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tv   Showbiz Tonight  CNN  June 4, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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born? >> it's a deeply pessimistic thing to hear? >> it's sensible. >> is there a virtue in being alive? >> no. i always said all my life that if i wasn't born i would say i don't want to be born. >> history is going to say he sacrificed for people. he was right. >> by going to jail? >> sacrificing and going to jail and not earning a living most of his life. he never charged for his services. buys clothes at the salvation army. he lived a life of sacrifice in every way. >> when he was little, he wanted to be a baseball announcer. former presidential candidate john edwards is accused of using campaign funds to cover up an affair and pay off his mistress. >> no question that i have done wrong. i take full responsibility for
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having done wrong. >> edwards is facing criminal charges and maybe even jail time. up next, we will have more on the relationship between edwards and hunter. "i really like you." "i love you." "i will always love you." and sometimes a gift says, "you mean more to me than anything else in the world." life insurance from new york life ensures your loved ones will always be taken care of, with 166 years of financial strength -- it's the most selfless gift you can give. new york life. the company you keep. ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ i work so hard at my job ♪ and then i bring it home to you ♪
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♪ i love money in my pocket
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>> there is no question i have done wrong. i take full responsibility for having done wrong. i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that i have caused to others.
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but i did not break the law and i never ever thought i was breaking the law. >> john edwards outside of a court to answer for a sexual indiscretion that turned his personal and political life upside down. he pleaded not guilt to using campaign moan for an affair with rielle hunter who later had his child. he was vilified over this, but it could mean jail time too. we want to bring in maureen o'connor. hello, maureen. what happened between edwards and hunter since this broke? >> so edwards and hunter have been living together, raising the child they had together as well as edwards's two other children who were still children he had with elizabeth and he had an adult daughter. the question is close to $1 million he received from two most prominent donors he used to pay for rielle's living
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expenses, whether that violated campaign financing laws and whether they were from a friend used to finance his wife. he said i was a bad husband, but not a bad politician. >> they are living together, including elizabeth edwards's children. >> her two children he has custody of. i don't know how much time. they have been keeping a low profile. they bought a house in a hidden area. specifically to stay away from the press. >> here is facing criminal charges, but is it to say that a lot of people want to see him pay for moral reasons. cheating on his cancer-striken wife and all the while lying about all of it. >> it's a risky move because he refewed to take a plea deal. he wants to be cleared. the public is very much against him. he cheated in one of the worst
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ways imaginable and one of the worst circumstances he was using campaign donors to turn rielle hunter into a kept woman. it's not clear whether they will prove that part. he certainly is not going to have a career. >> this kind of thing politicians, you hear about it a lot. he is not the only who has a lot of explaining to do. i want you to take a listen. >> have you taken a picture like this of yourself? >> there -- i have photographs and i don't know what is out there in the world of me and what has been manipulated and doctored and we will try to find out what happened. >> so that's new york congressman anthony wiener stumbling to explain how a picture of a male crotch was sent from his twitter account. why doesn't he just deny it?
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why aren't these explanations satisfying? go ahead. >> it's so strange. him saying i don't know. maybe. it's been manipulated. it kind of looks like a picture of took of my crotch, but i don't remember. what i think is he doesn't want to say anything certain and he doesn't want to be caught in a lie. you have to wonder does that mean there is a chance he did this? or what's amaze suggest he gave so many interviews, he didn't stop talking about it. >> that's what i was going to ask you. if you wanted to go away, stop talking about it. >> i know. he keeps saying i don't want to talk about it, yet you get to interview five and six? you really don't want to talk about it? >> let's move out of politics and the world of advertising. i want you to check out the new ad from cad bury that said move
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over, naomi. what's the response to this? >> so as soon as naomi campbell found this ad for chokeilate, she contacted her lawyers and said it was inappropriate to compare a black woman dho to chocolate. cad bury issued a response and apologiz apologized. she said it's evidence that they need to have greater diversity and something like that doesn't reach the public. that's not an appropriate thing to do before it shows up in a bunch of magazines. >> some say it's more about her reputation than race. we appreciate it. i have a question for you. have you heard about cloud commuting or the cloud? apple is rolling out a service that is supposed to simplify your by getting rid of hardware and software that you use. we will tell you all about it. coming up next. we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize
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pretty sneaky and smart hackers pulled off a sweet cyber attack on an al qaeda website. working for the british intelligence agency mi 6 modified the code for an online
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magazine called inspire replacing the site's bomb recipe with cupcake recipes. they downloaded 67 pages on how to make a bomb. all they got were instructions on how to make rocky road and carmel apple cupcakes. the recipes came from the ellen degeneres show. thought you should know. it's supposed to change everything about the way you get your entertainment. maybe you heard these buzzwords over the last couple of months. we even talked about it a little bit here. only a handful of people usinged the cloud for now, but it could be a huge trend. a senior editor for the tech news website cnet. he joins us now. welcome to the show. tell us what you are looking forward to on monday. >> ww d.c., they are happening on monday and steve jobs will be taking the stage in dramatic fashion. what we expect to see is ap elg
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announcing the i cloud service if you are not familiar, what it is is think about a hard drive or a disk in the sky connected to the internet that you can use with your laptop or phone or connect to it and pool files from it. this can be music, do you means, movies. as long as you have an internet connection, you can access this cloud. it's not completely there yet. you have to have internet connection everywhere you go. apple is planning to link the itunes service with a file service >> i want to bring in this high tech graphic we have and explain it. you talked about it a little bit. explain what are people using apple for again. >> right now what they use it for is your laptop from apple and maybe an ipod or ipod touch. as long as it has a wireless connection, you will be able to
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in this graphic see the cloud that says internet on it. you will be able to access storage space or a disk in the internet that has all your files. you may have a phone and have no files on it whatsoever the promise is i can listen to my music wherever i go and wherever i want because i am connected to the disk. >> you can do anything on it. not just from music or video? >> there is companies like google and amazon that already have established a cloud service to put your music there. the main difference is they are bringing this to the mainstream. they signed on the four major music labels. emi, sony, universal, and warner. the other services have not. we are hoping to see what differences or what makes it compelling. will we be able to access the music? that's the promise. i am waiting to see if it pans out. >> how much are we talking here?
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>> the service will start out at free and probably a yearly subscription that you have to pay. not that bad. you can access all the files and get your feedia wherever you want, how you want. it works in some places and some places it doesn't. my cell phone, i don't get reception everywhere. you cannot get access everywhere as well. >> speaking of apple and the companies,there is a story out of china this week. >> it's also sad to show how obsessed people are with apple products and a 17-year-old young man and through a broker connected with someone who offered him approximately about $3,000 u.s. to have his kidney taken out of his body. there is a black market for organs in china. he had this surgery and used
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that cash to buy an ipad 2. i don't know about that one. people are waiting in lines 10 hours. >> yeah, but come on. that's as they say, as my grandmother says, a horse of another color. that is crazy. thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we have all seen it, that ma jigs narrowly escaping death and you wonder if the tricks are real. we have the answer for you. >> three, two, one! >> coming up, how this stunned was supposed to go from the magician himself. ouch. maybe that's why j.d. power and associates ranked us "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." so, we thought we'd take a little time to celebrate. ♪ ♪ all right, then, back to work helping clients.
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we want to catch you up on today's top stories. robert gates returned on his last visit as defense secretary before he retires. hamid karzai presented gates with a medal named after a leader who fought the soviets. despite deadly attacks, gates said he thinks increased capacity of afghan troops will allow them to consider modest
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drawdowns in july. long time diplomat lawrence eagleburger has died. he rose to the post of secretary of state and served richard nixon to george h.w. bush. he was called a dedicated patriot. >> the its tenth day. she's charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee in 2008. testimony today focused on hair recovered from anthony's car. an fbi technician testified the hair did not belong to casey anthony but could have come from her daughter's decomposing body. antho anthony's attorney called it unreliable opinion. a special report at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. so i have to warn you the video you're about to see is hard to watch. it is a magic act that goes horribly wrong. if you are squeamish, close your eyes. >> three, two, one!
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[ screaming ] >> i should have closed my eyes. it happened thursday night at the atlanta motor speedway. michael moony who goes by the stage name moodini was supposed to slip out of handcuffs while being attached to a race car. this time he was dragged down the track. >> i was crying. it was just excruciating pain. >> let me ask the question everybody is thinking when they see it. what were you thinking? >> well, i have been entertaining for a long time. it's like anything else. you take it for granted. >> as you can see he got pretty banged up including broken bones. he said he'll keep doing magic though, he says he'll probably drop this stunt from his act. probably a good idea. rihanna has a lot of people talking about her new video and all the talk isn't good. straight ahead, find out why her
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new video for her song "man down" has the parents television council up in arms to say the least: ♪ the accident could have been my excuse to quit. i made it my reason to go even harder. ♪ [ male announcer ] helping people achieve without limits. at the hartford it's what we do... and why we're the founding partner of the u.s. paralympic team. show your support at of the u.s. paralympic team. ...was it something big? thing you ever saw? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart.
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he was completely taken by surprise. no one could have seen this
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coming. even watching the videotape now for the -- i don't know how many times we have watched it, it still is surprising the violence and the suddenness and the suddenness of the attack. >> a sour note for singer patti la belle. her body guards beat him up at the airport leaving him bleeding and nouri archdiocese king is suing the performer. there is a question over how houston police followed the confrontation since no charges were fileded. la belle took photos with at least one officer on the scene and west point said the cadet is leaving the academy. houston police reports say that king was intoxicated and harassing labelle's group. we'll follow up. ♪ ♪ i didn't mean to hurt him ♪ could have been somebody's son ♪ ♪ and i took his heart when ♪ i pulleded out that gun >> so you recognize the face and the voice.
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rihanna's new music video "man down" has the parents' television council fired up. it begins with the pop star shooting a man in the head and viewers learning the man raped her. it's all dramtzation but the parents group say it's inexcusable. let's check in with intertain at the same time reporter shannon cook. hello. >> hi, don. >> we see make believe murder every day on television. why is the parents' council so upset over the video? >> you know, i stopped watching csi a couple of years ago because i found it too violent. this video, i don't think it's that big a deal really compared to something like csi, but you're right. the parents' council is up in arms as well as other tv watch dog groups. they are appealing to the network b.e.t. which has been airing the video all week and asking them to stop airing the music video. their concern is that b.e.t.'s youthful audience will see the
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message in the video which it is okay to revenge your attacker by killing him or her. rihanna is basically saying, don, everybody just chill out. although i don't think she used those words. she's saying this video is a cautionary tale for young women. she went on b.e.t. to defend the video. we have a snippet from the video. let's listen. >> i personally don't condone violence or murder, you know. i have been abused in the past. you don't see me running around killing people in my spare time. you know, i just want girls to be careful. i want them -- you know, have fun, be flirtatious, be sassy, innocent and sweet. be everything that you are. but just try not to be naive. >> okay. >> there you go, don. it's safe to assume that the video was perhaps inspired by
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the events in 2009 when rihanna was physically attacked by her then boyfriend chris brown. i don't know. what do you think? do you think it's over the top? >> you know, i don't know actually. i haven't really seen the video. i think it's probably going to be good for her record sales. any controversy is good for her. i'm sure she's taking it all in, as is her record company. hey, can we talk about "jersey shore" shooting in italy? the nation isn't happy with the reality cast. why is that? >> who better to serve as a cultural ambassador to the u.s. than the boozy cast of "jersey shore"? the entire cast is in italy for the show. here's what happened. snooki, one of the big stars of the show was out driving in her car and she rammed into a traffic cop car. she was okay. her passengers were okay, but
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the two police officers in the car actually had to go to hospital with whiplash. they are okay now. what's interesting here is that the car she rammed into was a police escort trying to protect her and her crew. so kind of like, gee, thanks for looking out for us, now i will try to kill you. i hope when she gets her license back -- because it was taken away for a couple of weeks. i hope she's a little bit safer. >> it's interesting. i thought she got in trouble for riding a bike. why is she driving a car over seas? that's it. we're done. we have to get out of here, shanon. >> i'll let you go. go have a margarita. >> thank you very much. okay. serious face now. tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, join us for cnn newsroom special report on the casey anthony trial from the death of little caylee to the investigation, the evidence, accusations of molestation and the


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