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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  August 21, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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it's a complex region, wolf. nothing is simple in that part of the world. i will say that spending those two and a half weeks or so with the western mountain rebels was extraordinary how fast they got it together and moved from the mountains to the coast while there was a deadlock from the east and everyone thought it was a stalemate. those guys swept this to where it is now. >> amazing what's going on. michael, thank you very much. our coverage is not going away. we are staying on much. our coverage is not going away. we are staying on top of the story. cnn's coverage continues right now. and it's midnight here in atlanta. we want to welcome our international viewers and the
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viewers in the united states. we begin with breaking news out of libya. the sun is rising on what appears to be a new day in libya. however the square is quieter now. snipers would be in that area of the city. here are the latest devel developments.
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>> broadcast yet another pep talk to his supporters. tro >> i am with you, alongside with you in this fight. we will not give up. >> it appears that gadhafi's body guards did not share his conviction. insists that nato fighters returning the city into a held fighter. blamed nato for all those who had lost their lives in the fighting. >> every drop of libyan blood is
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the responsibility of the western world. and especially nato's countries. so we will hold mr. obama, mr. cameron morally responsible. for every single death that takes place in this country. >> nick one of the astonishing things is the way the libyan army has dissolved, especially in tripoli zits. what lie with the -- can you tell us about it?
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>> sort of a ring of steel around it. was able to draw on mu missions for multiple bases. >> who were originally the force that went in when they first -- gadhafi's forces first crushed the rebels there. the fact that there was not any resistance there. the fact that the rim of steel evaporated and really gives rise to the pr spgs hire of how the rebels are able to get into the
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city so quickly but how gadhafi himself maybe called out in surprise at just how quick ly that will enable rebels throughout the city who don't want gadhafi, who have been too afraid to come out on the streets because they don't have the weapons will realize that the fake military machine has melted away. we don't know the details and we don't know the parameters of the area that gadhafi's forces still control. >> now libya is an oil rich country with 140 different tribes and countries. there are a lot of people who have potentially something to fight over if they want to fight each other now.
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what do you think is going to happen? is the transition going to be as smooth as it seems? >> the military transition may be quick and may appear to be smooth in the initial analysis and securing control -- but get ing you have a traditional east west split within the country. that is historic. you is have a lot of the rebels coming from the east of the country. you have tribes that have been loyal to gadhafi. the tribe that the head of intelligence is from. >> that tribe has always feld a powerful position in government. what are they going to settle
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for now. will the and politicians that i have talked to who fled libya say that the political maker and triable make-up is very diverse. this is what made -- may slow the sort of arrival, if you will, or the announcement of any sort of. the military phase is not over and may be the simplest one. >> many governments around the
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world say they know who the rightful leaders of libya are. >> people who came to the rebel side. former libyan ambassador to the united nations. some of them like the general who was recently killed, senior figure suddenly killed very recently over the past few weeks was a loyalist to gadhafi. to switch sides you have libyan businessmen in the united states and other countries. they have joined the national council. they have been able to lobby the state department. it expects the national council to be a transition to something
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else. to a government that is more representative of the whole country. and when we look at the transitional national council right now, the international pressures on it they do seem to have -- one of gadhafi's sons is wanted by the international criminal court. will this prove how they will respondent to expectations and pressure. the pressure to do the right thing by the country. not to grab and hold power by the small group that exists today. >> nick robertson, thank you very much. all of this the key city just west of the capital.
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we are now back and joining us live from zawiya. it is just after 6:00 a.m. in the morning. >> that is really a celebratory fire. we have heard quite a bit of that over the last few hours from this area and also as you go introtripoli. the rebels went all the way into the city. we got all the way into green square in really about 35
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minutes. nothing really to stop us. a few check points along the way. one thing we should note that in green square when we got into the square, they were checking inside the vehicle, who are you, who are you. we know that the tripoli brigade, people from tripoli that left the city or went to other parts of the world who decided they wanted to come back and fight when the time was right.
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all of the speeches about having thousands and ten thousand professional fighters in the area and telling other people to rise up. we didn't see really any of that. when we got into the green square it was quiet except for a few people blasting off celebratory rounds in the air. interesting to see what is happening. no one imagined that it would be this easy for this group of untrained, mostly untrained rebel fighters. many of them civilians before this happened six months ago coming into the middle of the square where gadhafi was supposed to be stone rolled. >> it may be difficult for you to judge but how much of tripoli and how much of libya as a whole
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do the rebels actually control? >> now that they are in tripoli this all could change. this could be the big game changer as you might imagine. for so long there have been reports and disputes from the government. now that they are in tripoli, i am not seeing reported all over the world and inside of libya, very difficult for the gadhafi regime to say that they have control of anything. we don't know what gadhafi has in store, if anything, for the fighters who have made it into
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the capital. one of the things there is the national transitional council. there is a lot of questions about who exactly may lead this country whether it is one person or a group of people for a while. has spoken of before. that's what they wanted to do. a lot of questions unanswered. certainly a lot of celebrating by rebel forces and civilians who backed the rebels here in the country. >> sarah who has been traveling with the rebels on the wave of their extraordinary advance. thank you. >> some extraordinary reporting as well.
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the question is who is going to run this country and how are you going run it. >> the election of the temporary councilmen. and of course wi have to take care of the security of the city.
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>> i don't think that would be a major issue with gadhafi's resistance. in the meantime, made it very clear that any changes happening and they are ready for any surprises. and you know, the celebration, people are getting together. >> you raise the issue there of gadhafi's sons. now, what will you do with them? and what will the libyan people want done with them? >> it is a very difficult question, you know? the libyan people, i think they want to bring them to justice.
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>> the national army, they were in the first section in this area. libya is under the control of the tnc now. >> very strong statement. the celebrations in libya heard and seen. reactions up next on cnn, the world's news leader. e, you don't have the app store. so you don't have the world's largest selection of apps, that are this easy to find.. and this easy to download right to your phone.
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medical history follows you. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advanced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪ >> in was the scene just a short time ago with the libyans celebrating in freedom square. thousands of people were in the square. benghazi was the scene of some of the first protests. u.s. president barack obama is vacationing on the gadhafi regime is said to have reached a
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tipping point. the shortest way for the bloodshed to end is simple. gadhafi and his regime need to realize his reign has come to an end. the president said the future of libya is now in the hands of the libyan people. >> as the fighting rages on the ground, the white house is looking at the possible next steps after gadhafi. national council that has led the rebels so far should continue to demonstrate leadership. they should respect the right of the people. avoid civilian casualties. protect the institutions of the libyan state and pursue -- that is just and inclusive.
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those are all important issues thaz move to what is the next step and that is creating an interim authority. finally oil and the revenues that have been frozen that now would be give on the the tnc. all of these issues could make that transition very complicated. they will be looking carefully and hoping that the tnc will follow through on the commitments it hads already made.
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prescribe david cameron has released a statement on. the statement goes on to say that he has committed appalling crimes andhe must go now to avoid further suffering. that was on march 19. french and british air force lanes began regular punishing. french president has been urging gadhafi to give up immediately what power he has left. in a statement from paris, he said gadhafi should avoid hurting the libyan people. >> we're going to have much more
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>> it appears that two of the sons are under arrest. >> nato secretary general released a statement saying that gadhafi's rule is quite clearly crumbling. nato also responded to demand from a libyan government's spokesperson. stopped bombing libyan targets. >> the regime as the united nations security council made very clear, the mandate is to continue civilians.
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attacked by the gadhafi regime. >> so as far as you are concerned, what is the way out of the situation? >> well i think what we are seeing tonight was that the regime is crumbling and the soon er. >> what i got from my interview
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is that basically they are worried about retaliation. and it seemed to me that what he was saying is that they cannot give up the battle because that means they will be killed by the other side. >> nato -- security council mandates us to protect civilian s it is for the unite d negotiating a political solution to the conflict. the regime has consistently.
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has been using hospitals and childrens playgrounds as shields. the cumulative effect of nato's acti action. >> it's nato that has been enforcing a no fly zone. john? >> in fact, nato -- united protector on march 31. since then planes have flown more than 15,000 sorties.
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>> fought for months finds itself in control of tripoli as monday dawns, more world report after this break. you are watching the world's news leader, cnn. [ male announcer ] from part a to part d, for medicare made clear, we're here to answer all of your questions. call unitedhealthcare medicare solutions.
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report. >> we want to welcome our international viewers. here are the latest twopmentes for you. >> anti-gadhafi forces say they are now in control of most parts of tripoli but the rebels caution there are some pockets of resistance in the city. no one seems to know for sure. opposition leaders say they have captured two of their sons. >> as all of this has been unfolding we have been able to speak with some libyans who say
9:32 pm
they are ready for change. one woman says the country has been through 40 years of hell this is the pure joy that change has brought to this 19-year-old living in the capital city. >> this is something that we have all been dreaming of forever. everyone is so happy. we were living in fear and now you can go out and say what you want and what you feel. i can talk on the phone without being scared that they are going to come in and take me. >> what are your plans for today? can you hear us? we are hearing what sounds like gunfire, now. >> hello? >> we are hearing what sounds like gunfire or is that you breathing into the fun? what is happening in tripoli
9:33 pm
this morning? >> it's gunfire. that is what you are hearing. >> tell us about that. can you tell whoa is firing the guns? how far away they are and who they are firing at? >> i have no idea. i am sure you see that they belong to the freedom fighters and not to the gadhafi soldiers any more. i am hoping that the gunfire is signs of victory. >> have you, yourself, looked out or been out recently? can you tell us what is going on in your neighborhood? >> we went out to the balcony, but have not been out on the streets since it is not safe for females to go out yet. it's exciting. we're all really excited. i don't know. there are not words to express
9:34 pm
my excitement right now. very few people in the streets of tripoli. only the rebels and the fighters. doesn't seem like the people have been able to venture out. is that the case? >> yeah, yeah. we're in the final stage. we are waiting for -- they are going to be cleaning up the streets is and check points to make sure that everything is safe. once we know we will all go out and march in the square. finally celebrating the freedom that we all deserve.
9:35 pm
>> as a woman why do you not feel safe yet? >> all of the men that are out there, they are all armed. we all asked for our freedom. decided that he is going to shoot at us to defend himself and shoot back. and so the only people there, no one without weapons is allowed out or should be out. >> is it hard for people to get food, water, gasoline, electricity that they need?
9:36 pm
>> that's been hard for the past six months. without food, without water, without gasoline. >> do you think it will be just two days that gadhafi is held on to power for 42 years. do you fear he will fight to stay in place? >> we proved to him that we are a lot better and smarter than him. at the end of the day, we make sure that the people are right. >> we're not going to identify you. but anyone can tell that you are a young woman.
9:37 pm
how much has your life changed because of what has happened over the last six months? >> the past messages that we have been sending and what we were worried about. not the past things i was talking about with my friends. we were such children. everything -- everything is so different. we are looking at life in such a different way. i can say everyone is just looking at life in such a different way. we have different goals. we are all different people. we are all happier all of the sudden and it is not the end yet. we all grew up if that is the right word to say. we are all mature. >> reflecting in facebook, it is extraordinary to hear from you. gadhafi has confounded the
9:38 pm
international community for years. >> he has long been with calculating and kedly. >> set about wiping all foreign influence from the country including all of communism or capitalism. gadhafi always said that his goal was to change the world. >> proclaimed a merger with
9:39 pm
libya, egypt and syria in 1972. that merger plan fell apart. a later attempt disintegrated into bitter animosity. maintaining a colorful profile wherever he went, he made a point of emphasizing his bed, sleeping in tents protected by an eye catching female security detail. his speeches were legendary. this 2009 speech at the u.n. was typical. >> this is undemocratic. >> what was supposed to be a 15 minute talk rambled on more than 90 minutes. while he sometimes appeared a clown on the world stage his actions were often deadly.
9:40 pm
the irish republican armies to defeat. he viciously targeted americans. in 1986, libyan agents were accused of bombing a berlin nightcl nightclub. responded by bombing tripoli, targeting gadhafi's house. two years later, pan am flight 103 blew up over the tiny village. raining debris and taking 270 lives. investigators traced the attack to libya. leaving the country isolated and increasingly destitute.
9:41 pm
he gave up the suspects for trial and after the u.s. invaded iraq, he surprised the world by agreeing to destroy all of his chemical, nuclear and biological weapons. he welcomed oil kpaeps into libya but questions linger about some western loyal contracts were traded for scotland's release of one of the convicted bombers. and he kint give up the bizarre behavior. >> back home patience was running thin. after more than 40 years, rebelian bubbled up quickly spreading across libya. as his government disintegrated
9:42 pm
he adresed the nation from the same house bombed by the u.s. in 1986. >> this is my country, the country of my grandfather's. >> he vowed to die a martyr in libya. >> rebel news tightens around tripoli. gadhafi's options are growing increasingly limited. one possibility for him is exile. a spokesman said that gadhafi has go ahead the governments of neighboring countries for refuge for family members but apparently not for himself. the international criminal court wants to answer for crimes against humanity. so up next, civil war in libya. the man at the center is an
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right noi embattled libyan leader's where abouts are unknown. rebel forces -- and his brother. prosecutors for the international criminal court hope to put him on trial. >> let's just for a moment turn our attention to another story that has been making news this is the roller coaster that we have seen play out in the markets since the start of a new trading work after what has been a turbulent time. here is what is happening across asia. one fifth of 1%.
9:47 pm
>> a story we have been following and we will continue to do in ongoing business coverage. let's get back to more updates coming out at the middle east. >> another story we will be watching closely, carrots and sticks in sire ya. i have been watching the following developments from turkey. this is the first time the syrian president addressed his sitd zens? many months. instead during the television appearance he often sounded
9:48 pm
technical discussing merits of constitutional reform. >> we talk about a package of reforms that we want to put -- which i addressed in my speech at the university of damascus. and also there will be another transitional period when we talk about the constitution. it was important to listen to the point of view from the point of view. >> talked about the need for national dialogue. >> some syrian activists say he
9:49 pm
has made promises like this before. >> what i heard is a dilutional man in denial of reality on the ground. he did not speak about the massacres that have been committed. what has been taking place in syria is crimes against humanity. but he faces a crisis of credibility. just days ago he was promised that military operations had
9:50 pm
come to an end in syria. claims more than 0 syrian citizens have been killed alone in the last 4 hours in the province of home. >> tension in gaza continues to grow, 20 incoming rockets have been reported by officials by noon on sunday. israel defense forces -- dozens say they have arrested dozens of men in gaza. outrage is still simmering in egypt. five egyptian personnel died on thursday in the incident.
9:51 pm
>> of course we will don't bring you the latest from libya but we are following another story which may have large implications in the coming days. a hurricane is is developing in the atlantic ocean. patrick what can you tell us about that? >> this is going to be a large story in the coming days across portions of the caribbean. we have gone through eight, nine. irene being number nine and jose is in line but none of them have turned out to be a hurricane. sit going to begin in portions of purt ree co-.
9:52 pm
hurricane watches, warnings, you name it when it comes to weather. and the rainfall, very serious as well. the color red, the dark red is indicating up to 25 centimeters is about ten inches of rainfall. you will get very heavy rainfall. strong winds associated with this. and they were looking at the baja mas as to be areas of concerned. work your way towards palm beach. jupiter and there we are going to be watching this very carefully. we will be following that story as well. but i want to share with you
9:53 pm
some record hot temperatures across worgs we will be following the stories as the night progresses here. >> we will be checking in with you. thank you very much for all of that. >> there will be more on the breaking news when we return. digest best buy award. rs then they gave us an iihs top safety pick and you... well, you gave us your approval. so we thought, why not give a little back. the chevy model year wrap up. get in on our greatest model year yet. and now, very-well qualified lessees can get a low mileage lease on a chevy cruze ls for around $169 a month. our greatest model year yet is wrapping up.
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>> a dramatic and fast developing sitweigh is unfolding in libya. there have been some celebrations in the capital of tripoli over what could soon be the fall of leader gadhafi. it appears two of the sons are under arrest. opposition leaders -- captured the sons.
9:57 pm
gadhafi has led libya for more than 40 years and to many people around the world he has remained an enigma. we met the libyan leader a few years ago. here are his impressions. >> he is the strangest head of state i have ever met. he received me several years ago for an interview in his tent in tripoli where every billboard and sign was painted with his picture. ronald reagan once called him a mad dog and his behavior does seem to be particular. he is famous for legion of female body guards and a plan to abolish switzerland. he seemed lathar jik. his answers seemed rambling. we never saw female body guards and his clothing was relatively
9:58 pm
low key. >> libya is in turmoil. >> back then libya was a rogue state trying to redeem itself. it had surrendered its most dangerous webs to the west and trying to open the economy to the world. its leader was the wild card, the unpredictable element, though. he still is. >> i want to ask you what it was
9:59 pm
like to meet him. >> the whole thing about him would be funny if he had not been so cruel to so many people and marked so many lives. and now he is as mysterious as ever. we quite literally don't know where he is or what his plans are so the enigma endures. >> well, that's it. for now you are watching cnn. >> our coverage of the situation in libya continues in 90 seconds. happened to come across quicken loans online. [ chris ] quicken loans constantly kept us updated and got us through the process twice now. quicken loans is definitely engineered to amaze. they were just really there for us.