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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 27, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- "cnn newsroom" continues with brooke baldwin. >> thank you, and have a wonderful weekend drew griffin. first up, an exclusive interview with a woman we here at cnn believe to be the wife of moammar gadhafi. our reporter is on the ground in tripoli, and she will bring that to us. and today, new revelations about osama bin laden's time in pakistan. did he try to cut a deal with the pakistanis to allow him to live there in abottabad safely? we will get more on that shortly. but first the drama unfolding here out of florida. i want to go to nancy grace straight for that. and first the mother of an adoring 2-year-old or the flipside, a heartless floozy who could not stop shopping when she should have been out looking for her missing daughter. the first week of the trial in
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orlando, florida, isp wrapping up this afternoon, and today kicked off with at battle of emotions with the prosecutors asking the judge to limit defense attorney's jose baez's cross-examination, and motion granted. with the response of a motion of his own. watch this with me. >> so far the state has put on a case solely of dealing with the bad character of my client or the attempted character assassination of her past conducts, boyfriends, people she slept with, and things that have absolutely nothing to do with the crimes charged. and it has put us in a position where we are significantly prejudiced as to some of the impermissible character evidence they have been successful in introducing, and we would again renew our motion for mistrial at this time. >> mr. biabaez, how many times e
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you asked on cross-examination of witnesses whether or not mrs. anthony was a quote good mother, unquote? >> well, motion for mistrial denied. baez then proceeded to bring a witness to tears. here she is by asking what kind of relationship she saw between casey anthony and her daughter, caylee, and the witness' answer, amazing. and the prosecution played video after video after video after video, and a half dozen surveillance videos in all here, and each one showing casey anthony shopping, weeks after her little daughter was last seen alive and days before she was finally reported missing. nancy grace has been on the case from to get-go here. she is live for me in orlando for this trial. and nancy, you just came out of the courtroom and break some news for me. >> yeah, as a matter of fact, there is a lot of news out of the courtroom today. you are right, we are here
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outside of the orlando courthouse getting the latest. today, a lot of bombshells in the courtroom. you mentioned a half a dozen, but there were 11 surveillance videos of tot mom on shopping sprees and jcpenney and ikea and the grocery store and you name it, she was there, and sometimes hitting stores two times in one day in different outfits. yeah, one of the witnesses did break up on the stand describing what she thought to be a loving relationship between tot mom and little caylee, but what really broke my heart was when george anthony, father george anthony, was called back to the stand today. a tow truck operator simon burch took the stand previously and said that tot mom's car quote wreaked of a dead body. >> the odor of death, he said, describing it as the odor of death. >> yes. >> why was that significant? >> well, the state's theory is
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that tot mom murdered caylee and then hid her body primarily or secondarily in the car trunk where it decompose and they are going to bring scientific evidence to show that, but this tow truck operator simon burch said he was walking alongside george anthony, tot mom's grandfather, and he was saying that i am so worried about my daughter been missing for weeks and my granddaughter missing for week, and they were hit by the smell, and both were hoping that his daughter or granddaughter was not this trunk, but they opened up the trunk and found maggots. >> yes. and we saw on the stand casey anthony's brother talking about the bond between caylee and casey. i want to play some sound, and i want everyone to watch this here and nancy, i want your reaction on the other side. let's watch. >> casey and caylee had a very,
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a very special bond. >> and did it appear genuine to you, mallory? >> it did. >> and did caylee ever go without food as far as you know? >> no. >> did she ever appear neglected to you? >> no. >> did you ever see casey strike or torture or punish caylee in any harmful way? >> norse. no, sir. >> and the best way that you could describe their relationship would be amazing. >> amazing. >> all right. nancy grace, we saw both casey anthony and we saw it was mallory parker both of them wiping away tearing in the courtroom and what were your thoughts as you were watching that? >> well, i have to say it was a poignant moment. it was, because this witness is convinced that tot mom had a
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loving and genuine relationship with her daughter. but, you know, you have to analyze that. you could say that about any number of murder victims. i mean, look at laci peterson. her husband had taken her out to dinner, and alanna clarkson, her killer, robert blake, had taken her to an expensive restaurant, and kitty whose sons were so kind to her, and then killed her. >> and many of the jurors, mothers themselves, would they buy the story that casey was molested and that she did it and did not quite report her daughter missing? >> i think that when they first started, they had a good theory going, that the child died by accident in the swimming pool.
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and tot mom panicked and didn't want to tell her own mother, because of their unique relationship. and so, she tried to cover it up make it look like a murder, but na not what th that is not what they did. they went way off of the rails and way off of the center of the road and adding on that shy was molested by the father and brother and that her father, an ex-cop, is the one who throws the baby's body, by all accounts the love of his life, caylee marie, out into a makeshift pet cemetery out this the woods to leave it to rot. you know what, that is where they lost me right there. >> yeah, you are not the first person i have talked to who said they threw all of the people under the bus and didn't need to do it. but in terms of the jury, nancy, a lot of women or fairly mixed, 50-50, men and women? >> it is mixed. you have 7 and 5. a lot of people were open to the theory of tot mom having been possibly molested, and they were open to that, and they wanted to hear about it, but en this thth
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what happened. the big secret was that she said that her father and brother molested her and she told her lover anthony lazzaro, and the judge sends the jury outs -- here is the setting, he sends the jury out and brings him to the stand, and says, look, lazzaro, what would you testify in front of the jury, did she tell you that her father and brother molested her, and under oath today, he said, no, that is not what she said. she said na her father hit her when he was disciplining her, and that her brother tried to quote feel her up, and he tried, but rebuffed. that is the big secret. >> yea, not the big secret they thought they would be hearing. and you spent a prosecutor 10 years in georgia, and do you believe that tot mom as you call her, casey anthony will take the stand? >> well, all along i have been saying no way. i have to tell you that this
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accident theory, i thought they were coming out with was pretty good. it was pretty good. and i think they could have hung up that jury or gotten a lesser offense like manslaughter on accident until they threw in george and lee anthony, and george disposing of the the body. crazy! until they did that, i did not think that she would have to take the stand. why would she take the stand to subject herself to cross exam, but there is no way right now because they have painted into the corner to get the story of her molestation to the jury. who else is going to tell the story? there is nobody else, no other outcry witness to tell that story other than tot mom. >> she has to test ify. >> and now they don't have a choice to let her take the stand. >> what a week there in florida. thank you for come on. >> thank you for having me. >> and now, i want you to know that cnn has obtained an exclusive interview with a woman who identifies herself as a wife of moammar gadhafi. you do not want to miss this.
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what she says about her husband's libya. and did osama bin laden offer a deal with pakistan? a deal that would let the al qaeda leader stay in country safe and sound in exchange for no al qaeda attacks on pakistan's soil? we will be right back.
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forces loyal to the libyan leader moammar gadhafi, and more than 40 injured, but this is coming as cnn has landed an exclusive phone interview with a woman believed to be sophia gadhafi, the wife of the embattled leader. we go to nima el baggbagir who join me in a few minutes, and by the not so greatness of technology, we have lost her, but we will get to her, promise you that. and shocking news out of pakistan today, was the world's most wanted terrorist wanting to cut a deal with pakistan? a source tells cnn that a possibility was discovered in all of of the documents seized in the raid that killed bin laden earlier this month. according to the treasure trove of documents bin laden considered reach ought to pakistan for protection for al qaeda leaders, but it is important to note that there is no evidence that the plan was discussed with officials of pakistan.
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and also, secretary of state hillary clinton was in country speaking with officials in pakistan today, and the plan had been discussed after finding the documents in abottabad, and she is sitting there in this picture with joint chiefs of staff chair admiral mike mullen and secretary of state appears to be trying to smooth over strained relations between the u.s. and pakistan, ever since the secret raid killed bin laden, and tensions have been high between both countries. >> america cannot and should not solve pakistan's problems. that is up to pakistan. but in solving its problems, pakistan should understand that anti-americanism and conspiracy theories will not make problems disappear. >> secretary of state also repeated that there is no evidence that pakistan's military knew where bin laden
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was hiding. as promised, we are going to try to get nima elbagir up from tripoli with the exclusive interview with one of the wives of moammar gadhafi, and we will have that for you, and stick around for that. and also, sarah palin may be coming to a city near you, and she is kicking off a nationwide bus tour starting this weekend. joe johns will have the scoop on sarah palin's big tour next. do you even have a name? well, it doesn't matter. because it's about to change. there's a cheaper, cleaner way to fuel up now. the volt plugs into any socket, and fuels up at home. sure it could use gas, but for most commutes you won't need much, if any. so from now on, fuel tube... we'll just call you...plan b. the 2011 chevrolet volt. it's more car than electric. but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? [ female announcer ] introducing purifying facial cleanser from neutrogena® naturals.
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the trial of tot mom casey anthony tonight at 8:00 on hln.
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amid a fresh round of nato air strikes in libya, there was more deadly fighting in misrata today, and at least eight people have been killed and more than 40 injured. all of this comes as i mentioned a moment ago cnn landing this exclusive phone interview with a woman believed to be sophia gadhafi, the wife of moammar gadhafi, and joining me is the woman who conducted the interview, nima elbagir, and in terms of the phone call, itself, it involved a elaborate setup to make it happen, and how did you pull this off? >> well, you know the last few times that we spoke, you asked me where is moammar gadhafi, and this time we really got an insight into the incredible security paranoia that is now surrounding him and his family. we were told that a face-to-face interview was completely out of the question, and even in terms
12:19 pm
of the phone interview itself we were not allowed to use our own phone. her office manager came to us, and then they dialed in. to that phone so that it could not be tracked. we were allowed to confirm that it was a libyan number that was called, because libyan numbers cannot roam so we had an understanding that the person we were speaking to is inside of libya. the office manager is known to us to be sophia gadhafi's office manager and other people confirmed this, but we cannot be 100% shurna the person on the line is sophia gadhafi, but this came through the highest levels of the libyan government so what she had to say was incredibly interest, because they were so intent for her to be heard internationally, brooke. >> well, let's get to swhat she said, and the interview was in arab arabic, and thus the subtitles. what did she say? >> well, she told us that she is
12:20 pm
putting together, she and her family are putting together a case against nato for the wrongful death of her son saif, and in spite of everything said in the g-8 she said that her family will live and die in libya. let's take a listen to her. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ]
12:21 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: i have been hearing already back, brooke, from the libyan opposition and the response to the interview is to say that they believe that the son was the victim of his father's policies and not a nato air strike, brooke. >> it is striking how she says
12:22 pm
she wishes she were with her son to have died quickly, and in terms of the husband, what did she offer about him, about his condition and where he is? >> well, that was one of the things that she really was very keen to get across, brooke, and there were times in the interview she was emotional and trying to pull back and saying to me, we do not want to appear weak. you know, at this time in front of the world, we want to show them that we will, as she said, we will live and die in libya. those who believe we are going anywhere are themselves mistaken, because this is our country. >> nima elbagir to land that interview, and only the resources of cnn international, and thank you so much. and the conventional wisdom on sarah palin has done a full 180 in the space of 24 hours. she had dropped off of the radar and the national conversation on the 2012 presidential race, but then word came of a movie to make the debut in the all places
12:23 pm
of iowa and word of a possible move to the lower 48 to arizona, and now cnn has learned that palin has hired back two key aides back from 2008, and here is the big news, sarah palin bus tour set to depart the nation's capital this sunday, and today, here in atlanta, my dear friends, joe johns. >> it is so good to see you. >> so good to have you in person. >> it is awesome. >> we love you on the show, but let's talk sarah palin once again today. ticking off all of the different reading of the tea leaves, and are we reading too much into this? >> well, come on. i mean, covering politics for a long time, and somebody who looks like a candidate and they get on the bus. what are you supposed to think if they get on the bus, right? and that is what she is sort of doing. s she is kind of getting on the bus and starting out with rolling thunder, when all of the veterans roll into town in washington, d.c., and she is going to that and going to a bunch of other places we hear
12:24 pm
and possibly some of the civil war battlefields and maybe gettysburg or antietam or what have you to the liberty bell in philadelphia and up somewhere to new hampshire. so it sounds like a very patriotic tour, and that tells you something that the house in arizona tells you something. and there are a couple of things that she has not done. she has not surrounded herself with a whole operation that could push her out into the 50 states for the primary. that is very important. she has not left fox news where she is getting big bucks to be a contributor there. so, you know, you can still ask the question if she is trying to generate buzz or whether she is actually going to put on the running shoes. >> well, as if on cue, we have new numbers, of course, new poll numbers out today, and here is the upshot, none of the republicans declared or unclaired is catching fire. >> interesting. >> and here, you have giuliani who is by the way not in the race and the favorite of 16% of the republicans and romney
12:25 pm
favored by 15%, and palin not in it, 13%, and paul is 12% and john mccain 10%. and your feelings if palin wins the nomination? and 26% enthused but 30% pleased and 28% displeased and 15% upset. that is not a warm and fuzzy number. >> 43% displeaseded or upset, but that shows you how sort of polarizing she has been for a long time, and she has a lot of negatives that she has to work on if she is going to get n and one of those that we have to talk about is yesterday on political pop leaving the governor's office in alaska is seen as a not very good thing by a lot of people who think that, you know, you finish the job especially if the voters put you in it. but there are other issues, too. i talked to one very conservative guy named richard bigery who is called one of the founders of modern conservati
12:26 pm
conservativism, and his point is that i don't know what she stands for. does she stand with us? who are the people surrounding her? the one thing he does say is that he knows what she is against. you know and i know when we watch palin, she is against the lame stream media, but what is she for? the policy things, and the minute issues that really matter to social conservatives, because she is competing for that vote. >> we will watch it, and she is with the rolling thunder in washington this weekend and we will see you back next hour as you are going to be talking about the non-existent pen with president obama. and kind of fascinating. see you next hour for that, mr. johns. thank you very much. one of the heart wrenching parts of the situation in joplin, missouri, is the fact that so many families who know their loved ones have died can't get their remains to begin the process of burying them. we will share one of the stories with you, and this war veteran who died to try to help others at the home depot.
12:27 pm
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12:30 pm
casey wian is live for me live in joplin, and casey, for many of the families in town, i know that the memorial services will have to do for now, because funerals are on hold. it is a tough situation. >> absolutely, brooke. it is heartbreaking. imagine losing a husband and father to one of the worst tornadoes in history, and then having that pain amplified by the fact that you can't even have a funeral for your loved one. >> reporter: hours after the tornado struck joplin, missouri, we met a distraught 17-year-old andrea osborne outside of a demolished home depot. >> my dad and my uncle are in there and i'm just hoping and praying to god they are okay. >> reporter: when is the last time you heard from them? >> before the tornado hit. >> reporter: her dad is a iraq war veteran dennis osborn shopping with a close family friend and took refuge in the home depot as the tornado approached. he and his wife, stephanie, had
12:31 pm
just celebrated their 11th anniversary. she waited outside of home depot all day. i can't imagine that wait, and what it must have been like. >> torturous and then having to leave with nothing was just really disappointing. really devastating. >> reporter: dennis and his friend's bodies were found inside of the store's rubble tuesday. >> i had people telling me that he was helping people to the back to the storm shelter. that when he was found, he was found covering a body to protect them from debris. he was being a soldier. that is what he does. i just want him back. >> reporter: dennis was preparing to leave for germany for army reserve training next month. >> god didn't take him in iraq, and so why did he take him now? >> reporter: adding to the trauma, her home in seneca was flooded sunday night, and her
12:32 pm
car destroyed. now she can't plan a funeral for her husband. >> they are not releasing any bodies. they are telling us that they are having to do some investigation of possibly autopsies. please, let us have our spouses, our children -- we need closure. they need to be laid to peace. this needs to be over. >> we have welcomed news to report for stephanie and her family. we just spoke with mark bridges, the coroner of newton county, and the identification work on his body has been completed as his body will be released to a funeral home to the family as early as later today. brooke. >> god didn't take him in iraq, and why did he take him here? that is going to stick with me. casey, any word as to all of these other folks in terms of getting into the morgue to identify their dead? any word on that?
12:33 pm
>> the process is moving forward, and some families are being allowed to go into the morgue to attempt to identify their loved ones. what is happening is that the families who can provide very specific details identifying details such as tattoos are being let in. anyone who doesn't have anything that is that specific, they are having to wait until dna analysis is completed, and that takes time, brooke. >> casey wian live in joplin. joining me on the phone is sherry cooper a, wo wh 30-year- woman who has not heard from her niece. dena is a mother of three, and her children and husband have not been found either. sherry, i know that you live in another part of missouri, and i can't even imagine how frustrating and difficult this week has been for you. help me understand that you are going to joplin this weekend to what? to try to find your relatives? >> yes, absolutely.
12:34 pm
i have a friend who lives in webb city, and she has been helping me, and for some reason we have met dead ends everywhere we went. i definitely am going down there. if i have to go knock on doors, clear a path, i'm going the find dena. i will find her. >> have you been in touch with folks, i imagine just over the phone who might have any information about your niece and her little ones and her husband? >> no. no one. no one has heard from her at all. i've not been able to get a hold of anyone, even though she has sisters down there in carthage and a mother and stepfather in that area, and she has her husband's family, and he has a mother and three brothers there. so i don't know why not. i just don't. i'm doing it, i'm going there. >> you are doing it, and
12:35 pm
clearing a path. help us help you as i said before, tell me about her children, and mitchell, lily and alex, and what can maybe our viewers can help you. tell us about them. >> well, the oldest and he goes by the nickname of bubba, and his real name is mitchell, and he is 6 years old, and in school. delightful kid. >> what does he look like? >> oh, he has dark hair, very dark hair. and dark eyes. brown eyes. and he's just well, i don't know how tall he is or what he weighs exactly, but right up there with a 6-year-old. and then i have lily who is 4. she is almost as tall as her brother, and she has very dark hair, but not as dark as his. and the last i heard she had her haircut, so it is a little more shorter, and alex is only
12:36 pm
5-months-old, but he is a big baby. he was 10 pounds and 11 ounces when he was born, so he is a big one. >> sherry, i want to be optimistic with you and hopefully you will find them and call me back next week and tell me that you have your family, again. sherry, thank you. >> i pray i do. thank you. i appreciate it so much. thank you. >> and now to the outrage that we are learning about from cnn from a state that went through the tornado tragedy about a month ago today, and been since april 27th that families in parts of alabama have not had a roof over their heads, so would you believe that in at least one city in the state there is a law against having those single-wide trailers. that is the kind that fema uses in disaster areas. we will tell you that story. people are angry. it is coming up. car connection calls the xf,
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jack scott did not say no trailers, but i said that the ordinance didn't, and i hope somebody can get that right for a change. >> well, that is the major who wants to attract young peoplezs area that so many are left homeless, he is standing by the 50-year-old ban. more on that, but first dr. sanjay gupta with the human factor. >> reporter: like a lot of little boys, matt corazon loves sports that he ended up as a pitcher at the university of arkansas, but all of that changed on april 2006 when matt decided to drive his four-wheeler over to a friend's house. he never made it. >> my four-wheeler went off of a
12:40 pm
20-foot embankmenembankment, an some memory loss. then i was found which a firefighter. >> and he had spinal cord injuries. but he is a man who never understands never. >> that doctor does not understand. i will walk again. >> he went to work at the kennedy institute to begin an extensive rehab program to help recover sensation in the legs. >> this is one of the basis is to use modern technology to help someone who is paralyzed to use their own nervous system. >> reporter: it includes gait training and other efs stimulation which sends elect electroimpulses to the legs causing them to contract and relax while riding a bicycle and
12:41 pm
doing the work that a brain would do. as matt's sessions progressed, so did the recovery. he began to move his toes, and he has been able to walk 300 feet with the use of leg braces and walker. matt also went back to school to finish his degree at the university of maryland determined not the accept his diploma in a wheelchair. >> things don't happen. you have to make them happen. >> reporter: so this year, he walked across the stage at his graduation. his doctors and families believe he will walk without assistance and nobody believes it more than matt corazon. >> one day i will play that game of catch with my son out in the yard, and one day i will walk my daughter down the aisle. no doubt in mind. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> the human factor is brought to you by -- s you can be ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats
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12:45 pm
folks there had their homes destroyed and often is the case that the federal government offers up trailers to use as their homes are being rebuilt. well, not so fast says the mayor of cordova. mayor jack scott chose to enforce an ordinance that dates back to 50 years that bars single-wide mobile homes. he is quoted as saying that we want other young people, and professional people to come here and we don't want them in a trailer. we have called him multiple times, so far, no call back. and a lot of the folks in the town in cordova are saying, look, mayor, we have an emergency here. listen to this. >> what i had suggested doing was putting the fema trailers in my backyard, but because of the mayor, we can't do that. we can't help our neighbors, because he won't let us. >> that's something that this room full of cordova neighbors wanted to change, but heated exchanges between the mayor and
12:46 pm
the constituents led to verbal matches and some to tears. >> if you don't want to listen, get out. >> reporter: but when asked about how much buying a home within the city costs -- >> the cheapest one i found is $105,000. >> exactly. >> you might have your sights set too high. >> reporter: many like danny banks say that since the storm destroyed his home, he has no place to go. >> i have been here all of my life and i was born and raised here. he didn't want to leave, so he pitched a tent. >> it is rough down here, you know. having to sleep on the ground, i mean, you know, it is rough having to sleep on the ground. but i am not leaving my property until i get me something to live in. >> reporter: and others say they simply want to stay in their hometown until they can rebuild, but if the city does not budge on the ordinance passed in the 1950s, they say they will have to find rental space in another town. >> we are being forced to move out, because of this law, and we
12:47 pm
want to do something about it. >> this is not mountain brook and not bestavia hills, this is rural cordova. >> i felt that we were being called trailer park trash. >> and he wants to make it clear says the mayor, he is not trying to keep people from having a place to stay, but follow the city code. >> why should i destroy a zoning ordinance for something like this? >> well, that report courtesy of our affiliate wbma, and something else they are reporting is that the cordova police department has set up a trailer there it is in the wake of the devastating storms, and there is another one to pay their water bill, and when asked for an explanation of having those trailers there and not for folks to temporarily live in, when they called the mayor, he hung up. we will talk more about that monday. still to come here, facebook founder mark zuckerberg says only one way he will be eating
12:48 pm
me meat. find out how the billionaire is going to take the matters into his own hands, because it is trending. and now time for the help dessing. >> time for the help desk where we get answers to the financial questions. joining me is a personal finance author and doug flynn, a certified financial adviser. and right to it. leonard from virginia beach, virginia, are asking us, what are the pros and cons of consolidating debt, and what impact does this have on a individual's credit score? good question. >> well, the pros are by consolidating in the shorter run a lower monthly payment, and one bill so it can feel simpler and more manageable, and the cons are that the one monthly payment when you add up the interest can result in significantly higher costs to you overall, and oftentimes when you consolidate, you are moving to a secured loan situation. oftentimes people do it with credit cards not realizing it
12:49 pm
was unsecured debt. and in terms of the effect on the credit score, and consolidating has an effect on the credit score, and the best tool i have seen is the fico score estimator on where you can play around with the scenarios and put in the consolidation and see in your particular scenario what happens. >> and it helps to pay it down. thank you. our next question from jim in national city, california. jim says, i'm age 65 and i want to withdraw $20,000 from an ira to purchase a car. how will that affect my income tax for the year? doug, this is interesting. >> well, it is fully taxable, so here is the situation where we always counsel everybody that the i.r.a. balances are not 100% what you think it is. if you take out $20,000, you may see in whatever bracket you are in $16,000 of it. and if you want to net, you will need to net $37,000 to net the $20, so is the $20,000 car that
12:50 pm
takes $37,000 out of the i.r.a. the best use? you may want to look into low financing or distribution out of time, and you may have to do the math, but be conscious how much it will cost you. >> as opposed to borrowing against the future. if you have a question you want us to answer, at ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ i work so hard at my job ♪ and then i bring it home to you ♪
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fuel economy based on epa estimates. deferred payments offer ends may 31st.
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okay. today's trending the kill your own supper movement. have you heard about this? you're about to. because facebook founder, billionaire, mark zuckerberg is all about it. all in an effort to stay aware that when he eats meat, he is taking a life. here is part of his rationale. i'm eating healthier food and i've learned about raising animals and it's cease see to
12:54 pm
take food for granted. so he talks about this. obviously it's getting a lot of attention online today. we want to ask our expert, cat, about this. cat, i read this article out of san jose, california. apparently this is a huge trend among the silicon valley crowd. but is slaughtering your own meat really, really a trend here? >> only if you consider every hunter across the united states and your great grandmother trending, as trendy. this is nothing new. the people doing it is new. people that might not have had first contact with a blood animal like that before. >> now to the obvious question. why? why would someone want to do this? >> it's about personal responsibility. you have taken the life of this creature. you know the cost that it was to your emotional self, to this animal. you are grateful to every single bit of that meat because it was
12:55 pm
slaughtered in a very humane way. you don't take it for granted. perhaps you had a ham and cheese sandwich. >> it's interesting, because, no, i don't often think about that, and i should. mark zuckerberg said he's doing this because it's healthier. how is it healthier? >> well, generally the sort of animal that he's going to be slaughtering is probably something that was raised on a farm in a very humane way and slaughtered in a humane way. if people saw the places where there are pigs, chickens, and cows were raised, that's not great living conditions and an animal that is hunted in the wild or raised on a farm where they would make this access available has been allowed to live a pretty happy life and lived the life as an animal should, as opposed to it being a commodity meat. >> maybe if this catches on, people will be more aware of where we get our meat. if not, we'll have a lot of vegetarians running around. cat, thank you so much. mitt romney sent over a
12:56 pm
special delivery on the topic of food here. a special delivery to president obama's campaign office. was it a political trick in poor taste? we'll dig into that. also, an iraq war vet is gunned down outside of his home in tucson, arizona. a lot of people are asking all kinds of questions about how police operate in slot situations. we're going to play this tape for you and talk to a police officer when we come back. we're coming for what's ours. maybe you didn't hear. but dimes, nickels, even pennies have power now. because the volt charges for about a buck fifty a day. making most commutes gas-free for just a handful of change. so we're taking it back. all of it. we have some driving to do. the 2011 chevrolet volt. it's more car than electric.
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12:59 pm
time for cnn political update. two for three this friday. mark, i'm beginning with you, here you are. let's talk about the latest polling has a surprising name. i thought it was a surprise at the top of the gop field. who is it? >> it's the new york city mayor. we have a cnn research opinion poll. look at the top five right there. rudy giuliani leads the list of potential candidates running for the republican presidential nomination. what is significant about this as well is sarah palin comes in number three. of those top five, rudy giuliani and sarah palin have not acknowledged that they are going to absolutely run for president. so obviously there seems to be tension about it and paul has a little more on that, we think. >> yeah, we do. we've been talking about that for a while. go to this next number and check this out. do you like the field? are you enthusiastic about this
1:00 pm
field of candidates? only 16% say that they are very enthusiastic about who is running those candidates. 45% are not very satisfied. we know mitt romney and a republican and romney and you asked was a t a political trick in bad taste? very quickly, and while they were eating pizza, talking about the economy and jobs, after the event they had some left over
1:01 pm
and even tweeted about it. so no question about that. >> that's good taste if you like the chicago deep dish pizza. mark and paul, thanks to both of you. we'll get another political update in half an hour. >> an iraq war shot and killed by a s.w.a.t. team. the news is now. what really happened in this arizona community? we'll look at both versions of a drug raid gone horribly awry. and stuck in tents waiting for fema trailers after a tornado
1:02 pm
ravaged their town. but the mayor says single wids aren't allowed. it's the law. >> i hope somebody can get that right for a change. >> you can count on it, mr. mayor. >> tot mom's car reeked of a dead body. >> new details in the dramatic trial of casey anthony. we're on the case with nancy grace today. and it's the best friend story you are all talking about. two broken legs called home to his owners after a tornado. the news starts now. all right. welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. we're and among the items and documents indicating that the
1:03 pm
world's most wanted terrorist was apparently considering a deal with pakistan. a protection deal. now, under the terms of the possible deal, al qaeda wouldn't attack pakistan if -- and that's a big if -- pakistan would protect al qaeda. chris lawrence is live now. chris, what do we know? and again how precisely do we know this? >> how we know is that from all of that material, those documents that the navy s.e.a.l.s took out of osama bin laden's compound, intelligent agents have been pouring over these documents and what they show is that osama bin laden communicated with the operations chief about the possibility of trying to broker some sort of protection deal with pakistan and as you said, the basic framework of the deal would be al qaeda would not stage any attacks in pakistan and in exchange pakistan would sort of allow al qaeda leaders to live
1:04 pm
there sort of a hands off approach but there's no evidence that they actually approached pakistani officials with that deal. officials say it looks to be something that al qaeda talked about internally. >> just an internal discussion and that's a huge differentiation to make. also, we learned that pakistan is allowing the cia in to that compound to examine maybe what is left but you've reported this countlessly about everything that the s.e.a.l.s had taken out of there. what would be left for the cia to find? >> everything that you can't see with the naked eye, brooke. you've got to remember that the s.e.a.l.s were only in there for 40 minutes. and sort of like the eye investigation, in terms of, you know, possibly swabbing surfaces, to find dna samples that could be matched with
1:05 pm
somebody in a database, to see who was in that compound at various times. another way they could do is also possibly looking through infrared cameras, anything that could have been embedded in the walls or the ground. we also know from u.s. officials that osama bin laden, and the people who lived there, burned their trash instead of taking it out like everyone else in the neighborhood. the cia has ways to he can tract information even from fragments that have been burned. all of these things are things that the s.e.a.l. team wouldn't have been able to do in 20 minutes on the ground there in the middle of the night. >> that's amazing. that's the cia for you, taking bits of burned trash and pitting it together. chris lawrence, thanks so much. well, what happened at this marine's home in arizona is pitting a police s.w.a.t. team against the community. the marine is dead and his family wants answers. the s.w.a.t. team stands by their mission, a drug raid. that's next. we're adding new cell sites...
1:06 pm
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selectquote. we shop. you save. i want to tell you about a story unfolding in tucson, arizona, about how and when police use deadly force. the controversy surrounding it. >> reporter: it began the morning of may 5th, with a raid of four houses near tucson, arizona, where investigators suspected a drug smuggling operation run. now sparking community outrage, 26-year-old veteran marine who grabbed but never fired his semi-automatic rifle was shot 22 times with paramedics kept away while police say they skufred
1:09 pm
the home. also inside, his young son and wife who called 911. questions have since mounted about whether deadly force was justified and whether they understood it was police, not invaders, storming their home. >> i saw this guy like pointing at the window, so i got scared and i got like, please, don't shoot. i have a baby. >> reporter: now the sheriff has released this. where they say warnings was given. they describe what s.w.a.t. team members say happened next. >> he makes eye contact with the officers in gear that says, police, the shield says police, their helmets say police, they have patches that say police. he makes eye contact with them, raises his weapon, and points it right at these officers.
1:10 pm
>> reporter: also just released, hundreds of pages of investigation documents which detail officers say they ultimately found inside the home. body armor and a large weapons but no cash or drugs. they say we just learned that the sheriff's department has released voluminous amounts of information in regard to this incident. we will review the documents. his wife says he was not involved with drug dealing. the sheriff's department has tried to defame guerrena and paints a picture of a man with no criminal record and worked for a mining company since leaving the marine corps five years ago and was a husband and father of two. sheriff officials say their investigation that led to the death continues. supporters of his family who have been critical of the
1:11 pm
department have allowed plans for a march to the scene of the shooting on memorial day. >> so this incident happened back on may 5th but it wasn't until yesterday that the sheriff's department released this helmet cam video. there are a lot of questions about how it went down. help me, help all of us understand what happened. andy is a retired sergeant and has been involved in many tactical operations similar to the one that he with just saw. andy, good to see you. i want to begin -- i want to show the entire helmet cam video. i want you to see it. it's a minute and 17 seconds long. this is from one of the s.w.a.t. team members. let's watch this. >> this is it right here on our
1:12 pm
left. >> and there it is.
1:13 pm
andy, without being part of this tactical team but having experience, does it appear that the s.w.a.t. team is acting in accordance with the law? >> well, obviously it's difficult to tell just from a few brief clips of what happened. it appears that they had a valid search warrant that they were serving on behalf of the investigators. that means that the judge reviewed the probable cause and believed they had the ability to go forward and that s.w.a.t. team was doing what they practiced to do and trained to do. and they went ahead and they were exercising and enforcing what they were told to do, which is serve a search warrant signed by a judge. so the facts of the case and what led up to that point, the whole investigation, those are the things we don't really know. unfortunate tragedy when someone loses their life. but those officers that are there in the front lines, they risk their lives every day, they train to do what they do and also usually keep a medic with them when they are making entry, a trained paramedic in case something happens and i would
1:14 pm
guess from the number of rounds that were fired, the person that was firing the rounds at him died immediately. >> 71 rounds, to be specific. how does it work when we see the s.w.a.t. team approaching the front door, we see the door open. how do the members of the s.w.a.t. team identify themselves? how does that work? >> well, there are a number of ways of identifying yourself. you want to use as many as your senses or the senses that people have. sight, hearing, sound. all of these things come together and obviously were using a lot of sound. they were in sight, looking and dressed and carrying that police insignia. when you serve a search warrant, you have to be as safe as possible. when you have probable cause and you go in, it's up to that s.w.a.t. team leader to review all of the information and go ahead and do probably some surveillance beforehand, make sure that they know what they are going up against as best as they can but you never know what you have until you go inside that door. >> but do they have to yell police? do they have to make it, you know, very, very obvious that
1:15 pm
they are law enforcement before they bang in that door? or do they not have to? >> well, it depends on what kind of warrant they have. in this case, and in most cases, most search warrants have to be served within a certain amount of time day or not and you have to have a chance for a response. if you become immediately aware that someone is threatening deadly harm inside, and we don't know all of the details about what kind of surveillance they may have had or what information they may have had, then you have to react appropriately to protect the lives involved. unfortunately, somebody will lose their life. >> i want to slow-mo some video. we heard the counsel for the police department saying, they identified police, helmets on their shields. you can see sheriff marked on the back of the vest but as the camera begins to spin. you see this guy quickly and i know that's not a great shot but
1:16 pm
i've seen it, my team has seen it and it doesn't appear to have any clear marking on the front of this individual s.w.a.t. team member. is that an issue to you? >> you know, not at this point because typically we don't know which person went in first. you have a line up and different people have different assignments. not all of those folks may have gone inside the house. there were a lot of other people. what we really need to do is slow down here, the tragedy has occurred. the family is grieving and in difference to them and to the officers who also suffer when somebody dies, you have to allow everything to be examined and investigated. that's what happens in every police shootinging. nobody is going to be more diligent than making sure that the people do the job investigating and we don't know all of the facts of the investigation and there may be things holding on to that they will not release. a judge will determine what information will be released eventually. >> two sides to every story. andy hill, thank you very much. >> you're welcome.
1:17 pm
now this -- >> protesters feeling famous tahrir square. what has changed since hosni mubarak left power? and why the former imf chief accused of attempted rape is allowed to move around in his cushy new york digs.
1:18 pm
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
time to take you globe trekking. this is from cairo, egypt. this is a video taken of the large crowds at tahrir square in cairo. he shot it earlier today. thousands of protesters filling the square there. they are pushing for egypt's military ruler to speed up the peace of military reform. now i want to bring in diana. the protesters say that they are returning to the site of a revolution. why? >> reporter: they say that they don't see the peace of reform that is moving fast enough. whereas four months ago we saw protesters protesting against the mubarak regime. and on a day of rage that this has been named after, day of rage two, day of rage one was in
1:21 pm
january when you saw people saying, we are not going to move until our demands our met. now four months later they are saying our demands still haven't been met. the military council is ruling this country too close to mubarak and the previous regime. they don't understand democracy. they joined the revolution but are not revolutionary themselves. people are very angry, brooke, because we've been seeing hundreds if not thousands of arrests, people brought to military tribunals, military justice rather than actually civilian justice being used against revolutionaries. they are also seeing no freedom of speech. so people are really saying, how can democracy go forward when this regime has really just been more of the same? we want to see change and we want to see it now, brooke. >> if these egyptians are not confident that their -- how
1:22 pm
confident do they feel about proper democratic change come this fall? >> reporter: well, the decision to hold elections in december -- they say the referendum was to an extent sabotaged by the religious right and the muslim brotherhood, you should say yes in the referendum whereas in fact the liberals, down on the street below me, they believe that september is far too early to try and establish any kind of political party so that there should be a little more time given so that the various sort of opposition groups can establish themselves properly so there is actually a broad spectrum, political spectrum of parties that people can vote for. so there is definitely a sort of conflict about the election and
1:23 pm
whether or not weather it's too early, brooke. >> look at those crowds. diana, appreciate it from cairo. a couple of minutes ago from our political team told you about the romney special pizza delivery. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. metamucil uses super hard working psyllium fiber, which gels to remove unsexy waste and reduce cholesterol. taking psyllium fiber won't make you a model but you should feel a little more super. metamucil. down with cholesterol.
1:24 pm
tac, whh lso lpeme st d du cleer. k ref urib.
1:25 pm
if it's interesting and happening right now, you will see it. all eight nato soldiers killed
1:26 pm
in a blast in afghanistan yesterday are americans. two ieds took the lives of americans in a big hot spot 60 miles south of kandahar. both u.s. and canadian troops are deployed in the region. president obama made his final stop on his six-day four nation trip to europe. he co-hosted a dinner for central and eastern leaders. the poland president praised political progress in eastern europe. while they are in poll land, the president visited the world war ii war saw memorial. former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn is back home. he's under house arrest for his sexual crimes. he is allowed to leave only for medical, legal, and court visits or religious services. a heart study ends after some participating patients have a stroke increase. researchers thought that those with the high cholesterol and
1:27 pm
heart disease would have fewier heart attacks if they took the b vitamin niacin. a woman believed to be the alleged grandma bandit was shot to death after a police chase today in atlanta. someone noticed the woman matching the description of a person wanted in several drugstore robberies over the past couple of weeks. she was in the drive through of a restaurant and she took off during the chase. police heard a single gunshot and no officers were injured there. apparently the high price of gasoline is not keeping folks from packing up the car and hitting the road. according to aaa, 35 million americans are expected to travel some 50 miles or more. this marks a slight increase from last year by just about .2%.
1:28 pm
and actor jeff conaway, probably best remembered from grease, he died this morning from pneumonia. he also suffered from septis and had been in medically induced a coma for two weeks. his family was surrounding him in the hospital when he was taken off life support. he was 60 years old. time now for your cnn political news. mark, what do you have? >> brooke, there's a lot of talk about sarah palin, is she going to run for president? is she not going to run for president? she does pretty well in the cnn research poll. problem is for her, she's not at the very top. that goes to rudy giuliani. look at him. he comes in at 16%. rudy giuliani has indicated that he might be interested in running for president but he's taken no formal steps. fact is, he doesn't have a real
1:29 pm
strong campaign operation around him nor does he have the fundraising right now. still, sarah palin embarks on that bus trip up the east coast this weekend. she's doing pretty good. looking at the current gop field, let's look at these numbers right now, are republicans satisfied with the current field? the number that we should look at right there is the fact that 39%, four in ten republican voters are not happy with the current gop field. the likes of michele bachmann, newt gingrich and others really need to do a lot to try to reach out to these disaffected presidents. >> story number two you had for me last hour, we chatted about cold pizza and mitt romney. what is this about burnt popcorn? >> it's going to be one of those moments on the campaign trail where people will look back and have a little laugh. a few hours ago mitt romney was in iowa giving a speech taking questions when all of a sudden
1:30 pm
these alarms went off. take a listen. >> i'm the same guy i was last time. it's just that the things that i know and the -- uh-oh. they want to get us out of here, don't they? my guess is, my guess is that means we need to exit the building. is that right? i presume that's the fire alarm. so you guys, it's grit to be with you -- oh, they stopped it. oh, somebody went out the emergency exit. okay. if we need to go, we'll let you know. i wasn't trying to get out of tough questions, i promise. >> that's hilarious. >> a little bit of an awkward moment from mitt romney a few hours ago in iowa. they had to cut short the session. what happened is the alarm was sent off by burnt popcorn in a microwave. >> see, that's what happens, you send somebody cold pizza in the morning and then you end up with
1:31 pm
burnt popcorn. i'm keeping you out of this next segment but alison kostick is going to join me from the mean streets of manhattan, wall street, with information about america's driving habits. or lack thereof. i'll let you be the judge. that's next. what's this option? that's new.
1:32 pm
personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke.
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1:34 pm
time for reporter rule let. we're following two stories right now. the president of poland and one in as many of five americans would not pass a driving test if they took one today. ed? >> reporter: brooke, the president is here in warsaw tonight with a large group of central and eastern european leaders. he wants to show respect to some key leaders. he wants lessons learned about their own transition to democracy in the post soviet world that might now apply to egypt, tunisia, and others given the arab spring. they have been going through growing pains and economic problems. that dovetails nicely with what the president did at the g-8 summit. they were putting together an aid pack taj for egypt, tunisia. egypt was battered during the revolution and it really hurt
1:35 pm
their tour rich industry. so the president believes it is important to get them back on their feet as they transition to democracy. something here that people in poland know all about. in fact, the president tomorrow will be meeting with the delegation from poland that just came back from tunisia. brooke? >> ed henry for us. ed, thank you. >> good news if you're hitting the road this weekend. bad news about your fellow drivers. apparently many of them should not be behind the wheel. alison live in new york. i can think of a few people. can you take a test again, please? >> me, too. you know, especially after gmac insurance came out with this startling test finding out that if you ask americans to take a driving test today, 37 million americans would fail it. that's 20% of all licensed drivers. case in point, 85% have no idea what to do at a steady yellow
1:36 pm
light. brooke, do you? >> at a steady yellow light, you slow down? >> uh-huh. >> no. actually, it doesn't mean slow down or speed up. the answer is stop if it's safe to. let me go through a few more of these questions. >> maybe i shouldn't be taking this quiz with you. >> i just won't drive with you, brooke. but go ahead. when you tailgate other drivers, brooke, it can a, frus strays the other drivers and make them angry, your actions cannot result in a traffic citation or, c., you help reduce traffic con gegs. >> well, yshouldn't be tailgati. i would say b? >> definitely not taking a road trip with you. i got a 96 on my drivers test a while ago. >> well, you have to go back and say, let me give you one more way to make up with it. the best way to keep from hydroplaning is, a, turn to avoid the puddles, b, apply the brakes firmly or, c, slow down
1:37 pm
on wet roads. >> slow down. >> okay. we can take that road trip. where do you want to go? >> miami. your home town. >> deal. let me ask you one more question. who do you think are actually the worst drivers, brooke? >> the young kids out there, the young whipper snappers, they don't know anything. >> okay. but men or women? >> man. >> whose worse? >> i'm going to say men just because i don't want to say that we ladies are worse. >> you know what? we are worse. women are worse apparently. >> i can hear the men out there, the collective grum bells. we knew it, we knew it. we'll do that again. i'll redeem myself. you have a nice weekend. >> okay. >> i won't drive too much. alison, thank you. that's reporter roulette for this friday. shopping sprees and the anthony family. nancy grace has been in the courtroom all week long.
1:38 pm
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prosecutors paint casey anthony as a woman who went out shopping instead of searching for her daughter. they played one surveillance tape after another all showing her shopping between the time that she disappeared and the
1:41 pm
time that she was reported missing. spoke with nancy grace. i want you to watch our conversation. >> i counted 11 surveillance videos, the tot mom on shopping sprees, target, jcpenney, ikea, the grocery store, she was there, sometimes hitting stores two times in one day in different outfits. yeah, one of the witnesses did break up on the stand describing what she thought to be a loving relationship between tot mom and little caylee but what really broke my heart was when george anthony, father, george anthony, was called back to the stand today. a tow truck operator, simon binch took the stand previously and said that tot's mom car reeked of a dead body. >> it was the odor of death, right? >> yes. >> why was that significant?
1:42 pm
>> well, the state's theory is that tot mom murdered caylee, then hid her body, either primarily or secondarily in the car trunk where it decomposed and they are going to bring scientific evidence to show that. but this tow truck driver said he was walking along with george anthony, tot mom's father and george had just been saying, i'm so worried. my daughter's been gone for weeks, i haven't seen my granddaughter and then they both get hit with this smell. they both say they started praying that tot mom or little caylee were in the trunk. he opens the trunk and sees maggots. >> maggots. yeah. the owner of the tow truck company said it was unmistakable. we were talking and i know you saw on the stand, the fiancee of casey anthony's brother, talking about the relationship between -- the bond between caylee and casey. i want to play some sound and then i want your reaction on the other side.
1:43 pm
let's watch. >> casey and caylee have a very special bond. >> did it appear genuine to you? >> it did. >> and did caylee ever go without food as far as you know? >> no. >> did she ever appear neglected to you? >> no. >> did you ever see casey strike or torture or punish caylee in any harmful way? >> no, sir. >> >> and the best way that you can describe their relationship would be amazing? >> amazing. >> all right. nancy grace, we just saw both casey anthony and we saw mallory parker, both of them wiping away tears in the courtroom. what were your thoughts as you were watching that? >> well, i have to say it was a poignant moment. it was.
1:44 pm
because this witness is convinced that tot mom had a loving and genuine relationship with her daughter. but you've got to analyze that. you could say that about any number of murder victims. i mean, look at lacy peterson. her husband had just taken her out to dinner. elana clarkson, her killer. robert blake had just taken her to an expensive restaurant. they are all dead. they are all victims of murder. >> do you think casey anthony, tot mom, as you call her, will she take to the stand? >> well, all along i have been saying no way. and i've got to tell you this, this accident theory i thought they were coming out with was pretty good. it was pretty good. and i think they could have hung up that jury or gotten a lesser offense on slans shut ter, until they through in george and lee
1:45 pm
anthony, disposing the body. crazy. until they did that, i did not think she would have to take the stand. why would she take the stand and subject herself to cross-exam. there's no other way right now. they have pinned themselves in the corner to get the story of her molestation to the jury. who else is going to tell that story? there's nobody else. no other outcry witness to tell that story other than tot mom. >> she has to testify. >> and now they don't have a choice. she may have to take the stand. >> well, in every tragedy that we cover, we look for one happy ending. i know you do as well. today we're going to tell the story of mason, or more accurately the leg of mason's. this is a dog that crawled on his broken legs to his homeowners. that's next. don't miss this. >> - up to 60% off. i am familiar. your name? > naomi pryce. >> what other "negotiating" skills do you have? > i'm a fifth-degree black belt.
1:46 pm
>> as am i. > i'm fluent in 37 languages. >> (indistinct clicking) > and i'm a master of disguise >> as am i. > as am i. >> as am i. > as am i. >> well played naomi pryce.
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1:48 pm
it was just one month ago today that the horrific tornado ripped through alabama killing 230 people. this, you remember, is what the twister did to tuscaloosa. also, how it hit birmingham. but those twisters did not discriminate. they also hit smaller alabama towns as well. which brings me to the town -- see cordova, a another of folks
1:49 pm
had their homes destroyed as well. so as often is the case, the federal government comes in and offers them trailers to use while rebuilding their homes. not so fast says the mayor of this town. this ordinance dates back 50 years and bars single wide mobile homes. scott has said we want other people, young people, professional people to come here. we don't want them in a trailer. we have also called mr. scott several times. people are saying, we have a huge emergency here. make an exception. listen. >> what i had suggested doing was putting fema trailers in my backyard but because of the mayor, we can't do that. we can't help our neighbors because he won't let us. >> reporter: that's something these cordova neighbors were
1:50 pm
trying to change. some were in tears. >> if you don't want to listen, get out. >> you get out. >> reporter: but when asked about how much buying a home within the city costs -- >> the cheapest one i found is $105,000. >> exactly. >> you might have your sights set too high. >> reporter: many, like danny banks, said since the storm destroyed his home, he has no place to go. >> i've been here all my life. >> he didn't want to leave cordova so he pitched a tent in his front yard. >> it's tough out here. having to sleep on the ground, it's rough having to sleep on the ground. but i am not leaving my property until i get me something to live in. >> reporter: and others say they simply want to stay in their home town until they can rebuild. but if the city doesn't budge on the ordinance passed in the 1950s, they will have to find
1:51 pm
rental space in another town. >> we are being forced to move out because of this law and we want to do something about it. >> this is not have the etavia. this is cordova. we are being called trailer park trash. >> reporter: the mayor says he wants to make it clear, he's not trying to keep people from having a place to stay but rather follow the city codes. >> why should i destroy a zoning ordinance for -- >> that report was from our affiliate wbma. they are also reporting that the cordova police department set up a trailer to pay the water bills and a bank has been allowed to install a trailer as well. wbma sought an explanation from the mayor and when they called the mayor, he hung up. amid all of the tragedy and destruction from all of these storms and tornadoes which have clearly swept across the
1:52 pm
country, trending now, a survivor's tale, about a puppy dog. this is mason. he loves his family. look at that tail. in april his family's home was destroyed after tornadoes blew it off its foundation. now, mason had been hiding out in the garage. it was leveled. the family was forced to get out of there and seek shelter somewhere else. they figured they would never see this little guy again. but they were wrong. cue the kleenex. nearly three weeks after the tornado, look at him, the family returned to sift through the debris, looked for their belongs and guess who was sitting on their front porch? this guy. he was dirty, matted, and you saw him walking -- look at him now. two broken front legs, all indications he had been through a horrific ordeal, poor guy. but somehow mason managed to crawl back home from wherever he
1:53 pm
was taken by that tornado. the vet had to install metals. >> we have him on pain meds and antibiotics. so far, so good. hopefully everything will heal like it is supposed to. >> mason will have to stay with the vet for a little while longer and then he will be reunited with the family that he crawled through that tornado wreckage with broken front legs just to come back and see. amazing. it was not too long ago that i was supporting a band-aid on my nose on tv. perhaps we all remember that. my entire team, as lovely as they are, supported what i call sympathy band-aids and i talked to you about it. i had the lowest form of skin cancer, right there, boom, on my nose. but did you know that skin cancer is the most preventible form of cancer? skin cancer. so we're heading into a holiday weekend, maybe you have plans for the pool, the beach, take it from me, watch this. >> reporter: national sun safety
1:54 pm
day, also known as don't friday is a campaign by the epa and skin cancer awareness. now in its third day, don't fri day, it's about skin protection in the sun. >> our hope in holding it on the friday before memorial day really has been to peg to the expectation in most american families that that is the gateway to summer. as of now, one in five americans is expected to be diagnosed with skin cancer over a lifetime. so epa and the national council are asking folks to remember to slip, slop, and wrap. first, slip on protective clothing. secondly, wear sunscreen. next, slap on a hat. finally, wrap on some sunglasses. >> reporter: dermatologists say sunscreen is key. >> the first thing they look for a large number.
1:55 pm
we believe 30 or higher is important. the second thing is, they need to have a broad spectrum. that is uva and uvb coverage. there is political outrage today, one that our forefathers probably would have never imagined with their feathers and paper. way back in 1776, do you think they would believe a president can sign a document with a robotic instrument from france? but alas they can and joe johns, pen in hand, will explain why. we'll be right back.
1:56 pm
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1:58 pm
call this toll-free number now. one problem, president obama, been overseas and the bill we all know requires his signature. joe johns is going to explain that you don't actually have to have a president literally signing a bill for it to become law. >> no. you can use an auto pen t sounds like robo cop. >> yeah. >> what is this thing? >> it's a device. i think we have a picture of it. it's something that has been around in politics in washington, d.c., for the better part of 70 years. it signs a person's name with that person's authorization and it's because that person cannot sign the document we're talking about. this was the situation where the administration had a national security bill, the patriot act,
1:59 pm
provisions of which were expiring. they basically said, this is one thing where we just had to get it done. >> so all of those christmas wards that you were getting from the president, it was probably auto pen? >> got to be. >> this is not something that our founding fathers back in 1776, with their perfect parchment paper -- >> one of the great moments in american history memorializes a an image that we all know and love of the forefathers signing a document. >> so is this okay? how is this sitting with people? >> a lot of people don't care at all and say no big deal. but some others say, look, the united states president should look at the document and sign it. and in fact, tom gray of georgia, the city that we're sitting in right now, has a letter written to the president of the united states saying, i don't know about this, not so much this situation but any number of circumstances which could arise in the future where the public could question whether or not the president authorized the use of an auto


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