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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 31, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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starbucks. forget it. >> no fun as a parent. your kids will be healthy just a little missing fun. >> thanks for all your great comments on that, however. it definitely falls into two categories, people that think it is not for the government to be interfering. >> i might not be fun but i do believe everything in moderation. >> not very exciting. >> one red bull this week. >> tlaes it for us. i'm carol costello, sitting in for kyra phillips. good morning to you. sarah palin, day two of her one-nation bus tour. we will tell you where she is, what she is saying and what she is keeping secret. for the second time this month, a banking figure is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel made. new york police say the 74-year-old egyptian attacked the woman when she delivered
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items to his room. moammar gadhafi is ready for a cease-fire, parentally, according to the south african president trying to broker a truce. gadhafi is not promising to step down, which is the main demand of the rebels. sarah palin's one-nation bus tour is in gettysburg, finally. there are times when she sounds like a would-be presidential candidate. she still isn't ready to call her tour anything but a campaign for america's constitution. the tour started in washington wag. then, it continued on to pennsylvania. there was some confusion about where exactly her bus was headed at times. she refuses to tell the so-called mainstream media exactly where she is going. her co-worker, greta van susteren was invited on the bus. she said, despite how things look, her one nation tour is not political. >> it is not about me. it is not a publicity-seeking
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tour. it is about highlighting the great things about america and the media can figure out where we are going if they do their investigative work or they are going to keep kind of, as you put it, going crazy trying to figure out what we are doing here. >> our jim acosta is in gettysburg, jim said, did you do your investigative homework? have you figured it out? where is the bus? >> reporter: we have been doing a little bit of digging. she has given us the slip again. her bus is park at the hotel. we understand from talking to our cnn political reporter that she gave all of us the slip getting into a different vehicle that is in her entourage earlier this morning and she is now where on the battlefield site here at get it is berg. she has done it to us again. this is the pattern, a game of cat and mouse. catch me if you can, if you will. some of this is by design. obviously, she wants to generate a certain amount of buzz.
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what better way to generate buzz about your noncampaign than to sort of give the media the slip here and there. she did stop yesterday evening to talk to reporters in a sort of brief question and answer session. we threw a lot of different questions at her. obviously, we asked her again wlorntd she is running for president. that's been done over and over again. to give you the nature of a fly by the seat of the pants we are operating on right now, i grabbed my flip cam and asked her my own question about what she would do to help the ailing economy? >> the big ideas or for big tax cuts for the job creators feel to keep more of what they are earning and producing and reinvesting in the businesses instead of government taking it and doling out the dollars according to a politicians priorities. that doesn't work. that leads you towards socialism and look at the other countries
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that have based their economy on that socialism. it doesn't work. >> reporter: sounds like somebody who wants to run. >> i want a strong economy, that's for doggone sure. >> reporter: we understand she is headed to philadelphia later today. all of those details are, of course, being kept very close to the vest. reporters are only finding out about this at the last minute. we understand that yesterday, reporters were literally chasing her up interstate 95 as she was traveling to baltimore and then along state highways out here to gettysburg yesterday. that is how unconventional and imprompty a impromtu all of this is. it is a literally a game of catch me if you can. >> i wonder what would happen if we stopped chasing the bus. tim pawlenty, a republican who is running for president, recently told msnbc, we need to quit worrying about polls and bus tours and get on to the issue of how we are going to fix the country. sounds like he is a little
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annoyed by this. what are other republican candidates saying? >> they are all doing interviews, mitt romney and michele bachmann did interviews with various networks. this he are all being asked the palin question and deflecting it in the usual politician way. i am focused on doing what i am doing now. mitt romney is announcing he is running for president on thursday. sarah palin, because of who she is and because of what she brings to the field, this unpredictable, unconventional, nontraditional campaign, it is going to suck the oxygen out of this field, out of this campaign for the next several days or so. the trick for sarah palin is to come up with a second act. she can only do this for so long. eventually, she will have to answer questions about what she might do if she is going to run for president. what her platform might be if she puts together a presidential campaign. i would look for that in the next day or so. that's why i started asking those questions. we have to get away from the cat and mouse and towards real substance. i think that's probably the next
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chapter in this unfolding drama, kyra. >> thank god for your flip cam, jim acosta. we appreciate it. >> reporter: i will do what i can. >> we will get back to you next hour. now, to the man who currently sits in the white house, that would be president barack obama. he is feeling a bit more love at least when it comes to all things international. the latest cnn research opinion poll shows president obama's approval rating stands at 54%, six points higher than in early april. how much of this bounce kols out of the raid that killed osama bin laden? >> that's a big part of it. frankly, we know exactly where the president is. he is in the white house right now. he would like to hear the good news from the phone numbers. the bin laden raid clearly had something to do with it. the president's numbers, in terms of handling terrorism, for example, have shot up. he has an approval rating of 65% on terrorism.
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only 34% disapproving. taxes, a good republican issue. 46% approve the way he is handling taxes. 53% disapprove. the big lift he is getting here as well is that his numbers, approval rating among republicans, has shot up 12 points in recent weeks. that is probably due in large part to, again, terrorism traditionally has been a bit more favorable for republicans. the president takes out osama bin laden. suddenly, republicans, democrats, independents, see him with a bit more stature as commander and chief. >> there were some weak points in this poll too. tell us about those. >> well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the jobs picture is still complicated for a lot of americans. economy, gas prices and look at the president's number on those. in terms of the handling of the economy, he has approval of 41%, disapproval of 58%. gas prices, approval, 25%, disapproval, 73%. i'm surprised 25%, that it is
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that high. how can you find 25% of the country thinking that gas prices are anywhere acceptable right now? people are very frustrated. those are certainly challenges for this president once the republicans pick their nominee. those are areas where he is going to be vulnerable. a disturbing story coming out of egypt and those demonstrations this spring. listen to this. a senior egyptian general is admitting that some of the 17 women arrested at this march 19th demonstration were checked to determine if they were virgins. zain verjee joins us live from london. to many of us here in the united states, this sounds awful. >> it is awful. to many people in the arab world, it is horrifying as well. these 17 women were subjected to some pretty brutal things here. what some of them say is this, after they were detained, they were beaten, given electric shocks, strip searched,
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threatened with prostitution charges and then they were forced to have these virginity tests, just listen to what one woman had to say, carol. >> they made us sign statements declaring wornt we were virgins. during the test, no one was standing, september for a woman and a male doctor. six soldiers were standing hyped us and watching the back side of the bed. i think they were there to be witnesses. >> listen to the army's logic here, carol. they said they did these virginity tests to make sure these 17 women were virgins, because then that way, the army says they couldn't be accused of sexual assault. that's the reason they say they did it. anyway, it turned out that none of these women were virgins. so then the army said, you are all prostitutes and wanted to put them in jail and then they freed them and one view that came out was that was because some of them held university degrees. they couldn't possibly be
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prostitutes. it was an awful situation for these women. the army doing something horrifying. >> it is a new egypt, under new leadership. will anything happen? >> it is really unclear right now because the army is running the show and the country, they are the powerhouse. it is likely or possible that these women could seek some kind of legal action. in egypt, the army is operating pretty much as a military dictator ship. that's what people are afraid of. they are going to hang on for a much longer time and not quickly get to the elections promised. a lot of criticism by the military by many egyptians that are so unhappy. >> zain verjee, live in london, thank you. more nato attacks on forces loyal to libyan leader, moammar gadhafi. they come a day after south african president presented him with a cease-fire plan. he says he may be ready for a cease-fire. in rome, eight high-ranking army officers held a news conference to talk about their
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defection along with more than 100 soldiers. the officers include five generals. in new york, a foreign banking figure is accused of assaulting a hotel maid. no, it is not the story you have heard about all month. this is a different case all tog. deb feyerick will have details f for you. look what turned up in california, jellyfish stings turned out to be a real holiday danger for beach-goers. more on that story just ahead. s. a t adththod it's dif - alcium c yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere.
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out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. i wish i didn't have to talk about this. there are new housing numbers. the price of an existing home continues to sink, perhaps to an all-time low. chief business correspondent, ali velshi, joins us now. oh, this hurts. >> it does hurt, because housing is so much of some people's assets. we need housing prices to
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solidify. it is a study of 20 major metropolitan areas. a fairly thundershower rorough . housing prices, existing homes, the price dropped 4.2% in the first quars tter. it confirmed some people's view of a possible double-tip idip i housing. a year ago, we had that first-time home buyer's credit. we continue to have foreclosures until we are done with these large numbers of foreclosures, it is going to keep downward pressure on houses. a lot of houses out there. for some people, what this means is that housing has become more affordable. between sub 5% mortgage rates and continuing decreases in housing prices, there are some people that couldn't have afforded a house fire years ago, for people that are stuck in their homes, having trouble
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making payments, unemployed and trying to sell a house, this is not good news. this is the s&p wconfirming tha housing prices are down. a further drop bringing them to lows that we haven't seen. >> even if you get a bargain on a house, if the housing market hasn't bottomed out, should you even buy now. >> yes, yes, absolutely. while you will see home prices increase over time, our problem with houses is that there is too much inventory out there. that is going to disappear. what also will disappear is the 30-year mortgage rates that are under 5%. if you see interest rates go up 1% to 2% to 6% or 7% which is more likely than seeing house prices drop, if you take a mortgage over 15 or 30 years, it makes it a better deal to buy a house now. if you are buying with cash, that's a different story all tog. if you are taking a long mortgage, it is still a good
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buyer's market. it is bad news if you are a seller trying to unload a house. >> i hear you on that score. ali velshi, many thanks live in new york. in brevard county, florida, memorial day turned into a war against jellyfish. they say more than 800 people were stung from cocoa beach to cape canaveral. the man that built himself as the toughest sheriff says he may run for u.s. senate. he has raised $5 million without trying. he says he might run for senator, jon kyl's seat in 2012. he is retiring. >> it is something that i am looking at. it comes up all the time. i am not going to make my decision yet. i will make it pretty soon. i don't have to be a u.s. senator to get a little press in washington, d.c.
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no, he really doesn't. the royal newlyweds will spend three days in los angeles as part of their first north american tour. will and kate, the duke and dutchess of cambridge will spend eight days touring canada before ending their visit in l.a. july 8th, 9th and 10th. a palace spokesman calls it a working visit. they will be raising money for charity. police arrested a rich and prominent businessman accused of sexually abusing a hotel maid. it is the second such case of a foreign banking figure accused of preying on a powerless hotel worker. deb feyerick is in new york with the details of the latest assault. deb? >> reporter: this one appears to have happened at the pierre hotel, a very posh hotel die ago beganly across from the plaza. according to police, the woman was called to room 1027 at about
6:19 am
6:00 sunday evening. she was asked to deliver a box of tissues. once inside the gentlemen's room, apparently, he locked the door. that's when she says she was sexually abused. now, according to police, the guest is mahmoud abdel-salam omar, a 74-year-old businessman that served as the head of the bank of alexandria for more than 15 years. he was not considered a political canned diet, unlike dom neighboring strauss-kahn. the housekeeper waited more than 17 hours to report to the alleged assault. they charged him with sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, force i believe touching and harassment. the pierre hotel is cooperating. we do not know who mr. omar is being represented by. we have calls to find out. we hope to bring you more details later on.
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mitt romney leads most of the gop presidential polls. why is everybody talking about sarah palin instead of mitt romney. why are republicans going out of their way to persuade a lesser-known man to says he is not going to run to get into the race? we will dig deeper next. in life, you're either the gas™... or the brake™. help ! gas™ or brake ? take it from me-- with hertz, you'll always find your way. hertz-- at the airport, in your neighborhood or at
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running for president. mitt romney is making it official in new hampshire. take a look at how he is doing. he is the preferred choice for 17%, the name recognition, the money. why are others even this close to him. david fromm, a former speech wrat ter for president george w. bush. welcome. >> thank you. >> why isn't the gop establishment saying mitt is our guy? >> they are saying he is our guy. he is raising money on a huge scale. he has been in first or second place in the polls since 2009. when he is second, he has been behind mike huckabee. he is not in the race anymore. he is now very consistently in first place. less he has a problem with the establishment and more with the press. he thinks we don't want this to be 1996 all over again with bob doyle and boring first place all the way through. we want a little more drama. >> in previous races, the front-runner had a higher percentage than what mitt romney does now, isn't that true?
6:24 am
>> that's true. like all candidates, mitt romney comes with a lot of negatives. he is a very unusual kind of negative. he is the candidate implemented in massachusetts, the health care reform that the republican party has been advocating since the 1990s backed during ut fight over hillary clinton's health care plan. they pushed it in 1993. romney did it in the middle 2000s. republicans say, we don't like that plan anymore. we blame you for having executed our plan in your state. >> so, is that part of the reason why some iowa republicans and i am talking about iowa republicans with money, they are flying to new jersey today to try to persuade chris christie, the governor there to run, they need an alpha politician. >> is there some sense that there is fear that romney cannot beat president obama? >> well, i don't know that that's what people are responding to. i think it is more this. the republican mood over the past few years has been very intense, angry, sometimes
6:25 am
apocalyptic. i speak as a republican here but i don't understand this mood. living through the end of the american experiment, the end of the constitution. what a lot of people want is somebody who has that talk radio style. that angry mood, that confrontational approach. chris christie is your guy. he is very confrontational. romney has problems as a vote gett getter it. he has trouble connecting with americans that are less educated and affluent. you don't make it better by taking somebody with the same problem and a confrontational angry style that voters did not respond to, especially not women voters. >> you can read david fromm's full column online. the address, congressman anthony wiener is talking about a naughty picture supposedly sent -- it was sent from his twitter account. >> this is a prank, not a
6:26 am
terribly creative one and it is a distraction. >> weiner says he was hacked. it happens. cnn has his explanation next. we will also find out what the woman who received the picture is saying. controversy runs the soccer world. the head of fifa insists there is no crisis. we will take a closer look at the corruption allegations. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] when you come to new york from a place like detroit, no one expects you to influence the world of fashion. but when you grew up surrounded by rock 'n' roll and heavy industry, you just might make a name for yourself. ♪ that's what a blue-collar attitude can do in a white-collar world.
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>> new york congresswoman, anthony wiener says he was hacked and that's how a 21-year-old woman got a lewd picture from his twitter account. >> reporter: it came from congressman anthony wiener's twitter account over the weekend, a photo of an anonymous man's bulging underwear. the lewd picture immediately deleted from his account was sent to this 21-year-old seattle college student but also available to the public to view on twitter. outside his new york home, monday, weiner insisted to cnn it was the work of a hacker. >> i was hacked. it happens to people. you move on. >> reporter: he tried to brush it off as a prank and a discracks. >> this is a prank, not a terribly creative one. it is a distraction. you have the republicans that
6:30 am
are playing games wlt debt limit. a supreme court justice refusing to recues himself. this is a distraction. >> janette is the seattle college student it was addressed to. she issued a lengthy statement to the new york daily news admitting that weiner did follow her on twitter but insisting she never met him. there have never been any inappropriate exchanges between an nonany wiener and myself including the tweet/picture in question which had apparently been deleted before it reached me. many times after the congressman followed me on twitter a month or so ago after she sent the tweet saying, i wonder what my boyfriend at rep weiner was used for. >> more wiener joans for all my
6:31 am
guests. trait mark, weiner humor. >> i use, vote for weine rechlt, he will be frank. vote for weiner, he is on a roll. vote for weiner, who will relish your vote. questions surrounding the lewd photo quickly became the subject of a serious internet war between liberal blogs suggesting it is a right wing conspirecy and conservative blogs skeg his hacking claim. they suggested to cnn there should be a forensic analysis to determine the veracity of congressman weiner's hacking application which bears criminal applications. >> dana bash joins us from capitol hill. is there any sort of investigation underway? >> reporter: not that we know of. spokes m spokesmen for the capital police an the fbi tell us they are not investigating it.
6:32 am
it certainly doesn't seem that he has asked for it. his spokesman told us yesterday he has hired a lawyer to look at and explore proper next steps and advice what criminal or civil action may be taken but he also said that they are not treating it as anything more than a prank. they are trying to downplay it. >> why was weiner following this woman on twitter anyway. >> it is another question that i had. one of the many questions that i tried to get answered by e-mail and by phone from weiner's office all day yesterday. did not get an answer. it really is important to underscore that is the strategy that his office has now aside from the carefully crafted statements we got yesterday and on sunday talking about the fact that this is a prank. of course, that exclusive interview that our rock star producer in new york, karen khalid, got from anthony wiener, we haven't heard very much at all, any kind of conversations
6:33 am
to fill in some of the blanks. just not happening. >> i am sure you will stay on this story, dana bash. sarah palin's one-nation bus tour pulled into gettysburg, pennsylvania late yesterday. hundreds of people waited for a glimpse of the potential presidential candidate. she was a no-show at the historic battlefield. she isn't saying if she is running for office either. for the second time this month, a banking figure is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. they say the 74-year-old egyptian attacked the woman when she delivered items to his room. take a look at these water spouts near sydney, australia. they measured 2000 feet high and fizzled out when they got close to shore. the world's soccer governing body is under fire due to corruption allegations. the head of fifa denies wrongdoing. the two biggest sponsors are expressing concern. zain verjee is following the story from london.
6:34 am
i admit it. >> carol. >> listen, imagine the nba wrapped up in scandal with allegations of bribery and corruption at the highest level, at stake the prestige, sponsorship and the fans are hopping mad. they are furious. that is pretty much what is going on when it comes to the world of soccer. it is in a major crisis mode. let me break it down for you. what's happened is that soccer's governing body's executive is in total turmoil. they suspended two people for allegations of bribely and corruption. you have the president, standing for election tomorrow. nobody is opposing him. he has been there 13 years. people say he needs to go. lastly, the big question is, also, did qatar buy the world cup for 2022. that's a really big deal,
6:35 am
because there are allegations that a lot of money changed hands. qatar is saying that didn't happen. the reason the u.s. should care is because they put in a bid for 2022 to host the soccer world cup. they didn't get it. it went to qatar. it is a huge deal if you are into football or soccer in this part of the world. >> i know. i shouldn't say that. i am sure there are many soccer fans out there who deeply, deeply care. thank you, z a in. the games included tributes to service men and women and a moment at kansas city statement that no one will soon forget. a young woman was told her soldier boyfriend would be calling from overseas. he surprised her by showing up and on top of the dugout, he surprised her by asking her to
6:36 am
marry him. >> we will show you two impressive blasts in 20 minutes. also, sectixism and flat-ou lies, that's what one opinion maker is hearing from your law make terse. he will explain next. they are called pill mills, doctor's offices that hand out pain pills almost without question. they are putting people's lives at risk. we will take an in-depth look at the problem. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. you've been stuck in the garage while i've been sneezing from the dust in here, and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®,
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this week, we are going in-depth on medication nation. americans have been led to believe by doctors and advertisers in the pharmaceutical industry that there is a pill to cure just about everything. cnn network looked into the politics and the pills. today, john zarrella reports on florida's pill mill problem. >> reporter: on the side of a billy hollywood, florida, road, a memorial, renee doyle comes here once a week. >> he was laying on the road covered. i didn't know it was him. >> reporter: a couple of years ago, on a december evening, renee's son, blaine, out of his mind with pain pills, she says, walked into traffic, was hit and killed. renee is a nurse. she is not sure when her son's addiction began. ultimately, he was hooked on a prescription drug cocktail.
6:40 am
>> the combination of oxycodone with methadone and xanax. >> reporter: in florida, satisfying his habit was easy. he would doctor shop, going from win pill mill to the next. >> the amounts are ridiculous. they would give him 240 of 30 milligram oxies and an additional 120. >> 360 pills? >> and 90 xanax and go on to another pill mill. >> reporter: broward county was the epicenter for painkiller pill mills. 27 in one city, oakland park. police con didded raids. as soon as was one shut down, another would open. people from across the southeastern united states came here for pills. florida became known as the oxy cotton express. >> in two counties in florida, broward and palm beach, over 9
6:41 am
million oxycodone pills were dispensed. >> reporter: she made it her journey to get legislation shut down that would shut down the pain mills. >> the attorney general in ohio said, they are flying down from ohio to florida. help us. you have to stop this. >> reporter: a pill mill bill passed in the florida legislature, stops doctors from dispensing in clinics. it establishes a drug-monitoring database aimed at stopping doctor shopping. the majority of the 50 states have a database. on the federal level, a bill has been introduced that doubles from 10 to 20 years the prison sentence for anyone convicted of running a pill mill. it imposes a $3 million fine. >> on a side street in ft. lauderdale across in a pain clinic, people gather. many are mothers who meet once a
6:42 am
month outside a different pain clinic. renee doyle is among them. the signs they hold up carry pictures of sons or daughters who died from an overdose. they blame the doctors who made it so easy. >> as far as i am concerned, they are murderers. they are truly murderers. these doctors have no conscience. >> reporter: the mothers vow to continue their monthly rallies until not a single pill mill remains. >> john zarrella, cnn, hollywood florida. at 11:00 eastern, many patients end up taking one drug after another each treating different symptoms. experts say too many pills can be a prescription for disaster. our senior medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen, has one woman's story. unakh ommt t adwiwiout food al
6:43 am
unakh ommt t adwiwiout food al we're going to head on into the interview. ivan . . . ivan . . . alright, go ahead, right in front. what's your favorite piece of technology besides the engine? it would have to be the sync. i use it everyday, all the time. what do you think ford is doing right? striking a balance. you need to have the balance of fuel efficiency, with today's economy, and you absolutely need that horsepower. do you think your car looks good in here? i think it looks good, but it think it would look better if i was in it.
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l.z. granderson says he should be listening more closely to what lawmakers say about a woman's right to have an abortion. he is hearing sexism and flat-out lies. >> the notion that women are z
6:46 am
jezebels that entice men into becoming rapists or that. >> you are pro choice? >> i am pro choice and prolife. i don't see those things as being exclusive. more often than not, i would surprise to try to go through with the preg snancy. i don't believe that anyone has a right to take away the choice. a male telling a female what to do with her body. >> this is an emotional issue. it is a tough thing to talk about in the morning. as i'm reading your column, i'm seeing that your column is not so much about the abortion debate itself but how the battle is being waged. >> absolutely. i don't want to tell someone where their morality should lie with this conversation. i do think it is important that we pay the attention to the
6:47 am
language that is being used. there is a senator in iowa who introduced a bill and basically said that a woman being raped may be the hand of god at work. there was another senator who compared a woman being prepared for hi rape and stead was correlated to him having a flat tire or health insurance. >> lz, we have that argument on a graphic. i would like to read it to people so we understand what they are talking about. this happened in kansas. kansas state lawmaker, pete de graph and barbara bollier asking about women having to kecarry policies for abortion. she said, we need to plan ahead. she said, so women need to plan ahead for issue us they have no control over with pregnancy? >> his answer, i have a spare tire on my car.
6:48 am
i have a lot of things i plan ahead for. you could argue this is an extreme argument, that arguments in state legislatures don't normally play out like this, do they? >> no, they don't normally play out like this. i think if we turn our back to when they do come up, we are allowing these lawmakers to nudge the conversation more and more to extreme case. if you think about again what i talked about with the law make ter that introduced a similar bill in iowa, he said it was the hand of god. at which point do we start paying attention and on a state level start holding these politicians accountable for the language they are using. >> it is an interesting column. you can read it online, the address, there are places where you can respond to lz. thank you. as normal, we always enjoy having you. >> thank you. let's take a look ahead.
6:49 am
house members hold a hearing at 2:00 eastern on the global perspectives on autism. the subcommittee on africa, global health, human rights is meeting in the raburn house office building. got that? >> school district of philadelphia votes at 5:00 eastern on a budget that includes cuts and staff. the district is facing a $629 million short fall. at the kennedy space center in florida, the space shuttle, "atlantis" will begin moving to its launch pad. the last flight is set for july 8th. in miami, the heat and dallas mavericks begin the best of seven on the road to the nba championship. tip-off, 9:00 eastern. a long wait between wins for a toronto blue jays pitcher. the streak finally ended but in convincing fashion. you will see how in sports. help for cleanup weary people in joplin, missouri, came from an unusual form. we will show you how these circuit elephants threw their weight into the problem. from whole roasted nuts
6:50 am
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6:52 am
checking stories across the country now. in amarillo, texas, a couple of wildfires have destroyed a dozen homes. firefighters say those fires are now under control, but others still burn.
6:53 am
so far, they've destroyed nearly 3 million acres across the state of texas since november. rough weather too in hastings, nebraska. hail pelted parts of the state. some of it as large as baseballs. the national weather service also reports tornado sightings near atkinson. in tornado-ravaged joplin, missouri, elephants are helping remove heavy debris. the pick deli circus came to down and offered these huge animals to take away everything from huge beams to mangled cars. we're following lots of developments in the next hour in the cnn news room. let's check in it with jim acosta in gettysburg, pennsylvania. >> reporter: hi, carol. we are following the sarah palin bus tour, which has become a game of cat and mouse, but who is the cat, and who is the mouse? i'll explain coming up. >> reporter: i'm chris lawrence at the pentagon, where we're looking into what happens if the u.s. gets hit by a cyber attack. now a very real possibility the u.s. could respond with a military reaction. >> reporter: i'm alison kosic at
6:54 am
the new york stock exchange, the company that makes the ever popular game franchise call of duty wants to offer players a few extras for a monthly fee, of course. the story comes up in the next hour. also ahead, ohio state's football coach resigns after admitting he knew his players were selling memorabilia. a "sports illustrated" writer did a great investigative write-up on this. he'll join us about the fallout. [ female announcer ] what if your natural beauty could be flawless too? discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals.
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6:57 am
baseball could be facing a new performance-enhancing controversy. looks like old timers drinking from the fountain of youth, and now baseball wants to know why. >> exactly. right now you'd have to say bartolo colon is one of the best pitchers in the american league. he hasn't been this good for six years. yesterday he was absolutely dominant. colon threw a four-hit shutout for the new york yankees against the oakland a's. colon missed all of last season after having an experimental surgery. doctors injected stem cell frs his bone marrow into his elbow and shoulder to repair all the damage he had over the years. voila. he was throwing 95 miles an hour in the ninth inning yesterday. major league baseball is investigating the surgery. you can bet there will be a long line at that doctor's office if baseball officials say all is well and good because colon looks great. a big sigh of relief for blue jays pitcher jo jo reyes. he finally won a game for the
6:58 am
first time in three years. going into yesterday's game against the indians, he was tied for the major league record with 28 straight starts without a win. the blue jays giving him some runs to work with. if you can't get it right away, get it right the 29th time. threw a complete game. a total of 46 home runs were hit in major league parks on memorial day. the most of any day this season. it's been a year for the pitchers. albert pujols blasted one for the cardinals. it marked the fifth straight year that pujols has homered on may 30th. st. louis did lose to the giants 7-3. the hottest team in baseball is the arizona diamondbacks. justin upton, he is hot right now, making dunn wish he'd never been in the same room. a titanic home run. i think it made it all the way up to the restaurant,
6:59 am
tgifriday's. waiter, there's a ball in my soup. diamondbacks with their seventh straight win. they're on top in the n.l. west. check out this hot wheels stunt. driver tanner faust. there he goes, down a ramp maximum speed. >> it's even orange. >> exactly. just like the kids do, right? it launches 332 feet landing safely. the people of mattel -- of course mattel -- says that broke a world record. the crowd went nuts at indy. the hot wheels track modeled on the toy was set up at the infield during the indy 500, before the race actually. >> that actually looks kind of fun. >> you know, as long as there were good shocks, everybody's happy >> and there's actually a driver in there and everything. >> yeah. >> i'd like to try it actually. >> who's next? >> i'm next. thanks, jeff. just about 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. 7:00 a.m. out west.
7:00 am
i'm carol costello sitting in for kyra philips. good morning to you. nearly two years after an air france jet liners crashed off the coast of brazil, crews have recovered the remains of 75 more victims. the bulk of the wreckage was found earlier this year. all 228 people on board the flight were killed. for the second time this month, a banking figure is accuseded of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. new york police say the 74-year-old egyptian attacked the woman when she delivered items to his room. this could be a decisive week for former vice presidential candidate john edwards. a grand jury is investigating whether he illegally used campaign funds to cover up an extramarital affair. sources say the justice department is preparing to indict edwards unless he strikes a deal with prosecutors. i should hum music for you. the 2012 race for the white house is taking shape. for gop contenders are jumping in, or at least dipping a toe in
7:01 am
the water. today two more maybes announced when and if they announce, they are competing against president obama, not one another. >> he's been one of the most ineffective presidents at the job at hand that i've seen. the number one issue he faced walking in the door was an economy that was in fast decline. he didn't cause that, but he made things worse. >> overall, give me a grade on his presidency. how's he done? >> it's failed. >> an "f"? >> absolutely. >> mitt romney leads the pack right now, and he's expected to formally announce his bid in a couple of days. and then there's congresswoman michelle bachmann, who says she will make an announcement next month. >> what is the one thing that sets you apart from sarah palin? >> well, again, i compare myself to barack obama, not to any of the other republican candidates. first of all, i want to say that i like sarah palin a lot. we're friends. i don't consider her a competitor. i consider her a friend. my comparison ultimately is to barack obama.
7:02 am
>> and that brings us to sarah palin, now riding cross country on her one nation bus tour. there are times when she sounds like a presidential candidate, but she refuses to call her tour anything but a campaign for america's constitution. palin and her family visited some historical landmarks around washington, d.c., and then the bus continued on to pennsylvania. of course, there's some confusion about where her bus is heading at times because she won't tell the so-called mainstream media where exactly the bus is headed. jim acosta is in gettysburg. have you found the bus? >> reporter: from what we understand, carol, the bus has left gettysburg. we've done everything but put a low jack on the one nation bus, and it is difficult to keep tabs on the former alaska governor. a lot of that is by design. her staff is releasing details about her movements at the very last second, only giving brief details as to what she is doing at any given moment. she was out here at gettysburg.
7:03 am
just a few moments ago, we had a chance to catch up with her and ask her about whether or not this is a game of cat and mouse she's playing with the news media. she denied that. but yesterday evening in a brief question and answer session with reporters where she was peppered with questions about whether or not she's running for president, she did tell the media that, if she does make a run for the white house, to expect the unexpected. >> it would definitely be unconventional and nontraditional, yes. knowing us, yes, it would have to be. >> what are the odds you might run? >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. it's still a matter of considering much. there truly is a lot to consider before you throw yourself out there in the name of service to the public because it's so all-consuming. >> and she is expected to head to philadelphia later today, and by the end of this week, end up in new hampshire. but the details of how she's going to get there, when she's
7:04 am
going to get there, all of that is being kept very close to the vest. as we reported yesterday and earlier this morning, she is also expected to take this one nation bus tour to iowa. that will, of course, further speculation that she is mounting some kind of bid for the white house, and if not mounting a bid for the white house, just generating a lot of attention for herself and the industry that has become sarah palin in the next several weeks. carol? >> jim acosta, live in gettysburg. for all the latest on the palin bus tour and everything else happening in the world of politics, visit our website. the address, new housing numbers just in. boy, they're not good. the price of an existing home continues to sink, perhaps to an all time low. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. tell us what these numbers mean. >> reporter: carol, you know what, it means that we're here, that this is the double dip in housing that everybody's been talking about. the s&p analyst who puts out
7:05 am
this study is saying it that way. and what the study shows is that home prices fell 4.2% in the first three months of this year. you know where that puts us? we're now below the level we thought was the bottom that was hit in 2009 after the bust. also listen to other recent housing reports, they're jiving with this as well. pending home sales plunged in april. new home sales, they're close to record lows. and you look at the home ownership rates, they're at the lowest levels we haven't seen since 1998. and then you go ahead and listen to some things analysts are saying. realty track is saying the housing recovery is a long way off. s&p saying there's no relief in sight? americans are agreeing with this. they're pessimistic too. a couple of studies showing that 54% of americans saying the housing market won't recover until 2014 or later. you know what? these negative reports, they can wind up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. people don't buy because they believe prices will drop even more. that pushes prices down causing people to wait even longer. carol, this cycle begins again.
7:06 am
carol? >> it does. alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange, thank you. it's been nearly ten years since the 9/11 attacks. the next strike may be launched from a computer keyboard. a cyber attack could leave much of the country without electricity or clean water or even turn a nuclear plant into a ticking time bomb. "the wall street journal" says the threat is so real the pentagon has decided that such computer sabotage could be considered an act of war. chris lawrence at the pentagon. explain this to us, chris. >> reporter: carol, actually, when you look at it, it wouldn't be the pentagon deciding that it's an act of war. what happens is the pentagon develops a strategy, and i think that's what "the wall street journal" is talking about. the pentagon coming up with a formal military strategy to deal with cyber attacks. it's the policy that really dictates the strategy, and the policy is coming from the white house. that was outlined about two weeks ago by president obama's national security team. we heard from secretary clinton.
7:07 am
we heard from counterterrorism adviser john brenan. in that, it lays out all of this, including -- let me read this just a little bit to you. "reserve all the rights to use all military means -- diplomatic, military, and economic -- to deal with these sorts of attacks." it is basically saying that, if the u.s. is attacked by a cyber attack, and it causes enough damage that it would be comparable to a conventional attack, the u.s. will respond with military means as a last resort. carol? >> interesting. chris lawrence, live from the pentagon. thank you. afghanistan's president hamid karzai is warning today that any future nato air strikes that kill civilians will be considered attacks against the afghan people. zain verjee joins us from washington.
7:08 am
what does this mean for the coalition? >> reporter: it means it's worrying, that karzai is turning up the heat. this could make things harder for the coalition forces from the u.s. operating in afghanistan. tensions have been growing with hamid karzai, and this is definitely going to make things worse. don't forget too, the u.s. also needs afghanistan for its operations in pakistan. the one thing, though, to remember here too, carol, is that karzai is also talking to a domestic afghan audience, who are really upset with him over the whole thing too. >> zain verjee live in london. thank you. coming up, an incredible revelation stemming from the pro democracy protests in egypt where women claim they were subjected to virginity checks. look at this eye catching scene off the coast of australia. just ahead, meteorologist rob marciano will explain the water spout phenomenon. o much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying...
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7:11 am
as you know, it's been a record-setting year for tornadoes in this country, and we're not alone. look at this video of a powerful water spout off the coast of sydney, australia. this one towered about 2,000 feet in the air. meteorologist rob marciano joins us to explain. is this a form of tornado? is that what it is? >> it's basically a tornado that's over water. instead of the debris flying around, the dirt and trees and houses and things like that, it's just water. it's a lot nicer to look at, that's for sure. it's certainly fascinating. look at this close-up view. one thing i want you to notice when we eventually get back to the close-up view is just how clear it is from top to bottom. the cloud base is up there around 2,000 feet. this is a relatively high base. it's also moving really quick. notice this, okay? it's spinning -- well, i mean, it's spinning the wrong way.
7:12 am
it's down there in australia. it spins the opposite way. that, as a weather geek, is fairly fascinating. we had three of these things. there's one, two, and there's one over there on the other side of the scene here. that's another thing that makes water spouts interesting is because they typically -- they don't form with a big super cell typically. these are a little more of a coastal phenomena. the setup is a little different. you've got winds coming from different angles, and you get a little storm that pops up along the coastline, and you get that rotation. this particular one is moving pretty fast as well off towards the -- there's that close-up look again. it looks like a dust devil. that's water being sprayed around and sucked up in it. this is all part of a larger system that is pounding much of sydney with heavy rain and flash floods. a lot of times over the tropics, they'll just sit and spin like over florida. florida will get these a lot, especially during the summertime, because they have what's called the sea breeze front, and that sea breeze front
7:13 am
in the afternoon comes this way. if you have a stalled front or something like that, you'll get winds coming from a different direction. if you live in florida, vacation in florida, you'll see these quite often. typically, they're harmless unless you're on a boat, carol. then you don't want to be going through that sucker. it will bang you up. this one had winds that were estimated to be close to or over 100 miles an hour. that's enough to do damage. obviously, if it it comes onshore, that's when things get dangerous as well. >> they rarely do that, right? >> in an ideal situation, yes. >> thank you, rob. checking stories across the country now. speaking of florida, in bre vard country, memorial day became a war against jelly fish. more than 800 people were stung from cocoa beach to cape canaveral. the royals will spend time in los angeles as part of their first north american tour. they'll spend eight days touring canada before ending in los angeles july 8, 9th, and 10th.
7:14 am
they're calling it a working visit. they'll raise money for charity. in maricopa, arizona, the man who bills himself as america's toughest sheriff will run for the u.s. senate. joe arpaio says he's already raised $5 million, in his words, without even thinking about it. >> it's something i'm looking at, and it comes up all the time. so i'm not going to make my decision yet. i'll make it pretty soon. i don't have to be a u.s. senator to get a little press in washington, d.c. >> arpaio could run for john kyl's seat in 2012. kyl is retiring. there's growing outrage this morning over the treatment of several women arrested during protests in egypt's tahrir square back in march. an egyptian general now admitting they underwent virg virginity checks. zain verjee joins us from london. this sounds so disturbing. why do they do this? >> reporter: they can call it
7:15 am
so-called virginity tests, carol, but it is sexual assault. these women, there were 17 of them. they were demonstrating in tahrir square around march the 9th, and they were dragged off by the egyptian military. here's what the women say happened to them. they say they were beaten. they were given electric shocks. they were threatened with prostitution charges. and then they were given these so-called virginity tests after being strip searched as well. listen to what woman had to say, carol. >> translator: they made us sign statements declaring whether or not we were virgins. during the test, no one was standing except for a woman and a male doctor. six soldiers were standing behind us and watching the back side of the bed. i think they were there to be witnesses. >> reporter: the outrage too is over the warpd logic the army is giving here. they're saying they basically did these so-called virginity tests just to make sure these
7:16 am
women were virgins because that would mean the army had not sexually assaulted them. that's what they're saying, and it's a situation where there's so much outrage and it's unclear what the legal recourse could be because the army's running egypt right now and has no one else to turn to, carol. >> is this routine? do they do this all the time? >> reporter: initially, they were accused of this, and then they denied it, and now they're admitting it. if this had happened with these 17 women and there are other women that step forward and say that they have been brutally treated and sexually assaulted in this way too, that may happen. this could be the tip of the iceberg. or it could be isolated incidents. but amnesty international, which is looking into this, will have more answers. let's see if more women step forward too. >> brave women. zane verjee live from london, thank you. back here in the united states, congressman anthony wiener is talking about a naughty picture sent from his twitter account.
7:17 am
weiner says he was hacked. it does happen. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia.
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7:20 am
weekend, a photo of an aanonymous man's bulging underwear. the lewd picture, immediately deleted from weiner's account, was sent to this 21-year-old seattle college student but also available to the public to view on twitter. outside his new york home monday, weiner, an outspoken liberal democrat, insisted to cnn it was the work of a hacker. >> i was hacked. it happens to people. you move on. >> reporter: ttit's not clear w sent it. weiner tried to brush it off as a prank and a distraction. >> this is a prank, not a terribly creative one, and it's a distraction. look, you've got the republicans who are playing games with the debt limit. you've got a supreme court justice who is refusing to recuse himself despite conflicts of interest. you have a health care act that is under siege. this is a distraction. >> reporter: jeanette cortova is the seattle college student the tweet was allegedly addressed to. the 21-year-old issued a lengthy statement to the new york daily news, admitting weiner did follow her on twitter but insisting that she never met him. there have never been any
7:21 am
inappropriate exchanges between anthony weiner and myself, including the tweet/picture in question, which had apparently been deleted before it reached me, said cordova. she blamed an anonymous person for harassing her, quote, many times after the congressman followed me on twitter a month or so ago. after she sent the tweet saying, "i wonder what my boyfriend at repweiner is up to." as for the twitter account, weiner is still using it. he tried to down play the story with tweets like this. more weiner jokes for all my guests. trademark weiner humor. >> i use vote for weiner. he'll be frank. vote for weiner. he's on a roll. vote for weiner. he'll relish your votes. >> reporter: but questions surrounding the lewd photo quickly became the subject of a serious internet war, between liberal blogs suggesting it's a right wing conspiracy, and conservative blogs questioning
7:22 am
weiner's hacking claim. andrew breitbart, a conservative blogger, whose site first reported the story, suggested there should be a forensic analysis to determine the veracity of congressman weiner's hacking allegation, which certainly bears criminal implications. a spokesman for the fbi tells cnn they're not investigating this alleged hacking of a member of congress' twitter account. weiner has hired a lawyer to investigate the next steps and get advice on what civil or criminal actions could be taken. the office is downplaying this as a prank and are loathe to treat it as more. dana bash, cnn, washington. if you are planning to visit any federal monuments this summer in washington, d.c., just remember, do not dance. not even quietly. because you can't dance there. it's banned. check out this video from saturday. five people were protesting that dancing ban by getting a little footloose inside the jefferson
7:23 am
memorial in d.c. look at this, i u.s. park police officer having none of it. there is now an investigation under way as to whether the officer used excessive force. we'll run the story by our political buzz panel in a few minutes and ask them what thomas jefferson might think about all of this. would he mind silent dancing? i don't know. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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in new york, police have arrested another rich and prominent businessman and accused him of sexually abusing a hotel maid. the 74-year-old egyptian man with the former chairman of a major bank in egypt. it's the second such case this month of a foreign banking figure accused of preying on a powerless hotel worker. deb feyerick is in new york with more details. >> reporter: hotels really do train housekeepers what to do in order to avoid dicey situations. that may suggest it happens more frequently than really anybody knows. a second incident, this one involving an egyptian businessman, somebody who was head of the bank of alexandria for more than 15 years. according to police, the man apparently called up for a housekeeper to bring a box of tissues to his room. once she arrived and stepped inside, he was able to lock the door behind her, apparently, and that's when the alleged sexual attack occurred.
7:27 am
mr. mahmoud abdel salam omar is being charged with sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, forceable touching, as well as harass many. unlike in the dominique strauss-kahn case, the housekeeper in this particular incident waited about 17 hours to report this alleged assault. it happened on sunday evening. she didn't report it until the following monday. however, police did find her story credible. that's why the gentleman was arrested. he is scheduled to be arraigned, his first appearance sometime in court later today. details on this just emerging now. again, striking similarities to the dominique strauss-kahn case, except this gentleman is not running for political office. carol? >> deb feyerick reporting live from new york, thank you. checking our top stories, sarah palin's one nation bus tour pulled into gettysburg, pennsylvania, late yesterday. hundreds of people waited for a glimpse of the potential presidential candidate, but she was a no show on the historic battlefield, and she's not saying if she's going to run for
7:28 am
office. more evidence this is a rotten time to put your house on the market. first quarter home prices have dropped more than 4%. prices have not been this low in one national index in nine years. and summer bummer. budget cuts forcing cities from new york to sacramento to shut down their community pools. by doing so, the cities say they're able to save tens of thousands of dollars on insurance, operations, and maintenance costs. time now for our political buzz. a quick look at the hottest political topics of the day. each of our brilliant political observers get 20 seconds to answer three probing questions. robert zimmerman is a member of the democratic national committee. john ridley is editor of that minority and senior contributor will kain is a political analyst. welcome to all of you. let's get to the first question. she is not a presidential candidate, and she told the mainstream media they'd have to work to figure out what her tour really means. so why is the media following
7:29 am
sarah palin? will? >> most columnists will tell you, if you put the name palin in any headline, you'll get more hits than any other subject. the issue is sarah palin has it, and it leads to emotional attachment. emotional attachment leads to attention, which leads to ratings. that is why she's being covered. >> robert? >> the media's in a bit of a bind. snooki's filming in italy, and sarah palin has become the donald trump summer replacement series. she's unpredictable. facts never get in her way. hopefully, the media is going to focus on the serious republican candidates who have real positions on issues. >> john? >> they've got to write about something. they've written herman cain to death. for me, she'll always be a quitter. not interested. >> a powerful aisle of republican donors are traveling
7:30 am
to new jersey to convince governor chris christie to run. they're hungry for an alpha politician. what does this say about the republican field? robert? >> first of all, let's throw away the democratic talking points about this election. the reality is any republican who can reach independent voters makes it a 50-50 race. governors pawlenty and governor romney have proven they can do that. the national polls that we're fixating on fascinate political pundits, have no basis in political rally. the primaries and caucuses will choose the nominee. >> john? >> i think it actually says more about the iowa caw kaucus than does about the republican party. they're older and more conservative. a lot of people looking to south carolina? how do you get your mojo back in they get this guy, and all of a sudden they're relevant again. >> will? >> robert, neil, let's do away with the democratic talking points for this election. here's the issue.
7:31 am
you can separate the republican field into two groups, fixers versus fighters. fighters are people like bachmann and palin and newt. fixers are people like pawlenty and romney. the name we keep coming back to is christie. he can be both. >> a group of young people dared to dance at the jefferson memorial. that would be illegal. you can't dance at national monuments. they were busted by the u.s. park police. we reached out to the park police, got no response so far. the question today is should busting the move be covered by the first amendment? will? >> this is really tough, carol. although i think it's busting a move, not busting the move. but it's not a good image seeing park police throw people down. no one wants to see that. but there are limits on free speech. it's hard to be an absolutist. >> sorry. we only have ten seconds on that one, and our clock was running, and you busted me. i'm sorry. we screwed you up totally. sorry, will. john?
7:32 am
>> you know, i get where they're coming from, but if you're young and energetic and want to make an impact, go teach at a troubled school. don't dance at a memorial. >> robert? >> i don't know. i can't imagine how that could be unconstitutional. but considering what the robert court has done to the first amendment, we'd better get a legal defense fund for these dancers. >> i think they see it as a form of protest. it's just crazy to see the poor silent dancing people arrested. thanks to all of you for playing political buzz, fun as always. political buzz will be back tomorrow. a new report says the scandal surrounding jim tressel is deeper than first believed. we'll get into the revelation surrounding the ohio state coach who suddenly resigned. we'll have that for you next. what really moves you about this car? i mean, it's definitely the styling, from an aesthetics point of view, um, so that was something that just kind of instantly appealed to me. lauren, tell us how you use your sync? i'm using it for business. i'm using it to talk to my friends who send me text messages.
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checking stories across the country. four people died when a tour bus rolled off i-95 and rolled over in carolyn county, virginia, today. investigators aren't sure what caused the crash. it shut down the northbound lanes on the interstate for a few hours. rough weather in hastings, nebraska. hail pelted parts of the state. some of the hail as large as baseballs. the national weather service also reporting tornado sightings near atkinson. a tornado-ravaged joplin, missouri, elephants are helping to remove heavy debris. the piccadilly circus came to
7:36 am
town and offered the huge animals to take away everything from huge beams to mangled cars. an e. coli outbreak in germany has killed at least 11 people and sickened even more. they've warned people not to eat raw tomatoes, cucumbers, or lettuce. some doctors don't have enough medicine for their patients. a shortage of vital drugs has some hospitals in the united states scrambling. >> reporter: at westchester medical center, chief medical officer rene gehrig says the staff now gets daily alerts about which drugs are in short supply. most people aren't aware of the shortages the hospital is facing. >> if you have a gasoline shortage, the whole world knows in about 30 seconds. we have drug shortages that can affect the ability to get the drug to the bedside, someone who needs blood pressure support or
7:37 am
antibiotics, and i think public awareness of that is not what it should be. >> reporter: each hospital is different. in phoenix, for example, a pharmacist at maricopa medical center, said earlier this month the hospital had to reserve a supply of a hard to get drug to treat leukemia and lymphoma. >> we've had to reserve our supply. we had to turn patients away. in order to treat more patients, we had to reduce the dosages of that drug. >> reporter: while shortages may not be a new problem, those who monitor them for the american society of health system pharmacists counted 211 drugs in short supply last year and say it's not getting any better. >> it is getting worse because so far in 2011, if you look at just the first three months of the year, so the first 90 days of the year, we tracked 89 brand new shortages. that's almost, if you think about it, a new shortage a day. >> reporter: so what is behind the shortages? the fda says manufacturing problems and delays are the main reasons as well as drugs being discontinued. in a statement, the agency told
7:38 am
us most shortages involve older drugs made by fewer firms. and says these drugs often get discontinued by companies and replaced by more profitable, newer drugs. fda continues to do all we can within our authority to resolve these shortages. in the meantime, dr. garrick says hospitals are scrambling due to shortages. >> you delay treatment until a drug is available, or you seek an alternative drug. the alternative drug may not have been tested as part of that regimen. you don't really know what the outcome will be. that's why the chemotherapy shortage that's become such a national concern. >> reporter: lawmakers have gotten involved. legislation was introduced that would require manufacturers to give the food and drug administration six months notice if a drug is being discontinued or if they're going to be interruptions. as for drug research companies, a trade group for them says there are a number of factors contributing to shortages, listing anything from natural
7:39 am
disasters to shortages in raw supplies. it also says that it's committed to good manufacturing practices and to working closely with the fda. mary snow, cnn, new york. video gamers beware. if you're ready to play the latest call of duty game online, you're going to need more than a rocket launcher and a grenade or a lightning like thumbs. bring your wallet as well. is
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7:42 am
the next call of duty game, modern warfare 3, is going to offer extra features for an extra fee. alison kosik joins us from new york. for all of us nongamers, explain this enhanced fee stuff to us. >> reporter: for those of us who don't understand how it is to feel big and bad on the virtual battlefield, we can understand the fees. we pay fees when we check our bags athe airport. we pay fees when we take out money at the atm. now that activision is doing, they plan to release a new feature for its call of duty franchise, and, yes, it comes with a fee. it's called call of duty elite. and the company says it's going to include premium membership.
7:43 am
there aren't any exact details on the pricing. but activision says all this extra content is going to be worth it because, guess what, carol? it's going to include a personal online coach who tracks your score and tells you how you can improve your game. how about that? >> wow, that's awesome. wish i didn't have to pay for it, though. is this a game changer for the entire industry? >> reporter: you know what, it really could be because call of duty is actually the most popular video game franchise out there. if it's successful, others could follow suit as well. and the video game industry is growing real fast with $20 billion in annual revenue. that means companies, they're constantly looking for new ways to make money to maintain that strong pace of growth as well. and analysts say this new fee structure could wind up being a risk especially since you already have to pay $60 or so to buy the basic game. this really could work because these gamers, i'll tell you what, it's like a cult following here. they're serious people. the average call of duty player
7:44 am
spends about an hour each day playing against someone else remotely. does anyone work anymore? >> or actually exercise. play anything physical. i don't know, but that's amazing. alison kosik, thank you. still ahead, we return to the town where u.s. commandos killed osama bin laden. it's not a warm welcome for americans visiting there. we'll show you how they were treated and offer a peek into the life of the bin laden family. a taillight... ..we make a sculpture. we don't just make a sunroof... ..we make the heavens wide. we don't just make a crossover... ..we make a statement. the cadillac srx. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs. now you can apply sunblock to your kids' wet skin. new neutrogena® wet skin kids with helioplex.
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let's look ahead and see what's making news later today in washington. house members hold a meeting at 2:00 eastern on the global perspectives of autism. the subcommittee on africa global health and human rights is meeting in the rayburn house office building. at the kennedy space center in florida, the space shuttle "atlantis" will begin moving to its launchpad beginning at 8:00 eastern. "atlantis'" last flight is set for july 8th. and miami heat and dallas mavericks begin the road to the nba chch. tip-off 9:00 eastern. the space shuttle "endeavour" lands early tomorrow. commander mark kelly spoke with john king for one of his last
7:48 am
interviews from space. john asked kelly what will end when the shuttle program ends late this year? >> i don't think the adventure will be lost. i think what's always at risk is, as we transition to a new program and a new vehicle, there's going to be a period of time when americans aren't flying on u.s. spacecraft. so that's a challenge. people leave. engineers and operations people will move on and do other things. so it's the corporate memory that i think i'm most worried about as people go. but, you know, over time we'll get the right mix of people, and nasa has an incredible worg force. >> you can catch the entire interview on john king usa tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. how safe is your cell phone? an announcement on whether or not it can be linked to cancer expected at 12:00 p.m. eastern. plus cyber war fare. the u.s. says that computer sabotage from another country can be considered an act of war. we'll have a live report from the pentagon coming up in the
7:49 am
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it has been a month since u.s. forces killed osama bin laden, and we're now learning more about his family life. cnn's stan grant ventured back to the pakistani town where bin laden lived and died, and he found a hostile reception. >> reporter: one month on,
7:52 am
killing osama bin laden has not won america too many friends here. this shopkeeper lives less than 200 meters from where bin laden lived and died. he has more sympathy for the slain al qaeda leader than foreigners, swearing at us, calling us pigs. are muslims terrorists everywhere, he says? actually, america is the biggest terrorist. others, though, are friendlier. this boy zarah approaches us with a story to tell. he and his sister befriended bin laden's youngest children and grandchildren. they say there were two boys, one girl, 7, 4, and 3 years old. zarah relives the cricket games he played with them. that's the white bin laden house you can see behind us. contradicting reports that no outsiders breached the bin laden security, zarah says he actually played inside the compound itself, getting a close look at a secret world. despite being neighbors, the brother and sister didn't know the bin laden children names.
7:53 am
the children told them their father was the family courier they called nadeen. only now do they know who their playmates really were. my grandmother asked in pashtu, who is your father? they said nadeen. they always said nadeen. through this brother and sister, we get to piece together daily life in the bin laden compound. rather than speaking the local language, the bin ladens preferred pashtu, the language of the afghanistan-pakistan border. they were a normal family, friendly. they never saw osama bin laden. he remained well hidden. they did meet the bin laden wives. there were two aunties standing in the house, zarah says. they asked me, how was i? where did i live? what did my mother do? i told them my mother was a housewife. they wore ordinary pakistani clothes. zarah said he noticed the women were different from other
7:54 am
mothers in the neighborhood. they spoke in a strange language, he says, very poor urdu. then i thought probably they were arabic. and the children were different too. even in this muslim community, they were especially devout. they were very religious, zarah says. whenever i went there to play, they asked me to wait until afternoon prayer, then they would stop playing later for evening prayer. asa shows us pet rabbits, a gift from the bin laden family. after everything, she says she misses her friends. they were young. they were beautiful. i really miss them. they were the only children we played with. zarah and asa's father is a government official in the justice department. yet osama bin laden lived right next door, and no one knew. the bin ladens lived this way for years in the heart of abbottabad, a military city in the mountains, two hours drive north from pakistan's capital islamabad. now the area is in lockdown. in recent days, it's been open for the cia to collect material
7:55 am
and information, but no such access for us. as we try to get close, this is what happens. hello. police say they're under instructions to smash our cameras. we get it back, but we won't be going any further. this is clearly as far as we're going to go. we're not going to get any closer to the bin laden compound. here life continues as normal. beyond here, though, 200 meters or so away, is the bin laden house, still holding in so many of the secrets of his life here in abbottabad. okay. we're finished. thank you very much. thank you. >> and stan grant, we just saw you on tape. stan grant now joins us live. were you surprised by the hostility? it's not like you haven't been there before. >> reporter: no, carol, i really can't say that i was surprised. you know, the anti-western feeling, the anti-american feeling is running so high here at the moment.
7:56 am
they're angry about the way the raid was carried out, the fact that pakistan government was not informed about this. people feel insulted that this took place on pakistan's soil. so, yes, there is a lot of anger. a lot of feeling they want america out of the region, that they are getting a lot of the blow back from the terrorist attacks and that they're the ones caught in the middle. so not surprised, but once again, a reminder of just how vehement this anti-american feeling is here at the moment. people simply don't want to know about us, simply don't want to talk to us. we're abuse the and insulted wherever we go. as for the security around the bin laden compound, also not a surprise. they do not want anyone getting close to it, carol. >> stan grant reporting. thanks so much. in the world of sports, there are new revelations about wrongdoing within the ohio state university football program under coach jim tressel. as you know, tressel resigned yesterday. he'd been caught up in a scandal surrounding several of his players selling memorabilia, something he knew about and
7:57 am
didn't tell anyone for months. now a new "sports illustrated" investigation says as many as 28 players allegedly broke ncaa rules. "si" senior writer george dorman wrote about the investigation, which is the cover story in this week's issue. he joins us via skype from san francisco. welcome, george. >> thanks for having me. >> so we know about players trading memorabilia to get tattoos, free tattoos, but is there more to this scandal? >> yeah. we write -- one of the things we write is about players trading memorabilia, autographs for marijuana, including one player who bought a pound or traded for a pound of marijuana. we write about allegations -- we write allegations that jim tressel violated ncaa rules when he was an assistant coach at ohio state in the '80s. and then just the scope. you know, the school has said there was a very narrow scope of violations whereas we write that it's been going on since 2002
7:58 am
and that, you know, there were many more players involved than the school says. >> jim tressel finally admitted that he knew about the trading of memorabilia for tattoos, but the rest of it, does he still claim he didn't know that stuff was going on? >> yeah. it's sort of been a pattern throughout his career that things have gone wrong, the ncaa's gotten involved with his star players, cheating has been found, but jim tressel just never knew. he's maintained that he did not know about this stuff until tipped off in april of 2010. that may be true, but what we found was simply that it was so widespread that it's really hard to believe that people at ohio state didn't know, or if they didn't know, clearly they were choosing not to know. >> let's talk about the university itself because some people might say surely ohio state university had to know that this kind of stuff was going on because it was so widespread. >> yeah. you know, one of the more interesting things we write, i
7:59 am
think, is we write about one player, terrelle pryor, who took as many as 20 items from the equipment room and took it to this tattoo parlor. game worn pants, shoulder pads, helmets. easy question to ask, if i was ohio state, is who's monitoring the equipment room? how is it possible that this guy could take out this much stuff? i think it's a good example of, you know, you can really raise a question about what ohio state knew, what they were interested in knowing, and sort of the lack of control that the university showed. >> and quickly now, what could happen to the university itself? >> the ncaa committee on infractions will hear their case in august and then announce their findings a few weeks later. you know, they're going to get hit with some penalties. certainly, i would guess, a loss of scholarships over the next few years. if the ncaa finds there was a lack of institutional control,


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