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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 28, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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it was always about puppy love for me. >> a new side of you that we're learning. >> just a tender side i hide. i loved it. thank you. >> same here. >> good luck tonight with your show here. i hope you rock and roll here for years. i can't think of a better place. >> thank you. nice to have you here in vegas. >> such a pleasure. it is. thank you. the top stories now on cnn, a suicide bombing in northern afghanistan renewing concern about that country's security when u.s. troops eventually withdraw. taliban militants said the bomber infiltrated a high level nato meeting with afghan officials, a german commander of nato force in the region was injured. he'll survive. seven people were killed including an influential afghan police chief and two nato soldiers. former honduran president got a
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welcome home from thousands of supporters. returning to his homeland two years average being ousted in a coup. he urged supporters to pursue peaceful democratic change. he had been in exile in the dominican republic, but reached a deal with the honduran government which allowed him to return. out with the food pyramid. in with the dinner plate. that's the brand new icon of healthy eating that the agriculture department will unveil this coming thursday. what's prompting the makeover and what does it mean? we'll tell you about that ahead in this newscast. a quick sports note. barcelona defeated manchester united 3-1 to capture the biggest prize at london's wembley stadium. regardless of what you call it it's a huge within victory for
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barcelona. just hours from now president obama will be on the ground in joplin, missouri. his first look at what's left of that devastated city. 142 people lost their lives in last sunday's terrible tornado, another 100 are still missing imissing. among kids destruction people are starting to rebuild. >> reporter: it's difficult to find signs of hope among so much signs of death and destruction but one man is starting to rebuild his wife's business. >> this is america and we're growing build. >> reporter: four days after a historic tornado demolished much of joplin, missouri. this contractor started construction on the first new building to emerge. >> at some point we have to stop scratching our heads and standing and steering at the rubble and roll up our sleeves and get things back to some sort of normalcy. >> reporter: he's rebuilding his wife's beauty salon which i
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built 17 years ago. on tuesday he discussed the idea with shocked city officials, on wednesday they gave him the okay to start and on thursday construction began. sfwheef had an enormous outpouring of generosity and help to get prepared to get back to this point. the city has been great. joplin has allowed us a permit in record time. >> reporter: there's no electricity in this part of joplin. the sub station remains in ruins. a generator powers the tool. >> time to roll up our sleeves and do what we can do to move won our lives. >> reporter: passers by continue to stop to offer encouragement and support. >> had two police officers who stopped by and said we want to shake your hand. the first glimmer of hope we've seen towards the town rebuilding. >> reporter: four nearby homes are in ruins. already he has six projects waiting to be rebuilt. >> my heart goes out to everybody that lost loved ones.
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i hate for it to come to something like this to bring business to the area. i believe everyone will surprise everyone in the country with the rate that we can come back. >> reporter: after so much tragedy and so much devastation, collins takes solace in the cross that remains standing in the rubble of st. mary's church across the street and the support he's received from his community snipe thank god live in such a place. >> reporter: all those pictures were shot thursday a the day he began construction. we went by the site again today and shot new pictures of just how far he's come. already got a roof on that structure. he hopes to be back in business in 45 days. drew? >> i want to show you these image from our ireporters in joplin, missouri. brian smith shot these. here's what he wrote. it was very surreal, almost as if a bomb had exploded and destroyed everything. neighbors looking out for each other and some had taken shelter
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with each other from monday's storms and what was left of their storms. residents seemed confused and eager for any information that i had. in atlanta today a routine flight turned scary for people on board a delta flight out of pittsburgh. a flight with more than 40 passengers and five crew members on board caught fire shortly after landing at hartsfield jackson international airport. the airline says nobody hurt. george howell from our affiliate talked with one of the passengers on board. >> reporter: emergency crews responded to delta flight 2284 from pittsburgh after officials say the brakes overheated on the taxi way causing the fire. >> thought we needed to get off the plane and they kept telling us they were assessing the situation. >> reporter: kathleen harrison was one of 43 passengers on board. >> the pilot was able to control the plane. then there was a burning smell in the right side of the plane
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catching on fire. >> reporter: she said it was a bumpy langd. passengers were evacuated on the taxi way and bussed to the terminal. investigators say the plane will be taken to be examined. >> i'm lucky. i had my stuff with me. i'm going home. people were flying paris and other places and it's a long time before they get their luggage. the national safety board investigation. >> the fda is unveiling a new food pyramid to help consumers with their health. take a look at this. snow? on memorial day weekend? almost june, folks. we'll tell you where it is and why it's part of a whacky weather system. first, those a quick note for some of our troops overseas this memorial day weekend. >> this is staff sagt amanda ford in baghdad, iraq. i want to give a shout out to my husband located in fort bragg, north carolina and thank you to those who are serving in the military and words cannot
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. an evacuation order has been lifted tonight for people living near chemical plant in north carolina after the plant steamed explode this afternoon. take a look at this huge fireball erupting from the chemical coatings plant in hudson, 70 miles northwest charlotte. it prompted an evacuation of
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homes and businesses within two miles. kay johnson is at the scene right now joining us by phone. kay, is the danger over? >> it is. that is the case. the evacuation has been lifted. air quality around the area has checked out. roads are also -- they were closed earlier, also being opened back up. this fire was really contained to the storage portion of the plant. i'm told by the fire chief that this could have bean whole lot worse because of the chemicals that they were dealing with here at this plant. >> i assume nobody has been hurt. do they know why it started? >> that is also under investigation. no one was hurt. the plant was not operating at the time. but, two firefighters did have to be treated for heat related illnesses. >> ok, thank you so much. that was kay johnson. a lot of us grew up with the food pyramid as a guide post.
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it's getting a radical makeover. let's find out from elizabeth cohen who joins us by phone. >> reporter: drew, there's been a lot of complaints about the food pyramid so now the federal government is coming up with a new icon, and we're told by the usda that it is a plate, like a dinner plate. we presume it will be divided into sections that will show you how much the different types of food you should be eating. >> what was wrong with the pyramid? >> reporter: it's not considered a great public health success. you don't look at it and think oh, i get it, now i know how to eat right. it was confusing and divided into a lot of intricate sections. and the stuff you weren't supposed to eat so much of was at the top of the pyramid. >> what is the next step? they are supposed to roll this out and who do they roll it out to? >> reporter: they roll it out to
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the american public later this week and replace the food pyramid in the same way the food pyramid replaced the four good groups that many of us grew up with. >> this thing has been around. i don't think i ever made a meal or food decision based on a food pyramid. what is this for? >> reporter: drew, the cynicism i hear in your voice, i think it is warranted. people are saying -- i've heard people say what does it matter what the federal government does. the epidemic of obesity is an icon, will the design make a difference. the hope is if you can look at this plate and if you can see oh, i'm supposed to be eating more fruits and vegetables. or if you can be reminded of it, it will help especially with school children opinion that's what they use the pyramid is with school children. my children have brought home food pyramids that they colored over the years. i don't know that they understood what that food
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pyramid was trying to tell them. hopefully it will be different with the plate. >> i think it has something to do with an egyptian burial tomb. anyway, elizabeth cohen, senior medical correspondent on this breaking news coming from the fda and the agriculture department. they will replace the food pyramid with a plate. thanks so much. even though this weekend kicks off the summer travel season in the mountain west record amount of snow means no camping, no hiking, no driving. this is yellow stone. word like epic and monster being used to describe the snow pack that's covering the mountains in almost every western state, the red on this map shows where the snow records are being broken. we're going to get to that. people trying to get to national parks or tetons, parts of yosemite are finding roadsing blocked by june. it's almost june. memorial day weekend kicking off summer vacation plans. parts of the country still covered in snow.
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i can't believe it, bonnie schneider. i flew over the mountains this week and the snow pack is incredible. >> it is. right now looking at our google earth i imposed the snow pack and it covers nine states right now. some of it very heavy. also added yellow stone national park and yosemite to show you those areas are covered with snow. particularly yellow stone, roads closed. and down at yosemite and sierra nevada, what's happening there's some snow melt and causing those waterfalls to rush at higher volume of water than they normally do. makes for a pretty picture but treacherous for campers. the temperatures this spring season have been colder than normal. we've seen the cold air plunge further south and linger longer than it would normally do this time the year. normally it's more mild. unfortunately with this set up we have a brand new storm system working its way across the
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mountain west. this is important to note for the holiday weekend for those traveling. look for five inches of snow in the higher elevations in the sierra nevada all the way down into california. you can see heavy snow. these advisories in place and go through tomorrow. however, as we head further off eastward, look what's happening. not only are we looking at wintry weather in terms of snowfall accumulation, five to nine inches in the mountains, three to six in the valley. in utah very strong within that will blow the snow around, northwest winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusts higher than that. that will make travel more treacherous and limit visibility. snow is great news for those looking for spring skiing, unfortunately getting there isn't going to be so easy. >> that's very true. thanks a lot. in libya, trauma workers fighting a war of the wounded. >> maybe 50 cases like this case. >> inside libya's war zone going
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there's been a series of blasts around the libyan capital of tripoli. nato continuing to carry out air strikes against moammar gadhafi's force. rebels are fighting the libyan military on the ground and the casualties are heavy. in misrata, we visited a hospital in hell. doctors battle death and often
7:19 pm
lose. we want to warn you some of the pictures you're about to see are very graphic. >> reporter: the doctors and nurses at misrata's hospital have seen too many days like this. the ward is crowd with the wound. doctors struggling to piece back together bodies torn apart by bomb, bullets and rockets on the front lines. this doctor has just removed what was left of 25-year-old muhammed's left eye, pierced by shrapnel. >> how many operations have you done in the last three months. >> in the last three months maybe 50 cases like this case. >> reporter: he has multiple wounds. a fractured femur and severe facial injuries. part of his jaw is gone. the doctor says he was taking a break for lunch when a rocket landed nearby.
7:20 pm
>> he needs a plastic surgeon. >> reporter: do you have a plastic surgeon? >> lost skin, bone and muscles. >> reporter: do you have a plastic surgeon here? no. on this day this hospital received nine dead so far treated more than 40 wounded. from the front lines. and as bad as that might seem it is by no means this hospital's worst day. when the fighting in misrata was at its worse the wards were crammed, the wounded were treated in the hall weighs, even the parking lot. opposition fighter is breathing his last breaths. he has massive abdominal injuries from a mortar wound. the doctor who operated on him asked us to obscure his face because he has relatives in tripoli. >> i don't think he's going make it. unfortunately we've done everything for him. but this is -- his heart rate is about 25. actually zero now as you see it
7:21 pm
now. and medically in this place they don't want to stop the ventilator until he's completely flat lined and no heart rate. as long as there's a heart beating they will continue. but the chance for this gentleman to make it is almost zero. >> reporter: shortly afterwards the line goes flat. nurses detach his body from the life support equipment and cover his face. president obama arrived back at the white house tonight wrapping up a six day trip to europe. he ended in poland where memories of the old soviet union are still strong. here's our white house correspondent ed henry from warsaw. >> reporter: on this final stop in poland the u.s. president has really hit two big themes, the first trying to reassure the polish people that america will thereabout to defend it. there's a lot of mistrust here in poland about the intentions of russia, the former soviet
7:22 pm
bloc nation, concerned about blocking that missile defense shield for this region. maybe that russia has bad intention. the president trying to reassure poland saying basically there's no such thing as a new member of nato they are all treated alike and the united states and allies will froush land's defense no matter what. the other big theme. in front at the g-8 summit where he says he sees sim later, parallels between the arab spring playing out right now in the middle east and north africa, and what happened here in central and eastern europe after the crumbling of the berlin wall, the fall of the soviet union, the struggle, the transition to democracy. there may be some lessons learned from the past that could be pivotal now in the middle east and north africa. the president made an passionate plea to the american people.
7:23 pm
>> even at a time where we have fiscal restraints and i spend most of my day thinking about our economy at any point american people to say we got to leave room for to us continue our tradition of providing leadership when it comes to freedom, democracy, human rights. >> after returning to the white house saturday night it's right back to work for the president on sunday. he's heading to missouri to attend a memorial service and try to comfort some of the people devastated by those tornadoes in joplin. etd henry, cnn, warsaw. there was some emotional testimony in the casey anthony murder trial this week. "in session" legal analyst sonny hostin will tell us about it. that's next. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call
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>> you can never bring caylee back for casey. but you can help end this nightmare. by sending her home. i'll ask you all individually and collectively to render a verdict of not guilty. that is casey anthony's -- that is casey anthony's defense attorney addressing jurors in the florida courtroom this week. casey anthony is accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee back in 2008. her mother and her ex-boyfriend testified today. the defense team has launch ad
7:27 pm
stunning defense strategy that includes allegations of incest in the family, fear and accidental drowning of a little girl. i got some reaction from sonny hostin contributor to "in session" on our sister network, trutv. >> i think, drew, over these past couple of years than case has been in the media the past couple of years, we all wondered how do you defend a case like this? given the fact that this young mother didn't report her little girl missing for 31 days. how do you defend that? well, now we know you defend it by saying she's the victim of incest. the victim of childhood sexual abuse, child abuse changes you and that is why she acted this way. this defense has really pointed the finger at george anthony, the case has become all about george anthony. he's been on the stand not once not twice but three times already and it's the first week. that has been just unbelievable for me.
7:28 pm
but let's face it, drew, this is a circumstantial case. there's not one witness that's going to testify to the fact that they saw casey anthony murder her child. not one witness is going to testify that they saw casey anthony put little caylee into a trunk of a car. and so interestingly enough while the defense is a stretch, the prosecution's story doesn't make a lot of sense either. so, first week, we've got at least probably seven to eight weeks left of this trial. we'll see what happens. >> it's really got a lot of twist and turns. we'll, of course, continue follow that. it's been wow from the start. let's talk about a case that we'll probably not going learn about a lot and that's this mega church bishop eddie long. a couple of guys come out and accuse him of wining and dining and bribing them for sex. now we learn that everything has gone away, everything has settled and we're all supposed
7:29 pm
to what, ignore that anything went on? >> isn't that interesting? i mean both sides issued statements this case has been resolved. what does that tell me? that tells me that perhaps part of the settlement deal was that no one could say anything. so will we learn what could have happened? what really happened? i don't think so. this case is resolved. it's done. we're not going hear anything else about it. >> sonny, i want to ask you one more case, really and this is amanda knox, the american college student convicted of murder over in italy, she is appealing her case. says she didn't do it. the italian legal system seems to be going through this appeal where a lot of holes in the original prosecution are appearing and italian lawmakers are coming to amanda knox's defense. saying perhaps we need to open an investigation on the prosecutor over there. where does this case stand now, and is it likely any kind of
7:30 pm
italian political involvement could spring amanda knox? >> i think so. i think it is extremely significant that policymakers are saying this doesn't smell right. there's something wrong. we need to investigate this. we know that she's, her trial is now on appeal and in italy that's almost like getting a trial and what we're hearing from italy is that there were experts that found that the evidence wasn't credible and so, you know, i wonder then, that part of it, the appeal finding that perhaps the evidence isn't credible and up have lawmakers also saying we don't like the way this investigation was done. that is going to certainly put the pressure on the appellate court, on the italian judicial system and we may see amanda knox coming home. >> sonny hostin joins us here on cnn every week at this time to discuss the legal issues. you can watch her weak days during "in session" on trutv.
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there's been another attack on nato forces. the taliban taking credit. that report next.
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what's this option? that's new. personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke.
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some of the top stories tonight taliban militants say they deliberately target ad high level meeting between nato and afghan officials in northern
7:34 pm
afghanistan today. seven people there were killed, nine others hurt when a suicide bomber blew himself up. among the injured the head of nato's northern afghanistan command. he is said to be in stable condition. a scary landing for passengers aboard a delta airlines flight. pittsburgh to atlanta was the route. the flight 2284. more than 40 passengers, five crew on board caught fire shortly after touching down at hartsfield jackson international airport here in atlanta. fire crews called and doused the plane. the passengers had to be evacuated. on to the taxiway using the large slides. delta said no reports anyone was hurt. just in time for your memorial day road trip gas prices falling throughout the country. the national average now at 3.81 a gallon, down from 3.99 just a couple of weeks ago. stale lot more than what we paid for last year, about a dollar higher. rare images of one of hollywood's sexiest woman,
7:35 pm
marilyn monroe. only a handful of people have seen them. you will see them next.
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7:37 pm
>> isn't this delicious? that's the image most of us have of marilyn monroe, "the
7:38 pm
seven year itch." we're getting a look at never before seen photos before she was hollywood's sex pot. and how these tos were discovered. it's amazing. we get it from our entertainment reporter alan duke. tell us the story. >> reporter: it's one of those interesting mysteries of some photographs taken 60 years ago. i've broken a couple of stories in the past few months about these kind of photo finds and one begats another. i met with a person at a gallery. we taped the conversation. you'll hear his explanation of what happened. >> in 1980 i was a fledgling photographer but also collecting toys. so every thursday, friday, saturday i would go out and hit all the garage sales in my area in new jersey.
7:39 pm
i found an envelope with negatives. didn't know what they were but i realized they were old. they were two and a quarter by two and a quarter. you couldn't see what they were. but being a photographer i said what ethic, i think i paid $1, $2 for the package. i took it home. put them on the light board with a loop and -- >> needless to say these are marilyn monroe. that was my greatest garage sale discovery ever. >> these photos of this iconic face before it was an icon, let's bring david in. you brought these to him just this week. david, what did you think when you saw these? >> i know they were taken here in los angeles. and that we can really come across from the backgrounds that we see in the photos. hollywood hills, hollywood 1950s
7:40 pm
architecture. we know marilyn monroe was here working and photographed by bernard of hollywood. she was working here. this is somewhere around 1950. so, i've looked for early photographs, early shots, test shots, magazine shots, books and haven't been able to find anything yet. so the mystery we're just beginning to unravel. >> reporter: as we unravel it and perhaps somebody will see these on cnn and let's say my uncle earl took these pictures and they want to claim these pictures what's going to happen? >> that's kind much what we're trying to figure out. we don't -- there's way more questions than there are ans at this point. so, we don't know where this is going to lead. >> reporter: should be fun as we do research. and where these photos were taken, who took them, why they ended up at the garage sale. maybe we'll report back and let you know what we find out but
7:41 pm
certainly they are a refreshing different look at marilyn monroe just as she was on the start of her fame. >> i'm looking at the big screen over here, alan, because i'm looking more at the house than at her because if that house still exists certainly somebody is going to know it just from hey that's my house, my neighbor's house. odds are the house may still exist. >> reporter: we have some theories and a lot of calls are out. we'll find out whose house that was. that was 1950 just before asphalt jungle and "all about eve" when she was an unknown actress model. >> great story. a movement known as slut walk is going global. it's latest stopping point is australia. women are posting on facebook urging others to join them in these slut walks to demand the right wear what they want. why? it all started in canada last month in response to a police officer who said women should quote avoid dressing like sluts
7:42 pm
in order not to be victimized. a march was planned in melbourne for today and then sidney and brisbane. coffee lovers in cuba are getting an unwelcomed jolt. a cup of joe is becoming harder and harder to find. we explain why from havana. >> reporter: cuban coffee. these days a little more bitter with less of a jolt. that's because beginning this month the coffee ration card is mixed with roasted peas a combination that cubans thought they left behind in 2005. the soaring cost of imports made the government change their mine. some like this guard welcomed the change. the first time i had coffee it was mixed with peas he says. i liked it and i'll keep on liking it. most cubans are not nearly as complacent.
7:43 pm
undeniably the mixed coffee is inferior quality. you don't have to be a scientist to know that. the quality just isn't the same for those who like to drink good pure coffee says another woman. in fact the new mixture is only 50% java. the rest roasted peas. president castro said the government wouldn't pay to subsidize cuban's demand for imported coffee. and while coffee is up 69% peas have only risen 30%. the new four ounce bag is just four pesos. but so many cubans have to mix it with expensive coffee from the supermarket. on its own it plugs up the coffee maker she says. or it just comes out tasteless. button lie way to know for sure is to try it four self. i'll cook up a mocha pot here. this is what most cubans use to
7:44 pm
make their coffee. i've been told i have to be careful and that's because peas expand lot faster and a lot more than coffee and these can explode. now for the real test. definitely very bitter. cafes and restaurants still serve the pure coffee but the kashian island once a net exporter of the beans now imports more than half of its annual consumption. shasta darlington, cnn, havana. in addition memorial day weekend we're remembering which dose. one young woman who became an widow at 21 built a sisterhood for those like hers. first another shout out from one of our soldiers overseas. this is sergeant fraser,
7:45 pm
currently serving in baghdad, iraq. i want to wish everyone a happy memorial day. give a shout out to jeff gordon. hope you take it this weekend. god bless. ♪
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on this memorial day weekend americans remember our fallen heroes but for thousands of which dose across this one every day is their memorial day. taryn davis lost her husband at the age of 21. she's determined to turn grief into triumph and survival. >> my husband was killed in baghdad, iraq. even four years later people still don't really know how to react when you say hi, i'm taryn and i'm a widow. after the funeral i felt ostracized. everybody wrote off my grief due
7:49 pm
to my young age. i wanted to talk about it with other which dose. they won't tell me i'm grieving wrong. i just wanted to create what i was searching for and hope there were others that cocom and build it me too. i'm taryn davis and i invite a new generation of military which dose to share their love, sacrifice and survival. >> they step outside of that comfort zone. >> his impact will continue to affect us all for the rest of our lives. >> there are moments where they can all reflect. followed by that time where they feel like they are living life to the fullest. >> my little sister wrote taryn. she didn't know how to get me through the loss and so she wanted me to fine other sisters. from my first convenient i went from feeling completely alone to not any more. >> up see the world a different
7:50 pm
way. we see our which dose a different way. military which dose have given me life again. >> they teach me so much and show me how far i've come and to know one day another widow will come along and they will be the one that's changing that widow's life. that's pretty amazing. taryn's organization has connected nearly 800 widows through herrion line community and retreats. no nomina to nominate somebody tell us about them. two years ago air france flight 447 crashed in the atlantic ocean killing all 228 people on board. it was a bigamistry until now. a new report is out shedding light on why the plane went down. our richard quest has stein report and is breaking it down for us. >> reporter: the findings are fact from the french investigators have told us an enormous amount about the last terrifying moment of flight 447
7:51 pm
ever since the speed sensors failed, the auto pilot disengaged, the auto throttlesing clicked out and the entire aircraft then went into an emergency situation. we know that pilots were aware of what was happening. what's not clear is why one of the pilots or the pilot flight brought the nose up because that seemed to be contrary to everything pilots ever taut. having recovered from this initial or at least stabilized aircraft they called the captain back from his rest break. that's the first thing you would do. than second stall, more serious actually does take hold of the plane. and by that once again for some reason, maybe they didn't understand the severity of the situation or the attitude of the aircraft but all the indications from the data show the pilot pulled back on the side stick
7:52 pm
and the nose came up. in fact as did it so the angle of attack to the wing reached 40 degrees, the pitch attitude 16 degrees, the horizontal stabilizer stayed at 13 degrees. this plane was almost in takeoff configuration of direction when, of course, it should have been going pointing down to try to build up speed to defeat the storm. they never managed to do that and the plane continued to fall out of the sky. in fact, it fell at a horrifying 10, 11,000 feet a minute which is just about unimaginable for what the passengers on board were suffering until it finally hit the water. the numbers and the results and what we've heard so far will all be analyzed and compiled into the final report in some month's time. we know a lot more about what happened. but it will be up to the final report, we may never know why
7:53 pm
the cockpit crew continued to keep the nose up when every pilot from cessna to jumbo jets understands and is taught that when the plane stalls you have to lose height to gain speed to save the aircraft. richard quest, cnn, london. here in this country the fda unveiling a new food pyramid to help consumers with their health. and a new sport that uses a kite from pells surfers across the water. it's catching on big. we'll show you how this works. r. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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at yoplait dot com. a decades old icon that a lot of us grew up with getting a dramatic makeover. the agriculture department is trading in the food pyramid for a food plate. move is aimed at making it easier for americans to make healthier eating choices. many nutritionists said the food pyramid was too confusing. the evacuation order lifted tonight for people living near chemical plant interesting north carolina. a huge fireball erupted from the chemical coating plant in hudson, 70 miles northwest of charlotte. it prompted an evacuation of homes and businesses within two miles of the plant. authorities say it shut down a highway as well. the fire is out. a scary landing for passengers aboard a delta
7:57 pm
airlinesing flight from pittsburgh to atlanta. more than 40 passengers and crew members of five on board. it caught fire shortly after landing in atlanta. fire crews were called, the plane doused. the passengers evacuated through the emergency slides. delta says no reports of injuries. the human rights group amnesty international is celebrating its 50th anniversary. that group was founded bay british lawyer who wrote an article defending two students in portugal who had been jailed for raising their glasses ina toast to freedom. in he in they arelands the drug tours may be out. the infamous coffee houses in amsterdam and other cities well known as purviewors of legal marijuana, the dutch government wants them off limits to tourists. part of a campaign to curb drug use and crime.
7:58 pm
under the new policy even dutch citizens could have their access severely restricted. forget wind surfing. reach higher. try kite boarding a rapidly growing sport that use as kite to propel surfing across the water. >> we're here in cocoa beach. we teach people how to kite board. we get a lot of professionals, doctors, lawyers. most we get is pilots and engineers. sailing and flying pilots in touch with that. >> we're pumping up the kites and we will set the lines on to
7:59 pm
the kite. how it works is push and pull. what i'll do is i'll turn and push with my outside and pull with the other and that's what directs the kite and makes the kite steer left and right. when i pull in on the bar it creates more power and pull me. when i release the bar it depowers the kite. >> we get a lot of exercise. you burn a lot of good calories. keeps you young. you got to carry all your kite gear out. carry your boards. then you got to battle the ocean. it's a lot of fun. if you're not in shape it will get you in shape. >> full body workout. your legs. core. shoulders. arms.


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