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tv   World One  CNN  May 20, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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ing. >> testing friendships, israel's prime minister meets the u.s. president after barack obama calls on the israelis to give up groun ground, i'm monita rajpal live from london. also ahead the man who helped bail out nations is granted bail. dominique strauss cain is soon to walk out of jail but he's far
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from being free. deadly attack in pakistan, the americans are in the firing ryan less than a month after their forces killed osama bin laden. and leave new friends behind. the queen's historic visit to ireland is almost over. we begin this hour in washington where israel's prime minister will meet the u.s. president today for what's expected to be a tense round of talks. benjamin netanyahu arrives less than 24 hours after barack obama deliver add big speech on relations in the middle east. he got a frosty reception in israel. it's an idea the u.s. has supported unofficially for years, but no president has ever before stated it. >> the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps so secure and recognized borders are established for both
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states. >> reporter: in return obama called on them to retain its security and recognize it as a jewish state. the 1967 borders were in place before the six-day war in which israel captured the golan heights, west bank and gaza strip from its neighbors. since then nearly half of them settled. it's an idea that israel rejects. mr. obama's statement puts pressure on israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. immediately after the speech he called the idea indefensible, but mr. obama had plenty to anger the palestinians too. criticizing the palestinian unity agreement between fatah, and extremist group hamas and trying to head off the assembly.
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>> it won't create an independent state. >> >> the palestinian reaction was positive but they had a key question. >> what will be the american role in getting netanyahu to accept this? >> the president's balancinging at gave a little to each side but one observer said mr. obama may have been too careful not to stick his neck out. >> i think he didn't want to displease any particular con sit yhency, but what that meant was he wasn't going to take a lot of risks, and when you're not willing to take risks on the middle east, you're not going to make a lot of news. >> he'll have two more chances. a meeting on friday with netanyahu and a major speech to the jewish lobbying group apec this weekend. but even as president obama was delivering his speech at the state department, israel announced an approval for more
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constructive sellen't. jill dougherty, cnn, the state department. president obama's speech didn't go down well with many palestinians either. hamas, the party that won the last palestinian elections described his remarks as empty of concrete significance. let's bring in kevin flower who joins us live from jerusalem. there's also the question the palestinians are asking, okay, mr. obama has said all these things he wants for the region, but they're probably wondering and i'm assuming what kind of role the americans actually want to play in this. >> well, one thing to remember in all of this talk about what obama laid out in his speech is that all of that is predicated on talks taking place at some time in the future, but the reality on the ground here is that talks have not been going on between the palestinians and israelis for months, so it's crucial to know that. and so all of these -- all of these talks about 67 borders,
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talk about what a state could look like, for a lot of palestinians and a lot of israelis, it's about sort of the pie in the sky right now. and what president obama laid out, what one writer here called it was basically a political buffet in which people on either side could pick and choose things on either side that they liked or didn't like about it. and what they've seen in israel is a real focus on the 67 borders issue. just to give you a sense of how it's playing here, this is a newspaper headline here which says con frofrontation which is shared by another newspaper that lays tout confrontation that's going to happen later today in the meeting between obama and netanyahu. a lot of speculation. on the palestinian side, a lot of disappointment about president obama's lack of support for their seek u.n. recognition for the state and his lack of strong language criticizing israeli settlements,
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which by international law, many believe are illegal. that language was not used by the president. so they wanted to hear more about that. so bits and pieces from both sides to pick apart and to latch onto, monita. >> so at the end of the day what can with we really expect from these talks between netanyahu and obama today? >> well, not much. in terms of -- in terms of pushing any sort of momentum toward getting palestinians and israelis speaking again, no one expects much of anything from these talks to take place. we will probably hear some platitudes from them, you know, after they have met, but no one, no analyst on either side is expecting any sort of breakthrough that is going to change what is largely seen as a somewhat negative momentum here as we approach september with neither side talking, monita. >> all right. kevin flower in jerusalem.
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thank you so much. well, historically at the center of the conflict between israel and the palestinians, the west bank was part of the british mandate of palestine in 1920. after israel was established, jordan annexed them in 1950. it was captured by israel in the 1967 war. in 2002 they began building a wall separating the west bank from israel. the west bank's population is now estimated at 2.4 million and that includes about 780,000 palestinian rev gees and about 300,000 israelis. the israeli settlements are deemed illegal under international law but israel disputes this. in new york on friday, dominique strauss-kahn exchanges his prison cell for a manhattan apartment for house arrest. he's expected to be released
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from raiikers jail. he's charged with trialing to rape a new york hotel employee and forcing other sexual acts possible her. there are seven charges in all. strauss-kahn denies them all. he says he stepped down as imf chief on wednesday to concentrate on clearing his name. strauss-kahn had been seen as a contender for president of france when elections are held next year, cnn's ivan watson has been monitoring reaction. he joins us live from the french capital. as i was watching what happened in the courtroom yesterday when both sides were talking wlb or not to grant strauss-kahn bail, i was just curious as to know how the french were viewing all of this and whether strauss can's friends may be distancing themselves at this point there in paris. >> reporter: well, what's interesting is for the first time late last night, the french president nicole lie s
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the president has acknowledged the resignation has become invedable as managing director of the international monetary fund. the downfall has had a strong impact. there is all right battle lines being drawn up between european governme governments, between developments economies as to who will take over as the next chief of imf after strauss-kahn and next year's elections. strauss-kahn could be the single biggest theft to sarkozy and his re-election as president, and now we have a whole new political playing field here with different politicians now
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jockeying, being pulled, seeing who could benefit most from his downfall. monita. >> so that's the political side there when it comes to this karks but what about the personal side. we understand there have been a lot of reports. i guess articles on strauss-kahn's family. even sympathy for the family. >> these right well headlines in the newspapers here, they said indicted and liberated, meaning the bails that strauss can has gotten. there does seem to be growing sympathy for his wife, anne sinclair who's a very well known new york broadcaster who has been flown. the world has seen her husband handcuffed, accused of rape. cameras show her going inside the courtroom alongside his and her daughter who is studying right now at new york's columbia university.
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just to let you know, the cannes film festival is under way but you wouldn't know it to look at the cover of this popular magazine. a picture of anne sinclair, growing sympathy for this woman, growing position and humiliating position she's in after the serious charges leveled against her husband. monita. >> >> ivan, thanks so much. you're watching "world one" live from london. flee the flood or fight it. the family business trying to outmuscle the mississippi. and bombers in pakistan take aim at americans. a deadly attack in peshawar. [ manager ] you know... i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs.
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benjamin netanyahu's visit comes less than a day after possible criticized. mr. netanyahu said that position was indefensible. dominique strauss-kahn is about to trade a jail cell for house arrest in new york city. the former head of the international monetary fund is due to be released in the coming hours. under a bail agreement the judge granted on thursday. he is charged on seven criminal accounts relating to a sexual assault on a hotel employee last weekend. strauss-kahn is due back in court on june 6. a car bomb has exploded in northwest pakistan killing at least one person and injured 11 others. police in peshawar says the attack was aimed at u.s. people in vehicles. let's bring in stan from islamabad. stan. >> reporter: yes, monita. you mentioned the police have been in contact with peshawar.
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there were three vehicles traveling along the road. they left in earlier hours of the morning and they were targeted by a car parked on the side of the road packed with about 50 kilograms of explosive. it was debt nalted from a remote source and aimed at the three cars. a number of people have been wounded or injuries. two of them, we understand, are foreigners. we're told that none of those injuries are sear yu. another person, a bystander, a sievian, was also killed in this attack. this continues a trend that we've seen over the past couple of weeks since osama bin laden's deck. you remember last week more than 80 military recruits were killed also in peshawar. that was a double suicide killing. they claim responsibility for this attack. they say it's part of an orchestrated coordinated campaign aimed at nato, the united states, and also the pakistan government. and just yesterday there was a
2:17 am
comment from waleed, who's the number two pakistan leader and once again he was reiterating the warning says osama bin laden may be dead but they were determined to can't his mission. >> it's not depen debit on any one man. we loved him because he was courageously fighting against marek and its allies. we have to continue his mission because we love the misch more than the man. it was also in retail yags for the military campaign against the militants in the northern part of pakistan. monita. >> stan grant in islamabad. thank you. this the "world one" live from london. obscene he was the ruthless android who seemed unstoppable.
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very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? let's go back to drawing. the state of mississippi has reported its first loss of life in the current record floods. a 69-year-old man drowned as high waters swept through the city of vicksburg. the mississippi river there has swollen to four meters above flood stage. businesses in tu knee ka and north of the state are starting to reopen but others remain at the mercy of the water. one of them is a centuries-old business in the historic town of natchez. they've chosen not to flee, but fight.
2:21 am
>> reporter: fighting at the sea is a game for adventurers. and the river doesn't quit. >> there used to be dirt all the way out to here. all of this is karched away. >> reporter: howard jones is the fourth of five generations at the j.m. jones lumber company in natchez, mississippi. building up and trying to hold together a levee that keeps his family's business from being swept away. >> are you confident you can hold the river back? >> absolutely not, no. i mean i'm confident that it's not going to go over my levees, but i'm not confident that enough of this is going to cave off and i'm going to have a breach. i'd say it's 50/50. >> reporter: it's been four weeks since. up to eight feet higher in some places. now they're constantly plugging,
2:22 am
bagging and patching what the river has gouged away. >> you can tell this is a patch deal. our primary tarps with ripped. >> reporter: barjs pushing waves upstream that jones says has been doing real damage. pounding away dirt from the leaves. he calls it a batter of attrition because this water is going to stay high for weeks. the coast guard stepped in, slowing boats to a crawl, keeping them to the middle of the channel and spacing them far apart. a small bit of comfort for a family with five generations of success. >> very humbling. very humbling. and i think about this all the time. that's why we're doing everything we can to fight it. and if we fail, we'll just say, well, we tried. >> reporter: so far a half million dollar of company cash has gone into the levee. if it fails, the jones lumber
2:23 am
company will probably not be able to recover. so there's nothing left to do, but work, watch, and worry. david mattingly, cnn, natchenat mississippi. >> worry and wait. the waiting game continues. let's go to meteorologist ivan cabrera at the world weather center. ivan. >> we're cresting in some areas, but it's also -- it has risen, expanded here in geography. it's just amazing what it's done. i'll share the map with you here, and you can appreciate the distance we're talking about. here is the area that's covering, of course, that's being impacted by this disaster. the mississippi, where is it in this blue here? there it is winding around as where it should be. it is now 40 kilometers wide. it's about 25 miles. incredible stuff, the likes of what we are not going to see for the rest of our generation.
2:24 am
it is a 100 to 200-year plight. we talk about what people are doing to protect their homes. this is one of the most amazing pictures that i've seen. if the mississippi has tried to swallow your home, what do you do? do you leave, build sand bags? >> no. these folks have built a stadium. they will not have neighbors by the time this is done. if the levees do hold, they'll be the only ones certainly left standing there. an unbelievable feet there, folks are trying to do to protect their property. cresting in vicks burg and we're holding steady. that's the key in new orleans. and the reason we're doing that is because of the morganza spillway that we opened allowing for that volume to go elsewhere and not into new orleans. here's the baton rouge river gauge and we're holding steady. we'll continue to monitor that.
2:25 am
that's going to take some time for the flood concerns to go down. big update. 12 to 18 named storms as we take you less than two weeks now heading into the big hurricane season, june 1st. typhoon season now under way. that started in april. we've had three tropical depressions. and here it is. tropical depression -- this is going to be the first typhoon of the season. it looks promising. in fact they have it becoming a typhoon toward the day three period with winds at 139 kph. it's going to go north of lau. what does it do? we have several days to follow it and we will let you know, but this one will be important to follow because it is going be a potent storm with a significant wind. monita? >> ivan, thank you very much. here's some of the stories we're talking about at this
2:26 am
hour. he'll be back, just not quite yet. arnold schwarzenegger has put his hollywood comeback on hold so he can focus on, quote, personal matters. the actor's announcement comes after revolutions that he fathered a child with his former housekeeper. he had been planning to restart his acting career in the summer with a possible return to the terminator franchise. if your playboy collection was thrown away after your mom found it stashed under your bed? there's good news for you. you can catch it online. playboy is launching a web-based subscription that lets you view every page. it's almost 60 years worth f recent gimmicks have included a coverage picture of cartoon character marriage simpson and a centerfold shot in 3-d with 3-d glasses provided. perhaps more defining. she was described by her love life, jackie kennedy, later
2:27 am
jackie kennedy onassis. but what was her life like before? a woman in france has just paid $134,000 to find out that. was the winning bid for 22 love letters that jackie kennedy onassis sent to her then boyfriend when she was a teenager. you're watching "world one," live from london with dominique strauss-kahn not out of the picture, speculation is returning to who comes next. how exactly will the imf decide? we'll explain in a moment. the british queen feels the love in ireland. we're live in dublin. ♪
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hello. this is "world one" live from london. i'm know moe nita rajpal. our top story this hour. u.s. president barack obama will meet israel's president in washington for what is expected to be a tense round of talks. benjamin netanyahu's visit comes a day after he criticized and said the stain should depend on the borders defined in 1967. the president of tepco have stood down. their resignations follow a reported loss of 15 president $4 billion after the nuclear crisis that fall on japan's tsunami and earthquake. tepco also announced that it will shut four reactors at the plant and it has abandoned plans to build two more reactors at
2:32 am
the fukushima site. the family of a south african photojournalist missing since april are abandoning hope that he's still alive. they say they believe he was killed. two american journalists just released by libya told various newspapers they were there when he was shot. nearly a week after he was arrested on charges of attempted rape, dominique strauss-kahn is expected to be released on bail today. the former head of the international monetary fund has been locked up in new york's notorious rikers island prison. the judge granted him bail on a mill and another $5 million. those conditions are quite extraordinary. >> they are pretty extraordinary. given that the judge said strauss-kahn was a serious risk of flight, he still guaranteed him bail.
2:33 am
i think because the conditions were so strict. in fact, the conditions were recommended by strauss-kahn's own lawyer which shows you how desperate he was to get out of prison. >> rikers, no less. >> the bail conditions are basically this. a million plus $5 million in insurance. he will also be monitored 24 hours day by video surveillance and an armed guard. this is going to cost $200,000 a month which strauss-kahn himself is going to pay for and he will be under house arrest at the apartment in manhattan which his wife, we understand, has recently rented now. this will be something of a victory for strauss-kahn who has seen his victory at the top of the world's economic elite crumble in the past few days. this will be a victory for him. >> there was talk about wearing an electronic tag. is that supposed to happen as well? >> yes. he's going to be on the video surveillance and wear an electronic tag. and the judge did say we're
2:34 am
worrying about him being a flight risk. his lawyers have said we'll do everything to make sure that he will stay in the country. of course, prosecutors were involved in the case. roman polanski who was sought off for several years. sthoink that was very much in the back of people's minds and indeed discussed in court. >> and i notice the prosecution said that strauss-kahn had the legal but also the financial means to go wherever he wanted to go. he wouldn't necessarily be someone who would be living a fugitive life because of the money he had available to him. >> also the huge amount of contacts that he has given his position as head of the imf. but i think, you know, now he has to wait until june for his next court date. and then the trial, i suspect, will be sometime in september or october, depending on when it gets under way. >> all right, emily, thanks very much for that. the departure leaves open a
2:35 am
vacancy for one of the world's most powerful jobs, but who gets to choose? richard quest explains. >> the issue is very simple. who takes over the imf? over many decades, the imf has always gone to the europeans, the world bank has always gone to the americans. now the argument goes it should all be up for grabs. and this is largely the reason. the decision over who will take over will be voted upon by the michigan f members. the united states has 16%. japan is 6% of the fund. germany, france, china, and the uk all have smaller but significant amounts of imf voting power except the europeans say they should still have managing directorship of the imf for within simple reason. because ignore them
2:36 am
individually. instead think of the eu as a global block. and then eu suddenly has 29% of the imf voting shares. the u.s., 16%, asia, 16%. little africa, which comes in at just 5%. when you put it like that, european union can clearly outvote almost everybody else. but it won't be enough just do it on their own. the europeans really do need to rope in others for political acceptance and expediency. you'll have the europeans with 30-odd percent. they'll bring in hopefully the americans because the merns want to keep the world bank. maybe add in a couple of favorites from elsewhere. and the overarching effect will
2:37 am
be this. eu plus u.s. equals imf. don't expect any change any time soon. >> richard quest reporting there. despite richard's math, emerging economies want to say who gets to be the next imf chief. read about that part of the story at queen elizabeth on the eave of her final day. the audience rose and cheered when the queen met performers. they're calling the groundbreaking visit a success that has succeeded expectations and a buckingham spokeswoman said the queen and her husband have been delighted by the welcome. what's in store for the royal
2:38 am
partiy's last day in ireland. the emotions and tone that it is leaving behind. >> reporter: well, i think the queen can lead. she received the loiftd cheers as she went onstage for the performance of "all things irish." you're looking at pictures of a castle and that is where the queen is expected shortly. this is a medieval church and it's built upon a rock high above the ground. it is said a devil in a fight with st. patrick who is the patron saint of ireland, spat
2:39 am
out this rock on the ground and this is where the church was formed. the weather is rather inclement. she's expected there shortly. when she arrives after and she lives she'll go to another. she will go first of all to the english market that was made distinct from the markets that the catholics would go to. they wanted to have something they could call their own and she will visit this english market for about half an hour. very limited, of course, in the number of people she'll meet. she'll go to a technology center and then it will be wheels up as she ends her four-day trip and returns to england. >> and fionnuala, when it comes to the buckingham palace, they say the trip, the queen and prince phillip have been very excited about the trip.
2:40 am
they've been delighted. what about the irish there? how do they feel? obviously it's been a logistical nightmare for those who live in and around dublin, but as far as having the british monarchy there for the better part of the week, how do they feel it's gone so far? >> reporter: people in dublin seem to be at the worst benign about the queen's visit here, but also very welcoming. and i think it can be split along generational lines for the most part. cork wrrk the queen is visiting today is seen as a much more republican entity, so security even tighter there. but dublin went back to normal yesterday morning after the state dinner the night before, and i think the government and the people are hoping that this will bring a sense of stability imagewise to the international community because the country is really in dire economic straits. as a former colleague of mine describes it here, an irish
2:41 am
journalist, the visit will be like a shot of prozac to a nation that's suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. so really the security costs and the security of the country being put to one side for the most part. the queen also went over perhaps teen most ardent national lists if not republicans when she opened her address at the banquet two nights ago. i think really there's a lot of personal respect for her as a woman. it's not a guilty secret pleasure anymore. >> all right, fionnuaal. thanks very much for that. the end of the world started on saturday, at least it does according to harold. he's the head of a religious group which says judgment day will be upon us this weekend with a massive earthquake heralding the second coming of
2:42 am
jesus. thl is his second attempt at predicting armageddon. previously he said the world would end in 1994 and obviously we're all still here. we asked our viewers at face what we do if the world does end. let's go to rich. he said i would try as hard as possible to be kind to others. i do not believe this saturday is going to be any more or less special than any other day. >> good point. let's go to prajakta in india. she said i would be extremely happy if the world ends on the 21st of may because that is whelp my final exams usually start. and then matovu in uganda but lives in denmark says i'm not too scared as i watch out daily and try to keep away from big sins. all right. this is "world one" live from london. linkedin goes public and a tech star is born. we'll show you why the
2:43 am
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with zyrtec® i can love the air®. [ male announcer ] get up to $6 in savings on zyrtec® products at welcome back. let's take a look at what's trending on social media. right now at number three, one of the top trends on twitter is an ipo, and that's because social media site for businesses and job seekers linkedin more than doubled its stock market price on thursday. the stock was priced at $45 a shafrmt it opened at $83, quickly rising above $95. hit a height. the company raised more than $350 million in its stock offering makinget one of the
2:47 am
largest tech ipos since googles in 2004. at number two, one of the top trends on twitter is 23-year-old brazil soccer player denison who says he's leaving english to play for team arsenal. he says it's been the worst season of his career and he decided he'd leave eight months ago. and number one, american cyclist tyler hamilton is the second teammate lance armstrong to accuse the winner of using performance enhancing substances. he said he saw armstrong inject a few hours ago. he tweet add 20-plus year career, 500 drug controls worldwide, in and out of competition, never a failed test. i rest my case. the average strong story is big in the u.s. a lot of talk on the nba playoffs too. we're going to tell you more
2:48 am
about that. >> it is honors eave and a show june between dallas maverick and objection. the thunder won game two in dallas on thursday. dirk nowitzki and dallas hoping to extend their seven-game po post-winning stream. kevin durant and oklahoma city had other ideas. they were up nine until durant's drive over brendon hayward. he got a foul. a three-point play cuttinging into the mavs' lead. he had a big night leading the team with 24 points. dallas still had the lead toward the end of the third quarter but it was down to tleechl james harden changed that. he pulled up, nailed a string and got two. a four-point play. oklahoma has taken the lead. hand pulling up and draining the jump-up. the thunder's second highest scorer, by the way, with under a minute remaining. nowitzki was fouled trying to hit a replay, showing his
2:49 am
three-play was behind the line. the big german went behind the line and missed three-throw. they'll return home for games three and four. meanwhile the president of football says he won't rule out the possibility of a new vote to decide the 20 the 2 world cup coasts. he surprised many observers by winning the right. but fifa is investigating claims of corruption in the bid process. earlier this month the british minister collins said he had evidence that fifa's vice president of cameroon and jacques anouma of the ivory coast have received bribes. both men have denied the allegations. he says fifa will identify the whistle blower who first spoke
2:50 am
to the uk's sunday times newspaper. every since qatar won thatted by, mo e nita, that story has just gone on and on, hasn't it? >> no super injunction for them. thank you very much for that. we'll explain when we come back. keep quiet or pay the price, yeah, bryn's rich and famous are fighting for the right to hide their private lives but have they suffered major setback? stay with us. because they've dd the power of aveeno daily moisturizing lotion. the only one that nourishes with active naturals oats, it's clinically proven to seal in moisture for a full 24 hours. so skin looks and feels beautiful all day. for a better day everyday. discover the power... [ female announcer ] ...of america's #1 daily moisturizing lotion, only from aveeno. and discover the power of active naturals.
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welcome back. this is "world one" live from london. we're approaching almost 6:00 a.m. in new york, 7:00 p.m. in tokyo. the british panel has published a major review of the power of the courts to gag the media. the growing use of so-called super injunctions has promoted concern. injunctions have been issued to prevent certain stories from being reported.
2:53 am
bankers, sports celebrities and movie stars have all used them to kill news items. are things about to be changed? first of all, what is a super injunctii injunction? >> well, a super injunction is like an injunction except only can you not talk about the details, you can't discuss the fact that there is an injunction at all. one of the interesting things is the top two justices have only found evidence of two top injunks having been granted which may have come as a surprise to people. it may come as speculation because you simply can't talk about it. >> you can't even mention super injunction. >> one of the interesting things is while the media can't talk about it, that doesn't prevent the web from twitter to facebook to whoever speculating on who or who may not have a super injujz
2:54 am
so there's been an imbalance that while the media can't say anything, social media has run rampant with it. >> injunctions have been used to protect certain victims in the case or certain sensitive information when it comes to terrorism in certain cases but when we're talking about someone, a football or athlete, whatever it is, movie star having an affair with someone, why would a judge grant an injunction on that? >> well, the chief justice made it clear. this is about balancing the right to privacy and freedom of expression and information for the media and that there has to be some kind of a balance there. and so these injunctions have been applied for in the past successfully. the question is how far have they gone. should, for example, is a super injujds simply too limiting where you can't even talk about the fact that there is an injuks. now what they have said is ju t
2:55 am
journalists should be allowed in court so they know an injunction has been applied for and so there is a form of open court there. so there's going to be a lot of debate about what use that's going to be if you can't report it afterward. so there's still a lot of yegra areas here. that's still the beginning. >> atika, thank you. president obama welcomes prime minister of israel here today. mr. netanyahu said that position was indefensible. car bomb has exploded in northwest pack stab killing at least one person and injuring 11 others. police in peshawar say the attack was aimed at u.s. consulate vehicles. police have also confirmed that two of those injured are
2:56 am
foreigners. in just a matter of hours, dominique strauss-kahn will swap a jail cell for house arrest in new york city. the former head of the international monetary fund is due to be released today under a bail agreement that was granted on thursday. strauss-kahn has been charged on several criminal counts relating to tay legend sexual assault of a hotel employee last weekend. he denies the allegations. the president and vice president of the tokyo electric power company have stood down. their resignations follow a reported lot of $15.4 billion after the nuclear crisis that followed japan's tsunami and earthquake. tepco also announced that it will d commission four reactors at the plant, and it has abandoned plans to build two more reactors at the fukushima site. you're watching "world one" in london. i'm monita rajpal. thanks for joining us. just before we go, we want to give you a look at these pictures. they're out of this world. two of the astronauts have just
2:57 am
gone out for a spacewalk. the news continues here on cnn. on this "american morning" the former head of the imf is about to get out of jail. yesterday the judge granted dominique strauss-kahn bail. we're live with cameras outside rikers island and we'll take you there when he's released. president obama prepared to meet with israel's president after he tells of his vision for middle east peace. it may be just enough to have benjamin netanyahu seeing red. a lot of scientists are convinced. san yeah gupta takes us inside a radiation testing facility to find out whether we're being told everything we need to know about cell phone safety. whether it's a baygo or box of cheerios, we'll tell you why breakfast has suddenly gotten more expenseific.
2:58 am
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