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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 28, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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the people are trying to say as much as the world wants the austerity measures answers as much as europe wants it and the president has agreed to do this these people don't want the increased tax hikes and the job cuts. >> we will continue to follow the dramatic pictures out of athens. thanks for joining us on this "american morning." >> see you tomorrow. "cnn newsroom" begins right now with kyra phillips. >> it's 9:00 a.m. on the east coast and 6:00 a.m. on the west coast. ro roor. the meter reader who skurveled across caylee anthony's remains could testify as a defense witness. whitey bulger police find 800,000 in cash hidden in the walls of his apartment. now, a federal judge will decide if he will pay for his attorney. as you just saw in greece, a two-day nationwide protest turning violent.
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police firing tear gas, as thousands of people protest massive cuts by the financially strapped government. we will take you there. we begin in the nation's heartland. even the calm assurance is a bit unsettling but don't worry, nebraska residents are told it's into the like the flood that triggered japan's nuclear crisis. that much appears true but concerns are rising there with the water line. the ft. calhoun nuclear power plant north of omaha is surrounded by two feet of water. to the south the overflowing missouri river has crept within several feet of the cooper nuclear power station. both facilities are designed to handle several more feed of flooding. in japan, it was floodwaters, not the earthquake, that led to the march meltdown as a nuclear plant. brian todd is at ft. calhoun with the latest. what are you seei ining morning? >> reporter: a 24/7 battle to
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keep floodwaters away from the key figures of this building. we were inside to get a visual. it is dramatic. flood water all around. it is lapping up against some of the key buildings here. they have berms and small levees erected to keep the key buildings safe and they are safe right now according to officials here. what they are trying to protect is the buildings housing the fuel spent rods and trying to protect the network of electrical transformers that power the pumps which operate the cooling systems, keeping that corps and keeping the spent fuel rods from getting overheated. the transformers are completely surrounded by water and they are pumping water out of them but they say the transformers are safe and they are operational. still, as you mentioned, this does lead to the inevitable comparisons of the catastrophic event in japan three and a half months ago. i asked the ceo gary gates is this another fukushima? >> it's not another fukushima.
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the main differences is the rapid flooding that occurred at fukushima. this was a predicted event to a degree from the corps of engineers. the floodwaters at ft. calhoun are outside the plant. there is no water inside the plant. >> reporter: but that is an ongoing situation where they are trying to keep the waters outside and they are battling that 24/7 and working in shifts here and they say that they are confident that they can keep this water from going in and that the water will not exceed levels that they can't handle. kyra? >> brian todd, we will monitor it with you. thanks so much. in new mexico, it's fire, not flooding, that is causing concern there. the states are equally sobering. a raging wildfire has raced to within a mile of one of the nation's most secretive research centers for national security. we are talking about the los alamos national laboratory that is now closed a second day as firefighters battle back the wind-driven flames. now, this is the place where the first atomic bomb was developed and plutonium is still housed.
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but officials say all nuclear and hazardous materials are protected and safe. some 11,000 people have fled that area. >> we don't know if we will have a home to come home to. >> we started packing last night, because i wanted to be prepared and so we had everything packed in the cars last night and now just getting a few last minute things. the cat and the hamster. >> meteorologist rob marciano is following this for us. what do we think? the weather conditions? >> the winds are relatively light. a big fire. two in new mexico and this one we zoom into it, the one knocking at the doorsteps of the los alamos national laboratory. we spin the map around and looking down towards the south and west where those flames are coming from. the winds will be increasing out of the south as we go through time. this has happened before. i think it was back in 2000,
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where flames got very close and each took a couple of buildings out of the lab. so we have got to get a handle on this before too long. we have big-time heat and record-breaking low levels of humidity in the cross parts of the southwest and the winds are going to be picking up. today, we don't have a fire weather watch but low visibility with the smoke being blown from the south and the south and southwest winds will pick up from time to time here. poor air quality as well. are we going to get any help from rain? we are into the monsoon and get showers this timt of the year, but haven't seen a whole lot of that and the next couple of days, winds are on the increase. hopefully, today they get work done as far as containment is concerned. back to you. >> rob, thanks. michele bachmann contends she is a serious person. the gop presidential candidate not only got her john wayne's mixed up, of a employ and a serial killer, but said that the revolutionary war began in new hampshire. here is how she explained it this morning on cnn.
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>> well, of course, they were just mis-speaking. that happens. i wish i could be perfect but i can't. one thing people know about me is that i'm a substantive, serious person, and i have a very strong background. >> all eyes on iowa today. months before the state's caucuses kick off, the 2012 presidential contest, president obama and sarah palin also there. cnn's political producer shannon travis is joining us. let's talk about palin and her movie premiere first. >> yeah. yesterday michele bachmann and today, sarah palin. are they kind of competing with each other is anyone's guess. as you mentioned, sarah palin will be in iowa today. why? to premiere the movie she stars in, a documentary called "the undefeated." a lot of our viewers probably seeing clips about it and a huge premiere in pell a, iowa today.
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she will be there for this. no clue if there is red carpets or like a hollywood type premiere but it's going to be a pretty big thing. you mentioned also president obama will be in iowa but not anywhere near this movie premiere but he will be in iowa today. we know the presidential candidates, possible presidential candidates and palin and the president himself are going to iowa because it is, obviously, an important state. it holds the first in the nation caucuses. kyra? >> so we have talked about newt gingrich's campaign losing staffers. now another candidate has a staffer jumping ship. fill us in on that. >> herman cain is hoping what happens to newt gingrich doesn't happen to him. we learned yesterday two of the republican presidential candidates staffers quit. one of them was the new hampshire state director for herman cain. he was really the only person working for herman in new
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hampshire and another was a regional director who left as well. both resigned. the campaign saying this is not really a big deal. people come and go and people get other opportunities and we will quickly replace those peoples. but one of the new hampshire state director matt murphy, he told a newspaper there in new hampshire, that he quit because the cain campaign was not seriously investing time, money, and resources into new hampshire. so the campaign is saying one thing, at least this one guy, matt murphy, is saying something else. what is really true is anyone's guess. but the campaign is tamping down this does not spell trouble for the herman cain campaign. >> shannon, thanks. always get all of the political news 24/7 at cnn/ you thought the williams sisters were known for their ten necessary dress. zain verjee, i hear kate middleton's dress sold out in 30 minut minutes. >> i know. isn't that amazing?
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boom. it goes instantly around the country' all of the shots here. william and kate did show up. it was a surprise. they were holding court over at wimbledon. they were there basically to cheer andy murray, the british tennis player. he won his match. they socialized a little bit with billie jean king and there was even where you caught them doing the mexican wave. prince william didn't look too into it but i think indicate nudged him and he did do it. take a look at the headlines. the big news venus and serena williams are out. the irish independent has this headline. kate serves up a smile, despite early exit for williams sisters. it says speaking of their defeat, it goes on and says the shock waves rippled through wimbledon. if not the end of an era, it was certainly the diminishing after an aura. check out "the international herald tribune." the headline, the comeback ends.
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it remains very much to be seen whether it marks a clear end to williams era at wimbledon but it seems premature to make sweeping conclusions even if serena is 29 and venus is 31. the other big upset was the number one seeds. caroline is also out of wimbledon. the big talking point is rafael nadal sprained his ankle and we don't know if he will be able to continue or not. he went on and played an amazing game and he won but they are doing mri scans and we are going to find out today whether he will be able to continue. >> we will be following all of the wimbledon news. thank you, zain. when terrorists struck new york, the "uss carl vincent" who answered the call. now the decks will be the site of a ncaa basketball game on veterans day. north carolina taking on michigan state. we are actually going to talk to tom izzo in about half an hour. convicted on 17 of 20 counts, we will find out what kind of prison time former ill
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checking stories across the country. a federal judge two key provisions of georgia's tough new jim grags law and one require the police to check the immigration status of criminal suspects who cannot provide an i.d. the other punish suspects who transport or house someone in the country illegally. congresswoman gabrielle giffords appears in public for the first time since being shot in the head nearly six months
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ago. she accompanied her husband who received award. former nc basketball champ lorenzo charles dies in a bush crash in raleigh yesterday. he was driving the bus and was the only person on board. you may remember, charles scored the winning shot in the 1983 ncaa championship game. what is next for the former illinois governor rod blagojevich? he had actually very little to say after a jury found him guilty on 17 of 20 corruption charges. >> patti and are disappointed in the outcome. i, frankly, am stunned. not much left to say. >> our ted rowlands is live in chicago. will there be an appeal, ted? >> reporter: absolutely. first, there will be a motion for a mistrial which will likely be denied by the judge. then what blagojevich will have
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happen is the sentencing. right now, they have a status conference on august 1st. what is going to be interesting is if he comes in and addresses the court during the sentencing hearing, if he talks to the judge, if he admits guilt, it will give the judge an excuse, if you will, to go on the lower end of the sentencing guidelines. if he comes in and think he is railroaded like he actually is shocked that he was found guilty, if he has that attitude, it's not going to give the judge an excuse to publicly say, well, i'll give you the lower end of the sentencing. what is he looking at? probably between 6 and probably 20 years on the top end. 54-year-old man. bottom line is he is going to be incarcerated for an extended period of time. then there is the appeal. a lot of people do think that he has grounds for appeal and they will zero in likely his defense attorneys on one thing and that is a judge's decision to limit the amount of recordings that the jury heard. they only heard what the prosecution wanted them to hear.
6:16 am
blagojevich's attorneys were denied the acts or denied the right to let the jury hear all of those taped conversations which were so pivotal in this trial and probably be where the defense attorneys go with it. blagojevich has to sit in jail during the appeal process. >> ted rowlands, we will follow it. if you thought charlie sheen was fading. think again. word is he signed on to a brand-new sitcom. we will have all of the details. figured out how to hack into sony's playstation network and apple iphone. what happened next? he got a job offer!
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charlie sheen may be back on your tv some time soon. radar online reports that he signed a new sitcom deal and shopping it around. apparently his new role will be similar to the character on "two and a half men." we are told a lot less racy. >> a lot less racy is "toy story 4." tom hanks thinks there will be one. the pixar studio refused to comment. beyonce's solo album is out. this lady has 16 grammys and hundreds of millions of dollars and one encredibly proud life changing memory. here is what she told our piers morgan. >> i can say probably when i sang "at last" for the president, i think you know, my father, all of his history, he grew up in gaston, alabama, and he was escorted to school every
6:20 am
day because he was one of the first african-americans in his school. my mother, in her day, she couldn't ride the front of the bus. >> so we all know that beyonce is an incredible dancer, too. she has new competition. from a cheerleader whose sassy moves have gone viral. zain verjee is in london. i heard you've been watching this clip all morning, all day, probably all through the night! >> reporter: well, you know what? kyra, beyonce is going to have to step to the left, to the left, because this guy is great. take a look at this video. china has a new cheerleader. maybe he can come to the london for the 2012 olympics. look at him go there, right? this is a chinese university student and, yeah, he does have a pretty sassy attitude there, and he has pretty good diva dance routine. a lot of people around the world is saying about him, kyra. >> do we know who he? >> 500,000 hits. we don't have a name, no.
6:21 am
but on the internet, they are calling him extremely -- brother. that is really -- and, you know, a lot of people on the internet are also saying this guy has got some real skills and then someone else commented, no matter what his sexuality, you know what? it take assess real man to know how to work a sequin mini. >> what is the response in china? not something you expect! >> it's gone viral. >> reporter: they have air own version of youtube and that is where the initial video was posted and then it was uploaded and like 419,000 hits immediately and after watching the kyra phillips show, i'm sure it will get a few more. yeah, you don't see this kind of stuff out of china and good for him there, you know? maybe they will distract any of the competition that china has to face when they play
6:22 am
competitive games, but if this guy is out there, he is going to get all of the buzz. and he'll be a distraction, too, for the opposing team. >> obviously. it's distracting us from our normal day, too! zain, thanks. that was fun. where do you go after you cause a 20 million dollar security breach? to court? to jail? how about to work? one man lands himself a job after making a name for himself as a hacker. alison kosik new york stock exchange with the details. >> the question is how best to keep out a hacker out of your company. of course, you can hire one. george hoats made a name for shim elf by unlocking apple's iphone in 2007 and left it open to be hacked and figured out how to hack into sony's playstation network and posting instructions online. that caused a 24 million dollar security breach there. reports say this guy has landed a job working at facebook and
6:23 am
reports say a software engineer there to work on the new facebook ipad app but something tells me he is also going to veer into consulting on the security end of things. tech companies, they always say they want innovators, people who think outside the box. maybe a hotz on their side to see how hackable facebook. inspe keep in mind, this guy is only 21 years old. >> you wonder where that all comes from. seeing new pictures of the protests in greece. let's talk -- i mean, yesterday, the markets closed up, but we're seeing they are getting nor violemore violent. we know how it's impacted the numbers in the past and our 401(k)s. what do you think is going to happen today? >> as far as today goes and what you're seeing happening in greece right now, little reacti reaction. greece at this point, has little choice in the matter. they have to pass thee deep cuts in order to get its next bailout
6:24 am
installment and the folks here on wall street are optimistic that is exactly what is going to happen. >> alison, thanks. we will have more on the greek protests ahead. the demonstrators now throwing rocks and bottles to protest the drastic spending cuts and tax hikes that alison just mentioned. we will take you live to athens after the break. a syria president says the government is not attacking protests. we are on the road to damascus. oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that?
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casey anthony murder trial tops our -- leads our top stories right now. the meter reader who found 2 yeverled caylee's remains might testify today for the defense. a wildfire is moving closer to mexico's los alamos national laboratory. hazardous and radioactive materials inside said to be secured. getting under way the senate armed services committee holding nominations hearings for lieutenant general john allen the president's pick to replace petraeus as u.s. commander in afghanistan. who holds the world's power? presidents, prime minister, kings or queens or the ceos of google, apple and facebook? l.z. granderson is joining us next. the "uss carl vincen" will host the first-ever ncaa
6:28 am
basketball game on an aircraft carrier. coming up, we will talk to one of the coaches, tom izzo of the michigan state spartans. ♪ [ waves crashing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us:
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human rights group claim the syrian government is targeting protesters but an adviser to the president tells our hali that is not true. >> i think peaceful demonstrators have made their points and making their points every day. we have no problem with that. but i think it is a complex problem. >> halla is joining us live. did anything this adviser say come as a surprise to you? >> nothing came as a surprise. it fit right in with the narrative of the regime from the beginning that armed gangs are responsible for the violence. perhaps the first time i heard her acknowledge that among those protesting, there are legitimate demonstrators who want more freedom and who want reform. the big question for this government now is going to be these promises of reform, the fact they allowed some dissidence to openly and freely
6:32 am
gather in damascus yesterday. whether these are empty promises or just ways to assuage the opposition while they continue the crackdown and something very activists abroad, especially those would are free to speak against the government are concerned with. they say nothing with change in this country, kyra, unless this regime is removed, unless it falls. and then you have other opponents inside the country who say that they are willing to at least try to work within the framework provided by the reg e regime. all that being said this is happening against the backdrop of continuing demonstrations and deaths, because on friday, just a few days ago, just a few days before this opposition meeting in damascus, at least 20 people were killed in protests across the country. >> hala gorani in damascus for
6:33 am
us, thank you. thousands of people have taken to the streets in athens protesting tough cuts by the government. our diana is joining us on the phone now from athens. diana, describe the scene and where are you? >> reporter: we were down in the protests but one of the protesters attacked my cameraman and his camera so we came up to the balcony. the last couple of hours now, there there has been a constant wave of rigoting between protesters dressed in black and anarchists and riot police using stun grenades to create a huge noise and firing tear gas at the protesters who have been pulling up marble and pits of pavement to throw at police. this has been going on for a
6:34 am
while now. it is the first of two days of general strikes here in athens where people have come out on to the streets to protest this a austerity package debated in the parliament right now and angry with furnl cuts to mayor wages and pension and tax hikes but there is definitely a distinction that needs to be drawn between this sort of hard-core as i say on the front lines of this violence against police and regular demonstrators who have been calling out on megaphones to not let the police or this small group ruin the point of the protest. what is actually interesting is to see that not many people showed up on the first day of this strike. it's possible we will see tens of thousands tomorrow when the vote is actually -- is voted on in the parliament. today, the numbers are limited
6:35 am
but it is extremely violent. >> we will continue to follow the pictures and check in with you, diana magnay out of athens. "uss carl vincent" has seen a lot of history and now it wants to host a basketball game. we will talk to one of the coaches, tom izzo of the michigan state spartans right after the break. tsa, a grandmother speaks out and her incredibly embarrassing airport screening. when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. yoo-hoo. hello.
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checking stories across the country. in michigan 95-year-old grandmother involved in the latest tsa controversy is speaking out. she admits having to remove her adult diaper to get through airport security was a wee bit embarrassing. but, overall, her take on the whole thing might surprise you. >> it was just part of their procedure. i think it bothered my daughter more than it did me because i guess i'm too old to care! >> incredible attitude. in louisiana, police respond to go an accident got a little more than they bargained for.
6:39 am
once the driver was removed, they started proving the car and found fireworks and ten pipe bombs. the atf was called in to help with the investigation. michael vick' former home is off the market and been bought by a dog rehab group. volunteers say the idea was kind of creepy but now it seems like the perfect fit. when osama bin laden was captured and killed, it was the carrier "uss carl vincent" that carried out his burial at sea. and you may remember this. when the terrorists struck new york vincent answered the call. now this carrier could host the most american of games. north carolina and michigan state could tip off in the ncaa basketball game this veterans day. joining me from east lansing, michigan state head coach, tom izzo. coach, this has to be a huge
6:40 am
patriotic moment for you and the guys if, indeed, it happens. >> kyra, i think it is going to happen and it is a huge game for everybody. i think after making a visit to kuwait a few years ago in fact, i did it twice to visit our troops, i couldn't be prouder or more excited about a game than we have had and we've had a lot of big games. >> who came up with the idea, coach. why did you and the ncaa want to get involved? >> well, you know, when i visited kuwait, like i said i went twice to a camp there and with the uso and put on a little weekend tournament with the troops, came back and my a.d. started talking about it. we looked at it back then. we were going to do something in jacksonville on a ship and, you know, because of the different military issues, it took some time, but i think you got to give a lot of credit to our military, to the navy and our athletic director, mike hollis
6:41 am
who really got things going and it's been a process, but it's been pretty exciting now it's coming to fruition. >> let's talk about the carrier court i should say. we got some sketches that will show what it's going to look like there on the flight deck. tell us how it will be transformed and are they going to bring the hardwoods there on the turf? >> yeah. they really are. i've seen the drawings myself and it's pretty exciting. i think it's going to seat about 7,000 people and most of those tickets are going to our military who more than deserve it. and i think it's going to be a great tribute on veterans day to them and all of the people that do so much for us and we really, when i went over to kuwait, i realized that winning and losing has a whole different meaning. so it is a way to honor our troops. i think it's being looked at that way and i think by the way the tickets and everything else are going to be and the setup of everything, it's going to be
6:42 am
completely a military situation that i'm honored to be a part of and i'm sure roy is, too. >> we look forward to see if the deal is closed. as you said, it looks like it is going to be and we will be watching and cover it for sure. coach, thank you so much for joining me. >> thanks, kyra. >> you bet. ♪ one tennis player kicks her parents off the court or actually out of the stadium and now another is pushing back against his mom. what is going on, jeff fischel, with the kids and the parents at wimbledon? >> one of these days when mom, you know? andy murray is the sentimental favorite at the all england club but it sounds like he may not be his mom's favorite player. prince william and his bride kate were in the royal box yesterday to root on their countryman. murray said he would have shaved if he knew they were something. he advanced to the quarterfinal. he'll play spain's lopez and that sets up a possible grudge match between murray and his mom. see, mom, judy there?
6:43 am
she has the hots for lopez and murray says it makes me want to throw up. it's disgusting! mom not allowed to have hots for the other players. i will have more sports in 15 minutes. >> i can't wait! thanks, jeff. coming up, our jeanne moos takes a look at a busy day for michele bachmann. >> posing with a butterfly and playing dentist. >> let me see your teeth. >> reporter: did we mention officially announcing for president? >> now the presidential contender, every word she says analyzed, debated, examined. our jeanne moos does just that. ♪
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the man who found caylee anthony's remains could take the witness stand today. you're looking at live pickets now from orlando, florida. our legal expert sunny hostin is joining us from new york. talk about the meter reader here and why he is such an important witness today. >> he is an important witness for this defense. the defense theory here roy kronk. in the defense's opening statement, they called him a morally corrupt individual and so it's very important for them
6:47 am
that he is going to testify about some of his behaviors before caylee's remains were found. he called 911, not once, not twice, but three times in august of 2008. he then again called 911 in december of 2008 and it was that final call in december when caylee anthony's remains were found. so the defense is really calling in to question his motives. they say that he did this for money. and we do know he received about $25,000 all in -- related to his recovery of caylee's remains. so there is a lot to be said about roy kronk. the defense is certainly saying he is the bad guy in this instead of casey anthony. so his testimony will be very, very important to the defense if all of that comes across to this jury. >> give us the big picture where we stand right now. who do you think has the momentum in this trial?
6:48 am
>> well, certainly at this point, the defense has the momentum and they have to have the momentum, right? because it's their case in chief. the prosecution is doing an excellent job of cross-examining the defense's witnesses, but, right now, i'm told that in the courtroom, the jury is mesmerized by the current witness, his name is joe jordan, he is witness number 38, and he is talking about the fact that he searched for caylee's remains in the same area in september of 2008, but didn't find her body, her remains. so there is something to be said about this defense theory at this point, because, apparently, the jury is just transfixed. i think the momentum is theirs. >> sunny hostin, thanks so much. here are other stories developing later today. 12:15 eastern, the top ranked u.s. women soccer team facing north career. in world cup competition.
6:49 am
bulger hearing is at 2:00 eastern in bom and 2:05 president obama talk about the economy following a visit to a factory. at 6:00 eastern, sarah palin in iowa for the premiere of the movie about her political career. steven a. smith says there is practically zero chance the nba and players will make a deal before thursday' lockout deadline. the outspoken columnist and radio host joins us live next hour.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
so, what did you have a poster of on your wall? farrah faucet? bruce lee? michael jordan? how about bill gates, steve jobs? mark zuckerberg? no? parents, listen up. it's not about raising the basketball trophy. it's about raising the gpa. else says he's trying to raise a nerd and you should, too. your son is going to be the next billionaire, is that right? >> i don't know if he's going to be the next billionaire, but i'm hoping he doesn't turn out to be an idiot. that's the reason why i'm hoping he comes up to be a nerd. >> with a dad like you, i don't think that's going to be an issue. but seriously, you write about this lack of focus on education in our country and you're right. it seems sort of automatic when
6:53 am
someone says, oh, your kid got a scholarship, what sport? >> absolutely. my son is a good athlete. i'm not taking that away from him at all and we work really hard on the weekends. we practice and i run drills with him, but we also spend a lot of time reading and talking about current events. if i had to pick between the two, i would think he got an academic scholarship long before he got an athletic one. he really loves learning and being educated and i encourage that. i want him to be bookish because in the long run, it's going to make him more well rounded. >> so, how do you make getting good grades and being on the debate team look cool and how will that impact us as we move f forward in a tough dpi xhi and in a time when it's really tough to get a job no matter how educated you are? >> absolutely. there are still certain fields that are hiring, there are still fields that can't fill these
6:54 am
positions. my partner is a manager of a large company here inny michigan and he's constantly telling me about great jobs he has that he can't get filled. while there's definitely, i'm not going to argue with the numbers, we have near a 9.5 unemployment rate, but there's still a lot of jobs if you have the right education, the right focus. president obama spoke of the stem -- >> lost our connection there. apologize for that. you can read his entire piece, "why i'm trying to raise a nerd," at leave a comment. he loves the back and forth. all right. the dodgers capped off a day of incredible team drama with one of their greatest offensive performances ever. >> absolutely cht it was fantastic and a very good night after a very dark day. yesterday, frank mccourt filed
6:55 am
for bankruptcy. he and his wife jamie are going through an ugly divorce. for years, they've used the team as the family credit card. they may be the two most hated people in l.a. right now, and they've left the team bankrupt. the dodgers knocked out 25 hits. every starter had a hit, a run, an rbi. that is the first time since the '50s. then there's matt kemp. he leads the league in homers with 52. keep channelling that anger. there's enough to last for a while. tiger's hosting toronto, andy dirk's put the bunt down. the great play, but first base ump calls him safe. then after consulting, he reverses the call. that brings out jim leyland and he is not happy. mimics the ump and gets tossed. tigers players in the dugout were watching this and actually
6:56 am
laughing. the tigers won the game. all right. check out this acrobatic first pitch before the royals, padres game in san diego. that's a cirque du soleil performer doing that and he throws a perfect strike. might call that a balk. the padres -- here he comes. that's pretty cool. padres beat kc 4-3. top seed was taken out by the 24th, the slo vak wan took it 7-5. meanwhile, the williams sisters both lost. bartoli beat serena. her second tournament since coming back from health problems and venus lost -- been practicing all morning. also in straight sets. i watched the match. still can't pronounce her name. here's another way to use your
6:57 am
foot. the 35th annual toe wrestling world championships in england. let's say it up front. there's a little ick factor here. in the end, an epic battle between the two big toes. the predatoe won. he's now your world champ. >> twisted. something -- yeah. we got to go. thanks, jeff. michele bachmann has joined the race for the white house. now, even more than before, every word she says will be analyzed, debated, examined and of course, our jeanne moos does just that. >> together, we'll do this. >> reporter: it was a day of feel good photo ops -- ♪ >> so nice to see you! >> reporter: posing with a butterfly. playing dentist.
6:58 am
did we mention officially announcing for president? the campaign may be new, but she's got a fair line -- >> barack obama will be a one term president. >> a one term president. >> reporter: the only fly in the ointment other than the one that landed on this supporter's head, was when chris wallace of fox news asked an indelicate question based on what critics have said about bachmann. >> are you a flake? >> i think that would be insulting to say something like that because i'm a serious person. >> reporter: he later apologized. >> i messed up. i'm sorry. >> reporter: you know what really really resents those questions? her husband. a clinical therapist with a degree in psychology. as she reached out to supporters, he spent is whole time holding on to her waist. if bachmann did become president, her son might be the first mull et in the white house. one guy in particular has a
6:59 am
picture of michele bachmann up here. no, not a mental image. an actual camera strapped to his head, that's in addition to regular hand held cameras. >> the camera on my head, is called the go pro. >> reporter: michele bachmann definitely notice d it. she called me doctor. kind of joking that i looked like a surgeon i guess. >> reporter: dave davidson says it takes a shot every few seconds. meanwhile, bachmann started taking shots for a supposed gaffe, speaking about her hometown -- >> just like john wayne was from waterloo, iowa, that's the spirit i have, too. >> reporter: blogs went for the kill. saying it wasn't the actor, but the serial killer that lived there. bachmann compares self to gay rapest clown serial killer and
7:00 am
told the times that actor john wayne's parents did live in waterloo, so it turned out to be a cheap shot. unlike the shot from the head cam. this is bachmann's view of the head cam. >> bring my head down like that. it's 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. today, a new hearing on the dream act. the proposal would allow students who came here illegally with their parents to stay in the country. supporters say it makes sense. the casey anthony murder trial. jurors may hear from the man who found the little girl's body. and the defense, they call the meter reader who stumbled across caylee's remains. lawyers for jared loughner say he should not be forcibly
7:01 am
medicated. a judge ruled he's not comp tant to stand trial. it began with a raging wildfire that has raced within a mile of the los alamos national laboratory. it's where the first atomic bomb was developed and plutonium is still housed. our affiliate joins us live are the latest. how concerned are officials right now about the fire reaching dangerous -- or reaching these facilities and causing possibly a dangerous scenario? >> reporter: well, certainly the potential is there, but we are told the lab is safe right now. the governor has been here since this fire started on sunday getting briefings from experts and they say that while the fire is close, that the buildings and especially that sensitive material are okay, that hazardous material is in bunkers underground and they are not at threat by this fire. now, the fire did reach the property yesterday, but it was
7:02 am
put out. federal and state crews are on the scene watching every single inch and will be protecting that land because as you mentioned, such important and sensitive potentially dangerous materials are on that facility. >> 10,000 people already evacuated. and just yesterday, actually, that was just yesterday, so what do you think you know, firefighters are facing now? how many more people could be evacuated? >> reporter: well, the entire town was evacuated and the fire chief says today is the make or break day. now, for those of you who haven't been to new mexico, we have more than 300 days of sunshine. this is not just a cloudy day. this haze is smoke that's filled the entire region. up above this town is where the fire right now is burning. it's hard to see through the haze, but before the sun came up, we could see very clearly, just a wall of fire up there
7:03 am
right above the town and if the winds change, which is what they are forecasting to happen, there's a very good chance that could be pushed down to the town, so yes, yesterday, the entire town was evacuated just a steady stream of people leaving with a moment's notice. packing their bags with their most precious belongings and getting out of here in case that happens. >> thanks so much. rob, what do you think? what are firefighters up against here as you look at the forecast? >> yesterday wasn't a bad day, but they still don't have much containment, if at all. i got a couple of satellite p k pictures i want to show you. this is when the fire started. that's southwest of los alamos. there's a smaller fire here well to the east, but this is the one we're most concerned about and you can see how that smoke is billowing off towards the north and east. she mentioned winds. they are going to be playing the factor as they always do. most of the big winds are back to the west.
7:04 am
we are seeing light, southerly winds blowing smoke into this area. an afternoon shift of the wind to the southwest, that is not necessarily what these folks want to hear. let's show you how this pans out as far as where it is. the lab itself, we're looking to the southwest. this is where the winds are going to be coming from soon and this is where the fire is over 40,000 acres of it, and knocking at the doorsteps of the los alamos national laboratory. this has happened in the past, back in 2000, and looks like it may well happen in the future. as mentioned, the red flag warnings and what's going on as far as bad fire danger today. that's back to the west as we go through tomorrow, i think we're going toe seeing more in the way of winds picking up. right now, they're pretty light. not a lot of moisture either. this is the monsoon, we're finally into the time of year we should be getting higher levels of humidity. we haven't really seen that much
7:05 am
let alone any rainfall. today's a good day weather wise for the rest of the week. they're going to have a fight on their hands that's for sure. >> thanks. in the nation's heartland this morning, even the calm assurance is unsettling, but nebraska residents are being told it's not like the flood that triggered japan's nuclear crisis, but concerns are still rising. the ft. calhoun nuclear plant is surrounded by two feet of water. to the south, the missouri river has crept within several feet of the power station. both facilities are designed to handle more flooding. but in japan, it was flood waters, not the earthquake, that led to the march meltdown. brian todd is there with the latest. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, officials and emergency crews are working day and night to deal with this situation. they're dealing with record levels of flood waters and they are keeping the flood waters
7:06 am
from doing further damage to this facility. they're working to do that right now, but they have had a couple of setbacks. first, there were somewhat they call an aqua berm that was punctured friday morning. inflatable berms to protect the facilities. they're filled with water and one was punctured by a piece of heavy machinery. that let in additional flood waters. secondly, they've had water in circumstan circle the network of power transformers, those are crucial because they power the pumps which keep the cooling system going. that of course keeps the core reactor and the nuclear fuel rod from getting overheated. those electrical systems has been encircled by water, but they're pumping water out of them. they say they have a handle on this. they say this is not going to be another fukushima, because that was a sudden, catastrophic flooding event. they say this was a predicted event. they were ready for it despite
7:07 am
the fact two years ago, they were cited for not being ready. they say they've made incredible strides since then. officials were here yesterday and inspected this place and say they've handled it well so far, but it's very touch and go these waters may creep a little higher. they may be dealing with this through august. more than 16 months until the presidential election and all roads lead through iowa. this hour, president obama leaving on a trip there to tour a factory. his visit comes on the heels of michele bachmann's big announcement. she used her childhood hometown of waterloo to launch her bid and outlined her middle america appeal. >> i have a real life background where my husband and i who came from very low middle income families worked our way through college, for everything that we have and we were able to succeed in our business and raise a successful family.
7:08 am
>> also in iowa today, sarah palin. she'll be on hand for the iowa premier of the documentary about her tenace yur as alaska's governor. pamen has not said we'll she'll run or not. jim joining us by phone. he's in iowa. have you arrived in bettendorf yet? >> i am and my question is is this june 2011 or 2012? iowa is looking very interesting right now. you know, the president is headed to an alcoa factory later today. he's going to talk about manufacturing jobs. the white house and the president's re-election campaign both caution this is an official visit, not a political visit. but the president is in an interesting position because he has all of these republican candidates going after him. the latest being romney, who is saying that morning that the president's policies are putting the very manufacturing jobs he's
7:09 am
talking about today, at risk. so the president is going to let the pictures do the talking. we're going to see him visiting the plant, talking to the workers. this is part of an initiative to boost man fakih chering in jobs. iowa is sort of a curious state for the president to visit. the unemployment rate here is 6% and he's visited the state several times, but iowa's near and dear to his heart. this is the state that really launched him to the white house. the first big state he won the caucus state in 2008, so the white house does acknowledge this state is near and dear to the president's heart. >> sarah palin not acknowledging whether she's going to run for president or not, but her movie does debut there this evening and you had a chance to speak to the film director. >> i did, yes. and he is very cautious to say he doesn't work for sarah palin, but make no mistake, this is very much a pro palin movie debuting tonight in iowa and
7:10 am
sarah palin will be on hand for the debut and what a lot of people in iowa are wondering is whether or not this is sort of a p precursor to an eventual campaign. sarah palin has no camera on the ground right now, so waiting to see what palin does next. in the meantime, this movie is debuting and i had a chance to sit down with the director to ask him whether or not this is an attempt to sort of reinvent sarah palin. here it is. >> first 90 days of governor palin's administration were insane. we worked like dogs, seven days a week, 15-hour days. >> unlike many states, the governor of the state of alaska is a ceo. >> there's a clip from the movie. i talked to the director about this and what he's up to and here's what he had to say.
7:11 am
are you there? >> sorry. obviously, we didn't get that cued up in time. >> we don't have that. but it is going to be interesting to watch tonight. the movie is going to be released nationwide in a couple of weeks and it's going to have people talking about sarah palin, which what she wants. >> jim, thanks. michele bachmann has moved on from iowa and rick santorum has moved in. yesterday, he told crowds he'll continue to fight same-sex marriage. bachmann continues on in new mexico. pawlenty is in new york to deliver what he calls a major address on foreign policy. happening right now, thousands of dem straters outside the greek pa lament building in athens. zain verjee has been fallowing this all morning out of london. they're furious over all the cuts taking place, but the government really doesn't have any other choice.
7:12 am
>> no, the government is between a rock and a hard place. what they have to do is hold this votes tomorrow where they're going to have to agree on this really tough austerity package, which is going to mean about 20% job cuts, higher taxes, cuts in government spending and people, kyra, are really hurting. people are getting poor very quickly. pensioners aren't getting their pensions. workers aren't getting paid cht it's a really difficult situation in greece. there's a 48-hour general strike because people are so mad and so worried about the situation and these are the kinds of scenes you're seeing. people demonstrating across the day today in athens, but if the government does not pass those plans, that's going to mean they're not going to get the money they have to get in order to pay down their debt because if they default on that debt, it creates a massive ripple effect throughout europe. the market's confidence will be hurt and also for the u.s.
7:13 am
financial system, it also has links to european banks and european banks for example in france or germany, hold greek debt. you know how they said lehmans was too big to fail? here, they're saying greece is too interconnected to fail. >> we'll be following the developments there. looks pretty calm at this point. but sure wasn't within the last couple of hours. we'll track it. a deadline is loom ng washington. talking about august 2nd. that's when the government won't be able to pay its bills. and if you thought charlie sheen was fading into obscurity. think again. word is, he's signed on to a brand new sitcom. host: do people use smartphones to do dumb things? man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! man 1: don't mind if i doozy.
7:14 am
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7:16 am
checking stories this morning -- one would require police to check the immigration status of criminal suspects who cannot provide i.d. the other would punish suspects who houz someone illegally. gabrielle giffords appeared in public for the first time since being shot in the head. she accompanied her husband when he received an award. she received a standing ovation. former nca state or former north carolina state basketball star lornz o charles died in a bus crash. he was driving the bus and was the only person on board. he scored the winning basket in the 1983 ncaa championship game.
7:17 am
august 2nd. that's when the government will hit the debt ceiling. its legal borrowing limit and lawmakers are still trying to hammer out a deal. allison koison kosik with the d. >> it mean it is government won't be able to pay its bills. tim geithner will have to prioritize the government's obligation. the big question is going to be which bills should the government skip and the thing is, no one knows. the fact is, this has never happened before, but there's a lot of speculation that payments would be delayed to contractors and federal workers. think about all the government does at this point. it pays out everything from social security and unemployment benefits. it funnels money to state and local governments. it does all of this and the speculation is that could be cut off. timothy geithner has been sounding the alarm bells.
7:18 am
in a letter in may, he said that failure would force obligations to -- it would be an unprecedented event in american history. >> and so, let's talk about what it could mean for the broader economy. >> you know, at the least, hitting the debt ceiling, saying this lightly here, you know, it could just only hurt the economy. it's going to wind up damaging the faith that creditors have in the u.s. think abt. who wants to invest in a country that can't manage its finances. we're seeing ratings agencies say they're going to cut their debt if we hit the debt ceiling. that will only drive away investors. stocks are going to likely sell off, so you're going to see that big hit on your 401(k). also, think about those delayed payments. if a government check is late e that hurts someone else's cash flow, so that person may spend less. you're seeing a big ripple
7:19 am
effect if some sort of conclusion is not reached by august 2nd. >> thanks. next, tom hanks has a new movie and his son might have a new career as a rapper. plus, prince william and duchess kate head to canada this week where a couple of royal controversies await them. (screams) when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious. introducing investment discipline etfs from russell. visit r a prospectus, containing the investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other information. read and consider it carefully before investing. yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can now come from any faucet anywhere. introducing the brita bottle with the filter inside.
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7:21 am
charlie sheen, tom hanks son a rapper and beyonce says she's ready to hit the campaign trail. it seems the reports of charlie sheen's return may have been greatly exaggerated? >> yeah, kyra, the story out
7:22 am
there is that sheen has this deal to star in a new sitcom and the show is sparking a massive network bidding war, but that may be exaggerated. tbs have publicly denied they're in talks with sheen and as far as we can tell, nobody else has stepped up to admit to being interested in the sheen project. there are also reports that in order to prevent sheen from coming back to his old job, that show is going to kill off his character, plus, and i know this is going shock you. it looks like charlie has lost the last of his goddesses. one of him broke up through a tex message in april. well, tmz says the second just moved out on monday. my only question is why did she hang around so long. >> what's a bachelor to do. he's such a catch. tom hanks, we had a little fun with him last week. he stopped by to chat. now, his son making
7:23 am
entertainment news. a rapper? really? >> apparently, he is still trying to become a rapper. chester hanks here. but his stage name -- he had a show over the weekend. both parents were right there to support him in the audience. the northwestern student has put some of his music online, so if you are eager to check it out. and larry crown premiered in hollywood last night. hanks breaking news to us, telling us toy story 4 is in the works. hard to imagine a "toy story" without tom hanks as woody. >> that's true. he just wears all kinds of hats. beyonce, she's possibly saying she's going to join the campaign trail. >> yeah, she's a big fan of our
7:24 am
president. she was on piers morgan to promote her album. she did tell him that one of the highlights of her life so far was performing for the president at his inauguration. >> we're not going to listen to what she said? >> still waiting. maybe we're not. >> i'm -- we got it. >> i can say probable when i sang "at last" for the president, i think you know, my father, all of his history, he grew up in gadsen, alabama and was escorted to school every day because he was one of the first african-americans in his school and my mother, you know, in her day, she couldn't ride the front of the bus. >> yeah, having spent a little time with beyonce, i can tell you for sure she is completely humbled by everything that has happened to her in her life and career, so certainly that
7:25 am
moment, pretty spectacular for beyonce. nice to see her talking about that. >> thanks. and if you want anything, everything and anything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j.'s got it every night, 11:00 p.m. earn on "showbiz tonight." coming up, dogs move back in to michael vick's, but it's gotten an extreme makeover. does a movie star run for president? political buzz just ahead. of po. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. it's me?
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james whitey bulger to pay for his defense, more than
7:28 am
$822,000 hidden in the wall of his apartment. a judge will decide who will foot the bill. a computer hacker is back to work for facebook. sued by sony after he cracked the play station three code and takes credit for unlocking the iphone, allowing it to be used with other wireless carriers. the senate foreign relations committee holding a committee on the u.s. involvement in libya. all right, political buzz. your rapid fire look at the hottest political topics of the day. three question, 20 seconds on the clock. playing today, robert zimmerman, krnz contributor and john and sherry. first question, michele bachmann continuing to rekrwrite history. recently, the revolutionary war started in new jersey.
7:29 am
this morning, john quincy adams, one of our founding fathers. is she ready to stand up to the presidential scrutiny? robert? >> in defense of michele bachmann, she did have a fact checker. sarah palin. it's not just -- it's not just michele bachmann's stubborn refusal to accept history. the climate change, evolution are beyond her. she will with stabd stand -- >> jerry. >> michele bachmann cannot afford to make gas, the john wayne controversy, the actor was born in iowa. his parents lived in waterloo until the time he was born, so she has to be careful because people are are going to be hard on her, but as long as we have joe biden out there in public life, anybody else is on safeguard. >> john.
7:30 am
>> the pattern is the problem. when she said the founding fathers fought to end slavery, that's a problem. folks on the far right want to cast this between george washington and barack obama. they've got to get their history right. and can't keep falling on their face. >> okay. number two. today, sarah palin heading to iowa for the premier of her movie about her. so does a movie star run for president? it's worked before. sherry? >> if she doesn't have fund raising underway already and doesn't have an organization, i don't how she can do well in iowa, however, if she were to say, hey, i'm in and suddenly, her number rs up, then she's a huge threat to every republican in the race and especially to president obama. >> robert? >> you know, sure a movie star can run for president. but we're talking about sarah palin and after her last reality tv show got canceled and book didn't do too well, i'm not sure
7:31 am
she equals. it's going to have the same effect on culture at pluto nash of giggly. >> john. >> wow. republicans do have a history of elevating movie stars to office. reagan, schwarzenegger. palin's moving in the opposite direction. she needs to decide whether she wants to be a celebrity or the president of the united states. right now, she seems more interested in being a celebrity. >> the buzz, ten seconds each. even president obama joining the fun in iowa today with no real democratic challenger. what should his biggest concern be right now? robert? >> he has to energize the democratic base around the country and iowa in particular and can't get in the way of newt gingrich or sarah palin's press. >> sherry. >> barack obama's on a political trip right now as we know and his biggest fear, his biggest problem is sarah bachmann romney
7:32 am
in iowa. >> john. >> no. president obama needs to be focused on the economy, dealing with the deficit and debt and reconnecting independent voters. those are the path to re-election. if he fails on those, he'll have a hard time converting in the general election. >> john, robert, sherry, thanks, guys. royal honeymooners about to head across the pond. they kick off their visit to canada that week. while canadians are famously pretty polite, there's a couple of issues that could crop up. zain verjee, of course, one controversy involves hockey. >> yeah. it does. it's a real controversy there. you know, so, william and kate going to canada, expected. we knew this was going to happen, but they're going to a place called yellowknife in the yukon. the whole spat is about people
7:33 am
being annoyed, why should they go there because it's costing yellowknife and the local government there $200,000. on the other side, they're saying, well, this is a great boost for tourism. prince william is going to be playing ball hockey on the street. just get there, roll his sleeves up and start playing and it will be really good for yellowknife. it will pit on the map. he's going to meet with political leaders, youth leaders, some of the aboriginals there of the inuit community. they're just saying why should the taxpayers have to pay, but it puts hockey on the map. >> it does. thanks. computer hackers attacking the nation's cell phone system then going after personal financial records and even the country's electrical grid. can government and industry even prooefbt a cyber attack? 8% ever. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss
7:34 am
with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge! ...was it something big? ...or something small? ...something old? ...or something new? ...or maybe, just maybe... it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. stunning visuals, intelligent performance. this is visibly smart.
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7:36 am
stories making news, michigan, a 95-year-old grandmother involved in the latest tsa controversy is speaking out. she admits having to remove her adult diaper was a bit embarrassing, but her take might surprise you. >> didn't really bother me.
7:37 am
i just thought it was part of their proceeders. it bothers my daughter more than me because yig i'm too old to care. >> far too sweet. in louisiana, police responding to an accident got a little more than they bargained for. once the driver was removed, they started processing the car, they found fire works and ten pipe bombs. the atf has been called in to help. michael vick's former home is off the market. it's been bought by a dog rehab group and volunteers say the idea was creepy at first, but now, it seems like the perfect fit. how prepared is the nation to deal with a major cyber attack? jeanne maserve reports on what a simulated exercise concluded about just a scenario. >> up to 20 million and counting of the nation's cell phones have stopped working so far today in
7:38 am
what officials claim is a largest communications crisis in the cell phone era. >> reporter: the reason, a cyber attack. as government officials convene, there is one overarching question. >> is this an act of war, not a criminal act? >> reporter: the infected smart phones show a video of the red army raising speculation the russias are behind the attack. meanwhile, the crisis expands. >> have increased dramatically. >> reporter: officials discuss the possibility of shutting down the infected smart phones, but government can't do it. >> i'm shocked to hear we don't have this authority. if this was someone with smallpox wandering through the super bowl, we would have the authority to quarantine them. >> reporter: can the military assist? what powers does the president have? the attack is traced to a server in russia. if the u.s. shuts it down, will they see it as an act of war and
7:39 am
are they really behind the attack? and the internet is infected. >> we are also receiving alarming reports of significant and growing power outages in major metropolitian areas in the eastern half of the united states. >> reporter: there is discussion of nationalizing the power grid or mobilizing the national guard to protect it. >> keep in mind, there are over 160,000 miles of transmission lines. you cannot guard every mile of that. >> reporter: and the cyber attack goes on. >> and in corporate board rooms and i.t. centers across the country, our nation's leaders are wandering if their networks are really secure and if this crisis might indeed spread into their systems. >> reporter: this game and others like it have raised a lot of questions about roles and responsibles and more. government and industry are working through these issues trying to find solutions, but
7:40 am
also to improve defenses, to thwart any massive cyber attack. a tough new law aimed at keeping babies safe goes into effect. as of today, it's illegal to sell or donate a crib not up to safety standards. they are so high, the government says you're better off buying a new one. a massive wildfire ramgs near a nuclear lab and thousands of people living nearby have been evacuated. new mexico's governor will join me after the break. ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪
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some stories developing today we're watching. president obama's going to talk about the economy following a visit to an iowa factory. those comments, 2:05 and sderot walker giving the keynote speech in new york city. that starts at 5:00 eastern and at 6:00 eastern, sarah palin will be in iowa for the premier of the movie all about her political career. it's been 24 hours since she launched her presidential campaign and michele bachmann's already stirring it up. you know, all eyes are on you when you're running for president and people expect certain things from you like knowledge of u.s. history among a number of other things.
7:44 am
>> it isn't my job to go and fact check sources that come out in publications, so i was using that quote. >> it's your job as a candidate, the left -- >> you have a very good point though. that i think when you're in the presidential realm, i do think that mismessage discipline is required and that is something that all of us have areas we need to do better on and that's one i'll pay a lot of attention to. >> a lot of people paying attention to michele bachmann, yes, a very smart woman, a law degree, but at the same time, a number of i guess, missteps? mishaps? misquotes? >> no doubt about this. michele bachmann has been on a role. she dazzled at cnn's republican debate, tied with mitt romney, but this morning, she played
7:45 am
defense again on her vision of american history. fir first, on abc's good morning america when she insisted our founding fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery. >> john quincy adams, he was a young boy with his father serving essentially as his father's secretary, she tirelessly worked throughout his life to make sure we did in fact one day eradicate slavery. >> he wasn't one of the founding fathers. he was a president, a secretary of state, he did work to end slavely decades later, so you're standing by this comment that the founding fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery? >> john quincy adams was a part of the revolutionary war era, actively involved. >> it wasn't bachmann's first gaffe when it comes to history. in iowa, she played a bit of cultural history and mentioned
7:46 am
johnway. >> what i want them to know like john wayne from waterloo, iowa, that's the kind of spirit that i have, too. >> john wayne wasn't born in waterlo waterloo, but winterset. other gaffes had to do with hisry. on a political trip to new mexico -- >> the shot where the state was held around the world. >> those shots were fired in massachusetts. bachmann told morning morning just this morning, hey, no one is perfect. people make mistakes. the problem for bachmann, these mistakes take away from any candidate who strives to be a top tier presidential contender because those gaffes just get in the way of what her message should be. what she wants her message to be and that is to create jobs for our economy. >> thanks so much. we want to return to this
7:47 am
hour's top story. the raging wildfire that is within a file of a los alamos laboratory. that's where the first atomic bomb was develops and remains one of the most secretive research centers. there's a lot of concern about the safety of the facilities there. joining us now for an update, new mexico governor, susana martinez. governor, thanks for joining us. a mile from the lab. are you concerned? >> of course. we are all concerned and that is the reason for the evacuation of the town, the community. and that is the reason why the second type one team has been brought in along with additional ariel support, to make sure the lab is completely safe. >> and not only the lab and creating security barriers, but what about the safety of the residents? >> absolutely. yesterday, there was a very
7:48 am
successful evacuation of los nunes. it was very organized and done very well. people were constantly talking about how well the national guard and law enforcement worked together to make sure people left the community. were accommodated and shelters were provided, a place to be. food for them. a safe place. also, the national guard and police department and state police are providing security of their homes during the times that they will be away from their residents. >> do you have enough firefighters to fight this? are you going to have to bring in assets from other states? >> we are bringing in assets from all over. we have had volunteers from everywhere. throughout the country, we had not only local firefighters, firefighters throughout the state that have volunteered and we have a national resources that are being brought into the state. it is a number one priority to maintain the safety of the
7:49 am
people of that community as well as the lab. >> governor susana martinez, appreciate you calling in. the nba owners are on the brink of locking out the players and the nfl lockout goes on. fan fury. steven a. smith brings his a game to this. (rambling phone conversation)
7:50 am
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the nba's bargaining agreement expires midnight
7:52 am
thursday and if there's no deal, the owners could impose a lockout. you've heard that before. the nfl's lockout is still going on and fan fury would probably explode if both were lost this year, so we better talk about this and steven a. smith joining us now from new york. is the nba really losing that much money? i mean, the ratings, the merchandise sales. those two things along are so strong. >> well, the nba will tell you that 22 of the 30 teams in the league have been losing money. approximately $300 million or a little more than that each season and because of that, you know, revenue is a big, issue with them. you're talking about players getting 57% of the revenue, owners getting 43%. they're looking to make a multitude of changes.
7:53 am
>> do you really think the owners are ready to sacrifice the season for money? >> there's no question about it. when you've got 22 of the 30 teams in the league losing money and the nba will tell you they've exposed their books to the nba player's association, then take into account what they're talking about. they're talking about roll backs of approximately $800 million a year over the next ten years where the players are talking about giving back $100 million back. the players would call it a hard salary cap. a whole bunch that goes into the e quag, but there are approximately 7.5 to $8 billion apart in terms of what both sides believe should be the end result of an agreement and that's where your problem lies right there. >> you hear about all this money and some fans would say come on. these players make so much money, what happened to it all
7:54 am
being about the game, the love of the game? >> whoa. first of all, the fans need to get over it. that's number one. number two, what it really comes down to with all seriousness is this and i've used this analogy on my show in new york and l.a. the fact is, if i come up to you and gave you a million dollars, you'd have a smile on your face, you'd be happier than a pig in mud. but if i had a bowl with $10 million in it and only one of us, only the two of us had access so it and then i give you the is $1 million, you'd say, why did you get the other nine. everybody wants a share. >> greed. >> it's not greed. if you're an owner, if you're an owner and the economic recession has kicked in and you've lost an abundance of money, you want to get some of that back. if you're the players, you want to hold on to the agreement that you have. there's really no bad guy in this particular situation
7:55 am
considering the economic recession and how it ravaged a will the of teams and owners and respective cities involved. they've got to make a deal because the nba is on an upswing. a phenomenal basketball season. they've got to do something. >> thanks for weighing in. >> my pleasure. take care. coming up, the story of a woman facing deportation from the united states. what makes this story unique. a lesbian, legally married to a u.s. citizen, but a loophole in the law could apart the couple. plus, a photographer who can't get the focus right. no worries. new technology that allows dwrou fix the focus after the picture has been taken. that and more on the cnn news room.
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live to orlando, florida. george anthony, casey anthony's father taking the stand in his daughter's murder trial. >> hours as long as i could, particular hours and on a particular day. >> and is it your testimony to this jury that you are going there for any romantic interludes. it was just because you were going through console her for her brain tumor. >> overruled. >> as i stated, sir, yes, i did go there just to console her because she had confided in me
7:59 am
that she was, that she had a brain tumor or she was having medical issues and she explained that to my wife, sir. >> did your wife go to her apartment, too? >> no, sir. >> so, the only one that went to her apartment was you, not your wife or you two didn't go together. >> no, but my wife had knowledge that i was at her residence. i had nothing to hide, sir. never have. >> did you, prior to finding your granddaughter, tell crystal holloway or river cruise that caylee's death was an accident that snowballed out of control. >> well, sir, to clarify your question, i never found my granddaughter. and to say that i had said something to her about it's been stated or even by you here that something might have snowballed out of control, that conversation was never there.


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