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tv   American Morning  CNN  June 7, 2011 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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into. >> what was the thing that bright andrew breitbart to the mikes yesterday? that was -- that wasn't part of the schedule? >> i had never seen anything quite like it. he showed up in the back of the room and of course, you know, the photographs had been trickling out throughout the day. everybody went over to ask him
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about it. the reporters. he said he was in the neighborhood about three blocks away and that he wanted to stop by. and see what congressman weiner had to say. then so many reporters were around him that someone said, why don't you go up to the podium and he did. we were waiting for congressman weiner supposed to start at 4:00, he didn't actually take the podium until 4:25 because andrew breitbart had taken over this thing. >> wow. >> it was a very strange scene yesterday. >> we'll be talking to andrew breitbart later in the show. >> thanks very much. >> our question of the day as well. weiner confesses, what should happen to him now? we've been getting a lot of comments already and love to hear more. send us a tweet, e-mail, post on our blog. we'll be reading your comments later in this hour. new information about the injuries sustained by yemen's president. u.s. officials say ali abdullah saleh suffered burns to 40% of his body and also suffered a collapsed lung and a shrapnel wound nearly three inches deep. he's in saudi arabia right now
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recovering from two operations. it's still not clear if he'll attempt to return to yemen and when after he recovers. the casey anthony murder trial reassumes in florida. yesterday a key prosecution scientist testified about the stench in anthony's car saying the only plausible explanation was a decomposing body in the trunk and testified he was shocked about the unusually high levels of chloroform in air and carpet samples collected from casey anthony's trunk. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee back in 2008. if convicted she could face the death penalty. in germany scientists are still trying to get to the bottom of what caused the deadly e. coli outbreak. they're now saying that at least for now, no trace of the bacteria at a bean farm sprout farm that was suspected of being the source of the outbreak was found. so officials now say they're waiting for additional test results but they stress that sprouts do remain the likely cause of the outbreak. at least 22 people overseas have
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died after being infected with this particularly vare lent strain of e. coli. four people in the u.s. have gotten sick, three of them still in the hospital. german chancellor angela merkel will receive the presidential medal of freedom during a dinner at the white house with president obama. the two leaders will be holding more talks today with the euro zone debt crisis and war in libya headlining that agenda. that met last night over dinner at a washington, d.c., staunts. a spokesman said germany will overcome its economic crisis and emerge strengthened. talk about the tables being turned on your bank. a florida couple paid cash for their home. no mortgage. quite a surprise last week when we bank of america tried to foreclose on them. the couple took their case to court, the bank abandoned the matter and the judge ruled that bank had to pay the couple's legal fees. the bank in no particular hurry po pay, didn't pay the bills. this past friday, with the couple with the judge's
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permission, showed up at the bank with a moving company, two sheriff's deputy and an ultimatum, hand over the cash or an equivalent amount of furniture to be sold at public auction. the bank cut them a check and apologized. >> how embarrassing. >> two reasons. they didn't have a mortgage in the first place. >> unbelievable. >> secondly you wouldn't quietly try to pay that check and have it go away. >> not have the truck show up. that was good. >> so many of these situations where people have been fighting their bank and can't get through on the phone, the bank doesn't do anything and cases like this that make so many powerless homeowners feel like they have power. >> even when they don't owe you money you can't get them on the phone. following this situation the next few days critical about whether they get a handle on the wildfire that could turn out to be the worst in the state's history with thousands of people being forced to evacuate. >> plus, find out which cars give you the best gas mileage for your buck. it's 14 minutes after the hour. . and, just like toddlers, puppies need food made for them.
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thousands of people fleeing their homes in eastern arizona this morning.
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one of the worst wildfires in the state's history has now scorched a quarter of a million acres. it's growing 20% larger in the last 24 hours and with high wind conditions, forecasts for the next few days, people in the cities like alpine, springerville and greer, have no choice but to leave. >> we packed up everything we could. >> memories. >> memories and clothes. >> i don't know if i'm going to have to start over again or not. >> this is our livelihood. this is our life. >> wildfires also making life uncomfortable for thousands of people in northeast florida and southeast georgia. right now, about 200,000 acres are burning and fire fighters are monitoring over 200 separate fires in florida alone. >> rob marciano is in the the extreme weather center and rob, all of the smoke, you got reports in the midwest of sort of smoke hanging over counties there that's been drifting that way. >> midwest and to the mountains. everywhere. this is a huge fire across arizona and getting into knnew
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mexico and the heat not helping things. pretty much everybody in the country, the eastern three quarters is enduring some of these numbers. heat indices expected today near 100 degrees or at it or above it in little rock, st. louis, detroit, chicago, so these are dangerous numbers similar numbers down to the south and east. there's been no relief really for much of this part of the country. critical fire danger again today for eastern arizona where that fire is burning and parts of almost all of new mexico and we're looking for a windy conditions also in this area. we do have an area of thunderstorms that's moving across the great lakes, towards the northern ohio and western pa and western new york. this may become severe as it crosses there and we'll watch that for potentially damaging winds moving into that area. be do have high pressure that's in control. that means it will stay hot and dry. folks out in the sierra, seeing snow, though. that's the cool spot. just to kind of try to cool your
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soul, guys. they are putting the chains over the mountain passes in the sierra nevada. so there is a couple of cool spots in the country to kind of, you know, get you thinking about next winter. we haven't gotten into summer officially yet. >> slushy -- >> rob cannot hide the ski bum in him. >> they're going to be skiing in aspen until july. >> he told us you'll see snow in june and we have snow in june. >> sounds good. >> stunning images from chile where more than 3,000 people have been forced to evacuate after a volcanic eruption over the weekend. >> that's incredible. >> the volcano sent a towering plume of smoke six miles into the sky coating the country side in parts of argentina as well with ash. the cloud soot darkened skies, created images of glowing lightning through the thick ash. >> up next on "american morning," there's one state, one state about to become the first
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in the united states of america that will require sick days for most employees. >> and a german teenager's sweet 16 goes viral. you won't believe what happened when she forget to mark her facebook invitation private. look at that. we'll tell you more about that when we come back. [ male announcer ] breathe, socket. just breathe. we know it's intimidating. instant torque. top speed of 100 miles an hour. that's one serious machine. but you can do this.
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24 minutes after the hour. minding your business. concerns of an economic slow down pushing stocks lower for fourth straight day. the dow off 61 points, the nasdaq and the s&p 500 also closed lower. president obama's top economic adviser austan goolsbee is leaving his post. the white house announcing yesterday goolsbee will return to his position at the university of chicago's business school. the white house has not named a successor. connecticut about to become the first state to require companies with 50 or more employees to provide paid sick leave to their workers. the bill, which is expected to be signed by the governor, states that workers get one hour
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of sick leave for every 40 hours they work. consumer reports is out with its most fuel-efficient cars. the honda fit was ranked best subcompact car. the toyota prius was named best family car. the ford escape hybrid named the best small suv. apple about to change the way users access their information. the company unveiled its new icloud yesterday. the free service which debuts this fall lets you store pictures, music and other information on the internet, instead of on your computer or mobile phone. you better have deep pockets if you want to grab a bite with warren buffet. the annual charity auction for lunch with the investors is under way on ebay. already the highest bid tops $2.3 million. the auction ends on friday night. "american morning" right back after this break with new information on the condition of yemen's president injured in an attack at his presidential compound.
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29 minutes past the hour right now. a look at your top stories this morning. new york congressman anthony weiner now admitting he sent a lewd photo to a woman on twitter. he admitted that during a news conference yesterday and went on from there and said it wasn't the first time. weiner apologized saying he's sorry but that he will not resign over it. thousands of people forced to evacuate their homes in eastern arizona. one of the worst wildfires in the history of the state is now only growing this morning. it's already burned a quarter of a million acres and forecasters are calling for more windy
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conditions over the next few days. in last week's attack on his compound in yemen president ali abdullah saleh suffered a collapsed lung as well as shrapnel wounds nearly three inches deep and burns to 40% of his body. that's according to u.s. officials who still don't know if saleh plans to return to yemen after he recovers from two operations in saudi arabia. meanwhile fresh fighting has erupted in yemen's capital sanaa. government forces and armed tribesmen battling in the streets overnight. there are reports that more than 40 people were killed. mohammed jamjoon covering this live from abu dhabi. there was a cease-fire in place, and there are these deaths now and reports of others in other parts of the country. continued concern that yemen is slipping into civil war. >> that's right, ali. you know the question now becomes not just if president ali abdullah saleh resigns will there be peace, but it's much
3:31 am
more complicated than that because you have still anti-government protesters in many parts of the country dem d demanding the ouster of the president, that he not be allowed to return. a lot of conflicts reports to his health and if he will return. but you have this tribal fighting still going on in the streets of the capital despite the fact that a cease-fire was announced. let's look at another area, called abyan province, a known hotbed for militancy. overnight a city in abyan called gin ya bar, they've been fighting security forces ever since. that's separate from everything else going on in the country, the fighting in the capital. overnight, nine soldiers killed, five civilians killed. that's one flashpoint. then you have a city like taiz where there's anti-government demonstrators coming out day after day. in the overnight hours fierce clashes erupted between anti-government gunmen and security forces. strife, chaos, violence looking more and more like that country is slipping into civil war, even
3:32 am
though u.s. officials, saudi officials, yemeni officials min taining negotiations going on, trying to find a peaceful solution. so many conflicts right now doesn't look good. >> in the way you're so good at, give me context as to the particular danger in yemen as compared to syria or libya or egypt or tunisia, if a power vacuum exists, you have a very strong presence of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula? >> that's right, ali. we've talked about this so much in the past week. one of the key concerns for the u.s. is if there is a pow we vacuum in yemen and looking like there is a power vacuum what happens with with regards to al qaeda. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is deemed to be the most dangerous, active, militant week of the al qaeda network. they have a hub in yemen. only 700 to a thousand fighters but they've been able to try to launch spectacular planned and sophisticated attacks against the west, and saudi arabia these
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past few years. the concern has been if saleh leaves he's seen as a key fighter against al qaeda what happens then. at this point because there is activity from militants, nobody knows. are they going to try to take advantage of the turmoil, nobody knows at this point. >> closely for us from abu dhabi, thanks very much. a stern warning from treasury secretary timothy geithner to his colleagues around the world, don't lead the world in a race to the bottom. >> the risk is that the risk in derivatives will become concentrated in those jurisdictions with the least oversight and this is a recipe for another crisis. we're going to look for a global approach on margin that will help reduce opportunities for regulatory arbitrage and a prevent a race to the bottom of margin. >> race to the bottom, a key line here. what does all this mean. think of the financial crisis as a bad traffic accident. laws are passed to make the road safer to prevent another
3:34 am
accident from happening again. the new laws might include lower speed limits, traffic lights, speed patrols. if those laws aren't applied to other streets in the town there will be another chance of a bad car accident in a different place. this is what geithner was getting at. in the case of the financial crisis the dodd frank act was passed to prevent the mistakes and risky behaviors that led to the financial crisis to keep it from happening again. it creates an independent watchdog group aimed at protecting consumers and oversight council to watch over large financial institutions and ends the too big to fail bailout system for big institutions and enforces regulations that are already on the book, regulations that had not been enforced. geithner's warning if similar laws aren't enacted in other countries around the world he says the entire world is at risk that another global financial crisis could happen again. kiran and ali. >> thanks. new this morning actor wesley snipes will remain in prison. the supreme court refused to consider his appeal from a three-year prison sentence for
3:35 am
not filing tax returns in 1999, 2000 and 2001. snipes is serving his sentence in pennsylvania and is not due out until 2013. and former new york mets and philadelphia philly slugger lenny dykstra behind bars this morning in los angeles. he is charged with two dozen counts of grand theft and identity theft for allegedly using fake business and credit information to lease luxury cars. he's facing drug charges as well. in a separate case, dykstra is accused of federal bankruptcy fraud. a season without a champion, the bcs has stripped the university of southern california of its 2004 national football championship. why? because of recruiting violations. the scandal also cost running back reggie bush his heisman trophy. filling the void that oprah left the our syndicated hearts, abc has announced katie couric will join and host a talk show that will debut in september of 2012.
3:36 am
couric left the anchor chair at the cbs evening news last month. the announcement her show will air at 3:00 p.m. on the east coast has soap opera fans a little worried since that's "general hospital's" time slot. abc says it continues to support the long-running soap. >> isn't that the only soap opera left? >> see them disappear. >> the people who want to save the soaps are upset this morning. the invites for the sweet 16 party, they went out an facebook with a teenager in hamburg, germany, couldn't have imagined what would happen next. >> she couldn't have -- she sent it out on facebook. well instead of just the few friends she was expecting, ended up being a swarm of partygoers showing up followed by police. cnn's colleen mcedwards has the story. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a small, sweet 16th birthday party for tessa in hamburg. she sent a party invitation to close friends on facebook, but -- she forget to mark it private.
3:37 am
and this is the consequence. 1500 random and unwanted guests actually showed up. all of them, ready to party. with tessa t-shirts, balloons and posters, the massive crowd turned this german neighborhood upside down. complete chaos, police tried to control the situation, tessa fled to her grandparents and angry family member attacked a tv camera, day turned to night, and with the amount of booze being consumed, things just went from bad to worse. a few partiers were detained, the neighborhood trashed, the cause, social media. so perhaps one lesson learned here, don't forget to use your privacy settings. colleen mcedwards, cnn, atlanta. i'm still confused about the provide settings how so many -- >> apparently she was too. >> wow. >> the thing is we were thinking
3:38 am
back in the day, hear from a friend of a friend there was a party and go to it. in the world of -- days of social networking and social media i'm surprised this doesn't happen more. >> good point. >> up next on "american morning," he says he's not resigning. he admitted he did wrong but staying in office. can new york congressman anthony weiner survive politically after admitting he tweeted lewd pictures of himself and spent days lying about it? confidence available in color. depend® colors for women. looks and fits like underwear. protects like nothing else. depend®. good morning. great day. down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it.
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my friends, supporters and staff i haven't told the troouuth and i've done things i deeply regret. i brought pain to people i care about the most and people who believed in me. and for that i'm deeply sorry. >> it was just a few minutes after the end of that press conference that nancy pelosi's office released a statement saying they, indeed, are opening a house ethics investigation into this. joining us to talk about the
3:43 am
political fallout roll call reporter emily hooil and with us is cnn contributor eerl lewis. let me ask you quickly can he survive this given there's go going to be a house ethics investigation looking into whether he used any government phones or computers when conducting these inappropriate relationships? >> well, the truth is, actually, that house rules certainly contemplate members of congress using their official phones and official resources for some personal activity. and it's completely agnostic whether you're calling your wife to make dinner plans or your mistress to flirt. house rules don't ban that. so i actually think that if he's being honest, if there weren't violations that went beyond that, i think he could survive that ethics probe very easily because the house rules really don't preclude calling your mistress and flirting or sending a flirty e-mail. that's not against house rules.
3:44 am
people are talking about that and i think that taxpayers would be -- >> what about work place rules in general about lewd material being sent or lewd text messages. the -- some of the shots that were sent don't necessarily look appropriate and then apparently there are claims there are other ones that are even worse. >> those aren't the subject of house rules. house rules contemplate personal use, but they don't go to conte content. that's something i think that people will be looking at. i think people will be concerned about, but to be honest, you are perfectly allowed to use your house phone to call your wife or to call your kids or call your mistress. so, you know, some of this might be upsetting to people and will be upsetting to tax payers who think why am i paying for this. they're paying for all of their members to conduct some personal business on their official equipment. >> i want to ask you, because you're a local reporter covered weiner as well as other congressman and you talked to him. he lied to you in the wake of
3:45 am
this when it first surfaced last week. >> yes. >> credibility, i mean speaking to his credibility if he does survive it, will he remain a variable congressman? >> his credibility with the press and those he lied to is severely reduced. i'm not sure when he's going to be back on our show or others like it. in his district, we had a reporter out there, watching in the diner with other of his constituents as this was going on yesterday and many seemed to be forgiving, the attitude if his wife takes him back who are we to say is he really sorry, do we have all of the facts. all of those questions are still being asked. if he gets affirmative answers it to all or most of them he may be okay. the big thing he was was a candidate for mayor in 2013. he was arguably the front runner. that is out of reach now because the mayor of new york city now runs the school system for about the last nine years or so and people, you know, parents are not going to look away at
3:46 am
something like this. so that part of his ambition seems to be closed off. he says he wants to try to run for election again. it sounds like that's going to be between him and the voters. >> that will be interesting. the other question it was circulating around yesterday because i mean all of this, we're talking about social networking people responding in real time at that wacky press conference that took place yesterday afternoon, first andrew breitbart, the guy who uncovered this or at least exposed the scandal through his website, was out there talking at a press conference supposed to be anthony weiner and he starts talking but a lot of people writing how do these guys, this is a bipartisan issue, think they can continue to get away with this? this is not the first and certainly won't be the last we've heard of men in power taking these risky chances seemingly without regard for what the fallout will be. >> it is stunning. and, you know, i think that the reason that they think they can get away with it is probably bought many of them do. we know about a few of these
3:47 am
incidents but don't know about them all. there is something to coming to washington, and i've covered this extensively, men who come to washington, often they are without their wives, they spend a lot of time here in washington, and when they get here, there's always someone willing to give them whatever they need, whether it's a briefing, you know, on the hearing tomorrow morning or a date. i mean, they get what they want. and i think in a professional context. that bleeds over into the personal. >> politically speaking does he have many supporters left? i mean are people standing by him, especially those in the new york delegation? >> we have not heard from any of them. there was always this underlying problem where anthony weiner was considered a show horse than a work horse. we see him on cable tv all the time but that's not where a lot of work gets done in the district. a lot of meetings, a lot of hard work that gets done, a certain amount of satisfaction from some of his colleagues, frankly, saying the guy got what was coming to him. they can't lightly dismiss him.
3:48 am
he is a powerful patron, former employer, chuck schumer, married to somebody close to the clintons and so they can't just roll over him. but he's -- he's -- he doesn't have a lot of supporters. compare this to what charlie wrangle went through when he had a serious ethics scandal, there were members including the other party sitting with him on television being admonished. he's -- anthony weiner hasn't seen any of that and it's telling. >> emily, political reporter with roll call, and eric, thanks. >> thanks. >> 48 minutes past the hour. we'll be right back. .
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3:50 am
a lot going on. here's what you need to know. congressman anthony weiner finally admitting that he sent an inappropriate photo to a woman on twitter and also exchanged naughty exchanges with several other women. he says he's sorry, but he says he will not resign. u.s. officials say yemen's president ali abdullah saleh suffered burns to 40% of his body after last week's attack on his compound. he also had a collapsed lung and a shrapnel wound nearly three inches deep. he's being treated in saudi arabia. nato officials denying their s libya's state run television studios in tripoli. libyan tv is airing pictures of demolished broadcast facilities and satellite vehicles saying nato targeted the facility. >> one of the worst wildfires in arizona's history is threatening
3:51 am
homes this morning. evacuations under way and a quarter of a million acres have burned. german chancellor angle merkel receives the presidential medal of freedom tonight. she kind with president obama at a georgetown restaurant last night. the two leaders hold more talks today. the boston bruins getting their first victory in the stanley cup finals. they routed the canucks 8-1 in boston. the canucks led the series two games to one. game four tomorrow in boston. you're caught up on the day's headlines. "american morning" is back right after this.
3:52 am
the anthony weiner sexing
3:53 am
scandal is basically like christmas, the fourth of july and cinco de mayo wrapped into one if you happened to be a late night talk show host. let's take a look at how they handled it. >> the category top ten questions to ask yourself before tweeting a photo of your deal. here we go, number ten, is this my best side? number seven, do i have a last name that would make this especially embarrassing? number four, is there a better way to show people i'm jewish? >> congressman anthony weiner held a press conference today and he he admitted to sending underpants photos of himself. >> huge political scandal. ed on to arnold schwarzenegger called weiner to say, thank you! >> i don't think congressman weiner learned his lesson. oh. you see him leaving the press conference. look at the car he drives. look. right there. right there.
3:54 am
dead giveaway. right there, should have known. >> okay. so that brings us to today's question of of the day. >> what? >> those meetings must go so long. there's so many obvious ones you have to get out of the way and try to figure out. so much material. >> like leno telling the kid that's amateur, amateur. step it up. congressman weiner confesses. what should happen to him now. some of what you are saying to us. david on facebook says -- steven also on facebook says -- >> on the other hand, on twitter i got this one -- slap him on the hand for being naughty and reprimand for congress for lying but only his constituents should vote him out not congress. and jamie on twitter says -- >> and donna also writes i think
3:55 am
his constituents will fix the problem at his next election. i hope his wife doesn't put up this jerk. >> keep your comments coming. send us an e-mail, tweet or facebook. we'll read more of your thoughts later. ahead on "american morning," a deadly police shooting happened during what was called urban beach week in miami. someone taped it. >> wow. >> says that police smashed his cell phone because of it. he have the video and speaks to the witness. >> unbelievable what he had to to keep those pictures. ah. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour. we're a small business. with 27 of us always in the field, we have to stay connected. we use verizon tablets, smartphones. we're more responsive. there are no delays. delays cost money. with verizon, we do things quicker and more effectively. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier because they know the small business with the best technology rules.
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. to be clear the picture was of me and i sent it. >> congressman anthony weiner admits he sent a lewd photo to a woman on twitter. he says it's not the first time either. other women talking about their chats on this "american morning." >> and welcome to "american morning." glad you're with us on this tuesday, june 7th. the plot thickens this morning. >> absolutely. >> sure does up first after a week of denials and deflections congressman weiner fessed up to sending a photo of himself in his underwear to a woman on
3:59 am
twirtser. >> admits to years of inappropriate bafrer over social media with six women. take a listen. >> last friday night i tweeted a photograph of myself to send as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realized i posted it to twitter i panicked, took it down and said i had been hacked. i then continued with that story to stick to that story, which was a hugely regrettable mistake. this woman was unwhitingly dragged into this and bears absolutely no responsibility. to be clear the picture was of me and i sent it. i am deeply sorry for this the pain this has caused my wife huma and our family. and my constituents, my friends, supporters and staff. in addition over the past few years, i have engaged in several inappropriate conversations conducted over twitter, facebook, e-mail and occasionally on the phone with women i had met on-line. i've exchanged messages and
4:00 am
photos from an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years. for the most part, these communications took place before my marriage, though some have sadly took place after. to be clear, i have never met any of these relationships or had physical relationships at any time. i haven't told the truth. and i've done things i deeply regret. i brought pain to people i care about the most and people who believed in me. and for that i'm deeply sorry. i apologize to my wife and our families. as well as to our friends and supporters. i am deeply ashamed of my terrible judgment and actions. i am regretting what i have done and i am not resigning. >> house minority leader nancy
4:01 am
pelosi has called for an ethics investigation into weiner's conduct. kate baldwin is live in washington with the fallout. you know, already analysts are trying to figure out what, if anything he could get in trouble for in this situation. >> and we can do an entire live shot on that because it seems that it's unclear at this moment, kiran, in that it might be a little murky in how on-line activity relates to house rules. talking specifically about the fact that this investigation has been called for, house -- democratic leader nancy pelosi, she says in her statement, that she wants the house ethics committee to look into two things, if any government official resources were used and also if any other violations of house rules occurred. and that will be, of course, looked into. in a statement she also added, i should say, that she says, quote, i'm deeply disappointed and saddened about this situation. for anthony's wife, his family, his staff, and his constituents. anthony weiner shortly after
4:02 am
nancy pelosi released this statement, he released a statement, a very brief one, saying that he would fully cooperate with an investigation. i welcome and fully cooperate with an investigation by the house ethics committee. according to a couple democratic sources, i'll tell you that this call for an investigation into this matter, came after it was abundantly -- made abundantly clear by anthony weiner he was not going to resign in a phone call with house -- with the democratic leader nancy pelosi. so democrats are trying to underscore how very serious they're taking this situation and how rare it is for the democratic leader herself to call for such an investigation. kiran? >> all right. kate baldwin this morning, we'll check in with you later, thanks so much. congressman weiner admitted sending dirty pictures to six women over social media and lying about it and even acknowledged one woman by name, meagan broussard. she claims she received this shirtless photo of congressman weiner which was posted by conservative blogger andrew breitbart. broussard told abc news more
4:03 am
about this on-line relationship. >> he was eager to hear about if i wanted him. or thought he was attractive. or that sort of thing. >> how much of it was sex talk? >> he would attempt all the time. >> broussard is a 26-year-old single mother from texas and says on-line -- she started this on-line chatting after she commented on a facebook video of weiner giving a speech saying on facebook that weiner and the speech was hot? a lot of people wondering what he's going to do now. not just that he's a congressman and outspoken congressman from new york, he wanted to become the mayor of new york. he's a man who won his district in new york city by a landslide in november. that wasn't even his strongest performance in history. mary snow has reaction from some of the people he represents. >> and ali and christine and kiran, when you talk to his constituents that's one of the things they bring up immediately about the fact that he was a heavy favorite to be mayor of new york city in 2013.
4:04 am
now the question is, can he hold on to his congressional seat? >> i haven't told the truth. i've done things that i deeply regret. >> reporter: it was an emotional confession by democratic new york congressman anthony weiner admitting he lied about sending a lewd photo of himself to a woman over twitter. >> to be clear the picture was of me and i sent it. >> reporter: earlier in the day more compromising photos of the congressman were posted on andrew breitbart's conservative website soon after, congressman weiner's office scheduled a news conference. as reporters waited for the congressman, a surreal atmosphere took hold when blogger breitbart showed up at the event and took to the podium. >> i want to hear the truth. i want to hear the truth from congressman weiner. i would like an apology for him being complicit in a blame the messenger strategy. >> reporter: breitbart was looking for vindication, saying
4:05 am
left wing blogs accused him of hacking congressman weiner's twitter account and it was not true. when the congressman appeared, he did apologize to breitbart, the media and his constituents for misleading them. he admitted communicating inappropriately with six women over a three-year period through e-mail, facebook and twitter. the congressman was most emotional when talking about his wife, choking up several times. >> look, my wife is a -- my wife is a remarkable woman. she's not responsible for any of this. >> reporter: congressman weiner expressed regret for his mistake, but also made it clear, he has no intention to resign. new yorkers in his district had mixed emotions. >> he's a very well-respected politician, especially in this area, and some were taken aback by this whole thing. >> actually, i'm glad he's not resigning. what he does on his personal time is his business. >> scary that, you know, a political person that we elected
4:06 am
would be able to do something like that. >> he should resign. >> and having spent some time in anthony weiner's district last week, it comes as no surprise to these constituents that anthony weiner is now admitting that he lied and many of the people we talked to last week were very suspicious and some said, you know, they weren't so concerned about the picture itself, they were taken aback by the way he handled this and interviews he did last week. >> interesting new york journalists errol lewis told kiran he has to worry about the reputation of being more of a show horse than a work horse. this overshadows a lot of things he's done in terms of policy and the like. >> he is very popular in the district and as you heard some people there say, they don't want him to resign. but one thing also that we've been hearing is the silence from other democrats in new york. >> those in the new york delegation. very interesting. >> very telling. >> mary snow, thanks so much. new details this morning about the injuries sustained by yemen's president after the attack that happened last week on his compound.
4:07 am
u.s. officials say that ali abdullah saleh suffered burns to 40% of his body. also that he has an collapsed lung and shrapnel wound nearly three inches deep. he's in saudi arabia recovering from two operations. it's still not clear if he will attempt to return to yemen. jurors at casey anthony's murder trial will be hearing more forensic evidence today. a key prosecution scientist yesterday said there was an overwhelmingly strong odor of a decomposing human body in air and carpet samples taken from the trunk of her car and testified he was shocked about the unusually high levels of chloroforms in those samles. prosecutors claim she killed her 2-year-old daughter in 2008. she could face the death penalty. the presidential medal of freedom will be awarded to german chancellor merkel tonight. merkel and president obama will be holding talks today with the euro zone debt crisis and war in libya topping the agenda. the two leaders met last night
4:08 am
over dinner at a washington, d.c., restaurant. a spokesman for the chancellor says she told the president germany will overcome its economic crisis and emerge strengthened. ahead on "american morning," a deadly police shooting during what was billed as urban beach week in miami. a guy who taped it says police smashed his cell phone. you won't believe the amazing lengths he went through to preserve this video. we're going to have more on that. >> the political fallout from congressman anthony weiner's admission he's been sending sexually charged messages and photos to half a dozen women on-line. two of our political experts weigh in. >> we're asking the same question. congressman weiner confesses, what should happen to him next. here's a sampling of what we're getting from you. leave him alone focus on the real issue, storm damage, economy, jobs, out innovating and teaching, wars and troops. keep your comments coming. tell us on facebook. we will read some of your thoughts later in the program. boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh.
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4:12 am
all right. the truth is out but that's not the end of it for new york congressman anthony weiner. yesterday he admitted tweeting a lewd photo to a young woman and having inappropriate exchanges with others he met on-line. >> to be clear the picture was of me and i sent it. i am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused my wife huma and our family. and my constituents, friends, supporters and staff i haven't told the truth. and i've done things i deeply regret. i brought pain to people i care about the most and the people who believed in me. and for that i'm deeply sorry. >> weiner is now facing a house ethics investigation, nancy pelosi announcing that about an hour after his news conference yesterday. he says he will not resign. the question is, can he survive
4:13 am
politically? joining us from washington, democratic strategist keke mcclain and republican analyst ed rowlands. let me start with you, i'm sure you were watching yesterday afternoon when weiner made that tearful admission. what in your mind happens next? >> well, i think this is about his relationship with his constituents. ultimately, i think people are worried about the big issues we've been dealing with before this, about the fiscal crisis, debt ceiling coming up. i think they're far more interested in making sure we find jobs. this is a distraction and it's disappointing, but frankly they'd rather ed and i be talking about who has a better idea to deal with the debt ceiling and put people back to work. >> we're not. one reason why there's silence from democrats who would rather be talking about these things and aren't and p.o..ed at him. >> to a certain extent it's more than just a distraction and the diminishing of a man who two weeks ago or three weeks ago was a proud man and considered a
4:14 am
very bright and serious incumbent. he is being ridiculed by his colleagues and across the country. no one's going to think of him as very smart again. he isn't a potential may irer of new york he will be the number one target of republicans in his state. without being a serious challenge. he will be the number one target and he can be -- may be primaried. at the end of the day go back to congress, you're riddled, not taken seriously. what kind of a career do you have? as i said he's a proud man, don't want to pile on him, but i think to a certain extent this is the beginning and i think there will be more that will unravel. >> ed you're busy with other things, signed on to work on michelle bachmann's campaign, which is everything just short of a little bit of a declared presidential campaign. she's going to be participating in our cnn republican debate on monday. is she going to run and what are her chances of winning if she does? >> she does not have a campaign
4:15 am
yet. i've joined to give her advice on how you do this if you do choose to run. i think she will. she's a tremendous individual. she's very articulate. she's a leader of the tea party. you know, i think the key thing if she does run, she has a tremendous opportunity to sort of follow the pattern of mike huckabee whose campaign i was involved in four years ago. she will be a strong candidate in iowa, born in iowa, she is the first republican woman to ever respect a neighboring state minnesota. she has a tremendous opportunity to go to the religious right, which she's articulate, very intelligent. a great story that hasn't been told. the mother of five. she basically took foster -- mothered 23 children. hard core kids who basically needed help and so i think to a certain extent she understands america and she's going to be a great candidate. >> ki ki, want to get your take on that. there has been this either or. people have said if sarah palin
4:16 am
runs and michelle bachmann can't or vice versa given some have compared their constituencies, what would the democratic response be if, indeed, michelle bachmann was going to be in it to try to unseat president obama? >> well, the democratic response is going to be, show us what you can do to help grow this economy, bring more jobs together and put a responsible budget together. but one of the things that i have to say i'm really excited about, regardless of partisanship in this, is the concept that people are talking about sarah palin and michelle bachmann really without talking about their gender. that this is about who they are, the constituencies they represent, the positions albeit as far to the right as where i would like to be, they are in this game for what they believe in the constituencies they have. that's something for the republican primary and caucus system to work out this year. ultimately the republicans will have to look at them and say how will they fare in a general election, what will they do to make sure our priorities are met and deal with a responsible
4:17 am
bipartisan budget. i think one of the things that will be a draw back for both of them as candidates they have a certain amount of hyper partisanship in their scope. >> that's an issue, ed. there's hyper partisanship, the fact that the strongest people in the republican primary may not be the strongest people to run against president obama. because the hyper partisanship does not, as you know, exist in america as much as with the parties. >> re-elections are about an incumbent. at the end of the day if a country wants an alternative they will look to the republican party. the first part is winning the nomination. we are a conservative party, center right party and you have to appeal to that. independents are the key. someone like bachmann and others, gets great appeal there, winning in a state like minnesota shows she has great -- but it's a long ways to go. let's see where we are a year from now and four years ago right now, a guy named president -- now president obama was ranked number 99th and no one thought he would beat hillary clinton. so there's a long ways to go
4:18 am
here. >> i would say the first part of the process is raising money. can she raise money and raise money if it's sarah palin and michelle bachmann. >> she has raised more money than anybody in congress. she raised $15 million for her race last time. she has a grass roots $40, $50 contributors and a gigantic list. >> we've met her. she's come on the show many times. willing to talk about many different issues and a pleasant person but has made comments in the pascualing global warming a hoax talking about issues, calling for, perhaps, an investigation into members of congress that may or may not be anti-american. other things that are going to be sort of tough hurdles to cross. >> at the end of the day you've got to be 100% accurate or whatever you say and i think the key thing here, if she does become a candidate, which i think she will, she will have a good team around her and we'll make sure that everything is fact checked and obviously she's smart, she's on the intelligence committee, so she can talk about a lot of different things.
4:19 am
i think the key thing is, she's, you know, only -- this is her fifth year in congress and at the end of the day she is someone who's going to grow and the country will benefit. >> she's going to have a good team and with ed she has the best. >> i appreciate that. >> we all know that this morning. >> candidates have to be able to stand on their two feet and show good judgment and if some of the extreme points of view she's articulated before are those that she continues to articulate, regardless of the kind of council she has, that's going to hurt her in the long run. >> lots to see on that. kiki thank you for joining us, the democratic strategist, ed a good friend of our show, republican analyst and will be advising michelle bachmann in what we expect to be a presidential race. good to see you as always. right back, 20 minutes after the hour. the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you.
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it's 22 minutes past the hour. minding your business this morning. futures are trading up after four straight days of losses. investors nervous about the country's economic outlook. ben bernanke could shed light on uncertainty in the markets when he speaks at the monetary conference this afternoon. the dow was down more than 61 points, the nasdaq and s&p 500 also closed lower yesterday. president obama's top economic adviser austan goolsbee is leaving his post. the white house announcing yesterday goolsbee will return to his position at the university of chicago's business school. the white house has not yet named a successor. new estimates on the thunderstorms and tornados that hit last month show it could cost insurers four to 7 billion that's according to a disaster modeling firm. that estimate rivals the losses from hurricane hugo, the seventh
4:24 am
most expensive of all time. ford unveiling a strat ragy to boost sales. the plan includes growing in asia and selling more small fuel-efficient cars than suvs. are sa security offering to replace the secure i.d. tokens after admitting a security breach. the companies tokens are used by companies to protect corporate and personal information. a study by core logic athat appears in this morning's "wall street journal" finds nearly 40% of homeowners who took out a second mortgage and used the cash for other things like vacation, medical bills, cars, they now owe more than their home is worth. don't forget, for the latest news about your money, check out the new "american morning" will be right back after this break. i will send this to shelley. yeah. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour.
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deadly police shooting happened on memorial day in miami beach. police firing shot after shot into a car killing a man. >> this was all caught on tape but the police may not have wanted us to see. the person who shot the video says they harassed him, cuffed him, smashed his cell phone. >> brian todd has the tape and spoke to the witness. take a look. >> reporter: you're about to witness what appears to be a chaotic shooting scene in south miami beach. at just before 4:00 a.m. on memorial day, a car driven by a suspect comes to an abrupt stop on collins avenue. this video posted on youtube apparently shows police
4:29 am
surrounding the car and then firing. police kill the suspect, raymond herisse, miami beach police tell cnn herisse used his vehicle as a weapon that morning, that he had struck and injured an officer with his car when the officer tried to stop him. but an eyewitness says police used intimidation to cover up their actions. here you see video from that eyewitness from street level. >> he got to be dead now. >> reporter: then watch how police approach that eyewitness. one appears to have a gun drawn. >> we have that eyewitness and his girlfriend who was with him at the time at a miami bureau. cnn has purchased the video from narces benoit and his girlfriend ericka davis. narces, can you tell us what the miami beach police said and did to you when they first approached you. >> he was like you get the "f" away from here, get away, get back to your car. that's what i did. i walked back to the car with my hands up. i turned around, the officer had a gun to my head.
4:30 am
>> reporter: benoit says the police got him out of the car at gunpoint, handcuffed him, made him lie face down, grabbed his cell phone threw it on the ground and stomped on it and placed it in his back pocket. uncuffed him, took him in for questioning demanding the video. he told them the phone was broken. >> how were you able to hide the video and preserve it? >> the video was saved to my sim card. i put it in my mouth. >> how did the memory card not get ruined being in your mouth? >> i don't know. i do not know. >> erika, what do you think the motive of the police officers was in behaving the way you say they did? >> they just wanted the videos. that's all they were concerned about. >> reporter: contacted by cnn about the alleged incident with benoit and davis, a miami beach police official said the department will not comment on anything that could be the possible subject of civil litigation or an internal police investigation. but the police official also said at the time this video was shot, this was an active crime
4:31 am
scene and the police were looking for additional suspects. miami beach police chief carlos noriega said this about the shooting incident involving raymond herisse. >> responded to what i consider to be a situations involving deadly force. >> reporter: ericka davis says this as she looks back on the incident. >> my mother is even an officer, you know, and i'm used to dealing with police. i've never had a view like that. of an officer in my life. i mean, i'm shaking just thinking about it. >> narces benoit and ericka davis said police took over people's cell phones and smashed them as well. a police official told us that's speculation and he's not aware of any complaints about that. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> wow. >> amazing. >> that is -- that's some scary moments. first of all to take that thing. the business about taking the sim card out, i mean -- >> put it in his mouth. >> i get they're pretty senitur >> survive that, falling in the
4:32 am
batht bathtub. >> one of the things about the video, sometimes it's hard to tell what's happening and sometimes it's unmistakable what's happening. from the police point of view they're trying to put together what happened. >> i'm sure there they're going to be put it together. i don't understand the smashing of the cell phone. the cell phone, if they think there's pictures on it, that becomes evidence. so that's -- they're going to have to do answering about that. >> half past the hour. top stories. confirming confirmation from officials of japan's fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant, they say three of the plant's reactors experienced full meltdown in march. until now the plant's owner avoided that term suggesting fuel rods were broken. but not completely melted. four powerful explosions rocking the libyan capital of tripoli overnight. the blast taking place near moammar gadhafi's compound. nato aircraft reportedly carrying out these attacks. >> ali abdullah saleh, supporters say he plans to return to yemen to resume his post as president once he recovers from his injuries.
4:33 am
had he's in saudi arabia recovering from two operations. u.s. officials say he suffered burns to 40% of his body, had a collapsed lung and serious shap nel wounds following an attack on his compound. the truth comes out. congressman anthony weiner admitting he was sexing and slipped up. >> last night i tweeted a photograph of myself to send as part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realized i posted it to twitter i panicked and took it down and said i had been hacked. i then continued with that story, to stick to that story, which was a hugely regrettable mistake. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi has called for an ethics investigation into weiner's conduct. it leads us to our question of the day, now that congressman weiner has confessed to this, what should happen next? >> here's some of the responses. heather on our blog writes this is getting blown way out of proportion. sending naked pictures of
4:34 am
yourself is not illegal. he didn't pay anyone off, take any bribes are misuse campaign funds. >> i've got one here that says -- from bell. leave him alone, people need to realize politicians have lives. he did nothing wrong and should not have had to apologize. we're getting a lot of people, you know, defending him or saying don't do too much. i do think it sort of stretches a little far to say he did nothing wrong. >> brin on the blogs says -- i'm not sure if this committee can do that. >> although he did briefly mention yesterday at that press briefing maybe i will seek some professional help, i'm not sure at this point, but sort of opened up the door to that. >> dr. jeff garr deer showing up. >> we'll ask what he thinks about what led to this and how maybe you can, you know, overcome. america loves a comeback story. >> and also loves to use sex addiction for a cop out for
4:35 am
things wrong. couldn't help it. i'm an addict. >> thousands of people are evacuating their homes in eastern arizona this morning. one of the worst wildfires in the history of the state is growing larger. it's increasing in size by more than 20% in the last 24 hours alone. and it's already burned a quarter of a million acres. forecasters are calling for more windy conditions over the next few days. >> rob marciano is in the extreme weather center right now. what's the situation? >> more heat, more dry weather, and more wind as you mentioned. we've got a critical fire danger in this area. a little storm that's pulling out of the rockies towards the north and effort will accentuate that situation and the big blocking high that has been buried offensive the southeast part the of the country not moving that much. eastern arizona into a lot of new mexico and northern texas and that situation really isn't going to change over the next couple days nor is the heat. some of the larger cities as far north as minneapolis seeing record-breaking heat again. temperatures well into the 90s
4:36 am
in some cases, up and over 100 degrees in some of these areas. laredo texas, 107, houston, 105. minneapolis 97 and st. louis, it can get hot there 97 as well. the heat will continue today. couple in the humidity as these temperatures measured in the shade, 98 degrees is what it will feel like today at least in st. louis and tomorrow we're looking at really no better situation there. temperatures in new york, 89 degrees. 92 in chicago. so almost everybody having to endure this. how about a cooling thunderstorm? that will be nice not if severe. rough weather moving through northeastern ohio right now from cleveland up to ashtabula along i-90 towards erie, a severe thunderstorm that has probably golf ball sized hail and potentially winds gusting to 75 miles an hour. thunderstorm watch has been issued by the storm prediction center across eastern ohio and western parts of pennsylvania. let's go south into the southern home miss fear, chile where the
4:37 am
volcano continues to erupt and spectacular photos taken from it. lightning flashes seen in the ash cloud. such turbulent updrafts and downdrafts and the nuclei the dust causing the static electricity. this about 600 miles south of santiago. it last erupted in 190 after they had a huge earthquake. it's possible the earthquake we had this past year, may have loosened some things up there. so spectacular sight. they got about 2,000 or 3,000 volcanos in that country, about 50 or 60 are active. nonetheless flights canceled across that part of argentina and chile and also about 4,000 people that have been forced to evacuate their homes because of this thing and no let up in sight. spectacular pictures nonetheless. nice to look at. you don't want to be close to it. >> no pictures look like that from space. it is -- those are remarkable
4:38 am
pictures. thanks. there's an international manhunt basically for the source of an e. coli outbreak. 22 at last count people were killed by this e. coli outbreak. a very nasty and dangerous piece of bacteria. dr. sanjay gupta will be up next on what this scare means for you. >> remember when the auto companies were going bankrupt and talking about bailing them out and problems. ford didn't get a bailout but you know how much that stock which by the way might be in your 401(k) or ira is up because it's part of the dow. >> how much. >> 780%. >> and it didn't take the bailout money. >> the boss from ford, one of the guys responsible for that to tell you what they're doing. meetiight be new things from fo coming up next. uh, laugh lines?
4:39 am
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beautiful shot of new york city. 70 degrees right now. it's been a perfect, perfect few days. coming to an end, though. up to 89 degrees in new york city today, but no rain in the forecast. summer afternoon, spring afternoon in new york, but no rain. the ford motor company was one of the -- was the only one of the big three that did not take a government bailout back in 2009. its stock, which is probably in your ira or 401(k), take a look at that chart, is up 780% since then. a lot of that success can be attributed to the fact that in 2006, the founding family brute brought in a man named alan ma lally from boeing to run the place. engineer by training and took drastic steps. ford has been profitable for two years and unveiling a plan to increase its sales by 50% in less than to years, mainly by growing in asia and selling more
4:43 am
small cars than suvs. the ceo joins me now. >> good to see you. >> we have been following your plan, drastic back then. ford had to make some big changes earlier than your competitors did. so by the time these bailouts came around, you were a little bit ahead of that curve. you would have had the same problems except you started earlier. >> absolutely, ali. it's, you know, it's been fun to do this with you and your coverage has been great because those decisions that we took five years ago are what we're seeing the results of today. >> right. >> one, focus on the ford brand, aston martin, land rover, volvo, family of vehicles, small, medium large, cars, utility trucks, every new vehicle from ford best in class fuel quality, fuel efficient, safety, smart design and we have the foundation now to serve our customers everywhere around the world. >> so the decision to buy a car is influenced by some key factors that may not have to do with ford. they may not have to do with the fact you a good car or best in
4:44 am
class, whether you have a job, whether you can get credit and what gas prices are right now. those three things do seem to be head winds for you right now. >> they certainly are in the near term. we saw a slow down in the first quarter especially in the united states and the gdp expansion. and a slow down over the last couple months especially with the fuel prices moving up and the economy slowing down. but again, we are committed to the long-term, we invested during the worst of times, because we want to be there for the consumer as the economy starts to expand. >> can they get credit? your' seeing a lot of customers. people thinking they should be able to qualify for credit and can't get it? this was a big problem two years ago. >> credit is available. about ford when you go into a ford store we have our own ford credit company so we can take care of one-stop shopping whether you want to lease, buy, we can help you with the financing too. it's available. >> talk about where your growth is going to come from. you are looking at increasing your production by 50%. asia will make up a third of the sales. you're increasing the number of models in china and in india,
4:45 am
but my buddy greg morrisson a producer in atlanta said are you expecting a global demolition derby? who is buying the dollars it's a growth industry. we're in about 74 million vehicles worldwide in sales and that's going to go to 112 million over the next few years. so, tremendous growth industry and as you pointed out, ford is really positioned well. for example, to your point, in india we're going to go from three models up to eight models, in china going from five models to 15 models by mid-decade. we are going to have 60 to 70% of the entire coverage of the market with ford. >> asians are generally smaller people than americans are, so we're probably going to get some design dictated by asians, smaller people driving smaller cars. and we'll get used to that in america. is the tradeoff we can get jobs out of this in america. >> absolutely. another neat thing about the ford plant is that because we have gone to global platforms and we hit, for example, on the
4:46 am
focus side size you can get an suv, hatch back, sedan, sports version, all in the same platform and because we do that worldwide, we can make that more most affordably. the united states is a great market for small and medium sized vehicles like they are for large ones. but i think over time, the customer requirements for quality, fuel efficiency and safety and smart design that's going to be applicable whether you buy a fiesta or dynamite f-150. >> kiran who you met a few minutes ago, they had a ford tempo, escort, mercury and taurus in the day, and says -- >> we love her. >> because -- she doesn't love ford as much as a result and christine said that, you know, they used to say in the old days friends don't let friends drive fords. you a bit of this to contend with. people who drove fords years ago why would i do that when i can buy a lexus, honda, or toyota. >> i understand. this is really an important point because in the united
4:47 am
states, in the past, we could not make money on smaller vehicles and that's why we concentrated on suvs and trucks. and quite frankly, the smaller vehicles were we made were not the best in class. when we decided five years ago, that we're going to have a full family of vehicles, and we went to the uaw, we got agreement to make cars in the united states do it profitably, fixed our cost structure, converting truck plants to car plants and that commitment to the consumer best in class no matter what size, quality, fuel efficient and safety, a time to take a look at ford. we have the vehicles people are going to appreciate. >> good to see you and congratulations on the slow and steady move that you've had at ford. we look forward to continued success for you and your competitor. >> ali, it's such a neat story for the united states. we are fighting for the sole of manufacturing, so important for our -- for us, for our country and for great jobs and great careers. >> hope there are more of them. good to see you. >> kiran?
4:48 am
>> all right. thanks. still ahead, the e. coli outbreak, trying to get to the bottom of the situation, thinking it could be bean sprouts, but tests they've done on a german farm coming up negative right now. we're going to be joined by dr. sanjay gupta with more on this investigation into food safety. >> and we got to the bottom of the situation with anthony weiner. the congressman who tweeted a lewd picture of himself to a woman in seattle now the question is, can he rehabilitate his life and his career?
4:49 am
50 minutes past the hour. here are your top stories. congressman anthony weiner admitting he sent an inappropriate photo to a woman on twitter and naughty messages
4:50 am
exchanged with several other women and says he is sorry but that he is not resigning. yemen's president suffered burns to 40% of his body when his compound was attacked last week. u.s. officials say that ali abdullah saleh also suffered a collapsed lung and serious shrapnel wounds and he's recovering in saudi arabia following two serious shrapnel . he is recovered in saudi arabia. >> the markets are expected to open higher this morning after falling for a fourth straight day. a look at futures, all up right now, the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p 500. apple about to change the way users access information. the company unveiled its new icloud yesterday. it is a free service that let's you store music, pictures and other information on the internet instead of on the hard drive of your computer or on your mobile phone. a season without a championship. the dcs has stripped the university of southern california of its 2004 national football championship over rekruting violations. you are caught up on the day's
4:51 am
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4:53 am
it looks like we are getting that type of weather heading our way in new york as well. 93 in new york city is not fun. >> no, it is not. >> scientists are desperately trying to determine what is behind a deadly e-coli outbreak. it has left 22 people dead and more sickened across europe. officials say that no trace of the bacteria was found at a german bean sprout farm, where it was suspected to be the source of the outbreak. >> they are still waiting for additional test results. dr. sanjay gupta is in atlanta. sanjay, is there a risk to people in this country? american airlines was not serving salads on its international flights trying to make sure that whatever it was contained there? >> well, at this point, i think the risk is pretty small. there were four people affected by this. they were people who traveled to germany and traveled back to the united states. that's typically how it is going to get spread. it has spread through 12 different countries over there. a lot of people are focused in on this to figure out from where
4:54 am
it is coming. a heightened sense of vigilance. the risk of people getting it in this country is small, certainly, from person to person. now that all these warnings have been sort of raised, i think beyond these four people, it will be unlikely you are going to see many more cases. >> the outbreak has sickened thousands of people so far. i believe that you had mentioned also this was a particularly virulent strain of e. coli. is it unusual for so many people to be ill and more than two dozen people to die? >> i think so. this isn't the largest outbreak we have ever seen in the world. that was back in '96. i think what's unusual are a couple of things. first of all, you are getting large numbers of people overall. the numbers grew pretty quickly. this is one of the types of strains we have not seen before. it appears to be very virulent. it makes the toxins, the toxins make people very sick. out of the 2200 people that have
4:55 am
become infiected, more than 600 of them have developed a serious complication, where they have problems with their blood, not clotting properly, serious complications. i want to point out something else. 60% of the people who have been infected are women and 70% of the people who develop the most serious complications of this are women. women, for some reason, a little bit more affected. it could be because of their food choices but that was also an interesting point that investigators are starting to clue in on. >> they seem to have established it is not the bean sprout farm in germany. how do you figure out where this comes from? >> it is interesting. we did a whole investigation on these sorts of food contaminations ourselves about a year ago. they don't know for sure at this point that it wasn't the bean sprouts. what they can say is so far, the testing they have done has been negative. what i will tell you is that the testing may continue to be negative. they may never have a clear answer as to exactly from where
4:56 am
this came. this is a rudimentary process. i think it will surprise you. it relies on literally asking people what they ate sometimes several weeks before, how much they ate of it. what other family members had the same food, from where they bought it. you probably can't remember, ali, what you had for lunch yesterday. you can imagine how difficult this is. that's how rudimentary this process is. in germany, in particular, you don't have a lot of the public health systems talking to one another. in different parts of the country, that makes it more difficult. the same problem here in the united states. tracings it back from the farm to the fork is a laborious process. >> even washing, e-coli can sometimes still linger, because
4:57 am
it is very sticky bacteria. >> they find with even with power washing these fruits and vegetables, they can be hard to clean. some of this is on the consumer, in terms of washing your hands and washing the food as best you can. not cross-contaminating the food. a lot is on the process, going from the farm to the fork, making sure that at the time this is being grown, it is not being contaminated in some way. the consumer can only do, as you are alluding to, so much here in terms of protection. the one thing i will say, for most people that do get infected, it is a couple of bad days. they are not going to get particularly sick or die or develop these serious complications. they may get cramping some stomach upset. that's about it. >> one of the interesting things is, when it is meat, you can cook it out. when it is a vegetable, especially if it is lettuce, it is poreous, it absorbs, hard to wash off. sanjay, thank you. stop stories right after the
4:58 am
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5:01 am
one of congressman wiener's sexting partners is speaking out. the man that broke the story, conservative blogger, andrew breitbart says, i told you so. he crashed the news conference demanding the truth. he will join us live on this "american morning." good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, june 7th. welcome to "american morning." up first, congressman anthony wiener finally admitting yesterday in a very interesting and at times bizarre news conference that, indeed, it was him who sent the photo of himself in his underwear to a woman on twitter. it came after more than a week of denials and deflections. take a look. >> i tweeted a photograph of myself that i intended to send as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realized i had posted to twitter, i panicked and took it down and said that i had been
5:02 am
hacked. i then continued with that story, to stick to that story, which was a usuallily regrettable mistake. >> that's not all. congressman wiener admitted to sending dirt pictures to six women over social media and lying about t he acknowledged one of them by name, megan brosard who claims she received this shirtless photo of congressman wiener, also posted by conservative blogger, andrew breitbart. who told more about their online relationship. >> he was eager to hear about if i wanted him or thought he was attractive or that sort of thing. >> how much of it was sectix ta? >> he would attempt all the time. >> wiener asked for forgiveness and says he intends to stay in congress. he is facing an ethics investigation now. kate bolduan is live in washington with the fallout. it started as silly and now has become something serious, kate. >> it has become something serious. we have received no official word or confirmation yet from
5:03 am
the house ethics committee on calls from the democratic leaders, nancy pelosi, for an investigation into this situation. that's not unheard of as the ethics committees are notoriously, as they probably rightly should be, very secretive and very quiet about any process they are undergoing. nancy pelosi called very shortly after this press conference happened for an investigation into anthony wiener's conduct wanting to know as she said in her statement, if any official resources were used and any other violations of house rules occurred. she added this, she said that, i am deeply disappointed and saddened about this situation for anthony's wife, his family, his staff and his constituents. anthony wiener issued a statement saying, i quewelcome willfully cooperate with any investigation. >> they say nancy pelosi's call
5:04 am
for an ethics investigation shows how furious, she and other democratic leaders about this situation. dana bash learned from a couple democratic sources, and this is note worthy, that this call came only after during a private conversation with anthony wiener that he made abundantly clear according to these sources that he was not going to resign. of course, democrats are noting and saying it is very note worthy and rare that a democratic leader like nancy pelosi would call for this investigation herself. as we talk about all of this, it is also unclear. i talked to ethics experts, what, if anything, he did wrong as the conduct of what members should or should do online seems to be very clear in terms of house rules. that's one of the big questions going forward. >> kate bolduan, you will be following it for us, thanks. we will get more on the congressional scandal later in the hour. we will speak to dr. jeff gardere and paul kallan and how
5:05 am
someone would put this all on the line for sexting. and andrew breitbart is going to be joining us with his take on everything that went down. he was asking for an apology from anthony wiener. he did apologize yesterday to andrew breitbart. we are going to hear from him. >> some say he commandeered this press conference. the media was saying, no, no, get there, so we can see you. >> we are trying to get some answers from him on what happened and others to take to the podium. >> it was odd. >> it was odd. >> we will ask him all about that. president obama is looking for a new chief economists. austan goolsbee is announcing he is stepping down less than a year after accepting the post. he plans to return to his old job as a teacher at the university of chicago. there was some question if he stayed out any longer, he would lose his tenure at the university. >> so he will be free and ready for the fall semester. if president obama hopes to earn a second term, winning ohio is
5:06 am
going to be crucial. that state has backed every victorious presidential candidate since 1964. >> that's why they call it the bell weather state. the president has visited ohio 14 times since taking office. his last trip came last week, stopping at the chrysler plan to highlight the auto industry's comeback. >> ken rollens is on the cnn listening tour taking pulse of the people in toledo home to rudy's hotdog stand. you got the better end of this stick, ted. i would have done a fantastic job at rudy's hotdog stand. you are listening. what are you hearing? >> reporter: rudy's is an institution, a great place to talk to people, six locations in toledo. the president stopped here and had a surprise hotdog, three hotdogs for $3.99. these folks are a great start to talk with some folks. pete and jenny and mita.
5:07 am
she is semi retired. you are saying your biggest concern is the economy. how tough is it for you? >> it is very tough with the price of gas and you go to the grocery store, everything is so high in the grocery stores. you go out shopping, clothes are higher. i am a sewer. i go to the fabric store and i notice, gee, the fabrics are getting so high. you can't afford to do anything. being on a limited income, we have to sit at home, watch tv and maybe read. that's all we can afford to do. we can't afford to go out to dinner like normal people do two or three times a week. we can't do anything like that. >> in the economy, it was the biggest issue so far. we were here yesterday during the lunch rush. republican and democrat, very concerned about the economy. the other theme that was interesting, people are very concerned about, is washington. people say they are sick and tired of the political parties
5:08 am
battling each other and not getting anything done. take a listen. >> why not just sit down and work out the problems here so that everybody can -- you are not going to have everybody getting along but you got to come up with a plan. i think it is enough of this democrat, republican and all that. i am tired of it. >> the folks are short-term in getting reelected and not more long-term, five, ten years down the line to get this drint back on the road it needs to be on. >> what would a politician have to do to get your support? >> number one, being honest with what they tell me that they are going to do. they got my vote, honesty. >> do you believe most politicians are honest? >> no. >> i believe most politicians are salesmen. you know, they can sell what you want to hear. that's what they are going to let you hear. >> that's really the theme, guys. people here.
5:09 am
if politicians want folks like them to support them, they have got to get over that barrier of the reputation of not being honest and not doing anything and not the fighting amongst each other to basically put a stalemate in washington. that's what we have been hearing so far in toledo. we will be here all day and throughout the week getting the pulse of america in places like rudy's. >> what time do the hotdogs come out? >> they are already working on them. i have my eye on the chili dogs. the president had two. >> ted rolands, thanks so much. the economy, one of those young ladies was talking about the economy being a real problem. in 30 minutes, we are going to talk to bill dara, his toledo company sells uniforms to police, firefighters, postal workers. we will ask him about the economy and what's happening for him there in ohio. congressman, anthony wiener, continues to dominate the news.
5:10 am
can he is yosurvive the scandal? chancellor angela merkel went out on the town. ten minutes past the hour.
5:11 am
5:12 am
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5:13 am
wonder if you all know this therm. anthony wiener has become the latest victim of oversharing. he admitted to trading sex and dirt online instant messages with as many as six women. >> did he violate any laws? can he rehabilitate his career? a lot of people are asking, why risk it? why, if you are somebody in a seat of power like that, would you risk having this happen? >> joining us now to talk about this, paul callan and former
5:14 am
prosecutor and clinical psychologist, jeff gardere. i want to know, what makes smart people do such stupid things about sex? i mean, sexting with people he doesn't know on facebook -- >> clearly, he got caught. it is not hard to think you are going to get caught. >> this is almost like a sexual russian roulette. you are doing something that is so stupid, it is almost crazy. so what's going on with him quite obviously, he seems to be a man who has some impulse control issues. he can't just control himself. that's part of it. secondly, there has to be a deeper pathology there, whether it is some sort of a depression. whether it is the stress of being the golden boy, whether he is a risk taker and he is getting off on that. it is something that can destroy, and as we can see, it may be destroying his career. the bottom line here is that he was not thinking. he was just in a situation where he was just fulfilling his own
5:15 am
pleasure principle. >> to some degrees, there are distinctions. we all have impulse control issues. that's why they put them at the end caps in stores and stuff when you check ou. is there a difference between impulse control issues when it comes to sex versus impulse control issues that cause me to eat too much fast food? >> i think there is a difference. what we are seeing here is a physiological need was being met for him, physical and psychological. there was something missing in his life. i believe there is a deeper pathology. this goes back to his childhood. if you have seen pictures of him, he was the classic nerd. i believe he had some self-esteem issues, self-perception issues. >> what is it about the picture of the bare chest? >> there is something else going on with that. let me wrap up by saying this. this is a guy who all of the sudden became a political rock star and couldn't handle it. all of the sudden, he went from nerd to superstar and getting all of that attention. who knows what else was going on? who knows what was missing in
5:16 am
his marriage? therefore, he acted out in such a crazy way. >> don't blame her. >> there was something missing with him. >> i want to ask, legally speaking, now nancy pelosi has announced, there will be a congressional investigation. as you have talked about, it is a murky, gray area when it comes to what laws are about social networking, about sending pornographic pictures and also about how it relates to government officials. >> sure. this is a brave new world with this transmission of stuff over the internet through twitter and other social media. i had a chance to look at the laws in texas and the state of washington and the federal laws on this to see if he could be charged. the french say, we are prude ish. maybe we are in the united states. transmission of a picture of his naked chest is probably not a crime, eve nn in the united states. on the other hand, if there are more graphic pictures and i am starting to hear rumors there may be more graphic stuff. >> conservative blogger, andrew
5:17 am
said he withheld a picture. >> even a truly pornographic shot would not be criminal to broadcast it over the internet, unless you were deliberately targeting a child. it would be a child endangerment violation. people talk about sexting, a lot of laws are being considered in states not allowing the transmission of pictures over the internet to children. it is always a situation where kids are involved. doesn't look like there are any kids involved with congressman wiener. my bet is, no violation of the criminal law. you started with ethics violations. nancy pelosi wants to investigate him. one of those pictures, the naked chest picture, looks like it was taken in his congressional office. for some twisted reason, there is a picture of obama, anthony wiener's wife and others behind him in that picture. >> and it is a shaved chest, which tells me that
5:18 am
psychologically, he was putting some real effort into trying to make this thing as sexual as possible. >> what you are saying, harry chests aren't sexy? >> i am not even going there. legally, i could have gone there and gone deeper. i am just going to leave that alone. >> from the standpoint of house ethics, i doubt they are going to have something that would be significant enough to throw him out of office. they could say he is using his personal phone to communicate when he should be only using it for business. are they going to throw him out of congress for that? it is not going to happen. >> this is the weakest, silleiet argue out there. companies make this thing. you can't do certain things on the work computer. this thing between company versus not. >> what happens when an executive calls his wife up and says, i am going to be home late tonight. is that personal use?
5:19 am
>> people who look at pornography, doesn't have to be child pornography. if they look at child pornography, they can lose their job. why is it different for members of congress? >> i am saying regular pornography. if you get caught looking up porn at many office places, that's an actionable offense. yet, in congress, they are saying, they are not sure. >> where did with he go from naked pictures to porn? >> if you are sending a pornographic picture or receiving a pornographic picture. >> is a naked picture by one pornographic. some people think it is art. >> i don't think i want to get into a picture of you. >> anthony wiener might. with respect to sending pornographic pictures over the internet, 25 years ago, they were putting people in jail for this. internet porn now is pervasive in american society, around the world. nobody gets prosecuted for it, zero, except in one situation, if it involves children. then, we step in and protect people.
5:20 am
now, you might lose your job if you are spending your time at a porn site when you are supposed to be work. that's legitimate. you can lose your job for not doing the paperwork you are supposed to do. it noiis not really an issue. if the voters want to throw him out of office, this is fine. who knows. this is new york. maybe he will get extra votes because of this. >> i doubt that. >> as he said earlier, people love a comeback. >> yeah, yeah. we have seen it with former governor spitzer. we have seen it with a lot of other people i believe at some point, he will make a comeback. this is a guy who is extremely bright but he has to be honest. >> he can't be forced into honesty. he has to be able to reveal everything as to what happened and seek help. there is a deeper psychological issue, especially if you are taking a picture of yourself and in the background is a picture of your wife and you are sending that out. >> talk about the honesty thing
5:21 am
for a minute, when was researching the house ethics violation, i was thinking, i can't find a specific rule that he violated. he stood up, did that press conference and he said, i'm innocent of this. he basically gave an impassioned plea saying he had been hacked and he never committed any offense. so he totally lied to the american public about that. you would think that that would be something you could be thrown out of congress for. but, of course, you can't throw somebody out of congress for lying to the american public. it is not a violation of congressional ethics. >> we will have to leave the conversation there. paul callan, doctor, great to see you. we are going to talk to andrew breitbart. why did he take to the podium at congressman wiener's press conference. he will be joining us in a moment, 22 minutes after the hour.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
almost 25 minutes after the hour. ford unveils a new strategy to boost worldwide sales by 60%, including growing in asia and selling more small, fuel efficient cars rather than suvs. consumer reports is out with their motor fuel efficient cars. honda fit, best sub come tact. toyota prius, best family car and ford escape hybrid, the best u.s. v. stocks were down. futures are up. dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 set to bounce back if this trend holds. you better have some deep pockets if you want to grab a
5:26 am
bite to eat with warren buffet. the annual charity auction for lunch with the legendary investor underway right now. the highest bid tops $2.3 million. the auction ends friday night. coming up after the break, the man who broke the congressman anthony wiener scandal and skrashed his news conference, andrew breitbart, will join us. he claims to be in possession of at least one more lewd picture of the congressman. "american morning" is back after this break. [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills.
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>> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects,
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and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. breaking news from libya right now. state television confirming dictator, moammar gadhafi's compound has been hit. power four explosions. it does seem there have been
5:30 am
some sustained bombing attacks in tripoli, libya this morning. we are getting new details about injures sustained by yemen's brez. ali abdula saleh suffered wounds to 40% of his body. he is in saudi arabia right now recovering from two operations. still not clear if he is going to attempt to return from saudi arabia to yemen. >> the truth comes out. congressman, anthony wiener, admitting that he was sexting and he slipped up. last friday night, i tweeted a photograph that i intended to send as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realized i had posted to twitter. i panicked and took it down and said that i had been hacked. i continued with that story, to stick to that story, which was a usually regrettable mistake. >> house minority leader, nancy pelosi, has now called for an
5:31 am
ethics investigation into wiener's conduct. the man who originally broke that story, andrew breitbart, got up on the podium before congressman wiener yesterday gave his speech and admission. here is a look. >> this was his strategy, was to blame me, to blame me for hacking. oh, don't worry, breitbart is our regular whipping boy. we can accuse him of anything and the press will not host those journalists in account no matter what they say. i am here for some vindication. >> joining me is andrew breitbart, publisher of and which broke the story. a lot of questions to ask. why were you on the podium yesterday? all the networks were about to cover the news that anthony wiener was giving a press conference and then you pop up. >> a strange series of events. i landed at laguardia. marsha cramer from the local cbs affiliate says, i want to
5:32 am
interview. i said, i'm just going to be going to my hotel right now. i am looking for her in the lobby of the hotel. she is not there. she texts me there is a press conference four blocks away. i don't think i thought about it. i just instinctively walked over there, walked into the ballroom and people surrounded me, started asking me questions. they said, we can't hear you, can you get on the stage. i said, am i allowed to do that? >> i walked over to the stage, thought i was just going to be using the microphone to project my voice, because i had bronchitis last week. had zero idea they would cut live. >> you were answering questions asked of you by some of the local reporters. >> look in "the new york times" today. there is a picture of me being surrounded by those people when i walked in the room. there is about 50 people. >> you went there to hear what anthony wiener was going to say about this. >> i can't tell you whether i came as a journalist or a spectator. i naturally went there. if i honestly if i started
5:33 am
hearing him. i didn't know he was going to apologize. i didn't know he was going to -- >> you demanded an apology. >> i didn't know he was going to fess up. if he started to dig in again and started blaming me, saying this is breitbart. he made this up. these photos are made up, i would have been there to grill him. i ended up becoming just like everybody else, witness to something that felt tragic and sad at an unbelievable level. >> it was tragic and sad but for you i imagine it was also vindication. >> yes, it was. >> you had said earlier when you were speaking that you wanted an apology from him and that you also had other photos including one that was extremely graphic that you felt would be detrimental to his family, which is why you didn't release it. you seemed to link the two, the apology and perhaps. >> no. i mean, i honestly feel that there is no reason to be as
5:34 am
cruel. i guarantee you, if they had the photo of me, they would have put it out there. i am not the cruel person that the media and certain people on the left think that i am. i guarantee you, that is a news worthy photo. i just don't think that -- i don't want to be known as the person that released that photo. >> so you will never release it now? >> here is what i will say. i am starting to hear from somebody that they are going to -- if they start going after the girls, if they start releasing stuff about the girls, some of the images that were sent to him as a way to tell girls to not come forward, i have the photo. i have no intention. i can't fathom that he would be stupid enough to start going after the girls and to start releasing photos of them that they have given. let it lie. okay? >> you have become quite a controversial figure in the world. the acorn video, the shirley
5:35 am
sarod saga and now this. how do you approach what you decide to hone in on for an investigation and a story? >> we do thousands of stories. the ones that end up having the biggest impact are the ones that you get known for. if it is a compelling story about political corruption, personal corporation, we go after them. >> would you go after a member of congress, a key member of congress as strongly as wiener. >> if they came to me with the story. here is the dynamic that's hard for people to accept this premise. people come to me when it is a story about a democrat, because they know if they go to abc, cbs, msnbc and "the new york times," they are dealing with a more liberal class. >> you truly believe that cnn didn't do a ton of digging on this story. >> on this story, here is what i have said about media bias. this poor, poor man did not benefit from media bias.
5:36 am
if your name is wiener and this story involves weiener, there i no such thing as media bias. i must give credit where credit is due. this story went to the level of seriousness and reached the culmination it did because of dana bash and her producer, ted barrett. they were the ones that were dogged in pursuit of the truth more than anyone. >> that was a very strange press conference. >> it has been a strange week. >> absolutely. sir certainly, your appearance at anthony wiener's press conference will go down in history as one of the oddest things we have seen in a long time. >> it was odd. >> thanks for joining us with your point of view. appreciate it. >> thanks, kiran. if you put this in the crisis p.r. management textbook, you would think, that is out of the possibility. you can be one of the case studies. >> don't prepare for this one, it is so weird. cnn's tour kicks off today. what issues matter most to voters in the ohio.
5:37 am
>> we are going to talk to bill darah. his company sells uniforms to police, firefighters, postal workers. decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea, and that's where the discovery comes from. now you can apply sunblock to your kids' wet skin. new neutrogena® wet skin kids with helioplex. the first sunblock designed to be applied directly to wet skin. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin kids instantly cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum protective barrier. with wet skin kids, your kids have full strength sun protection.
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in 17 months, voters in ohio will go to the polls to choose a president. chances are, they will pick the winner, just like they have in every presidential election since 1964. toledo has fallen on hard times like many american cities. teachers there are losing their jobs, firehouses are closing down, sanitation workers getting their hours cut. that's why it is critical to win the hearts and minds of people like bill darah.
5:41 am
he is the co-owner of superior uniform sales in toledo. we are checking in with him. good morning and welcome to the program. >> hello, christine. how are you? >> great. nice to see you this rng month, bright and early, bill. when we are talking about budget cuts, for a lot of people, that just seems like a budget story or a political story or a business story. for you, you sell uniforms to those people who are losing their jobs. for you it means how well your business can survive and grow. what do you see in there? >> it's been tough. we felt the recession, fourth quarter, 2008, '09, budgets were cut. this is mainly the first time that we have been affected this much, because the previous recessions never really touched policemen and firemen. this time, you see layoffs and
5:42 am
even in the health-care sector. the health care sector has been down. >> fewer uniforms or they are trying to make the uniforms last longer, because they certainly just don't have the money to go around. now, usually, you say, by june or so in the year, if things are looking good, four or five months, if you are holding steady, you can add work or project out for the rest of the year. you don't have that kind of clarity this time around, do you, in this recession? >> well, our business is up right now. '09 was our toughest year in our history. 2010, we saw a little bit of an uptick. as you say, the budgets were down. this year, i think you hit something, i think there is a lot of forced buying. forced buying, the clothes are literally worn out. some of our customers have to buy. the other thing is, we have not seen new-hires in '08, '09, and
5:43 am
2010. this is very unusual but there is a lot of retirements in the public safety sector and the cities, the counties, et cetera, are -- they have to start hiring people because the manpower numbers are solo. >> so we had a very tough time in '09. we saw a little uptick in 2010. are we out of the recession or not? nobody knows. >> technically, we are out of a recession. technically, this economy is out of a recession. if you look at the public sector and the unemployment rate and your order book, it sure still feels like one, doesn't it? >> we take it month by month. i think that that's the way all business people are doing it, in the old days, if you had a good first four months, you automatically assumed that it is going to continue and you are going to have a good year. now, we just look at month to
5:44 am
month. we are all conservative. that's a problem in this economy, that we have all become conservative. we are very tight on our spending. we only buy it if we absolutely need it. >> 58%, most recent poll, 58% disapproved of the president's handling of the economy. you are a republican. you consider yourself a republican. you voted for president obama in 2008. do you think they are handling the economy well for what they are trying to deal with? >> well, i've always voted republican in the presidential elections. this time, i did vote for president obama. it was more of a protest vote in that i was unhappy with the last administration and some of the things they did. i think a lot of people voted for president obama in protest of the bush jr. second-term. i think he is trying. i think he is a good man. i think he is trying hard. i think there is a lot of
5:45 am
in-fighting in washington. in order to get something done, people have to get together and follow a plan, get a plan going, get everybody on board and make it work. i think in washington, everyone is waiting for that person in office to fail so that will they can get their person in and it is hurting all of us. >> you are not the first person who we have talked to in ohio who has told us basically that same kind of feeling. superior uniform sales is the company. bill is one of the owners. thank you so much for joining us. best of luck as you try to 1/2 dw navigate through the rest of the year. be sure and join cnn monday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern live from new hampshire. republican presidential debate. 45 minutes after the hour.
5:46 am
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thuss of people evacuating their homes in eastern ads az. one of the worst wildfires has increased by more than 20% in the last 24 hours. markets open in 45 minutes. the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500, all up after four days of decline. abc has announced that katie couric will join the network and host a daytime talk show that will debut in 2012. she left the anchor chair at the cbs evening news last month. you are caught p on the day's headlines. "american morning" back after the break. st minute deal waiting for you. like at the 48 hour sale. this tuesday and wednesday only. be smart. book smart. took some wild risks when i was young.
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with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy. since then, doctors and scientists have made great strides. still no cure for aids, though. >> dr. sanjay gupta joins us live with a man that has spent
5:51 am
his life fighting this. it was once a death sentence. for some, it is a chronic illness but survivable. >> absolutely. the medications have gotten so much better. i have been a medical reporter for ten years. i thought i would be reporting more about what you guys are talking about, the idea there would be a hope for a cure or a vaccine. we are not there yet. cleve jones has known about hiv-aids for almost that entire time, 25 years now and what life was like back then versus now has changed a lot. take a look. >> welcome to san francisco. enjoy your stay. >> great to meet you. >> reporter: on the streets of san francisco, cleve jones is often treated like a celebrity. 30 years ago, on these same streets, in the city's castro district, jones and other gay men, were living with the nightmare of a new disease that had no name. >> by 1985, almost everybody i knew was dead or dying.
5:52 am
we lost 20,000 people in in county. >> reporter: this deadly disease finally got a name, human immu know deficiency virus, hiv, the virus that causes aids. this was long before the days of any life-saving drug dock dals. for victims of this disease, chances of survival, slim. >> we cried every day for ten years in this neighborhood. we buried loved ones every week in this neighborhood. >> reporter: cleve was determined to bring attention to what was happening. in 1983, he co-founded the san francisco aids foundation. four years later, he stitched the first panel of the aids quilt in this very building. that panel was for his best friend, marvin feldman. >> we wanted to reveal the humanity behind the statistics. we wanted to show that every single one of these people mattered. >> reporter: in 1985, he was diagnosed with hiv. eight years later, he had
5:53 am
full-blown aids. >> i was very sick for a long time. i did not think that i would live. we have a meeting at 4:30. >> reporter: he survived with the help of anti-retroviral drugs. he is doing fine now and still an activist currently fighting for the rights of san francisco's house keepers. he cannot forget how the hiv struggle changed him profoundly. >> we went through hell here and it is wa a hell that lasted a very long time. took from us some of our best and brightest people. we endured and we continue. i am very proud to be part of that. >> again, you know, he started the quilt project. i don't know if any of you have ever seen the quilt, it's huge, tens of thousands of these panels, six by three feet in size sort of morbidly, the reason they are six by three feet in time, at the time, that was the size of a grave. it is gigantic an still growing
5:54 am
in many places. we had it here in atlanta just last week. >> that's the amazing part. global aids concerns seem to be very different now than aids concerns in this country. 30 years after the first cases were identified here in this country, where do we stand in terms of advances and strides? >> the big benchmark that everyone is sort of talking about is a vaccine, something you could give to people to prevent this retro virus from taking hold. the trials are going on all over the world. 16 years ago, we thought we were really close and that failed. that's happened over time again. the medications that people can take to keep the virus at bay, to keep it from sort of continuing to replicate within the body, are very good. as you mentioned, it can turn this from everyone invariably dying as was mentioned by cleve jones, to a chronic illness, very real to people who can afford and have access to these medications. >> and continues to be a death sentence for people who can't.
5:55 am
that's worth remembering. >> thanks very much. >> it is 54 minutes after the hour. [ cherie ] i always had a job, ever since i was fourteen.
5:56 am
5:57 am
i could not make working and going to school work. it was not until the university of phoenix that i was able to work full-time, be a mom, and go to school. the opportunities that i had at the university of phoenix, dealing with professionals teaching things that they were doing everyday, got me to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood, i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at
5:58 am
that's a different shot of the white house. >> chancellor angela merkel is there from germany on a state visit. there is an official arrival ceremony taking place in 15 michbl minutes. she is getting the highest medal of honor. it is going to be a sweltering day in washington, sunny and 90 degrees in d.c. let's talk about something else going on in washington. what should happen to congressman, anthony wiener. here are some of your responses.
5:59 am
>> his elections have not been close. >> he wins by a landslide. >> his last one, which was the toughest, was better than 20 points over his competition. i am surprised at a number of the responses. some very clear-cut, he should go, lied, be punished and a whole lot that say no. >> i couldn't see anything along gender lines, trying to read between the lines of women who are likely to say, he doesn't have enteg grit. men to say, come on, it is his own silly problem. the lying after it is the biggest problem. >> that is what we have learned. the incident is one thing, the coverup is one thing else. >> if you put this in ari


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