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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 12, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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don't wait-offer ends soon. visit now. oh, if it's a new day it must be a new development in the anthony weiner saga. and today it is a very big development. new photos of the congressman are out. they are believed to be taken inside of capitol hill. and some of them weiner is nearly nude. wildfires still out of control and raging across arizona, but today good news to report from the front lines. and from this -- are we going onto the stage? here we go. whoa! you all right? to this -- take a look around. we are on the new stage. a transformation in just under
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three days. we are live on the campus of st. martin's college in manchester, cnn. we are counting down the gop candidate race. we have more explicit photos of anthony weiner that have popped up. tmz published these and they are not the most graphic ones in the bunch. this is pressure for him to resign. cnn's jason carol has been covering this story. tell us where the photos were allegedly taken. >> reporter: well, that's what we are still trying to confirm at this point, john, where the photos were taken. cnn is still trying to confirm that. in terms of what's happening here in the congressman's district, earlier today we saw a number of protesters who showed up, some of them made copies of the photos, handed them out to people as they were walking out
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near queens, and it clearly shows there's anger here in his community. we want you to listen to what some of those had to say about congressman weiner at this point. they are saying he cannot be effective as a leader and it is time for him to resign. >> i think he's been lying to us all along about a lot of issues that are really important to the american people, such as the economy, world issues, and i think that he's not really telling us the complete truth. >> this man has opened himself up to all sorts of illegal things. he's opened himself up to the fact that he could be bribed, they could hold this against him and it would sway him. sexual encounters could be hiv, anything you want. all i can say is this is a man who needs extreme medical care, most of the studies have shown that sexual addictions cannot be cured. and i feel that this skews all his relationships, his family, his wife, his family and how he
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votes and conducts himself. so clearly there are a number of people in this community who are angry. they say it is time for congressman weiner to go. but in a recent poll, more than 50% of registered voters here actually still support the congressman. some of those people showed up here today as well. >> what he did was disgusting but he's done an excellent job. i support him and would vote for him again. i think we need more people in the congress of the united states who will speak out for their constituents. >> he needs help and is going for help now. when he comes back from help, he should be a full-pledged congressman back helping us. >> reporter: so clearly more pictures now coming out. embarrassing pictures showing the congressman. that's just going to make the people here who are already angry even more angry that the congressman wanted the story to go away by checking into rehab. clearly, that's not happening, not here, not yet.
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don? >> that has not happened. new yorkers clearly are not holding their tongues in the sound bytes. it's been mostly bad news, jason, but there's a bit of good news today for congressman wiener relatively speaking. tell us about the outcome of the investigation into his contact with a teenager girl in delaware you and i talked about yesterday. >> reporter: exactly. we mentioned that yesterday. in fact, i actually asked the congressman about that yesterday when i ran into him in an interview. he basically said, look, nothing was inappropriate with my communication with this teenager girl in delaware. just to recap, some people who are not plugged in, basically he spoke at her high school. and she started following him on twitter and the two of them communicated online. at this point detectives and investigators looking into that have basically cleared this investigation basically saying it is closed. there was no inappropriate contact between the two of them.
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>> all right, jason. thank you very much. standby. we are coming back to you later on. i want to bring in mark preston. yesterday the democratic leadership called on weiner to step down and today they are seeing these pictures. who knows what's coming out tomorrow. how much more can he withstand? you heard the new yorker es, the first guy saying he can be bribed and the second woman saying it is disgusting. how much more can he take? >> the end is very near for congressman weiner. i don't know how much more he can take, his wife can take, she's overseas with hillary clinton. wait until she's back in the states. when he comes out of rehab, he won't be able to go back to work with the new pictures. if these were taken in the house gymnasium where congress members work out every morning, that's telling. the liberal groups that anthony weiner aligned himself with all throughout his career, he was a powerful liberal voice, have not
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come out to defend him. that's telling. >> as we look at the picture there, those are the tame ones. there are much more explicit and there's another one circulating around that is supposedly him naked. terrible stuff. we'll get to the business on hand and why we are here on this beautiful campus. we are talking about cnn hosting the first debate in new hampshire among the republican candidates for president tomorrow night. and a very interesting poll was released. and it shows -- i guess what people have been saying to us for quite some time, and that is -- >> it's the economy. and what we did is, this new poll that just came out a few hours ago, the cnn opinion research corporation poll asked about traditional values. and basically the question was, should the government promote traditional values? we'll take a look at the number, don. take a look, only 46% of americans think that americans should promote traditional values. why is this important? because this is the first time since we asked this question
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since 1993 that the number has been below 50%. >> isn't that how newt gingrich turned things around with the values voters? >> sure. it was the rise of the christian coalition and ralph reed. look at the unemployment rate of 9.1%. you know what is really telling to use an overused word today, telling, we have seen the vote slip with urban and suburban voters. it has all dropped on this. >> listen to some of the -- we spoke to the voters in new hampshire. we'll listen and talk about it. >> i think people promote the values and the values change. i mean, if you did have traditional values, we would be in a segregated society. think about that. >> i don't think it is what people do in hair homes is any of the government's business. if people want to do something, as long as they are not hurting anybody else, i don't have a
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problem with that. >> okay. for the candidates here tomorrow night, what does it help and who does it hurt? >> mitt romney, the frontrunner is running primarily on the idea to turn the economy around back when he ran for the president in 2008 he talked about a great businessman and talked about a lot about social conservative issues. it will be romney who will certainly trumpet that tomorrow. >> mark preston, thank you very much. boy, about 24 hours, just a lit over 24 hours. we are excited, tomorrow night, cnn, seven republicans are on stage right here in manchester. it will mark the first political debate of the 2012 presidential race. the event will be moderated by cnn's john king and john is going to join me next hour and hopefully my mouth will work better in the next hour. mark and i were just talking about the chance to talk to some of the candidates taking part in the debate, and one should have
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great interest in the value voters poll is former senator rick an store rum. he's a divisive figure on gay rights. here's part of what we talked about. do you have any gay friends? >> yes, in fact i have had gay people work for me. >> and friends? >> yes. >> i have people say i have black friends. >> yes, i was with a gay friend of mine two days ago. yes, i do. >> you are going to hear much, much more of my interesting conversation with rick santorum next hour. up next on cnn right now, the very first images of congresswoman gabrielle giffords since being shot in the head in january. we have them for you. plus, it just keeps getting bigger. the fire in arizona becoming the largest in state history, almost. we have good news as well. many of you are asking for information through social media. reach out to us on facebook and twitter and on
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we are back, everyone, coming to you live in new hampshire on the campus of st. anselm. tomorrow night is the presidential republican debate. we know you'll tune in. now to congresswoman gabrielle giffords. new photos of giffords were posted today on her facebook page. giffords with us sitting outside
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during the photo shoot and then this one she is next to her mother looking happy and relaxed. now the photos were taken nearly a month ago just before she underwent skull surgery. if you remember, give fords with us wounded to a bull tote the brain in a mass shooting in january while meeting with constituents in a shopping center. we are joined now from washington with lisa sil viser, everyone is asking about the photos. she still looks pretty and there's a sparkle in her eye. tell us about the photographer and the story behind these photographs. >> reporter: yeah, don. this is such a remarkable story. as you mentioned, representative gabgy giffords is getting ready to move to the next phase of her recovery. her communications director tells us doctors believe it is now time for outpatient treatment. a date has not yet been set but it should happen some time within the next month or so. and this is going to be huge. this is a huge milestone. she will still receive daily physical, occupational and
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speech therapy in houston, but she's staying at a house instead of the hospital. and as you mentioned, her staff did put these photos on her facebook page. the first pictures, since she was shot point-blank in the head and hundreds of well-wishers. more than 800 people posted comments. these pictures were taken may 17th, the day before she had surgery to replace the skull bone. and that surgery was to put in a synthetic bone and shunt. her doctors said it went very well. the point is her physical condition has actually improved above and beyond what these photos show. >> you know, you look at these pictures and it is almost -- amazing to think that this woman was shot in the head at point-blank rangeless than six months ago. it is amazing. the doctors have used terms like that, they have used remarkable. they have used phrases like
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"leaps and bounds." you see that in these photographs. people shouldn't get the wrong impression, though. the congresswoman suffered a severe injury to one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. her road to recovery is a long one. >> reporter: and, yes, we do know a little bit more about the photographer who took these pictures. p.k.weis has known the congresswoman for more than a decade and was chosen because they wanted someone she is comfortable with. during the photo shoot he said she was smiling, laughing and really seemed to enjoy herself. don? >> well, i think it is remarkable and i think she looks absolutely beautiful. of course, everyone is rooting for her. it is good to see she's doing well. lisa, i'm sure you will agree. >> reporter: absolutely. she looks fantastic. i mean, that's the thing everybody keeps saying again and again. just take a look at her. and you know what, she still has the signature smile. in all the photos before the shooting and after the shooting, she still has the great wonderful smile, don.
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>> some good news to report. lisa, thank you so much. up next on cnn, good and bad news out of arizona. we'll tell you who can now return and who is being told to stay indoors. plus, we are getting ready for monday night's republican presidential debate. coming up, we'll tell you about the seven candidates who will be on stage and why one of them just went after mitt romney. the gloves are coming off. but first, as we go to break, check out the time lapsed video of the hall where the debate is being held. specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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we are back coming to you live from new hampshire where cnn is getting ready for the gop presidential debate tomorrow night. after battling one of the largest forfires in arizona, firefighters believe they finally have the upper hand in the monstrous wallow fire. we'll go right to jim spellman in arizona. with only 6% containment, why are they so optimistic suddenly? >> reporter: yes, only 6% contained, but yesterday the wind pick you wanted and they are blowing hard. all the lines have held so far. they have created barriers between the occupied towns and the head of the fire by doing purposeful burns and getting rid of fuel in between them. so far that's held. and most of the winds are blowing the fire back on itself. so much progress that they have reopened the towns of eager and
3:20 pm
springerville. when met a man here earlier this week, he used a sprinkler system here and has a metal roof on his house. he felt he could defend the fire and didn't want to lose his home. it was less than a mile over this ridge. and here's rick himself. this is rick law. show us some of the embers that flew from this fire that you are here to protect from. >> this is what was flying. stuff like that. that's had the needles on it when it landed. >> reporter: if this landed in the wrong place, it could have caused a spot fire. >> that's correct. that is how spot fires get started. >> reporter: how does it feel to know your house has made it and you are safe? >> i praise god for that. and i knew that, like i said, if we were here we could watch to make sure nothing happened. and there wasn't a lot of major things happening in the community anyway. there were firefighters we have where. they were doing a good job.
3:21 pm
>> reporter: speaking of the firefighters, 3,000 firefighters out there protecting your community. >> that's correct. >> reporter: how does it feel to know those guys are out there? >> i give them all the praise and credit for that. they do and have done a really great job. >> reporter: don, so far they don't want to get ahead of themselves, but today one of the fire officials said they turned a corner and don't use language like that lightly. hopefully as huge as this fire is, it won't hurt any more houses or people here and we'll have a better outcome than it could have. don? >> yeah, jim smellman, spellman, thank you. we can hear the wind in your microphone there. thank you very much. up next, the reason we are here in new hampshire. tomorrow night's gop debate. we are going to tell you about the seven candidates who will be on stage. who is on top going in? and if it is a good or bad thing.
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the media loves to talk about politics, analyze the issues, size up things like monday night's republican presidential debate. but what are real people thinking tonight outside of the media? i had a chance to talk to residents of manchester when i visited a popular diner. all right, let see how people
3:25 pm
start their day in manchester, new hampshire. union lead. got the paper. this is one of the top ten diners in the country. >> we need to clean the house out. that's what we need to do. >> out of all the republican candidates, who do you like? >> i like rick santorum. >> what do you want to hear about? >> graduation. >> not the debate? >> i can't vote yet. >> what did you talk about over breakfast this morning? >> business. finding business. opportunities, you know? >> the economy is stagnant right now. how do you grow in a very downward economy? how do you stay stable? how do you keep people employed? how do you keep the lights on? that's the issues at hand. >> what are you hearing from folks in the debate? >> jobs and stop spending. >> i want to see what they are going to do.
3:26 pm
i mean, for the younger people, what's going to be supporting the rest of the people after everyone else retires and everything. >> a.m. 610, wgir, manchester. >> nobody else is talking in the town except for us. >> people from the outside looking in, what should they know about? >> we like the voters to speak to us. if you are uh a position and running for president and you make a national speech, that doesn't play well in new hampshire. new hampshire likes it when you go to the pancake breakfast and only 15 people go to it. we like to see if you can handle stuff like that. >> we have been talking a lot about monday night's republican presidential debate. so let's take a look at the six men and one woman who will be squaring off in the debate. they include well-known names like former house seemer newt gingrich, former massachusetts governor mitt romney, high-name recognition there. and another former governor, tim
3:27 pm
pawlenty of minnesota. he'll be on stage along with congresswoman michele bachmann. a tea party favorite. also, texas congressman ron paul who ran back in 2008. former president senator rick santorum and businessman and radio talk show host, herman cain. all right. right now, this is a chance for someone in the gop to move to the head of the pack, and the candidates are taking aim at each other way before they even get on stage. let's bring in jessica young, part of the best political team on television m. polls are now showing that mitt romney is in the lead. does this put him in the position to be a target? i know tim pawlenty is taking aim, right? >> he's the nominal frontrunner given this is so early it is hard to say he's the leader, but he's the one a lot of the candidates will be taking shots at. >> i love that you said it is way too early. >> yeah, what does that mean? because he proposed and passed
3:28 pm
the health care legislation, that is so much like the president's and so unpopular among republicans, everyone is taking aim at him. tim pawlenty is the guy to benefit the most at this point it seems if romney were to stumble. so there has been a little bit of a push by tim pawlenty to go after him on romneycare. he says he's only answering questions he's asked. >> for him, it will benefit him a little to be the one to go after him. >> tim pawlenty has the most to gain at this point if romney were to stumble, it seems. tim pawlenty is not being unwise in fairly pointing out there are similarities between rid romney's health care care and the president's. in his defense, he's only asking questions asked of him. but he is pointing out romney's greatest weakness, and as a politician he has to point out the opponent's weekness without looking like he's cannibalizing his field. >> people are coming one the name now calling it --
3:29 pm
>> obamneycare. >> yes. >> i responded to a question on the show this morning about the similarities between the president's plan and the massachusetts plan. but i just commented that it is obvious and president obama said in his own words he patterned obamacare after the health care plan in massachusetts and merged those two things together to form obamacare or as i call it obamneycare. >> we are going to hear it a lot. i want to ask you, though, as i'm out here talking to people, i think people really want to hear from mitt romney. this is his neck of the woods with name recognition here. is it a curse? i don't know if that's the way to put it, as a curse to go in as the front-runner? >> they hate we say he's the front-runner because it seems like you have the most to lose. so, you know, everybody has to
3:30 pm
prove themselves at this debate. and the truth is anybody could come out a winner if they show something that people haven't seen. but because romney's name recognition is significant, because he has so much money, because he's done this before, he is the a little ahead of the rest. >> i'm so glad you are here because you are the best person to answer this. when you hear -- people talk about tim pawlenty and say he's bland. when people talk about mitt responsible knee say he's mechanical. they want them both to loosen up and be like guys and be like, a man of the people. how can they do that? can they overcome that? >> yes, but it is hard. they all have their own challenges. i think that for romney, he's known this has been his challenge for a long time. he'll talk about it openly. he's loosened up over time. for pawlenty the big challenge off camera is that he's sort of just a normal guy who can hang out and to show that and seem
3:31 pm
unscripted is his challenge. >> he's not a big personality. >> no. he never will be, but his ticket would be to campaign if he were to become the nominee as the anti-obama. a as d and he's not going to wow you. he's going to do his job, but he has to show it at a debate like this. i can be the meat and potatoes guy and get the job done. that's the kind of thing he has to do. >> i can talk to her forever. we are shooting long because i love hearing all this and would love to hear more about michele bachmann and all the candidates, what they are going to have to overcome. what about her here as a tea party favorite? is that playing in her favor or against her in this part? >> look, she has an enormous -- the people who like her like her intensely. there's a devoted following. what some people say is she is critical of her fellow candidates. you were asking about tim pawlenty, she has the wrap a little bit and want her to be more positive about the field and take it to president obama more than the fellow candidates and be more unscripted.
3:32 pm
that she can tend to be scripted. i would say to look out for -- i feel like we are doing oscar watch. the one to look out for is herman cain. he is catching fire. you know, it doesn't matter where i am in the country, from the coasts to the middle of the country, people are saying i like herman cain. he says it with passion and has the energy that's contagious for a lot of people. and i bet he'll pop. >> when it comes to conservatives, when it comes to the republican party, you know, the only two people who are different are women, michele bachmann and then sarah palin. then you have herman cain, an african-american, catching fire. >> and a businessman with a political background. >> it seems like people sort of have more genuine like for him than they have $. >> he's a radio guy. he has experience in the straight-talk kind of way. he hasn't held elective office in the way when you run for office you are scripted because you had problems when you were unscripted.
3:33 pm
>> we'll talk after the break because i want to talk to you about rick santorum. i had an interesting conversation with him and will play it at 7:00 because he's controversial when it comes to social issues. very conservative on social issues and the polling is showing social issues are taking a backseat in more ways than usual to the economy, jobs, money, that's what people care about now. thank you. so good to see you. i learned a lot. see the iq in the room went up when you came on. up next, the new photos of congressman anthony weiner that he took at a house gym. that's helping drive the future of business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ machines have a voice. ♪ medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward.
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we are live here in new hampshire as cnn gets ready for tomorrow night's gop debate. we are talking more about that. but first, i want to get you caught up on the top stories. we are joined from the cnn headquarters in atlanta. miss richelle carey. take it away. more explicit and embarassing photos of congressman anthony weiner are popping up. these were taken in the house members gym. he is seeking professional help after the democratic leadership called for his resignation on saturday. a bit of good news for him relatively speaking. the delaware police closed their investigation into his twitter contact with a 17-year-old girl without finding any wrongdoing. well, there they are, the
3:37 pm
very first images of congresswoman gabriel givefords giffords since being shot in the head in january. this one shows her next to her mother. we'll get that in a moment. there's her mother there. they were taken may 17th, just a day before she underwent skull surgery. he's here's a look at her before the shooting and now just gorgeous and so brave. we also have learned today that giffords could leave a houston rehab hospital by the end of the month for outpatient treatment. a big break today battling the enormous wallow fire in arizona. after 15 days fire crews now say they have turned the corner. control burns have robbed the advancing flames of fuel. this fire is not expected to get larger. the situation has improved so much that residents of two evacuated towns are being allowed to return but at their own risk just to be clear. this country is getting torn apart by civil war, but that's
3:38 pm
ma moore gadhafi playing chess. today the libyan leader playing chess aired on state tv. it is not clear gadhafi was but an anchor says his opponent was the president of the world crest federation. have u.s. this week a senior official told cnn on condition of anonymity that nato is targeting gadhafi and not just his forces. a nato official denied the claim. let's get back to you in new hampshire and my friend, don. hey, don. hey, see you in a bit. with the latest unemployment figures suggesting the recovery is going slow at best, no one wants to hear more stories of american jobs being shipped overseas. in connecticut one company reversed the trend and brought some jobs home, even if it meant playing higher wanlgs. tom foreman is showing us how it is building up america.
3:39 pm
>> reporter: there are 7,000 places you can bowl in america. and they buy almost a quarter million sets of bowling pins each year. so in hopkinsville, one company is betting big on bringing bowling pin manufacturing back to the states. at ebonite here's the ceo. >> it always happens the other way around, but we felt with moving the product here we would have much better control over our manufacturing, our quality and really our cost structure. >> when ebonite bought the factory last year, it was in mexico employing 27 people and the labor was cheaper. but company officials believe they can move all the equipment here, apply the latest labor-saving techniques and a dozen american workers can produce just as much. >> yes, we do pay them more than than what they made in mexico, but the actual dollars of labor per pin is less here in
3:40 pm
hopkinsville. >> reporter: the wood for these bowling pins comes primarily from pennsylvania and ohio, so the move cut shipping expenses. and by bringing the factory under closer supervision, they have also improved their ability to make sure each pin is precisely like the next one. that's critical. >> you can't have different reacting pins on different lanes in the same bowling center because that brings in inconsistency in the score ability of the pins. >> reporter: ebonite which has long been a giant in the manufacturing of bowling balls expects to make 150,000 american-made pins in the new factory's first year and are aiming for five to six times as many down the line. tom foreman, cnn. all right. he's cute and cuddly. i'm not talking about tom foreman. he's creating ang cycy in japan. a bunny showed up around the
3:41 pm
nuclear power plant. that story is coming up next. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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an earless bunny is making headlines around the world. we'll go globe trekking with az azada. >> each day many women and children are exposed to the worst living conditions. they work in the sweat shops for long hours and arers are forced into labor they don't want to be in. they are denied education because of the fact they work. this is a day to bring awareness to the plight of the children and get governments to get involved in this in what people are calling a modern form of slavery. >> oh, yes. a huge issue. hey, we'll talk about this. we have been reporting on japan and the nuclear power plant there that had so many problems. an earless bunny now cause iing
3:45 pm
concern. >> yes, this bunny is the poster child against nuke loser nuclear energy. no doubt there are potential dangers to this fallout. the thing is this mutation could be due to some random mutation or genetic mutation that caused this defect within the bunny. in 2008 there was a bunny born in the u.k. like this, but the point is this bunny has gotten the term of being called the mutant bunny, it is called the radiation rabbit. and so it is living up to the hype, but this the absence of informati information. >> the bunny is cute, i have to say. when you look at it, yeah. really cute. all right. let's talk about the world's shortest man. >> he's the world's shortest living man.
3:46 pm
and he's filipino from the philippines. he weighs 11 pounds, don. a little bit more than a gallon of milk. and he's about the height, a little taller than the average rooster, at 23 inches. and so 23.6 inches to be adequate. but the point is he was just named on his 18th birthday as the shortest living man. and it created lot of buzz internationally. if you look at him here, he has three younger siblings. he can't walk very far and he can't stand for many hours. he's dependent on his family in terms of doing the day-in and day-out tasks we take for granted. he's so cute. >> such a little guy. thank you. >> no problem, don. take care. up next, lebron james. analysts say he's been missing in the fourth quarter of the last two games of the nba
3:47 pm
finals. i'm ask john wartsheim what's going on with the miami heat star. [ telephone rings ]
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it's going to be written no matter what. no matter if i play well or not.
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i mean, i had a triple-double last game and then had a bad game in a lot of to people's eyes. i understand that. that's the situation i'm in. >> lebron james reacting to game five of the nba playoffs to put dallas up three games to two over his miami heat. let's talk about the championship series with sports championship series with sports illustrated john worthhiem. there is dwane wade and dirk knew wits ski on this week's cover. that is his scorecasting. that's a different color. that's john's book. sew will take that, i'm sure. >> john we just heard lebron james has been criticized for his play in the fourth quarter of the last couple of games which the heat lost. is this criticism justified? >> yeah. in short answer, i think it is. this has been a fascinating series. also the sub plot of the disappearance of lebron james. if it were any other player you would say he is doing fine. but after last summer's
3:51 pm
decision, after all of the talk about him, to disappear the way he has in the fourth quarters of these games, he has been outscored by dirk. it is not becoming of a guy who is one of best-evers. this character referendum on lebron is an interesting plot of this series. >> i'm glad you mentioned dirk. let's put up the cover with dwane wade and the playoffs on the cover there. let's listen, the heat in big trouble with the final two games in miami? >> well they can still spin this heroic ending. in starting the season, they had to win the nba title or it would be a disappointment. they have to win both. they are doing it at home. i think there are whispers about personal issues, i think what is really going on is he is jarred. he had a very easy first ten years. popular beloved figure.
3:52 pm
i think he is having a hard time adjusting to being the villain. some athletes are cut out for this. but i think lebron james is a little bit jarred by that he is per sonja nongradda. >> i think that is a good assessment. i want to talk about terrel prior who announced he is leaving buckeyes. he said he will not cooperate with the investigators looking at the mess. is there any surprise there, john? >> no, not really. terrelle prior is leaving. who knows if he will cooperate with the ncaw. the other big story is the auburn coach got a raise to $3.5 pill million. i think that pretty much distills college sports where it is just a broken model. it doesn't work from labor economics. it doesn't work from fund manial
3:53 pm
fairness. terrellepryor, when the director of the movie is making 3.5 million aent actors aren't paid much, there are problems own the sets, and that's is what is happening in college sports. >> thank you so much, sir. up next on cnn -- >> if she had only gone into acting, she would have taken all of hollywood by storm. >> that is jane talking about casey anthony. the mom accused of killing her 2-year-old girl. when we come back, why the host of issues thinks anthony han been faking the tears in court this week. plus, coming up at 7 p.m., john king. he is moderating monday night's debate. we will ask him what he is planning to ask the gop candidates. of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service,
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because you think it makes you old, i have a very important message: [ all ] get over it! [ male announcer ] joining aarp is only sixteen dollars a year. so call in and get a free travel bag when you join now. >> every week, we sit down with jane, host of issues, on hln. this week she was fired up about anthony weiner and newt gingrich but she begins by taking aim at casey anthony who sobbed in court last week during testimony about her dead daughter's remains. jane wasn't buying it. >> if she had only got into acting, she would have taken all
3:57 pm
of hollywood by storm. there's a lot of people who don't buy it. bunty hunter, leonard padilla, says she is strong as an ox and tough as nails and that there is no way she is breaking down. this is all part of an act and let's face it. people have pulled dramatic stunts in the courtroom before. remember, casey anthony this week also said she was sick and stopped the proceedings so she could leave court and in a very dramatic fashion. as for whether or not her crying an illness is genuine or not, i think nobody knows because this woman is a genius at lying and faking. and that's one of the reasons that everybody is fascinated about this case. >> yeah, as people would call itting with history onics. i want to talk but to this anthony weiner case or story. there are a couple of different elements i want to talk to you about. first, there is new video of him leaving, going outside of his neighborhood. he apologized to his neighbors, as a matter of fact, for what is going on.
3:58 pm
he is still out there, talking and he says he is not going anywhere. >> well, listen, i think he might be in denial about the extent of his problems. this is a major embarrassment to his party. he is not getting a lost backing from his party. quite the contrary. and i don't think he is going to be able to tough this out. i think this is just another example of his narcissism and his sense of entitlement that he thinks he can apologize his way out of this. it is not going to be that easy. >> this is not only a guy who did the sexting and texting and inappropriate behavior, but he lied about it. and the cover-up is always worse than the crime. >> newt gingrich, everybody around him, gone, is he done? >> well, i think that the theme that we're talking about here, is ego. men with huge ego that want the power and yet they are not willing to make the sacrifices. whether it's to have to forgo
3:59 pm
some sexual tantalizing fun things that you shouldn't be doing if you are a politician. or making the sacrifices. make the sacrifices if you want the highest office in the land. you got to go out there and shake hands. and a source told cnn he just wasn't willing to do that personal sacrifice and good out there and do the meet and greets. in fact, he took a vacation with his wife to greece. and he had the audacity to say, to have a major break through policy you have to be able to stop and think. but apparently the best way to do that is to be on a cruise liner. in the mediterranean. i really think that there's a lot of hubrous, a lot of arrogance that one could read into this. i think the most important thing we need in a candidate today is humility. that's what we're all looking for. i am sick of these ego campaigns. let's get some humility in there. >> the always outspokene


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