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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 18, 2011 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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at >> look who is in the hot seat today. >> i like the shotgun story. >> doesn't get better than that? you want to bother my sister? i have one thing to show you. drew griffin take it away. i'm in today for susan malveaux. let's get you up to speed for monday, july 18th. this scandal shaking rupert murdoch's media empire claimed another casualty today. london's assistant police commissioner john yates resig d resigned. yates calls his decision, quote, crap. his resignation is one day after scotland yard chief paul stevenson quit. he came under fire for hiring a former "news of the world" editor as his pr kumt ant. that man was arrested in the scandal last year. british lawmakers expect rupert
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murdoch's protege rebekah brooks to show up tomorrow to answer questions. despite her arrest over the weekend, her spokesman says she will be there. she's denying she knew her reporters hacked phones for scoops while she was the newspaper's editor. rupert murdoch, chairman of news corp, and his son james are expected to testify alongside brooks tomorrow. they will appear before parliament's media committee. a heatwave hitting the middle of u.s. extremely high humidity makes it feel as hot as 117 degrees in some places. that heat is creeping east. >> brutal. i probably lost 10 pounds today. it's crazy. >> we are sweltering, and we're just asking for some relief here. houston is hot as blazes. stay put. stay cool. >> there's been a change of u.s. command in afghanistan today as well. general david petraeus leaving
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to become the cia director handed command of the afghan war to marine general john allen. allen served as a deputy at u.s. central command in tampa before getting that job in afghanistan. in los angeles all back to normal. the 405 traffic was resumed. another typical morning commute. transportation workers closed that busy freeway this weekend to tear down a bridge. that whipped up talk of citywide gridlock, but carmageddon didn't happen. construction crews wrapped up work well before the rush hour deadline. >> i think people are a little spoiled, and they need to realize there's other ways to get around. >> i think it absolutely worked. i wish it could be an ongoing thing. >> thanks, ron. when this flag returns again someday to earth by astronauts that came up on an american spacecraft, it's journey will not end there. the journey will continue. >> a little bit of history in space today.
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two hours ago astronauts shut the door between "atlantis" and the space station for one last time. this is the 135th and final shuttle mission. "atlantis" will undock early in the morning, and the orbiter is scheduled to land wednesday. if the u.s. women's soccer team couldn't win the cup championship, well, at least japan did. four months after an earthquake, sna tsunami and nuclear crisis, jap needed something to cheer them up. >> more than a sports team, they carry the prayers and hopes of the badly damaged nation, moved to tears as they watch. i think we witnessed something historic says this fan. i was so moved. cnn in depth now. it just keeps growing. the phone hacking scandal engulfing rupert murdoch's media empire landed a former news
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corporate executive behind bars this weekend and forced a top cop to win. dan rivers joins us from london. let's talk about the arrest of rebekah brooks. she's out on bail right now, but her arrest over the weekend a big surprise. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, she was -- the length that she was detained for was incredible as well. 12 hours she spent -- more than 12 hours in a police station in london answering questions, and she wasle only released around midnight last night local time. so that was a huge development in this. she's out on police bail now, but that doesn't mean she's excused from appearing before a committee of mps tomorrow london time. she's still going to turn up and be careful about what she says, and the politicians are going to have to be careful about what they ask her as well. there could be a trial down the track if she's charged, and therefore they're going to make sure under the rules here that
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they don't sort of prejudice any forthcoming trial. nevertheless i think she's going to get a pretty tough interrogation at the hands of politicians as will her former bosses rupert and james murdoch who appear now separately from her before the same committee tomorrow afternoon. >> dan, let me ask you to educate us over here about the rules and the laws in england, in the uk. does she have to answer all the questions? can she, as we say in the u.s., plead the fifth and choose not to answer the questions? >> reporter: she can certainly choose not to answer them. i think she will probably have her lawyers with her. there's no such thing as pleading the fifth here, but there could be a subsequent criminal trial, in britain the reporting leading up to a trial has to be very careful because the idea is that you don't want to influence the jury one way or another into finding her either guilty or not guilty.
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therefore, the rules here are quite strict in what you can see in the leadup to a trial. the idea is the jury have an open mind. that they haven't already made their mind up as to whether she's culpable or not. now, this is an extraordinary situation, but one i can't remember happening before where someone who may be about to, you know, charged and appear in court is being separately questioned before a select committee. i don't think any of us know how they're going to play it it. i think everyone is aware that the politicians have got to be seen to at least be doing their job thoroughly, but at the same time they can't derail any chance of her standing trial if she is charged. >> dan rivers in london. thanks, dan. we'll take a close look at rupert murdoch's efforts to contain this scandal. we'll talk to howard kurtz for "the daily beast" and host of reliable sources on cnn. tomorrow we go live to london, probably back to dan for some of
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the testimony from rupert murdoch, his son and former x executi executive, rebekah brooks as they face parliament. here's a rundown of some stories ahead here. first, the insane heat outside. we get a full report on warnings posted across the midwest now. a new twist to an old airport story. this time it's a passenger accused of groping a tsa agent. then casey anthony is free, but what next? we'll ask our legal expert what to expect. the hatch closes for one last time on the shuttle "atlantis." dan on nasa's space shuttle program. morgan freeman will join us in "the newsroom" to wish nelson mandela a happy birts day. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control.
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it it feels like death valley in the midwest. there's no break this week. cooling centers propping up in libraries, senior centers and schools throughout missouri. the national weather service issuing excessive heat warnings in 11 states including minnesota where the heat index is expected to go as high as 117 degrees. that's where we find cnn's ted rowlands, meteorologist rob marciano is with me in a nice, cool studio. ted, we'll get to you first since you're suffering the most. you're outside that ball field where i bet they could back in the old dome right now. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of complaints about the old metrodome, but today wouldn't sound so bad. the temperature is going to be very hot today inside target field. the twins are going to actually have a double header today, 38,000 people will be packing in here in about an hour or so as
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we get close to the game. this is kevin smith with the twins. you're talking about a heat index up towards 119 degrees. this is not only uncomfortable, but it's potentially dangerous. something you guys are taking very seriously. >> that's exactly right. this is dangerous weather, and we know that. we have hundreds of guest services staff on hand today and they've been prepped for looking for people in distress. we have water stations and big gatorade coolers at every gate and around the building to refill water for free. we're asking our fans to pay attention to the weather and to their bodies and get out of the sun. >> reporter: yesterday you had people pass out in seats, we saw one guy being pulled out with a gurney with an i.v. attached. >> it's dangerous. unfortunately, we have a double header today, which we have to get through. there's a lot of places in target field where fans can get out of their seats and get out of the heat and get into shade and comfort.
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>> thanks. drew, they say not only hydrate but try not to be active so that your body can release the natural heat that its generating. real tough to do in conditions like this, and not only here in minneapolis but across the midwest for the entire week. >> you have a couple of baseball guys here. did they schedule a double header on a monday? was this a makeup game? >> reporter: it's a makeup game with the cleveland indians. you're smart, drew. yes, it wasn't a scheduled double header. it's a day-night. they clear the stadium and play the regularly scheduled game tonight. >> got you. thanks for sweating it out for us, too. rob is here in the weather center. this is really -- i mean, it's the middle of summer, but this is bad. i don't remember it being this bad for a while. >> it's been a long duration. now we're moving it north, and it it goes into canada. 25% of the u.s. is what these advisories and these warnings encompass. the pink are the worse.
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that's where excessive heat warnings are in places like minneapolis and other spots in minnesota are in that spot. dew points of 85, 86 degrees yesterday. that's pretty much of a steam bath, and to get it that far away from the gulf of mexico is remarkable. it's so warm that quite literally the corn will be sweating. 108 across parts of minnesota, and if you can click ahead for me, that would be fantastic. the jet stream, which controls the hot and cold air is going to continue to keep things locked up to the north as far as the cooler and more comfortable air is concerned. down across parts of minnesota through st. louis we see heat indices up over 110 to 115 but today and tomorrow into thursday is when we get a break as the cooler air slides in mostly staying up towards the north. that's the deal with that. one other thing i want to touch on, drew, is this. tropical storm brett,
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50-mile-per-hour winds, forecast good news to go away from land. actually, it will be good if we get a little rain across parts of florida and georgia. we're sweating it out across the mid-section in parts of minneapolis. we have drought as well. this is a summer of heat and dry weather. >> did i hear you right? the corn will sweat? >> farmers will tell you that the corn will start to sweat this time of year. that can add to the humidity technically. >> that's a headline. >> there you go. >> rob marciano. across the country for a look at stories. upstate new york, two people died and 35 other injured when a tour bus crashes in a wooded area 60 miles from rochester. police believe a tire may have blown. next stop, iowa, where the corn is sweating. a robber to picked the wrong house. congressman leonard boswell was home with his family when some guy pushed his way in as gunpoint.
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boswell wrestled the man and tried to grab the gun. then his grandson went for a shotgun. that sent the robber high tailing it out the door. police say no one is seriously injured. in phoenix a 61-year-old woman accused of groping a tsa agent. police say the woman refused to go through screening. then she reached out and grabbed the agent's breasts. she was arrested and charged with a felony. the debate over raising the debt ceiling and reducing the deficit picks up again today after no significant progress over the weekend. congress faces an august 2nd deadline to raise the limit or risk federal government defaulting on its bills. republicans are pushing a new plan with a catchy title. details from candy crowley. >> reporter: buzzword alert. >> cut cap and balance gets us out of debt over a period of time. >> cut bringing down the $1.5 trillion deficit this year.
8:16 am
cap federal spending at 18% at gdp. it's at 24% now. pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution that includes spending caps and makes it difficult to raise federal taxes. cut, cap, and balance. ccb is all the rage in some republican quarters. >> the answer for the country is for the president to agree to cut federal spending, to cap federal spending, and to put in place a balanced budget amendment. >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: this week the republican controlled house will likely pass a cut, cap and balance bill as a prerequisite to raise the debt ceiling. there are mighty objections from democrats on the hill and in the white house. >> what these amendments do put in place spending limitations that would force us to cut social security and medicare more deeply than even the house budget resolution. >> reporter: what the house will almost surely approve the senate almost surely will not, leaving
8:17 am
the debt ceiling issue precisely where it's been for months, unresolved. if you cannot get the senate to pass what the house surely will this week, you will allow the u.s. to go into default, or you will go tie plan b? >> i'm going to focus on plan a, that to me is the only plan that will work. it's the real deal, not a big deal. >> reporter: the most probable deal still in the works would cut spending by $1.5 trillion over the next ten years and let the president raise the debt ceiling through the 2012 election. congress could stop him in a vote in both houses. everybody gets off the hook and it avoids economic kay ross. >> at the end of the day republican leaders say we won't put the government into default. >> reporter: it's uncertain whether republican rank and file will follow their leaders. the idea comes from senate gop leader mitch mcconnell who has been trafshed by conservatives ever since. >> we're in big trouble. let's have that national debalt.
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>> reporter: sources say the lass ditch mcconnell plan could be on the senate floor this week, but a republican believes before the mcconnell bill the senate will take up cut, cap and balance because even if ccb doesn't pass, it has endless possibilities as a cbs, campaign bumper sticker. candy crowley, cnn, washington. there's somebody new watching out for you and your money. a new agency designed to protect you from unfair banking practices, and to make mortgages and other loans easier to understand. we'll explain it to you after this. where do you go to find a super business? you know, the ones who do such a super job, they're backed by the superguarantee®? only superpages®. wherever you are, wherever you're going, you'll find the super business you need. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. in the book ... on your phone or online.
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three great stories but only one will air. budget cuts, you know.
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this is your chance to choose the news. here are your choices. first, it was a tough lost for the u.s. women's soccer team, but nothing can tarnish the sport's new popularity in the u.s. if you want we'll look at the next generation of young female athletes ready to take the field. second choice, an unlikely biker gang, road warriors touring south africa in the name of nelson mandela and doing good deeds along the way. third, you think l.a.'s recent freeway shutdown made commuting tough? we're going to try to plan a wedding in the middle of carmageddon. text 1 for the u.s. soccer story, 2 for the bikers or 3 for the carmageddon bride. cnn's lead story, moody's warns against u.s. debt. right now the dow is down 148 in the last few seconds. a new agency is designed now to
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protect your money. it launches this week, the consumer financial protection bureau is making you feel more secure about complex money matters. allison joins us from the new york stocks exchange. explain how this agency will do what other agencies haven't been doing. >> reporter: sure. drew, let's call it the cfpb. it opens its doors on thursday, and what it's supposed to do is protect you, the consumer. a big part of its job is going to be inspecting the books of financial firms to avoid a repeat of what we saw that led to the financial meltdown. now, for one, they want to make sure that home mortgages are in check. they're going to look to end what many call these liar loans by crafting rules that ban lenders from giving mortgages without verifying incomes. this bureau makes shoe banks follow new credit card laws. the bureau can respond to consumer complaints on things
8:23 am
like credit card abuse. giving consumers a stronger voice. it bridges the gap between us the people and them the banks. drew. >> how will they do that? this is about transparency. i want to see what they're finding, right? >> reporter: sure. one of the root problems of the recession was people signed up for credit cards and mortgages without knowing what they got into. the cfpb wants to make sure that consumers don't get tripped up in the fine print and miss hidden disclosure. it's going to make basic financial practices more clear and also we'ding out unfair lending methods. for a while though, this new sheriff on wall street has been without an actual sheriff, but in a couple of hours president obama is nominating the former ohio attorney general to lead the cfpb. he's still going to need senate confirmation. republicans have vowed to oppose the nomination. drew. >> we'll look for what happens
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later on this week. coming up next, though, casey anthony outs of jail for the first time in almost three years, but she faces an uncertain future. we'll talk with a criminal defense attorney about the tough road ahead for her. he ok. [ cellphone rings ] hey. you haven't left yet. no. i'm boarding now... what's up? um...would you mind doing it again? last time. [ engine turns over ] oooohhhh...sweet. [ male announcer ] the chevy cruze with the my chevrolet app. the remote control car is finally here. well, now she's just playing with us. oh. [ horn honks ] with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth.
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here's a rundown of some of the stories we're working on. up next, casey anthony walked out a free woman from jail early in the morning. we'll ask a defense attorney and former prosecutor what's next for her. nelson mandela is turning 93. oscar-winning actor morgan freeman who played mandela joins us with 67 reasons to wish him a happy birthday. the hatch closes for the last time. first, though, for the first time in three years casey anthony is no longer behind bars. early yesterday morning she did this. she walked out of jail, and right into a very uncertain future. anthony was freed 12 days after a jury acquitted her of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. joining us to talk about and the he had road ahead for casey
8:28 am
anthony is criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor holly hughes. do we know where she went? >> we don't know, and that's probably for the best because there are folks out there that would like to do harm to her. i think she's holed up one of her attorneys' houses or maybe they have a vacation home or something like until they can get her a passport. we'll probably find out she's taken out of a country to put her up on an island and help measure write and book. >> i was surprised to see how public her release was. i was thinking of a jack ruby moment. >> most of us were, but approximate if you notice, drew, they had a lot of mounted police out there. they had officers out there with fully automatic weapons. looking at them, they looked like they had aks out there. they were serious. i'm sure what they did is probably patrolled that perimeter very well to make sure there was nobody with a scope and night vision goggle out there wags to take her out. they didn't want to be perceived
8:29 am
to give her special treatment. we thought they would take her out the back door. they took all the necessary safety precautions out front so it didn't look like they were favoring her. everybody got upset last week when they were going to transport whitey bulger by helicopter saying why does he get special treatment? orange county might have thought we don't want that criticism. let her go out with her attorney. >> in an attempt to diffuse the situation, i guess her attorney asked caylee's parents -- >> casey's parents. >> excuse me. to accept up a diversion. let's take a listen to what was said by one of the attorneys involved. >> last night we got a call from mr. baez. he had wanted to use my clients as decoys for the media, and i, of course, did not agree with that, neither did my clients. one, it was risky at best, and two, just in my opinion something that would not be beneficial to anybody.
8:30 am
but we did find out that wherever casey is, she's safe. cindy received a text from jose. >> baez is casey's attorney and mark is the attorney for casey's parents. after this trial, no love lost between these groups? >> you have called these people child rapists and telephone them and ask them for a favor? no i can't believe he did that. of course, as we heard mark litman say, we're not going to participate in this. we're not in a mind frame to do you any favors. i don't think they should have, because look at it realistically. casey has not received any death threats in jail, but george and cindy have received over 16. so it doesn't make sense to put the two of them in the public eye who received death threats and protect casey who has not. i think he made the right call in saying his clients wouldn't participate.
8:31 am
>> what does this woman still face in terms of legal battles? >> she's facing a lot of civil legal battles, drew, because texas he canequisearch, she spe much money and had to turn down 40 other families who requested their help to find missing children. according to jose baez, they knew the whole time the child was dead. they're suing to get that money back. the state now is also asking under -- they filed a motion with the court saying we would like the money back for the cost of investigation because it was for naught. she lied to the police and said the baby was out there, and she knew she wasn't. we have zenaida gonzalez suing her, who is the person she claimed was the nanny that kidnapped baby caylee and dook off. don't forget the old irs is knocking on her door. she sold $200,000 worth of photos and videos and never paid
8:32 am
taxes. they have a lien on her for 70,000, too. free from jail. there are levels of freedom, and she is not a free woman by any means and will not be free of the legal judicial system for quite a few years. >> and we are not free of her yet apparently. >> apparently not. >> very insightful. appreciate it. remember, we're giving you the chance to tell us which story you want to see. you can vote by texting 22360. text 1 to see the next generation of u.s. women's soccer stars in training. number two for the south african biker gang riding in the name of nelson mandela or number three for the carmageddon bride. gridlock almost kept her from getting to the church on time. the story with the most votes airs next hour. nelson mandela turns 93. that's reason to sing and to volunteer. we're going to talk with actor
8:33 am
morgan freeman about what nelson mandela wants you to do on his birthday. freeman is one of several stars with the birthday shout-outs for nelson mandela, affectionately called by his clan name madiba. >> madiba, happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday to you. happy birthday. happy birthday, madeba. ombinatin of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. on our car insurance.
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we are wishing a happy birthday to nelson mandela. he's 93 years old today. this picture released by his family today. children across the country celebrated the birthday with a song. ♪ nelson mandela nelson mandela ♪
8:37 am
♪. >> the world is celebrates nelson mandela day is recognized by the united nations as a global call to volunteer. we are joined from new york by actor morgan freeman, a strong promoter of mandela day, a great singer we found out mr. freeman. what exactly is the mission? >> we've taken a lead from the fact that he spent 67 years of his life in community service. so for his birthday if we're going to make a fuss, he didn't want it to be just a day to not go to work or a day to go shopping. he says if you're going to make a fuss over my birthday, please make it mean something. so we say, okay. he spent 67 years in community service. we'll ask for 67 minutes of community service on his birthday from the world at
8:38 am
large. it's anything. you can decide what you think helps make the world a better place. spend 67 minutes doing it. >> it doesn't matter what you do, just help somebody else seems to be the message. >> exactly. there are any number of things, and we'll be over the course of the day suggesting things that people -- things people have done and you can do what someone else has done or you can think of stuff to do on your own. >> you're a personal friend, of course, of mr. mandela. you've also played him in real life. i mean, in the movies. are you the actor he is in real life? does he he say, hey, you know what? you do a good job doing me? >> well, yes, in so many words. when he published his book "long walk to freedom" he was asked if
8:39 am
it was a movie, who do you want to play you? he anointed me. he had morgan freeman. over those many years i got a chance to meet with him a number of times because i told him on the first meeting if this is going to come about, if i'm going to play you, i need to have access with us and i need to hold your hand. he said okay. on many occasions over the ensuing years, he made that possible. >> i would almost be afraid to meet him for this reason. he seems like somebody you cannot say no to. that was certainly the person that you acted upon in the movie in "invictus." is he like that? can you turn this guy down? >> no, i've not been able to do it, and i think large portions of the world have not been able to do it. with his track record when he
8:40 am
asks for help in anything that he's doing, you feel it's your obligation to help him. >> of course, he's 93 years old. can you give us some insight on how he is doing health-wise? is he doing all right? is he enjoying this 93rd birthday? >> he is generally in good health. he's just a little bit feeble, as you can imagine a 93-year-old would be, and he's still able to get up on his feet and move around. zelda, his personal handler, tries to hold down as much activity as possible, because everybody wants him to go and appear at this function or that function. but that gets to be too much for him. generally he's in good shape. >> all right. mr. freeman, pleasure to talk to you about nelson mandela and
8:41 am
thank you for all the work you're doing, too, on this day of volunteering for nelson mandela's birthday. for more on the celebrations go to it's bigger and brighter. now i'm told even easier to find cnn's most compelling video there. we invite you to check out the bold new look of's ground-breaking new experience at a congressman fights off an intruder at his iowa farm ouhou. details are ahead in a political ticker update. to make science as exciting as a video game. i need to reach peter, who's falling behind. and push janet who's 6 chapters ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] with interactive learning solutions from dell, mrs. davis can make education a little more personal. so every student feels like her only student. dell. the power to do more.
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still time left to tell us
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choose the news story you want to see. here's the choices. text 1 to see the next generation of u.s. women's soccer stars take the field. number 2 for the south avenue av rick can biker gang tieing the teaching of nelson mandela on the road. three for the carmageddon wedding. a gridlock that almost kept the bride and groom from exchanging vows. republicans are tallying up the cash. shannon travis, part of the best political team on television, live from the political desk in washington. how much money we talking about, shannon? >> reporter: a lot of money, drew. we've paid a lot of attention to what the presidential candidates are raising but big collars raised by both national political committee. the republican national committee is reporting what it raised in june. look at these numbers. in june the rnc reports it
8:45 am
raised $6.7 million. that will bring its first six-month total, the total it's raced in the first six months of this year to nearly $37 million, drew. cash on hand, the rnc reports it has 7.3 million and the rnc says its debt, its debt is down to 17.5. you remember last week, drew, the democrats, the dnc released their numbers. this pales in comparison. what the republicans raced pales in comparison to what the democrats raised. they raised $38 million in the second quarter in conjunction with president obama's re-election campaign and about $58 million the first half the year, drew. >> they're flush with gas while the government is going broke. anyway, we're hearing that representative leonard boswell of iowa and his family were victims of this home invasion. this is a big political story that involves crime and shotguns and iowa. >> it's a pretty shocking story out of iowa. you mentioned drushgs, leonard boswell is a democrat that's 77 years old and was the victim of
8:46 am
a home invasion this weekend in iowa on saturday. now, the details from the congressman's office go like this. again, pretty stunning details. this intruder entered congressman boswell's home through the front door, physically assaulted his daughter, demanded money at gunpoint. at some point the congressman heard screams from his daughter, ran in there, tussled with the intruder. this standoff, this episode didn't end until a 22-year-old grandson apparently grabbed a gun and ran into the room and pointed it at the intruder and the intruder ran off. the the congressman and his family are okay minus a few scrapes and bruises and the intruder made off. it's a pretty shocking story out of iowa, drew. >> that is shocking. thanks for all that and for the latest political news, you know where to go. c it if you're getting ready to sell your car, how to boost your car's value before you sell
8:47 am
it. allison. >> if you're getting ready to sell your car, drew, the last thing you feel like doing is repairs you put off for years. cnn money talked to experts who said the small improvements it to the car improve the resale value. a deep cleaning can help you negotiate 300 to $500 more from a buyer? drew? >> what areas of the car should these sellers focus on that cleaning, allison? >> the cleaner your car is the newer and more attractive to e buyer. nothing else says old car faster than dinghy headlights. there are a number of the cleaning products on the market to brighten your plastic light covers and make them look like new. you have to make sure to use headlight cleaners and not window cleaners if you want the best results. make sure your wheels don't show how far they traveled. use a shine product on the sides of those tires to make them look fresh. finally, check out the floor
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mats. if they're removable, that means it's time to give them a good wash if you haven't noticed them before. drew. >> there's more you can do. we'll have more with allison when we come back on how to boost your car's value before you sell. chloe is 9 months old. she is the greatest thing ever. one little smile, one little laugh. honey bunny. [ babbles ] [ laughs ] we would do anything for her.
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back now with alison kosik. you have easy fixes you can make to boost your car's value before you sell. >> yeah, it's worth it to make the minor repairs.
8:51 am
it could increase the selling price by as much as $2,000. what kind of fixes should you make? first experts say there are no warning lights flashing on the dashboard. if you are low on windshield washer fluid, fill it up, or if your check engine light is on, have that checked out. headlights and taillights, if they are burned out replace them. and then small scratches and parking dingz can be fixed without spending a bunch of money. >> alison, stick around. you might want to see this one. this story involving justin timberlake. he agreed to serve his country by taking somebody on the date. >> i want you to take me to the
8:52 am
ball in washington, d.c. >> calling out timberlake after he urged kunis, his costar to go on a date. >> here is timberlake's response. i don't get asked out, ever. so i was very flattered by that, and i hear that she is trained in martial arts, so i am hoping we can tussle at some point. that last part was a joke. >> it better be, besides being a black belt karate instructor. sometimes she does cage fights. the date is set for november 12th in washington. >> i bet justin timberlake would be the perfect date, don't you think? not only can he sing great. do you see him on saturday night
8:53 am
life -- >> did she just ask me if i thought justin timberlake would be a perfect date? me? >> i think he would be. >> somebody is asking out betty white. >> yeah, i heard that. >> would she be the perfect date? >> yeah, probably not for me, but for you, yes. >> thank you, and we'll follow the market with you later on. there were lots of hugs to go around for the crew of the space shuttle "atlantis"s. we're live from the kennedy space center next. for a day free of pain. als happy chopping. let's do this. look who's early!
8:54 am
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8:56 am
don't forget to vote for the choose the news story you want to see. send us your vote by texting 22360. text "1" to see the next generation of u.s. soccer stars, and "2" for the teachings of nelson mandela, and then "3," a story about a bride and groom taking vows. that's next hour. when this flag returns again some day to earth its jurn knee will not end there. its journey will continue. >> kind of a sad day. for the very last time a space shuttle crew closed the shuttle hatch and said good-bye to the
8:57 am
space station. john is at the kennedy space center there. you have been following these guys so long, this has to be a moment for you as well. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. you know, this is it. really the end of the year coming very good here. "atlantis" is scheduled to land back here on thursday morning, 5:57 a.m. but, you know, today what really what we use that word bittersweet, and it certainly was today. the six space station astronauts and cosmonauts bidding fair well, and the shuttle astronauts left behind an american flag that they attached to the hatch of the international space station, and that flew 30 years ago on sts one, the first space
8:58 am
shuttle, colu"columbia." >> are some sad and worried things will not progress? >> reporter: yes, i think that's a very real concern. when the first commercial astronauts get up there in a few years, they are going to go up and capture the flag, if you will. all that is so far off. and the real questions now are how soon will the u.s. be flying astronauts again, and how soon will the astronauts get out to deep space. is there a national resolve for all of that. so clearly they there are going
8:59 am
to be different times for the american space agency. i think it's clearly quite up in the air right now, pardon the pun, but certainly up in the air. >> if they do capture that flag, you will be covering it, and we look forward to that. >> reporter: yes, we will. >> thank you very much. john zarrella, kennedy space center. at the top of the hour. drew griffin in for suzanne malveaux. let's get you up to speed. >> brutal. probably lost ten pounds today. it's crazy. >> we are sweltering and we're just asking for some relief here. houston is hot as blazes. stay put. stay cool. >> from houston to minneapolis, blistering heat and extraordinary humidity. feels like 117 degrees across
9:00 am
the u.s. the dangerous hot air will slowly spread to the eastern seaboard, and that will happen later this week. the scandal in rupert media's empire. the tabloid editor rebekah brooks still plans to testify before parliament today. rupert murdoch and his son james are expected to appear as well. a change of u.s. command in afghanistan. general david petraeus leaving to become cia director handed command to the afghan war to
9:01 am
allen. typhoon on pace to strike japan tomorrow. the intense storm is forecasts to strike well south of few kau shaema, but the plant's owners are taking no chances. paramedics injured when the stage collapsed. a sudden thunderstorm blew the stage down, and three people hurt when that happened. if the u.s. women's soccer team couldn't win the championship cup, at least japan did, four months after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear
9:02 am
crisis, japan needed something to cheer them up. >> more than a sports team, they carry the prayers and hopes of a badly damaged nation, and moved to tears as they watch. i think we witnessed something historic, says this fan. i was so moved. something historic at the box office. harry potter had the biggest opening weekend of any movie in history. $168 million worth in the u.s., and that put it ahead of the previous record holder, "the dark knight." best wishes are streaming in for nelson mandela. he marked his 93rd birthday today, surrounded by his family.
9:03 am
he wants everybody to spend 67 minutes today making somebody else's life better. high stakes and high anxi y anxiety. no deal and little progress on any plan to raise the debt limit and reduce the deficit. as talks continue today, republicans and democrats are looking at backup plans like the one senator mitch mcconnell and senate majority leader reid are working on. it would be done in three short term increments of up to $2.5 trillion. congress would have to vote on the increase giving lawmakers a chance to register their disapproval. they can't agree on an overall deficit plan, so with lawmakers go along with the fallback plan
9:04 am
to keep the country from defaulting on its bills. let's bring in kate bolduan. >> reporter: in terms of the backup plan, seems to be the only plan at this point. both sides seem to at least be open to it in terms of it being a backup. for democrats, this is the up side, they would get to see the debt ceiling raised, which they have been calling for, and democrats would be able to avoid very deep, deep spending cuts that republicans say they would be required as part of a big debt deal if they would reach that. it would also avoid for democrats any real changes or cuts to medicare and other entitlement programs which they have been fighting against during this debate. at the same time, i will say the flip side, maybe the downside for democrats is they would not get the new revenue, that the tax increases that they have been calling for in terms of
9:05 am
shared sacrifice and the balanced approach that we heard democrats talking so much about during the debate, and if we get to the point where we're at the last ditch effort, democrats would be able to work with the downside while they get the other up side. >> it seems for both sides, this plan f. it's adopted, it's just kicking the can down the road. are republicans, the ones who want real change, will they vote for it. >> reporter: some republicans are coming out against it, but i will tell you there is a growing consensus as a last ditch plan this might be the way they have to go. here is why. for some republicans, this is the up side. it would -- for republicans it would allow them to escape the blame if a deadline was missed and default would occur, and then they would not have to vote for a tax increase as part of the grand bargain, and it would allow republicans to keep this issue, the debt ceiling and
9:06 am
fighting for spending cuts as a campaign issue as the plan would require a separate vote on raising the debt ceiling and asking for raising the debt ceiling leading up to the 2012 election, and if you will it would put the responsibility of the debt increase squarely in the lap of president obama. there is an up side for republicans, but we're saying we're still seeing, and even you said, they're working out the plan, and will it include spending cuts and if it does, how much, and that's what we're trying to hear about this week and we're hearing it could be unveiled this week, but it's a fluid situation where it's all going to land. >> kate bolduan on capitol hill, where despite the looming crisis, no official work being done on this today, officially, right? >> reporter: well, they're coming back in. they say conversations are happening, and we are trying to figure out what is happening in the conversation. >> here is a rundown for some of the stories first. is there any relief from the
9:07 am
sweltering heat? we will ask our meteorologist, chad meyers. please, chad, show us relief. and the dancer in the burl scony sex case. and then let the world cup slip away, but a nation that badly needed a break certainly got one. they wake up in celebration in japan. and then the news corp hacking scandal. is it too late for help?
9:08 am
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9:10 am
it's your chance to choose the news. first, a tough loss for the u.s. women's soccer team. but nothing can tarnish the sport's new popularity in the united states. we'll take a look at the next generation of young female athletes ready to take the field. second, an unlikely biker game touring south africa in the name of nelson men delia, and doing good deeds along the way. number three, do you think the recent l.a. shutdown made commuting tough? try planning a wedding in the middle of carmageddon. text "1" for the soccer surge, "3" for the bike story, or "3" for the bride story. chad meyers, why does it feel so darn hot? >> because of a number that weathermen on tv give you all
9:11 am
the time that is so misunderstood. >> dew point. >> dew point. it's the most important number in weather, and nobody at home understands. because nobody has ever taken the time to tell you what it's all about. >> i bet you are right now. >> if you take a 30-degree bottle of coke, whatever, pepsi, and you put it outside, it will steam up, and you see that, that's the sweat, the dew forming on the bottle. you can see it on the water bottle just as well. they are told, yeah, fine, and if you take them and they are 70 degrees and you put them outside and they still steam up, then it's sweltering. if they are 80 degrees like in minnesota yesterday and they are still steaming up, it's unbearable. if you have single pained windows and turned your ac on, and the outside windows are sweating, don't go out. that means the dew point is higher than the glass, and the
9:12 am
glass is 75 or 76, and that means it's oppressive outside. when it gets above 80, don't go outside. some of the numbers yesterday were 86. lake minute ataun kau had a heat index of 119 degrees. luckily there's a lake not too far away. but the entire area from oklahoma back up into montana, all the way over to indianapolis, all of those watches and warnings, this is the size of mexico. that area right there is the size of the entire country of mexico. it's the heat. and we always say it's not the heat but the humidity. but it's the humidity, too. and something else that is very important is that it doesn't cool down at night. when it doesn't cool down at night, and you don't have ac because most of the cabins in
9:13 am
w wisconsin, you go there to get cool air, and when you can't cool the house down, and that sweat does not evaporate and it cannot cool you down and you have a threat of over exertion, and obviously heat stroke as well. don't go outside without a lot of water and try not to do strenuous exercises. i don't do them anyway, but don't do them in the heat. >> thank you for that explanation on the dew point. look at this video. look at this, chad. iceland, flocking to the beach. the natives are sweltering under unusually high temperatures. it's normally in the 50s and 60s in the summer. indonesia, the big concern of a volcano erupted today.
9:14 am
>> amazing pictures there. that could affect air travel. the united states had never lost a soccer game against japan, never. this japan team had been building a reputation as a giant killer, and they did it. they showed the world an example of their fighting spirit. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. the chevy cruze eco offers an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon on the highway. how does it do that? well, to get there, a lot of complicated engineering goes into every one. like variable valve timing and turbocharging, active front grille shutters that close at high speeds,
9:15 am
and friction reducing -- oh, man, that is complicated. how about this -- cruze eco offers 42 miles per gallon. cool? ♪
9:16 am
the u.s. women's soccer team had several opportunities to bring home the world cup, but they were up against a team that would not quit. we have that story from japan.
9:17 am
>> reporter: from the urban sports bars of tokyo, to the gymnasiums of rural japan, the sound, the same, jublation. more than a sports team, they carry the prayers and hopes of a badly damaged nation, moved to tears as they watch. i think we witnessed something historic, says this fan. i was so moved. hours after the incredible win, the game is being replayed across tokyo. it's not soccer fans, but an entire nation desperately in need of a feel-good moment, and some heroes. coming four months after the tsunami, continue continues to fix the disaster. japan's economy has struggled in the wake of the epic disaster.
9:18 am
the lawmakers, locked in partisan bickering and trying to oust the prime minister. while in the tsunami zone, still many in temporary housing with years of building ahead. this game happened at the right time for us, says a tsunami victim. this victory gives us the strent to keep going. the morning papers for once blaired upbeat news, snatched up by eager readers. there has been so much bad news from japan, and this is good news and it encourages us. the sports world is already calling the women's team the comeback kids for how they refused to yield in the world cup, and to their home nation, they are a potent symbol, a reminder, to never give up. back here in the u.s., let's take a look at the stories or
9:19 am
affiliates are covering. two people died in new york when that tour bus crashed in the woods, 60 miles from rochester. it bus was going to niagara falls. police believe a tire may have blown out. congressman leonard boswell was home with his family when a robber came in. and the grandson went for the shotgun, and nobody was injured. in phoenix, a 61-year-old woman is accused of roping the agent. she was arrested, and charged with a felony. kevin rob is a metal sculptor that reached the height
9:20 am
of success in the art world, but he had a stroke. we have today's human factor. >> his sculptures can be found in private collections all over the world, but for the past several years he was not able to sculpt. >> i was teasing him, what you think that sculpture looks better from the ground up, and i took a look at him and i could tell something was seriously wrong. >> what his wife didn't know was her previously healthy husband had a blood clot which travelled to his brain and caused a stroke. >> he was on life support for 13 days, and then in rehab for seven weeks. >> when he came home, he lost his memory and his ability to speak and most of his movement, but when he was taken back up into his studio, something inside him lit up.
9:21 am
>> he stood here, walked over and touched some of his machinery, and for the first time since his stroke, there was life in his eyes. >> kevin continued his rehabilitation, and over time he learned to walk on his own. bits of his memory came back and he can now speak more than 100 different words. all of that led him to be able to make art again. >> kevin sketches, and we have staff that understands what he wants, and kevin is back in full swing in creating sculptures. >> none of it has been easy. >> diane and kevin have to speak to a complicated type of charades. >> you want to go someplace. >> i want -- >> he wants the keys to the truck so he and tom can go someplace. >> yes. >> and diane says kevin's love for his family and his fierce
9:22 am
determination to get better brought him and his art back to life. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. well, she rose from a secretary to a ceo in rupert murdo murdoch's empire, but she has fallen on her sword. we will look at her rise and fall next. i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu.
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9:25 am
here is a rundown of some of the stories we're working on. news corp in full damage control. more on the fallout on the pr blitz. getting fit. all you have to do is put on these? really? later, no food here for anybody under 6. let's go to cnn in depth. one day after the british phone hacking scandal, rebekah brooks behind bars. we look at her stunning rise and fall.
9:26 am
>> reporter: rebekah brooks was at the center, and wined and dined the rich and powerful on behalf of her boss and mentor, rupert murdoch. from ambitious to arguably the most powerful woman in media, now arrested accused of phone hacking. how did she get to this point? >> she quickly developed a reputation as her tenacity, one time disguising as a cleaning lady to scoop a competitor. she was soon the youngest editor of the news of the world, and shortly after that, the son both owned by news international. she spear headed a campaign to name and shame alleged
9:27 am
pedophiles publishing names and addresses in the paper. and brooks testify to parliament her paper paid police officers for information, and the news of the world allegedly paid a private investigator to hack into the voice messages of the 13-year-old girl murdered in britain whose investigation court case made front page headlines. those allegations did not come to light until a decade a later, after brooks became chief executives of news international, a position she resigned last week. brooks denied having any knowledge of any phone hacking by her staff. it was brooks who cemented a relationship with canyon. there have been several arrests in the phone hacking scandal so far, but rebekah brooks is the
9:28 am
highest profile yet, and the one closest to rupert murdoch himself. >> rupert murdoch fighting to contain the scandal engulfing his global media empire. and we have howard kurts, and i just want to cut to the chase. democrats, liberal democrats are just salacity at the possibility this scandal could come across the pond and infect fox news. is there any evidence right now this is anything but a scandal related to tabloid newspapers in the uk? >> well, you are certainly right that liberal democrats are salacity, and people who have not liked rupert murdoch or fox news or the new york post for a long time. but it's completely unfair. there's no evidence that the fox
9:29 am
news has been involved in any illegal conduct or phone hacking or anything like that. the one place where the trouble could run here in the united states if it's proven over in the uk that there were bribes paid to police officials to conduct the original investigation of the phone hacking case, because that could violate one of the corruption acts. >> what murdoch is trying to save is really the dying end of his business, when the revenue source is not linked to the scandal. >> absolutely. the british newspapers that get a lot of attention because they are colorful, and you know, they are, you know, like newspapers around the world, not the big revenue generators compared to television and other things that
9:30 am
murdoch owns. it's very sentimental with him. he is an old newspaper man and started with a newspaper in australia, and he doesn't want news corp to give up those papers. other people are like who needs the headache, and we will make more money from sky tv. with rupert murdoch being 80 years old, you do have to ask the question how long he will be in charge and how long his sentimental attachment to those papers will continue to be the driving force at news corp. >> he does have papers here in the u.s., not implicated. how does he keep, you know, the infection of the cousins from infecting his papers here, at least on a pr scale? >> well, on a pr scale, it's a debacle. the murdoch brand has been so tarnished by the phone hacking scandal itself and the revelations about the close relationships he and his top lieutenants have with prime minister david cameron and other
9:31 am
politicia politicians, and the allegations of paying off police if that proves to be true. none of this is helping the rupert murdoch brand. but to the american who doesn't pay a lot of attention, probably not a lot of impact, unless congressional hearings or an investigation turns up anything here in the united states. at the moment, there's no evidence of that. >> now that we know what was going on over there with the phone hacking, does it -- does it bring the headlines that his paper has generated clearer to you as to where this information was coming from? >> i don't think that there's any question. in fact, we kind of knew this is the way the murdoch tabloids operated. look at last year, since closed by murdoch in the hacking scandal, had one reporter get
9:32 am
hidden camera video of sarah ferguson. there's a market in the uk and perhaps america, too, for the kind of journalism that these tabloids practice, but there's also a line that you can't cross, a line of illegalality when you have phone hacking, but when you turn it to ordinary people, the reaction is different. and the wall street journal has an editorial saying british newspapers do it all the time, and they are using the crisis as an excuse to trash murdoch. and it's such an offensive editorial, it shows the journal being drawn into the
9:33 am
international crisis being drawn in. >> thank you so much for joining us. can you watch howard's show on cnn's "reliable sources" on saturday. we will take you live to london for the most compelling parts of the testimony. we expect to hear from murdoch, his son james, and former executive, rebekah brooks. remember we're giving you the chance to tell us which story you want to see. text 22360. text "1" for the next generation of the soccer stars, and "2" for the biker game, and "3," the carmageddon wedding. the story with the most votes will air at the end of the hour.
9:34 am
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9:37 am
just in to us, a little story about nolan ryan in the hospital for a rio kerrance of the heart condition he previously experienced. been in the hospital since sunday and expect to be released in a few days. nolan ryan, hospitalized, but it's not that serious. people jumping around with muscle toning shoes, and people that sell them claim they help your body build muscle. but news studies are questioning whether the claims are accurate.
9:38 am
senior medical correspondent, do they work? >> what studies have shown is that, yeah, they are fine. you know, knock yourself out, and go ahead and wear them, but they are no better, for example, these, which these are the plane flat bottom shoes. they compared them and said, you know, here is a claim that says promises to promote weight loss and tone muscle and improve boss chur. and they say they are no better than sneakers. >> this is the first time i held them. they are rocky. >> yeah, and the companies say they are rocky and that that is helpful and that does something for you, and in fact they have a statement that says there's no evidence to support the claim that these shoes will help wearers exercise more intensity
9:39 am
and burn more calories. they are saying these are no better, and studies show they are better, and others unrelated to the company say that's not true. >> the folks that make them, they have done a study. >> yeah, and they say theirs are better for the exercise, and others say that's not true, do your workout in flat bottom shoes or these shoes, it doesn't matter. >> doesn't matter if you buy them or not? >> the way it has been put to us, go knock yourself out. some people love them and say it's done wonders for their body, and some say not true. these are a little unstable. they are concerned that you might trip or fall when you are wearing these. if you try them and you like them and swear by them, that's
9:40 am
great. >> all right. >> but the experts say no science says that they are better. >> so motivational gimmick, perhaps. >> if it motivates you that could be the best gimmick ever. as of this past saturday a. restaurant outside of pittsburgh banned kids under 6. >> how friendly. >> here is a report from affiliate tae. >> you can't miss the signs on the outside, inside, and printed notices on the tables. the policy is clear, if you are younger than 6, please dine elsewhere. the response to this now international story -- >> well, we are booked solidly all night. last night, interestingly, before the ban took place, was the biggest night of our history, and a show of support and people giving me the thumbs up. >> he changed the policy based
9:41 am
on customer's request. the saur port is 11-1 in favor of the child ban. thousands of letters and e-mails. >> we're with you. we are glad you raised this issue. we too have had circumstances that you describe in your various interviews of having meals ruined by improperly supervised children, so we're with you. >> the debate clearly struck a chord all over the world. >> this is the 61st interview i have done this week. i never imagined -- i did not seek this. i am big in sidney. we did three radio stations in sidney, australia, and one in new zealand, and did a primetime television show in canada last night. >> not all the responses are positive. some people want to bring their whole family, young kids included. >> i do understand family has been coming here for quite a few years, and now that this is set in place it's a big
9:42 am
disappointment for them. >> all right. the restaurant's owner says kids are not like a radio, you can't turn down their volume. we know that. >> right. >> but banning kids, really? >> doesn't sound very community friendly. >> very business oriented either. >> we'll see. most republican voters support revenue increases to reduce the debt. we put that comment to the truth-o-meter test. while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. ask your eyecare professional for your transitions certificate of authenticity for your chance to win instant monthly prizes or our $20,000 grand prize!
9:43 am
you know, the ones find a who do a super job?®. for local maps, reviews and videos & it's the only local search site with the superguarantee®. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. in the book, on your phone or at®.
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9:45 am
gist a little bit of time left to show which choose the news story you want to see. you have text us at 22360. text "1" to see the next generation of women soccer stars, and "2" for the biker gang, or "3" from carmageddon wedding, the gridlock that almost kept the bride and groom from exchanging vows. the winning story airs at the end of the hour. we heard a lot of statements flying back and forth in the deadlock over raising the debt limit. we want to see if the comments are true. our next guest have been putting some of the quotes through the truth-o-meter. what about this one from president obama. during a news conference last week he said 80% of the american people support an approach to federal budget problems that includes revenues and includes
9:46 am
cuts. true or not? >> we rated this one mostly true. pollsters asked people how should we deal with the country's debt problems? spending cuts? tax increases or both? the number one is both. obama is pushing the number a little bit at 80%, but his broader point is correct, so mostly true. >> another up with from the president, he says a clear majority of republican voters think any deficit reduction package should have a balanced approach and should include some revenues? >> we rated this one barely true. republicans, as a group when you compare them to democrats or independents, they don't like tax increases generally. there is a poll that did show a majority, and other polls showed them against tax increases, and
9:47 am
one poll showed them split evenly. so barely true. and then about the space program, from now on we have to pay the russians $50 million an astronaut to spend americans to the space station? >> we rated this one mostly true. we will work with the russians. the figure is very close. it's about $63 million. we have worked with the russians before, and it will actually save us money, but mostly true. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us and setting us straight. >> thank you for having me. they forced their president to resign , and we'll have a lie report straight from cairo. business forms on the go, it ls fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad,
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there's a new cabinet in egypt, and new questions about the health of the ousted president. let's go beyond the headlines to a nation still in turmoil. protesters are growing tired and vocal on the slow pace of reform in egypt. will the new move and cabinet satisfy them? >> well, we thought we would take that question directly to the heart of the revolutionary movement. and there are still hundreds of people out there protesting the pick of reform here in egypt, demanding more change. we asked about the announcement of the new cabinet, and they don't think it's going far enough.
9:51 am
two key issues they are considering. the fact is the minister of interior and of justice are saying they want those two ministers replaced as soon as possib possible. if they are not replaced, the cabinet reshuffle is not as comprehensive as it could have been. and they also say there needs to be more reforms. there are not enough democratic reforms. they are becoming tired of the slow pace and they say they will continue to come out until they see more of a change that they want. they think it's good, and the prime minister seems to be meeting the time lines of the demands but needs to go further. >> muhammad, is the economy turning around, or are things pretty much the same they were when mubarak was in office?
9:52 am
>> reporter: many of the people we spoke with say this is the second phase of the revolution here in egypt and it's because of the economy. the poorer people of egypt, the people who are not benefiting in any way, they have come out more in the past two weeks and they pledge to keep coming out and keep marching. they say the economy has not changed and there is no benefit and they have not seen an economic advantage, and because of that they say more people will hit the streets and will do it as soon as possible. >> let me ask you about mubarak. we heard he was in a coma and then we heard he is not in a coma, and so what is his health status and any rumor to the fact that he was in a coma? >> reporter: it's hard to discern the truth when it comes to his health. his lawyer at one point said he slipped into a coma, and then an
9:53 am
official from the hospital said he slipped into a coma, and then later on that official said he recovered and is out of the coma. we spoke to officials today in the hospital and they said the former president's health stabilized and is no longer in a coma. when you walk throughout the streets, there is skepticism being voiced about his health. they believe the lawyer and doctors are lying to try and stall the trial set to begin on august 3rd and to get amnesty for the former president. they say the president must go on trial as set on august 3rd, and they do not believe the health rumors about him. >> thank you so much. you told us what you wanted to see. your choose the news story finally its way right after the break.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
justin timberlake has agreed to serve his country by going on a date with a marine. >> you want to call out my girl mila? i want to ask you to go to me on a date in washington, d.c. >> timberlake urged milea kunis, his costar, to go out with a marine who sent out a similar video. here is timberlake's response.
9:57 am
>> i don't get asked out, ever, so i was very flattered by that. i hear that she's like, trained in martial arts, so i am hoping we can tussle at some point. that last part was a joke. >> their date or tussel is set for november 12th. and another marine just sent out a video, asking out betty white. you voted and we listened. here is the choose the news winner. the biker gang taking the teachings of nelson mandela on the road and doing good. >> reporter: revved up and ready to spread a message of change. these are the unlikely road warriors for nelson mandela.
9:58 am
they have ridden the highways and byways of the country in the past week, doing good along the way. stopping off in forgotten little towns, honoring the most vulnerable with their time. >> we will be painting also a time here. >> reporter: their gift to nelson mandela for his birthday. >> this is how you paint a wall. >> reporter: on this stop, they are painting a small orphanage. adding color and hope to the kids' lives, just like nelson mandela would do. >> it shows and demonstrates to him that people are passionate about his legacy. >> reporter: mandela now is 93 and too frail for public appearances, his memory is going and he battles with what comes with old age.
9:59 am
still relevant to the ordinary person. >> it's opening up my views, you know, when it comes to helping that it's a selfless act. >> we have come here and made a change and there's concrete evidence that we were here, and this could be an example for others in the community, and what we leave behind is what we have done. >> having fun providing service. >> reporter: his birthday, the 18th, has been brandoned mandela day. and on the powerful motor bikes that have crisscrossed the country, to remind people that mandela's most enduring legacy is to give a little of yourself for the greater good. >> if your choice did not win or you want to check out the


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