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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 25, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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for now, anderson cooper with "ac 360." good evening, everyone. we're live in joplin, missouri, for the third night in a row. and the story here just keeps evolving here. the horror of what we are seeing here just keeps growing frankly. there is growing frustration and anger among some family members of those who are missing. frustration over red tape, over confusing and contradictory answers from officials that have made it difficult to identify loved ones who may they feel may
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be in the morgue. we're going to try to get answers for them tonight and tell you what is -- what they have seen and what stories they are facing, the difficulties they are facing. there's also new and dangerous storms out there tonight as the deadliest tornado season in half a century continues. significant destruction in bedford, indiana. take a look where a tornado hit just a short time ago, damaging or destroying several homes. no immediate word on injuries. we're keeping an eye on this. and bad weather across the midsection. tornado watches and warnings now in effect from ohio all the way down to texas. i also want to show you a staggering piece of video taken by storm chasers of that deadly tornado in oklahoma. this could be the losest anyone has gotten to such a powerful twister and survived. take a look. >> slow down.
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get out your window, get out your window. >> watch behind you. that tornado yesterday in oklahoma. here in joplin, 125 confirmed dead. that's the new number as of just a few hours ago, 125 confirmed dead and there is frustration about a lack of coordination and there is growing frustration about a lack of coordination and a sense of any one individual being in charge, and we are
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keeping them honest on that tonight. john king joins me on the phone, and gary tuchman also joins me, and he has been reporting that angle. john, you met a family today who was at, who was at the morgue for a third day in a row and still can't get any news about the 12-year-old son. tell us what you saw, what you heard. >> anderson, the emotions are so raw, and the frustration is so high, and they are beginning to get angry, and they don't want to be angry, because they know that the people are trying to help them, but they are beginning to get so so angry. they are tammy and tony, and their 12-year-old son, a neighbor told them that he saw the body and the son is dead. that is the hardest part, and that he stood over the body and waited for the ambulance to take it away. they want to get to the morgue and they went to the office to where they were told to go. three days in a row they have come to fill out paperwork and three days in a row they have brought pictures and three days in a row they tried to get
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inside of the morgue. they wanted to bring us today to try to see if media help would help them. they were told to come and look inside, but you can't bring in them ka ra. >> how long before anybody is going to ell the us about the bodies? is there days before we know? there are people sitting down there or wherever you guys are hiding them that their bodies are just -- >> no, i can assure you -- >> do you want to go in, ma'am? >> i would like to have cnn cover the fact that something needs to be done and the government needs to fix the problem. >> i can assure you that your loved one is being properly cared for with the utmost respect and dignity and i can assure you of that. >> john, i don't understand this. people want to know whether their child is alive or dead or if their child is at the morgue. why aren't they allowed to see who is at the morgue to identify bodies? >> well, they are told simply that the process requires them to do the paperwork first, and
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that they would not get them in. it is one of the reasons that we are told that the governor is sending in extra personnel to help out, anderson. a they went back in and filled out more paperwork today and told not today and not tomorrow, and told as much as two weeks before they could get a definitive word for the morgue, and they are one, and they say it, we are not arguing just for our child, but for the hundreds of others. we want a process and information and just want to be able to find out whether their son is dead or alive. >> i don't understand -- wait a minute. they said two weeks for them to be able to go to the morgue and find out whether their child is there? i was in sri lanka after the tsunami and they would photograph the people who died in the storm, and the loved ones could look at the pictures and identify their loved ones if they were able to, and why can't it happen here? >> they said it could be as long as two weeks, and the frustration, because the family walks out shaking their heads in
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disbelief. they are not the only ones. we are hitting a roadblock trying tom cop come in here. >> so that is the frustration. they have gone back three days in a row and somebody tells them it a different process and we have lost your paperwork and the paperwork was sent to the morgue. i was told tonight by a state official that one of the reasons that there is such a delay is that the morgue made a mistake in identifying somebody the very first time out, and they panicked and pulled out and now they have a process meticulous and one of the reasons that the governor jay nixon decided to send in additional 20 state troopers to say, that they need to understand the complaints and understand the frustration, and these people are just they don't want to be mad, but they are so mad. >> and everybody understands local officials and in some cases they have had their homes destroyed and everybody is trying their best and it is incredibly frustrated. and gary, you were at a place with 500 people waiting in line
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to get a permit to go back to their homes to see if it is okay. >> well, the emergency officials have their work cut out for them, but there is a lack of creativity and compassion that we have not seen. >> creativity. >> yes, that is an important part that we have not seen in other disasters. 525 people, and i counted them, and i went down the line, and they want to go back to the homes and they have to apply for permits so they waited in a parking lot in a line for three or four hours to get a permit to go back to their homes and the skies were threatening, and these people have lost their homes and some of them relatives and standing in this line all day. >> and it is incredible. it snakes around. >> and the sky started to get gray and they were told if they want to go back they had to apply for the permit and four people giving out the permits. >> part of it is search-and-rescue, and they don't want people interfering with the search and rescue, but people are not getting information and it does not seem like a clear areaer for them to
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get the information. >> well, i is difficult, but what we have seen in katrina and other tornados when people want to go back to their homes, they go to the intersection where they live and there is a police officer there, and the police officer judges if the person needs to go back and if they live in the neighborhood, and they are good judges of that. in this case, they have to get the permit. >> john, have you seen anything like this? >> no, the change is so constant, and the reason i was late for the top of the program is that we have gone around the neighborhoods and there are different roadblocks. look, they areare trying to ada and it is a once in a lifetime event, and you would think that they would have compassion for the people and the property owners. it is 72 hours-plus now, and this is the time when the people are understanding and any medical professional is saying 72 hours out, you are hoping for a john doe in the hospital. but the emotions are raw because
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of the personal toll and running into a bureaucracy that is frustrating them to no end. >> and 1,500 is the number that we were told that yesterday by an official of unaccounted for, and we don't have an accurate number. there is no new update on that, and so people have no real sense of how many people are really missing, and people don't know if their loved one is dead, even though there is plenty of people at the morgue, but they have not been able to identify them and no official list of who or how many or essential clearinghouse for connecting people with the loved ones. and now this young man was sucked away in his suv on the way home from graduation. it is thought that his family believed he had been taken to a local hospital and then perhaps moved, but since then, they have learned that is not the case. they have had a number of false alarms. his family have called many hospitals one after another, and hoping for the best. the search continues for will norton and we went out today
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with his family, and this is what we saw. >> reporter: they arer isching the ponds in joplin, missouri, searching for a teen who never made it home. >> i'm so sorry, son. it will be okay. a lot of peeople are looking, sweetie, and they love him a lot. p. >> reporter: for his aunt and sister, tracy, the wait is too much to bear at times. will was driving home from his high school graduation with his father, mark, when the tornado struck. >> mark thought if they could pull into the subdivision they could find a place to go, but they got as far as the median when the tornado literally picked them up and then they were wrapped up in this stuff, and it was a big mess. i don't know where that came from. >> reporter: and what has he told you about when the tornado hit? >> well, he says he remembers flipping and being airborne and kept going. >> reporter: will was in the driver's seat and his father tried to grab him. >> my brother grabbed him from
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across the steet eat to hold on him, and he says that my nephew cited scripture one verse after another, and my brother was shocked, but will did it all of the way up until he went out of the window. >> reporter: and what window did he go out of? >> the sunroof, up. >> reporter: so he was literally sucked up? >> he was literally pulled through the window. while my brother held im, ahim, he was literally ripped out of his arms. >> reporter: mark was found in the ditch, but no sign of will. >> we have called hundreds and hundreds of hospitals, but we hope he is out here waiting to be found. >> reporter: his family is urging people to search not just in joplin, but in areas further away. >> he could be anywhere from here to springfield, missouri, and we are not talking a mile or half a mile, but miles. that storm could have taken him
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miles. >> reporter: canine teams are called and some trained to find the living and some to find the dead. >> i think that sarah's mom is having the toughest time as any mama would have. you don't want to think that your kids are gone. it is really tough. >> yeah. >> so, we just ask for prayers for everybody. absolutely everybody, and people who are following it on facebook, and we really love you, and just pray, pray for everybody. that is what we want. okay. it is going to be okay. we will find him, baby. we will find him. we will find him. >> reporter: steve lee, a retired battalion chief from the fire department is working around the clock to find will. >> reporter: they have searched the water and haven't found anything? >> they are on the second search to confirm it. that is where we are at there. >> reporter: and you are carrying a picture of will? >> yes, i have a picture of will here, and in case i ever come f
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>> and we have faith that they are going to find him alive. you have to have hope, and you have to pray, and if they don't, we pray they find him. we are strong family, and we are going to be together, and we are going to find him. someone is going to find him. a lot of people are looking, and there is a lot of families suffering. we hope they find their loved ones, too, alive. >> yeah. >> reporter: there is still hope in joplin, but three days since the tornado for the families of the missing, it is becoming harder to find. >> there were a lot of rumors that will was in a hospital in springfield, and as you heard, will's sister and mother went to the hospital and they saw the young man there, and it is not will. but that has given hope to another family, a family of a young boy named lance hair who is 16 years old. lance's father mike is now on the way to the springfield
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hospital to see if maybe the boy who is there is his son. lance was last seen with a friend who survived the storm. he may have facial cuts and some sort of head trauma. i spoke to lance's dad, mike, a short time ago. what is the last you knew about lance? >> my youngest son called me and it was maybe ten minutes after the storm, and they, him and his ex-wife had been trying to get a hold of him over and over and they couldn't. so they called me, and soy startstart started calling him and i never got anything. i called it all last night. >> reporter:. >> and you were calling the cell phone number? >> i keep calling it and i can't stop. i do. and i stayed up until 2:00 last night and that is all i did. >> you called the cell phone number and does it ring? >> it rang for the first day and a half, and then it went straight to the voice mail, but in case he gets it, i want him
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to know that his dad loves him. >> how are you holding up? >> i have a lot of strong people around me that pick me up. that is about it. >> what has this been like for you? >> i mean, well, how do you put into words that one of your two sons is missing? something as catastrophic as all of this, you don't know whether he is underneath a piece of wood or whether he is in a hospital or where he is at. we have searched and searched and searched. so i have to keep searching. >> you are grog if -- you are going to go to springfield right now and hope for the best? >> i will go to springfield and then kansas city, and then to wichita. we will go anywhere there is a report that has a kid that looks like lance. hospitals may say it may or may not be him, or you know, some of the reports are that the
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bruising is so bad that they can't tell, well, i can tell whether it is my son. i can tell, and i will tell. >> and you were asked to give dna? >> i was asked to give dna today at missouri southern and a while ago, and that right there just said it in me that, it can't be no stopping. until lance is found dead or alive, i have to keep pushing. i have to find him. >> is it important to hold on to hope? >> oh, my god, yeah. if you don't have hope, what are you going to do? look at all of this. if every family out here didn't have hope it would be better, and i heard on the radio they will rebuild st. john's and that is hope. you have to have hope. you have to have god, and friends and family and you have to have all of it combined to
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get you through this. >> thanks for talking to us. appreciate it. stay strong. mike hare, as he said on the way to springfield to go to the hospital there to see a young person who we know is in the hospital and has not been identified, and we will check in with him throughout the hour to see if he has any word to find out if the person in the hospital is his son, lance, and let's hope for his sake it is. there is no single list of people unaccounted for and no single place that the people can turn seeking information or getting information. one of the producers managed to reconnect and one of our producers, tv producers managed to reconnect a dozen people in making calls and keeping in contact with one man, a private citizen who has compiled a list of his own. there has to be a better way to do this. and in the meantime, we are showing you pictures of as many people as we can to connect the information so that maybe you can help, the viewers can help. take a look at linda sweden who
10:18 pm
is 51 years old who worked at st. john's hospital. she is believed to be at home when the storm hit. if you have information, the number is on the screen. and robert baitson lived in the connecticut point apartments. he has a tattoo covering his back showing a mountain scene. the contact number for him, 417-499-7177. also unaccounted for is 74-year-old patricia dawson on duly drive, and if you have information call 417-880-0046. and charles ryder was last seen at the green briar nursing home. he is 5'10" and 170 pounds and scar on his chest for open-heart surgery. the number for him is 417-847-3505. and ida finley suffers from alzheimer's. call 417-483-0883 if you have
10:19 pm
seen her. and skyular logsdon was locate and the little boy did not survive the storm. but this woman, emma marie hayes was located and her family is with her at the hospital. we will talk to the governor about the frustration and the lack of organization and what he can, if anything, what he can do about it. we will talk to him coming up in a moment. and later on tape, a family scrambling for shelter as the tornado gets close, and the family dog was missing. take a look. >> come on back. >> it is coming right over us. we are right in the path. stay in. where's the phone? >> you want to see how this one ended, believe me. we will bring it to you on "360."
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that's good, right? good job.
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it's unbelievable what we've been seeing. here in joplin, there is just so much trauma here. often adrenaline carries people through for the first couple of days, but now that adrenaline starts to wear off and the misery, the reality of what is happening here, it is just everywhere you turn, they're searching the ponds for people. it is just grim discoveries all around. and as we said at the top of the program, there's a lot of frustration here among families whose loved ones are missing, families who have a good idea that maybe their child is dead. john king introduced you to a couple whose neighbor said he saw the child being taken away. they believe their child is at the morgue. but the morgue has told them it is going to take two weeks in order for them to be able to get in to identify their child's body. two weeks! they've already submitted paperwork and come back three days in a row. they keep getting conflicting answers. we're hearing this from a lot of
10:24 pm
families of the missing. we want to try to figure out what can be done. earlier, i talked to missouri's governor, jay nixon. there's a lot of frustration, you heard this. we're hearing a lot of frustration for families searching for their loved ones, and they don't have a central place to go, paperwork being lost. what can be done? >> the initial response here, especially at the local level, is focused on getting through the debris field and see who was living and who wasn't. that's come to a close. we've brought in now additional resources from the state side and we're going to be moving to take over that part of the operation to get this information out much more quickly and respectfully for these families that need to hear the information about the loved ones who are -- have been lost or unlocated. >> so you're bringing in people from the state to help out? >> absolutely. we've moved troopers off the
10:25 pm
shifts in and the crime control people, we brought them in for the morning. and by tomorrow morning, we'll be getting solid information out to the folks. it's like the enormity of this tragedy is just getting on folks here. everybody is so focused on finding folks and recovering quickly. now as we see the enormity of it, it's important that we get this information out and we're bringing in a lot of resources to get that done. we hope by early tomorrow morning we'll get those numbers out. >> john king was talking to a family who -- a neighbor saw their child die and be taken away. they believe he's at the morgue, but they're being told they can't go to the morgue to find him or to look. i mean, shouldn't people be able to go -- if there's bodies in the morgue, see if their loved ones are there? >> unspeakable tragedies make a lot of stress on everybody. that's why bringing in the additional resources, moving this process forward much more quickly, we spotted that as a need. that's why we're bringing them in.
10:26 pm
of course families need to see their loved ones and they need to figure out if their 12-year-old is alive or dead and of course, we need that capacity and we will press that forward to get that access and make sure they get that access in the coming hours. >> gary tuchman found a different set of concerns, a line of 500 people waiting to get permits to be allowed to go back to their own home. are these new workers from the state, will they be able to help out? >> they will. but it is important to get through that we found two people yesterday, and with the dogs to continue to get hits in some areas, and i think that a lot of people -- >> that's part of that delay? >> yeah, you want to make sure you get the debris field completely cleared. also with our national guard, we have not had problems with property missing or people committing crimes. we've had a solid rule of law here. what is here is going to be here when people come back. that's why i called up the mp brigades and why we made sure that extra troopers are here, and people know that their goods are safe here. nobody is coming in to take
10:27 pm
things, and we are in the show me state, but not in the taking state. >> the only number yesterday was put out 1,500 people unaccounted for. is there going to be a more accurate number put out? >> yes, by tomorrow morning, our folks will have a more accurate number. that number will be smaller than that. as the days have gone on, there were a number of inaccuracies in those lists. we didn't want to release inaccurate information. we're checking folks off that list. that number will be hundreds smaller than that number. we've had good news in the sense that we've been able to identify some folks. but the bottom line is, by early tomorrow morning, we'll begin -- we're just crosschecking those, so we don't have any inaccuracies. but we'll get that information out in the morning. >> to the families waiting and searching you say? >> as i said today, i brought together all the faith-based community, about 100 preachers for a meeting.
10:28 pm
they expressed the same level of challenges, but quite frankly, as a community, there is a whole process that folks are going through, and now the next step in that process needs to be clarification of exactly what's go on with their family, and where the unaccounted people are. the locals have been stretched to a maximum here. that's why we've brought these additional resources in. you're going to see a quickening of the process over the next few hours. >> how many folks have you been able to order in, do you know? >> we've got the entire drug and crime patrol. i took one of my troops, off of the highway patrol, and we have 25, 30 troopers working there all night, and the national guard folks. we'll use whatever resources are necessary. and get the information out to these families and do so in an expedited fashion. >> governor, i appreciate it. i talked to the governor after that interview. he said you're going to see a quickening of the process and said you can hold my feet to the fire on that one. we're certainly going to be doing that, watching very
10:29 pm
closely. again, it should not take two weeks for a grieving family who believes their child is dead to be able to go to a morgue and look for their child. it should not take two weeks. again, we're talking about the deadliest tornado season since 1953. that's what we're experiencing right now in joplin and all around here. watches and warnings from ohio to texas. that's on top of the damage here sunday. and literally dozens of tornadoes since then. take a look. >> oh, my god! back up. oh, no. stop. oh, no. >> in this part of the country where things were bad, they have quickly gotten worse. in the last 36 hours, there was more than 50, that's right, 50 tornadoes that have touched down throughout the midwest. >> extremely large and dangerous tornado. >> very large tornado. >> at least 16 people were killed in storms that struck parts of oklahoma, kansas, and arkansas.
10:30 pm
10 of those 16 dead are because of this monster. >> oh, my gosh! >> another killer tornado! >> dozens were injured in oklahoma, many along the interstate 40 corridor leading out of oklahoma city. watch as this twister swallows this 18-wheeler and completely obliterates it. somehow the driver in the cab made it out without any injuries. >> i'm stopping because it's coming up to i-40 right now. unbelievable. it's right here, it's a killer tornado. goodness gracious, wow! >> today, the oklahoma governor declared a state of emergency statewide. >> it's devastating. >> we have lost everything. >> reporter: meanwhile in arkansas, at least four people were killed by storms and another two in kansas. in these states as well, overturned trucks destroyed homes are scattered on the ground for miles. more than 500 people have been killed this tornado season. a season that still has months to go.
10:31 pm
sadly there's more as we speak. late reports of new storms. let's get the details from chad myers. where are the storms? >> all the way from almost buffalo, new york to austin, texas. they're not all tornadoes, but we have east of cleveland to erie, some wind damage happening there by thunderstorms. a new tornado watch box that goes from columbus, ohio, to mississippi. it is going to go all night long, and these storms are still rotating and many of them have been on the ground. we have had 72 reports today, anderson, of tornadoes, small tornadoes. this is an outbreak and don't get me wrong, because this is not a small day for tornadoes, but the tornadoes have been small. they haven't been 150, and haven't been 200 miles per hour, and not ef-3s or 4s or 5s. they have been manageable, and even the tornadoes we had one earlier in sedalia, missouri, and that was an ef-2, and 110
10:32 pm
miles per hour and there were roofs missing, but no one lost their lives. if you were inside, you were safe. everything is there. and this is a typical day, and these are vanilla tornadoes i guess, and what we have been seeing in the last couple of weeks are outrageous, and 200 miles per hour, and the ef-5 through joplin is an unbelievable size to move through big cities. they can move through the plains and the prairies where there is wheat, but we don't get tornadoes like that in big towns, but this year, we do. so from erie to independenianap you will be hearing the sirens. there are small embedded wind gusts in there and small embedded tornadoes and take cover when you hear the sirens and don't take them small when you hear them and nashville, probably an hour or so away from you, and down to oxford, mississippi. debris in the air west of oxford where the university of
10:33 pm
mississippi is. debris in the air means that a tornado is picking up something and throwing it around. all of the way back down, all of the way back down past shreveport and there is dallas and austin and houston with severe thunderstorms and you could get hail and winds. the widespread manner of this is maybe 2,000 miles, and buffalo to austin and even a fly there, and i have never seen weather this spread out, and this severe all day long and for this matter all week long. anderson? >> it is incredible. thank you, chad. the search for deeane haywood who was on the way to pick up food for her son's graduation party when the storm struck, and her kids join me ahead. and the family who barely made it inside of their saferoom in time last night.
10:34 pm
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10:37 pm
dee ann hayward is one of the missing here in joplin. her son graduated from high school on sunday. she was on her way to pick up food for the graduation party when the tornado hit. her car was found, badly damaged, she was not in it.
10:38 pm
the family is obviously desperate to find her. here's what her sister, patty, told john king earlier. >> she counseled teenage girls, pregnant girls, runaway girls, taught sunday school and it just kills me that somebody that good -- i know there is a million other families out there -- but it kills me that somebody that good, something that bad would happen to them. >> dee ann's kids, christina, caleb and robert hayward join me now. how are you guys holding up? >> much better. just staying strong until we can find her. >> you've been searching everywhere, right? >> yeah. all around, even in different states. >> different states? >> yeah. we heard they can be as far as like st. louis or kansas city or anywhere. >> what kind of help have you had searching? >> lots of people on facebook, churches and stuff like that, friends and family, i mean, everyone. >> you just had your 14th birthday. how are you holding up? >> very good. >> it's not easy, though. >> no.
10:39 pm
>> when did you realize that she was missing? >> a few hours. she went for pizza and never came back. it was three, four hours and we knew. >> and her car was found in this area, wasn't it? >> yeah. real close to here. it's pretty banged up, so we're kind of scared. >> of course. you've checked the local hospitals? >> yeah. i mean, the morgues haven't been real friendly, either. it's kind of hard to say the morgues, but they wouldn't let us in to look at the bodies. >> we were just talking to the governor asking him why can't people at least go in and it's not an easy task, but people would rather know one way or the other. he said they're going to start bringing in some more people from the state and they're going to start changing the rules. he said in the next day or so, they hope to get things -- has it been disorganized, is that what you've been finding? >> the first two days have been really disorganized but they've been getting some organization
10:40 pm
going. >> is there one central place to go get the latest information? >> some of the places are somewhat connected but not really. >> what do you want people to know about your mom? >> she's just -- we all miss her. she's a great person. she didn't deserve this at all. any one of us would trade places with her. i know we would. i'm not sure, anderson. >> we'll keep doing whatever we can. if there's anything else we can do, please let us know. if anyone has any information, you guys have set up -- you have a facebook account. what is the facebook account? >> just caleb hayward. that's pretty much the main one on there all the time. >> so caleb hayward at facebook. i hope you get some information. if there's anything we can do, just let us know. stay strong. >> thank you. >> what can you say?
10:41 pm
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the tornadoes have robbed so many people of their homes, their possessions, obviously not to mention their lives. but what so many people wanted was a reunion with their loved ones. tonight, an extraordinary story from piedmont, oklahoma. take a look. ed lavendara reports.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: these are the frantic moments. >> it's coming right over us. we're right in its path. >> reporter: just before frank woods scrambled up the stairs to his balcony and saw the tornadic beast for the first time, staring him straight in the eyes. >> that's once-in-a-lifetime. you'll probably never see this again. and it's moving fast. it's huge. >> reporter: wood rushed his children down into the garage and locked themselves into a rock solid reinforced safe room. but they couldn't grab the family dog in time. a boxer named roxie. >> she was staring at me and i'm trying to get her to come in. and i said, we've got to shut the door. >> i thought she was going to get sucked up by the tornado. >> reporter: so it was heartbreaking to close that door? >> yeah. >> reporter: time had run out. >> in fact, go.
10:46 pm
we got to get in now. >> reporter: moments later the tornado strikes the wood's home. >> here's the safe room. >> reporter: it's a good thing to have. >> it's a very good thing to have. it saved our lives. >> reporter: this is what the house looked like before the tornado, three stories tall, overlooking 12 green acres. when you look at this house, it's amazing to think it was once a three-story house. the tornado shredded the top two stories. frank wood's pickup truck was thrown almost 300 yards into a ditch. >> you're completely helpless. it's beyond your control and you just sit there pray. we got on our knees and it was over. >> reporter: but roxie is nowhere to be found and 8-year-old paisley wood is devastated. we climbed through the rubble to find the sky is the ceiling. frank wood hunting for anything that might bring a smile to his daughter's face. >> this is her teddy bear she got when she had her appendix out about three months ago at children's hospital.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: but paisley can't stop thinking about her dog. >> paisley cried. that was the most upsetting thing to the kids out of all of it was roxie. >> reporter: then a phone call one day after the storm and two miles away, david, an oil rig worker, sees a dog walking around his work site. >> as soon as i saw her, i knew she belonged to somebody, maybe their house got destroyed. >> reporter: paisley and her family jump in their truck and race to see if it's true, that their dog had managed to escape the tornado's grip. then the moment they had been hoping for. >> she's coming right now. >> roxie! >> reporter: it is roxie. >> thank you very much. here we go. bless her little heart. >> reporter: she survived, who knows how, with only a small scratch on her leg. what do you think of finding your dog? >> awesome! >> reporter: you didn't think you were going to see roxie again, did you? >> no. >> reporter: when you found out she was okay? >> i was very happy. i started dancing.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: the happy dance? >> yes. >> reporter: they might not have a place to call home, but they've got each other, and roxie, too. >> ed, that is so nice to see a happy reunion. just a little bit of good news. there's obviously so many people, so many stories of those still missing. you've been following the story of a missing 3-year-old ryan hammel. what's the latest on ryan? >> well, that story we just showed you in stark contrast to the other devastating story. this community is dealing with a 3-year-old ryan hamel has been missing since the tornado struck here. search crews have been looking for him since last night and still have not been able to find him. we understand he was in a bathtub with his mother, 5-year-old sister and 15-month-old brother. the 15-month-old was killed, the 5-year-old sister is recovering in the hospital. >> and ryan's mom is pregnant, right? >> right, ryan's mother is
10:49 pm
pregnant, due in october. we understand she's also in the hospital as well, recovered. and from what we've been told by family members, the baby she's pregnant with is okay. they were able to find a heart beat. so for now everything looks fine on that front, as well. but that family going through a devastating night. their father was out of town and we understand he's raced back to be with them at this moment. >> ed, appreciate all that. thank you very much. new storms are also being reported. we'll check in with chad after the break. we'll continue from joplin in moments. in 2011, at&t is at wo, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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a lot still happening tonight. chad myers joins us again from atlanta. chad? >> still some tornadoes around, anderson. we're going to have them for a lot of the night and things are going to go bump in the night from indianapolis all the way down south, even into mississippi. had tornadoes on the ground in the past hour or so near new concord in kentucky, from oxford in mississippi, just west of there. chico, california, just about ten miles from chico, there was a land spout, looks like a waterspout but it was on land. small tornado there in california. from crowder, mississippi, down to about arlington, tennessee. we're watching a couple live shots. wrtv out of indianapolis here, the tower cam shaking and seeing lightning every once in a while. there's a flash in the background. most of the weather is to the west of indianapolis, but it is moving into indianapolis proper. and you're probably hearing sirens because there is a tornado warning for indianapolis.
10:54 pm
there may be some spin-ups, some small tornadoes, maybe 80, 90, 100 miles per hour. that can still do some damage. but there aren't tonight, so as you go to bed, there aren't tonight going to be storms, anderson, that are not survivable like the one you're standing in front of right now. 225-mile-per-hour storm there in joplin. even if you did everything right, it was not survivable. and people who did die were in the right spots. there aren't tornadoes like that tonight. take cover if you hear the sirens, go downstairs. you're going to be fine. just stay away from the glass tonight. >> chad, appreciate the update. we're following a number of stories from around the country and the world. joe johns has a "360" news and business bulletin. joe? it's a life sentence for the man convicted of kidnapping elizabeth smart. a federal judge imposed a sentence today on brian david mitchell. he kidnapped the 14-year-old smart in utah and held her
10:55 pm
captive for nine months. a judge in arizona has ruled that accused tucson shooter jared lee loughner is not competent to stand trial because he's mentally ill. loughner will be taken to a hospital for further test to see if he can become competent. today's hearing, loughner had an outburst and was removed from the courtroom. there could soon be criminal charges against former senator john edwards over payments he made to his mistress, rielle hunter, who worked for his campaign. the justice department has authorized prosecutors to bring charges, but there could be a plea deal. edwards' attorney says the government's theory is wrong and says his client did not break the law. president obama's six-day trip to europe included a speech at the british parliament today. he will visit france and poland before heading back to the united states, traveling through tornado ravaged missouri this sunday. former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn has a new place to stay during house arrest as he
10:56 pm
awaits trial for allegedly assaulting a hotel maid. he has moved to a luxury townhouse in manhattan. the three-story apartment has its own gym, home theater, spa, and bar. after 25 years on the air, the last episode of "the oprah winfrey show" aired today. she thanked viewers for tuning in each day and said, it's not goodbye, it's until we meet again. and frankly, that probably won't be too long from now since she's really not leaving television. >> yeah. joe, appreciate that. thank you very much. if you feel so inclined, wherever you are watching this in the world right now, if you feel so inclined and you believe in it, say a prayer for the families of the missing here in joplin. there's a lot of folks here who would appreciate it. we will have more news at the top of the hour. too much on your plate?
10:57 pm
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