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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 26, 2011 3:00am-4:30am PDT

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and as caring as michael jackson. i promise you that. michael is a gift from god. >> it's been fascinating. the book is a riveting read. thank you for sharing it with me. >> thank you. >> it's a pleasure to meet you finally. >> thank you. thanks for having me. -- captions by vitac -- good morning. 4,000 homes are under water in minot, north dakota. the mayor says despite the hardships, there's great news. we'll explain. also, are you one of those out there looking for a job? well, how much do you know about weed? we could have a job opening for you. also, forget a thousand words. this picture is worth a couple million dollars.
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we'll tell you why someone paid big for this photo of one of the most notorious outlaws in history. from the cnn center, i'm t.j. holmes. good morning. thank you for being here and what you do. 6:00 a.m. in atlanta, 5:00 a.m. in minot, north dakota. thousands of people are out of their homes in minot. homes they know they may never be able to live in again. at least a third of the people of minot had to get out of there. cnn's jim spellman is in minot with the latest on this disaster. >> reporter: t.j., it's been heartbreaking for the people of minot, north dakota to watch their city fill with water over the last few days. this was once a major
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intersection with a train track an a tune that'll went under it. and now you'd think you're in the middle of a pond or a lake. 4,000 homes under water, t.j., 12,000 people evacuated with uncertain futures. they knew days ago that they couldn't protect this whole city from the floodwaters. the dikes they had were just too low. with the water coming fast, time running out, they focused only on critical infrastructure like city hall and police station complex here. they've built these temporary dikes here that were higher but you can see only after a day of having heavy water against it, already storm drains are backing up, they have to pump water out from the other side of the dike. it's been quite an undertaking for them. we've seen residents come back to take a look, see if they can get information about their homes. what they founded so far is mostly bad news. >> i hate to say it but i had tears in my eyes this morning. it's a sickening feeling.
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i know when i come back, it probably won't be worth fixing because the house is almost 100 years old. >> reporter: we've learned from the national weather service they're estimating that the water will stay essentially through this level through thursday and at record levels for at least another week. >> to our jim spellman there. the souris river, expect to crest sometime today. the mayor of the city is calling that great news. well, why? he says because the river is expected to crest several inches short of what was originally feared. so maybe they take the good news where they can get it. let me bring in reynolds wolf for perspective. we talk about several inches below what was expected. it was still expected to be several feet above the flood stage. help us put this in perspective. >> it can make a tremendous
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difference. it really and truly can. on the face of it it sounds wonderful. the problem is, there's no proof as of yet. i can tell you what this normally means that is farther upstream you've had a levee failure at some point which keeps that bubble of water that flows down the souris river from being quite as high. unfortunate unfortunately, people on the other side of the coin, had levees been stronger upstream, you might have a higher crest going through town. to the detriment of others, some people will benefit. >> thank you. >> it's a sad perspective. one thing that is going to be great for people in minot, they are getting a break in the action in terms of the rainfall. as we zoom in with our radar, you're going to see minot right there. rain-free for the time being. we still have the chance of see something of the precipitation roll to the east.
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when it does, more cloud cover into minot. with that possibly xaerted showers, heavier rain is falling farther to the south. let's talk more specifically about the river in minot. the latest we have, again, crested overnight. you can see where we happen to be right now. the blue indicates the level going through minot. as we get into monday, tuesday, and then wednesday, a slow, slow recede back. still above major stage. flood stage when we get into friday. it gives you the idea of how massive the flood is. that's ridiculous. take a look at that. 1,155 feet above sea level, that is still when we get into next friday. back to the rainfall. again, the heaviest amount falling to the south of minot. we pull to the east. some of it develops over towards fargo, nebraska and south dakota. the heaviest rainfall as we speak is falling back towards parts of the midwest into the ohio valley. you can see the rain is moving
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through. also notice the shape you have of the storms rolling through. that indicates a great deal of wind coming in from the west and moving toward the south and southeast. back towards st. louis you'll have heavy thunderstorms this morning. still heavy rain this morning there and in madisonville, southward to portland, flash flooding and poor drainage areas. parts of the desert southwesting with still dry. they did get a little bit more of a handle on the fires yesterday. winds did not materialize too strong into the afternoon, which is great. as we get into wednesday, one out of the throw major fires in the state of arizona may be contained by wednesday. that is the hope if weather conditions cooperate. today may be better, still warm and dry. at least the winds not quite as strong. the stormy conditions in parts of the central plains into the midwest. rain possible for the northeast. hazy, hot and humid for parts of southeast. the heat will be back in full force, 94 in atlanta, 89 in
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tampa, 74 in boston, 79 in minneapolis, 83 in salt lake city, 71 in los angeles. t.j., you're up to speed, my friend. >> thanks, reynolds. we'll check in throughout the morning. want to update you on a story we were telling you about yesterday. a tragic update. we now know six people died after a tractor-trailer slammed into a moving amtrak train near reno, nevada. take a look at cell phone video taken just after the accident. look. >> she's out there. tell her to hang and jump. tell her to hang and jump. there's somebody over there. >> now, some of the passengers as you were kind of hearing and you're seeing here had to jump from the burning train. investigators say they haven't
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found all those who were supposed to be on the train. the truck tried to stop but ended up skidding 300 feet into the train. the driver of that tractor-trailer died in the crash. also james "white request" bulger is expected back in court. he's athe pl at the plijoth cou. the murder trial of casey anthony expected to get under way tomorrow. the judge met with attorneys nearly an hour away from the jury and came back into the courtroom and sent everybody home for the day. a judge would say a legal issue prompted the recess. >> as both sides concurred a legal issue has arisen unrelated
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to the issue that we talked about, first thing is morning dealing with the doctor, that would necessitate us recessing for today. $6 million worth of bonuses being paid to congressional staffers. the first quarter congressional expense reports came out this week and we've been going through these numbers and the bonuses range from just a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. >> i think that lawmakers have to be very judicious about how they use the bonuses and they can't just be writing checks willy-nilly. that's not to say staff shouldn't be compensated for the work they do. >> but when it's in the millions of dollars. >> then you have to be questioning is this a good use of the taxpayers' money? >> now, some will tell you the bonuses are necessary because staffers don't make much money to begin with. here are some of the average
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salaries. chief of staff, $136,000, press secretary, 64,000, a staff assistant makes around 31,000. the starting salary for some staff assistants is under ten grand. much more on the bonuses in our 8:00 hour. president obama is getting in the middle of the deficit negotiations. he is holding separate white house meetings tomorrow with senate majority leader harry reid and the republican senate leader, mitch mcconnell. talks between the two parties broke down last week. republicans balked at the idea of eliminate something tax breaks. we are ready now for the fourth round of wimbledon. serena williams did move on. she's into the fourth round but she's upset, not because of how she played but because of where she was forced to play. sports minute after the break. stay with us on this cnn sunday morning. adband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities,
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dealing with professionals teaching things that they were doing everyday, got me to where i am today. i'm mayor cherie wood, i'm responsible for the largest urban renewal project in utah, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at good morning, atlanta. just across from our cnn world headquarters, a live picture of downtown atlanta. a beautiful shot this morning. hello to you all on this cnn sunday morning. 13 minutes past the hour. give you a look at some of the major stories in sports this weekend. the top-sided man at wimbledon is advancing, going on to the fourth round. most of the favorites on the men's side are advancing. he won in straight sets yesterday. he's going for his third wimbledon title. on the women's side, serena
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williams also won in straight sets playing on court one. she is a multiple wimbledon champion. she didn't get a chance to play on the prestigious center court. she had complained about some of her court assignments. she had been relegated to court two, just like her sister, venus as well. didn't think that was fair. she argued on the men's side at least a lot of the top men and certainly some of the former wimbledon champions were never relegated to those other courts. move to soccer. did you keep up with this yesterday? yesterday was a big one. a big grudge match between the usa and mexico. in the gold cup. well, in the final yesterday, the u.s. jumped out to a 2-goal lead then blew it. lost 4-2. to mexico. losing out on the gold cup. mexico winning its second
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consecutive. meanwhile this was held out in california, southern california and people will tell you that the americans were outnumbered in the crowd. more people cheering for the mexican side. look at this here, a 19-year-old amateur. could win it all at the travelers championship in connecticut. this is patrick cantleg. he says he's not thinking about turning pro just yet. the amateur make something noise on the pga right now. we, speaking of sports, our hearts are heavy at cnn because we just lost one of our originals here. nick charles pep was the face of cnn sports for almost two decades. he died saturday of complications from bladder cancer. this is someone that a lot of folks will tell you literally is responsible for helping to put cnn on the map. our sanjay gupta profiled him just a couple of weeks ago on
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his show. sanjay will join us coming up next hour. we'll sit down, talking about nick charles' battle with cancer and his contribution to the world of sports and also to cnn. so you want to stick around for that. quarter past the hour now. it is the only known surviving authentic photo of the infamous gunslinger bill went kid. well, someone just bought it and it was sold for a lot more than a lot of people were expecting. also, a up in in tucson is looking for a marijuana connoisseur. if you have the credentials for this job, you should be embarrassed. 16 minutes past the hour. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt.
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19 minutes past the hour on this cnn sunday morning. you have heard of food critics, there are wine critics out there. might as well through into weed critics now. a newspaper in tucson has put out an ad, yes, looking for a weed critic. sergio avila from our affiliate kgun with the story. >> reporter: you can spot the ad running in the tucson weekly,
3:20 am
wanted, medical marijuana critic. as chill as that may sound, tucson weekly editor jimmy bulgo says that writer will be providing an important service. >> a lot of sick people will be using medical marge math. they want to know how is it to park, how good is it in terms of helping them with their symptoms. >> reporter: we decided to look for candidates at a job center. la juan johnson has been looking for work for seven months. do you think you'd have a good grasp on this top snik. >> i think by my perspective, i know a lot of people who still indulge in smoking marijuana. >> reporter: you have to be a registered medical marijuana patient with a clean driving record and not working in the medical marijuana field. >> the ad makes it clear we want someone who's going to be serious about this. >> reporter: shockingly or not, he admits the medical marijuana
3:21 am
critic applicants are lagging. only two people would apply. >> i'm not interested in a job with the tucson weekly medical marijuana, although as a medical marijuana critic. although i'd like to work with the tucson weekly. maybe that's a way to start. >> get your foot in the door. >> reporter: johnson's hoping his time helps sway the "weekly's" decision. >> this is an opportunity put my face out there and see if i can become a medical marijuana analysis or sampler or whatever, you know? >> okay. we have wine critics, food critics. maybe this is the next step. there are 16 legal medical marijuana states plus d.c. right now. i don't know, reynolds, is this the way we're going. people make light of this but some of these dispensaries take this seriously and we have heard of things like this already.
3:22 am
>> i can tell you right now when i was back in college, most of the guys in my dormitory would basically be perfect for that job. seriously. it was to the point where smoky bear could have driven by our dormitory, looked up and said what's going on up in that building. unfortunately there are a lot of people who would probably be qualified. >> some states as we know are consider taxing it as well. california was one of them. some are saying it could bring in billions of dollars in revenue. we shall see. it's weird to say you're a fan of bill went kid. bill went kid is someone everybody is familiar with. how can you be a fan of this guy? he killed law enforcement officers. but still, the fascination is there. and now in denver, a photo, the one you're seeing of billy the kid, sold at action for $2.3 million. >> unbelievable. >> the winning bidder was
3:23 am
billionaire william koch. he reportedly paid 25 cents to have this picture taken himself. the reason this is a big deal, it's supposedly the only known authentic photo of bill went kid that's out there. >> look at that picture. that's a slice of americana. bill the kid, shot when he was young. he's an iconic symbol. >> check this out. 16-year-old trevor hendrick was enjoying music yesterday at virginia beach, his dad showed up right on cue. the band was in on the surprise. but these are always cool where the guys come home and they jump out of sometimes presents and surprise their kids at school and so on and so forth. these never ever get old. one more thing for you, reynolds, it's hard to look at sometimes.
3:24 am
look at this, folks. this is out in california. this is a chinese crested chihuahua mix that walked away with the title of world's ugliest dog. the dog's name is yoda. is that it? how can you refer to it as it? there are things in life that sometimes people breed on purpose. the arabian horse. you have different strings you put together to make a better animal. you wonder, why do you want that to continue? yoda. >> the owner said they first thought yoda was a rat. you can see how that could happen. >> right. somehow that ties into medical marijuana, too. i'll leave it right there. set it up on the "t" for you. >> reynolds, thanks, buddy. we'll be checking in with reynolds on all things weather related here. 24 minutes past the hour. some other video to show you.
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3,000 students in chile, what are they doing? a michael jackson impersonation. this is say flash mob. this is actually a protest. we'll explain it in just a second on this cnn sunday morning. administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." ♪ [ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tiguan.
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we're coming up on the bottom of the hour on this cnn sunday morning. welcome back, everybody, i'm t.j. holmes. take a look at this. we are getting out of santiago, chile. another choreographed tribute to michael jackson. saturday was the second anniversary of his death. this was a flash mob in chile. they weren't just doing this for the fun of it to pay tribute. they're doing a protest here. these are students who say they are dancing for a better education, trying to get the attention of their government. they want that government, the chilean government to pay for that better education. but also on the michael jackson note here. you know that jacket well, don't you in the classic red an black jacket that he wore in the music video for thriller. this is the original jacket. that jacket can be yours.
3:29 am
it is going to be auctioned online today. get your scraps together, check may maybe in the cushions of the couch. if you come up with somewhere between $200,000 and $400,000 in loose change, it can be yours. that's what it's expected to go for. two years after michael jackson's death, his father hasn't been able to move past the grief how his son died and who, if anyone, is to blame. he spoke last night with cnn's don lemon about what he calls a conspiracy. >> i know you said that you believe, i guess some people conspired to kill him, is that correct? >> michael told his mother and he told his manager, who's writing a book now, the truth about michael jackson. he told them they were going to kill him for his publishing. he told his mother that. he didn't tell me that.
3:30 am
i didn't know that until after he was dead. >> do you know who those people are, who wanted to kill him for his publishing? >> we have a great idea who they are. a lot of other people know who they are as well. >> you won't say, though? >> don, i didn't say that. i'm not saying, calling names right now. >> okay. >> but you'll know in the book that's coming out. >> are you writing a book? >> no. deda weisener is writing a book. >> i thought you were talking about a book that's already out. >> no, the one the whole world should know about, that book, the truth. the truth. >> michael jackson's personal physician, dr. conrad murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. his trial scheduled to begin in september. if you look now at some of the other stories we're keeping
3:31 am
a close eye on, michele bachmann going to make a big announcement tomorrow. yes, she is going to say she's officially launching her campaign for president even though you've noticed she's already running. the a new poll of iowa republicans show she is virtually tied with mitt romney. she's going to be in waterloo, iowa today. an attorney in the casey anthony trial said he expects testimony to resume tomorrow. the defense is trying to prove 2-year-old caylee anthony was not murdered but instead accidentally drowned in the family pool. the judge suddenly ordered a recess over what he called a legal issue that came up. he didn't say what it was. it had nothing to do with the testimony of a chemistry expert the defense had planned to question. and the souris river is
3:32 am
expected to ride 12 feet below flood stage. it should start to fall starting tonight, maybe. this is yesterday in minot. about 3,000 peoples under water. more than a third of the city evacuated. people who stay behind have been told to boil their tap water for at least a minute before using it. we'll have more on those floods just ahead. reynolds wolf keeping an eye on all things flood related, all things weather related this morning. we'll give outlatest on what's happening in parts of the dakotas in terms of the flooding. we show you the bizarre weather around some of the nation. strong storms to deal with, heat in many places, even some snow in the sierra nevada, people are still hitting the slopes doing some skiing. >> we'll see you again in just a second. also i want you to stick around and see something that's downright cute. a couple of kids looking to make a phone call, they're looking around for somebody to let them
3:33 am
borrow a phone and who do they find? the president of the united states. and he lets them make a call. wonder if it was a local one. quick break. >> it says leave a message. r our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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all right. reynolds working hard this morning. a lot going on, a lot of attention has been paid and rightly so to north dakota. >> yes, absolutely. we have good news and bad news. now we're not expecting the cresting to be quite as high as originally expected. >> good and bad you were explaining. >> farther upstream what likely happened is you had structural failures, possibly the worst failure to the benefit of others. two sides of the coin. take a look at this chart. it appears easy to see what you have. the line indicates your level. you see the steady increase into friday and saturday. levels out today. we're expecting to stay basically the same around
3:36 am
1,561.8 feet. that's going to level out. that's above sea level as we get into sunday. early monday we see a slow, slow drop. if you take a look at this line, that's a major flood stage, 1,555 feet. we're expecting a little bit of a drop. it won't be an issue where people will be able to move right back in. it will be a long process. unfortunately heartbreaking for the people that call that area home. we expect a chance of more rainfall in parts of the dakotas today. it could happen. strong storms, tornadoes. you can't rule it out. i wouldn't say it's not likely for a page irtornamajor tornadi. we've already had it back into portions of the ohio valley also. out to the west we have something else altogether different. something weird has been happening up in parts of the high see area nevada.
3:37 am
skiing. yes, i know it is summer. take a look at this video. kind of slushy but skiing is skiing, up on mammoth mountain. what an incredible thing you'll see in parts of the california mountains. it's a beautiful thing, people getting up there, making the most of it. a few people braving shorts. it's weird. crazy times out there. hopefully they'll enjoy it. what you won't enjoy is the high humidity many of us will deal with across the southeast. the carolinas, back to places like new orleans, hazy, hot and humid. in terms of heavy rainfall, the heaviest is going to be up in the ohio valley and back across parts of the nation's midsection. sunny out towards the west. heat will continue for much of the desert southwest including spots like el paso. highs going up to 108 in el paso, 98 in dallas, 95 in houston, cooler obviously as you head north. 79 the high for minneapolis, 67 in billings, 81 in new york, 94
3:38 am
in atlanta and 91 in miami. better chance of rain in miami as we make our way through the afternoon. that's your forecast. >> reynolds, appreciate you as always. 37 minutes past the hour. we want to show you something and listen to it as well. the president of the united states, sitting in his limo and a couple of kids need to make a call to their mom. mr. president, do you have a phone we can use? i want you to listen to this and watch this play out, then i'll explain it more on the other side. >> who do you want to call? >> i want to call my mom's cell. >> see if she picks up. >> did she pick up? >> is it ringing? >> it says have a message. >> leave a message. leave a message. >> i had, mom. we're in mr. president's car. call me. it's really cool.
3:39 am
>> all right. bye. >> okay. mom didn't pick up the phone. he had to leave a message. but what happened here, this was actually at the end of last year. rent president was going around selling some of his economic policies? he was going and having these backyard meetings? this was after one of them. and the car was out front, the kids were out there and he just had some fun with the kids. they got to hop into the presidential limo, beast as it's called. hop in, got to make a phone call. mom didn't answer the phone. but again, this video is just hitting youtube. we're just seeing it now even though it took place at the end of last year. a cute moment with the president and a couple of kids. i imagine the president doesn't have any issues with his phone bill. you might, though. go grab it right now while we take this quick break. up next we'll look at this thing together. we'll figure out if you are one of the estimates tens of millions out there that the federal government says is being hit with unauthorized charges. that is next.
3:40 am
3:41 am
you might be one of the estimated 20 million people being wrongly charged hundreds and hundreds of dollars possibly by your phone company. but right now, you can stop it from happening. how? look at your phone bill, folks. our financial analyst joining me now. always good to have you here with us. this is something the federal communications commission calls cr
3:42 am
craming. >> it's key here, we are talking about land lines only. >> yes, but it has popped up in cellular cases as well, wireless providers have gone and settled lawsuits where they were going this in the past. >> what is the stuff? i told people to pull out their phone bills. >> yes. >> what are we even looking for. sometimes we see stuff, i assume that's supposed to be there. >> they see these charges and they look official. usage charge. >> that's legit, right? >> no, no, no. they're your phone company. it happened when fcc required people to start separating, the phone companies, to start spragt the bills. you see the charges that are bogus charges, calling plans, monthly fee, other fees. we see another fee and we take it as what it is. >> usbi, what is that. >> they look official. universal service. it's really the letters they're putting in there, these third-party companies are charging you and we are paying them because we don't want to tate time to call the company.
3:43 am
>> you call the company, they say that's your service fee. how can you argue that. >> a lot of time they will tell you it's a third party charge. if you feel it's a boeing us in charge, you contact the fcc. you'll contact them and a lot of times they'll let you know if this is a third party vendor or a charge coming directly from us. >> they know what they're doing? some of these can accidentally charge you, that's what it's supposed to be on your bill. are they making a conscious effort to get at us? >> what they're doing a lot of times -- >> this cramming, are they deliberately doing this? >> yes, some of them, they are. you're talking about a big business. charges ranging from $1 to $19.95. you're talking about $100 million plus business that these people are making huge amounts of money. >> i saw four companies had been fined but they were smaller companies out of pennsylvania or somewhere. are the big dogs doing this as
3:44 am
well, the larger companies. >> yes, i think we're going to see -- the fcc is working on something, transparency. they want more disclosure and transparency to come out. in july we'll see what they're talking about. so far it's been $11 million in fines handed down for this type of thing. >> we have some seen examples. a fee might end up being a couple bucks here or there. there have been cases where people are going years not seeing this and you're costing yourself hundreds and hundreds of dollars. >> exactly. when you set up your phone account a lot of times you have charges that you're not using the services. the phone company is not going to call you and say you're not using these services. you need to check that as well. >> good stuff. i was looking for my bill before this segment. >> we just pay. >> man i'm a sucker. oh! >> sucker no more. >> that's good stuff this morning. we appreciate you as always. >> my pleasure.
3:45 am
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48 minutes past the hour. let us say good morning to nadia with our morning passport. good morning to you. we have a few people sitting in jail right now in dubai for a lit too much loving. >> and all foreigners. a man from new zealand, a woman from new england and another woman from brazil. the story, t.j., i have to tell you the story from the beginning. >> okay. >> in december of last year, you have your new zealand gentleman in his apartment with his current girlfriended from england. >> so far, so good. >> the brazilian ex-girlfriend comes to the apartment, lets herself in, sees the two of them
3:49 am
together, the new zealander, the british girlfriend. >> that's a problem. >> goes in a jealous tirade. then the man from new zealand calls the authorities because he's concerned. she's slashing pillows and throwing things. at this point, the girlfriend, the british girlfriend is in the closet. >> hiding? >> hiding. >> all right. >> the authority s arriies arri then find all three of them and arrest all three of them. that's in december. >> for disturbing the peace? >> no, for being together not being married. because in dubai you are not allowed to have illicit relations. you cannot even rent a hotel room together. >> they're not supposed to be in the room together. >> yes. the lady in the shorts is the brazilian model. in the middle is tobey, the banker from new zealand and danielle, the british current girlfriend. they get arrested in december,
3:50 am
spend some time in a communal detention center. the two women become great friends. why this is relevant, this week they were sentenced. tobey, the banker, the new zealander gets two months because he's got two girl friends. and each of the women get a month. >> now, is this just -- what about if you're walking down the street. >> you can walk down the street. you can only hold hands if you are married. it's called the morality laws of dubai in the united arab emirates. i don't know if you remember "sex and the city." >> sex and the city 2 was supposed to be shot in dubai. well then it was held somewhere else. take a look at those two. they are clearly not married. you'll notice the couple,
3:51 am
remember, he puts his hand over his wife's eyes. you cannot see a couple who are not married even walking together. >> will they come up and question you on the street? >> they'll question you. in 2008 they arrested a couple on the beach who were not married. the couple then went and quickly got married. >> did they stay married? >> not for very long. the point is british embassy has actually in dubai said out a public service announcement saying please be careful. this say country that have a strict morality code and you need to adhere to it. >> that's good information. a lot of people go there to have a good time. you need to know this. when do they get out of jail. >> tobey in a month. one of the girlfriends says we can talk to her as soon as she gets out of prison. >> thank you so much. we're about eight minutes to
3:52 am
the top of the hour now. there's a special committee for the african union planning to meet today in south africa. they're looking for a peaceful solution to the ongoing war in libya. that's next. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families
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3:55 am
we're getting close to the top of the hour on this cnn sunday morning. nato's bombing mission drawing criticism from the libyan government. the regime insists civilians are being killed.
3:56 am
the latest claim from the libyan government says nato warplanes bombed a bakery and a restaurant in a key oil refinery town east of tripoli. nato says there's no indication this happened. nato started bombing military targets in march after the u.n. security council approved a resolution authorizing force. a special committee from the african union is meeting today in south africa. they'll try for a second time to negotiation a peace plan. we have the latest from there. this is another effort here. are the real chances there could be movement or success here? >> reporter: well, t.j., the problem with african union is they've been meeting many times as you've said. they have even gone to tripoli and met with moammar gadhafi and the president of south africa, also went on his own to speak to
3:57 am
moammar gadhafi. the problem is they keep on coming up with the same unimplementable solutions over and over again. nato near moammar gadhafi himself have ever shown any sign of wanting to seize fire. they want the rebels to talk with moammar gadhafi. they don't want talks between themselves and moammar gadhafi. they want gadhafi to stay down. so the a.u. has been able to come up with a plan "b" to all these obstacles and i really hope they prove me wrong today. i don't expect anything new to come out of the discussions today. >> that's unfortunate to hear but at the same time, they keep coming up with solutions that can't be implemented. do they have a stance, have they hinted at all about how they feel, whether publicly or behind the scenes? do they want him to stay? do they want him to go?
3:58 am
>> reporter: they haven't said whether they want him to stay or go categorically but for them, the mere fact that they're pushing for him to talk so the rebels mean that they feel that they want him to stay in order for some kind of transitional authority to be formed that would lead to elections. that is their thinking here on the african continent. as i said, they spoke to moammar gadhafi many times and in fact when they were in tripoli in april, the president zuma came out say together world press that moammar gadhafi had committed to a cease-fire. guess what, the war continues. they have failed the african union to force him or convince him to cease-fire in libya. as i said, i really hope that they prove me wrong. but i'm not expecting them to change tact from what we've been hearing over and over again, t.j. >> all right. if they can help in some way, that would be great to hear. and into this conflict, people
3:59 am
continue to do into this conflict. we appreciate you, this morning live in south africa. to our viewers here, we're coming up on the top of the hour. let's reset for you on this sunday morning. 4,000 homes under water in minot, north dakota. but the mayor says, despite the hardships, there is some great news. we will explain what he says the great news is. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn sunday morning for june 26th. i'm t.j. holmes. thank you so much for being here. i want to get you caught up on political news that is maybe getting people's attention this morning. mitt romney and michele bachmann running neck and neck in iowa. that is according to a new poll there. look at this. this is the first poll from the des moines register newspaper on the republican candidate. look at that. romney, the presumed infrastructure is leading with 23%. but michele bachmann, the u.s. congresswoman with the tea party backing that a lot of people
4:00 am
maybe didn't know a whole lot about, she has clearly gotten a lot of attention and right now is close behind with 22%, iowa as you know, the first caucus state in the presidential election calendar. bachmann in iowa and sarah palin, that's all topping our look at the week ahead. here now, paul steinhauser. >> good morning, t.j. michele bachmann makes it official tomorrow. she formally announces her candidacy for president in neighboring iowa. that's the state that kicks off the presidential caucus and calendar. bachmann is launching her white house bid in waterloo, iowa, the town where she was born. the announcement is no surprise. she spilled the beans nearly two weeks ago at our presidential debate in new hampshire. >> i just want to make an announcement for you, john, on cnn tonight. i filed today my paperwork to seek the office of the presidency of the united states today. i'll very soon be making my
4:01 am
formal announcement. >> a positive movie about sarah palin debuts in iowa. it highlights her years as governor and her arrival on the national platform. president barack obama is in iowa on the same day. iowa was and will be again a crucial battleground state. behind the scenes, all of the presidential candidates concentrate on raising campaign cash with the end of the second quarter fund-raising coming to a close at the end of the week. by friday, we could learn how much money some of the campaigns have in their war chest. t.j.? >> thanks to paul stein hauser. the president is holding meetings with harry reid and mitch mcconnell tomorrow. talks between the two parties
4:02 am
about raising the debt limit broke down last week. the murder trial of casey anthony is expected to get back under way tomorrow. the judge call an unexpected recess yesterday. he met with attorneys for about an hour, away from the jury, then abruptly came back into the courtroom and sent everybody home. the judge wouldn't say exactly what the problem was. but he said that there was a legal issue that prompted the recess. james "whitey" bulger due back in a courtroom this week, to answer a host of charges. he's in the maximum security plymouth county maximum security facility. he was caught in california after 16 years on the run. a sad update now to a story we were telling you about here yesterday. the death toll has gone up in that train accident out in california. we now know six people died after a tractor-trailer slammed into a moving amtrak train near
4:03 am
reno. take a look at this cell phone video that was taken right after the accident. >> she's out there. tell her to hang and jump. tell her to hang and jump. there's something over there. why did she -- >> get out of this car. >> you hear some of the chaos there. you heard someone telling someone to jump. apparently that's exactly what some of the passengers had to do, jump from the burning train to save themselves. investigators say they are not found all of the people who were supposed to be on that train. now, the tractor-trailer, it tried to stop but ended up skidding 300 feet into the train. the driver of that tractor-trailer died in the crash. southwest airlines, one of their pilots, back in the skies two months after criticizing his crew members and others on an open microphone.
4:04 am
his tirade went out to air traffic controllers, also went out to other pilots who were in the area. have you heard this stuff yet? jeanne meserve with the details. >> reporter: the pilots' tirade about flight attendants is peppered with obscenities, insults and slurs against homosexuals and women. >> 11 [ bleep ] over the top [ bleep ] [ bleep ] homosexuals and a granny. 11. think of the odds of that. i thought i was in chicago which was partyland. after that it was just a continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes. >> reporter: grandes, an apparent reference to overweight people. >> i hate 100% of their asses. >> reporter: the pilot talks about exploits with some of them. >> so six months i went to the bar three times. in six months, three times. once with the granny and the
4:05 am
[ bleep ] and i wish i hadn't gone. at the very end with two girls, one of them was that was probably doable. >> an air traffic controller tries to stop him but the rant goes on. >> i still wouldn't want anyone to know if i had [ bleep ] them. there's all these [ bleep ] old dudes and grannies and there are maybe a handful -- >> somebody has to stop mike. we don't need to hear that. >> one adds commentary. >> they wonder why airline pilots have a bad reputation. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration says it expects a higher level of professionalism from flight crews. southwest put out a video press release. >> what he said is offensive and inconsistent with the professional behavior and overall respect we require from all employees. >> reporter: the pilot was reprimand, suspended without pay and underwent diversity
4:06 am
education. he's now back on the job. the pilot has apologized, southwest says, to controllers, his bosses, pilots and, of course, flight attendants. the union is not happy. it says southwest's response to the incident has added insult to injury and it is considering filing a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission. jeanne meserve, cnn, washington. first lady michelle obama with her daughters sasha and mal malia, wrapping up a visit to south africa and botswana. also at six minutes past the hour, let's say good morning to our friends, reynolds wolf. >> what a weather forecast we have for you. it's going to include flooding, fires and snow skiing during the summer. go figure. that's straight ahead. we'll see you in a little bit. of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience
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all right. ten minutes past the hour on this cnn sunday morning. michelle obama and her daughters return to washington tomorrow after a week long trip to south africa and botswana. one of the highlights was the first lady's meeting with nelson mandela as you see in this picture, her daughter were there for that meeting as well. later, the first lady reflected on the significance of her meeting with south africa's first black president who is now 92 years old. >> the one thing i told him, you know, i wanted to make sure he understood how important his leadership and sacrifice has
4:11 am
been to who i've become, to who my husband has become. and in short i just said thank you. it's really hard to know what to say to such an icon. my daughters watching them meet him was an experience. but i don't think they knew what to say. i don't think they'll really fully understand just what happened to them for years. i think they know but do they really know? so it's a memory that they will have forever and treasure, i know. >> just commenting about that to reynolds thinking these girls, sasha and malia, the opportunities they're getting and certainly they're starting to understand it now but they'll appreciate it later in lives. to be the ages they are, grow up in the white house and do things like that. >> you're absolutely right.
4:12 am
when you're young, most kids in a situation like that, doesn't everyone get to meet nelson mandela? the older they get, the more they'll look back and appreciate those moments. we were talking about this also. doesn't nelson mandela look amazing. >> great. 92. >> unbelievable. >> looks great. he has a secret i wish he'd let us all in on. >> something that does not look great. the issues in terms of the flooding in northern minot. the cresting won't be quite as high, a few inches lower. >> can it make that big of a deal? >> a little bit. a house that has 9 feet of water as opposed to 9 and 2 inches, your house is still messed up, no question about it. it will toob late for many people. farther downstream, perhaps the issues will be better. because it didn't crust as high in minot, farther upstream, something happened.
4:13 am
the water escaped the banks, went over the levees. what's detrimental for some is beneficial to others. it's feast or famine. >> the latest reading we have is right here shaded in green. it's kind of hard for you at home. 1,561.8 feet. that sounds awfully high. that is the feet above sea level. so plainly speaking it's about six feet or so above major flood stage. rough conditions they'll be dealing with. the water will drop a little bit as you get into thursday and friday of next week. still, it will be at record stage, massive record flooding in many places for quite some time. meanwhile, scattered showers and storms possible for parts of the northern plains into the midwest. for the southeast, what you'll have is humid conditions. the issue with this situation, you'll have the sea breezes kicking in at times, the level around parts of the carolinas
4:14 am
and the gulf of mexico at times. that combined with your daytime heating will give you a chance of storms. spinning around in a clockwise formation, you'll have storms popping up across texas. high temperatures in atlanta 94, new york 81. for chicago, 76. 93 in denver, 99 in albuquerque, 73 in seattle and los angeles with 68 degrees. all right. t.j., let's pitch it right back to you. >> we're kind of giving you a hard time about this today. >> what's new? >> reynolds and tinkerbell. i'll tee it up and let the story go. >> it's a new show called "peter pan." it's going to change the way we view theater. it is a 360 degree computer generated set that makes things look like we're flying through the air, especially peter pan. i got to play peter pan and i hooked up with tinkerbell. check it out.
4:15 am
>> this is just amazing. >> yes. >> that's me flying through what appears to be the streets of london. that's emily yetter who plays tinkerbell in "peter pan." >> what's that like? >> it's an indescribable feeling. it's just this sort of high feeling of life, this feeling where you are feeling the rush of being able to fly. there's all these people watching you and they're sort of sharing it with you. >> that shared experience is one of the goals of the show. unlike traditional theater, the production travels with their own housing, stage, seating and all inside the massive tent. the ceiling is used for 360 degrees of computer generated graphics. >> you have to have your own environment to do this. this is the first time it's been done. >> reporter: stage manager gavin millar takes us underneath the
4:16 am
stage. >> each one covers part of the tent. >> reporter: above the stage, this man ensures every moment in the air is perfectly choreographed. >> when you're flying somebody, each operator has a personal relationship with that actor. you're almost like one person. it's a symbiotic relationship. you're working together to create a performance. >> you can fly. >> yes, come with me, wendy. >> reporter: producer robert butter says it may change the way theatre is produced. >> it will always be about the performance. bids what's on stage. because otherwise it's just a film. for us it really is that combination of cinematography.
4:17 am
>> it's changed the way we look at theater, probably many more products like this. something else that's interesting. the camera really doesn't do this justice. we're about 20 feet off the stage. >> wow. >> it looks like we're three or four. not the case. >> i'm a mutant if you've ever seen me. the lady next to me probably weighs 80 pounds. i'm pushing 200. i'm waiting for this thing to fall, to become one with the stage, a nasty spot on the floor. thankfully, the steel wires held me. >> you said it was a strange experience. >> kind of creepy. sanjay gupta walked into the studio this morning. of course, "sanjay gupta m.d." coming up at the got o the hour. the stories of one of our own,
4:18 am
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all right. 21 minutes past the hour. pleasure being joined by a good friend here, sanjay gupta, chief medical correspondent. good to sew you this morning. it's unfortunate the circumstances that have kind of brought you in this morning. nick charles who i think everybody would say he helped put cnn on the map. >> yes. you and i are here in part -- >> because of him. passed yesterday. i don't know what kind of reaction you got, so much unsolicited feedback to the special we did about nick charles. >> i think a lot of it was people seeing themselves in
4:22 am
nick's life to some extent. people asking the same question nick was forced to ask himself. he was told in 2009 that he essentially had about two years to live. and what would you do with that information? what would you change about your life, dream bigger, get into compartments? he did both, short-term goals and his dreams got even grander it seemed. he has a 5-year-old daughter pep wanted to plan for her life. just a very inspiring guy. >> you talked about him building his dream home. he's told he is going to live two years and he decides i'm going to build my dream house. >> yes. >> i think it's because even though he was very much forced to live in the present, he took it upon himself to say that is in no way going to impede me from continuing to dream and imagine the future and also dreaming and imagining what the lives of his daughter and his wife were going to be like when he was gone. he took me into the closet where his daughter's clothes will hang one day and he gets a little
4:23 am
emotional but he says this will be the prom dress right over here. he's pointing to the blank spot in the closet. i'm not going to see it but i'm imagining what she'll look like on that day. i lost it at that point as did he when he was talking about that. it's a tough diagnosis that he had, bladder kanser. >> he went out of his way as well to make sure he didn't hide it from his daughter. >> that's right. >> make sure she knew exactly what was happening to him? >> yes. thiscy conversation that take place in a lot of families if you're suddenly given the diagnosis and you have young children. do you tell them, how much do you tell them? are they to know, what are they going to think as you get increasingly sick. his choice was to be completely transparent about it. she would say, as long as you're not going to heaven today, i'm okay with it, but then as we know, the time came. >> other kanss people talk about and focus on but bladder cancer,
4:24 am
i don't know how familiar the audience is. he goes from diagnosis to dead in a matter of years. can you catch this cancer early? >> you can catch it early. he was in his early 60s. he started to have symptoms that at that age probably should have been checked out. he said i want to leave a message to every man, if your body is starting to do things that's unusual, just different, get it checked out, no matter what. he was getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom a lot. some people say that's just old age. in nick's case it was not. it was because a cancer his bladder was starting to make it difficult for him to urinate, to good to the bathroom. he had to get up often to do it. that was the earliest sign. if this is a cancer that gets caught early, he could have been
4:25 am
treated successfully and we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> is it as simple as that? to hear him say that, if your body is doing something out of the ordinary, go get it checked out. >> that was it. it was as simple as that and more so for men. if you look at studies on this, women are the primary health drivers in families and they're also more likely to go to the doctor themselves and encourage family members to do so. men often keep symptoms to themselves. they don't talk about it and may talk to their buddies about it but you're not getting the complete answer. and in nick's case, he says if there was one thing he regretted in this whole thing was not getting this diagnosed earlier. >> bottom of the hour, just a few minutes away, "sanjay gupta, md," again, focusing on nick charles this weekend, right? >> talk about his life. we know he died yesterday but this is about his life. and i think lessons we can all learn. >> sanjay, good to see you this morning. >> always. >> nick charles, a cnn original, a legend around here.
4:26 am
sanjay gupta coming up, just a few minutes. a quick break. we're right back. ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ you love money ♪ well, you know i love it too ♪ ♪ i work so hard at my job ♪ and then i bring it home to you ♪
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some other stories making headlines, the souris river expected to crest 12 feet over the flood level mark. a third of the city's residents have ewhack vak waited. people not forced out of minot are being told to boil their water. some in northern arizona have returned home. the fire burned more than


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