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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 11, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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this is hopefully a decision for my constituents. i made mistakes, as i said on monday. now i'm going to try to get back to work. >> not to go fast, but in the saga of anthony weiner, democratic leadership now calling for his resignation. he said himself he's seeking help. here to weigh in on all of this where we have more breaking news this time on the war of terror, king of al qaeda leadership dead. and the way he was taken down is going to surprise you. more than 4,000 firefighters are out battling that el paso fire in zoarizona that is about to becoming the state's largest. are things about to take another
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turn for the worst? i'm don lemon, you can hear the bells behind me in manchester anew champsure, where cnn is getting ready to host a presidential debate. much more right here this hour. we're going to start with breaking news. several breaking e-mails on the gri congressman anthony weiner scandal. he's seeking treatment all because of the graphic online consaighs with women. nancy pelosi as well as three top democrats, members of his own party who now want him gone. got the best team in television covering all of this. they join me here, some of them in manchester. candy crowley and mark preston is our senior political editor. and jason carroll spoke with
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weiner today, and we have dana bash on the phone. i want to start with her. first, i want to read nancy pelosi's statement to you before you weigh in. it says congressman weiner has the love of his family, the confident of his constituents and the recognition he needs help. i urge congressman weiner to seek that help without the pressures of being a member of congress. it's a very carefully worded statement from pelosi there. this scandal has been out there for weeks. what is the importance of these leaders asking him to step down right now? >> you can't overstate how much work it is, as the leaders are saying it, because they have been reluctant to say it this blunty in public before. there was a mountding effort of democrats trying to get weiner to resign. they did that in public, but that was nothing compared to having statements, one after the other after the other,
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coordinated path, actually, from the democratic leader, nancy pelosi and other key players. and you know, i was just checking this guy's e-mails, and leader pelosi was already aware of congressman weiner's idea to get treatment. and she still did it. that just tells you how unsatisfied they. he's on a plane to go seek treatment, and they still want him to resign. it's been going for a long time. there was one story with a judge who was very involved in this. the judge didn't want to go to the third week without talking about the agenda, don. >> it's a problem for democrats right now can could become a preside problem for the president if it continues on. i want to go to jayson carroll.
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just a short time ago, you talked with wieneinerweiner, yo him about holding on to the seat. what does his office say about the tleement he's going in for? >> the spokesman has acknowledged that he will in fact be seeking treatment. the spokesperson did not indicate where or for how long. let me first read you part of the statement that was released from the congressman's office this afternoon. said it congressman weiner departmented this morning to seek professional treatment to focus on kncoming a better husband and healthier person. in light of that, he will request a short leave of absence from the house of representatives so that he can get evaluated and map out a course of treatment to make and consult well. fwen, the say he departmented this morning. obviously, before he departed, we had an opportunity to speak with him. i want you to listen to what he said when i questioned him about a possible resignation.
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>> just to reconfirm about resignation at this point -- bl i have no news for you today's. nothing's changed. >> so you're not resigning? >> so he says nothing has changed. that was want the only topic we had an opportunity to speak with the congressman about, don. we also asked him about the online relationship that communication he had with this teenage girl from delaware. as you'll recall, congressman weiner spoke at her high school, she admired him, started following him on twitter. there was some communication. he said the communication was not appropriate. i had an opportunity to ask him about that. >> i just want to get for the record here about the 17-year-old girfwirl because ths what a number of people are talking about at this point. in terme ess of the 17-year-old-
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>> we put out a statement on that, she's spoken, i think our record is pretty clear. >> quick for the record, just coming from you? >> nothing. nothing. nothing explicit, nothing indecent. absolutely nothing inappropriate. so don, you heard what he had to say about that, and he also told me that he was anxious to get back to work. it's clear now he'll be going to treatment instead. don? >> this is the one that we hear that really -- the straw that broke the camel's back. he's also getting support from people there, and as andrew said as you were taublging to him, he had a show of support on the street. >> yeah, i know, don, you have seen the recent polling showing him at some 64%, voters in his district in queens support him. we saw evidence of that when we had an impromptu meeting in the
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street. and supporters came up and said how much they were behind him. >> jason carroll, thank you very much for that. we're going to join candy crowley and mark. you're sitting there and watching his face as he's walking. it pains you. he has a pained look on his face. >> it is. i think there's. an evolution of understanding what is going on in your life, and i think he's at a place where he understands. sphi had to guess where he was, i think he thought he would get out. it was clear early on he thought he could outlast this. these letters today, even if you look at the statement, he's left himself open. all he has to do now is say, my doctor thinks it's best for me, for my family, my wife, that i concentrate on this. therefore i'm leaving.
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there's a slide he could easily go down. i suspect he will in his own time, which will be pretty quick. >> you saw when jason was recording there, you saw the woman out there saying we support you? anywhere between 51% and 56% depending on the poll, that say people there don't want him to stay, and it's in the 30s for people who do. who has the decision, anthony weiner, the democrats, or the voters of the district. >> it's anthony weiner, but he needs to make a decision to step down. the disgrace he's brought upon his own party, his wife, his family. his wife now is pregnant with their child, and it's important that anthony weiner has come to the realization he needs to go. now it seems like he want to go out on his own. and there was a little wiggle room there. he comes out and says it's fine.
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and i'm going to fight on. i think that's going to be the story throughout the next couple weeks. >> can i say despite they think he's going for the sake of his family to seek treatment. what they want is congress without the pressures of anthony weiner. that's the opposite. that's a lot of pressure. >> it's interesting because he's getting hit by his own party harder than the republicans. and i guess they have to do that. the republicans said, you know, it's really not for me to weigh in. and there were some also some very distinct remarks about it. this is a problem for the democrats. could this be a problem for the president if this goes blooalon? >> we're not close enough to the elengz where the democratic party is trying to defend their group. john ensign was the republican
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who had to resign recently. you look at the mark foley, the congressman from florida, where republicans just got a deal because he wouldn't leave. >> the question is, are you disgraced. can you function, can you do your job? the thing is when you have three top political leaders in your party going, you know what, leave? that just makes it really difficult to do your job. you can get shunned, you know. and put it in one, and it gets out of the headlines. i never see it getting to the press. >> i have to run. is he done? >> no, i think he's done. political life, still to be determined. >> we shall see. you saw the look on his face. i looked at you as you looked close. these guys are going to be back in a few minutes. how about what is going on here. >> >> we can't wait, right.
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>> breaking news i want to talk about. you sat down with -- >> oh, yes, actually i caught up with him along the campaign, so it was a running/walking thing. >> we'll talk about that in a minute. up next, the president is calling it a significant blow to al qaeda, and we'll tell you about a leader who was killed. and we're live in new hampshire where everybody is getting ready for monday night's gop debate. looking back. we're going to give you a sneak peek inside as well. coldwell banker. we never stop moving.
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we're back, everyone. coming to you live from new hampshire where cnn is getting ready for monday night's gop presidential debate. more on that later, but first, more stories making news. pakistan is reeling from explosions in a northwest city. at least 34 people were killed. 94 people were wounded, according to authorities. and bombs exploded within minutes of each other, causing chaos in the market. >> a 13-year man hunt is over for the alleged al qaeda killer involved in two embassy bombings. seen here in fbi photos is believed to have been in the armed attacks of the american
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embassies in america and tanzania. they say he was gunned down in mogadishu. according to a senior kenyon official, they opened fire on the vehicle when they tried to run over road blocks. the bombings killed 425 people. u.s. officials also suspect he had a role in the 2002 attacks in kenya of an israeli hotel. despite a $5 billion bounty on his head, he has escaped being captured or killed numerous times. 2007, started the u.s. air strike in somalia, but they missed. coming up, congressman weiner just announced he's going to take a leave of absence from congress to tand treatment. and as soona you can see -- as you see, i should say, live here, a beautiful place, anselm.
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all right, right here on cnn, 7 republicans will appear on the stage at st. aint anselm college in manchester, new hampshire. it will mark the first political debate of the 2012 presidential race. looks like we just did 2008. the event will be moderated by none other than cnn's john king. joining us are candy crowley, "state of the union" of course, which i watch every sunday, and this guy, mark preston. what is the preview. what is going on? i know you have a big interview with someone who is saying they're in. are they in? >> yes. it's a big question. he's been here, he has been more to new hampshire over the past month than any of the candidates
2:20 pm
who were officially in. this is the former governor of utah, china, the president, thinking it might not want to cast him. an interesting guy. he's had some things when he ran afoul of the republican party, but he's a good campaigner. i went and saw him yesterday, so my impression was, what is it we're waiting for? tell me what he said. >> we'here's the band on the speech. >> about a week and a half away. >> here? >> i'll keep that for another type. >> you're not telling. >> we'll keep it here, and in terms of a supporter, yes, if i like them enough, i will support them. you check that box. >> he's checking all the boxes.
2:21 pm
>> like, so he's ready. you know, that's coming. >> what i'm wondering is does this whole newt gingrich thing make a difference when it comes to jon huntsman because his whole staff, a lot of people are saying newt's done. do you know that? >> i think it helps everyone. whoever is supporting or was supporting newt, their points are off. and that's particular the fact of the matter is they're both governors. they both spoke about economics in their quote, and they're not going to run with the conservatives. they're going to try to run through new hampshire. it's interesting to try to decide what's going on. >> and i think jon huntsman is very serious about this.
2:22 pm
and i think he's going to have a good chance. >> i have to believe that they'll disagree. mitt romney and jon huntsman all have some baggage problems with the conservative part of the party. but they're all similar. they have similar backgrounds, thaw come from outside washington, which is always a good thing to do when you're looking to get inside washington. and this splits the more moderate vote, such as it is in the republican primary season. i think, honestly, at this point, what they're looking for and what we'll see a little bit of, tomorrow night will be fascinating for me. >> we have one more -- >> oh, gosh. >> all right, monday night's
2:23 pm
debate will be fascinating for this reason. mitt nromney is considered the front runner. he's got the money, got the people with him. he's leading the polls in new hampshire by a good amount. the question is, at this debate, so early, most people want to introduce themselves. you hear a lot of sentences that begin, when i was governor of this or when i served on that, or when i was the businessman who ran godfather ps pizza, but they also have to go after mitt romney. this is where the engagement is going to be. vow to begin to bring down that. you don't want to be the crabby apple in the bunch, either. >> what is interesting, we're going to run and mark and i are going to talk about this, but what is newt going to say come monday? then we're going to hear from him for the first time tomorrow night when he speaks in california. what is he going to say after all the people around him have
2:24 pm
resigned. we're going to talk about that coming up in an hour in cnn in the situation room. good stuff. not tomorrow night, but we're so excited, we wish it was tomorrow night. >> sleeping problems. >> don't forget to tune in to cnn on monday night for the republican presidential debate in new hampshire. it will be moderatelid by our national correspondent, mr. john king. up next here on cnn, drew griffin digging through the sthouns of e-mails sarah palin received and sent when she was governor of alaska. when we come back, he'll tell us about the one she sent when she became john mccain's running mate. >> we also have the latest on congressman anthony weiner who announced he's entering a treatment center. >> many of you have been asking us questions, reaching out online, you can reach us on twitter, facebook,, and
2:25 pm we're back in a moment. economic. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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before sarah palin became a force to be reckoned with in politics.
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she became the well-known governor of alaska. drew griffin pored over the e-mails and showed what we found. >> this is what we're going through, this is one box of six boxes we got yesterday of just e-mails, look at that, from/to the governor of alaska between december of 2006 and september of 2008. and what -- first i want to show you how goofy this was yesterday when we got these. take a look at this video. this is a third-floor office building here in juno where all of the press had to come to this one particular office in a crowded hall way if we wanted to pick up the e-mails. they weren't going to be distributed electronically on a simple disk or on the website you could go to. instead, we had to come all the way to juneau, alaska, grab our six boxes, and leave. literally take these things out, wheel them down the street, and
2:29 pm
get into this hotel suite where we could begin looking at them. so far, we have looked at maybe a third of them, 20 to 1,000 of them. if you're looking for something scandalous or salacious, we haven't found it. at one point, she tried to link a scandal to murkowski. of course, they have a long running feud to this day, but really, the e-mails we found were all about government, governing, trying to make schedules between herself, her family at home, and various commissions and businesses she had to attend to for her role. she also is very interested in being there for the people of alaska. at one point complaining in this e-mail she was not told about a funeral for five soldiers. in the future, she needs to be told about that. one interesting thing we did just find is about the time, in fact, the day she found out she was going to be running as a
2:30 pm
vice presidential nominee for john mccain. and i want to show you this because on the day before, she gets an invite to cnn's larry king who would like to know if you're interested in talking about mccain's vp choice tomorrow at 5:00, and one of her staffers saying i could link you up at the state fair. she said, that should work, we'll meet in the morning. i need to juggle some things around. >> at that moment, she appare apparently knew and her staff didn't that she was going to be the nominee, and the next day at 10:30 in alaska, she said, can you believe it? told me yesterday, moves pretty fast. pray, i love you. that's from governor sarah palin. again, not a lot of salacious stuff. not all the way through it yet. it's taking a long, long time. but so far, it looks like governor palin was right. seeing a lot of intimate details
2:31 pm
on how she ran the government but not a lot of embarrassing stuff. >> that was drew griffin earlier today talking to tj holmes. since he filed the report last, he's found a lot of other e-mails he's going to go through and tell you about. that's coming up at 7:00 on cnn. now let's get you caught up on the world's top stories. susan hendricks is there and is going to get you caught up. >> checking the of the top sories now, congressman anthony weiner is seeking professional treatment now after the strongest calls yet for his resignation. house financial leader, nancy pelosi, is one of his own part y who now want him gone. this week, he was charged with having ainappropriate relationships with women when he denied it. in arizona, firefighters
2:32 pm
fight the biggest fire in the state ps history. crews have spent the last two days clearing fire lines and brush to keep the wildfire from spreading. it's an uphill battle. blowing embers have caused spot fires across the state line into mexico. and 8 people made it through one of the worst tornadoes on record to batsal a rare and possibly fatal fungal infection. three of the eight survivors of the joplin, missouri, tornado have died. one of the deaths was from an infection that occurs when soil gets under the skin. now back to don in new hampsh e hampshire. >> we'll see you in a little bit. thank you very much. up next, no break for the weekend in the casey anthony trial. the crime scene investigator took the scene today, and we'll tell you what he said. we'll talk more about all the tears you saw from anthony on yesterday, going to ask our legal analyst, sunny hostin, if she things it will help or hurt
2:33 pm
her case. and we're live in new hampshire as we get ready for monday night's republican debate. going to be great. but first, it's harder than ever to qualify for a mortgage these days. you need 20% down and excellent credit. at the same time, home prices keep falling. what does it all mean. a lot of people are deciding to rent. >> if i own my own home, i don't have any peace of mind. >> the amenities aside, 20-year-old clark is at at age when some people decide calling people. >> i looked at properties. >> they're not getting the price
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all right, everybody. welcome back. let's talk law and justice now. first up is the casey anthony trial which now is in its third week in orlando. so far, the biggest drama in the courtroom has been tears from the defendant as jurors looked at graphic images of her 2-year-old's body. i asked sunny hostin on trutv about the impact anthony's crying could have on the jurors. >> you know, i think it cuts both ways. there are two schools of thought on this. some folks are saying this shows a picture to the jury of a human being mourning over the loss of her daughter. some people are saying these are
2:39 pm
cra crocodile tears she's crying for herself and this is all theater. it could cut both ways with the jury. statistically, there have been studies on this, most jurors perceive, i guess, a defend's tears of evidence of guilt. it's quite possible this is not showing well to this jury. >> i want to go now to the west coast. we're talking about in oakland, california. that's where police say a rape victim was able to shoot a cell phone victim of the person who assaulted her. i'm wondering here, i haven't read anything about the 911 c l calls, so i want to know when she called 911, and number two, there are coomb rcameras everyw. is this helping police find the victims. >> this started out as a burglary, which is what she was taking videotape of. then it turned into a sexual assault.
2:40 pm
unfortunately, the 911 call came after the assault. i think it's remarkable that she has video of the assailant. this is the digital age, everyone is watchingering big brother is watching, and it's been instrumental in investigations and instrumental for law enforcement. this is a remarkable case where a victim actually has photos and footage of her assailance. >> i want to go from the criminal to the sizzle. in florida, a man cut a board that's said this would have win a picture of my 2-month-old baby if the mother had decided not to kill the child. the mother is suing that he violated her privacy and harassed her. his lawyer is saying it's going against his freedom of expression to express himself. $1,200 for him to put that up. who has the stronger legal case, him or her? >> it occurs to me, don, certainly your right to free
2:41 pm
speech is a constitutional right. and that typically trumps all other rights. but in this case, the commissioner, not the judge, the commissioner made a recommendation that the billboard be taken down. this man has been ordered to take down the billboard, and the judge has yet to rule on it. it's really fascinating that perhaps in this case, she has a stronger position here. i wouldn't have thought that looking at just the facts. >> all right, our thanks to sunny hostin. greg's ex-girlfriend said she miscarried. he said he told cnn he was pro life even before his ex-girlfriend's pregnancy. up next, listen to this. >> this is not something that can be treated away. this is my own personal mistake. >> remember that? that was congressman weiner on monday. today, just a short time ago, he
2:42 pm
announced he will seek treatment after all. wendy walsh is here and i'm going to ask her if she thinks he really needs help or if this is a move to save his career. don't go anywhere. t it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? let's go back to drawing.
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51% of new york voters said congressman weiner should keep his seat. the other 50% think he should disinfect it. >> oirx oh, boy. conan o'brien getting laughs over the online scandal. congressman anthony weiner and his denials. once again, someone gets caught and makes it worse by trying to cover it up. what is behind that thing we see over and over and over. why don't people fess up right away? our human being expert dr. wendy walsh has experts fopinions for. you say it gets down to fight or flight. >> he's going to go into a natural fight or flight response. i prefer fight, close your facebook, twitter, go away. but instead, he went with fight. no, i didn't do it.
2:46 pm
no, it was a hacker. yes, i'm going to keep my job. one or the other is going to come up in the shortterm. and then they'll make better decisions. >> just today, a source says weiner told democratics leaders that he's going to seek treatment. here is what he said about getting help at a news conference earlier this week. >> i'm going to try to handle this, and i'm not blaming anyone. this is not something that can be treated in a way. this is my own personal mistake. this is not something, this is a weakness, a deep weakness i have demonstratored. and for that, i apologize. >> okay, here's what he said just recently, wndy. he's going to take a leave of absence, he says, to get evaluated and to map out treatment to get his life in order, to get well. and he says he's going to seek treatment to focus on beicaling a better husband and a better
2:47 pm
person. so what exactly is he getting treatment for? what would you do? is it an addiction of some time, media, sex? what would it be? >> could you imagine the manual of disorders is going to have sexting addiction. no, the problem is so many people can benefit if they just go to therapy. a basic disconnect between their personal integrity and their public intentions. this is a man who -- i always ask myself when i see a disfunction. i say what is the function of the dysfunction. what are the needs of the function and why aren't they met? everyone can benefit from therapy, and most of us need motivation to go there. so this is his motivation. and hopefully he will go because i heard him say i haven't ruled out the fact i might see somebody, so i would like to see him enter therapy, and it's a
2:48 pm
wonderful chance to grow personally. >> hey, wendy, i want to tell you this real quick. reports from one of weiner's constituents. >> as a constituents, i personally don't care what he does in his private life. honestly, it's none of my business. it's none of america's business. >> all right, because he exhibited this belavier, does it mean he's not worthy of the job? >> you know, that's the million dollar question that people are asking. and i think that it's not so much this behavior. it's about looking over all the moral integ rilty. how often he lies. we all lie. everyone has a web of white lies in our life. we tell our friends they don't look fat in their jeans, that you love the restaurant you hate. we all lie. if you lie in a path logical lie where you hurt others, like clearly when he's in that
2:49 pm
sexting compart, his wife is not there with him. it makes me wonder, can he have care for his constituents. i don't know. >> all right, thank you very much for that, dr. wendy walsh. we appreciate it. coming up on cnn, a significant blow for al qaeda. we'll tell you how a suspected leader, one of the leaders accused in the bombings was caught and killed at a checkpoint in somalia, and we're live in new hampshire getting ready for monday night's republican debate. of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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all right. we're live here in new hampshire on the campus, a beautiful campus of st. ansel. a lot of people have been saying it wrong all week. we call it st. a. it's really a gorgeous campus and it could not have been nicer. there you see the countdown. we're just about 50 hours away from that debate. 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn, the first republican national debate on cnn. you're going to see it here. it has been 30 years since the first published report of the
2:53 pm
disease that would become known as hiv/aids. dr. sanjay gupta introduces us to a man who survived his own battle with aids and has championed the rights of people with the disease. >> welcome to san francisco. enjoy your stay. >> it's great to meet you. an honor. >> thank you. on the streets of san francisco, cleve jones is often treated like a celebrity, but 30 years ago on these same streets in the city's castro district, jones and other gay men were living with the nightmare of a new disease that had no name. >> by 1985, almost everybody i knew was dead or dying. we lost 20,000 people in this town. >> this deadly disease finally got a name, human immunodeficiency virus, hiv, the virus that causes aids this was long before the days of any life saving drug cocktails and for victims of this disease, chances of survival slim.
2:54 pm
>> we cried every day for ten years in this neighborhood. we buries loved ones every week in this neighborhood. >> reporter: cleve was determined to bring attention to what was happening. in 1983, is he cofounded the san francisco aids foundation. four years later, he stitched the first panel of the aids quilt in this very building. that panel was for his best friend, marvin feldman. >> we wanted to reveal is the humidity behind the statistics and show that every single one of these people mattered. >> in 1985, he was diagnosed with hiv. eight years later, he had full-blown aids. >> he was very sick for a long time, and i did not think that i would live. >> we've got a meeting at 4:30. >> but he survived with the help of anti-retro viable drugs that he's been on for 17 years. he says he's doing fine now and he's still an activist, currently fighting for the rights of san francisco's housekeepers, but he cannot
2:55 pm
forget how the hiv struggle changed him profoundly. >> we went through hell here, and it was a hell that lasted a very long time, took from us some of our best and brightest people. but we endured and we continue, and i'm very proud to be part of that. >> dr. san jail gupta, cnn. >> thank you, dr. gupta. up next, secretary of state hillary clinton calls it a significant blow to al qaeda. we'll tell you about a terrorist leader just killed in so maja. plus, which of city has just banned salt shakers from restaurant tables? what? ♪ hello sunshine, sweet as you can be ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy.
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2:59 pm
congressman admitted to graphic online communications with women after initially denying it. in the war on terror, the suspected al qaeda mastermind of the '98 bombings of u.s. embassies has been killed in somal somalia. that word from officials in the u.s. and kenya. fazul abdullah mohammed was killed by somali troops as he tried to run a roadblock. in arizona today, high winds are testing firefighters battling the second largest blaze in state history. more than 400,000 acres have burned with just 6% containment, crews have spent the past few days doing everything they can clearing brush to keep the enormous fire from spreading. it's an uphill battle. you know, don't bother asking someoneton pass the salt in buenos aires. restaurants are removing the shakers from tables. health officials promoted that move


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