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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 15, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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do. >> reporter: it is not an economic cure-all, but it makes up for some of the weakness in his other trade. >> well, i don't know how much of an advantage i have. i do know some of my competitors are gone and we're still here. so it must be helping us some. >> reporter: and in the building business these days, hanging on can be enough. tom foreman, cnn. >> that will do it for us this morning. thanks for joining us. we will be back tomorrow morning. the news continue right now with our "cnn newsroom" and kyra phillips. here is the stories that have us talking. a showdown looms between the white house and congress. lawmakers demanding that the president explain the military mission in libya and fast. the prosecution expected to rest in the case of -- or in the -- or casey anthony trial. her mother burst into tears as she testified by the items found with the remains of her
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2-year-old granddaughter caly. josh stone was the target of a bizarre murder plot. swords, rope, a body bag found in the suspect's car. they are now in custody. ♪ we begin with the shocking update on the hunt for osama bin laden and the informants in pakistan who helped the cia track him down. now, in the u.s., they would be heroes. but in pakistan, they are arrested. resa, what are they saying? >> reporter: yeah. kyra. according to the pakistani officials, the isi, pakistan top spy agency has arrested several suspected informants for the cia. pakistani men who allegedly helped the cia and fed them information before the big raid on the bin laden compound last month. not clear why the men were arrested and what, if anything,
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they are charged with. one of the men is reportedly an army major who allegedly wrote down license plates of cars going in and out of the bin laden compound, one of our sources, a security official says, it's not true and flatly denies one of the individuals arrested is an army fer officer. we know some of the individuals were staying at a safehouse rented by the cia that served as a lookout on to the bin laden compound. these arrests, obviously, raise questions. why is the isi arresting informants for the cia when they were supposed to be on board with u.s. efforts to go after bin laden? we caution we don't have a lot of details but, if, indeed, these men are in trouble, it further clouds that big pressing question that never goes away. is pakistan a u.s. friend or, at times, do they deceive the u.s. by playing a double game. >> increases the tension between the u.s. and pakistan. reza, thanks. a battle is brewing over presidential powers in labia.
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house speaker john boehner says the white house needs to explain this costly mission to congress. cnn's brianna keilar is joining us to talk more about this. the whole thing could come to a head today, right? >> reporter: it could be the white house is set to essentially defend u.s. military involvement in libya to congress. the white house saying this will probably happen today. congress, of course, and we are talking democrats and republicans, have had a lot of questions about the u.s. military involvement in libya. some of the questions we expect to be answered today, why the president hasn't sought congressional authorization for having troops. the white house has said they are in compliance with the war powers resolution that says he can have troops overseas for or abroad for up to 60 days and, after that, if he doesn't have congressional authorization, they need to be pulled out within 30 days. friday is the deadline for that. that is where that letter came from speaker boehner yesterday. also, some of the other questions, what is the goal in libya? how does the president hope to
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achieve it and what is the government going to be? a lot of tension between congress and the white house and we have seen it come to a bit of a head today. >> we have this congressional picnic that is going to be there on the white house lawn. i can just imagine what the dinner talk is going to be. this could be a little awkward. >> yeah. you know, let's be honest. a whole other going on over the deficit reduction talks. very politically certainly charged issue as the white house and congress tries to strike a deal on that. i guess you could say it could be awkward, perhaps, but one of those events it's sort of a summary fair and hundreds of people and it's very cordial and supposed to be fun so maybe they can stick to the pleasantries and not get upset with each other which is what i would expect would happen. >> turn into, quote/unquote, another beer summit. the committee on homeland security is about to hold
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another hearing on radical islam. remember the hearing in march that groups felt singled out? this time the committee hear about inmates locked up in u.s. prisons who convert to radical islam and then pose a threat once they go free. next hour, we will ask peter king, committee chair, what he thinks the problem is and what he thinks congress should do about it. in greece, tens of thousands of protests take to the streets and bringing much of the country to a standstill. they are protesting the government's stifling budget cuts and deepening financial crisis. jay zain verjee is in london. how bad are things now at this moment? >> things are pretty bad. tempers are flaring. >> reporter: basically, what is happening here is the problem is that the greece government has spent too much money. it has lived for years above its means. what they need to do now is to
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launch than aus tausterity plan. if they don't, they will not get a critical bailout that they need from the europe buddies who are pretty angry they have to do this again with greece and if they don't do that, they will default on a crucial debt within the next two years. look at the scenes out on the street. you can see how mad people are. thousands of them out on the streets in athens and what they have done, kyra, they have surrounded parliament because they don't want to let the lawmakers in there to even debate the austerity plan the next five years. >> we saw protests like this six months or so ago and how it impacted the markets and monies here and overseas. now, you're getting a lot of coverage again. you've been looking at the international papers. what exactly are they reporting? >> reporter: yeah, well, it is grabbing headlines in this part of the world. let's go straight to the
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"international herald tribune." on the opinion page, it says greece talks are rooted in unreality. rather than figuring out how to keep greece upright without knocking over the banks, the authorities would have been far better off figuring out how to make the banking system solvent and sound. check out "the guardian." at any moment, greece could go up. with europe's debt crisis, fear appears to be the single biggest factor motivating those in charge of the currency. this is a big deal because greece is part of the euro zone. there are 16 other countries that use the euro currency, so if greece tanks, they are going to get hurt. >> we will follow it. jay zain, thanks. new jersey governor, chris christie can't find anybody in
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the golf gop feel he can support right now. cnn's computer political director paul steinhauser is here with more on what christie had to say. >> guess who is he meeting with today? the new jersey governor is having lunch with ron gardenh r. he is meeting with the potential candidates. he was on piers morgan last night. no way running this time in 2012. it appears he doesn't have anybody yet to endorse. take a listen to what he said. >> i don't think any of them have yet distinguished themselves to say this is the best person, not only to take on barack obama but, more importantly, lead our nation in the next four years after this election. >> reporter: a lot of republicans very high on christie. when he has somebody to endorse down the road, i think that could be influential. >> another governor, texas rick perry, on the sidelines but if you listen to his speech the other day, it sounded pretty
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presidential. what is going on? do you think he could jump in? >> reporter: it sure did sound like it last night. in new york city he was speaking to a republican group there. he was the headliner and talking about taking our country back and looked and sounded like a presidential candidate. today, perry is meeting with giuliani. i would love to find out what is going on there in that meeting right now. later this week, on saturday, perry is speaking in new orleans at a major republican conference where a lot of the other candidates are speaking so keep your eyes on rick perry and see what he does. maybe, maybe there will be a rick perry on the stage at the next debate. stay tuned for that one. >> paul, thanks. another political update in an hour. for the latest political news go to our website 24/7. consumer groups fight back what they call facebook's invasion of privacy. complain over the new facial recognition technology. up next, congressman joins the battle against the social network giant. will and kate all set to make their first royal tour
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let's check stories across the country. union supporters back at the state capital in madison, wisconsin. protesting a state supreme court decision to uphold antiunion law. the controversial measure curbs collective bargaining rights of
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teachers and other state employees. in arizona a camp fire is reportedly the blame for this wildfire. the largest in state history. u.s. forest service officials tell knxv two people investigated in connection with this blaze. the fire scorched more than 733 square miles in eastern arizona and western new mexico. finally in suburban atlanta, a telephone unit truck crashes into a pool filled with 12 swimmers. luckily, no one was hurt. police say the driver lost control of the truck after slipping into a diabetic coma. ♪ all right. this is a scary thought. a stranger taking a picture of your child uploading the photo and then using facial recognition technology to learn personal details about his or her life. well, you wouldn't even know about it. here is how it works. if you facebook, you tag photos. makes it easier to find pictures
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of you and your friends and takes time so that is why facial technology was introduced. as you can imagine, not everyone is very happy about this. now advocacy groups have filed a complaint with the ftc over the use of this technology, actually asking facebook to stop. congressman ed markie of massachusetts is also concerned. congressman, talk about why you are backing this complaint. >> well, i think that your privacy is the most important thing that you have and for facebook just to assume that everyone would want to have this facial recognition technology built into their use of facebook to allow for basically a resetting of all of the privacy protections that individuals had established for themselves, so that facebook would decide that this facial recognition technology would be part of your use of facebook, is just way over the line.
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they should have to get permission. that is, facebook should have to get permission from each user before such a sensitive change in the way in which people can be recognized just becomes part of the internet without your control. >> i want to point out. we did reach out to facebook to get its response to this ftc complaint via e-mail and didn't receive a response. you facebook, congressman. are you worried about your personal information and how far this could go? >> my facebook is in my office and we put up statements, videos and we abide by all privacy and security laws. but i'm not concerned there. i'm more concerned about an individual out there. or a child that just doesn't understand the implications of a picture or any other information being made more public and available to everyone. and i think that we need to actually implement now regulations, new laws in order to give that power over to
6:16 am
consumers, rather than giving it to facebook or other information companies. >> let's just be really direct. we sort of mentioned it at the beginning here. i mean, the situation could be, let's say, your 12-year-old has a facebook page and a pedophile coming out of school takes a picture of her, uploads it, does the facial recognition technology, and, poof! all of her information comes up. this pedophile could find out where she lives, what she likes to eat, who her friends are. correct? >> that is correct. obviously, children especially using this technology, they are 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and that is why i've introduced legislation to create a child online privacy bill of rights so that the information that is being gathered that the parent has knowledge of it, that noticed that it might be used to other purposes and the parent has a right to say, no, they don't want that to happen. and to demand the company erase
6:17 am
any information about that child that the parent does not want to have online. we need something like that in an era where predators are out there roaming throughout cyberspace to take advantage of children. >> we will follow up on the bill of rights. quickly. this story came across yesterday. my copy editor tracy brought it to my attention out of san diego. the family -- we have a picture of this marine major actually put their father's picture on facebook and they believe that facial recognition actually helped him find his half-brother that the officer had never met. now they are communitying. there is a positive story about what facial recognition can do. >> the key there is that you said is that the family decided to put the photo up. it was the family's decision. it's not facebook's decision that a child's picture is up or someone who wants their privacy protected, for whatever reason,
6:18 am
puts their picture up. it's that the family decided to use it as a tool and that should be the balance. it should not be facial recognition. it should be facebook's recognition that family should be making these decisions and not a corporation. congressman ed markey, thank you for your time. if you're worried about facial recognition on facebook you can opt out. go to and find out how to do that. the royal newlyweds on their first official together and touching down in california. some will donate thousands of dollars to meet them and donating money to charity at the same time. we are live from buckingham palace. one of the most expensive homes in the country after sitting on the market since 2009 it sold. we will show you the former home of tv producer aaron spelling. c? discover aveeno positively radiant tinted moisturizers with scientifically proven soy complex
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will and kate getting ready for their first royal tour together. one stop? l.a. kate will look gorgeous, of course. we are told the couple mindful of the economy won't bring up full staff along. their itinerary has been released this morning. it is the talk of the morning, afternoon, evening. hi, max! >> reporter: it really is. i spent the morning where they
6:22 am
outlined details of what is effectively -- they will take in everything from -- big red carpet event, sit-down dinner with all of the hollywood great figures. celebrities as well. all -- veterans. a very busy three days. and no time we are told to meet old friends who they have in l.a. like the beckhams and this is what david had to say. >> we know, obviously, they are going over to the states but i'm sure their diary is more than full for them to be doing so many events, so it's going to be exciting for them, i'm sure. they have got many other things going on in their lives, but, you know, it's incredible to have them together and have them married. >> reporter: there he is! david beckham. it's not about celebrities but it's about promoting uk interests. the crucial information for you,
6:23 am
kyra, the entourage, lots of questions about that. seven people traveling with them. two with kate and assistant dresser and her hairdresser from the wedding and no speeches or interviews from her but she is weary about speaking in public, still. although we will hear from prince william on several occasions. we understand that kate will try to wear british designers, not american ones. that is controversy what is the forum in these things? >> no matter how controversial it may be, all eyes definitely will be on her. it seems that americans can't get enough of what she is wearing, what she looks like. well, of course, be following that trip. so will you, max foster. thanks so much. the housing market still struggling, but you wouldn't know it from this story. the home of the late tv producer aaron spelling has sold. are you ready for this? it was listed at $150 million. it is said to be one of the most expensive homes in the country.
6:24 am
alison kosik, who bought this house? >> reporter: who bought it? petra eccleston. the haeiress to an empire. the home was listed for $150 million in 2009 and the price was never reduced. look at this house! so what is she getting? a 57,000 square foot french chateau style house and five acres of prime l.a. and real estate bowling alley in there and china room and flower cutting -- live there part-time. she winds up splitting her time between california and great britain. how about that? >> oh, boy. it's a little over the top for me. let's talk about wall street. >> i agree. >> finally got a rally going
6:25 am
yesterday, right? what do you think about today. >> reporter: the good times are over, at least for today. yesterday, the dow jumped 123 points. we are expecting a sell-off. today, partly because of the protests and debt worries happening in greece. we also found out that consumer prices jumped up more than 3%. 3.6% in may compared to last year. the higher food prices we are all dealing with was a big factor in it. also the new york area manufacturing report that we got was weaker than expected. all of this, signs of a slowing economy, inflation heating up. it really makes for a bad combo and wall street is not liking it. we will see it at the opening bell in about five minutes. >> sounds good. thanks. shocking government report about a major u.s. airport. tsa agents singling out mexicans and dough minute cans. some agents reportedly called their coworkers, quote, mexican hunters. we will have more straight ahead. british sole singer josh stone reportedly the target of a bizarre murder plot. two people are in custody.
6:26 am
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pakistani says it has arrested several informants who helped the cia find and kill osama bin laden. not career exactly why they were taken into custody. congressman anthony weiner's wife huma abedin returns from her trip overseas today. congresswoman carolyn mccarthy is hearing that weiner may resign from his job. vander absolute is accused of killing a woman last year. he is linked to natalie hollowway's disappearance in 2005. never charged in that case. tsa agents. giving mex caicans a harder tim than other passengers and they say it happened for two years in the airport in newark, new jersey. jeanne meserve is here to tell it us more. >> reporter: based on a federal report obtained by the star
6:30 am
ledger newspaper which cases in 2008 and 2009, mexicans and dough minute cans were singled out for scrutiny at newark airport and they were asked additional questions and travel documents like passports and visa would get additional scrutiny and their bags were being searched. according to the newspaper this happened because they wanted to make their officers look better. they were scanning the crowd and looking for people who might show indicators of some kind of threat to aviation. if there were more referrals, they would look better. the tsa has responded to this report saying we do not condone racial profiling at newark. the boundaries were overstepped. they say that 18 months ago, all of the behavior detection officers at newark were retrained and four managers did receive some sort of discipline.
6:31 am
one of them, in fact, no longer with the agency. >> you obtained the list of indicators that behavior detection officers are supposed to use to identify people who might pose a threat on planes. so was race or ethnicity on that list? >> reporter: no. about 70 indicators and we made only one of them public for security reasons but we read all of them. none of them made any reference to race or ethnicity or could even be be construed in that way. there were about 3,000 of these behavior detection officers around the country. it's a favorite of the tsa administrator who wants to expand this program but there have been concerns and, of course, this report our newark underlines what those concerns are that some people may, indeed, overstep the bounds at some times. kyra, back to you. >> jeanne, thanks. a hearing is about to start on capitol hill any minute now. the committee on homeland security will discuss on how inmates in u.s. prisons are turning into radical islamists.
6:32 am
they pose a terror threat, they say, once they get out. kate baldwin is on capitol hill. >> this is part two of a series of hearings that has been broadly described as looking into the radicalization of the muslim american community. the first of the hearings sparked quite a bit a controversy and protest especially amongst religious groups and civil rights groups. this committee is chaired by new york congressman peter king and he says the hearings are too important, this topic is too important to not continue the hearings. the focus of this one is specifically on what he considers a threat of radicalization in the prison system and he'll be hearing from witnesses, law enforcement from new york and california will be testifying. as i mentioned, it sparked quite a bit a controversy while some groups have labeled these series a somewhat of a witchhunt if you will because he is targeting one group. the goal was accomplished peter
6:33 am
king says and why he wants to continue the conversation and he says it's about starting a dialogue on something delicate and he acknowledges politically incorrect topic but says too important not to talk about this and why he is continuing this today. >> we will talk to him as well. peter king, we will talk to him how big of a problem he thinks this is and what he thinks congress should do about it. josh stone reportedly the target of a murder plot. two men in custody now. zain verjee is joining us live out of london. reports the suspects had swords and ropes and what else do we know? >> reporter: yeah. you know, it's really disturbing. uk media outlets saying on the mend, they found swords, they found body bags, and these forensic style overalls, ropes, things like that. they are being investigated. this is a statement the police put out with a little more
6:34 am
specifics on the men themselves. it reads, in part, a 30-year-old man was arrested for driving while disqualified, possession of an offensive weapon and going equipped to steal. a second man, 33, was arrested for possession of an offensive weapon and going equipped to steal. both men from the manchester area. unclear, according to different reports, whether josh stone, itself, was on the property. cnn cannot independently confirm that she, herself, was the intended target but this is being widely reported in the uk media. kyra? >> we will follow it, zain. one of my favorite musicians, as a matter of fact. >> reporter: me, too! >> great music. many journalists risk their lives pursuing important stories and understand that risk but none may be taking a bigger risk than a female reporter on the streets in afghanistan. her incredible story next. the fbi reportedly investigating a confrontation
6:35 am
between lance armstrong and one of his former teammates, a teammate who has accused him of doping on tv and in court. we will have much more on that.
6:36 am
6:37 am
many journalists have lost their lives searching for the truth. it's a risky job and what can make it even riskier, asking places in afghanistan. if the person asking those
6:38 am
questions is a woman. this is mina hadbib. any woman who does this takes a tremendous risk. it's a big deal she is reporting. >> a huge deal and a tremendous risk. when i had my conversation with her last week, i said aren't you afraid for your life? i think about women in afghanistan in burqas during the taliban era. she is asking some tough questions here and she said, you know what? i know of risks involved and i wanted to do this since i was a little girl and i'm pursuing my dream. this has been her lifelong dream and she is doing it and not going to stop. >> we know there has been threats against her life but she continues to pursue these stories. are the stories making a difference? is it worth the risk in her eyes? >> when she spoke of one story
6:39 am
she is proud of and her passion -- the story she is passionate about are stories that involve children. the story she was trying to expose people who exploit sick children as beggars on the street. they put them on the street and ask them to beg for money. she said this has to stop. she did a story on. the president came up and the practice did stop. she makes our job really really easy! >> i will follow her work. i know a washington based group has nominated her for a courage award and we will follow that up. terrific. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> for more on this woman's incredible story, go to and look for asia's biline. serena williams is back on the tour and warming up for wimbledon and playing in a tournament in england. yesterday's opening round, she looked pretty rusty against
6:40 am
bulgaria's number one player and losing the first set but she came back to take the match! williams style. 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 . >> more sports in 15 minutes. straight ahead, unexpected encounter with a former teammate. lance armstrong is reportedly being investigated by the fbi now. sonny hostin weighs in on this. the loss and missing items for a return of 780-year-old relic stolen from a church that bears his name. ever gets dry ag. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release...
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continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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now. california supporters of prop 8. it reaaffirms the original ruling by the judge walker that the voter approved ban was unconstitutional. in new york, governor andrew cuomo announces marriage equality bill which would allow gay couples to tie the knot. if approved, new york would become the sixth state in the u.s. allowing same sex unions. police in long beach, california, released this sketch of a person of interest in the theft of a near 800-year-old religious relic. the item was stolen monday from
6:44 am
the st. anthony church. st. anthony is the patron's saint of missing or lost items, by the way. redmond leo applause is proof you're never too plate. a couple of months shy of a hundred years old. he got his long-awaited college diploma! according to "the new york times" fbi is investigating a run-in between cycling great lance armstrong and his former teammate tyler hamilton who aaccused armstrong of doping and a witness in the federal case against him now. hamilton's lawyer says during saturday's encounter armstrong threatened to make his client's threat a leaping living hell and the fbi is trying to determine if the confrontation is a tamper ing violation. sonny hostin joins us now.
6:45 am
what do you make of this? >> certainly it's obvious now that the grand jury is investigating lance armstrong, that he is probably the target of the investigation. i say we think we know because grand jury proceedings are secret. if tyler hamilton has already testified in front of the grand jury and the grand jury indicts, then he would be a probable witness at any sort of proceeding against lance armstrong. so certainly it would be against the law, kyra, for lance armstrong to try to threaten, to try to intimidate tyler hamilton because the leap you then make is perhaps he was doing that because he doesn't want tyler hamilton to testify against him. witness tampering in federal court is serious and punish ble up to 20 years in prison and possible fines. so i would say if the fbi is asking for videotapes of that encounter at the restaurant which i understand they are looking that, that is serious
6:46 am
allegations. >> the fbi is reportedly going after surveillance video of the incident. that is what we understand, that it's possible it doesn't have the video right there in the hands of agents. so it's apparently happened to this restaurant, as you pointed out. but the owner says that the tape only shows the kitchen. so, sunny, if there is no record of what was said, is all of this, you know, going to go away? is it just a moot point? >> not necessarily. because if tyler hamilton talks to the fbi and says i did feel intimidated, i did feel threatened, lance armstrong said this to me, that would be enough for witness tampering. it's not usually the case that you actually have a videotape of witness tampering. witness tampering usually occurs on a side street and it usually occurs at someone's home. sometimes it's just the mere presence of someone staring down at someone else.
6:47 am
when i was a federal prosecutor, i had to deal with witness tampering, especially with gang cases. and so tyler hamilton, talking to the fbi, that would be enough to sustain a witness tampering charge. >> sunny, we will follow it and see what happens. thanks so much. she held her own at mop's republican debate but michelle bachmann has held our attention for years now. coming up, we look back at some of the congresswoman's greatest hits. e re-inventing aspirin for pain relief. with new extra-strength bayer advanced aspirin. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief right to the site of your tough pain. ♪ in fact, it's clinically proven to relieve pain twice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. extra strength pain relief, twice as fast. down the hill? man: all right. we were actually thinking, maybe...
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we're going to hike up here, so we'll catch up with you guys. [ indistinct talking and laughter ] whew! i think it's worth it. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals.
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♪ then tonight at 7:00. it's time for r&r. mr. and mrs. obama will host a picnic for members of congress on the south lawn. 8:00 eastern, boston bruins take on the canucks in game seven of the stanley cup finals. we're following lots of developments cnn "newsroom." let's start first with reza sayah? >> reporter: pakistan is
6:51 am
supposed to be partners with washington in the fight against extremists. why have they arrested informants that helped track down osama bin laden? that story at the top of the hour. >> i'm brianna keiler, at the white house, tensions mount. the president is set to make the case for military involvement and why he hasn't asked for congress's okay. >> i'm max foster in london where i've seen details of what is expected to be the most high profile royal tour in years. catherine and william are headed to l.a. more on the next hour. >> all right. thanks, guy, also next hour. kidnapped over shaquille o'neal's sex tape that may or may not exist. we've got more.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
so close to matching history. a guy you and i watched a lot. you were very close watching -- >> i was a big angels fan growing up watching nolan ryan threw seven no-hitters, last night we almost saw someone duplicate the nolan ryan express. 100-mile-per-hour fastball. devastating curve. he had a no-hitter earlierer this year and last night came oh, so close to a second one. look at the curveball. 12th strikeout for verlander, six outs away, single to center
6:55 am
field. nolan ryan last guy to do it. two no-hitters in a season, 1973. verlander got the shutout, tigers win to take first place in al central. give love for good glove. three nice place in one inning versus the rockies. next batter, the san diego left fielder, just absolutely lays out to make that one. that is a nice catch. the very next batter. we're talking back-to-back-to-back plays. ludwig also got an rbi, but the padres did lose 6-3. u.s. soccer playing the gold cub against teams against canada and the crib nyan caribbean. joe altidore, the u.s. advances to the quarterfinals. >> minor league baseball teams, they have the best promotions. check out this.
6:56 am
lebron james nba championship give-away night, all fans get replica rings, actually air. the chiefs are thinking of not coming out in the fourth inning because they didn't come up in the fourth quarter against dallas. and heimlich maneuver to keep you from choking. that reminds me, a guy says to lebron i need change for a dollar. he hands him 75 cents and he said what? he said hey, you didn't give me a fourth quarter. >> golf is such an individual sport. but check out the golf boys, forming a boy band. ♪ you want to play with the pos now ♪ ♪ you got to hit it in the hole now ♪ ♪ you want to reach that ♪ give it all you got
6:57 am
>> ben crane, bubba watson, rickie fowler and mahan. look at that, the chest hair -- coming a solid representation there too. >> ricky looks pretty good. >> rickie fowler. >> they're bringing back the '80s spandex, that's pretty frightening. >> wow. >> they can golf, they can sing, they can dance. >> the u.s. open will be far more exciting than anyone knows. >> here you go, thanks, jeff. >> after her performance at monday's republican debate, congresswoman michele bachmann is the new darling of the right. that doesn't mean she gets everything right h.cnn's jeanne moos takes a look at some of her most memorable moments. >> reporter: michele bachmann when she tried to enter arriving at the debate. she was stymied by a locked door, but she was right about having a wonderful evening.
6:58 am
>> big night for bachmann. >> a steal the show performance. >> she had chris ma. >> reporter: a mere four and a half years ago she was star struck. michele bachmann first popped up on our radar screen when she was a rookie congresswoman. we r we never herd of her. michele who? we were doing a story, there she was clutching at president bush. we even timed her. michele bachmann latched on to the pregnant from the record-breaking 24 seconds. >> after that, no kissing michele bachmann good-bye. there's been funny moments, for instance when her supporters mocked host chris matthews for saying an uplifting obama speech sent a thrill up his leg, while he mocked her. >> are you hypnotized? no matter what i ask you, you
6:59 am
give the same answer. >> then there was the time she misplaced the start of the revolutionary war. >> where the shot was heard around the world at lexington an concord. >> thing is, that's in massachusetts while she was speaking in new hampshire. >> one of her faux pass, wasn't her fault. >> good evening, my name is michele bachmann. if her eyes were wondering off camera, that's because they were. instead of looking at the network pull camera, she was looking further over at the camera mounted on the tea party camera where she looked fine. >> it was an honor for me to speak with you. >> it was an honor for "saturday night live" to harpoon her. >> the economy is headed for a disaster as you can see from this chart. >> real michele bachmann --
7:00 am
>> staggering 10.1%. >> fake michele bachmann. >> as this chart clearly shows. >> michele bachmann is back, instead of trying to grab the president, she is trying to be president. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> it's 7:00 a.m. out west, 10:00 a.m. on the east coast. i'm kyra phillips, members of the homeland security committee are hearing about the threat of radical muslims in the u.s., criminals who convert to islam extremism and pose a threat when free of the wife of disgraced congressman anthony weiner may return home. that means a decision is near. weiner said he won't carespond calls to resign until his wife returns. and the one-time mistress of arnold schwarzenegger is talking. she said her teenage love child
7:01 am
had one word to say when told arnold schwartz neg certify his father. that word, cool. >> well, we begin with a shocking update on the hunt for osama bin laden and informants in pakistan who helped the cia track him down. in the u.s.s, they'd be he rose. in pakistan, they're arrested. it's the latest fracture between strained relations between the two countries, i had a chance to speak with u.s. official, what did they tell you, reza? >> reporter: indeed p-kyra, the relationship is at a low point. it needs repair, it needs mending. it doesn't need to take more hits but looks like it is taking more hits with the latest arrest. according to security official, pakistan's top spy agency arrested a number of suspected informants. these are men who allegedly helped out the cia. gave them information about of the big raid on the bin laden
7:02 am
compound last month. officials can't tell us why these men are arrested, when they're arrested or what they're charged with if any. one of these men is an army major writing down license plates of bin laden going in and out of the compound. one of our sources said it's simply not true. they flatly deny any individuals in custody is an army officer. we do know, ard toing to officials some of these individuals were at a safe house rented by the cia that served as a lookout on to the bin laden compound. obviously these arrests raise a lot of serious question, why is the isi going after these informants when they were supposed to be on board with cia efforts to go after bin laden. we should caution, kyra, we don't know a lot of details about these arrest, if these men are indeed introuble with pakistani authorities, it will ignite a whole wave of questions and suspicions about pakistan's commitment to the u.s. fight
7:03 am
against extremists. >> presidereza, thanks. >> house speaker john boehner said the white house needs to explain this costly mission to congress. brianna keiler is joining us from the white house. brianna, this whole thing could come to a head today. right? >> reporter: this could come to a head. president obama defending u.s. military involvement in libya to congress. pardon me, as you can see, we have some construction noise here. this would basically be the white house defending u.s. military involvement in libya to congress, which has had a lot of questions, democrats and rereicans, and congressional sources telling us they are expecting a written report. the white house saying that this report could come as early as today, with the number of questions that the house has had. probably predominantly among them having to do with the war powers resolution, because president obama has not
7:04 am
soughtate risation from congress to commit u.s. troops to this conflict. this all kind of coming to a fever pitch here over the last 24 hours. kyra, yesterday we saw a vote in the house to cut off funding for this operation, even though that's not likely to make it through congress. we also saw, as you mentioned, that letter from speaker boehner saying to president obama, come of the war powers resolution as many in congress see it, kyra. >> bottom line here, the confusion comes with all of these messages, pre yawn na, right? the question is, is this a humanitarian mission to protect civilians or is this about getting rid of gadhafi? >> that's one of the biggest questions that congress has. as i said, one of the big ones has to do with why hasn't the president caught congress's authorization. the other big one, what is the goal, how does the president hope to achieve it. also, what is the cost going to be? we're expecting, as the white house has said they are in compliance with the war powers resolution. we're expettinging then of
7:05 am
course some sort of legal argument explaining that. what's interesting, as we get this, this could happen as early as today, don't necessarily expect those members of congress who feel like the president is in violation of the war powers resolution to be happy with whatever the white house has as its explanation. >> we'll follow up. brianna keiler, thanks. >> another candidate is about to enter the presidential race. john huntsman is about to announce his bid fort white house. he now wants a gop nomination to challenge his former boss. texas governor rick perry also considering a run. last night he told new york republicans that the country needs to embrace a conservative vision to fix some of his problems. he doesn't have a time table for his decision. and chris christie said the decision is clear and unchanging. the new jersey governor is popular among activists but he told cnn's piers morgan you can
7:06 am
count him out in 2012. >> i don't think you can look me in the eye, given everything that's going on and say piers, i'm 100% certain i'm not going to wrong. >> you're wrong. i'm 100% certain i'm not going to run. >> christie raised eyebrows when he said he has not yet seen a best option to challenge president obama. the housekeeper who had a son with arnold schwarzenegger said too much fiction has been p written about her story. she wants to set the record straight. zain verjee is telling us what mildred baena is saying. >> reporter: hey, kyra. it was an exclusive interview given to "hello" magazine. let's get to what she said. she said this. i knew arnold was the father and maybe as joseph got older, and began to look like him. he, arnold, wondered but he never said anything to me. she also revealed and interview
7:07 am
from maria shriver who is separated from the former governor basically put 0 two and two together. that's when she heard all of the whispers going on about the two of them and how alike they looked. she said she would say things like i'm here if you need to talk. i sensed something was up. i have so much love and respect for maria. finally, she asked, point blank. but there was one thing maria shriver did that mildred in this interview said really shocked her, which was this. she said in the interview, quote, she was so strong, she cried with me and told me to get off my knees. we held each other and i told her it wasn't arnie's fault, that it takes two. mildred is saying that she just wants to move on and get back to a normal life. >> i don't know how you can have a normal life after that. zain verjee with that interview in "hello" magazine. >> u.s. prisoners converted to islam once they're free. that's the topic of a hearing on
7:08 am
capitol hill. next i asked the chairman of the homeland security committee how wide spreaded problem is and how he wants to deal with it.
7:09 am
7:10 am
live pictures now, congressional hearing on prisoners converting to radical islam in american prisons, you remember the first hearing on
7:11 am
radicalization. it drew protests from muslim groups who felt singled out. it's a fiery topic and heated up against. listen as herman cain was pressed on an earlier statement that he wouldn't feel comfortable putting a muslim in his cabinet. >> the statement was, would i be comfortable with a muslim in my administration, not that i wouldn't appoint one. that's the exact transcript. and i would not be comfortable, because you have peaceful muslims, and then you have militant muslims, those are that are trying to kim us. when i say i won't be comfortable, i was thinking about the ones that are trying to kill us. >> we talked about this with peter king, just before he convened today's hearing. >> i have a great respect for herman cain but i disagree with his whole inference there. i have no problem at all having muslims in my cabinet, muslims in my staff. i said time and again the overwhelming majority of muslims
7:12 am
are outstanding americans, my concern is al qaeda made it clear they are going to try to recruit from the muslim american community. that's why i'm carrying on the hearings that i am. again the overall majority of muslims, solid american, proud to have them as neighbors, but the reality is, just as the mafia came from the italian american community, the westies came from the irish american community. the black panthers come from the african-american community you look where the particular group is coming. that should in no way put a stigma over the entire community. >> i under. you know how the internet world is. it's not like it was 10, 20 years ago. now when you say something, it's all over the place. and radicals can see that and they can judge us for that and tone is so crucial right now. how do you not come across antimuslims, and at the same time be tough on extremism?
7:13 am
>> first of all, i ask for people to listen to what i say, not like groups like claim that i say. i would say going back to the first herring where there was so much outrage and hiyperbolehype media was totally distorting what i was saying. those who watch the hearings, i know it's a fair hearing, a very open hearing, same with today's hearing where we deal with radicalization in prisons. obama himself said the muslim american communities have been targeted by al qaeda. just recently the british put out a report about the threat of radicalization in their prisons, we've had a number of muslim extremists, radicalized in new york. >> how big is the problem? can we actually say how big the problem is? >> the problem is big enough that the obama administration, fbi, are very concerned about
7:14 am
it. we know john kerry put out a report last year sthag he thought at least three dozen american extremists have been radicalized in prison are now fighting in yemen. we've had cases in california. we've had cases in new york. we know that there are radical imams attempting to radicalize, i keep telling people. only took 19 terrorists on september 11th to kill almost 3,000 americans. so, again -- >> let me ask you a question, congressman. i've never been in prison, thank goodness. i'm assuming it's a very controlled environment. and so why is this becoming such a big problem? it sounds like there need to be stricter policies within the prison system. >> well, that's what we're hoping comes out of these hearings. for instance, there are, certainly in state prison, there's real no way of vetting who the examine lanes are. they had a muslim chaplain in a new york prison who was actually arrested several yearsing for bringing a bag of razor blades
7:15 am
into prisons on rykers island. it turned out not only was he arrested and convicted for that. in his prior history he had a felony convict for murder. yesterday had been certified as a muslim chaplain in prison. we have to do a much better job vetting who the examine lanes are. also, if a person is in prison and could be at the mercy of someone who is a radical. just for the sake of survival. they're intimidated by them. coerced by them. the case being discussed today in california of kevin james, he radicalized people in prison, then they came out of prison and recruited people out of the mosque and form aid terrorist gang. even though it's a controlled situation, prisons are so -- you have such a devastating experience in that prison. usually it's the strongest person that prevails, often these strong people turn out to be -- not often but enough turn out to be muslim radicals.
7:16 am
checking stories cross country. new york governor andrew cuomo announced his bill to allow gay couples to tie the knot. if aprove it will be the sixth state to allow same-sex unions. arizona firefighters say they have the fire 20% contained and residents can return to their homes beginning this move. it's believed a campfire may have sparked that massive blaze. leon is proof it's never too late. he got the long-waited college dip employment ma. three credits short of graduating. he had to take a logging job during the depression. hundreds of thousand of workers in wisconsin could be
7:17 am
affected. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. let's remind our viewers. this all goes back to the massive protests that we saw in february, teachers storming wisconsin's capital. let's talk about what does this new ruling do now? >> okay. this new ruling upholds a law that limits collective bargaining rights. it's a huge win for the governor. protesters kade out in madison yesterday. for teachers it's about their right to negotiate. for the wisconsin governor and republicans, it's all about the budget. the reality is dealing with a 6.3 budget hole. taking away p collective bargaining could mean lower wages. median wage of a union worker is $917 a week. for a nonunion work worker, it's $717 a week. this law also has union workers
7:18 am
contributing to their health care and mentions as well. kyra. >> but unions have been shrinking in size, right? are unions that big of a factor anymore? >> you know, unions are shrinking, you're right about that. the fact is they have 15 million members nationwide. take a look at this map. it shows the states where 10% of their workers are unions. spread out in the midwest. northeast p-west coast. the numbers may be shrinking but not their influence. kyra. there's a huge voting group. we typically support democrats but the reality is even within the power in the union, this issue could affect states across the country, union or not. all of these states across the country are dealing with huge budget issues. i want to get to numbers real fast. dow is off the lows of the day. dow down 77 points. we saw it drop over 100 points at the opening bell. we have economic data raising fears about inflation and slow economic growth, not such a good combo, it set the markets off in a bad way but now kind of eased
7:19 am
off those low, kyra. >> alison, this. >> what would have been wedding number three for hugh hefner but his fiancee had a change of over the weekend. plus rumors of a shaquille o'neal sec tape gets a man kidnapped in los angeles. [ waves crashing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges.
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7:22 am
the wedding is off. hugh hefner will not harry crystal harris. apparently the bride-to-be changed her mind over the weekend and of course the late-night comedians loving it. >> the hugh hefner-crystal harris wedding is off. >> fellow, fellow, wait. he's 85, she's just turned 25. i wonder what happened?
7:23 am
>> i guess he got cold feet. not scared, just circulation problems. why did crystal harris sa know at the last minute? >> a.j. hammer has the scoop for us. >> theory, there is not any official statement what went wrong. everybody had thoughts. hef tweeted crystal had a change of heart. crystal wasn't any clearer on her website. she announced the wedding was off but added she still has utmost respect for hue hef another. some people are asking if the whole thing was just a publicity stunt. crystal did coincidentally release a new song on itunes. she's on the july issue of "playboy" that comes out friday. it's too late to change the cover which has a cover line reading "america's princess introducing mrs. crystal
7:24 am
heffner." oops. the new york post said crystal planned to leave hef at the altar and sell her story to somebody for $500,000. other reports say she left heffner for another man. specifically jordan mcgraw, who is dr. phil mcgraw's son. hef does seem to be dealing with his disappointment. over the last few hours he's tweeting the better now than after the marriage. another tweet followed where he said, i love this, since we're not getting married on saturday. i schedule aid movie "run away bride" seems appropriate. obviously his sense of humor in tact but getting dumped is not something he's used to. >> he's not used to that. my guess he'll not have a problems finding another fiancee if that's what he wants. kiss star, job simmons and
7:25 am
longtime love shannon tweed just can't stop. >> this is another story people are speculating is another stunt. they were taping an interview for the joy behar show when things got very awkward. >> how's your back, gene? >> my back is good. my schmeckle not so much. >> that's nice about you to joke about it. that's so rude. >> i was just joking, because she's a comedian. >> here. thanks for the question. >> i'm sorry, you blaming it on me? don't put this on me. >> there she goes and she never came back. >> while they've been together for 28 years now, seems shannon has enough of simmons notorious womanizing.
7:26 am
i don't know if you notice, being on a reality show, doesn't tend to do good things for marriages, then again gene simmons is a marketing master, there i just mentioned the name of the show, i don't know. >> we actually did a story on the fact he's a marketing guru. he has an entire store in his mansion with kiss goods. let's end with a good story. natalie partman had her precious baby. >> yeah, you gave me a hard time yesterday. "people" magazine broke this news jed. natalie portman and here fiance benjamin welcomed the baby. by doing the movie, black swan, she met her boyfriend, and won an oscar, looked like a good decision to make. >> that's how i like to wrap up entertainment news. thank you, a.j. >> all the information in the
7:27 am
entertainment world. a.j.'s got it. it's not your average kidnapping plot, that's for sure. an exgang member said he was abducted over a shaquille o'neal sex tape. live report from l.a. and america's most expensive home goes to a 22-year-old. guess how much she paid, $150,000. so, who is she? with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help lower a1c.
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7:30 am
well, late-night comedians having a field day with the republican debate. they're proud of their family, but still conan o'brien had fun tallying up the baby count of the evening. >> seems the candidates were obsessed who who had the biggest family, who brought the most children. >> i'm the father of two -- >> i'm father of two, grandfather of three. . karen and i are parks of seven children. >> i have five sons as you know, five daughters in law, 16 grandkids. >> i've had five children and weir the proud foster parents of 23 great children. >> before i went into congress, i delivered babies for a living, and livered 4,000 babies. >> political buzz is your rapid fire look at the hottest political top is of the day.
7:31 am
three question, 20 seconds on the clock, playing today. we have cnn's political analyst, roland martin. >> welcome back, kyra with your two kids. >> thank you, we'll talk about that after the show. >> comedian, is back. and radio show host h. it's not about my twins, you heard conan, a moment ago, big do big families translate to big votes? dan dana? >> i don't necessarily think so. it shows a family positive value scenario. it's important to have that when all of the talk as of late has been on one particular democratic congressman sending certain lewd photos out. his wife is coming back to confront him. considering the head lines, it's nice. people like to foepg us on familiar there's work. >> roland. >> this is shameful. if you are a person out there. you don't have any kids, they
7:32 am
don't want your vote, they don't want to talk to you. me and my wife have no kids, since i helped raise six niece, i guess that qualifies. right? >> pete, we don't want to mention what the six nieces doing under the hand of roland martin -- >> you know this. >> that's so true. >> i'm sure five of -- kyra, i'm sure five of roland's nieces are upstanding individuals. listen, kyra, you can have 100 kid, black kid, white kid, rich kid, poor kids. doesn't matter how many kid us have. unless one gets americans a job or lowers the price of gas at the pump, i don't think voters care about your kids than the presidential election. >> he's going to run or not. what is he waiting for and would he be worth the wait. ro?
7:33 am
>> absolutely. he's a texas a&m graduate. strong candidate. very conservative, gop voter, down side, i still think this country has texas governor fatigue. president george w. bush could still be a drag on any -- governor perry but could be a strong, strong candidate. so i say yay for any texas a&m graduate in the race. >> dana. >> hold me now. i am agreeing with roland which i have never done before. >> actually you have. you just don't want to admit t. >> we had one texas governor who left with not very high ratings -- not a very high approval. i don't know if rick perry can differentiate himself. very strong conservative record. creative jobs. i don't know what he's waiting for. >> dana mentioned rick a couple
7:34 am
dace ago. all right, pete. >> i think america misses that texas swagger in the white house. listen, rick perry got some issue, right now he's got a whole rare controversy. i think he would bring a lot to the table in terms of conservative principles. of course. he would be better looking than even mitt romney. i'm just throwing that out there. i don't know that he can beat romney at this point. we'll see. >> kyra, real quick, republican women love rick perry. he always did well in those bachelor deals where they bid on people. >> i remember being a reporter in lubbock, texas, he would roll out in boots and wrong wranglerd say ropers. >> president obama holding a congressional picnic at the white house aside from anthony weiner, i want to know what will dominate the dinner time talk? >> i hope jobs and energy. i hope that's what dominating
7:35 am
it. maybe they won't get past weiner. >> roland. >> please. they'll say no tyinger in the u.s. open. >> no more basketball. football is in a lockout. what in the world do we actually watch. that's what they'll discuss. they will not be discussing politics. they discuss about who actually barbecued. >> pete. i disagree with roland. they're going to solve america's problems at congressional picnic. they'll talk about policy issue, as long as nobody tweets a picture of the hot dog at the barbecue -- >> oh, boy. okay, guy, i'll leave that alone. roland, pete, dana. thanks so much. >> thanks, kyra. >> checking top story now. live pictures from capitol hill, battle brewing from military action in libya. john becamer said the white house needs to explain this costly mission in congress. a break in the casey anthony
7:36 am
trial. the court adjourns to deal with p legal matters. defense starts tomorrow. 22-year-old raisesing heiress is the proud owner of an l.a. home. it was built by the late tv producer aaron spelling. don't forget rand some. alleged kidnapping victim said the man who took him after a sex tape starring nba veteran shaquille o'neal, prosecutors charged seven bang members in that case. meantime there's no proof that the tape exactly exists. cnn's alan duke following that story. alan, this case goes back to 2008. fill in some of the details for us. >> yes. february of 2008, it was the night of the 2008 grammy awards, in fact, a record promoter alleges he was kidnapped and robbed. what happened? he was sitting -- meeting someone on sneet glfd in west
7:37 am
hollywood when seven people, kidnapped him at gun point, forced him to drive into south central l.a., to the home of a reputed gang leader by the name of ladell rowles. they roped him of $15,000 in cash, diamonds and jewelry and according to his testimony they demanded he hand over a videotape that they believe he had of shaquille o'neal, the now retired basketball player engaged in sex with several women. this testimony coming from los angeles county court. this week in the preliminary hearing of the seven alleged gang members charged with kidnapping and robbery. did the sex tape exist? we don't know. prosecutors don't know. nobody has found it if it has been destroyed or if it ever existed. >> is there any information on the alleged victim and ties to shaq? >> robert ross was a record
7:38 am
producer who had some dealings with shaquille o'neal. he testified one of his jobs whats to bring musical groups to shaquille o'neal. there was one artist named ray jay he proud to him in 2008 who p signed with shaquille's entertainment company. according to testimony he claimed he was never paid to bring the artest there. that's why he's threatened to release a sex tape of shaquille. unless he was paid the money. by the way, prosecutors say shaquille o'neal, while questioned in this case, is not part of the case. they are not suggesting that he put these gang members up to the robbery. >> all right. alan duke following that case. thanks, alan. william and kate p poised to make the first overseas tour. one stop? california. other than her husband, we'll tell you one person kate can't leave home without. with sports car styling and power,
7:39 am
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royal newly wesd, william and kate will travel to the u.s. next month. it's part of their first official overseas tour. and their itinerary includes everything from glamour to charity work. cnn's max foster was there when the itinerary was actually announced this morning. he's joining us live this morning. okay, max, what's on the agenda? >> it really is a whirl wind weekend for the couple. kate's never been to america before. a big event for her
7:42 am
particularly. they're taking everything in from a big black tie dinner from hollywood a-listers to skid row. going meet young homeless people. a cause very close to william's heart and a charity polo match william will be playing in that in santa barbara. if you're interested. you can buy vip tickets to see the match taking place. $4,000. it is for charity, though. william will also give a keynote speech in front of war veterans particularly from afghanistan. catherine giving no speeches, she's not comfortable with public speaking we're told. she won't be doing any speeches, any interview, we know she's travelingsmall ent
7:43 am
entourage. she's traveling with her hair dresser. montell williams is a former talk show host today he's pushing a new message about medical marijuana. he said hey, i use pot to treat my m.s. >> i use it in every direction i can. i try to eat it at night so i don't have cramping. i try to vaporize, eat during the day. i do various things. all we have to do is science behind this and bring it into the 21st century. >> he's join forces with the cannibus company. a nightmare unfolding in greece and the world sharing concerns, zain verjee will join us with the international headlines. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse.
7:44 am
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in greece, tens of thousands are protesters taking to the streets right now in striking labor union, bringing much of that country to a stand still. protesting the government's stifling budget cuts and deepening finance crisis. zain verjee is watching it in
7:47 am
london. how bad is it getting, zain? >> it's pretty ugly. greece for years has lived above its means, and now the government has to pay for it. the austerity plan increased taxes, cuts government spending and ultimately cuts jobs. what they need to do is successfully execute that, so they can get a bailout that they're looking for. they want something that's over $100 billion to help them out. so, they need to do this out on the streets, as you can see, people are furious, they were clashes, tear gas got fired out there. there were about 7,000 people in the heart of athens, what they've done, they've surrounded the parliament. you imagine thousand of people around congress refusing to get lawmakers get inside and have a debate. for me they're trying to block them from having a debate. the reason, this is such a big deal in this part of the world is because of the euro, there's
7:48 am
16 countries that use the euro as currency. it's known asscher row zone. greece is a part of it. if greece tanks all 16 countries will get badly hurt. that's why they're desperate to get greece out of this mess. >> a lost coverage in the international newspapers as well. >> yeah, there is. they are really focusing on this, u. it does have an effect on all of these other country, there's one thing they are talking about too, which is basically, the finances are so bad that nobody wants to give them any money, so the situation is that they are going hand in hand, looking for a bailout, and they're looking to germany to do it and germany is pretty mad about the whole thing. they helped out with a bailout, of a short while ago, and so they feel they're fiscally prudent, a country like the netherlands has been fiscally brew proou dent. we have other countries like
7:49 am
italy, spain, portugal are shaky. they are in a bit of a mess too. they want to give greece a bailout. they might need a bailout too. they try to figure out how to help out greece and how to structure it. >> zain, thanks. looking ahead at other headlines, making new, defense secretary robert gates, chief's chair mike mullin will testify on the budget request for next year and tonight at 7:00, time for r&r, president and mrs. obama will host a picnic for members of congress on the south lawn and 8:00 eastern, boston bruins take on canucks in game seven of the stanley cup finals. and justin verlander threatens a no-hitter and history. chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired.
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[ male announcer ] the inspiration for its shape was an archer drawing his bow. ♪ could that have also inspired its 556 horsepower supercharged engine? ♪ the all-new cadillac cts-v coupe. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs.
7:52 am
are you out there looking for a unique lawn ornament. a ping flamingo and cement king kong? you have to go to oshkosh, the
7:53 am
latest installment of "building up america." >> in an old farm outside of oshkosh. >> yes, we have a lot of unusual items. . a wonderland is growing. >> i just call it a selection of art. >> open-air emporium of no, s nostalg nostalgia, whimsy. he's rescued these items in old restaurants, film parks, even movie set force 30 careers, now they are rescuing him. >> those items are helping us make it through the tough times. >> his main business is building materials but as construction has stumbled, he found himself relying more on the foot traffic and trade brought by, well, this. >> this is a reproduction of a rodeo type bull. this is an eagle fabricated out of all steel. >> this is a fairly popular piece. some people might think it's unusual, i don't. >> my daughter wanted us to stop
7:54 am
here and i'm glad we stopped. >> many people come just to look but plenty end up buying. >> do you know how much that is? >> the neon porch sign is 650. >> a lot of individuals will buy it for home use. yard art, interior art. other businesses use it for interior and exterior artwork to get attention, the same as we do. >> it is not an economic cure-all, but it makes up for some the weakness in his other trade. >> well, i don't know how much of an advantage i have. i do know some of my competitors gone and we're still here. it must be helping us some. . and in the building business these day, hanging on can be enough. tom foreman, cnn. well, no major league pitcher has thrown two no-hitters in one season since nolan ryan in 1973 p. enter
7:55 am
justin verlander, the tigers' ace, the modern day nolan ryan. 100-mile-an-hour fastball. knee buckling curveball. he hit a no-hitter monday night. last night, no hits, six strikeouts, with two outs to play -- well, tigers take sole position of first in the af central. u.s. soccer in the gold cup playing teams central canada and caribbean. last night joe altidore scores for team usa. too goal. 9:00 mark holds up for the 1-0 win. u.s. advances to the quarterfinals now. new in the news room with suzanne malveaux, missouri river rising after two levees breached, putting towns at risk of flooding. >> people are waiting to see what happens for the next two
7:56 am
months. this will be here for the next two months. there's concerns the flows will be higher. >> we'll talk to a resident who lives along the banks about what he's doing to keep his family's home. that, and more in the "newsroom" with cnn suzanne malveaux. car connection calls the xf,
7:57 am
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we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. your home and auto policies and save. it's quick and easy. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. yay! bundle your home and auto insurance at hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! you're hungry again? i just fed you a whole roll of quarters. saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. well, new jersey's governor, chris christie said he's not excited about the current gop field for president.
7:59 am
but could whet his political appetite at lunch. brianna keiler has this lunch's political ticker. brianna. >> that's right. having lunch today in new york as we under it, former new york mayor, rudy giuliani, and new jersey governor chris christie. perhaps presidential politics will be on the menu. july annie is toying with throwing his hat into the ring for the company nomination. christie said he's not going to be doing it but has met with a lot of gop hopefuls. we'll see what comes out of that. take a look at this. it's day four. following this on the ticket. day four for jury deliberations in the retrial of former illinois governor rod blagojevich. he's beening retried on corruption charges. remember he was charged for essentially trying to trade in 2008 the senate seat vacated by then president elect obama. in august,


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