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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 10, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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they had the same dreams and the same families and the same beautiful life. i just did something different that day. people ask me, well, is it fate and destiny? i don't believe that. i believe some things i need to accept and that was the wrong question. i need to look forward. after that event i needed to decide what am i going to do with this gift i've been given. now i have this sense of urgency that every day counts, life is such a precious gift, i need to own it. thanks for joining us for this special anniversary edition of "your bottom line." please continue with conversation with us online. or find us at twitter. you can find me @christineromance. back to cnn saturday to for the latest news of the day. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac -- good morning. this is your cnn saturday
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morning. i'm t.j. holmes. we are standing by for one of a number of events that will take place this weekend to remember the victims of 9/11. this is in washington, d.c. where we're expecting to see president george w. bush come out and lay a wreath at the pentagon. he will do this there at a stone. it's essentially the impact point where that plane hit the pentagon ten years ago tomorrow. the president not expected to make remarks, not expected -- an audience there for it. but we will bring it to you as it happens. we're keeping an eye on what is happening in new york city. take a look this morning. a close shot of one of two of the twin reflecting pools. these huge pools are now sitting where the twin towers once stood. the footprints of the towers. this is the memorial, 9/11 memorial, the official memorial will open on monday to the public, but it will be dedicated tomorrow on the ten-year
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anniversary of the september 11th attacks. as the nation gets ready to pause and remember the victims of the 9/11 attacks, they're also being asked to remain veg lent. we have complete coverage this hour as we look ahead to the tenth anniversary. we're watching that ceremony at the pentagon. we'll get back to you when we see the president step out. there is increased security in washington. alan chernoff at ground zero with how new yorkers are reacting the the threat. when we do see the former president come out, we will share that with you. alan, let me start with you -- if i have to break in, i apologize, alan. we're watching this live event take place in washington right now. ly start with you. tell me the mood of the city today, a day before the tenth anniversary? >> reporter: september 11th is a day that really haunts all americans, but particularly new
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yorkers. new york as a result of the terror threat and the fact that the tenth anniversary is upon us is really on high alert. there are police checkpoints throughout manhattan. police are very carefully reviewing cars that are moving by, especially vans and trucks. they've been asking drivers to pull over, open up their contents. they take a look inside. they're also wearing radiation detectors. they've been sweeping parking garages, all in search of a potential bomb. that is the believed threat. that is really what the police are doing. in terms of new yorkers, they are frankly prepared for all this tight security because we've been living with it for ten years now. that unfortunately is part of the 9/11 legacy that new yorkers live with every single day, even if the security is stepped up
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somewhat right now. >> let's say good morning to athena jones. we'll turn to washington, d.c. now. athena, we remind our viewers, there's already going to be stepped up security because of the 9/11 anniversary, but it was stepped up even more, if you can imagine it being done so, because of a potential threat against the u.s. homeland. how do they go about stepping up even more so than they already have? >> reporter: certainly there's a lot more officers on the streets. we're here outside the fbi field office. you can see behind me they have a bomb squad truck, their mobile command center. everyone is on high alert. all the officials i spoke to with the capitol police, secret service, metro transit police and park police all said they're already on it ended alert going into this weekend because they knew this anniversary was coming. they know anniversaries can be a big deal for groups like al qaeda and their sympathizers. they've been standing at the ready. you're seeing on capitol hill more canine units, bomb squad units, hazmat units, all those specialty units in full force.
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they have people in plain clothe, in uniform, on foot, on horseback, on motorcycle. the d.c. police added 200 to 400 officers to shifts, 12-hour shifts that are overlapping. they're all paying attention. they want the public to pay attention. they do believe they're ready. let's listen to what the police chief had to say at her press conference? >> in terms of the safety of the city. i feel comfortable. we have a very safe environment. i want people to go out and do what they're going to do without this threat being present. >> reporter: so, as you heard, both the police chief and the mayor have told people they should go out and do what they would normally do.
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the park police yesterday said people should come and enjoy the monuments. keep your eyes open an stay vigilant, t.j. >> all right. athena, don't go away too quickly. still keeping an eye on our viewers on what we expect to see at the pentagon here. president george w. bush expected to step out and lay a wreath at the 9/11 stone. that's at the place where the plane crashed into the pentagon. 184 people died there. this 9/11 stone is essentially the point of impact. to athena jones who is standing by in d.c., people have been told once again to be on high alert, to remain extra vigilant. they kept saying, you see something, say something. has this resulted in more reports? more calls to police about possible suspicious vehicles? >> well, that's what we heard from the police chief, chief lanier in her press conference yesterday. it's not scientific. she said they're seeing 20% or 30% more calls into the departments all around town from people reporting suspicious activity, whether it's a vehicle that looks like it's illegally parktd or parked in a strange place. the mayor called on people to report anything that seems out of the ordinary, illegally parked cars in front of
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government buildings, that sort of thing, strange odors, vehicles that may seem overloaded. the d.c. police chief's office said they want to run down those leads, running those reports down, not turning up anything so far which is a good thing. they want people to continue to do that. they want people to continue to be vigilant in this time. >> athena jones for us in washington, d.c. thank you very much. it's six minutes past the hour. again, standing by expecting to see the president -- former president george w. bush step out at the pentagon. expected to take part in a ceremony. this isn't one that has an audience. no remarks are going to be made. we're expecting the president to step out and lay a wreath at what's called the 9/11 stone. that's the area of the pentagon where the plane made impact on september 11th, an area that had to be rebuilt. this is a wreck tar lang stone. you can't see it in this picture of course. this is where we expect the former president and first lady to come out.
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again, not expecting any comment, any speeches, no podium set up. this is just a moment that appears the former president is going to be taken. we just saw defense secretary leon panetta step out here. i believe that was admiral allen stepping out as well. donald rumsfeld, former defense secretary, we can see him in line there as well. we're expecting probably to see the former president at any moment. again, no remarks expected here, but just a moment for the former president to reflect and for the country to reflect. this is the place where 184 lives were lost on that day. that is when american airlines flight 77 which left d.c. crashed into the pentagon at 9:37. here is the former president. i want to just take a moment now.
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>> again, you see the group there, and the former president, george w. bush, along with his defense secretary donald rumsfeld who was so visible at the pentagon immediately after the attacks of september 11th when the plane crashed at 9:37 a.m. donald rumsfeld was the one so visible out there, refusing to leave. they were trying to get him to a safe location. he refused. 184 people killed at the pentagon. former president george w. bush laying a wreath there along with mike mullen and leon panetta. this is at what's called the 9/11 stone.
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this is the area that had to be rebuilt, the point of impact at the pentagon. president bush is expected to take part in ceremonies throughout the weekend. this is just one in d.c., but the other in new york that so many eyes will be on tomorrow because so many lives were lost there, the former president expected there as well. this is what many people have been waiting to get an eye on. this has been in the process for literally ten years. and now ten years after the 9/11 attacks, that is one of two reflecting pools. this is the official 9/11 memorial which will be dedicated officially tomorrow. but will be open to the public starting on september 12th. they wanted to have this ready on the ten-year anniversary. indeed, they do. you're seeing one there. these are the footprints of the twin towers. this is where they stood at one point. but now you have the reflecting pools there. as mentioned, president bush will be in new york for the ceremony.
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president obama will be there as well. today, though, he had a message for the world as we come up on the 9/11 anniversary. listen. a decade after 9/11, it's clear for all the world to see the terrorists who attacked us that september morning are no match for the character of our people, the resilience of our nation or the endurance of our values. they want to terrorize us, but as americans we refuse to live in fear. >> in a reminder to you, we will have special coverage of the tenth anniversary of the september 11th attacks, it begins tomorrow 6:00 a.m. eastern time. cnn sunday morning will be live from new york at ground zero. that will be followed by live coverage of the remembrance of events, 8:00 eastern. you can join us for 9/11 ten years later. that's right here on cnn. at 12 minutes past the hour, we'll turn to something we were watching this morning. it's not a manned mission, but still nasa on the way to the moon.
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>> one, zero and liftoff of the delta two, journey to the center of the moon. >> delta two with grail headed to the moon. we shared this with you live last hour. we'll give you more about the mission, what scientists hope to learn when they begin to orbit the moon. it's 12 past the hour on this cnn saturday morning. stay with us. me you spent there. genius. yeah, genius. you guys must have your own loyalty program, right? well, we have something. show her, tom. huh? you should see november! oh, yeah? giving you more. now that's progressive. call or click today.
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[♪...] >> male announcer: now, for a limited time, your companion flies free, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. conditions apply. 14 minutes past the hour. nasa is on the way back to the moon. no. it's not a manned mission, but a big deal nonetheless. if you missed the launch, take a look. we've got it for you again.
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>> five, four, three, two, one, zero and lift off of the delta two with grail. journey to the center of the moon. >> all right. this thing is carrying twin grail spacecraft. that's what they are. they're on their way. all morning i have been calling this nasa's mission to the moon. a little more detail is necessary. for that let's talk to our john zarrella. i talked with him earlier. >> this delta two rocket is going to be carrying twin satellites, each one about the size of a washing machine. they'll take a three-month route to the moon, saving fuel and money that way. when they get there, they're going do go into orbit, literally identical orbits, one behind the other. as they circle the moon for about three months in that orbit, they'll be going over mountains, going over valleys, going over masses that are hidden beneath the surface of
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the moon. as they do that, the gravitational tug on those satellites will force them to either move a little closer together or little further apart, as one goes over the mountains and the other one trails behind it. by doing this, the data they receive from that they'll be able to map the gravitational field of the moon. and by doing that, they're literally going to get a cat scan of the interior of the moon. why is that so important? well, despite the fact we sent humans to the moon and more than 100 different probes have either orbited or landed on the moon, we don't understand what makes up the interior of the moon. we don't know. this cat scan of the moon should prove to them or help them figure out what the interior of the moon is made of. that will help them have a better understanding of what the inner planets, the rocky planets of the solar system actually are made of and how they ultimately formed in the early, early eons
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of the solar system's formation. >> thanks to our john zarrella. again, it should take just days to get to the moon. they're deciding to take a slower route to save fuel. it will get there in a few months. 16 minutes past the hour. let's turn to politics, shall we? cnn teaming up with the tea party express to host the republican presidential debate. this is happening on monday in tampa. the audience will ask questions to tea party members in ohio, virginia. our political director is in tampa. significance of this debate. they had a lot of republican debateser yes on. this is significant? i guess this is romney-perry round two? >> reporter: it is going to be romney-perry round two. no doubt about that. we saw it play out in california on wednesday night. as you're saying, this is a tea
7:18 am
party debate. a 2 1/2-year-old tea party event. it was extremely influential in the primaries and midterm elections. it was important to the success of the republicans taking control of the house of representatives. that has changed the dynamics in washington and has effects on everybody across the country, you, me, everybody. that's why this debate may be a little different. it is focusing on the tea party and its activists. >> we know we'll hear about the economy a lot in the debates and on jobs. this is an issue that's going to be around for some time. also social security might get a lot of attention at this debate auz of what perry and the whole back and forth at the last debate. >> reporter: exactly. perry on wednesday night once again stood by his comments calling social security a ponzi scheme. we saw perry and mitt romney, the number one and two guys in the polls right now go at it
7:19 am
over social security. there's an important reason why. it is a very popular government program. our debate is in florida. a lot of people near retirement age and a lot of people curious and wondering what these candidates will do to make sure that popular government program survives. there's a lot of talk about reform. social security for sure, but jobs. that's so important with everybody and the economy overall. but also for tea party activists, the budget deficit and government spending, very important issues, t.j. >> paul steinhauser for us in tampa. we'll see you again. folks, you don't want to miss it. monday's republican debate live from tampa. you can catch it 8:00 eastern time right here and only right here on cnn. we are seeing some of the worst flooding in decades. people in northeast pennsylvania watching the waters recede, but still worried about the damage being left behind. we are live there in two
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21 minutes past the hour on this cnn saturday morning. northeast pennsylvania has now seen some of the worst flooding in 40 years. this is still lingering from the tropical storm and depression that's gone and out of here. look what it left behind? the susquehanna river began receding yesterday. the damage is extensive. our john zarrella joins us from harrisburg. i guess it's great news to hear the river is receding, but -- >> reporter: exactly. the river is about 150, 200 yards from me off to the right here.
7:23 am
it's back in its banks. that's good news. the sun is out. this is what's left behind. this is probably the hardest hit neighborhood in the harrisburg -- in harrisburg. it's called shy poke. i'm standing in water that when you gradually goes out, it gets a little above your knees here. that's considerably down from where it was at its height on wednesday when they were going through torrential rains here, t.j. take a look. this is all water and mud. how high up did it get up here? up here, this is where it was at its height. so nearly shoulder height on me, at least five foot of water into these houses. basements are all flooded out. they're going to have a heck of a lot of work ahead of them to clean up. the problem is power is still out. we've seen a few people coming back here to try and assess the damage to their homes and walking away and shaking their heads. it's going to be a very long
7:24 am
process to get them back in here. all this standing water, block after block of standing water has got to go down. i don't know if you've can see this, t.j., still pouring out of the storm drain here. the water is still coming up because everything is saturated. basements are all filled with water here. so quite a bit of work to do in the days ahead to try and clean up what is literally a real mess, and on top of that, t.j., the water certainly is polluted because they've had a bunch of pumping stations that went off-line along the susquehanna river. so this water is really a mess. t.j.? >> that was about to be my followup question. we heard a lot of these floodwaters went over some sewage areas. you don't know what's in that muck. john, we'll check in with you again. alexandra, let me bring you in. weather for folks in the northeast cooperating for them to get back into their homes and starting the cleanup process? >> yeah. you can see where john is.
7:25 am
it's pretty nice. to his point, ten sewage treatment plants under water. here is a look at the flood threat. you can see in pennsylvania 11 rivers in new york and pennsylvania have reached record stage. really it's going to be a very slow go. weatherwise, really in northern new england from new york north, that's kind of the dividing line. high pressure and control, beautiful conditions. right along this i-80, that's where we're seeing rainy conditions from williamsport west, cleveland, detroit, rainy conditions today. high pressure and control, really beautiful in northern new england. sunny skies from albany, new york, boston. temperature in the low to mid 70s. beautiful conditions there. the stubborn area of low pressure from new york south to virginia that will see clouds and scattered showers. some of which may be locally heavy today. we'll talk more about the rest of the country and also the wildfire concerns and what the weather is doing to exacerbate that or help that.
7:26 am
that's all coming up in a little bit. >> all right, alexandra, always good to have you with us. coming up, i want to introduce you to a man who made it his mission to say thank you to the entire country for all the support and love the country gave to new york after the september 11th attacks. for that he is a cnn hero. stay with us.
7:27 am
tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of /11. since 2004, jeff parness has been saying thank you by giving back to communities across the
7:28 am
entire country. and for that he is today's cnn hero. >> september 11th was a very tough time for the fire department. i lost some friends, guys i went to the academy with. afterwards people came from everywhere to help us out. it was incredible. you knew you weren't alone. the outpouring of kindness and generosity is more powerful than the terror that happened. that really changed me. i'm jeff parness and i just want to show the world that new yorkers will never forget what people did for us following 9/11. every year on the 9/11 anniversary we take volunteers from new york and send them to some part of the country where they had a disaster and help folks rebuild. >> there's a grain silo, a little culture shock. >> rebuilding homes or barns or churches is our way to say thank you. now more than half our volunteers are not from new york. people from all the small towns
7:29 am
that we've helped, they keep showing up to help the next community. from louisiana, california, indiana and illinois. every year you see more t-shirts from more locations. >> after katrina we jumped on his bandwagon. this whole paying it forward thing is contagious. >> this big dysfunctional reunion of all these disaster survivors to do a barn raising. >> it's about using the 9/11 anniversary to celebrate in that volunteer spirit. >> we'll see you all next year. >> people say thank you for doing this and, you want to thank me? show up on the next one. >> jeff's group has also restored an american flag from ground zero now known as the national 9/11 flag. to find out more about jeff's work or make a donation, you can go to join the conversation at cnn heroes facebook and twitter
7:30 am
pages. turning back to politics in a moment. michele bachmann was one of the first to come out publicly against president obama's jobs plan. some say her criticism wasn't so much about substance as it was about trying to reenergize her own campaign. lenny and maria, our friends are with me now. lenny, i hope you can match her fiery spirit. she's already spouting off on twitter after the break at the bottom of the hour. stay with us. what do you got? restrained driver... sir, can you hear me? just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human.
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( singing high note ) that should do it. enjoy your new shower. ( door opens, closes ) just past the bottom of the hour. welcome back to this cnn saturday morning. i'm t.j. holmes. just moments ago former president george w. bush and current defense secretary leon panetta took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the pentagon, didn't make comments, but paused briefly. no shortage of security concerns on the eve of the tenth an verse rye of the 9/11 attacks. a new attack that is deemed credible but not confirmed prompted a beefed-up security
7:34 am
presence in washington, d.c. and new york. off the coast of sans bar, a ferry carrying up to 600 people capsized. jobs still the number one issue in the world of politics. president obama went to the capitol to make a plea for his job creation plan. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann quickly rejected it. >> i am sending this congress a plan that you should pass right away. it's called the american johns act. there should be nothing controversial about this piece of legislation. everything in here is the kind of proposal supported by both democrats and republicans including many who sit here tonight. and everything in this bill will be paid for, everything.
7:35 am
>> not only should congress not pass his plan. i say, mr. president, stop, your last plan hasn't worked and it's hurting the american economy. >> it was earlier in the week that mitt romney released his own jobs plan, gave his own critique of the president. >> president obama's strategy is a pay phone strategy. we're in a smart phone world. and so we're going to have to change -- what he's doing is taking quarters and stuffing them into the pay phone and can't figure out why it's not working. it's not connected anymore, mr. president. >> all right. to hem us make sense of the krefl phones and pay phones, let's bring in our friends on cnn sunday morning. maria cardona and lenny mccallister. what was the political highlight for you this week, maria? >> the president knocks it out of the park, focuses on jobs which is what americans want,
7:36 am
calls on congress to put politics aside. >> what was your highlight this week, lenny? >> the headline of the week is is it live or is it obamamex. the speech that keeps coming back more than a bad bowl of chilli. >> for that, i'll start with you, lenny. the president's speech, is it about politics? is it about policy? there were some out there calling the president even
7:37 am
irrelevant, people sitting in the chamber not even paying attention halfway because they thought this was about politics. in your opinion, lenny, was this a genuine effort by the president to get something done and does it have a chance? >> i think it's a genuine effort. again, this is the speech that everybody is continuously seeing. we need to get jobs, need to get people back to work. we have a lot of construction workers that need to get back to work. we heard this in 2009. we heard this in 2010. we're hearing it in 2011. guess what? we'll probably hear it january 2012, just in time to kickoff the re-election campaign. listen, if he were really going to do this, this would have been a focus at the beginning of the term, not at the end of a tenuous term where he's looking to hopefully look to get re-elected. and he's looking at these poll numbers and he's very, very nervous about what he's seeing. >> maria, doesn't he -- lenny might follow up on this in a moment. maria, maybe if the president hasn't focused, he needs some help to get it passed. does it sound like so far maybe the other side is willing to work with the president on this thing? >> i hope so, t.j. the republicans understand -- at least the republican leadership understands that their jobs are on the line, too. look, the president's poll numbers might have suffered.
7:38 am
look at the poll numbers of the republicans in congress. his tore disapproval ratings. why? because americans know they have been the ones obstructing this president since day one. mitch mcconnell is very clear on what the republican agenda was, to make this term a one-term president. president obama made it very clear in his speech that his agenda and america's agenda is to put americans back to work. if republicans think everything is fine and nothing needs to be done and they don't need to work with this president, that's on them. but americans need help now. america's middle class families, working class families, small businesses, all of which will get huge tax cuts, which we know republicans love, is what they need now. there's nothing in this plan that republicans should not be able to support. let's put politics aside. >> lenny, give me 15 seconds. i know you want to respond. do it quickly for me. >> this is president obama's agenda right now. it wasn't his agenda in 2009. it wasn't his agenda in 2010.
7:39 am
the stimulus package became full of a whole bunch of enough that didn't work. to say it's been his agenda since day one, it's the flavor of the week with the president. unfortunately people are sick and tired of getting this flavor shoved down their throat. >> let me come back to you, maria. let me focus in on michele bachmann. she was ruled by many kind of irrelevant in the last debate, didn't get a lot of time. when she did speak, she didn't necessarily say things that got her a lot of attention. what was her response about? did she have a real plan in response to the president, or was she trying to get the momentum and frankly, get some attention? >> i think she is desperate for momentum and attention because she definitely has peaked, and i think and i know lenny agrees with me here, she was always just a flash in the pan. nobody is really taking her seriously, especially now that perry is in the race. i do have to say something about
7:40 am
the obama stimulus plan, the recovery act, it actually prevented a great depression. economists will tell you that. it created and helped save three to four million jobs. just because republicans continue to say it's a failure doesn't make it true. it helped the economy. that's a fact. >> lenny, i'll let you wrap up. >> it's a failure by the president's own definition, capping unemployment at 8% is what he and vice president biden said, not the republicans. so by their own definition, that stimulus plan was a failure. listen, talking about failures, congresswoman bachmann's administration or her process trying to get to the presidential nomination is failing. i told you previously, t.j., she better shoot for number two, because number one is not where she's going to be in 2012. >> i'll give you credit for that. when she was cold you said she wouldn't be elected. when she was hot, you said she couldn't be elected. here we are.
7:41 am
you may prove to be right. still a long way to go. >> we agree on that. >> a few more debates. >> lenny and maria, looking forward to talking to you next weekend as well and maybe through out the week. good to talk to you both. >> sounds great, t.j. >> god bless you all. thanks, t.j. 40 minutes past the hour. the debate is coming up on monday, cnn teaming up with tea party express monday night from tampa. you can see it right here on cnn. in texas right now they need some help. maybe there's some on the way. president obama signed a federal disaster declaration freeing up federal funds for people affected by a massive wildfire in one particular county. we'll have more on that after the break. first, passport regulations changed significantly after 9/11. ten years later, technology and rules still evolving. alison kosik is on the go. >> reporter: today's passport contains more than stamps from
7:42 am
your overseas trip. embedded within the back cover is a small integrated circuit. >> all passports issued since 2007, they contain an electronic chip. >> a digital image of your passport photo verifies your picture using facial recognition technology older pass ports without the chip can still be used if they haven't expired. adult passports are valid for ten years. for minors under the age of 16 is five years. by 2017, every passport will be electronic. if you need to renew or you're getting your first passport, plan ahead. >> generally it takes four to six weeks to get your passport. >> reporter: if you're planning to travel internationally, a rush in passport application this is fall could add weeks to your wait.
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a yaur ter to quarter to the top of the hour t. major wildfires continue to burn in texas. last night the president signed a federal disaster declaration for texas after some 1400 homes have been destroyed in bass brook county. that's where the largest fire is burning. the fire burned more than 34,000 acres. alexandra steel, i ask our meteorologist every week end the same question. and they give me the same answer, to the question of, is texas going to get any rain or any relief? >> not in the short term and not in the long term. >> speaking of back strop county t trees from the root system are being compromised. even light winds are blowing over these trees. then the leaves and the branches are all being used for a new fuel base. it's getting a tough situation even worse and then allowing for the new fires to erupt. looking at the big picture, tx
7:47 am
t, dry northwesterly winds in the short term. even the longer term commuter models looking at a dry winter. here is a look at the big picture. it's dry there. here in the northeast that's where we could use dry conditions. what we're seeing north of new york city, beautiful conditions, sunny skies, comfortable temperatures. 81 in washington, 80 in new york. the heat is on full throttle in portland, oregon. 98 degrees today. temperatures in the southeast. how about atlanta, georgia, t.j., 83 degrees. since june 1st we've been above 95. finally as we turn the page to september things cooling down. 83 for a high. much cooler than it's been. >> 83 is cool. you know it's been hot thanks so much. a piece of video and a rant is worth your attention. up next, you will hear one college football coach go off and explain to you why you need
7:48 am
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7:51 am
people are wondering what in the world are you talking about. explain why they need to be a dawg. >> i would say in the last couple years we've had great coach's rants. mike gundy, i'm 40, i'm a man, come after me. dennis green when he said the bears are who we thought they were. david bennett tops them all. take a listen. >> i turned and looked and there's a kitty cat in our kitchen. i said, what are you doing in here little kitty cat. by that time the cat turns tries to get back out. the screen won't go that way. the cat starts going crazy. i told our players, tried to let it out the front door, cat is still going crazy in there. i told our players, you need to be more like a dog. >> so obviously he was trying to get the point across to the players, t.j. just the facial expressions are classic. obviously his players were playing soft that day. kind of just complete utter
7:52 am
chaos, i guess. he was trying to get the point across to them, you guys need to play like dogs and be more vicious. i think that's what he was trying to get across. >> the perfect way to explain it to the players. be a dog. >> can you imagine being a player watching him? is coach okay? i would be calling for help. i'd be calling 911. >> that's what these coaches do, they don't get to see. they do crazy things in the locker room. >> right now we want to thank all you couches who do that, who give us material once in a while. it's awesome. keep it up. let's switch to the nfl. this is going to be a nice something on sunday. this is nice. >> of course, tomorrow the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. the regular season continuing for the nfl. it opened up thursday night with the packers and the saints. but earlier in the week, lance briggs, line bracker for the chicago bears said i don't care what the nfl's policy is as far as uniform, i'm wearing red,
7:53 am
white and blue gloves and shoes. if they want to fine me, let them fine me. it will be well worth the fine. you have to understand the nfl has one of the strictest, and i mean the strictest uniform policies in all of sports. socks have to be a certain height. you can't have certain markings on your jerseys. lance briggs says he's ignoring that. reggie wayne did the same of the indianapolis colts. he plans on wearing the gloves tomorrow. more players followed suit. the nfl said let's go ahead and loosen our uniform policy and let these guys pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 the way they want to. so that's what they're doing. and also players will be wearing patches on their jerseys tomorrow as well in honor of 9/11. >> it's very cool to see the players leading this effort. you see the pink bats in baseball. you see the pink gloves and things in football for breast cancer awareness. >> a lot of times the nfl, people call them the nfl, the no one league. kudos to them for loosening their guidelines here and letting the players express
7:54 am
themselves. >> ray d'alessio. >> thank you so much. >> we'll see you again soon. speaking of 9/11, a lot of people stopping to honor those lost in those attacks. a lot of people are coming together to remember the victims. i'll tell you about the events that are already taking off today. stay with us. ♪ been torn apart
7:55 am
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as we get close to the top of the hour, you know there will be a number of special events to honor those killed in the 9/11 attacks tomorrow. many start today. next hour in new jersey they're dedicating a memorial at liberty state spark called the 'em empty sky memorial. chris christie will be there. liberty state park is across the hudson river in ground zero. at 12:30, a dedication for phase one of the permanent 9/11 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania, honoring the heroes aboard flight 93. later today homeland secretary janet napolitano will be at st. patrick's cathedral in new york, honoring 343 firefighters that died there. tomorrow morning starting at
7:58 am
6:00 a.m., cnn sunday morning, a special edition from ground zero in new york. at :00 eastern you can join us as well. that is when we will give you complete coverage of all the remembrance ceremonies in new york, washington and pennsylvania. -- captions by vitac -- from my worst allergy symptoms. so lily and i are back on the road again. with zyrtec® i can love the air®. but not in my neighborhood. ♪ [ female announcer ] we're throwing away misperceptions about natural gas vehicles. more of the vehicles that fuel our lives
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