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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  October 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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going and here we are. i just had my six-year check-up and we're six years cancer-free. >> chef ruffert helps run his family's restaurant. it's called the wood bridge inn about an hour north of atlanta. that's it for us today. time to get you now to the "cnn newsroom" for a check of your top stories making news right now. from the cnn center, this is cnn sunday morning. october 16th. good morning, everybody. i'm alina cho. t.j. holmes is on assignment. so glad are you starting your day with us. it is getting started right now in washington. ceremonies to dedicate the memorial honoring dr. martin luther king jr. we will take you there live. also, a look ahead to the cnn western republican presidential debate in las vegas. what can we expect in the tuesday night showdown? and last night in los angeles, a star-studded birthday party for former president bill
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clinton. but not the kind of birthday you'd think. on hand, lady gaga, usher and el en ellen de generes. thchlts morning on the national mall, the four-acre, $120 million martin luther king jr. memorial will be dedicated. our athena jones is in the mall right now and joins us now live. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. as you can see, the crowd is building here. in just a little while, this dedication ceremony which was postponed, as you know, from august, will begin. we expect to hear from several civil rights leaders like jesse jackson, like john lewis.
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also martin luther king iii and bernice king. president obama will also be speaking. we thought we'd take a look at some of the scup tur itself and some of the controversy surrounding it. powerful and imposing, a 30-foot tall statue of dr. martin luther king jr. emerging from a stone of hope. it made an immediate impression on his son. >> the very first time that i came to the site i was almost overwhelmed. i really was impressed by this artist. he was able to capture the essence of my dad. >> reporter: but not everyone is pleased with how the statue turned out or with the fact that the memorial foundation chose a chinese artist to carve it. denver-based ed white, a 70-year-old artist sculpted seven scat ttatues of king beli it missed the mark. >> having a seven-foot sculpture of this man, he would not
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appreciate that because that was not him. >> reporter: dwight was involved in the project early on and is credited for sculpting small stone of hope donor gifts. foundation panel shows the chinese sculptor to carve the statue. >> we got the best man for the job. more. >> reporter: more than two decades in the making, inscribed on the walls are excerpts of king's speeches, a moving display for visitors. >> it is beautiful. >> it is impressive. >> it is elation. i feel like i'm standing on holy ground and i am so proud to be here right now. >> reporter: as well as a source of debate. >> it does not look exactly like martin luther king that i personally saw before he was assassinated, in person. many times. >> reporter: a washington pastor who met king in the early 1960s says the sculpture captures the
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spirit of the time. >> it's a hard piece to let you know that this is not a monument to easy times. >> reporter: as for the chinese nationality of a statue's creator, the sculptor said in august through a translator that king was not just an american icon. >> martin luther king is not only a hero of americans, he's also a hero of the world. >> reporter: king's son agrees. >> martin luther king jr. was a global citizen. >> athena, i suppose it's no surprise that there's going to be controversy about other things as well when it comes to this memorial. specifically one of the 14 inscriptions. poet maya angelou is quite upset about this. what are you talking about here? >> reporter: that's right. so as you mentioned, there are inscriptions all around this site and on the actual stone of hope that you have this 30-foot tall image of dr. king emerging from one of the inscriptions
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there has been dramatically abbreviated. it says right now carved on that stone, "i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness." the actual king quote was much longer than that. i'll read it for you. he says, "if you want to say that i was a drum major, say that i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace. i was a drum major for righteousness and all of the other shallow things will not matter." now maya angelou is a writer so words mean a lot to her. she's argued that by taking out the beginning phrase, "say if i was a drum major, if you want to say that," it makes him sound like he's arrogant and not the humble man that he's known as being. there's a gramarian who's weighed in. martin luther king jr.'s children told fredricka whitfield they understand that that quote will be corrected but at this point it is clear how and when that might happen. >> i would say so. i mean it is literally set in
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stone. i can't imagine that this is going to be an easy thing to correct. but athena jones, thank you for that report. we look forward to seeing you a bit later on this morning. earlier i talk to one of the members of king's inner circle, the reverend jesse jackson and i asked him about the moment when dr. king thought about briefly quitting the civil rights movement. watch. >> he was under so much pressure. once he took on the vietnam war, he was so bitterly attacked by the press, by civil rights organizations. before we went to memphis, "i thought about quitting and maybe i should stop. i've done a lot in 13 years." he said, "i thought if i would fast to the point of death my friends would come to my aid and we could regroup our coalition. he said we got to turn the minus into a plus. it was kind of like jesujesus, prayed and slept. he went through the same kind of dramatic rhythm. >> coming up later in the hour,
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my conversation with one of the first donors to the monument. surprising but true, it is actually designer tommy hilfiger. coming up on "state of the union" with candy crowley, dr. king's friend and confidant, georgia congressman john lewis. the occupy wall street movement against big banks, corporate greed sparked arrests in several cities around the globe this weekend. one of the biggest demonstrations in times square in the heart of new york. police say most of the protesters were peaceful but more than 40 were arrested when they tried to hold a sit-in on a side street. the movement also sparked this demonstration on the famous las vegas strip. police say the crowd was loud but peaceful. and hundreds took part in occupy protests in downtown denver, colorado as well. protesters blocked a street near the capitol building and. police there made several arrests. the occupy movement began exactly 30 days ago and has sparked further demonstrations
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across the globe. the protest turned violent in rome, for instance. police say demonstrators threw a firebomb into an interior ministry building. more than 70 people were injured in the protests. among them 40 police officers. protesters were on the streets of iceland's capital as well this weekend. the central website for the movement united movement for change says protests are actually happening in hundreds of cities in 82 countries. demonstrators in taiwan marched in front of a luxury mall calling for change. and the occupy movement saw hundreds of demonstrators in the streets of paris as well. we're keeping an eye on all the latest headlines at the desk. here's what's crossing right now. michele bachmann's campaign raised nearly $4 million in the third quarter but it spent nearly $6 million. the national report shows the bachmann campaign with more than
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$500,000 in debt. nevada republicans are refusing to change their january 14th caucus date. nevada, as some of you know, is locked in a political scheduling fight with new hampshire, the state that for decades has held the first in the nation primary. new hampshire law requires it hold its primary at least a week before the others. and herman cain wins big in a tea party straw poll in south carolina. cain picked up 55% of the vote. newt gingrich finished a distant second with 14.5%. conservative activists from 25 tea party groups in south carolina took part in this non-binding straw poll. candy crowley will join us in a couple of minutes. she'll prevee her live interview with gop candidate newt gingrich. also, the upcoming republican presidential debate on tuesday in las vegas. be sure to join cnn for the western republican presidential debate. anderson cooper will moderate. again it is tuesday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here on
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cnn. well, it's rare for the president to pick sides publicly in a boxing match. but you don't hear a story like this one every day. one boxer stepped into the ring for the first time last night at the age of 52! and, boy, did he put on a show. we're going to have his inspiring story in a few minutes. i'm meteorologist bonnie schneider. we are tracking windy weather across the great lakes and possibly record warmth in the southeast. temperatures will be soaring into the mid 80s in atlanta, for example, today. i'll tell you all about it coming up next on cnn sunday morning.burg soup. [ dad ] i love this new soup. it's his two favorite things in one... burgers and soup. did you hear him honey? burgers and soup. love you. they're cute. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose.
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i'm forty eight years-old, i love to swim, and i love to walk outside. osteo bi-flex has really helped my knees. osteo bi-flex has been incredible for me, and i swear by it. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, the glucosamine chondroitin suppment with 5-loxin advanced. shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex, my knees thank you. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex. the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand. joe carter from hln sports joining me now. joe, we were talking about this incredible story of this 52-year-old boxer. duey bozella. in prison 26 years for a murder he didn't commit. gets out, exonerated, gets into the ring professional.
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how did he do last night. >> great news -- he won his first and last professional fight. why is it his last? he's 52 years old. he doesn't plan on having a boxing career but his life-long ring was to fight in a professional match. golden boy productions had been training with him since july and he fought on the undercard of the bernard hopkins fight. he beat his opponent. the crowd loved it. he says, nope, i'm done, i'm hanging up my gloves. >> what's your next fight, duey bozella? >> my next fight is to work with kids. the bozella foundation, work with kids, keep them off the streets and let them know with boxing they can turn their life around. that's what this is all about. >> congratulations, champ. anything else you want to say? >> you know something? i would like to say that, you know, dreams do happen if you never give up hope and to always
5:15 am
believe in yourself. don't let nobody tell you what you can't do. >> the best part about this story is how forgiving he has become. >> 26 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. that is remarkable. and i wish he'd get back into the ring again! i know he's got other fights to fight but -- >> yeah. i'm anxious to see the next chapter of his life. you know how this whole nba lock jou lockout thing is dragging on? 14 cities across the cities, nba cities, mayors are concerned that a canceled nba season might actually have a negative effect on the local economy. these 14 mayors actually sent letters to -- or excuse me, a letter to the owners and players association basically asking these two sides, please settle your differences already. these are not major money making markets. markets like indianapolis, sacramento, houston just to name a few. the nba certainly needs middle-sized markets. they do have an effect on local
5:16 am
economies. these cities need -- >> how far apart are they? is there any sense they're moving any closer? >> no. there's a sense they are so far apart. two sides are going to meet on tuesday and actually meet in front of a federal mediator. david stern this week says his gut feeling is they're going to start canceling games around christmastime and christmas could be out of the mix as well which is a huge day for the nba, marquee match-ups. but these sides are both far apart. >> david stern can't be happy about this. >> both sides. players -- no one's making money. they're losing from $350 million to $375 million a month. >> that's not chump change. joe carter, thanks so much. dr. martin luther king jr. is not just an icon here in the united states. of course the reverend and his message have been embraced by people in countries all over the world. we'll have that story next in our "morning passport." stay with us. [ male announcer ] it's true...
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save money. live better. walmart. ♪ you're looking at a live picture of our nation's capital on the national mall. you see the choir singing there. it is a historic day in our nation's capital, the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. 14 years in the making, $120 million memorial, four acres and it is just spectacular. welcome back, everybody. the legacy of dr. martin luther
5:19 am
king jr. stretches beyond the borders of the united states. his influence felt around the world. we talked about this earlier this morning in our "morning passport." so we think about the impact we have and obviously we think immediately about here in the united states with the civil rights movement. but obviously his footprint was felt around the world. >> and in london, at westminster abbey, in 1998 they unveiled a beautiful monument to martin luther king and he's there amongst the row of christian martyrs, right about the west entrance to westminster abbey. but in fact he's honored, as you just said, all over the world. there's even an mlk center in havana, cuba that promotes christian and social responsibility. and we know that there are over 700 streets, martin luther king boulevard -- >> just here in the u.s. >> -- exactly. but there's one in italy!
5:20 am
in lombardio. >> where is that? >> milan. >> oh. northern italy. his global reputation extends even to ghana. in 957 he was invited to ghana by the then-president. ghana was the first african country to gain independence and he was invited on behalf of the newly inaugurated president which was rather extraordinary at the time. had he no official role. but there he met vice president nixon and martin luther king said to nixon, "i want you to visit us in alabama. we are seeking the same freedom that the gold coast," which became ghana, "is celebrating." >> he was the youngest man at 35 to win the nobel peace prize. >> but one of my favorite and the most poignant is in 1994,
5:21 am
when mandela wins the election, there's nelson mandela and he's standing just having won the election, looks at coretta scott king and quotes the man that he spoke about as the great freedom fighter and went "free, free, free at last." a beautiful moment. so certainly today, an extraordinary man, an extraordinary monument and an extraordinary moment. coming up in less than ten minutes, a look at the history of the church martin luther king jr. helped make famous. a story about the legacy of atlanta's historic ebenezer baptist church in our "faces of faith" segment. that's next. and how far would you go for a free pass to an amusement park? what these guys are willing to eat. and it isn't for the squeamish. we'll explain.
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taking a look at stories happening cross-country. a california woman says she sees jesus, mary and angels in her prized possession. but she's parting with it, selling it on ebay. now the woman says she found the nut-like keepsake five years ago under an oak tree. her own daughter is a bit skeptical about it. she says to her the markings look more like aliens. in suburban atlanta, people were willing to eat hissing cockroaches for an annual pass to six flags over georgia. is that something you would do? each contestant had two minutes to chow down and they had the choice between two flavors,
5:24 am
mexican or barbecue. in fayette county, west virginia, more than 400 people take a big leap. they kicked off their annual bridge day celebration with a base jump. thank god there is a parachute. it is billed as the largest extreme sports event in the world. it is 24 minutes after the hour. bonnie schneider has another check of the weather. bonnie, it is going to be windy, windy, windy across much of the great lakes. isn't it? >> i just can't get that cockroach -- >> take your pick. they're both awful. >> exactly. i'll pass on both. oh, thank you for showing that again. okay. well, here's what we are looking at. windy weather across much of michigan. yesterday the wind gusts were just intense. look at this -- 49 money at hammond bay. winds were very, very strong. that's why over 50,000 people are still without power in michigan. we're also seeing strong winds across green bay in wisconsin and look for winds to continue. our computer models for today,
5:25 am
areas you see here highlighted show where we're seeing some of the stronger winds and to the purples and blues. we'll be watching for that continue to across the great lakes today. but then some changes are in the forecast. we're looking for winds to develop and get stronger later this week. right here in the center of the country, there's a reason for that. we have a big cold front that's going to change everything. while today's highs are the in the 80s across much of the eastern half, southeast really of the country, big cold front's coming through and it is going to change everything dramatically. low pressure will bring some heavy rain to areas in the ohio valley but then the temperatures plummet by 20 degrees towards the end of this week. changes are on way. take out the fall sweaters if you haven't already, you'll need them by friday. >> thank you. during the civil rights movement, the ebenezer baptist church was ground zero. much of the movement's planning was done right there, thanks to dr. king. up next -- the legacy of one of the most famous churches in america. ♪
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. welcome back, everybody, to cnn sunday morning. i'm alina cho, t.j. holmes is on assignment. it is 29 minutes after the hour. here's what's happening. there's no question that the heart and soul of the civil rights movement was embedded in the black church. one name synonymous with act michl is the ebenezer baptist church under the helm of dr. martin luther king jr. it is a church known for its leadership and that isn't about to change any time soon.
5:30 am
>> this image of dr. martin luther king jr. delivering his passionate, fiery speeches from the pulpit of ebenezer baptist church is seared into americans' memories of the civil rights era. >> i like to say that ebenezer baptist church was born to fly. martin luther king jr. is a part of that long tradition. but while dr. king was freedom's voice, i think it is important to emphasize that he was a part of a long freedom train. >> reporter: dr. rar yell warnot is only the fifth senior pastor in ebenezebenezer's 125-year hi. he says every one of them has a track record linked to dr. king's legacy. >> his maternal grandfather -- the second pastor of this
5:31 am
church, a.d. williams, was an activist in his own right. his father, martin luther king sr., was also an activist. we remember the voting rights law of 1965. what fewer people know is that in 1935, martin luther king sr. engaged a voting rights campaign here in atlanta. >> reporter: warnock says that sense of activism continues today as witnessed recently by the church's vocal, yet failed, efforts to stop the execution of troy davis following a murder conviction base, in part, on testimony later recanted. >> this is jim crow in a new era. there's just too much doubt for this execution to continue. if we continue to try to do justice to the great legacy that's been passed on to us.
5:32 am
>> reporter: ebenezer's flock moved into this now-historic building in 1922. then in 1999, a new church opened. like the old building, the new one is a meeting place for the city's african-american community. it was standing-room only the night barack obama was elected president. the reverend was 35 when he took the reins of this historic church becoming the youngest ever to lead ebenezer working in the shadows of a man he still considered a role model. >> i'll tell you this. early on as a child, i was always very fascinated and inspired by martin luther king jr. as an 8-year-old, as a 9-year-old. his words captivated me. i decided to go to morehouse college because he attended morehouse college. i pursued a ph.d in systematic theology because, like him, i wanted to bring a kind of serious and disciplined
5:33 am
questioning to my faith. >> reporter: like king, warnock is also a georgia native whose father was a minister. >> let's pray to our god. would you bow with me? >> reporter: but he says it is his turn now to preserve and extend the legacy of ebenezer baptist church. t.j. holmes, cnn, atlanta. if you'd like to read more about religion and spirituality, go to our belief blog at you can also share your thoughts. later this morning, the culmination of a dream. for many americans, and frankly, many around the world, a memorial in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. will be dedicated in the nation's capital. a ceremony is under way right now. the four-acre memorial on the national mall cost $120 million
5:34 am
to build and was 14 years in the making. you may be surprised to learn -- i certainly was -- that one of the early contributors was fashion designer tommy hilfiger. tommy joins me now from washington. hey, tommy, nice to see you. i have interviewed you many times about fashion but i have to say, when i saw your name on the list of speakers over the weekend, i thought to myself, now what in the world is tommy hilfiger doing involved with this effort. how did you get involved? >> well, as an american iconic brand we thought it was important to give back and when we found out there were going to create this memorial, my partner joel horowitz at the time told me his parents marched with dr. king and that inspired me to want to do something. so we gathered everyone in the tommy hilfiger corporation together and we tapped into the tommy hilfiger foundation which we established 15 years ago and
5:35 am
said, okay, we want to do something significant to show our respect for dr. king and we were one of the first corporations to donate a substantial amount of money. we created the dream concert for raising money with aretha franklin, stevie wonder and a number of stars at radio city muse sick hall music hall in new york. >> that was at radio city. i remember that. tommy, you're not talking chump change here. $7 million you donated and you were one of the first american companies, if not the first to sign on, 12 years ago. you even have one tommy hilfiger employee dedicated to the effort in washington, don't you? what is he or she doing? >> well, she's a full-time administrator. there's a lot to really get this executed properly. it's been a long time coming so they needed all the hands and
5:36 am
all the brains they could possibly get. so we had one of our chief executives go to washington and work with them. she's been living in washington, working with them every single day to try to make this dream come true. >> tommy, i know you'll be speaking later on. can you give us a preview of what you're going to say? and also, just your memories of dr. king. i know you refer often to the "i have a dream" speech. >> well, i will say that my father told me when i was a young boy that there were two people who would be important in the world -- one was mlk and one was jfk. that was remained in my mind for many, many years. and i think it influenced me and inspired me to get behind this project. >> tommy hilfiger, a joy to talk to you, a joy to see you, as always. i'm sure i'll see you shortly in new york. thank you for taking time to be with us this morning. >> all the best. >> all the best to you as well.
5:37 am
good luck giving your speech today. "state of the union" with candy crowley coming up at the top of the hour and we are counting down to the big gop debate in las vegas raairing rit here on cnn this tuesday. candy joins us next with a preview. and the stars come out in hollywood to raise money for former president bill clinton's foundation. it's a milestone. did you see all the people there? we'll tell you about the big names who showed up -- next. it's got tender white meat chicken. the way i always made it for you. one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. every time a local business opens its doors or creates another laptop bag or hires another employee, it's not just good for business. it's good for the entire community. at bank of america, we know the impact that local businesses have on communities. that's why we extended $7.8 billion
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to small businesses across the country so far this year. because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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the way to the gop race for the white house is playing out is providing a lot of fresh material for "saturday night live." no surprise there. last night's main targets were mitt romney and herman cain. >> a newest poll shows you trailing herman cain by as many as 15 points. >> yes. >> when are you going to accept that republicans just don't like you? >> now look, i don't think they dislike me. i just think they want to exhaust their options. you know? i understand that before anyone goes home with mitt romney, they're going to take one last lap around the bar to see if there's anyone better than me. >> herman cain. >> yes.
5:41 am
>> with your rise in the polls, many are taking a closer look at your 999 plan and most economists agree it is an oversimplified unworkable solution to a complicated financial situation. >> well, let me explain. the original goal of the 999 plan was to give me a show on fox news. at 9:00. but if america's looking for catchy, unworkable solutions to complicated problems, herman cain will keep them coming. how i fight terrorism. my 555 plan. for every terrorist, america will send five airplanes, five soldiers and five of those dogs that caught osama bin laden. how we fix health care? the 333 plan. every time you get sick you get three pills, three days off and three chicken noodle soups. >> all right, it's time now for some serious politics. "state of the union" host candy crowley joins me live from washington. i have to say, that's a pretty
5:42 am
good mitt romney. candy, good morning. >> yes. >> you've got one of the gop candidates -- the real one -- newt gingrich on at the top of your show, don't you? >> indeed. you know, he's shown little life lately. most everyone will tell you not enough to give him the odds -- make the odds any better that he'll become the nominee. but nonetheless, he is one of those people that always has interesting conversation. his debate performances are widely applaud by republicans as having insightive, clear details. he's always someone who moves the conversation whether in debate-on-or on the campaign trail. so we'll take a look with him at some of the things that republicans are proposing, that he's proposing an also kind of get his take on what's going on on the campaign trail politically. >> he also makes for interesting conversation always, candy. as you well know. you're also paying tribute to the martin luther king jr. memorial today, dedication ceremony, as you know, under way
5:43 am
right now. you're going to talk to dr. king's long-time friend, congressman john lewis this morning as well, aren't you? >> john lewis himself, just an icon in the civil rights movement, a man who took a lot of blows and i mean that literally -- for civil rights, who as a teenager met martin luther king. he of course has many reflections. one of the interesting things with about him coming into the state, lewis will be a speaker at this dedication. but he was speaker at the civil rights -- the "i have a dream" speech, the civil rights march on washington 48 years ago and lewis' last remaining survivor of any of the speakers. and so he just brings this tremendous historic perspective and also a very personal one to this day for the dedication of the martin luther king memorial. >> i did not know that little fact there, candy. hey, listen. i have to -- can't let you go without you talking about the state dinner with president lee of south korea at the white house. you were among the esteemed
5:44 am
guests. first of all, did your dress survive? i mean it was a torrential downpour, wasn't it? >> it was crazy. i mean -- first of all it is very weird as a reporter to kind of do something that you've covered before. so -- but the weirdest thing is walking past your colleagues in the pool as a guest at a state dinner. >> they announce you, don't they? >> they announce you, all that stuff. but the rain -- it was like monsoon season so there is a crowd waiting and the women in long dresses and heels like this -- and it was -- and the water, there weren't puddles twlb were little ponds all over the place. when you walk in there were women with totally drenched hair because you couldn't get out of the rain. it was coming from many different directions. you know, silks -- silk long skirts with stain water marks this high. it was quite the occasion. >> you know, our colleague over at abc news juju chang said, so
5:45 am
much for the hair salon. she said her gown survived but the hair did not. what can you say? you got to go with the flow. >> part of the experience. >> that's right. we'll be watching at the top of the hour. thanks and keep it right here for "state of the union" with candy crowley, starts in about 15 minutes at 9:00 a.m. eastern time, 6:00 a.m. pacific right here on cnn. and be sure to join cnn for the western republican presidential debate from las vegas tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. a big night in hollywood for former president bill clinton. usher just one of the a-list celebrities who turned out to honor the former president and the foundation he established ten years ago. we'll tell but that special night after the break. and the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington dedication ceremony happening right now in d.c. later on we'll hear from the people who decided it was time to honor the civil rights icon and got the movement started. and a choice.
5:46 am
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49 minutes after the hour. it was a big night in hollywood last night. a star studded lineup turned out for a benefit concert for bill clinton and his foundation. performers included the edge and bono, kenny chesney, usher, and lady gaga. ashton kutcher, ellen degeneres, barbra streisand were all there as well. this year marks the tenth anniversary of the william j. clinton foundation. it supports a number of causes including health an the environment. >> i've had the most unusual life. i was born after world war ii in the second poorest state in the country, into a family that never had a college graduate, and, poof, lightning struck one time after another. and i never, ever believed i was born in a log cabin i built myself. nobody climbs any ladder alone. and we are not ever going to
5:50 am
build this country back by telling people they're on their own. we have got to do -- america and the world, together. >> the former president turned 65 this year so this was also a belated birthday party. routine mammograms for women in their 40s. you may remember the confusion two years ago when a government panel recommended against it. in today's "health for her," our senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen takes a look at where things stand right now. >> reporter: it's been nearly two years since the u.s. preventive services task force told women in their 40s you don't necessarily need to get a mammogram. well, that recommendation drew a lot of fire and we were wondering, two years later, are women in their 40s getting ma'am grams? well, it turns out that many women in their 40s aren't. there was one study at university of colorado hospital that found in the nine-month period following that
5:51 am
recommendation, they saw 200 fewer women in their 40s coming in for ma'am grams and they think it is because fewer doctors were recommending them. so here's the bottom line for empowered patients. remember that most groups still say that women in their 40s should get regular ma'am grams and that includes the american cancer society. you definitely should discuss this with your doctor. there's very little downside to getting a mammogram. there is a very small amount of radiation and the possibility that they might turn up a false positive with that mammogram and then you'd have an unnecessary biopsy. but other than that, not much negative in getting a mammogram. back to you. >> elizabeth cohen, thank you very much. the martin luther king jr. memorial dedication ceremony is under way in washington right now. you're looking at a live picture there at the beautiful four-acre memorial on the national mall. after the break you're going to get to meet the folks who actually got the ball rolling for this memorial for the civil rights leader. that's next.
5:52 am
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"state of the union" with candy crowley comes up at the top of the hour. but first, the culmination after dream for many americans and many around the world. right now in washington crowds are gathered for the dedication ceremony of the martin luther king jr. memorial. the movement to build the monument spearheaded by dr. king's college from teraternity. our t.j. holmes talked to the group's president. >> reporter: alpha phi alpha, the country's first black fraternity. founded by seven men on the campus of cornell university in 1906. >> alpha phi alpha mission is to provide advocacy and service for our communities in developing leaders or particularly we spend time working to develop young college men. and ensuring that they receive the proper nurturing and
5:56 am
guidance so that they can go into the world and into society and to serve and to lead. >> reporter: dr. skip mason jr. is the national president of alpha phi alpha fraternity. they have nearly 200,000 members. famous alpha men -- justice thurgood marshall, former atlanta mayor andrew young. but perhaps the most influential alpha is dr. martin luther king jr. >> the passage of the civil rights bill is merely a step in a 1,000-mile journey. >> reporter: attracted to their scholastic achievement, leadership and fight against racial inequality, dr. king was initiated into aphia in 1952 as a graduate student at boston university. >> it was the very same time that he met coretta scott. in fact she would comment often when she met martin he was online, he was pledging alpha phi alpha fraternity. of course he was called into the
5:57 am
movement. his life changed and the fraternity was right there. >> reporter: it's his alpha brothers who believed king deserved to be among presidents on the national mall. >> they said that we need to do something on the mall in washington, d.c. because there was no representation of any african-american person of any scope in washington. >> reporter: in 1996, bill clinton signed congressional legislation proposing the establishment of the memorial and the monument. the biggest project, the fraternity would ever take on. harry johnson is the president and ceo of the memorial foundation and has been leading the charge. >> memorial foundation project was established to help bring this memorial to fruition. dr. king championed a movement that draws from the deep well of americans' potential for predom, opportunity and justice. >> the first african-american president will dedicate a monument and a memorial for the first african-american on the
5:58 am
mall in a fitting tribute presented by the first african-american fraternity. >> we have special coverage of the mlk memorial dedication throughout the morning. next hour candy crowley talks with john lewis, one of dr. king's most trusted aides. and tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, a special look at king's writing in the cnn documentary "mlk papers -- words that changed a nation." it's 58 minutes after the hour. bonnie schneider has a final check of the weather this morning. what are you looking at? >> we're going to start off in washington because temperatures there are actually be very pleasant, calm weather. maybe a little bit of a breeze but look for highs to get into the 70s today. it looks pretty nice there in washington. people are wearing coats. it will get much colder there later this week but today will be quite nice weatherwise. taking you much, much further south into the tropics, into the yucatan. it is october but it is still
5:59 am
hurricane season. a broad area of low pressure the national hurricane center gives a 50% chance of development. what we expect this storm system to do, whether or not it develops officially into something tropical, is become a rain maker for florida. that means over the next two to three days are you likely to see a good amount of rain particularly here in the east coast, possibly two to five inches. be prepared for a wet start to the week. other big changes are also ahead. not only are we looking at windy whether that will continue throughout the day today across michigan where we had some incredible numbers and unfortunately a lot of power outages but winds will shift and we'll get more disturbed areas of weather forming along the south. we're going to see stormier conditions in the southeast this week than what we saw last week and big changes as well. highs today in the 80s but a strong cold front is coming through. that's going to change everything. it will pull down much colder air, look for a 20-degree temperature drop with highs in the 40s in the great lakes and midwest and highs in the 60s in the southeast. alina, big changes on the way


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