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tv   John King USA  CNN  May 25, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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england, to the queen. >> reporter: one critic wrote, somewhere in london, the bust of winston churchill is laughing at obama. jeanne moos, cnn -- >> to the queen. >> reporter: -- new york. >> that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." "john king usa" starts right now. thanks, wolf. good evening tonight from joplin, missouri. a very busy day of breaking news. the man charged with killing six people and wounding 13 in that january shooting spree targeting congresswoman giffords is ruled mental incompetent to stand trial. and the government gives the go ahead for prosecutors to seek felony charges against former presidential candidate in 2004 democratic vice presidential nominee john edwards. we begin tonight here in joplin with the threat of more severe weather rattling a shell shocked community where even residents who have lived in america's tornado alley for decades say
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they have not been able to sleep. >> i'm scared something's going to happen if we go to sleep. and i'm not going to be awake to hear it to help everybody else. i just -- in my mind, it just keeps going over and over. >> tonight could be another restless night in joplin and across an already stressed region. let's get first to chad myers in the cnn severe weather center in atlanta. >> we have 25 tornado warnings right now. that means thatted p the radar from the national weather service picking up 25 separate storms that are rotating. some of them actually on the ground. one not all that far from memphis south of little rock. that's down near truman and york town. another one here just in the boot heel of m missouri. then move a little further to the east there was a tornado on the ground south of indianapolis. don't know that it still is. big storm very close to dayton,
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ohio, and cleveland, ohio, to the west of you, between you and sandusky. this stretches almost from texas to ohio. i've not seen wide spread events like this i'm not sure in my career as the weather moves through, storms are all rotating. every single storm today has had some type of rotation. and the red boxes those are all tornado watch boxes. they stretch from south texas to cleveland, ohio and all the way up just west of chicago. more tornadoes on the ground today. at least 48 separate reports of tornado damage already and more coming in as we speak. john. >> chad myers, 48 reports of damage already, 20 tornado watches in effect. we're going to stay in touch with chad throughout the hour. also tonight, there's grow anger and frustration here among the families still searching for loved ones 72 hours after the record setting tornado ripped open a wound here. this couple was told by a neighbor he saw their
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12-year-old son's body taken from the rubble of their apa apartment but they say they can't get a straight answer and aren't allowed to visit the morgue to look. >> this is not just for me, this is for the people that's got 100 other bodies laying down there. something's got to be done. >> now we were not allowed inside when tammy and tony came back for a third day demanding answers. but we did record some of their tense meeting inside. listen. >> so we know that he was deceased. there was no doubt when they put him in that ambulance. you know it's just a matter of getting somebody to actually -- you know, it's like nobody has any heart around here. >> a lot of questions and a lot of raw emotion tonight. here's what you need to know right off the top. the death toll in joplin, 125 with more than 9 people injured. authorities will no longer comment on how many people are unaccounted for but earlier estimates put that number as
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high as 1500. official promised, quote, we're not giving up. rescue operations are still under way but with each passing hour there is less hope and more pressure to bring in heavy equipment like bulldozer, to begin the clear and the recovery effort. governor nissen sis the concern of the family's still missing loved ones comes first. >> i'm very sensitive to the folks out there, believe me. and the losses. i mean, we have a mounting total i mean every pretty much every few hours the number's been added to the number of folks that have been lost. >> some families who met today well they're not so sure or they're worried the search hasn't been as thorough. one woman whose brother is missing for example says first responders searched the rubble of the house where he was sunday but not with specially trained dogs and at the red cross shelter today, we thought we had stumbled upon a happy ending.
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whose family was featured earlier this week on anderson cooper 360. they were appealing for hem from anyone who might know his whereabouts. somebody who wrote there scribbled the word found up on the flyer looking for help locating will but sadly it turned out to be a also if alarm. anderson cooper with us here now. will is not found. >> will norton has not been found and in fact the -- days a the family had word he had been seen or had been treated at a triage center here after the tornado and then sent to another hospital and they felt they were just looking for another -- they've now been told that initial report was false. the initial report given to them was false. so he has never been seen since the tornado. help was sucked out of the car he was driving in with his father. they've had dogs go out. dogs that are capable of looking for the dead. they're trying to maintain hope, trying to keep hope alive in
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this, but with each passing day, it becomes more difficult. >> it's hard enough to begin with and then when they hear, well, somebody scribbled found on your son's flyer, we think he's at a hospital in springfield, now, those people, they're trying to do their jobs and they're overwhelmed but that confusion must be heart wrenching. >> will's mom and his sister sarah drove to springfield because they were getting so many reports, oh, there's this young man in the hospital, it's will, in springfield. they actually were given access, looked at the young man. it is not will. there is somebody there who was a john doe who's still alive being treated there in bad shape but they don't know the identity of that person as of yesterday. the good news is there is an unidentified young person there but for will norlten's family it's still there's been no good news. >> you get a sense for many of these families obviously they
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know they're not alone. they say, we don't want to be treated in a special way but there seems to be a mounting sense of okay, it's been three days now. we understood in the early hours the confusion and chaos. we understood maybe on day two. on day three, why can't we go to one place? >> also, when you hear 1500 unaccounted for, a lot of those people left the state. the fact they're still talking about a big number like that three days in is shocking and to hear the couple you met who a neighbor saw their child according to the neighbor, died, be taken away, and they're not allowed to go to the morgue to at least identify -- in sri lanka after the stsunami there, they were photographing bodies and there were bodies in terrible shape and they were allowing family members to look at the photos to see possibly if they could identify a loved one. >> there's a sense -- they need to find a system quickly -- >> there's a sense it needs --
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there are a lot of priorities but this needs to be a big priority. certainly for the family members. this is an agonizing wait. >> a lot more from the norton family and more on anderson cooper a.c. 360 tonight at 10:00 in the east continuing to track the tragedy here, trying to find their loved ones, either to find them alive and get a miracle or to get that closure. family members wandered, desperate for information. they scan the list of the names tapped to the walls. like this one here, dionne hayward's sister patty pen came here from northern california. tonight, her hopes are fading. i assume you just -- >> if i think -- if her name was on the list, she would have called, you know, so we're just going to go see if maybe she's unconscious somewhere, hooked up somewhere at a hospital, so we can bring her home. >> how many places have you looked? >> we just started today but her family has looked at a bunch of hospitals. they went to the morgue today.
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they've been -- had her -- her church has been out digging every day, looking every day. probably everywhere, everywhere. >> how many children? >> three kids. the 18-year-old just graduated that day. she's going out to get pizzas for his graduation party. she's my sister. ten years younger. i aspire to be as her. she opens her home to everybody. she goes to church. she's been on missions. she's counseled teenage girl, pregnant girls, taught sunday school, and it just kills me that somebody that good -- i know there's a million other families out there, but it just kills me that somebody that good -- something bad would happen to them. >> this is where i'm telling you to go to. >> same place? she's going to take us? honestly, i don't have a lot of hope. there's always hope but at this point you're just so numb, you just keep going on and on, but i don't have a lot of hope. my heart goes out to all the people here. there's so many people looking for a family, friends.
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if god wants -- >> still ahead tonight, law and order. the case against the former president candidate john edwards and the man charged with trying to assassinate congresswoman giffords has an outbreak in court. but how the continued nasty weather is making it harder, much harder, for the survivors in rest and to recover. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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i wabd wabderred around this park the other day it behind it is a lark rez an area that has been devastated,cyly destroyed by the tshd that roared through here sunday night it look at these hoemes. today, as you go through this area, peep, we, they're more on ek it there was severe weather. the tornado sirens sounded
4:14 pm
again. more than 600 peep rushed to the hospital. we met jackie at a make did shift clinic. >> to low my continuinger with your eyes. probably from that floor joist hitting you, like you said. >> i got up.
4:15 pm
sand y yy hollered. i went up out of the basement, barefooted. i just kept walking. >> people want to tough it out. >> i lost everything. those are things i can't replace. >> i was in the trailer house. i'm scared something which happen. and i'm not going to be awake to hear it, to help everybody else.
4:16 pm
in my mind, it keeps going over and over. >> jackie, such a power dful story. says she can't sleep. doesn't know when she will. the neighborhoods hit hardest are mostly deserted. small groups hugging. that is where we met linda today. at a home where they cared f ed young men. >> this is the first type i've been awe to company here. just the impact and the terror
4:17 pm
he must have experienced. it's just very difficult. this was a brick home. this is what's left. >> the house is gone, it's like somebody pulled it off the foundation. >> no carpeting even on the floor. he was going to work all night at another home. >> there is no doubt he was here? >> because his vehicle is parked right there. this is mark. my mother is 79. today is my birthday. of course the only gift i would
4:18 pm
love is to see my baby brother or to know he is well. a week ago today, i saw him. he said, in case i don't see you on your birthday, i want to give you this. it was an antique piece of glass ware i collect. this is a week later. never, ever could we imagine we would go through this. >> you leave a conversation like that a bit depressed. our crews at the hospital ared to there are john does who can't be identified. the doctors say they can't identify then because they had to shave their heads to care for their injuries. one was identified by his brother as mark lundquist.
4:19 pm
>> he's in bad condition. he's seriously -- but i think he's in great hands -- >> swollen. >> a lot of bruises, this and that but, you know, he's alive -- >> never looked better. >> he looks good to us. >> we spoke to linda. she is, to say the least, ecstatic for her birthday present. that's one bright light. our brian todd has been reporting a reporting all day on the frustration of families. they're trying to find information. >> it's not forth dcoming right now because the systems aren't set up.
4:20 pm
he was working at a mcdone did nalds that was completely letched. she's walking out of there crying. she's looking for that body, they won't let her in. it's just very spotty. >> that's the hard part. they say, we have to be hyper sense tive about privacy. sadly, i saw your son, i saw
4:21 pm
your loved one. >> you know by the looks they do think their loved ones are decea deceased. they won't give an estimate. that gives you an indication. look at what they go through. >> you want to have some -- this is a once in a life time event. we talk about the once in a life time katrina. y at the same time -- >> 72 hours out. the window for finding people alive is closing. it's very difficult for
4:22 pm
everybody. >> we're going to introduce you to a couple, part of the anguish, trying, they think their son is dead but they want to find his body. ♪ [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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live pictures from joplin.
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you see there the trees mangled, wreckage of cars twisted within them there, the clouds above it is windy here tonight at the moment at the moment not severe weather just windy weather al thoel we are told there could be more rains and storms tonight. 125 is now the death toll for the tornado, the vicious tornado that struck this community sunday night. a mile wide, sick miic six mileg is the path of destruction. many families beginning to get more anxious and to complain more. that is the pain of those still missing their loved ones. there are though some remarkable survival stories here. let's go live now to jacqui jeras who has an amazing story. >> we talked about survival stories of people trapped in their homes and had to be pulled out underneath the debris but
4:27 pm
there have been a lot of people who were in cars at the time as well. it's flipped up against the tree. some of these vehicles you can't even recognize anymore. i want to take you over here and show you this car and tell you a story about 18-year-old ashley, she was driving home on her way from her high school graduation when she was driving down the street. the tornado picked her up about a block and a half away, flipped her car up into the air. it landed on all four straight up. this is a convertible. she and her best friend page survived this tornado. take a note how all this paint is coming off. the debris that was in the tornado just stripped off all this paint and all that debris hit her back. it had to be surgically removed. she also broke her shoulder but she's okay. her best friend page next to her broke both of her hands but the girls managed to get out of this car, holding hands, ran over to st. john's medical center to get help. both of them are okay. both of them are out of the
4:28 pm
hospital. just an amazing story. on top of that, john, their parents, they were in vehicles behind them and the mother, she was taken into the tornado as well and smashed into her car. the entire family home is gone and wiped out so it's hard to say whether or not they would have survived whether or not they had been home so there are these continues horrifying stories we hear about these people and how they somehow managed to survive. look at this, john. this piece of metal from the car got bent over and it's pierced through the seat on this car. just amazing to think she could have survived sitting right there in this vehicle. >> let me ask you, do they remember being in the air essentially? i've spoken to several people who say they remember taking shelter but they were found across the street. they were thrown ann cross the street and knocked unconscious.
4:29 pm
they don't remember what happened. do they remember being tossed in the car? >> they don't really remember. one thing ashley -- her mother told me was she remembered is she thought she got hit from behind. it looks like maybe this tree could have hit it so they knew they got hit and there was some kind of impact but they don't really remember what happened in between. >> remarkable, remarkable survival story. especially when you see it. cars like that, trees like that debrises like that, imagine a car, just twisted, you find them all over the place all over the place. you can go for miles and you will find them. remarkable two people could have survived that. as we made the rounds today, you find more frustration from families who three days now, three days now, they have been showing up at the shelters, at the police stations, asking for information. they bring photos. they bring documents. they bring anything they're asked to bring trying to find
4:30 pm
the loved one. we met a couple here tammy and tony needer hemmen. their neighbor told them he believes he saw their 12-year-old son zach dead after the tornado and he insisted he stayed with the body, the neighbor says, until the body was placed in an ambulance and taken away. tommy and tony of course have some hope the neighbor is wrong but they're now resigned three days out their 12-year-old zach is move the likely dead. what they want is to find his body. they want to bury him. for three days, they have been going back demanding access to the morgue, demanding some help to find their son. what they are getting, you will see it here, in their view, is incompetence, bureaucracy and inaction. >> we're here 'cause our son is missing. i would like these crews to come with us. >> we can't let anybody in -- >> i want an officer to come talk to us right here.
4:31 pm
we've been in here multiple times about our son who semising and nobody will help us. i understand this is a federal disaster. you know what, you're messing with a whole lot of families right now. i know my son is gone. >> my wife called him, told him to go to the bathroom, because the storm was coming in. after everything was over, i woke up and i was sitting in my pickup truck in the front yard. and i had no idea how i got there. and, you know, i kind of -- tried to pull myself together and remember trying to look for our son. and i don't remember seeing him at all. one of the neighbors come up to us yesterday when we were over at the house trying to collect memorabilia or whatever and he told me, you know, i was standing over his body when he found me and he made sure i got to the hospital and it wasn't 20 minutes after the storm was over that he said that, you know, our son got taken away by ambulance. >> my 12-year-old son needs to be laid to rest. >> i understand, i understand exactly but if, you know, if
4:32 pm
you'd like to come in we'll be glad to -- no, there's other grieving family members in here who don't want -- >> what do you think's happening in there? >> i don't really know what's happening. i think, you know, it's nobody is -- has been prepared for anything like this or nobody knows what's going on. >> to a degree that's understandable. but you've been here once, twice, already filled out paperwork. >> we've been here -- we came here monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> can you sign in for me? we'll send you upstairs where they can -- >> where they can tell me the same thing they've been telling me. >> the process has changed -- >> the last count i had is 122 bodies. on monday, they had 30. you know, i can't understand why the coroner's office cannot have, you know, maybe half of them processed and --
4:33 pm
>> we know he was deceased. there was no doubt when they put him in that ambulance, you know. it's just a matter of getting somebody to actually, you know, it's like nobody has any heart around here. >> you come over here and i mean, we want to get closure, but we can't because we're getting jerked around over here. by i mean there's people that we feel have no compassion. >> tammy and tony were told after waiting in line again today they would not get any word on their son today. most likely get no word or access to the morgue tomorrow. it could be, they were told, as long as two weeks. as long as two weeks before they get some resolution. we will stay in touch with the family and we wish them the best heading forward. during the storm, tim richard was on his way home when he received a desperate voice mail message from his wife, stacy. she survived the storm. listen to this and hear why he hasn't been able to bring himself to listen, all of that
4:34 pm
voice mail until now. >> my son texted me and said are you okay and it was the most awful thing because i couldn't tell him no, i'm not. and that was awful. laying there, screaming and screaming.
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i'm joe johns in washington. some of today's news you need to know right now. president obama addressed parliament today declaring u.s. and british leadership remains essential to the cause of human dignity. the president also held talks with british prime minister david cameron. the army corps of engineers began closing portions of central louisiana's morganza spillway today. doing so will reduce flooding in parts of rural louisiana. former senator and presidential candidate john edwards appears ready to fight possible criminal charges in connection with payments made to his mistress rielle hunter with whom edwards fathered a child out of wedlock. has authorized prosecutors to bring charges against him.
4:39 pm
an attorney issued a statement saying john edwards has done wrong in his life and he knows it better than anyone but he did not break the law. the theory is wrong on the facts and wrong on the law. this is a long-running case, john, it's been a couple years. >> long-running case. we'll see if they can cut a plea deal or if that one goes to an indictment and then to trial. another big story today in arizona, jared lee laufer in is not competent to stand trial for the shooting massacre that left 16 people dead. after a about his czbizarre cou where l loughner was forcibly removed. >> reporter: it was a very dramatic day when loughner interrupted the judge, saying not only thank you for the freak show but saying i watched her
4:40 pm
die and then rambled on and on. as two u.s. marshals who were seated on each side of him grabbed him and then forcibly pulled him out of the courtroom as loughner continued to talk to the judge. there was a ten-minute recess. loughner was brought back into court. at that time, the judge asked him if he would rather watch the rest of the proceedings on television. they moved on with this ruling. the judge basically said he's looked at the competency reports prepared by evaluators of loughner and he watched a videotape of loughner being questioned and he says there's no doubt in his mind this young man is not competent at this time to stand trial. he'll spend a few months at a federal facility and then be re-evaluated and come back to tucson in september. john. >> so at least a few months, ted. what was the sense in the courtroom? was the prosecution's surprised by this or did they see this coming?
4:41 pm
>> they saw it coming when they read the reports. and they basically after court said we're confident that he can be rehabilitated if you will, get to the point where he understands what's going on in court. if they get to that point, the proceedings can continue. >> ted rowlands for us in tucson. it is a fascinating cation. it is a troubling case in many ways. our cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. let me ask our legal counselor here, were you surprised at this? >> not really. his mental problems are so long standing and so clear that it is -- it's not a surprise but it's also not the end of this issue. i think people may be confused thinking he has now been found not guilty by reason of insanity. that has not happened yet. if and when he goes to trial if he is found sane notch to grow to trial, then he can perhaps claim insanity. but we're not at that stage of the case yet.
4:42 pm
>> not at that stage of the case yet. so he'll be re-evaluated. then they can come back into court. does the prosecution have to move to have a reconsideration or is this -- does the judge just look at an additional report? >> no, the judge has said, i am going to reconsider this issue in september. and there will be a new evaluation. basically, this ruling is about his mental status at the current time. can he understand the proceedings against him? it's not about his mental state at the time of the shootings. that's a different issue that will come up if and when there's a trial. it's also important to emphasize that in the meantime it's not like he's going to be released. he's going to remain in custody just in a place where he can be mentally evaluated. >> and also important to note and help me explain how this would work out. even if he is not competent to stand trial, that doesn't mean he will be a free man. there are videotapes of the shooting. there are numerous witnesses who say he is the shooter.
4:43 pm
>> in that case, he can simply be held in this sort of limbo state, potentially for the rest of his life. the fact that he is not ready, not mentally capable of standing trial in no way entitled him to release. all it entitles him, to be held in a secure facility until such time as he is found capable of standing trial. but there's no possibility he's going to be released because of today's ruling. >> our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin, jeff, thanks for that. voters in a new york congressional district have been electing republicans for decades, for decades, until now. next, the democrat who just won and why democrats say her victory has huge national implications. ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience.
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a new york democrat named cathy hokel is on her way to congress after capturing a congressional seat that's been in republican hands for decades. she did it by attacking the republican plan to overhaul medicare. a tactic that could have huge implications for the 2012 elections. so this new york race just one special election or does it send a national message heading into the 2012 election cycle? let's ask our guest. congresswoman, which is it, one election or a big message? >> i think it sends a very strong national message to republicans and i hope whether they come away with is americans
4:48 pm
do not want to end medicare as we know it. they don't want the safety net that is medicare pulled out from underneath our senior citizens. they understand that entitlement reform is necessary and democrats want republicans to sit down at the table with us and really hammer out a compromise so we're not balancing all the pain and the hurt on the backs of our seniors. i think the voters in the 26th district in new york sent a strong signal to that effect yesterday. i mean, john, it's the 426th worst district for democrats in the country. there's only nine districts out of 435 that are worse than this one for democrats and a democrat won the election and it was medicare. >> i want to talk about the policy in a moment but i want to focus now on the election. here are the comments. >> -- said she would vote for the 2012 republican budget that would essentially end medicare. seniors would have to pay $6,400 more for the same coverage.
4:49 pm
>> she's talking there about the house republican budget. it was written by the budget committee chairman. listen here, paul ryan spoke to our kate baldwin today and he says that ad and the entire campaign in his view was a lie or at the minimum highly misleading. >> if you're willing to lie and demagogue medicare and scare seniors, yeah, they have a political weapon. that's a shame on them for lying to seniors. remember one thing our plan doesn't change benefits for a person 55 years of age or higher. >> now, i know, congresswoman, madam chairwoman, you don't like what ryan proposes but what he proposes would not affect anybody age 55 or older. the democratic rhetoric suggests something otherwise, does he not? >> paul ryan and the republicans proposed and voted for and continue to push ending medicare as we know it so whether you're 65 or 55, what they did was they proposed an additional $6,400 in
4:50 pm
costs for seniors in health care and, in exchange in that budget, a $200,000 additional tax break for the wealthiest americans. i mean, that's not a fact that they can run away from, as much as they might try. newt gingrich even thought that plan was too radical. now that they lost an election over it, i can understand why they want to retreat. paul ryan is -- let's say the pot calling the kettle black. if you'll recall leading up to the 2010 election, the republicans were the ones who were engaging in scaring americans about medicare. democrats added 12 years of solvency to medicare and the affordable care act. we made sure we closed the doughnut hole. we made sure we had prevention and wellness in medicare, where they couldn't get coverage for that before the affordable care act passed. so when it comes to lying and distorting the facts about which party is supportive of medicare and trying to make sure that it's better for seen are yniors
4:51 pm
which party wants to end it, i think it's pretty clear people who want to end it is clearly the republicans they've proposed it, they own it, and now they're going to have to be held accountable for it. >> thanks for your time tonight. the winning candidate in new york's 26th congressional district, the democrat, join us now. first and foremost, congratulations. democrats in washington are saying you won because of a message on medicare that they believe sends a national signal. do you buy that? >> i know i won because the people in the 26th congressional district buy that argument. i can only speak for the people who voted for me yesterday. they're sending a message they don't support a plan that would decimate medicare as we know it. those are not my words. those are the worlds that have been reporting from mainstream journalist organizations like "the wall street journal." they don't buy that argument. they don't buy the priorities of the ryan budget. anyone else can extrapolate what they want from that but all i
4:52 pm
know is the voters in this district, traditionally republican area, came home to me this time. i was proud to receive the crossover support from a lot of people. >> it has been for a very long time a republican district. for you to be successful, i assume you'll have to prove your credentials on deficit reduction, on conservative spending proposals. one of the things you said, saying that was too severe, you said there's wasteful spending in washington and i'm going to fight to get rid of it. i'd start with foreign aid to pakistan and every other country that doesn't support us. number one, you will have a debate about whether people think it's right to do that. congresswoman elect if you did that, if you eliminated all foreign aid, it's 1.1% of the federal budget. it does not scratch the surface of deficit reduction. don't you have to cut medicare in some way? >> i understand. no, you need to get the underlying costs of medicare under control. you don't have to cut the benefits to the recipients of medicare. i've said and this is what differentiated myself from my opponent. we have to get our debt under
4:53 pm
control. understood. but how you do it, it's in the details. the ryan budget priorities which is to balance the budget more on the backs of seniors while continuing tax breaks for multimillionaires and billionaires and big oil getting the taxpayer handouts, that's just not the priorities of me or the people sending me to washington so they need to give some thought to this. i spoke about revenues. i'm willing to bring revenues to the table to the tune of discontinuing tax breaks for people making over $500,000. that sets me apart a little bit from the democrats. but i think there's some common ground we can find here. democrats and republicans alike know we need to get our debt under control. i'm willing to look at all option. foreign aid is part of it. of course it's not a large part but it's a starting point. get the underlying costs of health care under control. let's lack at waste and fraud and let's look at the revenue side as well. that's something the republicans are saying they won't touch and the republicans in this district seem to be okay with that. >> if you can get some republicans to look at the revenue side, what about the
4:54 pm
president and the democratic party? from what the president has put forward now, can you campaign in your district saying president obama has it exactly right? or do the democrats need to find more on the cut side? >> well, the democrats have already demonstrated they're willing to work on the cut side. $38.5 billion in cuts just for the continued resolution this year alone. democrats are willing to look at cuts but the republicans have to meet us halfway and that involves the revenues. between the two, i believe we can bring it together and do what the people who are sending me to congress want us to do and that is work together and stop all this fighting. come up with a solution that makes sense so we can get our common enemy under control which is our escalating debt. we have to stop all the fighting and pointing the fingers and this could happen. >> look forward to getting to know you when you get to washington. again, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead here, shaky weather across the region. winds here in joplin.
4:55 pm
tornado watches across a lot of the midwest tonight. also, this is a town still on edge. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. [ male announcer ] look at this, bridgestone is using natural rubber, researching ways to enhance its quality and performance, and making their factories more environmentally friendly.
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live pictures here from our affiliate, wmc. an ominous-looking sky over memphis, tennessee, tonight. memphis, one of many communities facing the prospect of severe weather tonight. tornado watches in effect over a lot of the map. we can show you the weather map right now. here in joplin, windy tonight,
4:59 pm
no rains as of yet. last night, there were tornado sirens again. no tornadoes in the end. but nancy is at a shelter here. she took her grandson. they ran to the basement. she describes it as quite an eerie experience. >> we're homeless. we're displaced people. but i got in here. everybody is so nice. i mean, people went and got us clothes. over at -- christian church, about a mile from here. and what do you need, we'll go get it for you. and everybody was -- has been so nice. and then last night, tornado sirens went off, and found out early that they were taking the handicap down in the basement, which i found out later is -- the basement's underground. and the only thing i worried about was all this falling on top of us.


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