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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 16, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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controversial sheriff joe arpaio in phoenix. and michele bachmann will also be in phoenix talking immigration. she'll attend an immigration event with state lawmakers next week. and jon huntsman, who is boycotting the nevada debate on tuesday, will still be in new hampshire this week. he'll be in concord, formerly filing for the primary ballot. join us for an in depth look at the race for the white house, next sunday, 4:00 eastern hour. new developments in the massive search for a missing baby girl. dozens of national guard troops are joining police and the fbi who are looking for lisa irwin in kansas city. the 10-month-old was last seen in her crib nearly two weeks ago. missouri's governor has called in the guardsmen to help cover more ground. jim spelman is in kansas city with more on the territory that they'll be encountering.
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jim what is the latest on this search? >> reporter: hi, fredricka. that's right. the national guard with the fbi, local police have been researching this wooded area here. just around the bend is the neighborhood where baby lisa lives, where she was last seen. that's just around there. this is the road that leads out of the neighborhood, back towards downtown or on to the freeways and all of these areas have been searched already. this pawnshop and the area around it have been searched. they wanted to be sure they could get a fresh set of eyes on it. they don't have a lot of other leads to go on. they're doubling back, being sure that nobody missed anything. here is what the fbi told us earlier. >> what we're looking at here is we have searched this area, we have new people out here, fresh eyes looking at the area that we have already searched. definitely being thorough, doing our due diligence and making sure we have fresh eyes out there, maybe there is something we didn't see the first time we searched it. >> reporter: fredricka, look at
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this area they had to re-search. it is dense woods, hard to even walk through it when it gets into this heavily wooded area. and they have been going inch by inch down here among these plants and vines, sorting through everything. there is trash down here, there is an old television, bottles, things like that, trying to determine if any of this will help them find a lead to get a foot hold on where they should be looking, where the investigation should take them to find baby lisa. >> and so absolutely no clues. and are they indicating why they're searching an area that they have already exhausted before? >> reporter: well, they have these new assets, these national guard are specially trained military police that are out here, that just want to get a fresh set of eyes on it. without fresh leads, every time a new lead comes up, they find something and search an abandoned house or somebody in the neighborhood and check them out. it is leading nowhere. they hope with fresh set of eyes, maybe on the places right in the immediate area of the neighborhood, they'll be able to
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generate a new lead. but in the absence of really good, fresh, compelling information, they don't have a lot to do except to try to research these areas and find something they missed the first time, fred. >> thanks so much, jim spellman. >> the national guard troops are from missouri's military police company. they have experience overseas and in helping with state emergencies. major tammry spicer is with the national guard in jefferson, missouri, and joining us now by phone. give us an idea, what is the advantage that the national guard's involvement in this search might bring to local authorities and also the fbi that is involved? >> well, fredricka, governor jane nixon always leans forward when it comes to the citizens of missouri. when he found that the request had come out to really get some fresh eyes as twwe have heard tm say out on the ground he didn't
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hesitate to mobilize the missouri national guard. >> so what other areas would you want to search? >> you know, the missouri national guard is working in support of the kansas city police department and the fbi. and they have been working long and extensively on this and so we are just there to support their efforts. >> and what kind of assistance do they need? what is the support that they're looking for from the national guard that they're not able to carry out on their own? >> well, the 1139 military police company brings with it a vast array of experience. and so as you heard, the police department and the fbi have used that experience to put a fresh set of eyes on this ground, so that they can move on to the next step. >> all right. thanks so much, major tammy spicer. >> thank you, fredricka. now to philadelphia where police and the fbi are
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investigating a sinister recovery. four mentally challenged adults, chained up like animals in a dungeon-like basement. the four victims include one woman and three men. the building's janitor found and released the victims, then called police. he says they were in pretty bad shape. >> i am the one who cut the chain. and let them free. >> what were they saying to you? did they say thank you? >> no. they weren't talking anything. they were -- >> how were they dressed? >> really, really poorly. really poorly. couple of blankets, couple of mattresses and i don't know how the items -- that was a terrible condition. >> and for the first time, we're getting a look at the suspects, 47-year-old thomas gregory,
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51-year-old linda ann westin and 49-year-old eddie wright facing a number of charges including false imprisonment. police say they were shocked by what they found when they arrived at the scene. ben simono has more on the investigation. >> reporter: the steel door on the long shore avenue alley led to a basement, but the police say the room barely high enough to stand in was a prison. >> we get in the basement, the subbasement, this is what we find, four mentally challenged adults. >> reporter: inside the room, measuring 15 feet by 15 feet, the size of a bedroom, police say they found four malnourished mentally handicapped adults in prison. police say they were in their 40s but had the mental capacity of children. >> that's the thing that is heart breaking to me, that somebody would have to suffer or individuals would have to suffer that indignity. >> reporter: police blocked off the building for the investigation. the tenants were allowed to come and go. rob hoey lived here for seven
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months and can't believe what he's hearing. >> it is crazy that somebody in real life can do something like this. this is stuff you see in movies. >> reporter: the apartment building is registered to target gaz lovelli. he owns properties in other parts of the city as well. >> there is no way that anything like this, that he should be associated with it. >> reporter: now police are trying to find out who did this and why. the four adults in this subbasement were taken to the hospital where police say they're now recovering. >> it is very unsettling. it is not even the basement it a subbasement. it is a closet, 15 by 15 with a heater. very disturbing. >> that was ben simono, a reporter with kyw. in washington, d.c., the nation bestows one of the highest honors on a legendary civil rights leader. ♪
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♪ precious lord >> the reverend martin luther king jr. memorial was dedicated today on the national mall. it has been nearly half a century since king's famous i have a dream speech during the march on washington. president barack obama and members of king's family were among those who were at the dedication. the president talked about king's legacy. >> when confronting disappointment, dr. king refused to accept what he called the iznus of today. he kept pushing toward the oughtness of tomorrow. as we think about all the work that we must do, rebuilding an economy that can compete on a global stage, fixing our schools so that every child, not just some, but every child gets a world class education, making sure that our health care system is affordable and accessible to
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all and that our economic system is one in which everybody gets a fair shake and everybody does their fair share, let us not be trapped by what is. >> i recently talked with two of king's children. >> i remember our mother often saying to us anytime we would have dinner or any other kinds of conversations, honor and suffering is redemptive. i think about all of the sacrifice that so many people paid and to be standing here, to see this is kind of like a redeeming moment for us. >> how significant is it that his memorial is the only one in the washington mall dedicated to a nonpresident? >> i think that that is -- that speaks volumes. it speaks volumes and, again, not just that, but a man of peace, who had a global vision
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for our nation and our world. and as bernice also started, first and foremost, he was a man of god. and so there are a lot of ways to connect with the martin luther king jr. memorial, i believe. >> more from dr. king's children later on this hour. republican presidential candidates head to nevada this week for another debate. we'll check in live with our team in las vegas for a preview of the debate. plus, a closer look at the dire economic situation there in las vegas, nevada. we're centurylink... a new kind of broadband company committed to improving lives with honest, personal service, 5-year price lock guarantees and consistently fast speeds. ♪ ♪ got so many scratches and scars ♪ ♪ maybe time can mend us together again ♪
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the cnn poll of polls, which averages the latest four national survey shows former massachusetts governor mitt romney back on top. but close behind him, former godfather pizza ceo herman cain. texas governor rick perry, a front-runner much of last month, now falls to third. cain wins big among tea party supporters in south carolina. he picked up 55% in yesterday's nonbinding straw poll. newt gingrich finished a distant second with 13.5% and michele bachmann finished with 8%. when someone says las vegas you think of the strip, right? well, it is also home to over 1.5 million people., the internet's premiere shoe shopping site is based there and debate the recession, it is growing like crazy. its newest venture, though, is less about making money and more about building community.
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t.j. holmes is in vegas and filed this report. >> the thing that we have lacked in las vegas is a place that feels like our hub, our home, that is ours to control and not really designed to necessarily just make money. i think there is a disconnect between the sense of community, the strip is designed to bring you in and in a lot of ways make money and entertain you. the rest of the las vegas valley is home to nearly 1.6 million people who crave connecting with other people. this is fremont street, the original strip. we have a vision for creating a very vibrant, connected community in downtown las vegas. >> reporter: what is in it for you all? >> we had an opportunity when we were thinking about where we were going to move our company, we needed more space, and we had an opportunity to create a an area that has everything to offer our employees. we wanted a chance to move into
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a community and help invest in the same things, but manage by people who are passionate about things like yoga. frankly if we run a yoga studio, it is probably not going to be as good as someone who likes yoga, knows yoga, et cetera. i think most important thing we can do as a community is really focus on creating the elements in downtown las vegas that serve the community and not sort of fall into the trap that the strip has fallen into for all the right reasons, which is we need to serve the tourist community, make sure it works for them first and the locals second. for us, the community and the locals are first. and if we happen to create something that is really cool as a community, and they want to come visit, that is awesome. we love that. >> t.j. will be joiningous paul steinhauser and mark preston in 15 minutes coming to us from vegas about the upcoming debate scheduled for tuesday in vegas. that's scheduled for 8:00 eastern time. the debate that is. moderated by our anderson cooper.
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some news making headlines around the world now. security forces in yemen opened fire on protesters today. anti-government demonstrators scattered when shots rang out in yemen's capital.
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they were gathering to march against the embattled president to urge him again to step down. witnesses tell cnn four people were killed and more than 50 wounded. nearly 300 people are now dead, blamed on the worst flooding to hit thailand in 50 years. u.s. marines are now in bangkok helping the thai military distribute aid supplies. almost the entire nation is flooded after two months of nonstop rain. and the israeli government today released the names of hundreds of palestinians expected to be released from prison in the coming days. israel and hamas agree to swap more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners for one israeli soldier kidnapped more than five years ago. and finance ministers from the world's largest economies vow to take all necessary actions to stabilize global financial markets. the ministers met in paris, ahead of the g-20 summit next month in cannes. the son of u.s. born
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militant cleric anwar al awlaki was among those killed in a trio of drone attacks friday night in yemen. a senior security official says the attacks killed seven suspected militants. earlier, i talked to peter bergen and he told me that the u.s. hasn't launched more drone strikes. they're just being credited for the ones they do launch. >> u.s. drone strikes in yemen are not a new phenomenon, but much more likely to be owned up to by the yemen government than in the peek. i think weeky leak wikileaks c environment a little bit because once those documents came out, showing there were discussions between people like general david petraeus and the yemeni president saleh, plausibility went away. so we have seen in yemen a number of strikes which, you
2:21 pm
know, two or three years ago would have been portrayed as yemeni government, operations are now people that are fessing up and saying, yes, these are american drones. >> just moments ago i reported that the u.s. is reportedly pulling a u.s. combat brigade out of iraq ahead of schedule. does this sort of notice, this public notice leave real vulnerabilities for iraq or perhaps even existing u.s. troops? >> well, i mean, i think there are still 41,000 american troops there and obviously they will draw down bit end of the year. i think this might be a negotiating ploy to try and put more pressure on the iraqis to come to a deal where some american soldiers would remain. and obviously the united states position is that if they don't have immunity from prosecution, they're not going to stay. so pulling a brigade out early might be a way of signaling to the iraqis that, you know, try and come to an agreement on this issue and if they don't come to an agreement on the issue, so be it. we have had american soldiers
2:22 pm
that, you know, for seven years. and they can make the argument that it is time for the iraqis to step up and really take responsibility completely for their own security. they have a pretty effective army, which is capable of independent operations and so, you know, i think that's a reasonable argument. >> national security analyst peter bergen. today the dedication of the martin luther king memorial on the nation's capital, the king children talk about the symbolism behind the new memorial. horsepower luxury car with a manual transmission? because there are those who still believe in the power of a firm handshake. the cadillac cts-v. manual or automatic, that's entirely up to you. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs.
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a look at our top stories now, police and fbi agents who have been scouring kansas city for a missing baby are getting some help now. missouri governor jay nixon has ordered 25 national guard troops to join the search. earlier i asked a major with the missouri national guard about what those troops will be doing. >> the missouri national guard is working in support of the kansas city police department and the fbi and they have been working long and extensively on this and so we are just there to support their efforts. >> and what kind of assistance do they need? what is the support that they're looking for from the national guard that they're not able to carry out on their own? >> well, the 1139 military police company brings with it a vast array of experience and so
2:30 pm
as you heard, the police department and the fbi have used that experience to put a fresh set of eyes on this ground so that they can move on to the next step. >> lisa irwin, the baby, was last seen in her crib nearly two weeks ago. a $100,000 reward is offered for her safe return. apple is holding a memorial for its former chief executive steve jobs today. many prominent silicon valley executives have been invited to the event. it will take place on the campus of stanford university and will not be open to the public. and this word just in from the saudi news agency. king abdullah has arrived at a hospital in riyadh. he is expected to undergo back surgery similar to operations he had last year in the u.s. the 87-year-old king has suffered in the past from a debilitating herniated disc that put pressure on his spine.
2:31 pm
the next republican presidential debate is just two days away in las vegas. seven of the eight candidates plan to be there. my colleague t.j. holmes, cnn deputy political director paul steinhauser and our senior political editor mark preston are all there, poised in front of the venetian, which the debate is going to be taking place. t.j., you got a quick look at inside where the debate is going to be unfolding two days from now. pa paint a picture for us. >> i would first like to say thank you, fredricka, i was sure you were going to refer to us as the new rat pack. thank you for that. we did get a look inside the debate hall. we're looking to put that thing together. but they will tell you and we all know that there is something that stands out to a lot of folks if you start counting the podiums. there is one missing. supposed to be eight. there is just seven. jon huntsman decided to boycott the cnn debate. we'll get into that. i'm sure the fellows will here in a second. a lot goes into putting a debate
2:32 pm
like this on. prep work, the venetian helped us out in a major way, but the debate hall is still coming together. that is the spot. it is important. i'll let mark and paul chime in here, people try to understand there has been so many debates and a lot of people i talked to said we got another debate, we just had one last week, what do we need to talk about now? we're in nevada, the issues are different, the people are different and this debate matters. >> you're right. immigration a huge issue out here. we didn't hear in the last debate in new hampshire that was all economy. that could put rick perry on the spotlight, texas governor. he's come under attack from his rivals over immigration. expect to hear a little of that this tuesday night. >> fredricka, the debate hall, don't worry, we'll get that together for you, all right? >> i have no worries. >> no worries at all. but that's one thing that does as well, mark, stands out that we got one guy that will be missing and it is hard here at cnn to not be a little offended,
2:33 pm
like how dare this guy skip out on our debate. >> how dare you do that. it is all politics now. jon huntsman had no chance of winning here in nevada. what is interesting is that he's the former utah governor, which is just across the border here. but he realized he was not going to win nevada. he's making a political play. he's going to new hampshire now. s going to hold a town hall at the same time as the debate. he's saying, vote for me, be on my side. if he doesn't win new hampshire, jon huntsman doesn't win the republican presidential nomination. >> you had the chairwoman yesterday morning on and she's not moving. >> she's not moving. it is remarkable. it seems easy to people outside of the process. all you have to do, nevada, is move your caucus three days. and everybody can be happy. we can all get along and play nice. she says firmly we're sticking with the 14th of january. that causes the problem for new
2:34 pm
hampshire and which could cause a problem, fredricka, for all of us, if you will, especially these two guys, they can end up in new hampshire before the holidays, all right? if new hampshire decides to move. and you all explained here, people -- what is the big deal if they go four days or three days, what is different if they're all clumped together. why is it so important for a state to have the spotlight to themselves for a full week. >> it comes down to this. new hampshire has this long tradition of being the first state able to vote for the president yam candidates, whether that's republicans just this year, back in 2008, it was republicans and democrats. new hampshire is trying to solidify themselves as the first in the nation primary state. nevada, which is really new to the game, they came on to the scene in 2008. they're trying to solidify themselves for the future as being a -- in a state that is important and, of course, there is iowa, they're first in the nation caucus state.
2:35 pm
it comes down to this big fight over the calendar, who gets to go first. as you said, there is a chance, though a small chance, but there is a chance that new hampshire will hold their primary in december, just to make the point that they're number one. >> as the states are jockeying and if it moves up to december, it is less time for the candidates to get to meet the voter and the voters to know where the candidates sta s stan the issue. >> regardless of the primary or the caucus, and regardless of the debate, the primary issue that people want to hear these candidates address is the economy. but what makes it distinctively, i guess, different for nevada, for this debate that the economy is something that people are going to want to hear from these candidates. this is a state hit hard, whether from foreclosures, whether from small businesses, what is this audience makeup? what do they want to hear from
2:36 pm
the candidates that they haven't heard from the other debates? >> it is unfortunate that nevada has this distinction. but there is no better place to talk about the economy than right here. you don't want to hear that, but that is the distinction they have. and, guys, we're out here in vegas, we don't live here, fredricka, of course. we're all outside of nevada and las vegas and we think about vacation and going somewhere and having a good time, let's go to vegas, the adult playground, fabulous las vegas, right? what happens here stays here, but you talk to people in las vegas, the problem they have here, the highest foreclosure rates in the country for the past four years, the highest unemployment rate in the country, the las vegas metro area, number one at 14.2%. the state of nevada, highest unemployment rate in the country. so, as i say that, we'll talk about the economy and there have been other debates around the country, there is no better place to have this conversation than right here. >> it comes down to this,
2:37 pm
fredricka, down to xeexpendable income. people don't have the expendable income and a place like nevada, which really, really relies on that, they're the ones getting hit hardest the most. >> they depend on not just you coming here, they depend on you coming here and literally blowing cash. most people in this country, you can't afford to just take the flight. you can't afford the hotel. and now you want me to go there and go into the casino and put it on the table? are you kidding me? so they have been uniquely hit. >> so, paul, if there were a candidate in the 7s since we know jon huntsman will not be there, among the republican candidates, does one have the upper hand on being able to convince the public in that debate hall whether they have the right kind of economic plan? >> i don't know about the upper
2:38 pm
hand. every candidate has put out an economic proposal or plan, but one person getting a lot more scrutiny than the others and that's herman cain, rising in the polls and that means more scrutiny. his 9-9-9 tax plan is one reason he's been rising in the polls but now getting scrutiny for it. and this morning he admitted that some people would pay more money under his plan. that's really -- that could be tough for him. >> is that one reason you hear him resonating. you have a simple thing that people can understand. 9- 9-9, i get that. >> it is all about simplicity. scrutiny. we'll see that tuesday night. herman cain will come under fire for the tax plan. >> excellent, gentlemen, thank you so much. lots of fun. be sure to tune in for the cnn western republican presidential
2:39 pm
debate tuesday night 8:00 eastern time. anderson cooper will be the moderator. historic day in washington as thousands attend the martin luther king jr. memorial dedication. his children describe the family's emotions.
2:40 pm
in washington, a day to honor the nation's most famous civil rights leader. ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you happy birthday ♪
2:41 pm
>> 48 years after his i have a dream speech, the reverend martin luther king jr. has a place of honor on the national mall. president and mrs. obama joined members of the king family and dignitaries from across the country at the dedication ceremony for the king memorial. seeing the memorial for the first time was a moving experience for king's children as martin luther king iii and reverend bernice king described to me just before attending today's event. >> well, it is a connector perhaps for some people it will be first connector. obviously with the internet people know a lot about our father, but those that come to visit, i think the inspiration of the words that they encounter may awaken something. they'll want to understand better who this man was and the kind of change he affected in terms of advancing our society globally. >> this man we're talking about was your father. martin luther king iii.
2:42 pm
when you go to this memorial site, when you saw it for first time, what was the emotion you felt? >> the emotion i will characterize by words of our daughter, our daughter is 3 years old. and we took her back in may before the monument actually opened. and this is what is amazing about it is exactly how i felt. she said i'm not going to cry. i said, andrea, what did she just say? just as i said, she said it again, i'm not going to cry. she looked up at the monument and said this is awesome. >> it seems like a very poignant location. near the tidal basin. when people go there, whether for the cherry blossoms in the spring or they're running, it is a very peaceful place. and generally it is a place where people keep moving. but now it seems there is a place where you stop, where you take a pause. is that fitting? is that symbolic of who your dad
2:43 pm
is? >> well, it certainly is. dad was always reflective and -- but he would also warn us not to get caught up in the paralysis of analysis. and we always need to analyze what the situation is, but not get paralyzed. >> maya angelou weighs in and says she's not crazy about the paraphrasing that took place. i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness. and her words, that this minimizes the man, that there was much more to that quote. did you have any thoughts about her assessment? >> it is going to be corrected, first of all, is what we understand. but i don't know exactly how it got to that place. that was not that -- number one, that was not what dad said. so she's accurate. he said if you want to say i was a drum major, then say i was a
2:44 pm
drum major for this. he never said i was. as i say, the issue is addressed because it is going to be corrected. and i think that's wonderful because -- >> it will be the whole quote. >> my understanding is it is going to be the entire quote. >> you want to say that i was a drum major, say i was a drum major for justice. say that i was a drum major for peace, i was a drum major for righteousness and all of the other shallow things will not matter. will that make a difference in what a person feels when they see that memorial with a paraphrasing versus that true quote? >> i think it goes back to what she said. today maybe not because we know. 50, 100 years, yes, it could. and, you know, who knows what young people would -- is going through young people's minds. so i just think if we're going to present a quote, then we need to present it correctly.
2:45 pm
and that gets people to thinking about what is most important in life? >> the king memorial was supposed to be dedicated last august, but was postponed by hurricane irene. so today indeed it happened. a memorable night for a former president. ♪ what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪ ♪ would you stand up and walk out on me ♪ >> why hollywood is singing the praises of bill clinton and his work outside the oval office. ♪ i would try not to sing out of key ♪ ing new. marjorie, you've had a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. well, progressive gives megan discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver, and i get great service. meredith, what's shakin', bacon? they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve.
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money magazine is out with the best jobs in america. and the top job for parents is all about flexibility. >> parents looking for the perfect career might want to try physical therapy. money magazine ranks this as a top job for moms because it has great flexibility and you can average about $76,000 a year. physical therapists say their job is rewarding. but it isn't easy to break into. entry level candidates are now
2:48 pm
required to have a ph.d.
2:49 pm
a big celebration in hollywood this weekend. a star-studded lineup turned out yesterday for a benefit concert for bill clinton and his foundation. performers including the edge, bono, kenny chesney, usher and lady gaga. ashton kutcher, ellen degeneres and barbra streisand were also there. this year marks the tenth anniversary of the william j. clinton foundation, which helps with health and the environment. >> i had the most unusual life. i was born after world war ii,
2:50 pm
in the second poorest state in the country, into a family that never had a college graduate and, poof, lightning struck one time after another. and i never, ever believed i was born in a log cabin i built myself. nobody climbs any built myself. nobody climbs a ladder alone and we are never going to build this country by telling people they are on their own. we have to do america and the world together. >> by the way, happy birthday to the former president. 65 this year. much more in the newsroom straight ahead with don lemon. was that not star-studded. >> who wasn't there. >> gosh. once a president, always a president. >> that's right. we weren't there. we're obviously nobody. but once a president always a president and you know, and people, you know, are very much attracted to all that he's doing with his foundation.
2:51 pm
>> that's why so many people are vying to be president. that's why we are in vegas with t.j. and paul steinhauser. >> they all want to have the job that bill clinton once had. speaking of that in vegas, herman cain has been firing up his base and his poll numbers lately, fredricka is it at the extense of his own race? that's coming up at the top of the hour. martin luther king junior monument dedicated. >> i want to bear witness he was a christian preacher. he believed in the gospel, the good news in which you try to keep track of the humanity. and if there were a memorial for him and he were to come back from the grave he would want to be in jail. >> we will hear more about that and this story. i know how you love these stories a heart warming amazing story about a football player that suffered a catastrophic
2:52 pm
accident and now he is teaching all of us, even the medical profession about beating the odds. this will uplift your spirits. if you think you are dealing with something, and can't get over it. you will be like i don't have problems. very much an inspiration. >> ahead ticking and tocking. >> nine minutes. >> nine minutes and 99 seconds. it is my 9-9-9 plan. homeless animals have good friends on the west coast. thousands of them are roaming sacramento in colonies. somebody is feeding and taking care of them. the association named the ten best neighborhoods in america. first we have highland park in birmingham, alabama. northbrae in berkeley, california, ansly park.
2:53 pm
pullman neighborhood and gold coast and hamburg historic district in iowa. what are others that made the list? that's coming up after the break.
2:54 pm
so, before the break, we named five of the best neighborhoods in america according to the american planning association. here's the final five. there's hat pitiesburg in hattiesburg, mississippi. german village in columbus, ohio. dundee memorial park, swan lake and college hill in providence rhode island. other news around the country today today, our interview of the one who bought the holy tree
2:55 pm
thing on ebay. this california woman was forced to part with one of her prized possessions, an oak apple that she swears looks just like mother mary and some angles. she put it up for auction on-line and said she's disappointed it didn't fetch a better price since virgin mary on a grilled cheese sandwich once sold for thousands of dollars. a thrill seeker landed himself in trouble before his feet touched the ground. this base jumper took a late night leap from california's tallest bridge and his parachute got stuck in a tree and dangled there more than an hour before calling for help. it is illegal and also dangerous. and they are the friends of the homeless cats. a lot of homeless cats. volunteers in sacramento spent hours a day and their own money to feed and care for 1,000 cats.
2:56 pm
animal control officials blame people who with dump unwanted pets for the spike in homeless cats in sacramento. everybody needs a friend, even the homeless kitty cats. what can we look forward to in the workweek? >> i don't think i'm going to have a lot of friends from the northeast. it is this rain train that will not abate. it's been days in the making. it is cold and wet and will be getting colder. here's a look at the rain train. new york city in september had double the amount of rain. on average so far, thus far, this october, but more rain is coming. should get over the average. you can see we have a few systems that will morph together and bring us cool air. a big picture. look at. this 82 in atlanta. we had a lot of record highs today in mississippi, degree off in atlanta but warmer tomorrow. highs in the mid-80s for a lot of the deep south. mid to 90 degree territory. more records potentially. look at the dichotomy between the cold 50s and 60s and the
2:57 pm
warm 80s and 90s but the systems will morph together and expect wet conditions. south florida one to six inches of rain. cold air coming by the middle of the week. what we will see, temperatures 20 degrees from where we are right now, no matter where you are in the eastern two thirds of the country. >> pull the sweat withers back out. got a little reprieve today with 80s in parts of the southeast today and now back to reality. real fall weather. thank you so much. appreciate that. thank you so much for being with us this afternoon. i'm fredricka whitfield. more ahead with don lemon. he's on his way right now. have a great week. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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