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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 14, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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$8,500 less than other men. bigger men take home hestier paychecks. >> and skinnier women take home he heftier paychecks. >> here are some of your comments. >> rose says on facebook. we have a long way to go. the thing is this is the third or fourth response we have had about how blonds are honored in society. >> people are projecting their own ideas on to a different
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survey. we will to that survey next week about blonds versus brunettes. but this week, it's skin versus fat. >> another nonblond to bring us the news is kyra phillips. >> nonblonds have more fun is what i say. 9:00 a.m. on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. out west. i'm kyra phillips. the first debate of the presidential season. which republican candidates shined and which ones stumbled? we are comparing the scorecards. in minnesota the governor ordered layoff notices for thousands of state workers. a government shutdown looms and the clock is ticking. the second largest wildfire in arizona history now sweeping across state lines in the new mexico area. firefighters have contained only about 10%. some republicans might be saying sarah who this morning because of this republican from
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minnesota. >> filed today. my paper work to seek the office of the presidency of the united states today and i'll very soon be making my formal announcement so i wanted you to be the first to know. >> appreciate that. welcome. >> congresswoman michelle bachmann entered the race and turned heads and started making the morning news rounds in a matter of hours. she and the other gop candidates spent a couple of hours pounding the president on the economy. listen. because this likely will be the campaign theme for months to come. >> to seek the office of the president. this president has failed and he has failed at a time when the american people counted on him to create jobs and get the economy going. >> this president is a declinist. he views america as one of equals around the world. >> has he done one thing right when it comes to the economy in this country? >> boy, that's a tough question!
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no, no. i can't think of anything. >> candidates pretty much followed ronald reagan's 11th commandment to not speak ill of a fellow republican. mark preston is with us. who won or at least who has the mojo moving now? >> reporter: well, certainly michelle bachmann has the mojo. you're right. she came out of the gates last night announce on our air she is running for president and then went on and gave this really strong performance which surprised a lot of people. michelle bachmann not known by the masses in the political world. very well known with social conservatives. some people think that she stumbles at times and might not be ready for the major leagues, however, last night, she showed that she was. so she certainly is a winner. as was mitt romney. we got to say that mitt romney who is the front-runner, a lot of people were wondering whether he would be able to weather any attacks thrown his way but really no attacks at all that were directed at him. in many ways, he was pretty much
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a steady ship through the whole debate. >> moving away from the steady shift, did we see a loser? did somebody really tank here? >> reporter: well, you know, sarah who? i think you're right. a lot of people wonder if michelle bachmann might start taking away some of that oxygen that surrounds sarah palin. now sarah palin hasn't said if she is going to run for president or not, however, she has indicated that she might be interested in it, but michelle bachmann last night i think is turning people's heads. i was out in iowa a couple of months ago and talking to some sarah palin supporters. people who really thought that she might be the candidate for them. however, they were starting to turn away from her at that time. the person that they were talking to me a couple of months ago was michelle bachmann. so i think that michelle bachmann is probably going to start seeing more people coming into her tent, so to speak. >> mark, thanks.
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the debate aired live on cnn. the hometown crowd is the new hampshire voters who will take part in one of the first primaries. don lemon is live. what are the folks saying now? >> reporter: i'm sitting next to mark and i couldn't disagree more with what he said. i love you, you know that, right? >> of course! >> reporter: everybody, the political experts are saying that. this person won. this person lost. an why are you pitting two women against each other? >> reporter: listen to you! >> reporter: seriously! why are you pitting two women against each other? i think there is enough room for both michelle bachmann and sarah palin in this race. >> reporter: you want to see a big fight. >> reporter: no, you do. i'm messing with you. when we watch it, we watch it with a keener eye. people think what is a winner, a loser, what is at risk here. most of the people we spoke to said there are no winners or losers, way too early. if you look at the paper, i
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think the person we might say lost was president obama because that's who they targeted last night. seven contenders keep it civil, this cases. this one says gop debate targets obama. we spoke to people who said it's too early. listen to what they said. who do you think won the debate? >> clearly newt gingrich was the most presidential candidate but i don't think there were any failures out there. >> reporter: all right. so that was one. we have another one. someone we spoke with someone else, too, at that radio station. roll it, as to they. >> great to see liberty, the constitution and state rights sort of on the forefronted for the american people to see where they stand. i was happy to see that all night. it was very heart-warming. >> reporter: kyra, it's early on and most people are concerned about the issues and not really who won or lost. we may be concerned about who won or lost and up and down but we have a long time until the actual race.
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then michelle bachmann saying last night she got into the race. most people saying i thought she was already into the race. they were surprised she hadn't declared yet. >> they were all very civil among each other and see if that changes as time rolls on. don, nice to see you and mark are still civil. that's nice to see! >> reporter: i'm messing with mark. we're the last ones at the party. the last doughnut and everybody is all gone but mark and i so we are doing the cleanup work today. >> talk to you again. no one knows presidents or politics better than david gerg gergen. he said they probably made the hard right happy but what about the folks in the middle? we will talk about that in a few minutes. request granted. congressman anthony weiner is off the job. no, he hasn't resigned. the house granted a two-week leave of absence and now president obama is weighing in. >> ultimately, there's going to be decision for him and his constituents. i can tell you that if it was me, i would resign.
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>> well, for the first time in 50 year,s a u.s. president will visit puerto rico. he is going for the votes. million of votes that could prove decisive in the 2012 election. ed henry at the white house with more. ed? >> reporter: good morning, kyra. you're right. if you look at the map that national journal magazine put together, the puerto ricans have the largest is ballots ground the president needs in twelve. one of them is new york city. look at some of others. florida. 847,000 puerto ricans living there. new jersey 430,000, the state the president wants to have. pennsylvania 366,000 puerto ricans. connecticut and illinois states he should have especially illinois his home state. look at these other two. ohio, 94,000 puerto ricans that is a state a must have for this
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president. virginia is something he flipped from the republican column to the democratic column for the first time since lbj. so you look at these states. clearly the president is reaching out to some of those voters with this visit to puerto rico. i think back to the trip to europe a few weeks back where the president found out he had some irish roots. many irish american voters he was reaching out to. as far as we know the president has no puerto rican roots but i'm sure his political advisers were checking that out just to be sure. >> you never know. chicken and rice it works perfectly. both cultures. why has it taken five decades for another president to make an official visit? of course five decades ago, it was john f. kennedy and his wife that step foot there in puerto rico. >> reporter: big visit then. lbj stopped in in 1968. he stopped at an air base and
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gerald ford stopped for a speech and took off. this is an official president. the president only there for a few hours. i think the key is that there are proposal a lot of people in puerto rico who feel u.s. presidents in both parties have taken them for granted and so that is the importance of this visit. the president to show, look. he is going to reach out to them and hear them out on issues like immigration reform but only on the island a few hours so not like it's a super long visit but i think some people there in puerto rico who will be grateful. >> we will see if it makes an impact. ed henry at the white house, thanks. government crackdown continues in syria. security forces are recaptured a border town and terrified residents who continue to stream into turkey. let's get to london with zain verjee. >> reporter: look at the wall street journal europe. this is the headline. syria, where massacre is a family tradition.
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it goes on to argue in today's world, it's harder to turn off the lights and keep tales of repression behind closed doors, but the assads know no other way. massacre is a family tradition. the headline here in the irish independent is fleeing syrians play cat and mouse along the border. more than 10,000 syrians have fled the repression of opposition but many more are playing a dangerous cat and mouse game as they seek refuge and food and supplies for their families. speaking to some analysts, they say watch out. the real turning point is going to be whether members in the army defect. already, there have been some low level conscripts of sunnis who have defected and refuse to go fire on civilians but the hard-core group that the brigades and factions loyal to the assad family are still sticking by him and they are also loyal to the sect to which
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checking stories across the country now. arizona firefighters choked the flames of that massive wildfire turning northward. now the focus shifts to the east where the wildfire has spread into new mexico. in florida, prosecutors in the casey anthony murder trial could rest the case today. fbi fingerprint expert took the stand testifying about duct tape found on the remains of 2-year-old caylee anthony. some people are waiting as much as six hours just to catch a glimpse of the anthony trial. off and running to get a spot inside. the evangelist who predicted the apock list last month has suffered a stroke. 89-year-old harold camping is recovering at a california hospital. he was widely mocked when his may 21th prediction failed to materialize.
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plane ticket doesn't come with much these days. after all you have to pay to check your bags and blanket and sometimes something else. now a new report actually shows just how much extra you're paying. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. what are we talking about here? >> reporter: billions of dollars in extra fees. last year the fees added up to almost $6 billion. this includes the baggage fees that you pay and the reservation change fees only. but i tell you what, these fees have been rising at a stunning rate. in 2007, we were at 1.4 billion in fees but, now, look how they have gone up so much. 2009 $5 billion and now look where they are. delta took in the most revenues from the fees. 5.7 billion is a tip of the iceberg because this doesn't count other fees like food, entertainment, pets, headphones. those are counted in a bigger report which comes out this month and get those numbers for
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you as well. >> let's talk about how important are these fees? can the airlines survive without them? >> reporter: you know what? an analyst put it this way. if it weren't for the fees, he said, the airlines would, most likely, be losing money so they really do need these fees. an industry trade group came out with a report last week, a forecast that wasn't the most rosy picket for the airline industry. it said the north american carriers to specked to make 1.2 billion this year but ieds it's down from 4 billion last year. the airlines are saddled with higher fuel prices being exacerbated by the older less fuel-efficient planes and also fewer travelers. guess what? these fees aren't going away any time soon. >> alison, thanks. coming up, the future of flying. a plane with a see-through roof. find out when you'll be able to go on one of these futuristic flights.
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the future of flying revealed today in london. a airbus a leading european manufacturer showed off a pretty cool concept. a lean with a see-through roof. cnn's zain verjee is here to give us a closer look, shall we
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say, at the transparent plane. zain? >> hi, kyra. the whole plane is totally transparent. it's pretty amazing and it is a futuristic look how we could travel one day. so you just need to forget about james bond and the invisible car that he has. this is the way to go. you can get panoramic views and see absolutely everything. you can get flight entertainment that is powered by the heat of passengers' bodies. the walls are supposed to change according to the conditions that the plane flies in,' then you just breathe in like vitamins and antioxidants and whole cabin is full of a aromatherapy and what do you think of that? games you can play on this and can play virtual golf. no business, no economy. everybody is in luxury altogether! >> this sounds way too good to be true.
6:22 am
i was waiting for you to say the open bar and masseuse comes through and gives a massage on aisle seven. when is this airbus actually supposed to take flight? >> reporter: that is a bit of a downer. you can't buy tickets tomorrow. it's actually supposed to, the designs supposed to be done and set and ready to fly in 2050! 2050! so by the time your twins grow up, they will be 39 years old, right? and then they will get to fly this. for now, we have to stick ourselves back in economy, squashed between two people, one of them whom is sleeping on your shoulder and drooling. >> that was an inspiring story. thank you so much for telling me about something that will not even affect our lives. exactly. we know the feeling. zain, we will see you again in half an hour. several cnn analysts think the hamp debate might have
6:23 am
produced a star. there she is. congresswoman michelle bachmann. how much do you know about this mother of gif and, guess what? foster mother of 23 p.m. that's right. in the last week or so, anthony weiner has been called every name in the book but his internet women have kind of been let off the hook, at least what is what our contributor says. i will ask him about that coming up. ♪ ♪ [ lane ] here's the trouble with most anti-wrinkle creams. the cream disappears but your wrinkles don't. ♪ introducing neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the fastest retinol formula available. in fact, it's clinically proven to smooth wrinkles in just one week. so all you have to do is sit back and watch your wrinkles go away. new rapid wrinkle repair. from neutrogena®.
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checking our top stories. a pilot saved his passengers but was killed in a goodyear blimp accident in germany. pilot tells four passengers to jump when the blimp was just off the ground. the blimp shot up in the air and exploded before crashing into flames. a federal judge could rule today whether a same-sex marriage band in california is unconstitution app. initial ruling from a judge who later acknowledged he is gay. the army replacing the black beret as part of its combat uniform. a patrol cap like a camouflage baseball cap with a flat top will be standard gear now. you're going to hear a lot
6:27 am
more from dynamic michelle bachmann in the coming months. she was in last night's debate as a congresswoman from minnesota. some analysts think she came out as a rising star. >> i want to make an announcement for you, john, on cnn. i filed my paper work to seek the office of the presidency of the united states today and i'll very soon be making my formal announcement. so i wanted you to be the first to know. >> appreciate that. welcome. >> her performance had some of our analysts declaring her the debate winner. carol costello is here. tell us more about her. we were talking about her this morning, carol. all of these children. it's amazing she is doing both! >> she is doing both. five children of her own and 23 foster children and get into that in a minute. let's talk about the political pundits. they are saying more than they won the debate. they have a crush on michelle bachmann. the adjectives they are using you possess would not believe it. star performance and top tier
6:28 am
and called her pify that means having substance and to the point. seriously, michelle bachmann found her footing last night with one zinger after another. >> as president of the united states, i will not rest until i repeal obama care. it's a promise. take it to bank. cash the check. i'll milk shaur that that happens. we need everybody to come together because we're going to win. just make no mistake about it. i want to announce tonight, president obama is a one-term president! we will win! >> reporter: and the crowd went wild. she made herman cain fade into the woodwork. the bigger questions are, number one, can she win the primary and, number two, can very win the general election. it is said the republican establishment doesn't love michelle bachmann. she needs the republican establishment to win the nomination.
6:29 am
as far as the general election goes, avalon says bachmann needs independents to win and despite her charm, her views are too conservative to many americans. she has said god encouraged her to run for higher office and that government should be limited only to what is in the constitution and i know, kyra, are you intrigued by her foster children. i know you are. >> i know that everybody is talking about, you know, how she came out, this fascinating star last night. what caught my attention, i had no idea, we knew she had five kids but 23 foster kids. and it's all of this that actually inspired her to get into politics. >> that's right. she actually mentioned that fact three times during the debate last night and the 23 foster kids did inspire her to get into politics. she sent them to public schools and wasn't satisfied with the impau quality of that i that i education. she then ran for the school board. she failed and inspired her to
6:30 am
run for other public offices. now look at her. the other thing interesting she is a female running for the president and nobody is making a big deal of that. isn't that amazing? >> you know what? we will talk more about that. this is where we need to bring in david gergen and the three of us need to have a conversation. hold that thought. carol, let's talk more about this as this continues on into the next couple of weeks. we're also just getting, carol, video in. i'm told of mitt romney. this was this morning at blake's diner in manchester, new hampshire. you know, he the other one that so many of our analysts are talking about, saying that, clearly, if you were to pick two winners it was it was michelle bachmann and mitt romney. carol was bringing up the bachmann factor, how this is becoming more interesting and what is being made light of with regard to her background and her future. let's talk more about her and her conservative views.
6:31 am
political analyst david gergen is here to talk a little more. david, really, what a lot of people have been saying is, okay, who needs sarah palin after last night when you've got michelle bachmann? do you agree? >> absolutely! i think it's become apparent sarah palin stepped to the sidelines, michelle bachmann stepped into the space and occupied it well. sarah palin gave up signals she might want to run and got a lot of us buzzing about it but michelle bachmann, back to last night. if you have michelle bachmann, why do you need sarah palin? they don't quite look the same but a quality about her that is much the same. she is interesting and piffy and has this family biographies and a smart lawyer. a doctorate and five children and 23 foster children and she's
6:32 am
just an interesting woman. you know, the person who really appreciates how well michelle bachmann is doing, that's mitt romney. >> who he said is the other clear winner last night. >> well, that's right. but, you know, mitt romney's fear is that some person would emerge who would be the nonromney, who, in fact, would be seen as someone who could be nationally elected and many people thought that was tim pawlenty, the former governor of minnesota, and he sort of whiffed last night. you know? he was seen as someone who had a chance to establish manhood and step back, instead of stepping up. that opens up a space to be the nonromney and michelle bachmann, because she is doing well in iowa already, she could conceivably emerge as the alternative and an alternative i think mitt romney would say, come on, michelle. bring it on.
6:33 am
do you have anything else to say? i want to hear more from you. >> she would turn to him and say you'll get that and i'll give you a lot more to debate here. >> she's feisty! >> yes, she is, indeed. we will see a lot of feistiness in the next number of months. david gergen, thanks so much. appreciate it. you can also read david's article about the debate on called candidates may win the gop but lose america. tea party has known about michelle bachmann a long time. we will get their reckaction on her performance coming up well. hey, the woman involved in this they say shouldn't be left off the hook. we will talk about what he has to say in his latest op-ed. on c, yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power, plus the refinement and space of a luxury sedan, the jaguar xf is a timeless blend
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all right. the opening bell rang a few minutes ago. checking the big board dow industrials up 96 points. ever since he admitted to the internet indiscretions congressman anthony weiner has been a bunpunching bag and punc line. elsie looks at the women of the weiner scandal and he love the first line, l.z. out of the box. anthony weiner is still a pig but hold on a second as you go
6:37 am
on to say and i'm putting words in your moum. let's talk about the female swine. >> i can't even believe you went all the way there like that! all i said in the piece -- all i was trying to say in the piece was that he wasn't tweeting to himself. he's a narccist. you need to look at the woman involved with the married man and knew this and continued in the affair of the electronic affair anyway and didn't see any reason to stop. >> okay. i totally see your point here. but tell me how you would do that. here we are in a two-person interview and you're sitting down with one of these women. is the first question, so, tell me. why exactly are you a hoe? >> no! i don't think that would be my first question! but i would -- i would say, so when you were friendly with
6:38 am
anthony weiner in facebook, didn't you notice right below where it says add a friend, it said he was married? that didn't give you any pause at all and if it didn't give you any pause, why not? do you often sleep with married men if that is something you're into? it seems like a legitimate line of questioning. you're going to go from being someone's mistress to running in front of the cameras you must be willing to deal with these type of questions. >> you can read l.z.'s latest piece. probably big trouble for me saying that piece. are weiner's women blameless? you can weigh in at join the conversation if you like. l.z. loves a good conversation. you can leave a comment for him and it shall continue. dallas will have a victory parade for the nba champions mavericks even though the city is in a budget crunch. jeff is here with that story. >> helps to know people who have a lot of money in times like
6:39 am
that. mavericks getting a hero's welcome at the airport and happened yesterday. a water cannon support. mark cuban is there carrying the championship trophy. dirk nowitzki behind him. he was the mvp. cuban says he will pay for thursday' parade out of his own pocket. he says it's not right right now for the city to pay for it. cuban is a billionaire so a parade he can afford. chump change. speaking of chumps. who gave the go ahead for this ad to appear in "the miami herald"? they congratulate miami heat for winning the title. did i miss something? they posted an online correction later. boston bruins force a game seven with vancouver in the nhl stanley cup. i will show you that in 15 minutes. >> i can't wait! still ahead this morning, what happens when a 45-foot yacht tableckles the windy san
6:40 am
francisco bay? you guessed it. cap-sized catamaran. did last night's republican presidential debate please the tea party? we will get their reaction in a few minutes. you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired. down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe... we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals.
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checking stories across the country. nasty spring storm brought golf ball-sized hail and wicked lighti lightning to parts of colorado. the ugliness did eventually face out and leaving this amazing rainbow behind. in san francisco, cameras rolled as a futuristic catamaran cap-sized during an exhibition race. one crewmen taken to the hospital after falling on the vessel's wing. the new ac-45 is the fastest of its kind. marie callendar closing 31 of its franchises. they blame conditions in california and florida for a sharp decline in sales. in case you missed it last night, seven presidential wanna
6:44 am
bes took the stage to impress the gop faithful. did they win over the tea party? casein wian watched the debate. did anyone in your eyes or the folks you talk to connect with the tea party voters? >> reporter: kyra, a couple of them actually did. we're here at the elks lodge in council bluffs, iowa. 75 members of the tea party inside watching the debate last night. a kickoff of a month-long bus tour of the state of iowa with the tea party going around the state and several cities and several candidates will be speaking to the tea party. the organizers last night after everyone watched the debate, they asked the crowd who they thought won and the biggest applause went to michelle bachmann and ron paul. >> everybody singing the same tune! what ron paul was saying last election is what everybody is saying now. romney is saying something completely different! now some of the people are definitely genuine. herman cain, i believe, is
6:45 am
really genuine and has a lot of good ideas. >> a lot of them are not answering the questions. you ask a question and then they will side-step it and answer something entirely different and i've noticed also romney is answering his questions indirectly by saying what is wrong with the obama administration, but not telling what he would actually do. >> reporter: so support for bachmann and support for ron paul. as you heard in the two sound bites, not much support for mitt romney. in fact, not one person among the crowd here at the tea party event thought that romney won the debate and perhaps some of those folks are not happy with the fact he is not going to participate in the iowa straw poll later this summer. they say it's important that their iowa voters are heard and they are disappointed that romney is not participating this time. kyra? >> casey wian, thanks. what about gop faithful down
6:46 am
south? marty savage watched the debate with a family in south carolina. he joins me next hour with their reaction. we interrupt this debate for a sports score. >> by the way, bruins are up 4-0. >> a popular sound bite in new england. highlights in the nhl playoff game eight minutes away. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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stories developing later today. 11:00 a.m. the fda releases new guidelines to sunscreen labeling. the changes designed to make it easier for consumers to read. missouri area television stations host a tell a thon for victims of the deadly tornado that devastated joplin, missouri, last month. that storm killed 151 people. hour later in new york, texas governor rick perry may reveal his intentions for 2012. he is speaking in the big apple at a new york county rather republican committee dinner. in new york the broadway play "spider-man:turn off the dark" is debuting.
6:50 am
following lots of developments next hour of the cnn newsroom. >> i'm alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. we're watching your money specifically how much you're paying in airline fees. guess what? you're paying in the billions of dollars to those airlines. i'm tallying up the numbers and i'll have dollars in those. i'll tally up the details next hour. i'm paul steinhauser in new hampshire. we'll tally up winners and losers. congressman anthony weiner is taking a two-week leave of absence. ill ahe have more on the cost hour. all right. guys, next hour, is facebook falling off? a new report said the site is starting to bleed u.s. users. we'll take a look at the numbers. lewould deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience
6:51 am
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6:53 am
happy fans of the stanley cup finals, going down to a seven game between boston and vancouver. jeff richelle, joining us with highlights. >> that's right. the game was in boston. in vancouver, liquor stars stopped selling alcohol at 4:00 p.m. no alcohol sales at 4:00? come on, city, people in vancouver, can't handle it?
6:54 am
anyway, game six, canucks and bruins, here we go. canucks had little goes for them last night. goalie roberto lou ng go. has been stellar at home but not on the record. bruins had two more. 4 goals in 4:14. that's a finals record. tim thomas was outstanding again in boston's net, stopping a whole lot of games. bruins win, game seven tomorrow night. yankees baseball. change 3,000 hits. closing in on 3,000, but in the fifth, just a fly ball to right field. jeter seemed to slow up, as he got out of the batters box right here. he actually left the game with a sore right calf. no word how long jeter will be
6:55 am
out. yankees/boston. >> tigers hoping the rays first inning, b.j. upton, catch in center and fire. throws home. austin jackson coming to the plate. he's out. going to extra inning, that's the last thing tampa needed. last day of a long exhausting road trip. manager, joe maddon said a flu bug hit the team. said madden facetiously,s it a been awesome. this is the icing on the cake. martinez, tigers win in ten. don't do what h andy murray is about to do. unless you're confident you're not having any kids. murray comes to the net. you have to do very careful with this one. i see this and imagine all that can go wrong. here comes, and -- that is some dangerous stuff right there. but well played. he wanted the queens club tournament. he's one of the favorites not
6:56 am
only to win at wimbledon. he's an england guy, home crowd will be rooting for him. >> i play, but i'm scared to do anything near something like that. no, no, no. >> some want him to stay, others think he should go. one thing we can all agree on. the sexting scandal has some people pretty fired up. cnn's jeanne moos shows us how supporters and protesters are speak out. >> reporter: if there's one word you never expect to hear in a protest chant it's weiner. >> weiner's got to go. >> weiner's got to go. >> reporter: only a handful of protesters, pro and anti-weiner, showed outside his queens office. they were feisty. >> how do i know about other things he's lying about. >> everybody is lying at one point. >> reporter: at which point a
6:57 am
guy alives to rub a naked cell phone picture in his face. >> we need more people like him. >> reporter: that's one of the suggestive photos taken in a congressional gym. next thing you know, protesters waving the anthony weiner action figure. the face don't look like the congressman's. the cheap version, $39.95. anatomically correct one, 10 pucks more. the weiner scandal even penetrated the presidential race. they've even set up office outside weiner's office to take advantage of the press. here's how he describes congressman weiner. >> so weird and so creepy. >> reporter: when finished address the media, he disassembles his podium and leaves. as for the actual president, his
6:58 am
spokesman now said, the president feels this is a distraction, lots of other politicians. >> this is a distraction. >> this is just a ridiculous distraction. >> reporter: there's something distracting about using this distraction race ai distraction. >> this is a distraction. >> reporter: this woman don't let it distract her when the opponent waved embarrassing photos at here. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. . >> it's 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. here's some stories that have us talking. michele bachmann makes it official, files papers to run for president. the first of the 2012 season. minnesota, the governor ordered layoff notices for thousands of state worker, a government
6:59 am
shutdown looms and the clock is tick. and the second largest wildfire in arizona history, now sweeping across state lines in new mexico. firefighters have contained only about 10%. and the tone for the 2012 presidential campaign is set, for now at least. last night's republican debate gives us a good idea what we'll be hearing for the next few months. we'll hear the gop pound the president on the economy. >> any one of the people in this stage would be a better president than president obama. he has failed in job one, which was to get this economy going again. he failed in job two, which is restrain the growth of government. >> this president is declinist. he views america as equals around the world. >> has he done one thing right when it comes to the economy? >> boy, that's a tough question. no, no, i can't think of anything. >> cnn deputy political director paul steinhauser is here.
7:00 am
we sure learned a lot from this debate, paul. >> we sure did, kyra. you and i were talking about mitt romney, saying, he's the front-runner, he has the most to lose last night. did he? no, he didn't do any harm. to me it seemed like he was running a general election campaign. even said he can't wait to debate president obama, he was looking ahead across the primaries to next year. i think he's already the nominee. mitt romney survived. he department do any damage. he's still the front-runner and still gregarious to the other rivals on the stage. what about tim pawlenty, remember how we talked about he may go after romney over health care. maybe a missed opportunity. in fact john king, the moderator, gave him two changes. take a listen. >> why would you choose those words, given the comfort of a sunday show studio. your rival is standing right there. if it was obama care on foxnews sunday. why isn't it obama care standing
7:01 am
flight? >> president obama looked to massachusetts for designing his program. he said it was a blueprint and merged the two terms. use the word obomney care. suggesting he designed obama care on massachusetts health care plan. >> they're looking to make a name for themselves, we're confused that the former minnesota governor department do what he did sunday which is take on mitt romney. what about michelle bachman. she had sorry biggest one-liners, some of the biggest applause. take a listen. here's a taste. >> we need everybody to come together. we are going to win. make no mistake about it. president obama is a one-term president. [ applause ] we'll win. >> lines like that, i guess you can't go wrong with a republican
7:02 am
crowd. of course, bachman made news, yep, she's a candidate now. kyra. >> so, what are insiders telling you? >> we teamed up with the national journal. look at this. they polled about 50 or 60 insiders, republican strategists. this is their living. take a look at this. the winners by far, mitt romney but strong second place, michele bachmann. first on the losers list is tim pawlenty. a lot more to debate. time for plenty of people to recover. when the next debate comes we may have more candidates on the stage which we didn't have last night. stay tuned. >> thanks, paul. >> request granted. congressman anthony weiner is off the job. no, he hasn't resigned. the house granted him a two-week leave of absence now president obama is weighing in. >> b ultimately this is a decision for him and his constituents. i can tell you, if it was me, i would resign. >> well, kate bolduan son
7:03 am
capitol hill. kate, how do democrats meet for the first time today since the scandal broke? what are you hearing? >> we're hearing, this is the first time the house democrats are meeting since the scandal broke, as you said. the meeting is going on. as members come and go as they need to. what we're hearing, one democratic member came out to say not one word of, quote, unquote, weinergate has been bro spoken in this meeting. it's clear, members are trying to change the focus as they are trying to back to the agenda. while they may not be talking about it inside the caucus meeting, members are talking about it outside of the caucus meeting as reporters stand by. listen to one member. carolyn mccarthy, significant because she's a fellow new york democrat of anthony weiner's we hear this is the first time she's weighing in on this scandal >> do you think he should resign? >> i think we should get on to the business of being in congress. he has to take care of his
7:04 am
constituents. that's not up to me. >> is it possible to get on to your business without him resigning? >> hopefully we'll find out. hopefully we're hearing he might resign in the next couple of days. >> reporter: what we know, bottom line, there's serious pressure coming from democratic house leaders like the minority leader nancy pelosi calling for anthony weiner to resign, we know, as you said, president obama is suggesting, as much. but at the same time. we're also hearing from house members, they're now coming back after this recess, they're not going that far to call for him to resign. they don't condone histh behavior, they believe what move he should make is ultimately up to him and ultimately up to his equipts. so, in terms of what the caucus can do really quickly, kyra, gets a little bit into the weeds. there are procedures in place for expelling him of the caucus, or stripping of his assignments but doesn't seem like the committee is moving in that
7:05 am
direction right now. kyra. >> kate, thanks. also on the hill, all of the official websites connected to the senate are under review after aing haer compromised security this weekend much the intruder was able to hack into the server that supports senate officials say no damage was done. >> the hacker gained access to fires already open to the public. and in yemen, a story of spy, inkreeg and killer drones. both "the washington post" and wall street journal are reporting that the cia is getting ready to launch a secret campaign. cnn's sa zain verjee. zain. >> wall street says this. the u.s. is increasingly concerned about the deteriora deteriorating situation in yemen. that islamist militants trying to seize control of up tos in southern yemen. you have the assassination
7:06 am
attempt. protesters are out on the tre streets and u.s. is worried al qaeda will take advantage. the wall street journal goes on to say these drone attacks are secretly by president obama last year and these cia drones are going to be using, smaller war haefds than most manned military aircraft. u.s. officials hope they reduce the risk of civilian casualties and minute ms. any anti-american backlash in yemen. said something similar to the program in pakistan and want to do it in yemen. the way it works, at least for starter, the wall street journal, quoting officials, saying the cia ramps up u.s. intelligence efforts, and get help from the saudis, have a really good and extensive network on ground there. then they focus on a h targeted killing program after they got crucial information. kyra. >> all right. zain verjee out of london. zain, thanks.
7:07 am
he's been the king of social media for years. a new report said facebook has lost millions of friends in the u.s.? trend, anomaly? we'll talk about it. airlines now you have paying for snacks, leg room and even blankets. but the big bucks come from other gotchas. billions of dollars siphoned from your pocket. ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else,
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7:10 am
facebook continues to grow and closing in on 700 million users worldwide. only thing, it's losing a lot of american friends. almost 6 million last month alone. those are stats coming from a research and marketing firm. facebook's reaction, basically lol. media expert, paul gill, joining us now. i want to read facebook's official response to all of this. and this is what they said, in response to this report. from time to time, we see stories about facebook losing users. other advertising tool provides broad estimates an isn't designed for the source of tracking the overall growth of facebook. face bob cite siegz the methodology. do you buy it? >> no, i don't. facebook never criticized methology before. the fact is, methodology that
7:11 am
was used to determine these numbers has been consistent and is showing about a 4% decline in u.s. members over the last month. and that is certainly concerning for facebook, buts it nae their best interest to laugh it off. >> so, if facebook has lost almost 6 million u.s. user, why do you thai is? >> i think there's three or four factors. one is, every summer, facebook growth slows. college students graduate. they delete their can'ts, they don't want perspective employers to see them drunk at beer parties in college. the other factor is there's growing concern by parents with privacy issues and bullying. i'm personally aware of parents saying you're not on facebook anymore until you're 18. then the third factor which is the law of deminute iring returns.
7:12 am
facebook -- about half the people in the u.s. has facebook accounts. there's no growth in the u.s. they're beginning to suffer decline, some people claiming about spam. they don't want 50 messages about their friends scores of angry birds coming into their inbox every day. there's annoyance in this. without the prospect of significance growth. facebook is seeing a flattening even a small decline. their problem is, how do they grow oversea? >> right. and there's this fine line of being helpful and also being too intrusive. if you look at myspace. that used to be a big social media site. it totally tanked. do we see the same thing happening for facebook, or is it better positioned? >> i think in mark zuckerberg's nightmares, he sees the myspace scenario which is down 50% in activity over the last three year, eslings has become irrelevant at this point.
7:13 am
what happened to myspace. facebook overtook it and offered a more valuable service. so people deserted myspace in droves. this is one reason that you see facebook pushing the envelope on the privacy concerns. they're constantly trying to innovate new services that will keep them ahead of the pack. and they're constantly annoying people with the limits they test. they see myspace in the rearview mirror and say we don't want to be that. >> right. paul, thanks for weighing in. appreciate it. >> checking stories across the country. the evangelist who predicted the apocalypse suffer aid stroke. he was widely mocked when his prediction failed to materialize. in florida, prosecutors in the casey anthony case could redo their case.
7:14 am
some people are waiting as much as six hours to catch a glimpse of the trial, often running to get a spot inside. and arizona fire fighters have choked the flames of that massive wildfire churning northward. now the focus shifts to the east where the wildfire, rather, has spread into new mexico. national forest officials say the fire is now the largest one in arizona history. plane ticket doesn't come with very much these days. >> changing your reservation, that also costs extra. now a new report shows how much extra you're actually paying. alison kosik said it also dep d depends, too, what your status is with regard to how often you fly. platinum members, say, for example, don't have to worry about that as much as people who don't have that advantage. >> that's true. but this actually tallied up how much we collectively paid last year. last year we paid close to $6 billion in fees.
7:15 am
i'm talking about the fees that go along with when you check your bags and when you change your reservations, these fees, it's amazing, how much they've been rising, it's at a stunning rate. in 2007, they're paying $1 billion. look how much the fees have gone up. it's delta that took in the most reven revenue, united continental came in second. the fees are the tip of the iceberg. that $5.7 million figure. just the tip of the iceberg. this doesn't count food, pets, pillows. those numbers in a bigger report coming out the at end of the month. kyra. >> can the airlines survive out all of these fees? >> one analyst puts it this way. he sid airlines would most likely lose money if it weren't for the fee, because the profit margins are thinning more and more. the carriers paying more and more for higher fuel prices but there are fewer people flying.
7:16 am
an interest trademark came out that was grim profit wise saying north american carriers make $1 billion this year. it sounds great but down from $4 million last year. bottom line means these fees aren't going away any time soon, kyra. >> okay. not good news. alison, thanks. >> he's played with musical greats like bruce springsteen and aretha franklin. but this morning he's recovering from a stroke. of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall.
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7:19 am
a disp graced comedian tracy morgan returns to nashville. this time he'll have a different message. a.j. hammer is here. going back to norbville but not to apologize, i understand. >> well, actually, he's trying to make amends. he's returning to nashville, because he does want to apologize face to face to all of those people. they paid money to go to the comedy show instead hurt a vial rant. monday, he spoke with the gay and lesbian alliance. he did announce a plan not just to go back to the scene of the crime to apologize, but also meet with gay, lesbian and transsexual teams this week. they also will appear in a psa for g.l.a.d.
7:20 am
take a look at some of what we heard last night. >> i think what he did was wrong. i respect the fact, he said it was wrong. i think he's doing the right thing to go with g.l.a.d. and make amends. wrong is wrong. >> al sharpton, clearly not backing up tracy morgan and quite frankly that's what i've been hearing from a lot of people, including one particular comedian who worked with him in the past and said unfortunately he doesn't think about what he says and just spews it out. at least he's on the right path with the actions he's taking. >> let's talk about clarence cl clemmons, actually surf a stroke. do we know what his condition is now? >> kyra, there's no-nos about his condition. we've reached out to other members of the band.
7:21 am
they're reporting hope until signs which is terrific to hear, they say the big man as he's known was paralyzed on one side by the stroke. he has regained some use of his left hand. clemons is a legendary musician, he worked with all kind of artists and songs. lady gaga he's current hit h. here's what she tweeted. little monsters, clarence clemons is very sick, can we all make get-well videos? he's a super nice guy. so talented. we wish him well and speedy recovery. >> we'll follow up on that recovery. pretty scary situation for reality star and actress tori spelling. wheat the deal with this car accident? >> that had to be a terrifying moment when if tori who is pregnant got into a car accident while taking her young children
7:22 am
to school. she's blaming photographers, here's what she tweeted. paparazzi chased me with the kids to school. i was trying to get away from him. had a pretty big accident. took down the whole wall of the school. he then still got out to try to take picks. what will it take? someone dying for paparazzi to stop? at this point, everyone seems fine. it's amazing, although not surprise that this still go on. unbelievable. >> a.j. a lot of downer news today. usually we're laughing -- >> hopefully we'll have better entertainment news tomorrow. a.j.'s got it every night. hln. "showbiz tonight," 11:00 p.m. we knew it was a problem. drug gangs arming themselves with guns. the latest stats are a shocker. live report coming up. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
7:23 am
7:24 am
two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
7:25 am
as you know, cnn's republican debate hit some very important topics, jobs, health care, military. john king tried to get a feel for the personalities of the debaters with a little this or that.
7:26 am
>> there cain, deep dish or thin crust? >> deep dish. >> mr. pawlenty. coke or pepsi. >> coke. >> elvis or johnny cash. >> that's really tough, that's really tough. >> both, both. >> both? >> yeah. >> "dancing with the stars" or "american idol." >> governor romney, to you, i imagine you're getting to the barbecue joint, maybe new hampshire. ordering wings, spicy or mild? >> oh, spicy, absolutely. and, by the way, bruins up 4-0. >> i was going get spicy now. it's time for the political buzz. rapid fire looks at hottest political topic, each of our observers get a chance to answer three questions. robert zimmerman, errol lewis, and will cane. let's start with the first question, guys, as you know, last night was the first major
7:27 am
republican debate leading up to the 2012 election. who won and why. robert? >> well, actually, i tell you, john king did a masterful job last night. looked kind of presidential, but i got to given credit to mitt romney. he showed he grew enormously from 2008, solidified his position. but michele bachmann was the break-out star. her sound bites and strategy won the day for her. >> romney by default. >> knob touched him or wanted to. he even took his glove and put it up to romney ace chin and w pawlenty didn't want to swing through. they're slow playing that. until they quit doing that, romney will stay the front runner. >> errol? >> romney didn't lose more than he won. michele bachmann did very, very well. for somebody polling in the low single digits, you'd never know it. she did well. introduced herselves, connected
7:28 am
with the audience even had common sense to drop news there which got a big round of applause, formally announcing her candidacy at the debate. >> she made the rounds as well. let's look to the other side. after last night's debate. do you think president obama is beatable or more secure. will? >> let me say this. going into last night, i didn't think a lot of michele bachmann, i came away very impressed. she was sharp and substantive. when i looked across that stage, you know, a romney-bachmann ticket, looks like mccain-palin. don't think romney could rin a rematch of mccain-palin. >> romney-bachmann ticket is on
7:29 am
steroids. >> anybody, including the sitting president is beatable, in part because of nation is so divided on so many different issue, we've got a terrible crumbling economy. it's got a lot of people upset. he had a lot of things going for him. he won 52%, 53%. is he beatable? he's absolutely beatable. will one of the people on the stage be the one to do it? maybe, we'll see. michele bachmann said she's in for 2012. made the big announcement during the debate which had a lot of people saying, palin who? what do you think, robert? >> well, if sarah palin got to go on "american idol" because her reality show failed and book failed, she'll do whatever it takes to stay visible. may be sarah palin, michele bachmann filled that void. >> will. >> i don't think michele bachmann made people forget sarah palin yet but might soon.
7:30 am
>> eroll. >> i think they will, especially among republicans. >> thanks, guy, gentlemen, appreciate your time, will, errol and robert. >> the pilot saved his passengers but killed in a goodyear blimp accident. he told four passengers to jump when the blimp was off the ground. it then shot up into the air and exploded before crashing into flames. (a federal judge could overturn a decision that the same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional. that ruling coming from a judge who announced he's gay. the army is replace their part of their uniform. troll cap is standard wear now. it may be one of the biggest heists after the invasion of iraq. the u.s. followed up with plane load with plane load of cold,
7:31 am
hard cash. that was meant to help iraq, but apparently billions of dollars have disappeared. here's brian todd. >> reporter: this the months after shock and awe. the mantra was spend and rebuild. at least that's what u.s. officials hoped. they air lifted billions of dollars in bricks of $100 bills in iraq to pay for rekruck. now the u.s. inspector general for iraq reconstruction has unetling news of about $6 billion of that money. >> it's not been properly accounted for. that's the purpose of our continuing audit. >> if some of it was stolen, who do you believe stole it? >> i don't want to speculate on who the potential criminals might be. this money was delivered to iraqi control and we have, in the past, had a number of cases reported to us. about interim ministers who did steal. >> who was responsible for safeguarding that money? >> during 2003 and 2004, that money was under the ejaegis of e
7:32 am
coalition party. >> stewart bowen said after that, the pentagon and iraqi government shared responsibility for safeguarding some of the money and that it was the pentagon who asked him to investigate. contacted by cnn, a pentagon spokesman cited that probe but said the investigation found that all of these funds remained under the control of the government of iraq at all times. this is not u.s. tax payer money. the cash belonged to iraq in the first place. the inspector general said the money was from the development fund for iraq which had taken iraqi oil money diverted by international sanctions and stored it in a federal reserve facility in the u.s. but americans may be on the took for some this. bowen said iraqi officials indicated they may go to court to reclaim the lost money. what if they win? congressman henry waxman share
7:33 am
ed several hearings. >> is congress on hook if iraqis reclaim that money? >> i hope not. but the truth of the matter is, the u.n. said you are entrusted with this money. you have a fiduciary responsibility to use it for their benefit. now we can account for $6.7 million. >> and official at the iraqi embassy didn't respond to comments that the iraqis may have stolen some of the money but reports have shown the united states has failed to put into place controls to safeguard iraqi funds. both sides now firmly pointing the the finger at each other. brian todd, cnn, washington. by the mexican government's count, more than 15,000 people died last year in the crossfire of the country's drug war. that's about 40 victims a day. a lot of guns that killed them came from right here in the u.s.
7:34 am
ge jean mess irv jo meserve joining us. >> not every weapon recovered is traced but according to a new report which cites statistics from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, in 2009, 2010 of the firearms that were traced, 20,504 or 70% were sourced in the u.s. the report also said that most of the firearms traced to an original owner in the u.s. came from texas, california and arizona. the three democratic senators who released the reporter urging congress to reinstate the assault bands' -- assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 and require background check force all firearms' purchases, including those at gun shows. both, as you know, are highly controversial steps which have failed before, kyra. >> is the u.s. already taking steps to try to stop the flow of
7:35 am
guns to mexico? >> yeah, the atf spear headed something called project gun runner which attempts to intercept both weapons and munition headed for the southwest border. it has had some success but also been criticized for failing to target really high level traffickers, and atf is under fire for allegations that it left gun smugglers perfect hundreds of weapons so the atf could trace them. charge grassley said the atf lost hundreds of them and there's a congressional hearing on that subject tomorrow, kyra. >> thanks, more to come. cnn analyst thinks a star was born at the new hampshire debate. michele bachmann making her entrance andy but as presidential candidate. how much do you know about this mother of five and foster mom of 23? new neutrogena® wet skin kids with helioplex. the first sunblock designed to be applied directly to wet skin.
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7:38 am
well, you're going to hear a lot more from michelle bachman in the coming months. she went to last night's debate, conservative congressman from minnesota and some analysts think she came out a star. >> i filed today my paperwork to seek the office of the presidency of the united states today and i'll very soon be making my normal announcement. >> she really came out with a
7:39 am
bang, that's for sure. some analysts declared her the debate winner. carol costello to tell us more about her and her background. definitely a fascinating woman as you learn more. >> she is fascinating. let's talk about the debate. it is something. political pundits have a crush on the advocate. she gave a star performance, these top tier. even pittthy. if you don't know what thinpith means, it means having substance. >> as president of the united states, i will not rest until i repeal obama care. we need everybody to come together. because we're going to win. make no mistake about it. i want to announce tonight, president obama is a one-term
7:40 am
president. we'll win. >> she made herman cain, another tea party favorite fade into the wood work but the bigger question. can she win the primary, number two, can she win the election. john avalon said the republican establishment doesn't exactly love her. but, yes, she has lots of money. she needs that republican establishment to win the nomination. as far as the general election go, avalon said bachmann doesn't stand a chance. she needs independents to win and despite her charm, her views too conservative. she said god inspired her to run to office things that don't resonate. >> how about kids? five of her own and 23 foster kids? >> she's a born-again christian.
7:41 am
they believe in family values. she took in 23 foster kids, probably grown by now. she september them to public school, wasn't satisfied with the quality of education, that inspired her to run for political office which was for the school boar. she didn't win but inspiration kept her going for higher office, here she is, candidate for the united states. >> new regulation on guidelines and sunscreen labels. the move designed to clear up confusion for consumers. it protects against both ultraviolet rays, "a" and "b." uva rays the main charge of skin cancer. too many uvb rays can cause serious sunburn. rules on spf numbers are also changing, telling people when to reapply the product. soon couple
7:42 am
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7:45 am
for the first time in half a century. a sitting president is going to puerto rico. no, it's not a beach vacation, it's more the votes. ed henry at the white house. explain more. ed. >> there's a lost puerto reican voter, florida, 8,000 puerto rican, connecticut, illinois. high population centers but those are states the president would be expected to have. ohio, virginia, two others to highlight. 94,000 puerto ricans in ohio, 73,000 in virginia. that was a big state if president obama flipped from the republicans to democrats. virginia, he wants to have it. has to have it again in 2012.
7:46 am
beyond the politic, as a candidate the president would appoint a task force to look at issues affecting puerto rico. that report will come out. something the president points to today. take a look at press and cons of state hood. look at best way to grow. job, what's the best way to grow. yes, immigration reform as well. even though puerto ricans, u.s. citizens are part of the u.s. you talk to immigration experts they say the broken immigration system results to people who can't get in the mainland u.s., waiting there to get there way into the u.s., illegal immigrants can swell the population in puerto rico and add to problems with job creation, et cetera that i highlighted. there's a lot of issues that affect puerto rico, a lot of people hoping the president's visit highlights that, kyra. >> we're talking about five deck aids here, since the president made an official visit. we're going back to jfk. why did it take so long?
7:47 am
>> yeah, i think there's probably a lot of people in puerto rico wondering why presidents in both parties seemingly ignored them. that's why some issues, if the president highlights them could be very important. we should note lyndon johnson made a brief stop in 1968 in an air base. gerald ford was there. my colleague said he was at that summit and it was not a drive-by. he was there for the whole summit. gerald for, but jfk was the last time there was an official visit and that's the last time the president was trying to reach out with this visit. saying, leaders in both parties have not paid a lot of attention. ed henry, thanks. >> boston bruins force a game seven in the stanley cup finals, highlights in less than 10 minutes. oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve,
7:48 am
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stories developing. 11:55 h, president arrives in
7:51 am
puerto rico. and joe biden has a story on deficit reduction and tonight, "spider-man turn off the dark" opens. how will president obama punch back on the economy? e.d. hill for the primetime story. what stood out for you about last night? >> it had us highlight what we're focusing on. there were battle grounds to fight over. more of a middle contender battleground. pawlenty and ramny. obviously romney took that. more conservative between santorum and bachmann, whether people like it or not, was more the mccain and -- i'm sorry, herman cain, and ron paul.
7:52 am
and paul clearly took that. you've got a little bit of differentiation in this field of candidates. >> the iowa caucus is seven months away. i know you're looking into the primary calendar, how it affects the race. what have you found? >> well, it still sort of in flux. florida really threw this into a free-for-all. they got sick of playing second fiddle. states like iowa, new hampshire. lovely states but not that representative of the general population and how people vote in a general election. yet having inordinate power in terming who the nominee for each party would be. you had florida moving theirs up and it just through thins up in the air. what they've done is added in south carolina and nevada, hoping by putting them up near iowa and new hampshire, they get a real well-rounded picture of
7:53 am
what is palatable when it comes to the general election. as you know, they are completely different things. primary voters one thing. general election voters are something entirely different. people going to the right or left, then all of a sudden, they've got to come back to the center and frequently to do that, they have to go back on pledges they've made during the primaries or statements they've made, then they're accused of flip-flopping. it's a tough thing. this year, we've got a number of states that are still trying figure out exactly where they are going to be in the primary process, and there are carrots and sticks being extended in terms of getting all of the delegates, if you hold it later, all or nothing type thing. it's interesting to watch to see how the placement of south carolina, nevada does impact it. >> e.d. hill h-good to see you. >> good to see you. >> likewise. in the arena right here on cnn. for the final frontier, we'll
7:54 am
speak to the pilot about the space shuttle launch. if law makers don't agree on a budget by the end of the month, park, highways, rest stops will be closed just in time for the fourth of july. all coming up at 11:00 a.m. eastern. ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. take the scary out of life. [ laughs ] not funny. act my age? -why? -why? -why? i love the sun. past sun goddess. every line has a story. [ female announcer ] we all age differently. now there's roc multi-correxion 4 zone moisturizer with roc®retinol and antioxidants. a lifetime of stress lines, sun damage, and worry wrinkles will fade in just 4 weeks.
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7:56 am
stanley cup finals going down to the seventh game between boston and vancouver. canucks had little going for
7:57 am
them. goalie roberto luongo. stellar at home. goes top shelf on luongo. give ace team record of nine goals. brewens had explosive record. four goals in 14 minutes. boston win, 5-2. game seven tomorrow night in vancouv vancouver. so we've heard what the pundits and political experts think about last night's republican presidential debate. now let's hear what voters think. martin savidge is in greenville, south carolina. >> reporter: meet the cards, brad former military turned executive. his wife, wendy, two daughter, margaret and rebecca. >> politically -- >> i would say she tends more to the left, i'm always right. >> reporter: last presidential election the wars in iraq and
7:58 am
afghanistan mattered most of them. this time, it's the failing economy which, in a realty job wendy has seen and felt. >> it's been hard. more hours as i did five, six years ago, in makes a third of the money. and that's just how the debate started with the economy. >> what would you do as president of the united states to create jobs? >> the thing we need to do is get this economy post ed. >> what we need is an economy that's unshackled. >> what this president has done is slow the economy. >> all of the candidates blasted the obama administration. but 35 minutes in, brett wasn't hearing what he wanted to hear. >> that's the stupidist thing i ever harry. to me it's political posturing, i haven't heard anything about me. >> after two hours, the couple still hadn't heard enough when it came to making the economy better, frustrated the a mr mat
7:59 am
that stressed short answers. >> it's taken several years to get in this situation. they're not going to solve it in a 30-second answer. >> did you see a candidate on that stage that you think could beat president obama? >> yeah, i saw seven. >> how many did you see? >> i think it will be interesting to watch one of them debate him. >> so i do see a little bit of a divide here. >> just a little. >> a friendly divide nonetheless. kyra, here's the thing. this is a family not ready to commit to any candidate that they saw last night. this was a listening opportunity and a chance to hear from some candidates they weren't really familiar with. michele bachmann, tim pawlenty or herman cain. this is that opportunity. they're going to mull it over but it's a long way to go before any final decision are made at least down here in south carolina.


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