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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  June 25, 2011 5:00am-6:30am PDT

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get that message out. >> it doesn't really matter how you get the hepatitis c, you got it. and you need to treat it. >> mr. allman him self. back in 1971. he looks good after that liver transplant. good luck, gregg. thanks for being with us had. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. time to get you back to the newsroom to get a check on your top stories making news right now. good morning. a major victory overnight for the gay rights movement. new york becomes the sixth state to approve same sex marriage. also the casey anthony trial resumes this morning after both her mother and brother cried on the witness stand yesterday. and this morning we could be hearing from the man who found 2-year-old caylee's body. also, imagine this, folks.
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having sex in your own house and going to jail for it. it's happening. we'll explain. that's coming your way at the bottom of the hour. but let's start in new york right now where same sex marriage is now legalized. the bill passed the legislature last night to a wave of applause and cheers. >> ayes 33, nays 29. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was the reaction in albany, new york. governor cuomo made new york the sixth state to approve same sex marriage. we go live to new york this morning. good morning, david. we're hearing, of course some of those cheers. a lot of people applauding what happened but plenty of people coming out and saying they are opposed to what happened last night. >> reporter: thank you.
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yes. this is a highly contentious issue. it was the unattended consequences that lawmakers in position have pointed to. it was an amendment to that bill that kept lawmakers in albany well past the end of the legislative issue. here's a letter from bishops. we're worried that both marriage and the family will be undermine by this tragic presumption of government in passing this legislation that attempts to reredefine these corner stones of civilization. >> democrats had to make some concessions to republicans to get some of them to vote for it? >> reporter: that's right. four republican lawmakers crossed party lines and voted for this measure. this bill was brought three
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times in previous years. all had failed in the state senate. this time it passed. what we see here there might be a bit of horse trading going on but more generally recent polls we've looked at suggested the majority of new yorkers are in favor of this legislation. >> all right. one other thing here. we know the law takes effect in 30 days but something else here, there's no residency requirement. is there talk that a lot of people might now flock to new york to get married? >> reporter: well, you know, that's an issue that opposition lawmakers brought up. some called at it red herring. others say new york is unique in the sense that even prior to this bill being signed new york was one of the few states in which the state laws actually recognize same sex marriage. >> all right. we appreciate you this morning. thanks so much. we're just a few minute past the top of the hour.
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in the next hour we're expecting to see the casey anthony trial resume. the defense putting on its case. it's expected at 9:00 for testimony to resume after an emotional day yesterday that saw the mother and brother of casey anthony take the stand, both of them trying to save, a lot of people would say save casey anthony's life with some of their testimony. we're going to be talking to a legal expert here in just about 30 minutes about what we saw yesterday, what the defense was trying to do and if they made any head way. also in north dakota right now 20% of one city there is under water. this is the souris river. it's over flowed its banks. the river is supposed to crest today maybe early tomorrow. people are hoping the levees will natalee holloway but for a lot of folks it's already just too late. >> my sister called me and her
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husband, her parents' house is totally under water now. so it's tough. >> have you gotten other calls? >> yeah. i got my brother-in-law's house, my dad's house is all under water now. >> we'll be checking in with reynolds wolf to get the latest in just a moment. also at least two people are dead after a tractor-trailer hit a moving amtrak train near reno, nevada. train caught fire. some people jumped from that train trying to get away from that fire. authorities trying to figure out if there are more victims in the burned out train car. listen to one guy. >> get hit by something, a big ball of fire or something, jumped out the window. >> you jumped out the window? >> yes. >> the train was moving. i thought it would tip over. it didn't. i saw people flying on the other side of the train. also a story that just had a lot of people shaking their heads around the newsroom this
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morning. live ammo used instead of blanks at a wild west re-enactment in south dakota. this is supposed to be a gun battle from the wild west. sure enough one of the actors had real bullets in his gun instead of blanks and they tourists were shot. nobody killed, though. investigators going over the evidence to decide if they will file any charges. for now those wild west shows have been cancelled. also a southwest airlines pilot back on the job two months after calling his crew members all kind of names on an open microphone. he was referring to gays and grannies. his words. an open mike at the time. everyone could hear all of it. here's a little sample of it. >> i still wouldn't want anyone to no if i had bush i mean it is
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all -- >> that was some of the more tamed stuff there. unnamed pilot was suspended, got extra diversity training. the flight attendant's union told a houston newspaper that they might file a lawsuit against southwest. here's what the airline at least is saying. the actions of this pilot are, without question, inconsistent with the professional behavior and overall respect that we require from our employees. we're hearing reports of more deaths among anti-government demonstrations in syria. activist group says 20 people were killed in clashes. cnn not able to independently declare that. seven civilians and one police officer were killed. the u.s. is among several questions putting pressure on syria's government to stop the deadly crackdown on protesters. follow up on a story we were telling you here on cnn stath and sunday morning. a lawsuit has been filed over
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that green card lottery. people from more than 20 countries are now suing the federal government after the original results of the last green card lottery were thrown out. see what happened here the state department said a computer glitch nullified the original results. they contacted 22,000 people that were told they won green cards. they call at it green card lottery. 15 million people apply and only 50,000 get these green cards. a pulitzer prize winning journalist reveals he's in this country illegally. jose vargas said he used a fake social security card and driver's license to get a job at the "the washington post". it got him into the white house. he said he's speaking out now because he's upset that congress didn't pass the dream act. that act would have given a clearer path to citizenship to people who came into this
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country as kids. he could be deported to the philippines. we'll hear more on his decision to come forward. his interview is at 11:25 a.m. on sunday. take a look at the screen. this surveillance video showing a hit-and-run near philadelphia. there is the hit. you'll see the run here in just a second. the driver has surrendered to police. that happened yesterday. you can see she took off after she hit a store clerk. she knocked the store clerk clear through the front window of the store. then she drove off. the passenger that you see as well hopped out of the car and strolled away like much didn't happen. she said they were out drinking. the clerk is laid up, legs banged up but pretty lucky that that's all he has is a pretty banged up leg. >> my leg is injured.
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all the way up here. >> really. i say good morning to reynolds wolf. you see thad video, it's amazing. laying up on the couch with a bum leg. >> it's funny how getting hit by an suv gets your attention. has it happened to you? >> no. let's hope it doesn't. he's very lucky. got away with just a few minor injuries. something else that's been very bad. the flooding situation in parts of north dakota. the expected crest possibly later tonight more than likely 1:00 a.m., midnight hour into sunday, 6 1/2 feet above the record stage. record setback in 1881 and, again, the rain and terrain they have not going help. more coming up right here on cnn saturday morning. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience
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hold hold. little bit the hour. this is called the worst flooding to hit minot, north dakota. it swamped up to 4,000 homes. we're not seeing a river, we're actually seeing neighborhoods. a lot of people had to paddle their way home. this is the souris river. hasn't crested yet. won't happen until later tonight or tomorrow. six feet above flood stage. now in context there, if you hear a river six feet above flood stage, how bad is that? >> it's kpret extreme. we're talk about since 1981. this goes back to the heavy snowfall they had back during the winter and early spring. it was a winter that seems almost endless and the result is the massive flooding they are having. keep in mind we already had the
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flooding in the mississippi river valley. horrible season. >> the fires. arizona we're talking about. worst wildfire in that states history. 80% contained. this is the monument wildfire. destroyed homes and businesses. more people expected to be allowed to return to their homes. has the weather helped? >> some. each and every day in a desert climate like that you'll have dry conditions. more today and some other fires you'll see there. into oklahoma, fires there. winds will intensify this afternoon. it will push those flames and keep things going. in terms of the desert southwest. let's pick it up. here's what we have. wind is fairly gentle. humidity very low. this is not the monsoon season four in the desert southwest so no luck four in terms of mother nature. hard work of the men and women battling the blaze that's going
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to improve the situation but even then it's going to be a tough road to call. central plains, the story is the possibility of the strong storms today for the central plains the mid-mississippi valley, the strongest activity may take place later this afternoon because we have the daytime heating plus these frontal boundaries, the moisture coming from the gulf. unstable atmosphere. people flying, dallas to chicago in the mid. your flight awfully bumpy. parts of the southeast very humid conditions maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon and rain for much of new england and back out to the west plenty of sunshine from places like pismo beach to staying lovely. in terms of your temperatures, typical muggy day in the southeast. highs going to 93 in new orleans, 92 in atlanta. 87 in washington, d.c., 81 in new york city, 66 in boston, 87 in kansas city. cool down in the afternoon with a shower and 75 in billings. 87 in salt lake city and 73 in
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portland, oregon. t.j., let's put it back to you. >> appreciate it. 14 minutes the hour now. oftentimes we show you some of the surveillance video from inside a cop car. we have some to show you now. not of a police chief but look what happened to this poor little guy. this is the tennessee police department. guy is heading home and hits a bear. maybe the bear was heading home too. but trying to get across there. the cruiser slams into the little guy. he slides a little bit and maybe has a little bit of a limp, hopefully. hopefully he's okay now. he got up and was able to make his way back home. quarter the hour here now. june, did you realize this is men's health month. there's a list of the top health risks out there that men face most often. also have some prevention tests for you. the mayo clinic put together a list.
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listen to this. stroke, the fifth most common threat that men face. of course you can control factors like your age, race and family history but you can control your blood pressure and you can quit smoking as well. number four on the list is chronic respiratory disease. get a flu shot and limit exposure to air pollution. the third highest threat, car accidents. now we've all been in car accidents but the threat lies in you not taking care of yourself in that car business buckling up and control this by not speeding as much. the top two, some of the tips to help you maybe stay off of this list when we come back. stay with us. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003.
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bengay pain relief + massage with penetrating nubs plus the powerful pain relief of bengay. love the nubs! 17 minutes the hour on this cnn saturday morning. it is men's health month. maybe you didn't realize. before the break we were showing with you the top five threats to men's health as put together by the mayo clinic. stroke, chronic respiratory disease and car accidents. but number two on the list now, the number two threat to men is cancer. of particular concern to men lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer. don't smoke. eat healthy. protect yourself from the sun and take early detection seriously. and the number one threat, heart disease. again, the best way to prevent
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this, same way you can prevent a lot of problems don't smoke, eat that healthy diet, manage your cholesterol and blood pressure and make sure you make exercise a part of your daily routine. time for us to go across country to stories. in boston alleged mob boss james bolger is asking for a public defender. he appeared in a boston court on friday after being captured in southern california. he didn't ask for bail or enter a plea. the fbi found $800,000 in his apartment when they arrested him. the 81-year-old former fugitive faces dozens of charges from rack racketeering to murder. >> kwamekilpatrick could be
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released next month. the sexpresso stands getting a lot of business. they serve up a lot of skin with these skinny lattes. people are complaining about the five shops that opened up in the past year. county is considering some regulations to clarify them as adult entertainment. the people serving it up, well you just say you don't want to spill any coffee on those parts that are exposed. imagine what it would be like to drive on solar powered roads. roads that would actually charge your electric car. could happen. could happen sooner than you think. reynolds wolf has this weekend's start small think big story. >> reporter: engineers scott is turning his childhood dreams into reality. >> when i was 5 or 6 or 7 i got a slot car track. it was an electrical road.
5:21 am
my brainstorm as a young man if we could make real roads electric kids could drive. >> reporter: electric roads seemed out of reach until his wife suggested he make the surface out of solar panels and that's when solar roadways began. >> i think it's time to move into the 21st century. >> reporter: a solar roadway can light up to let you know if there's an accident up ahead. >> if you could replace all the asphalt and concrete surfaces in the united states, you could produce three times more power. >> reporter: he created a prototype and the idea has caught on fast. he says the payoff for solar roadways would be quick as well. >> with no subsidies no tax breaks at all the panel could pay for itself in 20 years.
5:22 am
>> reporter: the first solar roadway panels could be installed as early as next year. reynolds wolf, cnn. it has happened again. another security breach that compromised the personal information of 25 million people. but that 25 million number isn't the only thing that makes this breach a big deal. that's next. it's 21 minutes the hour. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day.
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using a password to protect your personal data online only works if nobody else knows your password. the latest security breach allows anybody to use any password to access the personal data of 25 million people. our digital lifestyle expert, mario armstrong joins us now. mario, first of all, this had to do with something that a lot of people think is the next big
5:26 am
thing and it's called the cloud. first of all, simplify it for us. what is that? >> i know it's early. i'll break it down. you have a hard drive in your computer. the hard drive looks something like this inside of your computer. this hard drive has programs and has files. imagine if this hard drive is sitting up on the internet. now if it's on the internet any device, a phone, a laptop, a tablet can now connect to this hard drive to pull town those files, to sync them together or access them on any device. with the cloud through the internet you can access software and files on any device. >> essentially you don't have to have your physical hard drive any more, you're trusting yourself literally to put you want out there in space, hence the word the cloud. >> on some other company's cloud service. >> this is supposed to be the next big thing. apple is coming out with their version which is supposed to give this cloud service a boost.
5:27 am
what happened in this case where 25 million just had their stuff out there. >> the name of this company is called drop box. one of the cloud service companies. i like the service. the problem was that they made software update to their code and when they made that update they extentally left the front door unlocked. so that meant for about four hours earlier this week anyone as long as i knew your user name i could get access to your files. i didn't need a password. that was an error that they made on their end that they didn't catch. >> a lot of people have some concerns about the cloud and security and maybe this was an error on their part. sound like human error here. but still is this going to hurt in the future and kind of point out to some people that hey, you know, like i was discussing with you a security guy, hey only put something on the cloud that you don't mind giving away. >> it's almost like, you know,
5:28 am
keeping your front door unlocked if you don't have any valuables that you don't mind people walking away with. so on one hand i agree. at this stage in the game -- only 40% of consumers understand what the cloud is and only 9% of americans are using cloud services. so still you're right, testimony, lots of education to go but a quick tip would be number one, password protect any of your secure files. if you have a secure file, i don't care what you put it on, your own hard drive or upload to it internet password protect that file. >> all right. you tell us what we're supposed to do. we keep hearing about these security breaches and passwords. no matter what. i think we're naive to have an expectation that anything we put out there is protected. mario good stuff this morning. i'm sure we'll be following up
5:29 am
on this story. man, enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> all right, t.j., you too. >> join us every saturday at this time for digital lifestyle. what did j.p. morgan chase know about bernie madoff's ponzi scheme. that's now the big question in the mid. a new big multibillion dollar claim. who wants more money and why? that is next. piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! gg mom: you're home piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: gei. mutes could save you 15% or more. [ slap! slap! slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you?
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. we're at the bottom of the hour here on cnn saturday morning. welcome back. i'm t.j. holmes. so glad you could spend part of your weekend here with us. new york governor andrew cuomo has signed legislation that allows same sex marriage. it passed a republican controlled state senate just before midnight. same sex couples can get married starting in 30 days. new york now the sixth state to legalize the unions. casey anthony murder trial resumes in orlando. should resume here in about half an hour. her brother lee testified about stains in her car trunk saying
5:33 am
there were there before his niece disappeared. casey anthony accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. a trustee in the bernie madoff case wants billions of dollars from jpmorgan chase. the trustee said the bank knew about the ponzi scheme and didn't do anything. a lot of people visit dubai and before you do there's something those folks need to know. public displace of affection heavily frowned on. there's serious repercussions if you don't keep your hands to yourself and that includes jail time. those details next. wow, it's a great deal.
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35 minutes the hour. we have some sad news to pass along to you on this saturday morning. nick charles has died. nick was a cnn staple for years on sports tonight. lost his battle with bladder cancer. you may remember his name, certainly from the time he was here at cnn. but most recently our sanjay gupta did a profile that got overwhelming reaction, a profile of nick and how he was preparing to go. he was preparing himself and his family for the last days of his life and important the time when he would not be here. nick charles has died at the age of 64. we'll have much more on this man and his life and, again, what he knew inevitable.
5:37 am
i do have to tell you i had the pleasure of knowing nick charles and what a superb human being. >> he did. we got overwhelming reaction. it might have been last weekend or the week before that sanjay profiled nick. just unsolicited reaction from our viewers. they were touched by what he was doing and preparing -- >> a beautiful man and a beautiful life. >> again, we'll have much more on that if you're not familiar with the story. turning to our morning passport. we turn to dubai where there are tourists in jail right now. >> yes. you can't make this stuff up. so this is the story. in december a new zealander finds himself in a rather unusual pretty okayment. he's in his apartment with his current lover who happens to be
5:38 am
british. the ex-lover knocks at the door, does not get in but eventually literally pounds the door down. gets in. sees the new zealander with his current girlfriend/lover and starts messing up the entire apartment and throwing things. what happens is this -- >> what are we seeing here? >> right now you're seeing one of the girlfriends. one of the girlfriends. whose got a facebook page by the way so although she is in prison she has a computer. he calls the police and the police roast all three of them. new zealander, the girlfriend and the brazilian girlfriend and detained them for illicit conduct, immorality. now what happened this week they actually get sentenced. we gets sentenced for two months in a dubai prison. each girl gets sentenced for one
5:39 am
month. and prior to that while they have been detained the women became great friends. it's a rather extraordinary story. it's an immorality act. if you're stein have extra marital sex outside of the marriage that's against the law. on the british embassy site in dubai there's a warning against this kind of behavior. >> you talk about immorality clause. how much does that cover? is it just the premarital sex? even holding hands or kissing. you can only have alcohol in certain licensed restaurants. the irony is "sex in the city" ii is supposedly set in the united arab emrates. they said let's go to abu daibi. in 2008 there was a british
5:40 am
couple who were arrested. they quickly got married. >> again the prison sentence or the jail sentences go for a number of months. we're not talking about years and years. >> then the people are deported afterwards. >> wow. >> so right now we have a banker in new zealand who is a banker with hsbc bank earning over $100,000 a year. he'll be deported back to new zealand along with his brazilian ex, and his british current who have become great friends. >> you can't make this stuff up. thank you as always. we're about 20 minutes from the top of the hour. the cmn freedom project looking at the horrors out there of modern day slavery with a new documentary. it's near rated by demi moore. it premieres tomorrow night 8:00 eastern on cnn.
5:41 am
>> reporter: a lot of what i've learned about human trafficking has been through direct conversations with victims. i've interviewed many victims in several different countries in several agency range. most of the victims are women and most of been in sexual exploitation. some of it is so shocking it almost ruin us for a few weeks. you can't escape the horrendousness that people are telling you and the pain they lived through. this is going to change because it is morally intolerable. now young women and girls in nepal bought and sold for sex. they are all victims. tomorrow night survivors get a voice. demi moore joins the 2010 cnn hero the year to take you inside the fight to end this modern day
5:42 am
slavery. "nepal's stolen children." sunday night 8:00 eastern time. casey anthony trial is set to resume here in just a matter of minutes this morning and some will tell you she has no choice but to take the stand. others will tell you that would be a huge mistake. we're looking at both scenarios and also the crocodile tears that some say flowed on the stand yesterday. [ waves crashing ]
5:43 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. prudential. bring your challenges. about a quarter of the top of the hour. the murder trial of casey anthony gets back on track. casey's mother and brother were both on the witness stand yesterday. i want to bring in now criminal
5:44 am
defense attorney holly hughes. it sound like you've been on both side of this type of stuff. yesterday's testimony. we talked about, you and i were on talking about this. the brother lee was crying at one point on stand yesterday. the mother was crying. these two, in your opinion, were clearly trying to help casey. >> absolutely. and the way you can tell that, t.j., is look at how they testified when they were witnesses for the prosecution. look at the affect. look at how they were acting. when cindy anthony who is the mother of casey anthony, the defendant in this case, was up for the prosecution, she was so raw and vulnerable and emotional. at one point in time we saw her doubled over. she could not even sit up straight in the witness box because she was so emotional about this baby granddaughter that she loved so much. then we see her called for jose baez and all of a sudden oh, she's on it, and she's snapping
5:45 am
out and, you know, she's just very different affect, trying to help her daughter. you know, i made -- >> does she look rehearsed? >> no. it's very affected. she's putting on a show. she's trying to help her daughter, obviously, avoid the death penalty. you can't blame her for that. i cannot imagine what this family is going through. what a horrible thing. >> this is something you and i were watching as well yesterday. her brother was up on the stand, lee anthony and he really was crying, certainly looked emotional but the prosecutor wasn't buying it. >> i was very afraid for my mom and i was angry at my sister. i was angry at much in general how they didn't want to include me, and didn't find it important
5:46 am
enough to tell me, especially after i already asked. so, i was very hurt. >> now, what we're listening to there, he was asked a question about -- he apparently did not know that casey was pregnant. he was kind of left out of it. but his reaction there -- what did you make of his reaction. what was your reaction when you first saw that. >> i thought it was really bizarre. i mean he's not the father of the baby. so all of this emotion and all of this, they didn't tell me, i felt so left -- really? seriously. it's not a legal term but really is what popped into my head, t.j.. it just seemed over the top to me. >> let's listen because it sounds like the prosecutor may have agreed with your reaction. here's the prosecutor now coming back and asking him questions after his, i don't want to say
5:47 am
performance, his testimony, his tearful testimony. listen to this. >> what was different about the way the emotion which you answered that question two hours ago, it was different than the emotion that you did not display when asked the same question two years ago? >> two years ago i did not 100% hold the belief that caylee was dead. at this very moment, two hours ago, during that two year span i've come to the place where i believe that she is. and my emotions are elicited from those facts that i have regrets and i wish i could have been there a lot more than i was. >> okay. holly, the prosecutor essentially saying hey when you were asked this same question in your deposition you just
5:48 am
answered it and moved on. today you're putting on a performance, is that what he was saying? >> that's absolutely where the prosecutor jeff ashton was going. he need to point out to the jury this isn't the first time you've heard these questions. when you answered them in deposition, which was about a year after the baby disappeared you weren't emotional. in fact your answer was and you look at the deposition, he showed it to him. well, i didn't go to the hospital to visit but when she came home everything was okay. so he glossed over it. he was not emotional about it. his explanation to the prosecutor was well, i didn't really believe she was dead and then we see the prosecutor saying okay but there was a memorial service six months before you gave your deposition. they had already found the bones. they knew from tan testing this was indeed your little niece. so, it's his job as the prosecutor's job, he's fighting for justice, trial is war, t.j., and it may seem like he's picking on lee but you got to call to the jury's attention
5:49 am
this is different than what you said and how you acted before. we have to ask ourselves before. >> holly will be with us throughout the morning. we'll be dipping in for today's testimony. would you call yesterday the most dramatic? >> yes. yesterday and the day before with what cindy and lee, the mother and brother of the defendant had to say. with cindy claiming responsibility for of this chloroform search it was bombshell stuff. >> it continues today in a matter of minutes. we're looking at live pictures. i see defense attorneys walking into the courtroom. we know they will start up here in a moment. when that testimony starts and we'll be bringing the parts that we believe you might be interested in seeing or want to see. again we'll be going live to orlando. david mattingly is covering it for us. quick break. we'll be right back. the debate is over. ♪
5:50 am
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5:53 am
all right. this is happeningright now in an orlando courtroom. the defense attorney is on your left and casey anthony has re-entered the courtroom. they are resuming the trial this morning after a couple of dramatic days of testimony on friday and thursday. with her brother and mother taking the stand. now we're standing by for that. we'll be dipping in this throughout the morning and letting you hear some of the more relevant points and testimony that will come up. we have attorney holly hughes to help us navigate through some of the parts of this trial. that's happening right now in orlando. also the sad news to pass along to you this saturday morning about nick charles. nick was a cnn staple for years on sports tonight here at cnn. he's lost his battle with bladder cancer. he was 64 years old. dr. sanjay gupta looking back at the career of nick charles. >> we're here at the rose bowl in the super dome.
5:54 am
>> hello again. >> the voice, the smile, the hair. nick charles was cnn's original sports anchor and part of the longest running anchor team in sports history. teaming up with nick hickman for almost 17 years. nick did it all from the olympics. >> the olympics have finally arrived. >> the kentucky derby. >> the one to beat is a girl. >> the one thing he never missed was a good fight. >> in the back parking lot of the stadium here at cesar's palace we'll find out more what mike tyson is made of. >> in 2009 the fight became his own. this time nick was in the ring and the opponent was stage four bladder cancer. nick chose to do what he's done all his life. fight. and during rounds of chemo and radiation he refused to let his diagnosis define him. he kept a positive attitude and focused on living with purpose
5:55 am
and passion. i had a chance to sit down with nick weeks before he died. >> it's a beautiful place. how are you feeling? >> feeling good. feeling fine. i'm a forward looking person but a living in the moment person. so i wake up every day expecting to have a good day. it may sound trite, but life as you get older is about 20% what happens to you and about 80% how you react to it. >> when you have this change in attitude where you say it's 80% how you react to it you developed that because you're now confronting your mortality. >> i think about my mortality and i'll think about just look at the sky and say this is beautiful this morning. look at this dawn. i'll only go that far. you really need and i've told my older children this, in life you need short term, medium term and long range goals. i'm at the short term goals. it's almost day-to-day, moment to moment. it's really quite sustaining for me and actually invigorating.
5:56 am
>> nick lived longer than his doctors expected. his inspiration his 5-year-old daughter and his wife. he didn't hide from his youngest child that he was dying. instead, he focused on his faith. >> spiritually i tell her i'm going to prepare a better place four and we'll be there eternally. the eternal picture is a difficult concept for a 5-year-old. >> nick found meaning all around him. he died surrounded by the people he loved, at peace, knowing he fought the good fight. >> you named some of these mountains. >> well, yes. i have three peaks. that's mommy and daddy and they are always going to be there and you're always going to look at them and know that we're always going to be together. [ male announcer ] bridgestone is using natural rubber,
5:57 am
5:58 am
producing products that save on fuel and emissions like ecopia tires... even making parts for solar panels that harness the sun's energy... working on social activities like clean up programs on beaches in many locations... and regional replanting activities that will help make a better world for all of us. ♪ one team. one planet bridgestone.
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6:00 am
good morning. a major victory overnight for the gay rights movement. new york becomes the sixth state to approve same sex marriage. also the casey anthony trial has just gotten under way again this morning to start 10 minutes ago and already as you see these live pictures the attorneys have gone to the side for a hudle with the judge. not sure who will take the stand today but we could be hearing from the man who found 2-year-old caylee anthony's body. we will be dipping back into that for you throughout the morning when the relevant testimony does come up. good morning to you all from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia.
6:01 am
i'm t.j. holmes. we need to start with that major victory overnight now that new york is the sixth state to approve gay marriage. listen now the reaction you saw last night in the senate after they approved the bill. >> 33 ayes to 29. [ cheers and applause ] >> four republicans joined with democrats to pass it. governor andrew cuomo signed it last night and this makes new york the sixth state to approve same sex marriage. it's also the most populace state to do so. there's also a lot more significance to what happened last night. but still, it has a lot of cheers but also comes with some criticism. here's a statement from new york's catholic bishops last night saying quote we worry that
6:02 am
both marriage and the family will be undermine by this presumption of government in passing this legislation that attempts to redefine corner stones of civilization. we'll have much more of the snacks of new york's new law later in this show. casey anthony back in court. back in court right now. she's accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee and dumping her body. we'll bring some of the testimony as it happens. i'm looking at the live picture of what's happening inside the courtroom. right now joining me criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor holly hughes. david mattingly is at the courthouse for us in orlando. david, let me start with you. what has the reaction around there been what some will tell you it's the most dramatic testimony we've seen in this trial, testimony we've seen in the past couple of days? >> reporter: it was dramatic, indeed, t.j.. yesterday we saw two family members, two people who know
6:03 am
casey anthony best come to the stand and both of them break down in tears. could this be the photograph of a tragedy in the making? a young caylee anthony, assisted by her grandmother climbing the ladder of the family's above ground pool. the defense would like the jury to believe that later in 2008 the child drowned accidentally and used her grandmother's tears to drive the point home. >> a picture of caylee walking up the ladder and i'm behind her holding her. >> reporter: casey anthony getting emotional during testimony and while watching this video. memories of happier times. the pain of an entire family on display. casey's brother lee apparently still upset about being left in the dark about his sister's pregnancy six years ago. >> i was very angry at my mom, and i was also angry at my
6:04 am
sister. i was just angry at everyone in general that they didn't want to include me. >> reporter: and, t.j., immediately after that the prosecution stepped in and asked the brother why are you so emotional when you talked to us back in 2009 we didn't see this kind of reaction from you. and they are trying to suggest to the jury that this family is now trying to keep casey anthony from getting the death penalty. >> and on that point, david, let me bring in attorney holly hughes. on that point he's just making, are they making any kind of movement? are they able so far from what you've been able to see maybe convince a juror or two of that? >> i think at this point what they are convincing the jury of is this is a very dysfunctional family which is lead defense attorney jose baez got up in his opening statement and said this isn't normal, they don't do things the way everybody else
6:05 am
does. so it may help keep casey off of death row. i'm not sure that it's going to help her avoid a conviction because there's so much evidence that's already been entered. yesterday we saw the mother, cindy anthony taking the stand. she was crying and showing pictures of caylee walking up the ladder. remember, there was a visit to the jail by cindy and george anthony, casey's parent a few years ago where drowning was mentioned on that video between them and none of them said anything about it. they said oh, yeah, surprise, surprise. >> on that point you just made. you said they are trying to set it up and they have to show this is a dysfunctional family, why is it important to show that these folks are off. >> that's the understatement the year. the award goes to you. what they are trying to do, jose baez, lead defense attorney again stood up in opening and said the reason that they are so dysfunctional because they keep
6:06 am
secrets. they have all these secrets they need to keep. the big secret is that george anthony, the father, molested casey his daughter from the time she was 8 years old. he then said that the brother lee also did. he's using that abuse excuse as it's termed to excuse the ridiculous behavior of his client in the 31 days that little girl was missing. she was out partying. so he needs to explain why that is. he says well it was an accident and the reason she just put it in the back of hermine and acted like it never happened because she's used to keeping secrets, used to hiding things and it's all the father's fault. >> david mattingly is down in florida. what do we expect to see today. do we know who will be on the stand first? >> reporter: we don't know. the defense doesn't give that information out ahead of time. this morning we've been able to
6:07 am
see several investigators from the orlando sheriff's department. so expect to hear more testimony from these investigators and probably the defense trying to put the point home that about certain questions that were not asked, about certain possible witnesses that were not questioned regarding this other scenario that caylee anthony drowned instead of being murdered. they want to show that there's another story here that was not fully investigated. >> all right. david mattingly there for us. we'll check back in with him and holly hughes attorney here with us to help us navigate some of this testimony. i want to remind you we'll be dipping in. nothing is happening right now as far as testimony. holdy hughes will have her ear to it throughout the morning. we'll let you hear some of the more relevant testimony which has been dramatic testimony over the past couple of days. so stay right here with us for
6:08 am
that. bets turn to james bolger. he's back in boston. attorneys say the alleged mob boss is looking forward answering charges against him. he's facing dozens of charges from money laundering to murder. in his first court appearance in boston yesterday he didn't enter a plea or ask for bail. he's been on the run for 1 years. finally was captured in california this week. at least 35 people are dead following a suicide attack at a maternity hospital in afghanistan. you can see where it happened in the logar province of the country. 60 others were injured in the truck bomb attack. in a separate attack in northern afghanistan ten people were killed. u.s. and afghan governments both condemn these attacks coming days after president obama announced plans to withdraw 33,000 service members by next fall. more reports of deaths among anti-government demonstrators in syria as well.
6:09 am
an activist group says 20 people were killed in clashes on friday. cnn not able to inially confirm that. seven civilians and one police officer was killed. u.s. is one of several countries putting pressure to stop the deadly crackdown on protesters. two people killed after a tractor-trailer hit a moving amtrak train near reno, nevada. the train caught fire. some people jumped from train tried to get away from the fire. authorities trying to figure out if there's more, if there could be more victims in the burned out train cars. it was a california zephyr, traveling from california to the san francisco area. long time cnn sports anchor nick charles has died. he has been dealing with bladder cancer for the past couple of years. his story was brought to you. you may have seen this in a cnn sanjay gupta special, his story
6:10 am
about how he's preparing for ten of life. how he was preparing himself and his family. an inspirational story that touched you and the viewers. we got your reaction to it. we're getting news that, in fact, nick charles has died at the age of 64. we do have a statement now from jim walton, the president of cnn worldwide. he said as a journalist and sports personality, nick charles helped put cnn on the map in its early days. he brought intelligence, style and heart to his work, qualities that translated to our company and inspired those of us who were fortunate to work alongside him. h our thoughts today are with nick and with his family. nick charles dead at the age of 64. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance
6:11 am
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producing products that save on fuel and emissions, and some that can be reused again. ♪ and promoting eco-friendly and safety driving campaigns. ♪ one team. one planet. bridgestone. about a quarter the hour on this cnn saturday morning. for the first time ever a republican state senate voted yes to same sex marriage. this happened in new york after millions of dollars were spent to defeat the measure. >> ayes 33, nays 29. [ cheers and applause ] >> governor mario cuomo signed the marriage equality act into
6:15 am
law early this morning. it gives same sex couples the right to get married. the law will go into effect in 30 days. lawmakers agreed on some key amendments that would help protect religious institutions from potential lawsuits. that was a sticking point. republicans joined democrats or four republicans did to vote for this. joining me now, elzy who is openly gay. we appreciate you being with us on this cnn saturday morning. said mistake for people to say okay we have six states now that okay same sex marriage. but is new york no other state. sounds like elzy is not hearing me this morning. we'll try to work on getting him back up. what happened in new york was significant for a number of reasons not just because this is the most populace state but also this is a state now that does not have redie scenecy
6:16 am
requirements pap lot of people believe people can flock to new york to get married. because it is the most populace state to have done this, the third most populace state in the union, many people are looking at this as a significant milestone in the whole gay rights movement. our reynolds wolf will be coming up next. we told you about this town, you might not know it well, but minot, north dakota is threatened with being wiped out by floodwaters. and when it doe, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. my not. source souris
6:17 am
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. 19 minutes the hour on this cnn saturday morning. joined by reynolds wolf.
6:20 am
what your keeping an eye on right now? is it the fires, the flooding, a little bit of everything. what's the biggest problem right now? >> last couple of weekends been almost a ping pong match, watching floods to fires. this week it's mostly the flooding we're watching in minot. over 50% contained of the fires. the men and women battling these fires heroic job. people are now putting out sand bags to protect their communities. the worst yet to come. the expected crest happening later tonight or tomorrow morning around 1:00, 6.5 feet above the record. record setback in 1881. this is truly going to be a horrific thing. the rain and terrain will not be helping much. they expect scattered showers a few embedded thunderstorms. a quarter of the population in minot has been evacuated. the old record setback in
6:21 am
1881 -- one good break that we'll get. we expect most of the rain now to move out this morning, a little bit more into parts of the corn belt and into the mid-mississippi valley. we've had some strong thunderstorms in spots like des moines and saint joe's. kansas city a few embedded thunderstorms more developing back to the west. that's within the next hour or so. from st. louis southward, paduca you had a rumble of thunder. storms popping up in nashville. one of the big stories we'll follow today of course will be the steamy conditions in parts of the southeast, very humid, maybe a thunderstorm in atlanta, maybe florida, best chance is central plains an back into parts of the upper midwest. high temperatures today as you can imagine, very warm. very muggy. memphis 93 degrees. 99 in albuquerque. 87 in denver. 75 in billings. 67 in seattle with a chance of scattered showers back into the
6:22 am
hills along the coast. should be fairly nice in places like san francisco 67. 69 in los angeles and 66 in boston and new york with 81 your expected high. t.j. that's a wrap. appreciate you as always. now i hope a lot of you were watching the nba draft this week. one of the players who was drafted he may not be the best player in the draft but he certainly has one of the best stories. coming up next he goes from homeless to the nba. ong. take metamucil. sure it helps you keep regular, but it doesn't stop there. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium, which gels to help remove waste and reduce cholesterol. it can multi-multitask. it's so 2012. look at it! it's doing over a million different things right now. metamucil. ask more of your fiber.
6:23 am
now,listen to a magazine,aper, curl up with a movie, and see a phone call. now, we can take a classroom anywhere,
6:24 am
hold an entire bookstore, and touch the stars. because now...there's this. now we have been telling you that for the first time ever republican dominated state senate voted yes to same sex marriage. this happened in new york. millions of dollars were spent on this campaign on both sides. the senate approved this last night. governor cuomo signed it into law. it's is going to take effect in the next 30 days. but i do want to bring in now elzy granderson a cnn contributor. he's been openly gay and speaking on this issue. earn lzy, on the line with me. i appreciate you being here. it would be a mistake for people to think that just another state
6:25 am
okayed same sex marriage or is there a huge significance for that state being new york? >> it's absolutely a huge thing for new york. manhattan, new york city is the media capital of the world. so whereas the previous states could have been viewed as something impacting the nation, this is something that's making a global statement and the impact of that cannot be underestimated. >> you've been in new york. president obama happened to be there on thursday night for a fundraiser that had been previously plapd a lot of gay donors were in the crowd. some of them heckled -- he wouldn't necessarily say one way or another. he said he supports equality for gay couples, wouldn't go as far as saying marriage. should more be resigned to the fact that this president cannot or either will not come out and say he supports gay marriage
6:26 am
before election day? >> you know, i was going to say no until you said before election day. i think he is in a difficult situation because while there's jubilation in the streets of manhattan, i actually live very close to a city that just voted against having same sex discrimination banned written into the local law. so there's still a lot of work to be done in the heartland of the country. so he's cognizant of that and that's why he has to do this game. >> he has to do it, you said? >> i think he does. because even if elm who are independent voters believe that he tried to support same sex marriage equality, not having him on the record, not having that sound bite available is important because those are the sort of things that his
6:27 am
opponents will use to help get their message across. >> i have to let you go l.z.. how significant is it that it was a republican senate that approved it this time around? >> well, it just proves that, you know, when you trip away the rhetoric of people's religious beliefs, you just deal strictly with the law, you will find the 14th amendment is pretty solid no state should deny anyone equality and i was really happy to see the logic, especial. >> always good to talk to you. one of our cnn contributors. we appreciate having you on the line with us this morning. >> thank you. >> we're getting close to the bottom of the hour now. we want to let you know we're standing by. the casey anthony trial is resuming this morning. we'll give the very latest. stay with us.
6:28 am
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