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tv   AM Wake Up Call  CNN  June 27, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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it's august 27th. thank you for joining me for the premier of "cnn wake-up call." it is 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. here's a look at the news you are going to hear about today, starting with two nuclear power plants in nebraska. they're in the path of a historic flood on the mississippi river. could be damaged, ask one facility, a layer of protection has failed, but a spokesman says the plant was built with that kind of scenario in mind, and it is still protected.
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we'll talk more about this with rob marciano in a moment. and a look at the most covered murder trial in america right now. some kind of legal issue brought the casey anthony trial to a screeching halt. anthony's lawyer says he expects things to get going again today in orlando, florida. before the delay, he said the defense would rest wednesday or thursday. that may be delayed. anthony, as you have likely heard, is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. a murder suspect in oklahoma apparently didn't want to wait for his trial. he managed to overpower a couple of deputies and bust out of jail. authorities found him yesterday hiding in some weeds until a pond. he didn't put up a fight. he was allegedly arrested for killing his ex-girlfriend and her two children last year. an arrest warrant is issued for muammar qadhafi. international judges in the haag are mull it over for crimes against humanity. the international criminal court says he can link qadhafi, his
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son, and his brother-in-law to widespread attacks on libyan civilians. these warrants always come after a war or conflict. not during. it could be looking at a first here. of course, you'll hear it first here on cnn. congresswoman michelle bachmann, in her word is in it to win it. she will announce it today. she'll do it in iowa. listen to what chris wallace has. >> are you a flake? >> well, i think that would be insulting to say something like that because i'm a serious person. >> but you understand when i say that that that's what the rap on you is? >> well, what i would say is that i am 55 years old. i've been married 33 years. i'm not only a lawyer. i have a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law in william and mary. i have worked in scholarship and work in the united states federal tax court. my husband and i raised five kids. we've raised 23 foster children. we've applied ourselves to
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education reform. >> and there's nothing flakey about this new poll. look, it shows bachmann giving mitt romney a run for his money in iowa right now. remember, she lives near there. sfwlirchlgts new york's new gay marriage law takes effect in less than a month from now. you think people here in the city are excited? i would say so. this year's gay pride parade has extra thumpl thanks to albany to legalize same-sex marriage. how about it, new jersey? are you next? here's the governor. >> our state we're going to continue to pursue civil unions. i am not a fan of same-sex marriage. it's not something that i support. i belief marriage should be between a man and a woman. that's my view, and that will be
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the view of the state. >> as chris christie, the outspoken governor of new jersey who many in the united states would like to run for president. sfwlirchlgts president obama is officially opposed to same-sex marriage as well. he says his views are evolving. more on that. let's go to hong tongue, where it is already happy hour, but they've already seen what this business day is going to look like. anna joins us live from there. good to see you. >> good morning. it seems -- generally a down day on markets here today. the tokyo and hong kong stocks closing down about 1%. china's hang shy above the closing of the day. that's on the hope that china's financial tightening is nearing an end. european stocks also feeling the pressure from concerns. europe's stock markets have been open for a couple of hours now. ftse and dax both in the red so far. just a few hours ago parliament begins debate on a new austerity
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plan, and tens of thousands of protesters are expected to hit the streets with parliament not agreeing on a term for a new bailout this week. it could send greece over the edge and to default. finally, u.s. futures are trading flat, but could push lower if the european markets continue losses. >> we'll be watching very, very closely today, greece. anna, a lot of data breaches we've been reporting on. apparently there's a group that says it's behind us. >> they are. they are claiming to be behind it. they're also calling it quits almost two months of wreaking havoc. the self-proclaimed cyber hacking group says it's disbanding after just 50 days of targeting companies and governments will widen am the reason. you'll see p the group sclaming it brought down the brazilian government earlier this month, and recently hacked the cia skin
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as well. the reason, just because -- that's generally what i give for an excuse when i leave my clothes on the floor. >> not when you take down an entire system. >> this is the world's ugliest dog contest. not sure if you have an ugly pet. certainly we do in america. ugly dogs are important. it took place in northern california. the winner is yoda, a 14-year-old dog. so purely hideous, you can't even tell which breed it is. your thoughts? >> a chihuahua. come on, ali. you don't have a dog. it's a chihuahua. i know. i know. he has been on the unfortunate side. not so aesthetically pleasing, but i might take him home. he would do. >> looks aren't everything. i'm living proof of that. >> that's right. that's exactly right. >> great to see you.
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we'll see you taul all this week. anna karn in hong kong. let's take a look at weather in the united states right now and for those of you getting ready to travel. rob marciano is in the weather center. any flight delays? >> we have thunderstorms that will be rolling across parts of the midwest if you are connecting in places like chicago. we'll see action there. this thunderstorm watch is in effect for the next few hours. you can see some gusty winds with that. st. louis as well heading in through louisville. that's going to be an issue. these are the areas we could see problems. an hour delay in chicago, st. louis. low clouds and fog across d.c. that will be a slow start this morning. in the afternoon if you are flying to detroit, big delta up there. afternoon thunderstorm expected in atlanta and some fog in san francisco. stubborn front moving across the medicine section of the country. above it it's got temperatures in the lower 80s, and it will
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continue to be steamy. not quite as recordbreaking hot as it was the past couple of weeks. ali, i like that shirt. glad you got the memo. this is the inaugural purple shirt day of "wake up american morning." >> i'm not fully dressed yet. i'll put more clothes on as the show continues. good to see you, as always. to get you ahead of the curve this morning these are three stories to keep an eye on for this week. nasa is going to be busy with space shuttle preparations. it's holing a news conference on tuesday about the july 8th final launch of the space shuttle atlantis. you'll want to be around for that. that is the last space shuttle launch that is scheduled fore. plus, wednesday you'll hear about the home sales. home sales have been doing in the united states from the national association of realtors. economists are predicting a bump in pending home sales. that's homes that are contracted for sale. the tour de france begins on saturday. the race covers 2,000 miles and lasts more than three weeks. doping accusation advisory
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littered the tour the last couple of years. we'll keep you posted on how it goes. remember the famous michael jackson jacket that you wore in "thriller?" well, it gets sold to the highest bid earning but wait until you hear how much someone paid for it. we'll tell you on the other side. now i'm going to read you a quote and see if you can figure out who said this. quote, "everybody back in the business days didn't abuse, but they whipped the kids when they done wrong, and now you can't do that these days because when you whip a kid now, they call 911 on you." think about it. i'll tell you who said it after the break. it's nine minutes after the hour. well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources.
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people have talked about your alleged treatment of michael jackson, some of the family members said you were abusive in a sense thaw pushed him too far. >> no, no, no, no. i know what you're trying to do.
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i ain't going there. everybody back in those days didn't abuse the kids. they whipped the kids when they did wrong, and now you can't do that these days because if you whip a kid now, they call 911 on you, but if you don't train them to do right towards people and how to conduct themselves when they're young, you don't do that, the kids will be in prison. >> and on twitter chat you got it right. that is our quote of the day. that is joe jackson, the father of michael jackson. mr. jackson delivered our quote of the day. time to talk politics. what do you expect today? joining me now is tim farley, the host of "morning briefing" on sirius live from washington. good morning, tim. what's on your agenda today? i know we have michelle bachmann. we heard her talking to chris wallace. she's announcing her bid for presidency today. >> good morning, ali.
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yeah. the launch at 9:00 this morning eastern time. not 9:00 local time. she will be in waterloo, iowa. she was born in waterloo. it's not a big surprise, but today she will be -- you mentioned the polling in iowa which indicated she was neck and neck pretty much statistically with mitt romney, who is the frontrunner right now in the republican party. fascinate i fascinating. the other big story is president barack obama today meets separately with the majority leader of the house. senator harry reid this morning, and then the minority leader mitch mcconnell this evening, and that will be the story we're watching closely for the president and his personal interest in what is taking place in the deficit talks. >> we got a little over a month
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before we run out of money. august is the date that the treasury secretary says we're in trouble. we're not moving closer to an groemt on raising the debt ceiling. we seem to be moving apart. your sense of it, attorney general? are we moving closer to a deal? >> listening to the different people talk about it yesterday, it's hard to tell if there's going to be any movement. again, the president getting into this indicates that there is going to be something coming out of it. nobody is going to be happy likely. i think the other thing that's interesting, ali, is when you look at the new poll is that americans by and large are not overly concerned right now, and i'm not sure if that's the fact of the time of the year or if it's the subject that's a little bit out of what they would normally think of and talk about over the dinner table, but, still, there's got to be some kind of solution at some point. it's a question of who will give more and how they will it, which is part of the big issue. it's all about the senate, too. the house, not the speaker, want the -- they have to make it
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happen. they pretty much know -- sfoo tim, good to talk to you. thank you for joining us this morning. tim farley, host of xmsirus radio. >> i just just goff oft plane last night. engineers are working on a concept plane that could fly four times the speed of sound. it is called the zero emotion hyper sonic transport. note the sfwler emission part. it makes the concourse seem like a riding lawn mower. you take off from tokyo, watch five episodes of "three's company" and be in paris. amazing. don't expect to see this in the sky for a while. it might be ready by 2050. history has shown we're not as into fast planes as we think we are. and the jackson -- the jacket michael jackson wore in his "thriller" video fetched $1.8 million at an auction over the weekend. $1.8 million. it is perhaps one of the most
2:17 am
famous jackets in the world. it sold two years to the day of michael jackson's death. the auction also included memorabilia from elvis, frank sinatra and bob dillon, but m.j.'s items brought in the biggest cash. even one of his famous crystal covered gloves sold $330,000. we used to wear the jacket all the time in the high school hallway. sfwlirchlgts how thorough is the tsa. this one who had to take off her depends. 17 minutes after the hour. by the way, i want to show you this. on your way to work this morning, make sure to bring along your favorite pair of shades. it is national sunglasses day. go ahead and look cool as you are driving to the office. the sun is actually coming out. you should be fine. ♪ i wear my sunglasses at night ♪ just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please!
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20 minutes after the hour. let me walk you through what slub on your radar today in the highly addictive casey anthony trial resumes at 8:30 a.m. eastern time this morning. representative michelle bachmann makes her bid for the white house official at 10:00 a.m. eastern in iowa. president obama meets today with senate majority leader harry reid and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell to discuss increasing the debt ceiling, and secretary of state hillary clinton is out with the state
2:21 am
department trafficking persons report. that's at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. the report ranks countries by their efforts to tackle slavery. we've got news in from libya. cnn has confirmed that 62 miles southwest of tripoli there's been some heavy fighting between government forces and rebels. the town is near al hamam. that's according tie journalist who witnessed the battle. they struck a rocket launcher system that was mount odd a government truck near the town. casualty reports are not available right now, but the reports are that the fighting is being weighed from heavy artille artillery. let's something to zane right now. zane, we are tracking something unusual this morning. the international court taking over the issue of an arrest warrant for muammar qadhafi. >> reporter: hi, ali.
2:22 am
this is a really huge deal. it's very rare for the international court to issue an arrest warrant as a conflict is going on, so who is the target here? muammar qadhafi. his sons say islam as well as the head of intelligence, which is qadhafi's brother-in-law. his name is al sanusi. the prosecutor is accusing them of widespread attacks on civilians, sniping, of using rape as a weapon of war and giving the soldiers viagra and saying go out and attack women. what has to happen today is that the judges are going to see that supports a widespread systematic killing of civilians, and that is what is really key. the problem here is that you can just make things worse and harden qadhafi's stance. >> it's unusual in the fact that usually these things come after the war, after a lot of research is done. >> exactly. >> we'll be following that closely. zain, i just got back literally
2:23 am
last night from france. i thought this e. coli business was limited to stuff in germany, and now you tell me that it's in france. did i eat anything i shouldn't have eaten? >> well, if you went to bordeaux and you ate bean sprouts that were sprinkled on gazpacho, you may have a problem. i know you were in paris having something entirely different, but there were eight people that got sick. they are now going to a school recreation event, and they were served gazpacho. they have the same kind of strain of e. coli as was found in germany. if you're traveling to europe, you're traveling to france, just know that it's limited to bordeaux, and they are trying to trace the source of this. you are okay with croissants. >> we both -- yes. my stuff wasn't in danger. we'll stay on top of that too, but we'll be back to you with the qadhafi stuff.
2:24 am
see ow "american morning wher."i now you know that the tsa is trying to cut back on the most intense patdowns of children. the transportation security administration in the united states. maybe they should foegs on elderly cancer patients in wheelchairs next. i'll tell you about that. a florida woman says tsa agents made her frail 95-year-old mother take off her adult diaper as part of her security screen. it happened at a regional airport in fort walton beach and d destin, florida. here's what the daughter told cnn. >> they said they felt something suspicious on her leg, and they couldn't determine what it was, so they took her into a closed room that was private, and i was left outside, and they came out and told me that it had something to do with her depends, that it was wet and it was firm and they couldn't check
2:25 am
it thoroughly. she would have to remove it. i was -- i said i don't have an extra one with me. normally this isn't a problem. she said that she couldn't complete the security check without the depends off. >> wow. here's what the tsa told us. "while every person and item must be screened before entering the secure boarding area, tsa works with passengers to resolve security alarms in a respectful and sensitive manner. we have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally and according to proper procedure." wow. take a quick break. "wakeup call" is back after this. but your wrinkles don't. ♪ introducing neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the fastest retinol formula available. in fact, it's clinically proven to smooth wrinkles in just one week. so all you have to do is sit back and watch your wrinkles go away.
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good morning. it is monday, june 27th. it is half an hour. it is 30 minutes after the hour. thank you for joining me for the premier of "wake up call." they were on their way to camp yesterday when the bus slammed into a cadillac and flipped over. police say an elderly driver jumped into the bus as the bus -- three of the children were pinned inside. they had to be extrek ated. a barrier protecting a energy plant has collapsed. a spokesman says the chances of the water getting to the reactor are close to zero. critical equipment in both plants are still protected. heavy rains and melting snow from north dakota and montana. they hit the state hard. the water on the souris river is higher than it's been in more
2:30 am
than 130 years. as the election season gains speed, new jersey's governor chris christie says he is still not running for president. >> about a halfway kind of guy. if, in fact, i feel really strongly about something, that person would be the best president of the united states that i'll get out there and go full force for that person. if i don't feel that way, i won't. the republican says he will go full force for the candidate he likes, but as we discussed, he doesn't have a candidate he likes just yet. prices at the pump have dropped 11 cents the last two weeks. the average now $3.63 a gallon. that's according to the lund burg survey. the government has released that oil from the strategic.lum reserve. time to time money. christine romans joins me with a look at how the markets in the u.s. are doing. >> so far so good. eight down. people are really worried about the piece of recovery and also
2:31 am
greece. it's interesting to mention that gas prices are going down. a lot of people are saying that's because of obama's new stimulus. also watch aing citigroup story this morning, guys. $2.7 million is now the loss from that 344,000. perhaps your credit card were hacked. ali, the company says you're covered. they are going to cover those losses. still, it speaks to security of all -- >> we've had new things like electronic arts. let's talk about mortgages. we continue to have a mortgage problem. we continue to have foreclosures, but there's sort of a new twist too people walking away from their homes. they're not the people you would expect. people who can't make their payments. >> the strategic defaulter. the profile is a little bit surprising. experian ran these numbers. you have home prices at 2003 levels. the strategic defaulter is more likely to be somebody with two mortgages or more, who makes more than $100,000 a year, who
2:32 am
can pay the loan, doesn't want to, and is current on 90% of their oen other bills. these are people that can pay and don't want to because the value of their home is now half what the mortgage is. >> so it's equivalent to buying a tv because you want it, and then in typical fashion, the price of that tv goes down, but you bought it on credit, and you decide you're just not paying anymore. >> it's interesting. some of the data show that they are so backlogged on actual foreclosures, the chances of being thrown out of that house that you're not paying bills on are pretty nil at this point. it will take 62 years at the current pace for new york to go through all of that. >> strategic defaulting hurts everybody else. >> i was surprised by the profile of the person. i would have thought maybe it was more like the subprime borrower, somebody who didn't have experience with the mortgages. that's not the case at all. these are higher credit scores who make more money. >> christine, we will see you in a half hour on "american morning." a one-armed baseball fan catches a foul ball.
2:33 am
it's all on tape. that's ahead. today's word of the day that you must know is berm. you'll be hearing about it a lot today. find out what it means and why you need to know right after this short break. no matter what small business you are in, managing expenses seems to ...get in the way. not anymore. ink introduces jot. a real time expense app that lets you track and categorize expenses on the go. so you can get back to the business you love. jot, the latest innovation from chase. only for ink customers. download at and more. if you replace 3 tablespoons of sugar a day with splenda® you'll save 100 calories a day. that could help you lose up to 10 pounds in a year. that's how splenda® is sweet...and more.
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it is 36 minutes after the hour. before the break, i told you that today's word of the day is berm. webst webster's describes it as a narrow shell, path, or ledge typically at the top or bottom of a slope. it's in the news because a water-filled berm protect aing nuclear power plant in nebraska from floodwaters collapsed yesterday. the spokesman says the plant is secure. time to talk sports. as we will do every day this morning. he joins us now from new york. good morning, pablo. baseball catch by a man. it was a fly ball at a yairnkees game. it happens. that's not the interesting part.
2:37 am
what's the interesting part about this? >> well, the interesting part is that the -- we talk in sports about one-handed catches. the guy literally has one arm, and that's -- >> that makes it amaze whering. >> it's one of the most interesting catches i have ever seen. i've seen a guy catch a call with a baby in the other hand, in his beer cup, but this happens to be staff sergeant michael coacher, a national guardsman. 11 years of experience. he brings the ball in after losing his left arm in a rocket attack in after stn in june of 2008. so he is in yankee stadium here with other wounded veterans. he happens to pull out his hat to make this catch, and he gets the applause of the stadium faithful. >> that's his son. the son gets to have the ball, but look at. one arm. he is high-fiving. we use the expression a lot. this really was one arm.
2:38 am
let's talk about strikes and labor disputes. the draft is over. labor talks are going to heat up. how is this going to be different than what's going on in the nfl? >> in the nba the problem is it's much worse ton an nba owner these days rather than an nfl owner. we're talking about billionaires this year, but the nba is reporting that 22 of 30 nba owners didn't make money. they actually lost money on the season this past year. the problem is that we need to expect the nba owners to difficult in their heels. they have a lot more money to play with. a lot more money in their coughers. for nba fans and nfl fans, we don't have a jd nba. it's a lot of corporate hearings, a lot of accounting to go over it. the nba, unfortunately, we have to expect a longer laeb dispute because the owners in that sport
2:39 am
had so much to lose. sfoo what's the sports season for fans? >> for fans i hope they're ready to whip out a copy of black's law dictionary because we don't really know what it's like to have -- two of the three major sports. fans, get ready for a season without the nba. that's the bottom line. that's a terrifying nightmare scenario, as i said, for the nba especially. these two sides are so far apart right now talking about matters of six figures and up. nine figures and up really. it's tremendous. it's tremendous between them reason. >> good to see you. thank you very much for joining us. pablo torres, reporter for "sports illustrated." let's talk about what philly is going to be the talk of the day. it's politics with our washington bureau chief and political director sam. my old friend. sam, i always knew i got up this early. didn't know you would get up just to talk to me this morning.
2:40 am
good morning. >> good to see you this morning early, early, early as well. >> you are always up early because you have a lot to watch in the world of politics. a couple of very big stories right now. first one is that michelle bachmann is really neck and neck with mitt romney. >> the congresswoman from minnesota is going to today declare her candidacy for president of the united states. she's going to head to iowa to waterloo, iowa. she will declare her candidacy, and the des moines register poll over the weekend showed that she was in a dead heat with mitt romney with a 23%. michelle back man at 22% among likely iowa voters. that's a pretty big deal for a congresswoman who only started relatively short time ago to run for president in the united states. we'll see her big announcement today, and she's a real player in iowa. sfoo we'll keep an eye on that.
2:41 am
we'll cover that announcement live here on cnn. sam, tell me about these talks. president obama is having about the debt ceiling with senators. nobody from the house. senator harry reid. senator mitch mcconnell. separate meetings today at the white house. what do you think is likely to happen? >> well, we remember that the republicans for weeks have been saying that the president has to get involved in these budget talks. last week the house -- the house majority leader, the number two republican, eric cantor, pulled out of the budget talks. today the president finally gets involved with the two leaders, the senate, harry reid, and mitch mcconnell, the republican. they're going to have talks at the white house. the talks are obviously about the debt ceiling. are they going to be to raise the debt ceiling a month away from the deadline, august 2nd, or the debt ceiling to be raised, and republicans are saying that nothing is going to happen unless the president begins, and where are they willing to compromise?
2:42 am
are republicans willing to compromise in any way, and where are democrats willing to compromise on spending, on medicare cuts? it's not clear that either side made any progress, but now that the president is involved, perhaps something will move forward. the big question in washington. >> do you think you can do this more regularly, because you love having you here. >> at 5:30 in the morning every morning. i'm not sure about that. i would rather be a viewer. >> well, you are always welcome to do that. you and everyone else keep washing reason. sam is our washington bureau chief. a really, really awkward moment at the b.e.t. awards. it has to do with rihanna, chris brown, and the teleprompter loaded with bad information. 42 minutes after the hour. ♪ say my name checking her hear, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart."
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i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." ♪ not tonight." purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all striving for it. nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life.
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good morning. it is monday, june the 27th. thanks for joining me for cnn's premier of "a.m. wake up call." "we'll be here every morning at 5:00 a.m. eastern. i'm ali velshi. it is 45 minutes after the hour. here's a look at the news you'll hear about today starting with two nuclear power plants in nebraska. they are in the path of a historic flood on the mississippi river. they could be damaged at one facility. a later protection failed, but a spokesman says the plan was built for that kind of scenario in mind, and it's still protected. just a quick note about the most notorious murder trial in america right now.
2:46 am
some kind of legal issue brought the casey anthony trial to a screeching halt when anthony's lawyer says he expects things to get going again today in orlando. he says the defense would rest wednesday or thursday. anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, as you probably heard. congresswoman michelle bachmann is in it to win it. she officially enters the race for president. she'll do it in iowa. she was born there. listen to the interesting conversation between chris wallace and michelle bachmann. listen to what he asked her. >> are you a flake? sfwroo well, i think that would be insulting to say something like that because i'm a serious person. >> but you understand when i say that that that's what the rap on you is? >> well, what i would say it that i am 55 years old. i've been married 33 years. i'm not only a lawyer. i have a post doctorate degree in federal tax law from william and mary. i have worked in serious scholarship and in work. my husband and i raised 23
2:47 am
foster children. we've applied ourselves to education reform. >> there's nothing flakey about this new poll, however. it shows bachmann giving mitt romney a run for his money in iowa right now. the third place finisher, cain, isn't even close to the other two, and remember amanda knox? she's the american student sentenced to 26 years in prison for killing her british roommate in italy. the boyfriend was convicted too. knox has been fighting the conviction. her appeal hearing resumes today. sfwlirchlgts two prison inmates say earlier this month that knox wasn't involved in the killing. let's go around the world today. we have some explosions going on in tripoli. word that they sound closer than some of the explosions we've recently heard. >> that's right. let's focus on libya today. we heard that there have been three major explosions or around tripoli, and at the same time,
2:48 am
ali, the rebels are only something like 63 miles out of tripoli. they are making a push to keep our eye on that. we're also keeping our eye on the international criminal court today because they could be a major move, and it would be a big deal. what's happening is that they may issue an arrest warrant. the crimes against humanity for muammar qadhafi, his sons say qadhafi and the head of intelligence. this would be really significant because when there's a conflict going on, they don't normally do this kind of stuff. prosecutors saying that they're accusing them of widespread attacks on civilians, using rape as a war weapon and hiring marries nears and killing people. the judges are going to look at all the evidence and they're going to see whether there is a widespread systematic killing of civilians and whether there's enough evidence. those are two crucial words. widespread and systematic. they're going to go yes, no, and we'll have more information in an hour. >> a protest in chile ends up very differently than you would
2:49 am
expect. >> if are you mad at the government, go out and do some moves on the streets opposite the presidential palace. that's what's gone on here. take a look at this video. these guys to make the michael jackson "thriller" video moves of zombies. they're upset because of the education system in the country. they say there needs to be higher education reform. they say that it's appropriate that they're dressing up as zombies because the education system in the country is rotten and dead, just like a zombie. so this is the scene in santiago over the weekend. so michael jackson big there, and also i want to show you this other video of michael jackson's red and white "thriller" jacket. that went on for auction and went for something like $8 million, ali. there are two of these, actually. one is at the jackson estate, and one just got sold to a texas gold trader.
2:50 am
>> you're paying a little tribute to that today with what you are wearing, the red and black. >> yeah, but i'm not going to show you my "thriller" moves. no tribute there. >> see. you'll be joining us every morning, is you'll be keeping -- you and oo will be keeping an eye on the team and up to speed with what is going on around the world because while some of us have just woken up, you've been at it for a while. >> i have. for hours already. >> good to see you, zane. let's look at the weather in the united states and around the world. rob marciano live for nuss tlanlt. any flight delays? >> not yet. there's iffing to be spots where we'll see those this afternoon. especially in places like chicago and st. louis. decent storm system that's creating some thunderstorms with some rough weather. a lot of straightline winds with these storms. they'll proppagate to the east. many folks east of mississippi
2:51 am
will be susceptible to scenes after the thunderstorms throughout the day today. here's the spots we think are going to -- are you headed out the door. get on the airplane or on your way to the airport. toour there right now. low clouds and fog. that may cause delays thoshg. over an hour delay expected through chicago and st. louis throughout the day today because afternoon in detroit and atlanta, we'll see thunderstorms and that will slow things down. this time of year it's always a good idea to book in the morning, if you can, because those thunderstorms pop up in the afternoon and slow everything down. expect the high temperature in memphis. still steamy in texas. 101 degrees. some spots in text technical got up to 110. my good not, it's been smoking out there. lower to mid 80s. ali. >> good morning, guys. i want you to just stick around with me for this next story. just stay here while i tell you about this. if you are waiting for your caffeine fix to kick in this morning, before you pick up the energy drink, look out for how
2:52 am
much sugar is in it. the normal size energy drink has the same amount of sugar as six glazed donuts. we got the answers coming up on your other energy favorites. rob, you an energy drink guy? >> not in the morning. i might have a boost in the afternoon or evening, and then i'll -- >> get the sugar-free ones. i usually have a coffee first thing in the morning, but wait a little later. i start talking too fast. >> rob. foo that's a problem. >> good to see you, my friend. just a couple of minutes.
2:53 am
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56 minutes affect hour.
2:56 am
before the break we showed you just how much sugar was in energy drinks. a rock star, one of those drinks, has the same amount of sugar as six glazed doughnuts. a monster, morning a whole box of girl scout cookies and an eight ounce red bull packs the same amount of sugar and sweetness as an entire vanilla ice cream cone. new york's new gay marriage law takes effect less than a month from now. same-sex marriage law. you think people here in new york are excited about it? let's have a look. >> it's always a pretty raucus group, but this week's gay proois pride parade had extra enthusiasm thanks to the vote in albany to legalize seam-sex marriage. how about it, new jersey? next door, are you next? here's what the governor had to say. >> we're going to continue to pursue civil unions. i am not a fan of same-sex marriage. it's not something i support.
2:57 am
he believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. that's my view, and that would be the view of our state because i'm going to sign a bill. >> some people find it interesting that president obama is not officially opposed same-sex marriage too, but he says his views have evolving. there was a really super awkward moment at the b.e.t. awards. it's never a good thing when the info in your manned and the info in the teleprompter don't match. listen to what happened when a fan got on stage. it was planned this way. to announce the viewer's choice winner. >> we're here to announce the winner of the coca-cola viewers choice award, and the winner is cress brown. i'm sorry. rihanna "what's my name." ♪ >> okay.
2:58 am
this is awkward. it's okay. it's okay. the winner is tracy drake. come on over here, dre. congratulations, dre. >> the winner was somebody else altogether. talk about hash tag awkward. brown in the end was the winner. chris brown was the winner. they announced three bewinners. you remember chris brown who assaulted his girlfriend then rihanna. he took the blame, and he says it was human error. unclear whether it had to do with a device in that fan's hand or a teleprompter, but it wasn't -- >> news about the most covered murder trial in america right now. some kind of legal issue. we don't know what it was. it brut the casey anthony trial to a screeching halt over the weekend. the casey anthony's lawyer says he expects things to get going again today in orlando. before the delay he said the defense would rest on wednesday or thursday.
2:59 am
that may be delayed as a result of what happened on the weekend. you probably know that casey anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. a murder suspect in oklahoma apparently didn't want to wait for his trial. he managed to overpower a couple of deputies and bust out of jail. authorities found him yesterday hiding in high weeds and a pond. didn't put up any fight whatsoever. the man had been arrested for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend and her two children last year. and to get you ahead of the curve, here are three stories to keep an eye on last week. in as are a has space shuttle preparations. it's holding a news conference tuesday about the july 8 final launch of space shuttle atlantis. i'm a big space watcher, but even if you aren't, july 8th will be when they watch one of the spulgss going through intu that. plus, wednesday you're iffing to hear about home sales from the national association of realtor ezs here in the united states. they are protecting a bump in


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