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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 7, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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management textbook, you couldn't learn any lessons from it because it is so unique. there is one or two lessons about taking photographs. >> just don't. >> that's true. that's going to do it for us. thanks, guys. we should put ali in the middle of you two. >> i have been saying that for weeks. >> there you go. now, you are talking. >> what a way to end the show. >> christine has the tallest torso. that's why she gets to sit in the middle. >> kyra, great to see you. take it away. lots of news to cover. thanks guys, appreciate it so much. great to be back. 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. 6:00 a.m. on the west. i'm kyra phillips. here is a look at what you are clicking on. embattled congressman, anthony wiener, could face an ethics investigation for the sexting
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stan d scandal. aus sttan goolsbee is resigning. libyan state tv reported another nato air strike on a gadhafi compound. no details on damages or possible injuries. we know what congressman anthony wiener did, the lewd pictures, the sexy, racy messages and photos, the lies he told before he admitted the truth. now, the question is, did he actually break any of congress' own rules? >> i engaged in inappropriate online conversations with people that included photographs and it was a mistake to do that but i didn't -- i don't believe that i did anything that violates any law or any rule. >> congress is going to make that call. house minority leader, nancy pelosi, wants an ethics investigation. cnn's kate bolduan, covering that for us. kate, what are you hearing about
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whether he did break any rules? >> reporter: it is actually quite unclear, kyra. as you said, nancy pelosi has come out to call for this ethics investigation. in her statement, she said, she is calling for the committee to look into whether any official resources were used or any other violation of house rules occurred. i spoke with a well-known ethics expert this morning. he tells me that the rules about how a member of congress should or shouldn't conduct themselves or behave online are very unclear in this new age of twitter and social media. many other people are pointing to kind of an ar cane provision that members should conduct themselves in a man they are that reflect credibly of the house. that provision is not used generally as a stand-alone provision to sanction someone often used in conjunction of some other form of violation. the democratic leader has called for this investigation. we have no official word or
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response from the committee but that's not a survive as you well know. as you ran that piece of sound, it us unclear whether he violated anything. he is clearly lining up his defense already. saying it was personal time, personal accounts and personal devices, if you will, saying he doesn't think that he has done anything wrong, kyra. >> so, behind the scenes, he says he doesn't think he has done anything wrong. we know nancy pelosi has called for this ethics probe but do we know if nancy pelosi or any of the other dems have called wiener, sat down with him face to face and said, look, you have got to resign? >> i think the response that we have heard has ranged from notably, a near-deafening silence from some democrats and this immediate, near immediate call by the democratic leader to have this ethics investigation. clearly, democratic leadership trying to distance themselves
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from anthony wiener and, frankly, from this mess. we are told by democratic sources that nancy pelosis call for this investigation came only after a private conversation between her and anthony wiener where he made abundantly clear he was not going to design. that's why they are calling for this ethics investigation. i am teeld by democratic sources we should take this as a show of just how furious she and democratic leaders are about this situation and they are clearly trying to distance themselves from it now. >> kate, thanks. if one person is saying, i dold you told you so, it has to be andrew breitbart, a conservative blogger who first posted the pictures. he says he now has an "x" rated picture of the congressman that he is not posting. here is what he told cnn about that. >> i am not the cruel person that the media and certain people on the left think that i am. i guarantee you, that is a news worthy photo. i just don't think that, i don't want to be known as the person
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that released that photo. >> you will never release it now? >> you know, here is what i will say. i'm starting to hear from somebody that they are going -- if they start going after the girls. if they start releasing stuff about the girls, some of the images that were sent to him as a way to tell girls to not come forward, i have the photo. i have no intention. i can't fathom that he would be stupid enough to start going after the girls and to start releasing photos of them that they have given. let it lie. okay? >> breitbart also says he feels vindicated now by wiener's admission. wait a few more minutes and you will hear fra steve cran knacky has to say about this. he thinks he can forget about running for mayor of new york and being the liberal spokesman on tv. he also adds, he might need to reinvent himself if he even wants to stay in congress. we are getting word now on
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heavy nato bombing in tripoli. according to libyan state television, moammar gadhafi's compound has been hit. dan, what do you know and why is this strike so significant? >> reporter: well, i think what is significant is that we are getting a lot of daytime strikes that we haven't had in the past, just a couple of minutes ago, we had another one, which i think brings it to about 25 air strikes we have have had in the last four hours or so, including colonel gadhafi's compound itself according to the regime here. they also tell us that is the popular guard compound was hit and the revolutionary guard compound was hit, which is just over behind me a kilometer or so away. libyan tv station was also hit last night. they tell us two technicians were killed and 16 people injured. but, the real significance of this, according to one nato source that i spoke to, this is a turning of the screw on
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colonel gadhafi, a ratcheting up of the pressure as witnessed by this almost kind of constant bo bombardment for the last few hours. some of the air strikes very loud, sounding like they may be using a much bigger -- >> once again, our dan rivers having an issue there, as you can see, with our connection. we will continue to update you on that story. once again, a nato air strike on one of moammar gadhafi's compounds. we will continue to swrup date the story throughout the hour. >>. >> now, the deadly and mysterious outbreak of e. coli in european, the fears have spread across the continent and all the way to the u.s. now. this particular strain is resistant to drugs and unlike any ever seen before. let's talk about this more with chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta. we want to know how big this risk is? >> in the united states, the risk is going to be pretty small. the four people that got
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infected all went to germany. we are not talking about secondary infections. we are talking about people that are actually in germany. everyone is talking about this now. the vigilance is there. people are pulling food off the shelves. they are going to be a little more cautious about this. the risk is small. 12 countries, 2200 people. a lot of people become really sick. this is a rare form of this e. coli that makes this toxin in the body and causes death. >> we are talking thousands of people. is that unusual? >> it is no the largest outbreak we have ever seen. we have done a lot of reporting. the largest e. coli was back in '96. this is big, widespread. it is most unusual in that 600 or more people now have developed what is known as hus. hemo lit tick you're remick syndrome. people's blood stops clotting. their kidneys start to shut down. 70% of the people that develop that serious complication were also women.
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it may be because they are eating more of the con dam nated food. >> thanks. >> welcome back. >> thanks. great to see you. also all are advice during my pregnancy. after last week's attack, ali abdullah saleh suffered a collapsed lung and burns over his 40% of his body. his medical treatment encourages more questions about his return. hi, max. >> the concern is this power vacuum in yemen. we have heard today that the tribal fighters have seized the opportunity. they have taken control of a major city calls taiez. fighting continues and people killed overnight and fighting in
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abian. that's a real strumhold for al qaeda. they appear to be getting stronger with this power vacuum. yemen's brace for power as the president vows to return. yemenis have celebrated the autocratic president's abrupt departure. it has left a deep power vacuum. broader conflicts that would mire the country in civil war. the australian writing with a nightmare scenario in yemen. so this is about revolution, wrapping this whole area up. it is about al qaeda as well. >> max foster, thanks. sarah palin may have upstaged mitt romney's announcement he is running for president but romney tells, cnn, hey, no harm, to foul.
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jim acosta following that story from washington. hey, jim. >> hey, kyra, good morning. might be no big deal for mitt romney that sarah palin was up in new hampshire last week. if you look at a new abc washington post that came out, mitt romney is basically neck and neck with president obama in a hypothetical matchup for the 2012 presidential election. this is despite the fact that sarah palin had that very high profile, very visible bus tour up the east coast where she ended up in new hampshire. coincidentally enough on the same day that mitt romney was announcing he was running for president. romney, the former massachusetts governor, was on piers morgan last night. sarah palin said she didn't mean to step on any toes. piers morgan asked romney about that last night. >> she does things like that, where she basically says, well,
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he can be as nice to me as he likes but i'm going to ruin his day. >> she really didn't ruin my day. >> in a lot of respects, it is the best thing that could happen to me. right now, your greatest enemy is overexposure. people get tired of seeing the same person day in and day out. >> romney might be on to something if you look at these new poll numbers in the abc news washington post poll, sarah palin does not do quite as well, no the nearly as well as mitt romney does against president obama. she is somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 points behind the president in a hypothetical matchup, kyra. >> sort of an unusual matchup, shall we say. what the heck is miley cyrus, what does she have to say about rick santorum? is she even old enough to vote yet? >> you know, i don't know if she is, kiran, to be quite honest with you. she is old enough to get the support of my daughter, who is a big hannah montana fan. that is unfortunately, the case.
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i hope i don't get in trouble for that. rick santorum had his big announcement yesterday in pennsylvania, that he is running for president. he has pretty much a long shot chance of becoming president at this point. after he did an interview on abc talking about his presidential bid, he went on a radio talk show and was asked about the fact that miliary cyrus has been tweeting basically the fact that she doesn't like rick santorum's positions on gay marriage. rick santorum is very much against gay marriage. miley cyrus took aim about that. he was asked about this on the radio program. rick santorum said maybe he will hold out hope for lindsay lohan's support coming up in the presidential race. i'm not sure that's going to help him either. >> my guess is he probably should stick with miley cyrus versus lindsay lohan. great to see you. i'm sure your daughter will love the shoutout. don't worry. you are not going to be in too much trouble. we will have your next
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political update in just about an hour. for all the latest political news, go to our website, the lewd pictures and steamy messages might be the end of congressman wiener's can rear. at the very least, they could put the brakes on his ambition. he is plenty am bishciobitious. he had to confess to his wife, who happens to be one of hillary clinton's closest aids. we will talk more about huma abudine just ahead. [ male announcer ] breathe, socket. just breathe. we know it's intimidating.
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comedians should be thanking congressman anthony wiener for all the material. stewart defended him before the truth came out. >> 4:25, eastern standard time, this story officially became sad. you know, we forget sometimes. i certainly do. that these people are human and that's a lesson that's going to stay with me until i turn back to the camera over there and do a little bit on the john edwards story.
6:18 am
>> so everything wiener has worked for could be in jeopardy now. if you ask steve cran knacky with this sexting scandal, he will say, pretty much. >> you have covered this guy. you know his reputation, tell us more. >> not so much his reputation on what he does in his personal life but his reputation for how he handles himself in politics. when you consider this scan tall against that, it starts to look like the question comes out, why would he want to stay in politics? he has given everyone the impression that he is really not interested in being a day to day member of the house are not interested in working behind the scenes to kraft legislation to come up with strategy to push things through the house. he is interested in using the seat to run for mayor of new
6:19 am
york. he already ran once. wanted to run in 2009, got pushed out by mike blumberg and has been running since then. he has wanted to use the seat to be a tv star. he has been one of the most visible talking heads for the last couple of years. that was tied in with running for mayor as well. in the wake of this, running for major is basically out right now. at least for 2013. you look at the television side of it, i think he has really kind of got to be contrite and low profile for the next, i don't know, year or two. i'm not sure what the statute of limitations is on that. if you take away the television aspect and you take away the mayoral campaign, there isn't much left to the congressional career of anthony wiener. at that point, you wonder, does he want to stick around? if he does, will he have to reinvent his role in congress? >> can he reinvent his role? listening to you, it sounds like he didn't do much but pump his ego and try to be on television
6:20 am
all the time. should he just resign? do you think he will resign? what do you think of him saying i am not going to resign? >> most politician ns this situation their initial instinct is not to resign. if he doesn't resign in the next few days or week, the more significant question is what is happening a year from now. new york state is due to lose two congressional seats. there is a limited number of seats within the state that are at risk of being eliminated. anthony wiener's has always been one of them i think a development like this, when you consider he doesn't have that many friends in politics, that many friends in albany where this decision is going to be made, even within his own party. i think this development makes it much more likely his district will be eliminated next year, which will leave him a choice, do i run for re-election in a district i can't win or do i call it a day then? that's the real thing to look forward to right now. >> we will be watching, steve
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cornacki, always good to talk to you. a lot of words you can't say on television, nothing like the band handed down to french journalists. the taboo terms, facebook and twitter. coldwell banker. we never stop moving.
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i'm kyra phillips and i'm on twitter. you can follow me on twitter. what i just said there, that would get me in big trouble if i was on french t vchl. journalists have been banned from inviting viewers from following them on facebook and twitter and any specific social media site. max foster following that story. explain this one to us. it has us scratching our heads. >> it is peculiarly french. there is a law outlawing clan des tyne advertising, promotion of a brand outside the boundaries of recognized publicity avenues. outside the outbreaks, you can't promote other products. that's a law they are enforcing on this, particularly the body enforcing it is called the superior audio visual council.
6:25 am
here is a quote from them. christine kelly writes, facebook and twitter are commercial brands like coca-cola or l'oreal or many others. so this is all about commercialism. also, i have to say, there is lots of comment, even in france, that this might be a bit anti-american. if they were french social networking sites, the laws wouldn't be enforced. >> what are the penalties if a journalist does violate the band right now accidentally or otherwise? >> at the moment, they are just making a warning. in theory, they could end up in court. as an anchor, you have to refer to social networking sites, follow me on social networking sites. there are only two main ones, really, aren't there, in the western world. that's all you can say. you can't refer to facebook or twitter. be careful what you say when you go to france. >> i will be very careful.
6:26 am
hopefully, i will get to go back someday. max, thanks. quick question. do you know who this woman is. she is the wife of washington's most newly disgraced politician but also a high-profile washington insider and close confident of hillary clinton. you are going to get to know her a little better next. >> how about this for a corporate perk. a year's supply of beer. that's what one company is giving away. you have to get hired first. we are going to go back to the new york stock exchange for details. and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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new york congressman, anthony wiener, you may not heard of him before the scandal erupted. the same may be true for two other key players, his wife, a long-time aid to hillary clinton and andrew bright bar, a conservative blogger that pushed it all wait to yesterday's scandal. >> i'm deeply apologetic first and foremost to my wife, to the many people that put so much faith and confidence in me that watched me make this terrible mistake. but, everyone that i misled, everyone in the media, my staff, people that i lied to about this, they all deserve an apology. >> mary snow, i know a lot of people talking about his wife and how she feels right now but also andrew breitbart and his
6:30 am
role in all of this. let's start with him. >> kyra, he was the first one to post this lewd photograph of congressman wiener on his website. yesterday, we saw a 26-year-old woman come forward to say that she had had an online relationship with congressman wiener. andrew breitbart says that that woman had come to him through a third party, a friend of the woman's had put him in touch with andrew breitbart and that he then shared her identity with abc news and that interview was broadcast last night. andrew breitbart yesterday during the day had started posting embarrassing photographs of congressman wiener once again. it was just hours later that the congressman came out admitting that he had these inappropriate relationships and that he had been lied to. andrew breitbart said he wanted to be vindicated.
6:31 am
he has been a controversial figure in the past. i won't without out that his credibility had been questioned. you remember shirley sherrod, she had been forced out. an excerpt of her speech had appeared on his website. it appeared she had been discriminated against a white farmer. that was not the case. >> he ended it with a political purpose, making it sound like she was saying one thing and she really wasn't. we saw how that all blew up in everybody's face. we haven't heard a lot about wiener's wife. we can just imagine what she is going through, how she is feeling. we are sort of, i guess we are wondering what she is going to do next. we noticed that she was not there at the news conference. she wasn't the woman standing by her husband's side. we also know she is a very close friend of hillary clinton, a
6:32 am
close aide to hillary clinton. can had hillary clinton went through a sex scandal of sorts. i wonder if his wife called her for advice. there is an interesting dynamic there that we are curious to know more about. >> she is someone who you see her constantly by the side of secretary of state, hillary clinton. she reportedly started working for mrs. clinton back in 1996 at the white house and has been at her side ever since. we don't hear much from her. to give you a sense, democrats really speak so highly of her and, yesterday, democratic statgist, james carville, had said on our air, she is one of the most popular people in the democratic party saying that democrats are furious with anthony wiener for putting his wife through this. she is someone who is also in a "vanity fair" article written by
6:33 am
jonathan alter recently. it was a profile of hillary clinton. in it, it says, huma had been married the same month as chelsea clinton. this made her feel she had two family weddings at the same time. that's how close they are. >> she is a strong woman. her reputation is out there as that. we will watch this as it continues. mary snow, thanks so much. the bottom of the hour. here is a look at what you are clicking on. ju >> european officials meeting over an outbreak of e. coli that hayes killed people. no skeconcern about it spreadino the u.s. police claim he tried to con physical kate his video of the shooting. police officers put a pistol to his head and smashed his phone after he started recording. actress reese witherspoon is slamming actors who have been part of sex tapes and scandals.
6:34 am
she made her comments at mtvs movie awards. serena williams coming back totten nis tou to the tennis tour. a series of health problems have sidelined her. she is excited she is healthy enough to compete again. jeff shell joins me in 20 minutes with usc's huge loss and other top stories in sports today. paid time off, discounts, summer fridays. these are some of the types of corporate perks that many of us get used to. in sill acoicone valley, a star tech company is shaking things up with more creative kind of perks. allison kosik with more on what they are drinking, i guess we should say. hey, alison. >> welcome back. this tech company is offering a year supply of beer, $10,000 for
6:35 am
a cash bonus. it is offering a new wardrobe including skinny jeans buddy holly bicycle glasses and a complimentary mustache grooming for the men there. this is being offered by hipster, a start-up company. this website offers what they say, a fun way to get information specific to where you live. your city. hipster announced these incentives on wednesday and so far, kyra, it has 500 applicants but it is hiring just three to four people. not bad. nothing like a little beer to get people to apply. >> hey. they know how to deal with the bad economy and how to encourage people to get -- well, are these types of incentives more common place in silicone valley, you think? >> i think they are. these creative incentives are a big deal in the tech world. i think they almost need it. it is common for these tech companies to wind up poaching employees from other companies.
6:36 am
analysts say it is this constant struggle going on to try to retain workers as start-ups grow into these big tech companies. google raised salaries by 10% because many of the employees were moving over to the younger facebook. when google started, it posts workers from microsoft, ibm, yahoo!. what comes around, goes around, kyra, i guess. >> good to see you. thanks so much. >> the city that banned toys and happy meals tackles a very different childhood issue. san francisco voters get set to weigh in. are you ready for this? circumcision. that's next. yep. the longer you stay with us, the more you save. and when you switch from another company to us, we even reward you for the time you spent there. genius. yeah, genius.
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>> a lot of people say they want government out of their private lives and focusing on things that matter. take kra krarks the government is broke, jobs are scarce, schools are crumbling. guess what issue san francisco voters will tackle this fall? circumcision. a group opposed to the practice got enough signatures on its petition to actually get a ban on the ballot. our weekly contributor, lz granderson joining us now. lz, lz, oh, my goodness.
6:40 am
you definitely speak your opinion here in this op ed on a lot of things tick you off about the issue. the idea of government where it doesn't belong and people dismissing the potential health benefits of circumcision. what's your main problem with this campaign? >> my main problem is just nosey people. i don't understand. if someone came up to me and said, hey, i want to stop parents from deciding to circumstance couple size their newborns, would you sign this form? i would tell that person to get out of my face. i can't believe thousands of people in san francisco say, it is a good idea to tell parents what to do with their children. >> anti-circumcision activists say. there is enough of them to get this on the ballot. they say, this amounts to mutilations. you say to them? foreskin ban. that's what i say. a comic book written by one of
6:41 am
these organizers. this is the person helping to lead this conversation. that's what i would say to them. >> they will also say, oh, lz, come on, if both you and all of us here argue freedom of choice. you say parents should have the freedom to decide their son's medical treatment, anti-circumcision folks say, it is the son who should have that freedom of choice. now, from what i understand, they really don't have the ability to do that while they are in the hospital, when they are just born. okay. when they are old enough to make a decision, that leaves them the opportunity to do that. >> i am about choice. i certainly could understand the rational behind that argument. one thing this ban doesn't make any provisions for is religious practices. it is an infringement on our constitutional rights. beside it impeding upon a parent's private decision about their son's general tail ya, it is also unconstitutional. i don't know who these people
6:42 am
are in the state of california, because there was also discussions in santa monica as well about having this ban. i don't know who these people are. i just want them to go away. >> if you keep writing about it, we will keep talking about it. it is always good to see you and read your columns. happy monday or tuesday. >> thanks so much for having me. taking a page from the tea party playbook, a group has formed a hat dilatino voters. it is called the tequila party.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> let's take a look at stories going cross country. despite a frantic effort to hold back the water, 600 people have been told in hamburg, iowa, to evacuate their homes because of a levee breach on the missouri river. it isn't expected to crest until mid to late june. a group of latino leaders have organized a new political movement called the tequila party. 50 people turned out in tucson, arizona for the first rally. organizers say the group's aim to get more involved. zsa zsa gabor's bel-air mansion is for sale.
6:46 am
the asking price, $15 million. the couple would like to move closer to the hospital where she has been receiving treatment. let's get in-depth, shall we. this week, we are on a listening tour to see what americans think about the economy, politics and a number of other issues they hold dear. ted rolands, in toledo, ohio. >> reporter: we are at rudy's hotdogs, a tradition in toledo dating back to 1920. they are getting ready for the lunch rush. andreas and harry are the ownerses. what are your customers' biggest concerns when you talk about the economy and politics and specifically washington? >> what they talking about is they need jobs.
6:47 am
in order for them to pay the bills, they have to have a job. without a job, this he cannot survive. >> absolutely. >> that's important. >> reporter: the economy, the number one thing. we were here yesterday just after the lunch rush. we talked to a lot of people. one of the themes we picked up, a lot of disgust with washington and political infighting between the two parties. take a listen. i guess we are not going to take a listen to them but we will listen to you guys. we were talking about this earlier. people are generally disgusted by the fact that the democrats and republicans can't seem to get together to accomplish anything. is that what you are hearing? i know that's what you feel. >> you hear that. if the two parties don't getting to, the president ain't got no power to do anything. so that's disgusting when you don't have people to work together. it is like my brother, we work
6:48 am
together all over the years. we accomplish something. if we don't work together, we won't have nothing. >> even though sometimes you disagree, isn't that right? >> yes. we must give unity. if we don't have unity, we never achieve nothing in life. grown men, like you say, in washington, everybody has different opinions. they must get together and solve the problem. this is what you are going to do. otherwise, you are not going to get nowhere. who is the person who suffers? it is the people out there. >> it is not there. >> it is not the president or the congress suffers. it is people. >> that is bwhat we heard yesterday from a lot of people, general disgust with washington in that they are not getting anything done. these guys would run the country very well. >> i was going to say, with all
6:49 am
the political scandal, we need these guys running for office. treat each other for family. there you go. feed them that good food. >> yeah. >> ted, thanks. they are going to keep talking his ear off, i bet. we just got started with the brothers there. the boston bruins watch a teammate get hurt on a blindside hit. then, they come back to put an eight-goal beating on vancouver. sports in seven minutes. boost nutritional drink. oh! it's smooth, it's creamy. and fulfilling! really, really nice tasting. it's easy to hold. this beats anything else i've tried. i'll go along with that. boost has 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein to help you stay strong and active. it's delicious. wonderful. i want another one. and i'll recommend it to anyone. use boost. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication,
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6:52 am
all right. quick check of the big board. dow industrial up about 32 points right now. all right. let's take a look at headlines making news today. 11:00 a.m. eastern. republican presidential candidate tim pawlenty discusses his pan at a speech in chicago. and president obama welcomes angela merkel. after that the two will hold a joint press conference and 9:00 p.m. eastern the miami heat faces off against the dallas mavericks in game four of the nba playoffs. miami leads the series, two games to one. all right. we're following lots of developments. let's check in first with kate bolduan on capitol hill in washington.
6:53 am
kate. >> the top democrat is calling for a investigation, following anthony weiner's confession. more fallout coming up at the top of the hour. besides the heat there was lots of geological activity today. 4.2 earthquake southwest of st. louis. and that volcano continues to erupt. we have fantastic pictures, in the next hour. >> i'm dan rivers in tripoli, the libyan capital where we've been witnessing the most intense bombardment since the nato campaign began. 29 explosions, ek koeg out across the city. more in the next hour. >> all right. thanks, guy, also ahead the next hour, denver bronco can't play football with is h teammates so david bruton plays kickball with students. he becomes a substitute teacher during the lockout.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
make sure some of them are pure michigan. your trip begins at i'm glad you admitted the only reason you're leading with sc. losing, you went to ucla. >> this is such a grudge match. >> it is. my college still reigns, we have more wins than you. >> it's truex none of yours count anymore. ucla fans, gloating at least for a little while. it's an ugly time in college
6:57 am
football. new allegations about ohio state and sc. bcs stripped southern california of its national title because of ncaa violations. big one, former heisman trophy winner reggie bush got improper benefit, a/k/a money. bush had his heisman taken away. they've been banned from bowl games. you have to wonder which is school is next. stanley cup finals, can't forget the bruins bite in game one. go ahead, bite me. ugly hit for vancouver, erin rowe. delivers a late lineside hit. rowe, for this one. tossed out of the game. horton carried from the ice on a stretcher. no word yet whether he'll be back for game four. it was motivation for the bruins, they broke a scoreless tie, scoring four goals in the second, four more in the third. boston wins 8-1, vancouver wins
6:58 am
that series four games to one. i'll keep bringing up usc in trouble. >> he said he was fed up then fessed up. cnn's jeanne moos on congressman weiner's break down. >> reporter: it felt like a firing screwed. water works that mattered came out of his eyes and sniffling nose. >> i've done things i deeply regret. i -- i am deeply regretting what i have done. >> reporter: sorry to the media for all of the stonewalling he did. >> you wouldn't know if this is your underpants. >> i appreciate you continuing to flash that at me. >> reporter: it's pictures like this that flashed out at conservative website that
6:59 am
congressman's goose was cooked. >> i don't know what i was thinking. this was destructive things to do. >> reporter: some of the pictures were playful, flashing a sign with his wedding ring fully visible and he had family photos behind him, the owner said he didn't publish the worst photo. >> it's of an x-rate nature. >> reporter: the person p congressman weiner apologized to mostly was his wife. >> i love my wife very much and we have no intention splitting up over this. >> reporter: how thinged have changed how he referred to his wife just over two months ago. >> she's lovely, elegant, brilliant and widely respected throughout this town. so, obviously opposites attract. i do the weiner jokes around
7:00 am
here, guys. >> reporter: now everyone is doing them even a sausage restaurant, is advertising a special. >> it's called anthony's wieners. >> reporter: two hot dogs, drizzled with olive oil, 6 bucks while supplies last. it's given the new restaurant a nice little boost. >> it's juicy and delicious. >> reporter: no juicier than the scandal itself. >> this was a very dumb thing to do. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. 7:00 a.m. out west i'm kyra phillips, here's what you're looking at. anthony weiner could at mitt to the secretary scandal. investigators have not been able to link bean sprouts with e. coli. more tests to determine that
7:01 am
cause. and japanese officials confirmed three reactors suffered full meltdowns. here's why congressman anthony weiner could face an investigation. he admits sending inappropriate messages and pictures to hatch a dozen women over three years. he's quick to add there's nothing physical, though. he also said his wife knew what was going on before they were married but didn't real liz he kept those online antics going after they were married and he claims he didn't break any laws or rules, didn't use a government blackberry and won't resign. weiner also had to at mitt all his denies over the last couple weirs were lies. >> last friday night i tweeted a photograph that i intended to send as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in seattle. once i realized i posted to twitter, i panicked and took it down and said i had been hacked. i then continued to stick to
7:02 am
that story which is a usually regrettably mistake. >> and he made one of those hugely regrettably mistakes less than a week ago to cnn's wolf blitzer. >> you didn't send that photo to that woman in washington state? >> i did not send it to that woman in washington state. >> but you're not 100% sure the photo is actually -- >> what i am going to say we're doing everything we can to try to answer that question. we're doing an investigation. i want to caution you, photographs can be doctored, photographs can be manipulated, taken from one place and put in another. >> now that the truth is finally out, it's time for the next step. house minority leader nancy pelosi called for ethics investigation. cnn's kate bolduan is covering that. what are the rules when it comes to internet use, kate? >> it's quite unclear, that's what i'm hearing from experts as a short answer. the democratic leader, as you well mentioned called for this
7:03 am
ethics investigation, she's in her statements, she wants the commit dwree look into whether official resources were used by anthony weiner and what he was doing and if any other violation of house rules oh ur canned. many people pointing to one provision in the koefd conduct. it says -- generally said the member shall conduct themselves in a manner that respects credibly of the house. many are saying that that doesn't stand alone as a way to sanction a member very typically and also used in conjunction with another violation, very clear violation, if you will. one expert said clearly to me, the rules surrounding how a member should or shouldn't behave online, on the internet are very unclear in the new age of social media. it will be up to the ethics committee to wade through the murky code of conduct rules if they decide to take this up.
7:04 am
we should say the ethics committee should not mention a word. which is notoriously tight-lined. >> also, weiner is in the is seventh term, he's very well known on the hill. what are his colleagues saying about him? >> if anything is helping anthony weiner, the house is in recess. it's easy for them to stay silent. that's one thing we've been noticing, the near deafening silence of his colleague, also to note that right after, almost immediately after that press conference that anthony weiner held, democratic leader said nancy pelosi is calling for investigation. that shows how furious democratic leaders are about this whole mess. it's ranging from deafening silence to trying to distance themselves clearly from anthony weiner in this mess.
7:05 am
>> thanks, kate. this morning, we're getting a better idea how badly wounded yemen's president is after last week's military attack of the u.s. government officials are telling us that ali abdullah saleh suffer aid collapsed lung and burns over 40% of his body. he vows to return to power. right now troubling questions hang over yemen's government and many people fear that the instability will only fuel the strength of the militants. we have a closer look at those concerns. max foster with us in london. hey, max. >> hey, kyra. there's a power vacuum clearly, tribal fighters are taking advantage of that right now. you've got today, a gunman, tribe balan tribal gunman taking troeft city where the president was injured. especially in an area you have
7:06 am
islamic militants, al qaeda in that country trying to assert themselves, one side you got what many would see as legitimate revolution taking place, but also al qaeda trying to capitalize on that situation. the australian writing, nightmare scenario in yemen, the challenges in yemen could hardly be greater. the original demands for dempsey and freedom remain as valid now as they have been since the start of the arab spring. the independent in the uk say yemen is braced for you power battle as the president vows to return. yem yemenl yell mennys said it coming night a broader conflict that would ignite the country in civil war. many want them to know, others say be careful what you wish for. >> we're getting breaking news
7:07 am
out of tripoli, nato warplanes, dropping bombs on the city and according to tv. mom moammar gadhafi's compound has been hit. dan rivers joining us from tripoli. what are you hearing about the damage, the casualties? >> yeah, we're hearing that president -- sorry, colonel gadhafi's compound has been hit, according to officials here, as well as a couple of military compounds, on local television. they were saying that it was a continuous crusader, colonial bombardment, paid for by catch-offs. also that local television has been hit yesterday, according to government officials here, killing two and injuring 16. as far as what we've heard ourselves here, an incredibly intense bombardment, the most intense since its campaign began. we counted 29 explosions echoing
7:08 am
out across the city with a great ball of smoke coming up behind these trees here. it sounds as if they are using bombs, much louderhan we've heard before. nato itself is remaining pretty tight-lipped, saying it's an ongoing operation, and one source i spoke to, maybe saying they are turning the screw on colonel gadhafi and lashing out the pressure. >> all right. continuing to follow that breaking news after getting word about that attack on moammar gadhafi's compound. meanwhile, a police shooting in miami beach causing controversy. first, the shots rang out and then the witnesses who shot that video say that the intimidation began. we have the full story in about ten minutes. and the economy in a rut. so is congress. an analyst doesn't expect much to help us out of it and second
7:09 am
economic stimulus, is it in the cards or not? we'll have more on that story straight ahead. over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve. and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired.
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to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol now, and maybe up to 8 in a day. or...choose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. enjoy the flight. this morning at the white house, president obama rolls out the red carpet. this afternoon they'll sit down to discuss several issue, including their differences. tonight at the state dinner, the president will award the presidential medal of freedom. that's the nation's highest civilian horne. also at the white house, president obama's top economic advisers stepping down. austan goolsbee said he'll
7:12 am
return to teaching. the successor not named. economic indicators are pointing to slower growth and more americans are looking for work. housing market is also in the tank. don't count on congress. although washington is in a rut. economy is in a rut as well. alison kosik is in washington, what do we see on theside lines. mg congress has done a lot for the economy since 2008. bailed out banks, auto industry, extended unemployment benefits. put out money for infrastructure projects, extended bush tax cuts. all of that cost money. trillions of dollars, now the government reached its debt limit. that means it can't borrow any more money. at this point it look like it boxed itselves in.
7:13 am
don't expect another stimulus from congress. you under this, it's a political hot potato. >> if the economy continues to slow down, something has to be done. what about the federal reserve, can it do anything? >> it can. there's been a lost talk on wall street lately about what the fed can and cannot do. right now the fed is buying hundreds of billions of dollars of bonds. what this is is a type of stimulus. it pumps extra cash into the economy. the thing is this program is expiring at the end of this month. the question, will the fed step in again? we'll look at clues when p ben bernanke speaks this afternoon. we're hearing other federal officials saying he doesn't expect more bond buying, another saying it's too soon to consider but department rule it out. the bottom line with this, looks like policymakers really seem split on what the answer is on what to do. don't expect anything unless the economy takes another turn for the worse and then you may see the fed step in.
7:14 am
kyra. >> allison, thanks. >> hollywood golden girl slams some of hepeer's behavior. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ but for some of us with overactive bladder, our pipes just don't work as well as they should. sometimes, i worry my pipes might leak.
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7:16 am
that's how splenda® is sweet...and more. an oscar winner takes on hollywood bad girl, barry manilow gets inspiration from an unusual source and katie couric's big announcement. "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer is here to talk about all three.
7:17 am
what do you think? should we talk about katie? >> are you ready to talk about katie? she's doing syndication. of course with her stature in the industry, her move over to abc where oprah was, a lot of people are now anointing her as a successor to oprah winfrey. she spoke with katie couric last night. she's what she had to say about that. >> nobody can replace oprah, and, you know, it makes me uncomfortable that people are even suggesting that. i think there will be a vacuum for intelligent conversation. i think in the afternoon, and i think no one will be the cultural icon that oprah has been and will continue to be. but just an opportunity to talk about important issue, and to have conversations that will hopefully enlighten people and help them leadbetter lives. it's just a very exciting proposition for me. >> i think she'll be great at it, too.
7:18 am
the yet to be named show will premiere in september 2012 in the 3:00 p.m. time slot where general hospital currently airs. despite a statement of support for gh. fans are naturally speculating this announcement could mean the end of the 48-year-old soap. you know, kyra, soap fans don't take that news lightly. they are not going to go down without a fight. >> did you watch soap, a.j.? >> you know what, in high school. my friend steve and i walked home from school and watch "general hospital." i'm not ashamed to admit it. it's so goofy to me. >> we'll talk about rick springfield. okay. something else we both did as kids, barry manilow, but inspired by britney spears, really? >> barry writes the songs that make the whole world sing. he needs to look somewhere for inspiration. manilow told the "l.a. times" that he was working on his new album at the time brittny was being hounded by the paparazzi.
7:19 am
he looked at everything that happened at spears p in that horrible time and all of that attention was what is responsible for her memorable outbursts. here's what manilow said, it seems like a thing to write an album about. every artist has their news and for barry it's brittny. >> can't wait to hear the cd. reese witherspoon trashing the idea you need a sex tape to get famous. >> i think she has the gravitas to do something like this. reese was on stage and tried to inject a little common sense into the up and coming starlets. she told the audience while it may be cool to be a bad girl, you don't need a reality show to make it in hollywood. not to mention a sex tape. watch what reese said. >> when i came up in this business, you made a sex tape, you were embarrassed and you hid
7:20 am
it under your bed. if you took naked pictures of yourself on the cell phone, you like hide your face, hide your face. >> and she wrapped it up by saying this, for all of the girls out there, it's totally possible to be a good girl, i'm going to try to make it cool. kyra, i'm hear to say, you make the news cool. we're happy to have you back. congratulations. we're very excited for you. good to see your face on tv. >> thanks, a.j. you got to meet the twins, i know they'd love you, they want to go out on your boat. >> hey, shhh. >> i'll keep that on down low. if you want any breaking news on any entertainment. a.j. is your guy, "showbiz tonight" tonight on hln. news across country, now, one of the worst wildfires in arizona history, threatening new mexico, smoke from the massive fire caused four flights to
7:21 am
albuquerque to be diverted yesterday. the fire already burned more than 230,000 acres. the fbi was called in to investigate a bizarre incident in army reserve center in california. someone broke into the base, and symptom a humvee and crashed it into the gate. the hip-hop star taking his first steps after being critically injured in a jet ski accident. he shot to fame in 2007 when his debut song "beautiful girls" hit number one. a disturbing story out of miami beach. a police confrontation, barrage of gun fire all caught on tape. one witness said when the shooting stopped, the police intimidation began. here's cnn's brian todd. >> you're about to witness what appears to be a chaotic shooting scene in south miami beach. at 4:00 a.m. on memorial day, a
7:22 am
car driven by a suspect comes to an abrupt spot on collins avenue. this video apparently shows police surrounding the car and then firing. police killed the suspect. raymond harice. police tell cnn he used a weapon to stop a vehicle. but they used intimidation to cover up their actions. here you see eye witness video from this person. watch how police approach the iwitness. >> we have that eye witness and his girlfriend at the time. cnn purchased the video from he and his girlfriend. narsis, can you tell us what the miami beach police said and did to you when they first approached you? >> it was like, get the "f" away from you. and walk back to the car. that's what i did.
7:23 am
i walked back with my hands up. i turned around, officer had a gun to her head. >> benoit said police got him out of the car, handcuffed him. grabbed his cell phone, threw it on the ground and placed it in his back pocket. he said they later uncovered him, took him into n to questioning and took the phone again, deened maing the video. >> how are you able to hide the video and preserve it. >> the video was saved to my sim card. >> how did the memory card not get ruined being in your mouth? >> i do not know. >> erica, what do you think the motive of the police officers was in behaving the way you said they did? >> they just wanted the videos. that's ha they were concerned about. >> contacted by cnn, a miami beach official said the department will not comment on anything that will be the possible subject of civil
7:24 am
investigation or internal police investigati investigation. but the police official said at the time this video was shot this was an active crime scene and police were looking for additional suspects. miami beach chief said this -- >> they responded to situations involving deadly force. ericka davis said this -- >> my mother is even an officer, i'm used to dealing with police. i never had a view lake that of an officer in my life. i'm shaking thinking of it. >> narce se benoit and ache rica said they took other cell phones as well. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> we're keeping a close eye on a presser, new york mayor michael bloomberg speaking onnen aunrelated topic. we're going to see if he says
7:25 am
anything about a settingixting scandal. boston bruins come back to put an eight-goal beating on vancouver. sports in minutes. and e. coli outbreak in europe. experts don't know where it's come from, so how do we know where it's going? dr. sanjay gupta fwhaes. weighs host: could switchco ally save you 15% or more on car insurance?
7:26 am
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the deadly and mysterious outbreak of e. coli in europe, the fathers have spread across the continent and all of the way to the u.s. this particular strain is resistant to drugs unlike any ever seen before. chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta said there's no cause for panic. he explains why in the daily dose. >> i think the risk for further infection is small. there may be a few more but certainly not many. we know the people who developed this infection so far are people who traveled to germany. this isn't occur by secondary infection, it's more by primary contact, people in germany. also more attention on this now,
7:29 am
vigilance about food being pulled from shelves. people paying more attention. i think we'll see many more infections in the united states. we know this rare strain of e. coli has been a particularly nasty bug. 12 countries have been affected and 600 of those 2200 people have developed serious complication of this. something known as hemolitic syndrome. which can be fatal a. we know that 70% of people who developed that complication have been women. we don't know why that is. it could be because of the food choices that women are making, and those food choices being that potential source of contamination. i think what is most fascinating about this, and something we've talked about for some time, it can be really difficult to figure out from where this came. all of the steps between the farm and the fork, where was this bacteria introduced. was there a contamination on the field itself. we investigated this in the
7:30 am
spinach e. coli outbreak. for example, it can be challenging and sometimes you never get an answer. food being pulled from shelves, a lost farms investigated, certainly in germany. from the consumer, basic stuff apply, wash your hands, wash your vegetables, although it's difficult to get the bacteria out. wash your hand, and don't cross contaminate food. make sure there's no further contamination, the food that is now making it to store shelfs is free and clean of that contamination, as we get more, we'll bring it to you. back for now. >> all right. it's half past the hour, time to see what you're clicking on. libya's embattled government said nato air strikes have damaged buildings and injured civilian, our crews in the capital report more than 25 explosions today. trial is resumed for casey anthony, the florida mother
7:31 am
accused of killing her 4-year-old daughter. scientists say the decomposing human body is the only explanation for the term in the trunk. anthony weiner admits to the sexting scandal that he now admits to. >> and of course the weiner story is comedy gold and the late night guys, all of the easy and free material. we were interested in w what jon stewart had to say. why? he and weiner are kind of friends and stewart kind of defend him before the truth came out. >> the most exciting thing about having a friend caught up in the scandal of this nature, finding out, "a," he's packing jumbo heat, and, "b," he is ripped. i can't believe this guy and i are the same [ bleep ] age, that's my problem. here's a picture of me from this
7:32 am
morning. how -- how good is the congressional health care plan? >> and, of course, congressman weiner is part of the political buzz. it's a look at hottest political topics of the day. each of our brilliant political observers gets 20 seconds to answer these question. robert zimmerman. will cane, cnn contributor who leans to the right and sam seder. author of fubar. america's right-wing might nair. first question, breaking the law or breaking the rule, does he deserve to lose his job. robert? >> leave it to my party to have a sex scandal when no up with's having sex. it's pathetic. anthony weiner is beyond
7:33 am
pathetic. it's disgraceful and deceitful act. both to the congress he served in and constituents. he'll have to make the decision. that's where he broke the rules and laws, then we'll see if there's a district member running. >> a little too much to know about the other members of the democratic until committee. that gives seder a little fodder there. will, go ahead. >> i do think he should lose his job. not because he took check me out photos, and september them on twitter. he should lose his job because he's a bald-faced liar. he sat down and spun an elaborate story to say it was a hoax all to save his butt. sam. >> i think congressman weiner's mistake was he didn't pay for a prosecute tooth to put diapers on him and try to elicit sex in
7:34 am
a bathroom in an airport. if he did that, he would be fine like members of congress. >> all right. second question, a washington post/abc poll puts obama and mitt romney in dead heat here. news week now calling this the mormon moment. this hurt romney last time. is america ready this time around? will? >> you know, 40 years ago, they used to wonder if america was ready for a catholic president. and 40 year ago wonder if they're ready for a black president. i would say this. news week took the front-runner and paced his picture on the dancing character of a broadway musical. >> robert. i agree with will about the cover characterization. but, the point here is mitt romney, as a ground breaker, handled the issue u very capable
7:35 am
when he first ran in 2004. in 2008. i don't think it's annish issue whether they'll hold it against him. >> sam, your thoughts? >> yeah, romney's problem, as far as being a mormon is only with the republican base. the base is dominated by fundamentalists, and they have a problem with it. more than the general population. general population will have a problem that mitt romney changes his position on things more than a weather vane in a tornado. >> last question. fortunately only ten seconds. my guess is, we got a little extra, maybe. i have to ask this. even weiner himself both admit to x-rated photos that exist. do you want to see them or are they already overexposed, robert? >> no, the only ration ale to show those photos is an example of birth control because it's such a turnover.
7:36 am
>> will? >> let me tell you something, if those pictures are published, i, just like everyone and robert and sam. would click on those photos. i think andrew is doing the right thing keeping them under wrap. >> speak for yourself, will. >> sam. i think andrew likes his time in the sun as the guy who holds those naked picture, i fully allow that time in the sun. >> what a pleasure, this is the first political buzz experience. how much fun is this? i look forward to the next one. >> thanks, guys. >> you bet. >> an nfl player actually spends lockout time by giving back. david bruton is substitute teaching at his old high school in dayton, ohio. we'll talk with him in less than ten minutes. for people with astigmatism. acuvue® oasys for astigmatism. he said it's the only lens of its kind designed to realign naturally with every blink
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7:39 am
let's take a look at stories making news across the country. despite frantic effort to hold back the rising water, about 600 people in iowa have been told to evacuate their homes because of a levee breach on the missouri river. and a group of latino leaders organized a new political movement called the tequila party. organizers say the group's aim
7:40 am
is to get more latinos involved in the political process. and zsa zsa gabor's bel air mansion is for sale. the couple would like to move closer to the hospital where she's receiving treatment. a volcano erupting in chile, flights grounded, ash is spewing, rob marciano is talking about the amazing pictures. wow. >> last time this thing erupted was 1960. the same year where they had a 9.5 earthquake happen in chile. earlier we had an 8.8, i believe in chile. this may be connected in some way. nonetheless we're getting amazing pictures coming in. in some cases getting pictures of lightning happening. if we have that loaded. show it. nonetheless, we're getting vivid color. you get this much junk basically in the atmosphere and the sun passing through it, it creates amazing colors. we also get a vivid amount of
7:41 am
lightning. you get the turbulent upwelling of air flow and junk in the atmosphere. dust, volcanic particles and water vapor, that creates static electricity with the vertical motion. six myles into the atmosphere. that's how you get some of this lightning happening. that's remarkable stuff with this. it is 600 miles or so south of san teeing a go. the problem is, it's erupting and westernly winds are taking it pretty quickly off towards the east. we've seen a tremendous amount of ash fall out of the sky and make its way across the border into argentina. this area of argentina is spectacul spectacular. they've got ski resorts and this is the beginning of their winter. instead of seeing beautiful white snow in the ski resort, they are seeing a lot of ash coming their way with the westerly winds. this doesn't show a whole lot of
7:42 am
letting up. they've evacuated about 3500 people with this eruption, and the ash is creating a problem as well. they are taking out snow removal equipment to remove the ash in some of these cases. >> all right, rob, thanks. >> the denver broncos, david bruton has a job during the nfl lockout. a pretty big pay cut, too. 90 bucks a day. but the benefits, priceless. he's joining me live, next. [ male announcer ] the inspiration for its shape was an archer drawing his bow. ♪ could that have also inspired its 556 horsepower supercharged engine? ♪
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all right. let's check out sport, shall we? stanley cup final, game three. more taunting, related to a vancouver canuck apparently finger biting a boston bruins player. a couple of players getting the finger in their face, go ahead, bite me. he delivers a late blind side hit. rowe tossed out of the game. it's hockey, folk, what can i tell you? the hit was motivation for the bruins, they broke a scoreless tie, score four in the second period, four more in the third. bo canucks lead the series two games to one. and nfl players can write a book, what am i doing during the lockout? hanging at a gym, waiting by the
7:46 am
phone. trying to make a date with my girl. then you got guys trying out different sport, chad ochocinco couldn't make a soccer player, he's been trying something different there. then you gotsome zbikowski, he's throwing jabs in the boxing ring. hopefully he'll be able to keep his day job with the baltimore ravens, they're having a tough time. then david bruton, decided to take kick ball over kick booking. he's teaching at his old high school joining us live from dayton, ohio. what you tell me, they're pretty good. giving you a run for your money? >> yeah, yeah, i can't pitch a no-hitter against them. >> this has been an education for you. so, i'm curious, it's your football coach that actually geared you toward teaching during this time. how did he talk you into it, and why teach right now and go back to your high school during this
7:47 am
lockout date? what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot. i originally planned to come back to spend time with my son. especially since during the season, i don't goat get to see him much. but once coach threw the idea out there and a couple friends lobbied for that idea. i, of course, wasn't hesitant to pursue the opportunity to teach. >> and you're definitely not doing it for the money. you're making 90 bucks a day. so i'm curious. we see how much football players make. and now you're seeing how hard teachers work and what they make. has this made an impact on you with regard to how we should all treat and respect and look at our teachers? >> definitely much the teachers, definitely are not compensated how they should be. they do a lot of work, put in a lost hour, and manage 20 to 25 kids in a classroom, it's a
7:48 am
difficult task. >> i can just imagine. i know how close you are with coach tim lewis, this is who you played for when you were in high school. he's still there. does he have you talking to kids when you're still in school? your hopes are to go on to law school. are you more than a teacher, but also a mentor and buddy to these kids? >> yeah, i foresee myself as a buddy, mentor to these kids, especially when he hasn't talked to certain kids that are not necessarily focused in school, or they're having a tough time in classes, as long as we can talk to them about how sports is not the only answer. there's different answers out there. i talked about career days, and everything else, in regards to other schools around this area. >> you definitely lead by example. graduated from notre dame. great player, thinking about law school and now giving back by substitute teaching during this
7:49 am
lockout. david bruton, thanks for talking with us. those kids are really lucky to have you. >> thank you, thank you for having me. >> you bet. president obama deciding about the troop withdraw in afghanistan, how many troops and when? with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy.
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all right. let's take a quick look at some headlines that will be making news later today. republican presidential candidate tim pawlenty discusses his plan for the nation's economy and speech in chicago. president obama and german chancellor angela merkel hold a press conference at 11:35 eastern and miami heat face off against the dallas m-in game four of the nba playoffs. miami leads two games to one. with the decision of the u.s. troops looming. president obama will chat with hamid karzai. edie hill has the primetime preview. hi, e hi, e.d. >> it's going to be interesting
7:53 am
to see what the president decides to do. >> for hours they talked about many things. spent determining what the size of the drawdown should be. the president had to had in many, many troops just last year because of the resurgence of the taliban. he doesn't want to make it so large and do that in, say, another year. he's also waiting on recommendations from the defense secretary and afghanistan general petraeus. they have not told him what they think the proper size should be. but for us here in america, especially people like me who live in towns where a lot of kids go into the military right out of high school. this is something that is very close to us. it is really something that impacts our town of families we know. so i think a lot of americans are going to be waiting to find out, have we been able to accomplish enough with the increase in troops that we can finally start bringing these folks back home. we'll talk to someone with intimate knowledge of afghanistan and how the troops have ended and flowed over the past couple of years. and you know what everybody else
7:54 am
was talking about. that was that announcement by new york representative anthony weiner yesterday. i'm sure you'll be talking about that some more. but i found it kind of interesting, here is this blogger, and he gets the scoop. he gets the information, that the major media did not. now, i don't know how he digs it up. i don't know why people maybe came to him. but he put it out there. and he took all sorts of heat from it. many people were accusing him of flat-out making this stuff up. saying, well, you know about his checkered past. sure, he's got one but this time he got the big news, and then what will anthony weiner say today? i was still curious when he phrased it ascending some of this information and pictures as part of a joke. clearly i'm not that clever, because i can't figure out what the joke was. a lot of people are wondering what new information may come out today. we'll talk to andrew breitbart to find out. >> e.d. hill, thanks so much.
7:55 am
and coming up. prosecutors in the casey anthony murder trial call ace scientist to the stand. she said there's only one explanation about the smell coming from her car after her toddler disperiod? >> did you immediately recognize the odor coming from the can? >> i recognize it as human decomposition. >> we'll hear more from the man who prosecutors say lay the ground work from the case. >> and jeff bridges will explain how he is getting involved in the fight against child hunger. that and more next.
7:56 am
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well, a new poll shows that president obama has lost his bin laden bounce, and the republican rival has pulled even with him. jim acosta in washington with more on that, jim. >> good morning. yes, it is safe to call mid romney the former massachusetts governor the front-runner in this race for a gop nomination this morning. there are fresh poll numbers in a new washington post/abc poll. that i thil will get attention of the white house. take a look at these numbers in a head-to-head matchup with president obama. mitt romney pulling basically even with the president among all american, 47% to 47%. among registered voters romney holds a slight lead.
7:59 am
49% to 46%. why? because of the economy. romney has been hitting on the economic issue for weeks now, president obama, according to this new poll does not get high marks when it comes to the economy. nearly 6 out of 10 of the people who were surveyed in this poll do not approve of the way he's hamming the economy. austan goolsbee is leaving as chairman of council of economic advisers and going back to the university of chicago where he was a professor. and this is interesting, because goolsbee has been on the job for less than a year. he had replaced christina roamer who also stepped down to go to her gig as a professor out in california. this is a bit of a shakeup for the white house economic team. speaking of the economy, speaking of the university of chicago, that's where tim pawlenty will be today. former minnesota governor will give his speech on the economy,


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