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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  May 18, 2011 3:36pm-4:00pm PDT

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gambling going on. raised it on the phone. >> didn't lose $10 million. >> thanks very much. he makes more than president obama. showered with perks. details of the glittery lifestyle of the head of the international monetary fund who is now accused of sexual assault. an unusual sale. items that once belonged to the unabom rer going on the auction block. and not without controversy. [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. better than any other luxury brand.
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the head of the imf accused of sexual assault could be released on bail as early as tomorrow. defense attorneys plan to submit
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a deal to secure the release of dominique strass-kahn who is charged with assaulting a hotel maid. strass-kahn was staying in $3,000 per night hotel suite and led a lavish lifestyle. brian todd has been looking into this part of the story for us. what are you coming up with? >> by all accounts dominique strass-kahn seems to have paid for the hotel suite out of his own pocket. a lot of the cash he has to low around comes from a generous expense account that critics say comes on the back of taxpayers from countries that the imf lends money to. his political enemies recently made hay out of this. picture of strass-kahn, socialist, stepping into a porsche worth at least 90 grand. the car is not even his. the head of the imf lives well enough to afford the ride. his salary, more than $440,000 a year. strass-kahn pay no, sir taxes on it. this at a i'm when one imf critic says the institution
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imposes stark conditions on the governments it lends money to. >> not only are taxpayers in borrowing countries paying for that salary, but then having to pay the cost in the second way which is the -- have to undertake the policies the imf demands which often hurts particularly ordinary working class people. >> reporter: an imf spokesman says it is below the rate of inflation but dominique strass-kahn's perks don't stop at his paycheck. one of strass-kahn's best perks, annual allowance of more than $79,000 tax-free to spend as he likes. according to his contract, to maintain a scale of living appropriate to his position. plus he gets reimbursed separately for entertainment expenses. an imf spokesman says the institution does not pay for the $4 million house in washington or for other properties reportedly owned by strass-kahn and his wife in paris. imf staff assigned outside the u.s. do get housing allowances. and analysts say the people like
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strass-kahn who aren't american and work at the washington headquarters get other benefits. >> they get allowances for keeping their kids in school. they get health care. they get generous vacations. >> reporter: it is also in strass-kahn's contract that he and anyone in his family fly first class whenever he is on official business. i asked john sewell, monitored global banks for 40-plus years about strass-kahn's take home. you don't have a problem with the salary? >> i don't have a problem with the salary. this is one of the world's most important jobs. it is reflected by the fact that strass-kahn played an absolutely essential role in dealing with the global financial crisis that we hopefully are moving out of. >> john sewell also credits strass-kahn with drastically reforming the imf and making it relevant again after a period when few countries wanted to borrow money from it. suel and other analysts point out strass-kahn's salary is nothing compared to major wall street bankers. but is a lot more than those of
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u.s. cabinet secretaries who also have wide ranging responsibilities. >> and they have to pay tax. that's like a million dollars when you take federal and state income tax off the top. lot of people always lump together the -- the international monetary fund, head of the world bank. across the street from each other here in washington. is that a fair comparison? >> as far as the salary, it is fair. the world bank president gets the exact same salary. he gets the exact same expense account as strass-kahn. he, because he is an american, has to pay tax owes the salary but is reimbursed foreign those taxes. world bank employees who live outside of the u.s. also get housing allowances. the world bank years ago cut out educational allowances for nonamericans that live here. the imf people still get that. that often goes to pay for expensive private schools for their kids. those of us in this area probably know people that work important the imf and world bank. lot of their kids have gone to good private schools in this area. >> thanks very much, brian. brian todd reporting.
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now you can own some of the possessions of one of the america's most infamous domestic terrorists. we will tell you how and why. hud the u.s. continue to give aid to pakistan? senator bob parker is a guest on "john king usa." that comes up at the top of the hour. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck.
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for more than a decade wage ad campaign of terror through male bombs and now 15 years after his arrest the public is getting a chance to buy some of the possessions of the man known as the unabomer. jeanne meserve is here and has the details. what about this auction? what do we know? >> as you know the unabomer rapted against technology but today technology, internet, is being used to auction off his belongings. some say it is for a good cause. others say it is in bad taste. the hallmarks of the man known as the unabom you don't knber. writings, i did blome -- diplom books. three people were killed, 23 injured in a string of bombings between 1978 and 1995. this 35,000 word anti-technology
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manifesto now for sale cracked the case. when it was published in 1995, a man stepped forward to identify his brother as the unabomber. ted kaczinsky, brilliant mathematician, had been living a hermit's life in a cab nin the montana woods. the man that headed the task force investigating the bombings remembers combing through the cabin for evidence. >> we had to stop this search on the third day because we found a live bomb under his bed ready to mail. >> reporter: up for auction, the bow and arrow he used to hunt for food. the tools he used to fashion bombs from auto parts and scraps of wood. thousands of pages of writings, some of them in code. and in one journal kaczinsky talks about gathering hair from a floor of a bus station bathroom. >> subsequent bombs he would place some of those hairs between the layers of tape so that if we ever found the hairs and did dna, we would have -- we would be on the wrong trail
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because the dna wouldn't be his. >> reporter: kaczinsky is serving a life sentence. he failed to get the courts to stop the auction which one critic compares to the sale of nazi memorabilia. >> i think it is really a misguided idea. all it can do is help create this cult of notoriety around somebody like ted can a zkaczin. >> reporter: others say he is already notorious for his angry words and gruesome deeds. the bidding is already going on. if you check the gsa website you can see checked the gsa website the handwritten copy is over $10,000 here. some other things are going for relatively low prices and academic records at $325. the type write or which he wrote the manifesto, the printed version is up over $1,000. the bidding is until june 2nd
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>> fascinating stuff. let's go back to jack with the cafferty file. >> would you want to know how long you are going to live? joyce in texas writes no. i would start worrying about what i couldn't do that i wanted to. the best alternative is to live every day as though it's your last. shawn in michigan said only if the answer is forever. sure i would want to know and i'm ready to fork off the $700 for the blood test and then get run over by a truck. >> not everybody dies from natural causes or even disease. i'm not going to read that. dana in montana. no. for me the planning that might be a benefit of knowing wouldn't make up for the loss of hope and optimism i have not knowing. paul knows sure then i would know how much scotch to buy. robert said i would love to know so i can put into perspective all the things i haven't done
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and begin doing them. bud writes if i knew i had five years to live, i would get a ferrari and check into the carlisle hotel and not worry about a thing. enjoy the time left on the planet. some say this thinking is shallow and self-absorbed. my response is you are exactly right. biz rights from pennsylvania i know when i am going to die. may 21st of this year when the world ends. thursday will be the last time i get to answer my questions so it better be a doozie. hope to get to meet you standing in line at the pearly gates. jack, you are afraid to take a blood test because you might find out you died two years ago >> ignorance is bliss. enjoy. >> if my wife found out i spend $700 on this test, i can tell you exactly how long i would live.
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thank you. getting back to the breaking news that we reported at the top of the hour. we are getting details from the reuters news agency on the specifics that dominique strauss kahn's lawyers will propose for him to be released on bail including $1 million cash bail and home detection in manhattan with electronic monitoring. jeffrey tuoobin broke the story for us. >> 2:15 in the afternoon and think the defense really has a chance here. this is a very plausible proposal and it's going to be a tough call for the judge. >> i asked follower fist they thought he should be release and i'm getting a lot of tweets at the cnn saying no, no, and no. very few people say yes. make the case why the prosecution thinks it will be safe if he's released on bail.
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>> that he is someone who will be electronically monitored which is hard to get out of. he is open and well-known at this point and represented by respectable lawyer who is can be counted on not to facilitate an international escape which is what would would take at this point. this is really a very plausible bail application, but not to say it's going to succeed >> we will know tomorrow afternoon. thank you for breaking the news and i appreciate it. believers say the end is near. as near as perhaps this weekend. cnn's jeannie moos looks at the dooms day prediction. neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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>> female announcer: where everything is included, sometimes the greatest luxury of all is doing nothing at all. save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. whatever plans you may have this weekend, some people believe you should cancel them. they are predicting dooms day. here's cnn's jeannie moos. >> i hate to be judgmental, but when you see judgment day this saturday, the end of the world is almost here. it doesn't improve the daily commute. here's what's supposed to happen around 6:00 p.m. eastern time saturday. >> the largest earthquake the world has ever seen, the
3:57 pm
buildings will collapse and it will be awful. >> like the disaster movie 2012 arriving early. earthquakes worldwide. believers will experience rapture, heavenly a cent and nonbelievers stay for a few hellish months until the fiery end of time. >> 97% of the people god will destroy. >> i don't believe in such [ bleep ]. >> the low key and polite folks need tough skin to handout their leaflets. >> it's all over. >> see you this time next year. >> you are convinced it? >> the bible guarantees it. >> it's interpreted by this preacher, head of family radio. he has been getting some flack. >> i am warned about false teachers and you are one of the worst. >> he miscalculated his last end times prediction for 1994.
3:58 pm
>> what happens if on sunday we are all still here and there is no earthquake and -- >> there will be an earthquake. >> this retired transit engineer spent $140,000 for subway and bus shelter ads warning of judgment day. >> that's your life savings. >> a good chunk of it. >> on saturday, where will robert fitzpatrick be? >> in time square. >> worry media expecting to see him with egg on his face or in rapture. if those in heaven need to take care of the pets they leave behind, you can arrange with services like after the rapture pet care and e earth bound pets to have non-christians take care of your animals. one nonbeliever wants to celebrate we are still here day on the 22nd. for some of us the 21st is problematic. >> this is my birthday. to put this on me is weird.
3:59 pm
if my birthday is on the 21st, what do you recommend i do? >> pray. >> maybe celebrate early. >> happy dooms day dear jeannie ♪ ♪ happy dooms day to you . >> cnn, new york.