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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 12, 2011 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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i'll know more about how you think than i knew yesterday. and i'll know a lot of stuff here. >> with greatest respect i think i've learn slightly more as do the viewers from you tonight than you will ever learn from me. >> thank you for having me. it's been a treat. >> thank you so much. >> story lines galore tonight in the saga that is anthony weiner. comedian tracy morgan homophobic rants.
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>> i can get back on the baseball field. just keep on working hard every day 9:00 to 5:00. keep getting stronger every day. >> a young man who should be an inspiration for all of us, a college athlete on the verge of a career in baseball now paralyzed after a horrifying on field collision. but the story does not have a tragic ending. this hour the latest chapter that will leave you smiling. hello, everyone, i'm don lemon live from manchester, new hampshire where cnn is getting set to hold a gop presidential debate. those stories and much more right here in the cnn newsroom. we start with this. he lied, he denied, apologized. now tonight congressman anthony weiner is seeking professional help after the strongest call for his resignation. he's now seeking treatment.
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top democratic members of weiner's own party like nancy pelosi now say they want him gone. here's how democratic national committee chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz put it. >> i call on anthony weiner to resign. the behavior he's shown has been reprehensible. for the good of all he should step aside and address those things that should be most important his and his family's well being. >> all right. here's nancy pelosi's statement. she says congressman weiner has a love of his family, the confidence of his constituents and the recognition that he needs help. i urge congressman weiner to seek that help without the pressure of acmember of congress. our very own jason carroll
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caught up with anthony weiner. they talked about everything, from calls to his resignation and delaware police are investigating an alleged contact between weuner and a 17-year-old girl. >> reporter: it's not clear where the congressman has gone to seek treatment. he departed this morning to seek professional treatment focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person. in light of that he'll request a short leave of absence from the house of representatives so that he can get evaluated and map out a course of treatment to make himself well. clearly, before he went to seek treatment earlier today we ran across congressman weiner and i want you to listen to what he said when he was questioned about calls about his resignation. >> at this point you have no plans -- >> no news. >> no plans? >> nothing has changed.
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>> you're not resigning. >> reporter: i had an opportunity to speak with the congressman about a number of issues, questioning him about that online communication he had with a teenager from delaware. apparently what had happened is this teenage girl followed the congressman on twitter after he came to her school. she admired him. he said that there was nothing inappropriate about the online communication so now i want you to listen a little bit more about what the congressman had to say about that and other issues. >> nothing explicit, nothing indecent. nothing inappropriate. >> reaching out to a number of people. can you tell me what advice. how far spoken with the clintons. >> i'm having conversation with people. neighbors. friend. members of the family. i've made some serious mistakes and i have to redeem myself and i'll try to get back network. these are personal failings. >> reporter: congressman weiner telling me originally it was his plan to get back to court as
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soon as monday but it's very clear now that it appears that's not going to happen. he'll be checking into treatment. it remains to be seen whether or not checking in to treatment will actually stop the calls for his resignation. don? >> all right. jason, thank you very much. as his fellow democrats abandoned him weiner is at a crucial moment. i want to bring in mark preston. is he done? >> for a lot of people they do think it's over. for anthony weiner decideding to check himself in for treatment, he's trying to buy some time, looking for a cooling off period. what we're told from democratic congressional leaders, dana bash working the story all day today, they want him to resign. this is an amazing fall from grace, a star in the democratic party who was on track, perhaps to be the next mayor of new york city. >> very outspoken. if you didn't want the answer
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don't ask anthony weiner because he was going to give to it you. >> they loved anthony weiner. >> here's the thing. whose decision is it? because you they are top members of the democratic party saying it's time for you to go. his constituents by a slight margin are saying hey stay. it's his decision alone or left up to the constituent others the leaders? >> it really comes down to him and his wife. is his wife saying enough is enough and pull our lives back together. it will lie with anthony weiner. does he want to fight this out. it looks like he's trying to buy some time. >> thank you very much. don't go anywhere because we're going to take a quick break. i want to talk to mark about monday night's republican debate right here in manchester and specifically i want to ask him about newt gingrich and his chances now that all those staffers have just left his campaign. plus tina faye weighing in on her co-star's rant.
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on to the stage. here we go. whoa. you all right? so, look. this is the stage. this is where you're going to see john king, wolf, anderson on stage. they are doing the lighting now. you can see that. >> that was a little sneak peek inside the sullivan arena. it will be at 8:00 p.m. here on cnn. cnn newsroom is coming to you live tonight from manchester, new hampshire. monday night we'll hold the first republican presidential debate. i recently asked a group of students here what they want to hear from the candidate. here's what they said. are you guys ready for the debate? >> yes. >> the most important issue you want to hear from them? >> unemployment. >> what you about? >> keeping the arts in school programs. >> really? >> yeah. >> you? >> troops future, when are they coming home.
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>> no one said social issues. social issues not important? >> they are. social security. >> why do you say that? >> because we won't have it when we get old. we're paying into it but won't get it. >> that concerns you. >> yeah. >> tell me why. >> i want my money. if i'm paying for it i want it. my future isn't stable. >> anybody else thinking about social security or anything like that? >> i think rights for gay marriage is coming but something that candidates, a topic they seem to avoid to avoid controversy. that's a topic that deserves attention, and i don't know. that's how i feel. >> why do you think that deserves attention? >> just because it affects a lot of americans and it's kind of sad how many states don't allow gay marriage and i think that should change. >> are younger people on board with that issue. are you less or more conservative with regard to social issues.
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most candidates are very conservative on social issues. >> i think the older you get, older generations they are more conservative. but our generation and if you look down, down like younger people, they are much more liberal. they are becoming more liberal and more open and many of these social issues to us they are not really a problem any more. >> yeah. you think as we go on here in the future, people will be less concerned about those things and more concerned about the economy, money, social security? >> yeah. >> i think that's kind of how new hampshire works. never been a socially conservative state. we have a gay marriage bill. you can get a gay marriage license in new hampshire. looking at the primary the candidates come here and talk about social issues not as much as if they are in iowa or south carolina. >> all right. mark preston is back. he's our senior political editor here. let's talk about the debates.
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all eyes i would imagine going to be on newt gingrich. his staffer resigning last week on thursday. >> so, look. there's going seven candidates on stage. we'll all be looking to see what happens to newt gingrich. will he show us he can regroup and continue moving forward. he's put out statements and talked about how his campaign will move forward every though he lost every one of his senior staffers. newt gingrich said he's going to move on. >> does rick perry benefit the most? >> anybody who is in the race or not in the race he can fwef most. two of newt gingrich's top staffers are very close to rick perry. expect these staff towers move over and run his campaign. >> who is going to be here. what do they have to prove? what do they have to do on monday night to get people to take them seriously and to become, everybody wants to be the front-runner. >> everybody wants to be the front-runner.
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her man kane, michelle bachmann, rick santorum. this is their opportunity to introduce themselves. ron paul has to show he's ron paul. continue talking about the idea that he wants troops pulled out of iraq and start military intervention. talk about long term debt problems. mitt romney has to prove he can get out unscathed. he won't take all these arrows he's the front-runner. tim pawlenty, he has to go out and prove that he's better than mitt romney. >> don't know if they can hear the screaming behind us. we're on a college campus. >> even in the rain. >> it's great. everybody has been tremendous here. we appreciate it. thank you, mark. monday night, of course. that's where it will happen right here on cnn. seven republicans will appear on stage right here in manchester. it will mark the first political debate of the 2012 presidential race.
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the event will be mode rated by cnn's john king. yes come don'ts are known to say outlandish things but to say you would stab your own son for being gay? how far is too far. we'll talk about tracy morgan's rant. i'll ask tracy morgan what he thinks. al has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value. pass on the news and make sure you and everyone you know is getting the calcium they need. ♪
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i was still trying to process everything and decide if there was going to be a punch line somewhere, or exactly what was i hearing. so to me it really was just the entire thing, really did hurt me. all right. that was kevin rogers. he was there as comedian tracy horgan went off in the worst way, according to some audience members. it happened in nashville on june 3rd. we don't have it verbatim. here's what rogers account of what morgan said. he said if his son was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not -- he mimicked gay high pitched voice or he would pull out a knife and stab that little.
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he didn't f-ing care if he pissed off some gays. tracey morgan apologized. a comedian used to work with him on snl. you haven't seen tracy in three years. does this sound like the tracy you know? >> actually, no. the tracy i worked with on "saturday night live" was a very positive, funny guy. his sense of humor was crude but never hateful. i never heard statements that was demeaning. there were some openly gay staff members on "saturday night live". if he made these kind of comments, we all would have heard it. so this is completely out of the tracey morgan that i know out of his character.
1:20 am
>> so where do you think it came from then? >> i could speculate. i mean, company have thought he was being edgy, he wanted to push the envelope. a lot of comedian dose. could be late at the night. could have had a few drinks. what led to it? i'm not sure why tracey morgan would have made these comments. i'm a great advocate of freedom of expression. there's a line. in this case he went over the line. tracy apologized today very clearly. yesterday very clearly. said it was wrong. shouldn't be in a comedy club or anywhere. that's a great step by tracy to acknowledge that. >> all right, dean. your memory of him really goes in line with what tina fey, her entertainment weekly. the violent imagery of tracy rant is disturbing but doesn't line up with tracey morgan i know who isn't a hateful man. he's generally much too sleepy and self-centered to hurt another person.
1:21 am
you and she said it was a comedian's comments. do you think he should be fired, or do you think he shouldn't be fired? >> at this point i don't think he should be fired. i hate to be flippant about it. he should go rehab. in america when you make this terrible thing, go to rehab thing. go with anthony weiner. making an apology is a great statement. doing something with the gay community to show this was isolated he's not homophobic or a bigot. i worked with tina fey. very smart woman. no way she would have put up with tracey morgan if he was that way on the set of 30 rock. audiences in the future will be watching. he says anything else like this or hateful it will be on youtube and that really will destroy his career. we all have freedom of expression but there are consequences.
1:22 am
when you're on stage i view it as a privilege. >> we appreciate you joining us. thank you, sir. up next tonight he says it's to quote make himself well. congressman anthony weiner announcing a short time ago he's seeking treatment. jane velez-mitchell will join me to talk more about weiner getting this type of treatment. what type of straemt he getting. and check out this time laps video of the debate hall set u
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>> more and more calls for anthony weiner to resign. now the embattled new york congressman says he'll seek treatment. he didn't say what kind of treatment those. i'll bring in, jane velez-mitchell. is this addict behavior? >> he's in complete addict
1:26 am
>> he's in complete addict behavior. i know a lot of people have a tendency to regard sex addiction as a cop out and this was a debate that we when when tiger woods went into rehab. remember tiger woods didn't specifically say what he was going into rehab for either. but anthony weiner has all the hallmarks of denial. the gravity of the situation. also the lying, the cheating. that is typical addict behavior. the defiance, all these people saying step down and he's not listening to them at this point and defiance is a hallmark of addiction. the grandiosity. the sense of entitlement. addicts are the most entitled people in the world. a heroin addict feels very entitled to his drug and a sex addict feels entitled to
1:27 am
continue their behavior and also rationalize and justify when caught. just the irresponsibility. all the check marks. he is an addict. and i think that the biggest example and the biggest proof of it is anthony weiner is a very smart guy and a man with a lot to lose. he's not this stupid. there has to be another dynamic at work. i believe that dynamic is his inability to control his self-destructive impulse which is the definition of addiction. >> we've had this conversation before, television conversation as a matter of fact and you mentioned something about a quick hit. whether it's a drug, whether it's, you know, through the sexting, it's a quick hit. >> you can define addiction. addiction is an impulse that you can't control, that gives you a quick hit of pleasure, but
1:28 am
invariably results in long term pain and incomprehensible demoralization. i think this is something he's probably struggled with privately. i don't think this is something he did. he's way too smart to think oh, this is just innocent fun. there were reported exchanges over all over various papers and it's very graphic. he's purportedly suggesting a cyber session of some sexual nature with this teacher from georgia. he has to know. he is to be ration enamel. he's a congressman. he's got to know that's not appropriate behavior. the only way to explain it is he cannot control himself. the definition of addiction is when you're powerless to say no to your drug of choice. and i believe this cyber sex addiction is what he's suffering from. >> all right. jane velez-mitchell is the host of issues with jane velez-mitchell and author of
1:29 am
"addict nation". thank you, jane, we appreciate it. anthony weiner has not said what he's going in for, what kind of treatment he's going get. up next, those a significant blow to al qaeda, the terrorist believed to be mastermind of the u.s. embassy bombing in kenya and we're back now live from new uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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we're back now live from new hampshire where we're going to hold a debate on monday night. you know there are a lot of
1:32 am
stories going on around the world and i want to bring in susan hendricks who is at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. she will bring you up to date. >> let's get you caught up on the headlines. here's what we're following. a 13 year manhunt is over for the alleged mastermind of two u.s. embassies in africa. fazul abdullah mohammed is believed to have been the architect of the 1998 bombings of the american embassies in kenya and tanzania. he was gunned down in mogadishu. there were two blasts in pakistan. 34 people are suspected to be dead. a suicide bomber detonated another bomb. an expert testified today in the trial of casey anthony the florida mother accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee.
1:33 am
casey anthony hurt him say that flies indicated something had been decomposing in the trunk of her car for as long as five days they said. the defense is saying that flies could have been caused by leftover food. that's the defense. prosecutors have been trying to show that casey anthony killed her daughter caylee and stored her body in the trunk. now back to don in new hampshire. don. >> susan, you guys on hln have been doing a great job in covering this story. can you believe the ins and outs, the casey anthony story. have you seen anything like it? >> so many people have been following this from the start because they can't believe a young woman, if you believe the prosecution could do this to her own flesh and blood. >> all right. susan, we'll see you in a little bit. thank so you much. tonight and tomorrow we're going to show you what happened to a little boy who got enrolled in a government funded study aimed at making efeminine boys more masculine. this story begins in the early
1:34 am
1970s when the little boy was treated at ucl a's gender identity clinic opinion his real name was concealed. his treatment was called a success. but now more than 30 years later we finally know what really happened to him. his name is curt murphy. for the first time on television his family is sharing their story with us. they are doing it because they want you to know who curt really was. they want you to know what he went through and they want you to know what impact they say hit on the rest of his life. here's anderson cooper's special report. >> this is my brother. this is what he was supposed to be. >> this is the last time mark murphy remembers his brother are curt as a happy child. the photo was taken when he was 4. a year bhf he was placed in
1:35 am
experimental therapy at ucla. >> it left curt just totally stricken with the belief that he was broken, that he was different from everybody else. >> his sister and brother say curt was never the same after therapy. >> the only thing they did was destroy our brother. he was empty. nothing there. >> in 1970 curt murphy was a smart, outgoing 5-year-old growing up near los angeles. his mother, however, was worried about him. >> well, i was becoming a little concerned about playing with the girls toys and stroking the hair, you know, the long hair and stuff. i was seeing efeminine mannerisms. it bothered me because i wanted him to group and have a normal life. >> she saw a psychologist on a local tv program talking about behavior like curt's.
1:36 am
>> he was naming all these things. if your son is doing five of ten things. does he prefer to play with girls toys. >> psychologist was recruiting young boys for a government funded program, designed to reverse perceived feminine behavior. it was later called sissy boy syndrome. >> him being the expert maybe i should go ahead take him in. nip it in the bud. >> for nearly a year he was treated at ucla. the doctoral student went on to become a founding member of the family research council which lobbies against gay marriage, adoption and laws that seek to protect the rights of gays and lesbians. he has been a prominent proponent of the benefit that homosexuality can be prevented. curt was placed into a room two
1:37 am
tables and observed. he was given toys to play with and could chose between traditionally masculine one others feminine toys. he could also choose clothing to wear, an army hat and military if a advertising or a girl's dress, jewelry and a wig. his mother would be brought into the room and told to ignore him when he played with feminine toys or clothes. in a case study that he wrote, when curt's mother ignored him he would beg for attention from her, crying, throwing tantrums. mrs. murphy was told to doing it nor him. >> in this particular incident they write that he becomes so upset he's just beside himself that they actually had to remove him from the room and after they remove him from the room they come in and tell my mom it's working, and then they bring him back in and start all over.
1:38 am
>> having read this report, i keep coming back to the word experimenting. >> absolutely. without a doubt. >> this is not some prudent treatment. >> no. >> this is experimenting. experimental therapy continued outside ucla. in curt's home his parents were told to use poker chips as a system of reward and punishment to make curt act more masculine. >> do you remember these chips? >> yes do i. >> were you awarded them as well? you were part of this? >> yes, i was. my parents added me to it so they could reinforce to my brother that big brother is doing it too so everything is okay. >> these are the actual chips. >> the actual chips. >> blue chips were for masculine behavior? >> yes. >> red chips were a penalty for feminine behavior. >> yes. >> if curt played with one of your dolls he would get a red chip? >> yes. >> according to the case study
1:39 am
the red chips resulted in physical punishment by spanking from the father. >> coming up, after the break, the memory of those being still causes a lot of anguish for his brother. what researchers call a success his family say destroyed his life. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those who'd climb mountains or sail across seas for the perfect vanilla or honey from bees. to the lovers of orchards where simple is grown, who treat every bite as a world of its own. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real from we who believe we know just how you feel. haagen-dazs.
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in 1970s, 5-year-old curt murphy was subjected to an experimental therapy at ucla to make him more masculine. at home curt and his brother were given blue poker chips for masculine behavior and red chips for feminine behavior. red chips resulted in severe spankings by the boy's father. they say their brother was never the same. we continue with anderson cooper's special report. >> do you remember the beating? >> yes, sir, do i. many times did i move the stacks around. >> how do you mean? >> i took some of the red chips and put them on my side. i did see the beatings. it was just like -- >> you would take curt's red chips. >> yes, sir. >> things he was given for feminine behavior. >> yes. >> we would come home from school. that's the first thing that you did when you walked through the
1:43 am
door sue looked and what was the chip count today? what happened? what changed? how will it be? whipping every friday night. >> one time he spanked him so hard he had welts up and down his back and buttocks. i remember mark saying, cry harder and he won't hit so hard. today it would be abuse. >> according to curt's brother and sister his outgoing personality changed and he began to behave in the way he knew his parent wanted him to. the impact of the experimental therapy lasted his entire life. >> he had no idea how to relate to people. like somebody walked up and turned his light switch off. we got what we wanted and we'll see you later. >> he actually ate his lunch in the boy's bathroom for three years where he didn't have to put himself out there even just to have a friend.
1:44 am
>> in his case study of the ucla experiment, curt was called craig to protect his identity. he considered his work with curt a success writing craig's feminine behavior was gone claiming curt became indistinguishable from any other boy. in numerous other published reports and studies over his three decade career since, george has written positively about curt's treatment using it as proof that homosexuality can be prevented. curt's family has only recently discovered his writings and they are outraged. they say curt was gay but because of the treatment he was subjected to as a child struggled his attraction to men his whole life >> he acknowledged himself as a gay man in 1985. he never had a committed loving relationship. because he wouldn't allow himself to. >> unable or unwilling to have a committed relationship with a man, curt focused on his work
1:45 am
and chose a career where being openly gay wasn't even possible. he spent eight years in the u.s. air force and then healed high-profile position with an american finance company in india. curt what do you think of your nephew? >> he's taking pictures. >> this visit home in 2003 was the last time curt's family saw him alive. nearly six months later he took his own life. hanging himself from a fan in his apartment in new delhi. curt murphy was 38 years old. >> i used to spend so much time thinking why would he kill himself at the age of 38. doesn't make any sense to me. what i now think is i don't know how he made it that long. >> tune in tomorrow night. the response to the family's
1:46 am
allegation that his therapy ultimately led to curt's suicide. until cnn told him of the suicide, the doctor said he did not know that the little boy he has often cited as a success ended up taking his own life. that's tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. coming up next my conversation with the paralyzed baseball player just drafted by the texas rangers. what he said when i asked him if he thinks he'll ever play or walk again. but first, every day millions of children around the world pick through piles of trash hoping to find enough scraps to sell to buy food for their families. these kids can spend their entire lives scavenging unless they can manage to get an education. that's where this week's cnn hero steps in. >> in argentina there are a lot of children work. most children work recovering waste from the garbage dump to
1:47 am
sell for a small profit. it can be very small children. 3, 4, 5 years old. all parents want a better life for their children than what they had, but there are times when the whole family has to work and try to make end meet. my name is elena. i found an organization to then boys and girls at the trash dump to get out so they no longer have to work there to survive. when i arrived in argentina, it hit hard to see so many small children picking through garbage. many of these boys and girls have dropped out of school. i decided i had to do something for them. we tried to be as fully integrated as possible. there's a school tracking group, psychologists and a social worker. we work with the family and the value of putting them in school.
1:48 am
any time we get a child close to school, it's a seed we're planting. you hope not to see the child on the street again. if he returns we go up to him. education is how we break vicious cycles to give children a better future. i learned something from the children every day, to be happy even under very complex circumstances. there's another way litter box dust:e purina tidy cats. tidy cats premium line of litters
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jonathan taylor was one of the most promising baseball players for the university of georgia until march when a collision with a teammate on field broke his neck and left him paralyzed. you might think that would end his dreams of reaching the major leagues. but you would be wrong. this week texas rangers picked jonathan in the 33rd round of the draft. jonathan joined me earlier along with the scout that lobbied for him. i asked what this gestures means to him.
1:52 am
>> it's a real pleasure to be drafted by a major league team after all i've been through. i'm very shocked. the first day the coach called me i didn't believe him for a minute. when he told me that and then my trainer told me too, i was oh, my gosh, i can't believe i got drafted after all i've been through. >> so, jonathan, this is the first time you're seeing ryan since your injury. what do you want to say to him? >> thank you a lot. it's a real pleasure to be drafted by the texas rangers. one of my favorite teams. i play them on the video games. it's a real pleasure. i thank the texas rangers organization. >> how did you find out that the rangers drafted you dean it come as a surprise to you? >> it was around 12:00. i was eating lunch with my mom. the coach called me. i missed the first call. i was like i was wondering why is he calling me.
1:53 am
i called him back later on about 15 minutes later and he's like congratulations you got drafted by the texas rangers. i'm like for real? yeah. congratulation, man. i was like okay appreciate it. >> you know the teammate that you collided with, zach combs was also drafted by the rangers. what did you say to each other? >> the day on wednesday i got drafted he came up later that night and said what's up, baby? we're on the same team once again. man this, is awesome. so, him just coming up that day, unexpectedly, that was really special to me. >> you know, ryan, you've watched jonathan since his high school days. what did you see in him then and what do you see in him now. >> first of all this, young man deserved to be drafted, injury or no injury, this guy was a great baseball player.
1:54 am
he's a fun guy to watch. table setter type of guy. could run and play defense. i was just happy to be able to be the one to draft him because this young man, injury or no injury this guy destoembd drafted and and he was great player. >> does this mean that jonathan is going have some kind of role within the rangers organization? >> i sure hope so. i think there's a lot of discussions right now what exactly we can do and can't do. we can't comment because we don't know exactly what his role will be. we do want him to be part of our organization. he can be nothing but an asset to the texas rangers organization. >> jonathan, i have to ask you this. you're in physical rehab now. do you think you'll ever be able to place baseball again. doctors say you can regain your ability to walk. >> yes. i believe i can get back on a baseball field. all i have to do is keep on working hard every day 9:00 to 5:00, keep getting stronger, continue to make progress.
1:55 am
ignore all the negative criticism that some people might say about me not being able to walk. all you got to do is fight and continue to work hard and trust in god and i think i'll get out there again. and up next, the hour's top stories and the move today by congressman anthony weiner that will leave his seat in congress vacant for at least a while. host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! man 1: don't mind if i doozy. man 3: is a gentleman with a brostache invited over to this party? man 1: only if he's ready to rock! ♪ sfx: guitar and trumpet jam vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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now back to atlanta for the top stories at this hour and cnn susan hendricks. here's what we're following. congressman anthony weiner is seeking professional treatment after the strongest calls yet for his resignation. house minority leader nancy pelosi is one of top three democratic members who want him gone. this week the married congressman admitted to graphic online communications with women after initially denying it. a 13 year manhunt is over for the mastermind. fazul abdullah mohammed seen here in a number of fbi photos is believed to have between
1:59 am
architect of the 1998 bombings of the mesh embassies in kenya and tanzania. the wallow fire in northeast arizona has burned an area the size of houston. that massive. some 430,000 acres. that makes at any time second largest blaze in state history. already there are signs that it's spreading in to neighboring new mexico. utility companies are making plans if the fire gets too close to important power lines. a 24-1 long shot beat the odds today to win the belmont stakes. ruler on ice won the last race of the triple crown. kentucky derry winner animal kingdom came in sixth. ruler on ice is the winner. don braving the elements in new hampshire. has it stopped raining? >> no. it was so close. it hasn't stopped.


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