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tv   World One  CNN  May 31, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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fifa's president says there is no crisis. >> defiance con founds his critics, but leaves sponsors worried. >> it's noon in damascus. >> you're watching "world one" live from london. also ahead, they look good
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enough to eat, but you could be taking your life into your hands. why the humble could yucumber i the menu in many european countries. >> and some doctors in libya find themselves just a heartbeat away from being killed. and an amazing sight. not one, not two, but three waterspouts taking a spin off the coast of australia. >> if you believe fifa president sepp blatter, it's business as usual. the fobay is gathering in zurich. it will hold a leadership vote. b blatter is now the lone candidate. his only challenger is out in the cold pending investigations. he says he doesn't accept the decision. jack warner is also angry and
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also suspended. things could get worse for fifa. two of its biggest sponsors have said they have their concerns. a spokesman for coca-cola says the local affair is, quote, distressing and sports wear maker acknowledged it wasn't good for football. then that's australia which is still furious about losing the world cup to qatar. the state denies suggestions it bought the tournament, but the aussies want their bid money back. >> when blatter faced the media, he refused fifa had a crisis saying it was strong enough to sort out its own problems. >> if somebody wants to change something in the election or in the congress, the members of fifa, this cannot be done by the executive committee, cannot be
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done by any authorities outside of fifa. it's only the congress itself that can do it. it can do it with three-quarters of majority and changing the agenda at the beginning of the congress. >> we want to get more from their headquarters in zurich. pedro, he said it can only be solved within the fifa family. it sounds like a did it is functional family and now the big problem that cannot be ignored is the sponsors. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. and i think that can be the only angle which will worry football'sed world governing body is if the sponsors start turning up the heat on sepp blatter to sully introduce some reforms and make changes at the top. you mentioned the names of two top tier sponsors, coca-cola and
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avivas and i'd like to give you who are details on that by sharing the statements that they made available to us earlier today. coca-cola said the current allegations being raised are distressing and bad for the sport. we have every expectation that fifa will resolve the situation in an expedient manner. so no threats that, but there is a message that they expect to see a resolution. adidas, the sports manufacturer which of course has been associated with fifa for many years now, they had this to say, adidas enjoys a long term, close and successful partnership with fifa that we are looking to continue. the negative tenor is neither good for football nor for fifa and its partners. and i honestly don't think fifa minds too much when it's getting
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heat from the press even from the fans, but when the sponsors that bring hundreds of millions of dollars to the game start taking notice, i think they start to realize that something has to be done. >> i guess the difficulty is when you have a president that is perhaps not taking it -- or seemingly not taking the situation as seriously as he should, it begs the question then who is above him that could i guess take the direction away from him. >> reporter: i can tell you for example that the government in the united kingdom said that they wanted to find a way to regular hate what happens at fifa and they said there should be some kind of involvement from either their government or someone else's government to try to clean up the body. but that's simply not possible because they have no jurisdiction. fifa if they are going to
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introduce any kind of reform, they have to do it themselves. this is where the ethics xliltity plays an important role. one of the australian members of this committee that recently suspended bin hammam and jack warner said needs reforms and that message has to become more stern because that is a group of people that have a direct line of communication with sepp blatter. i think a lot of journalists don't believe that sepp blatter has anything to do with corruption. what they would like to see is for him to take a stand against all the allegations and say that he's truly worried and see him make direct reforms and changes he would like to make. what really upset most journalists on monday was that he had a jovial tone even as far as making some jokes about questions that were asked. and we got the impression he wasn't taking it seriously. >> pedo, thank you.
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let's see what newspapers around the world are saying. the herald has this headline. it says at last fifa is under scrutiny sad tloi almost no effect it appears. and from the united arab emirates, fifa is beyond hope and repair. it says blattel himself is accused, his ethics committee is the emptiest of gestures, but fifa has been a moral quagmire for decades. and the australian, caught offside, but no red card. with the house in serious danger of collapsing, only those looking this fully appreciate the staggers extent of sham that is fifa. loads of different views. read all those articles in full
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at 1 cnn. two large explosions rocked tripoli overnight. state tv in libya says the blasts were caused by may toe missiles striking civilian and military targets. the latest attacks come amid a political and military deadlock. the african union is not pressing libya leader moammar gadhafi to step down, which is the opposition's key demand. that hardly comes as a surprise that really nothing has come out of the meeting there. >> reporter: there has been a lot of speculation that perhaps zuma given his long relationship with gadhafi might be able to convince him of a soft landing. but that hasn't been delivered. and in fact we haven't had that much from president zuma since he left.
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we're hearing from the broadcaster, however, that president zuma could not convince colonel gadhafi to step down. indeed what is on the table is no different than what was put to the rebels back in april, a cease-fire and gadhafi overseeing both political reforms and political dialogue. so it's no surprise that the rebels foreign minister has rejected that. and in fact announced that they will be making a push for the capital very soon. >> in terms what have kind of support now that gadhafi has within his own camp, what more can you tell us about the defections that are happening? >> reporter: we saw yesterday a press conversation given by eight libyan generals who said they had defected and were sending an open letter saying they could no longer tolerate in their words colonel gadhafi's actions towards his own people and in fact said that they
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believe that the regime's military capability was much reduced and that victory was near, but the reality is that we're not really seeing that on the ground. there is still very much a territorial stalemate here and this is with nato cover. the reality does seem to be that gadhafi's forces everyone at a much reduced level are still far superior to the fighting capacity of the rebels. >> all right, thank you. you're watching wo"world one." authorities across europe tried to stop infected food from getting on to the market. >> we'll look at what causes the e. coli virus and get the latest update. plus a doctor's december spare as fighting continues in libya. >> no water supply, nothing, we have nothing in this area. >> we take you to a hospital on the opposition front line where
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♪ here are our top stories. fifa officials are meeting in zurich preparing to vote for the leadership of the governing body. blatter is unopposed. he insists there is no crisis, although a fifa committee has sus intended two on suspicions of corruption. state tv says two large explosions were heard within five minutes of each other early tuesday morning in tripoli. a libyan official says one hit a military site.
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egerman authorities say infection was probably caused by contaminated tomato, cucumbers and lettuce. we go to berlin with more on this. fred, how widespread is this? >> reporter: certainly is widespread especially in the northern part of germany. i have brand new numbers for you, as well, and 14 people have apparently now been killed by this disease and the interesting thing is that for the first time two people have actually died outside of the region of northern germany, both people died in the western part of determi germany. so it does appear that the e. coli outbreak seems to be spreading. the german government is on the plan. they had a crisis meeting last night to see how they would be able to come to terms with this and the two very disturbing things that came out of this meeting is that they've not yet
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identified where this e. coli outbreak comes from, although some believe it might be from spanish tomatoes and cucumbers that were up imported. so they don't know where it comes from and they also believe that this e. coli bacteria is still very much active and, therefore, there will be new infections with all of this. and one of the things that hospital staff have been telling us is they say that they do have a lot of new cases with this e. coli infection, a lot of serious cases where the kidneys of those infected have been threatened by the disease. they say there is a shortage of dialysis machines and in many cases people are suffering very bad things to their health because of this e. coli outbreak and again the germans are saying this is still a long way from being over. >> when you talk to people there on the streets, what do they tell you, are they scared?
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>> reporter: people are saying that they're following the guideline has have been put out by the german health ministry to not eat any raw lettuce, tomatoes, as well as cucumbers, but on the whole of course people aren't buying these products either and that's becoming a huge issue. the farmers are saying that their sales are dropping a lot because of this. there is no numbers for this just yet because this is of course just a recent development, but certainly the farmers not only in germany but also spain are complaining that people are simply too scared to buy these products and that's certainly also what you hear when you speak to ordinary germans is that instead of just not eating these vegetables or cooking these vegetables, they're not buying them and it's having a big economic impact and people are afraid of this and of course are trying to be on the safe side. simply because they see how bad these outbreaks are and how bad the effects are on the health of the people who get this bacteria. >> thanks, fred. so what exactly is this
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bacteria? this is how the world health organization describes e. coli. it is a back about tear yum commonly found in the stomachs of humans and warm blooded animals. it emerged as a serious threat in 1982 during an outbreak in the united states. the 0157 strain can be life threatening especially for children and the elderly. so how is it spread? it's mainly a foodborne disease, but as we're seeing fruits and vegetables can carry the virus and they may have been contaminated by the feces of an infected animal. so what do you need to watch out for in terms of symptoms? britd continue's health protection agency says these are the signs to watch out for. diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever, perhaps even blood in the toilet. it says the symptoms take three to four days on average to show. what do you do if you have it? the health protection agency says there is no specific cure.
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it does recommend, however, drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. doctors at hamburg university medical center are responding to the latest e. coli cases. the medical director joins me now. tell us what the situation is like in the hospital today. >> we're pretty much in the epicenter of this epidemic. we have about 600 to 700 infected patients with the problem however is not so much the general infection, the problem is that about 20% to 30% of these develop a severe complication. those we're particularly worried about. we're currently taking care of about 85 of them, 20 children and 65 adults. these patients, these 20% to 30% who develop this complication, they go into renal failure and also develop neurologic symptoms
2:20 am
that are very is severe. >> what are people supposed to do, what's the best advice you can give? >> well, the german health ministry has warned or, rather, is advising not to consume fresh vegetables, particularly not fresh cucumbers, the lettuce and tomatoes. vegetables are safe as long as they're cooked at least 70 degrees celsius and then there is no danger, the bacteria would be killed. apparently these warnings are having some effect. we're seeing less primary infections. what is still increasing, however, is the number of the patients with this complication which are really worrying us the most. >> is spain where it began? there's a lot of debate about this right now. we're getting into the holiday season, many people will be traveling to spain. what do you think is the most important thing we should understand? >> it's very important not to have a panic reaction, to remain
2:21 am
calm. it's important to follow all the hygienic advice that is being given, frequent hand washing, disinfection, very rigorous washing of vegetables if they're to be consumed. with regard to the source, nobody really knows. we have here in hamburg the department of hygiene has identified the bacteria in cucumbers that it did originate apparently from spain. where along the food chain the contamination took place, no really knows. i think we can be sure that many, many people are working on this question, of course it is the central question that we are all concerned as we look at our patients. >> medical director at hamburg university medical center, thank you. you're watching "world one." >> no smoking. why new york city wants to stop people lighting up in times square. >> we'll have more on this new outdoor smoking ban next. and canada working holiday for britain's royal newlyweds.
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mere are some of the stories we're talking about today. we now when peter jackson will release his two movies and what they'll be called. first up is the hobbit, an
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unexpected journey. and then the second half is going to be the hobbit there and back again a year later. new york city has banned smoking out doors including on the beautiful and parks and pedestrian areas. the idea is to reduce litter. the american lung association says passive smoking kills almost 50,000 people in the u.s. every year. smokers are facing a $50 fine. and make it good in the land of the maple leaf. prince william and his new wife have a date with canada. they'll be kicking off a ten day tour of north america. they'll be in l.a. the last time the prince went to can in a today, i think he was
2:26 am
mobbed by teenage girls. that was in 1998. wonder if he's going to have the same effect this time around. you just missed him. >> i didn't plan my holiday well, did i. i should have conferred and said set something up. next time. >> too late. >> too late. hindsight. parts of europe may get thunderstorms soon. karen maginnis has all the details. >> and, yes, we're looking at some pretty good thunderstorms that have been rumbling across the eastern third of france extending towards switzerland, us a tree, a also into germany. there have been reports in the last 24 hours that as much as 40 millimeters of rainfall. so some brief but heavy downpours, also some lightning. and there is the possibility we could see an isolated tornado or two. it will be a fairly slow moving weather system that's going to try to progress further towards the east, but a lot of that
2:27 am
energy going more towards the north and towards the northeast. but in sharp contrast to that, take a look at these temperatures for wednesday. 30 expected in kiev, london a mixture of clouds and 21 for a high. where you see the darker green shaded area, that's where temperatures will be cooler thanks to cloud cover, rain showers and isolated strong to severe thunderstorms. across the south central united states, a fire danger has been very high. what we have seen across the panhandle of texas, take a look at this, in amarillo, they've been battling a blaze there, no reports of any injuries or fatalities, but there were 12 homes that were destroyed. they're saying the fires have been mostly contained by now, but they're saying this has been the worst fire season on record across the extraordinarily dry and windy state. back to you.
2:28 am
>> thanks, karen. you're watching "world one" live from london. defiant and dismissive, sepp blatter says fifa will investigate claims of corruption, but don't call it a crisis. as fighting continues in libya, the blood shed takes its toll. we follow a group of doctors at one libyan hospital as they treat the constant flow of war casualties. was an archer drawing his bow. ♪ could that have also inspired its 556 horsepower supercharged engine? ♪ the all-new cadillac cts-v coupe. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal.
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this is "world one" live from london. >> here are our top stories. fifa officials are meeting in
2:32 am
you're ri zurich getting ready to vote wednesday on the leadership. sepp blatter is standing unopposed in spite of all the corruption insisting there is no crisis. two top executives have been suspended on sus pipicion of corruption. the e. coli virus has killed 14 in germany and has made hundreds ill. german authorities say the infections were most likely caused by con testimony maestim tomatoes, cucumbers and let tuesday. between spanish cucumbers producers may be involved in the outbreak. in yemen, witnesses reported sounds of explosions and occasional gunfire early tuesday. this are also more reports of clashes where a hospital worker
2:33 am
says three died and 26 were injured early today. northern and southern sudan have signed an agreement to end the recent tensions over the disputed abyai border region, the agreement brokered by the african union establishes a demilitarized zone between northern and southern sue can. further negotiations will be held later in the work. southern sudan is due fishioffiy to become an independent nation in jewel. officials are meeting in zurich today. sepp blatter will be standing unopposed and he insists that they're not facing a crisis. that's even though a committee suspended two top executives including his only challenger. let's get more from fifa's headquarters in zurich. pedro, is this election really going to go ahead? doesn't it feel like a bit of a as far as, fiasco, if it does
2:34 am
given everything that's swirling? >> reporter: well, it really depends who you ask. if you ask fifa, they say there is no reason to postpone it because they'll resolve all the issues inside their own family. if you ask the world media, they have completely different opinion with all the allegations, suspensions hanging over fifa's house. no question that everybody believes the election should be postponed. the issue should be resolved. and then sepp blatter could run for a fourth term as president of football's world governing body. i wanted to reveal something we just heard over the last 30 minutes. it's a statement from the chairman of the english football association. he has urged other national associations to support postponing the election and of course they're not voting in wednesday's election as it stands. the congress which opens proceedings takes place at 5:00
2:35 am
p.m. local time today. that vote is supposed to go ahead tomorrow. >> is sepp blatter himself the problem here? i mean, does he have to go for fifa to get a fresh start? >> reporter: i think the main problem here is the executive committee. you have politicians essentially who have been part of this organization for decades. and in defense of sepp blatter, he has said that there are issues with the executive committee, but he is not the man who picks them, it's the individual confederations who vote for their representatives. and we have had certain men who have been there for too long and whoever you ask, the answer is always the same. they need to make a transition from being a politician-led
2:36 am
organization to a football-head organization. that is what i believe everyone would like to see. so this needs to be a call for reform and that is where sepp blatter comes in. he needs to take the lead on that. if he's not part of the problem, which is lot of people believe he isn't, he still needs to take a stand and make a direct call for change. >> pedo, thanks a lot. >> we want to take you back to a disturbing story we reported out of egypt. the treatment of female protesters detained during the anti-government uprising. more than a dozen women say they had been subjected to beatings and electric shocks and that they were forced to undergo so-called virginity tests. at the time the army denied the allegations, but not how. a senior egyptian general says the women were telling the truth after all. the reporter joins us from
2:37 am
cairo. it's a disturbing development to the story now that the general, a senior general in the egyptian military, is saying, yeah, they're taking place and he's defending that they are taking place. can you hear me? okay. we do apologize for that. we seem to have lost communication. we'll try and get her back and get you more on that story. meanwhile, nato says significant progress is being made in libya to loose n gadhafi's grip on power. air strikes are helping to save live misplaces like misrata which has been under repeated attack from government troops. ben wedeman reports from an opposition front line hospital where many of those wounded by gadhafi forces are being treated. >> reporter: the first wave of
2:38 am
casualties from the front arrives at the air field hospital. there is no time here to waste. doctors and medics quickly try to stabilize the wounded. stop the bleeding. dress the injuries. their work rushed and confusing as it may seem will determine whether these fighters arrive at the hospital in misrata dead or alive. four ambulances brought six men from the front at 2:30 in the afternoon. two were in critical condition. one of them will probably have to have both legs amputated below the knee. three were lightly wounded. the sixth, dead on riflarrival. this area is regularly bombarded by the libyan army. when the job is done, they scribble out a rough description of the patient's condition and load them into ambulances.
2:39 am
despite the grownanses of pain, their chances of surviving are far better than how than just a fau minutes ago. the doctors here are mostly young, about what thbut what th years they've gained in experience. this 26-year-old doctor graduated from medical school just one year ago. we do everything we can, he says, even if it's basic to save their lives. after the wounded are taken away, the doctor sits alone with his thoughts until just a few months ago, neither he nor any of his colleagues have dealt with the wounds of war. a missile barely missed the clinic just minutes before the wounded arrive. >> destroy everything. nothing, we have nothing here in this area. but they attack everything.
2:40 am
also two ambulance hit by mar tars. >> were there people inside? >> no. >> reporter: now they rest. but probably not for long. from the time the casualties were brought here to the time they were taken away, it wasn't very long. it was 10, maybe 15 minutes of intense work. and now of course the doctors and the medics are waiting for the next wave. ben wedeman, cnn, libya. ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. bridgestone is using natural rubber, researching ways to enhance its quality and performance,
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we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. before the break, we had started to tell you about a story out of egypt which we had reported a few months ago where more than a dozen women said they had been subjected to beatings and electric shocks and that they were forced to undergo so-called virgin ity. at the time, the army had denied the allegations. not now, hthough.
2:44 am
a senior official says they're telling the truth. i guess the fact that they took place is disturbing and now the egyptian army, a senior general, is actually defending the case. >> yes, indeed. all this happened on the 9th of march when the army wanted to disperse the crowds from tahrir square and they rounded up 149 protesters and detained them. 17 women were among the detainees. they were electrocuted and some of them said they had to undergo virginity tests. as you said, at first they were denying, but now a senior general who doesn't want his name mentioned, he admitted that this in fact did happen. and his explanation is that these girls had been camping out
2:45 am
in the square with the male protesters in tents and that the army had found molotov cocktails and glasses in those tents and the virginity checks were carried out he said because the military didn't want to be accused later of sexually assaulting the girls. so the tests were to prove that the girls weren't virgins to begin with. >> we understand that one of the victims who has spoken to cnn and amnesty international had described it assaying that they wanted to teach them a lesson, that they wanted to make them feel that they did not have any dignity. and when we're dealing with the egyptian army and they're the ones saying that, yeah, this practice is indeed happening, and the egyptian army does have a lot of power in that country, who can these women turn to then for any help? >> it's very sad indeed and very shocking. yes, it was -- the women were
2:46 am
humiliat humiliated. they were accused of being prostitutes. and exactly who can they turn to. when the revolution happened, people were chanting the army and the people are one, the army is now in control of the country, they are the highest authority, and egyptians can only turn to them. >> we thank you very much for that story from cairo. new york is making it a lot harder for people to light up. the city's now banned smoking at beaches and parks. smoking was already banned in taxi cabs and a lot of restaurants. many agree that's a healthy idea, but that didn't mean everyone's happy about it. >> reporter: summer is finally coming to new york. reading, tanning and eating. but another activity is now banned in parks and at beaches. smoking. >> i think it's a great idea. we should all be able to breathe. >> great. i have asthma and i can't stand
2:47 am
smoke. >> reporter: the mayor of new york can't stand smoking either. he signed the new law, the latest crackdown after smoking was banned in bars and restaurants. >> the public said we want this stopped. >> reporter: the debate is now fuming. a protest smoke-in was held saturday at a brooklyn beach. >> this is a symbol of freedom. soon you'll be holding up your hot dogs, mcdonald's, and saying the same thing. >> second hand smoke is a danger, it's a known carcinogen. and any exposure according to the u.s. surgeon general is unsafe. >> nobody smoke in america. you go israel, everybody smoke there. or you go to france. nobody smoke. >> reporter: in a greenwich village park, the people were defiantly puffing. >> the ban is dumb. i think it's ludicrous. >> i think bloomberg is a social engineer. i don't like what he's doing. he's telling people how to live.
2:48 am
>> reporter: for now the city may just be blowing smoke. cards and signs are the first method to encourage smokers to stop and smell something else. smokers will not have to worry about the new york city police department. a tiny parks department team is supposed to advise people not to smoke. in the end, it's going to come down to public pressure. >> i'm not going to enforce it. i just walk away. >> reporter: smokers face an initial $50 fine. >> i was just told as i lit my cigarette that i'm not allowed to go in the park anymore. >> reporter: smoking is even banned at public plazas. nonsmokers look forward at least to the end of one particular pain in the butt. >> he'll go, mommy, what's this, and have picked up a dirty cigarette butt. >> if you stop smoking, everybody will get fat and then they'll be on the twinkie patrol. >> reporter: richard roth, cnn, new york. >> twinkies aren't bad for your
2:49 am
health. we'll take a look at other stories. in january spain outlawed smoking outside near hospitals and in cool playgrounds. in australia, there are smoking bans on beaches and outdoor eating and drinking areas. in hong kong, you can't smoke in most public outdoor recreational areas, violators are fined. select areas in tokyo, smoking is prohibited on the street. and smoking is banned on all railway platforms in england regardless of whether they are covered or not. let's take a look at what is trending on social media right now. at number three, it's shawn king s sean kingston is in stable condition after crashing his jet ski on sunday. this is a top trend on line with a lot of people offering prayers of support and wishing him a speedy recovery. and at number two, the invasion
2:50 am
of the jellyfish. these may look like rocks sitting on a beach, but i promise you, you would pot want to step on one of those. they really sting. there are swarms of jellyfish that have surprised swimmers in florida. more than 800 were stung by them. no one was seriously hurt. that's a popular story online. and finally, number one, are cucumbers to blame for an e. coli outbreak? this is a serious story today because doctors in germany are say they could be the source of an infection blamed for illing -- for making sick about a dozen people or so so far. some people online are saying that they always knew fruit and vegetables were no good for them and they are vowing just to stick to junk food in the put. >> those are the people who like the twinkies, i guess.
2:51 am
you're watching "world one." in australia, surf is up and up and up. we'll have the amazing pictures just ahead. continuekies.
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twinkies. twinkietwinkies. twinkie welcome back. >> we're coming up on 6:00 a.m. in new york, noon in better hrb.
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>> some amazing pictures from australia's east coast of one of nature's marvels. >> what happens when water and wind are woven together? watch. >> reporter: our helicopter crew was chasing the weather when it found them in spectacular fashion. a waterspout churning through the ocean heading for land. made guess tick ajestic and a m. it's around 600 meters. a funnel of water vapor from the clouds above brought down to the surface by rapidly rotating winds moving at more than 100 kilometers an hour. sweeping the sea water around it into the air. and it wasn't alone. a glance further north revealed two more created from the same system thrive management wet and wild conditions just ripe for waterspouts. take the warm ocean water, cold air from the chaini ichanges se tracked it for more than 20
2:55 am
minutes takes closed in on the coast. people watched in awe. >> at first it looks like you think the world is going to end, but then it was cool. >> only thing i was worried about was whether it was one of those tornadoes we've seen recently. i wouldn't want to obbe on a bo out there. >> reporter: vince and tony were on a boat. battling much rough every than forecast seas. >> pretty windy. >> a little scary. we had one today. when you see come towards you, you don't know what to expect. >> reporter: they've fished off sydney for more than 20 years and never seen so many. >> one, two at the most. all right tak . >> reporter: it took just seconds to go from potential menace to memory. those stunning pictures were captured off the central coast of the state of new south wales.
2:56 am
that's about an hour north of sydney. to recap some of our top directory fifa officials are meeting in zurich preparing to vote this wednesday for the leadership of world football's governing body. current president sepp blatter is standing unopposed despite a rash of corruption allegations against fifa officials, he says there is no crisis. a fifa committee has suspended two ex executives including blatter's only opposition. and e. coli virus has killed 14 in germany and made hundreds ill. german authorities say the infection was probably caused by contaminated tomato, could you consume bers and lettuce. the food safety agency says two spanish cucumber producers may be involved. you're watchinged "world one" live from london. >> thank you for joining us. we leave you with another look at those amazing pictures out of
2:57 am
australia. >> pretty impressive waterspouts. it was just filmed off the coast of new south wales. ahead a schoolteacher in mexico honored for her courage after gun fire erupts outside her classroom. and the raid it that killed bin laden only part of the story. could it be the republicans who are driving up his numbers 37. and three towering waterspouts off the coast of new south wales. plus a warning from doctors about letting your kids have those popular energy drinks. all that ahead on america morning.
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