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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 23, 2011 6:00am-7:59am PDT

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♪ good morning, atlanta. cloudy this morning. 74 degrees right now we are told. maybe thunderstorms. a pretty start to atlanta. >> are you talking about kyra phillips? "cnn newsroom" starts right now with kyra phillips. >> we have a beautiful day. >> gals, thank you very much. >> before a jury can decide if casey anthony murdered her 2-year-old child her parents offer their own verdict and they don't think they is innocent. the number of americans filing their first unemployment claims rise to 429,000. in increase of about 9,000 from the week before. president obama unveiling
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his plans to withdraw from afghanistan. now his team faces a dauntsing mission of its own -- selling it to critics on capitol hill. we begin with old school crime story and a new approach to nab beibing a fugitive. james "whitey" bulger more than a dozen alleged murders. a repufuted boston king pin. his larger than life persona borrowed by jack nicholson in the movie "the departed." >> makes me curious to see you in this neighborhood. >> today, boston's most notorious gangster and his long time girlfriend are in jail after 16 years on the run. they will make their first court appearance today. kara finnstrom in l.a. an unusual strategy that was
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used to nabbing him? >> reporter: right. certainly was. gangster -- we are told a tipster actually saw this psa that was airing. then he called in and he led them to the pair last night. interestingly enough, james "whitey" bulger had eluded authorities for more than a decade and a half. they tried to find him but he traveled. he would use disguises and had gone all around the world eluding them so finally they went after his girlfriend and they aired these psas which had specific information about her and that is what ultimately led them to him. >> tell us about that information. actually, some of it is quite comical. >> reporter: yeah they included some very specific information about her and said she had numerous plastic surgeries, that she liked to go to the beauty salon and that she had been a dents hygienist. she usually had her teeth cleaned about once a month. you see a picture here of her with some dogs. they say she loved dogs and on which would take long walks on
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the beaches with bulger. so they created kind of a painting of who she was and hoping that would lead them to her and it did. >> nothing like bright white teeth leading you to a notorious gangster. now, the fbi has actually been criticized for overlooking a lot of his heinous crimes for information in response for getting information from him on other gangsters, right? >> reporter: yeah. he is legendary in the boston area and there had been widespread reports that the fbi had used him as an informant and perhaps they had cozied up to him too much, allowing him to escape, that he had gotten word he was about to be arrested. the fbi on its own website does say that he had infiltrated their agency. so there were lots of concerns about this over the years. i am sure they very glad at this point to have him behind bars and try to close this chapter. >> no doubt. kara finnstrom, talk more about it at 10:00. thanks smuch. ♪ the drawdown in afghanistan.
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the first u.s. troops will be pulled out next month. >> this is the beginning but not the end of our effort to wind down this war. we will have to do the hard work of keeping the gains that we have made while we drawdown our forces and transition responsibility for security to the afghan government. >> now, just hours after the president outlined the details in a prime time address, members of his team face critics on capitol hill. democrats, republicans, even military leaders have grave concerns about how to end the longest war in the nation's history. indicate bolduan is on the hill. kate, who is the white house going to send to defend this plan and who are the critics they are going to go up against? >> reporter: absolutely. i'll gill he get to the criticism in one second. white house are sending heavy-hitters up to the hill today to make the case for and likely answer tough questions on the president's plans for the troop drawdown in afghanistan. secretary of state hillary clinton for one will be before the senate foreign relations
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committee. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen will be before a house committee. then general david petraeus, the president's top commander in afghanistan, he'll be speaking before another senate committee. he is actually coming to the hill to handle a confirmation hearing for his potential new post as the director of the cia. but with word that military leaders, kyra, were pushing for a more modest, a slower drawdown than what the president had decided on. you can be sure that senators are keying on hearing general david petraeus' thoughts on this. the reaction has been mixed. i would say the democrats in general, if i had to generalize they agree that the drawdown should begin but some, including liberal democrats, think it's not fast enough and want to see a more aggressive time line and more troops pulled out at a quicker pace but others including influential republicans, they are calling this plan maybe too aggressive. they are looking forward to their -- they are concerned this
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could risk the substantial gains made in afghanistan. one of those people includes senator lindsey graham. listen here. >> i think the president rejected a modest withdrawal in 2011. that he is accelerated withdrawal in 2011 and '12 that could compromise our ability to maintain the gains we have fought so hard. the afghan security forces are better, but not yet able to sustain the fight without our help. >> reporter: words i'm hearing in terms of reaction, kyra, the need for flexibility in this plan. fear that precipitous pullout could risk the gains made there. senator mccain very influential republican in terms of these foreign relation issues said it clearly, that not the modest withdrawal he was looking for but i should say it does not cut cleanly along party lines as there are many that are feeling the war weariness, if you will, from their home districts. >> kate, thanks so much.
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in ten minutes from now, we will hear from a republican senator who is among the critics of the plan. he is on the senate foreign relations committee and asking tough questions of the obama team and he will join me live. u.s. withdrawal plan is igniting similar debate in other parts of the country taking part in the war effort. zain verjee joins us for more on that. hey, zain. >> reporter: a couple of headlines for you, both critical, actually. the guardian, a left leaning newspaper here has this headline "strategic drawdown or rush for the door?" and goes on to say those who call for an immediate full exit are making a grave mistake. such an approach risks an outcome that should be unacceptable in washington and london. a taliban takeover olve or substantial portions, of afghanistan. "international herald tribune" has this. "the way out?" obama will need to do a lot more
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to explain why it is in this country's strategic interests to stick things out for another three years plus and why his drawdown plan has a credible chance of leaving behind an afghanistan that won't implode as soon as american troops are gone. that is part of the debate, kyra, that's a big concern. is afghanistan, once u.s. troops pull out, going to distinct grate into total chaos and civil war? or are the afghan security forces actually going to be able to step up and take responsibility for security? that's a big question mark. >> yep. we will be talking about it no doubt for many years to come. zain, thanks. shocking and inspiring. those words from sarah palin who is describing her daughter bristol's new tell-all book. cnn's jim acosta is in washington. jim, before we get to the daughter's book, you've actually got news about mom, correct? >> reporter: that's right. there has been a lot of speculation over the last 24 hours, kyra, that sarah palin's
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one nation bus tour has run out of gas. not so says the former alaska governor. she has taken to her facebook page to announce that she has been called in for jury duty up in alaska. and that this is going to sideline the bus tour for a little while and says on her facebook page the next leg of the tour will come when the time comes. but as you mentioned, kyra, also the matter of her daughter's book. bristol palin has come out with autobiography. aren't you a little young but interesting couple of years for her. she talks about her relationship with levi johnston, the father of her son and sarah palin has stayed active on her twitter page saying on her account, talking about bristol palin's book that the book is shocking, refreshing, honest and inspiring and perfect. so some support there from mom for bristol palin. and in the meantime, also on the public side we should mention coming up on monday, a big
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announcement from tea party favorite michele bachmann who is throwing her hat in the ring for the 2012 nomination on the republican side. she is going to make this announcement and not a lot of people know this even though she is a congresswoman from minnesota her birth place where she was born is waterloo, iowa and where she will making that announcement and embarking on a three-state tour starting in iowa and heading off to new hampshire and north carolina. a busy week for her starting on monday. i looked at her website this morning. she has a website up as we speak, asking for donations. there isn't much more than that, but all of that, of course, is coming soon. kyra? >> jim acosta, thanks. your next political update in an hour. always get all of the political news 24/7 at cnn/ secretary clinton will be on the hill today selling the president's plan to congress. oklahoma senator james inhofe is one of the individuals questioning her.
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he has called the president's plan a strategy to end the war, not win the war. senator inhofe is joining me live. high stakes and high-end hotels. a celebrity poker ring uncovered. you'll get the names in ten minutes. [ slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. membership rewards points from american express. so skin can replenish itself. the social currency.
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checking stories across the country. a self-guru james ray is guilty of negligent homicide.
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for 17 hours he held off police in ogden, utah, all the while updating his status on facebook. the hostage is okay but gunman valdez in critical condition after shooting himself. space history coming to an end next month. this is the shuttle crew that will take us on the final launch. nasa is retiring the fleet after 30 years and 135 missions. chris ferguson will command "atlantis" july 8th. our coverage begins friday morning, july 8th, 10:30 eastern time. next hour, washington's heaviest hitters from hillary clinton to david petraeus will be facing their critics on the hill. trying to convince a skeptical congress that the president's new afghanistan withdrawal will work. republican senator james inhofe is one of the senators questioning clinton today and he
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joins me now live from the hill. senator, you say the president is more caught up in ending this war versus winning this war. define what win, what a win would look like to you. >> win means we're going to disarm the al qaeda, we're going to put them out of the power position they are in right now, and for people who think that somehow if osama bin laden out of the way is leadership. al zawahiri has been in charge of this for quite some period of time. they are emboldened right now. my concern, and i'm really concerned about this i'm the second ranking member of the senate armed services committee and found out about this precisely the same time that al qaeda did, the taliban did, the terrorists did and this is wrong. we were not a part of this decision. now the problem he has given three deadlines. one on july of this year, july of next year and then july of
6:16 am
2014. i can see the taliban behind closed doors, all right we will wait this thing out and now they know everything that i know and i think it's wrong. >> you know, senator, the americans are growing so impatient with both wars and in a bad economy, it's costing a lot of money as you well know. just consider the cost in staying in this, as you say, to win. i mean, the war is going to cost $118 billion this year alone. just to put that number in perspective, we crunched the numbers. it takes just under $15 million to build an elementary school. for $118 million you could build nearly 22 schools a day all year in the u.s. so i guess my point is, you know, how do you continue to justify that expense to taxpayers? >> well, first of all, let's look at what would be the expense if we pull out precipitously and put someone in a position where they can strike america in way is far greater than 3,000 lives. we know there have been at least
6:17 am
12 attempts since 911 we have been able to stop. if we allow them to be emboldened to grow, then the cost of that is far greater in american lives than building a schoolhouse somewhere. when they talk about the money, let's stop and look. afghanistan alone is probably half -- half as much as the president had in just stimulus program. so let's look at what the real expensive things are but look at american lives. that's my concern. i don't want to have them have the same information that we have and they -- the middle eastern mentality thinks in terms of years and decades. we think in terms of hours and days so they are very patient and they will sit back until they know when they can strike. this is my concern. i'm genuinely concerned about it. >> senator, how long do we stay? >> well, we stay until it's over and we have already defined what over is. we -- and think -- >> what is over? >> it's pretty much over when
6:18 am
there are no longer emboldened and in a position to make another major attack on the united states of america and we have to do that, or win the afghans and i just came back from there. i spent new year's eve in afghanistan. i know those kids are training hard and they are training the afghan national army, the ana and making great progress. this is right in the middle of what they call the fighting season and this is no time, in my opinion, to make these decisions. particularly unilaterally without any advice and consent from the senate. >> we are going to be watching the questioning today. that's for sure. senator, sure appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. still ahead, high stakes and high-end hotels. a celebrity poker ring uncovered. you'll get the names in five minutes. remember the winklevoss twins? back in the headlines this morning. find out why you might not hear their name -- bottom line, they are dropping the lawsuit.
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♪ women everywhere happy to know actor george clooney is single again and back on the market. clooney has split from his girlfriend of two years. italian actress canalis. lindsay lohan could be behind bars again reportedly inviting her probation testing positive for alcohol.
6:22 am
she is currently serving a sentence under home confinement under a separate case involving a stolen necklace. here is how matt lauer explained it. >> i was with lindsay lohan at her home in los angeles on tuesday afternoon. we were to sit down and talk about her plans for the future. at the last minute her people expressed concerns about the timing of the interview and it was canceled. "harry potter," author j.k. rowling says her new website will be a rich new telling of the boy wizard story. rowling will offer new potter material and allow fans to contribute. sounds like something out of a movie. celebrities involved in secret high stakes gambling and high-end hotels but one lawyer not only says it was really going on, he is going after one actor's alleged 311 thousand dollar take. cnn's kareen wynter is in los angeles with the story.
6:23 am
>> reporter: kyra, this story raising a lot of brows. tobey maguire is caught in a high stakes poker playing. the actor he was slapped with a lawsuit claiming that a former hedge fund manager by the name of bradley rudderman who is serving a 1-year federal prison sentence for wiretaps and wire fraud convictions he took place in games in several luxury hotels in beverly hills. rudderman reportedly lost money to maguire and other celebs who weren't named in the lawsuit but allegedly toort in thet gambling events. rudderman alleged to get a ponzi scheme. now the investors who allegedly lost money are going after maguire and $311,000 he allegedly won from rudderman
6:24 am
that he wired to ma gur through bank transfers. since the game were technical illegal and maguire and the other defendants have no right to keep the money they won. we reached out take maguire's representatives but did not hear anything. there is so much speculation about other stars allegedly involved in this poker ring. we can confirm the director of "the notebook" and "welcome back kotter" star gabe kaplan are also being sued. we reached out to both arctors for a response but yet to hear from them. they claim to be the brains behind facebook and got paid and then said they didn't get paid enough. poppy harlow has more with the case against facebook founder
6:25 am
mark zuckerberg. >> reporter: we have heard the names so long. levoss teams and colleagues and they sued him saying he stole the idea for facebook from them. they settled along with their third partner back in 2008 for a reported $65 million. then they said facebook undervalued, misrepresented the value of its stock, so they came back for more. that ruling asking to undo their settlement was knocked down by an appellate court. the judge said, at some point, litigation must come to an end. that point has been reached and now the winklevoss twins seem to agree. they were maybe taking it up to the supreme court and decided today to drop that appeal and not take it to a hire court and stick with the settlement they had in 2008. of course, watching the stock market heading into the opening bell on wall street sharply lower heading into this session. investors very concerned after the fed came out yesterday and said that the u.s. economy is going to grow a lot less than it expected, then we had a pretty
6:26 am
weak jobs report this morning. more than 400,000 jobless claims coming in for the 11th straight week in a row. i want to give you breaking news that just came in. secretary to the energy secretary saying that the u.s. has decided to release 60 million barrels of oil from the strategic oil reserve. interesting to see what that does to gas and oil prices today. just above $91 a barrel for oil right now. we will keep an eye on it all. >> thanks, poppy. a cnn exclusive. the parents of suspected child killer casey anthony say they don't believe their daughter is innocent. we will soon find out if those stunning comments could impact the case. also ahead, the tsa saw the tapes and heard the outrage and now changing rules on how airports screeners search your children. (rambling phone conversation)
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we become most ourselves. try new things. make new friends. laughing out loud. and dancing in the streets. its time to venture out. who knows just who we might discover... as we come alive under the spell of pure michigan. your trip begins at checking top stories. drug rackets and lone sharking and murder. alleged crime boss james "whitey" bulger captured and heading to court today. boston gangster arrested in california after 16 years on the run. one-third of the population of minot, north dakota, evacuated. heavy rain and dam releases. president about hit the road
6:30 am
to draw 33,000 forces from afghanistan by 2012. he meets soldiers at ft. drum this afternoon. mark litman, the attorney for george and cindy anthony telling cnn's gary tuchman the couple don't believe their daughter is innocent. casey anthony is charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. david mattingly is covering the trial for us and joining us live from orlando. david? >> reporter: george and cindy anthony walked in the courtroom and sitting in the same seats they have been signature in and looking for different than other days in the trial. they are testified for the prosecution and provided damaging testimony against their daughter. still, it was a surprise to hear from their attorney to find out what they were thinking inside
6:31 am
about her guilt or innocence and this coming from mark litman, representing the couple. he says they want to see the truth. they want to see justice. they do not think casey is innocent. but this is something he wanted to emphasize here. they love her. they are supporting her. they do not want to see her get the death penalty. every day, her parents come inside, they sit in the back of the courtroom just like they are today. they are physically just about as far as possible as they can be from casey on that main floor of the courtroom. sometimes they are taking notes. they both carry notebooks and they usually bring a bible with them. today, mrs. anthony has the bible open to -- is opened on her lap as she listens to testimony. this couple has had to go through some very difficult days listening to some very graphic testimony about what happened to their granddaughter and now we find out what they are thinking about their daughter as this is going on.
6:32 am
it must be even more difficult for them to sit and listen to this trial. kyra. >> >> david mattingly live from orlando. we will continue to follow the trial with you. the tsa is change is its policy on children. agents will actually learn how to screen them without the dreaded pat-down. a former transportation department inspector general is with us. you don't agree with these new policies. you think kids should be patted down. mary, why? >> well, whenever you carve out wholesale exceptions to the security rules, terrorists, hostagers, et cetera, people who want to see us harm will exploit the wholesale carve-outs of the security rule. what would be a better policy is to train the screeners to use better discretion to figure out what is the threat and what isn't and to hone in more particularly instead of carving out these wholesale exceptions. as a former prosecutor, i can tell you i had worked on cases or know of cases where children as young as 6 or 7 in the united
6:33 am
states were used unwittingly to carry out plots of crimes. so we are creating an exception that will be exploited by terrorists. >> interesting. you hit the age that i wanted to bring an example of exactly. as the tsa is changing its policy on children it came after this video was released of a 6-year-old girl getting a pat-down. you know, what do you tell a parent, though, who is very uncomfortable with this? how do you justify it to them? >> i'm a parent and i traveled the world with my kids because of my job is an aviation lawyer. my kids as young as infants had to go with me on many work assignments. you train your children. you're a parent. children take clues from you. my parents as young as 3 were taught how to go through pat-downs and ban then, airlines were doing it and they were far worse than the tsa and we were often targeted because of my work. you train your children. this is what we do. remember, every inconvenience is
6:34 am
not a constitutional infringement. so some things you have to do and what i told my children is we have to do this because sometimes bad people take things on planes. which turned out to be sadly true on september 11. i think the parents owe a responsibility to the children so they can travel the world without feeling insecure or halved. >> mary, thanks. open mike, shocking rant. listen to this airline pilot's outrageous comments. >> i still wouldn't want anybody to know [ bleep ] all of these bulb old dudes and grannies and there is like maybe a handful of cute chicks. >> we will tell you what happened to that pilot. he died driving almost 140 miles an hour. his blood alcohol twice the legal limit. ryan dunn's toxicology test results revealed. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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poppy harlow what is going on with the market? tanking right now. negative 146. >> right. >> reporter: the plarmarket dow sharply six minutes after the open. yesterday, ben bernanke had a press conference and said, look. what we are seeing is the u.s. economy will grow a lot less than we expected and revised those predictions for growth downward and saying the stock market is in bad shape and next quart unemployment 8.6 to 9%.
6:38 am
he added saying major concerns about the housing market. the market didn't sell off yesterday late in the session after that news but investors pulling back a lot this morning. likely because what we also got this morning was a bad jobs report. more than 400,000 americans lining up for unemployment benefits. bad news on jobs and the economy. one thing is interesting is oil is down 4% right now. because as i said a few minutes ago, we are releasing some of that oil from the strategic oil reserve. a little bit of good news but the market taking a big hit. >> poppy, thanks. he called flight attendants gays and grannies and bragged about his sexual escapades. southwest pilot caught on open air traffic control mike is back on the job. here is jeanne meserve with the audiotape that everyone is talking about.
6:39 am
>> reporter: it is peppered with insults and slurs against homosexuals and women. >> eleven! over the top! homosexuals and a granny. eleven! think of the odds of that. i thought i was in chicago, which was party land. after that, it was just a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes. >> reporter: grande an apparent reference to overweight people. >> i don't give a [ bleep ] i hate a hundred percent of their asses. >> reporter: he talks about exploits with some of them. >> six months, i went to the bar three times, in six months, three times. once with the granny and the [ bleep ] and i wish i hadn't gone. at the very end with two girls, one of 'em was probably doable. >> reporter: an air traffic controller tries to stop the pilot. >> whoever is transmitting, better watch what you're saying. >> reporter: but the rant goes.
6:40 am
>> i wouldn't want anybody to know if i had [ bleep ]. it's all of these -- old dudes and grannies and there may be a handful of cute chicks. >> ok, someone has to stuck mike and telling us about about their endeavors we don't need to hear that. >> reporter: finally, the transmission ends. pilots on other planes chime in quickly to say it wasn't me. one adds some commentary. >> if they wonder why airline pilots have a bad reputation. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration says it expects a higher level of professionalism from flight crews. southwest put out a video press release. >> what he said is offensive and inconsistent with the professional behavior and overall respect we require from all employees. >> reporter: the pilot was reprimanded, suspended without pay, and underwent diversity education. he is now back on the job. the pilot has apologized, southwest says, to controllers, bosses and his pilots and, of course, flight attendants but the flight attendants union not happy. it says southwest's response
6:41 am
to the incident has added insult to injury and it is considering filing a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commissi commission. jeanne meserve, cnn, washington. ♪ well, our jeff fischel will join us later for sports. pressure is on him. you see, jeff is fighting for his job. >> the texas rangers gave out sunglasses at last night's game at a night game with the houston astros so you won have to see the game! 33,000 fans, including george w. bush, former president of the united states and the rangers team president nolan ryan, put on the shades and pretended to be other people than they actually are! the end of the i6. they looked cool and went home and made love to their wives and girlfriends. the rangers trying to do this as though that matters. >> tom hanks giving jeff a run for his money but jeff is here to say, i'm here to say. tom, stick to your day job.
6:42 am
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crash results are in and "jackass" star ryan dunn was drunk when he smashed his porsche driving 140 miles per hour. early in the morning police say dunn was speeding along a pennsylvania highway when he lost control of his sports car and it crashed and burst into flames. dunn and the passenger died.
6:45 am
alan duke is in l.a. with the toxicology results. what do they show? >> it's surprising it didn't take them long. these were very important for the west coast police to get back to the coroner and showed he was very drunk and more than twice the limit. he was .196 in his blood alcohol content when he crashed his porsche at a high rate of speed. when we say high rate of speed we are talking between 132 and 14 miles per hour according to the reconstruction expert. this is a highway on the outskirts of philadelphia. he crashed into a guardrail at that speed. the porsche burst into flames. dunn and his passenger were would this killed and from blunt trauma and thermal trauma, according to the coroner. >> what were these reports of dunn's photo being posted on his twitter account just before the crash, allen? >> he was at a bar about a mile from where the crash happened. not long before the crash. in fact, he was there drinking
6:46 am
with friends. one of the friends was his passenger in his car who was also killed along with him. i talked with the manager there who said he was drinking but didn't appear to be intoxicated. but acknowledged he was drinking and you can see from the picture that he sent up through his twitter account that he had a drink in his hand. he had a previous dui several years ago. but the manager says that he wouldn't have let him leave if he thought he had been intoxicated. >> alan duke covering the story for us out of l.a., thanks. alleged crime boss whitey bulger a legend in boston and today the talk of the town in california. >> it's just a surprise to see that he was right around the corner from me because i know his story. crime boss from boston. you know? >> i grew up and moved out here and been out here about a week. wow. whitey is caught? you have to be kidding me. no way. we had to come down and check it out and see what is going on. >> how the fbi nabbed him after 16 years on the run. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day.
6:47 am
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coldwell banker. we never stop moving.
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♪ looking ahead of the stories making headlines today. members of congress who want a sizeable troop withdrawal from afghanistan hold ago news
6:50 am
conference this morning reacting to president obama's drawdown. the president hits the road today to sell his plan. meeting with soldiers at ft. drum, new york, many have just returned from afghanistan. david petraeus faces a senate confirmation hearing, the man president obama replace leo as the head of the cia. we're following a number of developments in the next hour of cnn the news room. let's start with brianna keilar at the white house. >> as you mentioned, president obama heads to new york today after his announcement last night. but then he moves on to fund-raising and tries to turn the conversation back to the economy and jobs. in los angeles, overnight, a notorious crime boss, one of the country's top ten fugitives was caught here in los angeles. we'll tell you how he was found at the top of the hour. i'm jim spellman in minot,
6:51 am
north dakota, where the city is trying to defend itself from fast rising flood waters. more at the top of the hour. >> thanks, guys. ing down children. parents outraged, saying all of that touching is too evasive. tsa listened. now they're changing rules. . backed by the highest possible ratings for financial strength. new york life. the company you keep. backed by the highest possible ratings for financial strength. when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing.
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6:54 am
>> the texas rangers gave out sunglasses at a night game with houston astros, that's so you wouldn't have to see the game. 33,000 fanses and the ranger's team president nolan ryan put on the shades and pretended to be other people than they actually were. they looked cool, they went home to make love to their women and girlfriends. the rangers were hoping to set a record of the most number of people to wear sunglasses in the dark. like it matters. >> one day you can say your grandkids, guess who subbed for me? tom hanks. >> that's right. and i hear he had some fashion recommendations for you. >> oh, come on. let's go to the gold cup. >> u.s. versus panama. >> it's the semifinals and the u.s. looking for revenge because
6:55 am
they lost earlier in the tournament to panama. the 77th minute, donovan to clint dempsey, the goal. that was the only goal. the u.s. wins, 1-0. the u.s. shut out opponents since that loss to panama. the u.s. faces in the finals. the venus williams, pushed to the limit. nearly a three-hour match. venus williams won. check out american tennis player deathny maddox. she has the eye match, but that's not what everyone is noticing. her jacket covered with tennis balls, spikes, but wait, it gets better. this is what she wore to a player's party designed by alex noell, same designer as lady
6:56 am
gaga. cincinnati's chris heisey takes it out in the first inning. gone. he's not done. braump bombs away, another one in the fifth. heisey vying for time out in right field. the reds win that one within 10-2. and our fielding play of the night. deep to right, tornado's jose batista, this time he steals one. look at him use the glove. that's a great catch, but the braves did win. speaking of great catches, giants hosting the twins. here is one a fan wishes he hadn't made. cody ross heading towards the seat. jumps. the fan gets it instead and the home crowd let's him know they are not happy, not good. they start booing him.
6:57 am
and you can see he's a little upset with himself for taking the ball away. he had to be escorted from his seat for his own safety. remember, steve bartmoth did this and the fans will not forget. >> what happens when a fan does that? >> well, you know, it's a very clear line. right where the seats start. if it's in the seats, he has every right to catch it. it's a foul ball. it's the fan's ball. if it's out in the field, then the umpires can call interference. he can may a play for it and take it home, he just has to be careful. >> thanks for that. jeanne moos talks to a guy who is very relieved now that he has his bag back. >> you may wish the airlines were a whiz with luggage, but at least you've never had someone allegedly take a whiz inside your luggage. >> the overwhelming stench of urine. >> that's what british traveler simon haze says greeted him when
6:58 am
he opened the bag the airline had lost four days earlier aes traveled from london to minneapolis. >> it's just absolutely disgusting. >> haze was so angry, he did a show and smell on his hotel bed and posted it on youtube, displaying everything from his damp shorts to his stained work strous trousers. >> the smelling coming off these is like either -- somebody with a serious renal issue has peeed. >> how are you certain that's that's actually urine? >> from smell alone. >> hayes says he even got a second opinion to confirm the smell. >> got the people on the front desk to give it the nose test. >> his youtube video resulted in simple think and disgust. ew, you're touching it. others suggested perhaps a bomb
6:59 am
dog lifted his leg into the upright position. >> whether it's a dog that peaed on it or a human that peeed on it is immaterial, i think. >> still gross. >> yeah. when delta saw the thanks, delta, for using my luggage as a toilet video and the twitter hash tag, it's delta-peebags. >> they contacted hayes who had no luck trying to reach them. >> obviously, they're appalled and they've apologized profusely. >> delta told cnn if anything happened, it is unacceptable. he will be reimbursed about $250 and bumped up to the front of the cabin for his return trip to london. hayes also found his toothpaste squirted around his shaving kit and his fragrances missing. dulche and gabbana, the one. the next time you check your luggage, you might want to check afterwards to see if it passes
7:00 am
the sniff test. even his waterproof raincoat got sprinkled. >> that spent some time in the shower yesterday getting a new washing off. >> new regulation, no urinating on the luggage. with a bag in smelly, you could use an oxygen mask. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. outs out west. hi, everyone. i'm kyra philips. we're keeping a close eye on the supreme court. we're awaiting rulings on prescription drugs and the dangers of generics. alleged boss and crime boss james "whitey" bulger was finally caught. the. before jurors can decide if casey kid her 2-year-old daughter, her parents offered
7:01 am
their own opinion. they don't think she's innocent. the first u.s. troops will be pulled out next month. 10,000 of them come home this year. another 23,000 u.s. troops withdrawn by a end of next summer. >> this is the beginning, but not the end of our effort to wind down this war. we'll have to do the hard work of keeping the gains that we've made while we draw down our forces and transaction security to the afghan government. >> now members of the team face critics on capitol hill. and is he house armed services committee, testimony is good to get under way discussing the draw down plan, as well. democrats, republicans, even military leadsers all have grave concerns about the president's new afghanistan policy. brianna keilar is at the white house. brianna, the president stopping
7:02 am
at ft. drum, but after that, he's moving on to business of the re-election, right? why the quick turn? >> he's doing this in a couple of ways. after the follow on his adownsment last night, he heads to new york city where he's hoping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars at each of three fund-raisers, including a couple that are of import. certainly one has to do with the lgbt community, kyra. and there's also a creative fund-raiser that involves a performance on broadway of sister act the musical. but one of the things that really struck me in what the president said last night, he tried to make the turn to the economy in his comment saying it's time to get to shielding here in the u.s. and he's trying to refocus the message on the economy and jobs. if you look at his schedule web heads tomorrow to pittsburgh. he's going to be at the national robotics engineering center and he'll be talking about new
7:03 am
technology in manufacturing that the obama administration says will create jobs. this is no mistake, because even though, obviously, this week has so much to do with afghanistan and also libya is taking up a lot of the oxygen in the room, this white house is very aware that it's the xweconomy that's going to dominate the minds of voters and that's the message he's trying to focus on tomorrow. >> brianna keilar, thanks. now to an old school crime story and a new approach to nab ago fugitive. james "whitey" bulger, 19 alleged murders, a reputed boston kingpin who inspired fear in hollywood script writers. his larger than life persona borrowed by jack nicholson in the movie "the be parted." >> it makes me curious to see you in this neighborhood. >> today, boston's most notorious gangster and his long time girlfriend are in jail after 16 years on the run.
7:04 am
kara finnstrom in los angeles where they'll make their first court appearsance today. how did this unusual strategy actually lead to nabbing these two? >> well, after looking for bulger himself for 15 years and not being successful, they decided to target his long time girlfriend, instead. they created this 30-second psa where they talked about specific traid traits she has, things like she likes dogs, she had numerous plastic surgeries, she frequents beauty salons. and so they hoped that perhaps some of the women in different tv audiences where they play these psas might recognize her in a beauty salon or something along those lines and call them in with a tip. in fact, this is how they got the tip that led them to both of these two last night in santa monica and they're now under arrest. so he's 81 years old now. how big of a threat did the fbi really consider him? and why did he become such a
7:05 am
priority at this time? >> well, their top ten fugitive website, they say he always carries a knife, he has a violent temper. but again, he is 81 and he was arrested last night without any resistance. this is really about the damage that they say he's already done to the boston area. he's been indicted on 19 murders, he's want odd a wide range of crimes from drug trafficking to extortion. so he's actually committed so many different crimes at this point, this is really more about what he has done and they really feel they need to bring him to justice. >> all right. and at this point, will we see him in court today snm. >> we expect to see him in court later today. don't have an exact time, but, of course, we'll be there. and the interesting thing here is we really haven't seen him in 16 years. he's now 81. so it will be interesting to see how he's changed, this huge mob boss who has been so sought after. bracing for disaster in
7:06 am
north dakota, frantic fight under way to save the city of minot. already a third of the city's population has evacuated. jim spellman is there. jim, set the scene for us. >> reporter: kyra, the water is starting to come up here. yesterday, it reached the top of all of the levees throughout town except for a few like this one that they've built up to try to protect vital infrastructure. this is a complex here that has a library and city hall and the police station. they've built temporary dikes around some schools, an important bridge that crosses the river. everywhere else, they've had to concede there's no way they'll be able to build these levees high enough to protect the bulk of the city. this river is being fed from flood waters and rising waters from canada. just right here, in these low-lying area, we've seen the
7:07 am
water come 8, 10 feet towards us. and it's flowing much faster every ten minutes or so, it seems to pick up the pace. all these people that have left, they've resigned themselves to having heavy damage. people are pulling up carpet out of their house figuring it's easier to do it when it's dry than when it's wet. they hope to at least keep part of the vital infrastructure going. kyra. >> all right, jim. we'll keep checking in with you. thanks. overseas, a big home coming in northern ireland for rory mcilroy. zeefr r zain veree is following this story.
7:08 am
>> tie a look at this video. he's being sprayed by champagne by some of his friends there. this is the hollywood golf club. he knows it well. they watched him win the u.s. open there. and he gave a speech and thanked his parents for being so amazing. he also said that he also he was so happy to show a different image of northern ireland than the one we're so used to seeing. you know what? their headline is the lessons everyone can learn from mcilroy's sporting genius. they go on to add it was because he learned so much from losing that he emerged as the most convincing victor in golf's most elite event. his sporting genius is all the
7:09 am
more admirable because it's accompanied by obvious warmth, dignity, humility and appreciation. i second that, kyra. >> and i third that. we need a new golf star with a moral campace. thanks. poppy har low is watching the market for us. >> a huge selloff, a number of factors here. this comes after a very sour announcement from the fed yesterday saying the u.s. economy smot going to grow as much as they thought. what is interesting this morning is that we didn't see the reaction yesterday. we're seeing it this morning. two interesting things at play here. as i said this morning, the u.s. has decided to release 60 million barrels of oil from their strategic petroleum
7:10 am
reserve. that means tomorrow when you go to the gas station, your gas is going to cost less. i just got off the phone with an oil trader who said, look, this is the u.s. government giving every american ostensibly a big tax break saying so many parts of this economy are not good for consumers right now. if we can push energy prices lower, that is helpful for consumers. but what is interesting, traders aren't factoring that and investors aren't factoring that into this marketplace because it is not affecting the market which has been down triple digits since the open, kyra. >> we'll keep tracking it. thanks. the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites...
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. checking stories across country, a phoenix jury says self-help guru james ray is guilty of negligent homicide. three people died of dehydration and heat stroke in what he called a sweat lodge ceremony in the desert in 2009. for seven hours, he held off police in ogden, utah. all the while web updated his status on facebook. this is the shuttle crew that will take us on the shuttle launch. nasa is retiring the fleet after 30 years and 135 missions.
7:14 am
chris fergson will command "atlantis" july 8th. president obama will be in new york later today to speak at three democratic fund-raisers and the one getting the most attention is for the city's gay community. the president's attending the event comes at a critical moment in new york state. lawmakers are closing in on a vote that will legalize same-sex marriage. mary snow has more. mary, how close are we to seeing this vote? >> i think it's saifrts that everyone is bracing for a long day with a potential vote today. we do know this, the lawmakers here must pass or must vote on a bill dealing with rent regulations and tax caps. that is likely to come up later today. once that vote is taken and that bill is out of the way, that paves the way for a vote on same-sex marriage, whether the republican-controlled senate will still bring it up, that remains unclear. but behind the scenes, there
7:15 am
have been ongoing negotiations to address concerns among republican lawmakers about the language of the bill and about protection for religious organizations. we are being told, though, that progress is being made on that language. as you know, this is one vote -- there are 62 members of the state senate here. and supporters of this bill are one vote shy of getting it passed. so there's a lot of pressure building. >> so set the scene for us, mary. how many people are there? >> well, you know, kyra, every day this week, there have been people in favor of this bill and those against. they've been flooding the halls of the state capital here in albany, singing and chanting and, really, lobbying lawmakers. this morning, fewer than usual, but perhaps that's because everybody is appraising for a very long day today and a very long night. but this has been the ongoing scene here in this capital. >> all right. we'll be following right along there with you, mary. thank you. the people in south africa love her.
7:16 am
more on first lady michelle obama's visit just ahead. [ waves crashing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here.
7:17 am
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7:18 am
unfortunately, bad weather forced first lady michelle obama to cancel her visit to the prison where nelson mandela was held. but she did get a tour of the mu ee jump to learn more about south africa's history of
7:19 am
segregation. >> hi there. obviously, the day began with a little bit of bad news for the first lady. she was looking forward to getting a tour of an island. of course, this is where former president nelson mandela spent the majority of his 27-year-long incarceration. but she did get tok to the district museum and this tells the story of a community that was forced to be removed from that area because it was a white-only area. and, of course, that museum basically tells that story and how these people have now moved to the cape flats, the area that's called the cape flats here. and from there, she actually went past a small restaurant escorted by a lady who loved cooking, knew nothing about starting restaurants and the vaunt is one of the most popular here in cape town. she ordered her -- ma leah and
7:20 am
sasha love sandwiches and she had a salad. she left cape town where she interacted with some kids from disadvantaged communities. but she wanted them to see a university and dream about studying, so she stressed, as she has been throughout her trip, the importance of education and just motivated kids who could ask her any question, actually, including how she met the president. >> you know she's being received extremely well. we'll continue to follow her trip there through your eyes. thank you. lindsay lohan, familiar surroundings, back in court this morning and george clooney is back on the market. where shall we start? the young actress, more trouble, more drama. >> and i hate to be cynical, but i can't say this is entirely unexpected. lindsay lohan has violated her
7:21 am
parole. she was under house arrest and last week she failed a court-ordered alcohol test. she is expected to try and explain herself in front ooh a judge this morning. she's appearing in front of the same judge who sentenced her to 120 days in jail. she's been serving it from home. in recent days, there have been multiple reports of lohan party, friends on her beach home roof. what is the expression about a leopard not being able to change its spots? i think it continues, sadly. >> let's turn the corner and have more fun here. harry potter's story continues on the internet. >> yeah. and my nephew will be thrilled about this. the books have wrapped up, the final movie is about the to release, but harry potter will live on. j.k. rolling has announced the creation of she promises to share additional
7:22 am
information b that she's been hoarding for years about her world of muggels and wid ards. she will be building the site in part with her fans. and good news for e-book readers, as rolling put it, potter starts with a few crucial editions. the most important one is for pup. and great news for all the single ladies out there. george clooney on the market again. what happened? >> everybody thinks, oh, i've got a shot now. well, george is back on the market. we don't know the real reason for his latest split. but, of course, a lot of people are speculating about what happened, with the common thing that, hey, clooney likes being single. he has made it clear over the years, he does not plan on getting married ever again. but clooney and his girlfriend
7:23 am
elisebetta canalis issued a statement saying we are not together any more. it is very difficult and very personal and we hope everyone can respect our privacy. george, i wish you nothing but the best, and i'm sure it's all for the right reasons. >> a.j., that's so politically correct. stay on the scoop there. a.j. hamter with everything breaking on the entertainment world. every night on hln, "showbiz tonight," 11:00 p.m. eastern time. the stage is now set for a huge cross border soccer battle. team usa will play mexico in theson soccer finals. we'll tell you how the yanks advance. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. this is visibly smart. a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh.
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♪ expertise matters. find it at northern trust. we've got breaking news coming out of the u.s. supreme court. two significant decisions to tell you about regarding your health. our elizabeth cohen is there. actually, just came out of the courtroom. also we're going to talk in a moment with sonny haas and our legal analyst. how about first let's start with you. tell us what happened with regard to generics. >> these decisions just down. i understand we have video for this first case that i think is really important in explaining this story. there's a woman in minnesota. years ago before she took a certain drug, she was a fully functioning woman. however, she then took a generic version of an acid reflux drug.
7:27 am
so this is a healthy woman who had acid reflux. after she took it, i hope we have this video, look what happened. she developed a terrible neurological disorder. now, her family then found out that the brand name version of this drug, the same thing was happening to people and the makers of the brand name drug pulled it off the market. and so her family said, what's up with that? how come you let the generic one stay on there? we would have never given it to her if we had known that. so she sued. but now it's gone to the highest court in the land and the supreme court justices said sorry, mrs. mensing, it's okay what the generic drugmakers did. it's okay to keep a generic drug on the market even when the brand name drug has been pulled off the market. >> and so many of us use generics, elizabeth. sometimes the pharmacist automatically gives you the generic without even asking you. so what does this mean for us
7:28 am
every day as we roll up to the pharmacy to get our prescription drugs? >> you know, i think what it means is that if you're taking a generic, it is not a bad idea to just quickly check and see if the brand name is still on the market. it's easy. you just say to the pharmacist, hey, the brand name of this, is this still sold? and if she says yes, at least you know it's still on the market. you can also go online and see if they've issued any warnings for the brand name or the again generic. >> the next decision coming down having to do with prescription drugs and marketing, elizabeth. and what was the decision on that with regard to consumer protection? >> right. i have to tell you, kyra, i bet you don't know this because a lot of people don't know this. that is when you go fill a prescription at the pharmacy, that information is then sold to bill farm pharma.
7:29 am
it won't say kyra phillips is taking this or that drug, but the fact that your doctor sold it to you, that gets sold to pharmaceutical companies. pharmaceutical companies loves this. they can then go and do targeted marketing to the doctors. well, some station in new england said, that doesn't seem right and they made it illegal. this, again, went to the supreme court and the supreme court sided with big pharma. they said big pharma can buy this information, find out what individual doctors have been prescribing and it is all legal, it is all legitimate. >> sonny haas, how does it impact commercial speech and consumer protection? >> i haven't had a chance to read the entire decision yet, but if i'm loathed to talk about the effects of it, kyra. i will say this. the supreme court, this is one of the days when they sort of the send out all these decisions and it becomes the law of the
7:30 am
land. i can tell you that marketing companies, drug companies, pharmaceutical reps, they will all be changing their behaviors because the supreme court has now told them what is appropriate and what isn't appropriate. and i think that's very important for our viewers to know. a lot of people think they see these supreme court nominations and they don't realize the impact of it. once the supreme court has made the a decision, it becomes the law of the land and everyone must follow it, not just from state to state, but all states, the entire country. >> so elizabeth, with regard to data mining, what are the benefits, then, of the changes that will now bip be instill. >> well, big pharma is the one who benefits here. they want to know dr. john smith, they know this individual doctor, they know what he's prescribed. a competitor, drugs, they can then go to dr. smith and say, hey, you know, here are some gifties. let's -- can you please prescribe my drug instead.
7:31 am
big pharma is a huge winner here. studies show, kyra, that when a pharmaceutical company markets drugs to a specific doctor, it works. >> elizabeth cohen, anthony, thanks so much. drug rakts loan sharking and murderer, alleged crime board of trustees boss james whitey bulger captured and will be in court today. captured after 16 years on the run. about one-third of the population of minot, north dakota, have evacuated. record flooding is expected avenue heavy rain and dam releases. president obama hits the road to push his plan to withdrawal 33,000 soldiers from afghanistan by september 2012. the president meets soldiers at ft. drum, new york, this afternoon. political buzz. your rapid fire look at the hottest political topics of the
7:32 am
day. three questions. playing today, cornell belcher and will contain. was the speech by president obama a big mistake? will? >> kyra, yesterday afghanistan was a sess pool where they stone the victims of rape for adultery. it was the same way 30 years ago and it will most likely be the same way tomorrow. yesterday, there was no discernible goal to the war in afghanistan. now that we decide to take a third of our 100,000 troops out, i think it will be the same way tomorrow. i don't know that much has changed. >> cornell. >> well, i have to vehemently disagree with that. we have changed direction and we're on a new path here. this president is winding down two wars. he made a commitment to see he's going to wind down the wars. he wound down the war in iraq
7:33 am
and he is now winding down the war in afghanistan. this war started seven years ago. two years ago when he came in, al qaeda has momentum. they don't have momentum right now and their leader is dead. >> john. >> i agree with cornell on this. look, president obama's surge has largely worked. osama bin laden is killed. the taliban are in retreat. it's appropriate he draw down in the timeline. he said before, this is not a matter of poll b. this is a matter of war and peace. the obama administration's to war has worked today. republicans are favored to take control of the senate. is he right, cornell? >> well, you know, i am leery about making these sort of predictions. did the democrats have more seats to defend and there will be a lot of new voterses coming into the process. i think the democrats' chances of recruiting. we don't know what the tea party
7:34 am
is going to do in the republican primaries. they helped us out the last time. i think they might help us out this time. >> all right. will. >> this isn't a matter of a crystal ball. this is math. i mean, the reality is is the democrats are defending 23 seats. that's a really tall order. they're on defense in the electoral map. interesting fact, gotta go back to 1916 to find a time when the president's party lost seats in the senate and went back to the president. >> will, i'm sorry. go ahead. >> that's okay. it's not hard to find three seats that are likely to flip. north dakota, missouri, montana, and beyond that, you can pick teb more that might flip. john said it right. the democrats is playing defense. >> buzzer beater. 10 seconds to answer. sarah palin's bus tour will hit the road again. what should her next stop be? will, i'll start with you. >> alaska.
7:35 am
>> cornell? >> you know, if we in the lame stream media are dumb enough to keep following her, she should go all over the country. >> alaska is good, but i'll take some swing states. florida and ohio. that's where the election will be decided at the end of the day. >> look at will taking it seriously. thanks, guys. we are getting reports that the military tanks and armored personnel carriers moved into a village along the turkish border. that's where refugees have made up a camp to try and avoid the crackdown. arwa damon joins us on the phone from damascus. >> reporter: what we have been haefrg is activists and residents in that area is that the advance that many of them had been dreading, given that they had already -- their respective villages and towns
7:36 am
good, in fact, take place this morning. the syrian military, they are saying that the military entered the small village around 6:30 in the morning saying that no shots, however, were fired because most of the residents had, in fact, fled, saying only the helderly were left behind. we are hearing that that refugee community is either trying to hide themselves amongst the or, in fact, crossed into turkey. but many of them had been bracing themselves for this kind of a military offensive. now, the syrian government, we believe -- quite a bit since we arrived here is maintaining that it is simply tarlthing armed groups. it's saying that it had to go into this part of the country around two weeks ago to try to cleanse it of armed groups that it says were targeting the security forces and terrifying
7:37 am
residents themselves. >> arwa damon, there, live from where she just drossed over the border joining us from damascus. ar arwa, thanks so much. oil prices tumbling as the obama administration decided to tap the strategic oil reserve. will it ease your pain at the pump? we'll talk about it, just ahead. of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. yet an instant classic." with sports car styling and power,
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what's your story? citi can help you write it. more breaking news out of the supreme court. another decision being handed down. this one having to do with anna nicole smith's estate dispute. bill mears, joining us by phone. what does it mean? >> the estate for vicki lynn
7:40 am
marshall, who went by the name of anna nicole smith has lost her appeal at the supreme court. it was a 5-4 decision. it basically puts an end to the long standing dispute over her late husband. he was a texas oil man who died back in 1995. and the issue is whether she deserved a portion of that $1 billion estate. >> got it. bill mears from the supreme court, thank you so much. we are following pictures out of boston. we are following the feds coming forward, talking about the arrest of "whitey" bulger, boston's infamous crime boss. we're going to keep an eye on this as the feds talk about that arrest after 16 years on the run. "cross country," lexington, kentucky, a powerful form hit stables at the churchill downs
7:41 am
racetrack. nobody was hurt there. in south charleston, west virginia, a group of men tweeted themselves right into jail during a wild night out. they caughted $14,000 worth of damage to a hotel room. and guess what? they tweeted as they smashed tvs and stabbed couches. they even posted pictures. that gave police plenty of crews to come and arrest them. new jersey will lower its flag today to owner named saxophonist clarence clemens. clemons died from complications of a stroke in west palm beach, florida, saturday. he was 69 years old. oil price ves plummeted. poppy is here to explain what's going on from new york. >> a bill sell-off, as everyone can see. the dow down more than 200 points. we got bad news from the fed on our economy yesterday. we don't know what's happening with greece's situation and the reports on housing, jobs have
7:42 am
been bad for the past few weeks. that's why the market is selling off and a bad jobs report this morning. oil prices are tumbling down, as well, following below $90 for the first time since february. kyra, this could be a lot of relief for consumers at the pump in the next few weeks. the united states is saying, all right, we're going to release millions of barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve. what one oil trader told me, this is a big tax break for americans. chuck schumer, who has been pushing for this, coming out and saying this is a shot in the arm for the economy. we will see if this need for consumers and companies really, really matters. again, the government making a major move to bring down oil and gas prices. the market, though, not factorings it in, down more than
7:43 am
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7:46 am
its sounds like something out of a movie. celebrities involved in secret high stakes gambling & at one high end hotel. one lawyer says not only is it going on, he's going after one celebrity's take. >> this involves spiedzerman star toby mcguire. he's involved in a bit of a legal web, entangled this morning. this involves high stakes poker playing. the actor was slapped with a lawsuit claiming that a former hedge fund manager, bradley rodderman who is now serving a ten-year prison sentence, that he took part in secret high stakes and elite poker games at several luxury hotel games in beverly hills. rudderman reportedly lost money
7:47 am
to mcguire and other celebs who weren't named in the lawsuit but allegedly took part in these exclusive gambling events. the suit claims that rodderman came one a legal gambling scheme to pay his debts. the investors who allegedly lost money in the scheme, they're going after mcguire and the $311,000 that he allegedly won, big money, from rudderman that he wired to mcguire through bank accounts, according to the complaint. the suit contends that since these games were technically illegal and weren't licensed, mcguire and the other defendants have no right to keep the money they won. we reached out to mcguire's reps for comment, but we're told they are not responding at this time. >> any more big names being sued? >> a whole lot of speculation about other stars allegedly involved in this poker ring, but we can only confirm that actor director nick cassavetes is
7:48 am
being sued for $3,000 and caplin for $62,000. we reached out to both of these actors for comments and they are yet to respond. >> thanks. checking sports now, starting a gold kul soccer, u.s. versus panama. the two biggest names in u.s. soccer, done no vary passes to dempsey for the goal. the u.s. goes on to play big rivals, mexico in the gold cup final. that's saturday at the rose bowl. major league baseball now, atlanta, shaffer hits one to the right. tornado's jose batista brings it back in where a perfectly timed leap. batista known for the bat can obviously use the glove, but the braves won the games?
7:49 am
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looking at other stories, they'll be making headlines later today. members of congress who want a sizable withdrawal from afghanistan are hold ago news conference today. and the president hits the road today to sell his plan. he's meeting with soldiers at ft. drum new york. and on capitol hill want general david petraeus faces a senate hearing. he's the man president obama tapped to replace leon panetta to be head of the cia. before there was lady gaga and britney spears, there was barry manilow. today he sits down with piers morgan to talk about the high cost of fame. >> jufs just being famous, it's a dangerous thing to do if you're not grounded. >> it's a drug, isn't it? >> it's a drug. i know that feeling that you are -- the audience applauds
7:53 am
you, people applause you, they will tell you you're doing great, they send you back to your hotel room and you're alowe loan and you look at your computer and you take out your [ bleep ] and you show everybody. >> and you can hear more of what barry manilow says tonight at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. coming in the next hour of ne newsroom, he was the talk of boston's public and the inspiration for more than one movie. now after 16 years on the run, "whitey" bulger is finally in custody. also coming up, if a read zacharie, he sits down with afghan's president what please karzai. we'll get his reaction to what the president of the united states had to say about drawing down in afghanistan. was an archer drawing his bow. ♪
7:54 am
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should i bundle all my policies with nationwide insurance ? watch this. on one hand, you have your home insurance
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with one company. and on another hand, you have your auto with another. and on another hand, you have your life with another. huh... but when you bundle them all together with nationwide insurance... ... they all work together perfectly-- and you could save 25%. wow... it's all in the wrists. ♪ nationwide is on your side this just in, a worldwide exclusive, our faried zacharia, apparently moments ago, had a chance to sit down with the president of afghanistan, hamid karzai, and the comments on president obama's plans with regard to a draw down on troops? let's go ahead and take a listen. >> the announcement that was made last night by president obama is welcome to the afghan people. the number of troops that he has announced to be withdrawn this
7:57 am
year and the rest of next year is a sign that afghanistan is taking over its own security and trying to defend its territory by its own means. so we are happy with the announcement. as for the number of troops, we have no opinion on that. >> wow, no opinion on that. faried, what was your take after doing this interview? >> i got the feeling that karzai had come to terms with the fact that he was not going to be bailed out by a vast american president, by -- is this some kind of an american military solution. i think he recognizes the name of the game is political settlement in afghanistan and he seems to be working for that. i was struck by the fact that he had come to terms that there was no american cavalry waiting in the wings any more and he
7:58 am
understood that during the day, the afghans were going to have to take carve of their own affairs. >> and there's been lots of criticism, fareed that his police are not ready to security that country. >> i put that to him specifically. you know, there are reports of 66% rise in insurgent attacks sxp he brushed it off, really. but, you know, i think that that is perhaps what he had to say publicly. my sense is that their feeling is whatever the situation, it is now time for the africans to take over because the american people are not going to be able to have an unending exposure to afghanistan. and he needs to deal with the reality as it exists. he was much more comfortable talking about negotiations with
7:59 am
pakistan and afghanistan. this was hamid karzai at his most constellatory toward all his former adversaries. >> fareed, before we hit the top of the hour, he haas has been criticized by military leaders in the u.s., political leaders here in the u.s., that he is a tremendous part of the problem, that his involvement in corrupt activities are not helping the status of afghanistan right now. >> i think, myself, that this has been a serious mistake on the part of the u.s. administration. they have publicly condemned him. they have leaked the kind of things you're talking about. look, the alternative to hamid karzai is not george washington or franklin roosevelt or swins ton churchill. the alternative to hamid karzai would be another corrupt, incompetent afghan leader. karzai has been a partner. he was first of all the twice


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