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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 2, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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roll up the window. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> a little ham. she is very cute. >> so effective. >> very effective. if you push a journalist, you have to be careful. >> she is just microphone height. she is just in the right sfot. that's going to wrap it up for us this morning. good morning. it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. 6:00 a.m. out west. i'm carol costello in for fear ra phillips. good morning to you. a cloud of destruction, a tornado, another one sends debris flying through the air. it is not tornado alley. it is in massachusetts. this is what it sounded like on the ground. >> oh -- i'm so happy i'm
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filming this right now. seriously, the ceiling, look. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> these guys made it out alive but four people were killed. we will show you just how bad the damage was. shelling heard from a roof top. street fighting breaks out in the airport in yemen's capital. flights canceled and there is new concerns of a coming civil war. google says hundreds of personal g mail accounts have been hacked. they blame a giant fishing operation based in china. the sputtering u.s. economy and the creeping fear that things are only going to get worse, that grim outlook sent
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wall street sliding. the dow plunged near 280 points. that is the biggest one-day drop since last summer. nasdaq also saw its value evaporate by more than 2%. its 66-point slide was the worst one-day loss in four months. >> ali, this is kind of a snowball effect of bad economic news, right? >> yeah. we ought to be careful not to get too far into it. that's what used to happen where you start to think it is going to get bad and it gets bad. first of all, half an hour from when markets open and futures are looking up. hopefully, we don't see a continuation. here is what happened this week. tough on the markets. housing, the s&p housing index showed home prices hitting another new low in the first three months of this year. the prices were down more than 5% compared to the same period last year. you see the big drop. the bottom of that drop is when the recession was. the foreclosure crisis, the
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mortgage crisis. sin then, a slow increase in the value of houses. now, you see, we have started going down again. it has some people worried about a potential double dip in housing prices. >> the stock market, the s&p 500 over the last five years. the big dip at the bottom. march of 2009, two years ago. that is the worst of the markets. since then, look at that, a general access racial in markets but for a little period early last summer. generally, all the way up. look at the en. that's the downturn we are worried about. may was the worst month for the s&p 500 since august of last year. why do you care? your 401(k) and ira are invested in things that look like the s&p 500. the thing that matters to everybody is jobs. jobs growth has been quite strong. take a look. since october of last year, we have been gaining jobs. we have gained an average of
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100,000 jobs every month for the past six months. when you look at the last three, we have gained more than 220,000 jobs a month. that's pretty healthy. most of that in the private sec for. here is the problem. tomorrow morning, we get the unemployment numbers and the job growth numbers for the month of may. some are worried that maybe we are not going to keep pace like we did before. when you take it all together, markets that are weakening and a job market that might be weakening and home prices that are weakening, it has some people thinking, are we in for another dip in our economy. i spoke to an ex tert earlier who said the numbers do not indicate anything close to another one.
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mitt romney, an early front-runner but far from a shoe-in. paul steinhauser joins us from washington. we are already hearing some of what romney will say today. tell us what you know. >> about three hours from now, el make it official, up in new hampshire. he will say the words, i'm running for president. the all but declared candidate will become the declared president. he will call president barack obama a failure and attack him for what he says are the president's policies that are making the government too big. here is one of the excerpts. he is going to say, we are only inches away from seizing to be a free market economy. i will cap federal spending and finally, balance the budget. he goes on to say, from my first day in office, my number one job will be to see that america, once again, is number one in job creation. of course, his speech comes one day before we see the may jobs report, carol. so for mitt romney, it is all about the economy.
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>> well, it is all about the economy but he has other problems much the same problems, by the way, he had in 2008. how is he going to deal with those problems differently? >> we are seeing a very different strategy this time around than when the former massachusetts governor made his first bid for the white house four years ago. a couple of the things last time around, he had a big campaign, some would say a bloated campaign. some would say a much leaner machine. he focused on iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. he didn't win any of them. he focuses now this time around mostly on new hampshire. he was the formal suit and tie kind of guy, the businessman, the ceo type. this time, we are seeing a much more casual mitt romney. a mitt romney who is wearing a lot less ties. >> we have the problems with his health care plan. he is a mormon and christian conservatives might not vote for him because of that.
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>> he has been getting a lot of heat because of the health care plan. at that time, there was no new health care law from president barack obama. this could be an achilles heel. he is trying to explain it. it works for what we were doing in massachusetts and does not work for the nation. he has been very much against the president's health care plan. one of the things, this is interesting. when he makes his announcement, the state that votes has the first primary. he will have to share that spotlight with who else? sarah palin. her bus tour, we are following it nonstop. it is in new hampshire. she has an event up there. ru rudy giuliani, guess where he is? he did better, not which by much, than mitt romney. an interesting day for all in new hampshire. at the bottom of the hour, we will talk to send kated radio
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host. the president meets with tops congressional leaders of his own party hosting the democratic caucus to discuss government spending and the nation growing debt. he held a similar meeting yesterday with house republicans. it came a day after they crushed the president's request to raise debt limits on government spending. they say the talks were frank and productive but not confrontational. sources tell us congressman, paul ryan, the architect of kron tro version reforms to medicare, called on the president to stop playing politics and to take the lead on the issue. now, the story that just won't go away. congressman anthony wiener's twitter problem. he can't or won't say if the naughty pictures sent from his twitter account is of him. listen to him dance around wolf blitzer's question. >> you didn't send that photo to that woman in washington state? >> i did not send it to that
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woman in washington state. >> you are not 100% sure whether the photo is actually you? >> i am going to say he with are doing everything we can to try to answer that question. we are doing an investigation. i want to caution you, photographed can be doctored, can be manipulated, taken from one place and put in another. i want to make it clear, this is, in my view, not a federal case. in my view, this is not an international conspiracy. this is a hoax. i think people should treat it that way. of course, wiener claims he was the victim of a hacker. how long will it take to find out who is responsible? we will ask an expert that's coming your way in 35 minutes. familiar scenes across tornado alley. homes demolished, trees toppled, lives taken. this happened in a totally different part of the country. jason carroll joins us from western massachusetts. some incredible damage across a pretty wide area in an area not used to tornadoes.
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>> reporter: you hit the nail on the head. it is hard to think of tornado alley when you think of springfield, massachusetts. when you take a look behind me, it does look like tornado alley. last night, the tornado just swept through here taking with it and destroying homes along its path of destruction. now, we are hearing it wasn't just one tornado that was hit through person massachusetts. it was, in fact, four tornadoes that touched down in western mass jumping across a 40-mile stretch causing destruction in the path of those tornadoes. at least four people killed. that is confirmed at this point. more than a dozen communities are reporting severe damage. search and rescue teams, we have seen some of them out here so far this morning. we have seen them working overnight. they have been working overtime trying to go into some of these buildings that have been damaged to see if there is anyone inside who is in need of any help. as you say, many of the people who live in this area, many are
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unfamiliar with tornadoes and still, at this point, at this hour, they are trying to assess the damage and trying to come to terms with what happened. why don't you listen to one woman in particular who we spoke to who lives right here on this block. listen to what she had to say. >> i just started seeing debris. i grabbed my son and the animals and headed downstairs. as soon as he with hit the stairs, it hit. >> that is hilda's house that you see right there. we were told just about 20 minutes ago that her house will, in fact, have to be demolished. it is basically destroyed. there was so much structural damage because of the tornado. her house along with many others will have to be demolished if they weren't already destroyed. jason carroll reporting live from springfield, massachusetts. an e-coli outbreak is
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sweeping across europe infecting more than 1,000 people and killing at least 16. the source of the outbreak, a mystery. zain verjee is following that story from london. at first, it looked like the source might be spanish cucumbers. has that been completely ruled out? >> well, yes, basically. they thought according to first reports that spanish cucumbers were to blame and then 24 hours later, the authorities said, well, oops, we made a mistake. it wasn't spanish cucumbers. the spanish are really mad, because it affects their economy. there has been a real hit on the farmers there who aren't able to sell or export any of those cucumbers. if you are traveling to europe, you may want to be aware of raw veggies anyway. part of the panic is that nobody knows where the source is and nobody really knows if it is active. take a look at the newspaper headlines. look at the irish times. it says, madrid and per lynn at odds as almost 200 new cases of e-coli reported.
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the germany e-coli epidemic continues to gather pace against a bad spat between madrid and spain over spanish cucumbers. here in the uk, some advice. wash your salads, families are told. it says, although experts say, the main source has been contaminated food, they don't know what food is causing the outbreak. a leading scientist warned that the outbreak is on a scale never seen before in europe. that's what's freaking a lot of people out. scientists are saying the strain is much more lethal than previously seen. >> flun >> none of the vegetables are exported to the united states? >> no, none were exported to the united states. >> a couple of people have been hospitalized when they went back
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to the u.s. it is something to be aware of and be careful. >> absolutely. zain verjee, live from london. thank you. mitt romney is about to declare he is running for president. no surprise there. he has all that name recognition, a war chest full of money. why isn't mitt romney a bigger hit among the gop. the man at the center of the missing balloon boy hoax is selling the ufolike kraft to help tsunami victims. really? we will have that story ahead.
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in just about three hours, mitt romney will make it official and enter the race for president. he is the front-runner. most republicans have a positive reaction to him but despite his numbers and his name recognition, his campaign money and his business background, romney seems to have an enthusiasm problem. >> i don't know him at all. he seems not to resonate. i was beating everybody, including him. it is an interesting thing. he doesn't seem to resonate. he has been running for four years, six years, and longer.
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you would think that he would be doing better in the polls than he is right now. sheila hewitt is a radio host. he wrote a book called a mormon in the white house. it is good to have you with us. >> thank you. good morning. >> do you think donald trump is right. >> i think there is quite a lot of enthusiasm for romney and a lot of the gop candidates. i haven't enforced anyone but i greatly admire romney and pawlenty and a number of others. i think this assessment from the donald is simply projection of his own ambition on to the race. right now, he is a very significant fundraising base. a great network across the country. most importantly, the worst
6:19 am
country's problems become, the better he looks because of his record of turnaround he is going to be running on as someone who can solve very complicated problems. >> one of the problems he had now is his religion. some christian conservatives won't vote for romney, because he is mormon. is that still a problem or has he overcome that? >> that's another one of the issues that is within the manhattan beltway elite. >> it is not one of the issues i ran into when i wrote the book in 2007 when i covered the last five years. >> i think the presence of governor huntsman, also a mormon who is going to make it difficult to use that. he has these problems, pl pl, paw lendy, perry and john huntsman. other governors that have the
6:20 am
same skill set that can make the arguments about their capacity to lead. romney will have to illustrate all the companies he turned around, the 2002 olympics which he took over in 1999. how he palled the budget in massachusetts. he is going to make the same argument about how to solve the problems president obama is creating. how to get rid of obama care. >> the president even thanks mitt romney for creating the model for the so-called obama care. how does he get over the fact that he instituted a similar plan in the state of massachusetts when he was governor? >> facts are stubborn things. i debated this for hover an hour. the president likes to say that, to shift blame. mitt romney didn't raise taxes.
6:21 am
he didn't cut services to seniors like obama care did. >> a lot of republicans don't like that plan in massachusetts. >> a lot do. some refer not to have individual mandates. four years ago, carol, when the plan was in place, in all of those debates the republicans had, not one republican criticized the individual mandate or romney care because at the state level, where states have the police power at opposed to at the federal level where they don't, mandates are common. you might not like a particular one. there is a man tait kids have to go to school, public, private at home. a mandate that you get vaccines and a business license. mandates at the state level are not the problem that obama care is, a onerous job-destroying blob that is destroying in the united states. the opinion among the manhattan media is not the issues that will drive iowa, new hampshire and florida and when he won last
6:22 am
time around, they weren't talking about the mandates. they were talking about who can create jobs. it will be a good debate. >> it will, indeed. thank you for being here. cnn will carry romney's debate at noon eastern. a candle light vigil was held to remember those killed on april 27th. it also honored first responders. los angeles pitcher, rick thompson, is tweeting praises for the pie lot of a team charter jet. the delta airlines plane made an emergency landing at the los angeles international airport after developing hydraulic problems. lakeshia and jane atkins watt continues are the first couple to get a civil license. they began issuing licenses for same-sex couples yesterday.
6:23 am
finally, the hot air balloon at the center of a missing child hoax is up for sale. proceeds will benefit victims of the japanese tsunami. in 2009, the nation watched as the saucer-shaped balloon floated over colorado. he claimed his son was inside, he was not. >>. >> will and kate allegedly chatting it up on twitter tweeting about being newlyweds. is it really the duke and dutchess of cambridge? the scoop on the fake twitter account after the break. c s.
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hundreds of google e-mail accounts have been hacked including those of u.s. government officials. google says the attack originated in china. let's check back with zain verjee for the latest on this cybercrime. what happened? >> oh, my goodness, basically, google is saying that they managed to track down the hackers to central china that hacked the accounts of hundreds of users, including senior u.s. government officials, chinese activists, south korean government officials and journalists as well. the chinese are saying absolutely not. they didn't hack anything. it is just not true. the white house is saying they are looking into these reports and they have no reason to believe that any u.s. government e-mail accounts were accessed. just to be careful, if anybody has a g mail account here, and they use it, basically, what happened here is that there were
6:27 am
trusted sources that kind of popped up as if they were google or someone that would be credible or legitimate and you click on the link and it takes you to another page where it asks you to please put in your user naum and password. it looks real, carol. it is actually a way of hacking. watch out. >> there are big twitter accounts and everything. kate and will are having problems too. yes. if you want to follow william, kate, and kate's sister, pippa on twitter, they have 61,000 followers. so many people thought it was, because there were these tweets that just seemed really believe belie believeable. they were talking about things like kate's upcoming pregnancy and they were going to be
6:28 am
traveling to los angeles soon and what it was like having a weekend in the country. >> people thought it was real because it was boring. >> thanks for the sweet welcome. thank you, catherine. guys, welcome to my real account. this is the real pippa here. so mundane you think, okay, it must be them. whoever made up that false account was not very creative coming up, a lot of tornadoes already this year. these late terse are a little different. at least four people killed in massachusetts. most new yorkers already knew who congressman anthony wiener is. others are just getting to know him, not because of his politics but because of his twitter account. >> we will take a closer look at a politician who once thought about about wg being a weatherman.
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when they came barreling through, most people couldn't believe their eyes. tornadoes carry across western and central massachusetts. amazing video coming out of springfield. the man who shot this escaped but at least four people were killed in the storms. one of the twisters spun right through the heart of the city and across the connecticut river. you can see it is sucking the water right up into a vortex. tornadoes aren't unprecedented in new england but they
6:32 am
certainly are unusual. rob marciano has some details on this. how often do tornadoes hit in massachusetts. >> every few years. they are typically not this strong. the last one that hit in massachusetts was in '08. that was an ef-0, judging from the look of this and the damage, it is just coming in now. this was easily an ef-2, if not an ef-3 tornado. winds well over 100 miles an hour. not only trees being taken out but brick buildings in some cases being ripped apart as well. here is what it looked like on the radar scope. we had a couple of cells that rolled through springfield, one at 4:30. that's where this one came through. what makes us more unusual, at 6:00, another one went through springfield. two tornadoes going through springfield within two hours of each other. that certainly is unusual. the strongest ones they have had by the way, ef-4 in '95 and another one, ef-4 in the 50s.
6:33 am
unusual, yes, but not completely unheard of. this is the track. it pretty much went down the turnpike into worcester county, stern bridge, included. several reports of tornadoes. thank goodness it dissipated before getting to boston. california got into the act as well. a tornado reported there in marysville. this is the area, tornado alley, especially in time of year, that we expect tornadoes, california and massachusetts, we don't usually see that but we saw it yesterday. >> a scary, weird spring, that's for sure. rob marciano, thank you. checking our top stories in a couple of hours, former massachusetts governor, mitt romney, will announce his bid for the gop presidential nomination. he is the early front-runner in polls and fundraising. anthony wiener still not saying whether that naughty picture is of him. he will only say his twitter account was hacked. a sign of continued weakness in the economy. unemployment claims topped
6:34 am
400,000 for the eighth straight week. the number of people filing for first-time jobless benefits is at 422,000, down 6,000 from the week before. >> it is best to watch a great fielding play in baseball. when that saves the game, it is special. jeff is here with the tape. >> let's set the stage. the philadelphia phillies, they are leading the division, bases loaded, two outs, bottom of the sixth. washington holding on to a one-run lead. the sinking fly ball to left. left field are dives and makes a commercial. knicks al ne nats also made a homer. a double becomes a walk-off home run.
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that's coming up in 20 minutes. a teacher in new jersey learns her lesson. don't try to fool the kids with a lady gaga imposter. how the students figured out the fakeout. that's next in the "newsroom." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. we're going to head on into the interview. mr. and mrs. nadimpalli... baba... what's the difference between the fusion and other hybrids? the look. yeah, it doesn't look like a box. we wanted a hybrid and we wanted...
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the economy and your investments, a big focus. stocks tumbled wednesday following a weak report on jobs, manufacturing and auto sales. you can see they are still down a bit. down about 12.5 points. not as bad as yesterday. we are going to have a check on the market and why the stock market is doing a little better at least this morning in a few minutes. check the stories across country now. one of the world's best poker players is upping the ante. phil ivy alleges full-tilt poker owes players more than $150,000 in back winings. he is boycotting this week's event. california's medical board
6:39 am
says it will revoke the license of the fertility specialist that helped the octomom give birth to six babies in 2009. a report was misguided by trying to fake out students by enlifting a lady gaga impersonator. the kids caught on when the fake georg gaga texted instead of speaking and the autographed picture was found to be phoney. >> generally, kids are pretty smart. an impersonator might not do the trick. we should be honest with kids. >> they know their lady gaga school officials won't say how the employee will be disciplined. a twitter exposure is not what anthony wiener wanted. we will tell you how the guy
6:40 am
from brooklyn and i afriend why jon stewart became a liberal fire brand. a hacker got into his twitter account and sent that lewd picture. coming up, we will talk about an expert about how easy it is to do that and what chances digital detectives have to catch the guilty party. we will be back. and in the way . protect your family with the gift of financial security. backed by the highest possible ratings for financial strength. new york life. the company you keep.
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you see those closed doors, in the raburn building in washington, d.c., that would be congressman an nthony wiener's office. they are expecting him to come out and say a few words. if he does, we will bring those to you. we will keep you posted. on the subject of congressman anthony wiener, he can't or won't say if that lewd picture sent from his twitter account is actually of him. he says he has got a legal team looking into it. listen to what he told cnn's wolf blitzer. >> sometimes a prank is a prank. that's why i am trying to treat it that way. hopefully, my marriage survives, my first anniversary. >> this whole scandal is the first many americans are learning about congressman wiener. let's take a look at his career outside of twitter gate. cnn's suzanne malveaux explains
6:44 am
how the guy from brooklyn became a liberal fire brand in washington. >> reporter: anthony wiener is new york to the core, born in brooklyn to a lawyer and a school teacher. he went to a state university aiming to be a tv weatherman. when that didn't work, he turned to politics working for then congressman charles schumer and hanging out with good friend, comedian, jon stewart. six years after college, he mounted a long shot bit for new york city council. he turned his scrappy nature into votes and at age 27, became, at the time, the youngest person elected to the council. quickly becoming a thorn in the side of fellow counselman and new york may yoer, david dinkens. he jumped in and ran to replace him in the house. on capitol hill, a liberal's liberal famously fighting for women's rights and gun control. he is known fr his determination, feistyness and
6:45 am
above all his fire brand rhetoric like the time he took on republican, peter king over a bill to provide medical care for 9/11 first responders. >> you vote in favor of something if you believe it is the right thing. if you believe it is the wrong thing, you vote no. we are following procedure. i will not yield to the gentlemen and the gentlemen will observe regular order. the gentlemen will observe regular order. >> but he does have a soft side. last july, wiener married long-time aide to hillary clinton huma abadine. the only jewish member of congress to be married to a devout muslim. officiating at the ceremony, former president, bill clinton. >> she is a remarkable, remarkable woman. she married a congressman. she knows with that goes a certain amount of aggravation. i don't think she imagined that it would be this. >> reporter: that is perhaps an understatement. susan malveaux, cnn, atlanta. >> so let's talk more about this
6:46 am
scandal. noah shackman is a contributor at wire magazine. he says that hackers got into his account and sent that lewd photoous. we alwa >> we always here it is a cinch to do. >> yes, it is. these social networks in general and twitter in particular, are built to be hacked. they are built to be open. they are built to share. they are built to play well with other programs. all of those things make them very easy to hack. there is any number of ways. half a dozen, a dozen different ways that congressman wiener's account could have been hacked. >> so wiener has hired a law firm to find out who did this. he is refusing to involve police. listen to what he said to wolf blitzer. >> hi, honey. >> people have this happen every day. because it happened to congressman wiener on his
6:47 am
personal account, doesn't mean the taxpayers should pay for some big investigation of this that winds up going on and on for years to find out who sent a picture of someone in shorts on the internet on the account of a guy named wiener. i don't think it rises to that, a federal case. i am going to turn it over to people who give that. >> it could be complicated to figure out depending on what method the hacker the used. people send crazy pictures under other people's names. the other day, i got a picture from what purported to be a friend of what was supposed to be my kid. i double-checked, because something didn't seem quite right. i checked with her and it turned out it wasn't her sending it at all. the picture was some type of attempt to hack me.
6:48 am
>> it would take years for them to find out who sent this picture? >> i don't know if it would take years and years. it might be never. these things are actually kind of hard to figure out. >> thank you very much out. noah shackman. we will keep following this story. again, you are looking at this live picture of congressman wiener's office. he is expected to speak soon. bring that to you live. [ woman speaking chinese ] thank you. do you have an english menu? no english. [ speaking chinese ] [ gasps, speaks chinese ]
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you're look llinging at a live picture of congressman weiner's office in washington, d.c. he's expected to come out and talk to reporters soon. when he does, we'll bring it to you live. the government is replacing its food pyramid. first lady michelle obama will actually unveil the new icon this morning. we often see it. that will happen at 10:30 eastern. the exact look is being kept under wraps. speculation is the pyramid will be replaced with a plate. at noon eastern mitt romney jumps into the republican presidential ring. the former massachusetts governor makes it official during an appearance in new hampshire. it is his second gop run for the
6:52 am
white house. tonight at 8:30 eastern, the final round of the scripps national spelling bee begins. the best young speller in the entire country will be crowned. we're following a lot of developments the next hour in the cnn newsroom. let's check in with jason carroll live in tornado-stricken springfield, massachusetts. >> reporter: springfield, mag massachusetts, is looking more like tornado alley as they deal with two deadly tornadoes. i'll have the video at the top of the hour. >> reporter: high, i'm zain verjee in london, and world leaders are telling the united states make drugs legal. why they saying that? i'll tell you next. >> reporter: and i'm poppy harlow in new york. we're following the market pretty closely. the biggest selloff we've seen in a year for the dow and s&p 500. why are investors fleeing? it's about the broader economy,
6:53 am
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anthony weiner has come out. let's listen. >> let me make this very clear. i did not send the picture that
6:56 am
my twitter account had been hacked. this prank has apparently been successful. after almost 11 hours of answering questions, any that anyone wanted to put, today i'm going to have to get back to work doing the job that i'm paid to do. i appreciate your patience and understanding. if i can do anything to make you more comfortable while you're sitting out here in the hallway, please let me know. thank you. >> congressman, even though you say you're answering direct questions finally, there are many more questions now. >> that was kate bolduan trying to shoot a question at congressman weiner, but he's only offering soft drinks and coffee, not answers to questions today. we'll keep an eye on this. two baseball teams battle to avoid being eliminated from the playoff race last night. it's the first week in june. so say what? >> right. it sounds wrong, but it's right. the great baseball writer tom verducci went digging through the record books and said, at this point in the season f you're five games under .500 and
6:57 am
five games out of first, you're finished. you're done. almost no chance of making the playoffs. last night the dodgers and rockies battle. the loser would be five games below .500 and 5 1/2 games out of first. that means uh-oh for l.a. because ubaldo jimenez finally got his first win. seven strikeouts. the rockies win 3-0. sorry, dodgers. time to start thinking about 201. stanley cup finals opening game, bruins-canucks. watch vancouver's alex burrows takes a bite of patrice bergeron's finger. sweaty glove finger appeals, i guess. don't be surprised if burrows gets a suspension for that. boston goalie tim thomas was outstanding, but he let's one in. torres with 19 seconds left. that was the only goal. vancouver wins game one 1-0, carol. >> sorry about that. congressman weiner came out with that really important statement. we had to cut you short. >> baseballs and hot dogs. >> thank you.
6:58 am
sarah palin's 10-year-old daughter piper is keeping busy on her mom's nationwide bus tour. as jeanne moos reports, piper's job involves security. >> reporter: it a teacher asks piper palin what she did for her summer vacation, she can leap right into the we, the people bus trip saga. very few people have their very own bus. how many 10-year-olds can say they've been hounded by the press. >> don't step on the kids, please. >> leave them alone. >> reporter: or had pizza with donald trump. >> we had great pizza. wasn't that good? it was real new york pizza. >> reporter: or went motorcycle riding with mom on the back of dad's bike. oh, sure, she had to entertain herself cramming gum into her mouth while she listened to mom give interview after interview -- sometimes. she had to physically drag her mom away, and occasionally it took -- >> and where is the school?
6:59 am
>> reporter: not just one tap on the shoulder, not just two. >> todd, our guy. >> reporter: three taps, and she's out finally. but even a kid -- >> piper, what did you think of the statue of liberty? >> reporter: isn't immune to the lure of the limelight. in a role reversal, her mom watched while piper described her favorite part. >> seeing the torch. >> reporter: we haven't seen this much of piper palin since she first made her mark at the republican convention, made her mark on her brother trig by licking her hand to slick down his hair. a cnn producer was so smitten by her sassy behavior at the convention, she named her dog piper. here, piper, the one in the snoopy t-shirt. the trip hasn't been all excitement. >> supporting the troops. >> reporter: piper looked momentarily bored and hot on a scorching day touring ft. mchenry. some say piper is acting like her mother's miniature bodyguard. she's been seen leading her mom
7:00 am
with outstretched arm. fox 29 in philadelphia captured what looked like a body block. piper wedged herself between a reporter with a mike and her mother. the move provoked talk that piper was head of palin security and a press secretary in the making. watch how she handles the media onslaught. get that microphone off of me. when the media roll up, there's only one thing to do. >> roll up the window. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> roll up the windows. >> reporter: new york. >> that cracks me up. it's 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. 7:00 a.m. out west. i'm carol costello sitting in for kyra philips. good morning you to you. in just a couple of hours, republican mitt romney will formally announce his latest bid for the white house. he sought the gop nomination in
7:01 am
2008 and is now an early front-runner in fund-raising. and then a twitter scandal hits home for a democrat. >> hopefully, my marriage survives. it's my first anniversary. >> i hope it does too. >> congressman anthony weiner says it was hackers, not him, who sent a lewd photo on his twitter account. here's the thing. he won't say whether the picture is really of him. you'll want to hear wolf blitzer's interview. and the job market remains brutal. last week 6,000 fewer people filed for their first unemployment claims, but it's the eighth straight week that number languishes above 400,000. tornados tear through massachusetts, taking a lot of people totally by surprise. >> the tornado. tornado. let me in! let me in! let me in!
7:02 am
in the basement now. >> the man who shot these pictures, he's okay, but at least four people were killed in the storm. cnn's jason carroll joins us from springfield, massachusetts. jason, describe the situation there now. >> reporter: basically, what we've been seeing, carol, is a number of search and rescue crews coming through here. in fact, if you take a look at this apartment building, this brick one that you look at here, has just been cordoned off. that building is in danger of collapsing now. folks have been asked to move back out of that area and away from that particular building. some of the homes that you see on the street here, the same thing. these homes here, most of them have to be demolished, if they were not already destroyed in the aftermath of those tornadoes that swept through here. just to recap, at least two tornadoes sweeping through western massachusetts, including
7:03 am
this particular area, spanning across a 40-mile stretch, destroying homes, buildings, uprooting trees. at least four people killed. that has been confirmed. more than a dozen communities at this point reporting severe damage in their particular areas. search and rescue teams, as i say, have been combing through this particular area. several other pockets of destruction as well. people still trying to get their head around exactly what happened out here. as you know, carol, they're not used to tornadoes coming through this area. you saw video from one of those residents who lives not far from here. his name is dave mick. want to run that video and explain the back story of how that happened. he was on his way home, got caught in the storm. had his iphone on him, started recording. by the time he realized how serious things were, he tried to get inside his house, started screaming, let me in, let me in. he eventually did get in, and i eventually got a chance to talk
7:04 am
to him about it all. take a listen. >> it just happened so quickly. you know, people say they happen quickly, they happen quickly. by the time i got from my truck to the house, the tornado was already there. i started banging on the door. there was nothing between me and the rest of the trees that were coming my way. people say your life flashed before your eyes, well, trees were flashing before my eyes. >> reporter: fascinating. and defend and dave mech is fortunate his house was spared. he lives just a block from where i'm standing. the residents of this house not so fortunate. this house destroyed and will have to be demolished. just goes to show you what happens in these tornadoes. i know you're from ohio. you're familiar with them. it can cause destruction on one street, and the next street over can be perfectly fine. >> it's just the strangest thing. jason carroll live from springfield, massachusetts. many thanks.
7:05 am
new england, no tornado alley, but twisters are not unprecedented. rob marciano is with us now. how often does massachusetts get hit with tornadoes? >> they had a small one about three years ago. last big one was the mid-1990s. had an ef-4 touchdown then. and another one in the '60s. so not completely unheard of. this obviously is tornado alley here, where we had reports of tornadoes yesterday. this is where the tornadoes touched down across western mass yesterday. not one, but two, as jason said, within a two-hour period rolling through springfield. that in and of itself is unbelievable. kind of went just south of the turnpike towards sturmbridge and eventually towards worcester. by the time it got to south boston, we were able to have it diminish a little bit. there's a cell with tremendous amount of hail at 4:30 and another one coming through at 6:00. the first one, i think, did the most damage. check out the aerials coming in. this is unbelievable stuff for
7:06 am
new england. wcbb is our affiliate that's bringing this to you. you're looking at the damage and saying this ain't no ef-0 or ef-1. it's at least an ef-2, possibly a 3 in some spots. winds easily over 100 miles an hour. and you saw the dramatic stuff of the twister itself coming across the river and all sorts of amateur video of the twister rolling through springfield. no doubt the folks, as they used their camera phones to document this, carol, in disbelief, wondering if they're in kansas versus historic new england. there's another view of it. it moves pretty quickly. >> so strange, but the weather over much of the country this spring has been strange. much of the country suffering through this terrible heat wave right now. what's going on? >> heat, floods, and tornadoes. it's been very, very active. you blame la nina, among other things. some years are busier than others, and this one's been busy and pretty wacky too. >> and dangerous and deadly unfortunately. rob marciano, many thanks. let's switch gears now to politics because quite a busy day ahead in the world of
7:07 am
politics. at noon eastern, mitt romney officially tosses his hat into the presidential ring. he will formally announce his bid for the republican nomination. before a back drop, he'll appear before the cameras at a farm in new hampshire after sharing pizza with sarah palin, donald trump says he could still run for president after all. just weeks after saying he would not pursue the republican nomination, he's now leaving the door open. yes. here's what he told piers morgan. >> if you don't like what the republicans do in terms of their nominee, you might be very seriously tempted to stand and run as an independent. >> and to add to that, i think the answer would be yes. also, i'd have to see the economy doing very poorly, which it has a very good chance of doing. if the economy is doing poorly and if the republicans pick a stiff -- and they may very well might -- i would absolutely have my eye open.
7:08 am
and there is a new outcry aimed at new jersey governor chris christie, a man that many republicans would like to see in the race. democratic lawmakers are blasting his use of a state police helicopter to attend his son's baseball game. they want christie to reimburse taxpayers some $2,500 that would cover the cost. our chief political correspondent candy crowley is in new hampshire following mitt romney's big day. we'll check in with her in just a few minutes. sxnch and we're following wall street to see if the nasdaq bounces back from the biggest slump of the day. a quick look at the big board shows a rather sluggish start to today's trading, but keeps going from plus to minus. it's really frustrating. the opening bell rang just a half hour ago. let's get the latest from poppy harlow of three points up, and then it goes back into negative territory. >> i'm looking at live trading here. we just dipped the dow into
7:09 am
negative territory. not off to a good start at all for wall street. a horrific day on wall street yesterday and for all the investors out there. we saw the biggest loss in the dow and s&p in just about a year. we're already in negative territory again of the the dow, s&p, nasdaq all falling more than 2%. the question people have is why is this? take a look at that decline just yesterday. this is the first realization that people are getting that the real economy is not in good shape at all. it's sort of that tale of two americas. corporations doing very well, turning strong profits quarter after quarter. main street, real america not doing well. here's why. let's go through the numbers. let's look first at housing. a very bad housing report this week in terms of the price of your home. we saw another decline. i'm going to show you where housing has gone. look at 2006. that's the average price for a home of the look at the latest number for this year, for 2011. we now have housing prices at post recession lows. we are a third off of where we were in 2006. no hope in housing right now.
7:10 am
and then let's turn to jobs. this is sort of the critical factor on the jobs picture isn't getting any better. when you look at jobs, we have had seven months of job growth at the same time. you see all the blue? that's the job growth we've seen over the past seven months. we're going to get the latest jobs report on friday. it's expected to see some growth but not enough to bring the unemployment rate down. add on to that a very, very bad private sector jobs report that we got yesterday. it showed just a precipitous decline in private sector job hiring last month. jobs, housing, and manufacturing fell not only in the u.s., carol, but also around the world in may. china, europe hurting, and japan obviously from that crisis. all those factors coming together and really weighing on this market right now. >> the perfect ugly storm. >> perfect storm. >> poppy harlow, thank you. let's head overseas now. fighting between government forces and armed tribesmen move close to the airport in yemen's capital today. all flights out of yemen have been suspended.
7:11 am
cnn's zain verjee is following the international reaction to this latest violence. hi, zain. >> reporter: hi, carol. the situation continuing to get worse. let's get straight to the headlines. gulf news for united arab emirates focuses on the possibility of arab civil war. its headline "ending the yemen bloodshed." it says, "the way forward now doesn't look like being an interim government based on a popular movement but more of a transfer to tribal or military leaders, and that's looking even less likely as civil war looms." check out "the herald" in the uk that focuses on al qaeda." yemeni capital rocked by a series of explosions." it says, "ammists are worried that instability in yemen, which sits on a shipping lane that carries about 3 million barrels of oil a day, could embolden a local al qaeda wing that has attempted attacks on the united states and saudi arabia." finally, the guardian in the uk says, "dozens killed in street
7:12 am
by street battle for sanaa." yemen is on the brink of financial ruin with about a third of its 23 million people facing chronic hunger, and it is running out of oil and water. >> zain verjee live in lonlondo. world leaders are pressuring president obama to think about legalizing drugs. [ male announcer ] at e-trade, low cost investing means getting a low price. plus the choice of every etf,
7:13 am
5-star service, and unmatched trading tools. there's price. there's value. don't confuse the two. e-trade. investing unleashed. you can do this... get the ball, girl. hmmm, you can't do that. but you can do this. bengay pain relief + massage with penetrating nubs plus the powerful pain relief of bengay. love the nubs!
7:14 am
in just about two hours, mitt romney will make the obviously official.
7:15 am
he'll come out swinging. here's a look at what he'll say in new hampshire. "when barack obama came to office, we wished him well and hoped for the best. now in the third year of his four-year term, we have more than promises and slogans to go by. barack obama has failed america." candy crowley is in new hampshire for the formal announcement. good morning, candy. >> reporter: good morning. >> go ahead. take it away. >> reporter: i was going to say that little part that you just put out there is -- tells you a lot about where mitt romney is going with this. in some ways he couldn't have picked a better week for his official announcement because he's going to try to focus on the economy. that's where his expertise is. he was a successful businessman. he brought the olympics out of what looked like pure disaster and made a success. so they want to run on jobs and the economy.
7:16 am
they think he has the resume to power up against president obama. look at this week when we've seen bad news in the housing market might be a double dip for prices. we saw wall street in that horrific day yesterday. on that score, romney's picked a pretty good week to put out his message, which is, look, this was great. we voted for hope. we voted for change. really his economic policies have failed. that's a message you're going to try to see him hone in on really for the rest of the campaign. >> candy, i'm just curious. many say the so-called obama care is killing this country. how can he avoid this when he put in a similar plan in massachusetts. >> reporter: he tried to put this to rest before this day by giving a speech saying, listen, here is the difference. i did what was best for our state at the time. we had a relatively few number of those who were uninsured.
7:17 am
yes, there was a mandate in massachusetts that people have to have health care. as you know, in the republican party right now, that mandate, which is part of president obama's health care reform is anathema in the republican party. he says, what president obama has done on the federal level is a big federal grab. it ought to be left for the states. he is trying to split the baby. he has touted his four years in massachusetts as the resume he wants to put out there. certainly, he hailed it at the time as a humg succege success. you have to walk that line. this is a great success for us, but on the national level, i don't think it's going to work. are conservatives in the republican party who are going to decide basically are they
7:18 am
going to buy it? >> he's going to make his announcement in new hampshire. he's visited that state a number of times. he's talked to political insiders there. the newspaper there has not endorsed him. it certainly didn't endorse him last time around. how important is it for mitt romney to win in new hampshire in the primary? >> reporter: well, you know, if you ask them, they'll say that it's important to win, you know, in lots of places, and that's true. but new hampshire, where clearly this candidate is going to spend a lot of his time and a lot of his money is critical for a couple of reasons. first of all, he was governor next door in massachusetts for four years. so he's known here. it is where he looks at this point to be putting his major effort. he has a summer home here. if he can't win in new hampshire, that's a tough go. what we don't know is is he going to try to play in iowa? he tried last time around, sunk $10 million in iowa, and lost it. strategy is a lot in the early stages. we'll have to wait and see.
7:19 am
if looks like new hampshire is where he's staking his flag. >> candy crowley, we'll get back to you. many thanks. cnn will carry mid romney's announcement from new hampshire live around noon eastern. world leaders are urnling preside president obama to think about legalizing some drugs saying, quote the global war on drugs has failed. former secretary of state george schultz serves on that panel and so does former u.n. secretary general kofi annan. zain verjee joins us. what drugs are they talking about? >> they're talking about marijuana and cannabis and saying legalize it. what's the point of targeting the lower level criminals? don't do that. don't waste the time, money, and energy doing that. go for the kingpins. they say too don't criminalize people that use the drugs and
7:20 am
don't do any harm to other people, but just focus on the top level. they've said that the whole way that the war on drugs has been run has been a costly failure. carol? >> we know what the united states says, at least the leaders at the top are certainly not in favor of this. >> no. no, they're not. they've rejected this outright and said absolutely not. mexico has done the same thing. the u.s. has taken a really hard line when it comes to drugs. essentially, their argument, it would be a huge mistake to legalize drugs because in the end more people would use it, the argument goes, and it would actually create a much more harmful situation. they say too the focus needs to be on reducing demand. there are numbers out there to prove, when it's done effectively, they can do it properly and successfully. one other thing, things like drug courts the u.s. pushes. so if someone's in a drug court, they don't get sent straight to jail. they get things like rehabilitation and treatment and that kind of a thing.
7:21 am
legalizing drugs for now, for the u.s., no way jose. >> you're right about that. zain verjee live in lon tdolond. inexcusable, shocking, two words by parents' groups to describe r&b star rihanna's music video which shows the young singer killing a man after a sexual assault. there's another way to help eliminate litter box dust: purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home. [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] you know what that is? that's the sound of a mid-sized sedan that doesn't whine when you step on the gas.
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♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
7:24 am
some say you've gone too far. >> it is a lot of people, carol. for people who haven't seen it, it's what looks like a revenge fantasy where rihanna plays a battered woman who abuses a man who shoots her. this video and the song "man down," obviously a personal project for rihanna. on one level, you can appreciate the anger that you can see in this video which has a cold blooded execution by a battered woman. several parents groups asking to be taken off air because of violent imagery. for her part, rihanna doesn't
7:25 am
seem inclined to back down. she's posting all kinds of supportive messages for the video and tweeted the song say strong message for girls like her and the lyrics don't celebrate violence at all. the song opens with rihanna singing this. "i didn't mean to end his life. i know it wasn't right. i can't even sleep at night. can't get it off my mind." it is provocative to be sure, carol. >> what makes this strange is her song with eminem where that seemed to glamourize domestic violence. she was criticized for that video as well. could this video be in response to that criticism? >> it's possible. at the end of the day, it is art. it is provocative. the two go hand in hand. a lot of people are actually saying the lyrics here are being clouded by the actual violent content of the video. this debate is going to rage on. this thing was just released this week. >> it's going to be a huge best seller. not to be outdone, i hear lady
7:26 am
gaga's new album is also making headlines. >> the sales for this album are phenomenal. "born this way" sold 200,000 copies on its first day alone. 1.1 million copies in the u.s. those numbers do not include the number of copies sold outside the country. got this album. copies on the billboard sales chart. it outsold the projections. gaga did a good job of getting everybody excited. we had to ask her about the album sales. she said she didn't want the figures yet because the numbers weren't fully out. they hadn't been completely tabulated. now with these kinds of results, i'm sure gaga is aware and very, very pleased. >> i'm sure she's uncovered her ears. a.j. hammer, thanks as all. for the latest in the entertainment world, a.j. has it
7:27 am
tonight on "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 p.m. congressman weiner said he spent about 11 hours answering questions about the naughty picture on his twitter account. there's one thing he won't say, if that picture is of him. down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain.
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7:30 am
after the story that just won't go away, congressman anthony weiner's twitter problem. the story that won't go away because weiner can't or won't say if the lewd picture of his twitter account is of him. listen to him dance around wolf blitzer's question. >> this is the picture -- i'm sure you've seen it by now. is this you? >> i can tell you this, we have a firm that we've hired -- i've seen it. it's -- i've seen it. it's a firm that we hired to try to get to the bottom of it. it certainly doesn't look familiar to me, but i don't want to say with certitude. >> have you ever tiaken a pictue like this of yourself? >> i have photographs. i don't know what photographs there are in the world of me and what things have been manipulated and doctored. we're going to try to find out what happened. the most important reason i want to find out is so it doesn't happen again. they sent a picture that makes fun of the name weiner.
7:31 am
i get it. tu touche. dr. moriarti, you got me. at the time it happened, i tweeted that i got the joke and went on with my life. frankly, that's what i encourage everyone to do. >> you didn't send that photo to that woman in washington state? >> i didn't send it. >> but you're not 100% sure whether the photo is actual lly you? >> what i am going to say is we're doing everything to answer that question. i want to caution you that photographs can be doctored or manipulated, can be taken from one place and put in another. i want to make it clear this is, in my view, not a federal case. in my view, this is not an international conspiracy. this is a hoax, and i think people should tweet it that way. >> cnn's kate bolduan tried to ask congressman weiner a few minutes ago. kate, he just came out and offered you beverages, right?
7:32 am
>> he offered, as he has before, to make us as comfortable as possible as people are standing outside of his office. it was clear today, he came out and gave a brief statement to cameras basically saying he spent all day yesterday answering all the questions that reporters have from him. he said today now he's going to move on and do the job that he's paid to do. get back to the business at hand. it's very clear -- then he walked away not answering any questions. it's clear he wants to put this to rest. he wants to move on. and he doesn't want this to be the attention getter on capitol hill anymore. but at the same time, the attention's not going away. as you heard wolf blitzer and other reporters have asked him pretty direct questions. the answers to some of these questions are very direct. he believes his account was hacked. he says he did not send that photo. however, some of his other answers are only creating more questions. the respect that he cannot say whether or not that photo was of him or not. and we also don't know at this
7:33 am
point when this attention's going to end or how it is, of course, we have no idea. >> let me ask you this. so the attention remains on this twitter controversy, but he's got to get back to the business of governing. what does this controversy mean to his immediate political future and doing what he's paid to do by taxpayers for the country? >> reporter: it's not clear, and i'll tell you, it's probably not surprising. over the past few days we've been talking to his democratic colleagues and trying to get a sense of what this does mean. no one really wants to touch it, and that's not very surprising considering the controversy surrounding it. but just today and actually just yesterday a couple of very superior -- some of the leaders, pardon me, have come out to actually make comments. nancy pelosi, for one, the democratic leader, she came out saying she has confidence in anthony weiner and that, if an investigation's in order, it will take place. however, the majority leader, a republican, i should note, eric cantor, came out to say that congressman weiner should come
7:34 am
clean, kind of saying his answers have not offered the clarity that is needed to the american people. so regardless, carol, i think bottom line it's clear that this issue has become a distraction. that is not making democrats happy. they want to get to the business at hand, and they want to have their message out there. democratic aides that we've talked to have said it's very clear that it's not helping the matter when anthony weiner comes out and continues to make news and continues to push the story forward. looks like this morning what he was trying to do is not push the story forward anymore, carol. >> we'll see if it works. kate bolduan, live on capitol hill, thank you. it is political buzz time once again. a rapid fire look at the hottest political topics of the day. each of our brilliant political observers get 20 seconds to answer through probing questions. cornell belcher is a democratic pollster. comedian pete dominick is a satellite radio host. and cnn contributor will cain is
7:35 am
an analyst. mitt romney gets into the 2012 race later today. as governor, he was well-known for his obama care like health program. even president obama referred to it recently. >> mitt romney, who recently said he's proud of what he accomplished on health care in massachusetts, supports giving states the power to determine their own health care solutions. he's right. >> he's right. today romney is expected to recall for a complete repeal of, quote, obama care. will voters see hypocrisy or say, yeah, i get that? will? >> probably hypocrisy. look, carol, i wrote a column about a month ago where i said romney was doa because of this issue. because of a lack of attractive alternativ alternatives, i'm starting to hold my nose and look towards romney. that's why people are flying to recruit chris christie and they should see jeb bush and tomko
7:36 am
burn too. >> i love the fact the republican top nominee, you have to hold your nose to support him. let me get this right. you were for health care before you were against health care? it's a classic flip flop. it seems unauthentic, and it seems like a weak leader. americans see that. it seems like a problem if you're running for president. he needs to stand up and fight for what he did helping massachusetts voters. >> pete? >> your question is what will voters see. first of all, voters are going to see a handsome devil. mitt romney is gorgeous. but they're going to see what they want to see. you put mitt romney's plan on obama care, they're essentially similar. you want 47 states' plans, good luck at making them happen. they're going to see what they want to see. >> house republicans met at the white house to talk about deficit reduction, no progress. house democrats meet today, and we expect no progress. so question two, what will it
7:37 am
take to bring about that thing called compromise when it comes to our deficit? cornell? >> it's going to take house republicans to put everything on the table and stop protecting the sacred cows. look, you can't act like a school kid and kick the ball over the fence if you don't get your way. they have to come to the table and compromise. taxes are part of that compromise. most americans think that wealthy should pay their fair share. that's all we're asking, pay your fair share. if they do that, the compromise will be found. >> will? >> democrats just spent a month totally demagoguing and flat out lying about paul ryan's medicare reform proposal. what do you think now is going to happen when democrats get brave enough to put out their tax increase plan? what do you think republicans are going to do? you know what's going to take compromise? fear. wrath of god fear. raining frogs, hordes of locusts, bond holder type fear. >> did will just warn us of locusts? let me cut through partisanship
7:38 am
and say compromise only happens when people want to accomplish a goal. politicians need to accept self agran diesing in the police cal arena. everything needs to be on the table. we've got a military budget that we're preparing for an alien invasion. $2 billion a week in afghanistan. that's waste. we're not getting anything out of that. >> final question. pete, you have to listen to the buzzer. it is our god. final question. our buzzer beater, ten seconds each for this one. how long will it take for weiner gate to fade away, or will it? cornell? >> are you asking me how long it will take weiner to fade? i think it depends. most democrats in the house hope it fades really quickly. >> will? >> look, it didn't fade for chris lee or mark foley until it resigned. this one isn't going away until we at least know what happened here. >> pete? >> congressman anthony weiner has never seen a video camera, apparently a still camera perhaps that he's afraid to talk
7:39 am
to. we have the republican senator who actually hired a prostitute, david vitter, and he got away with it. we'll see what happens. >> we'll see. thank you for playing political buzz today. it was fun as always. and informative. quite intelligent, actually. thank you so much. political buzz will be back tomorrow. the vancouver canucks take game one of the stanley cup finals. one of their players may have to sit out game two because of bad behavior. you will see why in sports ten minutes from now. and cheap, it's no way to describe dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo and his new bride, but the description fits their wedding registry. 50 cent tea lights? a $6 gravy boat? raising a few eyebrows today. [ male announcer ] you know there are germs
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7:43 am
for 20 years or so. they say it's confusing to people of the the new look will be kind of a dinner plate icon divided into sections with proteins and veggies, and when the first lady michelle obama is behind that podium and she unveils the plate, we will show it to you. checking stories across the country. the hot air balloon at the center of a missing child hoax is up for sale. richard heene says the proceeds will benefit victims of the japanese tsunami. in 2009, the nation watched as the flying saucer shaped balloon flew over colorado. heene claims his son was inside. he wasn't. a school teacher in new jersey is under fire for enlisting a lady gaga impersonator instead of the real one for a promised video chat. kids got on her quickly. no word on whether disciplinary actions will be taken against the teacher. one of the world's best poker players is upping his battle against the organizers of
7:44 am
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this afternoon the white house, the president meets with top congressional leaders of his own party, follows a similar meeting yesterday with house republicans. the goal of both sessions is finding a way to cut spending and decrease our fast growing deficit. breanna keilar is at the white house. what if anything will get done today? >> reporter: carol, honestly, both sides are trying to emphasize this isn't really the negotiating. these are really listening sessions. and so that's how today is going to be as well as yesterday when democrats come to the white house this afternoon. talking to democrats, they're going to tell the president he don't like the budget that proposes a lot in the way of spending cuts and proposes an overhaul of medicare. that's not really news. we know they don't like that. the president knows they don't like that. i think what's really interesting is there are many members of the president's own party on capitol hill who feel like the president has conceded too much to republicans in recent months, first on those
7:48 am
negotiations to extend the bush-era tax cuts, and then in april when he agreed to a lot of spending cuts to avert a government shutdown. the real negotiations on deficit reduction are going on in those talks led by vice president joe biden. we'll be seeing that in a week. and, carol, the sticking points remain the same. republicans want a lot of spending cuts to agree to increase the debt ceiling and they don't want to increase taxes. democrats in this white house want to increase taxes on the wealthiest of americans, and republicans are saying no way, carol >> we've heard that song and dance before. breanna, i was struck by the fact that members of congress were tweeting pictures of what was supposed to be this private meeting at the white house. is the white house bugged by that? >> reporter: publicly, the white house says no. these were pictures that were coming out from the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee darrell issa. he put a number of photos in the meeting. you can see secretary geithner, president obama, pretty
7:49 am
interesting stuff. white house press secretary jay carney was asked about this. here's what he said yesterday. >> we obviously closed it to the press because we felt it would be more conducive to having a useful conversation. we feel it was a useful conversation. what individual members did is obviously up to them. >> doesn't bother you that issa did that? >> i'm fine. >> reporter: and laughter ensues there. both sides trying to keep a positive face on things so far ahead of the august deadline to increase the debt ceiling of because the markets are so reactive, and i think that both sides are trying to say that things are plugging along just fine. honestly, i think sometimes the white house, when they're dealing with congress, they're not really surprised when these kinds of things happen. the president has had meetings with them before and house republicans, and information comes out during the meeting, tweets come out during the meeting.
7:50 am
>> it made it more interesting. >> reporter: i did too. i wanted to see what the inside of the meeting looked like of the it was pretty interesting to see it. >> thanks, breanna. we appreciate it. technology can complicate your life, though. ask the alleged california laptop thief. how the victim nabbed him on the net. discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex and natural minerals. give you sheer coverage instantly, then go on to even skin tone in four weeks. aveeno tinted moisturizers. then go on to even skin tone in four weeks. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia.
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time for a wee bit of sports. stanley cup finals, opening game bruins-canucks. watch alex burrows take a bite of patrice bergeron's finger. don't be surprised if burrows gets suspended for game two. boston goalie tim thomas was outstanding, though, but he lets this one in of the the canucks rafy torres scores with just 19 seconds left. that was the only goal. vancouver wins game one, but we'll always remember the finger. a french fry holder, tea lights, doesn't sound like things you would find op the bridal registry of dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo and his new bride. now the couple is catching some flack for it. entertainment editor katie caperton is here. i think this is good.
7:54 am
what do you buy for a millionaire as a gift for his wedding? >> i agree with you. the couple was married over memorial day weekend. they're both superstars. she's a beauty queen. they registered for french fry holders, a $2.90 gravy boat, 50 cent tea lights. i agree with you. they had 600 people at their wedding. all of those people cannot be as rich and famous as they are. what are you going to do? >> what do you want, like fancy candlesticks? and if you're a millionaire, you have all you need anyway. >> exactly. >> it would have been better if they asked for no gifts at all, but then people would have felt compelled to buy them gifts anyway. >> and the gift bags included neiman marcus gift cards and champagne. whatever you brought, you made out like a bandit. >> good for them. i like that. thank you. >> i do too. >> you can check out all things entertainment -- i'm still thinking about the finger. i can't help it. you can check out all things
7:55 am
entertainment on business. mitt romney is set to jump into the presidential race. we'll have live coverage of his announcement at 12:00 p.m. eastern. and a school system called a national disgrace. we'll take a look at what parents and teachers are doing to improve education in detroit. piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! gg mom: you're home piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: gei. mutes could save you 15% or more. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely
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7:58 am
of. this is a cool story. dan simon joins us with today's primetime preview. hey. >> hi, carol. this is an awesome story. so this guy in oakland, he has his apartment burglarized, it's ransacked, and the thief gets away with his apple macbook pro. what the thief doesn't realize is the guy that's installed a hidden security application that is recording everything this thief is doing. it's pinpointing his location. it's getting screen grabs. most of all, it is actually taking pictures of the suspect. he takes all these findings to the oakland police department. what do they do? they do absolutely nothing. so he feels like he has to publicly shame them. so he takes all this information and puts it on a blog. this is what joshua kaufman told us. take a look. >> i set up the blog because i was frustrated, and i wanted my story to get more media attention, hoping it would cause the police to act.
7:59 am
>> well, kaufman's strategy worked because, guess what? the police department started getting calls from the media. it prompted them to take action. they basically had a complete profile of who this guy was. they launched a little bit of an undercover operation. they arrested the suspect. guess what? joshua kaufman got his laptop back. carol? >> the guy was in his bed. that's just unbelievable. i'm glad the media helped him to get police to act. dan simon, many thanks. that was a great story. let's throw it over to suzanne malveaux right now. i'll join you in a couple minutes to talk about mitt romney, who's expected to make his big announcement to run for president. can he win? we'll explore that. >> thank you, carol. live from studio 7, i'm suzanne malveaux. want to get you up to speed for thursday, june 2nd. >> it's a tornado. tornado!


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