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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 24, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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is easily bun of the ugliest bases. >> i'm glad i'm not a houston-based flight attendant. >> reporter: new york. >> grande you and i had from starbucks or what -- >> exactly. >> good to see you, fred. >> good to start a friday on a nice laugh. >> there we go. have a great weekend. >> thanks so much. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac -- cindy anthony identified a photograph of her granddaughter caylee today. it shows the girl on the ladder of the family's backyard pool. the defense is trying to bolster its claim that caylee climbed the ladder and accidentally drowned. >> mrs. anthony, what is the photograph depict that you're looking at? >> it shows me attempting to go
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around caylee as i usually did. we used to have caylee sit once she got to the platform with her feet on the first step in the water and then whoever was with her would get around that way. we would get in the pool before her and then receive her. >> cindy anthony also says she's the one who looked up chloroform on the home computer. she says her dog was sick after eating a bamboo plant and looked up chlorophyll and that led her to chloroform. prosecutors say casey anthony used chloroform to knock out her daughter before suffocating her with duct tape. notorious mob boss whitey bulger is expected to be extradited to boston today. there, he'll face 19 counts of murder. the fbi finally captured bulger and his girlfriend in southern california after 16 years on the
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lam. a boston area real estate agent remembers a terrifying run-in with bulger. >> comes over with a .45. puts it to my head and he says, if you don't pay me, i'm going to kill you and your family. takes a gun out. hits me. says because you're a good guy and a stand-up guy, he says i'm not going to kill you. >> agents say they found $800,000 cash, fake i.d.s and dozens of guns in bulger's apartment. forecast earls in north dakota increasing the predicted rise for the source river. 12,000 people have left their homes in minot because of this flood. u.s. terror investigators linked osama bin laden to militants allied with pakistan's spy agency. "the new york times" reports bin laden's top courier had cell
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phone contact with the group. its leaders strong ties to al qaeda and pakistani intelligence according to "the times" but the paper says the phone produced no smoking gun that proves pakistani spies helped hide bin laden. the republican-led house plans two votes today on the military campaign in libya. one would green light the libyan operation for a year. the other severely restricts pentagon spending on the nato mission. republicans are pushing to de-fund the nato operation because they say president obama hasn't complied with the war powers act. and one more time, we are keeping a close watch in orlando of the casey anthony murder trial. again, cindy anthony, the mother of casey anthony, on the stand. let's listen in. >> it looks like it could be a diaper. >> all right. >> or a pull-up. >> there's something coming out of the back of the shorts?
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>> yes sigh why you're making that assertion. >> yes. >> and it is your testimony that she was wearing those pair of shorts in april of 2007. correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> okay. you recognize in prior testimony and in this court that you've said that those pictures were taken shortly before her second birthday which would be august of 2007. correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> objection, judge. improper impeachment. >> overruled. >> yes. i stated that it was, you know, several months before her second birthday. >> okay. so in 2007, based on the testimony that you've already given here this morning, caylee was still wearing diapers? >> yes. >> okay. if i may approach the witness with a series of photographs
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marked rf, re, rg, rh, ri, rl, rk and rj for identification? >> you may. >> -- i think we talked about this before. >> it would -- george, myself or casey. it was mostly myself or george. >> who bought caylee's clothing? >> casey and i and then relatives and friends. i mean, typical. she got a lot of gifts and -- but primarily casey and i did. >> okay. did you do a lot of shopping at target? >> yes, ma'am. >> you recognize that the circo brand on a lot of caylee's clothing is a target store
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brand. correct? >> yes. absolutely. >> okay. can you take a look at those photographs that have been handed to you and tell me if you recognize any of the clothing in the photographs? if there is something that you don't recognize, segregate that. >> object this time. they don't show clothing. they show tags. >> tags on clothing. >> objection overruled. she's just looking at them for now. she's not testifying to them.
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>> do you recognize everything in all of those photographs? >> the only one i'm not certain of is -- is re. i'm not sure if that's a shirt or a dress. and i can't -- looking familiar but i can't say what it is. >> all right. put that one aside then. what do you recognize the other items to be? >> mostly tops and a pair of shorts. one pair of shorts that's caylee's. >> and where do you recognize them from? >> her room. >> were those clothing items that were in caylee's room in june of 2008 and maintained there by you until they were seized by law enforcement?
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>> i believe so. >> so what size clothing did you have in caylee's drawers? >> i had 2ts, those depicted 2 ts but there was 3ts, as well. >> okay. like many children, caylee was a little bit stocky when she was a baby. correct? >> yes. >> and as she got older and more mobile, she began to thin out. >> yes. >> okay. that process takes place or took place with caylee some time between the age of 1 and 2 and
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as she becomes even more mobile as she approaches the age of 3. correct? >> yes. >> it would be fair to say then that there are clothing items that caylee had that could last for as much as a year, even if she's growing taller. correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> okay. the shorts that we looked at, state's 314 in evidence and the ones displayed in the video that we saw during your direct testimony, those were shorts that were kept in your house, weren't they? >> yes, ma'am. >> okay. when was the last time you saw them?
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>> some time in 2008. towards the end of 2008. >> towards the end? >> those shorts? >> yes. when was the last time you saw them before june 16th of 2008? >> oh, you mean -- excuse me. i'm not sure. are you talking about the pictures you just showed me? okay. i didn't -- i thought you were talking about the pictures we just looked at. i'm sorry. >> 314 in evidence and shorts that were in the video that was displayed during your direct testimony. >> okay. >> were those shorts kept at your house? >> those particular shorts i hadn't recalled caylee wearing those shorts for some time. >> okay. my question was, were those shorts kept at your house? >> you mean, every day?
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there was several pieces of clothing throughout caylee's life that wasn't at my house every day. >> would that be because they were packed in some sort of diaper bag or backpack? >> calls for speculation. the witness testifies she's not seen the shorts in over six months so the question is posed asks her to speculate. >> overruled. >> can you repeat it? >> we were talking about the fact that there were clothing items that you would have recognized as having been in the home because you washed the clothes. >> right. >> or you bought the clothes that were sometimes transported in a diaper bag or in a backpack. >> that's correct. >> correct? and then you had seen or had knowledge of that diaper bag or backpack being placed in your daughter's car.
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correct? >> yes. or my car. >> or your car or your husband's car. >> yes. >> whenever you all might have taken caylee somewhere. >> that's correct. >> you had a change of clothes with you? >> yes. >> okay. so do you have any recollection as to the last time you may have seen those shorts that are in the photograph that i handed to you or that had appeared in the video that you indicate was taken in mid -- early to mid-2007? >> i'm sorry. can you repeat that one more time? i just want to make sure i get -- >> sure. >> on the same page. >> when was the last time you saw those shorts? >> those weren't shorts that i dressed caylee in quite a bit.
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i mean, there was quite a few things that i didn't dress caylee in. and that outfit was not one of my favorite outfits and she had more clothes hanging in her closet than she did there so unless casey had her in them and i -- she may have worn them after but i didn't see her that much after 2007. i don't recall -- i do not recall seeing caylee in those shorts after 2007. >> okay. the photograph and the video taken of her in the shorts was taken at your house. correct? >> yes, ma'am, it was. >> so you would agree that it stands to reason that at some time those shorts were kept at your house. >> yes. like i said, they were at our house but i can't say they were there every single day, yes. >> okay.
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the picture of the ladder that you testified about, how heavy is that ladder? >> i don't know the actual weight. i know it -- i can't lift it with one hand. i have to use two hands to lift it. >> you would agree that it is nothing that caylee would ever be capable of moving or manipulating on her own. correct? >> correct. she could not -- >> how heavy is that sliding glass door that you showed us in the picture with caylee touching the handle? >> you have to put a pretty good force to it to open it up. >> now, even though caylee was 2, almost 3 the last time you saw her, she was a very compliant child? >> yes, she was.
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>> would follow your instruction. right? >> yes. >> okay. if you gave her direction, she would listen to you. >> yes, ma'am. >> okay. and it was your testimony that you were very careful to give caylee instruction about whether that's going outside or putting on any sort of life vest or climbing up the ladder of the pool. >> that's correct. >> how deep is the pool? >> i think we went through this before. it's -- it could go up to four feet but we don't fill it up naturally all the way to the top so it's just a little bit under four feet. >> standing outside of the pool, can an adult reach in to
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retrieve objects in the pool if they are not at the edge? >> you have to be at the edge of the pool to reach in and get an object. >> okay. if an object is not at the edge, but you are, can you reach in and retrieve it without getting wet? >> no, not unless it's within a few inches from the edge of the pool. >> when was the photograph taken of caylee at the sliding glass door? >> i can't tell you a month but i would say it was probably the spring of 2008. >> i also imagine that you would never permit caylee to be left home alone at your house. >> absolutely not.
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>> one of the things that you testified on direct examination had to do with the incident that you discussed relative to the ladder being back on the pool and the side gate being open. remember talking about that? >> yes. >> it was your testimony on a prior occasion would you agree that there is absolutely no way that caylee would have been able to open that gate. >> oh, there's no way she could open that gate to the -- from the backyard to the front yard. there's no way. >> and as far as the date of that ladder incident, you have in the past testified that it was in the week before the gas can incident, haven't you? >> yes. >> okay. today, you say that that was the night of the 16th but do you acknowledge that you've said it
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was the 17th or even subsequent dates during that week? >> yes. i mean, when i was looking back, early on i was asked about it. and i knew it was either the 16th over 17th. i knew it was in those first two days after i didn't see her anymore. >> you said that you called george when you made that discovery. >> yes, i did. >> did you call george from the house phone? >> i'm not sure if i used the house phone or my cell phone but i did call george. >> okay. well, those would have been your only two options, right, the house phone or the cell phone. >> correct. >> and if george wasn't at the house as a call to him would suggest, you would have only the option to use his cell phone. >> correct. >> to reach him. >> correct. >> okay. it's not like there was a work phone where you could get him at at his security job. you had to call him on his cell phone. >> he had two phones. he had a work phone and his cell
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phone and sometimes i did call him on his work phone if he didn't pick up on his cell phone or -- or he would call me, you know, from either or. depending on, you know, which phone he was using. >> do you recall if you left a message for him that day or did he pick up when you called? >> i know i spoke to him. i can't remember if i spoke to him after i had left a message or not but i know that we had communicated. >> you acknowledge, as well, that as it relates to dates in june of 2008, that you have already made other errors, specifically when you filled out your initial sworn statement, you indicated the last time -- >> objection, judge -- >> just a second.
8:20 am
response to outside the scope. >> your honor, we're talking about he in direct examination asked questions about specific dates. i'm attempting to get the witness to acknowledge that she has made errors on dates in june of 2008 in the past. >> overruled. >> miss anthony, you recall that your first sworn statement that law enforcement as to the date that you last saw caylee had an error. correct? >> yes, ma'am. i do. i'm aware of this. >> you had indicated that the last time you saw her was actually a week prior to father's day. >> correct. >> and it was the video of her with your dad -- >> yes. >> -- that refreshed your recollection as to the accuracy of that date. >> that's correct.
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>> you said that you went to work and told some of the people at your office about the incident with you believing somebody was swimming in your po pool? >> yes. >> you also told them about the gas can, correct? >> objection, judge. outside the scope. >> i'm not going to ask her questions about that. i'm asking about what she's reporting to her co-workers since there was a question about did you tell them at work about certain things that happened in june of 2008. >> overruled. >> yes. >> okay. are you sure you're at work on june 16th of 2008? >> yes, i know i was at work on june 16th, 2008. >> okay. your time card reflects that you were at work on june 16th of
8:22 am
2008, does it not? >> i would imagine it would but i haven't reviewed that time card in three years. >> may i approach the witness with 318 in evidence? >> you may. >> have you located the entry for the week end iing -- let me think. 20. >> yes. >> okay. shows you're at work on june 16th of 2008? >> yes. >> okay. that's accurate? >> yes. >> are you sure you were at work on june 17th of 2008?
8:23 am
>> yes. without looking at this i'm sure i worked june 17th. >> okay. every day that week? >> yes. >> through the 24th of june when the gas can incident was reported? >> yes. i had just come off vacation so, yes, i was back to work. >> okay. that time card accurately reflects that june vacation, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. >> your daughter casey was home between august 22nd of 2008, and october 14th of 2008.
8:24 am
correct? >> objection, outside the scope. >> sustained. >> did you have contact with your daughter aside from what was on the videos that were done at the jail? >> outside the scope, your honor. >> sustained. >> you showed us photographs of caylee getting in and out of the pool. did your daughter tell you that there was an accident involving the pool? >> objection, judge. outside the scope. >> overruled. >> no, ma'am. >> in fact, she continued to assert to you after july 15th of 2008, that the child was kidnapped by a babysitter. correct? >> that's correct. >> those are all the questions i have on the issues presented, your honor.
8:25 am
thank you. >> redirect? >> yes, sir. >> may i approach the witness, your honor? >> you may. >> mrs. anthony, i'm showing you the photographs that were just showed you, state's re, state's rf, rg, rh, ri, rl, rk and rj.
8:26 am
now, first off, those are just photographs of tags, are they not? you can see some of the garment, can you? >> objection, leading. >> overruled. >> that's true on all but one. >> okay. and are all of those garments pretty much knit-type garments? cotton material. >> all but one. >> okay. can i -- can you show me the one that is not? now that one that show youed me, that is a jean material.
8:27 am
correct? >> like a cotton -- there's pictures of jeans in the background but this one's like a cotton. >> and the shorts that caylee was found in are jean-type material. correct? >> they're a cotton-type material. >> okay. the knit material is material that's much stretchier, wouldn't you agree to that? >> absolutely. >> okay. so, are caylee's clothing -- does caylee grow out of clothing that are of that rougher, thicker material a lot faster than they would of the knit material? >> yes. >> and you also have kept lots of clothing from caylee that she's outgrown, have you not? >> oh, yes. most of her stuff we have kept.
8:28 am
>> okay. and a lot of this would be kept in casey's room? >> you're listening to the testimony of kinsey anthony there. you are seeing casey anthony, the defendant in this case. cindy anthony being asked about the clothing that the 2-year-old caylee anthony regularly wore, the kinds of clothes that usually stayed at the family home. as well as there were a lot of pointed questions about the swimming pool in the family backyard, about the ladder, whether a 2-year-old could lift that ladder or whether it was something that adults only -- we'll continue to monitor the developments in this murder trial taking place in orlando. right now, we'll take a short break and resume testimony right after this. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network...
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how much can the snapshot discount save you? call or click today. back to the casey anthony murder trial in orlando. still on the stand casey's mother cindy. let's listen in. >> anymore questions from the state? >> just very briefly. mrs. anthony, the fabric in the shorts that you were talking about, the pink cotton? >> yes, ma'am. >> shorts. was that the same fabric as the shorts in the photograph, i believe it's 314. you can correct me if i'm wrong but the one we saw that you said was taken in 2007. >> yes. it's similar. >> the sturdy cotton that has
8:32 am
less give than a knit fabric? >> yes. >> that's all i wanted the clarify, your honor. >> okay. may mrs. anthony stand down? >> yes, judge. >> thank you, ma'am. you may stand down. >> thank you. >> all right. cindy anthony, the mother of casey anthony, who's on trial for the murder of her daughter caylee anthony, cindy anthony off the stand there. let's bring in david mattingly, there in orlando listening to the proceedings. what did the defense accomplish by calling cindy anthony to the stand and talking about everything from the backyard pool to the clothing of 2-year-old caylee anthony? >> well, it's important for the defense to establish from someone there in the home that the ladder was on the pool, that the gate was open which is what cindy anthony said.
8:33 am
and then, they're talking about the clothing. we presume this is going to have something to do with the clothing that caylee was found in when her body was found in the woods near the family home. at the moment they have not made that direct point but what we're looking at is them trying to bolster that the story they put out there that caylee drowned aer her death was an accident. now, certain times today it is difficult to watch. this was a grandmother, cindy, still very much grieving for the loss of her granddaughter three years later. >> david, let me ask you the hold your thought. i'm sorry to interrupt you. on the stand is lee anthony, the brother of casey anthony. we are going to listen in to that and then we'll talk with you again in a moment, david. >> your honor, i would like to publish to the witness and the jury state's exhibit 47, 79 and 80. >> you may publish.
8:34 am
>> can you see that, sir? >> i can't see. do you want me to do it or are you going to do it? >> thank you, judge. >> yes, i can see it. >> is that the white pontiac sunfire that you once owned? >> yes, sir. it is. >> okay. i'd like to show you photographs, state's 79. do you see that, sir? >> yes, i do. >> does that appear to be the trunk of your -- of the car you once owned? >> yes, it is. i recognize the amplifier in the back. >> all right. give me a second. i'm trying to clear up the glare if i can.
8:35 am
[ inaudible ] >> just let them know which ones they want. they can find them. >> okay. can you see that now? >> much better. >> okay. now, when you owned this car, was there a stain in the trunk of the car? >> there were a few, yes. >> okay. can you show with the illustrator just kind of circle on the screen where these stains were? >> okay.
8:36 am
i specifically remember there being three. they were all outside of the -- >> go ahead and mark on the -- >> okay. they were all outside of the tire cover. there was one there. approximately. there was one higher up below the amplifier and then there was a smaller one just kind of on the side over here. >> and were they there when you purchased the car? >> from everything i remember, yes. i remember seeing those numerous times throughout the time i owned it. >> did you have an occasion to stain the trunk of your car on any occasions? how long did you own it, again? i'm sorry. >> almost five full years. >> so in those five years did you ever create any stains in the trunk? >> i'm sure i may have but i don't recall specifically making any of those three but i do remember seeing them, you know, it was just normal to see those. >> okay. like to show you another
8:37 am
photograph. is this a little better a view of the trunk? >> yes. >> can you show us where -- >> exhibit number? state's what? >> state's 80. >> thank you. >> apologize. can you show us where on this photograph the stains were? >> sure. see there. right there. and then the other was off the picture. >> off the picture. okay. and how long would you say those stains were there? >> i don't know for sure. more often than not, longer than -- for the majority of the part that i owned them if not the entire time that i owned them. >> okay. now, they don't come up too well
8:38 am
on these photographs, do they? >> no, they don't. no, they don't. >> and but they were there when you would be able to see it, correct? >> absolutely. >> when you open the trunk? >> yes. >> okay. may i unpublish, your honor, if the jury is finished? >> you may. >> mr. anthony, can you tell us when's the first time that you noticed that your sister was pregnant? >> objection. [ inaudible ] >> you may. >> all right. one more time, testifying here,
8:39 am
casey anthony's brother lee anthony. david mattingly, one more time, back in orlando there outside the courthouse. david, let me bring you back into the equation as they're carrying out these discussions. what is the focus of this testimony? >> this testimony focusing on the trunk of that pontiac sunbird that casey anthony was driving and that prosecution believed that she put the body of her daughter caylee in that trunk. what we're hearing, though, is from the family members, we heard from the mother earlier about this and now lee who drove that car before casey did that those stains in the trunk of the car several of them were there when they purchased the automobile and before caylee went missing. so the defense, again, trying to show that this was an accidental death. there was no body in that trunk and this was not a case of murder. >> now, this is interesting because this is a day where
8:40 am
nearly the entire family is on the stand there defending casey anthony, yet, at the same time, this family is torn over what took place three years ago. is the family in any way showing whether it's cindy or lee, showing any kind of duress during this testimony? >> well, we do know that the family comes in every day. they all sit in the same seats. they're in the back of the room. they take a lot of notes. at times, casey's father, you can see him thumbing through a bible that he usually keeps on his lap. earlier today, he actually opened that bible up and took out a picture of caylee and was examining that before court got into session today. today is a very difficult day for them. we know that they're still grieving for the loss of their granddaughter and they're torn over their daughter being on trial for this.
8:41 am
their attorney clarifying statements he made earlier by coming out yesterday saying that they want get to the bottom of this and know what happened. they have not made up their mine about guilt or innocence. but they do support their daughter. they love her and they do not want to see her get the death penalty. >> david mattingly, thanks so much, in orlando. we'll take a short -- we'll listen in right now. they're resuming some testimony there of lee anthony. let's listen in. >> objection overruled. >> can you first tell us about the very first time you suspected that your sister was pregnant? or noticed. >> yeah. it is hard to give an exact time but it would have been early -- early to mid-2008. >> now, you lived -- this was during the time that you were living in the home? >> yes. i had not moved out at that point. >> okay. and describe to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury how that
8:42 am
occurred. >> how i saw casey? >> yes. when you first saw casey showing. >> okay. it would have been later at night. my -- our bedrooms are right next to the bathroom so i would have -- i was waiting for her to get out of the bathroom and when i went in when she was coming out i could see her, you know, mid section and it -- it was showing. so at that time it struck me as odd because i hadn't noticed it prior to that. >> okay. and what did you do? what did you do with this information once you saw this? what did you -- >> objection.
8:43 am
>> towards casey, said like -- excuse me? what the hell is that? and she just kind of waved me off. and then, the next time i would have seen my mom, probably the next couple of days i recall asking her, is casey pregnant? looks that way to me. >> objection. not responsive narrative. >> sustained. >> what happened next? >> objection, relevance calls for hearsay. >> overruled at this point but the question should not elicit a hearsay answer. >> we're not offering this for the truth of the matter, your honor. >> i don't know what's coming out so approach the sidebar. >> yes, sir. >> we'll take a short break for now just as the courtroom is doing the same right there. lee anthony on the stand there. the mother of casey anthony. had been testifying about a vehicle that he had purchased
8:44 am
and how it had stains on it at the time of purchase. the stains in his view had nothing to do with after the fact they learned that the child 2-year-old caylee was missing. we'll take a short break for now and resume testimony right after this. ♪ ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] smart like a volkswagen. the 2012 cc. ♪ 8% every 10 years.age 40, we can start losing muscle -- the 2012 cc. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor
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back now to testimony in orlando. lee anthony on the stand there testifying in defense of his sister casey anthony who's on the stand there who's facing murder charges for the death of her 2-year-old caylee anthony. let's listen in to lee anthony. >> okay. and was it known in your family or was it discussed in your family at all that she was pregnant? >> objection, hearsay. specifically specifying an individual, in your family. >> your mother -- >> sustained. >> you mother and your father. >> objection, compound question. >> sustained. >> was it discussed with your mother that at this point that casey was pregnant? >> myself an my mother in. >> yes. >> prior to asking her a few months before, no. >> okay. and then after you talked to your mother about it an you
8:48 am
confronted her -- >> objection -- >> was there about a month later that you saw casey again? did she pick you up at airport. >> it assumes a fact in evidence that he confronted anybody. >> sustained. rephrase your question. >> was there an occasion where your sister picked you up at the airport? >> yes, there was. >> okay. and how was she showing when she picked you up at the airport? >> far enough out to where i knew she wasn't just putting on weight. >> i'm sorry? >> far enough out to where i know she wasn't just putting on weight. >> are you. saying that she was -- she obviously looked more pregnant? >> yes. >> okay. and was this -- how long after you had already confronted your mother? >> objection, assumes facts not in evidence. >> sustained. >> strike counsel's comment. >> let's continue. next question.
8:49 am
>> yes, sir. can you give us a timeframe from when she picked you up at the airport to where you confronted your mother. >> assumes the same fact in evidence. i've objected twice. >> sustained. >> did you have any discussions with your mother or your father about casey's pregnancy when she picked you up at the airport? >> no, i did not. >> during the time period between the time you confronted your mother and the time you had picked -- >> objection, judge. >> let him finish answering the question. sit down. >> mr. anthony, do not answer the question until i tell you you can answer the question. ask your question, mr. baez. >> yes, sir. were there any -- were there any discussions between the time that you confronted your mother and the time that you -- that casey picked you up at the
8:50 am
airport that had anything to do with casey being pregnant? >> any objections to that question? >> rephrase, no, sir. >> you may answer. >> okay. from the time i confronted her with that until that
8:51 am
okay. one of their questions they are discussing with the judge. we'll take a short break and then return on the other side with a good explanation as to why that question is being
8:52 am
challenged about why lee anthony was hurt about the fact that his sister, casey anthony, was pregnant. we'll be right back. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ so delicious. i think you'll find it's the vegetables. deliciously rich. flavorful! [ female announcer ] together at last. introducing new stouffer's farmers' harvest with sides of lightly sauteed farm-picked vegetables. find more ways to get to the table at
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8:54 am
back to orlando, and a very tearful, casey anthony and her brother, lee anthony, who is on the stand, being asked about their relationship and being asked very personal questions through this murder trial. let's listen in. >> did not find it importantly enough to tell me, saw specially after i already asked. so i was very hurt. and i didn't want -- i don't think that i wanted to believe it, you know. i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. what do you mean they didn't want to include you? >> objection.
8:55 am
>> sustained. >> were you angry was they hid the pregnancy from you? >> objection, asked and answered, and leading. >> sustained as to leading. >> do you need a moment, sir? >> i'm okay. >> why were you angry? >> objection, asked and answered. >> sustained. >> were there other reasons you were angry? >> objection, asked and answered. >> overruled as to that question. >> were there other reasons why you were angry? >> it calls for a yes or no answer, sir, other than the answer you have already given as to the other reasons, yes or no? >> no.
8:56 am
>> if i could have just a moment, judge. >> you may. >> i have no further questions. thank you. >> your time, we have five minutes, and we are going to recess for lunch. we ask that you don't discuss this with any other else. any instructions on behalf of the state? >> no, sir. >> or the defense. they will have a lunch break right now and the casey anthony murder trial right there, the brother tear flee explaining how
8:57 am
hurt he was upon learning that casey anthony was pregnant. we'll take a short break for now, and have more discussions on where this case is going after this. and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda® you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year. that's how splenda® is sweet...and more.
8:58 am
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8:59 am
hello, again. let's get you up to speed. casey anthony's mother, cindy, has been on the stand today.
9:00 am
prosecutors examined her about access to the family pool. it is there the defense claim casey's daughter, caylee, accidentally drowned. casey anthony's lawyer tried to show the toddler could have climbed the pool's ladder and fallen in. >> what does the photograph depict that you are looking at? >> it shows me attempting to go around caylee as i usually did. we used to have caylee sit once she got to the platform with her feet on the first step in the water, and then whoever was with her would get around that way. we would get in the pool before her and then receive her. >> casey anthony's brother later testified stains in the trunk of a car his sister drove were there when he bought the vehicle. prosecutors claim casey hit
9:01 am
caylee in. and then there was testimony it was a family secret casey's pregnancy was a secret. david, this is interesting. not over two years ago that she was pregnant, but that lee anthony was so upset that there was this family secret that while casey was carrying caylee, he didn't learn of it until well into the pregnancy. >> reporter: that's right. and we're learning just the way the questioning is playing out that this family, perhaps, had some problems that have not been clarified yet. we do know the defense claimed in their opening remarks that casey anthony was a victim of sexual abuse from her father and brother, and the fbi did paternity testing on caylee anthony to determine who the father might be and they were
9:02 am
able to rule out that it was her grandfather or uncle that was the father. so they were able to rule that out. but we're not exactly sure where the defense is going with this. we're seeing a lot of tears today. very difficult testimony for casey's brother and her mother today, as they are looking back at the days and years before caylee anthony died. at some point today, it was also very emotional for casey anth y anthony. she shed quite a few tears when they were showing video and cindy was talking about how good she was, and the photographs of caylee climbing the stairs into the family swimming pool, and that's playing into the defense's claim that she downed in the family pool. >> there was a lot of time asking questions to cindy anthony, the mother, about the
9:03 am
child's clothing, trying to establish how much time she spent at the family home and etc. did the defense accomplish what they set out to do by calling cindy anthony to the stand one more time? >> reporter: well, she was very clear in her recollection, so that was good for the defense. they were able to make a strong point that this swimming pool ladder she noticed was on the pool, and that a gate was open. then the prosecution comes back under cross-examination and says could little caylee have opened that door by herself, and the answer was no, she could not have. would she have been able to put that ladder up on the pool by herself, and the answer, of course, was, no, she couldn't have. so it's all going to depepd on what the jury sees here as important. but after days of listening to
9:04 am
very my newt detail. this will resonate with the jury more loudly than a lot of the expert testimony has. >> after the lunch break, lee anthony will be called back on the stand to finish up. who might be next? >> that's hard to say. we really don't know. the defense knows what they are doing. they make changes day-to-day. that's the big question every single day, and sometimes people with inside sources are able to determine what is going to be going on, and sometimes it's determined by who is waiting outside to testify, and only the family is involved in testimony today and we're waiting to see like everybody else is. >> thank you so much from orlando. we appreciate that. 10:00 p.m. beginning tomorrow evening, cnn has a special on the casey anthony trial. a news room special. that's tomorrow night, saturday night, hosted by don lemon, 10:00 p.m., eastern time.
9:05 am
he could kill you for a good reason or a bad reason or for no reason. >> notorious mob boss is expected to be in court four hours from now. the fbi caught up with him in southern california this week after 16 years on the run. he had $800,000 and a lot of fake ids in his apartment. and then linked bin laden to militants allied with pakistan's spy agency. the cell phone courier had contact. the phone produced no smoking phone that proves pakistani spies helped to hide bin laden. i believe gay couples deserve the same rights as every
9:06 am
other couple in the country. >> obama stops short of supporting same-sex marriage. the president told a gay advocacy group in new york last night state lawmakers debating the issue are doing what they are supposed to do, and that's how democracy works. it's unclear whether the senators will vote today on a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. the state assembly has already approved the bill. the house is expected at this hour to take the first of two votes on libya today. it would give congressional approval to libyan -- to the libyan operation for yi near, and another measure severely reis that correct nato on the mission. and some are wanting to defend
9:07 am
the libya mission because they say president obama has not complied with the war powers act. here is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. what does the taxpayer protection pledge mean for negotiations on capitol hill? carol costello joins me for more on this. >> everybody is signing pledges these days it seems, doesn't it, fredricka? >> i guess so. >> the two republicans walked out of the negotiations involved in the talks. democrats brought up tax hikes, and jon kyl said he wouldn't go there. curb tax deductions for the wealthy? not a chance. ending the bush tax cuts? don't go there. cantor and kyl cannot agree to tax hikes because they signed a taxpayer protection pledge offered by the advocacy group,
9:08 am
americans for tax reform. here's the pledge. take a look. they signed this pledge in front of two witnesses. according to the tax group's founder, it's the same no-tax hike pledge george h. bush signed back in the day. gave him courage to say this. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> oh, but president bush had to break that promise and voters made him pay. he lost a second term. and there in lies the problem. when you sign a pledge, it is difficult to compromise because if you change your mind for whatever reason there is written proof that you lied. so the "talk back" question today. what impact does the anti--tax pledge have to debt talks? we'll read your comments later this hour. >> talk of taxes always get
9:09 am
people fired up. expect a bucket load full of rereplies? >> i am expecting it, and i am expecting anger and passion. >> we'll look forward to that. here is a rundown of stories we're covering over the next hour. first, a cell phone at the bin laden compound throws pakistan's claims of not knowing where his whereabouts into question again. a fugitive on a motorcycle leads police on a wild ride in texas. also, store fronts in an upscale neighborhood. women tattooed as property. the latest twist in gang activity. we have a revealing cnn report. later, more tears on the stand as casey anthony's mother and brother are requested. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's.
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9:12 am
a cell phone seized in the raid that killed osama bin laden may show ties to pakistan's security agency. cnn's nick paten walsh joins us live from afghanistan. the phone contacts from the militant group, and u.s. officials are saying it's not a smoking gun. help explain. >> reporter: absolutely. this is osama bin laden's courier key because the signals from the telephone led the navy s.e.a.l.s to the compound for the raid. also in this cell phone appeared to be numbers linked to a group that is a militant organization
9:13 am
inside pakistan said by some to have been organized and fostered by elements of pakistan's intelligence, and a rogue elmeant they might use in conflicts with india. they say they have no comment on the new york times story, and they are cooperating bypassing on intelligence. now, the courier was in touch with the militants, and as they say, there is no smoking gun or direct link between the two groups, and clearly if they had the direct link between the courier and intelligence, that would be a huge deal for the obama administration. >> this group has a relationship with the pakistani government at its founding, and all of that changed over the years. kind of explain for us its
9:14 am
origin and how it evolved into something else. >> reporter: it's up with of these many militant groups which is said to have been created by pakistani intelligence as part of their rogue operation that many say that they have to have militants that could launch a symmetrical operation against india in the event there is a large disagreement between the two. and they suggest now this is negative propaganda to make pakistan look like a plis. they say clearly they are very much a victim, and they are fighting the same fight in the americans. in this case, it's clear that they should point out, the americans officials do not say there's a link between bin laden's courier and the militant group or the pakistani
9:15 am
intelligence services. >> how sit believed bin laden or the courier may have used this group for support? >> reporter: well, the suggestion is there is a scale of support. what the details of the relationship were -- many people are asking how he could hide out in a key pakistani militant area, perhaps for six years. maybe the courier had a long-time network support, and that might explain how he was able to hide a wanted man in the area. it's speculation the group had a link with pakistani intelligence, and that's adding to the conspiracy theory in the speculation that somehow the
9:16 am
establishment knew bin laden was there, and there has been no evidence really to suggest this so far, and frankly most american officials when pushed say they have not found the smoking begun, because if they had found it it would have been enormously damaging to the pakistani and u.s. relationship. we'll turn our attention to syria. new demonstrations. a live report from the capital of damascus. "i really like you." "i love you." "i will always love you." and sometimes a gift says, "you mean more to me than anything else in the world." life insurance from new york life ensures your loved ones will always be taken care of, with 166 years of financial strength -- it's the most selfless gift you can give. new york life. the company you keep. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ]
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9:19 am
the house of representatives just voted on a resolution supporting u.s. involvement on libya in the libya offensive. let's get straight on our cnn correspondent on capitol hill. tell us more. >> reporter: the answer is the house does not support authorization for the president's mission in libya. it failed pretty dramatically. 123-295. the fellow democrats were interestingly pretty split, but republicans voted no to the question of whether or not congress should authorize limited force in libya. this is something that republicans put on the house floor in order to show the president does not have support for this mission, this nato-led mission in libya because of the way the way he dealt with congress and not come to congress and sought authorization. this is the first of two votes we will see today.
9:20 am
probably in a little bit more than an hour, we will see an important vote. that will be whether or not to defund, sharply defund parts of the military mission, at least the combat part of the mission. that is also expected to be a blow, a big blow to the president. it's expected to pass. so this is a double whammy we are expected to see from the u.s. congress or the house of representatives at least to show a message to the president that they are not happy the way he handled the mission in libya and handled the way he has not consulted with congress. >> how meaningful for these votes? >> this particular vote that just happened, it's meaningful because it's a message to the president and really to the world that the house of representatives does not support this mission. the second one, this is a resolution, so it's not binding, but the second one that we expect to see, it does technically have teeth. it does technically, if it passes as we expect, will say
9:21 am
the money will not come from congress to support key parts of the mission. many people who are voting against it will say it sends a bad signal to the world, and particularly nato who is leading the mission. it has to go to the senate to pass and we don't expect that to pass. we don't expect it to become law, but just the fact that this is happening today is a political message, a powerful one, the white house they are making calls and trying desperately to stop it from happening, and it doesn't look like according to the people we're talking to, that will be successful. >> thank you for that. time to go across the country to show what cnn affiliates are covering. police tried to pull this motorcycle over for violating his parole in texas, and federal police chased him before finally taking him down. in houston, witnesses tell
9:22 am
police there the driver of the bus clipped a truck while changing lanes and lost control and slam into the a concrete piller. the driver was killed. police are look into weather the driver may have had some type of medical problem before the crash. a group of hackers in arizona is stealing information about several officers and releasing it. the group calls it pay back for arizona's strict immigration law. low income neighborhoods usually struggle to bring in super markets and stores, but some upscale chicago suburbs are having the same problem. retailers are ignoring them because of the color of their skin. randi kaye has the story in this week's what matters segment. >> a world renown golf course
9:23 am
and homes. but what they don't have -- >> class a retail in the community. we have to travel quite a distance to get the upper scale stores and restaurants. >> reporter: that has prompted four towns to band together to fight what they call retail red lining, claiming the predominantly african-american communities are being ignored. >> we're 60% african-american. i think the perception on the part of retailers is that we're poor and under educated, high crime rates, and all of those are untrue. >> reporter: rebecca and leslie moore have to drive 30 minutes to get the basics. >> there's nothing within our town that i can go to to get a bag of groceries or what i need on a weekly basis. >> reporter: no shopping means no sales tax ref knew going back
9:24 am
to the use by the police department and fire departments. they are trying to figure out how to attract upscale stores to the area. >> when there is a drop in the tax revenue that has to be made up to provide some type of services that the neighborhood wants, and that goes back to the taxpayers and the property owners of the community, so it will increase their local property taxes. >> one shopping development could bring in more than $17 million in tax revenue, if it's completely occupied. the moores are expecting their first child this summer and have considered moving across the border, but would prefer retail move in. >> it would lighten the burden on people here that would cause them to want to spend more. [ female announcer ] now at red lobster a complete four course seafood feast for $15. start with soup
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right now, go to priceline for a sneak peek at recent winning and better than ever! hotel bids to find where you n save up to 60% on hotels. * we'll even email you other people's winning bids, so you'll know what price to name. *á with new hotel bid alerts, from priceline. more deadly protest today in syria. every friday, prayers and protests lately in syria has become the normal. what is the situation today? >> reporter: well, we're in damascus right now. we were invited in. we have been here 36 hours. for three months we asked to gain access to syria and finally we have it. it comes with a certain number
9:28 am
of conditions. we are accompanied by government minders when we film outdoors, and we are indoors right now, and we are out of earshot from government minders. but what we see is the regime trying to control. and there was a small demonstration. many of the demonstrators were telling us that what is happening inside of their country is controlled by foreign agents. this fits into the narrative of this regime. now we heard as well in the last 24 hours that the european union is increasing the sanctions on syria, and that might have an impact, but what will probably have the biggest impact on syria, fredricka, is the economy. right now tourists are not coming into syria. we saw empty streets and alley ways. one street vendor told us the
9:29 am
square where we were filming would not packed and it was almost completely empty. once you have the middle class suffering economically, that could really mean and spell trouble for the government here, fredricka. >> i wonder how the president there is responding to that. what is the explanation he is willing to give to people or what kind of assurances is he giving to people given all of these components? >> reporter: well, he has given three speeches since the beginning of the unrest in more than three months now. there is a mixed message, on the one hand promising reform that activists and human rights groups say the regime is not going to deliver on, and on the other hand according to activist, cracking down violently on the prodemocracy demonstrations in syria. and then many observers from the
9:30 am
outside is saying the president here has lost his legitimacy and credibility. whether or not the demonstrations can bring down the government, and they are in isolated pockets, and so that's very much an open question whether the demonstrations in their current form and size can do damage to the regime, fredricka? >> well, thank you so much. gang members tattoo young runaways like property. the latest twist in sex trafficking. hear the stories of girls that got away. gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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9:33 am
forecasters in north dakota are increasing their predicting crest of the river by a foot. that means the river could rise 6 or perhaps 8 feet beyond the level in minot. several residents have left their homes because of the investing. it could happen when? >> sunday morning, about 1:00 in the morning. fredricka, under the world and headlines as the extreme as the new normal under weather, this fits exactly under that. it's incredible what we're seeing. this is different than what we were seeing in the mississippi river and we'll tell you why.
9:34 am
we have two incredibly rough days for minot. a quarter of the population has been evacuated with more st steadily being added. we're talking about an eclipsing century old record. why? it's about the rain and terrain. four to six inches of rain coming to minot, and the key is so much different than what happened in the mississippi river, and minot sits in the base of the valley and all the water has nowhere to go but down. about 100 to 300 foothills to the side of it, all the water just moves in the one little valley area. it saturates the region. more rain is expected. negligible in terms of not four to six inches of rain, but here is minot. in the next few days isolated
9:35 am
storms expected, and any rain egg sanlger bates the area. and you know, the last couple days what we have seen is incredible flooding around new york state. what we have seen is the bowling ball of low pressure. move to the east. it will stay here in the northeast today and tomorrow and then finally by sunday the northeast clears out but the southeast stays unsettled with showers and thunderstorms. >> we're watching what is going on in minot along the way, too. >> sure. >> we appreciate that. thank you. cnn in depth. a new disturbing crime trend in california. once warring gangs are laying down their weapons and instead of competing over turf their joining forces in the sex trafficking business. the victims are young runaways.
9:36 am
>> each day this young woman we'll call jessica spent hours on the internet posting provocative photos of herself and fishing for clients, people who would pay her to have sex. >> jessica worked as a prostitute in the booming internet sex trade but did not work for herself. she said she had a pimp that set a quo toe of $1,000 a day, money that took about ten dates to earn. jessica told me that she was afraid of her pimp and if she did not work she did not eat, saying she once went five days without food. >> i thought i was going to die of starvation. >> you had to work not for pay, but to get fed. >> to get fed. >> jessica is afraid to be identified because she said her pim is that a gang member. two years ago when she was a 19-year-old runaway, she became the physical property of the california gang where prostitutes, many of them underaged are often branded with
9:37 am
tattoos bearing the gang's names or signature. >> rather than just foe tuesday on the women out here on the street, focus the reason they are here, the people who place them here. >> three gangs laid down their weapons to form what investigators say is a profitable business enterprise to traffic and prostitute women and girls throughout california. >> this is one of the biggest investigations we have had in ocean side's history, actually. >> they led the investigation and found the business was moving away from selling drugs to women and the internet was the most powerful tool. >> this is new territory for the gangs? >> profitable? >> very profitable. if you sell your drugs, you have to replenish your supply. here, if you have a girl you are
9:38 am
prostituting out, you don't have to go find another girl. >> there was an indictment of 38 people, and hotel owners where the alleged prostitution were taking place were included. as for jessica, the turning point after she came after she witnessed another prostitute that was her friend being beaten. he sprayed mace in her mouth and forced her to swallow it, and then she says she knew she had to escape. >> now people see prostitutes and call them names. we don't know what we're going through, if we were fed last night. if we're being raped. >> jessica said she was abused as a child and never would have resorted to this life if she had a family that protected her. >> i don't have a dad. never had one. i think i waited 18 years or 19 years for him to call me on one
9:39 am
of my birthdays and he never did. it's painful. >> jessica says she worries about all the other vulnerable women and girls who get trapped in a life they cannot escape. young women and girls in nepal bought and sold for sex. they are all victims. on sunday, the survivors get a voice. demi moore joins the 2010 cnn hero of the year to take you inside the fight to end the modern day slavery. a cnn freedom product, and that's 8:00 eastern on sunday. casey anthony's mother and brother get emotional on the witness stand. find out what brought on the tears. bilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice.
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9:42 am
casey anthony's mother and brother take the stand in her murder trial. the defense is trying to prove 2-year-old caylee anthony was not murdered but drown accidently in the family pool. and lee anthony got emotional when he was talking about casey and his mother hid the pregnancy from him. >> i was very angry at my mom, and i was very angry at my
9:43 am
sister. i was just angry at everybody in general that they didn't -- they didn't want to include me. they did not find it important enough to tell me, especially after i had already asked. so i was -- i was very hurt. >> criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, holly hughes, joins me now. we heard casey's mother, cindy, talking about everything from the clothing of caylee's in the home to the pool to the ladder and then the emotional testimony from lee talking about this family secret. what was accomplished here by the defense with the kind of questioning that took place with these two witnesses? >> this is the defense finally, finally coming to the table with something that might prove their
9:44 am
theorys, and here is why. they don't have to have the exact words that they want to argue come out of a witness' mouth, because the law tells us that you can argue reasonable entrances from the evidence. if jose baez can show the jury that this family had secrets and they were odd, and they were a little off, then he can argue what other secrets were there. now you know why casey was a liar, and he can start to back up some of the things that he said in his opening statement. >> but he will need for those witnesses to take it further, to be able to say that, yes, this little girl fell into the pool, and they saw it or saw her body and somebody tried to recess tate her, and they have to go there, don't they? >> yeah, they do. if he wants to argue that is what factually happen and he wants the jury to consider that, somebody has to take the stand and say i saw this. you cannot say the ladder was up and maybe it happened you have to have a good faith basis for
9:45 am
what you are arguing and make good entrances. george will be called back to the stand and you better believe that will be explosive. lee has yet to be cross examined. >> doesn't there need to be a forensic science that comes behind to support these kinds of entrances? >> it would be great if there was, but that's when you have a circumstantial case. that's what we're looking at here. even the prosecution doesn't have all the science they would like to have. we heard tons of great experts testify, but basically what they are going to ask the jury to do, because we have no cause of death, and they will say based on what you did here, pull it together. so far, even with all the forensics the defense put up, they have not in any way made enough headway to argue that. even their own medical examiner said how do you know she might have drowned, and he said, well, there was a pool in the backyard. that is not enough, fredricka,
9:46 am
let me tell you right now, not even close, okay. >> there was more q and a with cindy about the florafill versus chloroform, and they pressed her on the search for chlorofill got confusedchloroform. >> they are using the searches of chloroform to prove that ahead of time she was looking at chloroform for her baby, and by taking cindy on the stand and it's going to bite them. the state gets rebuttal, and they will find the supervisor who will say i never forged a time card for cindy anthony. everything is backed up on hard drives. corporations and businesses have to keep records.
9:47 am
they are going to do an exhaustive computer search and show she was work at that time. this could really help the defense if cindy takes credit. if the prosecution finds a witness that will say what cindy said was a lie and they can prove it, it's a huge torpedo. >> do you think the praosecutio needs that to prove their case? the evidence you laid out there, is anybody convinced on what the prosecution delivered on? >> this is when the lawyers get up, and they tie everything together. but i think the prosecution at this point does need a really strong rebuttal, because i think the defense has done a good job. i'm happy to see it, finally. for the past week, it has been a snoozefest. i think they are making headway and have come to the table with something that may enable them
9:48 am
to argue what they said in open. you don't want a completely inept defense team because you don't want it to come back as them being ineffective if there is a conviction. forensics can be boring, let's face it when you have six days of scientists duking it out. now we're back to the emotion and the possible secrets -- >> that's getting the jury's attention? >> absolutely. >> thank you so much and good to see you. appreciate it. >> you, too. >> for more on the trial, noon here tomorrow night, 10:00 eastern, don lemon hosts a cnn special. what impact does the anti-pledge have on the budget debate. randal says if we have more taxes we will have more money to bail out other countries and big oil or banks. more responses straight ahead.
9:49 am
first, here is free money advise from the cnn help desk. >> time for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. joining me this hour a senior financial analysts at, and then we have our guest from the money blog. i recently went through a tough patch and i am getting things turned around but want to cancel one of my credit cards. the lender is charging me $8.25 a month to have the credit card. >> this is a great question. a lot of people want to know will closing a credit card account will hurt their fico credit score, and it could. i understand the why they want to cancel the card. two factors might throw off your credit score here. one is your credit usization
9:50 am
rate. if you close that card, you might affect your credit usization rate and that's a no no and it will hurt your score. you want to keep the length of your credit history as long as possible. if you close that account it disappears ten years later and it's no longer tabulated in your credit ten years down the road so that's how it can impact you ten years down the road. you can ask them to waive the fee. >> you don't want to operate at the top of the credit limit unless you have to, because that hurts you. >> i am considering an annuity as part of my retirement as long with social security, and 401(k) and savings, how much of my totaled desired income should come from an annuity? >> when it comes to selecting an annuity, when do you need the money? if you need it right away, it's immediate. you don't need the payments to kick in for a while, you need a
9:51 am
deferred annuity. talk to a fee-only financial planner and they can assess your needs in terms of what you need the money. they will act in a way so that you get the best annuity for your needs and not based on some commission. in terms of the percentage of income that you want to get from the annuity, here is one school of thought. your social security and annuity can cover your fixed expenses and you can use the requirement to cover the other expenses. you have a question you want us to answer, send us an e-mail anytime. ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪
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> you have been sounding off on the "talk back" question. carol costello joining me from washington. what are they saying? >> we will know they will be fired up about taxes.
9:55 am
>> yeah, always fired up about taxes. the question is what impact does the anti-pledge have on talks? >> one said this move is political theater. this from sergio. he says we have a spending problem not a revenue problem. this from aaron, their approach to fix gs the budget problem is immature and childish. why must the democrats plead and buckle to the republican's will. both sides overreach and the sad part, nothing ever gets done. when are both sides going to work on jobs instead of the next election. this from diane. what, are they 12? keep the conversation going. thanks as always for your comments. >> thank you, carol. we appreciate that. take a look at this, carol,
9:56 am
giving new meaning to the phrase i'm going for spin, literally. round and round and round. you'll see. can't grab my bike right now. oh, it's out of control. this took place in france leaving two motorcycles hooked right there, spinning around and around and around and when will it stop? okay. a little embarrassing, right? the racers did fancy footwork trying to regain control of the bikes. this went on for 45 seconds. suddenly the motorcycles stopped all by themselves. >> i bet that was the longest 45 seconds of his entire life. >> i know, how embarrassing. and then cannot get back in the race. it's just too much. the bikes are battered, and the biker is now heartbroken. >> well, at least his body is not broken.
9:57 am
he has that to be thankful for. >> i guess so. a little funny for this friday there for you, carol. >> i'm liking it. >> all right. we'll be right back. ♪ could that have also inspired its 556 horsepower supercharged engine? ♪ the all-new cadillac cts-v coupe. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs.
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we're wrapping up the hour with a look at the markets. the dow down about 99 points. a reason it's reacting to tech losses. you can read more about that at
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