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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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who say they'll work together and cut the debt. he comes out front and to put pressure on the group of 12 that we are obsessed with on this program, a group that must take action, super committee, please, please super committee step up. don't be that. anderson cooper 360 starts in just a couple of seconds. thanks so much as always for watching "out front." erin, thanks very much. good evening, everyone. breaking news in the herman cain story. it is hard to know where to begin tonight. so much has happened in the last few hours. we have just learned the attorney for one of two women alleging sexual harassment by cain when he ran the national restaurant association is talking to his client right now about what she should do, talking strategy, deciding whether or not she is going to come forward. also, the associated press reports a third woman emerged tell national
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restaurant association. we're also learning details of the one of the first two incidents that ended in financial settlements. they come from chris wilson, a former colleague who witnessed he says one of the incidents and spoke about it today to gloria borger and ktok. >> i'll tell you at the time she was a very lower level staffer. i think she was maybe two years out of college and this all occurreded at a restaurant in crystal city and everybody was very aware of it and so it was only a matter of time because so many people were aware of what took place and her situation and the fact she left after this. it was a -- everybody knew what the campaign -- that this would eventually come up. >> chris wilson is a rick perry supporter. gloria borger joins us shortly. that's not all, though.
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on top of all of that according to cain is blaming another campaign operative. a 2004 campaign adviser now working for rick perry for sparking this whole mess but keep in mind cain's accusation directly contradicts his own statements about not recalling any sexual harassment allegations or settlements. the day began with a conservative front-runner not wanting to talk about any of this anymore. >> let me say one thing. i'm here with these doctors and that's what i'm going to talk about so don't even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about. okay? don't even bother. >> good question, though. >> are you concerned about the fact that the women -- >> what did i say? excuse me. excuse me! >> rick ross with -- >> step aside, please. >> what part of no don't these people understand? >> which way are we going? >> well, there was some pushing,
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shoving, no answers from the candidates. the questions that began on sunday when the politico story hit detailing at least two incidents of alleged sexual harassment in the late 1990s. today possible corroboration on the at least angle. a third nra employee spoke to the associated press. quote, she said the behavior included a private invitation to his corporate apartment. the report goes on to say that the unnamed woman says cain made sexually suggested remarks or gestures. quote, mr. cain has said over the past two days at public events that we could see other baseless allegations made against him as this appalling smear campaign continues. he has never acted in the way alleged by inside the beltway media and his distinguished record over 40 years spent climbing the corporate ladder speaks for itself. this third accuser did not file a formal complaint.
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according to the ap she says this happened about the same time of the two complaints in the politico story on sunday that cain had a ten-day warning on but no answer to at first. and then the next day his memory suddenly seemed to come back. >> if the restaurant association did a settlement, i am not -- i wasn't even aware of it and i hope it wasn't for much because nothing happened. >> i am unaware of any sort of settlement. i was aware that an agreement was reached. >> he attributed the earlier lack of recall to how long ago this happened and confusion over asked about settlements when he understood them to be in his word agreements. yet today talking to a writer at "forbes" magazine he himself blew a big chunk of his hazy memory excuse to bits. he says during his 2004 campaign he told a consultant a claim was brought against him while he ran the nra.
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quote, it was a typical campaign conversation. i told him there was one case, one set of charges, one woman while i was at the national restaurant association. that conversation happened in 2003. yet monday morning and afternoon he had no memory of the incident at all. and then he did but was confused so did he forget it between 2003 and monday, something that he remembered and told the political adviser seeing it as a potential liability? that adviser is now a perry adviser, something the cain people are pointing to as evidence of a smear. confusing, i know. joining us now chief political kro correspondent gloria borger and legal consultant jeffrey toobin. >> this evening he's not speaking with us, he is speaking with his client. he's meeting with her and she's the one who 12 years ago alleged sexual harassment against herman cain and he told me that it is likely he will ask the
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restaurant association to allow his client to issue a statement under his name without her name to issue a statement saying that she vehemently denies cain's remarks and that she was sexually harassed and he believes he needs permission from the restaurant association because he wants to get an agreement from them that this would not be construed as a violation of her confidentiality agreement. >> but he's already said that. he said that on this program last night. are you saying he would go further in the statement, though? >> i think she feels she needs to issue an explit sit statement. i asked him how much detail would be in it. he did not know but this is what he did say to me. he said, she doesn't want to become another anita hill. that's not her interest or her expectation. she would like to put this behind her. she put it behind her 12 years
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ago. she is not a publicity seeker. she's happily married and has a good job. so, it's clear she wants to set the record straight but it seems like she doesn't want to go in front of the cameras. >> you also talked to chris wils wilson, the former pollster for the national restaurant association who says he witnessed cain sexual lly harassing an employee. did he tell you cain was inappropriate with this woman? >> all he would do confirm essentially what you played at the top of the show which was the interview but in that interview it was very clear that he believed what she did -- what he did was inappropriate and he also said that, you know, everybody knew with the campaign that this would eventually come out. and, one other point, anderson. i raised the question with him, obviously, of whether he was politically motivated and he would say this on the record to me because he does run a political action committee independent from the campaign of rick perry but he supports rick
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perry so it's an obvious question to ask and he said, quote, i had nothing to do with leaking this in any way and i have never discussed or shared this story with any of my clients, period. >> it was interesting what chris wilson said. he said this occurred in crystal city and everyone was very aware of it. >> right. >> i'm not sure if that means that people witnessed it and thought it was inappropriate at the time. that means they were aware of it or if it just word was out in the national restaurant association that this had occurred. >> right. and we really don't know but if everyone was aware of it, you can only surmise that people were talking about it the next day at the office or it became a topic of conversation and believe me we're following up on this radio interview. >> jeff, a third woman has accused cain of sexual harassment in an interview with the associated press. you say there's a big difference between this accusation and the
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other two that there was a settlement for. >> right. just because a woman says something to the associated press, that is not of great importance. what makes the two that politico originally reported on so significant and important is the national restaurant association paid these women money. that suggests something went on, enough either to, you know, settle a case or it was perhaps just nuisance money to get rid of it but paying money is very different from a blank accusation. >> people settle and pay money just to make things go away in lawsuits all the time. i mean, it's more expensive to go through the litigation than just to pay a couple of tens of thousands of dollars. >> that may what happened here, that's a possibility, but the fact that money changed hands following an allegation is a lot more significant and worthy of investigation than somebody saying to the associated press, this guy did something wrong. >> gloria, it seems unless one
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of these women actually comes forward and puts a face on this, i mean, where does this go? because if you just have some press release from this woman's attorney -- >> right. >> -- i mean, cain supporters will say, look, this is terribly unfair. how do you -- how do you, you know, argue against a phantom, somebody who's not showing themselves? >> i would argue some point you have covered a lot of these stories as have i and jeff. at some point i think you kind of have to assume that the story will come out. the full story will come out. and maybe herman cain will tell the story and maybe the restaurant association will release a report and it's documentation. maybe herman cain will ask for that to be released and maybe in the end the women will say, okay. release our names. you know, it's very hard to predict what's going -- what's going to happen. this is incremental but i think the fact she wants to issue any
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kind of a statement means that she's clearly upset with what she's heard mr. cain saying. >> it's understandable but a piece of paper issued by the lawyer as you point out is unfair to herman cain. how's he supposed to reply to that? that's not a fair airing of the issue but attacking him blindly and we shouldn't -- i mean, that's not something that should resolve this issue at all. >> right. jeff toobin, gloria borger, as well. i want to dig deeper with dana lash and "the washington post" right turn blogger jennifer reuben and strategist james carville. dana, for the cain campaign, their most recent response to this is basically to call the -- is for a call for the perry campaign and politico to apologize. they're clearly trying to shift the blame. do you think that's going to work? >> i don't think it's going to work. in fact, i think what this is going to do is backfire with the
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cain campaign immediately. this is something they tried to avoid. now that they have -- like you were saying earlier. it is interesting herman cain said monday or as soon as these accusations came out monday that he had no knowledge at all of any kind of settlement and then yet today the story came out today that, well, he talked to kurt anderson and discussed it in detail. their words, not mine. so he opens the door to all of these questions and i think it's just going to -- i think it is just ended up being bad for him. i'm very interested in seeing his polling numbers from quinnipiac and everything else today to how it translates later on and affect him. i just think it's -- this was a bad move. this was sloppy. an enthe cain campaign is handling this in a sloppy fashion. >> jennifer, to day in's point, they're making more than missteps. are they doing anything right here? >> not that i can see. first of all, they have attacked another individual in the race which is probably not going to
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endear him to conservatives and steps on the excuse. remember, up until today the excuse was that this was some kind of liberal conservative to get rid of a black conservative. well, how does rick perry fit in that to scheme? just about everything he does pours oil on the flames here. what you didn't mention was that mark block was actually one of the individuals who tipped politico off to yet another incident and this concerns an iowa talk show host who says that cain came in to his studio and made some inappropriate comments to his employees so it just seems that the cain campaign, i don't imagine they're doing this intentionally but they seem to be building and building and making this worse every single day. >> james carville, you put 0 a share of fires in your time. how do you assess all this? >> i'm glad i'm not in the middle of this. i assess, it cain was not telling the truth when he said this. obviously this came from perry. perry benefits. any detective in the world would
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say -- i shouldn't say obviously. he is the most likely suspect. no democrat would leak this. >> why do you say no democrat? at this point they would hold on to it? >> a democrat doesn't want to get rid of cain right now. silliness. some of the charges maybe some women felt like they were sexually harassed. maybe cain didn't feel like he did. this stuff doesn't have a clear cut definition. one of these women was paid $35,000. well, senator graham points out if you take out attorney's fees, that's not a heck of a lot of money but, you know, sure cain's not telling the truth. sure perry's behind this. he has to do something and he gains from it. >> james, where do you think this goes? i mean, if it's true to gloria's reporting that the lawyer's thinking about having this woman release a statement, not coming forward, does that end it or i mean -- >> i don't know. it just probably end under its
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own weight and people will show he wasn't candid coming out the chute and something happened and they'll make a judgment on it. i mean, look, in terms of these things this is a category 3. i've been through category 5s. i get that perry wasn't behind this. if not him, than who? the restaurant association? they look terrible. the democrats? they don't want do get rid of cain. it's not romney. he's not in it. if it's not perry, give me a suspect. >> dana, i know you want to -- we have to take a quick break and then more with you and jennifer and james on the other side of the break. join us and let us know what you think on facebook or twitter. tweet us tonight who you think is involved this or what do you think of all of it? we'll talk to your panel, especially the kand date's continued and surprising spreng in the polls and what affect if any of this has. also, very disturbing video that
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exploded on youtube. whether you're a parent or not, it stops you in your tracks. it shows a texas judge beating his challenged daughter. we'll tell you the story behind it. first, you're back. >> i'm back, anderson. i mised you. >> missed you, too. >> oh, see. absence makes the heart grow fonder. four ammish men victims of beard cutting attacks. that's right. beard cutting attacks. tonight new information about the men accused and the strange sect it's believed they belong to. gary tuchman investigation when "360" continues. i take my multi-vitamin
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doesn't want to be another anita hill. meantime there's new polling out showing cain's strength going in to this scandal. new numbers of quinnipiac university showing cain out front among republicans at 30% followed by mitt romney at 23%, gingrich in third. the poll taken october 23rd through the 31st. numbers do not reflect the news this week. back now with the panel. jennifer, james and dana. dana, you wanted to comment before we went to break but do you think the charges could help cain? the sense of conservatives he's being victimized? >> i think to an extent. there's two quick points to make concerning this. i think in the beginning initially there was an absolute racial aspect to a lot of the media attacks on herman cain. you had people calling him an uncle tom in "the new york times." he was referred to as a minstrel. there's been a racials a the effect to this. however, i think that's separate
5:21 pm
what's rhappening right now. i think mark block was reckless and irresponsible to say on national tv without a shred of proof that rick perry is responsible for leaking this. >> chief of staff. >> sorry. one man on the national restaurant association board was a perry donor. there's also donors on that board who donate to mitt romney, as well. in fact, we could play the game that, well, maybe mitt romney's behind this. there's definitely speculation. i myself had had questions about whether or not herman cain's a stalking horse for mitt romney. i mean, to say that perry's behind this, it could be said that romney's behind this. cain endorsed romney in 2008. he didn't attack him in the debates. we could go on and on. >> let me give you facts. >> jennifer? >> because it's silly. >> i actually spoke to the perry campaign on the way over. i said do you have any facts tying mitt romney to this?
5:22 pm
they say, other than the fact one of his guys were on the board they say, no. when i say is this being -- i got no response so i think this is an effort that is wasted and -- >> jennifer, what do you make of those who say that the plarace played a role in this early on? >> i don't think race played any role in the allegations. i think this was a legitimate story. mr. cain brought it on himself and i find it peculiar that a lot of conservatives particularly on the talk show circuit play the race card, would say that mr. cain's not responsible for this. there's some giant plot out there to get him because he's a black conservative. there's no evidence of this. this is now -- >> "new york times," "the washington post." >> the facts that politico reported so i think this is a mess of his own making. >> james? >> what are the facts of politico reported? it's a bunch of hearsay. >> cain confirmed it. he said, yes, there were settlements. he was accused.
5:23 pm
>> there were sexual gestures? there's gestures, harassment. it's hyperbole. >> no. it's not hyperbole. it was a settled case. >> so far these people have not come forward. >> no one wants to address it. >> james, i see you laughing. when's going on? >> yeah. how can -- what can i respond? cain is stalking horse for romney but romney leaked it on cain. of course it's perry. the guy works for a perry super pac. excuse me. excuse me. the idea to sit here on an intelligent television network and say that cain is romney's stalking horse but yet romney leaked this, when in fact, the guy that works for perry's super pac is calling the press saying, gee, i never told anybody. this is not the way that politics works and it doesn't make -- >> you're being unfair. >> let him finish. do you believe there was ever race involved in this? >> no, no.
5:24 pm
no. >> let me raise a point here. >> perry people are trying understandably, i don't blame them. why do you think this guy from oklahoma that worked for all these perry contributors. you don't think he called and said i'm going to -- >> may i offer a point? >> worked for romney in 2008. >> may i offer a point? >> wait, wait, wait. one at a time. no one listens when people jump all over each other. >> who cares? the facts are the facts. what is the signature issue here and what is the point for voters to assess is first of all does he have a serial problem? there's a lot of people coming out of the woodwork. what's this tell us about him? is he ready for prime time? done anything right in the last few days and the other problem is guilty of serial ignorance. the chinese he's discovered is trying to get the bomb. oh my. since 1964. he can't remember his own tax plan. wishy-washy on abortion and i think the voters and the
5:25 pm
electorate for the iowa and new hampshire and early primary states should take a look at that and say is that the guy we want to go with? it's good and well that someone else leaked it. what's it matter in he is the candidate. >> we have to leave tlit there. a county judge beating his daughter. it was shot years ago. the police investigating. the police investigation is just getting started. we have the latest on this. really you should see this. plus the syrian government signaling it is stopping the crackdown on its own people. this is not the first time they made promises. why a deal announced today could mean maybe this time is different. not holding my breath. members of a sect launching a string of humiliating attacks on mainstream ammish members. strange stuff. the investigation when we continue. ons. congratulations.
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up close tonight. new developments in a story that's exploded online. in the last 24 hours, this man, william adams a county judge in texas is the focus of a police investigation apparently triggered by his own daughter. today the judge adams agreed to temporarily step down from his duties. last week a woman identified as his daughter posted a video on youtube. it's gone viral in the last couple of days. the video was allegedly shot on a web cam seven years ago by hillary who was then 16 years old. the video shows judge adams beating her with a belt and cursing at her for disobeying him. we'll show you a short clip and it is not easy to watch. >> bend over that bed.
5:30 pm
>> dad. >> bend over that bed. bend over the bed. >> well -- >> bend over the bed. >> stop! stop. stop. >> bend over the bed. >> no. >> i'm going to keep spanking you [ bleep ] face. roll over. >> no. [ bleep ]. >> stop! no! >> we showed you just 24 seconds of that video. the full video lasts for 7:30. it goes on and on. the mother gets involved, as well. and then the father comes back and continues to hit her with a bel belt. martin savage joins me now. we have been doing a series on "ungodly discipline." he's whipping her with that belt. the father has acknowledged it was it was him in the video. >> yes. a number of things. naturally this sparked outrage
5:31 pm
on the internet and the real world and he is a family court judge and something else to keep in mind as you listen and watch that horrible beating. >> he's determining how other families should govern themselves, what happens with other families when he's doing this. fascinating. >> exactly, exactly. which is why people find this physically sixening and e agree jous. he's agreed with the district attorney to step down for him for at least two weeks. two investigations have begun. we point out that the first thing that the investigation will want to do is verify is the video real? it would appear judge adams did that himself. he spoke to a texas affiliate kris. here's what he said. >> in my mind, i haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing and i did lose my temper. i've since apologized. there's a story. it will come out in due time. >> you acknowledge that's you in the video? >> yeah, absolutely.
5:32 pm
it's me. >> this is texas flooded with phone calls and almost every one of them threatening against the judge himself. >> do we have any information as to why his daughter would post the video now many years after the incident? >> right, yeah. 2004 is when this allegedly happened. she was then 16. hillary adams is the woman is now 23. apparently she says and her mother also says that the father has been carrying out physical and verbal abuse, mental abuse against them for years. she was on the phone with her father and he was once again going on her verbally and she said she had enough, she had a video. she posted it. interestingly enough, now, she is shocked by the outcome and she regrets that she posted that video. >> has law enforcement given any idea what the repercussions from this might be? >> well, there are some problems with this. first and foremost, the laws have changed a lot since 2004
5:33 pm
and then the statute of limitations. not clear whether he can be charged with anything. what would it be? child abuse? child endangerment? maybe. again, we don't know exactly if there's a statute of limitation that comes in to play here and keep in mind it's texas. texas there are a lot of people who believe in corporal punishment and factors that weigh in here. however, he's an elected official. he would face re-election in three years. will people remember this video? it's hard to forget, no doubt about this. >> we'll continue to follow it. appreciate it. thanks. there's more tonight. isha is back with the bulletin. anderson, a deal announced today could signal the syrian government is ready to end months of violence. the arab league says the president assad's regime agreed to remove troops from the street and journalists and the arab league will be able to monitor
5:34 pm
the progress. greece's cabinet voted. the prime minister shocked the world making it a condition for the deal meant to stabilize the country's debt crisis, no date is set for the vote. and anderson, take a look at this. it may look like the end of a movie chase scene but this is what happened when a car sheered off a fire hydrant in san diego. the force of the water lifting the back of the car until crews removed it. >> wow. >> isn't that crazy? >> that is crazy. >> yeah. >> wow. >> put me off driving for life. my driving is bad enough. >> you drive on the wrong side of the road. >> i'm going to ignore that. >> we'll check back with you later, i 14a sha. an unthinkable crime spree that's shattered a sense of safety. the attackers are armed with scissors and clippers and they're other amish. >> it's very degrading to an
5:35 pm
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we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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a series of attacks unexpected as they are bizarre. bringing unwanted attention to the community that cherishes the privacy. the amish. these five men arrested on kidnapping charges. all five believed to belong to an amish sect that many consider a cult. the victims of their alleged crimes also amish. to outside, the details can sound really strange. maybe even trivial. authorities say they're armed with scissors and clippers when they attacked. their intent was to humiliate their victims by maiming a core symbol of their faith. gary tuchman investigates. >> reporter: in rural eastern ohio, the amish have lived for generations in peace and solitude. but recently in the middle of the night a woman in this house arlene miller called 911.
5:39 pm
>> carroll county 911. >> we have terrorists here. somebody is terrorizing us. >> reporter: and then her husband took the phone. >> i opened hi door. the one guy reached in, grabbed me by my beard and pulled me out. >> reporter: and started to cut it off. he is one of at least four amish men in ohio victims of bizarre beard cutting attacks. that's right. beard cutting attacks. fred abdullah is the sheriff in the carroll county. >> it is it's very degrading to an amish man. one said he'd rather die than have his beard cut off. >> reporter: myron escaped escaped before the entire beard was cut. he didn't want to face the camera. >> doesn't make sense to us either why somebody would just start cutting beards. you know, terrorize people.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: myron miller's wife didn't want her face on camera at all. >> there we go. >> reporter: this is. this is my first time taking a hug on a buggy. she offered a ride to talk about the community. amish people aren't used to being scared, right? >> we never locked our doors before this happened but now we are locking our doors. >> reporter: and this is who they say they're trying to keep out. these amish men who were arrested in connection with the beard-cutting case of miller. this was a court hearing for three of the five men arrested. they're all now free out on bond but the sheriff says the men were ordered to do the beard cuttings by one particular man. >> i've dealt with a lot of amish. just beautiful people. but i can't compare sam mullet to the ones i have met. >> reporter: sam mullet is the the bishop of a sect in a rift who say he's manipulative over
5:41 pm
the flock. it's a profound insult to the mullet and they used it as a weapon to punish people. >> he's a domineering individual, nothing moves in that community without him saying it's okay. he calls all of the shots. literally scared to death of him. i have said that he's a cult leader over the years because they will do anything he tells them to do. the ones said they'll die for their father. that's how severely he has them brainwashed. >> reporter: so we went to the tiny town of bergholz, ohio, in search of sam mullet. he wasn't pleased to see us. if the sheriff says you're a cult, what is your response to that? >> we're not a cult. >> reporter: have you ordered men to cut beards off? >> no. >> reporter: he doesn't deny that they committed the beard attacks. >> they do what they think is right and, yeah, i could have probably said you're not going to do this and maybe they
5:42 pm
wouldn't have right then but sooner or later it would have happened anyway. >> reporter: why do you think these people have their beards cut off? >> we're getting in too deep. it's too long of a story. it goes way back. i'm not interested. >> reporter: do you think they did something wrong? >> i'm not interested. can you understand me? >> reporter: arlene miller decided to be on camera. there's no doubt who's behind the attacks. who do you believe is responsible for this? >> sam, sam mullet. she says he's angry with their family because they helped one of his sons to leave the group. >> he's able to get out on bond, he's not going to go down easy. >> reporter: sam mullet hasn't been arrested but authorities say they're building a case against him. >> i can't take any chances with this guy. >> reporter: no arrests have been made in another case. amish woman victimized by a hair cutting attack. women consider their hair to be god's glory. the police report stating the
5:43 pm
victim removed the banda that and revealed several patches of hair missing. the sheriff says mullet is behind that attack. and now, the federal government has decided to get involved. the fbi is now inforvestigating this situation. what is your feeling about this? >> we're not guilty so i have nothing to hide. if they want to check us out, we'll be glad to see him. >> reporter: he says he wants his people to be left alone and he is the righteous one. >> people spreading lies around about us and the way they're treating us getting the sheriff, getting the law and everything are asking for a big punishment from the man up above. >> gary, so fascinating. this is happening, you know, in the united states and n this day and age. how did the attackers get away? >> most of us know that amish people are not supposed to drive cars. well, the fact is they can't be behind the wheel but they're
5:44 pm
allowed to be in cars if they hire a driver and they do. when these particular cases were told from the sheriff they had a hired driver take them to each of the houses but the sheriff says the hired driver didn't know what was going on and not charged with the crimes. dropped them off at the house and taking the men out of the house, holding them down, using the scissors and hopping back in the car and driving off. >> and we still don't know -- well, it's fast nate i ee's fas >> i mean, one of the things we told the victim we understand amish people are private and don't like to talk to outsiders and much more effective story if you go on camera and talk to us and sam mullet. we are going to do the story either way and he decided to spend half an hour with us. >> gary, appreciate the reporting. thanks. donald is a soesologist and position so at elizabeth town college in pennsylvania and author of several books about the amish. thank you for being with us.
5:45 pm
amish on amish crime is virtually unheard of. is beard cutting a common form of discipline? >> no. i have never, anderson, heard of beard cutting before as a form of discipline. this is just unheard of, malicious behavior, and this sam mullet is a cult leader. he fits perfectly the sociological definition of a cult. he left a mainstream community about 15 years ago. he was a provocative person at that point. moved 100 miles east to jefferson county to a remote area and he basically operates alone. he's not in fellowship or working with other groups so he's invincible. amish people have said he thinks he's a prophet and doing whatever he wants to. >> what is his problem with the other amish? >> his problem with the other amish is all of the men whose
5:46 pm
beard was cut are bishops who have spoken out publicly against him, against his malicious behavior and so he's angry about that and this is a form of retaliation back against those church leaders who have spoken out because they perceive him to be very dangerous and worried about the danger of children and adults in his little cult. >> and the amish are pacifists. it's particularly shocking for other amish people. >> they clearly are pacifists and all of his behavior, much of his malicious behavior the last several years is a direct contradiction, a direct violation of basic amish teaching and amish practices and amish convictions so that's why amish people say he's not one of us. he's not amish and he's running his own little operation in a cult-like style often this remote area of jefferson county.
5:47 pm
>> it's -- i mean, i just find it fascinating. i appreciate you joining us tonight. thank you. >> my pleasure. up next on the program, in court today, well, this is a bizarre transition. lindsay lohan admitting inting violated the probation. plus one of the favorite capture forecasters gets the math wrong again. but the end time haters are on the "ridiculist." we'll explain. [ engine revving ] when you pursue industry-leading safety, you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology, you engineer amazing. ♪
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for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to you could be on it tonight, if you have ever mocked one of your favorite forecasters. we're back. >> anderson, a federal jury convicted former soviet air officer victor of arms dealing
5:51 pm
and conspireing to kill americans. he was widely known as the merchant of death. could face life in prison when he is sentenced in february. his lawyer said they'll appeal the verdict. in virginia four men charged with plotting to attack government officials with intloesives and a biotoxin appeared in court today. federal officials say the men are part of a fringe militia group that were arrested yesterday after allegedly describing the plot to an fbi informant. a los angeles judge has sentenced lindsay lohan to 30 days in jail for violating her probation on a necklace theft conviction. the troubled actress was ordered to report to jail next week. and justin bieber known for his squeaky clean image and, of course, his signature "baby baby" lyrics denying allegation that is he is the father of a 3-month-old baby boy. the singer is named in a paternity suit filed by a 20-year-old california woman. i guess it's a case of alleged baby baby daddy drama. get it? >> i got it.
5:52 pm
i got it. i'm vaguely familiar. yes. you too may be full of dog videos. this is special because you need to see it to believe it. if you were just listening to this pooch getting tickled, you might think it was a duck. watch. >> it's -- >> i love that. >> it's kind of troubling on many levels. >> it's great. all right. it's good to have you back. let's talk to pierce morgan
5:53 pm
about what's going on tonight. >> that's not the new host on fox, is it? >> ouch. >> we'll have much more of herman cain tonight. eight years in the white house, she saw many of her own share of crisis, condoleezza rice joins me live, and i'll ask her why she says dick cheney attacked her integrity, how she felt about muammar gadhafi bizarrely calling her his black flower in the white house. that and more on at the top of the hour. back to you. >> ahead on the program, our favorite end of world predictor gets it wrong again. we still have faith. all you haters, we're saving a place for you on the ridiculous map.
5:54 pm
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5:57 pm
time now for ridiculous. tonight we're ad adding all you rap tour doubters. anderson cooper is getting biblical and apparently talking about himself in the third person. not sure why. we'll stop that right now. back in the spring harold camping who runs a christian broadcasting network called family radio announced to anyone that would listen, which turned out to be the entire world's press corps that he had learned through study of the bible that the end of the earth, the rap tour, the destruction of all living things would end on may 21st. spoiler alert, it didn't. that was great because the next morning i had a really good bagel. a few days later mr. camping held a news conference and said while the world did not end, the wheels of the rap tour were indeed in motion. listen. >> on may 21, 2011, we didn't feel any difference. we didn't see any difference in the world, but we from the bible that god brought judgment day to bear on the whole world.
5:58 pm
the whole world is under judgment day, and this is a -- it will continue right up until october 21, 2011, and at that time the whole world will be destroyed. >> a lot of beige going on in that office. anyway, what's with him changing the date? >> we aren't changing a date at all. we're just -- we're just learning that we have to be looking at all of this a little bit more spiritual, but it won't be spiritual on october 21, because the bible clearly teaches that then the world is going to be destroyed all together, and -- but it will be very quick. >> look, i'm not going to lie. it bummed me out a little bit because october 21st was a friday. i really wanted to go see "paranormal activity," and the rap tour disrupted that.
5:59 pm
there was no rapture on october 21st. he is now talking about how his latest -- >> when it comes to trying to recognize the truth, the prophesy, we're finding out it was very, very difficult. why didn't christ return on october 21? it seems embarrassing for family radio, but god was in charge of everything. >> seems just a little bit embarrassing for family radio still, but it does sound like he just passed the buck to god, didn't it? i don't doubt mr. camping is a devout man, but here's the thing, mr. camping is not done yet. oh, no. >> amongst other things, i have been checking my own notes more carefully than ever, and i do find that there is other language in the bible that we still have to look at very carefully and will