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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 2, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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let me in! let me in! >> they're rare, but tornadoes do happen in new england. there's one swirling to life over the connecticut river in downtown springfield, massachusetts. this is one of at least two tornadoes that ripped into western massachusetts on wednesday. at least four people were killed, 40 injured. video shot this morning shows the tornadoes leveled some homes and damaged others across 19 communities in the springfield area. the governor ordered 1,000 national guard troops onto the streets with help with search and rescue. >> the whole storm coming, roof slipping off the buildings. i was right there. i had to close the door, and my buddy had to hold it with me. if not, we would have been sucked right out. >> cnn is your place for the world needs more energy. politics. live this next hour, we're going where's it going to come from?
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to see former massachusetts ♪ governor mitt romney formally that's why right here, in australia, announcing he's a candidate for chevron is building the republican presidential one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. nomination. staffers say romney will enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. telecrowd at a new hampshire what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. farm. we've got to be smart about this. and he'll talk about how barack it's a smart way to go. obama failed america. ♪ new york congressman anthony weiner keeps getting asked about a picture on his twitter down the hill? account. he told cnn's wolf blitzer he man: all right. did not tweet a picture of a man we were actually thinking, maybe... in his underwear, but weiner did we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. not dismiss the possibility that [ indistinct talking and laughter ] the picture might be him. >> he didn't send that picture to that woman in washington state? >> i did not. >> but you're not sure the photo whew! i think it's worth it. isn't actually you? working with a partner you can trust >> we're doing everything we can to answer that question. is always a good decision. we're doing an investigation. massmutual. i just want to caution you let our financial professionals help you reach your goals. photographs can be doctored and manipulated, can be taken from one place and put in another. so i want to make it clear this is, in my view, not a federal
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case. in my view, this is not an here's a look at what's international conspiracy. ahead on this hour in the this is a hoax, and i think rundown. brother against sister, the people should treat it that way. latest testimony in the casey china may be trying to snoop anthony trial in orlando. the detroit public school into the personal e-mail of system struggling to keep washington's powerful. students in class. the white house is looking into a scheme that tricked hundreds then medication nation, a look at the potential dangers of of g mail users into giving out so-called natural remedies. their passwords. testimony is back under way google says the cyber attack in the murder trial of casey originated in china. anthony, the young mother senior government officials were among those targeted. charged with killing her toddler. dow jones stocks are in dramatic testimony yesterday, drifting between positive and anthony's brother took the stand negative territory this morning to talk about when he learned one day after their biggest tumble in a year. that his 2-year-old niece, blue chips lost 280 points on caylee, was missing. cnn's kiran chetry has a recap. wednesday. today the dow jones is down about 20 points or so. >> you asked your sister, "why in orlando, day eight of won't you allow us to see testimony in the murder trial of casey anthony. the young mother charged with caylee?" what do you recall her saying? killing her toddler. >> she said, i'm paraphrasing, anthony's brother told jurors about an explosive fight between "because i'm a spiteful his sister and mother. lee anthony says it ended with [ muted ]". his sister admitting daughter
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>> reporter: that conversation caylee had been missing for a month. took place july 15th, 2008, and it contained a shocking >> she told me that she had not admission. >> she told me that she had not seen caylee in 31 days, that she seen caylee in 31 days, that she had been kidnapped, and that the had been kidnapped, and that the nanny took her. nanny took her. >> reporter: lee anthony russia today banned all testified he had no idea his fresh vegetable imports from sister had even hired a nanny, and he told the court when he european union countries. officials also ordered supermarkets to clear european walked into casey's garage that day, a horrible odor was coming produce from their shelves. from her car. >> it was very potent, very an e. coli breakout has killed 16 people in europe and made 1,000 people sick. strong. >> was it an offensive smell? chinese scientists call this particular strain of e. coli >> yes. >> did you approach the car? bacteria super toxic. washington is rearranging >> i had to walk by to get to the food on our dinner plates. the door, but otherwise not by the trusty food pyramid that choice. >> reporter: it was the same day many americans grew up with is that casey's mother called now toast. police to report her granddaughter missing. also taking the stand yesterday, first lady michelle obama the lead investigator in the revealed the new symbol for healthy eating just a short time case, yuri melic. ago. >> i want to see it! >> it's a balanced dinner plate.
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he said anthony told him her it has four color coded sections. one for fruits, one for vegetables, one for grains, and daughter was kidnapped by the nanny, who was never found. one for protein. >> now we know. she replied that she thought she here's a chance to talk could handle the problem by back. one of the big stories of the herself. >> it's almost as if the mind is day. mitt romney announcing his bid tricking the eye. for the republican nomination >> reporter: hln's nancy grace next hour. today's question, can romney says despite the defense's best shed his political baggage and efforts she can't see how anyone actually win? carol costello, you were here can believe casey's claims. >> she's a sweet looking, before injecting your comments petite, she looks pale and frail before we even got to the with her hair back in a pony segment. tail like a cheerleader and it's >> i've been waiting for that plate to appear for days. hard to take in and assimilate it was a huge buildup. that what it you're seeing is >> now you know fruits and not what the evidence is telling veggies on one side, protein and grains on the other. you. >> we want to get insight on the you've been eating that way for latest testimony and on how the years. look at you. >> now i know i was right. trial is going, joining us is >> it's the carol costello criminal defense attorney and plate. former prosecutor holly hughes and holly, thank you so much for okay. >> sadly -- not sadly. being here. casey anthony's brother, lee excitingly. we have to talk about mitt anthony, tell us about his testimony. were there any bombshells? romney. he's anything but a flashy guy. what was the significance? he's a family man, listens to did it help or hurt this the beatles and watches mother's case? >> actually, suzanne, it was "american idol." he's even dropped the tie.
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will republicans turn out in bombshell day, and it's funny because the prosecution had to droves to vote for him? not necessarily. really pull lee anthony, that's in a recent poll, romney came in casey's older brother, to get second to rudy giuliani, who's him to give up some of these not even running, at least for real gems for the prosecution. he didn't want to be there. now. his critics say romney lacks he was nervous. passion and appears wooden. he was reticent, kept saying i there's other issues that make don't remember, they had to get republicans squeamish. out his deposition testimony and romney will fight to repeal the prior interviews, what we call so-called obamacare. refreshing recollection in the law and you're allowed to do isn't obamacare kind of like that. romney care, the massachusetts you can show a witness something they've said in the past, plan under romney? recorded on paper to refresh president obama certainly thinks their memory. three of the really big things, so. >> mitt romney, who recently number one, yes, there was an said he's proud of what he offensive smell, it was really, really horrible and i could accomplished in massachusetts and supports giving states the smell it just walking past the power to determine their own car in the garage. health care solutions. then we also hear that statement he's right. >> and there's romney's mormon that comes from the defendant's own mouth when her little girl religion. many christian conservatives, is missing, lee is trying to the key republican voting bloc, talk to casey, his little sister say they would not vote for a and say, tell us where caylee mormon. still admirers like talk show is, tell us where my niece is, mom wants to see her grandbaby. host hugh hewitt think romney why won't you tell us, and casey's words are, "maybe can pull it off. >> the worse the country's because i'm a spiteful," and it problems become -- and they're
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pretty enormous -- the better he rhymes with witch, we won't say looks because of his record of it on air but all know what the word it. at the time when the mother turnaround as a job creator and should be breaking down oh my someone who can solve very gosh my baby is missing, she's complicated problems. >> while romney appears to be not going to tell him "because doing everything right. he's spending time in new hampshire and raising tons of money, he'll still got the i'm a spiteful" you know what. it's inside casey's personality moneys on his back. our talk back question. which the defense does not want can romney shed his political the jury to hear and the other baggage and win? thing a real gem the prosecution managed to eek it out of him, i'll read some of your comments cindy, casey and lee's mother, later this hour. >> and running into mitt romney had told her, "you are an unfit covering the campaign, can he be more interesting this go around? mother. a lot of people want to know. you should not have had this >> he took the tie off. baby." >> people want to see that. caylee was a big mistake but the best mistake you ever made. >> he's listening to the those are huge, because what we beatles. what more do you want? saw was poor cindy, the >> does he have a whole plate of grandmother and mother of the defendant breaking down on the fruits and veggies? >> i'm sure he follows the new stand, crying, trying to make up food plate thingy. >> carol, can't wait. here's a rundown of the and back pedal, she was a great stories we're covering the next mother and good with caylee. two hours. deadly tornadoes tear through that's not necessarily what she massachusetts. we're going to go live through thought. >> tell us about the brother, one of the hardest hit areas. this is the same brother also, good-bye pyramid, accused, right, of by casey
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hello plate. the government tries to help anthony of sexually molesting americans make healthier food her as a child. did that ever come up. choices. plus front-runners and possible contenders. >> correct. we're going to talk about how >> you guys don't have a good the gop race for the white house relationship here. >> you nailed it, that's exactly is shaping up. and some economists are now right. that should have been the first scaling back their expectations. thing that either side said to what that means for housing, him. did you ever do this. jobs, and the economy overall. you've been accused of this. and finally, piper's neither side approached the subject which is fascinating excellent vacation. from a legal standpoint. former alaska governor sarah the prosecution didn't want to palin takes her youngest give it credence because they daughter on the road with her. l] nature valley know there's no evidence. they're not going to brother, sweet & salty nut bars... they're going to ignore it, put they're made from whole roasted nuts up their case and ignore the and dipped in creamy peanut butter, defense's fire starting but i'm making your craving curious why jose baez did not for a sweet & salty bar irresistible, get up and go down that line of by nature valley. questioning. >> defense attorney? >> jose baez is casey anthony's but sometimes i wonder... what's left behind? lead defense attorney. [ female announcer ] introducing purifying facial cleanser he said lee sexually molested from neutrogena® naturals. her, why wouldn't your first developed with dermatologists... question be you've abused casey it's clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt and toxins yourself. isn't it true you did this and and purify pores. that to her. jose baez was vocal about it in and with natural willowbark it contains no dyes, parabens or harsh sulfates. opening but when he had the chance, suzanne, he had lee dirt and toxins do a vanishing act
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anthony on the stand he didn't bring it up and the only reason and my skin feels pure and healthy. i can think of is he's saving it for later because lee anthony, [ female announcer ] new purifying facial cleanser casey's brother is also on the from the new line of neutrogena naturals. defense's witness list so i think we're going to see him back on the stand again and that may be the time they go after him. >> all right, holly, thank you so much. appreciate your insights. >> thank you. watch all-day coverage of the casey anthony trial on our sister network, hln. and form a resilient layer called biofilm? biofilm germs are strong enough to survive daily brushing. thankfully, there's listerine® antiseptic. its triple-action formula goes deep to penetrate biofilm, kill germs and protect your mouth for up to 12 hours. aaaahhhh... [ male announcer ] for a deeper clean, fight biofilm with listerine®.
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what happened to your house? have you been to your house? >> yeah, it got torn down by a tornado. like we went to the basement, and it got torn down by a tornado like real hard. >> so you were inside the basement as it was being pulled apart? >> yeah. >> what were you thinking? were you a little scared? >> yeah. >> seems no place is safe in this deadly tornado season. the latest state to get slammed is massachusetts. tornadoes hit the western part of the state, killing at least four people. our cnn's jason carroll, he's in springfield. jason, you are really at the heart, the center of where all of this took place. understand there are a lot of people who you spoke to who had really close calls. >> reporter: close call for many people, especially in this particular neighborhood. if you take a look, you heard about that term tornado alley. we have some breaking news we want to bring you up to speed that's what this neighborhood looks like. this tornado came straight through here, tearing apart on this. homes as it came through. this home and another one, the imam al abadi was brought to woman i spoke to her this
8:11 am
morning, suzanne, she was inside this house with her family. like so many people here, she didn't take the warning qatar awaiting resettlement as a seriously because so many people here are not used to tornadoes coming through this area. refugee. she has been forced to return to the last major tornado that came libya, but in an area that the through this particular area was back in 1953, at least in the rebels control. we bring in nic robertson in the central part of this state. hague to explain the update on want to you also look at some video, which is really where al obeidy has been encredible. this is from a man, dave mech. forcibly deported from the he lives just one block from country where she was once here. yesterday he was heading on his way home and like so many people considered safe and vocal in speaking about the rape charges. got caught in the tornado, at least one part of it. and then once i realized how nic? >> reporter: suzanne it seems serious things really were, he tried to get out of his car, ran eman al obeidy can't get a up to the house. you can hear him screaming break, she spent a month in there, let me in, let me in. qatar taken there by the rebels. that's what he's screaming. eventually, he did get in. once she escaped libya, why it was so loud, apparently, when qatar because qatari authorities the tornado came through here, it sounded like a freight train. i know you've heard that description before. heavily support the rebels. she'd been disappointed with the he safely made it inside. and this morning, when he came rebels, frustrated they were up to us, we were able to talk trying to perhaps she felt maybe to him about his experience use her a little bit while she about what he went through. was just trying to recover from
8:12 am
i want you to take a listen to the emotional strain of everything she had been through, that. >> it just happened so quickly. the rape and the pressure of you know, people say they happen quickly, they happen quickly. living in tripoli, not knowing, she said, if she was going to die from one day to the next. by the time i got from my truck to the house, the tornado was what had happened was she had asked the united nations high already there. started banging on the door. commission for the refugees to there was nothing between me and give her refugee status, they the rest of the trees that were coming my way. granted her that status and her people say your life flashed before your eyes. parents had come to visit her trees were flashing before my eyes. but it seems the qatari authorities had put her under >> reporter: suzanne, here's what it was with this particular essentially arrest with armed tornado. guards on the door in the hotel, pockets of destruction. that's what we're finding here. told her she was going to be dave mech's house, again, just a forcibly deported even though block from here, untouched. the unhcr had a representative he was frightened, but the house was untouched. in qatar who had documents to you look just a block away. look what happened here to this particular house which was show she had refugee status, destroyed. and this brick apartment building that you see over here, plane tickets to take her to a they have the area now cordoned third country. off. the qatari authorities put her that's been condemned because we're told that that building is and her parents on a military now about to collapse. pockets of destruction that the aircraft late last night and people are seeing here as they forcibly deported her back to come back to assess the damage. the rebel controlled east of the suzanne? country against her will.
8:13 am
>> jason, it's so rare for her last words to cnn late last something like that to happen in that area. night were "i hope god is with how's a city like springfield actually coping with this? me because i don't know what's going to happen." she didn't want to go back to >> reporter: i think a lot of people are still trying to get benghazi and human rights their heads around what happened. organizations said what has happened to her is absolutely you see people coming back to this particular neighborhood, illegal and the united nations and it's fascinating just to watch their faces. high commission for the refugees is still trying to get an answer from the qatarieis for why they look astonished at the they've done this. amount of destruction. a lot of people just thought it it seems she cannot get a break would not happen here. clearly, it did. at all suzanne, this woman who >> jason carroll, be safer. has been through so much and thank you very much. come to symbolize so much of the want to bring in our own rob suffering in libya is now being marcia pushed around by yet another marciano. rob, it seems strange to see that scene in massachusetts. government. >> nic, i don't understand why it's pretty rare, yes? why did this happen? >> a number of ingredients came would the qatari government do together for it to happen. this, why would they take this we had heat, humidity, and a stand? >> reporter: well, we're asking little wind shear, just enough them at the moment why exactly to make that happen. if we could throw up the maps this has happened. and show you what the classic they say they had told her setup is and why tornado alley within the past week that her gets so much of its action visa, the visa she had been because of heat and humidity, also because of dry air that brought to the country on by the rebel leadership was about to comes in from not only mexico, but from canada and cold air. expire, but why would they send that's why we call tornado alley her forcibly on a military plane
8:14 am
tornado alley. back to libya, when the unhcr those ingredients come together representatives were there last in april, may, and especially parts of june. night in her hotel with tickets what we've seen is those to take her to somewhere in europe, a safe sanctuary in ingredients come together, not europe? she wants to come to the united only in the northeast, but they even had tornadoes across parts states where she wants to continue her studies. of california yesterday. obviously, the northeast storms she's studied law, she wants to are the ones that did the most continue those studies and she damage in through western was in the process of doing massachusetts. the last time they had a tornado of any size was back in '08. that, so this doesn't explain why the qataris have made this last time they had a big tornado, an ef-4, was in '95. move. they support the rebels a lot and she appears recently to have this one was an ef-2, maybe an had disagreements with that rebel leadership. could that be behind part of it? ef-3 from the damage we're we don't have the answers as seeing. yet, suzanne. these storms rolled down the >> nic, one quick question. you know the region better than turnpike through sturmbridge and worcester. anyone. is there any chance that gadhafi thankfully, they dissipated as they headed out to boston and or anybody who supports gadhafi out to sea. could in some way be influencing this is the radar imagery this, have some sort of yesterday at 3:00 in the influence in bringing her back afternoon. there's where the tornado went to libya? through, right through downtown springfield and continued east. and another cell popped up. >> reporter: it doesn't seem and that dropped a weaker likely that they would have the tornado on the north side of influence, but she didn't want to go back to the east of libya, town in springfield. so really a dramatic stuff to that the rebels control because
8:15 am
see that across western she didn't feel safe because massachusetts. she's afraid of gadhafi agents heat, humidity, a little front there. remember, she escaped from under there that was pushing through. his nose in tripoli, just a and just enough wind shear, winds of different directions to month ago. she's accused relatives or at cause that sort of an action. today we do expect the more least his people in his regime traditional areas, suzanne, to of raping her and just last see that. but to see a tornado in western night in benghazi, gadhafi's mass, unusual. forces are believed to have been to see two, unusual any time of behind that car bomb outside a year. but to see two within two hours, significant large hotel that that is remarkable. >> nobody's going to break this western diplomats use, so her year, huh, rob? >> unh-unh. >> thank you, rob. fears that gadhafi are maybe to >> you bet. a new guide to healthy get to her in benghazi when you eating in the form of a dinner plate. we're going to tell you what's see all this in this light are different about this new not unfounded. she wants to start a new life, nutrition picture. just what she needs, she says, is space and help to overcome mpllin the trauma she's been through. the national spelling bee is tonight. we'll see if you can spell out right now she's not getting it, words that trip up a lot of americans. absence is one of the most suzanne. >> nic robertson thank you for the breaking news. commonly misspelled words. more after this quick break. do you know how to spell it? choice,on your screen. ocid most calcium supplemts...
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here's your answer to our spelling quiz. we asked you the correct way to spell absence. take a look at the choices. okay. today is the national got it. right answer is "c," spelling bee semifinals, quick look at the quiz here. one of the most misspelled words a-b-s-e-n-c-e. we got it. okay. the national spelling bee is in america, existence. tonight. in the next hour, we're going to talk to someone who has how do you spell it? participated in the bee and do you know the right answer. asked just how much preparation it is "b." these kids actually go through.
8:19 am
time to go cross country for it's been a long time since cat our story cnn affiliates are covering. first stop is arizona where a mega store that calls itself a kinsman competed in a national one-stop shop for all things spelling bee but her memory of marijuana just opened in the excitement couldn't be any phoenix. clearer. this lovely picture of cat in we grow has a doctor on site, 1986, she said when in her own sells supplies, helps people words she had a light socket learn how to grow marijuana. personal and train track braces. with 19 years and four nba titles behind him, we love this today, much different picture, guy, shaquille o'neal says it's beautiful cat. we all went through those time to retire from basketball. he played just 37 games for the awkward stages. what can i tell you. boston celtics last year after >> can you spell d-or-r-k-y. struggling with an achilles tendon problem. shaq is the fifth on the all time nba scoring list. >> thanks so much, you wrote a terrific piece in the blog. from massachusetts we head i thoroughly enjoyed it. to maine, where a mallard duck you've had your own experience as a national spelling bee has decided a home depot garden competitor. how close did you get to center is a pretty nice spot to build a nest. winning? >> i wasn't anywhere near the the salespeople are happy to top, maybe 142nd but 14 2nd best help. >> i make sure she has food every morning. i change her water out. if she dumps her food when she speller in the nation not too
8:20 am
takes off, i make sure she has clean food again. shabby. change her hay out. >> what word tripped you up? >> haunts me in my dreams. >> once her ducklings hatch, they're going to be encouraged >> phyllophorous. to move to a marsh behind the store. remember when you were back >> what does it mean? >> something to do with leaves. in elementary school, the picture of good health looked like a pyramid. i should have asked for a the foods you needed to eat were definition. you wonder why the kids are at the bottom, grains and stalling. had i thought to ask, i started vegetables. meat and milk, they were towards the top. with an "f." today it was officially >> first time i heard of the replaced. our cnn senior medical word. what is it like to be a kid and correspondent elizabeth joins become a finalist. you must have spent hours and hours practicing spelling. us. >> for the first time on >> it is seriously to this date television, we have the usda my i go on national live plate. so what this is is a dinner plate. television, spoke in front of there you go. crowds the single most way simpler, thank goodness, nerve-racking moment of my than that pyramid. entire life. as you can see, suzanne, half i spent maybe an hour a night practicing, there are kids i the plate is fruits and swear in underground bunkers vegetables. that would seem pretty simple, being force-fed pages of right? obvious, i should say. dictionaries, kids home schooled, i got there realized i it has taken activists years to didn't have a chance so i just had fun. >> have you been watching the get the usda to say make half spelling bee, the competition this week? >> you know i can't and i've your food fruits and vegetables talked about this with other
8:21 am
e people have accuseded them of spelling bee veterans. i get so nervous it gives me cow towing to meat and dairy panic attacks when i hear that buzzer, i'm happy to read about it. there's a kid from my hometown lobbyists. who is in this right now and i >> will this encourage americans to eat better? >> americans don't eat well at can't get near it or i'll curl up into a little ball. all. it's so sad. the rates of obesity are sky >> if you were to speak to any high. current contestants, what advice people will say it's not enough. would you give them? we need to make good food more >> enjoy being in a room full of affordable. we need to make people more aware. we need to convince people this other kids who celebrate being is something they need to do. smart. you are not the dorkiest person no, the icon won't be enough. in the room for once which is a >> elizabeth, thanks very much. great thing and just really appreciate this. this is obviously something the first lady will be pushing and enjoy making friends for life. hopes it will change the after i wrote the article i found the speller i made friends behavior of many americans in tackling obesity as well. with and we're friends on >> that's right. facebook and resumed a here are today's choices for friendship after 25 years. choose the news. >> what was that like? first moammar gadhafi's soldiers what possessed you to get into may have left, but their tools spelling in the first place? of destruction remain. >> it's just something that's now children are playing on some always come naturally to me. of the very tanks that left them i hear a word, i can see it my screaming in fear and unable to head and i love language so much leave their homes. second, while a nuclear it seemed like a natural fit and meltdown is the nightmare hey, nobody else was stepping up scenario, there's also potential to be in the spelling bee so that worked out for me.
8:22 am
danger from companies failing to maintain nuclear power plants as >> kat, that's why you're so good at what you do here. well as they should. it's led to leaks of radioactive thank you very much and we'll be watching and let you know who water and questions of whether wins at the end. >> thank you. the public is even being >> thanks, kat. read that blog, excellent blog, protected. and, third, a marine in houston i really enjoy it. thank you, kat. may be on the verge of a victory each week we look at people as he fights the homeowners who accomplished extraordinary association in his neighborhood thing n this week's "human over a flagpole in his yard. you can vote by texting 22360. factor" chief medical corresp d correspondent dr. sanjay gupta text 1 for tanks for tots. focuses on a former olympic 2 for nuclear plant leaks. champ who returns to his sport or, 3, marine's flagpole fight. but in a new role. winning story will air in the next hour. >> reporter: four olympic gold mitt romney gets ready to medals, one silver, five world officially jump into the presidential race. championships, and 47 national he is not the only republican, however, who is in the titles, greg louganis one of the spotlight. we're going to talk politics with candy crowley. best divers ever but doesn't building up our wireless network all across america. feel diving defines him. we're adding new cell sites... >> i performed on the stage when increasing network capacity, i was 3, singing, dancing, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. gymnastics, acrobatics and then from a single phone call diving, you know, diving is what
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to the most advanced data download, everybody knows me from, but we're covering more people that was just another stage for in more places than ever before me. in an effort to give you the best network possible. >> reporter: he's stunned fans at&t. rethink possible. during the 1988 seoul olympic games when he hit his head on the diving board. the next day he won a gold medal. louganis retired in 1988, years later the world learned he was hiv positive and the victim of abuse. yet for him, none of this ranks alleges the biggest thing he had to overcome in his life. >> probably the biggest obstacle for me i would have to say my shyness. >> reporter: he says while diving gave him credibility, and a platform to be heard what he's most proud of is writing his book "breaking the surface." in an effort to give you the best network possible. and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. >> when i was on book tour you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? people were saying "you saved my you inspired a very special dog food. life," whether it be coming out [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. about hiv status, getting out of chef inspired. dog desired. an abusive relationship, dealing with my sexuality, there were so many things that i shared in the
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book that i guess gave other people strength. round out -- there, right there. >> reporter: now more than 20 years after retiring from diving, louganis is back this time as a coach. >> there you go. >> reporter: and coach louganis emphasizes starting with the basic fundamentals, dance, acrobatics, gymnastics, like he did, before ever attempting the difficult dives. >> my advice to that kid is be better than me. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. at bayer, we've been relieving pain for over 100 years. i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better
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8:27 am
the shoulder, not just two. >> in fact, todd, our guide -- one sec, honey. >> reporter: three taps, and she's out. finally, even a kid -- >> piper, what did you think of the statue of liberty? this week we're going >> reporter: isn't immune to the in-depth on medication nation, role in the limelight. americans have been led to in a role reversal, mom watched believe by doctors, advertisers, as piper described her favorite even the pharmaceutical industry part. that there's a pill to cure just >> seeing the torch. >> reporter: we haven't seen this much of piper palin since about everything. cnn's networks are looking into she first made her mark at the the politics and the pills. republican convention. made her mark on her brother if a medicine says natural it must be good for you, right? trig by licking her hand to slick down his hair. not necessarily. a cnn producer was so smitten by herbs, vitamins and other her sassy behavior at the supplements can cause serious convention that she named her problems if you're not careful. dog piper. here, piper. senior correspondent elizabeth the one in the snoopy t-shirt. the trip hasn't been all cohen has a lot of advice. excitement. >> supporting the troops. should we empty the medicine >> reporter: piper looked cabinet? >> we shouldn't. momentarily bored and hot on a supplements can be wonderful and they're pourlful which is good. powerful can also be bad. scorching day touring ft. mchenry. you want to use these correctly. some say piper is acting like >> what mistakes are people her mother's miniature making in using these? >> making a couple of classic bodyguard.
8:28 am
she's been seen leading her mom mistakes. with outstretched arm. people think wow if one is good, >> sidewalk. ten must be really good. >> reporter: at fox 29 in people are ignoring dosage philadelphia captured what recommendations, the other thing looked like a body block as people are doing is they're piper wedged herself between a taking certain supplements reporter with a mike and her before surgery that they shouldn't. mother. the move provoked tweets that it can cause problems. and also people just forget to piper was head of palin security tell their doctor they're taking and a bouncer/interprpress secrn certain supplements and some supplements can interact with medicines. >> are there certain specifics the making. about some of these? >> i talked to some experts at watch how she handles the media the mayo clinic and elsewhere. onslaught. get that microphone off of me. tell me which ones should we be careful about. when the media roll up, there's only one thing to do. for example right here you have garl >> roll up the window. garlic. if you take garlic before >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> roll up the window. >> reporter: new york. surgery could you bleed out during surgery. so you have to tell your doctor, you'll be fine but you have to tell him. look at these vitamin b complex the man many consider the early republican front-runner is vitamins. those can interact with about to make it official. antibiotics if you're taking antibiotics. mitt romney formally announces a lot of people don't know that. his presidential campaign in new finally st. john's wart, and hampshire about a half hour from those can decrease the now. romney is just one of the gop effectiveness of the birth candidates and possible control pill. >> so these are all the kinds of contenders in the spotlight things that could really today. he isn't the only big name complicate a situation if you
8:29 am
republican in new hampshire. didn't realize that you didn't sarah palin's mystery bus tour, have that information. >> right, just tell your doctor she makes a stop there. that you're taking them and a former new york governor rudy lot of people tell me my doctor doesn't know anything about supplements. i can tell him whatever, they giuliani -- mayor rather. don't know. that is true with some doctors. holds events in the state as well. you want to go to also in the headlines, new jersey governor chris christie, and we have a website where you can he has been courted by look up doctors who know something about alternative conservatives, but he's under medicine. fire for using a state there's a website that directs helicopter to attend his son's you to the right doctor. baseball game. a lot of political news to talk >> great, good advice. thank you very much, elizabeth. about. who better to bring you to the so you told us what you'd conversation than our own chief like to see or choose the news political correspondent candy story just moments away. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. crowley? she joins us from stratham, hne hampshire, where mitt romney is going to make his big announcement. why this particular place and why now? >> reporter: it's picturesque. it's a beautiful farm, suburban portsmouth. message-wise, this is the second big announcement mitt romney has made here. he did his exploratory committee announcement here as well. what does this say? it says new hampshire is very
8:30 am
important to mitt romney. he used to be governor right when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... next door. this is where, as we move closer medicare supplement insurance card, too. to the primary season, beginning with january caucuses in iowa, medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, this is where mitt romney has to but it doesn't cover everything. win. you talk to his campaign folks, and you say, well, we have to in fact, it only pays up to 80% of your part b expenses. win in a lot of places, but, boy, a loss here would be big. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, this is a new hampshire is call now to find out how an aarp... important to me moment for mitt medicare supplement insurance plan, romney just in case new insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, helps cover some of the medical expenses... not paid by medicare part b. hampshire-i hampshire-ites haven't seen that can save you from paying up to thousands of dollars... enough of him. this sends a message, i'm here, out of your own pocket. and i'm competing big. >> he's going to go after pretty these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans... hard on president obama and exclusively endorsed by aarp. jobs, the economy saying barack obama has failed america. when you call now, you'll get this free information kit... what do we make of that strategy with all you need to enroll. now, candy? >> reporter: well, it does a couple of things. put their trust in aarp medicare supplement insurance. first of all, as you mentioned, he's often been called the plus you'll get this free guide to understanding medicare. front-runner or weak front-runner. the prices are competitive. nonetheless, a lot of money in i can keep my own doctor. name recognition. so he is the presumptive and i don't need a referral to see a specialist. front-runner. certainly in the polls here in new hampshire, he has a nice call now to get a free information kit. healthy lead. so what do you do when you're plus you'll get this free guide to understanding medicare.
8:31 am
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8:32 am
romney go after the president. looking at live pictures that's who he wants people to see as his rivals. he's going to go after them on here, waiting an official announcement by former jobs, jobs, jobs, and the economy. massachusetts governor mitt romney to announce that he is >> what do you make of the fact going to go ahead and join in that sarah palin is going to be stealing the spotlight from her the gop presidential run to run own bus tour pulling up in new for president for 2012. hampshire? >> reporter: well, listen, sarah that is coming up shortly. palin certainly attracts cameras you told us what you wanted wherever she goes. it's a good way, if she wants to to see. here is your choose the news be in the headlines, it's a good winner. way to do it. a marine corps veteran in texas she's going to be not far from here, as we understand it, for a is fighting his homeowners' clambake somewhere near association for the right to fly portsmouth. that's not far from here. the american flag in his on the other hand, this is the official announcement of the backyard. first mitt romney. supposed front-runner in this race. >> this is what america is so it tells you a lot about the state of this race, that people like palin and people like chris about, doug and stella, thank you so much for opening your christie and people like rudy farm. how do you open a farm? giuliani still get a lot of attention. none of them are in the race, but they still get a lot of opening up your farm and attention. enjoying this time with you, i it tells you that it's a very see a lot of friends here, some unsettled race at this point. republicans are still kind of of whom have retired, i saw some
8:33 am
looking outward, saying who would be cool to run? i like this person. college students and i'm sure it's an unsettled race, and you're glad that exams are over. you're going to get these kinds of competing headlines. couples are here with their kids as you see from the front. >> it's interesting. who would be cool to run in this i spoke to a single mom who has race? one of our polls showed very taken time off from work today, recently new york mayor rudy don't worry, we won't tell giuliani, also in new hampshire, was at the top of the list. anybody. you know, my guess is that do we have any idea whether or not, candy, he would potentially everybody here has a different jump in this race? story they could tell. >> reporter: you know, the best we have different backgrounds. we can do is tell you he hasn't we wake up in the morning and go ruled it out. to different jobs or look for he is coming here. he is going to do a fund-raiser different jobs. we go to churches, different here for republicans. churches, or maybe don't go to that certainly keeps the talk church that much. going. again, sometimes former i bet some of you have families headliners like to keep the mojo that have lived in new hampshire for 200 years or more, and of going because it keeps their speaking fees up and keeps them course there are others that kind of high profile, and the same can be said of sarah palin. have come here for recently by we don't really know because he sneaking over the border from has said, well, gee, maybe i'll think about it. massachusetts. you know the taxes are better there's no sign. over here. there's no gathering up of you know that. staff. there's no raising funds for but here in this beautiful june himself, that kind of thing >> sure. >> so it may just be, again, day we come together to begin a we're just in that kind of process that we often quite period in a race where people
8:34 am
naturally take for granted. are just kind of looking around it's really, however, one of the saying, hmm, what about this great achievements in the person? history of the world. >> a lot of that going on. for all of our country's wealth new jersey governor chris and influence in the world, those are not the source of christie finally being urged by america's greatness. some republicans to run. the true source of our greatness he's having trouble over the allegation of using his son's is america's self- helicopter to fly to a baseball game. do we think there's any way that republicans can persuade him to run? do you think this is kind of a blip in the road here or there's controversy at all? >> reporter: it's not a blip in the road right now for chris christie, who's trying to do a lot of controversial things in new jersey, or at least a lot of hard things. he's been pretty adamant about saying, i'm not running. there's no headline here. i'm not doing it. yet, i'm going to iowa. but he keeps his name out there. there are other races to come. he's a young man. and do i think, say, four years from now or six years from now, i guess, there might be another shot at it by someone like chris christie? sure. at that time, will we care about
8:35 am
the helicopter? probably not. >> the intrepid candy crowley in the wind covering this all for us. we appreciate it as always. monday night, mitt romney sits down with piers morgan to describe how he plans to capture the white house in 2012. monday night here on cnn. a slow road to recovery now. poor jobs report help fuel a selloff on wall street. we'll go live to new york to find out how serious this so-called soft spot is. and a reality show couple with 19 kids helps the victims of tornado-ravaged joplin, missouri. it's one of the ways people are impacting their world. >> hi, i'm jill dugger. >> and i'm josh duggar. >> and we can make a difference with search and rescue and tornado relief in joplin, missouri. >> we are here in arkansas when the tornado hit. >> thoughts started coming, what can we do to help?
8:36 am
>> basically, we packed everything up and got water bottles, gatorade. i've been around emergency situations, and working as a volunteer firefighter. being that jill, jana, and john had their active duty volunteer firefighters, they were able to plug right in giving them hope by being there, i think, really inspires them to continue on. join the movement. >> impact your world. >> to [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
8:37 am
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a reminder to vote for today's choose the news story. text to 22360. text 1 for tanks for tots, how children can find fun anywhere with anything. and text 2 for nuclear plant leaks. is the regulatory commission protecting our safety. and 3, marine's flagpole fight. all eyes are on the stock market after the dow and s&p 500 posted their biggest losses this
8:40 am
year. a slump in housing prices and weak jobs creation helped fuel that drop. another report is out today. first time jobless claims have dropped by 6,000, but they're still above 400,000. cnn's christine romans is here with us from new york. christine, first of all, a lot of economists now lowering their expectations for the economy. what do these new reports actually tell us? >> it's showing us what we know is a fragile recovery is still fragile and might be slowing down. for eight weeks now it's been above 400,000. you'd like to see that starting to trend lower. also, we're going to get the big monthly jobs report. there were some private sector indications this week that maybe we didn't create the private sector jobs that many people had hoped. keep in mind, private sector jobs growth has been pretty good for five or six months. can that pace continue? that's what we asked lachs this
8:41 am
morning. here's what he had to say about the private business of creating jobs. >> it would be really odd for us to maintain the strength. it may be as good as it's been for the jobs market. it will still grow, so there's no recession. that's a good thing. but slow and steady wins the race. >> reporter: so slow and steady wins the race, but we still don't have enough jobs for everyone. that's a big part of the problem for your personal economy and for an economic recovery. throw on top of that, the housing numbers that you mentioned earlier this week, and probably the biggest asset you'll ever have, the biggest investment you'll ever make, your house. there's really no bright spots there. all taken together, stock market investors are saying they don't really feel so great about the economic prospects right now, and they're just going to dial back. there you go. down another 79 points today. it certainly isn't a huge decline. and that's good news. this is more like a pause after a big selloff.
8:42 am
so that's good. >> do we have any idea, christine, how long we're going to be kind of in the slowdown period? does anybody have any predictions in terms of when we'll actually get on the other side thf? >> that's a really good question. it depends what you're looking at? whether you're looking at jobs or housing or the overall economy and pace of economic growth. the worries have been persisting really the whole month. in may you saw stocks keep limping lower because of concerns how strong the economic recovery was going to be. to talk about something in your wheelhouse, this will start to have political ramifications as you head into the 2012 election. who's going to address head on how you create jobs, how you create value in a housing market, how you make sure the economy is going forward. you'll see the two ideological battles. one will be cutting taxes and cutting services and cutting the budget. that will be the republican point of view. and then you'll hear, i'm sure, from democrats, no, this is not the time to be dialing back. we need to have stimulus in the
8:43 am
economy and have oxygen flowing. this is political as much as it is economic. >> we've already started to hear the political slogans. christine romans, thank you very much. want to bring in fe list sa sli ats the new york stock exchange. how are things looking yesterday after the selloff? >> reporter: not looking very good. people are afraid to invest in a sector they're not sure about what's going to happen. we've had very poor economic reports coming out. adp, manufacturing, housing, which is the biggest investment for most families and individuals in this country, is just not where it should be. and jobs. frankly, so many people out there still struggling to find a job. they're afraid to be able to put money into the marketplace, where they have no idea whether the returns are going to be there. things are not looking that great. again, tomorrow, we've got the big jobs number report for the
8:44 am
month of may, and expectations have been reduces based on what we saw today. >> do we think a lot of the negative news is starting to take a toll on investors? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, this is the thing. people are so fearful. where do you put your money right now? gold has been going higher for so long. yet commodities aren't necessarily the right place either whch either. when it comes to putting money in the marketplace into stocks, people are very nervous. there's a new study out that says 44% of the investors don't want to put their money back in the marketplace. they just aren't sure those kinds of gains are going to be there. we had a great bull run for a very long time. we're had a very bearish trend right now, and that's a very uncertain time. there's no telling whether or not that time is going to be short-lived or not. we could see this bearish trend last for quite a while. the numbers just aren't showing any kind of a gain in terms of a recovery. when you look at the s&p over the last five years, you can see
8:45 am
it's been a bit of a choppy trade. yet if you were able to get in on that dip, and that's the point. as warren buffett says, be greedy when the times are tough and buy, you would have had a double digit return. if you've got the stomach to invest right now, it might be a good thing. but then again, it's not certain. >> it's tough. tough to have that stomach right now. felicia, thank you very much. we appreciate it. it is tough going for a lot of folks looking for work. you've got to admire this one woman from rhode island. she just landed herself a new job at the age of 97. she is now working at a hospital as a greeter. >> when you're trying to get unemployment, you have to go out looking for a job every day, and nobody's hiring. even if they were hiring, you know, your age is a little bit against you too. >> good for her. 97 years old. she was laid off from her previous job last year, but she says she is now thrilled with
8:46 am
her new job. at noon eastern mitt romney officially tosses his hat into the presidential ring. today's talk back, can romney shed his political baggage and actually win? nancy says, "no, the baggage is still there, and he has no chance of wining in this country." more of your responses up ahead. seafood feast for $15. start with soup, like our hearty new england clam chowder. then enjoy a fresh salad with unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, followed by your choice of one of seven entrees, like new shrimp & scallops alfredo, spicy coconut & citrus shrimp, or wood-grilled fresh tilapia. then finish with something sweet, all for just $15. right now at red lobster. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion.
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. we're just moments away from
8:49 am
mitt romney announcing he's a candidate for the republican presidential nomination, which brings us to today's talk back question, and carol costello with your responses. >> he's tried to change his image and be more casual, be a more fun and carefree person, we'll see if it works. he does have some baggage. that's why the question is can romney shed his political baggage and win? "as a gop candidate, romney is an empty suit, pandering to a base. he believes in things the gop itself has been vilifying. in cases where he has an opinion, he shuts his mouth because he can't do it politically." "mitt romney can shed his political weight as long as he is honest and shows the faults of obama care." he could possibly win the republican primary because he seems to be the only viable candidate that they have. but there is no way he would win the general election. this from paul.
8:50 am
"romney's biggest flaw is his flip flopping on some very key issues. he has the ability to appeal to moderates, but his message needs to be more focused and consistent. he has a shot, though. america needs more problem solvers, not ideologues." interesting thing about the comments we got, nobody mentioned his mormon relingon. >> maybe that doesn't matter any more. campaign is leaner now, focusing on new hampshire so we'll see if people are focusing on what he wants them to focus on. >> most importantly raising lots of money. >> they need a lot of money to run these days. >> they do. >> thank you, carol. >> thank you. the class of 2011, companies plan to hire, more grads this year but you still need to stand out from the rest of your peers. we've got a tip for you. find out what the company culture is like. we'll reveal more straight ahead.
8:51 am
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it's graduation time, the class of 2011 is hitting the workforce, but a weak job market makes it tough for recent college grads but alison kosik
8:54 am
has tips to help new workers stand out and stay ahead from day one. >> reporter: hey suzanne, good news for the class of 2011, companies plan to hire 19% more graduates this year than last year, that's according to the national association of colleges and employers. industries that are hiring include oil and gas, pharmaceutical, electronics manufacturers, insurance, financial, and real estate. all right, but getting the job is only half the battle. the work really begins when you punch in on day one. so those at say begin by familiarizing yourself with the company culture, observe everything from how your co-workers dress to how much they socialize, to whether they prefer e-mail or in-person meetings. next, take some time to build relationships. learn about your co-workers' responsibilities, ask questions and learn how their job affects you. you don't want to step on anyone else's toes. also something as simple as remembering names will also help you make a good impression. and we all remember the first big mistake we made on that first job but the experts say
8:55 am
come clean and admit them. don't make the mistake of hoping no one's going to notice, instead, ask for help, make corrections, and move on. finally, talk to your boss to lay out expectations. discuss your job responsibilities and learn how he or she will measure your performance, such as a written or in-person review, quarterly or annually. ask for regular feedback to gauge your progress and keep your own list of accomplishments so you are ready to show the value that you've added to the company, and grads, if you don't have a job yet, don't panic, records universities work trends says only 29% of respondents had jobs lined up before graduation. 51% found work within two months and 69% found work within six months so there is hope for them. suzanne? >> thank you. don't forget to choose the news today. this winner, text 22360 for the story you'd like to see, text one for tanks for tots, children are playing with moammar
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8:59 am
months from now. comedians say maybe it's a fashion show on wheels. >> last night i told you about semigovernor sarah palin's new one nation bus tour, her freedom wagon of pack funded professional tourism. it's only day four and she's managed to do the unthinkable, spend four days on the bus without looking like she's spent four days looking on the bus. here's what i look like after spending 15 minutes on the cross-town. of course -- >> here are today's choices for choose the news. moammar gadhafi's soldiers may have left but the tools of destruction remain. now children are playing on some of the very tanks that left them screaming in fear and unable to leave their homes. second, while a nuclear meltdown is the nightmare scenario, there's potential danger from companies failing to maintain nuclear power plants squls they should. it's led to leaks of radioactive water and questions of whether the public is being protected.
9:00 am
and third, a marine in houston may be on the verge of a victory, as he fights the homeowners' association in his neighborhood over a flagpole in his yard. you can vote, texting 22360, text one for tanks for tots, two for nuclear plant leaks or three, marine's flagpole fight. winning story will air in the next hour. top of the hour i'm suzanne malveaux. you are looking at live pictures at bittersweet farm in stratham, new hampshire where mitt romney is about to make it official. the former massachusetts governor will formally announce his 2012 campaign for the republican presidential nomination. he'll also take some jabs at president obama. we have live coverage momentarily. let me in! let me in!
9:01 am
let me in! >> terrifying moments in western massachusetts, where rare tornadoes leave at least four people dead. the governor sent 1,000 national guard troops to search and rescue. damage is spread across 19 communities, some homes were flattened. >> the front of the building -- collapsed, and, umm, she would have been dead. >> big, heavy wind and a lot of banging, just you can hear the debris hitting cars, windows, alarms started going off. >> i'm very horrified. i'm a springfield native and i've never seen nothing like this ever. >> the army corps of engineers is preparing to release huge amounts of water into the upper missouri river. that's expected to create flooding for the dakotas, iowa, nebraska, and eventually missouri. heavy winter snowfall and spring rains have reservoirs on missouri filled to the brim. in orlando, day eight of
9:02 am
testimony in the murder trial of casey anthony. the young mother charged with killing her toddler. anthony's brother told jurors about an explosive fight between his sister and mother. lee anthony says it ended with his sister admitting that daughter caylee had been missing for a month. he also became the third family member to describe a decaying odor in casey anthony's car. >> what do you recall about the smell of the car? >> just that it was very potent, very strong. >> was it an offensive smell? >> yes. >> did you approach the car? >> i had to walk by to get to the door, but otherwise not by choice. the husband and wife who kidnapped 11-year-old jaycee dugard in 1991 are being sentenced in california today. philip and nancy garrido pleaded guilty in april. both agreed to lengthy prison
9:03 am
terms and waived any appeals. flil imgarrido fathered two children with dugard during her 18-year captivity. distant gunfire breaks the night silence in yemen. government forces battling tribal fighters for 11 days now. witnesses say hundreds perhaps 1,000 tribesmen are advancing on sanaa now to join the fight against president ali abdullah sal saleh. ♪ with the anti-government protesters standing their ground on syria's streets, syrian troops are said to be shelling rastan, an historic town dating back to the roman empire. dozens have been killed in the latest rounds of protests and human rights groups say 900 have died since protests began in march. rush bans all european
9:04 am
vegetables. an e. coli outbreak has killed 16 people in europe and made 1,000 people sick. chinese scientists call this particular strain of e. coli bacteria super toxic. dow jones stocks are skidding again today, blue chips are down by 89 points or so. the dow tumbled 280 points wednesday, the biggest drop we've seen in 2011. investors worried after economic reports this week indicate the recovery may be now stalling. more now on the political story unfolding right now. former massachusetts governor mitt romney formally announcing his run for the white house. many consider romney the early front-runner in the race for the gop nomination. cnn chief political correspo correspondent candy crowley
9:05 am
joins us live from stratham, new hampshire. it's still a little windy for you. romney plans to, from what we know in some remarks released really go after president obama on jobs and the economy. what do you make of that early strategy? >> reporter: well, i make of it that he wants to be seen as the front-runner, because when you're the front-runner, you go after who you hope will be your eventual adversary and that of course is president obama, so there is that, especially when you have an announcement, you don't take out after your republican colleagues, you take out after the person who you're actually targeting, so there's that. there's also this place to what the romney camp believes is their strength and that is his business acumen. this guy created jobs, this is a guy who understands how to take failing businesses and make them successes. this is a guy who turned the olympics around in 2002 in salt lake city when everyone thought it would be a financial bust so they want to play on that resume
9:06 am
really heavily, and contrast it to president obama and say look, you know, we took a chance on this young man and he didn't have that much experience and look, he's failed. the economy is a failure and here's what we need to do. that's what you're going to see today, because this is not a man who particularly wants to talk about the social issues or anything else. he thinks the number one issue whenenners go to the poll a yea from november is the economy and jobs. >> candy, can you paint a picture for us? what is the mood? >> reporter: well, you know, actually what's interesting is that while this is certainly what former governor romney wants to pivot on is the economy, that's what everybody here is talking about. i will tell you that. it's picnic, a gorgeous day, we have the rerequisite hay bails which work in new hampshire and iowa, by the way, we have the barn, we have the picturesque stuff and the folks waiting for
9:07 am
the candidate who is going to partake the food which includes his wife's chili recipe, your basic big-time down-home, you know sort of feel to it and this is how campaigns start. what can i tell you? >> sure. what do we think about the last go-round? romney's mormon faith was an issue for some voters. do we think that's going to be an issue this go-round? >> reporter: listen, you know, it was an issue last time, but looking at some of the stats that came in afterwards it was a marginal issue, so if it's a marginal race, then yes, and where does this hurt him the most if it does hurt him, his mormonism is with the evangelical christians. if romney comes through new hampshire and he wins but not big or there's some reason to say the race is still cloudy, when he goes south, which will be south carolina, then maybe you have the possibility that he can't have like a clean win, a knockout win but mostly looked
9:08 am
at the last race, yeah, it was a factor, but largely the people who are bothered by the fact that he's a mormon are bothered by other things, at what they see is changing positions on gay marriage and abortion so he didn't have the voters anyway, that's how the theory goes. >> candy crowley, thank you so much. enjoy the afternoon, perhaps partake in a little chili or something. >> reporter: thanks. >> we'll check back in with you in a bit. here's a look at what's ahead this hour on "the rundown." tornadoes slam massachusetts, how some people had to run for their lives. >> let me in! congressman anthony weiner, his political and personal story. then the casey anthony trial, her brother taking the stand. and detroit's public school system, it has been called a national disgrace. >> we've lost over 50% of our students. we have got to right size this
9:09 am
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9:12 am
anywhere with anything, even in a former war zone. second is the nuclear regulatory commission protecting public safety? third how a texan is taking on his homeowners' association. vote 22360, one for tanks for tots, two for nuclear plant leaks or three for flagpole fight. the winning story will air later this hour. search crews in massachusetts are going door to door to look for survivors of a tornado outbreak. the storms killed at least four people and some of the worst damage was in springfield. it's where a lot of people had some very close calls. >> we just started seeing wind fly around and huge chunks started flying around so we ran to the basement and my whole room collapsed. >> reporter: what happened to your house? have you been to your house? >> it got torn down like by a tornado? it got torn down real hard.
9:13 am
>> reporter: you were in the basement as it was being pulled apart. were you scared? >> yeah. >> we ran inside to the basement and when we all gathered up all the family, covered the kids. >> i heard that it had touched down here, i was scared and what's happening to my family? i want to know what's going on with my family. >> the tornado came down the street and we have a rubber roof, it peeled it right off and ripped the decking of the roof right off. >> i saw completely destruction the next building the whole roof was collapsed. this lady was in a car bleeding to death, she was pregnant and people was trying to call all kinds of people but all the lines was busy at the moment because the line was down. >> we were coming in a limo and all of the sudden we had to turn around because there was so much traffic and buildings falling and so then we get here and cops are in the limo telling us to get out, get out. >> we were on the third floor you could see through the fourth floor, all of our possessions, everything is gone.
9:14 am
>> it was a mess. everything was going flying and i heard this big bang and i didn't know where it was coming from or what was falling or where it was going to land or. it was awful, nasty. >> big heavy wind and a lot of banging. you can hear the debris hitting cars, windows, alarms going off. >> stepped on my front porch, heard the wind and all kinds of debris turning in a circle, watched the tornado touch down in front of my house. took two steps backwards into the hallway of my apartment, closed the door, which all the windows on the front porch blew out, two seconds after i closed the door. >> i'm very horrified. i'm a springfield native and never seen nothing like this ever. >> tornadoes don't even happen very often in massachusetts. i want to bring in our chad myers to explain that. that is so rare that we see something like that up north. >> let me tell you, i'm going to shock you and i'm going to shock our viewers right now. you know why massachusetts doesn't get very many tornados?
9:15 am
>> no. >> because it's a small state. >> really? >> would you believe that per square mile, massachusetts gets more tornadoes than pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina, kentucky, even tied with ohio, more tornadoes per square mile than michigan, wisconsin and minnesota and tied with georgia. now it's a very small place but they get about two and a half tornadoes per year on average, but you don't hear about them much because -- >> why? >> because they're not the f4, 5, not giant tornadoes that kill people. most are small little tornados that knock down a couple trees and they get written down by the national weather service and that's it but this was a big tornado. this was the rare part, not that they don't get very many. >> really, okay. >> this could be 125 to 140-mile-per-hour tornado. things got knocked down, houses pushed off foundations. this wasn't joplin, this wasn't f5, wasn't 210 miles-per-hour plus but important tornado for people to go back and say what just happened in massachusetts and how do we forecast this
9:16 am
better? there was a risk there. the slight risk was out there and remember there was a tornado watch. >> right. >> for all the way from boston to new york city. >> tornado possible. >> the tornado watch was successful but unfortunately those people lost a lot of stuff. >> okay, chad, thank you very much. thanks for explaining. >> you're welcome. he says he's the victim of a prank and makes fun of his own man. we'll look at the man behind the jokes, some background on congressman anthony weiner. [ male announcer ] nature valley
9:17 am
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we're waiting the official announcement from former massachusetts governor mitt romney on his run for the white house. you're looking at a live picture here of the event in new hampshire. he is scheduled to speak at 12:30 or so, and on monday night, romney sits down with piers morgan to discuss how he intends to capture the white house in 2012, that is cnn monday night, 9:00 eastern. looking at live pictures as we await official announcement for him to throw himself into the group of candidates for the gop nomination. a day after he denied posting a lewd photo on his twitter page congressman weiner told reporters today he has nothing else to say about the matter. he spokes with wolf blitzer yesterday and the interview followed a testy exchange with reporters earlier in the tweak. weiner has hired a lawyer to investigate the photo showing the lower body of a man in his underwear. >> you didn't send that photo to
9:20 am
that woman in washington state. >> i did not send it to that woman in washington state. >> you're not 100% sure that is you? >> we're doing everything we can to try to answer that question but we're doing an investigation but i just want to caution you photographs can be doctored, taken from one place and put in another and so that's and i want to make it clear this is in my view not a federal case, in my view this is not an international conspiracy, this is a hoax and i this i that people should treat it that way. >> the fallout over the lewd photo has a lot of people talking about congressman weiner. he's an outspoken liberal democrat but not exactly a household name at least before this current controversy. here's background on weiner's personal and political story. anthony weiner is new york to the core. born in brooklyn to a lawyer and a school teacher. he went to a state university aiming to be a tv weatherman. when that didn't work, he turned
9:21 am
to politics. working for then congressman charles schumer and hanging out with good friend comedian jon stewart. six years after college he mounted a long shot bid for new york city council. he turned his scrappy nature into votes and at age 27 became at the time the youngest person elected to the council. quickly becoming a thorn in the side of fellow councilman and new york mayor david dinkins. when his old boss schumer ran for senate in 1998 weiner jumped in and ran to replace minimum in the house. on capitol hill he cemented his reputation as a liberal's liberal, fighting for women's rights and gun control, known for his determination, feistiness and above all his fire brand rhetoric, like the time he took on fellow new york congressman republican peter king over a bill to provide medical care for 9/11 first responders. >> you vote in favor of something if you believe it's the right thing. if you believe it's the wrong thing you vote no. we are following a procedure, i will not yield to the cabinet
9:22 am
and the gentleman will observe regular order. the gentleman will observe regular order! >> reporter: but he does have a soft side. last july he married long time aide to hillary clinton and became the only jewish man in congress married to a devout muslim. officiating bill clinton. >> she's a remarkable woman. she married a congressman, knows a little bit about something living in public life and with that goes a certain amount of acaggravation. i don't think she imagined that it would be this. >> reporter: that is perhaps an understatement. >> you got the money shot. >> reporter: weiner is trying to protect his wife from "these insane stories that are getting so far from reality." former arkansas governor mike huckabee is not running for president but huckabee hints he may be willing to consider the number two spot on the ticket. in a video posted by the "arkansas times" muhuckabee say "everything is still open, i
9:23 am
haven't closed doors" but added he's not looking for anything and happy with what he's doing. he hosts a cable talk show. president obama named a new white house council, the in-house attorney who advises the president, she is kathryn rumler, currently under bob bauer who plans to retire to private law practice. she made a name for herself as part of the team of federal attorneys who prosecuted enron attorneys last decade. cnn reporters, anchors, producers have the inside scoop on some of the best hotels and travel spots around the world. cnn's political team tells us some of the favorite places to eat while on the campaign trail. >> oh my god, barbecue. anywhere in the south really the barbecue is so good that even when you go to like gas stations, they have good barbecue. >> i go out of my way only every other year or so when i'm in new orleans, there's these benyier,
9:24 am
sweet, tasty desserts at a place called cafe dumont. >> the airport where usually the food is awful has good barbecue. >> they make them right the best in des moines, which is a kind of crumpled up hamburger on a soft bun, i tried for 30 years to make it at home, i cannot, they only make it there and i would travel the earth to find it, but you can only, i've only found it in des moines, iowa. >> i always make the point when i'm in arkansas of going to doe's, i meat place, a slab place, not pretty, not fancy, but boy is it good. >> in st. louis there's a place called the crowned candy kitc n kitchen, has the best malt in the world and i'm a vanilla good. >> i had really good barbecue in st. louis, excellent barbecue in houston, very good barbecue in nashville, just the other day. >> i could live without all that barbecue. ocid most calcium supplemts...
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