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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 21, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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huddled together hoping that safety in numbers is their best bet at this point, but there is of course, the expectations that rebels will advance deep enough into tripoli that then will end up entering the hotel. matthew was saying that the government minders and security forces in the hotel have left. that said, around the perimeter it is believed there are armed guards. so if rebels make it all the way to the hotel, it is, of course, possible that violence could occur on the outskirts of the hotel. a very tense situation, an uncertain situation as well for these journalists in the hotel. over the last five moss, covering developments from libya. five-plus months, under the watchful eye of government minders. today, everything has changed. today is breaking news out of libya with rebels advancing into tripoli. rebel officials say two more of moammar gadhafi's sons have been captured. this is one of them. saif al islam gadhafi a short time ago, a spokesman called for
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immediate negotiations and a halt to the rebel assault. [ chanting ] >> this is video from our colleagues at sky news in trip l. people on the streets chanting "libya is free. gadhafi needs to go." rebel forces say they're now in control of most parts of the capital and the government itself is conceding that parts of the city are no longer under its control. it says also that 1,300 people have been killed over the past 12 hours. what about moammar gadhafi and all of this? there is so much uncertainty surrounding this situation on the ground. where are rebels now? how much of the city have they captured and where is the man who was in charge of libya for 42 years? moammar gadhafi. there was an audiomessawed audi
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he vowed to fight to the drop of blood. now numerous news reports out of libya security forces are surrendering. perhaps they think it's not worth the fight. the rebel fighters pushed towards tripoli after seizing the oil-rich port town of zawiya. just 30 miles down the road from the libyan capital. our sara sidner has been covering the fight for zawiya and finally it went the way of the rebels. sara, can you hear me? >> reporter: i can. i can hear you. >> where are you now? what is the latest from your vantage point? >> reporter: we're in a neighborhood and for the past few hours seeing lots of celebratory gunfire. you can hear that behind us. more celebratory gunfire. fireworks coming from the city. people yelling, "libya is free." the rebels not only have been able to hold zawiya the past
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couple of days, they have been able to move in towards tripoli and now say they have made it all the way into the city of tripoli. we were actually turned around on the coastal road. the important supply route into tripoli from zawiya because of the fears of fighting about 25 kilometers outside of the city. about 15 miles. but by tonight, and it is now about 1:00 in the morning here, they have pushed into the city. they say that there is still fierce fighting going on and they have pushed into the city from the west. >> the question is they are in tripoli now. this still could be a terribly, terribly bloody fight, sara? >> reporter: i think that is a very definitely. because no one quite knows what exactly what kind of fire power gadhafi and his regime have in that city. everyone's speculating that he has quite a bit. he said that he has plenty of
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fire power. that he will use by any means necessary to keep his position, but we do not know for sure what these rebels will be facing and, of course, what civilians will be facing. and one of the things we're hearing from these rebels is has they'll have to be very cautious. they have to deal with civilians in the area trying to keep them from getting caught in the crosshairs but also their whole mission protect civilians. it isn't as it they can tell everyone, move out of the area, we are going to take action. this is a heavily populated capital with civilians, families, people living there. now a lot of those families cannot get out of the city, because the roads are blocked. there is a lot of confusion and gunfire going on, and so this could end up being a really major battle there. but there have been a lot of
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significant development gadhafi's son arrested. no one expected that to happen so quickly. you just never know what is going to happen in the next few minutes. >> it's important to underline the fact that nato air strikes can be useful in one way on the battlefield, certainly not useful in urban fighting, and in urban fighting scenario, where you're really going street to street, sometimes building to building, sara. >> reporter: right. and it's the most dangerous kind of warfare, because you cannot see around the corner. you have to know this city like the back of your hand, and still yet you won't know who might be around the corner. who might be there. whether it's a friend or a foe. depending on which side you're fighting for. so it can get pretty ugly. not only for the residents kind of stuck in the middle of all this but for the fighters on either side, for the regime and for the rebels themselves. we should also mention, we can tell you a little bit about strategy and what happens with nato and the rebels.
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they are in very close contact. we know that because we've seen it in sister cities, benghazi, now here in zawiya. what happened here, there were so many snipers in the city center, zawiya, the rebels a couple days before were warned. please, move everybody out of the city center and get yourselves out of the way, because action may be taken by nato and, indeed, 48 hours later, there was air strikes from the air, obviously, by nato and that is what moved the rebel it's forward, because it got rid of the snipers on those buildings and they were able to charge forward and now have finally made it into tripoli from the west. >> sara sidner in western libya in zawiya and our matthew chance at the hotel as we saw there in tripoli. do stay safe, both of you, as our teams continue to work hard and in difficult conditions to bring you the latest on the libya story. let's bring in veteran american diplomat nicholas burns now at the kennedy school at
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harvard university and joins us now from providence, rhode island. thanks for being with us. as we see the fighting unfold, it seems almost a near certainty rebels at some point, whether today or in a few weeks, will take tripoli. but then what? how do you stabilize politically this country? >> well, i think first we have to see what happens in the next 24 hour. events are moving at night ling speed. i would say whip the two sons arrested, if that is true, and with security forces disappearing in the streets of tripoli, gadhafi's hours might just be numbered, not just his days. it may be we it flee to a military base, but he quickly appears to be losing control. as we look ahead, were that to happen, it's going to be extraordinarily difficult for the transition council, the rebel political body to put the pieces back together again. so many cities in libya have been shattered by the fighting over the last six months.
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infrastructure, of course, has been destroyed. there are so many poor people and people that don't have access to resources. it's going to be enormously difficult for that government to get its footing, this new government, when it takes power, and to provide services as well as to begin to gain some measure of political control over this very vast and very diverse country. >> what about, there's political control and then there's political credibility, and then there is the trust that they may or -- that they may have or may not have right now with the libyan people to usher this country into a true pluralistic democracy. the challenges are immense. >> they are. as you know very well, gadhafi survived over 40 years because he played one tribe against another. and so in this tribal-based society, it will be difficult for an alliance that has been based in eastern libya and benghazi to have credibility. in parts of the west, in parts of the center of part of the country, where gadhafi comes
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from. so building some credibility with those tribes and keeping the country quiet is going to be -- is going to be a very, very tall order. there are a lot of scenarios that can play out in the next 24 hour. one, of course, is that gadhafi is finished and loses power, perhaps from an internal coup. the second is he will find to the end, have in our fire power and people with him to do a lot of damage. we'll have to wait and see. but this is not yet at all decided. >> well, what about nato, and these western powers and nato powers, other countries who have participated in this air strike campaign. they pitched in militarily to help the rebels, even though they're mandate was to protect civilians, in many ways they were militarily helping the rebels. what can they do? >> you know, i think nato has really done what it can be. it's been in essence the air army of the rebel alliance over
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the last six months. it's made very big impact over the last several days and weeks, intensified air strikeses against gadhafi's forces outside of tripoli. but if the fighting now is in the center of the capital city, if it's street to street, nato air power is going to be rather limited. they won't have the confidence that they can protect civilian lives by firing into that city. it may be now we're witnessing the final battle. the rebel alliance against gadhafi's dwindling forces inside of tripo. >> former secretary of state, thanks, joining us from providence, rhode island with his analysis on this fast-moving story in libya. extremely significant developments in that country, and in tripoli, particularly, with rebels advancing into the capital. we can only imagine what it's like right now inside of libya. a resident joins me with his perspective. he joins us now from benghazi. you are in benghazi, correct, in
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eastern libya? >> yes, ma'am. hello. how are you? >> hi there. great. thanks for being with us. what is it like in benghazi right now? >> it's like new year's celebrations. literally. yeah. we're getting reports coming in right now that -- that under directive for the media and directions for the council, and i'm getting reports right now that gadhafi is being captured, on his way out to tunisia. i still have to confirm this, but i'm getting this right now from my forces. that he has been captured. >> all right. just to -- i need to underline one thing to viewers. we have not been able to confirm that. we've seen those reports as well, that moammar gadhafi has been captured and have in no way confirmed that. we have heard from the revolutionary groups and from the opposition that saif islam gadhafi has been captured
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including his brother and assurances they will be treated well. is that something that the opposition, that the rebel movement can guarantee? >> surely. we've been -- we've been, you know, telling all the fighters all along from the very beginning that they're to respect all human rights regarding the capture of any prisoners, and even the mercenaries. certainly the inner circle of gadhafi and his family will both, will all receive due process of law, and will receive their full rights. we don't want any additional bloodshed unnecessarily. certainly they will all face legal charges sooner or later, but they will have judicial rights. this is part of what -- you know, aspiring to have in a
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democratic society. free and fair trial. so this, they will receive their due process. >> tell us more about the celebrations in benghazi. what are people saying tonight in eastern libya? it was a much harder fight in eastern libya. i mean, it was certainly longer. it went lightning speed during a capture. g give me a sense of the mood in benghazi. >> right now, celebratory mood. everybody is now celebrating the crowning of the liberation, if you will. that is the liberation of the capital. now, i imagine most of the areas that are still to be liberated will soon just -- the gadhafi
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regime, will -- >> all right. mr. shamsiddin, i think that connection just froze up on us. speaking to us from benghazi. the director for media relations i believe is his title for the transitional national council, the revolutionary, the opposition movement in libya. these rebels who seem to have captured so many neighborhoods in tripoli, the capital of libya. their big prize that they've been fighting for months for, with the help of nato air strikes there and we're hearing reports of celebrations in the main square in tripoli. this, of course, the main square where moammar gadhafi himself was addressing supporters. parts of tripoli where moammar gadhafi was brandishing his green book. this is a man who's ruled libya for 42 years. this very well could be the last few hours of his reign in libya.
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nationwide is on your side. breaking news out of libya. we are hearing reports that rebels have entered the square. to put it in perspective, this is like times square in tripoli. you're seeing images of one of the sons of moammar gadhafi. and rebel official sas two of moammar gadhafi's sons have been captured. you're seeing images of rebel advances into the city. the rebels say they are now in control of most of parts of the capital. most of the parts of the capital
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tripoli, that illusive prize that was, it seems, and i'm using the past tense under the control of moammar gadhafi forces. if green square is now in the control of rebels, this is extremely significant. this is the times square in new york, this is extremely symbolic, and it is where moammar gadhafi gave one of his speeches to his supporters saying he would never surrender. the government itself is conceding parts of the city are no longer under its control and says it was a bloody battle. that 1,300 people have been killed. moammar gadhafi, as i said, vowing to fight to the end. then there are reports that security forces don't think the fight is worth it. that they are surrendering. with me, an egyptian american who's lived in libya. we were talking about green square. it is, really, the center of tripoli.
4:19 pm
>> it is. now i remember. i remember the day that i was living in libya when they actually created overnight the green square. the way it was created, they actually destroyed a bunch of buildings and started painting the ground green and this became the center of the new revolution. of course, the people that lived there found overnight that they had to find somewhere else to live, but it is another symbol of the type of government that gadhafi provided over the last 40 years. >> and you use the word symbol, it's extremely important to use that word in some cases. especially in the arab world. because in the arab world you have the consultive personality and green square and other squares. go to syria, libya, all the same. giant posters of the leader and also sculptures and statues
4:20 pm
erected to honor the leader. those came down. we saw it was saddam hussein. >> absolutely. very, very important. this is -- big part of what the arab world will have to face in the next month, and years, probably. is to start this institution-type governing, of these symbols you are referring to correctly. >> an institution building is not something you can take a city in 24 hours. you can build institutions in 24 hours. >> that's the challenge, yes. >> the arab world is a region that is not used to democracy. the expression, suppressed a long time. so it's difficult. >> it is difficult, but we always -- i think we always forget that the human nature is not that different. that people in america -- would love to have their freedom. they appreciate it. people all over the world have
4:21 pm
the same emotions and the same -- the same looking forward to the future. now they might have opportunity. >> thanks very much. always great having the perspective of a man from the arab world. you're egyptian originally, reacting to all of this along with your -- >> it's wonderful. >> i suppose with your community here in the u.s. >> absolutely. thank you very much for inviting me. it's pleasure. >> okay. a pleasure. thank you. we're going to be right back with a lot more on our breaking news story out of libya. we'll speak with our ben wedeman as well about what's happening in that country. he's covered that country extensively over the years. we'll be right back. to make a difference in people's lives. [ carrie ] you're studying how to be an effective leader. [ cherie ] you're dealing with professionals, teaching things that they were doing every day. [ kimberly ] i manage a network of over a thousand nurses. [ carrie ] i helped turn an at-risk school into an award-winning school.
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welcome back to our breaking news out of libya. rebel forces are poring into tripoli now. the rebels claim two of moammar gadhafi's sons have been captured. [ chanting ] >> get back. get back. get back. >> this is sky news video from tripoli. people chanting on the streets that gadhafi needs to go. libya is free. a short time ago a spokesman for the libyan government called for immediate negotiations and a lawsuit to the rebel assault. we are hearing reports that have been confirmed now that the rebels have taken over green
4:25 pm
square. this is them on the way to tripoli, in western libya. rebel forces say they are now in control of most parts of the capital. this could be the end of the road for the rebels who fought very hard over the last few months to make it into tripoli. the government itself is conceding that parts of the city are no longer under control and also a deadly battle overnight and says that 1,300 people have been killed over the past 12 hours, and you're seeing this rebel army with this mismatched clothing and mismatched vehicle convoys barreling into tripoli, and today celebrating symbolically in the middle of green square in the libyan capital. now, nato says gadhafi's regime is crumbling. libyan leader gabrielle giffords moammar gadhafi is -- it doesn't
4:26 pm
seem as though at this stage many are listening to moammar gadhafi, and what he has to say. my colleague ben wedeman reported extensively from inside libya and is in cairo, egypt now. one country there to the east. so, ben, i've got to ask you about moammar gadhafi. we're not sure where he is. we're hearing from the rebels two of his sons have been arrested, and we're just hearing of celebrations in central tripoli. >> reporter: well, it appears he's keeping a very low profile. we are just a little while ago -- he was making some sort of intermittent broadcast addressed to the nation on libyan tv, but right now i'm watching libyan state tv, and it seems to be experiencing some sort of interference with the signal. now, we've seen various reports that he's gone to algeria. that he's been captured. it's not at all clear where he is. of course, there are still areas of the country where he might be
4:27 pm
welcomed. for instance, in the town of cert, to the east of tripoli. that's his hometown. that's traditionally been a very loyalist town. the city in the southern central sahara region of tripoli as well has been sympathetic to gadhafi. not at all clear where he's going to go, but he really doesn't have a lot of places he can flee to at this point. he's surrounded in tripoli, and it seems that the rebels are just getting closer and closer to taking over the entire city. hala? >> ben, stand by for a minute. i'm going to get back to you. we have on the line a chief prosecutor for the international criminal court. just a reminder to viewers, on june 27th of this year, the icc issued an arrest warrant against moammar gadhafi. we're not sure where moammar gadhafi is right now, but what
4:28 pm
is the position of the icc now with regards to the libyan leader? what is the next step? >> there are -- in the libya case, one is against moammar gadhafi and the other one against saif gadhafi and the other against his other son. we understand, sources are confirming, our information, that saif was arrested, and that's very good news and we are planning tomorrow to transfer the tradition of authorities. how to manage this, because normally saif will -- the crimes are crimes against humanity. so this will affect the entire war and the international court will convene. that's why we heard he was
4:29 pm
arrested and we'll discuss tomorrow the transition of authority, how to manage to surrender him. >> so the plan is tomorrow to discuss with the transitional authorities the transfer of saif al islam gadhafi, one of the sons of moammar gadhafi to the hague. is that correct? >> exactly. exactly. because out of one pending against saif, for against humanity against february 2011. >> the discussion is tomorrow. is there any timeline that is emerging in all of this? >> the international accord, we have evidence moammar and saif and head of the intelligence. the most responsible, and that
4:30 pm
is who should appear before the judges of the international court, and the leader of all this has to be tried. how to manage the other cases. for instance, we are not -- the other son, the eldest son of gadhafi, who apparently also is captured. so that is not the person -- and help to manage other cases when they decide how to manage this. saif and moammar are, have been surrendered -- k. >> can i ask you. the transitional authorities, have they assured is you that saif al islam is being treated well? have they told you where he is position positioned -- where he is held
4:31 pm
while being transferred to the hague? no. he was arrested and, but, no. tomorrow the authorities have to manage the problem. >> luis moreno-ocampo, very important information there with the hope that the transitional authorities in libya will be able to work with the icc. work out a plan for the transfer of one of moammar gadhafi's sons. an arrest warrant issued for saif islam gadhafi. we'll continue to follow this story. we'll be right back.uc mobile app. g the schb it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you.
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welcomes back, everyone. if you're just joining us, think is a decisive chapter in the battle for tripoli. perhaps even the final chapter. rebels have taken over green square in the center of tripoli. they have, in fact, renamed it martyrs jere. you're seeing images of young women celebrating the "v" for victory sign and fires being lit and the square filled with people who are celebrating the apparent defeat of moammar gadhafi forces in tripoli. i sap the apparent defeat,
4:35 pm
because it is still the dead of night. it is a little past 1:30 a.m. in tripoli. it is still a big question, what will happen when the sun rises in the libyan capital? will those forces loyal to moammar gadhafi fight the rebels who were advancing deeper and deeper into tripoli, or will forces, as we've heard reports, many reports out today, surrender? will some of them just take off their military uniforms, put on civilian clothes and meld into the crowd because they say it's not worth it. rebel forces say they are now in control of most of the capital. importantly, saif islam gadhafi, who has been captured by rebel forces, against whom an arrest warrant was issued. i just spoke with a prosecutor
4:36 pm
from the international court hopes to speak tomorrow on the transfer of saif al gadhafi. one of the most public faces of the gadhafi regime back to the hague. his first trip to the hague and perhaps even a one-way ticket. you're seeing images of rebel forces barreling towards the libyan capital. we were hearing from sara sidner they were full of enthusiasm that morale was high, that they felt this was the decisive time for the opposition forces who for the last several months have been fighting to take tripoli. the government as far as its concerned said it was a bloody battle for tripoli. that 1,300 people have been killed over the past 12 hours. ben wedeman is still on the line with us from cairo, and he joins me now on the phone. ben, we all remember these very scary images of you when you were in western tripoli with your colleagues there and came under fire by gadhafi forces.
4:37 pm
and this really was sort of incrementally, seeing back and forth, back and forth, these rebel fighters trying to make it to tripoli. tonight it has happened. has are your thoughts? >> reporter: certainly it was a long process, and some libyans told me that, in fact, it was a blessing in disguise, this long, sometimes it's very difficult back and forth battle between the regime and the rebels. they said that the six months have allowed them to become better organized. certainly they've gained a lot of battlefield experience that they simply did not have at the very beginning. i remember shortly after benghazi fell, traveling westward in the direction of tripoli, and discovering that people were so busy celebrating the youster of gadhafi's forces from benghazi, that they weren't even thinking in terms of a military fight in which they would have to essentially battle
4:38 pm
against the forces of the regime. there was an expectation very early on that the regime would simply lapse from with, but we saw that it was able to re-establish a certain amount of order to put up something of a fight, but gradually the rebels were better trained, better armed, better organized, and tonight you're seeing the result of that in tripoli. >> maybe we can put up the images of green square. i don't know if you're familiar with tripoli, but i remember going there a few years ago, and in all of these arab regimes where dictators are in charge or have been in charge for decades it is truly the consuultive personality, posters and pictures of them, and then you see these scenes is. of young people celebrating the fall of the tyrant, so to speak. and, really, we are witnessing
4:39 pm
history. >> reporter: certainly we are. and, of course, these are scenes we've seen elsewhere. we saw them in tunisia. we saw them in egypt, where the edifice of dictatorship that everybody thought was so permanent and unmovable is really quite fragile. a bit like that statue of saddam in the square in baghdad, which turned out to be hollow. most of these regimes have a very intimidating facade of security, of secret police, but, really, when the people push back and try to topple them, they discover, they're sort of paper tigers. hala? >> thanks, bed wedeman, our senior international correspondent and one of the key correspondents on the uprising sweeping the region there. as we continue to watch history unfold with rebels reaching tripoli, penetrating deep into the libyan capital. this could be the last chapter for moammar gadhafi. we'll be right back.
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breaking news in libya tonight. rebels claim two of moammar gadhafi's sons have been captured. they also say they're now in control of most parts of the capital. the libyan government as far as it's concerned says 1,300 people have been killed over the past 12 hours. bring in the washington bureau chief for al arabiya television. thanks for joining us. your thoughts as you watched these rebel forces penetrate deep into tripoli they've taken over green square and in fact renamed it martyrs square. >> you know, hala, we may be witnessing the last hours of the long libyan good-bye. think of it this way. moammar gadhafi took over when nixon was at the white house. he survived nixon, ford, carter, reagan, bush xli. clinton, bush xlii and almost three years of obama. he did not survive obama.
4:44 pm
that gives you an idea of the long nightmare the libyans now will finally see its end. and because he was different than benghazi and tunisia, it is unfortunate this is the demise involving nato and really ended up shattering an already divided society in libya. >> i do have to put this in perspective, perhaps for people who haven't been following the libya story as closely as you have, but many people who covered libya, including myself, truly didn't think that they would really live to see this. >> absolutely. i mean, many of us, sometimes, despaired saddam would remain forever, and that this man would look, ruled for 42 years and destroyed a country that should have been probably the most advanced on the african continent. it is amazing. but, again, you know, the debate
4:45 pm
for libya would have succeeded without international intervention and military intervention. that's unfortunately reality. many wondered sometimes if saddam was around when the uprising in tunisia and iraqi began if iraqi people could bring him down. we are wagie i watching in syri brutally oppressing his own people. >> it's different. that's always important to underline from one country to the next, what the military does. how the regime cracks down or doesn't crack down. if you could stand by. a short break on cnn and be right back with more of our conversation in washington. stay with us. [ male announcer ] for sore muscles use new bengay cold therapy.
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welcomes back, if you're just joining us, everyone. breaking news from libya. five months into the nato air strike campaign, libyan rebels are fighting inside tripoli. two of moammar gadhafi's sons captured including this, one of
4:49 pm
the most popular faces of the regime, saif gadhafi. the rebels say they're now in charge of most of the capital and this is then driving on the coastal highway leading them to tripoli. the government itself is conceding that parts of the city are no longer under its control, and, in fact, we are reserving images from green square, one of the central squares in tripoli and one of the areas that was the symbol of the mg moammar ga and now people are celebrating what they are saying now perhaps too soon, perhaps not, is the end of the regime of moammar gadhafi. a man many call a tyrant. a man many say was the only one taking advantage and profiting from the riches of libya. now, the government itself is saying that the battle was bloody. that over 1,300 people were
4:50 pm
killed over the last 12 hours. the washington bureau chief is with us from al arabiya television. first tunisia, now egypt. now we're seeing libya. how significant is libya from the grand scheme of things? >> this is ex-supretremely impo. the gadhafi uprising, if can be. a changed libya will help tremendously. the two countries when the wave began, tunisia in the east and egypt in the west, both were hurt because of the libyan uprising because of the migration of labor from those two countries back to libya, tunisia and egypt and new political order in libya will relieve both of these countries which suffered a lot when
4:51 pm
gadhafi was in power in tripoli. so that is significant because it could change the political alignment in the whole north african region and as i said, it will have repercussions on the syrian uprising. as we say, another one bites the dust. >> syria might be a bit tougher though as we've discussed in the past. we'll see politically what happens. we'll see what the libya of tomorrow will look like soon enough. thanks so much. we'll be right back with reaction from the u.s. state department to all of the unfolding developments out of libya. stay with us.
4:52 pm
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welcome back, everyone. if you're just joining us, libyan rebels have taken the battle to tripoli. in fact, i think in some cases we can safely say they have taken tripoli. rebel officials say two of moammar gadhafi's sons have been captured. rebel forces say they now control several parts of the capital. big question going forward of course is will they meet
4:55 pm
resistance at some point? it is now almost 2:00 in the morning in tripoli. you're seeing images here of green square, that large square in the center of tripoli. this is where we've heard moammar gadhafi give speeches, brandishing his green book. well, the square is now filled with gadhafi opponents and rebels say they've in fact renamed it, not green square anymore, they say it is called martyr's square. the government, for its part, came out on television a few hours ago through its spokesperson, saying the battle has killed 1,300 people over the last 12 hours. state department is watching things in libya saying, "gadhafi's days are numbered." so it appears as though gadhafi's "hours" may be numbered. cnn correspondent jill dougherty joins me now. >> they're watching this very, very carefully, very closely.
4:56 pm
of course the white house, president obama's getting briefed on this. secretary of state hillary clinton is getting briefed on it. and it really is striking that just go back, rewind a week or two ago when the narrative was really that the rebels were divided, they couldn't get their act together, the u.s. was encouraging them to do that, and now we're seeing what's going on. there is a senior state department official, jeff feltman, assistant secretary of state. he is in the rebel stronghold of benghazi. that's another indication of how carefully they're watching this. and in the statement that they issued, things in a way they've said before but now they have new significance. one, we encourage the tnc, transitional national council, to prepare and plan for a post-gadhafi libya. that now is crucial because not only are they watching the fighting and movement, they're watching what happens after. if gadhafi does go down, then what? account rebels and the
4:57 pm
opposition now take over the tnc that they've been working with, can they pull it off, create a government and begin to create this post-gadhafi situation? >> and it's always a tricky question in the arab world, how much involvement from the united states politically in the post-gadhafi libya. we've got to take a quick break, but jill dougherty is standing by with the rest of our reporters across libya and the world for the latest on this breaking news story out of libya. is it the end of the road for moammar gadhafi, the man in charge of libya for 42 years? we know his son is in custody. the international criminal court is going to discuss his transfer to the haig. it certainly is history unfolding before our eyes in libya. we're going to take a short breek as break as we leave you with these images of the rebel advance toward the capital. under $20 crab entrees like our crab and seafood bake... or our snow crab and crab butter shrimp. my name's jon forsythe and i sea food differently.
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