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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 24, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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long time to get there but it was in the nick of time. >> the message, never give up. >> fourth time is a charm, man. >> great to meet you. >> thank you, buddy. >> fascinating interview from tom arnold.
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i'm don lemon. you're in the "cnn newsroom." if you weren't paying close attention to the deficit and the debt ceiling talks in washington, you really need to now. a sunday filled with tv talking points face-to-face meetings and party conference calls brought the debt ceiling debate back to the very beginning. a little stalemate tonight and traders worldwide are surely taking notice, several overseas
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markets have opened lower in monday trading and the u.s. stock futures and trending -- they're trending lower right now. in washington this hour, power brokers from the president to the house speaker are standing firm unwilling to abandon their positions. our correspondent, our congressional correspondent kate bolduan has been tracking the events for us all day in d.c. and joins me now. kate, where do we stand right now. >> reporter: bottom line, don, after a long weekend of work and of meetings and a lot of negotiating there is no deal between congressional leaders and the white house. republicans and democrats that have been negotiating this, the congressional leaders, they really seem to be moving in different directions rather than toward a bipartisan agreement. late this evening, i heard from a top democratic official that the stalemate as this person put it was over this proposal, part of the proposal that speaker
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boehner has been pushing and you and i have talked about, don, that would raise the debt ceiling in a two-part process. the democratic official saying the short-term extension in their view would not provide the certainty that the markets are looking for in terms of the debt ceiling and harry reid, the top democrat in the senate, he released a statement late this evening saying just as much. he said in part "speaker boehner's plan, no matter how he tries to dress it up, is simply a short-term plan and, therefore, a nonstarter in the senate and with the president" so now we have two different things going on at the moment, don. we have speaker boehner, who appears to be pushing forward with his own party in the house on a conference call earlier today, he told his members kind of in a pep talk, if you will, that they need to stick together and stick to their principles and agree to something that can pass both the house and senate, which he noted they would have more detail on possibly tomorrow. so at the very same time harry reid in the senate is now pushing his own plan, don, that
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he now says can going to be $2.7 trillion deficit reduction package that would raise the debt ceiling and according to harry reid would also meet republicans' major criteria of having equal spending cuts to the amount of debt ceiling raising, the amount of any debt ceiling raised so what we're really seeing right now is despite a lot of conversations and a lot of negotiations over the weekend, it really is seen that there has not been significant progress at all on a bipartisan agreement and they seem to be moving in two very different paths as we head into monday. >> kate, where do we go from here ask what's next? >> reporter: to be honest, i know i've said it several times to you this weekend, it's unclear and it's a fluid situation. we know that obviously members as they head back to town they'll be wanting to get more details from their leaders. harry reid has a meeting, i believe, with his members at 2 -- speaker boehner, i'm sorry,
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has a meeting with his at 2:00 tomorrow. harry reid, of course, will be filling in his caucus and his member, as well and we'll just have to see how the day develops because they were definitely working hard towards an agreement this weekend and as it was described to me they just hit an impasse, a stalemait and they just were not reaching that bipartisan agreement that they were going towards even though they all had their eye on trying to reach an agreement to announce before the asian markets opened that clearly did not happen, don. >> all right, kate bolduan, thanks very much for that. president obama met late this afternoon with top democratic leaders at the white house. i talk about the current impasse with our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin. so, jessica, what does this mean? does this mean everything has stalled? what does it mean? >> reporter: it means it's deadlocked, don, and it's hours until the markets open in the u.s. and all eyes are in washington to see how those markets react. at the white house now a sense of frustration and concern. the president himself said if the markets take a hit, if the u.s. economy takes a hit because congress could not make a deal
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on the debt ceiling, that is a self-inflicted wound. one that could have been avoided and at this hour, there is no clarity that a deal will happen by the time the sun comes up in the morning. >> so what happens now at the white house? there is no further statements going to be given and no one is speaking on behalf of the democrats so pretty much, this is it until morning. >> reporter: well, that's right, but the president spent just over an hour meeting with the democratic leaders in congress discussing amongst themselves their own path forward, alternative ways they could see to get the votes to raise the debt ceiling on their own if they cannot forage a compromise with speaker boehner and the republicans. you've heard kate report about the alternative options and there's still hope they could forage a bipartisan compromise so that's not totally dead. but they're looking at other alternatives. they're trying to see what else is out there because something needs to be done. >> oh, man, all right, jessica yellin, thank you.
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let's head now to hong kong and check in on where asian markets are headed in early monday trading. our pauline chiou is standing by. are markets reacting to washington to the standoff over the debt ceiling? >> reporter: they certainly are, don. in fact, all the major markets are trading down at the moment here in the asia-pacific region and watch australia, as well, part of our region and the hong kong hang seng is down 0.7%. the shanghai composite down 0.9%. both those two indices opened about 35 minutes ago, now, china is especially concerned because china is the largest foreign holder of u.s. treasuries. the beijing government holds $1.5 trillion in u.s. debt so the last thing that beijing wants is for the u.s. to default because it could leave china very exposed. now, tokyo and sydney have been opened for about more than two hours right now. they're also in negative territory. the nikkei down by 0.6%.
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sydney, the main share market in sydney is down about 0.8%. this whole situation in washington is also affecting currencies. the japanese yen is getting stronger right now. the yen is considered a safe haven currency so investors dump the u.s. dollar and then they go into safe haven currencies like the swiss franc or the yen and now that the yen is a little stronger this hurts japanese exporters since a stronger yen makes their products more expensive in the u.s. and other countries and so as a result, we're seeing japanese stocks, japanese exporters down, honda, nissan, toyota, are all down by 1%, sony is also down by almost 2% at the moment. the aussie dollar is also considered a safe haven currency down a little bit but still stronger than the u.s. dollar and one final note, don, we're looking at commodities, as well. gold futures in asian trading is up. it's hitting $1,611 an ounce. don?
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>> any early indicators on u.s. markets? >> on u.s. markets, well, we don't know yet because once asian trade is over, then we roll over into european trading. so we really have to see how asian trading ends up and then european markets react to how asia does and then as a result wall street will react to how both asia and europe does, so we still have a little ways to go. it's a little bit too early to tell at the moment. >> yeah, i ask that because dow futures in the hour were down more than 100, so we're watching very closely here. pauline chiou, thank you very much, reporting from hong kong. we'll check back if something happens. now to cnn contributor and political anchor for new york one errol lewis watching this play out. thanks for joining us. you have great insight into washington and the scene there. what do you make of this whole standoff and this impasse right now? >> well, i thought the standoff
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was going to go fairly late and frankly there's no point in brinksmanship if you're not willing to go to the brink so i always thought this would run into extra innings and get close to the deadline. that's where we are. i think there's a possibility though it could come to a halt depending on what happens in these markets. the last time we had something like this, i'll take you back to 2008, don, when in late september, the house voted down a $700 billion bailout package and the market reacted by losing $1.2 trillion, the first time that happened in a single day. that 778-point drop in the dow jones average convinced congress to go back and try it again. so it doesn't happen often that wall street and the capitol hill end up talking to each other in this pronounced kind of a way, but that might be what we see in the next few days. >> yeah, but in this global downturn, we cannot deal with -- we can't take another trillion dollar down in the market.
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>> oh, no, you better believe it. listen, that's money that comes out of people's 401(k)s, their pension funds, that's real money from real people in the real world and the gamesmanship that's going on on capitol hill will have to come to a halt if they start hearing from the real world that the pain has reached them and the markets have noticed. >> is that what it will take for this to come to an end. >> it would. look, there's been all this talk all along about who will be the adult in the room, the president, the speaker? it might be the market that's the adult in the room that says enough of all of this, folks, get this thing done and move on to the next problem. >> all right, errol louis, thank you, stand by. we don't know where this will go and continue to check the markets and errol, if something happens, one never know, we'll get back to you. terrifying moments for a group of students backpacking in alaska attacked by a bear. a live report is coming up.
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plus, a man accused of killing 93 people in two terror attacks in norway is due in court monday. the latest on the investigation. reach out to us through social media we're on twitter, facebook, and on foursquare and check out transparent anywhere books are sold. back in a moment.
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breaking news to tell you about out of alaska. a wilderness trek turns violent when a bear and her cub mauled four teens. it happened near chulitna. students from the national outdoor leadership school. they were taking a course on backpacking. joins us from anchorage is
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megening peter sr. of the alaska state troopers and also joining us bruce palmer of the national outdoor leadership school based in wyoming. we'll get to him. i want to start with you, megan. i understand that this was supposed to be a longer trip, the first time they were out on their own and then how did they get to safety? what happened? how did you help them? >> well, when we first got to the scene, we really didn't know what we were expecting. we were just told that there was a group of teenagers that were a part of this program and they were given a locator beacon to set off as an emergency situation happened. that required medical attention or something they didn't know how to deal with and, of course, there's always a possibility that false activations or an activation that's not so severe. when we got on scene we for the first time saw what we were dealing with and they were mauled. very severely. there were two that were seriously injured with life-threatening injuries. two seriously injured with and flee injuries that received minor injuries or had exposure related issues.
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so it truly was an emergency situation and the two that were most severe, it was determined that if we moved them, that it would be to their detriment. we didn't want to move them and have more harm come to them than good so we had to stay on scene with the two most severely injured and the least most severely injured until better more proper care came to the rescue. >> and then we understand that are two are in critical condition. do you know how they're doing now? four in critical condition, two with life-threatening injuries and two with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> but you don't have an update for us. >> i don't. >> have you been able to locate the mother and her cub and are you going to put them down? >> we have not laid eyes on the bear and the cub at this point in time. one of the things that we were
10:17 pm
pose concerned about, though, after we got these -- this group of kids out of the field, there were other groups participating in the program in the general vicinity of where the attack occurred and our biggest fear is that another group, which doubled across the same bear and have a similar outcome. we wanted to avoid that. we have a trooper circling around until he located another group. he was able to land, tell them about the mauling, those teenagers are now going back to their base camp and waiting for extraction from the area. >> okay. well, we wish them the very best. megan peters from the alaska state troopers. sorry we couldn't get bruce. we couldn't get him on. if we get him we'll bring it to you this hour. let's move on. frustrated by prosecutors a woman who accused dominique strauss-kahn of rape is pleading her case to the court of public opinion. the former director of the international monetary fund say it is a ploy to poison the public against their client. cnn susan candiotti has more on the hotel maid's decision to go public with her story.
10:18 pm
>> reporter: don, nafisuatou diallo is the name of the maid breaking her silence telling for the first time in her own words what she alleged happened to her in the hotel sofitel back in the middle of may when she charges that dominique strauss-kahn sexually assaulted her. he has pleaded not guilty to these charges. cnn's policy has been not to identify the name of sexual assault victims, however, in this case because she is now telling her story publicly cnn is now identifying her. we are hearing from her for the first time in her own words what she says happened. she tells "newsweek" magazine that when she entered the hotel room, she said that she yelled out, hello, housekeeping and heard nothing and then she said she saw a man, a naked man with white hair walk out of the bathroom and she said to him "oh, my god, i'm so sorry and he
10:19 pm
said to her according to her, you don't have to be sorry. but she said he was like in her words a crazy man to me and then she says he allegedly began to attack her. now, she also told abc news "i want justice, i want him to go to jail." i want him to know there is some places you cannot use your money, you cannot use your power when you do something like this." now, the lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn are shooting back issuing a statement saying -- calling her in their words the first accuser in u.s. history to conduct a media campaign to persuade a prosecutor to pursue charges against someone else. and they call the conduct of her lawyers unprofessional. now, that prompted a statement in return from the lawyer representing the maid saying that dsk's lawyers are the ones starting a smere campaign
10:20 pm
against the hotel maid. so there's a lot of back and forth going on. the next time strauss-kahn is scheduled to appear in court is one week from monday. that's a status hearing. the manhattan district attorney's office says it was still investigating the case, but the maid's lawyer says she wanted to come forward because they are very afraid and concerned that she might not ever get her day in court and so she wanted to tell her own story in her own words. don? >> all right. susan, thank you very much. norway is mourning the deaths of 93 people killed in two terror attacks. most of the victims were teens attending a summer camp coming up hear what police are saying about the suspect.
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the whole of the country's sympathy and compassion. >> norway's prime minister leading his nation in mourning after the shocking terrorist attacks there. a nighttime vigil in oslo, the city where a car bomb killed seven people near a government building. not long after that blast. at least 86 people were gunned down at a youth camp run by the ruling labor party. the attacks are believed to be politically motivated and terroristic in nature. one man is in custody for both of those. local media identify him as anders behring breivik due in court monday and is expected to plead not guilty. breivik apparently posted a video and a long manifesto online. our nic robertson has gotten a look at both and the details are truly disturbing. >> reporter: this is how the man accused of being norway's most notorious mass killer apparently wants the world to know him. a smiling norwegian nationalist,
10:24 pm
a serious military-style marksman. not just the cold-blooded killer, police say stalked and gunned down innocent young victims on a remote rocky island. anders behring breivik is believed to have posted these images to youtube in a 12-minute video embedded in a 1500-page manifesto just hours before he began his deadly killing spree with a massive car bombing outside government offices. [ sirens ] >> reporter: cnn cannot independently verify their authenticity. together, the video and manifesto appear to answer how and why the 32-year-old became a mass murderer. the video reveals an intense fear that muslims will dominate europe and anger at what the author calls marxist european
10:25 pm
governments he blames for doing nothing and a belief that a christian crusade is the solution. a belief he hid when he met this mainstream right wing politician eight years ago. >> i am actually sorry because i didn't -- because if he had some said something like that, maybe we could have discovered it. >> reporter: kallmyr suspects breivik was attracted to the party's anti-immigration reputation but found them too moderate. >> i probably thought that he would find people inside our progress party that will be -- agree with him or something like that he wrote in his manifesto he was disappointed. >> reporter: the manifesto titled "2083, a european declaration of independence" rails against such political inaction.
10:26 pm
>> cnn's nic robertson reporting. the manifesto rails against muslim immigrants, marxism, even the machine's own family members and details the operation in sickening detail. many of the campers dove into the water. others were lucky enough to come across help out there in the water. cnn's michael holmes spoke with a boater who suddenly found himself in the middle of a harrowing rescue operation. >> it's not a huge boat. how many people did you put in here? >> the first round i believe it was 14. >> reporter: 14? >> yes, then i had to address the oldest one of the four left and said, you have to stay ashore. i promise i will come back and get you and they respected that and i said sit down and wait. i went to the mainland. i went back again and they were as agreed upon sitting there and i just waved to them like this and they waved back and made a contact and got in and got them in the boat and there were another group further out.
10:27 pm
we picked up two or three more and went to the mainland and on the third lap i think i picked up eight maybe further out. it was quite a touching story because i mean i realized that three of the young people laying there kind of together behind the stone they actually got shot in the woods and they had transported themself down to that place and gathered together and i believe they died there, three young people holding around each other. >> police are still searching the lake for more possible victims. still ahead here on cnn a lot of questions and speculation surrounding the death of amy winehouse, the troubled singer found dead in her apartment on saturday. when will we know what caused her death? we'll update you. plus a devastating train crash in china. 35 people dead. hundreds injured. coming up details on what caused the accident. would deliver
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for 18 holes with your buddies. more passion for the one ya love. more fun with your family and friends. it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. come on, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. ♪ well i -- >> now to the death of amy winehouse. britain's "daily mirror" reports tonight that her friends say amy winehouse's death followed a binge of pills and alcohol. cnn has not been able to confirm it but london police do not know what took her life after finding her body saturday in her apartment. an autopsy may take place as early as monday. in the meantime, mementos from mourners continue to pile up outside her flat. the grammy award winning singer
10:31 pm
was just 27 years old. asian financial markets opened lower monday as traders reacted to the failure of washington leaders to reach a deal on raising the debt ceiling. president obama met sunday with top democrats and house speaker john boehner held a conference call with fellow republicans. an obama campaign official tells cnn the president has canceled two political fund-raising appearances because of the debt ceiling impasse. 35 people are dead and more than 200 injured after a high-speed train crashed in china. the cars of the bullet train dangle from a bridge as rescuers struggle to reach the victims. witnesses told china national radio that one train stopped on the tracks because of a power outage from a lightning strike. that's when the second train traveling in the same direction rear ended it causing four of the cars to derail. the new york hotel maid who accused the former director of the international monetary fund of rape is going public with her story. in an interview with "newsweek,"
10:32 pm
nafissatou diallo describes the alleged sexual assault in vivid detail. lawyers for dominique strauss-kahn are dismissing it as a blatant ploy to turn the public against him. thousand to the big stories in the week ahead to capitol to tinsletown. we begin tonight at the pentagon. >> i'm chris lawrence at the pentagon and coming up this week, new defense secretary leon panetta who we can't call new for much longer will welcome israeli defense minister ehud barak to the pentagon for some talks and the pentagon will also wrestle with how to implement the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. because of the defense of marriage act certain benefits, housing benefit also not be able to be given to same-sex couples. that means some troops could get some benefits and other similar troops not getting them. something the pentagon will have a long time and lot of work to do to take care of.
10:33 pm
>> i'm paul steinhauser. chris christie is in iowa. he hasn't changed his mind about running for the president but there to speak about an education summit. but plenty of people will be in the state that votes first in the caucuses and primaries. michele bachmann, tim pawlenty and ran sanatorium all campaigned there. >> i'm poppy harlow in new york. reports from amazon, ford and caterpillar and mcdonald's. tuesday, two key reports, one on consumer confidence, and new home sales. and we will look ahead to friday when we see the second quarter gdp and see how much the economy grew during those three months and track it all for you on cnn money. >> i'm carlos diaz. here's what we're watching this week. we'll have the details of a michael jackson tribute concert being put together by his family and will the arnold
10:34 pm
schwarzenegger/maria shriver split get nasty over support payments? catch "showbiz tonight" tonight weeknights at 11 p.m. eastern on hln. now, a look ahead at the weather and how it will impact travel. jacqui jeras joins me. a couple of regions will have flight delays. >> our weather pattern shifting, don, to the point where we'll see a big increase in the upcoming days of thunderstorms. especially across this region right here. we'll be watching the mid-atlantic, say across the central plains states in the southeast for pop-up showers and thunderstorms so it's not going to hit everybody but so you'll have a 30% chance that it's going to hit your hometown so we do expect to see delays at the airports. thunderstorms very likely in atlanta tomorrow. 80% chance so heavy delays are going to be expected here, of course, the world's busiest airport doesn't take much of a hiccup to start causing problems. washington, d.c., all your airports there as well as philadelphia and probably baltimore, looking at moderate delays so maybe 30 to 60 minutes for you and memphis and
10:35 pm
nashville expected to get those pop-up thunderstorms, too. maybe about 15 to 30 minutes for you in that area. the other story which is certainly going to affect you as you head into the week is the heat and we're still going to be focusing on this across the nation's midsection so south of kansas city into oklahoma city and dallas, today the 23rd day in a row, dallas, you've had 100 degrees or more. this is the fifth longest stretch you've ever seen and we're expecting it the week ahead so we'll probably break that record before all is said and done. little rock also looking at delays but there has been some heat relief and that's been the good news for folks who somebody -- have been across parts of the northeast check out new york city after seeing 104 and then 100 on your saturday we're dropping down into the 80s. look at that. great weather coming up ahead. washington, d.c., records for you too. late last week and into the weekend dropping down a little bit and, of course, increasing those chances of thunderstorms and then we'll take a look at dallas, as well. there you can see the triple digits all the way across the board so there are a couple of
10:36 pm
places where people are really suffering with this extreme heat, a couple breaks, though we'll take any break we can get. so nice in boston today, for example. >> look at who i'm watching on my ipad. >> the new cnn app. >> there's jacqui jeras right there. cnn app, get it streaming live. >> a little bit of a delay. i think a little bit. >> there you go. jacqui jeras. that's very cool. >> very cool. >> i was watching it at breakfast and watching fredricka whitfield. heartbreaking story, rachel beckwith. in june the 9-year-old girl asked friends and family to donate money to charity rather than giving her birthday gifts. then last night she died from injuries suffered in a horrific traffic accident on wednesday. but her inspiring story has led to an outpouring of generosity. her goal was to raise $300 for a charity providing clean water,
10:37 pm
drinking water to people in africa and as of tonight, her website has received donations totaling more than $66,000. imagine that. you can add to this number. just go to 9thbirthday. or our blompth we will put it up there fufrmt suspicious fires in north hollywood. we'll ask the fire department what's going on. is a serial arsonist on the loose? [ sirens ] it's investing with intelligence and cold hard conviction. e-trade. investing unleashed.
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that is incredible video. as many as 18 fires erupting around north hollywood in just the past four days and authorities think they are anything but a coincidence. los angeles fire department believes all 18 were deliberately set. now the search is on for the person or persons responsible. on the phone with me now is matt spence, the public service officer for the los angeles fire department. matt, thank you so much for joining us. do you believe you have a serial arsonist or arsonists on your hands? >> well, you know, it's important to note that what we do have is an investigation on our hands of several suspicious fires. it's hard to determine and two earlier investigations at this point to deem it a serial arsonist.
10:41 pm
>> do they have the same sort of m.o.? are all these fires started and set at the same time? >> yeah, well, you know, we do have, you're correct in that and what your viewers are seeing there are some real dramatic footage of what our firefighters have been dealing with over the course of the last several days and, yes, this, again, it is over a several-day period starting in the early morning hours back on thursday, july 21st, so, you know, while they are very suspicious in nature, excuse me, they do have some factors that many would think are emblematic of an arsonist. >> and all overnight, the same time. is it usually overnight? >> yeah, early morning hours and all concentrated in one geographic area in the north hollywood area in los angeles. >> what are you doing to track them down?
10:42 pm
you're telling people to be very vigilant. i'm sure you're doing other things, as well. >> we are, indeed. calling on the help of our public asking the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious findings. we've established a tip line here for those in los angeles and for your viewers that are watching that are out here on the west coast and in los angeles specifically they can go to our lafd website for more specific information but in addition to that we've recalled off-duty arson investigators. our arson counterterrorism group with the los angeles fire department is the lead investigative unit. we're working in conjunction with our friends at the lapd and north hollywood division. we're working around the clock obviously investigating any and all leads that may come our way at this point. >> matt spence is a public service officer for the los angeles fire department. thank you, sir.
10:43 pm
and historic day for gay couples in new york state. hundreds got married legally. we'll look back at the day's highlights. our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car is totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today.
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responsibility. what's your policy?
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therefore, by the powers vested in me by the state of new york, i pronounce you both married. [ applause ] ♪ >> new york city michael bloomberg doing something that was illegal until today.
10:46 pm
officiating at a wedding ceremony for a same-sex couple in his state. the groom and groom are both members of bloomberg's staff. new york is now the sixth state to allow same-sex marriages. the first couple took their vows right after midnight in niagara falls and the wedding bells have been ringing all day ever since. new york city was so swamped by requests for marriage licenses for today, it had to hold a lottery of 764 open slots. if all those people actually did get hitched, it would be a single day record for the city. our susan candiotti takes us there as new york kicked off a long, happy day of nuptials. >> reporter: they're the first male couple to say "i do" as cameras rolled at the city clerk's office. >> till death do us part. >> when i heard those last words and till death do us part, i started crying and couldn't stop. >> reporter: freddie and marcus exchanged vows in front of a handful of witnesses. they met online, fell in love at first sight and have been fighting for same-sex marriage ever since. >> it's the moment we've been
10:47 pm
waiting for for years. >> a dream come true for us. >> a dream come true. this is my husband now, freddie as opposed to my boyfriend or partner. >> reporter: becoming among the first same-sex couples to marry in new york, the significance hasn't escaped them or what they proudly hope to tell their children one day. >> i guess we'll be telling them when we were young, you know, there was no such as us being able to get married and we were part of that day. we were part of like the people who were there when it did happen in new york at least. >> reporter: they plan on saving the e-mail that told them they won a city hall lottery allowing them to marry this morning. >> and as soon as i read this line, congratulations from the -- >> reporter: did you scream? >> did i scream? >> di scream. i thought everybody would hear me. >> reporter: he works for an insurance company. marcus, a law firm. together they supported the same-sex marriage movement. >> i have certain people in my life that they're not totally okay with it but they accept it and just the fact that they
10:48 pm
respect us because of that, it's really the most that i can ask for. >> reporter: they've already been wearing their rings for five years. >> we're just going to poll iron them up and exchange them again since we weren't able to do so. >> with this ring. >> with this ring. >> i thee wed. >> i thee wed. >> reporter: but now they have something they did not have before, a wedding certificate with the words -- >> we're married. >> reporter: susan candiotti, cnn, new york. make sure you join me near the end of this hour when we'll bring you more from that ceremony that mayor michael bloomberg presided over in about ten minutes. the nfl keep quiet point long-term risks of concussions on its players? a question in a lawsuit filed by 75 former players including former minnesota vikings linebacker fred mcneil. he gives us a closer look at the impact of those hits.
10:49 pm
>> i meet people and they talk about the conversation that we had, you know, two weeks or two weeks ago or a month ago or whatever and i don't remember. >> reporter: if we saw each other again, would you remember me? >> his answer right after the break. ineering goes into every one. like variable valve timing and turbocharging, active front grille shutters that close at high speeds, and friction reducing -- oh, man, that is complicated. how about this -- cruze eco offers 42 miles per gallon. cool? ♪ should i bundle all my policies with nationwide insurance ? watch this. on one hand, you have your home insurance with one company. and on another hand, you have your auto with another. and on another hand, you have your life with another. huh... but when you bundle them all together with nationwide insurance... ... they all work together perfectly-- and you could save 25%. wow... it's all in the wrists.
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i meet people and they talk about the conversation that we had, you know, two weeks ago, or three weeks ago or a month ago or whatever, and i don't remember. >> if we saw each other again, would you remember me? >> sanjay, i don't know.
10:52 pm
>> that was former minnesota vikings linebacker fred mcneill talking with our dr. sanjay gupta about how all the hits he endured in pro football affected his brain. one of his former teammates fran tarkenton founder of you and fred played together on the vikings, i have one more sound bite i want you to hear. it'll be really tough. >> i was actually considering not living. i was actually considering that. >> reporter: you wanted to end your life? >> yeah. >> emotional stuff. tell us about him as a player. >> i knew him when he came up as a rookie from southern cal when he was 23, 22 years old. great athlete. great linebacker.
10:53 pm
he got it. he was smart. went back to law school. graduated from law school and just a great citizen, couldn't find a better human being than fred mcneill and to see this, what so many of my teammates, so many of my generation of players has happened because we have concussions and we'd go back in the game. >> 75 players, 75, fred is among them. >> yeah. >> suing the nfl, claiming that they knew about the effects of concussions on players' brains and concealed that info until just last year. did you -- are you a part of this suit or -- you're not a part of it. >> i am not. it does not surprise me. i am not a part of the suit and not only did they not admit it but up until two years ago, don, the doctors that were working for the nfl were in total denial. they have since fired those doctors. but, you know, the ownership forever has been in denial and
10:54 pm
also the team owners and the doctors and management of the nfl. i'm not surprised the lawsuit is out there. >> this -- you brought in your helmet. >> yeah. >> this is pretty -- i mean that's really what you wore. >> it's nothing. it's just a piece of tin and this is the helmet i wore in my last game against the los angeles rams. >> that's your protection. >> there's no protection and when i got knocked out it was by two defensive backs who hit me on their head with their arm. they were 185-pound defensive back. >> look at all this. cushion in there. this is college. it's the same type. >> it's the same type helmet and that weighs about four to five times more than this helmet. much sturdier, this one has to protection whatsoever. so the real football players, the nonquarterbacks, i mean i got hit in the head a lot and got knocked out but fred mcneill
10:55 pm
and the linebackers that really play football, quarterbacks don't play football, they suffer from this and we have so many of my generation people who are suffering from dementia. suffering from alzheimer's, suffering from als. i lost a linebacker teammate two years ago, als. gave his brain to a boston university hospital that's doing a lot of the research and they connected the dots between his head trauma and his concussions to als, first time they had ever done that. >> fran tarkenton. thank you very much. sir. you know, for all of you pack rats a story to justify your piles of stuff. coming up we head to the road collection ever appraised in the show's history. starting today same-sex couples could legally tie the knot in new york. we'll take you to a special marriage ceremony officiated by new york mayor michael bloomberg.
10:56 pm
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and now stay rewarded with vacation pay. stay two weekend nights and get a $75 prepaid card. cnn founder ted turner received the service legacy award for his philanthropy from singer's usher's new look foundation which mentors young people. >> i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful, wonderful honor and i believe service is extremely, extremely important and giving
10:59 pm
back is important and i try and do it in my daily life and to be recognized by this wonderful organization means a lot to me. >> former president bill clinton received the service legacy award last year. usher started his new look foundation 12 years ago. five chinese cubs set a record at the antiques show. the appraiser said it's worth a million dollars, maybe a million and a half. they are made of rhinoceros horns and the owner says he had the cup since the 1970s. the record-breaking show will air on pbs sometime early next year. okay. we leave you tonight with the final moments of the marriage the mayor made today. john feinblatt and jonathan mintz. they work for the city of new york. they got the highest authority in the city to make it official. >> john and jonathan, we wish


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