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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 12, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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britain. you've always had a great harm. you're a very warm, generous person. and anyone who doesn't really understand the unique pressures of being a member of the royal family and coming into what you did doesn't really understand what you went through. and i do. and i think you are coming out the other end. i wish you all the very best. >> thank you, piers. thank you very much. >> nice to see you again. >> nice to see you again. >> thank you. -- captions by vitac -- >> it's sunday night. big news in the last 48 hours that will continue to make headlines in your week ahead. the biggest story by far, congressman anthony wiener tonight new photos believed to be taken inside a gym on capitol hill, and in some of them he is nearly nude. from those images to some that are much more pleasant to see, congresswoman gabrielle giffords nearly killed five months ago. tonight we're seeing pictures of her for the first time since that fateful day.
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she still has that great smile. >> the only thing they did was destroy her words. they took a life from us. she was empty. nothing there. >> it is a stunning story about an experiment on a 5-year-old boy, the brother of that man. his parents thought he had too many feminine traits. so a government-funded research program set about trying to change him. this hour the doctor who performed the experiment reacts to news that his subject committed suicide. take a look around. let's go up on the new stage. >> and the candidates are arriving and the stage is now set for monday night's gop presidential debate that you'll only see right here on cnn. we're live on the campus of saint anselm college in manchester,new hampshire, counting down to the gop presidential debate right here on cnn. i'm don lemon. you're in the cnn news room. it has been one of the worst weekends of congressman anthony
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winer's life. his political career appears to be hanging by a thread. the embarrassing pictures just keep coming up. tmz published these latest ones while hoe is off seeking professional help. the web site says these pictures were taken in the house member's gym and sent to at least one woman. these aren't even the most graphic ones in the bunch. this comes a day after the democratic leadership called on winer to resign. here's a quote from house leader nancy pelosi. >> congressman weiner has the love of his family, the confidence of his constituents, and the recognition that he needs help. i urge congressman weiner to seek help. >> it is with great disappointment that i call on my colleague anthony weiner to resign. the behavior he has participated in is indefensible.
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his continued service in congress is untenable. this sordid affair has become an untenable distraction for represent weiner and his family. he should step aside and address his and his family's well-being. >> so as democrats start to abandon weiner we got word saturday that he is seeking professional treatment. he made no mention of that just hours earlier when our own jason terrell caught up with him on the streets of new york and he seemed adamant about hanging onto his seat. >> just to reconfirm about resignation, at this point you have no plans -- >> i have no news for you today. nothing changes. nothing is changed. >> so you're not resigning? >> a majority of weiner's constituents in new york apparently don't want him to resign, but he may not be able to withstand the pressure in his own party to quit. so let's talk about this now with cnn contributor harold
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lewis. he is a political anchor for new york one news. errol, good morning to you. will the support of new yorkers be enough to weiner here? >> 56% of them say he should in fact stay in office now. that could change in the weeks ahead. for now his district seems to think that he ought to hang in there. it sounds like that's what he's going to do. >> you know, he wanted to run for mayor. even if he does resign, do you think we can still see him run again in the 2013 race for new york city mayor? >> not a chance. the head of the -- the mayor is also the head of the school system. and by a convincing majority, that same poll showed that new yorkers don't want him to run for mayor in 2013. it hasn't really even come up. on the other hand, he's a young man, don. in 2021, he'll be just 57 years old.
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so there's time to revisit that. but definitely not in this election cycle for mayor. >> all right. let's turn to the reason that i'm in new hampshire tonight. the cnn is sponsoring the republican debate right here on monday night. i want to pop up this new poll we're releasing on the eve of the key bait. we asked should government promote traditional values? 56% say no, 50% say no, 46% say yes. errol, who's the most vulnerable candidate in light of this? >> very interesting. i'd say really all of them. some of the lesser candidates who have sort of a non-orthodox positions for republicans like the rudy giuliani's of the world, people who have wavered on some of these issues, been open to things like abortion or same sex marriage or at least not selling the most conservative party line, it shows they're in for some tough sledding it seems to me. but this is also a state boy state kind of question. you have to ask that question in new hampshire, you'll get a very
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different answer in iowa, yet another answer in nevada, and another answer in south carolina and in florida. so those early states, i think there's considerable diversity, which is actually a good thing. but for iowa where it all starts? iowa's a bible belt scene. i mean, you've been there, i'm sure. if you haven't you're going to get your fill of it. and they are very serious about -- about cultural issues, about what they call traditional values. and very hard to get past that. some candidates in fact may skip it rather than go into the heart of what is a very tough place if you are not towing the line on traditional values. >> all right. back here in new hampshire now then, who's got the most to prove in tomorrow night's debate? >> i think it's by far it's mitt romney. i mean, he's from a neighboring state. he won the state last time. he's clearly staking a lot there. he's not participating in some
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of the early iowa straw polls. it's not clear whether he's even going to participate in a debate later this summer. so he's got to win. he's got to win convincingly. he's got to not just win in one of the polls you and others take but he's got to do well on the stage. it's just too easy for him for an am ambitious guy like tim pawlenty or herman cain, it's too easy for him to get picked off. he's going to have to really make a strong case. he's going to have to be confident and show he's got support up there. >> all right. errol louis, thank you very much. we should point out that newt gingrich is relaunching his campaign at an event tonight. >> have fun. >> we will have a lot of fun let's hope tomorrow night. newt gingrich will be speaking tonight and we'll bring it to you on cnn. up next the first pictures of gabrielle giffords since she was shot in january. plus return at your own risk
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mother looking happy and relaxed. cnn's lisa sylvester has more from washington. lisa. >> don, on gabby gifford's facebook page more than 800 people have posted comments sending her well wishes. just a sample of some of them "great to see you smiling. you're a wonderful inspiration". another one reads "same smile. same attitude. can't wait to see you back in congress". she continues to improve. she's walking more, her verbal and cognitive skills are coming along. you can see some of the differences in the pictures. in the latest pick teres her harris short, cropped short, she is wearing glasses. the most obvious the indentation on the left side of her head. in this picture that same gorgeous smile. these pick tires were taken may 17. that is the day before she had surgery to replace the skull bone that. surgery was to put in a synthetic bone and shunt. and her doctors said it went very well. so physically speaking her
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condition has improved above and beyond what these photos show. i spoke to her communications director, c.j.caromargin by phone. he said she was talking about politics, the mitt romney bid and i asked her how long before he expects her to be back and running the office. >> i don'ts know. hopefully soon. if you look at the amount of distance that she's traveled so far and how far she's come, i think we're confident it's going to be soon. but if there's one thing we've learned in this whole process, lisa, and that is the need to be patient. >> c.j. says the plan is to have her moved from the houston rehabilitation center by the end of the month so she'll stay in houston but continue in outpatient treatment. don? >> lisa, thank you very much. he's taking the stage right here in new hampshire for tomorrow night's gop debate. but first he talked to me. >> i get ready every day. i'm here in new hampshire. and the folks here in new
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hampshire, they ask a lot of tough questions. and not to slight john king, but they're pretty tough here. and in iowa, south carolina. so we've been going through debate prep pretty much every day for the last 18 months. >> i met up with former pennsylvania senator rick san tore um to talk about his place in this race. . can a social conservative get traction when voters are so focused on the economy? look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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>> i think people promote the values. and the values change as society changes. i mean, if you did traditional values we'd still be in a segregated society. think about that. >> i don't think it's what people do in their homes is any of the government's business. if people want to do something as long as they're not hurting anybody else, i don't have a problem with that. voters here in new hampshire site of cnn's republican presidential debate monday night echoing the findings of a new cnn poll. results indicate voters are now less concerned about social issues like abortion and more concerned about the economy. that should be very interesting to a candidate like rick santorum who can be very divisive on social issues like kba rights. here's what he had to say on that subject when i caught up with him. >> i was recently on joy behar.
10:17 pm
she said that she called you i think it's bigoted or homophobic or what you. >> we have a difference on a public policy issue. that doesn't mean i hate anybody. i don't hate anybody. i'm called by my faith to love everybody. i do. i mean, people whether they're for me or against me that's when what i'm supposed to do. just because i disagree with a definition, a legal definition of what marriage is doesn't mean the i dislike anybody or hate anybody or am spiteful of anybody. it's because i think that's what's best for society. we should be able to disagree without calling people bib got. i think that's really sad that you have people on the other side because you stand up for something that has been an institution in this world for 2,000 years that all of a sudden now you're a hater, you're a mean person. i'm not. i have never been. >> do you have any gay friends? >> yeah. in fact i've had gay people work for me. >> yeah. and friends?
10:18 pm
>> yes. >> you know people say i have black friends. >> yes. in fact i was with a gay friend of mine just two days ago. so yeah, i do. and they respect that i have differences of opinion on that. i talk about these things in front of them. and we have conversation about it. they differ from me. but they know that i love them because they're my friends. and they know that i respect and they have respect for their -- >> that's the headline. rick santorum has gay friends? >> it shoont be. it was well-known that rick santorum had a gay republican working for him for 10 years. i don't know what the shock value is here. i mean, the fact of the matter is, when for example when there was a man who was working as the executive director of the national republican senatorial committee who was outed by one of the gay papers, the first person who came to his aid was me. because he was doing a great job. so i understand the narrative. it's always easy to sort of hang a narrative.
10:19 pm
oh, this guy is for standing up for traditional marriage. he must hate gay people. no, i don't. i just disagree with what the issue of marriage should be. >> thousands of firefighters are working right now to try to contain a massive wildfire. they've got a lot of work to do. at last check the fire was only 6% contained. for local maps, deals and more, go to®. and let the good guys save the day.
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after 15 days of battling one of the largest forest fires in arizona history, a huge sigh of relief tonight. firefighters believe they finally have the upper hand in the monstrous wallow fire. cnn's jim spellman is in eager,arizona. jim? >> don, dethis fire being only 6% contained, firefighters here are very optomistic about where this fire is headed an very pleased with the progress they've made this week. they took advantage of two days of low winds to build lines between the active fire and the populated areas. so happy with their progress, in fact, that they were able to reopen some of these areas. >> as of sunday, june 12 at 10:00 a.m., residents of the springville, eager and south fork areas who were evacuated because of the massive wallow fire have been allowed to return to their homes. after consulting with fire officials, it has been determined that fire risk has
10:23 pm
democrat initiatived enough that it will no longer be a threat to the citizen of the towns. >> that is good news for the thousands of people who evacuated eager and springerville but returned to find absolutely no damage to any structures in either of these two towns. but they will find smokey conditions. authorities have recommended that small children, the elderly and people with pre-existing rest poir conditions consider staying away. don? >> all right, jim, thank you very much. let's move on now to weather and our monday morning commute. meteorologist alexandra steele can tell us where air travelers might be seeing some delays tomorrow. hi, alexandra. >> reporter: hi. good evening to you, don. let's get to it. if you're traveling tomorrow around st. louis you could see some delays with strong storms possibly. isolated tornados. some gusty winds and hail may be the biggest threats. about 96 tomorrow in memphis. an isolated storm may slow you down for a bit of time at the amount. washington, d.c. and baltimore very stormy today. improving conditions after midnight tonight. and smooth sailing through
10:24 pm
tomorrow morning into the afternoon. so certainly much improved conditions there. so it's really the center of the country that we'll see some strong storms. st. louis and kansas city including those areas. but what we're going to see in the southeast especially is the incredible warmth. so very warm temperatures. we'll continue to look at those. especially hot in the southeast where don is, a few showers especially in northern new england. but again it's right here in the center of the country we're going to see from iowa to illinois the stormy hot spots tomorrow. once again some hail and some high winds. that's a look at your tomorrow's commute. back to you, don. >> all right, alex ra. thank you very much. some good news for the arizona congresswoman shot back in january. two new pictures of gabrielle giffords were released today and we'll it will you when doctors expect her to be released from a rehab hospital. and the speaker of the house has some fun at his own expense. hear his jokes next. first, fewer people can afford to pay their mortgages,
10:25 pm
but they still have money to buy a round of drink. alison cost sick has the details in this week's "getting down to business." >> reporter: of the 4 million home owns severely behind on their mortgage, almost two-thirds have essentially become squatters in their own homes. according to lending agency l.p.s., it takes an average of 565 days to foreclose on a home after owners begin missing payments. people failing to pay their mortgages in new york and florida are staying even longer. these days usually take about 800 daes to foreclose. the recession was tough on many industries but it didn't david archuletaen american's spirits at least in terms of alcohol sales. according to the finance company sage works, alcohol works were not only strong through krout you the re's, they actually grew each year with 2010 showing a 9% increase. it looks like dad may be getting a nicer tie this father's day. a survey by the national retail federation shows americans will
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spend about $10 more this year than last, averaging $106 for dad's present. but never fear mom's out there. you still get the greatest affection with an average of $140 spent on mother's day. that's this week's "getting down to business." alison kosik, cnn, new york. [ manager ] you know... i've been looking at the numbers, and i think our campus is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs. calm down. i know that it is not your job. what i'm saying... excuse me? alright, fine. no, you don't have to do it. ok? [ male announcer ] notre dame knows it's better for xerox to control its printing costs. so they can focus on winning on and off the field. [ manager ] are you sure i can't talk -- ok, no, i get it. [ male announcer ] with xerox, you're ready for real business. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real
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>> when you begin to go out there and ask people to vote for you, they're probably not going to vote for you if they can't say your name. you know, my name looks like beaner, bonner, boner [ laughter ] >> thank god it's not weiner. that was house speaker john boehner speaking during commencement ceremonies at ohio state university today poking fun at his own name and also congressman anthony weiner, as you heard there. we're live in new hampshire where cnn is getting ready for tomorrow night's gop debate. and we're going to be talking more about that coming up. but first let's go to the cnn world headquarters in atlanta with someone's name i always get correct. she doesn't always get mine correct, though. richelle carey. >> you're so sweet about that, don. still tweeting about the fact i called you another coanchor of mine. but that's a funny joke from representative boehner.
10:30 pm
that's a funny joke. i like that about anthony weiner. it actually gets me to the top story. >> reporter: more explicit embarrassing photos of congressman anthony weiner are popping up. tmz posted these pictures. they say it's the gym where house members work out. weiner is off seeking professional help after the democratic leadership called for his resignation on saturday. a bit of good news for him. a little bit, relatively speaking. delaware police have closed their investigation into his twitter contact with a 17-year-old girl without finding any wrongdoing. gabrielle giffords will leave a houston hospital at the end of the month to begin outpatient therapy. take a look at some new photos of the arizona congresswoman posted today on her facebook page. that's her mom right there smiling with her. these photos were taken about a month ago. giffords was critically wounded of course in a shooting in january at a tucson shopping center that killed six people. and before there was watergate, wikileaks another whistleblower blockbuster there was a pentagon papers. a secret study on the vietnam
10:31 pm
war. and monday the national archives will release all 7,000 pages to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the publication. back then whistleblower daniel elseberg leaked incomplete copies to the "new york times" revealing top government officials knew the conflict in vietnam was unwinnable. all right. back to new hampshire and my friend, don lemon. >> all right, richelle, thank you very much. last night we told you about kirk murphy. kirk was just five years old when he was treated at ucla's gender identity clinic under a pseudonym to reveal his real name. the purpose was to eliminate kirk's feminine behavior and make her more masculine. the man who ran the study was george reichers. he calls the program a success. decades later the research done on kirk is still being cited by those who think kids can be prevented from becoming gay. that infewer yates kirk's family.
10:32 pm
they say the treatment that reichers called a success literally destroyed him. they want you to know what he went through and the impact it had on the rest of his life. cnn confronted reichers with their allegations. here now is anderson cooper's special report on "the sissy boy "experiment. >> kirk, what do you think of your new nephew? >> [ inaudible ] >> kirk murphy killed himself nearly six months after this video was taken in 2003. he was 38 years old and had struggled with being gay for most of his life. a struggle his family blames on experimental therapy that kirk was subjected to as a 5-year-old child. experimental therapy that identified him as effeminate, a so-call sissy boy, and tried to fundamentally change his behavior. kirk's mother enrolled him in the experimental therapy at ucla in 1970 amidst concerns he was
10:33 pm
playing with girl's toys. >> and i trusted these people because they were supposed to be the experts. what they really told him was that the very core of who he was was broken. >> i think my husband and i and kirk were manipulated by this program. i think kirk would have been better off if i hadn't taken him. >> kirk's family had no idea george reichers has for the last few decades used kirk as an example of a child whose e fell nate behavior was successfully altered. in numerous publications he's written about kirk calling him craig to hide his identity. >> i blame them for the way his life turned out. if one person causes another person's death, i don't care if it's 20 or 50 years, it's the same as murder in my eyes. >> reporter: of course, the actual reasons someone commits suicide is difficult if not impossible to know. kirk's family's allegations that
10:34 pm
george reichers' therapy caused kirk to take his own life are just that, allegations. >> i'd like to talk to you about your therapy that you did with craig? >> reporter: george reichers didn't respond to cnn's repeated requests for an interview so our producers tracked him down in florida to ask him about the murphy family's allegations. >> would you just talk to us for a second about your therapy with a patient named craig? >> it's published. >> we've interviewed craig's family recently. they say the therapy you did with him as a child led directly to his suicide as an adult. what do you say about that? >> i didn't know that. that's too bad. >> you're not aware of the suicide? >> no. >> what do you say to the family if they say that therapy that you did with him as a child led to his suicide as an adult? >> oh. well, i think scientifically that would be inaccurate to assume that it was the therapy. but i do grieve for the parents now that you've told me that news. i think that's very sad.
10:35 pm
>> coming up after the break, dr. rekers defense his therapy yet is caught up with his own scandal with a gay escort.
10:36 pm
10:37 pm
dr. george rekers said his
10:38 pm
treatment to rid a little boy of feminine behavior was a success even though that boy, kirk murphy, committed suicide at age 38. his family now blames dr. rekers's therapy for kirk's death, an allegation the doctor dismisses because of the decades that passed between kirk's treatment and his suicide. but as you're about to see, despite claiming his treatment can prevent homo sexuality, dr. rekers had his own scandal with a gay escort. now the conclusion of anderson cooper's special report. rekers pointed out that his work with kirk took place decades before his suicide. >> that's a long time ago. yet the hypothesis that positive treatment back in the 1970s had something to do with something happening decades later, that hypothesis needs a lot of scientific investigation to see if it's valid. two independent psychologists of me had evaluated him and said he was better adjusted after treatment. so it wasn't my opinion.
10:39 pm
>> reporter: one of those psychologists has since died. the other, larry ferguson, told us he did evaluate kirk murphy has a teenager. he told us the family was well-adjusted and he didn't see any red flags when evaluating kirk. but a psychiatrist who followed up with kirk when he was 18, dr. richard green, wrote that kirk told him he try to kill himself the year before because he didn't "want it grow up to be gay" rekers insists the therapy was intended to help kirk and his parents. >> i only meant to help. the rationale was positive, to help children, help the parents, who come to us in their distress, asking questions, what can we do to help our child be better adjusted? >> reporter: george rekers has had a nearly three-decade career as champion of the anti-gay movement. in addition to being a founding member of the family research council, he was also a member of the national board -- an
10:40 pm
organization whose members attempt to treat those who struggle with what they call unwanted homo sexuality. just last year, however, in a surprising twist george rekers's days as a prominent anti-gay activist abruptly ended. he was caught with a young male escort he had hired to accompany him on a trip to europe. this photograph was taken of them in the airport in miami. rekers said he's not gay and denies any sexual contact with the escort. he says he hired him to help him carry his luggage. the escort says he gave rekers sexual massages while in europe. rekers resigned from narth after the scandal, and the family research council said in a statement they haven't had contact with him in over a decade. rekers's reputation among those who oppose homo sexuality may be tarnished but his research is still being cited in. this book he coauthored "handbook of therapy for unwanted homosexual attractions" he continues cite his work with
10:41 pm
kirk whom he calls craig as a success. he writes that case was "the first experimentally demonstrated reversal of a cross-jen consider identity with psychological treatment". the book was published in 2009. six years after kirk murphy took his own life. >> the research has a post script to it that needs to be added. and that is to acknowledge that kirk, andrew murphy, was craig, and he was gay, and he committed suicide. >> what do you want people to remember about kirk, to know about kirk? >> that this was the middle boy who deserved -- a little boy who deserved protection, respect, and unconditional love. and i don't want him to be remembered as a science experiment. he was a person! >> i want to bring in now
10:42 pm
behavior expert dr. webdy walsh. wendy, i'm sure you've heard of george rekers and the work that hoe did. what do you make of it? >> well, you know, my initial thought is that the american public thinks, don, that you're either gay or you're straight. when kinzey's research clearly showed that most of us lie on a continuum somewhere both in fantasy or behavior that is a scale of kinsey called is one to six. i would think if this therapy ever had any positive results it was probably because he was taking bisexual people and suppressing the homosexual part of their inclination. so he could probably try to ride on that for awhile. but i'm so disturbed to think that he would try to treat children when sexual orientation isn't even clear at five years old, let alone gender identity. it just seems like it's not the developmental window to even begin to deal with this. and so inappropriate and so
10:43 pm
damaging. >> so let me get this straight. in the psychology community, is there any support for this kind of therapy, dr. wendy? >> reporter: i wouldn't think so. i mean, the psychiatric association clearly does not endorse anything he does. there is no support. i mean, psychology is about having personal growth and learning to be who you are in the world and accept who your and having self-esteem and self-confidence. it's not about changing who you are. i really -- it's so disturbing to think that this work is being done in 2011, '12, almost? >> yeah. yeah. dr. wendy, thank you so much. i appreciate you joining us tonight. coming up, the reason i'm in new hampshire. monday night's gop debate. we'll tell you more about the seven candidates who will be on the stage, including newt gingrich who is speaking in california right now just a few days after all those staffers resigned from his campaign. >> to paraphrase hoffman's nobel
10:44 pm
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live now to california. beverly hills specific where newt gingrich is making his first appearance since his senior staff members resigned en masse last week.
10:47 pm
let's listen. >> during this last week, today's generation of jews made a similar pilgrimage to the streets of jerusalem knowing that the freedom that allows them to visit their holiest sites is more endangered at this moment in history than at any time since that morning four and a half decades ago. indeed, both israel and america are at a dangerous cross reads in which the survival of israel and the safety of the united states both hang in the balance. well, the united states and her allies have won important victories in the war on terrorism, it is impossible to look at the toe stallity of the world ten years after 9/11 and conclude that we are on the winning path or that world is a safer place. >> all right. he is speaking to the republican jewish coalition conference at the beverly hilton in beverly
10:48 pm
hills, california. that's why he's making reference to jewish people there. i want to bring in now senior political editor mr. mark preston. so mark, do you think he's going to talk about the past week and what's happened? this es his first appearance. >> i'd be really surprised, don, that he actually addresses the turmoil about his campaign in the last four or five days. as you said, all of his senior staff have resigned. they were upset with him because they didn't think he was as dedicated to this presidential campaign as he should have been, specifically raising money and going out and meeting voters. i don't think he's going to do it tonight. do you think that -- america loves a comeback story. i've been saying it all week. do you think he can relaunch his campaign and be successful and it and that's going to be important? people will be listening tomorrow night's debate to see if he references that. >> that is going to be the focus for nug noou newt beginning reg tomorrow night.
10:49 pm
can he repoot booth? can he relaunch? absolutely anything is possible. we saw john mccain go through a terrible shakeup in 2007. he went on to get the gop republican nomination. but it's going to be difficult. >> there are comments i'm being told by the producer regarding the campaign. let's listen. >> we chatted with many of you. various people commented on recent weeks. as someone who has been in public life for nearly 40 years, i know full well the rig go rigors of campaigns for public office. in fact, i've had some recent reminders [ laughter ] >> all right. so i stand corrected. i stand corrected. he actually addressed it. maybe it was the elephant in the room, so to speak? he addressed it but didn't address it. he made light of it but didn't talk about how he's going to redo and come out of this. >> he's going to have to explain not only to us, not only to the
10:50 pm
staff that has surrounded him and that have remained with him, but he's really got to focus on those key primary voters to let them know, donors as well, to let them know he is serious. even though he gets a laugh out of it he does address it, albeit very minorly. he does need to address it with donors and voters that are going to help him win the nomination if he is to went the nomination. >> he has the highest name recognition is that fair to say? >> he was such a polarizing figure back in the late 90s. but everything thought that newt gingrich because he turned it around, put the gop on top, he would have the best chance this time. was it his past or his presence? what put him into the position that he's in now? >> because newt gingrich certainly is a very smart man, he is a great politician. it might that be he was too smart and he might have been too good of a politician that he wasn't willing to listen to people around him. he surrounded himself with very
10:51 pm
smart staffers. in in order to run a successful campaign, don, a ceo has to look at his lieutenants and take their advice. >> maybe a bit arrogant too as well. >> i'm sure some of those departing staffers would say that. >> was it the thing with tiffanys and all of that or was it really that they felt i don't know slighted in the sense that he wasn't paying attention to him because they wanted him to stay, get on the phone, start raising money, start making calls. he says i'm going on a vacation. then he said his wife had too much influence over him and his campaign. first of all, for them to be successful he had to be successful. and they thought that he needed to take their advice. in some ways i think they're correct. but there was a bunch of things. there was the credit line at tiffanys. but really the straw that broke the camel's back was the fact that he took two weeks off. he went out to the meditteranean on a cruise. he did not stay here in the u.s. he did not meet voters. he did not raise money. and enough was enough. >> all right. and here we are. >> here we are.
10:52 pm
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the week ahead. from washington to hollywood our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin tonight at the white house. >> reporter: i'm dan lothian at the white house. this week president obama will be touting jobs, raising money, and fulfilling a campaign promise. first on monday, president obama heads to raleigh, durham, north carolina where he will visit a company that makes among other things l.e.d. lights. he'll also be talking about job creation there. later in the day he heads down to miami for fundraisers. it's more money in the bank for a campaign that's expected to raise $1 billion. then on tuesday the president flies to puerto rico, a place he visited during the campaign and said he would return to if elected. he will be the first president to make an official visit there since john f. kennedy. >> reporter: the house returns monday after a week home in
10:56 pm
their congressional districts. and a big topic in both the house and senate, the federal debt and raising the debt ceiling. debt talks between democrats, republicans, led by the vice-president, are ramping up bipartisan group tries to raise the federal debt limit. also we're keeping an eye on the scandal surrounding congressman anthony weiner. congress will be returning for the first time since the congressman admitted to sending nude photos. >> reporter: coming up next week we'll get a host of economic news. wall street is going to be watching it all very closely. at the beginning of the week we'll get two key readings on inflation, both on the consumer and wholesale level. and the housing market will be in focus when we get the latest report on housing starts. we'll also see how consumers are feeling about the economy and how much they're spending. we'll get the consumer sentiment
10:57 pm
support and retail sales numbers. all of that coming up a big week for wall street. we'll track it all on cnn money. >> reporter: we'll have all the big controversies for tonight's tony awards. also it's the season premiere of "keeping up with the kardashians". kim k. and her fee sawn say are talking baby names. but there'll be more news about the kim kardashian cheating scandal. he's tonight on hln. >> all right. thanks, guys. live in new hampshire where cnn is getting ready for tomorrow night's gop debate. but right now let's get you caught up on some of the hour's top stories. for that we turn to richelle carey at the cnn headquarters in atlanta. >> reporter: let me get out to some of the top stories right now. more explicit and embarrassing photos of congressman anthony weiner keep -- keep surfacing. "tmz" posted these pictures and say they were taken in the house member's gym. he's seeking professional help after the democrats called for
10:58 pm
his resignation on saturday. however, delaware police have closed their investigation into a twitter contact with a 17-year-old girl without finding any wrongdoing. gabrielle giffords will leave a houston rehospital by the end of the month to begin outpatient therapy. new photos of her were posted today on her facebook page. they were taken about a month ago. you can see some of these before and after pictures. giffords was critically wounded in a january shooting at a tucson shopping center that killed six people. people in two evacuated arizona towns are being aloud to go home. fire crews believe they now have the upper hand on that monstrous wallow fire, although it's only about 10% contained, control burns have robbed the fire of fuel to advance. and the dallas mavericks did it tonight. check this out. celebrations in dallas after the mavericks defeated the miami heat 105-95 to win the nba championship, four games to two.
10:59 pm
it's the first championship in franchise history for dallas. jason terry led the dallas mavs at 27 points, nowitzki had 21. lebron had 21 for miami. back to new hampshire for don. i was able to sneak in a little bit of the game, don. just a little bit. >> now you are rubbing it in. are you sure, was that dallas or was that cleveland that celebration? they're probably celebrating more in cleveland tonight, don't you think, richelle? >> they probably are. you got that right. >> hey, listen, i'm looking at twitter here. and it's starting a trend. they're saying chris bosh broke down in the hall in the tunnel and started to cry. and they had to pick him up and carry him out. were you able to witness that moment? >> i have not seen that. that i would have to see to believe. i mean, you want champions to hate losing, but good grief. i need to see that. >> yeah. it's amazing. because everyone thought -- everyone thought the heat was going to


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