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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 21, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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guy's mouth. >> i'll kick you in your [ bleep ] head. you [ bleep ]. >> reporter: jeanne moos, new york. >> the perp walk. thanks very much for joining us. i'm wolf blitzer. please join us weekdays 5:00 to 7:00 eastern, and at this time every weekend on cnn international. the news continues next on cnn. i'm don lemon at the cnn newsroom in los angeles. there's a lot of news right now so let's get you caught up. the rapture was supposed to happen an hour ago, but so far, it looks like this isn't judgment day at all. an evangelical radio host predicted the rapture would arrive 6:00 p.m. local time this evening. well, maybe you've seen one of the 2,000 billboards that supporters put up across the country warning us. so far, though, no reports of anyone ascending to the skies.
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though there is a volcano erupting under iceland's biggest glacier. we're talking about the rapture in just a few minutes with steven baldwin. you don't want to miss that. in syria, the brutal crack down is far from over. a witness tells cnn that four people were killed today after a funeral march in the city of homs. the same city was torn apart by violence friday. today's assault came as people were leaving a cemetery after burying victims of that bloodshed. the syrian government has forbidden cnn from reporting in the country, so we are unable to confirm these reports independently. tens of thousands of spaniards defied their government and protested for a seventh straight day on the eve of the regional elections there. the demonstrators are upset over
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the country's 21% unemployment rate. the government made no move to clear them out, despite a court-approved ban on demonstrations the day before an election. sunday spanish voters will elect mayors along with several regional presidents and parliament. you won't find many americans in the war torn country of libya right now except apparently former georgia congresswoman cynthia mckinney. look at her. she appeared in an interview today which libyan state tv claimed was live. mckinney doesn't support the nato action against libya, and in the past she has voiced support for moammar gadhafi. police in mexico have arrested the alleged leader of one of the country's most notorious drug rings. police say the man in the red shirt you see right there headed the gulf cartel which operated a drug route between mexico and the united states. cnn talked to a former dea agent
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a short time ago who says this arrest is a big deal. >> this gang was responsible for large shipments over a long period of time over ten years that were coming from mexico to the united states. you're talking about cocaine, marijuana, also because they were able to free up the borders and get control over the borders, there was methamphetamine and heroin that crossed those borders as well. >> he was also wanted in the u.s. the state department had offered a $5 million reward for his capture. heard him when he apparently turned around. he was immediately shot before he ever had an opportunity to go for his weapon. >> an oklahoma sheriff's deputy is in critical condition after someone shot him in the head. now a man hunt is underway for two men. police say the men approached major john waldenville as he worked an off duty job in oklahoma city last night. the deputy was making a regular
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midnight bank deposit for a restaurant and police say there is surveillance video of the attack. pope benedict xvi made history today by making the first call by a pope to the international space station. he spoke with commander mark kelly about how technology is used in space could improve the lives of people here on earth. the pope also mentioned commander kelly's wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who was shot in the head back in january. >> i know mark's wife was a victim of attack and i hope her health continues to improve. >> well, thank you for the kind words, your holiness, and thank you for mentioning my wife, gabby. >> well, giffords is recovering in a texas hospital after surgery on thursday to replace a piece of her skull. the former head of the international monetary fund got a not so warm welcome at the building where he is crashing. dominique strauss-kahn is staying as someone's guest in a
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manhattan apartment. he was released on bail friday, but the building managers say they weren't told about it and they sent out an e-mail saying he'll only be there a week. strauss-kahn is accused of trying to rape a maid last week at a new york hotel. he has resigned from the imf. flooding along the mississippi river is now cresting in natchez, mississippi. it crested one foot higher than the epic 1927 flood in vicksburg. a levee near the town of redwood is causing engineers a whole lot of concern, and cnn's brian todd is there as crews try to shore it up. >> reporter: it would be beautiful if it weren't so dangerous. floodwaters of the mississippi river have engulfed a lake and are threatening this crucial levee. they've caused what officials say is a 200-foot slide where the sheer pressure, the weight of the water, has saturated the underpinnings of the levee and shifted the earth underneath. we're in the middle of a key break, where the erosion has
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caused the slide of at least five feet from that level down here. you can see the seepage, very slow. it creeps down here, but very dangerous. this is what they're frantically trying to fill. the backhoes over here and tractor here just trying to shovel gravel to fill the gaps. it's not technically a breach, but that could happen. so the army corps of jers rushed in dozens of dump trucks full of gravel. crews on backhoes and bulldozers worked 24/7 to shore it up. peter nimrod says the stakes are enormous. >> if this levee fails, what's in the path of the water? >> if this levee would fail, we would have all this water here on the riverside would inundate the protected side of the levee. it would be well over 1 million lakers flooded. you'd have multiple towns under water. you'd have thousands of homes under water. you'd have people just displaced from their homes for a long period of time. so it's very, very important that we hold this levee
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together. >> reporter: alligators and snakes have been pushed up against the levee as well. if there's a breech the floods could carry them even closer to residential areas. this isn't just a last line of defense. deputy sheriff jason bayless says the road is also the only artery they've got to save some residents isolated by the floods. so if this fails, these people in eagle lake are cut off? >> right. they would be cut off and our only way to get in to them would be by boat. >> why don't we go now to brian todd. he joins us from near redwood, mississippi. so the question is, even if the levees hold, officials are warning that the floodwaters are really full of other hazards, aren't they? >> reporter: that's right. we're standing in the middle of some of those floodwaters with some of those hazards. we're in redwood and this road's closed. you can see, this is an offramp to an interstate. the roads here are under water. what the governor of mississippi, haley barbour has said, they've taken samples of
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the water and the e. coli levels are 200 times the normal level in some areas. he said it better than i ever could, he said, that stuff's nasty. he's absolutely right. this is what they're faced with, a potential health hazard. possibly security concerns as well, don, because in vicksburg near here we're told law enforcement is patrolling the streets day and night making sure that none of the abandoned homes and businesses are broken into. that's something they're going to be dealing with probably for a while, because floodwaters aren't going to completely recede until midjune. >> brian todd, great reporting from redwood, mississippi, and make sure you stay safe as well. a lot of hazards in that water, so pleasing safe out there. let's turn now to meteorologist jacqui jeras in the cnn severe weather center. more rain in the forecast. you saw all that water brian was standing in. how worried should people be along the mississippi right now? >> well, not as much on the mississippi as say the ohio river and some of the smaller tributaries. we think that's
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est rain is going to be pouring. it could be enough to prolong, you know, maybe staying a little higher for a little longer. as we speak, the best thing i can tell you is if we didn't have a drop of rain for the next three weeks and everything stayed and held with all the levees and the spillways, the worst of this thing would be winding down right now. so that's the positive side of all of this. while we have crested in vicksburg there, we're still almost 14 feet above flood stage, almost 15 there in red river landing, and we're cresting still, so to speak, in baton rouge. and new orleans. and that's that kind of man-made crest that we've been talking about, holding it steady in new orleans at 17 feet. now, let's talk about where the rainfall's going to be in the next five days. and the heaviest accumulations are likely going to be in the middle of the mississippi valley and ohio river valley. the ohio river dumps into the mississippi river and makes its way toward the gulf of mexico. so we'll be a little bit more concerned about maybe places in
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indiana like the wabash river, the white river. we'll be watching the ohio and, of course, as this all heads downstream. i would actually be more concerned, believe it or not, if we got a tropical storm that could develop, don, remember, hurricane season is right around the corner. june 1st. if we had a tropical system into the gulf of mexico to bring heavy rain, that certainly could be very debt tremental to this area. the other thing to keep in mind, even though we're cresting or crested down in this area, we do still have the river above flood stage all the way up into the hill of missouri. so those waters, they continue to stay high. still way upstream. don? >> all right, jacqui stand by, because we'll be following this for quite some time. thank you very much. now this. >> translator: we love his mission, which is not dependent on any one man. we loved him because he was courageously fighting against america and its allies. we have to continue his mission. >> a taliban group says they're operating in the name of osama
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bin laden in the wake of his death, and the recent spike in attacks is no coincidence. that report is coming up next. and ahead, doomsday did not happen. at least not yet. there's actor steven baldwin. he's going to join us here and give us his explanation as to why. and many of you have been asking for information through social media. you can reach out to us on twitter, on facebook, on and on the 2nd generation of intel core processors. this is visibly smart. and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years,
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the sharp spike in taliban attacks since the death of osama bin laden is no coincidence. taliban leaders say they're now operating in his name. here's stan grant in islamabad. >> reporter: the taliban has launched a series of attacks since osama bin laden was killed, the latest targeting a convoy of vehicles from the u.s. embassy. there was a car full of explosives, and it detonated as the convoy passed by. at least 11 people were injured. two of those foreigners. all of those injuries were not serious, although one civilian was killed. the taliban is vowing to continue these attacks. they're going after american and nato targets, and they say they're going to finish the job that osama bin laden started. >> translator: we love his mission, which is not dependent on any one man. we loved him because he was courageously fighting against
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america and its allies. we have to continue his mission because we love his mission more than the man. >> reporter: the taliban also warning that pakistani targets will be high on their list. they say pakistan is doing the bidding of the united states, calling the government weak and that they are going to test its resolve. at the same time, the pakistan government has been fending off claims that it was shielding osama bin laden, that some within the military or the intelligence, perhaps, were colluding with him. this is an old allegation that pakistan has had to deal with and it plays a double game. on the one hand, aligning itself with the united states and taking money, while on the other, also having ties to the insurgents. but the interior minister rejects that out of hand. >> we never played a double game. we are sincere from the day one. maybe we are not that efficient as u.s. is, but believe me, my heart breaks when somebody
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blames my country that we are playing double game. do you think, stan, that we lost 30,000 innocent people, did we ask al qaeda, did we ask taliban to kill us? >> reporter: now saying the relationship with the united states is turning a corner, he's looking forward to more cooperation, more respect and more intelligence sharing and joint operations. stan grant, cnn, islamabad. all right. thank you very much. if you haven't heard by now, the rapture did not happen. actor steven baldwin is next to tell us what exactly did go wrong with this. we'll talk to steven in just a bit. but first a classroom structure hasn't changed much over the years. teacher in front, students at their desks taking notes, maybe waiting for the bell to ring. in this week's "perry's principles," steve perry takes a look at a new method where the kids are in charge.
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>> the synapses in my brain connect, then i learn. can you guys stand up and do it with us? >> reporter: the students are teaching class today. the pupils? their teachers. this role reversal is part of a revolutionary program developed by the national urban alliance or nua. how do teachers respond to having kids tell them how to teach? >> they love it, primarily because it really gives them an understanding of the strengths that the students have as well as where the gaps are that need to be filled in. >> reporter: the training is broken up into two parts. first, an nua representative leads a session on creative teaching methods for both students and teachers. >> ready? set? go. >> neurons are the brain cells, the brain cells, the brain cells. >> reporter: then the kids take over. >> i'll only give you about two minutes. so go. >> reporter: you're working in some of the lowest performing school districts in the country. what is it that you hope to gain? >> it's not just so that the
4:18 pm
students feel empowered, it's so that the teachers see what unbelievable wealth of potential these students have. >> reporter: today you guys were teaching. was that cool? >> yeah. >> reporter: what makes you think you'd be a good teach sner. >> they always teach us so it's good to teach them for a change. >> reporter: cost is split twin the nua and participating school districts. the nua says students performance has improved and they're sponsoring research to confirm that. >> i think teachers need to know they should keep on trying and keep on teaching the kids no matter what. >> reporter: steve perry, bridgeport, connecticut. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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this doesn't happen, then everything that you believe is false. >> it will happen. >> but if it doesn't -- >> it will happen. >> but if it doesn't. >> guaranteed. >> doesn't. >> guaranteed. >> bet you $20 right now it doesn't happen. >> today was supposed to be the last day. according to harold camping, an 89-year-old preacher in
4:22 pm
california, christians were to fly up to heaven today in a biblical event commonly known as the rapture. it was supposed to start in the u.s. about 90 minutes ago. >> i definitely do not think the world will end tomorrow. >> i say just chill, let the days go by. i don't think anything's going to happen. >> i'm not worried. i've got to go to work. i'll enjoy my weekend. >> it is going to happen. jesus is going to come back, but not on -- tomorrow. he could could back tomorrow, he could come back any day, but the bible does not predict an exact date and when someone does prepare digit an exact date they're usually wrong because the bible warns us not to try to predict a date but instead just to be ready. >> okay. well, so far, we have not seen anything out of the ordinary, actor steven baldwin is an evangelical christian and he joins us now from new york. so, what do you make of all the doomsday hoopla? >> well, i think it's exactly that, don, hoopla.
4:23 pm
i tweeted something last night, which was unequivocal proof that i believe that this prophecy was not going to come to fruition. in two words, i tweeted that the reason we're not going to disappear today is oprah finale. i don't think the creator's going to end the world, don, before we've seen the oprah finale. >> so you think oprah has that much pull with the man upstairs, right? >> something like that. she's everywhere. >> listen. stephen, for the people who did fervently believe that this was the day, right, how does that test their faith? does it test their faith? >> well, obviously i mean, i met a young man in a restaurant up where i live up the hudson river from new york city, had the shirt on, the whole thing. and i stopped leaving the restaurant, i said, brother, do you really believe that, even though most truly born again saved christians who are baptized in the holy spirit,
4:24 pm
they will say that according to scripture, mr. camping's prediction is totally inaccurate. and the normal thought process is if it doesn't line up with scripture or if that scripture is interpret rated in a way so out of left field, it's probably not the truth. >> well, we hear them all the time. this is nothing new. end of time predictions are not new, so why did this one, you think, steven, get so much attention? >> the only logic i have there is social media. you know, if you can reach out to enough people and try to convince them of something, that, you know, coupled with the fact that camping has a huge radio ministry on the east coast in particular. i've heard him take phone calls and talk to people. he's somebody i've heard a lot in the past. >> yeah. and you know, you're right about social media, and i think that deserves to be sort of analyzed a little bit, and we're going to do it a little bit later on in the show. but i've been watching twitter and end of days, end of times
4:25 pm
confessions into the world, confessions have been going on. the funniest one i got that i retweeted was a guy who said -- i said what was your confession? he said you know that label on the mattress you're not supposed to rip off? i did it, don. so that was his confession. had you ever heard of harold camping before now? >> yeah. he's -- again, he's got that real distinct voice, and he's on several hundred radio stations across the country and he's been around a long time. all i can say is this, and i'm not trying to be mean. if you ask me, the fellow's a little bit creepy. again, there is the true christian experience, and the bible warns of the false christian experience. and if somebody makes a prophetic statement and it doesn't come true or doesn't come to fruition and apparently mr. camping has done this before, so i just think in these times when people are really kind of searching and freaking
4:26 pm
out, you know, these types of things can happen. >> well, you know, and correct me if i'm wrong, christians do believe, in the rapture. yet many denounced harold camping and you just said it, it was a false teaching. people say he's a false teacher. why is that? >> well, it just -- it gets back to the true christian experience is confirmed for the believer when the presence of the holy spirit is operating in their life. there's a confirmation that happens in the spirit of that dynamic. and for myself, that's very real and true, for myself personally. i only came into that experience when i stopped trying to pursue my christian faith my way. and actually went to god's word, went to the bible, and as authentically and humbly and submissively as i could, really try to pursue it and have the experience god's way and not my way. when that happens, then it
4:27 pm
becomes very, very real. and usually the only -- there's lots of other helpful books and materials, but the bible is the key. and there's some other materials you can reference that will demonstrate that true christian experience as well. >> hey, stephen, i have to run. short answer, how are the brothers, the whole acting family? everybody doing well? >> everybody's fantastic and i want to make a suggestion to you, one of those books is right here, young man. it's called "ain't no grave" it's about brother claude ely. this is a wonderful book, it's blessing me right now and i want to share it with everybody. this is a demonstration of the true christian experience. >> all right. thank you, sir. >> thanks, don. >> even like the southern accent. like a preacher. glad you're still here, glad i am and the world is as well. good sport. >> absolutely. bye-bye. >> some serious news to report now, a suspect is accused of assaulting a policeman and stealing his car, and, yes, it's
4:28 pm
all caught on tape. you'll see it play out next here on cnn. [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. checking stories across the country now. police in summerville, south carolina, say a 38-year-old suspect is accused of assaulting
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a cop and stealing his squad car. they say he admits to being high on crack cocaine during the chase and capture. the whole incident was caught on tape. police safe the suspect has a long criminal history. next, patrons of a bar in baltimore say they've heard just about everything when it comes to salty language. >> a bar's a bar, man. you expect a bar, you expect [ bleep ]. >> i think anyone would come up with this idea if they sat in here long enough. >> well, to cut down on potty mouths, owners of the mt. royal tavern have come up with a cussing bucket. they charge 25 cents every time someone curses. $1 if it's a bartender. and so far they've collected about $110 which they donated to a local charity. it was crazy. >> and bombs away at the air
4:32 pm
force academy in colorado. the high-tech warriors of the future took part in low tech battle of dodge ball. all 4,000 cadets took part in a massive dodge ball fight in hopes of setting a new guinness world record. the academy officials say a couple of cadets came up with the idea. a way to blow off some steam involving 1,000 dodge balls. and from dodging balls in colorado to dodging traffic in arizona, an suv, look at this video, unbelievable. runs over a mother and a stroller carrying her 4-year-old daughter. but guess what? my gosh. all is okay. they both survived with scratches, even though the toddler somehow had tumbled underneath the suv. well, scottsdale police dropped charges against the driver after seeing the video, finding a large vehicle obstructeded his view of the family trying to cross. wow. glad they're okay. aside from all the late night jokes about arnold schwarzenegger's revelation of fathering a child with his
4:33 pm
housekeeper, what was he thinking? maureen o'connor of coming up with her thoughts. you ready, maureen? >> i'm ready. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some
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let's check tonight's headlines. the crest of the flooding
4:36 pm
mississippi river, well, it really has now reached natchez, mississippi. look at all that water. that's about 100 miles north of baton rouge, louisiana. even though the water is not expected to rise, it's not expected to go down, either. stressed levees may have to hold up to a few weeks more, a lot longer here. health officials warn the floodwaters are extremely dangerous with e. coli levels up to 200 times higher than normal. police have released the 911 audio from a drowning that left three children and their mother dead. investigators in newburgh, noerg, say lashanda armstrong drowned herself and her children in april after learning their father had been unfaithful. >> we need a dive team to respond to the boat ramp. there's a vehicle in the water with a mother and child. they got the boat down, our boat down there right now. they're trying to find the vehicle. >> they're in the car? >> they're in the car. >> we know what happened after that. we know what happened after that. the oldest child, a 10-year-old
4:37 pm
boy, was the only one who survived. astronauts on the international space station took an unusual call today, benedict xvi was patched through to the station, becoming the first pope ever to speak to astronauts in space. the pope expressed his concern to space shuttle commander mark kelly, whose wife, congress wam gabrielle giffords is recovering after being shot in the head in january. animal kingdom came up short altogether the preakness today. ending his run for horse racing's triple crown. the kentucky derby winner finished second, losing to shackelford. that's 12-1 long shot. that 12-1 long shot led wire to wire for the victory after finishing fourth in the derby. the last horse to win the triple crown was affirmed back in 1978. i want you to listen to this, now. oh, man, this arnold schwarzenegger story just keeps getting worse. there are now rumors that arnold
4:38 pm
had a second secret child with a different woman. i know. i can't believe arnold would cheat on his mistress like that. i just can't believe it. i won't believe it. >> all right. you know, it's giving late night hosts like jimmy fallon weeks' worth of material. the jaw dropping revelation that arnold schwarzenegger fathered a child with his long-time housekeeper 13 years ago. that's what we're talking about. he managed to keep it a secret for a long, long time, but now it's out of the bag, and it probably means the end of his marriage to maria shriver. let's bring in maureen o'connor, staff writer for, a site that's gotten a whole lot of clicks over the scandal. so, maureen, how did he keep this under wraps for so long? that's what people want to know. >> it seems that arnold's own family didn't know about this. just this morning the "new york post" reported the child himself, the child of the housekeeper, didn't know who his real father was. he called his stepfather dad his whole life. he kept the public from knowing because he kept everyone from
4:39 pm
knowing, it seems. >> it seems they both kept the secret. this brings to mind maureen some other infamous cases of powerful men with kids on the side, doesn't it? >> sure. i mean, we heard shortly after strom thurmond's death, we heard the prosegregation politician had fathered a child with his maid, an african-american woman in the 1920s. so we've definitely heard of powerful men who end up having sexual relationships with people they have power over and potentially having children. >> yeah. and you know there's an angle here that we haven't heard a lot of discussion on, and this housekeeper was his employee. is there an issue here of sexual harassment in the workplace? because she worked in his home. >> you know, i think it's interesting that the conversation hasn't reached that point yet. but in fact, that is her workplace. we've definitely heard about arnold in professional contexts having inappropriately sexual advances towards women, about
4:40 pm
him groping people that come to interview him or that work with him. he seems he has a long-time reputation of being somebody that sort of takes advantage of opportunities, swaexual opportunities, wherever they are. >> we're going to talk more about this, you see it at the bottom of the screen, "sex, lies and arrogance" it airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. we'll go into that. let's talk quickly here, something lighter and funnier. i'm still here, you're still here, it seems the east coast is still there, after 6:00 p.m. eastern time. gawker has been all over this rapture story. >> we have been keeping a running tally on everything that mysteriously disappears today and thus might be in heaven with god right now. my car keys this morning, missing. might have gotten raptured away. so we're waiting to see what else happens next. >> i'm understanding that you have a very interesting story with stephen baldwin when you saw him there today at cnn. do you mind sharing it? is it something appropriate for our viewers? >> oh, well, when i met him just
4:41 pm
now in the green room at first i didn't recognize him and i was so surprised. but we've made fun of him on gawker but he says he's a fan. he's a good sport about these things. >> yeah. well, gawker has a mission to sort of push the envelope a little bit, so you have to realize gawker's a little bit tongue in cheek, so that's what happens on gawker. >> we're equal opportunity. we tease everyone. >> maureen o'connor, thank you very much. glad you're still around, glad i am too. are children in this country doing as well in school as they should? especially in science and math. a cnn special report on education in america is coming up at the top of the hour. and we'll have a preview for you on that next. and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils
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we have some breaking weather news, straight to jacqui jeras. i hear there's a tornado, a report of a tornado and you're going to tell us about it. where is it? >> this is a suburb of the twin cities mississippi st. paul, called medina. a tornado is on the ground, we haven't heard anything about damage, but this is a very dangerous situation. this is the area that we're talking about, and it's moving up to the north. so it's moving away from the downtown area, but could be pushing into areas like maple grove. so a serious situation involving right now in minnesota, the twin cities suburb of medina. trained spotters reporting a tornado on the ground. you need to take cover
4:45 pm
immediately. we'll keep you up to date as information comes in. >> good advice, follow that advice and take cover. jacqui jeras will be back to report if we get any more information. thank you, jacqui. are your children learning, really, enough in their science and math classes? if not, it could be because many states lie to parents about children's proficiency. soledad o'brien has a preview of her special report on the state of education in america. >> maria, what is the ratios of the 45? >> the one, the one and the radical two. >> reporter: maria wants a career that pays well and is pushing herself and her school to get it. >> i was like, well, why isn't anybody challenging me? i would do a whole week's lesson in a class period. and i was just like, okay, this is too simple to me. it's like, okay, what's next? >> reporter: do you worry that when you go off to college you're not going to be prepared to compete? >> yeah. especially like with this
4:46 pm
example, english, we're learning things like how to capitalize and when to capitalize. that's things my little sister should be learning, you know? >> reporter: half of the 2200 students at maria's school don't pass statewide tests in reading and math. >> when they come to school, they come with a fourth grade reading level and behind in math. so we really have a lot of catching up to do. >> it's just my little sister and i. >> reporter: she's the sixth of seven children. >> all of my brothers and sisters were straight-a students. >> reporter: and they went from being a students to -- >> dropping out. my sister got pregnant when she was younger and like everybody was kind of just expecting me to follow into their same footsteps, you know? >> reporter: everybody, including her father. she overheard him two years ago at her ke15th birthday party. >> he was like, it's just a matter of time before she fails. >> reporter: fails. >> yeah. he was just like -- it doesn't
4:47 pm
really matter what she does right now. i mean, she'll eventually give up. >> reporter: did it motivate you in any way? >> yeah, it did. >> reporter: it did? >> yeah. now it's like, okay, if i'm going to get straight as it's not just for you anymore, it's for me. >> and you can see more of soledad o'brien's documentary, don't fail me, education in america. it's at the top of the hour right here on cnn. "don't fail me, education in america" right after this broadcast here on cnn. a lot of us have old cell phones, ipods and cameras stuffed in drawers somewhere. ahead, our tech guru katie lennondal will show you how to turn those electronics into cold hard cash. my house is a shrine to old cell phones. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience.
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all right. what do you do with the old electronics when you buy the hot new things? a lot of us just stick them in drawers or closets, but you could cash in on them. did you know that? this week amazon announced it will start buying back used gadgets. it's not the only website doing it. let's talk about it with tech reporter -- i like to say nerdy
4:51 pm
tech guru katie lenindal. so how do these sites work? >> yes, the traiting in of old unwanted gadgets is formerly known as recommerce and has been gaining popularity especially over the last year or two when we are upgrading at ridiculous rates. the average household has about $100 in unwanted tech lying around. why not recycle and do the right thing and get paid to do it? that's what these sites are about. amazon jumped on board because it's not just lucrative for them but can be for you. i want to show you a number of sites that you can cash in on. again, amazon is not the only one. my favorite is it offers 22 different categories for cashing in electronics. they don't just give you credit. amazon gives you a credit. gazelle sends you a check or a
4:52 pm
gift card. also is ecosquid which goes through a number of different sites to get you the best deal. fl fl and recellular are sites for cashing in your cell phone specifically. there are also retail locations that will buy back old electronics. best buy has a program. now when you check out you have an option to actually purchase into the buyback program. if you take that specific device back to the store in x amount of weeks or months you get x amount of money back. places like target, radio shack and gamestop will also honor trade-ins. >> i have to ask you. how much money are we talking here? >> per fwgadget, it depends. the iphone broke records for the original. you can get $350 for an ipad. droids, for $50.
4:53 pm
dsis upwards of $50. here's the deal. you go to different siteses for the best bid. you have to fill in the working condition of the best fwgadget. get as much money as you can. >> of course you should be concerned about your personal information, so wipe the device or take out the sim card first. >> yes. >> thanks, katie. >> thank you. all right. rich men who make poor decisions. why is it that guys with wealth and power often hurt the people they love the most? a preview of tonight's special report "sex, lies and arrogance," straight ahead. thank you. do you have an english menu? no english. [ speaking chinese ] [ gasps, speaks chinese ] do you guys like dumplings? i love dumplings. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision.
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all right. more now on our breaking weather news. look at the pictures from kare in the twin cities area. jacqui jeras will update us on the breaking news. >> we are tracking a possible tornado here. we had a report of a touchdown and the most recent report is a funnel cloud in the plymouth area. some other cities in the twin cities, suburbs being affected by this. it's champlain and inoka into the ramsey area moving north. this is the direction it's going. to put it in perspective here's minneapolis/st. paul. these are northwestern suburbs away from the downtown area. this is a populated area. the rotation is being indicated near i-94 where we have been
4:57 pm
seeing the tower cams and it's also producing quarter-sized hail and torrential downs. take a look at the camera. you can see how heavy the rain is. people are pulling over because they can't see in this dangerous storm. you need to seek shelter now. this is kind of an isolated storm now. not within the watch box. we are not expecting widespread severe weather tonight for the twin cities. this storm remains dangerous and a warning in effect until the top of the hour. it could be extended, don. >> thank you very much. stay tuned to cnn as we follow the news for you. coming up at 10:00 p.m. eastern on cnn a special report called "sex, lies & arrogance." we'll look at why men behave badly and the issue of marital cheating. sus susan candiotti has a preview of what's coming up. what do you know about the apartment where dominique strauss-kahn is now?
4:58 pm
>> we are hearing that it is an old renovated high rise close to ground zero. it used to be the corporate home of u.s. steel. according to an e-mail sent to residents and obtained by cnn, dominique strauss-kahn is described as under indictment and is the guest of a leaseholder and adds is, we wer not consulted and he will be staying here until early next week. >> i have to ask you. what do we know about the apartment, we know about that. what about the neighbors complaining? i read the neighbors complained and they sent out an e-mail. >> some aren't happy at all. the media is camped out across the street. a police car is out front. security has been stepped up. some complain they don't like the idea of him being in the building. some suggest he still belongs in jail. of course, still others don't care, don. >> how long will he be there?
4:59 pm
>> probably until early next week. in court they are saying about four, five days until he's moved into a more permanent apartment. unless he has a medical emergency he cannot leave. when he moves to a new place he can leave if he gives the court six hours' notice. he's under court-ordered 24-hour watch by a security firm, the same company used to monitor bernie madoff before he went to prison. strauss-kahn's attorneys say he wants the media to go away, but they are here from several countries and it's not likely to happen, don. >> are we learning new details on the breaking news? >> bit by bit. from the maid, through police and prosecutors say the evidence is mounting. strauss-kahn issued a written denial that he is completely innocent and he says prosecutors have it all wrong. there are new details we have learned and we'll have it for you at 10:00 tonight. >> all right. thank you very much. i'm don lemon.


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