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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 2, 2011 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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dress. right? i've always got the three-piece suit and kelly always has a great jacket on and he has a shirt but dark shirt and it's buttoned up and khaki pants. always nicely press. in honor of kelly, we wanted to, our floor guys wanted to give you a little tribute, kelly. they all came in looking like you today. let's bring them in behind me. look at them. the whole crew. looks like we have a team here. they all came in and paid tribute to him. kelly has been here for 20 years. he is moving over to outfront, erin burnett's show. >> kelly doesn't have to get up at 2:00 in the morning any more. you son of a gun. >> thank you for all of the great work you've done here! a little reminder. >> good luck out front with erin burnett. >> a little reminder in our business, a lot of people are involved and thanks to you as well. >> they look handsome! >> t.j. holmes and "cnn
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newsroom" starts with the handsome t.j. holmes. >> i hope erin burnett knows she is getting a great bartender there. kelly takes this seriously and made great drinks for you when i was up there with you guys a couple of weeks. you all do your 9:00 thing. i know exactly where y'all are going there in the time warner center. good to see you all! thanks so much, guys. all right. top of the hour here now. i am t.j. holmes today in for kyra phillips. this hour, unfortunately, we have to begin with the latest bad sign that this economy in this country is stalled. you've been hearing about it for some time now and we have more information that confirms it. just minutes ago we learned that there were no jobs created last month. the new jobs report came out so this means that the unemployment rate holding steady at 9.1%. this is another sobering development that underscores the deepening concerns about this economy and concerns you're hearing a lot about a double dip recession.
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let me bring in christine romans. christine, we were expecting to hear that not many jobs were created. it just does something to you psychologically when you hear no jobs were created. >> reporter: no problems were created in the largest labor market in the world. no jobs were created. on balance in the month of august. here is the situation. 9.1% unemployment. no job creation. they had been expecting maybe 75,000 jobs would be created. that would be a disappointment anyway but it would at least show you had some positive job creation. it just didn't happen. still 14 million people out of work here at this point. part-time workers increased 400 thousands thousand. it's telling me that employers, when they can, they may be addiadd ing part-time work and contract work and freelancers but not full-time employees with benefits. july 35,000 fewer jobs added
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than we first thought. june, 26,000 fewer jobs added this first thought. not only there was no job creation in august. the government looked over the summer and found there were fewer jobs added than we had thought. where was job creation? health care. a consistent trend. almost every month, health care is adding jobs. mining. almost a consistent trend there. professional and business services rose. we have been seeing some activity there as well. but, on balance, you're not seeing job creation overall. now there is the little a nom anomaly of verizon workers. it wouldn't have gotten close to the 75,000 people had been thinking of. also you had state workers from minnesota who were going back on their roles so another little anomaly. taken altogether, no job creation. no job creation. that is a disappointment and it underscores the presidential job
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plans and the president's speech next week. who has what it takes to get the economy rolling and get jobs rolling again. we have not confident right now. you heard me say it a million times. >> this sets up next week with the president's speech. the republicans will be responding to that. a lot of people not working in this country right now. christine, we will talk to you again. i want to pivot about the politics it and bring in our paul steinhauser. we are getting reaction already from the republican candidates. >> our blackberries dancing around here with the reaction from the candidates and republican organizations and republicans in congress. listen, we keep saying the unemployment report probably the most important number in politics right now. moments after that disappointed report came out the republicans were quick to attack the rnc, republican national committee. john boehner and top republican in the house and mitt romney a
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presidential candidate. in his statement he said the jobs report was unacceptable and further proof that president obama has failed. understandable. we expected the republicans to criticize the president and, of course, they are living up to that. as chris steen mentioned, tuesday, next tuesday, mitt romney gives his business job plans and followed two days later by the president and next week, the republican presidential candidates debate and jobs is a top issue. >> jobs numbers can't help the president's poll numbers. >> reporter: no. brand-new poll numbers come out this morning in advance of that jobs report. take a look at this. we asked is the economy in a recession? technically it isn't. two years out of recession what the economists say. more than 8 in 10 americans say they think the economy is in recession and only 18% say no. what about what is more important? creating jobs or lowering the deficit? you can right here 2-1 margin americans say more important for the obama administration to create jobs and why the jobs speech next week is so important. but there is a bit of a partisan
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divide. next number you can see democrats say creating jobs is the most important thing. two-thirds of independents agree. but less so for republicans. and among those who say they are tea spaert suppoparty supporterd on what is more important, creating jobs or that deficit. >> paul, thank you. we are less than 30 minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. we are keeping a close eye on the markets. we saw from the international markets, they were all down for the most part today and how will the investor react to the new jobless numbers? coming your way 25 minutes from now. we turn now to weather. three major weather events unfolding as we speak. our jennifer delgado taking a look at a tropical depression. we are jim spelman keeping an eye on the wildfires in texas
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that has destroyed dozens of homes and also susan candiotti in vermont. jennifer, what are we looking at? >> we are looking at tropical depression number 13. looks like later on it will become a tropical storm. on the tlaet i satellite imager working in. i can tell you this the winds right now sustained at 35 miles per hour. we are getting reports tropical storm force winds on some of the oil rigs just to the west of that circulation so, again, as i show you this, and i put this into motion for you let's give you an idea on the potential track. notice, it's not going to be moving that much over the next several days. and that is a problem because that means we are setting up for a big flooding threat for parts of the gulf of mexico. it gets close to the coastline of louisiana as we go sunday, 2:00 a.m. then notice as we go tuesday, 2:00 a.m., it is just existing
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off the border of louisiana into parts of mississippi. this whole area here is going to be under the gun for heavy rainfall and it looks like the winds are going to pick up to about 60 miles per hour. i want to show you, to give you an idea of the rainfall we are talking about. flooding problems is going to be great. white, talking more than 10 inches of rainfall and some locations roughly 20 inches of rainfall. as i show you over towards the west, the rain is not going to be making into parts of texas, areas that need precipitation that have been battling fires over the last several weeks and really, t.j, over the last several months. >> jennifer delgado, chat with you in a bit. jim spelman is a hundred miles west of dallas in texas. people saying keep the tropical storm away from me. texas hoping it was coming their way. it may not be a rainmaker for texas. how are they reacting to that now?
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>> reporter: the last few days everybody is asking is this coming our way. it set up for conditions that sparked these fires. this fire they finally got the upper hand late yesterday and overnight they had great conditions and hour a final assessment and hope today is the last big push and have this under control. they are allowing some people back in but not before this fire destroyed 40 homes. their goal is get everything ready for the final tourist weekend of labor day weekend here but the real problem is far from over. 90% of this state under severe drought conditions. that means dry vegetation and when you match that up with high winds in the afternoons and this over a hundred-degree heat every day here, they know fires can still break out almost anywhere in the state. they have been battling them all across the state to keep them under control so far when this fire is under control, the risk for fires will remain here for weeks, probably months to come. >> jim spelman for us in texas. we turn to the third developing weather story and it continues.
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a week away from when hurricane irene made landfall in north carolina but we are still looking at the growing scope of that hurricane's destruction. susan candiotti is in cranford, for us. >> reporter: here in cranford, new jersey, take a look at the river looking more normal but did it wreak havoc in hurricane irene. it overflowed its banks big time. one neighborhood still don't have their electricity turned on and many residents are telling us they would give anything for a hot shower after nearly a week without power. this is what a lot of the neighborhoods look like. debris all over the place. they have a lot of cleaning up to do here. they have got all kinds of furniture, personal belongings, chairs, washing machines all left to be picked up. in fact, some homes even had to be condemned because either trees have fallen down on them or their foundations have washed away. here in union county, they are
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still waiting for a declaration of disaster. the police chief tells me they hope to get it once they get the proper paper work filed with fe fema. t.j., back to you. >> three weather situations we are continuing to keep an eye on. 10 minutes past the hour now. turn to a disturbing string of deaths in hockey. three current or former enforcers have died in the past four months. you hockey fans know what is a means. these are the big guys, the intimidators they send out known for going out there and knocking people around and fighting. their deaths now are raising some serious questions. let's bring in cnn's max foster covering this story for us from london. this could be, could be a coincide but it would be a heck of a coincide. >> reporter: yeah. extraordinary, isn't it? you say three deaths. nonsuspicious deaths in just four months and the latest one wade belak a former enforcer and
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everyone said he was a happy go lucky guy so a lot of people surprised by this. a lot of questions now being asked about enforcers and former enforcers coming out as a result of this saying there is so much pressure related to this role in the team and they dread these fights. they are expected to get involved in. and a lot of them saying they are suffering from depression. very interesting. the commentators trying to take away saying these are isolated cases often and isn't about the sport. let's have a look at the national post. a paper in canada. the headline "hockey didn't kill wade belak." the game did not kill wade but made him who he was. three in four months is raising questions as you say. >> are they looking into this now? what are they going to do now with this information to check to see if there is something they need to look into further with these guys and protecting
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these enforcers? >> reporter: that's right. the debate is out there. we are talking about it and the sport has to ask some questions in terms of wade. there have not been any conclusions but not looking to anyone else to that very tragic death. >> max foster, thank you, as always. you remember this a few months ago? tornadoes ripping through the southeastern part of this country and, in particular it, alabama? tore through tuscaloosa but the university of alabama was spared. but, now, the football team, the school is trying to rally the city. also ahead a rare look inside moammar gadhafi's intelligence headquarters where long time secrets are now being unveiled. 13 minutes past the hour. stay with me. ♪
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quarterer past of the hour now. stories across the country. this will have you shaking your head. this is a youth league football game in sarasota, florida. a player, i don't know if you caught that part, but a player actually -- you see that? slow motion for you there. that's a player tackling a referee. this was a full-out brawl. the referee was being punched and kicked under there and eventually able to get up and rupp off the field. the sheriff's office is investigating and charges are expected. this is a youth league. these kids most of them not even over the age of 14, i don't believe. turn now to dramatic dash cam video out of des moines, iowa. cops showed up to the scene of this bad accident.
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you see the vehicle on fire there on your left at about 3:00 in the morning. one of the officers just forces his way into a burning car and starts pulling people out. now there was -- was one fatality involved in this but, still, three other people were saves because of the actions of those officers you see. also to san diego. the beaches there seeing some of the biggest surf of the year this week. waves so big, get this. all of those local surfers who know a thing or two about surfing, they are not even willing to get out there and attempt these suckers. the waves were generated in a storm, believe it, in antarctica last week. you remember the tornadoes that ripped through alabama and other parts of the southeast in april? during that time, the university of alabama campus was spared. but the community all around the university certainly was not. since the storm, the students and the athletes have been determined to get the school's football team back on the field. that's about to happen, but
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reynolds wolf is in tuscaloosa now. they take their football seriously as we know, as you well know there in alabama, but it comes with a little something extra right now. >> reporter: oh, it certainly does, t.j. the amazing thing about when you think about the university of alabama when you think about this town of tuscaloosa and what they went through on april 27th of this year. utter devastation and loss of life. there are still marks around the community. especially along this boulevard you'll see one stretch of house and look fine and other places now just empty fields where a subdivision used to stand across one side of the boulevard and things are empty there too. they are replacing things bit by bit. you see construction coming up. one of the key things to rebuilding the spirit of this community is going to take place this saturday coming up. we are talking about the game between the university of alabama and kent state. of course, behind me, you have brian denny stadium. this is the epi center of
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college football for you. we actually walked around the university yesterday and spoke with some of the students and they are ready to get everything started. >> it's very important. it means a lot to everybody on campus. it just shows that everything we are all coming back together. everybody will be in one place and rooting on our team. it's important to everybody here. >> i think it means a return to just normal and, you know? because this whole community has been so upset over this tornado. you're kind of getting back to just plain old just let's get back to normal, you know? let's take our minds off rebuilding for a second and let's just get back to, you know, rooting on alabama football. >> reporter: t.j, the game this weekend in terms of it being a real contest it's not like alabama is going to be playing real powerhouse and not playing another s.e.c. rival or someone from the pac-10 or pac-12 now. or someone in the midwest. what they are playing is playing kent state. the amazing thing about their opponent is kent state has been here to the university of alabama, some of their players
6:20 am
got out here and basically used some of their elbow grease and helping to rebuild this community. a wonderful thing of just the human side of the sport. i mean, when all comes down to, it's all about people. i mean, as soon as the pigskin in the air and hitting on the field sure it's passionate but at the end of the day, i mean, we are all americans and we are all trying to help each other oun and a sense of brotherhood we are getting here at the game, this game here in tuscaloosa. >> great point there. that kid probably said it best. we want to get back to normalalsy. you can't get better than that. reynolds, good to see you. talk to you soon. 20 minutes past the hour now. investors were bracing for bad news on this this morning's jobs report and they got it. opening tell, 10 minutes away and we are live on wall street.
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22 minutes past the hour now. showbiz headlines. t.i. can't seem to stay out of prison. the rapper was released on wednesday and back in federal custody now after he showed up in his halfway house rolling in a tour bus. officials are reviewing if that violated his release agreement. t.i. just wrapped up ten months for a parole violation stemming from his 2009 gun conviction. aretha franklin is she is going to be an opening act probably for the president but opening for barack obama on labor day who is make ago a speech in downtown. the last time she did that was when the president was being sworn in as president. folks in the market for a
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new car? got one for you. he could own the bat mobile for $620. it's a replica of the bat mobile used in the 1989 batman movie. seller says it has a centrally mounted ipad and 365 horsepower boeing shaft engine that can run on jet fuel. now back to the business news this morning, though. no jobs created in the u.s. in august. the new york stock exchange opens in about six minutes from now. futures are already down here in the u.s. max foster is in london, though. we are seeing some reaction to the jobs report here in the overseas markets? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. all morning the main markets in europe were down ahead of this data waiting for it to come out. it came out worse than expected and all down quite severely moment. london shares down 2.5% and
6:25 am
other down about 3% down. a pretty grim morning here in europe. everyone looking ahead to wall street now. if wall street falls more sharply expect more falls here. the european market in a desperate state and the economy here in a desperate state. look at your america for future growth and it's not there. clearly. >> max foster for us, keeping an eye on overseas markets. we will check in with you again. we are five minutes away from the opening of the markets here in the u.s. we will have that for you live and get more insight what is happening overseas but also right here after the jobs report showing 9.1% held steady in the unemployment rate and no jobs created in august. also coming up here the secret state of moammar gadhafi, documents uncovered and secret of his police state now being revealed.
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a tropical depression could turn into tropical storm lee. parts of the gulf coast could get up to two feet of rain over the next five days. also new cancer concerns for firefighters exposed to toxic dust' fumes after the twin pours collapsed. research he's says firefighters who worked at ground zero 19% more likely to develop cancer than firefighters who did not. turkey is expelling top israeli diplomats. they want an apology for last year's deadly raid on a flotilla-bound for gaza. breaking business news this morning. new jobs report under an hour ago and it was not pretty. we are not expecting things to be too pretty here in the next minute. ali velshi and christine romans joining me now. . how ugly could this get today?
6:30 am
>> reporter: for new jobs created in august. some companies hired and some companies fired is what that means and take it altogether, with 300 million people in this country, no net new jobs were created. a huge disappointment to people who are already braced for disappointment. they thought maybe 75,000 jobs created. not even that. shows you a labor market that is paralyzed. stuck in neutral at a time when we need to be creating jobs to get a recovery under way. i mean, i think it's, ali, weigh in here. i think it's pretty disappointing even for people who were expecting the worse. >> there is the bell ringing. >> reporter: the part you don't hear talk about it more today is what has happened in the previous months. we look at the previous months unemployment numbers and they have been revised lower. numbers of job create in june and july also lower. talk about the 45,000 verizon workers counted in this and that made the number worse. even if you take them out, it still would have been worse the last three months.
6:31 am
three months starts to show you a bit of a trend. here is the dow opening. down about 70. i'm thinking we are going to be to have 175 to start maybe around there. it's a tough day because at this point, you put your hands up and you say what are they supposed to do about this? what do you do? you need confidence. this isn't a mathematically solution or scientific solution. people will hire when other people buy their products and everybody is sitting on their hands putting their money in their pockets right now. >> ali, what does this set up next week for the president? we know it's a big speech no matter what. >> wow. >> you talk about that confidence. how much confidence can he give investors and the markets? can he give much? >> reporter: i think four things the president has to think about as he goes into the speech. you're right, number one. instilling a general sense this is a deep, long economic problem that we are in. i don't want to call it a recession. it may well be but it's a quagmire and we are not out of it and it will take a long time to get out of it.
6:32 am
the white house's own projections we will not return to 5% unemployment we had before the recession in 2007 until 2017. ten years from when it started to get to that point. number two the president has to present whatever his ideas are and let congress sort of say we can do this or not as opposed to the process we are all seeing. we are getting too involved in what can pass and what can't. we what we need is ideas. number three, the president has to come out and be very certain. one of the things he has done in the last two speeches he has made about the economy, he has not come out and said this is what the future is going to look like. come with me or work against me, but this is what it's going to look like. we start to see that from republican candidates and i welcome it from everybody in the political race but put a road map out there and talk about how we start to get jobs back. as for the specifics sadly look like what the stim list looked like in that infrastructure
6:33 am
expenditures and reduce taxes on people hiring people and make it easier for small businesses to bring new people and get loans and things like that. no silver bullet here. if there were one, would have heard economists say it would have been fired already. >> 173 points now down and maybe 175 points down as you projected from the start. christine, this might be the toughest of all question to you. can you pluck out any good news in this report that you saw? good news just that we didn't lose jobs? >> reporter: yes. also health care jobs continue to grow. you saw some jobs growing in professional and business services. you saw i don't know a few hundred thousand jobs created that were part-time jobs showing you that employers are tentative. they lack confidence. they are reaching out there and hiring part-time instead of full-time to see if they need you. the clarity six months out just isn't there. i'm going to say ken rogoff earlier today today told ali and i, he said people are nervous
6:34 am
and justifiably so. the debt debacle we recently had isn't inspire the confidence of actually creating jobs and deciding how the direction the country will be in terms of jobs and taxes and spending no one has confidence that going to go smoothly because we haven't seen anything to inspire confidence out of washington. all up and down the line, there is this feeling that -- i say paralyzed. our poll shows 8 out of 10 americans think we are in a recession. i asked who are the 2 out of 10 who don't think we are in a recession? i was told they were ceos or they were drunk. what does it take to unlock it? we don't know. >> ali, 188 points down after this jobs report release an hour ago. we talk about confidence so often and being paralyzed and we talk about investors and those who are doing the hiring.
6:35 am
but really doesn't it fall back to the american people as christine was just saying, we need confidence first and then we will go buy, then we will will invest. >> we need to pay down our debt. too much debt and that is a problem. >> individuals have debt. you have the country's debt and remarkable embarrassment to see how that process went through. we look at our own situations and say we have got debt. if i don't really know whether people are going to be hiring or whether i'm getting a raise next year or whether i'll have a job i'd rather save my money and pay down my credit cards. that is not a terrible thing for people to be doing but what collectively happens when you don't spend and don't get the economy going. we have to look to japan and see what happens year after year the economy just kind of stag nature. economy can exist without a lot of xik growth. we are just not used to what that economy would look like and change our standard of living and change the idea you constantly buy a bigger house and change your car every few years. a different kind of society. the new reality might be
6:36 am
different if this kind of thing continues. >> ali and christine, thank you both. 200 points down to start the trading down a few minutes in. we will keep an eye on it. thanks. 35 minutes past the hour now. on september 20th, a gay themed military magazine goes on sale at military bases for the first time. that is a significant development and the fact that it's going on sale on september 20th is a significant day. we will explain. stay with us. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy?
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38 minutes past the hour now. nine minutes into the trading day and the dow down 238 points. no jobs were created in this country in august. unemployment rate held steady at 9.1% and we will keep a close eye on the markets today. what i want to turn to now, for the first time ever, a gay
6:40 am
themed military magazine will soon be sold on military bases. outserve is the name of it and goes on sale september 20th. the same day the u.s. military officially drops the don't ask, don't tell policy. captain jonathan hopkins was discharged from the army last year because of that policy. he now serves on outserve's board. good morning to you, sir. you know, to have this magazine provided for gay and lesbian military members it might just be a nice service for them, something nice for them to have, but what is the symbolic significance of this magazine being sold on military bases? >> the first part is just that there are openly welcome as part of the military. gay military members have been serving as long as the milt has been around but right now they can be full honest and open members of the military and the magazine represents a way that members of the military that are gay or lesbian can connect. they won't feel like the only
6:41 am
ones out there. and it's a way to educate and inform others who are not gay about who is serving amongst them. >> i have this right? the military did have to give the okay to have this magazine sold on mill bases, is that right? >> the magazine is actually free. and the approval process is actually through distributors that distribute at army and air force base exchanges and they have certainly guidelines they have to follow but through the distributors based on guidance from that exchange service. >> i got you remain. when it ends up on the military bases i understand you know which army and air force bases this magazine will be available. again, it's free, not being sold. you know where it's going to be available but you're not releasing where. why not? >> well, it really is available to everyone everywhere. we are sending it to some of the largest bases around but anyone can get it at and read it like you read newspapers online or order a
6:42 am
glossy copy sent at their home at that same website. really it's available to everyone everywhere. as the magazine grows we might distribute it to for bases but focused on getting it to everyone. >> this policy is about to go away. you were released under this policy. you missed it by a year. would you like to get back in the military? >> i love the military. i loved it while i was in. right now i'm going to georgetown university and a g t graduate program there. my departure was one of the most -- the most difficult thing i've ever been through because something i committed my life to and then had to change that. so it was kind of very abrupt. it was pretty much like a 14-month long divorce from something that i loved. so i still care about it but there is other ways i can serve my country. >> all right. sir, we appreciate you taking the time. appreciate your service of a distinguished career of service
6:43 am
in the military but you're continuing to serve in other ways and now with this magazine. good to see you. you enjoy your holiday weekend. >> thanks, t.j. >> 42 minutes past the hour now. a storm abrewing and headed right for new orleans and the gulf coast, not a hurricane, but still could do some real damage. we are taking a look. [ male announcer ] your hard work has paid off. and you want to pass along as much as possible to future generations. at northern trust, we know what works and what doesn't. as one of the nation's largest wealth managers, we can help you manage the complexities of transferring wealth. seeking to minimize taxes while helping maximize what's passed along. because you just never know how big those future generations might be. ♪ expertise matters. find it at northern trust. [ male announcer ] they'll see you...before you see them. cops are cracking down on drinking and riding.
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a quarter to the top of the hour. the dow down 221 points to start the trading day. 15 minutes into the trading bay but an hour and 15 minutes after getting the jobs report for the month of august and it was not a good one.
6:46 am
the unemployment rate held steady at 9.1% but the issue is no jobs were created. that is what the report said. no jobs created. we will keep a close markets on the u.s. and around the world. meanwhile, new orleans and the gulf coast are bracing for a problem this weekend. tropical depression 13, you see it there in the gulf of mexico. it could become a tropical storm but already they have declared a state of emergency in effect in louisiana. meteorologist jennifer delgado is here for me. is this thing getting a name and if it doesn't, does it matter? it is going to cause problem no matter what. >> it is going to cause a problem. the name is lee. a weak name but i can tell you it is a tropical depression. we are going to get an update from the national hurricane center the next couple of minutes and have the information at 10:00. the satellite maniageimagery mo active.
6:47 am
39 for a tropical storm. as i put this into motion for you you will see it is moving very slowly and that is the problem, t.j. as it moves slow, it's pulling in all of that moisture and it's going to be bringing a tremendous amount of rainfall. some locations could pick up 20 inches of rainfall and includes southern parts of louisiana and mississippi and alabama. it enters the part of louisiana. you can see to the south at 2:00 a.m. on sunday and then get this. it doesn't leave out of the area until tuesday at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. so this is going to cause widespread flooding. also we will talk about the potential for a storm surge about 2 to 4 feet. again, this is likely to become tropical storm very shortly. >> it's going that track shows it going exactly where people wanted it to come. texas was like, come on, give us that rain! >> texas needs it but with you shouldn't focus on the track. it will be the heavy rainfall. >> thank you, jennifer delgado, our meteorologist. 47 minutes past the hour.
6:48 am
keep it up on the screen for you at least. the board. 227 points down. the dow to start the day after a dismal job reports earlier this morning. stay with me.
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6:50 am
about 10 minutes to the tonight of the hour now. 10 minp of the hour. a look at some stories making headlines later today. in about an hour, a judge considers whether baseball great roger clemens will get a new trial on charges he lied to congress using steroids. >> in san francisco, a status hearing taking place on another baseball great's legal future, barry bonds. at 4:45 eastern time, congressman john boehner will
6:51 am
discuss house republicans' plan for american job creators. we are following lots of developments. we'll check in with our correspondents. let's start with you, christine. >> no jobs created on balance in this country in the month of august. unemployment remains at 9.1%. i'll tell you what you can do to insulate yourself from a weak job market and politically what it means for the president. >> reporter: i'm brianna keilar. dismal jobs numbers raising the stocks on the president's jobs address next week. i'll have a report at the top of the hour. >> reporter: i'm arwa damon. moammar gadhafi releases a radio address, but who is listening? >> i'll see you all here in a bit. at nine minutes to the top of the hour, i ask you to forgive me for asking this question. is marriage forewhite people? i'm not the one asking the
6:52 am
question, however. it's the title of a controversial new book. the author is asking that question as he examines the state of marriage in the african-american community. he's here to talk about this book next hour. [ hayden ] what if there was a makeup
6:53 am
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did you notice last night
6:55 am
husbands and boyfriends were missing all over the country because college football is back. jeff fishle here with me now there's been a lot of controversies. let's play football. >> it's been a rough offseason. we heard a lot about what's wrong with college football. the last few months, it's time to cheer. college football is back. one guy, wisconsin qb russell wilson that took advantage of a rule that rewards players to graduate early. he graduated three years. 46-yard touchdown running against unlv. passed for 255 yards. wisconsin wins big 51-17. the best qb in college football last year now in the nfl. cam newton, number one pick of the carolina panthers. preseason last night against the steelers. newton picking up a big chunk of yards. then he goes to the air. looking for jeremy shocky. finds him for the touchdown. newton will have growing pains
6:56 am
this year. he has all the tools. his team didn't have enough last night. steelers win 33-17. great play last night. one of baseball's great rivalries. yankees/red sox. jeff lowry bloops one to center. curtis granderson makes the diving catch. yanks win 4-2. they're now half game back of boston. the al east, what a battle those two teams put on every year in september. you might see them again in october. great catch by granderson. wild point at the u.s. open. novak joke vich djokovic hit it five whole between the legs. djokovic wins easily. he moves on to the third round. great shot between the legs. >> we've seen that a number of times over the years. a lot of these guys can do it now. it's still impressive. >> you see it coming.
6:57 am
you go, oh, is he going to do it? oh, yeah. >> it seems always for a winner. >> these guys are pros, but they get thrown off every time. better expect it to come back when you have djovic chasing it down. we are getting close to the top of the hour and getting close to the tenth anniversary of 9/11. one film maker now isn't focusing on the destruction, he put together clips of the twin towers the way they used to be through the magic of sin match here is cnn's jeannie moos. >> reporter: after a decade of images of the twin towers gushing smoke, maybe it's time to see them in the rosy glow of the movies. inspiring awe in "home alone 2" cemetery back drop in "dog day afternoon" and made crocodile dundee feel like he arrived. to make you feel sad about leaving.
6:58 am
now a new york film maker made a montage of twin towers movie cameos, featuring over 75 clips. ♪ you may find yourself in a beautiful house ♪ >> reporter: blink and you'll miss the towers. it took video cartoonist dan math seven months working on and off to compile the montage, even using disaster movies. mostly showing the twin towers as a compass in the background. >> you've seen the twin towers burning and falling for ten years now. we don't get to think of it as 30 years have been standing there. it's a celebration of that. >> reporter: celebrated with a cast ranging from superman to king kong. do you miss the twin towers? >> i do miss the twin towers a lot. >> reporter: film buffs can't resist telling dan meth about the clips he missed in his montage. for instance, they miss "the systemtons" episode which homer
6:59 am
goes all what it to the top of one tower desperate for a bathroom. when he finds it out of order, he goes all the way to the top of the other tower. didn't see "godspell" in there either, noted someone. the cast sang atop the world trade center as it was nearing completion in 1973. ♪ yes it's all for the best >> reporter: there's plenty of sad s irony in old film clips like this one from "trading places." >> this building it's kill or be killed. >> reporter: after 9/11, the towers were removed from "sopranos" open. so was a "spiderman" tease showing bank robbers ensnared in a web spun from tower to tower. instead of staying stuck in images of destruction, dan meth celebrates the life of a building that even in its absence remains a huge presence.
7:00 am
♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪ >> reporter: jeannie moos, cnn. -- captions by vitac -- 10:00 on the east coast, 7:00 out west. i'm t.j. holmes in for keira phillips today. we are 30 minutes into the trading day today. thought it might be a rough one and is proving to be the point. we got new jobs report out this morning. it's new evidence that the nation's economy is stalled. maybe this country is slipping back into, some will tell you, another recession. the people i'm going to bring in now are not going to use that word. ali velshi, brianna keilar at the white house. we'll check in with all of them. if you don't know the news this morning, the economy, the u.s. unemployment rate held steady at
7:01 am
9.1% for the month of august, but no jobs were created. ali velshi, let me start with you on that. we didn't lose jobs. >> right. >> i guess that's the piece of good news we have in this. >> sure. few years ago we were losing an excess of 700,000 a month. zero is not bad. i'll tell you what it is. it's the combination of jobs created minus the number of jobs lost and the number of jobs created in the private sector minus those lost in the public sector of government work. the private sector in america did create 17,000 jobs, but we continue to lose jobs in the public sector. government jobs. that's important to remember. when people talk about shrinking government, doesn't mean just selling buildings, it means firing government workers or laying them off. you're just not seeing. 17,000 new private sector jobs is not enough to grow our way out of this recession. in fact, net per month, we'd have to be in excess of 150,000,
7:02 am
200,000 to start putting a dent in our unemployment number which stayed the same, our unemployment rate. and have to be in excess of 300,000 a month to get back down before 5% unemployment which is where we were before the recession in 2007. the white house says we are not going to get there until about 2017. from the beginning of the recession until when we get back to 5% unemployment could be ten years in between. that's the problem, t.j. the reality has got to set in that this is a slow, long, deep economic quagmire. that's my word instead of recession that we are in. we may have to adjust our realitys to what that actually means. that puts a lot on the president's plate ahead of his speech thursday. >> christine, the reality is there is an issue of confidence. ali was talking about it. it's not just numbers. you've got to have confidence that, one, these employers are going to be hiring. you need to have confidence that
7:03 am
from these, from the american people that things are getting better so they can buy stuff. what does this set up for us for next thursday now? >> it sets up everything. right now, you already have the pencils sharpened on the statements what this means. white house released a statement saying this is unacceptably high and puts the pressure on making sure that we have policies, sustainable policies that will create jobs. what is going to instill confidence when the white house itself admits we won't get back to prerecession unemployment levels until 2017? my baby in diapers is going to know how to walk, talk, ride a bike and read by the time we are back to prerecession levels for job creation. that doesn't inspire confidence at all when we know we have a long way to go and a lot of work to do. health care jobs in here. unemployment rate is 9.1%. it didn't get worse. you had hundreds of thousands of people who got part time work. that seems to be the way things are going. a lot of recruiters and hiring
7:04 am
managers tell me a lot of the permanent employment is starting as part-time work and becoming permanent employment because no one is confident. they try you out first and then maybe you get the permanent job. it is still a difficult situation. it's hard to see an american economy grow iing and confidenc returning if you don't have jobs. you don't get jobs until you have confidence in an economy growing. we are in a vicious circle here. >> we are looking at the dow here 208 points down. what else are you seeing? nasdaq, s&p, as well. are they mir why aring what we're seeing from the big board? >> absolutely. the dow and s&p 500 are bearing the brunt of losses today. what we are seeing is a global reaction to this disappointing jobs report. markets from asia to the united states are selling off. we saw a lot of downward revisions yesterday. not this bad. most economists expected a gain,
7:05 am
but they got much morse. no jobs added, a big zero. investors are showing their concern as to stories of another recession. european markets are down more than 3% today. >> ali, what is it going to take? you said earlier it's not just somebody put out a plan or it's a matter of numbers. what is supposed to happen to give that confidence? >> there are two issues we have to think about. how do you put people back to work right now? that in this kind of economy can only happen in two ways. businesses hire people because they see an uptick in demand or government steps in and does something like the stimulus which we saw a couple of years ago. there is very little appetite for that right now. the second problem, we have a few million openings in this country, two maybe and 14 million, 15 million people officially unemployed. even if everybody were trained for the right jobs, you would be left with 12 million people unemployed. how do you get 2 million, 3
7:06 am
million employed properly? as christine said, we had growth in health care. we had growth in some areas. we need people trained into high-growth areas. if you're sitting at home saying my kid will be riding a bike, walking and talking and writie ing by the time employment is back down, give thought to what your kids are educated in. if you're in an industry that lost jobs, give real thought to the fact retraining may pay off. if we are not getting our economy back to low unemployment four five years, get your skills up to par to be more competitive. >> i want to make one quick point. unemployment rate for people with a bachelor's degree is 4.3%. half the national unemployment rate. 4.3%. granted there are people dropping out, that number is so much lower than the other number. you're hearing a lot of people anecdotally talking about is a college degree worth it? i think ali and i agree on this.
7:07 am
you need to be investing in yourself with the right relevant skills and right strategic investments. when we talk about college education costs too much and it does, but the difference in your pay with a college degree is 60%. you are paid 60% more if you have a college degree than if you don't. if we are not creating a lot of jobs, you have to be careful where you find yourself in this labor market. >> ali, christine, we appreciate you both. by the time your little ones get to the job market, we hope it will be a better job market. we don't want to wait that long. we'll talk to you soon. let me turn to the white house and bring in brianna keilar. we are getting republican reaction. are we getting republican reaction to these numbers or getting republicans criticizing the president for the numbers we got this morning? >> they are always criticizing the president when there are these numbers. we heard from house speaker john boehner in a paper statement. he essentially, t.j., and this
7:08 am
is not surprising, points to president obama's policies as really the source for private sector job growth not being certainly what he would like to see, certainly what everybody would like to see. what you see republicans doing, and they responded quickly, is raising the stakes on the president's jobs plan that he will be unveiling next thursday. this really does not only these poor jobs numbers out today, but also that yesterday the downgrade of the white house talking about their budget projections going into 012 and sort of an estimate that unemployment will remain around 9%, which you heard ali and christine talking about. let me tell you the statement from the acting head of the president's council on economic advisors. christine says it's unacceptably high, the unemployment rate. you also have the white house really trying to point to maybe putting some positive spin on
7:09 am
this too. the economy added private sector jobs for 18 straight months. certainly also acknowledging the reality that it's not where they want it to be. they say it's important not to read too much into any one monthly report. these are very difficult numbers. it really does tightly focus so much more attention on the president's jobs plan that he will be announcing next week. >> that jobs plan, have they pretty much, do they have that laid out or will they be working feverishly up until the last minute? language has to be changed here and there. as far as the policies themselves, do we have indication they are settled on what they want to present? >> they are still working on it. we know some of the things that will be in there. we heard from administration officials who are out today trying to respond to these jobs numbers, that they are really pushing to some of the things we know the president is going to be talking about or proposing, extending that payroll tax cut, not just for employees, but adding it to employers, as well as infrastructure spending and
7:10 am
help for the long-term unemployed. those are the anchors of what the president will be proposing next week. there are some things likely that we aren't aware of, the white house playing it close to the vest on that. >> brianna keelor at the white house. you will be able to see that right here on cnn, 7:00 eastern time. also coming up, a conversation that will have you having conversations this weekend. is marriage for white people? that is the question that one author is asking in his new and controversial book. he asked about white people but the book examines marriage in the african-american community. the book's author will join me this hour. also, could be a rough weekend. a huge rain maker is churning its way in the gulf. it's taking aim at the gulf coast and yes new orleans. we are tracking this storm.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
>> i watch washington right now and it breaks my heart because the people there don't understand how america works. obama is not working. he has disappointed the american people. this morning very bad news. did you see the numbers that came out on job growth? look, there is zero faith in barack obama because he's created zero jobs last month. >> came out with that line quickly. you'll probably here it again no jobs created in the country for the month of august. this comes as the president gets ready to deliver his speech to the joint session of congress next week on jobs and the economy. let's move now to other stories that are making news across country. this is a shame here. look at this video. a fight, a brawl breaks out at a football game. this is a youth league game in sarasota, florida. you see a player launch himself full speed -- kind of got caught
7:15 am
behind the market watch box. he's tackling the referee. the ref was kicked and punched on the ground, eventually able to get up and run-off the field. the sheriff's office is looking into this and charges are expected. these kids aren't any more than 13, 14 years old. >> in des moines, iowa, dramatic dash cam video. police officers coming to the rescue here. this was the scene of a bad accident. this is about 3:00 in the morning. one of them you'll be able to see forces his way onto that burning car. just starts pulling people out of that vehicle. several officers around that vehicle. you don't ever know what's going to happen in a situation like that. putting themselves in harms way to do their jobs there was a fatality in the accident. turn to san diego now. the beaches there seeing some of the biggest surf of the year this week. impressive stuff, but the waves are so big this gives you an indication that even the local surfers won't even attempt these waves. they were generated by a storm in antarctica.
7:16 am
that was last week. >> let's turn to the weather in this country now. a state of emergency being issued in louisiana. you see that mess in the gulf. could dump as much as 20 inches of rain in some areas. yes, that includes new orleans. oil rigs in the gulf have been cleared and days after the anniversary of hurricane katrina, yes, the city of new orleans bracing for what's coming. what we do know is there is high wind, lots of rain and it's moving slow. that is not a good prescription for the city of new orleans. >> let's turn to jennifer delgado. could they get the brunt of it in new orleans? >> talking southern parts of louisiana. they are going to look at the potential of about 20 inches of rainfall. the same for areas including mississippi, alabama, they are going to be dealing with heavy rain. here is the satellite imagery.
7:17 am
it's there but you can't see it. we are starting to see more development out of the system. winds at 35 miles per hour moving to the north at one mile per hour. it's going to move so slowly and pulling in all that moisture, that's going to lead to the flooding potential through the next several days. this is sunday 2:00 a.m. it approaches the coastline of louisiana. then as i said, by tuesday just exiting out of louisiana as it does move this slowly, it's going to create a very heavy rainfall. we are also talking about a storm surge roughly between two to four feet. as i minimize this for you, i want to look at the radar. the rain is already coming into parts of louisiana and you can see for yourself some of those heavier rain bands and stronger rain bands working through. this is just the start of a very, very couple wet days ahead. you have to keep in mind we are talking tuesday not actually leaving out of the louisiana
7:18 am
area. looks like it's going to become a tropical storm probably within the next hour and would be tropical storm lee. t.j., back over to you. actually, september 10th is the physical peak for the atlantic hurricane season. just a couple of days away. >> jennifer delgado, thank you so much. 17 minutes past the hour. an american contractor imprisoned in cuba. his wife is at home worried she may never see him alive again. >> he is so frail. now he's lost over 100 pounds. >> the imprisonment of one man not just affecting a family but international relations. it's a fact: also a defiant message from moammar gadhafi. get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein
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7:21 am
new developments out of libya today. the transitional council isn't waiting for moammar gadhafi's capture or surrender. the council outlined a plan to establish a new constitution and elections within 18 months. also conflicting reports the council extended a saturday deadline for gadhafi loyalists to surrender or face an all-out assault in towns they still control. despite that, moammar gadhafi is as defiant as ever, it seems. a new message apparently from gadhafi, the libyan leader vows never to surrender. let's join arwa damon in tripoli. where in the world is this guy is the question everybody has. >> reporter: it most certainly is the question everyone wants
7:22 am
answered. there are all sorts of different theories as to where he could possibly be. we heard from the head of the tripoli military council saying he believes gadhafi is somewhere between two areas where that cease-fire offer has been extended. rebels preparing themselves for major offenses there, but saying they want to avoid even more bloodshed. we also spoke to his former foreign minister who handed himself over to the rebel leadership for protection, he said two, nights ago. he believes that gadhafi is continuing to give direct order to those units who are still fighting for him. he released not one but two audio messages yesterday, saying that it was now the capital of his resistance, urging people to continue to fight saying he could not allow the rats control tripoli and other parts of the country. it does not necessarily seem as if there's been a renewed offensive on the part of those still willing to fight for him.
7:23 am
>> arwa damon in tripoli. we appreciate the update. 22 minutes past the hour. we've been talking about these jobs number this morning. not pretty. will this be a determining factor in president obama's re-election bid. our political panel weighing in. speaking of the jobs report, having an effect on the markets today. 213 points down. the dow is just 90 minutes -- excuse me, about 60 minutes onto the trading day. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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7:26 am
we are getting close to the bottom of the hour. a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of alaska today prompting a brief tsunami warning. no immediate reports of damage or injuries. >> a prop cal depression in the gulf of mexico could turn onto
7:27 am
tropical storm lee today. parts of the gulf coast could get up to two feet of rain over the next five days. >> new cancer concerns for firefighters exposed to toxic dust and fumes after the twin towers collapsed. firefighters who worked at ground zero were 19% more likely to develop cancer than firefighters who did not. let's get your political buzz going. a look at the west political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. who do we have playing today? democratic strategist playeria cardona, pete dominick host of xm radio's stand-up with pete dominick. and cnn contributor and talk radio host dana loesh. the jobs numbers were out this morning. they were not good. the question is, is this the single most important number for president obama going into his
7:28 am
re-election? maria, let's start with you. >> well, certainly is critical, t.j. the white house knows this. they mentioned it this morning. they talked about this for a long time. they know we are not where we need to be. that's why this president is going to be focused on an aggressive jobs plan. the issue here though is that re-elections are always about choices. this month there was no positive job creation. you know what? at least we were not losing 800,000 jobs this month the way we were when president obama took office. my hope is that republicans will now join him when he talks about job creation. republicans have been in office and congress and control of congress more than eight months and have done nothing. >> that buzzer not working in your ear piece. >> didn't hear it. >> if ever maria gives an answer where she doesn't try to twist it back to republicans i will say that is a fake maria. >> your clock starts now, dana.
7:29 am
is this the most important number for the president? >> it is. plain and simple, presidents don't get re-elected with bad jobs numbers. look what happened to the first bush. it didn't happen so good. carter, the same thing. there is no precedence for it. it is the single most important number. i think the president's jobs speech will be supremely important. he cannot give the same peach he's begin the past six, seven times. he needs to unveil something new. a lot of that is going to hinge on it. we need the government to get out of this adventures in regulatory oppression. that will help. >> pete, go. >> hi, handsome, t.j. the jobs number is report. it came out by 8:30. 8:35 every single republican presidential candidate put out a statement hammering president obama. he will take his lumps today if there is any way he can show growth over the next year, he will probably win the election. the most important number is the electoral votes. if he gets 270, he wins.
7:30 am
politically this jobs number is not helping him at all. it's the most important issue in american's minds. unless you have a job. >> pete, this next question is for you. one of those presidential candidates that put out statements at 8:35, john huntsman. he lost the new hampshire state director. why? what happened. when he came out there was such flair. looked like he might challenge the president. why has his campaign never gotten off the ground? >> i des grow. there wasn't that much flair. he never had a lot of momentum. why? he's actually sane. he believes in science. he believes in evolution. we pay attention, the media is partly to blame, we pay attention to those that say outrageous things like michele bachmann and rick perry. they get attention. notice the front-runner, mitt romney. he is more calm. he believes in science and evolution. john huntsman is a good guy, a smart guy. i would argue the smartest, most intelligence of all the
7:31 am
candidates. the guy speaks fluid mandarin. he's too intelligent. >> mayria, there was a lot of media attention. he hasn't gotten off the ground. why not? >> because he has committed the biggest cardinal sin you can commit for republican candidate, t.j. that is that he actually works for a socialist, radical black muslim kenyan-born president. haven't you heard? he was on the payroll of president obama. absolutely something that is indefensible in gop circles. he does believe in climate change and evolution and a nonstarter for the gop primary process this year, for sure. >> dana, i should say that was sarcasm on behalf with of maria, if you didn't get it. >> thank you for pointing that out, p.j. >> dana, you answer this for me. >> i was getting worried. that was a hillary clinton/philip berg thing.
7:32 am
john huntsman -- philip berg. it came from hillary clinton's camp. maria, facts. quit interrupting me for a second. we'll get you back to bashing republicans in a minute. it's a good thing huntsman speaks mandarin, china owns so much of the united states debt we would have to have someone who speaks fluid mandarin. huntsman's campaign is a sham. agw is a hotly-disputed theory. >> you used a lot of your time on maria there. >> i had to correct maria. >> 20 seconds on the clock for this next one. for this last one, let's listen to donald trump here. he is not impressed with dick cheney's new book. take a look and listen. >> didn't like cheney when he was a vice president. i don't like him now and i don't like people that rat out everybody like he's doing in the
7:33 am
book. i'm sure it will be a bestseller, but isn't it a shame. here is a guy that did a rotten job as vice president. nobody liked him. tremendous devisiveness and he is going to make a lot of money in the book. i won't be reading it. >> all right. dana, seems like he picked famous fights before. is this one, donald trump versus the former vice president? this one you can get behind? >> this is one i would like to get popcorn and sit back and watch. this is going to be interesting. cheney, i thought, was a good war time vice president. did i agree with all his domestic policies? no. i absolutely didn't. i almost fell over when he said tarp worked. when someone comes out of an administration and starts writing tell-all like wesley clark, it used to be a good thing. everybody was high-fiving each other. you i don't get it. >> dick cheney and donald trump are two of the most terrible americans of all time.
7:34 am
i'll get behind donald trump's campaign to go after dick cheney when he starts a campaign to investigate whether or not dick cheney has a birth certificate. there is some question whether dick cheney is a human being. >> terrible americans. i need to follow up on that. maria, wrap this up for us. >> i am no fan of donald trump. i think dick cheney has been the worst vice president. he needs to take a page from his boss. i actually think president bush has been very classy as he's been out of office. he has not said a thing. even in his book he doesn't talk about this or throw people under the bus. cheney needs to get out of the limelight. he is desperate to defend his deg si which is indefensible. >> she just complimented a republican. be still my heart. >> it's a pleasure to see you.
7:35 am
enjoy your holiday weekend. 34 minutes past the hour. want to turn back to the stock market. the new york stock exchange is where i want to go. corina hubert taking a look at things. >> it looks grim this morning. not a lot of cheer on wall street. the dow sank more than 200 points in the first ten minutes of trading. it's getting progressively worse. dow is down 225 points. at the nasdaq, a loss of 1.8% and s&p is down by 2%. that's about the same as we are seeing the losses at the dow. it's the financials bearing the brunt of the losses this morning. all 30 dow stocks are trading lower right now. the vix which is the fear index is rising. why? of course it all has to do with the jobs report. it was bad by all measures. jobs gains are averaging 109,000 a month. we need 150 k to keep up with population and double that amount to significantly bring down unemployment. this is telling us economic
7:36 am
growth is grinding to a halt. just because it slowed doesn't mean the economy is going in reverse. most analysts we've spoken to and the white house don't expect another recession for now. >> all right. karina, we appreciate you keeping an eye on things for us. coming up, got a new book. "is marriage for white people?" the book has some people, as you can imagine, fired up because despite the title, it's examining african-american marriage. the author is joining me next. now that the biggest wildfire in new mexico's history leads to the discovery of the biggest pot plantation in the state's history. [ male announcer ] to the seekers of things which are one of a kind.
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dot to take a break because the name is kinda long com in honor of the internet that it's on put it all together at the end of the song it gives you freecreditscore-dot-com, and i'm gone... offer applies with enrollment in the country. one of the biggest fire in new mexico's history led to the discovery of a huge marijuana plantation. the biggest the state has ever seen. the park service found while checking for damage in the burn area the national guard has been
7:40 am
called in to help with it now. >> in chicago, the heat is so bad one school district canceled classes today in one of nine elementary schools that don't have air conditioning. temperatures have been in the 90s most of the week. the question this morning, i'm not asking it, but somebody else is. the question is, is marriage for white people? that's the title of a controversial new book that examines the state of african-american marriage. stanford law professor ralph richard banks wrote the book. he's here in the newsroom to talk about it. sir, thank you for being here. i believe the book just went on sale. let me start with this. don't want to put words in your mouth. are you saying that black women who want to get married should get over the idea of marrying a black man? >> the book cover as lot of ground.
7:41 am
what i am saying black women lead the most segregated lives of any in the nation. >> how would the black woman help the black race if she does something other than form a black family? >> that's a great question. she helps the black race because simply by opening herself to other races, she helps to undo the power imbalance between black men and women, which is really at the root of so much of the problem. as it is now, black men have a lot of power relative to black women because black men are scarce that. leads to a whole host of problems. >> black men are scarce. i pulled this quote you gave to one publication. it says, "it's time for black women stop being held hostage by the deficiencies of black men. ""i have a college degree, a job and a good credit score and i'm even offended by that. what do you mean? it sounds like you are putting
7:42 am
black men down. we've got our issues, but a quote like that is going to offend people. >> are you sure i said that? >> it's attributed to you. >> in fact, in one of my more inflammatory moments i did say that. i did err, in essence. a lot of people say, sure, black men are not doing well. that leaves black women unmarried. in fact, black women are the most unmarried portion of our population. even college educated black women are more unmarried than college educated women of other races. people say, look, this is a problem. twice as many black women graduate from college. we can't solve it until black men are doing better. in essence, that's saying until black men are doing better, black women have to suffer all of the burdens that come with raising children on their own, with not having partners, with dealing with the singles world
7:43 am
that is not very enjoyable. >> we talk about a suitable partner. if you have a college education, would you like to have somebody who also has a college education. if you're making a certain salary, it would be nice if the person you marry has a comparable salary, but it seems in some of the theme of your book, you're saying if you marry someone who doesn't have the same education level or make as much money, and i think you use the word, another quote, "that's actually marrying down" in some way. >> you're going to make me be careful about what i write from now on. >> please. >> that's exactly right. of course, relationships can work and you should find love wherever you can't. a relationship can work between a working class man and professional black woman, but overall, on average, it is the case that such relationships between professional black women who have college degrees and earn a good salary and working class men who have unsteady employment, are not as well educated, those relationships are often conflict-ridden.
7:44 am
they are more prone to divorce. they contribute to the fact african-americans are more likely to divorce than any other group. maybe as many as 2 out of 3. these are not good outcomes. it would be better for a woman to find a man of their own class, even if he is of a different race. >> your own class and not by your own race. there is plenty i want to talk to you about. they are telling me i've got to let you do he now. is it all right if i bring you back for one of my weekend shows? maybe not this weekend but maybe this weekend. would you mind continuing this conversation with me later? >> as long as you let me know what quotes you're using beforehand. >> watch out what you're popping off at the mouth there, sir. i'm teasing. it's good talking to you. the book is out. it's called "is marriage for white people." how the african-american marriage decline affects everyone. ralph richard banks is the name. it's a pleasure. >> thank you, t.j. we are getting close to the top of the hour.
7:45 am
got images for you to look at. remember these? these are the tornados that tore through alabama. how alabama's football team is now rallying their community. [ male announcer ] to the seekers of things which are one of a kind. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define.
7:46 am
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call this number or go to selectquote dot com. selectquote. we shop. you save. let's go back tuscaloosa, alabama. you remember tornados ripped through the southeast. reynolds wolf covered those storms and covered the aftermath. it was amazing that tuscaloosa was torn up, but the university of alabama there was spared for the most part. how are you seeing the mood
7:48 am
change as we get ready for football season to kick off? >> it's eager anticipation. no question about it. these people have been through a nightmare situation with the tornado that came through on april 27th. i'll tell you, although there are things around the community that have been fixed up since the devastation of the tornado, it is amazing anyone who comes here for a game, you make that drive down the freeway, get off mcfarland boulevard, where you used to have subdivisions and shopping malls, there are places where things look pristine then there is a definite demarkation point from before the damage and aftermath. now it appears to be an empty field. you wouldn't know if you dropped in on the area there were ever house necessary that place to begin with. there is definitely been some things built back. one thing is the restoration of the spirit of tuscaloosa, spirit of the university of alabama. that restoration, the students believe, will begin its
7:49 am
rebuilding here at the university of alabama at brian dennehy statement as we get to game day. a lot of students excited. >> it's a big deal for me. this is my first game as a freshman. i'm excited about that. being the first one after the tornado and everyone coming together and seeing tuscaloosa is still here and we are still playing football, will be good. >> i think the game is pretty important. the team has to come out and show the community even through the tornado and through everything that we can still come together for a good cause and play a good game of football. >> i'm going to be in the stadium and cheering the loudest for the crimson tide. >> of course the game will be between the alabama crimson tide and kent state. kent state players have been on campus in this community helping to rebuild, rebuilding before the game begins. back to you. >> good stuff, reynolds. it's good for you to be there. it's your home state. you were there right after the
7:50 am
storm. to be back there now seeing things get put together has got to be nice for you. see you this weekend, buddy. an american contractor in prison in cuba. his wife back home and worried she might not see him alive again. >> he is so frail. now he's lost over 100 pounds. >> the imprisonment of alan gross not just affecting a family but international relations. in here, pets never get lost. ♪ in here, every continent fits in one room. it was fun, we played football outside. why are you sitting in the dark? ♪ [ male announcer ] in here, you're never away from home. it's the at&t network. and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. o0 c1 a mouthwatering combination of ingredients...e for you! i know you're gonna love. [ barks ] yes, it's new beneful healthy fiesta.
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7:52 am
the wife of an american contractor imprisoned in cuba is now worried she will never see him again alive. jill doory sat down for an exclusive interview with judy
7:53 am
gross. >> reporter: judy gross last saw her husband alan in a cuban court nearly six months ago. she says that husband of 41 years has gone from a vigorous 62-year-old to a gaunt pale old man. how concerned are you about his health? >> very, very concerned. he's so frail. now he's lost over 200 pounds. when i saw him, i could see his bones sticking out. >> reporter: alan gross is an international development worker. the state department says in cuba he was providing internet equipment to the island's jewish community. a cuban court found him guilty trying to subvert the cuban government and sentenced him to 15 years in prison. >> i respect the sovereignty of cuba. i have learned from my parents and through experience that respect is something one must have in order to receive. >> reporter: judy gross reads from a statement her husband
7:54 am
wrote by hand and delivered to a havana court in march. is that what he sounds like? >> oh, yeah. very outgoing, very confident. very moral, very ethical. >> reporter: alan gross loves music. >> it's one string. >> reporter: these are instruments he collected? >> some of them. not all of them. >> reporter: there were times early on when judy gross had hoped music would help him through his ordeal. when he was in prison, he actually played instruments with his guards? joshgs once or twice, i think it was the warden of the prison i think was a musician, gave him an instrument. >> reporter: in early august, the cuban court turned down her husband's last appeal. she is asking president raul castro and the cuban government to release him on humanitarian grounds.
7:55 am
>> one of my biggest fears is i'm going to get a call from my attorney one day saying alan had a heart attack or something happened to him. i don't know if i'll ever see him again. i don't know if he'll set foot on u.s. soil. >> jill is here with me now. i know it's not her biggest concern, but is there a concern about u.s./cuba relations now? >> yeah. absolutely. this morning i was talking with the state department to get an update. the problem is up until now, up until this case, relations were actually improving. but the state department is saying this is a major impediment now to the improvement in relations. so it is a problem and it's affecting the family and the u.s. and cuba. >> jill dougherty for us. good to see you, as always. the "wall street journal" gives white house candidate john huntsman a boost?
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
today's jobs numbers couldn't make people feel good who are stressed out by the economy. brianna keilar stand buying for us. new poll numbers and an insight into what people think. >> reporter: they are very scared. that's the bottom line. that's why the stakes are so high for the president's speech unveiling his jobs plan on thursday night. 8 in 10 americans polled in this recent cnn/cnn international
7:59 am
survey say they believe the economy is currently in a recession. also take a look about what the priorities americans think the obama administration, the president, that they should have. this poll showed 68% said the obama administration should be focused on creating jobs. 30% much less said it should be focused on reducing the deficit. if you look at republicans, they're about split half and half on whether they think creating jobs or reducing the deficit should be a priority. this is a poll we released yesterday. another cnn poll that showed dismal approval ratings for how the president is handling the economy. only 34% approving. this is why thursday is going to be so important. could be a very pivotal moment for the president. >> in the 40 seconds i have left, john huntsman hasn't been able to make headway in the polls in the race, but he is getting some good news from a


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