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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 23, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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afghanistan. weon't really have an option. we have to deal with him. the alternatives look a lot worse from what i can tell. and it undermines the relationship and the trust that we can build. from one level, one can accept the comments as factual. it's still not the right strategy and we're going to be dealing with karzai this year and next no matter what. >> 10:00 a.m. this sunday, right here on "cnn headline news," fareed zakari, his report with hamid karzai. thanks so much. that does it for us. fredericka woodfield is in for suzanne malveaux today. >> good to see you. live from studio 7, let's get you up to speed for this thursday, june 23rd. breaking news, the u.s. supreme court has just handed down two major rulings that could affect your health care. let's get straight to the
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supreme court. elizabeth, first, tell us about this ruling on generic drugs, impacts a whole lot of people. >> this impacts most generic drugs. you know what? these days, most of us are taking a generic drug at some point in our lives. this involves a woman named gladys mensing from miven minute. we have video of her before she started taking a drug for acid reflux. we can see in the video, she's outside, playing with her grandchildren. she was doing fine. she then took a drug for acid reflux and she developed a severe neurological disorder. she can barely speak. it's a disorder that is similar to alzheimer's or parkinson's. her family then found out that the brand name version of the generic drug that she was taking, they knew that it caused these problems and that warnings were on the label. so the family sued and said, hey, you should have warned us that these problems had been seen in the brapd brand name version of the drug.
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well, that case went up to the supreme court and today, the justices said mrs. mensing, you have lost your case. generic drugs and brand name drugs are different things. so she lost her case. >> all right. there was another ruling from the supreme court today involving drugs, pharmacies and their relationship wes pharmaceutical companies and what kind of information can be shares. >> right. this is a big win for big pharma. a lot of us don't know this. when you are described a drug, the drugstore that you go to sells that information to big pharma. they don't know the patient's name, but they know what the doctor did. big pharmaceutical companies take that information and let's say they sell zoloft. dr. smith prescribes prozac and
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they go to him and market zoloft. studies show that doctors change their prescribing habits based on this information. several states in new england didn't like that and they said, we're going to make that illegal. and the supreme court says, no, data is data. if you want to buy it and sell it, that's fine. this marketing to our doctors will continue. the our doctors will continue to get visits from pharmaceutical companies and our doctors will continue to be influenced by pharmaceutical companies about what kinds of things they should be prescribing. >> have you heard from any investigations who say they don't like those kinds of visits? well, you know what's interesting, fredericka, what i hear from doctors is they had no idea that pharmaceutical companies knew what they prescribed. they figured they write a prescription and that's it. they didn't even know that this was sold. some doctors like these visits from drug companies. a lot of doctors more and more are putting up signs in their
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offices saying, get out, we don't want to see you any more. >> elizabeth cohen at the u.s. supreme court, thank you so much for that. >> thank you. stocks are falling hard and fast today on fears the economic recovery is stalling. right now, the dow jones industrial is down 210 points. oil price res also plunging. the u.s. announced plans to release $30 million barrel from the strategic reserve today to ease libbal supplies disruption. nabbed, a legendary and colorful mob boss will go to court in los angeles today. if fbi finally nailed "whitey" bulger. bulger stands indicted in 19 murders. he was a fixture on the fbi's 10 move wanted list whitey is caught? you have to be kidding me. you've heard all the stories, things he's done, corruption and all that. a lot of people say, oh, he's
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dead. maybe they don't want to see him get caught. he might take down the whole fbi if he starts talking. in orlando, a defense close to the defense team says casey anthony's mother, cindy, may take the stand today to testify on her daughter's behalf. she has already testified for prosecutors. the attorney for casey anthony's parents tell cnn they believe, quote, she's not innocent. but he adds, they don't want her to get the death penalty. casey anthony is charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. the souris river is spilling over levees in the minot, north dakota, area today. 12,000 minot residents have evacuated. and that's a third of the town's population. flooding from the missouri river is threatening a nuclear plant today. water is just less than three feet from the cooper nuclear station south of omaha.
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the plant remains fully operational. dozens of workers are reportedly staying on-site around the clock as a precaution. and president barack obama leaves for ft. drum, new york, next hour. he'll discuss his draw down plan. many have just returned from afghanistan. the president plans to bring 33,000 forces home by the end of next summer. and the drawdown is far bigger and faster than the one war commander general petraeus ideally wanted. republicans warn congress will hold the administration accountable if it undermines progress in afghanistan. a mrunt senator john mccain says this is not the modest withdrawal that he hoped for. the president dispatched his top lieutenant to capitol hill today to answer questions about the drawndown. joint chiefs chairman admiral mike mullen says he initially had doubts.
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>> i do not intend to discuss the specifics of the private advice i rendered with these decisions. as i said, i support them. what i can tell you is the president's decisions are more aggressive and incur more risk than i was originally prepared to accept. >> here is a rundown of some of the stories we're covering in the next two hours. after 16 years on the runs, one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives is caught. mob boss james "whitey bulger has been caught. plus, the president formally announces his troop drawndown plan from afghanistan. finally, watching the river rise, about one-third of the people in minot, north dakota, have evacuated. >> the thing is, tlg there's nothing we can do about it. once you get over the shock of the situation, you just pick up
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right now the now to the drama unfolding in a florida courtroom. in the casesy anthony murder trial. a course close to the defense told other sister network, truetv that the defendant's mother too take the stand today. what is happening exactly in court today, david? >> well, fredericka, cindy today
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have not yet taken the stand and it is not possible yet to confirm if she will today. that is going to be completely up to the defense. so far, the defense following a very undramatic plan to show the court and the jury what kind of evidence the prosecution does not have against casey anthony. they've been calling all variety of experts that we heard yesterday and today. we've heard expert testimony regarding dirt. we've heard expert testimony regarding hair. all sorts of minute detail that does not place casey anthony at the scene where they found caylee anthony's body. and all sorts of evidence that they say that does not exist that would place a decomposing body inside casey anthony's car. they've attacked the notion that chloroform might have been used in this case. so, again, the defense following a very carefully laid out plan to piece by piece try to show
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the jury how thin the factual evidence is against casey anthony and to establish possibly that doubt in the credibility of the prosecution's case. we've been watching that play out. again, not very dramatic at all, waiting to see if some high profile witness is called to the stand in this case. frederic fredericka. >> david mattingly, thanks so much. appreciate that from orlando. all right. it's time to go "cross country" now for stories cnn affiliates are covering. first stop, kentucky. the track at churchill downs are closed, all races are canceled today after a suspected tornado tore through the area last night damaging nine barnes and a church. about 100 horses have been moved out of the stableses, no injuries reported sdmroop an arizona jury says self-help guru james ray is guilty of gejt homicide but not man slaughter in the deaths of three people in a sweat lodge ceremony back in
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20097 and at least 15 others who attend today spiritual retreat became ill in the lodge. prosecutors say he did not keep track of the temperature inside. ray's attorneys are calling it a tragic accident, not a crime. then to florida, the crew of nasa's final shuttle mission is practicing for the july 8th launch of "atlantis." the four astronauts are holding a countdown dress rehearsal at kennedy space center. after today, they'll continue their training in houston and return to florida on the fourth of july. he was on the run for 16 years and on the fbi's ten most wanted list. today, james "white"whitey" bugr will be in court after being arrested yesterday with her long time girlfriend. cara, the feds tracked him dune using a publicity campaign that
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targeted his girlfriend, actually. give us more details on that. >> a different strategy here. law enforcement officers held a meeting last hour. they say he was found with a variety of weapons, a substantial amount of cash. bulger, now 81, was one one of the country's most powerful crime bosses. he's been indicted in 19 murders. she finally got the man through his long time girlfriend, 60-year-old christine greeg. recently, the fbi began airing 30-second psas that included specific information about her and that led them to a tipster would led them to bulger and greeg at a san monica apartment. after putting surveillance in place for 24 hours, they say both were arrested without resisting. fbi agents say they included
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information like the fact greeg was a dental hygienist who liked to have her teeth cleaned once a month, frequented beauty salon hes and had jurchbtd gone multiple plastic surgeries. here is what was said by boston officials who had long been on this case. >> the arrest marked the end of a long and exhaustive hunt for america's most wanted men -- for one of america's most wanted men. and this is a great day for boston's allow enforcement community. however, i want to take a moment to remember the families of the victims named in the federal indictment who have waited years for justice. >> and there was a $2 million reward offered for information leading to bulger's arrest. bulger and greig expected to appear in an l.i. federal court today. bulger facing a series of charges. grieg is wanted on charges of harboring a fugitive. so big day for the fbi.
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reporting live here in los angeles. back to you. >> kara, a couple questions. what's the explanation the fbi might have about why he was so illusionive for so long? was it the issue of a lot of disguises, others were haeshing him? any explanation or any other details on that? >> in boston, there have been charges that the fbi cozied up to him. he was an informant for the fbi and he did escape because someone tipped him off to the fact that he was about to be arrested. so over the years, there have been these charges. the fbi perhaps didn't go after him hard enough. the fbi has said that's not the case. they did say, as you mentioned, he wore disguises, he traveled around the country and he was a master criminal. what's interesting here is when they changed their tactics and didn't go after him, they went after his girlfriend and that's when he was caught. >> appreciate that. the government decides to tap the stroo teejic oil reserve
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if you go on to on the website, you'll see the top stories u.s. tapping oil reserve. we're keeping a close eye on your money, your market. the dow industrial is down by 215 points. we'll keep you posted on what
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all of this means. meanwhile, the summer travel season does need a whole lot of gas for road trips. the department has just announced they are going to tap into the sta teejic oil reserves. poppy, what prompted this announcement? >> it's an interesting the move because we've seen oil prices falling over the last month. oil in june alone down more than 10%. so i think the timing of this was very interesting. tibter national energy agency coming out and saying they're going to release 60 million barrels of crude oil. half of that is going to come from our strategic petroleum reserve in this country. so the idea here is push more oil on to the market. drive prices of oil and your gas down. that is exactly what is happening right now. oil prices are down more than 4%. i want to show you where gas prices are on average here in the u.s. they're at $3771.
8:21 am
over the next few weeks, you'll see average gas prices going down. the government here, oil traders are telling me is trying to stimulate the economy. give americans essentially a tax break. that senator jack schumer has been pushing for this for a long time. and what's interesting is this news comes a day after the federal reserve came out and said, no only is the u.s. economy going to grow a lot slower than was expected. they said jobs are going to remain the big issue. it's going to be years before we see a normalized oil rate in this country. so in a sense, you can look at this as the government is doing what is needed to help consumers to spend more money, buy more, help american businesses and improve the overall economy. but when you look at the market, down 215 points, the market is not pricing this in. they're not seeing this as the shot in the arm that the u.s.
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or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. here st a rundown of some of the stories we're working on. next, military families react to the president's announcement that he's bringing home thousands of troops from afghanistan. i'll talk to a military wife with two children whose husband is there now. then a north dakota town braces for the worst. the missouri river is expected to crest within the hour. and then later, the attorney for casey anthony's parents tells our reporter they don't think she's innocent. president barack obama's announcement that 33,000 troops will be home from afghanistan by next fall is being melt met with
8:26 am
optimism and skepticism. the president's plan is being discussed right now on capitol hill. let's go right now, in fact, to cnn's kate baldwin. kate, admiral mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff has just admitted to the house armed services committee that he nationally thought the president's pullout plan was too aggressive and risky and he's there now to sell the plan to lawmakers. sglalths counter intuitive, maybe. we had heard from our colleagues at the pentagon that military leader webs during the discussion and advisory point with the president before he announced his drawdown plans is they had been pushing for a more modest, maybe a slower timetable for the drawndown than what the president decided. but admiral mullen was quick to point out that he supports the president's decision and he stressed that the conditions on the ground would dominate decisions going forward. that's something that we've
8:27 am
heard a lot of concern and criticism from republicans up here since the announcement. this idea for flexibility within these drawdowns plans, frederic fredericka, to give the people on the grounds the ability to make it happen and to not put anyone in danger in the process. i spoke with the top democrat on this committee, the house armed services committee, congressman adam smith just before the hearing began. he supports the president's decision. he would like to see the process more accelerated, faster in the year 2012. but he did say the question is what's now? what is the strategy? how do they pull out without endangering any troops and without threatening any of the gains that had been made in that country in the process. listen here to congressman smith. >> everybody wants their troops home. we also don't want afghanistan to descend back into chaos and become a safe haven for al
8:28 am
qaeda. i think the president did a roently good job of it last night. we looked for more details today. >> probably not a surprise, fredericka. the reaction here on capitol hill has been mixed ranging from liberal democrats and republicans concerned about financial concerns saying they want to see more troops out in faster timeline peps however, on the flip side we're hearing from republicans saying that it is too much too fast because it does many o ft gains and successes that we have seen in the country that was help very much by these surge of troops. fredericka. and second of state hillary clinton is now testifying that general petraeus is heading up there this afternoon. what can we expect from either of them? >> i'm sure you will expect at least from the position of the members of congress continued tough questions, trying to figure out what the details are, what this means, trying to learn more about what this plan really means for the american people and for our troops, our national security included. we are hearing from secretary clinton. she seems to be striking an
8:29 am
upbeat tone about what the president said last night. she said in her words, bottom line, we have broken the taliban's momentum so we begin this drawdown from a position of strength. secretary clinton making the case for why this drawdown is needed and why they are striking the right balance here. it will be interesting to hear from general petraeus. he could be taking over the position of director of the cia and many people are waiting to hear from general petraeus, the outgoing commander in afghanistan. fredericka. >> kate baldwin, capitol hill, thanks so much. thousands of military families are earring to find out if they'll be directly impacted by the president's cart youdown plan. brittany barlow's husband is a plea stationed in afghanistan's helmund province. good to see you, brittany. >> good to see you, too. >> how encouraged were you from
8:30 am
the president's announcement last night or did you hear anything from the president that you didn't like? >> i think his plan sounds absolutely wonderful. and, you know, i'm just excited, you know, if i get to see my husband sooner rather than later. i'll just be glad to have him home. >> so your husband has been deployed to helmund province this year. the expectation was that this would be a six or seven-month deployment? >> about seven months. >> so now is your expectation that that might be trimmed as a result of what you heard or is it still a matter the of support versus combat who would get an early withdraw? >> i'm not quite positive on all the details of it, but i'm planning on him being home when he was supposed to originally. but if it happens sooner, i would be more than happy. >> you've got two kids, a 3
8:31 am
1/2-year-old and a 4-month-old. at the same time, while you're a stay-at-home mom one also work for the military spouse magazine. who is how has that helped you, particularly when your husband is on deployment? >> i think having that job really helps a lot. it helps the time go by faster. it helps with coping. and i also, working for mil spdz and being their video blogger is a wonderful experience and i get to meet some great girls and i've made a lot of friends doing it. if i can be help to even one person, it means the world to e me. >> what are other military spouses telling you? >> they're asking me questions on how do you tell your kids that their father is leaving? how do you explain things to them? so i've made videos on explaining that to making a cake in a jar. we do fun stuff and then we do
8:32 am
serious stuff. it's just whatever i feel comes to mind that week that i would like to share. it's been really great. >> brittany, thank you so much and all the best to you and your family. >> thanks for having me. still time to vote for your favorite story that you want to see. texas one to the new sheriff of wall street, then texas two for psychic economy. in tough times, some people are turning to fortune tellers to get investment advice. and then text 3 for the 10-year-old hero. a young man's quick thinking saved his best friend's life. the wing story ayers next hour. e for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma
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minot, north dakota, is bracing for what could be the worst flooding the city has ever seen. some 12,000 people. that's about a third of the city's population have abandon their homes ahead of the rising water. cnn's jim spellman has more. >> no matter how many bulldozers, no matter how many sand bags, the people of minot, north dakota, know to some degree fighting the oncoming flood is a losing battle. >> we have a lot of water coming at us.
8:36 am
>> the mayor of minot is in triage mode. they know with the amount of water heading for them, there's no way to protect the entire city. >> we gave up with that idea when we heard how much wear was coming. our strategy is to get dikes around facilities. >> facilities like city hall and this school. but for everyone else in the flood's path, the message is clear -- get out. >> street caterpillars have been diking here all night. trucks are lined up here. >> linda johnson runs the home at home shop and lives upstairs. >> the thing is, there's nothing we can do about it. and once you get over the shock loft situation, you just pick up your feet and you move on. >> she's packed up everything she can and is hitting the road. >> this is the edge of the evacuation zone. that side of the street has been
8:37 am
ordered to evacuate. this side of seventh avenue, residents plan to stay and fight this flood using a home made dike and sand bags. >> even though you're just outside the evacuation zone, you know this is a risky proposition. >> yeah. but we have all of our stuff that we need to grab if we need to get out of here in a hurry. >> a gamble that they'll be on the right side of the road when the water comes. >> jim spellman joining me now from minot. jim, i understand the river crest will come sooner and might be higher than expected. what are emergency officials looking for in the way of numbers? >> yeah. it's expected now, fred, to crest on sunday. this river has about another eight feet to go. you can see here where it's coming up here, even just the last couple hours, it's advancing about 15 feet towards us. these are some of those dikes that we mentioned they're building around critical infrastructure. this is police station and city
8:38 am
hall. they want to be sure they have those kind of demand operations still available to them. as far as the numbers, about 12,000 people, a third of the city, have already evacuated. 12,000 people, 8 fete of water is going to get into their homes. that's going to get up to the ceiling of a lot of homes. it's going to be very difficult for these people to come back and just about everybody has decided to follow that evacuation advice and get out. >> jim spellman, thanks so much. appreciate that. let's check in with our reynolds wolf at the cnn weather center. about we talk about 50 miles outside of the evacuation zone, people are getting ready, are they being overly prepared or is this the situation? is it that grave, that big? >> they have never experienced anything like it. i mean, it is just amazing. horrifying to watch this all unfold. what's interesting is we've got this graph in front of us that shows a couple of things. first, it takes us day by day,
8:39 am
especially as we get into saturday, sunday and then into monday. jim mentioned that one thing we'll be seeing is as we ground out the weekend, the river is expected to crest. as we take a look at this line, this is your line for oops, major flood stage at about 1,500 feet above sea level. it's expected to go from about -- five feet above major flood stage. what a tremendous mess. one thing that would certainly work in their favor was if they were able to go through a couple of days without any precipitation. that should be the case. we have an area of high pressure. things will remain relatively dry. that's good news for them. however, in other parts of the run, the weather has been rough for a lot of people. parts of the ohio valley there would be damage. now that area of low pressure and that frontal boundary are going to be driving off to the east. so there will be a chance for strong storms in many of the eastern part of the nation, as far south as georgia. ous to the west, the northern
8:40 am
rockies may be dealing with scattered showers, perhaps a thunderstorm or two. and the intense heat in texas remains locked in place. dallas with 98, but with the high humidity, it's going toby much warmer. el paso, 105. 100 in alba keshgky. 70s in san francisco southward into los angeles. 63 minneapolis. 76 in new york. 93 in tampa. may sea breeze and thunderstorms and 66 in boston. that's a look at your forecast, fred. back to you. >> thanks so much, reynolds. appreciate that. a republican slamtd president obama's over tonight's fund-raising event. we'll tell you what that's all about in our political update. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these
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a presidential candidate reacts to the arrest of mob boss "whitey" bulger. paul steinhauser live from washington, who is commenting on this case? >> i know. what's the connection here, right? the race to the white house and this snm? here it is. mitt romney was massachusetts's governor for four years starting back in 2003. on those days, "whitey" bulger was on the lamb. his brother, billy bulger, his brother, testifies in front of congress and pled the fifth. romney went after bulger and
8:44 am
began efforts to remove him. romney, as you know, running for president for the second time now on the republican side put out a statement and said i hope the capture of "whitey" bulger briefs brings relief to the families of his numerous victims. fred, there you go, a connection. i guess there's a connection for everything. >> that made sense. in the meantime, president obama is taking heat from republicans about his fund-raisers. explain further. >> a little politics here, right? where is the president tonight? he has three fund-raisers in new york city. this will be the 31st, 32nd and 33rd he's done this year. he will be at the broadway thoughter in manhattan and will be at the performance of oyster act" hanging out there with whoopi goldberg among others. some say why is the president
8:45 am
doing this new york city? let's be honest, it's politics. it's part of the game. >> and you say this is not considered early in which to do so, right? >> yeah. they're all stepping up. remember, we're almost at the end of the second quarter here. the president and the republicans are piling it on with fund-raisers before the end of june. >> paul steinhauser, always good to see you. thank you soft from washington. >> thank you. for the latest political news, you know exactly where to go. this is your favorite part of the program, right? don't forget to choose the news story that you want to see. vote by texting 22360. text one for the new sheriff on wall street. meet the guy who is putting some of the biggest white collar criminals in wall street behind bars. text 2 for the psychic economy. and then text three for 10-year-old hero. the winning story airs next
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lawyers for the parents of
8:49 am
casey anthony are firing back after a bombshell statement to cnn. anthony is on trial accused of murder thing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. gather tuchman says the lawyer for the defendant's parents told him they do not think she's innocent, but they don't want her to get the death penalty. the law firm now says the statement was taken out of context. richard herman joins us now from dallas to talk about this latest twist. richard, this statement was made outside the court by the attorney for the parents. could this in any way impact the trielt? >> well, it could impact the trial if someone is feeding information surreptitiously to other jurors. theoretically, the jury has not heard any of this. but fred, this is an outrageous statement for the attorney for the parents to make while the daughter is facing the death penalty. i mean, i can't even believe the guy said that.
8:50 am
of course, i trust gary. i know he's being honest and truthful. this is unbelievable, fred. >> let me read to you the statement coming from mark lipman in response to our gary tuchman's reporting saying this, maintains they do family not under any circumstances support any theory of the defense. they do not under any circumstances see the santions the state of florida is looking for, which is the death penalty. is this in your opinion saying too much? >> yes, saying way too much. their attorney should keep his mouth shut. he got his two minutes of fame in the headlights and he has to shut up and the family has to shut up, and if she takes the stand, cindy does today, they cannot ask her what her opinion
8:51 am
is of her daughter. it's irrelevant and not admissib admissible. if they call george up they cannot ask him that either. it has no baring what their opinion is in this case. it's just destructive for these comments to come out during the trial. >> so at this juncture of the proceeding, the prosecution was the first to call cindy anthony. why would the defense want to call her? would they be using her in essence as a character witness of casey anthony? >> fred, every time they called the parents up there, they have done everything they can to hurt their daughter. i just can't understand the theory behind baez. he has a strategy to put her back up there and hope that she gives him an answer he wants, and i think he may try to trip her up with some of the answers
8:52 am
as compared to her testimony in the current trial, and it seems out of turn to do that now. you saw what happened to baez this morning. he got crushed by the forensic testimony of his own witness. i just -- you know, it's just failure to prepare, fred, is leading to the destruction of the defense case. it's haphazard, and does not have a theory. it looks like it's disintegrating because the attorney is inept and way over his head. >> if the defense were to call cindy anthony, irrespective of what she may testify, would it in your view -- do you in your view see that casey anthony would ultimately be called to take the stand? >> casey anthony? >> yes. >> or -- >> well, if cindy is going to testify today, irrespective of what she would say, do you still think casey anthony might be
8:53 am
called to take the stand? >> i have the feeling based on the opening baez calls on calling casey anthony to the stand. i just can't believe it. it would be the worst possible thing, and it will guarantee her a conviction and the death penalty. he cannot do it. the jury will just be inflamed by her testimony. they will remember all the repeated lies and lies and lies, and they will hold it against her, and they will convict her of first degree. as we sit here today there is still a chance for a hung jury on the first degree, and that's the best the defense can do at this point. if they put her on the stand, i will tell you, these jurors will not be receptive to her testimony. they will recall the detective screaming at her in the interrogation, and all the lies and the treatment of her parents. it's going to be vicious and real bad.
8:54 am
>> richard herman. thank you so much. always good to see you. a mobster on the lan for 16 years is finally caught. he was the inspiration of a lot of crime writers. this is the question. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving heat patch activates sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals for deep penetrating relief you can feel precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last. introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest
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[ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! st: uld switching to geico reon car insurance?more host: is the pen mightier than the sword? ninja 2: ow vogeico. 15 minutes uld save you 15% or more on car insurance. so we asked which of these
8:57 am
crime classics was inspired by the life of mobster "whitey" bulger. the answer is "b." >> makes me curious to see you in this neighborhood. >> he's clean. >> and if i am in my own environment, it makes me sad, this regregs. >> the arrest of james "whitey" bulger marked the end of a 16-year manhunt. joining us to talk about the arrest is former dea agent, and you spent years trying to catch bulger. >> we actually had a case on
8:58 am
bulger and were developing a case. i was told by the department of justice we had to share it with the fbi, and the director of the fbi was a close, personal friend of mine. we talked about whitey and he swore to me they had no relationship and three days after we put a wire tap in white's car, he called the agents over and handed them the wire tap. two agents could have been lost, and i will never forget that a brother federal agent just lied to me and a case went down the tube because of that. >> overall in your view, do you feel like this arrest was redemption for the fbi since you have been saying for a long time now that bulger actually corrupted the fbi system? >> yeah, he absolutely corrupted the boston office of the fbi.
8:59 am
agents in that office, as you know, went to prison. i am sure he corrupted further up the system. the fbi is a wonderful organization, and he did not corrupt the entire agency but a small piece, but that be summer muched the entire agency. i am tickled he is in prison, and unfortunately, he 81 and will not spend that much time in prison. >> is this the way you pictured the end? >> i actually probably thought he was in europe as most people did. there are a lot of people who think that the reason that they caught him now is the old guys in the bureau are gone and the new team took over, and there are always people in the state police and dea who were suspicious that even the old timers in the fbi were looking
9:00 am
out for whitey. i have no information that was true, just a suspicion. >> do you believe any kind of interviews or information taken from him might help in the arrest of anybody else? >> i would give whitey nothing that will personally. he probably killed 19, and as a minimum he probably killed 100 people, or was responsible for at least 100 murders. i would give him no deal. everybody else would be below him at this point. if i were the department of justice, i would not be making a deal with whitey bulger. >> thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. hello, again. let's get you up to speed. >> the tied of war is receding. fewer of our sons and daughters are serving in harm's way.
9:01 am
>> president obama's decision to bring 33,000 u.s. troops home from afghanistan is drawing praise from that country's leader. president hamid karzi says it's the right decision for both countries. karzai has been increasingly critical of the u.s. presence in recent months. >> regardless of what the security situation of afghanistan is, it is the responsibility and the job of the afghan people to defend their country. oil prices are diving today and the u.s. energy department announced it will release 30 million barrels of crude from the nation's strategic reserves. soldiers attacked a refugee camp in a syrian border village today. thousands of people are trying to get into turkey as the army bears down.
9:02 am
the people being targeted today stayed on the saren side of the border. one refugee says the army is trying to terrorize syrians that want democracy. airport screeners are told to go the extra mile and try to avoid pat downs of children 10 and under. many people got angry after this video went up on youtube. screeners must make repeated attempts before resorting to the pat downs. drug companies have a right to commercial free speech. today the united states supreme court ruled you cannot stop marketers. drug companies use information to tailor their sales pitches to doctors. and then in orlando, casey
9:03 am
anthony's mother may take the stand today to testify on her daughter's behalf. she already testified for prosecutors. the attorneys for the parents tell cnn that they believe she's not instant, but he adds they don't want her to get the death penalty. the law firm says that is now taken out of context. casey anthony is charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. and the city of minot can expect in her words, historic proportions of water. jim spellman is here, and chad meyers is in the cnn weather center. jim, let's begin with you. what is the situation right now? >> reporter: well, fred, it's not good. city officials here, it's shocking. never really heard officials be so frank in their assessment. there's no hope for saving the majority of the homes and businesses in this town. they have had to resort to only diking invite you will
9:04 am
infrastructure. they are still working as the water rises. they are building this dike around city hall, and they want to have the command infrastructure here. the water is rising right now and at the top of the levees and the dikz around town is coming over. we heard of small breaches and the water is flowing in fast. it's coming in fast. the 12,000 people here already evacuated, and evacuated knowing, i think, when they come back, the news is not going to be good. all of their furniture -- we have seen houses empty, and people taking kitchen apply yunss, and out knowing if their house is still standing it will need a lot of work to be has beenable -- habitable again.
9:05 am
>> i think they are under control with this. they know what is going on and how much water is in the river, because where the rivers are and where the gauges are are up stream. it's all part of that giant snow pack they had in the rockies and then a lot of rain in the spring and then it got warm very fast. all those things come together -- >> it will cause a lot of flooding in a lot of places. >> i just hear numbers, numbers, numbers. they are going to have 22,700 cubic feet per second running through that town. a historic flood killed thousands of people. this is 2 1/2 times worst than the worst flood this town has ever seen. it has been flooded before. the worst after that was 1881, but the town did not start until 1886. >> you see the homemade dikes --
9:06 am
>> well, the old record is 1558. 120 years ago, and right now it's still going up. the major flood stage is well beyond what we're seeing here. i know you have seen the graphic before, and it's the government but you have to do what you have to do. here is the old record. this thing is still going up. it has stopped going up for a minute. it has not crested. certainly not crested. it's now going over some other levees outside of town filling up the outer areas and then it will turn back up here and get up to this very historic crest. let me get you to minot. the river is here, and flatten this out. there are bluffs on the south side and north side. those will keep the water in that valley. if you fly up the valley more, the water gets deeper and deeper. the most historic part would be the downtown part which is the lowest part, because it was built first and built by the river because, fred, they needed
9:07 am
the river for water. just makes sense, right? but these big towns along big rivers can certainly have problems when things go over levees where they had no idea this river could ever get this high. >> look there and the span of the potential danger, and that's disheartening for a lot of folks. >> this is a big deal. it happens to be in north dakota and not new york, but this is a big deal for these people. >> yes, you are right about that. here are some of the rundown of the stories for the next hour. taliban and al qaeda. we look at the similarities and difference between the groups. and then we ditch the weather maps in favor of adventure racing. and casey anthony's parents tell their attorney they don't think she's instant as the mother takes the stand. and then we have the latest on the fight for same-sex marriage in new york.
9:08 am
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this hour. and then a man suspected of military ground shootings. >> the man they charged was the man arrested last friday for suspicious activity around the pentagon. an investigation has now linked him with five shootings at military facilities in northern virginia last fall, including the pen the gone and the marine corps museum. it talk bz a video that they found in his bedroom. a digital videotape. let me read to you from the of a david. a review of the videotape shows him in an automobile driving in proximity to what appears to be the national museum of the marine corps and repeatedly firing a handgun outside the passenger window. according to the affidavit he also made statements including, and i am quoting from the affidavit, that's my target, that's the military building, it's going to be attacked.
9:12 am
after he fired those shots he then said alley ak hugh auk bar repeatedly. the shell casings found in his backpack at the time of the arrest are the same manufacturer as the casings found at the shootings at the military areas. when they searched his home they found a list that appeared to list components for a timing and firing device for an ied. now, authorities say he was not on their radar before his arrest. here's a bit more of what the fbi had to say. >> agents and task force officers worked friday, through the weekend and through this week to develop evidence to support these charges. the evidence includes but is not limited to the contents of the backpack, videos and other items
9:13 am
located at the residence. and these charges are representative of the hard work of law enforcement agencies. >> he was scheduled to make a court appearance today on unrelated grand larceny charges and that appearance was cancelled. no federal court date has been set at this point in time. the marine corps today announced its kicking him out of the marine corps reserves. >> thank you so much. time to go cross-country for stories cnn affiliates are covering. first off, kentucky. the track of churchill downs are closed after a suspected tornado tore through the area last night damaging nine barns and a church. 100 horses have been moved out of stables. an arizona jury says self help guru james ray is guilty of negligent homicide but not manslaughter in the deaths of three people in a sweat large in
9:14 am
2009. at least 15 others who attended the spiritual retreat led by ray became ill, and he did not keep track of the temperature inside. ray's attorney calls it, rather, a tragic accident, and not a crime. in florida, the crew of nasa's final shuttle mission is practicing for the july 8th launch of "atlantis." the four astronauts are holding a countdown dress rehearsal at the space station. they will return to florida on the fourth of july. the taliban and al qaeda, is there a difference? we will put that question to cnn's michael holmes. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
9:15 am
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9:17 am
southwest airlines is apologizing today after one of its pilots went on a wild rant about his sexual per suits. cnn homeland security agent tells us the private cockpit conversation was heard about many. >> reporter: it's peppered with obscenities and slurs against homosexual and woman.
9:18 am
grande is an apairance reference to overweight people. the pilot talks about exploits with some of them. six months i went to the bar three times. in six months, three times. one with the grandee, and i wish i had not gone. >> an air traffic controller tries to stop the pilot. >> better watch what you are saying. but the rant goes on. >> there is like maybe a handful -- >> somebody has a microphone and telling us all about their endeavors and we don't need to hear that. pilots chime in quickly to say it was not me, and one adds commentary. >> they wonder why airline pilots have a bad
9:19 am
representation. >> they expect a higher level of professionalism from flight crews. >> what he said is offensive and inconsistent with the professional behavior and overall respect we require from all employees. >> the pilot was reprimanded and suspended without pay and underwent diversity education and is now back on the job. the pirate has apologized to controllers, his bosses, pilots and of course flight attendants. but the flight attendants union is not happy and says southwest's response to the incident adds insult to injury and is considering filing a complaint with the equal opportunity commission. cnn reporters, anchors and producers, we always have a bag packed. we have an inside scoop of the best hotels and restaurants around the globe. jacqui jeras gets money.
9:20 am
>> reporter: today we're in georgia. one of the favorite things to do for traveling is to check out a region and parks by doing adventure races. this is the park they used for the 1996 olympics in the atlanta area. you do this race with a partner. it's a great introductory race. it's six miles so a great warmup for a lot of people getting into adventure racing. at the end, there is a mud pit. one of my favorite things about the muddy buddy, it's all about fun. you can have prices for costumes as you can for coming in first place. i am nervous but excited. frank is a veteran over here, so he will blaze the trail and hopefully i will be able to follow him. >> i will blaze it for you. >> we'll see what happens.
9:21 am
[ horn blowing ] >> reporter: why did i do this? >> fun stuff. fun stuff. >> reporter: all right. to the mud! get down low, please. whoo! no better way to cool down than in the mud, and have some fun with friends. that's the muddy buddy. >> that looks like a little bit of fun there. the latest twist in the casey anthony trial. it comes from the lawyer from anthony's parents, what he said
9:22 am
about whether or not they believe her guilt or innocence.
9:23 am
9:24 am
rear's a rundown of some of the stories we're working. casey anthony's parents reveal through their attorney their feeling on their daughter's
9:25 am
innocence or guilt. and then president barack obama repeatedly spoke about the taliban and al qaeda last night. at one point in his speech he raised u.s. troops for degrading the taliban's capability, and then he said, quote, continuing to degrade al qaeda's abilities, and there is a difference between the two and we want to explore and explain the differences and similarities. because they are used interchangeably, al qaeda and taliban, but they are different structures. shall we begin with the differences? >> yeah, let's do that. the taliban operate in afghanistan, and parts of pakistan as well. al qaeda, well that's a worldwide organization, and more accurately it's a network. it's decentralized. there is no hq, if you like. more series of like-minded
9:26 am
organizations around the world from the middle east to asia and europe, and points in between. they are thought to have cells in more than 100 countries. that's why they're hard to fight because it's hard to fight an ideology. and then let's talk about the taliban? >> yeah, and the taliban, they pushed the soviets out and they began to fight each other, to have control of the country. the taliban came into being around 1994. they won that fight, as we know from 1996 ruled with an iron religious fist right up until 2001, putting them -- putting a strict system. we remember they forced the girls out of school and banned things like music and photography, and that lasted until they were forced out by
9:27 am
the alliance forces. the u.s. backed those that later became the taliban when they were fighting the soviets, and then walked away when the soviets pulled out. there has always been criticism of that. >> how did the two, al qaeda and the taliban become one in one circle? >> some similarities in ideology. al qaeda was formed by osama bin laden. that and happened in '88. they were focused on killing americans and other westerners. they also helped out in the fight against the soviets. you have the link with afghanistan. the aim of al qaeda is to create a islamic region, if you like, based on its interpretation of the koran. now, when bin laden ran out of places to base, you know, like sudan where he was kicked out of, it was the taliban that said come here and we will give you a base, and that's where 9/11 was planned out. one of the obstacles these days in getting a taliban into a reconciliation, a political
9:28 am
reconciliation is the west is saying that it openly denounce al qaeda, and that has not happened yet. that's the background of how they came together. they are not interchangeable, but they have similar thoughts and believes. >> i wonder if it will be able to get that reconciliation, because al qaeda is -- >> the taliban is making a fortune out of drugs, out of the opium trade. when it comes to that political reconciliation process, my own thought is that there's an old saying, the west has the watch, and the afghan people have the time. they will sit back and wait. we will be gone in five years or so, and they will wait and come back in and do what they do. >> michael holmes, thank you so much. it's time to choose the news. this is an area that people look forward to in this hour. vote for your favorite by
9:29 am
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9:32 am
all right. now to the latest on the casey anthony murder trial. casey anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. her mother could take the stand today. the attorney for her parents made the comment to cnn national correspondent, gary tuckman who is joining us live from orlando. what was said? >> reporter: i did have a cover soigs with george and cindy's personal attorney last night. i have been curious as to what the parents feel about their daughter. they are there supporting her and love her. i asked them specifically, how do you feel? what he told me was they don't feel she's innocent. what i need to tell you, there are semantics. doesn't mean necessarily she is
9:33 am
guilty of what they charge against her. he sem fau sized they wanted to see justice and want the truth to come out, and the reason they have been here every day at least one of them for the 26 days of the trial, they do not want her to get the death penalty, and they will do everything they can to fight the death penalty. >> those are strong words said to you, and since you were reporting, one of the attorneys has sent out this statement from the law firm representing the parents saying, quote, the anthony family maintains they do not support any theory that the defense has put forward regarding george anthony's actions, and the anthony family maintains while they want both the state and defense to do their jobs respectively they do not under any circumstances wish to see the state achieves it's sanctions, which is the death penalty. that's not an exact response to what was said to you, but it's
9:34 am
talking about casey anthony's father and what the defense has said in court that the father may have had inappropriate relations with the daughter, who is now the defendant. >> reporter: well, fred, mike is a nice man and good attorney. he has a client, george, not charged with any crime, but the defense put him under a bus and implicated he's involved in this. he was not happy after he saw the story that aired last night. he said he felt the context was wrong and he also added that he felt like i did not include everything. what he did not say, and this is really important, he did not say that he was misquoted and did not say it was off the record. that being said, i asked him what he felt was out of context, and he got into more coverage afterwards, and he said the conversation, there was too much hype about it, and that could be a valid complaint. but as far as context about the report, he did not say anything about the context.
9:35 am
and including everything that he told me, that's true, and guilty as charged, and that's because we don't include everything, but i included everything relevant and important to the discussion. he said her parents do not feel she's innocent, but they did not say she was guilty of a murder count. because somebody is not innocent, it doesn't mean that they are legally guilty. >> we know it's still not over because the attorney for casey anthony's parents will be a guest tonight on "ac 360" tonight. we're getting new insight from casey anthony about a woman who lived with anthony after her daughter was first missing. we have the special correspondent who interviewed casey anthony's former inmate. how did this woman by the name of tracy conroy actually get to
9:36 am
live with casey anthony in the anthony household? >> this woman works for leonard padilla. we know him, the tv bounty hunter. he said as part of the agreement inputting up the bond for casey anthony back in august of 2008, i'll do that for you, but you have to have one of my people live in the house to protect my investment, and they agreed to let tracy conroy come in and live. she told me quite a tale, fred. >> she said casey anthony is in a completely narcissistic world, and she said that never during the nine days that she actually stayed there with casey anthony, did casey anthony ever say anything about caylee. what else did she say to you? >> right. well, she said that there were never any tears for caylee. one time she, tracy, brought up caylee anthony, you know, where is the child? and she said, casey dropped her
9:37 am
shirt off her shoulder and said, see, here is the tattoo that i got in memory of her. well, fred, this is a time when everybody was searching for her. nobody thought she was dead. and there was casey displaying the tattoo. one time tracy was looking at a baby book of pictures of caylee, and casey came across the room with her own book, and said look at my pictures from when i was a baby. it was instances like that that gave her the opinion that it was a narcissistic world that she lives in. one time she looked out to see the media trucks, and then up at the sky where it was a thunderstorm, and she said with a pout, i guess there will be no helicopters today, and it was all about her kind of word. >> so why wouldn't the prosecution call tracy conroy to at least describe those kind of moments, while everybody is looking for caylee, and why wouldn't, you know, tracy be
9:38 am
called to testify about the behavior of caylee anthony? >> casey anthony. >> casey anthony. >> yeah, that's a good question. i get it mixed up, and then her mother is cindy. but that's a really good question. because they don't want to introduce the whole idea of the tv bounty hunter. she works for leonard padilla, and he spent five or six minutes with casey, but yet seems to be an expert on it. they had enough other witnesses to talk about casey anthony's personality. >> did tracy conroy give you details that are in concert right now, showing casey anthony having a good time, and much more sell brau tory at a time when she should be mourning or worried? >> yeah, she did. she gave me the impression, fred, when she was there for the nine days, she would have stayed longer, but casey anthony was rearrested and taken away. it was like a slumber party
9:39 am
attitude. one time she thought that he heard casey actually crying, and she knocked on the bedroom door, and opened it, and no, she was laughing at facebook messages that she was getting from a hot guy who said that she looked gorgeous. so again, it was always, you know, can borrow your hand lotion, rather than let's talk. she never ever talked to the people looking for her child, she never spoke to. >> diane diamond, thank you so much and good to see you. >> you bet. legislators negotiating the new york same-sex marriage bill. we have the latest live from the state house. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious.
9:40 am
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9:43 am
last week. a source close to the case tells cnn that now she has to go before a judge for a probation violation hearing. k >> reporter: fred, correct me if i am wrong, but i feel as if we have been here before and done this story before. another court appearance for lindsay lohan. this is the place lohan will be strutting down when she arrives. probably half an hour from now is when the case is expected to start, and here is what landed lohan back in court today. she was undergoing home confinement for pleading no contest for a theft case. she allegedly stole a necklace from a july restore in january, and so last month she was sentenced to home confinement
9:44 am
and not even four weeks into home confinement, guess what happens? she was suggested to random drug and alcohol tests and that test came back positive for alcohol last week. you can see the photographs getting into place. a little bit of buzz of activity here. not sure if she is arriving. we'll look out for lohan's arrival. that's pretty much why we're here today. you are about to see fred lohan's black suv is which she typically arrives in, and not sure if she will be with her mom or dad, but you will see her exiting that, and another question as to whether she will face jail time today, we don't know. sources say they don't know how the judge will rule. we will try to get in position, fred, to see, what lohan is wearing as she is coming out. let's pause until i get a better shot. you see lohan walking in.
9:45 am
i believe she is wearing black slacks, and a navy shirt. her hair is pulled back. conservatively dressed, fred. you have seen previous court appearances that she has made with her attire that has made headlines, tight dresses. today she is dressed very, very conservatively. there you have it. arrived on time today, which she has tried to do in the past. you can hear the choppers above me. this is a judge who has given this actress multiple chances, and you screwed up this your probation, and this is for a dui arrest that happened in 2007. this judge may be tough on her today and send her to the slammer and we'll have to see when that proceeding begin as short time from now. >> a very serious and much more conservative approach to arriving to court today. you will keep us posted on all the proceedings today. she has the same judge who has
9:46 am
been handling a number of previous cases as you just mentioned. thank you so much and we appreciate it. we will have the latest on the fight over legalizing same-sex marriage in new york straight ahead, but first here is free money advice from the cnn help desk. >> time for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. joining us a senior analysts, and owner of a blog. my dad is 71 and retired in june of last year. he has money to live on and planned his retirement execution well, and he is drawing it out when scheduled to do so. he wants his 401(k) to be as conservative as possible so why does he vest? >> all the money you want to take out for the next five years. you're looking at things like money markets and cds or short
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dozens of supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage are out in force today at the new york state house. legislators are considering amendments for a bill to legalize the marriages. we are live at the state house. mary, what is happening right now? >> reporter: behind me in the state capital there is an
9:52 am
intense effort, lobbying effort, all eyes concentrated on the senate, and it's controlled by the republicans and the red of the republicans in the senate did meet with governor cuomo earlier this morning and came out of the meeting said it was wrap up time. the legislative session was supposed to end on monday, and before legislators can vote if they do vote on the same-sex marriage vote, they first must tackle on rent regulations, and it's likely or looking likely that that vote will happen today on that bill, and that would clear the decks for same-sex marriage bill, but we still do not know if the republicans in the state senate will bring that vote up for a bill. the lead republican in the senate saying that he is meeting with republican legislators, and lawmakers, just now, they are conferencing and he expect it to be a lenty conference. could there be a vote?
9:53 am
potentially there could be a vote today but everybody is bracing for a long night. >> we saw pictures of the protesters. who are they? >> reporter: there have been dozens of people coming in, flooding the halls of the capitol all week. they are young and old, and they are for same-sex marriage and they are against it, and some people from religious groups and tea party activist, and other advocacy groups for same-sex marriage and equality, and celebrities all trying to make their point of view known and deliver a message to new york state lawmakers on this crucial vote. >> all right, mary snowe from albany, new york. we appreciate it. you told us what you wanted to see. your choose the news story just moments away. or when you're distracted? when you're falling asleep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test
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all morning long we have been keeping a close watch on the markets, and keeping a close watch on the dow jones industrial. still down, this time by about 161 points. also keeping a close watch on oil prices, and they too are down about $4 a barrel, as the u.s. dips into the oil reserves. now the moment you have been waiting for. the choose the news winner. meet the man taking on white collar criminals on wall street. poppy harlow has this story. >> sometimes greed is not good.
9:57 am
>> reporter: taking down the guys on wall street, he has made a name for himself as the southern district attorney. >> they should view him as not just a sheriff but matt dillon, u.s. marshall. >> reporter: the biggest trading case in u.s. history, he's keeping the financial world on its toes. >> he threw a bomb on wall street. >> reporter: in less than two years 49 people charged with insider trading and 44 convicting. >> he is using the insider trading cases not just to prosecute the guilty but to use as a warning to all of wall street that this behavior will not be tolerated. it's aggressive tactics that have people talking. >> the use of wire taps is something rather new in the securities area, but frankly, snatching hard drives is too.
9:58 am
when the hedge fund guys act like mobsters, they get treated like that, too. >> what was that? >> you have heard anything along that line? >> that's the sound of somebody breaking the law, all from wire tabs ordered by this man. >> people are afraid to talk on their phones now or to text messages. it has the desired affect. >> reporter: he took down the man that ran this hedge fund. this man was found guilty on 14 counts of insider trading. but bharara is taking on more than wall street. he brought down online spoker sights allegedly involved in money laundering, and he sent the times square bomber to prison. but critics say he has failed to take on any of the wall street big wigs.
9:59 am
>> it's not for a lack of desire, but has to do with the fact that the evidence is not there. >> if there are charges to be brought he will bring them and if there are convictions to be had, he will take them. >> reporter: something the scc applies. >> both of us together are better than us separately. in this case, one plus one equals three. if your choice did not win or you want to check out the runners up, i will have the links on them on suzanne malveaux's page. cnn continues now with randi kaye. >> thank you, fred. an 81-year-old was one of the most powerful mob stirs in


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