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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 18, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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they're willing to bet that average employee also prefer social net working over e-mail. >> and you can get all the latest on all the technology on gaming and gadgets, at 2:00 eastern time right here in the cnn newsroom. the casey anthony murder trial tops the news this hour, testy exchanges between a defense expert and the prosecution. at issue, skeletal evidence for casey anthony's daughter caylee and the manner and cause of her death. >> so, based on this examination, the cause of death remained unknown for those who did the first autopsy, and for me to some extent as well. >> david mattingly is in orlando
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following the trial. last week a prosecution expert said that it was no doubt it was homicide, the defense is trying to counter that now, but still, other drama and the judge spoke out about it, david. >> that's right, it's clear what the defense needs to do here, they are attacking all the evidence that the state is providing bringing their own witnesses to point out that this is a circumstantial case. their challenge now is to make the jury believe their version of this is stronger than the prosecution's theory about this, the prosecution saying that caylee anthony was murdered by her mother, the defense saying that caylee anthony was not murdered, that she tragically drowned in the family's pool. but the testimony today didn't even get started really before there were some fireworks so the judge had to weigh in warning the defense because there was an agreement here that there were supposed to be no surprises when someone comes to the stand. both sides were supposed to know exactly what the defense was
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going to be talking about. well the defense called one of their witnesses and started talking about what the prosecution wasn't aware of. and this is how it sounds when this judge scolds you. >> i will entertain a possible instruction, if the state wants to draft one. about this violation and i will decide whether or not i will do it. i will reserve the decision whether or not i should proceed to contempt proceedings when we come to the conclusion of this trial. >> reporter: very calmly and very slowly laying it out, but there it is, he's making sure everybody knows what's very clear here, no surprises as this case goes forward. >> all right, david mattingly, thanks so much, joining us from orlando. some say they represent a
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shift on aarp's stands on social. the lobby group says it expects cuts in social security benefits will be made to -- aarp says that's been its position all along. the willingness of the aarp to support negotiations may help the white house go forward with reforms. gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly are spending the weekend with family. they hope this will be the first of many trips back home. a major conservative political conference is winding up at this hour. cnn's peter hamby is at the gop conference. >> reporter: we just got the results in from the straw poll. ron paul, the texas rep,
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long-time libertarian hero, he always does well on these straw polls. the big news is that the former ambassador to china, john huntsman, the former utah governor, he didn't even show up at this event, he sent his wife mary kay and several of his political team down here, he finished in second place, he's not even a candidate yet, he suppose suppo supposed to announce on saturday. issues like climate change and same-sex marriage, he ended up finishing in second place and third place was michelle bachmann who as you know had impressive performance in monday's republican debate in new hampshire, she came in third today, fredericka. >> they are also talking presidential politics in minnesota. there were two rival conferences there in minneapolis this weekend. one involving liberal bloggers, the other involving conservative
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bloggers, republican presidential candidate michelle bachmann as peter was just mentioning, a minnesota congresswoman spoke at the conference. >> we are now two years into an economic recovery. were you aware of that? we're two years into it. now normally when you go into a recovery, you begin to have a dramatic turn around, in fact you start adding jobs at hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. how's the president doing? not so great. that's right. we're now approaching the obama trench of a double dip recession. >> as backmhmann someone actual threw glitter at her. a gay rights activist group claimed responsibility. the long island golf match
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was -- it gave the two political rivals a chance to talk about some pretty big issues including u.s. debt ceiling, one thing they are mum about, so far, the score. in other news, afghan president hamid karzai says the united states is involve in peace talks with taliban insurgents, he says while there have been no high level meetings, there have been contacts. barbara starr talked about the prospect. >> reporter: it has long been said that afghanistan will be solved by a political settlement with the taliban and with the insurgents, you can't kill them all, you know, this is not going to happen. so there will be, eventually it is hoped some type of political settlement. the u.s. is trying to identify leaders that they and nato could work with. >> the u.s. state department will confirm or deny karzai's
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remarks, but they do say it -- five inmates are coming to the defense of amanda knox, she is the american college student serving 26 years in italy for killing her roommate. so far a convicted murder and a mob boss says another prisoner told them knox had nothing to do with the murder. coming up, more misery in arizona as firefighters gain ground on the largest wildfire in state history. this couple raised 71 kids and they want even more. we'll see what kind of advice the dad has for fathers right after this. ordinary windshield wipers off the glass. so, did we build a slower car? or design wipers that could handle anything? what do you think? the cadillac cts-v, the world's fastest production sedan.
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we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. all right, this father's day weekend we're asking you and our staff to share the best advice from dad. one of our writers megan ahern's dad has this fatherly advice to her. if you don't toot your own horn, no one else will. and on my twitter page, happy jamaican tweeted this about her day saying, quote, to this day, failure is an option is one cannot afford. thanks so much for your tweets. we have got many more we'll share with you throughout the weekend. what kind of advice might a pennsylvania father in particular who has raised 71 kids have? thomas rose and his wife are
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foster parents, and are about to welcome home a 72nd child. >> we had children, we had grandchildren, they were getting older, didn't have any babies. so we thought we would do this. >> part of your responsibility is to take care of them while you have them and the giving them up part, while it is hard, it's something you have to do. >> so thomas rose joins us now from pennsylvania. mr. rose, thanks so much for joining us, happy father's stay this weekend. >> why, thank you, you're welcome. >> so how long have you and your wife ann been fostering children? i know since the grandkids and kids grew up, but about how long years wise has it been? >> we have been at it for almost 15 years, it will be 15 years in august. >> that's incredible. so how gratifying has it been? >> it's very satisfying, it's really a lot of fun to see the little kids develop and go from not being able to sit up to
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maybe being able to crawl and then walk and then talk so it's pretty rewarding. a lot of fun. >> that means you and your wife have an awful lot of patience because kids are coming from all walks, of various backgrounds, et cetera, you just have to create for them a very loving environment? >> yeah, we do, we try to provide them with a very loving environment and try and keep them safe and healthy and so forth. but also to teach them to have fun and to get a sense of humor, and if they're old enough to, have some manners. it's a teaching process, but it's a lot of fun. >> so over the past few years you have raised 71 foster kids. how many of them do you have in your home at one time? >> normally we just have one or two. at one time in an emergency situation, we did have five, they were siblings, that's kind of rare, but usually a couple is
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plenty. >> but this father's day weekend, what kind of advice do you have for father who is are welcoming a new bundle of joy at home or perhaps have adopted maybe an older child, what kind of advice do you have for them? >> well, as an older person, i would say be very patient and realize that these kids grow up so darned fast that you blink your eye and the next thing you know they're grown up. so really be patient with them and love them the best and have fun with them. let them be kids. >> and how about for dads who aren't necessarily welcoming new kids into the household but have been dads for a while to maintain that kind of patience. any advice on how to prolong that friendship with a kid until their adult years? >> well, i guess patience is the key to the thing and, you know, all they can realize is, you know, they're raising something
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very special and they need to be there for their kids and love them and it's not just the dads, the moms and dads have to work together too much. you know, they do a good job together, just very supportive. just being patient with them. >> clearly you and your wife anne have a great partnership to have helped raise so many kids. i wondered if you all still stay in contact with some of the kids who have grown up? >> some you do. probably about, oh -- some we have had for a very short time. you lose track of them. but some of the kids we have had for quite a while, you stay in contact with, maybe about 10% of them. and one little girl, we had her for two years and she's going to be 10 years old now and she comes to visit us for two weeks
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in the summer and around christmas time. >> when does that 72nd child join the family? >> i'm hoping pretty soon. >> charles rose, happy father's day. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for the advice for all the dads out there. >> so what do you do with movie memorabilia that nobody really wants? the answer in one minute. membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency. with endless possibilities. the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds."
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potter, that key to the big announcement set for 7:00 a.m. eastern time wednesday, get the range from the digital comic book, to a new promotional effort for the final harry potter and the deathly hollows that comes out next month. green land turned mr. popper's penguins and the art of getting by. grace, good to see you. >> hey, fredericka. >> let's begin with "the green lantern." comic book superhero flick, let's take a quick peek.
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>> i pledge allegiance to a learn terin th lantern that i got from a dying purple alien. >> grace, you are so ready for this. this tells me you're going to give me a single thumbs up on this. >> i liked "the mask." the deal with the lanterns is that they can do anything just with their will. what i did was sold the uniform just from warner bros. and i'm trying and it didn't work. it's total disappointment. ryan reynolds did not get a chance to be as charming as he normally is. blake lively has like the personality of my armchair and it looks like the only person that's having fun in this movie
1:20 pm
is peter sarsgard who plays sonny hammond who is furious over i think his receding air line. it's really fun to watch. the thing that the green lantern has going for it is that there's a lot of information in this comic series. it's a fate it will adaptation as far as i understand. it's just not actiony enough. >> what a disappointment. >> so then your rating? >> i couldn't rate this movie at more than a c, because it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't as actionable or as imaginative as i wanted it to be. >> okay so now how in the world are you going to top that one with mr. popper's penguins about
1:21 pm
a man who unexpectedly finds himself the caretaker of a group of penguins. take a peek. >> okay. get, go. okay. need a little help. i get it. watch this. there you go. yes. bye-bye birdie. >> hey, mr. p? >> yeah. >> i got your penguin for you. >> that's not my penguin. >> oh, really? >> well that could be anybody's. >> something about that jim carrey lately, he's really liking these films that appeal to kids too. did you like this? i know you're a kid. you are a big kid. did you like this?
1:22 pm
>> i don't know why you would say that. let me tell you, the lowdown is, mr. popper's penguins is a predictable piece of poppy cock. i was thoroughly prepared for jim carrey to pursue his -- none, none. i just thought that up right now. the movie is i think insulting to anyone over the age of 8. imagine mrs. doubt fire, minus the drag, plus the water foul. and like i ain't no snob, fredericka, but when your movie relies this heavily on penguin p poop jokes, you're in trouble. i actually think peta is going
1:23 pm
to be on the case for them making this film. you can find me on youtube later. >> we're going to play this tomorrow. wait a minute, there's no p on the gray scale. >> i wish that i could give this movie a p, but i gave it an f, f, f, i think really young children might like it, but not anybody older. >> i feel so sad for jim carrey. and the penguins, they had to be great. the penguins, cute, loud, funny. >> okay, so didn't float your boat. let's concentrate on "the art of getting by." let's take a quick look. >> george? >> no. >> why not? >> everything's meaningless. >> i have no idea what i'm doing here. >> the sun is fantastic. they're just due to george. this is just who you are.
1:24 pm
>> george, what are you doing? >> okay, so the kids in this movie doesn't do his home work, but he makes friends and though there are adventures, were you digging this? no. >> he is the main star, the main character of "charlie and the chocolate factory." imagine that that young, cute, sweet, innocent wide eyed child full of wonder has grown into a fatalistic, uncooperative high school senior that doesn't do his home work like you said. and that's this movie. he meets a girl, he has trouble with his parents. his principal played by blair underwood yells at him and the movie just never really gets interesting. they're much better coming of age dramas out there, it tries to be funny, i don't know, it didn't really work. there's an independent film out
1:25 pm
there called submarine that's much better than this. grade? >> i gave it a d because the performance, they're trying real hard, but it's just been a dumber week for movies, i thought. >> oh, man. okay, well, the movie maker's got to try it. >> but it didn't pass muster. >> i wasn't blown away by anything this week. >> i see. all right. hopefully next weekend or the next weekend after that, in will be a winner in there. >> fingers crossed, i got my ring ready, i'm putting it to work. >> i love that ring. all right, good job. thanks so much, grace. >> thanks, fredericka, bye-bye. maybe to match that ring, a very unique lawn ornament. any interest out there? how about a pink flamingo, maybe a fiberglass king kong. then you got to go to oshkosh, wisconsin. >> on an old farm outside
1:26 pm
oshkosh -- >> yes, we do have a lot of unusual items. >> a wonderland is grow iing. >> i just call it a collection of art. >> reporter: whatever catches his interest, he has rescued these items from old restaurants--now they are rescuing him. >> those items are actually helping us make it through the tough times. >> the main business is building materials, but as construction as -- he's relying more on the foot traffic and trade brought by this. >> this is a reproduction of a rodeo type bull. this is an eagle fabricated out of all steel. this is a fairly popular piece. some people might think it's unusual, i don't. >> my daughter wanted us to stop here and i'm glad we stopped. >> many people come just to look, but plenty end up buying.
1:27 pm
>> do you know how much that is? >> the neon porch sign is $650. a lot of individuals will buy it for yard art, interior art, other businesses use it for interior and exterior art work to get attention the same as we do. >> it is not an economic cure all, but it makes up for some of the weakness in his other trade. >> well, i don't know how much of an advantage i have, i do know some of my competitors are gone and we're still here, so it must be helps us come. >> and in the building business these days, hanging on can be enough. tom foreman, cnn.
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major case of airline insecurity, police say a man stole another man's identity in order to work as a flight attendant. allison, an alarming misstep here. >> it is a big misstep if you
1:31 pm
ask me, in miami, we learned that when he was confronted at the airport, mr. porter refused to say who he was, why he allegedly stole someone's id and got a job as a flight attendant for american eagle. they only learned who he was when the fbi fingerprinted him. they know he came to the u.s. from guyana. but there are questions about his ties to that country. porter has been charged with six counts of identity theft and four counts of forgery, among other charges. he's been held on a million dollars bond. once again porter was arrested at miami-dade international airport with multiple forms of phony identification on him including driver's licenses and a passport. a former immigration official tells cnn they have put a hold on him and will deport him once his criminal case is complete. of course we all want to know how was he able to become a flight attendant, that's still
1:32 pm
hard to know at this point, american airlines gave us a statement saying they are cooperating with authorities but they haven't yet given us details of his employment. a tsa spokesperson says airline flight crews are vetted against terrorist screening watch lists and it's really up to the aintiain status. tsa also says that an airline id card, that's something that porter did have, does not give someone access to secure areas of the airport. he also flew several trips as a flight attendant trainee before he got caught. >> whose identity did porter allegedly steal? >> porter used the name of a bronx man as an aliasalias. he had reportedly applied for food stamps. this bronx man according to this report alerted authorities and that's what kicked off this investigation, it's really stunning.
1:33 pm
>> allison cossack, appreciate it very much. texas congressman ron paul has won today's presidential preference straw poll at the republican leadership conference in new orleans. congressman john huntsman came in second even though he didn't even attend the conference. minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann came in third. >> there's a couple of rival political conferences going on today in minnesota and they're drawing some big name speakers as well including congresswoman michelle bachmann, one group is made up of liberal bloggers, the other consists of conservative bloggers. bachmann apparently got some glitter thrown upon her at the end of her anti-gay speech when a protester ran up to the stage. all right, some people are calling it the golf summit, president barack obama, vice president joe biden and house
1:34 pm
speaker john boehner got together for a round of golf today. let's bring in cnn white house correspondent brianna bealer. so any scores or at least a progress report on what happened on the golf course. >> reporter: we do have this fredericka and i don't want to disappoint you. it turns out they didn't play stroke play, which would be to say the speaker shot this and the president shot that, they did match play, what that meant is that they paired into teams, you had the vice president with governor john casic of ohio, the way this works, they play a hole, which ever team wins the hole, they get a point and so on. so whoever has the most points at the end is the winner. so it turns out, that officially they had a great time. this is part of the official readout from the white house from the speaker's office 2. president and speaker boehner seemed up to beat the vice
1:35 pm
president and governor casick. a total cliffhanger, the match was won on the 18th hole, the president and the speaker winning two dollars each. >> very good. i guess of the players out there, boehner has, i guess, the best advantage, right? >> well, you know, actually, he's pretty good. he's an eight handy cap, but vice president joe biden, according to golf digest is about a six. so technically speaking, he's better. but if you were to put biden against boehner, just on the numbers, you know, they would sort of be about equal. >> i guess the president and boehner just kind of raised their game. >> yes, and probably you could -- we're not going to get this officially, but you could kind of assume that the speaker might have had to carry the president a little bit, because according to golf digest, the president isn't as good of a golfer, according to golf digest, his handy cap is about
1:36 pm
17. >> then as it pertains to the talks, what may have been accomplished, will there was a happy medium that was found, that information is still mum, huh? >> reporter: what we do know is that these guys were out on the golf course for about three hours. and they were talking about libya, where speaker boehner told the president you need to get congressional authorization and the white house is saying we don't feel like we need to do that legally. and then the issue of the debt ceiling talks, joe biden representing the white house with democrats and republicans, some big issues and they had a lot of time to discussion them, we heard from the white house, it's probably going to come up, but they weren't going to come off the 18th green with a deal, but this was an opportunity for them to, you know, discuss these things in an informal setting as well. >> they just wanted to celebrate being the "play of the day." >> exactly. and for the latest political news, you know exactly where to
1:37 pm
go, cnn politics,.com. president barack obama, world leader and father to two daughters, as father's day approaches. he opens up about being a dad in the white house. his comments straight ahead.
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1:39 pm
president barack obama is talking about dads this father's day weekend. he says being a father is sometimes his hardest yet most
1:40 pm
rewarding job. with one daughter about to become a teenager and the other not far behind, there's perks to being president, he says. >> i'm not anticipating complete mayhem for the next four or five years, but i understand teenagerhood is complicated. but i understand that i have men with guns that surround them often. and a great incentive for running for re-election is that it means they never get in the car with a boy who had a beer. and that's a pretty good thing. >> meantime the president is also taking a second job, assistant coach for his daughter's basketball team, and he says he enjoys coaching, even though sasha rolls her eyes every now and then when he objects to the ref's calls. so it doesn't matter if your father is a world leader or a little league coach, the important thing is the role that
1:41 pm
he plays in his children's lives and within the family. research shows just how important that role is. dr. bill lloyd, a father of three himself joins us now. happy father's day in advance. when is a father's influence first felt. >> fredericka, not long ago people thought fathers were becoming irrelevant. but the science shows that the favorable influence of fathers impacts both the physical health and the emotional health of children in every stage of their life. even at the moment of delivery, the presence of the father means less pain for the mother and a safer delivery. and fewer complications for the baby. as toddlers develop, we know that the presence of the father in the family improves the language skills. as children grow, there's more play time with dad and that means stronger children. i can do a hand stand and i thank my father for that. and for adolescents, life
1:42 pm
lessons regarding important choices they're going to make regarding choices they're going to make for the rest of their life. >> with a 50% divorce rate, many dads no longer living in the house hold with their children. so these two research study results show that in 1963, 89% of dads lived with kids and in 2010, that number dropped to 73%. does that make a difference? >> it makes an enormous difference, but remember that data related to birth fathers and of course now, things have changed and fathers can come from anywhere and fathers are more than just a second pair of hands. that's because of the economy as it is right now, so many moms are professionals and entering the workforce, dad's got to stay at home, the changing of the appreciation of the organization of families, traditional families, nuclear families, we have got adoptive families, we have got families with stepparents and cohabitation as
1:43 pm
well. as well as the cultural expectations of father, nowadays dad's expected to be around and be a member of the family. dads provide unique experiences for their children that they can only get from their father and children benefit from that powerful connection between father and child. >> and the every day ordinary things that truly strengthen the relationship between fathers and their children. any tips for dads out there to be even more effective in their fathering? >> sure, sure, you're exactly right. we call these shared activities. aside from sitting side by side just having a conversation. that bond is strengthened by activities that include meal time and home work time. my dad would say come out here with me, we're going to fix the tires, or we're going to change the storm windows, or we're going to mow the lawn, i was
1:44 pm
thinking, my god, he's exploiteding child labor. i got to see how he solves problems, how he relates to other people, and i learned a lot about his character, lessons i hope i have been able to pass along to my own children. >> and those are the moments that are with you, those are the tender sweet moments that you remember as an adult and you remember how impactful it was as a child. >> oh, certainly, these tips about being a better father, all involve that example and that powerful lesson that fathers can teach their children. lessons like respect for the mother and all women in general. fathers making healthy choices regarding tobacco, alcohol and drug use and other behaviors that are the children are watching. remember the children are always watching, so prioritize your responsibilities. are you turning that blackberry off when you silt down at the dinner table? are you willing to accept imperfecti imperfection, it's a very powerful lesson and every day i try not to be perfect and just
1:45 pm
try to accept my life as it is because the children are watching. and finally, making yourself emotionally available. that doesn't mean walking around solving things all the time. it's about being willing to share thing as a father. >> happy father's day to you and all the fathers in your circle. >> including my dad, tom lloyd, 91, happy father's day dad. okay, what's it like to zoom around a track at 170-mile-per-hour. a preview of my one-on-one face to face interview. with the qwerty keypad,ils and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america,
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this fire is in sierra vista, it has burned nearly 20,000 acres so far. red flag warnings today and tomorrow. that is the sound of hail, a powerful storm pounding parts of colorado with hail so heavy that it blanketed the roads as well.
1:49 pm
witnesses reported a funnel cloud in fact as a storm moved through as well. let's check in with meteorologist jacqui jeras, oh, my gosh, it's june, but i guess parts of colorado, you're still going to experience that, or is that unusual? >> not too unusual. you'll get severe weather like that in colorado for sure. eastern colorado under a severe thunderstorm watch, more hail like that can be expected, along with some damaging winds. so let's show you where some of these watches are in effect right now. i'll take you over there and show you more of colorado, how about that. there it is, east of denver, also into the panhandle of nebraska, there are several very large storms, especially along interstate 70. so be aware of that, be aware that sometimes tornadoes can and do occur within severe thunderstorm watches and we have had a few isolated warnings here across parts of the deep south as well. so be aware of that for the upcoming hours, we're especially watching stuff that's going on along the tennessee and georgia state line.
1:50 pm
it's going to be an interesting afternoon and evening. let's talk a little bit more about what's been going on with those wildfires, you saw the video out of arizona, the wallow fire is 38% contained now but 500,000 acres have burned. so it's still the largest wildfire in state history. red flag warnings are in effect here today, 35 to 40 miles an hour, but this area of low pressure is going to be intensifying for tomorrow, which means the winds are really going to pick up, so critical danger in this area for tomorrow. unfortunately no big breaks for these firefighters, 4,000 people on that fire alone. and there's 36 large fires nationwide. so it's a very dry summer in parts of the country. humidity is so low. all right, who doesn't dream about being a race car driver? well, i headed out to the charlotte motor speedway. jacque says not me.
1:51 pm
i went out to the charlotte motor speedway and this is what happens after 170 miles an hour. i want to be a race car driver. >> that was just a warmup. >> reporter: that is so awesome. i thought maybe i was going to close my eyes but then i didn't want to miss anything. that's so wonderful. i loved it, jacquie, you wouldn't be on board with that? today i get to be a passenger, maybe some day i'll get to be a driver. m. boston bruins fans are hitting the streets today. and despite the cloudy skies, the city estimates that more than a million residents cheered at today's victory parade. the bruins came back to win the
1:52 pm
national league championship against the vancouver canucks. after the canucks lost the stanley cup championship, some people were rather bitter. in fact there was a riot. a very significant one there in vancouver, a note toe showing a couple in the midst of it all kissing. the couple, they're talking now about it. scott jones and his girlfriend alex thomas say they were trying to get away from the violence when they were knocked down by police. scott says he was trying to calm alex when this moment happened. ♪
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you came all the in from new york. how are you? it's been a while. when the heck are we going to be in the same building? >> it will be soon hopefully. i'm going to tell you what i have coming up. the big story here where i am in new york city, in new york state, as a matter of fact. the new york state assembly passed legislation this week and it could come up for a vote next week, it is the talk of this
1:56 pm
state and the talk of new york city itself. i'm going to talk to the democrat daniel o'donnell, by the way, he's in a same-sex relationship by the way and is the brother of rosie o'donnell. he is the national association of marriage and is against that legislation. also how much would you pay for president obama's autograph. a woman in chicago wants to sell her special memento just to avoid eviction. we'll be talking to her. plus we'll have this for you. i don't believe this video when i see it. more crazy moments outside the casey amount trial this week, fistfights and head locks, what's going on here. i'm going to ask that question to our behavioral expert dr. wendy walsh. and of course we're talking about this, weiner's pickle,
1:57 pm
little weiner in the oven. but i want to talk to you about nascar, was that the biggest rush ever? >> better than water skiing, better than being on a speedboat, the rush of being on a jet, any of that. no wonder why i had dust particles in my teeth because i could not stop smiling. i love this. love this. >> that is awesome, i think i'm going to jet ski, but i think i'm doing something better than that, but it's awesome. >> we're going to talk face to face with jason leffler and got a chance to talk to him about his live. up to you, don lemon top of the hour. newsroom. shop from anywhere. shop from anywhere. and are always connected. we live in a social world. isn't it time we had a social currency to match?
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