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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 10, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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i learned something from the children every day. to be happy even under very complex circumstances. >> wow. it is all about making a difference. who do you know that's making a big difference in your world? tell us about them. head to our blog at and nominate them to be a hero. >> the news continues with "cnn newsroom" and kyra phillips. good morning. i'm kyra phillips. a new day for newt gingrich. we will get new insights into sarah palin's term as alaska's governor. 24,000 pages of internal e-mails about to be released. bean sprouts, grown in germany, now confirmed as the cause of the worst e. coli outbreak in european history. at least 23 people dead.
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month are than 2300 sickened. we begin this morning with the secretary of defense calling out nato and questioning its combat capability in libya. war planes repeatedly bombed moammar gadhafi's tripoli compound reducing it to rubble. the dictator still reigns. secretary gates, not impressed. here is what he said earlier this morning. the highest military alliance. the mightiest military alliance in history is only 11 weeks into an operation against a poorly armed regime in a sparsely populated country. they are requiring the u.s. to make up the difference. nic robertson who has been following the war closely joins us live. nic, is nato not striking hard enough? is that what gates is saying?
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>> he seems to be implying it is taking a long time to take on moammar gadhafi. moammar gadhafi is really seen by everyone as the essence or the focal point of winning the fight in libya at the moment. he has to be killed or removed before the rebel forces can move into tripoli and a new government can be sustained. the frustration here in nato and what we are hearing from secretary gates is not just that nato countries don't have enough ammunition to keep up the fight, perhaps but the region's goal is proving elusive. a lot of people were worried about this, going after essentially what is one man and his will to fight moammar gadhafi is tough. none of the beating that his army has received at the hands of nato has made him back down. just this week, he has said, he will fight to the en. his compound, his palace is in ruins. that is a growing frustration here. we are not able to, the
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international community is not able to deliver a final blow to moammar gadhafi. >> nic robertson, thanks so much. stay with us. in just about ten minutes from now, we are going to hear from a former nato supremeal pli allie commander. several top advisers are ditching newt gingrich's presidential campaign. this so-called is prompting speculation about another republican entering the race. cnn's deputy political director, paul steinhauser with the story from manchester new hampshire where he is preparing for our gop debate. what do you think about the impact on gingrich's staff? >> reporter: wow, kyra. that's all i can say. a lot has happened since you and i spoke just 24 hours ago. you are serious. this is a big deal. we are talking about all of the top advisers and aides to his campaign staff. they all jumped ship.
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a lot of key people in some of the early states, iowa and south carolina. they are saying they had a very big difference of opinion with the former house speaker over how he wanted to run the campaign, over how the fundraising was going, how involved gingrich was going to get in making calls to fund-raisers. he only announced a month ago. there was that huge controversy off the bat when he ditched budget chairman paul ryan's house republican budget. then, he basically disappeared from the campaign trail after may 27th. we found out later he was on vacation with his wife. now, he is back. everybody is jumping ship it seems from the campaign. gingrich, kyra, says he is going to march on. he put out a response on his facebook page saying that the campaign will continue. he says he will be at a speech in los angeles, which is scheduled for sunday, on foreign policy. he is going to be right here on monday for our big debate, kyra. >> sounds good. real quickly, mitt romney, what's up? is he dissing iowa? >> reporter: that's the thing
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that's really interesting. romney putting out a statement yesterday saying he will not be partaking in the straw poll in iowa. this was a big deal for him last time around. he spent a lot of money. he came in first but was overshadowed by mike huckabee. we remember he did not do well in the iowa caucuses. his strategy is to concentrate more on new hampshire. >> paul steinhauser, good to see you. join us as republican hopefuls face off. the presidential debate 8:00 eastern on cnn. today is the day we could learn a lot more about governor sarah palin. the state of alaska is about to release 24,000 paenlges of e-ma from her days in office. they were sent from december of 2008 through september of 2008 when john mccain put her on the ticket. they cover state business on her official e-mail account as well as her private accounts. drew griffin in alaska waiting to eyeball them.
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palin has said she us not worried about what the media will find. anthony weiner, still a congressman this rng month. the calls for his resignation are getting louder. dick durbin said, don't murder someone who is already committing suicide. weiner has said he won't resign. check out a new poll. just over half want him to stay in congress. about the same percentage don't want him to run for mayor in 2013. homeowners brace yourself for this punch to the gut. home prices will likely keep sliding and, get this, could plunge another 25%. alison kosik, the new york stock exchange. hi, allison. >> hi, kyra. this extremely do you dire warn. this 25% drop in home prices that you mentioned, it is huge.
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how huge? take a look. the median home price is sitting at about $163,000. a 25% drop would be $41,000 less. that takes the $163,000 home down to 12 $2,000. if you are a homeowner, what does that mean. you may feel stuck. you can't cell. it could lead to more under water homeowners who end up owing more on the home than it is worth. that could lead to more foreclosures and keep bringing down the home prices more. keep in mind, shiler does say this isn't an actual forecast. it is just an observation of what he is seeing right now. >> we talked about a double dip recession. was it yesterday or the day before? what do you think? does this forecast kind of revive those fears? >> it revives the fierce of a double-dip recession in housing. here is why. take a look. housing prices actually wound up weeki peeking around 2005, 2006.
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then, they tumbled and there was an uptick and now the prices are falling more. what this is, what you are seeing is a classic double dip. everyone wants to know, why is the housing market not budging. people aren't buying. credit is tight. too many foreclosures out there. this big glut of empty homes on the market. the job market isn't moving quickly in the right direction. the fate of housing depends on the job market. you can't buy a house if you don't have a job. that's what it comes down to. >> that's true. a tough time. allison, thanks so much. >> let's shift gears a little by. shall with he do a little royal watching. will and kate mark a new first and for prince philip, the magic number is 90. let's check in with max foster in london for some international headlines. he knows. these are the two talked-about stories today. >> reporter: absolutely. a very glamourous night.
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the first official outing on a official event. the dutchess got married, now a working royal. it was a fund-raiser. the guests paid thousands of pounds to be in the same room as the royal couple. people gathering around them trying to get a shot. very successful evening. in total, they raised $30 million for children's charities. very successful first outing for kate and william as a married couple. meanwhile, william's grandfather is winding things down, he is saying. prince philip, he is 90 today. talk about winding down his public events and some people will be quite pleased about that. he is quite famous for his gasp in front of the camera. he suggested at a factory that an old-fashioned fuse box must be put in by an indian and asked ann arbor ridge nal leader in
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2002 in australia whether he still threw spears. the papers are picking up on his gafs. the duke, himself, does not see the need to apologize or explain or emotor. it is generally not what people of his generation do. resilience and retty sense was sense he learned earlier. in an age when everyone is a victim when the slight test off-collar remarks seem to require elaborate overthe top apology having a proud all-purpose offender at the top of the royal food chain is refreshing and inspiring. it is almost as if we expect it. so it is not offensive when he says it. >> i have to laugh, because the queen is so demure. she is very sophisticated. could you just imagine being a part of sitting with those two and having tea and seeing what really happens behind closed
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doors. >> it must be excruciating. >> he keeps smiling. max, thanks a lot. with weeks until retirement, defense secretary, robert gates, clearly feels free to speak his mind. his farewell speech to nato, well, more like a smackdown. man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! man 1: don't mind if i doozy. man 3: is a gentleman with a brostache invited over to this party? man 1: only if he's ready to rock! ♪ sfx: guitar and trumpet jam vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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defense secretary, robert gates, is ready to retire. he is not going quietly. after meeting with american troops in afghanistan, he then
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moved on to nato headquarters in belgium, yes, to say good-bye and, one more thing. get with it. our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr, joining us. talk about a final slam against the alliance. >> well, yeah, you could say that, keir yra. bob gates is on that farewell tour scheduled to leave office at the end of this month. he is getting more and more candid as that deadline gets closer. he was speaking in brussels talking about a long-standing issue that rubs the u.s. the wrong way, which is how much the u.s. is contributing to nato versus hoch oth versus how much other countries are contributing to nato. let me quote from him directly. he says, quote, in the past i have worried openly about nato turning into a two-tiered alliance.
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what's the secretary really talking about here? look, nato and the u.s. have bickered for the last 20 years about who is doing enough. but right now, it couldn't be more sensitive, because when leon panetta walks into the pentagon to be the next secretary of defense, the day after gates leaves, he still needs nato. he needs the nato commitment in afghanistan. he needs the nato commitment for the operation in libya. so it may be a candid bob gates but candid at a very awkward time. kyra? >> no doubt. barbara starr at the pentagon, barbara, thanks. >> i guess we could only imagine how gates speech went over with the nato council. we have a former commander to tell us what he thinks. so, general, you know, gates is
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being pretty direct here. he is basically saying, hey, nato, you are not pulling your weight. is that fair? >> it is fair. i think it has been going on ever since the fall of the berlin wall. i think what has to happen is nato is not a club. it is a military alliance. it has commitments. it has obligations. what you have to do is match those requirements or missions with resources. nato has not been doing that. libya is a good case. >> so let me ask you this. i'll just be blunt. is the mission here to sort of destabilize gadhafi and his forces or is the mission here to kill him, to take him out? >> i think you have to be very clear and clarity of mission is extremely important. i think secretary gates and others will agree, it is what is in u.n. resolution 1973, which is take all necessary measures to protect civilians. now, what they are doing here is
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having an air campaign against all the related targets that are shelling the safe areas of libya where the rebels are. they are running out of ammunition. they don't have enough smart ammunition of auour allies. this is a concern. they haven't been able to spend the money to ramp up for this extended air operation. it is no the just regime change. it is trying to protect civilians. >> gotcha. you want to protect civilians. you don't want to take out innocent people's lives. i guess that leads me to my next question. is gadhafi and his posse, shall we say, that smart to know how to put him in certain places where a lot of civilians would be killed, even if forces had intelligence of where he was? you think about sadam hussein. he had all these doubles. he had an entourage that knew how to move him around.
6:18 am
is that the situation with gadhafi here? >> he is probably moving in several different places. again, you have an alliance of 28 nations which the united states is the leader. i think you have to be very careful not to do the indiscriminate bombing that would cause all kinds of collateral damage and kill a lot of civilians. that is not the intent here. you have to be smart about it in how to go about putting pressure. i think looking at the strikes that have been going on reisn'tly, they are attributing not just artillery piece but his command and control and gas and ammunition dumps, all of that will take a toll. nato has suspended the mission for 90 days. >> that's what we will do. you and i will be talking. general, always good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. . >> in pakistan, a 17-year-old man begs for his life while a gun is pointed at his neck. he is shot anyway and killed.
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the killing of a 17-year-old unarmed man sparks outrage in pakistan. paramilitary soldiers caught on tape harassing and shooting him as he begs for his life. max foster has more on this from london. i know that the videos just coming in. we are all taking a look at it, trying to get it translated.
6:22 am
we want to know what is it he is saying, what is it the soldiers are saying to add more context to what happened here. to jupd stunderstand, you need h it in raw form. you can understand once you have seen it how the pakistanis are hearing. you have a teenager surrounded by pakistani rangers. let's see what happened. the pictures speak for themselves. the rangers are saying he was accused of carrying a gun and robbing people beforehand. clearly, he didn't have a gun there. the president and the prime
6:23 am
minister promising an investigation. this does show what many people think of as a trigger happy rangers. police just by passing the judicial system and it is causing outrage, of course rs in pakistan. >> you say there is an investigation going on. have we heard from the family? has the family said anything about this shooting? >> we had some pretty appalling video coming in from the family. we saw his sister just breaking down and screaming. she is furious. she is angry. she doesn't understand what happened. people just want the police to understand that it is not their role to execute people. it's their job o to send them to the courts. >> max foster, live from london, thanks. back here in the u.s., we are checking stories across country. alabama's governor signs in a legal immigration bill said to be tougher than arizona's. it allows police to check the immigration status for anyone stopped for another reason. critics promise a court challenge and sfoerters say the law will survive. >> we want anybody that wants to make their home here to be able
6:24 am
to do that. we want every one of them to do it the right way, through legalized immigration, through processed employment. we don't think that is asking too much. >> firefighters battling the wildfires in eastern arizona. they are making inroads now. the fire is now 5% contained. thousands of people have been evacuated. that has charred at least 525 squ square miles. a homecoming for more than 270 marines stationed at camp pendleton who helped deliver aid to japanese disaster victims. thousands of people running out as the troops and tanks roll in in syria. call it tough love. parents can keep their adult kids on their health insurance until the age of 26. many parents are saying, no way. ♪ i saw what my life could be...
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syrian army launches attacks. they massacred at least 120 soldiers in one town. thousands of people have left their homes and they are trying to get into kuturkey. ivan watson is right there at syria's border with turkey. ivan, what can you tell us?
6:28 am
>> reporter: well, kyra, i am standing in front of a refugee camp, one of three that the turkish government is putting up. why do they have refugees here. the syrian government won't stop killing its own citizens. there are more than 2700 syrians who have fled across the border in recent days. the turks feel more are on the way. they are wearing down on the northern border city. the syrian government says it is attacking terrorists, armed groups that it claims killed about 120 syrian security forces. take a look at this video that i got from a serial activist who smuggled himself across the border yesterday. if we roll on this, we see thousands of men apparently unarmed walking up the road in this town. it was filmed last week. fire breaking out.
6:29 am
wild gunfire. you see the crowd running for cover. these men, the activists, say, we are unarmed. i don't see any weapons in this video. moments later, we see a man being carried away, bleeding. you don't know how many people were killed or injured in this. this is just one of the routine incidents that take place on fridays around syria when anti-government protesters tried to peacefully demonstrate. the man who filmed this said they are going to demonstrate again on friday despite the fact that syrian tanks were witnessed nearby shooting into villages earlier this morning. kyra. >> ivan watson live on the border. we will continue to follow the story with you. thanks so much. we want to check some other top stories at the half hour. new sign that is moammar gadhafi's days of power are numbered. a senior nato official hinting that gadhafi is a target since he is in charge of command and control in libya. nato spokesperson says theal
6:30 am
lin lines is not targeting the leader. newt gingrich says his campaign begins anew. there has been mass resignation from his staff including all of the top advisers. proceedings in the casey anthony trial were ended early when pictures of her daughters body were displayed in court. a key provision for families on insurance. parents could keep their kids on their insurance until the age of 26. parents were excited about that at first but now a change of heart for some as we hear the opening bell at the half hour. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange to tell us what has changed. allison. >> you know what has changed? parents found out just how much it cost. 43% of parents in a recent survey said they will only keep their adult kids on their insurance if it is free. guess what? it is not free. that old idea of graduating and being on your own, that's gone. so parents wind up being on the hook financially for a longer
6:31 am
time. it is a time when they kind of want to cut the cord with their kids. when many parents are beginning to think about retirement. some are willing to help for a little while. it is okay to help your kid for one year. an even bigger issue was for the college grads who can't find work and don't have that employer provided health insurance. many of those kids go without because the parents just can't pay for their health insurance after a while. kyra? >> it is still a new phenomenon. is it going to stick? >> well, you know what, because it is so new, it is too soon to say whether or not this is going to stick. many employers say what will happen is they will pass the added cost on to workers. it may mean that employees are going to be paying higher premiums when you add a dependant. analysts say we will find out in the fall how popular that is. that is open enrollment time. time for the opening bell. the dow down 41 points. continuing this downbeat
6:32 am
attitude about the economy. i will tell you what, the market needs a solid gain, kyra, to avoid a sixth straight weekly loss. kyra? >> we do want to avoid that. allison, thanks. sports are giving props to a college basketball coach. it has nothing to do with his team. jeff shell is here. >> it is about indiana coach basketball, coach tom korereen, joining the community in searching for the last student. >> any time you can do something to help people, that's first of all what we are supposed to do. most importantly, i just agonize over the fact that there is a mother and father out there that have no idea where their daughter is. >> crean has gone out on at least two of the volunteer searches. spierer was last seen early last friday morning walking back to her apartment.
6:33 am
we are talking about coaches doing what they can. you have an interview with auburn's football coach helping out with tornado victims in alabama. >> he talked about how it impacted the players and how it impacted the storm victims. he has huge college football area here, auburn, alabama. you know the rivalry. the coach said a lot of the players got really choked up. >> good to hear. we will have more sports coming up in about 15, 20 minutes. next up, the cnn listening tour. today's stop, new england and old school politics. >> we like the voters to speak to us. if you are a politician and you are running for president and you make a big national speech, it doesn't play well in new hampshire. new hampshireits like to be. we like it when they go to the pancake breakfast when only 15 people are there. we like to see what you are made of. >> don lemon takes the poll's in
6:34 am
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which well, newt gingrich's presidential campaign headquarters is empty. at least seven members of his senior staff have resigned. apparently, there was a difference over the direction of the campaign. on facebook, gingrich says he will start his campaign, quote,
6:37 am
anew. two of the former gingrich aides have been advisers to texas governor, rick perry. fueling speculation that he may enter the white house race. perry says he plans to consider it. mitt romney says he won't take part in the straw poll. he won the iowa poll back in 2007. lost the state's caucus five months later. his campaign manager says romney won't participate in any straw polls this time around. >> all right. cnn in-depth and on the road. all this week, our crews have been on a listening tour. see what americans are saying about the economy and politics. today, our don lemon is taking the public pulse in new england. >> all right let's see how people start their day in manchester, new hampshire. union lead. got the paper. let's go to the red arrow diner voted one of the top ten diners in the country.
6:38 am
>> we need to clean house out there. >> reporter: of all the candidates declared so far, who do you like? >> i would have to take santorum. >> reporter: what are you talking about over breakfast? >> probably graduation. >> reporter: not politics? >> not really. >> reporter: no debate? >> i am not interested in that stuff. i can't even vote yet. >> reporter: what are you talking about over breakfast here this morning? >> business and more business, finding business, opportunities. >> the xeconomy is very stagnan. how do you grow and stay stable? how do you keep people employed? >> about jobs and stopping spending. >> i want to see what they are going to do for us younger people. we are what's going to be supporting the rest of the people after everyone else retires and everything. >> from
6:39 am
>> nobody else is talking this town except for us. >> people from the outside looking in, what should they know about new hampshire? >> we like the voters to speak to us. if you are a politician and you are running for president and you make a big national speech, it doesn't play well in new hampshire. new hampshireits, like it when the candidate will go to the panca pancake breakfast that only 15 people which show up for. we like to see what you are made up of. >> don lemon joining us from manchester, new hampshire. i love the guinness t-shirt he was wearing. you ran into rick santorum on the streets of manchester. are you serious? >> reporter: i ran into him in the airport. after talking to people here for a couple days, all the candidates are campaigning on these social issues, especially socially conservative issues. people said, you know what, i want to hear about jobs and the economy. whether i poed that question to rick santorum, i said, some people might find it
6:40 am
contradictory. you say you want to change the constitution so that it supports traditional marriage. i said, you know, you are running on limited government. so is that a contradiction. then, he got to the point where he talked about that and gay marriage and said, i actually have some gay friends. do you have any gay friends? >> yeah. i have had gay people work for me. >> and friends? >> yes. >> reporter: you know people say, i have black friends. >> in fact, i was with a gay friend of mine two days ago. yeah. i do. they respect that i have differences of opinion on that. i talk about these things in front of them and we have conversations about it. they differ from me but they know that i love them because they are my friend. >> reporter: so he says he loves them because they are his friends but yet he doesn't think that they should be able to get married and he doesn't support as he says, "the act." he says that is what he is running on and he sticks by that and he will get to the economy nd aall those issues.
6:41 am
that's what he stands for. people say, hey, listen, when you can't find work and the economy is bad, i want to hear about that first. i'm not really interested in social issues that much. >> don that was so your style. some people just say, i have black friends. we have gay and black friends, hey, we are politically correct. >> reporter: kyra, can i do something for you? congratulations on the twins. i know you are trying to get rid of the baby weight but i am going to set you back. these are from the diner from the red arrow diner. they are homemade twinkies. they say there is no preservatives. they are kind of healthy. i got this just for you. you get the whoopi pie from the diner. i will set you back a little bit. i will bring it back for you, a couple of them. for you and the twins. >> i don't care about that baby weight. you know i will eat whatever you give me. i am all over it. thank you, don. >> reporter: good to see you. good to have you back. >> likewise. great to be back. tune in monday as republican hopefuls face off to debate the
6:42 am
big issues of new hampshire presidential debate monday night 8:00 eastern only on cnn. when the president met with college football's national chapel ch champs last week, it was a meeting postponed almost six weeks ago. why? you are going to find out coming up next. [ male announcer ] your hard work has paid off.
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it's a sports tradition. you win a championship, your team visits the president, except the auburn tigers. when one of the most devastating tornadoes in u.s. history hit alabama, these football champs delayed the wlit houhite house o help is there fellow americans. it was a unique play that coach gene chizik thought was a better call. helping storm victims first. meeting the u.s. president second. [ applause ] >> there you go. >> okay, so, coach, what did the players say to you when you said, sorry, guys, we are holding off to the president. we are going into alabama to help? >> well, kyra, it is very important for us here at auburn in the auburn family to always want to give back. our players with all the devastation that happened, our players were really excited about trying to go around and
6:46 am
help and give back. it was one of those times where we felt like, there is a lot of craziness out there. let's get on some buses and go to some communities and pitch in a hand and help any way we can. they were excited about the chance of going and being able to give back. >> you watch your players on a daily basis get fired up on the gridiron. how did it impact them personally as they came into alabama and started interacting with these storm victims and helping them out. >> well, you know, we were able to go to a few different communities and really the devastation that we saw on experience is really beyond belief. it was just so unbelievable. i think that the impact, we literally had young guys standing there looking over piles of rubble with tears coming down their eyes. i think the impact it made on our guys for them to stand there and look at it and realize that this is real life. this happens to real families
6:47 am
and these sort of things happen, you know, across the country in different ways, all the time. i think it was a reality check. for them to sit there and look at it and go, wow, people are going through this. how can i help? it was a big part of the reason with he went as well. >> coach, you know, all of us football fans, we know about that rivalry between alabama and auburn and obviously that was totally put aside. they came in to help. how did the storm victims respond to the champs coming in there and helping out? >> it was really unbelievable. i talk about tears from our play player's eyes. there was tears from people around the community knowing we were there to help. their response was unbelievable. it didn't matter what kind of fan they were. football is crazy in this part of the country. there are other fans besides
6:48 am
auburn and alabama. they were all very welcoming and very appreciative we would take the time to help in any small part or any way we could. our reception was very warm. >> you got the best of both world's. gout to help storm victims and all of you finally did get to meet the president. he actually praised you for delaying the trip. >> it was a great day for the auburn family. we did get delayed. we were so very appreciative we were able to make it work knowing the president's time schedule. so we rescheduled it. it was a great day for the auburn family, a great day for the administration, the coaches and players. i know our players were very appreciative of being able to go to the white house and spend a little bit of time with the president. >> coach always said his players will, of course, always remember the championship. it is meeting the president. they are going to tell their kids and their grandkids about. baseball's biggest rivalry is looking one-sided right now. the bos ton red sox wrap up a second sweep of the yankees.
6:49 am
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[ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. we're following many developments in the next hour of cnn news. let's check in first with deputy
6:52 am
political director paul steinhauser, paul. >> many advisers have jumped ship but the former presidential candidate remains defined. could this open the door for another republican run for the white house? all of that and more at the top of the hour. >> i'm knick robertson in abu dhabi, a group of diplomats believe moammar gadhafi's days numbered. more on that at the top of the hour. who doesn't dig a remark et launch. we'll have one in about 30 minutes i'm rob marciano. we'll show you one. >> they risk their necks. stunt men and women are the real heroes but the academy won't honor them at the oscars, we'll talk to a veteran stunt guy. there's another way to help eliminate
6:53 am
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6:55 am
all right. don't ds doubt dirk. >> that's right. don't mess with dirk, dirk nowitzki. >> i can't believe this. it's hard to believe the way the series is going, remember game four. nowitzki was sick, playing with 101 fever, habbing. he held the game with incredible performance. yesterday, lebron and d-wade
6:56 am
were seen covering their mouths, faking cough, wayne said lebron, do you all hear me cough? do you think i'm sick? they're mocking dirk? he's had an incredible series. game five last night in dallas. dirk said he's healthy. maybe his mom's chicken soup? he had no answers. look at this huge three. the mavs win, they lead the series. three games to two. the sick feeling may be real. >> the boston red sox completed their second three-game sweep last night. boston put up seven runs. most of the damage off yankees cc sabathia. now they lead the division by two games. that has to be one of the coolest shootout goals you'll ever see. from an italian league, doink. the other team's goal tender
6:57 am
celebrates. disappointed. but keep an eye on the ball. after it hit the cross bar, it has all of this backspin on it and it starts bouncing toward the goal and it goes in. that's the game winner. >> then the goal tender stopped. their team shot. that's it. celebration, all because of a ball that bounced off the cross bar. craziest gig i've ever seen. >> goalies already on the sidelines, drinking a beer. >> thanks, jeff. >> two weeks ago today, that picture showed up on anthony weiner's twitter page. this week, the congressman confessed that the comedy and tragedy keeps coming. jeanne moos wraps up weinergate, week two. . you know the scandal is peak when the weiner puns start to schriverle, though every day to keep the story alive. the scandal has been painful for
6:58 am
jon stewart. who was making margaritas during the spoof of the weiner press conference when he broke some glass. >> that's not good. >> the show went on. by the next night -- >> oh -- >> stewart was showing off his stitches. >> here's what happened there. that's -- >> reporter: the psychic cuts were self-inflicted. it's bad news when the liberals are the one wining about weiner, begging him directly -- >> please resign, please, please do. it's bigger than you. >> get out now, anthony. out. >> you got the goal, anthony, good-bye. . we said hello with a bunch of guys with anthony's same name. almost every case -- >> hello, this is anthony weiner. >> wiener?
6:59 am
>> no, wainer, pronounce it the correct way. >> this kind of wiener is spelled w-i-e-n-e-r. >> the point is if he spelled it the same way. >> if it's e-i, it's whiner, if it's i-e it's weiner. >> steven cobart's weiner exchange -- >> she claims i was so psyched to see you on colbert, you were so funny, to which she said, you watch it naked? >> oh, my god. >> while colbert was spraying lysol, barbara didn't sound gross out. after the privates circulated
7:00 am
online, barbara noted weiner didn't deny it was him. >> then it must be a flattering photo. >> let me tell you something, it is. >> who knew, host of the view would enjoy this view. >> jeanie mousse, cnn, new york. >> on the east coast. 7:00 a.m. out west. i'm kyra phillip, thanks for join us. it's a new day and new beginning. a moss resignation takes place in senior campaign staff. today faces questions about what went wrong. in arizona firefighters gaining ground on the massive wildfires, it contained 5%. hope to milwaukee more progress today. bean sprouts grown in germany are the worth e. coli outbreak. three people died, more than
7:01 am
2300 sickened. >> newt gingrich is looking for a new presidential campaign staff this morning. just about his entire senior staff is leaving. still, gingrich said he'll soldier on. paul steinhauser, live in manchester, new hampshire. paul, big shakeup. what's the deal? >> you know, kyra, i think of the seven people on the stage monday night at our debate. newt gingrich, the former house speccer may be the one with the most to proof. this is a very big deal yesterday. as you said, nearly all his top staff. his advisers, officials of his campaign jumped ship. they said he had differences how committed he was with the campaign, how he was fund raise, probably over policy issues as well. also some talk that calista gingrich was not enthusiastic about him spending that much time on the campaign trail. he responded briefly saying, he was committed to this campaign, that he would be at our debate.
7:02 am
that he would also be at a debate this sunday night. and i lenned he'll be at an event for the republican candidates in new orleans and gingrich this morning telling reporters also he remains committed. this may also open the door to rick perry. the governor of texas is thinking, thinking about running for the white house. two of the top people who resigned from gingrich's staff yesterday, are two people who advised perry, in his successful re-election run last year. stay tuned and keep a close eye on rick perry as well. >> you're keeping a close eye on mitt romney too. >> big news about romney in iowa. he announced he will not be partaking in the straw poll. he was there four years ago. he won that one. put a lot of money and effort into it. mike huckabee came in second. we know what happened after that. romney did not win the iowa caucuses. did not win new hampshire. seems this time around for the
7:03 am
former massachusetts governor, he's not going to concentrate as much in iowa, maybe more right here in new hampshire. kyra. >> thanks. join us as republican hopefuls face off the debate. big issues, monday night 8:00 eastern only on cnn. president obama's defense secretary slamming nato, for its mission there. war planes repeatedly bombing moammar gadhafi's tripoli compound reducing it to rubble. but the dictator still reigns. secretary gates, not impressed. here's what he said. the mightiest military alliance is 11 weeks into an operation against a poorly armed regime in a sparsely populated country yet many allies beginning to run short of munitions, requiring the u.s., once more, to make up the difference. nic robertson has been following this closely.
7:04 am
knick, what nic, what's the deal? is nato striking not hard enough? >> or not getting the right targets. germany said, if you want to overthrow gadhafi, you need to kill him or force him from power which focuses your efforts towards him. doesn't matter how much you protect the civilians in the country as u.n. rev luse calls for, he's happy to stay in power himself. everything has to be about gadhafi. we've seen nato step up from aircraft. jet aircraft. drones added into that mix, manned aerial vehicles, helicopters aing that, helicopters are patches flown by the p french attack helicopters. the effort has stepped up. 11 weeks into this, gadhafi doesn't seem to be any further moved to leaving. there is a frustration, a growing feeling amongst the international community that gadhafi's days are numbered.
7:05 am
nobody is putting a time night on it. what we're hearing is a level of frustration that the job isn't done, despite all of this effort, expensive effort, nobody quite knows when the tipping point is going to come, kyra. >> we're waiting. nic robertson live in london. thanks. new demonstrations in syria, the arab country embroiled in anti-government protest. the tension is building and thousands of residents fleeing to the border with turkey. they are afraid a government crackdown will lead to slaughter of civilians. those concerns rippling across the world. cnn's max foster with the headlines. facts. >> we're having to rely on syrian state tv but very clearly, syrian tv talking about operations to restore security. read into that what you will. the turkish certainly very worried about the situation. the prime minister, is -- has been pretty reluctant in the past to criticize syria.
7:06 am
this is what he told the news agency, that the regime is committing atrocities against antigovernment demonstrators. the irish independent talking about this, saying the west fails to impress in wanting real change from syria. while the u.s. and its allies want to raise pressure on syrian to end its violent crackdown, there are a few signs the west let alone the arab world is ready to milwaukee a difference. gulf news talk about zigs over al-assad's future, talking about the leader of the country, focusing on the country. despite every arab country. syria saying this case is different, all parties do not leave al-ass leave al-ass a leave al-assl assad is strong e. you don't have an antia-assad
7:07 am
feeling. it's difficult and one very delicate for the west to deal with. >> thanks. still ahead, americans in battle. civilians at risk and a horrible mistake now under the microscope. >> so, if they did everything by the took, is there something wrong with the book? >> i don't think so. the week doesn't have every scenario, doesn't have never possible outcome. >> haunting questions brought to life by whistle-blowing website, wikileaks, we'll talk about the bigger issues demanding answers. all right ahead. a rocket expected to blast off into space to observe the salty seas. rob marciano tells us why this is so cool and so important.
7:08 am
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. pictures, of casey anthony. that was yesterday. we're following the murder trial of the murder trial. we'll continue to update you on what happens.
7:11 am
a video, shows a apache helicopter. the subject matter is pretty disturbing. the apache crew asked for permission to engage. >> come on, let us shoot. >> again, this is an active battlefield. that van could have other fighters inside of it, with weapon, those fighters could put our soldiers at risk. could kill those soldiers that they're fighting. >> we can say in this video, that the young pilot in the
7:12 am
apache helicopters have become debates in their character. >> look at that. right through the windshield. >> they are playing video games with real human lives, and looking for excuses to kill people. >> it turned out that there were children inside of the van. >> sir, as you know, i have almost a decade in naval special warfare. you're obviously 30 years in the army. soldier to sailor, ground powder to ground pounder. should these men have exercised more restraint? >> i don't think so. what we have here from everything that i have seen, is that we follow the proper procedures. >> if they did everything by the book, is there something wrong with the book? >> i don't think so. the book doesn't have every scenario, doesn't have every possible outcome. >> with us now with a "a closer look," a special coming up, what
7:13 am
do you think the future is of wikileaks? what's your take? >> interesting is the landscape is becoming decentralized, you're seeing the rifle organizations coming up. so you're seeing more and more of that. as wiki leaks itself is under the microscope. >> and of course we hear all of the hype. everything across the internet, and we're covering this story. so many journalists talking about it. with your background and your insight, and your sources within the intelligence community now, is this still a concern for our military, and, could it get worse? >> well, it's unclear whether wi wikileaks is still a threat. it's unclear whether they are still leaking major secrets. speaking in broad strokes, from
7:14 am
the percent speccive of the intelligence community, they're circling the wagons, that being said, kyra, we live in a digital age, more and more things are online, making more and more of these key pieces of intelligence, vulnerable to this kind of activity. >> this is something the military didn't have to worry about decades ago. now all of a sudden, they are having to combat a different kind of war. that's the internet war. >> i think there is sort of a long legacy of espionage, if you think about the cribtology, and enigma machines back in world war ii. there is something about that required, really boots on the ground intelligence. here somebody can conduct cyberespionage from a continent away. that is a new phenomena. >> great to see you. nice to me you in person. >> all right. >> you can of course see more on in this weekend. the wiki war, mission of julian
7:15 am
assange. let's check news across the country. alabama's governor is signing a law to verify students' stats. the critics say the law will survive. >> we want anybody who wants to make their home here to do that. we want every one of them to do it the right way through legalized immigration. through processed employment. we don't think that's asking too much. >> now, police in brooklyn new york are searching for the triggerman in yesterday's shooting. on the brighten beach boardwalk, a teenage girl died, four men were hurt. two weeks after the final oprah winfrey show aired, there's report of impending pink slips at harpo studio for unspecified studios. a delta 2 rocket is to
7:16 am
launch into space carriage a satellite that monitors the saltiness in the ocean. ke in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one. that's why the network that connects, protects, and lets your data move fearlessly through the clouds means more than ever. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day.
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7:18 am
we always have something saucy for a.j. to talk about. this time russell crowe, sparking a twitter debate about circumstance sigs. a.j. hammer joining us live from
7:19 am
new york with more on the controversy. oh, boy. >> nothing i would rather talk about on a friday morning. russell crowe in the middle of a twitter fuehrer, waiting to wait for the debate about male circumcision, this is a topic that makes men wince. listen to what he first tweeted. circumstance sigs is bar baric and stupid. who are you to correct nature? is it real god denies the foreskin babies perfect. he was asked about the jewish practice of having a ritual circumcision. i love the jewish friends, apples, and honey and funny little hats. but stop cutting your babies. just about an hour ago, he tweeted this. my personnel beliefs aside. i realize once will interpret the debate as me mocking rituals
7:20 am
and traditions of others, i am very sorry. that doesn't mean crowe feels any differently. certainly wasn't intending to pro fied fodder for lazy journalists, i can't apologize for my heart-felt belief. russell, you and i go back a long way. are you calling me lazy? kyra, i think he's calling me lazy. >> i'll handle him. he doesn't scare me. i always got your back, my friend. >> i would love to keep chatting but we have a rocket launch to talk about. meanwhile, nasa to launch this sat lied. rob marciano, you're on it. >> delta 2 rocket -- >> and lift-off. >> launching from vander burgh air force base. who doesn't like that in come on. that thing is taking off in a hurry, going to reach mach 1. all you see is smoke right now.
7:21 am
there it is. here's where the satellite is. that's where the money is. that's the money machine maker. getting that puppy up to space. main engine, liquid oxygen and kerose kerosene, ba boom. two solid rockest boosters help for 30, 40, 50 seconds much like they did in the saturn four or saturn five rocket area. all of those ends are powering this puppy to the height of 600 miles above the earth's surface for a three-year mission, which is going to measure some salinity. >> do you want to listen a little bit?
7:22 am
>> yeah, 1:13 in. >> standing by for separation. should be happening any second now. and we have separation command. separation, 1:45 in. the delta 2 vehicle weighs half ha it did at launch. weighing about 800 pounds per second. >> almost 2:00 into it. we've been talking about sea salt. climb. purpose of this mission. give us details. >> normally the way weigh measure sea salt, a lot has to do with ships that are being -- traversing the atlantic or pacific via shipping lanes.
7:23 am
there's huge hole where's ships don't usually cruise. this sat lied which is 600 miles above the earth will pluck the measurements how salty the earth's surface. when live in a three dimensional world and social climate system, and the salinity directly affects the way the currents move up and down and around the earth and that will in turn affect how our climate reacts to this. this is going to be a huge deal. we'll fill in big holes and hopefully understand things a lot better. >> cool stuff. i haven't heard you get that excited in a long time. >> it is a rush. thanks so much. >> we're following, still, live pictures out of florida as the casey anthony murder trial continues.
7:24 am
sonny just dipped in a bit ago. it's taped. okay, got you. here's the new video that we got. and the drama just continuing, yesterday she falls ill, today she breaks down in court. what is the take? does she know how to work the jury? everything unfolding naturally here. >> you know, kyra, certainly, there are those on my facebook page saying she should win an academy award for the tears yesterday and today, but i will tell you that the past couple of days have been game-changers in this case. what we've been seeing before, beautiful pictures of caylee anthony, alive, smiling and happy. now the jury has seen pictures of little caylee anthony's remains, the skull, duct tape
7:25 am
wrapped around the remains of her face. that's a moment for the prosecutor, the jury, the defense attorney. i've seen this kind of reaction in defendants before, when they realize, oh, wow, there's a significant amount of evidence that the prosecution is presenting against me. it's hard to tell what she's reacting to. certainly there are those saying they feel sorry for casey anthony, not p caylee, i will say this. often times, defense attorneys have shown their client evidence that the prosecution intends to so. so it seems odd to me that she never would have seen these pictures of caylee's remains. but it possible. it's hard to tell, statistically a lot of juries polled after guilty verdict, when they see this kind of emotion, they think
7:26 am
it's evidence of guilt. so it probably isn't helping her very much, if the statistics true, that she is behaving and displaying this kind of emotion in the courtroom. sonny, good to see you. >> all right. you've seen the work dozens of times in tv shows, you just don't know it. veteran stuntman pushing hollywood to recognize his people. we'll talk to him and see some of thinks craziest moves coming up. we all have internal plumbing. but for some of us with overactive bladder, our pipes just don't work as well as they should. sometimes, i worry my pipes might leak. but i learned there's something more i can do. now, i take care with vesicare. once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle
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7:29 am
congressman anthony weiner said he won't resign, despite the pressures, conan o'brien fully supports that decision. >> here's the latest. democrats and republicans calling for congressman wiener to resign. meanwhile, comedians are calling for him to chime in there. please. just another four years, is all i want. >> and of course, once again, we lead off the political buzz. what a buzz-worthy week it's become. look at the hottest political topics of the day and each of the es scheme political observers answerle questions as the clock counts down today. robert zimmerman, member of the
7:30 am
committee, and erroll ll lumis. one person defending weiner, alec baldwin. my thought on weiner is he is a very busy man. like other politicians, he needs something to take the edge off. robert, whatever happened to a martini? >> you know, when i first heard about this essay, i snickered like everybody else. i read alex's essay on huffington post. i read with great compassion. did not excuse his behavior but great sadness. i recommend having a martini, not run for public office if you have those issues. >> errol -- >> i expect there's a martini or
7:31 am
two involved in the behavior that got him in trouble. i suspect, his bare chest. he looks like he's been working out. that will take the edge off. also shake some hands. go out and meet voters. >> what happened to a nice jog in the evenings, if you want to have facebook chat was people. why not his wife? i'm sure she had access to a computer. i don't understand the defense that anyone can defend him. >> that's one thing we've all been talking about. our hearts definitely go out to the mrs., it's got to be tough. >> second question, sarah palin, and the e-mail trove that's going to be released in lex than three hours now. predictions on the juiceiest find. >> i love how they said she's so irrelevant. i think even if nothing -- i
7:32 am
don't know what will be found. even if nothing is, something will be made of it. >> just like sarah palin's birth. they'll make something out of it. >> i guarantee they won't make great public theories about the economy. but i don't care about what the e-mails show about her shopping sprees in new york. why she fired the police chief for curbing drinking in wasilla. if i want good reading i'll read "summer in the city." >> errol, what will you be reading? >> in all seriousness, there's got to be a fair amount of information how the husband got involved in the operation of state government. however, it's sort of irrelevant at this point. it's a couple points behind us. i don't think we'll find crimes or anything like that. it will be an unflattering intimate look how government gets run.
7:33 am
the last trove of e-mails showed that the husband, todd palin was doing a lot of stuff. >> buzzer beater time, guys, ten seconds each. newt gingrich said he's still running for president but, as we've been reporting all morning. top staffers jumping ship. what's his plan "b," robert? put the tiffany jewelry close to $500,000 on ebay and take another cruise. >> oh, my goodness. >> just trying to help. >> right now, his plan is join rick perry's campaign. . errol. >> i recommend he not do rick perry as campaign. there's a lot of other ones maybe in cabinet or future administration. probably not rick perry. >> all right, guys. thank you so much. most parents will tell you that having children is a priceless experience.
7:34 am
well, to those parents, i say, listen up. the government put a price tag on the cost of raising a child. alison kosik tallying it all up for us. are you ready to have, i don't know, 8 to 10 kids? >> i think i'll stick with two. listen to the latest estimate. if you have a kid. it will cost you $920 up to the time the child is born to age 18. 226,920. your income matters with this. generally the more you make, the more you shower on your children. the big caveat, that doesn't count college. why don't you have another two more, right? >> i know you just did have -- you just had twin, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> i already had the projection
7:35 am
what it will cost to send him to college. and it's frightening. >> let's see how your knowledge is with this. let me ask you this. what do you think is the bigger expense? what's the biggest expense, health care, child care or housing? >> going through what i'm going through now, i would say child care. >> i'm with you on that. i agree. but the usda said housing. i'm with you on the child care. we need a roof over our head. usda said housing is 31% of the overall cost that we paid for our kid, followed by child care then food. i got some good new for you, since you have twins, your expenses will drop as you have more kids. see, you can have a third. what happens they wind up sharing bedroom, hand-me-downs, discounts at private schools. it gets better. >> they are saring everything, including the crib right now. i'm in support of that. >> all right. look at stocks.
7:36 am
stocks not doing well. dow falling below 12,000 for the first time in three months. dow a little over. but we've been watching it slide below that. not a lot of economic reports out today to guide investors. analysts saying, investors focusing on the neck tifb reports we've gotten lately. "the new news"s on traveler insurance warning, save $1 billion in losses, travelers' shares falling more than 3% right now. kyra. >> alison, thanks. coming up, it's a dangerous job. some people risk their lives to make stars look good? why wouldn't the academy recognize them? we'll talk to a veteran stunt guy about his campaign and awesome career. a lot of times, things are right underneath our feet,
7:37 am
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7:40 am
he's been for years to add a best stunts category. why do they keep rejecting you? >> i have no idea. for 20 years, i think this is going to be the one. for every year, we keep getting folked down. like i said, i am baffled at this point. >> they are going meet again this week which is why we're talking. do you think this is your year? do you think they've got any glimmer of hope here? >> i think we do. we have don hudson taking the reigns from bruce davis. bruce has been fighting our cause for 20 years. i hope both of them can convince the 43 board members that we really belong in the oscar ceremony. >> to prove why you should belong. believe me, we're fighting for your cause. i want to roll a clip. we picked this from the rock, in 1986. wasn't to point out that as we
7:41 am
look at this clip, that it wasn't nic cage gunning that yellow ferrari, it was actually you. >> still there, jack? >> yep. and it's -- >> no. >> i want you to take us through the clip here. it wasn't nic cage, which, of course, the movie makes it look like it is, it was you in that car. tell us about that stunt. what it took to pull that off, what it felt like and, by the way, did you break any bones? >> that one, i didn't break bones, we are involved way before the filming takes the process, because we have to design the entire sequence and make sure everybody is safe in something like that. even the stunt people. you know you have to keep the crew safe, but you also have to keep the stunt people and the people around the filming process safe as well. when you go into to double an actor, you have to adapt his
7:42 am
mannerisms and character straights, and it's tough. different characters have different things they do. as a stunt person, you have to adapt to that. as we say, you're going to get hurt. it's the way it is. like a football player, you get hurt. just hope in our profession, you don't get killed. unfortunately, we have seen that happen. i'm curious, when you see stars like shawn conry, nic cage, even the rock, these fans rush up and say, oh, my god, great stunt, that's so cool. you're sitting back saying, i did that, i did that. does that drive you crazy or is that part of the job? >> that's always part of the job. we understand that the public wants to see the actors doing their own stupts. we always adapt to that. as a stunt coordinator, that's what you try and do. you try to put the actor in as many action pieces that you can. lu you are also walking a fine line. if you hurt that actor, if he
7:43 am
breaks a finger, they point the finger at you, why are you doing this? now we're shut down for two, three weeks, while the actor heals. the movie i just finished is "fast five," we had an enthusiastic end chase. you have to put both actors in there as much as possible. and you are very particular about what you can put them in. i know the audience wants to see the actors doing, and we are good about trying to put them in there. >> and you're also good about doing the stunts as well. fast five is a hot movie. i would love to go driving with you, jack, tell us what happens next week, we're rooting for you. >> the vote happens tuesday. i have a meeting with don hudson. hopefully, we can get it through and she that we belong. we had a movie like "titanic" and that was an ax action-packed
7:44 am
movie. maybe we'll get the nomination next year. surprising stats from cdc, said 235,000 accidental but nonfatal injuries happen annually in u.s. bathrooms. four-fifths involve fall, usually involving the shower or bathtub and numbers suggest women are more likely to be hurt than men. not surprising the injury rates rise with age. you can get the details online on cdc website. >> mexican drug cartels, the latest on the shocking government investigation next. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving cream works quickly to activate sensory receptors.
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7:47 am
mexican drug cartel using other weapons besides violence to get their way. weapons like cash, sex. in return they get their drugs across the border, even getting protection from the people busting them. pretty shocking route out of washington, but i guess to some, not a big surprise. >> that's right. just incredible. they are supposed to protect our borders but top security officials say dozens of agents have been complicit with mexican drug cartels, allowing drugs and
7:48 am
illegal immigrants through inspection line, testifying before charles edward, acting inspkter general, said border and customs agents have been drived with cash and list ton this, sexual favors. edward said that a total of 127 agents have been arrested or indicts for acts of corruption, including drug smuggling, alien smuggling, money laundering and conspiracy with organized crime. the corruption against agents have been going on since 2004. last year the inspector general's office launled a record 870 probes against agents acting suspiciously. alan berson told the senate that the government is doing everything in its power to root out corruption. >> we recognize that there are bad apples in the barrel and it is our job to minimize those. it is our job to prevent corruption, protect it when it happens, prosecute it after
7:49 am
investigating it, with -- in concert with other federal agencies and the united states attorney's office and the department of justice. >> as an example, bersin spoke about an agent who is serving a 20-year sentence after pleading guilty after conspiring to smuggle 121 kilograms of marijuana and also looked the other way at aliens. all in all that's the what is going on and the message here, they're not going to tolerate any sort of corruptions from these agents. >> we'll track it. rafael, thanks. 200,000 city group customers had their online accounts hacked. the thieves didn't get social security numbers but did make off with key personal information. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused.
7:50 am
so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. to your kids' wet skin. new neutrogena® wet skin kids. ordinary sunblock drips and whitens. neutrogena® wet skin cuts through water. forms a broad spectrum barrier for full strength sun protection. wet skin. neutrogena®.
7:51 am
7:52 am
200,000 city group customes had accounts hacked. cnn's brian todd reports.
7:53 am
>> reporter: if you do banking online. you see that template. here's how we protect your money. citigroup has it but just got hacked. it won't say how much money was lost. the hackers didn't seize social security number, dates of birth or card security code, the company say, but did view customers names, account numbers and contact information. >> can they still do damage getting name, account number, contact information? >> sure, just your name and contact information, what hackers can do is sell that information for identity fraud or identity theft. they can poach customers from city bank and more importantly, use that information to strike s citi bank tellers. on the same page of its web side to tell you how you are
7:54 am
protected. citigroup uses encryption technology. sounds impressive, but can it really protect you? >> what does this even mean? >> what ssl is, it means that from your browser, from this window here to their computer, there's like a secure pipe that is really hard to break into. it doesn't mean anything about -- it's like driving to the bank, when you're driving to the bank you're secure. once you get inside and engage in a transaction, doesn't mean anything about the security of that transaction or files when they are stored in their filing cabinet. >> brian todd, cnn, washington. >> brian, i talked to experts who said so much is at risk, defenders, banks, military have to protect themselves against any possible threat. hackers only have to get lucky once. life after tsunami, the situation is still dire. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! gg mom: you're home piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: gei. mutes could save you 15% or more. many conservative voters don't seem satisfied with the gop presidential options out there right now. they are looking to the sidelines, jim acosta explains. >> ronald reagan bumper sticker is just the same. tammy serves conservative politics along with the country ham. it's a good thing the list of gop candidates is not on the
7:58 am
menu. some of these republicans might just stick with coffee. >> i like somebody who is a staunch conservative. staunch republican. there's no model. no perfect guy sitting right there right now. >> obama is going to get elected again. none of these guys can beat him. >> you don't think so? >> no. not right now. >> there may be reasons voters are looking for other options, a few big name politicians acting like presidential tests. >> what about they twhe is over, you going to think about it? >> yes, sir. >> i think about a lot of things. >> texas governor, rick percent is is talking about it. rudy giuliani keeps popping up in new hampshire and sarah palin not only has a campaign style bus, there's a pro-palin movie
7:59 am
coming soon. >> i don't know, i honestly don't know. it's still a matter of looking at the bill and consider much. >> new jersey governor cristy is headed to iowa but insists he's not running. >> i made a commitment from the people from information when i asked for four year at governor. >> these of these republicans as special of the day. not quite on the menu but not quite off. a research poll said republicans do want alternatives. two-thirds would like to see giuliani jump into the race. a not too shabby majority wants palin to run as well. another poll found 40% of republicans aren't happy with their choices. >> if the election were tomorrow? it would probably be mitt romney, but that's only because of the lack of choice. >> back at tammy's diner, even the prospect of new choices like palin don't sound too 'advertising. >> are you going to get
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