truth in what is
7:47 am
going to be a he said/she said argument. >> i know he's sort of like -- i guess his defense attorneys are thinking about maybe arguing it was a consensual encounter. and actually, if she entered the room at noon, and he went to lunch with his daughter at 12:28. that's a really short amount of time. >> it certainly is. you know, there's protocol at most hotels now. that is, when people come in to clean the rooms, they leave the door open, they leave the cart in the way. now, if you're assuming that there was an a consensual encounter, it seems logical to me that you're closing the door. if the time stamp on that card shows that she in fact did leave the door open, that gives her story much more credibility. we're going to find all of this when eliot gets a chance to talk to her attorney. and we're also following what's going none afghanistan. we're going to have a debate of whether or not we are winning or can win there. and this comes on the heels of
7:48 am
senator kerry's prtrim to pakistan. the only thing they'll elaborate is they've agreed to give the tail of the helicopter back. that's been two weeks. is it a serious threat against the network against our forces in afghanistan. >> e.d. hill, thanks for joining us. you can hear all of that and more beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "in the arena." the death of osama bin laden is prompting concerns about homeland security. now, congress will be taking up that issue. that story's ahead in our "political ticker." heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand.
7:49 am
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there was a preview of a possible baseball playoff series last night that had the same kind of october drama. st. louis leading in the eighth inning. philly's jimmy rawlins. he pops it up. tyler green drops the ball. green was in as a replacement. rollins would tie the game. cards win 2-1 and they also win a big two-game series. major league baseball has lost a legend. harmon killebrew died after
7:52 am
battling cancer. he was 74. killebrew played almost his entire career with the minnesota twins. only babe ruth had more home run seasons. the twins will wear a number 3 patch to honor him this year. and the groundscrew has buried a picture of killebrew under home plate. making forward progress by going in circles. cnn's tom foreman explains the riddle in the latest installment of "building up america." >> to save the gas, start from zero. >> reporter: north in indianapolis, in the suburb of caramel, mayor james brain arou
7:53 am
braynard has going around intersections, replacing them with round-abouts, whirlpools of track that keep people moving. >> it's made a difference in the way people go around. >> reporter: round-abouts, not to be confused with bigger intimidating rotaries on the east coast, are designed to smooth swoop drivers into any direction, slowly guide them around, and just as easy let them out and on their way. since cars don't stop, commuters save time and officials say use 30% less gas at intersections. >> a round-about can handle four to five times the amount of traffic in the same amount of time that a spotlight can have. >> reporter: and the mayor says that accidents are way down, improving insurance rates and the city saves money, too. >> we don't have to buy a $150,000 signal. we don't have to buy electricity. we don't have to replace it when all that equipment wears out. >> reporter: some drivers and
7:54 am
pedestrians don't like round-abouts, but local officials suggest this simple idea is building up the quality of life here. and that's building up the business climate all around. tom foreman, cnn. coming up on "cnn newsroom" with suzanne malveaux, flooding around the mississippi has not only driven out people, it's forced animals like snakes, alligators and bears from their home. we'll discuss the impact of the flooding on the area's flood supply. plus, a look at a cnn in-depth report on jobs and the nation. much more.
7:55 am
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the death of osama bin laden is prompting a hearing on capitol hill. cnn's senior political editor mark preston is here to tell us about it. hi, mark. >> the committeeman peter king is here from new york. the title of that hearing, threats to the american homeland after killing bin laden. he said the hearing is going to
7:58 am
focus on the security of our homeland in the near and in the long-term future. and listen to this warning, carol, that peter king has. he says a victory in our war against al qaeda, as well as increased risk of retaliatory attacks against america's soil, even though we might have got bin laden, we perhaps could be seeing an increased amount of attacks here against the homeland, carol. >> well, mark, on the subject of the death of bin laden, it's sort of restarted the debate on torture techniques, especially from one potential white house candidate who seems to be quite at odds with a former colleague who kind of knows all about torture. >> sure, sure. and what you're speaking about is senator rick santorum. expect him to run for the republican presidential nomination. he was on the hugh hewitt radio show yesterday. hewitt asked him regarding the idea of enhanced interrogation.
7:59 am
john mccain would call it torture. rick santorum responded he doesn't understand how enhanced interrogation starts. john mccain as we all know was a decorated military figure back in the war who spent a lot of time in vietnamese prison. rick santorum, although he's not backing off, i spoke to one of his close adviser who said this is a policy difference. >> and john mccain is arguing that torture ultimately led to the death of osama bin laden. because torture techniques got the information about the courier who ended up living in pakistan in that compound with bin laden. >> and that's absolutely correct. >> yeah. mark preston, many thanks. the next political update in an hour. go to the website,


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