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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 15, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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problems for us, but that we can take ownership and solve these problems ourselves. >> sounds pretty impressive, those young folks, and working with political and business leaders in washington. and our intern, noah gray, he put that piece together. you can go to well, randi kaye up next in the news room. a standoff over spending cuts, tax increases, authority to borrow. a presidential news conference imploering republicans to compromise was monday, and it's also today. the major different being we're now four days closer to august 2nd, and that's when the treasury says barring an increase in the debt ceiling it will have to pick and choose which bills it pays and which it let's slides. five straight days of face-to-face talks have fielded
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no agreement. nor is there an agreement on a house republican push for a much smaller plan made up of spending cuts alone. if all else fails, we may end up with an idea floated by the top senate republican, mitch mcconnell. we laid it out for you. three separate votes between now and the next elections to raise the nation's debt by $2.5 trillion, and there would be $1 trillion in spending cuts and a special congressional panel to shore up entitlements, and the up side supposedly for republicans is keeping the issue alive for another year and blaming the president, who, by the way, is not ruling it out. >> it's constructive to say if washington operates as usual and cannot get anything done, let's at least avert armageddon.
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that's -- i'm glad that people are serious about the consequences of default. >> i want to bring in my colleagues from the white house. dan, to you first. the president says the negotiations have not been ugly, as some have claimed, and he still has hope for a sweeping agreement. is that realistic at this point. >> well, in terms of getting that big agreement, it looks highly unlikely at this point, but certainly as you pointed out, the president joking that his campaign was built on hope and change. it will be interesting to see if that hope will also win out in this debate. but, look, what the president is pushing for still is the biggest deal possible. he acknowledged, though, that it's hard to do that, but nonetheless, he has been telling congressional lawmakers during negotiations all this week that if they can't get the biggest deal possible to attack the problem of the debt and the deficit over the long term, then
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they should still be ambitious. >> we are obviously running out of time, and so what i have said to the members of congress is that, you need over the next 24 to 36 hours to give me some sense of what your plan is to get the debt ceiling raised through whatever mechanisms they can think about and show me a plan in terms of what you're doing for deficit and debt reduction. if they show me a serious plan, i am ready to move. even if it requires some tough decisions on my part. >> there was no real new ground broken during the president's press conference, but at one point on entitlement programs that we have known for sometime now, the president has been looking at means testing, essentially wealthier americans paying more for premiums or copayments, so sources are indicating that's the
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president's thinking, but the president is acknowledging that is part of the discusses. still the president urging lawmakers to come back with something in order to avoid what everybody agrees will be a negative situation for the u.s. economy. >> yeah, and it's certainly sounds like, kate, that both side seems to be claiming the word "serious." >> we're in the fourth quarter here, and time and again republicans have offered serious proposals to cut spending and address these issues. i think it's time for the democrats to get serious as well. we asked the president to lead and we asked him to put forward a plan, not a speech, a real plan. and he hasn't. we will. >> kate, when you listen to both of those sides talk, are we any closer to a compromise here? does it sound that way to you? >> reporter: let me put it this
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way. it's hard to tell when we're closer to a compromise, because they tend to come quickly when we hear about one. at this moment, house speaker, john boehner, says he is not willing to give up on the white house talks or negotiations, and when he said if the president will not layout a plan, we will, house republicans are pushing -- it's not a new plan for people up here but a new plan as part of the talks, really, that is very much supported by house conservatives. it's a cut cap and balance plan. it calls for drastically cutting spending, and also calls for a balanced budget amendment that would make raising the debt ceiling contingent on the government balancing its books every year. and i will hedge myself a little bit to say the house speaker said this is what they are looking at and pushing for right now and they say this is their serious plan, but there is a general kind of understanding
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for people up here on people covering it, because it's unlikely you would get very far, especially in the senate. and you can read this as it would allow conservatives and house republicans to kind of blow off political steam, if you will, and be on the record voting for something that really gets to the core of their principles as we continue the negotiations at the same time, really trying to raise the debt ceiling. >> dan, very quickly, if we ask about the so-called plan b., and the president says it's a good backup, and better than nothing, and so when we will know if he is going to go with plan b? >> reporter: the charge was to come back in 24, 36 hours with some kind of word or agreement on how they could move forward. we're expecting, you know, over the weekend at some point, the president should hear back from them and what he indicated at the time if there was no real movement in that direction, there may be another meeting
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here at the white house. we're looking at that in terms of the time line, but the president has been dug in in the past about saying he doesn't like this notion of, you know, multiple short term agreements, and he wants to do something over the long haul, because dealing with all of this in the election cycle, you know, it's a difficult situation but certainly we should know more in which direction they are going over the weekend. >> thank you both. our sound affect is one more last phone call from the oval office. minutes ago, president obama called in to the combined crew of "atlantis" and the international space station, and here's a bit of what he said. >> while this mission marks the final flight of the space shuttle program, it also ushered in an exciting new era of human space flight, and you guys will continue to operate, or crew
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members like you will continue to operate the iss in coming years, and seek to use it to advance scientific research development and knowledge, and i tasked nasa to come up ultimately sending humans to mars. it's no small feat, but i know we will be up to the task. congratulations to nasa, and all of our international partners and all of the personnel past and present who spent countless hours and untold effort making the space station a unique part of our history. >>. the united states is throwing its full support behind
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the rebels fighting to overcome moammar gadhafi. secretary hilary said today the u.s. is recognizing the counsel as the legitimate government for libya. the move makes available to the rebel group some of the more than $30 billion in gadhafi government assets frozen in u.s. banks. documents recovered from bin laden's compound confirm the leader spoke about attacking the aircraft carrying obama and petraeus in the region. it's not clear whether it was a specific planned attack or refer a general desire to attack president obama and general
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david paw tray es. the man at the center of britain's phone hacking scandal says he is sorry. rupert march dock's apology is set to appear tomorrow in british newspapers. it reads in part we're sorry for the serious wrong doing that occurred. murdoch msalso apologized to th murdered girl's family whose phone messages were intercepted by the news of the world reporters. and the editor of the news of the world at the time of the most serious allegations of the newspaper has resigned. ivitamin. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health.
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and a free cooler with paid ac service. meineke. we have the coolest customers. as rebecca brooks steps down in the uk, the fbi now looking into the murdoch empire. susan candiotti has been all over the story and joins me live from new york. the lawyer for the dollar family telling us that murdoch apologized to that family. what else is rupert murdoch doing in terms of the damage control, and is there any indication brooks in her role might have known what is going on? >> certainly she has denied that, but as you indicated she was editor of news of the world when allegations of the hacking scandal were taking place before they came to light. she has been with that paper for 22 years, and clearly falling on her sword. she did put out a resignation
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letter and part of it states i am sorry for what we now know has taken place, which seems to indicate again she did not know what was going on, and now she is going to fight that allegation and cooperate in any investigation, and we'll see where it goes from there. in the meantime, rupert murdoch is going out with a full page ad, and it reads in part the news of the world was in the business of holding others to account, and we failed and are sorry for the serious wrong doing that occurred. will that be enough? we will see. >> the fbi is now involved in the probe of the murdoch empire, especially related to the 9/11 victims. do we have any idea how that came to be? >> it seems to have been sparked by a single newspaper story published in the uk in a paper there. it was about a retired new york
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cop private eye who was asked to hack into voicemails and records of the victims. there was a lot of fuss over that by members of congress and 9/11 families urging the justice department and fbi to look into this, and so that's what is happening now. but, you know, it would be interesting to see where this goes. that's where my sources tell me it will start. they plan on following through with that, and that obviously is going to include some of the cooperation with scotland yard to track down the source of the story and run it into the ground and see where it goes from there. >> susan, thank you. the debt ceiling debate. is raising taxes a way to a deal? transitions adapt to changing light so you see a whole day comfortably and conveniently
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part of the debt ceili ceilingdebate has centered around the world we sometimes dread, taxes. and ali velshi talks to the president of americans of tax reform to see if raising taxes might be the way to go. >> raising taxes does not make the economy stronger, it makes it weaker. spending money you do not have does not make you stronger, it makes you weaker. >> you believe -- >> obama wants to spend more. >> i will give you this, grover. you were into this long before it was a majority opinion, and you have been the poll and the gallop poll that says most republicans -- not most americans, but most republicans agree with the fact that there need to be spending cuts and corresponding tax increases, and do you think there is not a tax
10:19 am
in america on the wealthy or corporations that needs to be increased? there is no tax anywhere that needs to be increased? >> the tax pledge makes it very clear, tax reform f. there is a credit or a deduction that is inappropriate, get rid of it and reduce rates so it's not a hidden tax increase. we're americans for tax reform, and we want lower rates and a broader base, and we want tax reform but not hidden tax increases. >> i will save the viewers from going to the website. it reads this i will oppose and vote against raising taxes. that's accurate. >> pretty simple. no net tax increase. >> be sure and join christine romans each saturday morning at 9:30 eastern, and "your money
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"with ali velshi on sundays at 3:00. the drawdown of 10,000 american troops in afghanistan by year's end, now under way. military officials say this is the first group of soldiers whose redeployment will not be replaced by a fresh rotation of troops. five years after the idea was initially vetoed the state of california will now require public school history books to feature contributions by gay, lesbian and transgender people. brown calls the legislation, quote, an important step forward for our state. one of california's most important commuter highways will slow to a crawl this weekend, and some are calling the
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gridlock karcakarmcarmageddon. the end goal of the project is to widen the road to ease c conjustion. we'll talk with l.a. mayor about the road closure and how his city is preparing for carmageddon. after hinting around it for months, some of you be able to ease through airport security. but be ready to give up some of your privacy. i will explain. let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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get help paying for what medicare doesn't... and save up to thousands of dollars. call this toll-free number now. in a much anticipated move to make your life a little easier at the airport, tsa announces a program to get you through security faster. it's called the trusty traveler program and it expedites screening for volunteers that give information about themselves pz that only a select
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few will be able to take advantage of this at first. but this opens the door to some controversy at first. joining me is the president and ceo of tall global corporation. you are an aviation and security expert. i have to ask you, what are your initial thoughts on the whole trusted traveler program? >> it's a great first step. although it does not the go far enough just yet, i think this is a great beginning. >> the tsa did release just a few details about the program. let me share them with you and our viewers here. we will take a look here. it starts this fall to a small group of travelers. those select few, they will not have to take off their shoes or jackets or take out their laptop computers or go through full body scanners, and it will be for american and delta airlines, and they have to be flying out of certain airports. delta passengers have to be
10:26 am
flying out of detroit, and american replying out of miami and dallas. when do you think it might open up to other travelers? >> i hope it will grow. we pitched this to the administration a year ago. i am glad they are moving forward with this. tsa is a big organization. they are trying to keep us all secure. but the job is enormous. they have to deal with every passenger whether it's an infant or elderly person in the same way. this program will hopefully ease some of that burden and will help tsa focus on those that need to be looked at, and therefore making the passage to people, to some people a lot faster, and all of us will be more secure. >> for those people that might be able to join this program and be part of this program, what
10:27 am
type of personal information might we have to release? >> so you know, there is a program called global entry, which custom and border protection have already -- i am a member of that and there are programs already expedite and do a preferred approach. the kind of information that you give are by owe -- biomatrix, so nobody can slip into your skin. and people are vetted. when they presented their credentials, we know that person poses a lesser risk. let me give you an example. i am from israel. and israel aviation security and security in general is a very hot issue, and the method that is being used there is the
10:28 am
80/20. 80% of the people are not being look at at as much, as the 20 getting the 80% of the attention. we appreciate you coming on and making sense of it. thank you very much. murdoch is continuing, and he's on an apology tour, and we'll tell you who he is saying sorry to next. right now, go to priceline for a sneak peek at recent winning and better than ever! hotel bids to find where you n save up to 60% on hotels. * we'll even email you other people's winning bids, so you'll know what price to name. *á with new hotel bid alerts, from priceline. whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day...
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welcome back. it's half past the hour. president obama continued to push for a broad debt reduction plan. he told congressional leaders to seize the mobile and stabilize the economy. top house republicans in turn blasted obama for failing to reduce a legitimate spending time in the debt ceiling talks. >> a major announcement today from secretary of state hillary clinton regarding u.s. policy in libya. she said the u.s. will now recognize the main opposition group in libya as, quote, the
10:31 am
legitimate authority. the u.s. move could give the rebels called the transitional national council access to libya regime assets that had been frozen by washington. rupert marurdoch is apologizing to the family of a murder girl. the family accused news of the world reporters of hacking into their daughter's phone while she was still missing, deleting her messages giving them false hope she was still alive. and there are ads in tomorrow's papers officially saying he is sorry. and the former editor of the news of the world announced her resignation. she was editor at the time during the most serious allegations against the newspaper. there are allegations that reporters may have bribed law
10:32 am
enforcement officers. federal investigators are in boston today to look further into an accident at logan international airport. a delta 767 jet was taxiing when its wing clipped the tail of a commuter plane. it took a long time for the fbi to catch up with ex-mob boss bulger, but how did his story begin? we take a look next.
10:33 am
it took one of the fbi's most intense man hunts to finally nail mob boss "whitey qul bulger.
10:34 am
here is a preview of the special this weekend. >> reporter: bulger's life of crime started early. arrested in his teens, he was robbing banks by 20. his lock of blond hair earning him the name "whitey," a name he is said to despise. he imagined himself as boston's version jimmy cagney. but he headed to alcatraz at age 25. he did his time and upon release vowed he would never ever go back. >> they had no hard proof. >> boston globe reporters ultimately uncovered the deal he cut to make sure of that. >> he got out of prison in 1965, and we started doing research in 1988, and he had not got so much as a parking ticket.
10:35 am
>> bulger fresh from prison was a informer. >> he went on a killing spree. >> he was making his move with this man, "the rival man." >> back in those days before dna was in use to identify victims, he would personally get involved in cutting off the fingers or hands of the victims and extracting their teeth. >> now a cnn consultant ran one department. >> bulger, 81 years old now, is
10:36 am
he going to cave and tell the authorities what they want to know or do you think they will fight the charges? >> it's so interesting. we spoke to the guy that used to drug drug operations for "whitey" bulger. the question is, is what he saying the truth and what does he have to gain. this guy is a fighter. had he not been drawn down from his apartment into the garage, who knows what could have happened. think about all the weapons found in the apartment. you had assault rivals and shotguns and resolvers and silencers and knives. that's his mentality and spirit. the question is what does he have to gain by cooperating. one thing is, remember, a lot of mob associates have already stood trial and so there's a lot of information out there, but "whitey" bulger could be the cherry on top of all of it to find out exactly what was going on in his mind. >> he was picked up in california. so i guess it seems that he was
10:37 am
moving around a lot over the years, but is it true he did return to boston sort of undercover? >> well, that's what he told authorities. that's what he told authorities. "whitey" bulger was a kind of guy that never liked to develop any patterns. it's a pattern he picked up when he was a gangster. that's how he was able to track his enemies, and in some cases allegedly kill them. he did not even go -- we found out he did not go to the same hair cutting place twice, so there is a suggestion that he went to las vegas and is said to have gone to tijuana, mexico, allegedly to pick up medications. one neighbor said for a while he disappeared and she never saw him, and when the neighbor asked his girlfriend where he was, she claimed he was suffering from depression and had to sleep during the day. very interesting. was that just an alibi or is that true? it's clearly something authorities are looking at. "whitey" bulger, he is lawyered
10:38 am
up and prepared to go to trial and it could be a four-week trial, and then the defense will have to mount its own case, and 19 murders is what he is accused of. >> such an interesting case. be sure and tune in on sunday night for the cnn presents special on "whitey" bulger. "stone cold killer." just what the rebels have been waiting for. secretary clinton's announcement from turkey up next. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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and i count on social security. here's what i'm not... a pushover. right now, some in washington want to make a deal cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for. with billions in waste and loopholes, how could they look at us? maybe we seem like an easy target... until you realize... there are 50 million of us. [ female announcer ] tell the politicians: cut waste and loopholes, not our benefits. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you.
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even deposit checks right from your phone. just take a picture, hit deposit and you're done. open an account today and put schwab mobile to work for you. the obama administration is throwing its full weight behind
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the main rebel group fighting to overthrow moammar gadhafi. secretary clinton announced today the u.s. is recognizing the rebels as the legitimate government. she made the announcement in turkey. we are joined now by muhammad from there. >> reporter: that's the key question, and there was a huge announcement that the u.s. for the first time recognizing the libyan transitional council as the official and governing body of libya. but the question is how will that help the rebels? we spoke today to the press secretary for the transitional national council, and he told us what they are in need of most of right now is funding. this council has been promised for the past few months, $700
10:42 am
million to $800 million. but they have not received those funds, and they need those right away. he said they need at least $3 billion in aid immediately, and need it as quickly as possible in order to establish the democratic institutions and reforms that the international community and the libyan rebels are so desiring for libya. the fact of the matter is, it's a political crisis. the participants at the meeting today were frustrated because the campaign is going much slower than everybody thought it would, and the council and rebels said they need the money and need it now, and as many conferences as there might be, not a lot is going to happen in libya that is going to assure what needs to happen in order for the council to be the governing body and for them to get along with the democratic institutions they want to establish. >> why now?
10:43 am
the rebels have had trouble all along, and they needed money and weapons, and they have had people on roof tops shooting at them, and they have been underfunded for quite sometime and at a real disadvantage. why is the obama administration doing this now? >> well, again, that's a key question. there have been so many more questions that came up today rather than answers, and at the end of so many of the meetings, and this is the fourth such meeting of its kind, and the previous ones have happened, and every time these countries meet assurances are made and promises are made and a lot of goodwill jestchures are made, but the money being promised is not being received. yes, they are going to work towards another meeting in a few months, but what happens until then? will more money be needed? will the fighting spread? when we speak to the spokesperson today, he said they believe they were days away from capturing brega, and they
10:44 am
believed they would have it very soon. the military campaign going much slower than anybody. the rebels are saying they're in no mood to negotiate. gadhafi said many times he doesn't want to go to negotiate. looks like a stalemate at this stage. >> what has been the reaction in terms of the rebels in getting the news today from the group? >> reporter: we have not heard reaction from the rebels, but the transitional council representatives at the meeting were happy about it, even though they were expressing frustration at the lack of funds they were promised and they were happy they were recognized officially and finally by the united states and we heard participants in the room that there was. [ applause ] there was applause. and they also said that they
10:45 am
believed that all the foreign ministers were behind this and everybody there was in fact recognizing the libya transitional counsel as the legitimate governing authority. >> all right, thank you for the update. we appreciate it. in afghanistan, a new development today in the assassination of hamid karzi's half brother. the killer spent years as a u.s. ally in the war against terrorists. he took part in intelligence gathering against the taliban. they describe him as a long-time trusted guard for president karzai and his half brother. his half brother was shot and killed in the southern city of kandahar. the taliban claimed the shooter was asleeper agent. 45 minutes past the hour. thousands of protesters continue their week-long sit-ins across
10:46 am
the tahrir square. protesters are there now with the goal of seating a civilian presidential council to rule egypt during the transitional period. and then a massive volcanic erupti eruption. the first eruption was last night followed by a second one this morning. the disaster management teams have been dispatched to the area to assess the damage. an event more in the decade in the making. harry potter fans packed into theaters on thursday to behold the final battle between the hero and the dark lord. ha this latest film caps the end of what has captured a generation of more than 12 years. and how about
10:47 am
never-before-seen footage? now your interested. join larry king for a cnn special "harry potter, the final chapter," airs right here on cnn. he's not a cop but saw the clues. how one man was key to catching a confessed killer in brooklyn, new york. we'll talk to him in just two minutes. on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! [ disco playing ] and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! yeah, that'll certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey.
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the murder of kletzky is
10:50 am
gripping the area. police showed up at aron's home early wednesday morning, and inside investigators discovered a parts were. he's not a cop or detective. it led police straight to his door, and his name is yakov german. the surveillance video is keep. your syou were able to see the direction that this little boy left school in. where did you see him going? >> i actually saw him go out
10:51 am
from the building and go in towards the left. that's heading to 13th avenue and 44th street. >> so walk us through, if you can, how you started to connect these dots. where did you first see him? after he left school, where did you pick him up? >> actually, the next morning 10:00 at the store at 13th avenue and 44th street at children's place. i went in there and begged them to show me the surveillance cameras. i saw four sets of kids, and it was not clear. i went to the next one and requested to see the cameras. they asked security to e-mail it to them. once that was done, i saw all forset four sets of kids. the whole investigation was going towards that way. i headed straight down 44th street going towards 14th avenue. once i hit 14th, there was the first surveillance camera at the
10:52 am
variety corner a toy store. i went upstairs to the father, and he opened up the cameras and that's where i saw him the first time the boy passing by crossing the avenue. when you saw him on this videotape, did you expect that someone would bring him home alive? >> yes. i was confident that i'm going to go further, and i'll get him alive home. >> and you called his family? >> i had called his family, the father on the phone, and i told him that i see his son in the first time i have anything. he went straight down, and he looked very confident on his walks. >> at what point did you see this little boy with the suspect in this case, levi aron? >> three or four blocks later after the next surveillance camer cameras. it was to the school surveillance that brought me down to 18th corner of 44.
10:53 am
i saw two surveillance, i brought a friend of mine to open up the cameras. we went back and he's lost. he walked to 18th and went up and down and didn't know where he was going anymore. >> we see the video of them together as you and i are talking to the phone. how did you bring this to the attention of the police? what was their reaction? >> right after i saw back and forth and we saw the guy he's following, i picked up my phone and called a man from 66. he was in a car of three of the detectives. i called him and i have exactly four different civilians and i see him going to the car leaving the scene. i needed detectives to take over from here further. hours later i reviewed the film again with the technician. we started seeing that while he was at the corner, he crossed and he walked into a white house. so i passed by, and we saw it
10:54 am
was a dentist. we went back to the detectives and told them to look at nart. the detectives went to the dentist, opened up and saw that levi paid a bill and they have a copy of his i.d. from his credit card. >> right. >> and that's when they made the search, and they saw he went to 7 seven 11 with the credit card. >> i know you went with the detectives to the house, and it was a very emotional, horrible scene. i would like to ask you, how do you feel about the role that you played in bringing this suspect in to police custody? >> i was broken. we cried, but i was happy. it was very important by our laws to bury the body, and i'm happy that i was the one that god gave me the power and will to bring the body to be buried in the right manner. >> i know this is very hard for you and your community and
10:55 am
certainly the family. we certainly appreciate you coming on and sharing your story with us. thank you. >> good-bye. gop president am candidate michele bachmann officially has left her church. we'll have details of this new development right after the break.
10:56 am
10:57 am
time for a political update. michele bachmann officially left her church last month.
10:58 am
we'll help explain what this all means. hi there, eric. what is the significance of bachmann leaving the church? >> reporter: there's big significance here. june 21st, salem lutheran church in stillwater, minnesota lost two members, michele bachmann and her husband marcus. they were formally released from their membership. church said they hadn't attended for two years, and for all those evangelical conservatives in iowa that could be something that impacts them very directly. as you know, michele bachmann has been a darling of conservative evangelicals for a long time, and if, in fact, she hasn't been attending another church for the past two years, that may not play so well in iowa. >> i was going to ask you, what type of issues do you think this might raise, her leaving the church? >> it certainly raises a lot of questions, and the one we're struggling with is why she left that church. that's something that hasn't quite been answered. the church is part of the wisconsin evangelical lutheran
10:59 am
senate. they're the most cynical. they oppose same-sex marriage and abortion and a number of other issues. that could be one of the reasons. michelle bash bachmann has been in lock step with those movements and she's popular with pro-life movements in washington and the country. i bumped into the congress wwom yesterday at the airport and talked to her about this. i asked her about her membership status and an aide rushed her away and said she had a plane to catch. we were both at the airport. i was leaving a flight, and she was headed towards one. >> all right. well, good perspective there. eric marapodi, thank you so much. appreciate it it. your next update from the best political team on television is just an hour away. the situation is serious. the other side isn't. that's pretty much all that president obama and leaders of congress can agree on, after
11:00 am
five straight days of talks on cutting the deficit and raising the u.s. debl ceiling. we're now 18 days from a potential historic default on u.s. government obligations. yet, in his second white house news conference of the week, the president says he still has hope for a grand bargain. as much as $4 trillion worth of spending cuts, tax increases and reforms in so-called entitlements. house republicans want a smaller plan made up of spending cults alone. if all else fails, we may end up with an idea floated by the top senate republican mitch mcdonnell. three separate votes between now and the next elections to raise the nation's debt by $2.5 trillion. there's $1 trillion in spending cuts and a special congressional committee to shore up sbimg entitlements. the upside for republicans is keeping the issue alive nor another year and blaming the president, who by the way isn't ruling it out. >> it is constructive to say
11:01 am
that if washington operates as usual and can't get anything done, let's at least avert armageddon. i'm glad that people are serious about the consequences of default. >> if you're trying to remember the last time we had such a bare knuckle brawl over a debt limit vote, there isn't a last time, but it's always a partisan vote. check out the breakdown going back to 2002. in 2003, 2004, and 2006, if you look at that closely, when republicans controlled congress and the white house, republicans voted overwhelmingly to raise the debt and democrats did not. here's what i want to call your attention to. look at 2009 and 2010 there. when democrats controlled everything. debt limit votes were overwhelmingly democratic with republicans opposed. years with divided government saw bipartisan support until now. i'm going to stop talking and
11:02 am
bring in my colleague dan lothian at the white house. dan, the president says the talks have not been ugly, and he is still optimistic. what is the vibe up there? >> reporter: well, there is that optimism from the president, and as you heard there, he's open to the options that might be coming from up on capitol hill. but the issue is when you hear the president talk there's two things happening. first of all, you can do something in one of these options that would raise the debt limit, and that is something that he says would, as he pointed out, avoid armageddon. but it may not deal with the second important issue that he says is attacking the deficit problem. and that is the biggest concern for the president. that's why he really is pushing for this grand bargain or big deal, however you want to characterize it, because he believes that that is best for the long-term health of the u.s. economy. but we heard from the president today certainly an admission
11:03 am
that that's very hard to do. so he's been telling lawmakers that, look, if you can't embrace this big deal, then at least do something that is ambitious. take a listen. >> we are obviously running out of time, and so what i've said to the members of congress is that you need over the next 24 to 36 hours to give me some sense of what your plan is to get the debt ceiling raised through whatever mechanisms they can think about and show me a plan in terms of what you're doing for deficit and debt reduction. if they show me a serious plan, i'm ready to move. even if it requires some tough decisions on my part. >> reporter: one of the things that republicans have been pushing back on is that they don't want higher taxes to be part of any plan, even if it means higher taxes for wealthier americans. the argument that the president made today is if the country does default, that would mean higher interest rates for all
11:04 am
americans which in essence would be higher taxes. randi. >> we heard from the president there, but when you listen to both sides, they're both really staking claim to who is more serious, and how serious the situation is. just listen to john boehner from earlier today. >> time and again republicans have offered serious proposals to cut spending and address these issues. i think it's time for the democrats to get serious as well. we asked the president to lead. we asked him to put forward a plan, not a speech, a real plan. he hasn't. >> any sense, dan, there in washington who is more serious? >> reporter: well, the democrats and the white house certainly believe that they are serious. they've made a very good effort to do some very difficult things such as touching entitlement programs. that's something that democrats had said that would not be on the table.
11:05 am
the president as well said that. as part of the talks, the president says that he has been willing to put social security on the table, medicare and medicaid. so they believe they've been very serious, but certainly in this climate everyone is pointing the finger at each other, and a deal isn't getting done. the president yesterday, the charge that he gave to congressional lawmakers, is to go back, meet with your caucuses, come back to me in 24 or 36 hours with some options about how we move forward. if that doesn't happen, perhaps there will be another meeting over the weekend. they're trying to put together some kind of compromise here, but so far both sides still far apart, randi. >> dan lothian at the white house. i'm sure you'll have a busy weekend. thank you. rebecca brooks who led the company at the center of britain's phone hacking scandal has resigned. she was chief executive of news international and is a former
11:06 am
editor at "news of the world." but today brooks quit. she's replaced by a new corps veteran. she remains a key figure in the controversy as does her boss. they appear before a british parliamentary committee next week. dan rivers joins us now. dan, what is the becca brooks h resigned after days and days of intense calls for her to go, from the prime minister downwards here in the uk. finally she has gone. that doesn't mean she will escape having to appear before this committee on tuesday with her former bosses rupert and james murdoch. the three of them will be interrogated by a panel of politicians who want answers to questions about how this was all allowed to go on on their watch, in their papers, illegal activity ranging from bribing police officers to tapping in or hacking into the phones of murder victims, of terrorist
11:07 am
victims. the list goes on and on. a lot of difficult questions for her to answer in the next few days. >> it seems as though they're trying to take some action before they have to answer questions at parliament. she's resigned and rupert murdoch came out with this planned apology for the british newspapers tomorrow. it seems like a little damage control maybe before they have to answer those tough questions. >> reporter: yeah, it's almost like they've had a complete change of straj on this, and they have hired in a new pr firm, edelman's which may explain the complete change. they went from locking this story down in any way they could and constantly changing their tactics to now coming out and basically saying sorry, which is what they should have done several days ago. as you say, full-page ads taken in several papers in which rupert murdoch says he's sorry, and even more spectacularly
11:08 am
rupert murdoch met the family of that murdered schoolgirl today, and that must have been a very awkward meeting for him and an emotional meeting for them where they asked him how on earth was this allowed to happen at one of your newspapers? >> dan rivers with an update for you on the murdoch hacking scandal. thank you very much. the united states is throwing its full support behind the rebels fighting to overthrow libyan moammar gadhafi. secretary of state hillary clinton said today the u.s. is officially recognizing the opposition transitional relation council as the legitimate governing authority for libya. she announced in istanbul, turkey at a meeting of over 30 nations. the move makes available to the rebel groups some of the more than $30 million in gadhafi government assets frozen in u.s. banks. documents recovered from osama bin laden's compound indicate he spoke about attacking president obama and general david petraeus. a source familiar with materials
11:09 am
says one one idea involved destroying the aircraft carrying the president and petraeus in the region. it's not clear if it was a planned attack or a general desire by bin laden to attack mr. obama and the general. the documents revealed while holed up in pakistan, bin laden encouraged direct plots to attack americans and u.s. interests it in europe late last year. bin laden was killed in a u.s. raid at his pakistani compound back in may. looks like a scene out of a horror movie, but this is just one example of today's desperate times. these folks are running because they need help paying for a place to live. we will explain next.
11:10 am
11:11 am
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11:12 am
for the first time until five years, dallas county handed out section 8 rental vouchers to help those with low to no income get housing, and this was the scene. take a look at this. crowds estimated at about 5,000 scrambled to get in line and sign up for these vouchers. hundreds of people camped out for hours overnight waiting for the housing office to open. they even opened the doors earlier than scheduled, and a stampede of people came rushing toward them. >> people ran, and i started to run and slipped and fell all over the paifrt. skinned my knee, my arm. >> the white all on my arm being pent up against the wall so strongly. people pushing, fighting. >> at least seven people were treated by paramedics, but no one was taken to the hospital. get this. out of all the people who showed up to get those vouchers, dallas
11:13 am
county only has 3800 vouchers available according to our dallas affiliate. to make matters worse, they could only give out 100 vouchers for thousands of people. we're just a few hours away from carmageddon in los angeles. the 405 will close this weekend for the demolition problem. now the 405 is one of the busiest freeways in the country. we're on the scene with much more. casey, how does it look so far? i don't see any traffic yet. i guess it hasn't started yet. >> reporter: it it hasn't started yet. this is ground zero. over my shoulder you can see the mull holland bridge. what will happen at midnight tonight, they close the 405 freeway, which this bridge spans, so they can demolish part of that bridge. they want to widen the support
11:14 am
structures to allow for a carpool lane to be put on both sides of this north and southbound freeway. now, authorities are he very worried about an increase in traffic throughout southern california as people seek to avoid this area all weekend long. they are hoping that people will stay away and use alternative means of transportation. we've got a vehicle that is actually driving on the 405 freeway north toward me. my colleagues are in that vehicle. if we can look at that shot. you can see the traffic is very, very light right now. locals are saying this is the lightest they've seen this portion of the 405 freeway on a friday in years and years. so perhaps, randi, people are already avoiding those -- these areas and heeding the warnings by authorities to stay away and stay home unless you absolutely have to get out and drive in southern california this weekend. randi. >> casey, give us some
11:15 am
perspective on this. we're talking about 53 hours here. i know it it sounds like a long time, but from friday night until monday morning. it might be done earlier. why is this such a big deal? >> reporter: authorities are erring on the side of caution. they have said that if on monday everybody comes back and says this was a lot of to do about nothing, that's great. it's better than not warning the public and creating a massive traffic nightmare as people seek alternative ways to get to los angeles international airport, for example. as people seek alternative ways to get to the beach over the weekend. we have had examples in southern california where we had massive traffic disruptions. the northridge earthquake comes to mind and also the 1984 olympics, which is a situation closer to this where there were a lot of warnings in advance. back then, people basically stayed home, and traffic was not a problem. they're hoping that's a repeat this weekend, randi. >> what are you going to do? are you staying home, casey?
11:16 am
>> reporter: i am going to be staying home, spending a lot of time on the road lately, and i'm going to take this weekend as an opportunity to stay off the roads it if i can. >> good for you. i've worked with your photographer who is in that live picture on the 405 right now, mike love, and i know how much he hates traffic. i'm happy to see it's moving along for him. casey wyant, thank you so much. coming up in about 30 minutes, we will hear from los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa as his city prepares. imagines exposing your kids to filth contaminated with dangerous bacteria. you may be doing that and might not know it. one mom uncovers a surprising danger zone for children. you don't want to miss that report coming up in just two minutes. has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine. [ female announcer ] one a day women's.
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quite gusting. look disgusting. look what one mom found inside the play area of a popular fast food sfraunt. what she found is disturbing and really just plain gross. the stairs, tubes, slides were covered in a sticky film, food, dirt, hair and garbage in every little section of playground. it got so bad she sent swabs to labs for testing, and this is what they found. staph, fecal contamination, strains of bacteria common in meningitis, gonorrhea. that is what you may be exposing your children to. that concerned mom is dr. erin carr jordan who is professor of developmental psychology in arizona. she joins me now from lacrosse,
11:20 am
wisconsin via skype. wow, what a project you have taken here. you're a mother of four. this is really become a crusade of yours. what suddenly opened your eyes to all of this? >> well, i had dropped off my daughters one morning and was on my way to take my son to school, and he's three. he had just started or finished potty training, and he said he had to go to the bathroom. like any mom i pulled over immediately, and the closest place was a mcdonald's. in we went, and when we were done, he asked if he could use the slide. he went up and my littlest one followed him in and they're so small they would tumble down the slide so i followed them. it was immediate upon entering that i noticed it was absolutely appalling. it was covered in filth and grime and dirt and garbage and rotting food. it was everything that you would never, ever want a child to play in. when i went back over and over again to see if they were making
11:21 am
corrective changes and realized they weren't, i started to wonder whether it was something that was indicative of circumstances across the country. so i started calling all over arizona, and then i started to call all over the country. then like you said, i hired a lab to run tests and i traveled across the country taking swabs so i could get a representation of the united states as a whole so i could show parents exactly what their kids are being exposed to. >> give me an idea, if you can. how many states are we talking about, and how many restaurants did you look at? >> at present i have been to seven states and i go to typically two to three locations in each state. i try to get a representation that is both rural and urban, high and low socioeconomic status and a high and low populated area. as many as i possibly can go to, i do when traveling.
11:22 am
>> we listed some things found and that you had tested for. what was the most shocking to you? >> all of them were shocking to me. to find out it was more than just the stuff visibly disgusting. to find out there's things like multiple strains of staph, things that are more than likely meningitis and gonorrhea. high, high levels of basil yus and coliforms of bacteria. it has the potential to make children very, very sick. all of that in corporations that purport themselves to be about children and kid friendly. all of it to me was very shocking. >> the bottom line is a lot of moms that take their kids there, it is their only place for them to play and a lot don't have the tools to go to the lab and check out if if it's safe or not or clean. what's your advice to parents? >> that's sort of a double-edged sword, especially in this
11:23 am
economy when people can't afford to go to the places where you pay money to play there. a lot of people are reaching out to these kinds of places to take their kids on a daily basis because it's air-conditioned and supposed to be safe. i would say if you have the opportunity, look inside. see if it's clean. if it's not, make sure to tell management. in addition to that, call your legislators and say, hey, we found out there's no regulations related to these, that you're not required to clean them, and we don't think that's okay. i take my kids there, and if that's the case, you have to have something in place that says you have to keep a minimum safety standard. in addition to that, make sure they're participating in good hand washing or sanitization practices. more importantly, just keep your kids, you know -- try to give them a safe environment by reaching out to the people who in this case are control. the management of these particular corporations. >> okay. dr. erin carr jordan. we appreciate you coming on and sharing your findings with us. thank you. time is 23 minutes past the
11:24 am
hour. let's check some of the top stories. mayor rahm emanuel in chicago says he has to lay off 625 chicago employees. the announcement comes today as he tries to close a $31 million budget deficit. they're no longer responsible for custodial services at libraries and airports and staffing the water bill call center. after months of speculation, france's first lady confirms, yes, she is pregnant. the 43-year-old wife of france's president nicolas sarkozy told a french newspaper her pregnancy was, quote, unexpected and unhoped for happiness. the baby will be the couple's first child together, but the couple have children from previous marriages. five years after the idea was initially vetoed, the state of california will require public school history books to feature contributions by gay, lesbian, try sexual and transgender people. the law signed by governor jerry
11:25 am
brown won't go into effect until january of next year and textbooks won't be fully updated by 2015. brown calls it an important step forward for our state. parts of the country have cooled off, but that won't last long. we'll check the forecast with chad myers next. -having her is amazing. -we made a miracle.
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i'm talking. that's my tide. what's yours? i'm talking. got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
11:28 am
well, it might be cooling off in some places, but it it looks like the haet weave is making a comeback. let's get the latest from chad myers in the cnn weather center. >> you lived in minneapolis, right? >> yes. >> how long? >> seven cold years. >> do you remember a heat index in minneapolis of 115? >> no. >> that's what they're going to get. >> oh, my. >> oh, yeah. it gets hot in minnesota. don't get me wrong, and it gets hot in nebraska and south dakota, but typically that's when the air is dry. the heat indices or indices are up to 120 in parts of fargo, in minneapolis for the next literally three days. so here's tomorrow. it's going to feel like 98 up there. it will feel like 100 in memphis and 104 in dallas. that's the cool day. 111 is the feel-like temp in minneapolis for sunday. then for monday 115.
11:29 am
i can't imagine what that feels like. chicago will feel like 96. even for tuesday chicago will feel like 95. notice it's warm in the northeast but not this purple hot. it doesn't go away. that's wednesday. minneapolis feels like 109. thursday feels like 107. nighttime lows down in the mid-80s, season many people there don't have air-conditioning anywhere, especially out in the cabins. you can't even cool the places down when you have the morning low temperature of 85. they'll feel like 100 degrees on the inside. there you go. stay near water. luckily, there's 10,000 lakes or more. >> there you go. actually, 16,000. they need to change the license plates is all. chad, thank you. hit hard by the recession, this week's cnn hero turned her backyard to put food on her family's dinner tables. seeing other families were struggling, too, an idea too root. meet holly hirshburg. >> i love the united states. it's a wonderful place to live.
11:30 am
it's scary to me with so much land and abundance that people are hungry. in 2008 my husband lost his job. it was a very, very difficult time. the first thing we did was plant a garden. if you grow your own food, you never have to worry about how to feed your family. we thought if we can help others garden, they can we can help them pull themselves up out of poverty. i'm holly hinchberg and we fight hunger to give away seeds and teach people to grow their own food. we pack enough seeds to grow food for a family of four. we want to help people provide for themselves. >> this is an eggplant. i've already harvested from it. my garden is in front of my apartment. i can grow tomatoes and bell peppers in flower pots. if it wasn't for my garden, i wouldn't be able to afford fresh produce at all. these were seeds from the dinner garden. we've provided 65,000 seed packs
11:31 am
all over country. we have provided seeds for over 180 community gardens. who wants to grow vegetables? we see a lot of families whose children only eat when they get a free meal at school. when they're at home, we want them to have the best nutrition possible. certainly you can't do better than garden veggies. i'm not a master gardener. i wouldn't say i'm a good gardener. he's an enthusiastic gardener. the seeds do all the work and we provide the seeds and help you grow them, you eat the food. good-bye hunger. >> well, president obama had strong words for republican lawmakers today. we'll tell you what he said right after this.
11:32 am
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at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? 33 minutes past the hour. let's check the news you may have missed on this friday. president obama continued to push for a broad debt reduction plan at a white house news conference today. he told congressional leaders to, quote, seize the moment and stabilize america's finances by agreeing to a grand compromise that includes entitlement reform and higher taxes. top house republicans in turn blasted obama for failing to produce what they consider a legitimate spending cut plan in the debt ceiling talks.
11:34 am
a major announcement today from secretary of state hillary clinton regarding u.s. policy in libya. she told the meeting in istan l istanbul, turkey that the united states will recognize the opposition as the leader. the u.s. move could give the rebels called the transitionally national council access to libyan regime assets that have been frozen by washington. rupert murdoch is apologizing. we've just learned the head of news corp whose tabloid was shut down amid phone hacking allegationses has apologized to the family of a murdered girl. they accused them of hacking into their daughter's phone while she was still missing and deleting hermes a smmessages gi them false hope she was still alive. it is one of the coldest
11:35 am
places on earth, and many regard it as ground zero for climate change. where is it? find out from a man who knows it it firsthand coming up next.
11:36 am
subzero temperatures, severe storms and the threat of polar bear attacks, the arctic circle has it all and much more. it's attracted explorers from around the world but now it faces climate changes. his documentary kws extreme science" airs this weekend on our sister network cnn international and he's with us today. glad to have you here in the studio. have you warmed up since this
11:37 am
trip? >> i have. it was about minus 50, so it was cold and i got a little frostbite but made it through. >> what is the stwaituation the today? how bad is it? >> the situation is certainly of concern the last ten years. again we've seen rapid shrinkage of the amount of sea ice covering the arctic. we've lost about 31% in the last few decades. that's quite a bit. we were up there with scientists in the early spring doing science that believe it or not in 2011 has never been done before. we have a complete picture to understand what's happening, and that's the scariest thing at all. >> how do the scientists gauge what's happening there? >> that's why they're there. they go up and brave these brumgts conditions and brutal temperatures. life-threatening situations they put themselves through to live on the sea ice and spend two months doing science and doing measurements of carbon absorption of the ocean, measurements of sea ice loss and
11:38 am
thickness, et cetera, and trying to get a baseline understanding of what's happening. we know that climatetic cycles half every few thousands years or so. in our geological history there's never been such a rapid climate change as we experience now. >> what do you see as the most -- what's most concerning to you when you see the climate change and the loss of the ice? what bothers you the most? >> the reason we went to the arctic is we wanted to connect people to a part of the world that says so remote. it's far away. nobody really lives up there. it's cold and inhospitable. the idea was to show people that the arctic is the air-conditioning unit of the planet. as the arctic changes, all of our lives change. our weather changes and our precipitation and agriculture changes and freshwater supply changes around the world. it affects every single human out of mind and out of sight. it has an impact on our lives, and we need to care about what happens there if we want to have
11:39 am
a stable, global system that can feed and cloth future generations. >> i can't help but care about the polar bears when we see them. how are they doing? >> we didn't see any, which is a good thing actually. living in small, unheated tents there's not a lot of protection there. we had armed guides with us at all times. we don't want to have a shoot one. it was probably good we didn't see one, because they are aggressive. there's a lot of concern about polar bears and all the animals that live there. not only the animals that live there but all of us that rely on a healthy arctic as well. >> we'll tune into your special this weekend on cnn international. we're a few hours away from karm armageddon in los angeles. what does the mayor have to say? we'll flare him, next. isocial, so i was really aggressive with my parents about joining facebook. my parents are up to 19 friends now?
11:40 am
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from one of the busiest freeways in country to virtual parking lot. we're a few hours from the dreaded carmageddon. drivers are being warned to stay away from the 405 this weekend as crews work on a bridge construction project. as you might have guessed, this major traffic snarl comes with major backlash. joins me now is the mayor of los angeles, antonio
11:43 am
villaraigosa. thank you so much for joining us. first, i have to ask you about carmageddon. how are you handling all the heat from this major freeway shutdown? >> well, heat comes with the job. frankly, we've put an unprecedent the effort together to inform the public to really plan out how we're going to close this freeway, a ten-mile stretch on the pass between the 101 freeway and the 10, which will when finished next year -- well, the full demolition, we'll be able to connect hov lanes from the san fernando valley all the way to orange county and reduce commute times about a minute a mile. so this is important connection we have to complete, but we're going to have a little disruption this weekend. it doesn't have to be carmageddon. we've done so much in way of
11:44 am
outreach to the public. we hope they understand to stay out of the car and the area. it's not just the 405. stay away from the west side, south and west valley as much as possible. if you can walk to your shopping, if you could walk to your restaurants, stay in your neighborhood, your home, barbecue, but don't get in your car in those areas. >> i know that you certainly have done your homework there, and those who are involved in this will project certainly have i have no doubt. when you talk about widening this to add a carpool lane and spending a billion dollars to do it, i would imagine you are taking some heat for that. so is it worth it? >> it is worth it. you know, like i said, that's what comes with the job. i love my job. what also we've said in this town is we're going to do something to reduce congestion, to double the size of our rail system, to increase by 1600 miles our bike paths.
11:45 am
we're doing a lot to reduce traffic and congestion, and this is a big part of it. yes, it's about a billion dollars, but it's actually coming in under cost, and we're happy for that. we hope it will be on time as well. >> are you at all concerned that the more you widen it, the more attractive it's going to look to drivers and you'll have nor carmageddon or another big project in a few years? >> well, you really hit it on the head. it's why we are not building more freeways in the central core of our city. we are doubling the size of our rail system with measure r and america fast forward. we are focused on other ways to get around the city other than just freeways. we want to use our freeway optimally, and that means we should encourage people to get out of their single-passenger automobile and on high occupancy vehicle lanes, which are hov
11:46 am
lanes. we're not building any more freeways, but we want to make them more efficient. >> quickly before i let you go. i want to ask you on a different topic here on the state of california now set to raise college tuition by nearly 10%. how are families expected to afford this now in this economy? >> well, you hit it it right on the head. i went to the university of california at los angeles, ucla. i can tell you, i remember when the uc education was a bargain. that's no longer true. when you look at this increase, what's happening is we're pricing the middle class and working people out of a public education with these rising tuition rates. we are because the system is broken in california. our tax system is broken. we're living at a time when people want all the services, but they don't want to pay for them. that's unfortunate.
11:47 am
we're also 47th in per pupil spending in california, and it's going to have a dramatic impact in the next decade. in fact, by 2025 we're going to be a million down in college graduates partly because of what's going on in our k through 12 public school system, but also because college education is becoming less and less affordable. >> all right. we're out of time. i wish i could talk with you more about that, but we wish you luck this weekend. stay off the roads, mayor. sleep in your office if you have to. stay home. >> i'll be in a helicopter. >> there you go. that's the answer. thank you very much. a lawmaker in florida says that jurors such as the ones in the casey anthony trial shouldn't be able to profit from cases, but should they be able to? today's stream team will tackle that subject next. i got mine in iraq, 2003.
11:48 am
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in 1977 the new york state legislature enacted the first son of sam law after it learned david berkowitz was planning to sell his story of the serial murders he committed. in 1991 the law was struck down by the u.s. supreme court on first amendment grounds. since then, various states have attempted to circumvent the ruling by tailoring their laws to address the court's concerns about free speech. whenever high profile unpopular verdicts are returned, these types of law are often revisited. naturally, on the heels of the casey anthony verdict, a lawmaker in florida is proposing legislation. it would prohibit jurors from receiving money in exchange for provides information or interviews related to a trial
11:51 am
after its over. the question for today's stream steam is this. should jurors be allowed to profit from the cases. lisa bloom is an attorney and author. mike walker joins me by phone from l.a. he's a senior editor with the "national enquirer." scott randolph is a florida state representative who is proposing the legislation in florida. let me start with you, scott. what do you hope to achieve with this bill? >> i think what we want to achieve is to make sure in our modern society and our modern juries we don't get a juror trying to get on a jury with the idea of making money at the end. or we don't see even worse juries sitting in the deliberation room deciding which type of decision or verdict will bring me more money. we want to make sure that we keep the jury process as unbiased as possible. we think we've balanced out the first amendment with the sixth amendment right to a fair trial for both the state and
11:52 am
defendant. >> mike, i want to bring you in. youco aurtorred a book with a juror from the o.j. case. do you think everyone should be able to do that, or do you think that was an exception to the rule? >> no. i think that the carpenter is worthy of his hire. the idea of being on a jury is a sacred calling and never speak about it and get paid for your time is ridiculous. this is the united states of america. we have first amendment freedom. i can see trying to enact legislation where a criminal might not profit, you know. the son of sam law, but a juror? jurors are american citizens. they can speak freely once they have discharged their duties to the court. >> lisa, don't jurors have a first amendment right here to do this? i know that scott is certainly putting this -- looking to put this bill through, but don't they have a right? >> look, i'm a big protecter of the first amendment. they certainly do have a right to speak about it, to write about it and do interviews.
11:53 am
i think this proposed law strikes the right balance. they should not be able to profit from that. there's too much of a concern that back there in the jury room when they're deliberating, they're coming up with a more shocking verdict because that's more profitable to them. we can't have that. let them speak but they can't profit from it. >> it would cancel itself out, wouldn't it it? we'd have all 12 jurors trying to come up with stories in their heads. i think it's pro post russ that any one juror would think they can influence the outcome of a verdict that way to profit. >> scott, are you concerned at all this would give a potential juror an incentive to make themselves look good and get on that jury when its seated and hoping to make some money in the end? >> well, we saw at the beginning of the trial. we saw the judge with the prosecutor and defense attorney all asking questions during the jury selection process trying to
11:54 am
weed out those they thought might be there. we see that it was a concern of the court and the legal teams at the beginning of this trial, and, of course, as soon as the trial ended, what happened? we had jurors come forward trying to sell their story to the highest bidder. this bill does not prevent anyone from speaking after the trial. they can grant as many interviews as possible. it takes away a profit motive so we have an unbiased jury in that room. i think that's sacred to the judicial system. >> these are people, though, who have spent a lot of time certainly in this case and away from their family. they're holed up. >> in the o.j. simpson case it was a scandal. those jurors were taken away from their families for more than a year and weren't allowed to talk to each other while sequestered in a hotel. they couldn't talk to anybody. i mean, it is almost -- what about that? what does the prosecutor have to say about taking people and
11:55 am
suddenly a trial goes on forever, and people are sequestered? they're not paid. why can't they talk about it? by the way, it it isn't just profit moefb that makes people stand up and try to get on television and into newspapers. it isn't just profit motive. people can do that because they want to have attention. that motive is always there. >> great discussion all of you. mike walker, scott randolph, lisa bloom, great to have you on. thank you very much. criticism for president obama following his press conference today, and it's coming from his own party. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. for the efficient absorption my body needs. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow.
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earlier in the show we showed you disturbing findings about what one concerned mom found inside the play areas of a popular fast food restaurants. we talked to the mom who mentioned she began her crusade last spring after following her children through a mcdonald's play place. in a response mcdonalds's it was completely unacceptable, but it is not reflective our business and our restaurants. as far as i'm concerned, it was an isolated matter and we took immediate corrective action to thoroughly sanitize the playplace. they also say they require facilities to clean the play area every day. time now for cnn political update. mark preston joining me live from washington. hi there, mark. more criticism for the president, but this time from
11:59 am
his base. what do you know? >> reporter: well, randi, he's taking it from both sides right now. he's taking it from republicans over the issue of tax cuts and from liberals because he's willing to put entitlements on the line. let's take a quick look at this quote from the progressive change campaign committee. they're very upset that president obama has said that he's interested in maybe reforming social security, medicare and medicaid. they say the fact he's made clear he's considering these benefit cuts basically is a nonstarter for them. the progressive change campaign committee went to the obama campaign headquarters and dropped after it 200,000 petitions. they did it when he was doing his press conference where he talked about these entitlement cuts. now, the progressive change campaign committee says these 200,000 people are equal to the $17 million that they donated to his campaign back in 2008. in addition to that, they were equal to 2.5


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