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tv   American Morning  CNN  May 31, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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a teacher being hailed as a hero for protecting her students as gunfire erupteded outside a school in mexico. in mexico. she did it with help from barney the dinosaur. >> sarah palin's bus pulls into gettysburg pennsylvania. she's keeping reporters guessing about whether she'll run. >> some amazing video as well over the weekend. three powerful water spouts here are this morning's caught on camera in the waters business headlines. new information about consumer off of the coast of new south confidence and home prices. wales. expected to sway the markets stunned beachgoers watched a few this morning. stocks open after a three-day hundred yards away. weekend. the dow on friday up about 39 how did it all turn out? we're going to show you on this points, nasdaq and s&p were "american morning." higher. the house planning to vote and reject a proposal to increase the nation's debt ceiling. good morning. the measure would lift the it is monday -- sorry, tuesday. current debt ceiling without >> feels like monday. conditions like spending cuts. home prices could hit a new >> tuesday, may 31st, day after
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low in the 20 largest labor day -- metropolitan areas. >> memorial day. according to the "new york times" the standard & poor's you said labor day too. case-shiller index will show >> start all over. home prices dipped below the >> good thing it's taped. lows reached two years ago. the "l.a. times" reporting >> why don't you take it over. >> amazing video we have to show americans last year put $9 you. billion into government-run >> from mexico. >> truly an example of courage college savings plans, known as under fire. here's a look. 529 plans. that's up from $5 billion in 2008. experts say one reason for the pick up, parents fearing their kids won't be able to go to [ gunfire ] college, won't be able to afford >> a schoolteacher thinking on it. summer bummer, budget cuts her feet, calmly getting her forcing cities from new york to sacramento to shut down their kindergarten kids to duck and cover in their classroom as community pools. by doing so the cities say gunfire erupts just outside of they're able to save tens of the school. she also had some help from thousands of dollars on barney. it happened at a school in the insurance, operations and maintenance costs. mexican city of monterrey. for news about your money check out cnn's nick valencia has more of coming up protecting your the story. identity in the internet cloud. >> reporter: listen closely as this story unfolds. after hearing about recent security breaches, a special report you won't want to miss. "american morning" after a quick break. hey susie, why don't you use this ? [ speaking foreign language ]
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♪ it's got a calculator. thanks, dad. >> reporter: this is the scene at a kindergarten school in this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. monterr monterrey, mexico, on friday afternoon. a teacher calmly instructs her thank you. students to take cover and sing and that's just the first quarter. songs while suspected cartel so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. members exchange gunfire outside of her classroom. more small businesses choose verizon wireless the teacher, who is identified than any other wireless carrier. only as martha, tells the where's susie ? is she expecting you ? students to put their faces on the floor, that nothing is going because they know the small business to happen. with the best technology rules. as gunfire rages outside the classroom, the teacher asks the ♪ kids to sing along to a song by barney the friendly dinosaur. [ male announcer ] humble beginnings are true beginnings. ♪ five people were executed outside the school. they are the purest way to gauge success. none of the children in the ♪ classroom was injured. maybe the only way to gauge success. the teacher later posted the video on youtube. but the most powerful thing about humble beginnings it's received more than a million hits. city officials honored her on is that they are... monday. ♪ nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. ...humbling. ♪ show where you're going without forgetting where you're from. ♪ >> as nick mentioned the teacher was honored yesterday, receiving
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a certificate praising her outstanding civic courage. she told reporters she's very proud and said all teachers in monterrey have been trained to deal with those situations. she never imagined this video would be such -- >> a compelling story of a major problem in a strong ally of ours and our neighbor in mexico. this is the drug violence there is very significant and is affecting the daily life of the people who live there. >> what it must be like as a parent to send your kids to school and know that is a tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 if you could use any atm, at any bank, distinct possibility. day three of sarah palin's one nation/family vacation bus tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 anywhere in the world... tour. the former alaskan governor tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 without having to pay to access your own money. visited some of the important tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it'd be like every atm in the world was your atm. landmarks yesterday including george washington's home in tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 the schwab bank high yield investor checking® account. mount vernon, virginia, but tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 zero atm fees. a great interest rate. didn't ask the question asked to her over and over again, is she tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 no minimums. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and it's fdic-insured. going for g.w.'s old job? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 the schwab bank high yield investor checking® account. >> when are you planning to tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 the biggest thing in checking since checks. announce you're running for tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 open an account at 1-800-4schwab or president? what do you think the odds are you're going to run?
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>> jim acosta has been following the bus tour, live in gettysburg, pennsylvania, is that where they are now or that's where they're going to? >> ali, that is where they are right now. you can tell behind me because her one nation bus is parked right behind the cnn election express. that's a pretty clear signal she is in gettysburg where we are. she's expected to go to the national military park, the battlefield here in gettysburg, later on this morning. nevertheless, this has been a much more than a family vacation. they could have rented an rv, right? all day yesterday, she was leading reporters on a game of cat and mouse, her staff revealing few details about where she was headed. she started the day at the national archives, went to mount vern vernon, and then to baltimore to fort mchenry and then gettysburg where she finally stopped, all leading to speculation she is making a run for the white house. obviously she was asked along
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the way, as you noted, before coming to me, that she was asked about whether or not she's running for president several times. when we finally had a chance to catch up with her here in gettysburg, she was asked the question about the overall presidential field on the gop side, does she think it's weak, strong? she thinks that the field is pretty strong, but that there may be room for others. >> the field is already quite strong, it's going to change up a lot and i think there will be we are crossing the half more strong candidates jumping hour right now. a look at our top stories this in. truly there is still a lot of morning. time for folks to make up their don't call it a campaign bus. right now it's not. mind and jump in and get their it's just -- >> a little family vacation. campaigns together. >> big family vacation. the field isn't set yet, not by sarah palin touring landmarks a long shot. testing the presidential waters. her tour made stops in >> reporter: now, all of the washington, baltimore, details as to where she's going later today and later this week gettysburg, she has not said whether or not she's going to are still being kept very close run for president in 2012 but to the vest. we understand from talking to some gop analysts say part of multiple sources that she is this is testing whether or not headed to philadelphia, that she her family would be up for the may be going to see the liberty run. libyan dictator moammar bell, and then later on this gadhafi talking with south week, up to new hampshire and we africa's president about a possible cease-fire. heard late in the day yesterday, this comes as nato says that that she is going to be off to
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gadhafi's four decade rule is iowa, perhaps, as early as next coming to an end. the italian government says that month. obviously we have been reporting that there's a new movie that a eight libyan generals and more than 100 soldiers have fled conservative filmmaker has put libya and defected to italy. out about sarah palin that is and a bounce for president set to debut in iowa next month. obama after the death of osama all of this has a feel of a bin laden. his approval rating up six presidential rollout, much more than a family vacation. points since early april to 54% whether or not the ultimate in the latest cnn opinion destination is 1600 pennsylvania avenue, there are a whole lot of research poll. and the numbers show has primaries and elections between republicans to thank for that. now and then to decide that, ed henry is live at the white guys. >> and a key debate, jim acosta, house for us this morning. thanks very much, with or hey, ed. >> good morning, kiran. you're right, the president's without sarah palin on january -- i'm sorry. approval rating up 12 points among republicans. what? i'm having a rough morning. just in the last few weeks. on june 13th, monday june 13th, what might be behind that? clearly as you mentioned, two weeks from yesterday, cnn is terrorism, his approval ratings going to host the new hampshire on handling of terrorism and those issues, has gone up. presidential debate as gop hopefuls gather to go for the specifically, the raid on osama party's nomination. bin laden, the killing of osama those who have declared. bin laden, has helped him with that is monday, june the 13th, republicans, independents and democrats. look at these numbers, approval 2011. on handle of terrorism, 65%, >> fun in the sun in chicago. >> i have completely lost all disapproval 34%. ability. look on the issue of taxes, i'm off timing. >> whoever jumps in the race president's approval, 46%, will face an opponent climbing in the poll numbers. disapproval 53%. speaking about our president. taxes normally an issue where a
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the approval for barack obama is democratic president would have up six points from early april much lower approval numbers, but with republicans coming to him to 54% in the latest cnn opinion ever so slightly on issues like research corporation poll. >> ed henry live at the white terror he's evened it out. even on issues like taxes house. getting high marks for handling normally friendly to republicans. terrorism and foreign affairs, >> the fact that there's no not so long after there was a key aide quoted as saying he was clear-cut gop challenger i imagine that also -- for 2012, leading from behind. must be working in his favor. suddenly that completely turned >> we were in europe last week. around, didn't it? >> no doubt about it. the president is on the i think the green lighting of international stage again touting his credentials as the osama bin laden operating commander in chief with no real clearly has given the president republican shadow boxing one on a bit of a bump if you look at that approval rating you one. it's a muddled field. the silver lining, though, for mentioned up to 54%, specifically look at these republicans in our latest poll numbers on terrorism, his is look at the president's approval on terrorism, 65% approval ratings on jobs, the approve, 34% disapprove. economy and gas prices. even on an issue like taxes approval on the economy 41%, disapproval 58%. which republicans traditionally approval on gas prices, only 25% have the upper hand on, approve 46% for the president dishgs approval, 73% disapprove of his approve, 53%. that's the kind of spread handling of the issue of gas prices. usually would be much bigger that's obviously because those divide in the republican favor. gas prices are high, they traditionally come up in the it's close to 50/50. spring and summer months. when you look big picture this likely to come back down. president has seen his approval rating go up among republicans but it shows you that as much as
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in the last few weeks by 12 the president may be riding high on terror and national security points. so he has republicans to thank right now, he's still very soft for this bounce a little bit on the economy and gas prices. because, perhaps, on the issue once the republicans have a of terrorism and then as well as nominee they have a chance here taxes, he's getting higher marks to really soften him up. right now he's riding high. than the republicans who have a >> all right. ed, thanks very much for that. muddled field right now. we'll check in with you later. >> ed, the fact that there is no >> new york congressman anthony clear-cut republican challenger weiner talking exclusive throw yet for 2012, i mean, obviously cnn explaining how a lewd photo his approval is affecting the was sent to a 21-year-old woman people making choices to run. in seatle from his twitter is the absence of a clear-cut account. a controversial conservative challenger helping president obama's approval ratings? blogger broke the story. >> there's no doubt. weiner has hired an attorney. he pretty much has the stage to more now from senior himself. if you think about the european correspondent dana bash. trip we were on last week, that >> reporter: it came from enhances his standing on the congressman anthony weiner's twitter account over the international stage, the weekend. question of terrorism, how he a photo of an anonymous man's handles international affairs. if you're a republican the bulging underwear. silver lining is republicans the lewd picture immediately have a muddled field as we said. deleted from weiner's account was sent to this 21-year-old they don't have anyone going toe to toe. seattle college student, also there's a lot of room for them to gain. available to the public to view look at these numbers, the on twitter. economy and gas prices. outside his new york home approval for the president, 41% monday, weiner, an outspoken on the economy, disapprove 58%. liberal democrat, insisted to cnn it was the work of a hacker. gas prices only 25% approve. >> i was hacked. it happens to people.
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disapprove 73%. you move on. >> reporter: it's not clear who i don't need to tell you guys, sent it. weiner tried to brush it off as those are major, major warning a prank and a distraction. signs for this president and >> this is a prank. maybe after the glow of the bin not a terribly creative one. laden raid, if the economy, gas and it's a distraction. prices don't improve, he's very, look, you've got the republicans very vulnerable. who are playing games with the >> all right. ed henry for us this morning, debt limit, supreme court justice who is refusing to thanks so much. new developments in libya recuse himself despite conflicts this morning. big defections from moammar of interest, health care act that is under siege. this is a distraction. gadhafi's military. more than 100 soldiers have >> reporter: the seattle college defected to italy. the head of nato saying student the tweet was allegedly gadhafi's four decade rule is coming to an end. addressed to. the 21-year-old issued a lengthy this came as gadhafi met with south africa's president to statement to the new york news discuss a cease-fire with rebel admitting weiner did follow her fire. on twitter but she never met his public appearances have been more rare as nato has stepped up him. there have never been any bombing runs on his compound. inappropriate exchanges between >> the dalai lama formally anthony weiner and myself reling distinguishing his including the picture in political role in tibet. question had apparently been the parliament mended its charter, basically to pertain to deleted before it reached me. the dalai lama's political and she blamed an anonymous person for harassing me. administrative powers. he remains tibetan's spiritual many times after the congressman leader. followed me on twitter for a hot spots remain around month or so ago. amarillo, texas. i wonder what my boyfriend at
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fire fighters have lifted a rep weiner is up to. mandatory evacuation for the city after two wildfires destroyed dozens of homes and the twitter account, he's still sent hundreds of residents out using it, tried to downplay the over the weekend. in all, officials say close to story with tweets like this, three million acres have burned more weiner guests for all my so far in texas this fire season. more thn a week after the guests, hashtag hacked. deadliest tornado on record, >> i use vote for weiner he'll officials in joplin, missouri, say 29 people are still be frank. unaccounted for, that is down from 43 on sunday. vote for weiner he's on a roll. right now the death toll from the devastating tornado stands vote for weiner, he'll relish at 142. in eastern montana, the your votes. state's governor calling on the >> reporter: questions national guard for help as surrounding the photo became the subject of a serious internet floodwaters start to recede in the town of round up. war, between liberal blogs officials say nearly 35 homes suggesting it's a right wing and businesses were damaged due conspiracy and conservative to the flooding. folks are also being warned they blogs questioning weiner's have to boil their water for now hacking claim. before it it's safe to drink. an grew brightbart, whose another stunning example of what mother nature can whip up first reported the story suggested to cnn there for us. this incredible video shot from should be a, quote, forensic analysis to determine the a tv helicopter off sydney veracity of weiner's hacking australia, capturing a series of allegation which bears criminal powerful water spouts whipping implications. in fact, spokesmen for the across the ocean measuring 2,000 capitol police and fbi tell cnn feet high. as soon as they approached they're not yet investigating shore, they dissipated. this alleged hacking of a member powerful storms and heavy rains of congress's twitter account.
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causing severe flooding in weiner's spokesman tells cnn sydney right now. he's hired a lawyer to quote rob marciano is in the extreme weather center for us explore the proper next step and right now. some record-setting weather get advice on what civil or across the country yesterday and criminal actions could be taken. today, rob? >> it's toasty, especially east his office is downplaying this as a prank and insisting they of the mississippi, guys, and in places like chicago, they're are, quote, loathed to treat it heading to the beach. as more. dane ta bash, cnn, washington. in their case, that would be on lake shore drive or lake and one point to make while michigan. the story says that he did -- he here's video of that. yesterday temperatures easily was following this college got into the 90s. student, anthony wooener seems feeling like the middle of july to follow everybody who follows than memorial day. him. >> a lot of people do that. so enjoy that as you soak in the >> you follow them back. >> so that's an important -- sun, but don't forget to wear >> it's a distinction because i the sunscreen. was thinking to myself, why is today's temperature similar but anthony weiner following this not quite that. college girl. because she follows him. a little rainfall move into the chicagoland area. here it is on the radar scope it's how it goes on twitter. with the thunderstorms rolling this business of hacking, through eastern nebraska. happening a lot, don't know if they had a slew of tornado reports across parts of nebraska it's happening more or we're talking about it more, hackers are grabbing headlines because yesterday. now this front and associated they're penetrating high-profile storm system is moving off to companies and computer systems. the east. kansas city about to get -- is sony, lockheed martin last week. a defense contractor. getting hit with some >> lockheed martin said it was a thunderstorms. garden variety stuff. tenacious attack, so it shows there's a couple of severe ones you whoever was going after them embedded in this. was serious about it. it's not terrible. if they can crack that level of
3:12 am
this will move through joplin security, how safe can our own later on this morning and in through the early afternoon. systems be when we log on from home? the severe weather threat is not deb feyerick is with us this morning. expected there. you're about to take us inside a more so expected a little farther to the north and through state-of-the-art facility when parts of michigan. we come face to face with the same areas that got hit over the cloud. weekend with the severe weather >> the cloud. may get it again today, exactly. whatever it is that is. especially across the lower hand but you know, it's really not with temperatures there rising systems that we're dealing with. easily into the upper 80s and our computers have become portals to information we store lower 90s and that will add fuel to the fire. and access outside our homes and kind of toasty out there, but offices. really from anywhere. this storm will cool things off we did take an invited look at for a few people, but folks who live on the extreme eastern this facility and the kind of security that you get when you seaboard and nation's capital share space with somebody else. where they're back to work, 93 it's better than security you degrees for the high would get on your own. temperature. >> we complain all winter. the question is, how safe are we really? >> spring and winter. >> so -- >> there was no spring. winter and then summer. you do it, i do it, in fact, >> 24 inches of snow and now hundreds of millions of people it's 93 degrees. do it every day -- each time you but i'm not saying a word. >> embrace it. >> thanks, rob. log into your web e-mail or tonight is the night the visit social media sites, like miami heat and dallas mavs take facebook or flicker, or stream to the court. game one of the nba finals. it's in miami and it will be a matchup pretty much of 2006. tv shows or movies, you're accessing a virtual world anyone can share from anywhere. pitting the heat's big three, lebron james, dwyane wade and welcome to the cloud.
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chris bosh against the mav vicks >> they allow you to not use expensive, bulky storage space star dirk nowitzki. 2006 nba final rematch which miami won. they didn't have lebron james at here on earth and instead allow the time but -- we'll see what you to put things in somebody happens. a big story here following else's computer for free or very all weekend the head football little cost. coach at ohio state stepping >> reporter: john able writes about the cloud for "wired" down because of an ethics scandal. tattoos for memorabilia. magazine and warns with innovation comes risk. we'll tell you more about this. >> assume that your stuff will and attention kmart be looked at. assume that it will be lost. shoppers, bees swarms of them, >> reporter: there's no we'll tell you what that's about guarantee your data in the cloud when we come back. is ever 100% secure. recent breaches at sony playstation network, epsilon data, even rsa security, affected upwards of 100 million people. >> pretty much open season. >> reporter: dale meyer served as chief information officer for the united states intelligence community. >> if i were to touch it i would be touching the cloud. >> you would be touching the physical case that performance -- performs cloud functions. a sill rack of equipment could
3:14 am
literally replace the entire i.t. technology enterprise of a global fortune 500 company. >> huge machine. ...was it something big? thing you ever saw? >> reporter: meyer and his team at harris corporation took us on ...or something small? a tour of the first of its kind ...something old? state-of-the-art cyber integration center designed to ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe secure critical information for's something you haven't seen yet. fortune 500 companies and government agencies. the key -- the 2nd generation of intel core processors. >> is being able to prove stunning visuals, intelligent performance. through continuous monitoring, are you getting this level of this is visibly smart. trust that you signed up for and pay for? >> reporter: as virtual information storage becomes even more popular, experts warn safeguarding your data will be an even greater challenge. >> there is a cat-and-mouse game between security people and, you know, hackers. >> reporter: the only way to protect your most precious information in the cloud, maybe not to put it there in the first place. now they built the cyber integration system after years in the intelligence community. the level of security and monitoring at that facility,
3:15 am
they are really incredible, if not almost inpen trable. in the end it comes down to trust. you have to trust the companies that you're doing business with, that you're giving your information to, whether it's an e-mail account, whether it's facebook, every time you click that little but than says accept, you're acknowledging while they're going to give you a level of security in the end, there's no guarantee 100%. >> we know information is in thousands of places, so safeguarding that information seems almost, you know, like such an uphill battle. >> think about sony playstation. they were just hacked, 77 million users, their credit card numbers, potentially, compromised. it's potentially. they're not going to come after you or me individually. it's the big companies that they're really looking to get into. that's why lockheed martin, that's -- they penetrated the i.t. department, but even the pentagon, they get so many hits every single day. people trying to get into the pentagon. so no one is really immune.
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>> deb feyerick, thank you. want to update you on the bus crash we were telling you about on northbound i-95 north i use the power of nature. [ male announcer ] introducing icy hot naturals of richmond. with natural menthol. cnn has confirmed four people dead in that crash and multiple that gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. injuries. new icy hot naturals. this is -- it's at the 103 mile markers on interstate 95 north of rich pond. here's what we know, it is a commercial tour bus. apparently went right off the side of the road, overturned and came to a rest upside down. police are still on the scene right now. but because it's heavily a widening ethics scandal forested between the northbound and southbound lanes there's no rubber necking because people on the southbound lanes can't see forced ohio state football coach what's going on. northbound i-95, still closures jim tressel to resign. there. they're closed off while tressel's troubles began when the ncaa began investigating virginia state mistake a look at this thing. four people confirmed dead and several buckeye players for selling memorabilia to a local tattoo parlor owner. multiple injuries in a tour bus crash on i-95 north of richmond. that is against ncaa rules. >> america's hidden drug he admits he knew about the problem, may be not so hidden. violations last year and failed to report them. another step forward in americans consume more than any gabrielle giffords recovery from other country. a near fatal gunshot wound to 48% of americans are on one
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prescription, one in ten takes the head. five prescriptions or more. giffords astronaut mark kelly said she had her stitches are we overmedicated or are these necessary? removed yesterday and continues >> just in time for this heat to improve daily. wave. he delivered the news from an what we've got going across much of the country. board the shuttle "endeavour." he's scheduled to return to which sunscreen ranks the best at protecting you and your family. earth tomorrow. a fan of amusement rides it's 41 minutes after the hour. [ female announcer ] sun damage is on the rise. this might qualify as a nightmare. a carnival ride in canton, massachusetts, got stuck 30 minutes, trapping girls 30 feet up. fire fighters were able to rescue them. the ride has been shut down. the state is investigating what went wrong. >> wonder how old the girls were. if you're 13 it's cool, 10 terrifying. >> it's the difference between getting stuck upside down and right side up. >> that's true. how is this for the fear factor. invasion of bees sent shoppers now use the best suncare running for cover at a kmart outside pittsburgh yesterday. recommended most by dermatologists. check this out. neutrogena®, with technologies like helioplex... 15,000 bees, what you call a swarm of bees. it provides the highest average spf >> someone drop a soda. >> this parking lot. and unsurpassed uva protection. >> some shoppers say they thought they were looking at a neutrogena®. get the best. giant pot hole and saw it moving.
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others thought it was a cloud coming. >> it was like a mini cyclone because they were coming in a funnel like shape. we thought it was leaves or tobacco or something. when we got up on it you could hear them buzzing and realized it was bees. >> the store manager allergic to bee stings kept everyone safe inside while experts collected the darling. they say the swarms are common this time of year. >> imagine getting that call on memorial day monday. listen, you're a bee keeper right, come down to the kmart here. we're having a little trouble. i guess they're used to it. has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. sports and energy drinks are that's 50% of the daily value. popular with kids but the nation's pediatricians arish pass on the news and make sure you and everyone you know auto shooing warnings about the is getting the calcium they need. energy drinks that have tons of caffeine saying they have no ♪ place in your kids' diet. not only contain high levels of caffeine but other stimulants and could have dangerous side effects while sports drinks like gatorade contain a lot of sugar and all that contributes to obesity and tooth decay. for most kids water is the best thing to quench their thirs. >> water and two glasses of
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low-fat milk a day that's all a kid needs. >> you two are fun parents. >> should energy drinking be regulated. e-mail us at, give us a tweet @cnnam or facebo we'll read through your starts later in the hour. we've started getting good ones from you. up next on "american morning" f you fly you know you're paying more for peanuts if you're getting peanuts, pillows, leg room. wait until you hear how much the airline is making from those fees. >> anthony sent a tweet. why he's hired an attorney. we're going to head on into the interview. evan, sandy . . . evan ..
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what pushed you toward the explorer? it was less expensive. better technology inside. there was stuff that we have in our car that i didn't even know existed. how does your music gear fit in there? it fits perfectly. i mean, i got a keyboard, acoustic guitar, merchandise, cds to sell and it all just fits like a nice game of tetras. not imagining things. what would you say to a friend who's skeptical about buying a ford. the side effects labels on your do you want to borrow my keys. medications have been expanding in recent years and according to a study the average label lists 70 reactions per drug. [ woman speaking chinese ] that's a number making it thank you. difficult for physicians to weigh the risks an benefits when prescribing medicine. researchers say the list has do you have an english menu? potential risks but a way to protect manufacturers from no english. potential lawsuits. [ speaking chinese ] >> they now have called a [ gasps, speaks chinese ] patient packette insert. do you guys like dumplings? i love dumplings. >> the paper that opens up. >> which sunscreen to use this working with a partner you can trust summer may want to go cheap. is always a good decision. consumer reports tested 22 massmutual -- creams, spays and lotions, all let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. spf above 30 and they found the scoring conscreen spf 45 no ad with aloe and vitamin e, and the
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cheapest, just 59 cents an ounce. four your health news check out we want to take an in-depth look at what some may call overmedicated americans. according to the cdc, 74% of doctor visits result in a prescription. as a result, 48% of americans now use at least one prescription, but three quarters of people, three out of four americans, are misusing those prescriptions. joining us to talk about this is dr. john abramson the author of "overdosed america," also a lecturer at harvard medical school, he's in boston this morning. welcome to the program. all these drugs are not making us healthier. you point out that 70% of your health is derived from lifestyle choices, not by the drugs you take. why are we taking so many drugs? >> christine, that's the key question. and the reason is, that we believe, we public believe, and the doctors believe, the way to get good health is to take drugs. the problem is almost all the information that is coming to the public and almost all the
3:22 am
information that is coming to their doctors, is coming from the drug industry itself. so the drug industry is providing what we take as scientific information, that's designed to make us believe that good health comes out of pill bottles, when as you say, the most important fact for people to understand is that 70% of your health depends -- is a result of how you exercise and eat and not smoke and drink in moderation. >> the drug industry, they're inventing things if used properly for the right people will make you healthier. the problem is, people who don't need these drugs who are taking them, is that -- or who are misusing them, a lot of people are misusing the prescriptions they're taking. is this doctor driven or patient driven, what we're talking and how we're using it? >> it's both. and it's also drug company driven. so christine, there's many new drugs that are beneficial, no question about that, and it's important that people understand that. but still, many of the new drugs
3:23 am
that come out aren't better. the new diabetes drugs, well 22 minutes after the hour. they lower blood sugar, but they time to mind your business now. the u.s. markets open this don't reduce heart disease any better than the older, less morning after a long holiday week and today investors will be expensive drugs. paying close attention to new new, only means that the drug reports on consumer confidence has been approved by the fda and and the housing market. that it's better than nothing. let's talk about that housing report, it's expected to show a but new also means that the new low in home prices in the 20 safety of the drug hasn't been largest metropolitan areas according to the "new york tested in the large number of times." the standard & poor's people who are going to be taking it once the drug is case-shiller index will show released on the market. >> let me ask you about existing home prices in march dipped below the lows reached two years ago. anti-depressants. there are so many different the world's biggest airlines anti-depressants on the market taking in $22 billion last year and some studies that show 20% in fuel, luggage and other fees of people who are present according to a study in the with -- had depression are "wall street journal." nose add-ons accounted for helped by these. the other 80% aren't. nearly 23% of budget carrier we're not treating them exactly right for their depression. spirit's revenue. why are we taking so many $9 billion into government-run college savings anti-depressants then? >> we're taking so many plans known as 529s, up from $5 anti-depressants because the million in 2008. studies that were published experts say one reason for the showed that the drugs work, but pick up is parents fearing their half of the studies show the kids won't be able to afford drugs don't work and a very college. photographic film is slowly small percentage of those reaching the end of its roll studies were actually published, according to the photo marketing christine. what we've got is a situation where people respond to the
3:24 am
association. 20 million rolls of film will be ordinary stresses of life and god knows we've got a lot of sold compared to a billion in stresses now. but when they feel stressed, 2000. "american morning" will be right back after this break with more when they feel down, they and on how to row text your identity in today's virtual world. their doctors turn to a pill instead of looking at how their lives are unfolding. what we find when we put all the studies together of all the anti-depressants, it's only the most severely depressed people who get a benefit from the anti-depressants and then it's only one out of four of those very severely depressed people who actually benefit. >> meantime the other people are still either on their anti-depressants -- it's not as if the doctor maybe is changing their course of action and -- there's so many things to talk to you about. we're out of time. it's interesting as well when you talk about higher costs for health care in this country, what that means. we'll talk about it again soon, overdosed america, the book, thank you so much. really appreciate it. >> pleasure to be with you, thank you. >> morning top stories after your break. 48 minutes after the hour.
3:25 am
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. . >> 50 minutes past the hour. we start with tornadoes. heavy rarn and large hail described by some as big as tennis balls and grapefruits.
3:27 am
cyber sab taj is considered war. the pentagon has concluded a cyberattack from another country can constitute an act of war and the u.s. can respond with military force. carbon emissions from energy use hitting a record high last year. the latest estimates come from the international energy agency fighting co2 was up 5%. the agency calls it a serious setback to efforts to combat global warming. the commanding officer of the blue angels has been grounded. commander david cos says he is leading the squad after performing a maneuver at a dangerously low altitude. >> the miami heat and dallas mavericks tip-off tonight, game one, a rematch of the 2006 final. the heat won in six after dropping the first two games. you are caught up on the day's headlines. american morning will be back in 60 seconds.
3:28 am
27 minutes past the hour. checking top stories right now. a kindergarten teacher in mexico gets her kids on the floor singing barney together while a gun battle rages outside the school. the video she took has been viewed more than a million times on the interthreat and the teacher is being honored for her outstanding civic courage. more signs that moammar gadhafi is losing his grip on power. the italian government says eight libyan general and more than 100 soldiers have defected to italy. this comes as gadhafi's met with south africa's president to discuss a cease-fire with krebl fires. a bounce for president obama. his approval rating up six points since april to 54% in the latest "cnn headline new cnn re poll. new york congress man
3:29 am
anthony weiner said a lewd photo sent to a college student in seattle that was the work of a computer hacker. the story broken by the website big run by conservative blogger andrew brightbart. the 21-year-old who got the tweet says she followers the congressman on twitter and a big fan but never met him. he spent the holiday weekend trying to dismiss this incident. the nation's pediatricians >> i was hacked, happens to are warning that energy drinks people, you move on. this is a prank. and sports drinks are not good not a terribly creative one. for our kids. they are saying there is a lot and it's a distraction. of caffeines and other herbal >> it's not clear who may have hacked the congressman's twitter account. spokesman for the congress man says he's retained an attorney st to look into the matter further. stimulants. >> we want to know what you meantime seems to be think. should energy drinks be happening more and more, hackers regulated. here are some responses. able to grab headlines compromising high profile computer systems like sony and lockheed martin among the recent victim. >> if they can penetrate the level of security of a defense contractor how safe can our own systems be when we log on from home? deb feyerick with us this >> as a parent, that's morning. you're going to take us inside a
3:30 am
frightening to me. >> they can walk into a state-of-the-art facility where you came face to face with the cloud where a lot of our data is convenience store. >> they can do that with stored. >> exactly. cigarettes. i had that feeling when i was >> you can't now. speaking about it and kept >> they have made the stores saying what is it? check on it. i think i finally got my answer. here is a kid, though. it's not just systems that we're talking about. our computers have really become portals to information that we store and access outside our homes and offices. in fact, really, from anywhere. we did get a firsthand look at the facility that protects critical information for fortune >> good point. 500 companies to get a sense of i love when the actual people we are talking about write in. how safe we are one on one when it comes to protecting our personal identities. you do it, i do it, in fact, hundreds of millions of people do it every day -- each time you log into your web e-mail or >> keep your comments coming. visit social media sites, like send us an e-mail, a tweet or tell us on facebook. facebook or flicker, or stream we will read some more thoughts tv shows or movies, you're on the next hour. here is the video of the day. accessing a virtual world anyone it is required we run it once a can share from anywhere. year. welcome to the cloud. >> isn't it a year since we saw >> they allow you to not use the cheese down the hill. >> the cheese roll of 2011, the
3:31 am
expensive, bulky storage space event was officially canceled here on earth and instead allow due to health and safety you to put things in somebody concerns. 500 people showed up to toss a else's computer for free or very little cost. wheel of cheese down the hill. >> reporter: john able writes >> it looks like the guy that about the cloud for "wired" magazine and warns with innovation comes risk. >> assume that your stuff will run was actually running. some people just throw be looked at. themselves head first down the assume that it will be lost. >> reporter: there's no guarantee your data in the cloud hill. >> wow, that was a fast year. is ever 100% secure. we are going to close at the top of the hour. it is 55 minutes after the hour. recent breaches at sony . well, i made you a reservation playstation network, epsilon at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, data, even rsa security, i better get back to these invoices... affected upwards of 100 million people. >> pretty much open season. which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? >> reporter: dale meyer served i'm going to tidy up your side of the office. as chief information officer for i can't hear you the united states intelligence because i'm also making you a smoothie. community. >> if i were to touch it i would [ male announcer ] marriott hotels & resorts knows it's be touching the cloud. >> you would be touching the better for xerox to automate their global invoice process physical case that performance cloud functions. so they can focus on serving their customers. with xerox, you're ready for real business. a sill rack of equipment could replace the entire it technology so let's plant some perennials enterprise of a global fortune that'll turn up every year. trees and shrubs to give us depth.
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3:33 am
some place else. the cyber integration center is one of the most sophisticated monitoring systems anywhere, but intruders are always trying to find a way in. that means you have to understand when you are using these devices, storing personal data in the cloud, wherever that might be, somebody may be able to get access. it's always a risk. doesn't mean it's certain, doesn't mean they're going to say hey, let me see what ali velshi is doing, but it does mean -- >> we were all getting hacked before there was a cloud. is the risk greater or lesser? when i was storing everything locally, i probably didn't have the security that these cloud storage systems have. >> certainly not at home. you probably didn't have the level. companies, they've got their own information technology departments. you heard from the piece that one of those racks he was looking at, that can store not only, you know, the entire information of fortune 500 company, it can store everything that is in the library of congress. we're talking about a machine the size of a dvd. >> the scary part is the volume.
3:34 am
if they get into it the amount of information they have access to, you could never store that in your local computer in your house. >> it depends what they're looking for. it's about storage. if we want to use these, then we have to be able to keep our information somewhere. >> brings up the cyber espionage or attack story of the morning. the big concern not only cyberwar is war, period. accessing and stealing information, shutting it down i'm christine romans. when the world depends on it, a report this morning that the shows how, you know, how pentagon may consider targeting multifaceted -- >> cyber war and the idea that foreign hackers the cyber war is an active war. good-old-fashioned way with bombs. i'm kiran chetry. "the wall street a congressman from new york now journal" reporting the pentagon on the defensive as he explains has put together its cyber strategy and that says that how a lewd photo was sent to a young woman in seattle from his sabotage, computer sabotage from another country, can constitute an act of war. twitter account. that means the u.s. might how he was hacked ahead. respond with traditional military force or may. >>. >> i'm ali velshi with mexican the report comes just days after drug cartel shooting it up the biggest u.s. defense outside her school. she turns to barney and friends contractor lockheed martin to keep people safe. thwarted off an attack. now, the whole world is seeing >> we can respond with a missile this hero in action on this to your country. >> the house of representatives "american morning." back at work this morning, good morning, it is tuesday, they're expected to vote on may 31st. the last day of may.
3:35 am
raising the debt ceiling and it's a safe bet it won't pass thankfully. >> we are dealing with a heat because the measure does not wave in many cities in the include spending cuts, conditions like spending cuts many republicans say is country. >> you could see record heat. necessary for them to vote to >> hot all around after a long raise the debt creeling. >> the trial of casey anthony and dreary spring. with he begin this hour with enters its second week and breaking news. a deadly tour bus crash on casey's mother is expected to return to the witness stand. last week bombshell testimony interstate 95 in carolyn county, came from the defense. they're arguing that casey was virginia. four people are dead. sexually abused by her father cnn has confirmed it happened and brother and that her father just shortly before 5:00 this morning at the 103 mile marker found her daughter caylee drowned in the pool and helped north of richmond. dispose of the body. that is some of the first casey is charged with the murder pictures we are getting courtesy of her 2-year-old daughter and of our abc affiliate, wjla. could get the death penalty if convicted. in addition to the fatalities, 600 people stung by jellyfish in central florida there are numerous injuries. over memorial day weekend. swimmers from cocoa beach to it somehow veered off the right side of the highway, overturned cape canaveral came across on to the roof and the kids are swarms of purple jellyfish. being transported to hospitals they can cause itching, burning in richmond, as well as and rashing. >> the cure is. fredericksburg, virginia. you take meat tend riser on the the northbound lanes of i-95 area, sucks the sting out. shut down while investigators deal with the scene. you smell funny for a little while but it helps. >> the pen tagon is laying out >> a girl who spent time on the beach.
3:36 am
>> pretty from a distance but not when pecking at you when warning, hacking is an act of you're asleep. war. >> they have their first ever >> this is a crazy store. >> you have strange dreams but a reality for a guy in nevada. cyberwarfare strategy. conventional weapons are on the table. a peacock broke into his home >> this is something that over the past few years, strategists have struggled with what the and got into bed with him and got into bed with him when he appropriate response should be woke up. sure he didn't have one too if another government tries to many. >> sure this isn't "hangover 2". attack the u.s. on a big >> the bird apparently stalking cyberattack. the home. >> we have spoken to pentagon this is the video. animal control came in, chased officials and intelligence the bird into the living room, officials over the past year or caught him. two who have said just that, everyone, man and bird r doing okay. maybe he's looking for his mate, he -- christine. when you look at attacks like >> this guy colorful? >> they aren't. this, sometimes it can be hard to determine where it came from and where some of the attacks >> pea hens are dull brown are coming from and to gauge the amount of damage. color. >> all right. we're going to take a break. the faen gone is trying to come up or has come up with sort of a when we come back cease-fire in yemen has fallen apart and that doctrine in which it would sort of lay out how to respond to is sparking renewed fears of an these attacks. this is significant, because all-out civil war. pediatricians say it is not this is saying, if the united a good thing your kids are states is attacked by computers drinking sports and energy
3:37 am
drinks. what do you think? or in a cyberattack, it would should energy drinks be regulated e-mail us at, tweet us at @cnnam, or respond with military force. you hacked, we bomb. we'll read your thoughts. there would be a lot of things that have to be worked out, good comments. we'll have them for you. including, i think the most >> 37 minutes after the hour. important, would be how do you respond in kind to a cyberattack. in other words, what would be appropriate level of response if, say, the united states was hit. it would be an attack on our nuclear power facilities or our grid system. any number of things. >> what about cyberattacks that we could've gone a more traditional route... have already happened. >> there has been so many. ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪ those attacks that have been so my old contact lenses would sometimes move out of place launched in the name of and blur my vision. my eye doctor said there's great news for people with astigmatism. retaliation with the folks acuvue® oasys for astigmatism. involved with we canky leaks. you saw master card and google he said it's the only lens of its kind designed to realign naturally with every blink and these big companies hit by
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and created with hydraclear® plus. the cybercriminals. back in 2008, the u.s. i'm seeing more clearly, crisply, comfortably, government was not immune. the pentagon was breached by a all day long. cyberattack. now life doesn't have to be a blur. probably the most famous in the [ male announcer ] learn more at last few years has been this acuvue® oasys for astigmatism. stuxnet virus. it has been talked about in a lot of the tech circles. this virus setback iran's [ male announcer ] learn more at host: could switchco did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all thy home?? nuclear program and invaded piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. iran's computers there. it hit a lot of countries. that was the one everyone keyed on. it is still an open question who mom: max. ...maxwell! initiated that virus. >> chris lawrence from the pen gg ta done. mom: you're home new york congressman, piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anthony weane anncr: gei. mutes could save you 15% or more. antho anthony pe >> the 21-year-old woman that got the tweet says she follows the congressman and she is a big fan but she has never met him.
3:39 am
weiner spoke with cnn saying the photo of a scantily dressed man was not sent by him. >> i was hacked. it happens to people. you move on. this is a prank, not a terribly creative one. it is a distraction. >> well, it is not clear who may have hacked the congressman's twitter account. a spokesman for weiner says he has retained an attorney to look into the matter further. former presidential candidate, john edwards, may be indicted this year, being investigated for using campaign funds to cover up an extramarital affair. the justice department is prepared to issue an indictment this week. >> ohio state head football coach, jim tressel, has resigned. his decision to step down days after a "sports illustrated" article detailed violations upped his watch dating back eight years. he says he is leaving ohio state for the good of the university. his triples began when the nccaa
3:40 am
began investigating several players for selling memorabilia to a local tattoo parlor owner. he admits he knew about the violations last year and failed to report. we are hearing about another alleged sexual assault on a hotel maid in new york city reportedly by a high-profile financier. they arrested him in connection with the attack. he is accused of sexually assaulting a 44-year-old maid at the pierre hotel supd night. omar is the former head of egypt's bank of alexandria and now the head of a major salt producer, as the ex chief of the international monetary fund, dominique strauss-kahn, awaits trial on charges of attempted rape and sexual charges. new developments as officials in japan try to contain a nuclear disaster at the daiichi power plant in fukushima. a powerful explosion happened
3:41 am
when robots were used to haul away wreckage. they believe one of the robots may have punctured an this morning we're hearing underground gas tank. no one was hurt. about another alleged sexual radiation didn't increase. assault on a hotel maid in new in yemen, some of the worst york city, reportedly by another violence since the political high profile financier. crisis began there months ago the nypd arrested the man in connection with the alleged attacks. police say he's accused of sharp shooters firing at sexually assaulting a citizens. 44-year-old maid at the pierre medics say security forces hotel on sunday night. killed two more protesters. he's reportedly the former head the u.n. says 50 people have of egypt's bank of alexandria died in that city since sunday and the head of a major salt after an entire protest in the producing company. this comes as the exchief of the city was crushed by tanks, set international monetary fund, on fire according to witnesses, dominique strauss-kahn awaits set on fire with people still trial on attempted rape and inside. >> moammar gadhafi makes an sexual assault at the sophie appearance as nato says his days tell in new york city. in power are coming to an end. a setback for berlusconi. gadhafi met with south africa's his coalition suffering defeats in local elections in milan and president to discuss a naples. cease-fire with rebel fires. analysts say the vote was rel a his public appearances have been referendum on the italian more rare as nato steps up premier and he faces charges of bombing runs on his compound. abuse of power and prostitution
3:42 am
there are some signs that with an underage teenage jeer gadhafi is losing his grip on security forces in morocco stepping up their crackdown on power. italian government says that 8 anti-government protesters for a libyan generals and more than second straight weekend. 100 soldiers have defected to violent clashes between police and demonstrators in the streets italy after crossing libya's of casablanca. border with tunisia. we are learning about the 15,000 gathered in the capital sunday, demanding more horrors of some egyptian women. democratic fee droms, jobs and better social conditions. a senior general is admitting fragile cease-fire in yemen that some of the abuse did take didn't hold for long. fighting broke out again in the streets of the capital city sa place. a report said that female demonstrators were beaten, given na. >> sparked fears of a civil war. electric shocks, strip searched, let's go to london where zain verjee has the latest on this threatened with prostitution charges and forced to submit to new round of violence there. good morning, zain. virginity checks. >> good morning, guys. the government said this did not there were heavy explosions and happen. now, an egyptian general is gunfire heard in yemen's capital saying, it did happen to women protesters. sanaa, a day after this major so those women, the claims from those women indeed turn out to bulldozing activity by the be true. >> very horrific. >> is we are getting a look at government in place called taiz. take a look at this video. some unbelievable video this people were camped out in a square in the city and they just morning from mexico. came in and they burned down the tents where people were at. three people died and at least 26 people have been injured.
3:43 am
>> it is a school teacher trying now, the u.s. embassy is saying that these scenes were to calm her kindergarten class unprovoked and unjustified. they condemned it. while a gun battle rages outside the classroom. they praised the protesters and she got all the kids down on the insisted the president get out, ground sing willing a barney transfer power asap. song to distract them. the problem with the situation for the u.s. is they are so 33-year-old marta reveras taped worried that as this spreads, there could be a political vacuum in the country, al qaeda operates there as a base and the it. authorities in monterrey honored u.s. doesn't have a whole lot of leverage. her for showing outstanding saudi arabia does. civil courage. all teachers in the monterrey >> it bears a lot of watching. area are trained to deal with meanwhile, in serbia, suspected the situations. she never imagined that the war criminal ratko mladic still video would become such a hit. sitting in a serbian jail. between now and tomorrow, a waiting to be extradited. lot of americans are going to any timetable for when that experience extreme weather extradition might happen? firsthand. take a look at the live radar >> that is the big question, right now. christine. severe thunderstorms will what's happening right now, continue to rumble through the there are stall tactics going midwest before heading no the on. his defense lawyer has said basically he needs another medical exam. he has specific health problems. they need to call in more northeast tomorrow, dozens of cities could get record-breaking specialists and he is not fit heat between now and thursday. let's go to rob marciano in the enough to face genocide charges weather center with this. in the hague. hey, rob. >> good morning, guys. prosecutors are saying that's
3:44 am
not true, he is absolutely. thank you. we had a little club music going so they're going to wait for a on in the background. verdict from the court in serbia today to see whether or not to send him to the hague. europe wants him there asap. >> the pictures we keep seeing a little rock 'n roll heading of him are a much longer mladic. across michigan today. severe weather threat. they're saying he's had a this is the same area that had stroke, heart issues over the the storms that rolled through years, that he's just not well over the weekend. enough to stand, that's what his supporters are saying? be on high alert. >> you know, that's right. if you are traveling through and to many people who do chicago or detroit, be aware of that. support him, they see him as a east of this front, it is going to be hot. nationalist hero. they think that he really has i think you guys mentioned this done great things in his past coming in today. 94 for the high in memphis. for serbia. the problem is, the rest of the 88 in chicago. world does not see it like that. that's not going to be record. this is a man wanted for they were near record-breaking yesterday. genocide, for crimes against it was really hot. it felt really hot because of humanity. the one word people associate the humidity as well. it will continue to be the case him with is srebrenica, the going forward. check out this video from new worst massacre in europe after the second world war. he had something like almost south whales australia. 8,000 muslim men and boys just amazing waterspout. when we go close, look at the massacred in 1995. that's actually the moment many way that thing is spiraling. you only see that in the say president clinton was really southern hemisphere, my friends. galvanized to act and do that sucker is going clockwise. something about it. >> zain verjee for us this up here in the northern morning, thanks so much. hemisphere, most of our
3:45 am
catch zain every morning 5:00 tornadoes go the opposite a.m. on "world one" on cnn. direction. a spectacular sight. rob marciano is standing by a double waterspout. in atlanta in the extreme weather center to let us know two of them at the same time. how this last day, the last day sydney, itself, was experiencing of may, this is it? >> it is, isn't it. >> it's going out with a bang. severe cyclone that was it's hot in much of the country. producing heavy rains and flash >> feels like the last day of floods there. july for a lot of folks. tornadoes and water spouts heat and humidity, going to pretty much the same thing. reign supreme across the eastern they form differently. two-thirds of the country. nonetheless, have the same big high pressure. even the thunderstorms are pretty far to the north today. some of those could be very effect. instead of debris and other spring and severe like. stuff that comes with the here is a line that moved tornado on land, when it is through nebraska yesterday. over 20 reports of tornados in sucking up water, it looks a spots there, but no reports of little bit less threatening and serious injuries or huge damage. more beautiful. back to you guys in new york. this is all going to be rolling towards chicago, and eventually >> some perplex little fish. towards detroit later on today as the heat builds and that >> fish aren't too excited. front begins to make its way >> boats should stay clear. there. other than that, amazing to see. chicago, you will have travel delays, maybe not as bad as what stay away from energy we saw over the weekend but plan drinks. the kids should do that. for it. wind in minneapolis and looking should energy drinks be for issues in salt lake city and regulated. new warnings coming out from san francisco as well. kids' doctors about the dangers. here's where we expect the e-mail us at bull's eye to be as far as severe weather threat once we
3:46 am
get the heat going, the energy moving east, the lower great lakes will see a moderate risk or give us a tweet. of seeing severe thunderstorms do you travel for work? throughout the day today or more so this afternoon and through what is life on the road like? this evening. here's where the heat is. what is it doing to american 94 in memphis, 93 degrees in workers' health you may be d.c., heat advisories up for surprised what your helt looks like if you are a road warrior. d.c., baltimore, and detroit. >> i don't want to know. you've got the heat, the humidity as well. representative steve israel, not going to be quite as warm a democrat from long island, we but still toasty in new york are going to talk to him about city. air quality issues because the this death ceiling debate that's air is fairly stagnant and going on and other matters across the south it's very warm. having to do with politics in your body is not quite used to this country whether we come it. the first real pulse of heat, so back. ten minutes aft hour. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] you've never had take it easy and drink lots of water. we had heat medical issues yesterday in chicago because of all the heat. the pattern is going to kind of stick this way. it will be 95 degrees in nashville tomorrow, 96 in atlanta, still lower 90s in d.c. we get a little cooling across the northern tier towards thursday but a lot of red down here, jackson, mississippi, may even get to 101 degrees. so what do you do if you can't get to the beach or another way to cool off?
3:47 am
maybe you head to the mountains. check this out, memorial day weekend skiing in aspen, colorado. they haven't done this in years. there was twice as much snow at the top of aspen than there was january 1st. more snow now than new year's day. and places like aspen and squall valley and, of course, the basin, these guys will be open july 4th, i smell "american morning" on the road for july 4th. >> we're setting out to find the coolest spot and there it is. just a ton of snow this spring, that's why it's like that for them? >> spring with the entire winter was just incredibly epic. a lot came late in the spring as well. they have a pack beyond belief and it's going to stick around through the summer. >> all right. rob, thanks very much. that's something else. red lobster like this before. 47 minutes after the hour. your own complete four-course coming up on "american morning," seafood feast for $15. start with soup, a town wakes up to sheep on the like our hearty new england clam chowder. loose. then enjoy a fresh salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, check that out. >> they were counting sheep to fall asleep and look what followed by your choice of one of seven entrees, happened when they woke up.
3:48 am
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3:50 am
later on, sunny and 92. >> i don't see a cloud in the sky. >> it must be cloudy somewhere else. >> that's the kind of sunshine in washington we like. a lot going on this morning. here's what you need to know to it means you could get start your day. eight of moammar gadhafi's sunburned. congress back to work. generals along with 100 soldiers the house expected to introduce have fled to italy. the defections comes as nato's a vote against a bill to raise the federal debt ceiling. says gadhafi's reign is near the >> the republicans are holding end. the vote to prove that raising a quick thinking teacher channels barney to protect her the debt ceiling isn't going to passion without conditions like kindergarten students from gunfire in mexico. spending cuts. >> cuts that must come from she got the kids down on the medicare. ground and led them the song as >> here is a listen. >> i can assure you that to get bullets flew outside the school. my vote to raise the debt going up, president obama's skreeling for whatever that's worth, my one vote, medicare approval rating rising six will be a part of it. points since early april in the joining us now from new latest cnn opinion research york, is democratic congressman, corporation poll and he has some gop voters to thank for the steve israel, he is the chairman of the democratic congressional bounce. touring landmarks and testing the waters, sarah campaign. good to have you with us. palin's one nation tour pulled >> it is an idealogical argument up to historic gettysburg late that we can't continue to bore yesterday. she still hasn't said, though, whether she'll run for president in 2012. a mandatory evacuation lift in amarillo, texas, but hot borrow. >> everybody agrees our levels
3:51 am
spots remain after a double of debt and deficit are not wildfire destroyed a dozen homes sustainable. >> if you are going to reduce in that city. and the nba finals tip off tonight. the miami heat and dallas debt, are you going to do it on mavericks will play game one in the backs of middle class americans or the wealthiest of miami. a rematch of the 2006 nba the wealthy. republicans are saying, we want to reduce the debt by ending championship series where down 2-0 miami swept the next four medicare but we are still games against dallas for their willing to fund tax cuts for big oil companies. first nba title. you're caught up on the if you are a millionaire, making day's headlines. over $1 million, you get a "american morning" will be back after this. $100,000 tax cut. if you are a senior on medicare, you get a $6400 bill. >> you say ending medicare. the republicans will say they are reforming medicare, they are fixing medicare so that it is there for everybody. you say they are ending it. medicare, medicare, medicare. this is going to be the big debate as we head into this next round of elections. >> it should be the big debate. of course are the republicans are going to back pedal, sidestep, flip-flop. their bill says that right now if you are a senior citizen, you get sick and go to the doctor.
3:52 am
under the federal government, if you are a senior citizen and you get sick. the insurance company decides what they are going to pay and what they are going to not pay and you get stuck with a $6400 increased medical bill. what part of that equation shouldn't concern senior citizens. >> you said we all agree that our levels of deficit and debt are unsustainable. everybody was talking in great generalities until paul ryan came out with this proposal. as soon as he gets spet specific, republican approval ratings start to plummet. the democrats are going to come back with some specific response. once you start telling americans the truth about what they have to give up, they are not going to want to vote for you. >> we have hard choices. both parties have an obligation to fix this problem and solve it. the deficit, $7 trillion of the deficit was accrued under the bush administration, $1.7 exits 98 to 110, although i trillion accrued under the obama don't know, mayben brian our producer can tell us on what
3:53 am
road we're talking about. there's exits. administration. we have a responsibility to fix it is 95, exits 98 to 110 closed this. the republican plan balances it as they investigate. on the middle class. what we are trying to work out is what the injuries are. >> you say it is tax cuts for there are apparently a number of the wealthy. injuries on that. they say these are unsustainable we'll keep you posted as soon as social programs. we learn about this. a bus overturned near richmond. at some point, there is a happy >> we'll let you know what -- medium. why can't it come a little bit where the tour bus is coming from and all of that. out of both? >> if you're in the area, exits >> we have done that already. 98 to 110 in that stretch of area. we want to ask your opinion democrats sfoe about something to tell you about this story out about the democrats supported the budget cuts. this is when we had the nation's pediatricians warning majority. >> i am talking about the latest that energy drinks in cuts. it would have been closer to $6 particular, but also sports drinks r not good for your kids billion if the tea party didn't say they were demanding more. and should be avoided. >> we agree, that there need to the caffeine in energy drinks can lead to high blood pressure, be some cuts. why don't we do this? why don't we say if you are high heart rate insomnia and earning over $1 million a year, kids already prone to anxiety you don't get $100,000 tax cut. can make it worse. why don't we, instead of ending >> let's find out what you think. medicare for senior citizens, should energy drinks be why don't we direct the regulated. here are your responses into secretary of health and human glen carter clemens says on services to negotiate volume facebook -- and on twitter, discounts with the pharmaceutical companies. those are common sense cuts that
3:54 am
we are willing to support. johns 13 says -- a different we need to broaden revenues. the republican mantra is end medicare and do these cutts on the backs of middle class families and it is fundamentally view. unfair. >> they would say reform and fix >> also, vin 16 in new jersey writes any food and drink that medicare. we can't afford the life we are could potentially harm you living and the life we have lived for a long time. should be regulated. these drinks are too accessible we are talking about a happy to kids, very scary. medium. it might be unhappy if everyone >> on our blog somebody named has to give up something. jesse clark wrote i don't think it is the politics of it that they should be. start to muck it up. if they are your kids and don't want them drinking the drinks abc picked up on something don't let them. interesting that president the kid is your responsibility clinton said about this. not the company that makes the a behind-the-scenes conversation drink. if you a prok with the drink with congressman paul ryan, don't let your kids get ahold of talking about a gain,a win in new york on this very medicare them. >> as much as i agree be i don't issue. listen. >> i told before you got here think it should be in the diet, the idea of regulating everything in children's menus i friday, i said. don't see is the best idea. i said i'm glad we won this race when you say don't do this in new york but i hope the that's when kids want to do it. >> i think there's some parents democrats don't use it as an excuse to do nothing. who don't realize there's so much sugar in the sports drinks >> this race in new york, we are talking about i anew york race and pediatricians are saying if it's a sports drink drink it where a democratic challenger when playing a sport. beat the republican because she >> otherwise water. said, look, they are going to
3:55 am
>> the other thing, too, in some gut medicare. >> we won that race because of of those drinks you can't look at the back and really tell how huge buyer's remorse, much caffeine is in it because there's caffeine but then other independents, republicans and democrats may have voted for a stimulants that are not -- republican in the past but they >> you won't recognize. didn't vote for a member of >> pediatrician groups saying congress who was going to support the ending of medicare. caffeine is not good for >> with respect to president children. >> send us an e-mail, tweet, clinton's views, i don't think tell us on facebook, we'll read your thoughts later in the show. a stampede of pintos there is any disagreement. we have said we will negotiate barreling through the midwest and we're not talking about -- to strengthen, reform and the 40th anniversary of the ford improve medicare. pinto. owners marking the event driving as democrats, we will not their ponies from colorado to pennsylvania. they not only will show their cars off but many of them are negotiate. we have learned this is an opportunity to end that policy being sponsored and the proceeds to fund tax cuts to big oil go to help needy veterans through the wounded warrior companies. come to the table and talk about project. common sense steps we can >> out of work shepard you may achieve. >> i like what you are saying about the oil companies and want to head chula vista, medicare. they don't equal out. the oil company tax cuts don't come anywhere close to medicare. california. i hear what you are saying. residents woke up monday to a flock of sheep wandering around congressman israel, thanks for their neighborhood. joining us. one ath one point police had >> a lot of tough choices ahead. president obama getting a them surrounded and then they took off. animal control rounded them up. big balance with his approval >> they had them surrounded as ratings. we will tell you more when we if they're dangerous and going come back.
3:56 am
to put up a fight. >> a monthly fee to play video >> do we know where the sheep game from? >> but maybe they wandered from games at home. call of duty, the biggest ever. a nearby farmland. >> good guess. >> how they always say, they we will find out if customers are willing to pay to play. were a little small sheep and each day was fueled grew up and somebody let them by thorough preparation for events to come. go. they were living in their house until they grew up. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. only lizards. >> our top stories minutes away including don't call it a but you see, with the help campaign bus. of her raymond james financial advisor, sarah palin keeps everybody she had planned for every eventuality. guessing on her national tour. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... somebody who may know when she'll make a choice about even at the ripe old age of 187. running in 2012. 56 minutes after the hour. [ female announcer ] in and out. out and in. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. you know, the ones find a who do a super job?®. for local maps, reviews and videos & it's the only local search site with the superguarantee®. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®.
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3:59 am
>> female announcer: sandals luxury included resorts now include a once-in-a-lifetime offer: book now, save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. [ singing in foreign language ] >> courage and grace under fire, a teacher honored for keeping her kids safe and calm with the >>. >> 23 minutes after the hour. help of barney and friends as minding your business this gunshots erupted outside the morning. home prices could hit a new low school. in the 20 largest metropolitan plus -- red alert, places across the country may meet or beat areas. that's according to "the new heat records today on this york times," the standard and "american morning." pours index show existing prices dipped below the lows reached two years ago. good morning. the wear and tear of it's tuesday, may 31st. traveling for business, ali welcome to "american morning." velshi, may be taking a toll on >> glad you're with us today. your health. we are going to be talking about the amazing video out of mexico. those that travel more than 20 keeping fans and reporters nights a month were nearly 2 1/2
4:00 am
guessing, it is day three of times more likely to be in poor sarah palin's rolling pep rally. health than those traveling 1-6 the bus pulled into historic days a month. gettysburg, pennsylvania, late yesterday. hundreds of people spent a hot call of duty, is planning to and humid memorial day waiting for a glimpse of the potential roll out an online sker advice presidential candidate. that will cost a few dollars and she was a no show, though, on the historic battlefield. give fans extra content and the former alaska governor made levels of play. futures, the dow, nasdaq, a pit stop in baltimore, visiting fort mchenry, the birth place of the national anthem but s&p 500, all up as investigators didn't answer the big question, is she going for it in 2012? wait on new information on home prices. >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. americans last year put $9 it's still, you know, a matter billion into government run of looking at the field and college saving plans, known as considering much. there truly is a lot to consider 529 plans. before you throw yourself out experts say one reason for the there in the name of service to pick-up, parents fear their kids won't be able to pay for the public because it's so all college. consuming. coming up in a little more than ten minutes, listen up, grads, >> jim acosta is live in gettysburg, pennsylvania, this want to land that job, should morning. some are wondering, why is she you wear a nose ring to the on the bus tour and why are you interview? what college grads nooetd need guys covering it? to do and not do to get an edge those were some of the e-mails we got this morning? in the interview? >> kiran, i think it's safe to back after the break. building up our wireless network all across america. say this is more than a family
4:01 am
vacation up and down the east we're adding new cell sites... coast. this is as close as we've gotten increasing network capacity, to sarah palin's bus, her one and investing billions of dollars nation bus tour, that has gone up and down the east coast the to improve your wireless network experience. last couple days and just to from a single phone call give you a sense as to the palin to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people factor that may be at play in in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. 2012 for the white house, she at&t. rethink possible. does have her loyal supporters. just a sense of that, people have posted notes on the side of her bus overnight. this one says i voted for you and john mccain. i really hope you run in 2012. just one of the notes that were left behind by her loyal supporters yesterday here in gettysburg. all day long yesterday, it was a game of cat and mouse between the former vice presidential candidate and national news media. she started in washington, d.c., made her way up to baltimore as you said, and then here to gettysburg, she's expected to go on to philadelphia and new hampshire later this week. in an effort to give you the best network possible. we're even hearing she may be going to iowa as early as next we're going to head on into the interview. evan, sandy . . . evan .. month. fueling all sorts of speculation that the final destination that what pushed you toward the explorer?
4:02 am
she has in mind is 1600 it was less expensive. better technology inside. pennsylvania avenue. we briefly caught up with her there was stuff that we have in our car that i didn't even know existed. yesterday evening for just a short question and answer how does your music gear fit in there? session right outside this hotel it fits perfectly. we're out in front of at this i mean, i got a keyboard, acoustic guitar, merchandise, moment and here's what she had cds to sell and it all just fits like a nice game of tetras. to say about the speculation she may get into this race. what would you say to a friend who's skeptical about buying a ford. >> i think the republican field is already quite strong. do you want to borrow my keys. it's going to change up a lot and i think that there will be a more strong candidates jumping you've been stuck in the garage in. truly, there is still a lot of while i've been sneezing from the dust in here, time for folks to make up their and the pollen outside. mind and jump in and get their but with 24-hour zyrtec®, campaigns together. i get prescription strength relief the field isn't set yet, not by from my allergy symptoms. a long shot. it's the brand allergists recommend most. >> reporter: now just to give ♪ you a sense that the national news media are not the only ones lilly and i are back on the road again, in the dark. where we belong. we had a chance to talk to a with zyrtec® spokesman for the republican party chairman out in i can love the air®. iowa, asked him whether or not [ male announcer ] get up to $6 in savings he's been contacted by the palin team about this eventual trip to on zyrtec® products his state, he told us that no, at they haven't heard about sarah palin coming to iowa, which is an unusual step for a potential republican candidate for president.
4:03 am
usually those types of advanced notices are given to the party in those individual states. that has not happened with sarah palin. as she told us yesterday, kiran f she does get into this race, it will be an unconventional campaign, kiran? >> that's one thing i think a lot of people are not surprised by. we'll see what happens, though. thanks so much, jim. coming up in less than ten minutes we'll speak to someone following sarah palin's closely, writer jim guarantee. the questions remain, is she a serious contender, do republicans want her to be and what about her high negatives, how does she turn that around if she's going to make a run of it in the general. >> amazing story from across the border in mexico. a schoolteacher is honored for displaying courage under fire. [ gunfire ] [ singing in foreign language ] >> with a gun battle raging outside her classroom, got her class and led them in a song from barney and friends to distract them. she recorded the scene and now
4:04 am
the video has gone viral. it happened at a school in the mexican city of monterrey, plagued by drug violence. nick valencia has the story. >> reporter: listen closely as this story unfolds. beautiful sunny sky in philadelphia. 80 degrees right now. 8:30 and 80 degrees. it is going up to 89 in philly [ gunfire ] later today. >> beautiful, nice and sunny. [ speaking foreign language ] >> beautiful, hot. ♪ >> it will be very hot. what should you do when it is hot? >> reporter: this was the scene you should drink lots of water. at a kindergarten school in people reach for the sports monterrey, mexico, on friday afternoon. drinks. warnings coming out from pediatricians to watch sports a teacher calmly instructs her drinks and energy drinks. students to take cover and sing nation's pediatricians say these songs while suspected cartel drinks have no place in the members exchange gunfire outside child's diet. of her classroom. they tend to be heavily calf the teacher, who was identified nighted and full of sugar and only as martha, tells the can lead to high blood pressure, students to put their faces on high heart rate. the floor. that nothing is going to happen. sports drinks like gator aid as gunfire rages outside the contain sugar and all that sugar classroom the teacher asks the kids to sing along to a song by can contribute to tooth decay. barney the friendly dinosaur.
4:05 am
five people were executed outside the school. none of the children in the classroom was injured. >> they can have sports drinks when they are playing sports. the teacher later posted the should energy drinks, though, be video on youtube. it's received more than 1 regulated is our question of the day. million hits. here are some of your responses. >> and -- >> since 2006 when that drug war was launched by mexican president filipe calderon. >> even dr. pepper has nowhere most of the violence concentrated in northern mexico. near the amount of caffeine that >> it's remarkable to think that this teacher said that teachers some of these energy drinks do. in that area are trained to do >> it's a mix of caffeine and this. this wasn't something you just sort of popped into your mind. >> what makes this situation all the more remarkable, ali, it's sugar. >> back in the day, all we could in monterrey, mexico. this is like if it's a shoot-out get way with was mountain dew. marylou writes. that happened in beverly hills, a financial capital, financial hub of mexico, and of course voted recently one of the safest cities not just in mexico, but all of latin america. >> nick, thanks for the great story, nick valencia joining us >> todd hail on our blog writes, from atlanta. a shocker from the world of college football one of the sports most respected figures, you shouldn't feed your kid sticks of butter. ohio state football coach jim tressel has resigned.
4:06 am
his decision to step down days after a "sports illustrated" >> it is an interesting point article detailed alleged ethics from the pediatricians that, look, because they are violations under his watch everywhere, you can see them all dating back eight years. the time. he says he's leaving ohio state your kid cease them all the for the good of the university. time, they think it is okay, you his troubles began when the ncaa are drinking it like a regular began investigating several of his bic ki players for selling memorabilia to a local tattoo glass of water and it is not. >> asking about caffeine parlor owner, against ncaa consumption should be the many questions they ask when kids are rules. tressel admits he knew about the going for a physical. violations and failed to report them. his departure leaving students you don't even think about it. disappointed and former players >> we want to bring you up to stunned. >> dream job. speed on some breaking news. victims of a tour bus crash on what he would have done until interstate 95. retirement and to kind of see north of richmond on the northbound lanes of i-95. him go out like this, it's sad. it happened shortly before 5:00 >> what he pushed for so long this morning, look at these pictures coming in. was tradition and respect and at the 103 mile marker north of richmond on i-95. doing the right thing and having we are told there are numerous integrity, he obviously was not injuries. the bus veered off the the side of the road, overturned on the about that. >> in the short term it's going roof. you can see it on the left side to hurt recruiting. who's going to want to come to of the screen. the northbound lanes of i-95 are ohio state now? >> ohio state releasing this shut down while investigators statement, quote, during the
4:07 am
course of an investigation the worked the scene. university and the ncaa worked the southbound lanes are jointly to review any new unaffected because there is a wooded median between the north allegations that come to light and southbound lanes. and will continue to do so until fighting cyberwar with the conclusion of the conventional war, the wall investigation beyond that we street journal is reporting that the pentagon has put together have no further comment. at the bottom of his resignation the first formal cyberstrategy letter tressel wrote quote we that leaves the door open for know god has a plan for us, we the military to response with will be fine, we will be buckeyes forever. a brutal heat wave traditional force if a computer stretching from new england to texas and could shatter dozens attack comes from another of temperature records today. it's triggering some severe company. they say anthony weiner used his storms. we have several reports of tornadoes touching down in nebraska. this happened yesterday. along with baseball-sized hail twitter account to send a photo. and heavy rain. if you take a look at the map, every town or city highlighted here will either get within a bounce for president obama after the death of osama bin three degrees or break its laden. his approval rating is up six all-time record, about four points since early april after dozen different cities. they came close to doing just the raid to 54%. that in chicago yesterday. the temperatures in the windy >> the numbers show that he has city climbing close to 90 republicans to thank for that. degrees. >> there's me. ed henry live at the white i was there. house, good morning, ed. but i wasn't on the beach. >> that wasn't you, i don't think. >> not expected to let up much >> you are right, a 12-point
4:08 am
today. >> rob marciano is in the bounce for the republicans. extreme weather center for us right now. rob? >> his numbers on terrorism, >> there's something about the which has traditionally been first heat wave of the year, your body is not used to it. more favorable for americans. >> it didn't waste any time. his numbers are way up. he is clearly getting some kind memorial day weekend, that's when you start breaking records of a bounce here. right and left. >> you have been asking for it look at this, his handling of all winter. be careful what you wish for. terrorism. our latest poll shows a 65% some other numbers as far as record highs yesterday, baltimore, maryland, 98 degrees. approval among all voters and a come on. that doesn't include the 46% approval rating. humidity. that number measured in the shade. only a 53% disapproval rating. georgetown delaware, 95, some of the other numbers for you. why is that significant. as far as where we expect the traditionally, a very good issue rough weather today with the heat building and this system for republicans. it is close to a 50/50 split for moving into the great lakes, this president. moderate risk of seeing severe it should goes what you noted, weather across much of lower among republican voters, this michigan where they got hit with thunderstorms pretty hard over president doing better in the the weekend. be prepared there. wake of the bin laden raid. as far as how hot the temperatures are going to get maybe the fact that he doesn't have an opponent yet. today, simt lar to yesterday, >> how big of a deal is that, maybe a few degrees cooler in places like chicago where they had the heat-related issues. among republicans and conservatives? new york city, 84, not horrible they don't have somebody clearly compared to d.c. carved out in that field. d.c., detroit, baltimore those once they have somebody emerging are cities that are going to be under the gun and have heat as a clear-cut challenger, could advisories out.
4:09 am
air quality is not the best in that change and take away some the bigger cities. popularity? >> reporter: i think so. temperatures in the lower to mid the president in europe had the 90s, memphis and atlanta, and international stage to himself much of the southeast. want to go to the beach, check while the news about the republicans are like, look, why out video from cape canaveral up are all these top tier guys through cocoa beach. look at all those jellyfish. getting out and not getting into my goodness. the race. there were reports of 800 when you look beyond the headline of the phone numbers, stings, people getting stung by on handling the economy, these little guys and call them approval of 41%. the purple invasion. disapproval, 58% on gas prices. these are an unusual type of 5 2irs approval. jellyfish for this year. they typically get the 73% disapproval. once the republicans figure portuguese man of wars and less things out on their side, once purply type of things. they have a nominee down the >> only good thing about them, rob, you can actually see them in the water a little better. road, if the economy and the i don't know. i've been stung by jellyfish jobs picture is still bleak, everywhere i've ever gone. this president is going to be i don't know why. vulnerable. right now, he is riding high on i must -- national security and the handling of terrorism after bin >> they know [ inaudible ] when they see it in the water. laden. republicans have the field. little vinegar and water and he is doing pretty well. you're fine. they aren't life-threatening >> when he does have a injuries unless you have an challenger or opponent. allergy to them. maybe that will be sarah palin. it's not something with you want >> we don't know that but she is to be doing the breast stroke through. kicking off day three of her >> make the beach look so --
4:10 am
>> it's just the way the winds one-nation bus tour. the former alaska governor are set up and waves, it's visited some of the country's temporary. biggest landmarks. in a few weeks i think the >> she is still keeping everyone chamber of commerce will be guessing about whether she will happier with what the waters run in 2012. bring. >> they were there first. she says there is still plenty >> they think you're messing the of time. beach up. >> thanks. the republican field is new york congressman on the already quite xiong. defensive after a lewd picture it is going to change up a lot. sent to a woman from his twitter more strong candidates will be account. anthony weiner's explanation jumping in. ahead. a new study saying your kids there is still a lot of time for shouldn't have energy drinks, folks to make up their mind and according to pediatrician jump in and get their campaigns recommendations. they say they tend to be heavily together. the field isn't set yet, not by a long shot. caffeinated, full of sugar and herbal stimulants, lead to high >> it sure looks like a route that a presidential candidate blood pressure, high heart rates, insomnia and worse. might take. she was in and around the should energy drinks be nation's capital, fort mchenry regulated. >> sarah palin is on that bus and baltimore and gettysburg and which says don't call it a campaign bus, just a big bus. headed to philly and possibly >> that's just a vacation bus. everybody takes a vacation on a iowa. if she gets to iowa, i think we bus like that. >> might be going to iowa. does that mean she's running for president? we'll talk about that on the can say that. other side. 11 minutes after the hour. >> sarah palin or no sarah palin, on monday, june 13th cnn
4:11 am
will host the republican presidential debate. we are going to be talking to ellen reeves, an author that wrote, "can i wear my nose ring to the interview." 35 minutes past the hour. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere. yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere.
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14 minutes past the hour. welcome back to "american morning." another alleged sexual assault on a hotel maid in new york city reportedly by another high profile financier. the nypd arrested al salam omar in connection with the alleged attack. police say he is accused of sexually assaulting a 44year-old maid at the pierre hotel on sunday night. he is reportedly the former head of egypt's bank of alexandria, now the head of a major salt ♪ >> i am pleased to report that producing company. this comes as the ex-chief of the class of 2011 is walking the international monetary fund, into something college grads dominique strauss-kahn awaits haven't seen in years. trial on charges of attempted an improved job market. rape and sexual assault on a >> companies say they are going hotel maid in new york. to hire 19% more graduates this sarah palin once again year compared to last year. drawing crowds, creating buzz, there is also less competition. in fact she roared back into the
4:15 am
the number of applications per political spotlight on the back of a harley-davidson on sunday job opening has fallen from 41 taking part in the rolling per job to 21 per job. thunder rally in the nation's >> does that mean less capital. applicants or more jobs or a meantime a large bus, iconic combination of both? american backdrops and hundreds >> you have to beat out 20 of passionate supporters at people for a job. >> if you are a college every stop on her tour, has the graduate, how do you stand up in trappings of a presidential the field? campaign, but palin insists that's not what it is. ellen reeves is the author of "can i wear my nose ring to the >> this isn't a campaign bus. this is a bus to be able to express to america how much we appreciate our foundation and to invite more people to be interested in all that is good interview? >> this is a question that my about america. >> joining us now to talk about students have asked me. >> the answer is? palin's tour is jim, he's a >> everyone ha has a nose ring conservative writer and contributor for "the national but they are not on air. it depends on what you are review" and national review on-line. applying for. >> know your audience. thanks for being with us. >> always enjoy it. >> this is not a definite run something the average 21-year-old does not know. for president for sarah palin, if in doubt, leave it out. what is it? >> that's a good question. >> don't leave it out, go to the i get the feeling this is -- sarah palin wanted to come out interview, get hired and put it and run she would come out and run. back in and wonder why they are she doesn't seem the person to not taking you on client calls. do the hokie po kishgs one foot >> one of the things that you in the race, one not in the view is really important is not
4:16 am
race. "the new york times" is calling just looking for a job that's it a donor financed family out there but finding a person that can connect you to that vacation. a little understatement. job. explain that. clearly when she announced this, >> 80% of all jobs exist in what this looked like a dress rehearsal. the only reason sarah palin we call exist in the hidden job indicated she might not run in market. you have to stop looking for a 2012 was concerns about her job and start looking for a family. what better way than to try on person. your job is not in your house, the trappings of a campaign, go your apartment or your parent's on a campaign-style tour, see basement. how she handles it, allegedly >> it is important to do the she is wondering about the -- mass mailing of resume? >> then, you are using 100% of some palin quoted to the daily your time to get 20% of the beast to see what the reaction jobs. you have more chance if you get was. everywhere sarah palin goes she out there, have internships. gets a large reaction. >> it is a distraction. one thing strange about this the >> and it is depressing. schedule is not on the site. >> i wanted to ask you about if you are sending your resume this. not informing members of the hurdling into the black void of media beforehand where she's going to be and when asked about it, apparently her handlers say cyberspace, it is depressing. check sarah pac usa or whatever you have to be out there. >> how do you do that. the website is. why that game of cat and mouse? >> internship or a temp job in a >> on sarah pac no information company or industry which you she was in gettysburg, are interested. volunteer, talk to the people on pennsylvania. that website needs to be updated the bus. more frequently. be out there, connecting with perhaps she's inventing the people, sharpening your classes.
4:17 am
first stealth publicity tour. >> the gap on the resume. that information is need to know something you have mentioned and you're not cleared for it. before. if you have an internship, it at some point she will show up. ends, you have nothing and nothing and you have to take a one of the measuring sticks is, class and do something. you have to volunteer to fill it when she does her book tours, speaking engagements people come up so you can tell a hiring pan out in droves and applaud her. jury what you have been doing. maybe she wants to see what the >> you show you are always reaction is when it's not a active, you are always out there, taking initiative, at the prearranged group of supporters top of your game. when she shows up at fort >> there is a debate going on mchenry or mount vermont, are about old school versus new people happy to see her and school in terms of how much of cheer, run sarah run, or kind of your private life is out there on the internet. a -- response. these facebook accounts and >> maybe giving her the benefit of the doubt saying this is only e-mail accounts. to sort of test the waters. i mean there are others who are >> we are with e-mail addresses. alleging this is quite so do you need to sort of clean calculated, actually, on her up your cyber world or do part and that it continues to employers in this day and age realize kids operate in a help fuel that me against the different world of sharing, in mainstream media. this world of social media >> she's always got along so sharing that is just different well with the media, hasn't she? from what we did? one of those things where, >> it is different. i am still old school. perhaps, i'm seeing a bit of a i believe you have to clean up your professional persona if you plan whereas this is, you know, want to distinguish yourself in improvising and making up as she this economy. goes along. even if the numbers are a little better, it is not great. i think this is -- the reason you have to have that we're discussing it and paying attention to it, this is the professional edge and show that you care and that you know what
4:18 am
closest we've seen to an actual a professional persona is. presidential campaign from her. >> first name dot last name at this is someone who has been the question since election night 2008, what is she going to do it doesn't mean i raise horses. and does she want to do this? it also means the picture, the anything that takes on the trappings of a campaign is going to get campaign-style coverage. whether or not, you know, she sorority pictures, you don't thinks it should have that. >> it's interesting. want a higher manager to see one question that keeps dogging her the resignation as alaska's that. >> it has become a professional space. it might be your social media governor, came up when she was but the reality is, employers on the bus tour. these are the questions she's going to get if she decides to are looking. >> can they start a linked in run. take a look. >> what will you say when people ask you about leaving your term profile? early? >> you can manage your social >> you have to read my book media image and you to have do "going rogue" explains after i that. >> scrub the pictures, kids, left, after the friv slus ethics don't have a stupid e-mail charges and lawsuits that were going to bankrupt my state and address. >> ellen reeves is the author of family personally it was time to "can i wear my nose ring to the let the lieutenant governor take over the reigns. >> is that sort of her, quote, interview? ." romney -- mitt romney will have confidence may be returning to get over that whole health to wall street. care in massachusetts situation. they sold away in may and went is she going to have to somehow away. >> 43 minutes after the hour. try to find a way and can she we will be right back. there's another way to help eliminate get over the why did you quit as
4:19 am
governor? >> sure. presuming she decides to run, at some point if she's up on stage with the debate, one of them is going to ask, governor, if you are elected president will you litter box dust: purina tidy cats. serve the full four terms or tidy cats premium line of litters quit after two and a half years and she has to have a good now works harder on dust. answer for that. one of the things, republican and our improved formulas neutralize odors better than ever in multiple-cat homes. strategist, said to me a while ago and still seems to apply, so it's easier to keep your house the perception of sarah palin smelling just the way you want it. will change when the reality of purina tidy cats. sarah palin changes. keep your home smelling like home. unfortunately, a really good book or a really, you know, well-worded argument isn't necessarily going to change people's minds so much as if they look at her and see the way you know, the ones who do such a super job, she's acting and say yes, that woman could be a president. they're backed by the superguarantee®? you look at the poll numbers only superpages®. it's not there yet. >> unfavorable rating acould wherever you are, wherever you're going, rgds to cnn's latest poll. you'll find the super business you need. that's tough. >> it's one of the things where some of those folks if palin so next time, let the good guys save the day. becomes the republican nominee, a good chunk of the republicans will come home. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. that's kind of at this point in the stage, in the game, a lot of in the book ... on your phone or online. folks of the perception it's not my candidate, i won't support them. officially most members of the party come home.
4:20 am
what's more interesting are the independents. the question will be as she goes around this tour, obviously the loyal, you know, die-hard. ens will show up, do they bring a friend, a skeptic, not quite convinced that sarah palin has what it takes to be president. do they see her, get to witness the palin that the die-hards fell in love with and say oh now i see what the appeal is why she could do it. >> got you. jim, great to talk to you. contributor for "the national review" on-line. >> any time, thank you. sarah palin or not, monday june 13th, cnn hosting the new hampshire presidential debate as gop hopefuls gather to go for the party's nomination, . televised here on cnn, monday >> 44 minutes past the hour. night starting at 8:00, june 44 people killed and many other 13th. injuries when a commercial tour one thing people keep bus veered off of i-95 and worrying about is computer hacking. reporting a lot of it recently. overturneded north of richmond, new targets have been hit virginia. we are getting reports of including lockheed martin. numerous injuries. a defense contractor. the northbound lanes of i-95 if they can hit a defense contractor -- >> a tenacious attack they said. shut down for hours while >> what kind of chance do investigators continue to figure out what happened and tho help regular people have if they can
4:21 am
get a defense contractor. those wounded. deb feyerick ahead on the future the pentagon drawing up its of internet security. >> pediatricians warning parents their kids should stick to first cyberwar straightgy. water, not sports and energy reporting that the military could retaliate with drinks. that's because they often contain a lot of caffeine or conventional weapons if a computer attack comes from sugar and other sort of another country. anthony wiener of new york stimulants. so we want to know what you says it was an unknown hacker ha think? should energy drinks be send a lewd photo to a young regulated, e-mail us, give us a woman in seattle from his tweet @cnnam or twitter account. he calls it a bad prank and says we'll read your thoughts coming up. >> 21 minutes after the hour. at, he has hired an attorney to investigate. the number of people still building up our wireless network all across america. unaccounted for after last week's deadliest tornado is down we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, to 29. originally, more than 200 people and investing billions of dollars were listed as missing. to improve your wireless network experience. the number of deaths stands at from a single phone call 142. the dow futures are up to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people nearly 100 points. in more places than ever before the nasdaq and s&p. in an effort to give you the best network possible. those pictures are showing the at&t. rethink possible. clothes. we are telling you that futures are up as investigators wait for new information on home prices what's all this? big news! and consumer confidence. we have another way to help you save. the miami heat and dallas
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76 degrees, beautiful morning in atlanta. sunny and 84 later this afternoon. >> close to record heat in a lot of places.
4:24 am
>> it is going to be a scorcher. hey, rob. >> yeah, guys. not only in atlanta but a lot of other spots where east of the mississippi is where temperatures are going to be more like middle to end of july or the end of may here. we are looking at the temperatures. they are going to be in the upper 90s in some spots. we had records yesterday that were, one was in the 90s as well. severe storms expected across parts of the lower great lakes today. michigan, which got hammered on sunday with severe weather. this is going to be where the bull's eye is today. right now are the thunderstorms that cause severe weather yesterday in nebraska, 20 reports of tornadoes there. that's pushing off to the east about to get in chicago in the next three or four hours. that's where you will see your delays for travel today. over an our expected in chicago. eventually, once those storms get in there, minneapolis, 30 to 60-minute delays. the good news with the chicago storms, it will help cool counsel what was a really,
4:25 am
really hot day yesterday. 88 degrees, expected hot temperature for the chicago area. 93, atlanta. 84 degrees in new york. heat advisories out for d.c., baltimore and detroit. other spots, other urban areas, we are looking at some air quality issues, not only today but tomorrow. look at the big, bright, magenta red there. 96 degrees in atlanta, 99 in jackson tomorrow. and then -- they are going to be skiing on july fourth in places like aspen, squaw valley, pekted to open up on july 4th. not a bad way to spend the memorial day weekend. they had twice as much snow as the top of aspen mountain as they did january 1st. amazing amounts of snow the past
4:26 am
few months that have fallen. put on some suntan lotion in some cases in some cases, some folks are wearing the swim trunks and cruise down the slopes. >> i'm wearing mine. >> i am picturing rob out there in july. you will be on the slopes in july. a good chance there will be snow up there. >> get out there early before it turns to marshmallow. >> rob is really in atlanta where it is going to be 94 later. >> thanks very much, rob. rob was talking about the jellyfish. up to 800 people were stung by jellyfish in central florida over memorial day weekend. swimmers from cocoa beach to cape canaveral. swarms of purple jellyfish. none are believed to be serious but can cause itching and burning and rashes. >> some people went to the hospital with them. >> i feel like i have been stung no matter where i have been, in
4:27 am
jamaica to new york beach. it is highly uncomfortable. >> don't go swimming with kiran. >> it is the worst feeling to be, a, sopping wet, freezing, a sting and then sand everywhere and then you have to break out the tenderizer. >> it is worse than bees. >> i would pick bees over jellyfish. >> you must really not like them. there are bees around. an invasion at one k-mart. check this out. it was so bad people thought it was perhaps a pothole until it was buzzing. 15,000 of them swarming in this parking lot. >> they thought they were looking at a pothole in the ground until it moved. others said it was more like a cloud approaching. >> check out this guy. he got called in to take them away. >> it was like a minicyclone. we stopped and thought it was leaves or tobacco. when we got up on it, you could hear them buzzing and realized it was bees. >> the store manager, allergic to bee stings kept every one
4:28 am
safe inside while experts collected all the bees. they say swarms are common. >> i love how the collectors know what to do, the bee keepers. >> i could watch them endlessly. it feels like the most fun, easy job in the world. congresswoman, gabrielle giffords's recovered from the near fatal gunshot wound in january, her husband, from space, informed us that she had stitches removed yesterday. kelly delivered the news last night e is scheduled to return to earth tomorrow. j.r. hildebrand could taste the milk in victory lane when he crashed on the final lap of sunday's indy 500. >> unblooe believe. >> he was trying to pass another rookie driver, charlie kimball, when he hit the brick wall. >> just getting to the wall was an amazing victory. dr. sanjay gupta has his story in the human factory.
4:29 am
growing up, i wanted to race professionally. i wanted to race in the indianapolis 500. >> he is 10.9 seconds behind the race leader. this year, charlie kimball finally fulfilled his dream. in order to get here, he had to overcome a big hurdle. you see, four years ago, he was told he had diabetes. so kimball took time to figure out how to cope with his diagnosis and figure out if he could race with diabetes, something indy car officials said was a first. he had to be fast and healthy. >> if i go too high, my reaction time is slow and i'm not competitive. if i go too low, i go lightheaded. go low enough, i could pass out and cause an accident. >> his diabetes led him to a sponsor, the maker of his insulin pump. kimball's pit crew consists of mechanics, engineers and his
4:30 am
doctor. he has to make sure his body is ready along with his car, which now has special equipment. >> i wear a continuous glucose monitor, which is a krep sosens have on my body. it reads blood glucose and wirelessly transmits to a pager display that i have on the steering wheel. he has a backup system designed by his fare in case. >> i have a drink bottle mounted in the car, fill it with orange juice. the tube runs into my helmet. without having to take the hands off my steering wheel, i can drink that orange juice, bring my sugars up and i don't have to stop. >> kimball is determined to get et message out that diabetes doesn't have to stand in the way of your dreams. >> i am living proof you can do almost anything you want with e diabetes. ♪ hello sunshine, sweet as you can be ♪
4:31 am
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♪ there is the chicago river there. >> chicago is beautiful. >> i was there on friday, saturday, and sunday and monday and friday, saturday, and sunday were rainy and cold and now, it's crazy hot. 78 degrees right now in chicago. going up to 87 with storms and wind again. >> yesterday was a pretty strange day, actually. on the east coast, we had crazy lightning and thunderstorms in the morning, cleared up, beautiful, sunny. in the meantime, stay away from energy drinks. that's what doctors say for children. according to new guidelines from the american academy of pete yacht tricks, energy drinks contain big amounts of caffeine and other stimulants that can cause high blood pressure, high heart rate and insomnia. >> should she be regulated, the question of the day? here are some of your responses.
4:35 am
>> a good point. how do you bottle a little kid's energy and bottle it for the rest of us. >> the 17-year-old said, you give us eight hours of homework, we are bogged down. >> the american academy of pediatrics doesn't realize these things are ubiquitous. >> our local high
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