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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 24, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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bathroom, you could hear the home shaking. everything busting out. we got down, he was between me, zack was hunched over us, and we were just, you know, praying, screaming, and, you know, it was very loud. and it all happened so fast. >> 22 years old. i have a wife and two kids, 14-month-old. we lost everything in the tornado. we're just trying to salvage what we can, and make the best of it. we got family that are helping us. >> it's indescribable. i don't know what to say other than that. i've never seen anything like it. >> our prayers are with them. cnn "newsroom" continues right now with randi kay in for ali velshi. >> hi, suzanne and thank you. the sun is shining in joplin, missouri, and that is a major development. those folks will never take for granted again. for the first time since the city was hit by the single deadliest tornado in decades, search and rescue efforts aren't being hindered by driving rain or hail or lightning, which struck two police officers last night. one is okay, the other in
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critical condition. the confirmed death toll in sunday's disaster now stands at 118. but authorities say more than ten times that many still are unaccounted for. >> joplin's head of emergency management says people scattered and simply can't get home or maybe no longer have homes and haven't yet called in. but then there's will norton, blown out of his hummer on his way home from high school graduation. his family thinks -- thinks he's in a hospital somewhere. and sky lar logs don, a 1-year-old. his great uncle spoke to cnn this morning. >> the night of the tornado that evening. and they had him in the hallway in the house, and they all got covered in the hallway in the house and when the tornado hit, they lost track of him and we haven't seen him since. >> was skylar's mother holding on to him? >> yes, she was. and she lost him in the
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aftermath amidst all of this. and it's just terrible. and no one has seen him since. the rest of the family is doing okay. we've just got to find him. >> and here is why the sunshine is such a big deal. later today, things could get ugly again. an area just to the west in south mainly, mainly kansas and oklahoma stands a wry risk of violent storms. our chad myers will tell us more about that in a moment. but first, i want to get to my colleague, tj holmes, he is in joplin. he has found some amazing stories. and tj, tell us where exactly you are now. >> reporter: well, we are just to the west of joplin, a lot of people know where the hospital is. it's been the focus of so much attention. so we're just a few blocks to the west of that in the western part of the city. a neighborhood that's for the most part been decimated. certainly we have seen neighborhoods flattened. but for the most part a lot of these homes got severe damage. we started to get cloud cover here coming in. also, they were supposed to test the tornado sirens, wanted to
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make sure they were working. that was supposed to happen a few hours ago. we didn't hear them in this part of the city. don't know if they actually went through with that test or they're not working here, but that was a concern given we could have severe weather later. this neighborhood is, quite frankly, very busy right now, because everybody is kind of coming out, you see a lot of trailers, u-haul trucks, as well. look at this behind me, though, randi. give you an idea here. a fireplace here that is exposed. nothing else is around it. you can tell, there was a house there. the house is gone, but for whatever reason we still see a fireplace much we went looking for the house. follow across the street now. often the other side of the street, the rubble collected there on the corner, that is actually the house that was here. and would you believe, i talked to the lady a little earlier who was digging through that rubble. i said, ma'am, would you mind if you told us your story? she said to me, randi, just wait for me to put my makeup on. we're kind of getting people -- they are taking this in stride, like you wouldn't believe. and randi, i believe you can see
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in the distance there, we're up on a hill, you can see the neighborhood across the street. you couldn't see that neighborhood before, because the trees were full of leaves and the greenery on it. well, look at it now. the trees are stripped naked. and that just gives you kind of a wider -- a wider position or wider look and a better idea and perspective of just how widespread the damage is. but again, the clouds are moving in right now. this is an active search and rescue. they have been through this particular neighborhood. they're going to go through them in stages. they plan on going through them more than one time, more than two times in some cases. but we are up against the clock now, randi, because we might not have much time before we all might have to seek cover again. >> how concerned are we -- we know there is the possibility of heavy storms or a tornado possibly between 4:00 and midnight tonight? >> reporter: yep. 4:00 and midnight. so we've got about four hours here. but like you said, how concerned now? i just talked to a guy a minute ago who said he will never ignore another tornado siren in it his life. because -- i've heard that story time and time again here from folks.
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yeah, we're in the midwest. we hear tornado sirens, we get tornado warnings and watches all of the time. we go about our business. this changes things. i assure you. them just seeing cloud cover today freaks them out a little bit. so i assure you, everybody has been talking about it. the severe risk, a high risk of an outbreak, to say that to this community a couple days after history was made here. you're damn right they're taking it seriously, randi. >> i'm sure they are. tj, appreciate it, thank you. be safe there. before we move on, i want to show you a very important web address and phone number. take note here. these have been set up for people who are searching for family members or who want to let their families know they're okay. you can go to that happens to be one word. or call 417-659-5464. and don't worry if you don't have a pencil right now, because we will give you this information again this hour and next. and if you want to help the folks in joplin, check out cnn's impact your world, as well.
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that is at our sound effect is a long distance show of solidarity. president obama is in principle, as you may know. but joplin is on his mind. >> at my direction, fema administrator craig fugate, and deputy administrator rich sore reno have traveled to missouri to make sure our federal government is working hand-in-hand with state and federal officials to give them the help they need. and on sunday, i myself will travel to missouri to talk with folks who have been affected, to talk to local officials about our response effort, and hopefully to pray with folks and give them whatever assurance and comfort i can that the entire country is going to be behind them. >> we are also keeping a close watch on the historic floods from the mississippi river snaking through louisiana. backwater flooding is now forcing residents in butte
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larose, louisiana to evacuate. mandatory evacuations in butte larose that were put on hold are being reinstated right now. that order applies to -- included the media, as well. most of the residents have already evacuated, but still some insist on riding out the flood. analysis by a research firm estimates the amount needed to divert, could flood more than 20,000 homes and cost more than $2.2 billion in damage. airlines and travelers across europe are carefully watching an erupting volcano in iceland that began spewing ash on saturday. the resulting cloud of volcanic ash has forced airlines to cancel about 500 flights around the united kingdom. while the concentration of the ash at london's heathrow remains low, the cancellations are double the number expected earlier this morning. the ash cloud will effect the u.k. denmark and parts of scandinavia today and is forecast to cover all of british air space by 1:00 a.m. on
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wednesday. well, you just saw the images, historic tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and volucanc eruptions. there seems to be a lot of devastating weather that's popped up just within the past few weeks. i want to bring in our chad myers. you may have heard his weather radio going on, alarms you may have heard mind me. chad, it seems like it's been one storm, one disaster after another. >> it has. and i was listening to tj, because he said he didn't know whether the tornado sirens went off or not. he didn't hear them. in fact, they did sound them. so if he didn't hear them that means they're not operational yet because they got knocked down by the other tornado. this is the sound you're going to hear -- [ beeping ] maybe later tonight. the sound of a noaa weather radio. if you don't have one, now is a good time to get it. it goes off even when you're asleep. what's all this about? why so many tornadoes? what's going on? well, let me try to explain something to you here. we have had this trough. it's the jet stream, you can follow these lines right through here. the jet stream for most of the
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spring has been like this. kind of a cold and in the rockies and even dipped down here a little bit because it's been cool in the northeast, as well. but every time this comes up here, a little storm will come through. and there's one today, that's the wind right there over new mexico and texas. it's coming. and it's going to spin a low pressure system along that jet stream. think of the jet kind of like a road, the interstate, where all of the storms come. moisture comes up, storms -- cold air comes down, you get severe weather. well, for most of the spring, we just had rain. not that much severe weather but very heavy rain. now that heavy rain is in the mississippi river. that cause -- that trough caused all of that flooding. same story. the trough is also causing the storms to fire again today with koefrts cold fronts, warm fronts and the warm moist air from the gulf of mexico, cold air coming down. why is this different than any other year? it looks exactly the same as any other spring. it's colder than it's been, a lot of snow pack so the air is
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colder. the humidity coming from the gulf of mexico is higher because the gulf of mexico is a little bit warmer, the water warmer than normal. global warm? maybe, sure. that's probably why the water has been warmer than the past 500 years. but all of those things combined making storms in the same places. we will have a significant tornado outbreak today. i'm not going home any time soon. and you, if you live in a mobile home from kansas to oklahoma and texas, you need to make plans to be out of that thing and somewhere safe for the rest of the night, because this is a big event. i'll just draw it here, so you can see it. through kansas into oklahoma, texas, arkansas, and, yes, that right there is joplin, missouri, in the big zone. now, around it, there will still be more storms. no question. even 100 miles around or so. but the middle, that's the big thing. >> all right, chad. we will continue to keep an eye on it, as you will, as well. i'm sure. we'll check back in with you. after butting heads with president obama, israel's prime minister spoke to congress this morning, laying out his vision for mid east peace agreement.
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don't let times like these stand in the way of them. protect your family with the gift of financial security. backed by the highest possible ratings for financial strength. new york life. the company you keep. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu got a warm reception today when he spoke to a joint meeting of the u.s. congress. >> israel has no better friend than america, and america has no better friend than israel.
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we stand together to defend democracy. we stand together to advance peace. we stand together to fight terrorism. congratulations, america. congratulations mr. president. you got bin laden. good riddens! >> netanyahu laid out his vision for a mid east peace settlement but rejected any return to israel's 1967 borders. martin indick is former you see ambassador to israel. thanks for coming on the show, mr. ambassador. first off, any surprises in the speech by netayahu today? >> no, nothing was surprising
10:15 am
from the resounding, prolonged applause to the words he had to say. i think they're all fairly predictable. >> this has been a lot of discussion about president obama's statement last week, that peace negotiations should be based on israel's borders before the 1967 war. last week, prime minister netanyahu said those borders are indefensible. he talked about israel's border's again today. so i want to play just a part of what he said, and get your reaction. >> this compromise must reflect the dramatic demographic changes that have occurred since 1967. the vast majority of the 650,000 israelis who live beyond the 1967 lines reside in neighborhoods and suburbs after jerusalem and greater tel aviv. now, these areas are densely
10:16 am
populated, but they're geographically quite small. and under any realistic peace agreement, these areas, as well as other places of critical, strategic and national importance would be incorporated into the final borders of israel. >> ambassador, does this represent any change at all, do you think, in mr. netanyahu's position on the borders? >> no, it doesn't. but it's important to pause what he has to say. president obama said that the basis for the negotiation should be the 67 lines with the agreed swaps. the agreed swaps refers to the settlement blocks that the prime minister was talking about in that clip that you just played. and indeed, 70% of the population is concentrated in settlement blocks that take up about 3 to 5% of the west bank,
10:17 am
just on the other side of that 67 line. so in that sense, the distance between what obama said and what netanyahu said is not that great. when he adds adjectives like traumatic and talks about other things like areas of strategic and national importance, that raises a big question mark. not clear what he means by that. that's a new formulation. but in terms of the talk of absorbing settlement blocks, that's precisely what president obama has in mind, and what has been on the table since 2000, the end of 2000. >> right. well, let me ask you, as the former ambassador to israel, what role should the u.s. play in this peace deal at this point? >> the critical thing that i
10:18 am
think president obama is trying to do, and i believe he is right in that regard, is to try to lay the basis for getting back to the negotiating table. to do that now, there's so much mistrust between the two sides that there needs to be some terms of reference for the negotiations. so that both sides don't feel that they're going into a negotiation and cannot meet their minimum requirements. so he laid out in his speech on thursday two terms of reference. one on borders and one on security. and the reconciliation of palestinian need/desire for a sovereign, contiguous state in all of the west bank, and israeli need for security is the essence of the negotiation that president obama is trying to get started. so that's what all of this is about. it's how do we get back to the negotiating table and away from that effort by the palestinians
10:19 am
to launch a unilateral declaration of independence via the u.n. general assembly. >> ambassador, thank you. appreciate your insight and your time. and turning now to florida, after nearly three years of legal twists, turns and delays, the trial of casey anthony started today in that state. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee back in 2008. we break down what's gone on so far in this dramatic trial, right after the break. male ann] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief.
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we want to take you back to joplin, missouri, where our anderson cooper is joining us by telephone. anderson, i know that you've been there since yesterday. you had a really powerful show last night on "360." can you tell us where you are today, and what you have seen so far? >> reporter: yeah, we have just been driving around neighborhoods, just talking to people who are literally picking up the pieces of their lives. you know, there's a number of search and rescue operations which are underway right now at the home depot, they are -- i was there up until about half an hour ago. there's a search and rescue crew from elsewhere in missouri that's come. they are using a lot of heavy equipment, moving these huge concrete slabs, basically the front walls of the home depot that collapsed. they believe there were some people sheltering by those
10:23 am
walls, so they have brought in dogs -- dogs which are trained to find anyone who may be alive in the wreckage. yesterday they found one person alive. they have not found anyone today up until about half an hour ago. but they are still looking, and it's -- you know, it is very difficult work. i mean, the size of this wreckage, the scale of it, as you know, just goes on for miles. so they have divided, you know, the city into grids, and they're doing multiple searches, kind of -- they're going to give multiple passes over the course of this day. but as you know, randi, it's a race against the clock. it's not only for the survivorability of somebody under the rubble, but just against the weather. the weather has been cooperating so far. it's overcast now. we expect rain, heavy rain that maybe tornado activity tonight. so everyone is kind of preparing themselves for that and trying to get as much work done right now, randi, as possible. >> yeah, and anderson, i know you were at the home depot and
10:24 am
continuing to look at these aerials. i know you have spoken to many families who have been touched by this, and many survivors. in fact, is there one story, anderson that you would say that really stands out to you? >> you know, any place you turn here, there's somebody just going through, you know, the worst thing that has hit them. i was just at the house with sally smith who we literally ran into on the street as we were driving along and she is at her mom's house or i should say what remains at her mom's house, which is completely destroyed. oddly, there is still eggs in the refrigerator, and somehow her plate ended up in the oven. so you see all of these strange things. they're literally picking up the pieces, trying to find stuff to salvage. luckily, her mom, who is 80 years old was at her sister's house. they hid in the bathroom together. they both survived the storm without a scratch, which they're really counting their blessings
10:25 am
at this point, and have been able to find some family photographs and some of her documents and things which were important to her. so at this point, people are trying to stay optimistic. they're literally -- you know, i asked a stupid question to sally, how do you rebuild your life? and she said, you know, you start picking up the pieces and that's what so many people are doing here right now. >> you have covered so many disasters. does this feel like one of many others or is there a greater sense of determination for these people as a community to pull through and move forward from this, even as more tornadoes could be heading their way this evening? >> you know, you can see as many disasters as people see on tv, but when it actually happens to you, it's a completely different thing. and this is the worst thing that hit this community in a long, long time. and, you know, it affects a huge swath of the population here in joplin. a lot of people injured, not just the dead, but the injured, as well, and people whose homes are destroyed and their livelied hood. one woman works in the hospital
10:26 am
and she is worried about what comes next. the hospital has been badly damaged. so a lot of concern, but there really is a lot of spirit here, and i mean, i don't want to sound cliche, but people really are counting their blessings. and over and over, you hear people say, look, in the end, this is just stuff. and, you know, i was lucky to survive. my mom was lucky to survive. my loved one was lucky to survive. so people are, you know, reeling here, and they're just trying to make the most of this break in the weather and just pick up what they can. >> all right, anderson, we're going to let you go. i know you have your show from joplin tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. "anderson cooper 360." appreciate you calling in and bringing us the latest developments there. once again, you can join anderson at 10:00 p.m. for "anderson cooper 360" a special edition from joplin, missouri. moving on, the casey anthony trial started in florida and the defense is making news. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee in 2008. if convicted, she could face the
10:27 am
death penalty. it may not be easy for jurors. there's going to be a lot of graphic information being presented. so take a listen, though, to this from the prosecution. >> duct tape covered the nose and mouth area of that tiny human skull. the cotton/polyester backing of that duct tape was disintegrating in the harsh environment in which she lay. you will learn that three pieces of overlapping duct tape covered the nose and mouth of caylee anthony. you will learn that the duct tape was placed on her prior to decomposition as it held the mandible, or the jaw to the head. >> "in session" legal contributor sunny hostin has been following the case and joins us from new york. sunny, this is a tough case to
10:28 am
know the details of and certainly to watch on our sister network, hln. but get us caught up on what's going on this morning. >> well, it has been a really intense morning. the prosecution gave a two-hour and fifteen-minute opening statement, randi. a very long opening statement, that was extremely linear. she went over in painstaking detail each day caylee was missing. and after she went over each day, she would say "where is caylee anthony." it was very powerful the way she did that. she also went over all of the lies that caylee told, day by day, by day. and then, finally, she started going over the evidence, a lot of the scientific evidence. and as we just heard, the fact that the body, the remains were found with duct tape around the head, not one, not two, but three pieces attached to hair. and she also talked about the smell of death coming and
10:29 am
emanating from casey anthony's car. >> sunny, how will that play with the jury that has to listen to this evidence? >> well, i can tell you, the jury had notebooks, they had pens, they put them aside in the courtroom, randi. they did not take any notes. they were riveted by this prosecutor's opening statement, and at the end, she said she was going to ask them to find casey anthony guilty. however, what was so fascinating is, all along, the defense has said, jose baez, the lead defense attorney said, in one minute in the opening minute of his opening statements, we would know what really happened. and true to his word, he said in his opening statement, caylee anthony died by drowning in a pool on june 16th. we have never heard that was the defense, and so, you know, it really has been just a block blusterier morning in the
10:30 am
courtroom. >> as you mentioned, i'm curious what you think the greatest challenge is for the defense. as you mentioned, i mean, casey anthony's behavior following the days and weeks that her daughter had gone missing was just flat out bizarre. i mean, she had been at nightclubs. how are they going to explain all of this away? >> and that is the question. i mean, i'm a mother myself, randi, as you know, and i kept on thinking, if my child was missing for 31 seconds, i would report it. 31 days. how do you make sense of that? well, i think we know now. we have got a little bit of an indication that casey anthony has indicated that she was the victim of childhood sexual abuse. that she suffers perhaps from post traumatic stress disorder. her attorneys had asked some of the jurors during jury selection, what would you do if the worst thing possible happened to you? how would you react? so, again, i am only guessing, but it sounds to me like they are going to say that when caylee anthony drown in this pool, she -- casey suffered just such trauma that she just sort
10:31 am
of acted so oddly, acted in a way that no mother would act. >> and do you have any indication if casey will take the stand? >> well, i -- we don't have an indication from jose baez during his opening statements yet, but i have to tell you, i think she has to take the stand. she has to explain this alternate theory. she was the one that was there, obviously, when little caylee allegedly drown. she has got to explain that to the jury. i think in this case, randi, we are going to see casey anthony on the witness stand. >> i'm sure that will be a very dramatic day. sunny, i know you want to get back to watching it. and we will continue to watch it as well. we'll also check back in with you in our next hour and see what you can tell us. thank you. and stay tuned to cnn throughout the day for updates on the casey anthony trial. and for more on "in session" and trutv. hanging with the queen, a monarchy pulling out all of the stops for president obama, all of the action, plus a rare look
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it's been a day full of pomp and circumstance for president obama, continuing his european trip with a full day of events around london. that includes a very lavish evening at buckingham palace. cnn's senior white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president and got a hair look at the palace grounds. >> randi, this trip just gets
10:35 am
better and better. we're now on the grounds of buckingham palace. how cool is that? in the business, we call it a walk and talk when you give people a tour. i guess around here, we should call it a "walky." let me walk around the grounds a little bit. it's extremely rare for a u.s. president to have a state visit and get all of this pomp and circumstance. only three in the last 100 years or so. woodrow wilson, george w. bush and now president obama. interesting as well that they did all of this on the back side of the palace, something we don't normally see. so you get all 40 acres here. there's a lake that the queen has at her disposal. there is also, we're told, a tennis court just beyond the lake, just beyond those trees. there is also a helicopter landing pad. you hear the one hovering above. the beginning of the state visit, with all of the porch cirque was really a remarkable day, no doubt. you can see some of these dramatic pictures. there was an honor guard, pipes and drums. the first lady and the president greeted by the queen and prince
10:36 am
phillip. prince charles, kamila. in private, what we didn't see for the tv cameras was the president and first lady got to meet william and kate just back from their honeymoon now known as the duke and duchess of cambridge. there was a 41-gun salute and then a 62-gun salute at the tower of london. and it just went on and on and on. you can see the media gathered here even before they arrived. there's all kinds of still cameras, tv cameras, u.s. correspondents, british correspondents for this. and then it was on to 10 downing where they met with mr. and mrs. cameron and the prime minister, of course. and some serious business that needs to be done beyond the sort of pomp and circumstance. president and prime minister saying that while a lot of people have noted on the world stage that they have not really developed kind of an easy friendship the way we saw tony blair bonding with both bill clinton and george w. bush,
10:37 am
presidents from different parties, these leaders seem distant in terms of the so-called special relationship between the u.s. and u.k. but they wrote a joint op-ed saying they wanted to call it an essential relationship on issues like afghanistan, libya, but also coming together on economic issues and both trying to cut their budget deficits to try and pump some confidence into the world markets. after all that business at 10 downing, it was right back here for a lavish state dinner hosted by her majesty the queen. i talked about the attention to detail. do you know there is actually an official with a tape measure here at buckingham palace who measures how far apart the wine glasses are? just so they get that just right? you want to talk about pressure when you're having dinner. make sure, you know, you use the right butter plate. this time you've got to make sure that the wine glasses are just so. and then the president and first lady are going to be sleeping here at the palace. there is over 700 rooms here, including over 50 bedrooms.
10:38 am
and it's interesting, because the president and first lady actually left ireland early, got here sooner than expected to avoid the volcanic ash grounding some of the planes in europe. and the bottom line is, this is not like the motel 6 where they leave the light on for you. and you can just drop in a night early. so instead, president and first lady slept over at the u.s. ambassador's residence on the other side of london tonight. buckinghamel palace. pretty sweet digs. randi. >> thank you, ed henry. well, mark your calendar, because we have five months now before the world ends. again, that is if a california preacher has his way. a new date is set. that's in about 60 seconds. what's this option? that's new.
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with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth. 41 minutes past the hour. let's get an update on stories you may have missed. the death toll in joplin, missouri is now up to 118, and the governor says the number of casualties is likely to rise with so many still missing. the monster tornado that ripped a four-mile swath through the heart of joplin is now the deadliest single u.s. tornado since officials began keeping records more than 60 years ago. meantime, hundreds of firefighters, police officers, emergency workers and national guard troops are desperately
10:42 am
searching for more survivors. they found 17 people alive yesterday. but joplin is not clear from severe weather yet with a chance of another tornado outbreak across the region later today, and into late tonight. dna taken from former imf chief dominic strauss-kahn reportedly matches what was found on the uniform of a hotel maid he allegedly raped. the "wall street journal" reports semen found matched a dna sample taken from strauss-kahn after his arrest last sunday. strauss-kahn has repeatedly denied the allegations. his attorneys declined to comment about that dna match. new important changes to keep in mind when you cook your next pork chop. the usda is lowering the temperature it recommends you cook by 15 degrees. apparently a little bit of pinch pink is okay. the usda recommends cutting all whole cuts of meat, including pork at 145 degrees fahrenheit and allowing it to rest for three minutes. but the lower temps don't apply to ground meats or poultry.
10:43 am
doom's day? what doom's day? may 21st came and went and yes, we are all still here. but harold camping is at it again. the california breapreacher now predicting the world will end the 21st. camping insists his error was of interpretation, not fact. but he has been wrong before, inaccurately predicting the world would end in 1994, also. well, this time his miscalculation was a little harder to swallow. >> when may 21 came and went, it was a very difficult time for me. a very difficult time. >> and camping claims may 21st came and went because god was merciful and decided not to punish us with five months of destruction. we'll be right back. frequent flyer with restrictions when he tries to use his miles. ♪
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10:47 am
strikes on tripoli. definitely felt like they were being pushed up into a different league. it started about 1:00 a.m. local time, and within half an hour, we counted over a dozen explosions in a very short space of time. they say their target was a compound very close to the gadhafi compound, which was used -- which was being used, they said, to provide vehicles, attacks on civilians. the libyan authorities told us it was a libyan army auxiliary force center that they were aware would be targeted, and so had emptied. but in spite of that, the casualty toll, they said, is 3 dead and 150 injured. but very much a sense this conflict is now being put into a different gear here, randi. >> and just quickly, what about this move to deploy attack helicopters by the french and the british? what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, there's been a little bit of confusion over
10:48 am
that. it was the french who announced that on monday they said that they and the british were on the same page and they would both be deploying attack helicopters. the hard to hit areas. for the british who sense rode back from that, saying not only they don't make a habit, as you can appreciate of announcing changes in tactics to the enemy, but they hadn't actually agreed to it in the first place. saying a french ship with helicopters on it now is ready and waiting to be deployed. but the british are saying they are not part of that effort. it's interesting, because, of course, they would take this conflict into a completely different arena yet again, randi. >> nima, thank you. in other international news, the man who runs ruled egypt with an iron fist will be tried over the killing of anti-government protesters. egypt's prosecutor general says that hosni mubarak the and his
10:49 am
two sons, a trial date has not been set. mubarak stepped down in february after an 18-day popular uprising. next, think you have some of the coolest apps out there for your cell phone? well, can any of them save your life? in two minutes, we'll give you apps and gadgets that you need in case of an emergency. so keep it here. and today, we're re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. ♪ in fact, it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief, twice as fast.
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10:52 am
we are still finding individuals. we did rescue seven individuals from underneath the rubble yesterday. of course, we are also finding, you know, several deceased folks as well. you know, it's just really incredible that we are still finding people. we are hoping to find more folks, and that is why we are doing the searches. >> that is the joplin fire chief talking about the search and rescue efforts after the powerful tornado ripped through joplin, missouri. we wanted to bring you the big i today to break down "pc magazine's" latest apps. lance joins us, and thank you for coming on the show, because this is important information.
10:53 am
two important things on the list are facebook and twitter. how is it that these social media sites can help us to save our own life in a disaster? >> well, by definition they are social networks an kd connect y to millions of people around the world and local people, and great source of finding information if there is trouble coming and learning through facebook that friends and fail will have okay. you can follow on the tweeter and follow the fema so you can get up-to-date information about what is happening and get up-to-date information as the disaster is coming down. if all of the electricity gone, your cell phone may be working and you have twitter and facebook on the device. >> and what about other applications? because one is a first aid app? >> well, you have so, you have a first aid app which kept someone alive for 65 days in -- hours i should say in haiti, because they could look at ait, and fin
10:54 am
out medical information and care information on it, and they can put on it their own medical history and if someone finds them and they know what to do quickly with them. and this weather app is going to let you know what is coming. and you can pay a small subscription fee for a phone call to warn you that bad weather is on the way. and another app is radio scanner information so you can know what is coming or happening in your areaer eor outside of your area the phone. so some people may find it important. >> and so if you don't have a smartphone, you recommend the hand-cranked devices? >> yes. there is a solar crank or solar-powered radio.
10:55 am
it is available on it has regular and shortwave radio and a flashlight and light, because sometimes the power is out and you are in darkness and great thing to v. and a charger is $30 from the amazon and the premium solar charger, and sunlight out there, you c can charge the gadget, an if there is no sun or plugs, you can try this device, the in power peg which is kinetic energy that you move and you can get another hour of charge on your phone. >> and lance, food and weathea you need that so you can survive, so what do you do? >> well, there is a filter that is available for you to clean your water and a bottle sized one to clean it in smaller amounts and also if you want to
10:56 am
cook, there is a solar oven powered by the sun. >> i don't cook anyway, so i don't know if i could cook in a disaster. >> sustenance is important. >> well, it is great information, lance, when we see all of these disasters coming our way. >> thank you. and a local race with national implications not just on the power of balance in congress, but this one could shape the debate in the presidential race. your political update is next. [ male announcer ] says that lexus holds its value
10:57 am
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time now for the cnn political update and there is a special election under way in new york that could impact one of the biggest issues on capitol hill right now. cnn senior political editor mark preston joins me from washington to el the -- to tell me all abo this race. >> well, randi, there is a fight over the budget, and there is a big fight on capitol hill between the democrats and the republicans. and one reform is up in medicare, and up in new york, in a special election, the democrat candidate has been attacking the republican attack, saying that the reform would scuttle medicare, and they say that is not the case, and if if the democrat is to win what has within a republican seat, the republicans say that the only
11:00 am
reason why that person would win is because it is a three-way race right now. so, of course, there are going to be implications today about what happens with medicare, and democrats will point to a victory up there that voters don't like the republican plan, but let's talk about the presidential politics. one more person who is going to officially get in. rick santorum who is a former pennsylvania senator, and our own paul steinhauser is reporting that rick santorum in the week of june 5th will officially get into the race now. it is no surprise, because he has for the past year been visiting the early important voting states, but rick santorum appears to be throwing the hat into the ring, randi. >> i love how they all announce that they will announce. thank you, mark for the quick update appreciate. it is clouding up in joplin, missouri, after a precious few hours of sunshine. today for the first time after the city was hit by the single
11:01 am
most deadliest tornado in decad decades, search and rescue efforts have been not been hampered by rain and lightning. the official death toll is 113, but officials say ten times that many are unaccounted for. the head of the joplin emergency and management say that people scattered and no longer have homes and have not yet called in, but then there is will norton who was blown out of the hum attornmer after high school graduation, but the family believes he is somewhere in the area. and young skyular logsdon who was blown away f wai frway from >> they all got into the house
11:02 am
for cover, and we lost track of him, and we have not seen him since? >> was his mother holding on to him? >> yes, she lost him in all of the aftermath of the mass of all of this and it is terrible. no one has seen him sense. the rest of the fam sli ily is okay, but we have to find him. >> and missouri's top officials wrapped up a helicopter tour of joplin, and here is sound bite from claire mccaskill. >> my job is simple to make sure that we get all of the help we need. pleased that a disaster declaration came as early as it did which means that the people can get help today and tomorrow and can rebuild. we have to obviously pay attention to this long after the cameras are gone, because this is going to, if you see it from the air, you will realize this is not going to happen overnight and it will take months, and this community is going to need all of our support for months to
11:03 am
come. >> and now, here is why the sunshine was a big deal today. soon, things could get ugly again. an area no the weto the west an south, mainly kansas city, will be subjected to storms later this afternoon. i want to go to my colleague t.j. holmes who has found amazing stories of survival. where are you? t.j.? >> well, this is the hardest hit of joplin here if you make your way that way, if you will, and that is where the hospital is, and st. john's getting so much attention. but today, quite frankly, we have watched this neighborhood become kind of a busy little spot, and say they because people are starting to get out. we have seen the u-haul trucks and different trailers and people are active and not sitting around. they are getting it done. look down the street as i speak. here comes another truck. this is constant. you see it on the right of the picture as well. a guy from the red cross who is
11:04 am
here as well. there is a lot of activity, and people are quite frankly getting their lives back together already, and what choice do you have? to the left, if my photographer can look to the left of the house, you can see the hammer going, and guys up on the roof, and everybody is working and constant sound of chainsaw and this is a good sign, because the work is under way, but the other side of the story, randi, is that work is going on feverishly right now, because they still have an active search and rescue going on. they are not looking one time or two times, but sometimes two, three, four, and you name it bashgsz was th, because they want to make sure that people are not trapped under that rubble. but the other issue, previously we had sunny skies and now the clouds are moving in and we are expecting 4:00 to midnight, when it should start to be another nasty weather day, and specifically 8:00 to midnight is the highest ris of course thk o
11:05 am
and i talked to a gentleman who said they will never ignore another tornado siren. i am guilty of this, too, and they don't believe lit happen to you, and they are learned the lesson. randi, they are trying to get as much done right now before they have to deal with another disaster, and hopefully that is not the case, but everybody is hanging tight to see what will happen tonight and not taking any chances. >> t.j., i want to keep talking to you, but we want to show the brand new aerials we got in, and looking at these, it is as tragic from the air as it is on the ground, and fema and red cross are there as you said, but are people getting what they needed? because in other disasters that is not the case? >> well, nobody is waiting for the help to come to them, if you will. out here, i have not seen a lot of fis
11:06 am
official people, if you will. and certainly, people have friends and they have own their own hotel rooms and insurance adjusters out here, and trees and limbs out there, and seeing people removing them and neighbor are taking care of neighbor, and sure federals assistance will be need and sure help from the white house and the administration and the president coming here next week, but at this point, they are not depending on anybody, and taking care of themselves quite frankly. so i get a sense they get what they need, and provided by the neighbors and not necessarily by the government. >> okay. t.j., great reporting from joplin. appreciate it. thank you. >> no problem. and before we move on, i want to give you this important web address and phone number. this is set up for people who want to let their families know they are okay. you can go to
11:07 am
that is safe and well one word. and also, you can go to to check out more information. and one of the news stations stayed on the air while joplin was being ravaged, and i want you to hear two of the meteorologists talk over the tower cam as the tornado chewed through their community. >> right now it does look like there is a tornado on the ground in the southern portions of joplin just to the south of our station here taking out to lines. you can see them on there. if you live in southern casper or northern newton take cover. >> please, please. >> take cover right now! we do have a tornado on the ground. >> looks like this is a powerful tornado. you can see that it is taking out the trees and it continues to push off to the east in joplin. very dangerous situation.
11:08 am
once again, very dangerous lightning, and very large hail in store, also. so, continue to take cover fra this storm. >> and the woman whose voice there caitlin mccardal joins me from phone. i have to find out how you held it together, because i give you credit for it as you saw it coming through. and was your station hit? >> no, the station was seven blocks from the tornadoe, and it cut very close, but it did not actually hit us. >> and seven blocks close, how did you keep warning the viewers and not take cover? >> a lot of people thought i was hysterical at the moment at that time, but what you don't know is i am walking through the station and talking to the staff members who didn't know that there is a tornado on the ground, so you are hearing me actually telling the people in my station, and jeremiah and i did stay in the
11:09 am
studio longer to keep track of the storm, and everyone else headed to the conference room to take cover. it is my job. i mean, i just basically knew i had to warn people and freaking out myself. and wouldn't have helped, but that storm was mooing to the south and to the east and so at that time it did not seem like it was moving to the station. we seemed safe so i had to make sure that everybody knew the severity of the station. >> and with such dedication, have you heard from the viewers? >> well, they have told me that they heard it in the voice, and when they saw it on the tower cam that we were the only ones to catch that and only ones live on the air talking about that tornado warning as it hit the ground, and many people did tell me that they knew that this is when to take cover and not to ignore this tornado warning. >> and what about your home and family, and is everything okay?
11:10 am
>> well, live on the north side of joplin and it was not touched and i am thankful for that, but many people here without you till tis a -- utilities and cable out and telephones out, so people will not get the additional tornado warnings if we have that this evening, so that is a scary situation. >> and what does it feel like to see your community ripped apart like this. it is something that i never ever want to see again. as a meteorologist people want to go to out do storm chase, and track them, but we want to see them out in the fields and not doing damage. so having this massive tornado and they say it was an ef-4 that touched down in my own community is devastating. it will never be the same to live here, all of my businesses i go to and the restaurants and the countless homes and the streets drive on everyday are completely gone. i can't even recognize what
11:11 am
streets they are on when i see the footage. >> i imagine it changed your outlook on life a little bit? >> i feel very lucky and i know that i'm doing the right thing in my profession, and in is why i do what i do to warn people, and it is nice to hear that even though some people thought i was a little bit over the top in the video, it is nice to know that others took it to heart and knew that it was a serious situation and they really do take cover. >> well, maybe over the top, but important warning for you and such dedication. 245 is certainly as i said very impressive. caitlin mccardel, appreciate your time, and certainly the viewers there appreciate what you did for them. >> thank you very much. >> our sound effect is a long distance show of solidairity an president in is britain as you know, but joplin son his mind. >> many my direction, fema distributor craig fugate, and my
11:12 am
other deputies will be in missouri and i, myself, will travel to missouri to talk to folks who are fbt aed affected e who are needing help and hopefully to pray with folks and give them assurance and comfort that i can that that entire country is behind them. in other news, ash spewing from a volcano in iceland is spewing towards europe, and becoming a concern for travelers. the ash cloud has forced airlines to cancel 500 flights around the united kingdom today. it will affect denmark and parts of scandinavia and it is expe expected to go to berlin and travel further to the uk forcing more flight cancellations. and as the water rises, we
11:13 am
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11:15 am
a mandatory evacuation order went into effect a little over an hour ago in butte le rose, louisiana, and the tiny community is threatened by back water flooding after mississippi floodwaters were diverted to spare baton rouge and new orleans. martin savidge reports from just outside of butte larose. >> a mandatory evacuation order
11:16 am
went into effect at noon. and that means that if some people who are going to stay, and if they come out beyond that police checkpoint, they will not be allowed back into butte larose, and meanwhile, if you stay, there is a 24-hour curfew that goes into effect which means you are confined to your home or property, and you are not supposed to be going out and about. there is some good news though, and that is the fact that the flood crest here which is expected friday is not thought to be anywhere as high as originally projected and in fact, down 4.5 feet. there is going to still be problems but not as bad as they feared. as for the holdouts? there are still some of them. we ran into george bruno who has water rising in the front yard, and he has the la faac river is
11:17 am
down further north. >> and it is down in morgan city where everybody is sandbagged and simply waiting and waiting. and one of the reasons for the slowness of the water is the fact that mississippi and louisiana have both been extremely dry. and down here in louisiana as a
11:18 am
apafalaya has been coming down, and so because it is slower than expected, it is a good thing for those who are worried about flooding. i'm martin savage. her death captured the attention of the nation. and after three years of turns and twists, her mo ther goes on trial in florida. the latest from the dramatic trial after the break. actually. it takes a snapshot of your good driving habits, so you can save money. like a snapshot? that's what i'm talking about. in a sports car. show it to me. yes! i want to believe it! ooh! fierce! argh! love it. i think we have it. the snapshot discount. new, huge, and only from progressive. so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last.
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11:21 am
20 minutes past the hour, and the trial of casey anthony is starting in florida. she is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter in florida. sunny hostin has been following the case in court, and catch us up, sunny, because i understand you are paying close attention and i hear that casey anthony is saying that her father had sexually abused her since the age of 8, and what else is being said? >> well, it is bombshell after bombshell after the defense opening, and they bring it up to explain why she behaved for the way she behaved for 31 years. jose baez, her dnefense attorne said that sexual abuse changes us. she was groomed to keep secrets and then she pretended that she was not living in the situation
11:22 am
she was living in. that is why they brought up the sexual abuse, and he says that the sexual abuse happened through age 8 and through age 13 in graphic detail. ly say th-- i will say that i w surprised to hear this defense opening, because i feel like i'm watching a johnny cochran opening quite frankly and he said that little caylee drowned in her family home on june 16th, 2008, and what is interesting about that, this is a florida jury, and we know that in florida, drowning is a leading cause of death for children ages 1 through 4, so this is a theory that may resonate with the jury. >> and speaking of the jury, sunny, this is a tough trial for them, and do we expect they will be shown graphic images of what was left of caylee? >> yes. we do. in fact, they have already been shown in the prosecution's opening statement a photograph of little caylee's skull.
11:23 am
interestingly enough, each juror has his or her own little television screen, and the prosecution has already shown a live picture of the smilinging caylka caylee and a picture of caylee's skull, so they will see a lot of graphic photographs and it stard today. >> and what about the demeanor of casey anthony in court today? was she emotional? >> extremely emotional. in the prosecution's case, she was shaking her head no during most of the opening statement. she was also very, very red-faced when her defense attorney started to talk about this sex yuual abuse and caylee drowning and sobbing, and a very emotional casey anthony today. >> and we have 30 seconds left, but how much will the prosecutors play up the fact that she lied and didn't go looking for her daughter after
11:24 am
she had gone missing and blamed it on the babysitter? >> well, there is no question that they are going to do that, randi, and they laid out a mountain of lives in the opening statements, and the defense may have neutralized that with the allegations of sexual abuse. >> and sunny hostin, we will get you back to watching it, and definitely keep us-to-date on the latest. >> and stay tuned to cnn on the casey anthony trial, and for more in depth coverage, check out the sister coverages on trutv. time for top store is are we a -- top stories we are following. the death toll in joplin, missouri, has risen to 118. and there is a 45% chance of another tornado outbreak there in joplin, missouri from 4:00
11:25 am
p.m. to midnight today. and air traffic control says that 500 flights in and out of britain are being cancelled today after a cloud of volcanic ash sweeps own iceland. and the volcano started to spew ash thursday. chrysler says it plans to pay back $7.6 billion of high-interest bailout loans to the u.s. and the canadian governments which includes the $5.9 billion that the carmaker owes the u.s. taxpayers. dit no it does not mean they are debt-free, because they took out additional loans to pay off older debt, but they say they could pay that debt off through refinancing. and important news on the developing storms and our meteorologist chad meyers will be here next. so keep it here.
11:26 am
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that's amazing. that's amazing. tempur-pedic, the most highly recommended bed in america. call the number on well, we continue to watch what is happening in joplin, missouri, and severe weather expert chad meyers is joining s us. is it true that more bad weather may be coming there? >> well, you can't tell one storm from another, and that tornado that hit joplin, missouri, happened to be a big tornado that hit one big town, and most of the time, they hit a pivot irrigation system, and don't show up on cnn for sure, but to day, the threat is in a
11:29 am
shape like this all of the way down to dallas, because this storm is a low pressure out to the west. ask the people in phoenix what was the wind was like and in new mexico what the wind is like today, and that is the storm ejecting out of the southwest, and it will fire up thunderstorms along this line. by the time we get to joplin, it is 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 or 7:00 or so before you see that. >> that is joplin right there? >> yes, on i-44. the problem with joplin today is that you have all of the destruction, and all of the wood material, and all of the shingles and the insulation already broken up, and a 40-mile-an-hour wind can pick it up and blow it into the emergency workers and into the crews and the people who are trying to pick up their stuff. so you can see that if is a regular thunderstorm, we will sound out the alarm to the crews to say get out of that destruction zone, because the destruction zone is eight or
11:30 am
nine blocks wise and go north or south 10 or 20 blocks and fine someplace safe until the storm blows out. >> but with all of the power out, will people get the warnings? >> yes, they tested the siren, and t.j. said he did not hear it. >> yes, and that is not unusual because not every siren will workings because they did the test to make sure which siren will work or not. so we have tornado watches in effect, and one cell right there southwest of dodge city kansas, but it is a day where storms will be over you for a while. if you live in a mobile home, maybe you should go see grandma in the big house or whatever it is and get away from that stuff, because they get blown over in 60 to 80-mile-an-hour winds. >> help us understand how the tornadoes form. take us "off of the radar" and
11:31 am
it is a big set-up. >> well, here is the set-up, a warm pressure, and this is a system and a series of systems that have rolled out of the southwest into the same spot. so you had the flooding across that area. it rained for months on end across this area which is why all of the water is going into louisiana. so you are the cold air and the warm air. cold air this way and warm this line, and the storms will begin to go up. let' see if i have anything here, dave. put it where you want to, and mings this, as the storms go up, you will begin to see, and this is kind of the clouds that begin to go up. the streamline starts to spiral up, and you see the puffy clouds which are cumulus clouds, and because they are buoyant and warm and all of the particles continue to go up all of the moisture, and all of the humidity continuing to go up, and as it goes up, it wants to spin. a lot like the water in the drain, in your tub wants to spin as it goes down.
11:32 am
right. so that whole spin, and the whole storm begins to spin. not necessarily every spinning storm will put down a tornado, but as it spins aloft, it brings the energy to the ground. think of nancy kerrigan, an ice skater, right, one foot on the ice and arms and legs out and things are slowly, but as soon as the ice skater brings the arm in, you see the momentum going, and the ice skater going very, very sfas and the very, very fast angular momentum is in one spot, and that is the tornado where it speeds up. the one that hit joplin, is 198. >> ef-4? >> very close. >> one down from the top of the biggest one? >> yes. >> that was really interesting. >> good map, right? >> yes, good animation as we say. thank you, chad. well, if you are at a baseball game and a foul ball is going right to your face?
11:33 am
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11:34 am
it is half past the hour and let's check the headlines and the news you may have missed. the death toll is 118 after a tornado ravaged joplin, missouri, and many more still missing or unaccounted for. more dangerous weather could be coming. forecasters say more tornadoes are poss thbl the region this afternoon and tonight. president obama says he stands with the joplin community and he will visit missouri sunday. and video taken from dominic
11:35 am
strauss-kahn has dna that matches the dna on the shirt of the hotel maid. it was taken from strauss-kahn after his arrest last sunday. he as repeatedly denied the allegation, and the attorneys refuse to comment on thisd dna match. and this ash cloud over iceland is causing a concern over europe. over 500 flights have been canceled. it is affecting scandinavia and britain. and with the ash cloud, the possibility of more flight cancellations. president obama was in london today taking time out for some fun. look at this video. this is the president and david cameron playing ping-pong with the kids, and in tend, the boys
11:36 am
will be boys. the leaders were playing against the schoolboy, and the president got aggressive, but the press was kicked out before the final point and we don't know who won, but president obama is giving the kids some heat. and while we are on the subject of the president, we wanted to show you this from the texas ranger game last night. normally we would not care about a foul ball, but when it almost hits a former president in the head, it piques our interest. here it is coming up. former president george bush enjoying the peanuts in the front row, and the ball comes pretty darn close and not sure why he didn't try to catch it or protect his wife laura bush sitting next to him, and as soon as the play was done, he just got right back to munching those p peanuts, and there he goes with another mouthful. there we go.
11:37 am
11:38 am
welcome back. nato has carried out the heaviest air strikes so far in a campaign to force moammar gadhafi to step down. michael holmes is joining us more to talk about this. france is talk about deploying helicopters as well. what is going on? yes, and britain as well, but they have backed off. france will send in the helicopters, but one of the difficulties with y s with viese isolating of the units that are tucked in between buildings and it is is hard for the f-16 to hit, but if you send in the apache, they will better target the ground forces, and they are slower and lower, so they are targets, themselves. >>are stepping it up?
11:39 am
>> yes, there were 19 in the area of the storage area, and they say it was a meeting place of gadhafi and volunteer supporters, and they were releasing rockets where the libyans say 118 were wounded, and they say that while the arrest warrants with the international criminal court have now been issued. >> and what about the rebels being invited to d.c.? >> well, while all of this bombing was happening there was a u.n. envoy down in benghazi and opffering them the chance t open up a embassy, and that is the game, legitimacy. >> and now moving over to hosni mubarak is facing charges with his sons? >> yes, that has happened to him and his two sons. the key charges of that one of
11:40 am
ordering the firing of live ammunition of the protesters in the tahrir square, and the long list of allegations is long from accepting villas in sharm al shaikh. >> yes. and let's move over to yemen. >> yes, there were clashes between security forces and this tribal leader, this shaikh of the al hashid tribe. and there were reports of de deaths, but we have not confirmed that. this is a peace deal that was not signed, and seems that
11:41 am
israel was not serious about signing it. >> is this just in the terms of the disappointm of the people and the opposition and the same they are unhappy and not making money and poor? >> well, through the region and every country has its own set of political issues, but there are underlying commonalities and that is that young populations and disenfranchised and unable to find work and not heard by the governments. they are the common threads, and then different things in each country to make them special, and in the case, he just won't go. and in a way, a lot of the people say that the u.s. should be saying step down. they have not said this, and this is seen by a lot of people as a signal from the president to stay put, and he will wait it out, but you are getting scenes like we are seeing. yeah. >> and what about the news of the air france crash which was obviously of two years ago but the news coming out that the pilot was not in the cockpit when they obviously started to
11:42 am
run into trouble. >> well, they found the black boxes or the yellow boxes, and everyone calls them black boxes, but the data recorder and the cockpit recorder, and we know that the german newspaper have published details, and they say that the captain was not in the cockpit and when the troubles started, he came rushing in, and could be heard of shouting instructions to the co-pilot. not unusual for him to be out of the cockpit in a long flight. but the cause of the crash is unknown, and we know that flying through the storm, and the speed sensors are thought to have frozen. when that happens, it is difficult obviously to know how fast you are going, but if you mess up the speed and you are going through a ice storm like that, it is difficult to maintain the right speed. if you don't, nose up, nose down, you can crash in four minutes in the case from the beginning of the incident to hitting the deck. >> it is amazing that they were
11:43 am
able to recover those, and that we are getting more information. so we will see where it goes, and if we actually ever get a definitive answer. >> and i was talking to richard quest who is a bit of an expert, but the german newspaper throwing out the details that are a source inside of the investigation. >> well, you are our source and we will put it on you. >> thank you. >> and well, would you want k m criminals to go free before they did their time? well, that is a possibility in california as the state is ordered to crackdown on the overcrowding in the prisons. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before
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welcome back. this supreme court has ruled that california must cut tens of thousands of inmates from the overcrowded prisons within the next two years. monday's 5-4 ruling comes with disturbing details of inhuman conditions, and as anthony kennedy put it, needless suffering and deaths. so in the "big breakdown" we wanted to give you perspective on the complicated issue. california has the nation's largest prisons. the state prisons were built to hold 80,000 inmates, but the prison population has increased by 70% in the last seven di cades, so according to the numbers of the state department of corrections more than 152,000 inmates are in state prisons.
11:47 am
officials say this is typical, and open spaces meant to be gymnasiums and clinics were transformed into crowded encampments stacked high with bunks like you see there, but the prisoners are stacked three deep in 6 by 9 cells designed to hold one. and so "the new york times" says that justice kennedy talked about prisoners held in telephone-sized cages without toilets. the state has a two-year window to shrink the population by more than 30,000 inmates. state officials have two weeks to submit a schedule to do that. so how does california go from here to minus 33,000? well, the officials have not fully explained how their ongoing reduction plan has to be modified to meet the ongoing order, but with the massive deficit of the state, building new prisons is not likely, but the gov now siernor signed ar e
11:48 am
the be moved to other prisons and those with less than three years left in their sentences and are nonviolent prisoners may be set free. >> and what about recording devices inside of your vehicle? her morning begins with artitis pain. that's a cofe and two s. . back to sore knees. back to moreills.
11:49 am
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11:51 am
it has worked for airplanes and now the national transportation safety board wants the same technology in your car. they are called event data recorders. you know the black boxes for your car, and it will soon be mandatory it turns out in all new cars, but the question is, who has access to the information? insurance companies? automakers? police? so that is the controversy, could someone go back to see how fast you were driving? to be fair, this has been in cars since the early 1990s and if you have airbags, you probably have one. so we wanted to put the question to the stream team, should black boxes be mandatory? we go to jay hill from the phoenix police department, and also a representative are from the technology project.
11:52 am
and andy, let me start with you, when do the police have access to the black recorders? >> well, randi,general information right now and for the many years they have had those boxes, when there is a serious crash to investigate, they will access the information on the recorder, and it is a tool to assist the overall investigation, and they don't depend on it. but they look at the overall scene and the vehicle and the occupants and make their own assessment, but if it is available, they may get the da ta from the recorder. >> so jay what is the concern here or the fear? >> well, a couple of concerns. one, most people don't know they are in their cars, and people should know that their car is recording this information about them. number two, the information that is on that computer which is a computer in your car and really you own it should not be
11:53 am
accessible to other people except with a warrant, just like a laptop that might be sit on the seat next to you. this sets an important precedent in a lot of of ways, because we have a lot of technologies in our lives that snitch on us to the government or xaerngs acompd we don't want our cell phones to do that and it is important that more important that the technology is accurate, and you don't want to drive along and you are driving accurately, and there is a software bug and it says that you were driving 90 miles an hour. >> well, the majority have no rules at all governing who has access, so jay, would that change the argument if there was a standard for all states about who has access? >> well, that would help. all of the issues that i'm talking about should be addressed ideally, but that would be a very important one to be had. one thing is that they record a couple of seconds of data before
11:54 am
the crash, but there is nothing to change the technology from improving over time to record your entire drive. >> right. >> and andy, who do you think should actually be able to have access to the recorders? >> well, you know, as a technology gets better and bet ear and the data recorders and cars approach the type of information on aircraft for example, the issues that jay brings up have to be a concern and for law enforcement no, if they need to go there, a search warrant is often used, but the information is minimal. but as we improve the technology, you have to address those issues, but for a severe accident, you have to be able to access it, because for no witnesses, it is important for the investigators the access that tool. >> it is an interesting topic. thank you both for coming on. we are setting the republican field for 2012
11:55 am
presidential contenders and now maybe another hopeful may be ready to jump in. we are joined by paul steinhauser from washington. whof is getti who is getting in the race? >> well, we are talking about pennsylvania senator rick santorum. he is taking steps to declare his candidacy, and interesting stuff we are learning from this source. and they say that santorum will participate in the new hampshire debate which is monday, june 13th, and keep an eye on him. he is low in the national polls, but he has a lot of of support this the social conservatives, and we know they have a big influence on the next presidential nominee. and also, it is election day in new york, and it is a special election to fill a vacant house seat. this seat has been dominated by republicans for a long time, but new polls say that the democrats
11:56 am
are competitive and may be because this is a proxy battle over republicans' plans to alter the medicare plan. they say it is so close, because there is a third-party candidate in there, so keep your ice on th -- keep your eyes on that race as well. >> thank you, paul. millions of americans do it everyday in public, but new york city put an end to it. it is about time. my xyz is next. gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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time now for the xyz. i have good news, new york city's beaches and plazas are officially smoke-free. say what you want about mayor bloomberg's smoking ban on 1,700 parks and 1,400 miles of beaches around new york city, but it is a great idea, i think. and why? because i'm a new yorker and when i go to run in central park, i like to smell the foliage and not people smoke. it is a park and not the city's ashtray. for yee years walking through t square and other areas, i have battled the second-hand smoke, and i have crossed the street to avoid people, but why can't you include sidewalks for this. and now officers can write a ticket for anyone who is caught smoking. and they say, they should be able to light up where they


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