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tv   World One  CNN  June 23, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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we're starting this drawdown from position of strength. al qaeda is under more pressure that at any time since 9/11. >> the beginning of the end for u.s. forces in afghanistan. president obama says he is
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bringing thousands of troops home. but is afghanistan ready? we're going to take you to the town nato is holding up as a model of transition. it's 5:00 a.m. in washington, 1:30 p.m. in kabul. i'm zain vergee. you're watching "world one" live from london. also ahead, still in charge and still defiant. colonel moammar gadhafi appears on libyan tv to denounce nato air strikes. saab strapped for cash. the swedish carmaker says it doesn't have enough money to pay off its staff. and acquitted of hate crimes and inciting violence against muslims, a dutch court finds geert wilders not guilty. he went against the advice of at least two top military officials who wanted more u.s. soldiers to stay and fight. president barack obama set up plans to reduce american forces in afghanistan, speaking from the white house, mr. obama said
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33,000 soldiers would come home in the next 15 months. 10,000 of them by the end of this year. that reverses the so-called surge of u.s. forces the president ordered back in 2009. internet new plan u.s. troops numbers will fall by around a third to less than 70,000. nato's already said it supports the plan but the president's critics have questioned the pace and the timing of the withdrawal, as reaction from the taliban, too, in a statement says u.s. troop drawdown is only a symbolic step. the u.s. president doesn't think so. he said coalition forces are achieving their goals in afghanistan as their mission progresses from combat to support. >> we're starting this drawdown from position of strength. al qaeda is under more pressure than at any time since 9/11. together with the pakistanis we have taken out more than half of
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al qaeda's leadership. and thanks to our intelligence professionals and special forces, we killed osama bin laden. the only leader that al qaeda had ever known. this was a victory for all who have served since 9/11. one soldier summed it up well. the message, he said, is we don't forget. you will be held accountable no matter how long it takes. >> well, what do other soldiers think about this? cnn's nick patton walsh has been speaking to u.s. troops at the bagram air base in kabul. he joins us now. nick, what have they been telling you? >> reporter: interesting enough, zain, we didn't have huge numbers of people gathered around tv screens to watch the speech. people here know what really was coming roughly. they didn't know the exact numbers but they did know to expect some kind of drawdown. one soldier, just to give you a snapshot, it's their own
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personal opinions, one soldier privately saying we have to stay here, we have to finish the job. the cost to america was paid in 9/11. the cost in the budget now is not the point. we can't afford to leave. another one earlier saying, look, we got bin laden, that's the job done. it's time to reduce our numbers here significantly. it's fatigue, i think it's fair to say, in a majority of soldiers we've heard here. obama has sounded fairly anti-military, tough demand in the troops. let's look at the numbers really. we're talking about 10,000 here. that's a fraction of the 100,000 strong force here. two-thirds of that force is staying after next year. >> how have afghans you've spoken to reacted to the speech? >> on the base we're at we can't get to ordinary afghans. what people have been saying for quite some time, there's
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definitely dissatisfaction here. they've had 30 years of war, ten years of americans on their soil. i think the promise america made when they first came in have not been delivered upon. when president karzai said recently that american troops risk being seen as up and dopan. i think what you're looking at is afghans hoping to see themselves taking control of their security, perhaps coming with the taliban. they want to seat troops lessen, that's where the taliban comes in, seeing another worrying phase in this conflict. zain? >> nick paton walsh reporting. malcolm chalmers is an expert at the royal united services institute. that's a security think tank
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here in london. how does this change the military strategy on the ground? >> well, this is a very significant step by the united states. it goes far beyond what obama's advisers, including general petraeus, was asking him to do. the drawdown is going to be support troops. that's entirely manageable. the additional 23,000 next year which will be out by september or so is a very important drawdown and other countries like the uk are likely to follow that. >> are we going to see a shift to more covert operations, similar to what we've seen in yemen, for example, or in pakistan? >> there's an awful lot of covert operations going on right now. the taliban being kill ready being killed mainly by american special forces. that will continue. the big question is, where will the troops come from? >> what are some of the dangers of the pace of withdrawal that we're seeing?
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>> a good example will be in helmond where most of the surge troops went and helped the position of the uk forces. to the north of helmond, the americans will not be able to keep the level of force these have right now. that will raise questions about whether afghan forces can hold the line against the taliban. >> that's one of the key issues here. can they? are they prepared enough to deal with the responsibility of security? >> the message, the implicit message in president obama's speeches is up to you guys. we will give you a bit of time. in the end it's up to afghan security forces to hold territory. american forces will be involved in covert operations. >> abdullah abdullah has been commenting on the whole drawdown. here's what he had to say. >> ten years after the international engagement we should have been in a much, much
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better situation. they have lost a sense of direction, mixing the enny in place of a friend and friend in place of the enemy. people are confused. the situation is uncertain. rampant corruption in the government has distanced the people further from the government and taliban can take advantage of this in order to get stronger. >> what do you think of that point, rampant corruption is going to give the taliban more of an advantage at the end of the day is what he's saying. true? >> that's absolutely right. when the taliban came to power before, it was after a civil war in which many of the warlords who are still supporting the current government were in charge. this is one of the big weaknesses. every year over the last few years we've had a lost happy talk from military leaders about how well the western military and civilian effort is doing. that's right. they always add a caveat saying we need to do more in afghan security forces. we need to do more in afghan governments. the next two or three years we need to do a hell of a lot more.
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>> is there a danger afghanistan could dissolve into civil war and chaos? >> i think certainly there's a danger of that. one of the questions president obama understandably didn't address is what happens after this drawdown. will there continue to be more and more drawdowns with respect to the conditions on the ground or not. >> do you think that afghans feel betrayed when the u.s. went into afghanistan, afghans were promised a marshall plan forring if -- for afghanistan. that didn't happen. how do they see this? >> there's a variety of afghan views. there's not one single afghan view. it seems the situation is getting worse than better. but polls show a lost support. there's a danger things will start falling apart once western forces withdraw in substantial numbers. >> malcolm chalmers, thank you
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this is "world one," live from london. here are our top stories. syrian tanks and hundreds of soldiers have entered a town near the border with turkey. an activist told cnn they move ed into al jouz. swedish carmaker saab says it hasn't got the money to pay staff wages. its parent company says it's in talks to get short-term funding. saab was sold last year to
2:14 am
general moteer its to spiker. they later changed its name to swede itch automobile. china's released artist ai weiwei after nearly three months in jail, he's an outspoken critic of the chinese government. authorities said he was detained because of tax evasion. the state-run news agency says he was released on bail after confessing his crimes. moammar gadhafi is calling for the u.n. security council to investigate a nato attack that his government says killed libyan civilians. cnn's david mckenzie can tell us more about what he's been saying. david joins us now from tripoli. what else did gadhafi say? >> well, i had, zain. it was a late-night diatribe played on late-night tv. his main point of anger was
2:15 am
hitting on the compound. that was a long time associate of moammar gadhafi as part of the revolutionary council, the original four men who kind of sparked the revolution in the '70s. moammar gadhafi was saying that this was a clear hit on civilians, certainly when we were there, civilians were killed in that attack. but nato has consistently said this was a command and control center and was used to attack civilians by the moammar gadhafi government. but it was an angry diatribe as i said. moammar gadhafi is trying to paint libya as a victim. >> reporter: nato hit from overseas, all the planes and air defenses and began flying into libyan air space without deterrent. no missiles can reach to you because all the anti-aircraft missiles and radar have been destroyed by nato before come
2:16 am
together libyan air space. >> well, zain, moammar gadhafi has very few friends and very few diplomat friends. the war of words is their only real issue right now. zain. >> are there cracks showing within the nato coalition? >> in the early days of the nato coalition, certainly there was a lot of feeling from nato this will be over quickly, the first few weeks there were heavy bombardments of libya. many people felt that moammar gadhafi just couldn't -- >> i'm sorry. we've lost our contact with david mckenzie there in tripoli. you're watching "world one" live from london. think how you would rate the attractiveness of your colleagues? okay, are they hot, are they not? imagine those thoughts being
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broadcast to the world. well, it's one of those hazards of any job, like mine, that involves speaking into a microphone. also like the captain of an airliner, for example. all of the embarrassing details when we come back. plus, kick boxing in brazil. unfortunately it was supposed to be a football match. the big game that ended in a big fight. that's in our sports update. [ male announcer ] look at this,
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welcome back. you're watching "world one." here are the stories we're talking about. if you think your colleagues are fat and old and ugly and you're bitter there's no one decent-looking to go to bed with, here's some advice for you. keep those thoughts to yourself. a southwest airlines pilot learned the lesson the hard way when he accidentally broadcast his views to air traffic control and the other pilots. everybody heard it. here's a little bit of what he said. listen. >> i still wouldn't want anyone to know -- it's all these [ bleep ] old dudes and grannies. >> somebody has to stop mike and tell him it's all about the endeavors. we don't need to hear that. >> got to be careful there with that open mike. the unnamed pilot said he was
2:21 am
sorry, that was after he was suspended and sent to diversity training. if you're single like that pilot probably is, if his girlfriend picked up his comments. george clooney back on the market. he's split from his italian girlfriend. last year there was speculation that clooney had popped the question after a flash of metal was spotted on her finger but it just turned out to be a napkin ring she put there as a joke. we have all been there. you're stuck in a standoff with police. right? at least don riddell has. say you're there, it's been dragging on for a while and you get bored. your hostage is pretty cute, right? you upload a photo of the two of you together. okay, maybe not all of us have been there. this guy, jason valdez actually has. he updated his facebook six times and added 15 friends
2:22 am
during a siege at a hotel in utah. the armed man told his friends, much love to you crazy fools. and then he bragged that he told police he'd come out when i'm ready. the standoff ended peacefully after 16 hours. south america's most prestigious club football tournament has come to a pretty thrilling end. don riddell, what was that all about? it was crazy t. got messy at the end. santos is celebrating its first libertadores title in many years. the team pele made famous finally got their win. the first leg in paraguay was goalless. but santos' star striker namar
2:23 am
lit the game up with a superb strike early in the second half. aruka set him up and he smashed the ball home. that's why he's one of the most coveted play in the world right now. he was involved in the buildup to the brazilian's second goal. he picked his spot at the far post, putting santos into a 2-0 lead. the legendary pele was 21 minutes away from seeing his team win the cup once again. it's been a long wait but a lone goal meant it was an agonizing final wait towards the end. that put them back in the game. santos were determined to protect their lead and namar almost made the game safe in the 90th minute. he chipped it on to the post and the rebound was missed. santos had done enough.
2:24 am
just a shame her celebration was mard by ugly scenes at the end. around 30 players and coaches were involved in a brawl with namar reportedly kicking an opponent who was on the ground. ultimately he'll be remembered as the man that inspired santos to an historic win. now, at wimbledon, venus william and rafael nadal have booked their places in the third round. novak djokovic is up against the big-serving kevin anderson. while the six-time champion, roger federer plays adrian mannarino of france. lleyton hewitt is the only person in the draw not named federer or nadal to have won this title. he faces robin soderling. that match opens up center court today. the top women's seed,
2:25 am
wozniacki will open up against razzano. the home fans will want tickets, that's where robson will face maria sharapova. flooding in china has caused terrible damage in large parts of the country. meteorologist karen mcginnis can round up the latest on what's happening and what's coming. she joins us from the weather center. >> it is not over yet. we have a tropical system that's been lingering across the coast. it's moving towards the west and southwest slightly along this southeastern coastal regions. the rainfall here that has affected just about 12 provinces across eastern and southeastern china over the last few weeks, they call it the plum rains. it's not giving up. it looks like until the end of july. that's kind of the typical season. but this tropical system only enhances that rainfall that we've seen along this coastal region.
2:26 am
it looks like it's going to ring out across southeastern china and then into northern sections of vietnam. here's the latest information. the position at 21.3 degrees north, 112 degrees east. moving to the west, northwest with jogs here and there. winds right now barely hanging in there at 65 kilometers per hour. most of the heaviest bands are to the southern quadrant of this weather system and it will slide in across vietnam and for there we might see enhanced precipitation as we go through time. also we're watching another area that lies just to the east of the philippines. but over the next 48 hours, we'll concentrate that to wet weather from hong kong, into ho chi minh city or saigon. the center of circulation not really a wind event. although in the past few hours i did see a peak wind gust in hong
2:27 am
kong of 50 kilometers were hour. it's substantially lower than that right now as we continue to monitor this. then our other tropical system, our tropical storm, 7w, lies well to the east of the philippines, will move towards the east china sea and then into the yellow sea, perhaps at its peak intensity as we go into the 48-hour time period. rainfall amounts in some sections of china in the past 24 hours, zain, reported over 100 millimeters in some areas. back to you. >> thank you so much. cnn mentioned a moment ago there was a man who was posting on facebook during a standoff with police. cnn would like to apologize. we put the man on the screen saying it was jason valdez. it was not actually him. it was someone else. our apologies here at cnn for the confusion there. you're watching "world one," live from london. left behind, thousands of u.s. troops get ready to go home. what happens once they've left?
2:28 am
we're looking at the future of afghanistan. stay with us for that. ok. [ cellphone rings ] hey. you haven't left yet. no. i'm boarding now... what's up? um...would you mind doing it again? last time. [ engine turns over ] oooohhhh...sweet. [ male announcer ] the chevy cruze with the my chevrolet app. the remote control car is finally here. well, now she's just playing with us. oh. [ horn honks ] setting that goal to become a principal. but, i have to support my family, so how do i go back to school? university of phoenix made it doable. a lot of my instructors were principals in my district. i wouldn't be where i am without that degree. my name is dr. carrie buck. i helped turn an at risk school into an award winning school, and i am a phoenix.
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this is "world one" live from london. i'm zain vergee. here are our top stories. u.s. president barack obama announces a major withdrawal of troops from afghanistan. he'll be meeting soldiers who recently returned from there. the president said u.s. forces in afghanistan would be reduced by 33,000 in the next 15 months. that's a cut of about a third.
2:32 am
the taliban said in a statement, the move was only a symbolic step. chinese artist and activist ai weiwei has been freed after almost three months in detention. he's an outspoken critic of the chinese government and his arrest in april prompted a global campaign for his release. state news agency reports he was freed on bail after confessing to charges of tax evasion. the release comes on the eve of chinese premiere wen jiabao's european tour. rory mcilroy is enjoying a hero's welcome in hollywood. look at the cheers as he lifted up the trophy. he broke or tied up to 12 u.s. open records before taking out his first career pager with an eight-shot victory. he became the youngest player in almost 90 years to win at the congressional country club in maryland. the relationship between the u.s. and pakistan is really tense and complicated.
2:33 am
but in president obama's speech on wednesday, he left little doubt about his expectations for afghanistan's neighbor, after the u.s. pulls out of the region. >> of course our efforts must also address terrorist safe havens in pakistan. no country is more endangered by the presence of violent extremists which is why we will continue to press pakistan to expand its participation in securing a more peaceful future for this war-torn region. we'll work with the pakistani government to root out the cancer of violent extremism and insist that it keeps its commitments. >> but just what are pakistan's commitments to the u.s.? and how seriously does the pakistani government even take them in the journalists joins from us islamabad. thanks for being with us. a tough message from president obama to pack stage. what's your reaction on hearing the speech? >> well, suddenly, it seemed now
2:34 am
the focus will be shifted to pakistan and president obama feels that al qaeda has to be dealt in pakistan which sees as a safe haven for them. given that relations between pakistan and the united states at this point, the immediate question in pakistan is what will be the american approach? will it go unilaterally or seek pakistan's cooperation? in the past we have seen the election -- and saw bin laden was killed. it angered pakistani public very much. and i think in future if those kind of attacks continue, that will further inflame the anti-american sentiments in pakistan. >> how do most pakistanis see the militancy threat in your country? >> well, pakistan is in the midst of the war against
2:35 am
terrorism. more than 40,000 people have been killed. there's no love at this point. there's basically the sentiments had increased over the last few years. more pakistani cities have been targeted. at this point, the majority of pakistanis still feel that it's the biggest national security threat to the country. certainly there's also a growing anti-american sentiment in pakistan. >> do you think that given that anti-american sentiment as well as the tensions between the leadership of pakistan and the united states, that pakistan would be helpful to the u.s. given how bad relations are? >> well, pakistan military has been helpful in the past. but certainly growing anti-american sentiment will be a lot more problem. it will make more difficult for
2:36 am
the pakistani leadership to cooperate with the united states. but that will also depend on what approach washington takes in the next few months as far as the fight is concerned. there are a lot of points of convergence between the united states and pakistan . in that case, i think they will cooperate. i think there's comprehension about the unilateral action which we've seen infusing over the last few months. >> journalist and author hussain giving us perspective from pakistan. thank you. one of the towns is one of the country's most volatile areas. lies just west of kandahar, that's where the taliban was founded. and as nick paton walsh reports,
2:37 am
the town of lashkah gah may represent what afghanistan will become. >> reporter: when president obama talks about handing afghanistan back, lashkah gah is the motto nato points to. this is what peace here looks like, hundreds of nato troops have died fighting for helmond. afghans are in charge of security from july for better or worse. fewer nato troops, some hope, means less violence from insurgents. "people don't like it here" he says "hoping without foreigners security will be better." here the afghan solution for police are to some the problem. one man told us anonymously how this month he was badly beaten for speeding. >> translator: i was driving fast on a motorbike to move my
2:38 am
sick friend to the doctor. police stopped me for speeding. when i talked back they beat me, kicked me and punched me for a few minutes. as civilians here we are afraid of both the police and the taliban. and i can't say which one i fear more. >> reporter: it's this rough arm of the law, corruption, abuse, that's often used to explain how the taliban's swift, blunt justice became popular. in lashkah gah means the handover doesn't mean they fled, the taliban are still very much a part of life here. many people here off camera tell us the taliban retain a strong presence here. >> translator: many people buy from me. i don't know who is taliban. >> reporter: but others like this pharmacist, part of the local minority, admit to customs, too.
2:39 am
>> definitely, the taliban are coming here for shopping. they buy headache pills for me. >> reporter: the luxury of meat selling fast as aid money pours into the town. easy cash that means all sides want to keep this city and enclave from the war swirling around them. this compromise, the allegedly thuggish police, the taliban waiting in the wings is far from nato's original game plan. is this the life america really wanted to hand back to the afghans? we asked a senior american here. >> you're happy to give afghans that kind of justice? >> i think that is a bit of a -- um -- >> inside you must know, do you feel happy? >> what i want to say here, is i want to say, i feel that's imposing our val use upon the afghans.
2:40 am
what matters to the afghans is do they have an adequate security force to meet their own needs. and the afghans made the decision they wanted to transition lashkah gah. i think it would be presumptuous of me as a foreigner right now to judge the security forces they have in place. these guys are pretty effective at the level they need to be effective in this environment today. >> reporter: today money has boug brought a pause in this city's violence. yesterday's allegiances and fears are still nearby, leaving tomorrow so uncertain. nick paton walsh, lashkah gah in. a verdict in the case of a duj lawmaker accused of inciting hate against muslims. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again.
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a dutch politician accused of hate speech against muslims has been cleared of breaking the law. far right politician geert wilders had been on trial. the charges stem from comments he made online and in newspapers and in his controversial 2008 documentary on islamic extremism but a dutch court has ruled that his remarks were denigrating but were not illegal. cnn has been following the case. she join s me now. he's been acquitted. why? >> in 2008 the prosecutor's office said his comments pretty much mirrored the comments of the judge in this trial. it's interesting you sense in terms of the dutch public opinion that he speaks for what the dutch say in a lost their
2:45 am
opinion editorials has been the silent masses, the white middle class dutch people who find the concept of immigration quite problematic are slightly worried about the influx of culture amongst them. >> his popularity has been given a big boost because of this, right? >> huge, huge. what's really interesting is he's trying very hard to distance himself and saying what we are is a moderate party, not an extremely party because we reflect the concerns of the sideline the majority. but actually what he really is, he's an opportunist. other than this, he didn't have the anything else. and yet his is the third most popular party in the netherlands today. >> for people that don't know, what was in the documentary that he made that got people so mad. >> he called for the banning of the koran. he said muslims had turned the
2:46 am
streets of europes into streets of terror. and for someone who's arguing he has the right to freedom of expression to basically have been trying very hard for years lobbying to silence muslims expressing their faith, the freedom to practice their faith, to now say this is a victory for freedom of expression is pretty rich but it seems to be doing well for him. >> thanks a lot. let's take a moment now. we want to alert you to a special cnn documentary "nepal's stolen children." it's part of the cnn freedom project as well as demi moore. in nepal, she sees firsthand of our cnn hero of the year. here's a little bit of a taste of it. it premieres on sunday. >> we see posters like this on the wall on every house. people have gathered here, now
2:47 am
we give the messages. >> translator: critical part of marina paul's work is creating awareness about sex trafficking in the more remote regions of the country. ♪ >> villagers are entertained with songs, dances and speeches, all designed to educate them of the very real danger that's all around them. do join us here on cnn and find out what's being done in nepal to stop human trafficking. tune in for "nepal's stolen
2:48 am
children," the cnn freedom project documentary. see the world premiere on sunday night at 8:00 p.m. london time. viewers in americas can catch it at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 p.m. in mexico city. great news for you, the owls are gathering. harry potter fans around the world are expecting a huge announcement in just over one hour's time. author j.k. rowling has had fans guessing for days. a few days ago she leaked the existence of this website call ed pore e pottermore. we went online to see what the fans themselves think. hoping pottermore is the entire series retold from hedwig's
2:49 am
perspective. that's the owl in harry potter. i think rowling has used all her money to invent magic and classes at hog warwarts will st in the fall. >> i hope it's an online pottery store. i like millions of disappointed people. that's not very nice, mark leggett. i think it would be so cool if it was a yearly festival for potter people. we'll find out in about an hour or so. i'm a huge harry potter fan, read all the books. just ahead here on "world one," it has been making cars for over 70 years but saab seems to be running out of road. why? we'll tell you in a sec.
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welcome back. this is "world one," live from london. we're coming up on 6:00 a.m. in new york, noon in berlin and 7:00 p.m. in tokyo. let's take a look at what's trending in social media. at number three, drawdown in afghanistan. president obama's speech announcing troop reductions in afghanistan is a real trend online. obama says 33,000 soldiers will come home in the next 15 months. some people saying the troops should come home immediately and
2:53 am
others think they should stay there longer. at number two, lady gaga's plea, the singer is using her star power to convince it's safe for people to visit japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami earlier this year. she's saying that it's important to remind the world that the doors are wide open for tourists to enjoy the country. and then at number one, glen campbell, the legendary country singer has been diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. 'padre pretty disoriented at a concert earlier this year. campbell says he'll be releasing his final album this summer. cash-strapped carmaker saab has admitted it is not going to be able to pay workers' wages. the company's owner, swedish automobile, formerly known as spiker says it hasn't been able to get the necessary short-term funding. for more on that, "world business today's" nina dos santos joins me now. can it survive? >> we should point out two
2:54 am
things, zain. this news has clearly put the breaks on saab, a lost analysts saying it couldn't be worse for a company like this but there are positive precedents over the last couple of years. general motors, the company that owned saab until about 18 months ago actually had a similar situation itself in january 2009. it said it couldn't pay its bills and boy has it come back from the brink, albeit with a little bit of government financial assistance. there's crucially two options open to saab at the moment. one, it can sell off its real estate and lease it back. also on the cards is a 54% -- to two chinese automakers that will raise between $310 million to $350 million for the company. the question is will it get regulatory approval before the company runs out of money. >> how did saab get to this point? >> that's really the big question, isn't it, zain? saabs were premium cars until
2:55 am
the mid-'90s. clearly the company has been in the slow lane for quite a while. one of the main reasons is increased competition from local rival volvo which was also recently sold to a chinese automaker, gili automotive. analysts say this is a company that only manages to sell 300,000 cars around the world. so, of course, those cars aren't particularly fashionable anymore. it's beginning to have to revamp the brand, revitalize the models it has on offer and that will take time and plenty of money. >> what does it mean for consumers? >> this is also a significant issue. if saab fails, the company will have trouble honoring its warranties on cars that have been sold over the last 18 months. >> right. >> it will also mean a significant problem for the supply of spare parts for people who have already bought a saab and say for instance need a spare part. they won't be able to get one perhaps in ten years from now if this company ceases production
2:56 am
as it is. so it really is an issue. one thing i should point out, though, in comparison to their competition, such as, for instance, mercedes and bmw, saabs are selling quite cheaply at least across the showrooms in london. some people are still being tempted to get the bargain. the point is, whether the company has a future or not hangs in the balance. we should also feel sorry for the employees. apparently they only themselves learned the company had run out of money to pay them this morning in an e-mail. >> oh, no. nina dos santos. thanks so much. good perspective on what's going on. before we go, a quick reminder of our top story this hour. president obama says he is sharply reducing the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan. 33,000 soldiers will go home over the next 15 months. 10,000 by the end of this year. some critics in the u.s. are questioning the pace and the timing of the withdrawal. and the taliban is saying it's only a symbolic step. that's it from the team here and
2:57 am
myself here at "world one." i'm zain vergee. thanks a lot for watching. ahead on this "american morning," a cnn exclusive, the parents of suspected child killer casey anthony, they say they don't believe their daughter is innocent. we'll soon find out if those comments could impact this case. the president is on the road this morning, trying to sell his troop withdrawal plan to afghanist afghanistan to the soldiers who have been here and the taliban issuing a new threat. a man who was allowed to fly wearing only lady's underwear and the presidential candidate who wants states to be able to legalize pot, on this "american morning." i love that my daughter's part fish.
2:58 am
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