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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 22, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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a year later, two days after thanksgiving, 2009 i woke up at 3:00 in the morning, almost to the hour and i said, i said that i want to try to write the story now. >> what pieces did you want to get down? >> it's interesting. because at first i thought i would write the story from memory like a traditional memoir. i got out of bed and started writing down my memories on my laptop. i wrote that for several weeks. then i realized there's a lot of things i don't know or things i heard or might month but i don't know for sure. so i said i got to report this story. so at that point i started calling everybody who was still alive, who had lived through the events. my mother -- >> they were top sharing? >> they were. but what was interesting is their first response almost to a person was well i just don't remember that much. it was kind of painful, i've forgotten a lot. i said let me come and talk to
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you. then one after another it would go on and on for hours i would fill note books. once i got them talking they remembered a tremendous amount. but it was really then i would ask them for letters and documents. i became obsessed. >> do you feel like it's lift ad burden to have written all this down to discover, to reach out to family members in a way that your reporter instincts had you do? >> traditionally people say to understand it's to forgive. i point out sometimes have to forgive before you can understand. there was a certain amount of forgiveness that had to take place before i embarked on this journey. >> "my long trip home." you came up with this title. it has a couple of meanings. the first meaning i took a lot of trips as a young child. there were a lot of new homes where i didn't know anybody or what await immediate. the second meaning, obviously, is that the reporting of this book and the writing of this
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book was a long trip. a journalistic and emotional trip. >> thank you. veteran race car driver dan wheldon was laid to rest in st. petersburg, florida today. he died last sunday in a fiery crash. he was remembered as a driver with the heart of a lion. wheldon often likened himself to richard the lionheart and wore that image on his racing helmets. louisiana governor bobby jindal is fairly well-known nationally but today it's voters in his home state who must decide if jindal gets a second term. voters are returning for a gubernatorial primary. he's expected to win easily. republican presidential hopeful rick perry went hunting
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in iowa this morning, but this pheasant hunt was also about politics. perry took part in an annual hunt hosted by iowa republican representative steve king. king's endorsement is highly sought after since iowa hold the country's first caucus. the state of nevada announcing just minutes ago that it has moved back the date of its caucus. it was scheduled for january 14th but nevada will now hold the caucus february 4th. new hampshire republican leaders had encouraged nevadian republicans to make that change. kate edwards the oldest daughter of john and elizabeth edwards got married just a short time ago in chapel hill, north carolina. on hand to walk her down the aisle her father the disgraced two-time presidential candidate and former senator from north carolina, kate's mother elizabeth died of breast cancer just two weeks after kate became engaged to her college
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boyfriend. a lot of military families are expected to be very excited to have their loved ones home for the holidays. president obama's announcement that after nine years in iraq u.s. troops are leaving. that was music to the ears of so many military families. the president reiterated that message again in today's weekly address. >> in iraq we've succeeded in our strategy to end the war. last year i announced the end of our combat mission in iraq. we've already removed more than 100,000 troops and iraqi forces have taken full responsibility to the security of their own country. thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, the iraqi people have a chance to forge their own future. and now the rest of our troops will be home for the holidays. our cnn affiliates also spoke to some of the family members and friends excited about the return of troops from iraq. listen to what they are saying. >> not only is my son coming
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home safe and sound to us as a family, our family is whole again. and i'm very thankful for the job that them and all his fellow soldiers have done for us. >> time to bring our boys home. time for them to come home to their families. they shouldn't have to be over there. >> even coming home around the holiday times it will being a great. >> a texas sign company is expected to be working overtime now that u.s. troops are heading home. build a offers free welcome home banners to military families. our austin affiliate has the story. >> reporter: if anyone knows how to throw a homecoming celebration it's the williams family. >> welcome home michael. we're so proud. proud of our brave hero. >> reporter: this sign hung above their garage when their father came home from his third tour of duty in iraq in 2009.
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>> to pull up into the driveway with our family and friends and then seeing the banner, he just -- he couldn't believe it. >> reporter: this week his wife learned her husband will be home early for christmas after her husband's fourth tour in iraq. doesn't have to worry about buying a new banner. in fact, she didn't have to buy the first one. build a made it for free. the austin company came up with the idea three years ago and originally decided to giveaway 10,000 welcome home signs for troops, thinking it would take a couple of years. it really spread virally on the internet. organizations got a hold of it and ran it and we ended up getting the 10,000 orders in about three weeks. >> reporter: they had to buy a bigger printer to keep up with demand. and still have their hands fulfilling about 200 orders a day just for troops, friends and
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family. the customer only has to cover shipping and can add their own message, pictures and back grounds all online. the company is well aware business will likely pick up in the next couple of months after president obama said all u.s. troops will be home for the holidays. >> we're ready for it. we love seeing the orders. >> reporter: they will be printing michael williams sign soon with one more name on it this time. his 1-year-old daughter gets to welcome her father home too. >> i'm indebted to them and want to tell them thank you sponsorship it really means a lot to everyone involved. >> but not everyone is overjoyed that the military is pulling out of iraq. senator lindsey graham released a statement saying this. i feel all we have worked for, fought for and sacrificed for is very much in jeopardy by today's announcement. he added, quote, i hope i am wrong and the president is right. but i fear this decision has set in motion events that will come
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back to haunt our country. end quote. that from senator lindsey graham. on the road to white house let's go wilton, iowa. there you see republican candidate, texas governor perry there. he's talking before a group an apparently he just moments ago said he in trying to reiterate, he is a conservative of conviction work to lower tax. let's listen in to rick perry. >> look i know how to deal with democrats and individuals who may not share my political philosophy because i've done it for the last decade as the governor of texas. but the fact is these are actions that can happen very quickly. and put americans to work. as president that's what we need to do is get america back working. but, you know our long term growth strategy requires fundamental reform of our tax code. it requires fundamental spending
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culture changes. the way that business is done in washington, d.c. fundamentally has to change. on tuesday this coming tuesday i'll release the details of an economic growth package that will create jobs, create growth, create investor confidence in america again. and it starts with scrapping that 3 million words of our current tax code. throw it out. get rid of it. start over. with something simpler, something called a flat tax. i want to make the tax code -- >> texas governor rick perry there in wilton, iowa underscoring why he's the candidate who should win their support there. he and other republican candidates are campaigning throughout the state ofway. in other news, saudi arabia's crown prince died earlier today. he was the half brother of the saudi king and one of the top political figures in the
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kingdom. he died at a new york city hospital reportedly of cancer. the president of iran says the united states made the situation in libya worse by getting involved. c nm >> moammar gadhafi is dead. what is your reaction to the news of his death? >> translator: i wish everybody would respect the justice, freedom and there was no need for any conflict or clash. in the beginning we recommended a dialogue between the two sides and all parties. but they did not pay attention to our recommendations. of course, nato intervention was effective in exacerbating the
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. how would the death of moammar gadhafi be remembered in next year's presidential election. a few days ago we asked more than a thousand americans to tell us how important terrorism was to their choice for president. 72% feel terrorism is extremely
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important or very important. something else to consider, those top terror leaders taken down during the obama administration. one time al qaeda leader, atiyah abdul rahman, anwar al awlaki and osama bin laden. so how is this playing with american voters? that's my question for bobby gosh the deputy international editor at "time" magazine. bobby, good to see you. let's talk about what this administration is able to take credit for. a number of suspected terrorists and those who have been proven terroristed who have been either arrested or killed in just recent months, is this administration becoming i guess more noted for its foreign policy, things that were, i guess criticized.
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president obama was greatly criticized for not having a strong foreign policy in the early stages of his administration and now it appears it's becoming the hallmark of his administration, is it not? >> not so much foreign policy as an extension of military policy. but you're right. he has gotten and will continue to get enormous amount of credit for the killing of osama bin laden. and other top al qaeda leaders in pakistan and in afghanistan. in the case of libya, probably he'll have to share the credit with the uk and france who took the lead in some of the nato bombing there. as you pointed out people in this country don't always vote on foreign policy. a year before -- we have to remember what happened to george bush sr. who defeated saddam hussein quite comprehensively in an enormous military victory in the first war and then lost a
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re-election. americans particularly now with their economic problems, with job problems in this country are probably not going to give the president too much credit on foreign policy. >> so what's the disconnect here? is it this administration tooting its own horn enough, is it reminding people what has transpired as it pertains to national security for not talking about foreign policy or is it the voices, the voices that are far more critical of this administration who seem to be getting the most attention? >> i think it is what's happening in this country that is sort of coloring everything else. if the united states were not having the severe economic crisis, if it wasn't having an enormous unemployment problems, then the successes abroad would get far more attention. when people are suffering in the pocketbook as they say, when people are having difficulty particularly at the holiday
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season figuring out how they will get through the next couple of months, it's a little hard for them to pay attention. the administration is doing everything it can, arguably a little more than it needs to in terms of trying to claim credit for what's happening abroad but people have far too many problems much closer home to. it's not about the -- it's not about what the republicans are saying. it's not even what the white house is saying. it's what people here are feeling right now. >> how is this potentially a defining moment for the obama administration? the president announcing yesterday that the remaining -- the majority of the remaining 39,000 american troops be pulling out of iraq at the end of the war is coming even sooner than he had promised went on the campaign trail. >> it's an important -- it's an important milestone. he promised this would happen and it's happened. i think if he had his druthers he would have kept a certain number of troops as trainers and in iraq but the iraqi government
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would have none of that. i think it is something that he can take to the election, to the people next year and say i promise this and i delivered that. he'll get brownie points for it. >> all right. thanks so much for your insight. appreciate it. >> any time. all right. are america's better days behind us? not necessarily according to a pulitzer prize winner for the "new york times". he's the co-author of a new book "that used to be us, how america fell behind in the world it invented and how we can come back." ali velshi has this week's fortune brainstorm. >> you argue that the united states is in decline. here's the interesting part. for years now you have been the voice of globalization and why it's necessary and why to sort of flatten the world out the rest of the world would have to
12:19 pm
do better and some say by definition the united states would have to slow down a little bit. have you changed your argument? >> well, you know, there really isn't that we have to slow down. two things happen when the world gets flat as it were. one was that there was always going to be a relative closing of the gap between the united states and the indias and chinas of the world. what we want to avoid is absolute decline where they move up and we actually move back and there's no reason that has to happen. it can happen and what we've written our book about is how to avoid that in part. >> it's this thing that's around us that's globalization and for many people you are the person that defined that term because of all the writing you've done on it. let's put that aside for a second we're each other's clients and vendors and the world is flattening out. one of the other reasons why americans feel that we're in
12:20 pm
decline is because we have lost some jobs remember not just to out sourcing but to this technological revolution where more is automated it takes fewer people to do the same amount of work. >> very good point. a friend of ours always like to say that most jobs, always remember this, are not out sourced to mexico or china they are out sourced to the past. we used to have a receptionist. we don't any more. we don't have someone from mexico or china there. we have microchip. that's true throughout the economy. >> fortune named the hottest young stars in business in this year's 40 under 40. we'll reveal some of those names in the next hour. next in gaming and gadgets we'll have some scary video games to get you in the halloween spirit if you're not already. just one time for this holiday, released its list of
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america's spookiest cities. coming in at number ten, washington state, right. oh, no. we're talking about the nation's capital city of washington, d.c.? nine gettysburg, pennsylvania. eight new orleans. seven savannah, georgia. at number six los angeles. we'll have the top five after the break.
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before the break we named five of the top ten spookiest cities in america. at number five, san antonio, texas. philadelphia number four. three boston. number two, santa fe, new mexico and the spookiest city in america, you may have guessed this one, salem, massachusetts. course. the others are a surprise to me. so with halloween just around the corner our gaming and gadgets expert is here with some rather scary video games for the holiday. mark, let's start with the rise of nightmares from sega. >> before we jump into the games, i'm obviously at a boardroom here in an office building and the lights keep turning off for some reason. so if it goes dark it's not part -- i'm not planning this
12:25 pm
but obviously it's very fitting with what we're talking about so i apologize in advance. rise of night meyers from sega. a very interesting horror game that's out now for the xbox 360 because it uses the connect peripheral. there goes the lights. i have a back up plan. you control the game using your body in front of the tv and you get to play in this haunted mansion looking for your wife. she was kidnapped. you're in europe. you're a vacationer. trying to find your wife. a mad scientist has her. you get to control it using your body and arms to fight off these creatures. that's rise of nightmares out now from sega. >> i'm laughing how you created your own live shot. it remind me of that movie with the flashlight.
12:26 pm
>> it will come to me. back to these crazy, you know, fun scary video games. let's talk about the silent hill downpour. what's that? >> this is coming out soon for playstation three an xbox 360. silent hill is a well-known and respected survival horror game series as it's called. its played from a cinematic third person perspective. in this sequel the town of silent hillis bigger. you get to roam around these foggy streets. take on these missions. interact with mysterious characters and one raffle a mystery that haunts this town. this is coming out soon whether you're an x-box fan or ps 3 player. it's one of the biggest to date. that's coming out soon. >> something that maybe people don't want to wait they want to load something on to their iphone or ipad right now or
12:27 pm
itouch, the dark meadow. what's this all about? >> yes. this is, believe it or not a scary game for your hand-held device. that's hard to do. but with amazing graphics and voice acting and a decent story the dark meadow pulls it off. this available at the itunes app store. one of my favorite games. perfect for halloween. you wake up in this abandoned hospital or so you think it's abandoned you do come across an old man who warns you of some very creepy things going on and it's a single player game that you roam these halls of this abandoned hospital and you encounter some spiritual beast there's. seeing some great visuals of it. this is on an iphone or ipad. amazing visuals. it has puzzle elements. you'll find newspaper clippings and notes that help you unravel the story and find access to locked rooms. it's a lot of fun and perfect
12:28 pm
for some halloween fun on the go as it's playable on apple's portable devices. >> people see the phone glowing but now you you're in a room but the lights keep going on and off. the ghouls are working there in the boardroom. one more i want you to tell me about. i guess this is something that's coming up in 2012. ouiji mansion and playable in 3-d. tell me more. >> it's available for the nintendo 3-ds platform. this is a sequel of about a decade ago. you play as luigi, mario's brother. you're in a haunted castle, armed with a flashlight as well as a vacuum cleaner of sort strapped to his back. li like ghostbusters. it's a lot of fun.
12:29 pm
i played it at the e 3 video game expo back in june in l.a. not out for another few months but if you were a fan of the original game you'll like what nintendo has done. keep in mind with the nintendo 3-ds you don't have to wear glasses to get that 3-d effect. honestly this wasn't planned. i'm in a boardroom in an office building. this is where i had to do the skype interview. i find it funny it fits with what we're talking about. >> it's perfectly inappropriate if you know what i mean. hopefully the goblins turn on the lights for you in that secret boardroom that for now will remain secret. thanks so much. for more hi-tech ideas and reviews go to and look for gaming and gadgets tab.
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find out more at so before the break we talked about some fantasy gifts that neiman marcus was making available for the 85th edition of the neiman marcus christmas book. all right. so here's a really nice fancy kind of thing if you like a nice ride. we're talk about a ferrari, but not your ordinary ferrari of say $152,000. this is a nice upgraded version of $395,000. >> by the way, one per customer. they are limiting it. >> in case you wanted to get two. you can only buy one. how about that? >> the 5,000 scotch i like that, 5,000. that's pretty palatable. 45,000 a painter, a famous
12:34 pm
artist, $45,000 he create this table tennis and all-black rubber. it's a piece of art. >> how much is that one? >> 45,000. what do you think? >> no. >> i rather have the ferrari. >> i'm excited we're talking christmas already. >> it's feeling a little christmas-like out there. >> i looked at the forecast and for all you baseball fans out there you know how cold it was in st. louis. big time temperature improvements. 79 for the game 8:00 tonight for the world series if you're watching that. so we actually had a few showers in the forecast earlier. that dissipated, stayed off to the north and east. highs today right around 60 in the northeast. warmer than that, 60s and 70s, 80s in the deep south. what you'll notice about this weekend very chilly frosty start. coldest air of the entire season. so far this morning and tomorrow morning in the southeast but then it warms up nicely.
12:35 pm
tomorrow even warmer still. forecast for tomorrow, temperatures up a few degrees in the southeast. warm in the southwest. very nice. no question about it. this i think many people like this. noaa coming out with their winter outlook, their meteorological winter of december, january and february. cool to normal in the northern tier. southeast average. warmer here in the south and central plains and wetter in the northern tier and drier. where we don't need it drier is where we're seeing. dry begets dry. drought begets drought. great for skiers in montana, wyoming, great ski season, a lot of precip and cold temperatures. perfect ingredients for powder. >> easy to make plans this winter. thanks so much. a look at our top stories right now. it is the message that u.s.
12:36 pm
military families have waited to hear for nearly a decade now. the war in iraq over. president obama says 39,000 remaining u.s. troops will be home by the end the year. the body of moammar gadhafi has yet to be buried and has been on public display inside a walk in cooler. libyan people are lining up by the dozens view the long time leader's body. it's not known when or where gadhafi will be buried. dr. cona murray's trial takes a major turn next week when the defense presents its case. prosecutors wrapped up their case this week with compelling and damaging testimony from an anesthesiologist expert who says murray is responsible for pop star michael jackson's death. gop presidential hopeful rick perry proclaimed his long love affair with guns today. he made his proclamation during a pheasant hunt in iowa.
12:37 pm
iowa just happens to be the country's first caucus state. by this afternoon perry had dropped the hunting attire all together and hit the more traditional campaign trail. >> we've fed a few people some pheasants. it was awesome to be out there and getting the kind of just be with folks and doing what you're really excited about doing. i was excited about getting out and shooting a shotgun and seeing if i had lost my touch and i haven't. >> cnn is following perry in iowa. so, peter, who was perry hunting with this morning before he had that discussion with everybody else? >> reporter: yes. that's an important question. he was hunting with iowa congressman steve king who is a native of storm lake, iowa and a very popular social and fiscal conservative, popular tea party figure and his endorsement will carry weight in this case even
12:38 pm
outside of his congressional districts. all republican candidates on the more conservative side of the field have been courting him. king is very close friends with michelle bachmann. his fellow member of congress. rick perry went out in the field today and as you just saw came to a different part of the state this afternoon to brag about his skills with the gun. he was asked about second amendment rights and making a cultural appeal to iowa voters. >> wonder if the perry or perry camp talked about potential conflict about the whole hunting scenario since he has gotten, i guess a bit of flack most recently over the hunting facility in texas, and the name and i guess the real disparity over how perry was separating himself from that texas hunting lodge. >> reporter: yeah. that's an issue, the hunting
12:39 pm
ranch that his family leased was a big topic and when you're in washington and news media. i haven't heard it come up very often on the campaign trail and, again, you know, rick perry has got to recover his once formidable standing in t ining s and what he's signalling here today where he talked about his small town values, he talked about abortion, opposing abortion i should clarify and guns, he's really going after the cultural conservative, you know, just two days after mitt romney who he views as his chief rival came toway and targeted business minded voters, economic minded republicans, so perry has got to shore up his right flank and that's what he's doing with this talk about hunting and farmland. >> peter, does perry or perry camp feel like they want to kind of recover some ground more
12:40 pm
person to person kind of town hall get with the people kind of interaction since at some of the debates he's lost a little steam? >> reporter: yeah. you're exactly right. these debates have been devastating for his campaign. he recovered some standing with his last debate one las vegas with this really aggressive punchy performance where he went after mitt romney but because of those debates all of these candidates haven't had that much time on the campaign trail and this is a state in iowa where rick perry needs to do well. needs to do well in south carolina and florida. he hasn't had much time to campaign there. he's very one on one interaction with voters, retail politics, shaking hands. he remembers people's names. there's a lot of head patting and back slapping that we saw out here today. they are thankful for this little window of two or three weeks where they can get on the ground in iowa and talk to voters and introduce themselves so voters can see a different side of rick perry than the one
12:41 pm
they've seen on tv, underwhelming presence in some of these debates. >> peter hamby thank you so much. join us every sunday afternoon 4:00 eastern time when we dedicate an entire hour to the presidential contenders in the 2012 election. a top ten cnn hero who has built virtual families for hundreds of teens you'll meet her next in this cnn newsroom. y itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. i was 18 years old before i had my first fresh bun. the invention that i came up with is the hot dog ez bun steamer. steam is the key to a great hot dog.
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lindsay lohan is in trouble again. this time for violating probation. earlier i spoke to our legal guides about lohan's latest run in with the law. >> she's getting no publicity. she's not in any magazines these days. she can't make movies. she can't sing. she can't act. she can't do anything. she has to thumb her nose at the law and that's what she did. now she's back in court again in the limelight. new wardrobe, new everything here and she will go to the jail. that's what will happen right now. as crazy as it in california they will putter in jail like a day or two and let her out. it's the biggest, ridiculous thing i've seen.
12:45 pm
she continues to ignore through. she's out of control. she's in the morgue now supposedly doing community service. that's where she will end up obviously soon. it's ridiculous. >> avery, this seems like a broken record. i feel we have these conversations often about involving lindsay lohan. so how it is that this keeps going on and on, this is kind of like a broken record, how come there isn't any change in whether it be the response or whether it be on her end or on the lay-up's end. what's going on here? >> yeah. i think what you side is exactly right. i mean any other normal person would be in jail right now. her argument was that she showed up for her second form of community service, she screwed up her first to the women's center to report to clean up at the morgue. that's an awful job but it's the appropriate one. and she showed up late. she claims the mediaing blocked the way. and so now the judge has required her posting $100,000 bond to keep her out. you know let me tell you
12:46 pm
something. i actually saw her in a movie recently with robert deniro and she didn't do a bad job to be honest with you. if someone can get their hands on her to get her help maybe something can be done. i think you're exactly right. other people go to jail for reason. the time will be up unless he had gets serious help. >> oh, boy. telling it like its our legal guys catch them every saturday beginning at noon eastern. they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪ [ cellphone rings ]
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. each week we're focusing on one of the cnn top ten heroes the year. today we're highlight being amy stokes and her foundation infinite family. she's using computers to reach out to children who are orphaned by hiv and aids. it's a way to bring children and caring adults face to face to communicate every week. amy stokes joining us live from africa via skype. congratulations, amy. quickly how does a young lady from yonkers by way of detroit find her way to johannesburg with this vision, this idea. >> it all started in 2003 when
12:50 pm
my husband and i adopted our son from south africa and that's when we realized there were millions of children growing up without enough adults in their lives. that's where infinite family was born and through it we bring mentors from around the world via internet directly into the lives of these talking to them, teaching, motivating them. they are filling the void left by the missing adults. and then by giving them the life and technology skills, we're hoping to prepare them to become the leaders that will rebuild their communities. >> so you've helped about 300 children, if not more. and now you are a top ten cnn hero. what are the assurances that you get, that you know this kind of virtual family is working, is filling a void for so many of these young kids? >> well, actually we've been mentored over 500 children.
12:51 pm
and becoming a cnn hero has really helped us prove how powerful video mentoring is. you're helping us inspire mentors worldwide to get involved. and they're already transforming the lives of these children. >> what are you hoping is the next step for your venture or your organization? how do you see it, say, five years from now? >> oh, dear. we're adding children -- we have big plans. we're adding children every day. we are looking for mentors and support and we're building the relationships and the partnerships that will help us bring video mentoring to children in thousands of communities across africa. >> amy stokes, thanks so much and congratulations on infifty family becoming a top ten cnn hero. we're all rooting for you as well as the other nine as well. it's going to be up to you at
12:52 pm
home, the viewer, to determine who should be the top ten cnn hero for 2011. congratulations, amy. thanks so much for your time. you can go to the website and click on your favorite cnn hero, the one that inspires you most. all ten will be honored live. what makes us number one in motorcycle insurance? we love bikes. we love riders. and most of all, we love to ride. perfect hair every time. leading the pack in motorcycle insurance. now, that's progressive. call or click today. my son and i never missed opening day. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function,
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12:55 pm
that's a crazy video, always gets us kind of going. it's fun. now we're talking about another crazy, kind of basketball-themed viral videos. >> these guys are called dude perfect. they're a group of boys from texas a & m. they've gotten together with a frisbee of throwing guy. that was a frisbee. that's brodie smith. watch this one. that's the basketball. it's unbelievable. >> look at that. >> i can't even throw a frisbee normally. that's very hard.
12:56 pm
this is one of the guys. look at this. but this is nothing. this guy's done it from a plane, through fog and rain, he put his hand out -- it was like -- he said it felt like pins and needles frin his hands. >> how many times do they try it before they nail the shot? >> the cropper duster shot, the plane, his second time. he got it in. >> what? >> he should play for the bulls or something. >> i'm impressed. >> isn't it incredible? >> it is. that's fun. i like the shorts. >> isn't that cool? they're cute, too. >> very fun. good stuff. always love those crazy shots. a cool new viral thing coming up next hour.
12:57 pm
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today has been an emotional day for friends and family members of racing veteran dan wheldon.


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