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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 12, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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than his german counterpart. so i was amazed to see this picture that showed them looking eye to eye, at least physically. how did it happen? trick photography? fast-acting growth hormones? no. just a little help from the president. the correct answer to our gps challenge question was, c. saudi arabia donated 3 million barrels of oil in an effort to stave off all-out anarchy there. thank you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. stay tuned for reliable sources. here in the cnn newsroom on this sunday, june 12, i'm debra feyerick in for fredricka whitfield. a web site says that weiner took partially nude photos of himself
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in the house of representatives gymnasium and sent them to at least one woman. the photo shows a man who appears to be weiner taking pictures of himself in the mirror. he verified that the photos were taken in the white house gym. there was one small piece of good news for anthony weiner today. they closed his investigation into his twitter communications with a 17-year-old girl because they found no evidence of illegal activity. weiner's admitting that he sent texts and nude pictures to adult women. we join that force today. >> it's my understanding that mr. weiner has indicated he wants to take a leave. i would hope he does so. i hope he reflects upon whether or not he can proceed. it seems to me extraordinarily difficult that he can proceed to represent his constituents in an effective way given the
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circumstances this bizarre behavior has led -- >> you think he should resign? >> i think he certainly has to consider that option. i don't see how he can proceed and effectively represent his constituents. >> a neighborhood community association in weiner's home district in new york is joining in the demands that weiner step down. it's holding a protest rally at this hour outside weiner's district office. cnn's carol will join us in a little while with this getting under way. the first photograph of gabrielle giffords since she was shot back in january. they show a smiling giffords and give us an indication how far she's come since being shot. lisa joins us from washington. lisa, she looks incredibly well, but these pictures were taken just before she had another operation, correct? >> yeah, that's right, deb. all of this, you have to keep the context that she was shot point blank in the head, and you can see some of the differences,
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you know, before and after in these two pictures. in the latest pictures, her hair is darker, it's cropped short, and she is wearing glasses, but the most obvious difference is there is an indentation on the left side of her head, but you know, throughout it all, she still has a sparkle in her eye, she still has the gorgeous smile. we also have a second photo we can show you. it's right here, smiling here. that's actually her mom in the picture. to put some context in this, she's pictures were actually taken may 17. it was the day after the "endeavour" launch, but it was the day before she had surgery to replace the skull bone. that surgery was to put in a synthetic bone and a shouldnunt her doctor said surgery went very well, so her physical condition has improved above and beyond what these photos show, and such remarkable progress. i spoke to her representative, and he said now the plan is to have her removed from the
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houston rehabilitation center by the end of the month, but she would continue with outpatient treatment, so she would be in some kind of home setting. and her good friend debbie wa wasserman-schultz appeared on the "today" show today. hear what she had to say. >> we had a good conversation. she spoke to me in full sentences, initiated those sentences, instead of just responding which she had only been able to do recently. she's making remarkable progress. i'm so proud of her. she's working so hard. she's got a long way to go, but you can see how beautiful she is, and we are longing and looking forward to her coming back. >> on gabby giffords' facebook page, 600 comments and 600 people liking the new photos. >> thanks so much. we're going to check in with you a little later on and also find out what her facebook page is
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saying about her condition in general, her speaking, movement, that kind of thing. thank you so much, lisa sylvester. a protest plan later today in oakland, california. this one for the scheduled release tomorrow of a bay area transit officer. he was convicted of killing a passenger in 2009. he testified he meant to use his stun gun instead of his handgun. the victim's family calls it a travesty. he is getting out of jail early after serving less than a year. the international monetary fund's computer system has been hacked. fbi agents are investigating. the sophisticated cyber attack is considered a major breach and apparently went on for several months. the imf helps manage financial crises around the world. it also maintains information about fiscal condition of various nations. coming up in less than ten
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minutes, we'll talk to a cyber security expert about what these h hacks could mean for the security of the united states and how they could be viewed as an act of war. the countdown is under way for tomorrow's republican presidential debate in new hampshire. seven candidates will face-off in the state's first debate co-hosted by cnn and seen only on this network. our director paul steinhauser is with us, and paul, this is a pivotal moment for these candidates. which of them do you think has the most to lose? >> i think the one who has the most to lose is the one perceived to be the front runner, and that is mitt romney. he's making a second bid for the republican nomination and he's on top of most of the polls when it comes to the race for the nomination. check this out. brand new cnn numbers released this morning. we asked the republicans, what's most important for you in a
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nominee? someone who can beat president barack obama next year or someone who agrees with you on the issues? no contest. 75% said beat the president. we said, who is most likely to beat barack obama? mitt romney. i think that's why you'll see the six other candidates go after mitt romney on the health plan passed in massachusetts which is not very popular with the republicans. >> when you look over the candidates, is romney the most moderate of all of them and is that going to be one of the things he plays to tomorrow night in the debate? >> i wouldn't say moderate. i think on health care, yes, you're going to see a lot of criticism of so-called romn romneycare. one went after romney in the sunday talk shows over that. again, when you're perceived to be the front runner, you're in trouble, and that's why you're going to be the target. you've got a target on your back, and i think that's what
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some of the candidates are going to try to do, make it a them versus romney tomorrow night. >> do they perceive him as the one they're all going off? >> i think you'll see romney defending romneycare and why he did it. he said this was an idea for massachusetts. he doesn't apologize for it. he said it was the right thing for massachusetts but it wasn't the right thing for the nation, and he's very critical of the president's health care plan. now, who has the most approved tomorrow night, deb? i think that could go to newt gingrich. no question there. it was just thursday where most of his top campaign staffers and advisers quit, they jumped ship. the big question now is can newt gingrich survive? can he make money? can he continue? i think he needs to rise above the debate to show americans, show republicans, i'm still a candidate, i'm still around. in advance of tomorrow's debate, this is greenvilfieldgreenfield
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hampshire. another presidential candidate spoke there earlier today, deb. things are heating up in new hampshire even though the weather is pretty cool. >> thank you, paul. we're going to take another look at the candidates and their debates and what's at stake for them. live from new hampshire, 8:00 eastern, only on cnn. in eastern arizona, evacuation orders have now been lifted for the towns of eager and springerville. the fire is close to spreading a record as the biggest blaze in the state's history. it has burned more than 430,000 acres. cyber attacks are causing many companies to hemorrhage sensitive information. uncle sam wants to get tough with hackers. how cyber attacks could soon be viewed as an act of war.
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some international headlines now, libyan rebels said they confiscated secret military documents, a battle plan to clear misrata forces. they spelled out a plan to attack misrata from six different directions with more than 11,000 troops. the rebels say they've had these plans for a month. misrata has no comment from the libyan government. look at that plume of volcanic smoke and ash shooting six miles into the sky in
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northern chile. most flights to and from bai buenos aires are grounded. thousands of passengers are strand stranded. yesterday was queen elizabeth's birthday celebration. today is prince phillip's turn in honor of prince phillip's 90th birthday. major companies are being hacked or attacked every day. the imf found that companies like google, sony, the international stock exchange are all being targeted. they now want to up the ante on cybercrime. any attack or hacking by a foreign country could soon be declared an act of war.
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tony sabre joins us on talk on cyber attacks. this policy, is it going to be a deter rent on cyber attacks? >> the most effective deterrent is going back to the cold war to turn a force on force. the assumption is that someone values something of their own that you can attack and hold that hostage to something that you value on your side. frankly, it holds no credibility in the 21st century by the fact that often we can't even adequately or accurately identify the source of the attack because you can mask attacks, or as we saw in the imf attack, there was a certain level of insider access which may have contributed. so how do you trace that back to a nation state act? it's a very difficult challenge, and i don't believe the current
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path is one that's going to net us a very good policy. >> so a newer policy with an updated way of thinking. really, america's financial sector, banking system, power grid, all of them are vulnerable and they're not getting the same sort of protection policywise from the dod, afa or ihs. is this possible? >> cyber command only presen presents .net, others only protect .gov. $9 trillion a day transfer around the world on the worldwide web. we don't have a good handle how to protect that. obviously, imf, wall street, et cetera. we understand there are real
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threats regarding elecdromagnetic pulse. we have to protect both the power grid and ones with zeros if we're going to prosper in society. >> is there some sort of doomsday scenario. if there is someone who attacks the u.s. cyber structure in that way, could it shut down important vital parts? could we go dark, basically? >> absolutely, and there's two studies, one of which i will cite right up front. the mirfp talked about how they could devastate cyber. without the internet, you couldn't go to the atm to get money out. could you imagine manhattan going for a month without power? people would literally be killing each other. this is why the grid act is trying to find ways to protect
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us from cyber attacks or electromagnetic pulse attacks and the issue that we have to protect critical attacks in the private sector as well as the government sector. >> we'll be looking at wikileaks tonight. you say you have some information that u.s. cyber command knew where the stolen documents were but did nothing. why not? what's going on? are they really aware? >> well, there's two reasons, i was told, by my contact. first is the fear of failure. the idea is that this is new territory for a lot of folks. policymakers and politicians don't like taking risk. so, therefore, even though they were told by these techs that they knew were all the documents were, they think we're stupid. second thing is, i think there was this idea we would start a cyber war, if you will, between us and the other hackers. that happened, anyway.
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you had anonymous people doing attacks no matter what. so we have to get smarter on this and do better with the american people. >> still a lot of unchartered territory on this as we become ever more digital. tony schaefer, thanks so much for your insight on this today. >> thank you. tonight, going inside the wikileaks scandal. cnn presents wick i wars with julian as srkassange. experts talk about the evidence in the murder trial of casey anthony. [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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parts of the country are getting some rain this weekend. let's check in with alexander steele is what's happening right now and what's in the forecast as we all head back to work this morning. tomorrow. sorry, i'm thinking about myself. >> we've got steamy, cold temperatures, ten degrees above, ten degrees below and some wet weather as well. i want to show you the big picture, and really, what we have is a little bit of everything. we're going to see it all shake up in the next couple days. the steamy conditions of the southwest. a couple fronts moving through, kind of affording storms in a couple areas. i'll walk you through where that wet weather is. here's a line of storms, ontario, montana, idaho. really hail and strong winds the biggest threats there. pushing a little farther east, you can see as we get to
11:22 am
minneapolis, moving eastward toward 35, 80, that's where there's some wet weather today. pushing eastward in a little unsettled scenario today and even tomorrow. as we move a little farther east, upstate new york, maybe spoon lake, lake georgia, kind of a wet day. midland also from burlington all the way east, new hampshire getting some wet weather. keeping it gray and keeping temperatures below average in the north. the an htithesis of that happeng in the north, watch kansas city, today 77, storms rolling through. tomorrow watch these temperatures go up much warmer. we'll get to 93. boston kind of an unsettled day as well, a few fronts rumbling
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through and keeping things unsettled and keeping the north cool while the south is steamy well above average. >> we'll check in with you a little later. thanks so much. well, the trial of casey anthony enters its fourth week tomorrow. she's the young florida woman accused of killing her two-year-old daughter. lately the testimony has focused on forensics, some of it very graphic. prosecutors contend that anthony drove around for several days with the body of her little girl in the trunk of her car. yesterday a bug expert testified about finding hundreds of flies in that trunk, among other things. >> what did you recognize the substance on the towels to be? >> well, i thought it was a good possibility because the flies were there, the larvae were there obviously feeding and completing their life cycles that it was obviously decompositional fluid. >> the case was the number one
11:24 am
topic with the guys yesterday, and i started by asking them how all this graphic evidence might be affecting the jury. >> it is the crescendo that the prosecution is building to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. they've done it carefully, me thodically, they've done it smart, but again, the skull, the idea of testimony, even the part about drawing the body into the woods where bones were eaten by animals obviously has had an effect. probative prevails. it's an appropriate way of prosecuting the case. >> richard, one thing i don't understand, they spent a lot of time on the garbage that was in the trunk of casey anthony's car. first of all, what kind of mother drives around with garbage in her car? it's not even logical. they find traces of chloroform on it. why do you think they're spending so much time on this? >> well, the key -- one of the keys to the prosecution's case is that casey put the child,
11:25 am
after she was dead, in the trunk and drove around with her about four or five days, deciding what to do with the body. so they're trying to show forensically that that body was in that car, that was casey's car, so, therefore, she had to have killed the child and drove her around in her car. the problem is, they can't link casey to driving the car around with the baby. they cannot link it, deb. the prosecution has a lot of problems. they went overkill on this forensic crime scene photos. of course they're admissible in every case, but they went overboard. i don't think much, if not all, of the prosecution's evidence has been undermined in the least. again, we're going to hear the defense come up in about a week, but the fact is the evidence has essentially been irrefutable. the defense really has not done much of anything to bias the jury into thinking maybe there is some justification. i think the defense is in a world of trouble.
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that's not a surprise to anyone. >> and remember, you can catch our legal guys every saturday at noon eastern right here in the newsroom. well, there is new trouble today for congressman anthony weiner has more photos surface. a live report from his home district, next. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪
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new york congressman anthony weiner's problems only seem to get worse. they confirmed that anthony weiner sent photos of himself in t -- from the house of representatives gymnasium and sent them to a woman. these photos appear to be him taking pictures of himself in the house gym mirror. so far there has been no response. a near growing call for weiner's resignation. jason carroll is live in the district. jason, we heard he was going to check into rehab, basically. >> exactly. we're still waiting for more word on that in terms of specifics, in terms of where he went, how long he will be here. but some of those folks who have
11:30 am
gathered here today, a small group of protestors. if you look behind me, it looks like a large group, but the press is actually outnumbering the number of protestors here who are calling for the congressman's resignation. as you know, debbie, with a story like this, there were two sides to every story, and when you look at some of the recent polling here in the congressman's district, it shows some 66% of voters here actually support the congressman, 33% say he should resign. but those who say he should resign are a very vocal group. i want to bring in one of them right now very quickly. her name is jane -- >> diese. >> -- diese. jane, you came out here today. you've got the sign that pretty much says everything today. tell me why you think the congressman should go. >> monday when the story was broken, he apologized. i was very sad for the congressman, and i felt after the way he berated the press, it is clear he is a liar.
11:31 am
that is the biggest issue for me. as a constituent, that is the biggest issue. he's a liar. he's not to be trusted. if he just screams and yells with servitude, that makes it right. it doesn't. the only reason he protested the campaign was because he felt the other shoe dropping. the last election it was 41% that disagreed he was doing a good job. i'm sure if those same constituents were polled today, the number would be far greater than the 41% that bob turner did take. i want to thank you very much. again, there are two sides to every story. i want to bring in the other side here. this is katherine cylinder. katheri katherine, you have a different perspective. tell us where you're coming from. >> i don't think anthony weiner should resign. i think he's been doing a great job. he stands for progressive
11:32 am
values. the people who voted for him voted very well. i think it's terrible the democrats are calling for his resignation. i think they should stand behind him until it's proven he's doing something illegal. if he's broken the law, he'll have his day in court. it was a personal thing. it was disgusting what he did, but he's been doing a great job, and i think that the voters should say at the polls whether he should stay in office. >> katherine, thank you very much. as you can see, two very different perspectives here. th this is the debate ongoing now in the congressman's district, obviously people feeling very strongly in the district. deb? >> thank you very much, jason. we'll check back in later on. appreciate it. the first photos of gabrielle giffords since she was shot were released this morning. there are two of them on her facebook page. the pictures were taken may 17, the day after the launch of "endeavour" piloted by her
11:33 am
husband and the day before she had surgery on her skull. up next, candy crowley takes a look at the republicans trying to unseat president obama. we live in a social world. isn't it time we had a social currency to match? membership rewards points from american express. use them to get the things you love from,, and more unexpected places. they're a social currency with endless possibilities.
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since our contender series began in february, one of the things we followed is the republican side of the race to the white house. what we've seen taking shape is a contest without a front runner or a real marquee name.
11:36 am
candy crowley opens up a wide open field that's moving to its first test. >> no argument the field has broadened. there is mitt romney, the former republican governor of massachusetts who needs to convince primary doubters of his core conservatism. >> we're going to bring authority to the states for dozens of government programs. and that will begin with a complete repeal of obamacare. >> and there is texas congressman ron paul at his third run at the oval office. sometimes referred to as the intellectual godfather of the tea party, he'll need to convince doubters he's more than a conversation mover. >> there are more that would like to belittle this effort, but there is an old saying, three's the charm. >> it is largely a field of formers, not a contemporary marquee name nor a perfect fit in the bunch. >> when are you going to announce? >> 9:00 tonight.
11:37 am
>> former house speaker newt gingrich, a conservative big idea guy who often carries a message and some personal baggage. >> if we need a new and better direction, we need a new and better president. >> tim pawlenty maneuvered his way through two terms in one of the bluest states in the country. but he'll have to work on upping his campaign skills to the national level. >> who are are you, mr. president, to say that you and your administration should take 40 cents out of every dollar and borrow did from future generations to prop you up? >> former pennsylvania senator rick santorum, a fave of conservatives who thinks he has a chance against president obama. >> op >> hope and change is not a solution. hope and change is not a job. >> and the former ceo of
11:38 am
godfather's pizza, herman cain, he has nonetheless found some pull traction. almost 40% of republicans say they're not satisfied with this field. critics have called it weak, but a top republican strategist thinks it's more wide open, american style. >> people like to have a lot of choices. when they go to the grocery sdor a -- store and they're looking at cereals, they want a large variety of choices. they want a lot of choices and that will be the case until things are settled. >> michelle bachman and former utah governor john huntsman are two of the premier unsettled pieces of the republican puzzle. but they need to get in now, if not earlier. people are choosing sides. campaign money is finite and time is almost up. >> it's less than three months away which is the first real event of the primary cycle.
11:39 am
so, yeah, time is beginning to -- the counter is beginning to accelerate. >> candy crowley, cnn, washington. and one of the first big tests for the gop field will occur monday. that's when cnn will host the new hampshire republican presidential debate. join us monday night, 8:00 eastern, only on cnn. if you've been waiting to see what the new wii has to offer, the wait is over. we'll run down some of the top systems at the world's largest video gaming event. first, can you guess the first video game console? was it the brown box, the mag na vox's odyssey or the a tar i pong? the answer after the break. and stiffness, the closer you may be to having your favorite things... taken away from you. but you can take action today.
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before the break, we asked you what was the first video console made? was it the brown box, the magnavox odyssey or the atari pong? it was the brown box in 1977. the e3 expo has wrapped up in los angeles. our own mike salzman was there.
11:43 am
nintendo took the rap of its new video game console. tell us about the new wii and how it differs from the wii wii. >> the nintendo wii u, which is coming out probably in the latter half of 2012, is the company's next generation of video game console. it's the one you play on your tv at home. what makes it unique is you have a six-inch touch screen tablet on your lab as the controller. so not only can you navigate these virtual worlds by tilting it, by tapping on the screen or by pressing on the buttons around the ejds of the tablet, but you can also see content on the screen or the controller that complements what you see on this tv. for example, you're playing a football game against your sibling, your friend, you can draw the plays on the tablet with your finger. you know, the x's and o's and the character on your tv will perform that action.
11:44 am
it was really fun to get my hands on it, and i think they'll have another hit on their hands with the wii u. and good news for the parents who have spent money on existing wii games. they will work on this one as well. >> one for your pocket. what is that playstation vita? it's playstation's next hand-held system to replace the psp. it's the most powerful system to date. it's almost like console-like graphics in your hand. we've never seen quality like this before in a portable system. it's got a gorgeous, 5-inch screen so amazing contrast and lots of detail and four ways to control the action. the front screen is touch-enabled, the back panel, you can use your fingertips to control the action, you've got buttons and a stick like the old
11:45 am
console and this will also be internet-enabled with both wi-fi and 3g versions. this is coming out by holiday starting at $249. >> always great when something comes out just in time for the holidays. you liked elder scroll sky rim. >> if you're a fan of rpgs, role-playing games and action games, e3 2011 had the elder scrolls skyrim. you can roam a huge world that's filled with, you know, hundreds of characters you can interact with, tons of missions that can take you months to finish. you can, you know, fight against ancient drag oons and other characters. you can play either from a first
11:46 am
person or third person perspective, but it's one of those fantasy games you can lose yourself in for a long time and have a blast doing it. it's a single player adventure coming out this summer for the playstation 3, x box 50 and pc 3. >> for kids, spyro's adventure. you liked that also. >> they did show modern things for big kids like myself. spyro adventure is a kid's game coming out this fall for multiple systems. it's actually part toy, part video game. you get three action figures in the box with the game, and something called the portable power. it's like a thing you plug into the console, and when you put these figures down near it, it unlocks that character in the game. there are more than 30 of these
11:47 am
characters, each with their own skills that you can trade and collect, and when you go to a friend's house and you put your character down on their system, it remembers the level that you're at in this role-playing game so if there's some memory built into the action figures. i think activision has another hit on their hands here. it would be remiss not to talk about knekt, which is the ultimate control for xbox 60. it's where you use your body. you can roam around a virtual disneyland, all 85 acres of it. this is great for little, little kids where parents and their kids and siblings can interact with the likes of elmo and cookie monster on 36 different activities, really great fun using your body and voice to play with sesame street.
11:48 am
>> the guy with probably one of the most fun jobs here. thanks very much. we appreciate it. for more high-tech ideas, go to cnn/attack and lo-- tech and lo the gaming tab. the wildfire in arizona sets a new record. we'll go live to the fire zone. our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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it's slow going in arizona as firefighters battle the second biggest wildfire in the state's history. the blaze is inching its third week and is close to making a world record in the state of arizona. people from two towns can finally go home again. jim is live in apache county. jim, good news for those folks, but what are they going to find when they get there? >> well, fortunately, the folks in those two communities of eager and springerville are going to find absolutely no damage to any of their buildings. the firefighters were able to successfully build a fire line by setting intentional fires and using fire retardants dropped from aircrafts to build a buffer zone between the town and the
11:52 am
fire and that buffer zone has held. still 60% con tatained and stil just a massive fire. but they feel confident with the work they got done on the days that weren't windy. they feel like it's at the point they are safe to return. here's what local police officers had to say about it. >> as of sunday, june 12 at 10:00 a.m., residents of the springerville, eager and south fork areas who were evacuated because of the massive wall of fire have been allowed to return to their homes. after consulting with fire officials, it has been determined that the fire risk has diminished enough that it will no longer be a threat to the citizens of the towns. >> reporter: so that's really good news for all those people. about 7,000 people who have evacuated from phoenix. we already see cars streaming
11:53 am
back to the city here eager to get back to their homes. it's going to be weeks or even months until they're done really containing this fire. even though you don't see flames, there can be fire en route underground, and they can start a fire. better news than they've had for at least a week here in springerville and eager. deb? >> jim, thanks so much, and really just an honorable job by the firefighters there who have been working around it is clotho contain those fires. thanks so much. jobs and company profit up or down? in a couple minutes we'll see what's in the financial forecast. membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency.
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from wall street to main street, it was quite a rough week. ahead, our money team takes a look. first, allison kosik in new york. allis allison? >> the world's biggest automaker expects profits to drop 31% this year. that's $31 billion less than last year. gm could reclaim the title of world's biggest automaker. meantime, ford is ramping up production in an effort to grow.
11:57 am
ford is hoping to sell 8 million vehicles a year. that's aggressive considering they currently sell 5 million a year. felicia? >> that's, alison. the job market is expected to be under pressure for a while. they are expecting state and local government to cut 110,000 record jobs in july through september. what's worse, this could be just the tip of the iceberg. many states are still dealing with budget problems because tax receipts are still below pre-recession levels. poppy has what's coming up in business news. pop poppy? >> president obama is headed to north carolina next week. he's scheduled to meet with the jobs repetitiveness council, it's a group he created to learn how to strengthen the u.s. economy. the imf is scheduled to release
11:58 am
a short list of the candidates looking to become its next managing director. that job opened up after dominique strauss-kahn resigned after he was charged with sexually assaulting a hotel housekeeper in a new york hotel. he has pleaded not guilty. on the economic calendar, we'll get reports on retail sales and housing. we'll follow it all on cnn. back to you. >> ladies, remember, you can get all your financial fixes monday on recapping our top stories, there is another damaging report out today about congressman anthony weiner. weiner took partially nude photographs of himself in the house of representatives gymnasium and sent them to at least one woman. the web site shows photos of a man who appears to be weiner taking pictures of himself in a mirror. cnn is working to independently verify that the photos were taken in the house gym. cnn has commented weiner's house for contact but so far there's
11:59 am
been no response. the association in weiner's home district in new york is joining in the calls for him to step down is holding a protest rally outside his district office. we're now seeing the first photos of congresswoman gabrielle giffords since she was shot in january. both of those pictures, one with her mother, appear hon her facebook page. we also learned she will leave the houston rehabilitation center and will begin outpatient therapy this month. a highly anticipated debate in new hampshire. seven white house hopefuls will take the stage in manchester. the event hosted by cnn will air live only on this network, cnn, tomorrow 8:00 p.m. eastern. tomorrow is graduation day in bend, oregon for a 90-year-old man. bob maxwell picked up his high school diploma 78 years overdue. he dro


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