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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 3, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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not because the women are always gold digging liars, but because of the perception that they are, and that the powerful men involved can't possibly be guilty. and ricky says -- seems sexual harassment is anything that a woman says it is. sometimes it's valid an sometimes it is not. like when i was on a job once and a woman overheard a boyfriend and his girlfriend whispering to each other and filed a third party sexual harassment suit. really? and jeffrey says this -- it involves uncomfortable, unwelcome, unwanted sexual advances. these include sexual gestures, touching, looking at private areas, an sexual comments. thanks so much for your input on the "talk back" question today. i'm fredricka whitfield. the "cnn newsroom" continues right now with randi kaye. randi. >> hey there, fred. hello, everyone. all eyes on cannes but the g-20 summit is watching greece and it is not a pretty sight. herman cain is pointing fingers but a rival campaign says it
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can't leak what it didn't know. that is where we start today. a whole new round of accusations and denials in the hottest story in politics this week anyway. the man now leading the republican race for president says he think he knows who leaked a sexual harassment allegation from the 1990s. herman cain says he confided to an advisor named kurt anderson back when cain was rubbing for a senate seat from georgia in 2004. today anderson works for rick perry who's plummeted in the polls while cain has soared. but that's hardly the final word on all of this. cnn chief political animal gist gloria borger joins me now with many more words, some of this from kurt anson himself. hi, gloria, what's his side of this? >> i spoke with him this morning on ""american morning." "his side of it is just flatly that the conversation that herman cain said happened never
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happened. listen to this. >> well, there's two problems with that. one is i didn't know anything about this and so it's hard to leak something that you don't know anything about, of course. the second problem with it is this. if someone tells you something in confidence, a family member, a friend, a candidate, a client, and then you go out an blab it to other people, that's just unethical and that's not the way i live my life. but that's sort of immaterial in this instance because i didn't know anything about any of this. >> so you're saying that that conversation never took place. >> that's correct. i don't have any knowledge of any of this and it's just not true. >> so were you saying herman cain is lying? >> well, i'm not here to add anymore name calling to what's already -- >> my -- >> well, you heard it there. he said the conversation never took place. he did not want to call herman cain a liar per se.
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i asked him that in my own words. but it was very clear that this is someone who was trying to walk a fine line saying, you know, he still likes herman cain, he thinks highly of him, but on the other hand herman cain's recollections are 100% wrong. >> it seemed to me that anderson was trying pretty hard not to say anything bad about herman cain. >> oh, yeah. yeah. he was walking that fine line. first of all, he joined the perry campaign a couple weeks ago. it doesn't serve his political interest at all to start badmouthing herman cain and he says -- and he's always said nice things about herman cain on the record even before this. but on the other hand, randi, what was so interesting to me sitting there listening to him as the interviewer was that while he was embracing herman cain personally, he was really taking a stiletto to the cain campaign saying, this is what happens when your campaign unrafu
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unrave unravels. this is what happens when you grasp at strauss. this is what happened when you need a diversionary target because the target is right now on you. so he wasn't without criticism for the cain campaign. >> great interview with kurt anson. gloria, thank you very much. now to the global economic summit that finds itself on the sidelines of a political battle in greece. day one of the g-20 forum in france has been even less productive than these things usually are. world leaders sit around and waited while greek leaders diterred over a bailout plan that could save their country but cost greek citizens dearly. ali velly is watching it all. do we have a deal or don't you? >> reporter: is there another reporter can you ask? i mean i've never found anything so confusing in all my life. there are some news out there who are reporting definitively, there is a deal, there is going to be no referendum. the greek prime minister has backed down off of the referendum because he's got
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opposition support. we have people on the ground. it is a little less clear to us. for a betting man i'd say we probably have a deal. sometimes you go to work, something hits you in the morning you have to deal with and you just can't concentrate on work all day, you just can't get your head into the game? that's what's going on at the g-20 today. these all came, men and women, to solve some major global problems an deal with economic growth and regulations and things like that and this greece thing hit them a couple days ago. they had their photo-ops. they had their arrivals. but ultimately everything on the g-20 agenda took back seat to greece. every time there is a press conference, most of the questions were about greece. seems to me they've all put a lot of pressure on greece. i don't quite know what the prime minister's motivation was in greece but it does seem there's been a great deal of activity in athens, including an emergency cabinet meeting. for people who haven't been following all this all day, bottom line is on october 27th, europe cut a deal to try and get itself out of this crisis involving saving greece from its
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financial crisis. it was supposed to be passed by the greek parliament. the prime minister two days ago announced he's putting it to the country as a referendum. good chance that wouldn't pass. the other european countries led by france and germany said huh-uh, if you're doing that and this doesn't pass, you might get kick out of the eurozone. you might be of the 17 countries who use the euro, they might kick greece out. threatened to up-end europe again. of course, randi, what that means is a possible credit crisis that would affect everybody who's watching us right now if you try and get a mortgage or some other kind of loan. it affects stock markets. it could affect jobs because if europe goes into a further recession it weakens demand for products an services elsewhere in the world. basically it has just been one confusing upside down pineapple cake of a mess here at g-20 and it is all because of greece, randy. not bad for a guy who didn't have the answer to your question, right? >> if anyone can figure it out, ali, you can. i think you made sense of it all. thank you very much. >> all right. other stories now we are
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keeping an eye on today -- more than half a billion dollars is missing from the books of a bankrupt brokerage firm headed by former new jersey governor jon corzine. mf global which filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on monday discovered the shortfall of $600 million. but a lawyer with the commodities futures trading commission says the figure is preliminary and could rise. a judge has allowed the partial transfer of 50 commodity accounts to other brokerages to prevent them from being sold off. a texas judge is facing a police investigation over a video showing him whipping his 16-year-old daughter. video shot in 2004 was recently posted on youtube and has received over 1 million views. we're going to show you the video but we have to warn you, it is very disturbing. daughter hillary set up the camera on her dresser. can you see the judge, william adams, repeatedly whipping her with a belt. in the video he curses and berates her for illegally downloading music but we've muted that audio because of the
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profanity. hillary adams now 23 spoke earlier on nbc's today show about why she decided to post that video seven years after it happened. >> back then i was still a minor an living under his roof and releasing it then would have -- i don't know what would have happened to me, my mother or my little sister. so waiting until today, seven years later, just about, has enabled me to pull away and be able to distance myself from the consequences. >> judge adams has been relieved of his duties for the next two weeks while the matter is being investigated. and a programming note -- anderson cooper will interview hillary adams along with her mother tonight on "ac 360," 8:00 p.m. eastern. protesting by foot and in song. why folk sink ar low guthrie joined occupy wall street's protest against corporate greed. he joins us next. but first the uk's produced a whole lot of rock stars db beatles, rolling stones, elton john, but today we've found some
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demonstrators yesterday shut the board down and carried out a strike against businesses. later police fired tear gas at protesters who allegedly were throwing rocks an shooting off fireworks at them. up the coast in seattle, police used pepper spray on protesters who had surrounded a hotel where the ceo of jpmorgan chase was giving a speech. all of this is a long way from wall street and a far cry from the look and feel of occupy rallies like this one. this is columbus circle in manhattan a week and a half ago. you might recognize the musicians. ♪ >> that guitarist you see in the floppy hat? protest movements are old hat. arlo guthrie joins me now via skype from boston. what do you make of this whole occupy wall street movement? >> hi, randi. i think it's really reminiscent of old times, for sure.
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i think it is wonderful. it's great to see so many young people engaged from all parts of the political spectrum an i was just happy to be there joining them. >> how do you think it compares to some of the great movements of the 20th century? >> well, a couple of things are the same essentially. you had back 40, 50 years ago so many things going on. you had the civil rights movement, anti-war movement, you had the save the trees, the whales, burn the lingerie, whatever was going on. most all of these things were leaderless. they weren't necessarily looking to do -- to fix one thing one way. there were a lot of different points of view. there were people who took advantage of that who sort of became de facto leaders, but nobody really listened to them. it was really a groundswell, something just coming out of the earth that pour people out into the streets and it really did change things.
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that's very reminiscent of what's going on today. >> as you know, occupy wall street, the movement in general, does have its critics. one of them was on our show yesterday. ben stein. i wan to play for you just a little bit of what he said an get your reaction to it. >> i don't mean to say they're all bums. some of them are very fine people who want to help. but the idea that you can help in a complex securities fraud issue or xlaex complex banking fraud issue by banging on a drum and sleeping inside a tent, it just incredible. it is unbelievable. it shows the complete collapse of education in this country people think banking on a drum is going to solve this problem. >> arlo, does he have a point? >> yes, he does have a point. i don't think it is the only point. i think the point that he's missing an maybe some others also is that this is the first time in decades that you have seen so many people of divergent points of view, politically an otherwise out in the street.
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they may be talking about wall street today but what they're really doing is forming a sort of feeling of what it is to be somebody out on the street, what it is to feel like you're with hundreds of thousands of other people, not just in this country, but all over the world who are hoping that the world is going to improve. so they may not have much of an impact as far as the wall street thing is concerned -- or they may. but they will certainly have an impact as time goes by an other issues come that we have to deal with and there will be a core group of people who have learned from this experience of what it feels like to be out there and be somebody who's saying something regardless of what point of view it is. i think that's the most valuable thing going on right now. >> just take me back just very quickly to that night in columbus circle. what did it feel like? what is the energy within this group of protesters? >> well, i remember back 40 -- whatever it is -- years ago, the 1960s.
10:16 am
we were out in the street for a lot of different occasions. there were all of these movements. when you sort of go back in time an look at them historically, people ten to break them up as though they had nothing to do with each other. but the truth is most of the people were the same at all of these different things going on. so to me, to be at a thing in columbus circle, the occupy wall street thing, was very reminiscent of the feeling we had that maybe we can do something. the first thing we got to do is get to know who we are and get that feeling of being -- like you're not alone. there are other people who feel this way and it makes you feel good and it starts this kind of movement that can build on itself. there may be some people who don't think it has any value. it might be true. but the value of being with other people feeling good is i think overwhelming and it will definitely be a force to be reckoned with, as other things
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come up that we don't see on the radar right now. >> yes, i'm sure it will. arlo guthrie, great to have you on the show. hope you'll come back. thank you very much. people kidnapped, taken for their body parts. it is an undercovered story but it is happening so stick around to see the details. but first, the top videos on ♪
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welcome back. what if i told you one of the most profitable criminal activities today is human organ trafficking? smuggling organs stolen from live bodies is said to be egypt's second most profitable illegal activity behind weapons trade, ahead of drugs and prostitution. fred pleitken reports on this frightening new trend "death in the desert." this report does include graphic content. >> reporter: as head of the new generation foundation for human rights, this man works to help refugees in egypt. >> before few years i hear from one peddlers about the spare parts, body spare parts. but i can't accept in that time it is true or not true. >> reporter: it seems an outrageous claim. but he has evidence.
10:21 am
a series of photos he took of bodies that were found in the desert. all of them have unusual scars in the abdominal area. he says he even knows where the operations are carried out. he claims corrupt doctors are in league with those involved in human trafficking. corneas, livers and kidneys are the organs most commonly taken from the helpless refugees. >> after take whatever they like or the doctor choose it from this body, after take the body and take it away to the desert. >> reporter: an incredible claim. so we took the photos to a forensic doctor in cairo. he is the former head of cairo's forensic department and the expert on the illegal organ business. he says the stitches on the bodies reveal they were operated
10:22 am
on shortly before they died. >> translator: there are two kinds of scars. one is from a postmortem autopsy and one from surgery. >> reporter: an all the bodies the scars are in the same place. >> good stitches. it is good stitches. >> this is also the area of liver and kidney. >> yes. it is the area here is near the liver and near the kidney here. kidney here and liver here. >> so you could open here and just take -- >> yes, and take it. >> reporter: extracting organs would likely kill a person in a matter of hours, the doctor says. >> translator: he could open you up, take it out an just let you die. the mafia doesn't care whether you live or die. when they cut you open, they would give them anesthesia, not because they are concern for your life but to prevent them from crying out. >> fred friken joi pling
10:23 am
>> reporter: the united nations has said egypt is somewhat of a hub for organ trafficking. some of that is voluntary, people poor selling off their organs to try and make some money but some of that is involuntary and that's what we had there, african refugees actually trying to get past egypt to israel, they are caught in camps and some of them actually have their organs taken out. it seems as though there is a lot of hospitals especially in the cairo area who are part of this, who send doctors out there to do this. there's no real hard evidence on that at this point but it certainly seems as though there is a larger mafia that's behind that. that's certainly the impression that you get when you talk to people there in sinai, a very closed-off area. it is very hard to get the people to speak. but we did get one of the natives who used to be involved in this trade who told us that
10:24 am
it is doctors who are in league with tribes who go to sinai, they be carry out these operations, randi. >> just horrible for so many of those involved fred pleitken, thank you very much. closing arguments in the michael jackson death trial. will the jury be able to focus on the facts and facts alone? what each side needs to 1948, d defeats truman. the paper jumped the gun. only thing is -- truman won. the "chicago tribune's" infamous inaccuracy is this shame in history.
10:25 am
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closing arguments now under way in the michael jackson death trial. it's been more than two years since the world was shocked by the death of michael jackson, but the question remains who is ultimately responsible? prosecutors point to jackson's personal doctor, conrad murray. the defense at michael jackson himself. for both sides, today is their last chance to make their case. we have some live pictures now from inside the courtroom. closing arguments started just about 20 minutes ago and they're still under way. i want to bring in now in session host ryan smith from our sister network, trutv. ryan, you've been following this case closely. you know it inside and out. so which side do you think has the stronger case going into these closing arguments? >> well, without a doubt, it is the prosecution, randi, because their case is so strong relating to standard of care. their whole point -- that's what this is, a standard of care case -- is that dr. murray had a legal duty to michael jackson as his doctor and he failed to do
10:29 am
what he should have done and in that failure he created a substantial risk of death to michael jackson and esensely caus essentially caused his death. right now the failure to call 911, administering propofol in his home, leaving him, abandoning him, all of those are different failures in the standard of care. if the prosecutor can get the jury to agree to that and not think something michael jackson did was the cause that couldn't have been foreseen by conrad murray, then are you looking at a guilty verdict. the defense has their work cut out for them that, but the prosecution has already started out really strong. >> when you think about what the defense case hinges on, they've tried to paint michael jackson as an addict, they've tried to paint conrad murray as trying to wean him off of the drug propofol which is what killed him in the end. he called it his milk. murray didn't take the stand. let's listen to what murray told police during his interrogation and i want to get your reaction to it. >> i then decided to go ahead and give him some of the milk so
10:30 am
he could get a couple of hours sleep so that he could produce. because i cared about him. i did not want him to fail. i had no intentions of hurting him. >> so do you think playing some of that, could that backfire do you think for the defense? >> it could very well backfire. and that's part of the problem. everything that weighs in dr. murray's favor for the defense has an alternative explanation for the prosecutor. for example, when you say that michael jackson may have had some addictions to drugs like demerol and therefore he was taking his propofol to help him sleep, dr. murray's trying to wean him off of that propofol. the problem with all this is who is the person responsible for all this? supposed to be dr. murray so you have to know how the drug interact. if he didn't he failed him on the standard of care. you have to know what you're giving him and why you're doing this. if he didn't, or if he didn't know that he was an addict, again it could be a failure. so when dr. murray says the defense team is going to talk about how michael jackson may have injected himself with propofol, part of the problem with that is dr. murray may have
10:31 am
been the one who left the needle of propofol in the room. even if you believe michael jackson injected himself, the prosecution's going to say, hey, you should have foreseen that and made sure that you took every precaution not to mention the fact he should have done all of this in a hospital. >> murray's charged with involuntary manslaughter. do you think the prosecution went with that to make a conviction easier? >> absolutely. because here's the thing. so many people have said, why not second degree murder? there's a couple factors here. first of all, this is not intentional. the prosecution wants to make it clear. this is not an intentional crime. we're not saying he's an evil man. we're simply saying he did something that was reckless, negligent and that's why it is involuntary manslaughter. you charge something like murder, then you have to prove intent. the other thing is in california, there have been a lot of decisions where if you are charged with second degree murder or something else, sometimes you get a hung jury because the juries say i don't necessarily think it was intentional so i'm not going to make it second degree, but i
10:32 am
don't necessarily see the recklessness and i don't know which one to pick, and therefore they get tripped up on both. i think the prosecution was saying let's keep it simple, give them one charge we know we can prove and hang our hats on that. >> ryan smith, we'll be watching those closing arguments today along with you. thank you very. the republican blame game. how cain's problem could soon become an issue for the entire republican party. that's "fair game" next. but if you think that the he said/he said mud slinging going on between the gop candidates is titillating, you need to take a look back in history. did you know that one successful presidential contender was accused of having a prostitute for a mother? if you know who this president was, send me a tweet
10:33 am
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before the break i asked a
10:36 am
question about mud slinging in political campaigns. specifically, what successful presidential contender was accused of having a prostitute for a mother? the answer -- general andrew jackson. jackson would go on to serve as president for eight years. and i would like to give a shout out to lucas winn. he was one of the first to tweet the correct answer to me during the break. so many of them piling in. thank you so much for responding! herman cain's campaign is pointing the finger at the perry campaign. cain's camp says rick perry's people almost certainly provided the press with the story about sexual harassment allegations made against cain in the '90s. perry's campaign communications director has in turn accused the mitt romney team. but who has the most to gain really from this scandal? that's "fair game" for my guests today. with us, republican strategist karen hanrady, who does this political scandal help? >> i don't think it is helping anyone right now. by the way, details about this
10:37 am
cain story are changing almost by the hour. there's breaking news out of politico that they've identified the settlement amount of one of the women has being $45,000. also cain's campaign manager is starting to back away his accusations against kurt anderson, one of perry's campaign staff. so this is just, quite frankly, a big old hot bunch of mess all the way around. it is not helping anyone. it is not helping republicans and it is not helping either of these candidates. >> ed, what's the impact here on cain, do you think? >> it's really bad news for cain. when we talked about this on monday the question was does this spiral into something bigger. the conventional wisdom was if there's not more to the story then it can't get bigger. the problem is there's a lot more to the story and it has a lot more to do with cain's response to this. his response on sunday night was
10:38 am
different than his response on monday and it's changed since then. when you have a national candidate that people don't know very well, things like this define who that candidate is and perception becomes reality. so whether or not he's going to accuse the perry campaign or anybody else of putting these allegations out doesn't matter. what matters is whether or not the allegations are true. that's becoming harder for them to defend against right now. >> karen, if cain supporters do move on, where do they go? >> well, let's just take a step back. interestingly, cain had one of his best fund-raising days ever. he raised $400,000 in a 24-hour time period off of this story alone. that's more than he would raise in most months. i don't think his supporters are ready to flee yet. i think the next 24, 48 hours is going to be really telling.
10:39 am
there's a story out there on a conservative website, pg media, that claims one of the young women woke up in his hotel room after this notorious dinner that was talked about yesterday -- >> obviously there's a lot out there we don't know. >> we don't know. but so -- but the point is, if there are -- look, if any of this can be confirmed, obviously his support is going to flee. >> reporter: it goes is the real question. you know, they're not going to go to romney. if they're with romney, they would be with him right now. cain is just where the anyone but romney candidates -- quite frankly newt gingrich could actually gain a lot of that support. but again, he's seen as an insider. they like cain because he's the ultimate outsider and we've really run out of the outsider candidates for the gop lineup.
10:40 am
>> we have to leave it there, guys. we will see what happens. you'll want to hear what texas governor rick perry has to say about all of these allegations. he's on cnn's "john king usa" tonight at 6:00 eastern. you do not want to miss that one. this country will be hosting the 2016 summer olympic games, but today it is in the news for a driver's hand-eye coordination that could definitely help him win a gold medal. we go globe trekking in two minutes.
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welcome back. let's go globe trekking. we start? brazil where federal agents took extreme steps to stop a grouch smugglers. the plane is taking off. the officer's in the car and they crash right into the wing of the plane. according to a police spokesman, the driver of the car has plenty of experience chasing sus sew was able to perform this daring maneuver, jump out of the car and chase down the suspects. wow! that's pretty incredible. to libya now where moammar gadhafi is gone but certainly not forgotten. former secretary of state condoleezza rice has quite a story about meeting the former libyan dictator and the strange video he had made of her set to a song titled "african flower in the white house." she talk about the experience with cnn piers morgan. >> he had paid to go there, do
10:44 am
diplomatic business and get out. so that's what i did. but i have to say, i did have that terrible moment when he said he had the videotape, i am just glad that it all came out all right. >> rice shares more in her latest book "no higher honor." in northern spain, a scene that's usually reserved for a summer blockbuster, a snake in an atm? the video seen on youtube shows a small snake caught in the machine where the cash is dispensed. oh, my. a man tried to withdraw money and was greeted by the slithery creature. he alerted police who were able to free the snake. he was also able to get the green he had actually come for. good stuff. an amish cult is what's being blamed for a string of bizarre crimes across ohio's amish country. why the fbi believes this man is behind the attack. a look at mullet clan. but first, is it just me or are you sick and tired of all these sports labor disputes? mlb, nhl, nfl, and now again the
10:45 am
nba? enough already! in the words of of the great yogi berra, if the world was perfect, it wouldn't be. we get it, some of you run happy with your multi-million dollar contracts and everyone blaming everyone else. well none of us are happy waiting. michael, ring the bell. sports labor disputes, your 15 minutes are up.
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so have you seen this rick perry speech that has gone viral? paul steinhauser is at the political desk in washington to
10:48 am
share a little bit more about this one. it was quite a sight, that speech, paul. >> it really was. other than herman cain, it's been the talk of the week. talking about the texas governor when in new hampshire friday night, giving a speech, best-of i guess you could say of that speech has gone viral. let's take a listen. >> the mortgage deduction for charitable -- yep. you keep that in there. and your state and local taxes are in there. put those on, $12,500 for every -- >> randi, after this came out and went viral on line, people were saying was rick perry drunk or on pain medication? he says no. he sass last night in an interview with the "san francisco chronicle." he says it was a pretty typical speech for me. a few months from now a couple of republicans who were at the event will have a news conference and will say the same thing, defending rick perry. he's the guest on "john king usa" later today. i'm sure that will definitely
10:49 am
come up. >> we'll see if he's in rare form again. it was interesting. paul steinhauser, thank you very much. every day on this show we call out someone who has done something to make us all shake our heads an off to chicago we go where a bus driver with the chicago transit authority might want to consider some anger management classes. as the "windy city times" tells us, the bus driver tried to have this couple removed from his bus because they were kissing. they say the bus driver yelled homophobic slurs at them and called police. they were on their way home from a program at the broadway youth center. buchanan told the "windy city times" they were holding hands an kissing when a middle aged woman complained to the bus driver about them. that's when buchanan told them, "i can't stand fags," and told them to get off the bus. police reportedly said they'd done nothing illegal but after a two-hour ordeal with the transit authority, the guys got off the bus. to quote the couple, "where does it state on chicago transit
10:50 am
authority we can't kiss on the bus?" good point. couple filed the complaint with the transit authority which told the newspaper it is looking into the case. for showing prejudice toward your passengers, it is time for you, mr. bus driver, to face the music. ♪ you don't know how it feels ♪ you don't know how it ♪ e's magic. and you now understand what nature's been hiding. ♪ at dow we understand the difference between innovation and invention. invention is important. it's the beginning. it's the spark. but innovation is where we actually create value for dow, for society, and for the world. ♪ at dow, we're constantly searching for how to use our fundamental knowledge of chemistry to solve these difficult problems. science is definitive. there is a right answer out there.
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let's go street level with
10:53 am
stories making headlines across the country. a different kind of immigration battle is taking shape in florida. the state for bids certain florida college students who were born in the u.s. and are krilt from getting in state tuition rates. why, you ask? because their parents are illegal immigrants. according to a number of reports, five students, all u.s. citizens, are suing florida for denying them in state tuition which they say is a benefit they have a right to. the students claim the higher out of state tuition forced them to drop out or take fewer classes. now let's head to bethany park, indiana. an unusual rivalry. they are your typical brothers except when it comes to their involvement in the four-member town council. charles ward 3, walt, ward 4. their catch. charles recently moved into walt's territory. i hope you're keeping up with all this. now these brothers are running toe to toe against each other for the same seat.
10:54 am
it has been more than 15 years since they had a town council election in bethany. now we want to take to you carrollton, ohio, to an unassuming private amish community that is being rocked by a rash of very strange assaults. these five men were arrested on kidnapping and burglary charges. they are accused of arming themselves with scissors and battery-operated clippers to hack off what is an important symbol of the amish faith. men's beards and a woman's hair. all five thought to be members of what some believe is a breakaway amish cult. gary tuckman got a rare inside look. gary? >> reporter: we've heard about the story for several days noul. beard cutting. in amish country. we were wondering about the man who the sheriff says is the ring leader of these beard can you tellings. he hasn't appeared on telling vision. so we wanted to go there. give an effort to meet him on tv and we did that. we met him face to face. in rural eastern ohio, the amish have lived for generations in
10:55 am
peace and solitude. but recently in the middle of the night, an amish woman in this house, arlene miller, called 911. >> carroll county 911. >> we have terrorists here. somebody is terrorizing us. >> then her husband minor took the phone. >> i opened my door and asked what do you want. the one guy reached in, grabbed me by my beard and pulled me out. >> grabbed him by his beard and started to cut it off. myron miller is one of at least four amish men in ohio who have been victims of bizarre beard cutting attacks. that's right. beard-cutting attacks. fred is the sheriff in jefferson county, ohio. >> it is very degrading to an amishman. the one amish man said he would rather die than have his beard cut off. that's how bad that is. myron miller was attack by five men. he escaped before his entire beard was cut. he talked but like many amish who do not like publicity, didn't want to face the camera.
10:56 am
>> it doesn't make sense to us either. why somebody would just start cutting beards, terrorize people. >> reporter: myron miller's wife did not want her face on camera at all. >> there we go! this is my first time putting a horse on a buggy. >> reporter: she did offer to take mow a horse and buggy ride to talk about the fear in the community. >> amish people aren't used to being scared. it's such a peaceful lifestyle, right? >> we never locked our doors before this happened now. that this has happened, we are longing our doors. >> reporter: this is who they say they are trying to keep out. these amish men who were arrested in question, the beard cutting case of myron miller. this was a court hearing for three of the five men arrested. they are all out on bond. but the sheriff says the men were ordered to do the beard cuttings by one particular man. >> i've dealt with a lot of amish. they're just beautiful people. but i can't compare sam mullet to the ones that i've met. >> reporter: sam mullet is the bishop of a breakaway amish sect
10:57 am
in a deep rift with the main stream amish. why the beard cutting? it is a profound insult to the amish and his followers have allegedly used it as weapon to people who might have insulted them. three of the men arrested are sons of sam mullet. >> he's a domineering individual. nothing moves in that community without him saying it's okay. he calls all of the shots and they're literally scared to death of him. i've said that as he cult leader over the years. they will do anything he tells them to do they once said they will die for their father. that's how severely he has them brainwashed. >> reporter: so we went to the tiny town in search of sam mullet. and we found him. he was not very pleased to see us. if the sheriff says you're a cult, what's your response? >> we're not a cult. >> reporter: have you ordered men to can you tell people's beards off? >> i did not order anything. >> reporter: but sam mullet does not deny that his sons or the
10:58 am
other men committed the beard attacks. >> they do what they think is right and yeah, i could have probably said, you're not going to do this. and maybe they wouldn't have right then. but sooner or later, it would have happened anyway. >> reporter: why do you think these people have their beards cut off? >> we're getting in too deep. it goes way back. i'm telling you, i'm not interested. can you hear me? >> reporter: to his wife arlene who later appeared she would appear on camera, there's no doubt who is behind the attacks. >> who do you think is responsible for all that their? >> sam. sam mullet. >> reporter: she said sam mull set angry at her family because her family helped one of his sons leave the group. >> if they ever do arrest him and he comes out, he is able to get out on bond. he is not going to go down easy. >> reporter: sam mullet hasn't been arrested. but authorities say they're building a case against him. >> i can't take any chances with this guy. >> reporter: meanwhile no, arrests have been made in another case.
10:59 am
an amish woman was victimized by a hair cutting attack. amish women consider their hair to be god's glory. the police report stating, the victim removed her bandana and revealed several patches of hair missing. the sheriff says mullet is behind that attack. and now the federal government has decided to get involved. >> the fbi is now investigating this situation. what's your feeling about that? >> we're not guilty so i have nothing to hide. if they want to come and check us out, we would be glad to see them here. >> reporter: sam mullet claims a vendetta against him. that he wants his people to be left alone and that he is the righteous one. >> people that are spreading lies around about us, and the way they're treating us by getting the sheriff, getting the law and everything are asking for a big punishment from the man up above. >> reporter: amish people are generally not allowed to drive cars. how did these people get away from these crimes? did they run? did they take a horse and buggy? well, here's what's not very
11:00 am
much known. you can't drive a car. you can't be behind the wheel if you're amish but you can be in a car. so what amish people do is they hire drivers to take them around. here's what's interesting. it appears that hired drivers took these men away from the crime scenes. but according to the sheriff's office there, the hired drivers knew nothing about what was taking place. randi? >> great reporting, thank you very much. thank you all for watching. the news continues now with brooke baldwin. >> thank you so much. hello to all of you. let's go. let's get you caught up. beginning with the most powerful leaders in the whole world in france right now gathered for the g-20 summit. in factual be hearing a lot about greece over the course of the sex number days. they may decide to vote themselves out of the euro currency union. all of the goings on there in france don't seem to be having a huge impact on american markets. take a look there. the dow up 182 points here on this trading day.
11:01 am
also, the prime minister of greece looks like he is now doing an about face. you know the whole debt bailout that a lot of european countries have agreed to? the prime minister calling it a landmark today that opens new horizons. his words. for his country. just yesterday he was all for a plan to let the people of greece decide on the deal in a referendum. he faces a no confidence vote tomorrow. we have both jessica yellen and alli velshi. also the white house about to be served with subpoenas. they are part of the investigation into the loan guarantees for solyndra that failed solar energy company that got $535 million in federal loan guarantees. well, republicans say that the obama administrations owes them some answers. meantime democrats are worried that the development of alternative energy will in general suffer because of the story. another night of violence breaking out in occupy oakland.
11:02 am
watch. police showing up. look at the fires, breaking windows. officers fired tear gas when protesters started throwing thing at them when they didn't obey the order to leave. the overnight violence followed a mostly peaceful strike that shut down the port of oakland. $99 million defrauded from medicare. we're talking about people and involve doctors and patients. according to the department of justice, medicare beneficiaries got massages, facials, dance lessons and other treatments authorities consider unnecessary in exchange for big the health care program. right now the fate of michael jackson's doctor could be in the fate of the jury
11:03 am
today. we're looking at the trial of dr. conrad murray. prosecutors contend murray's use of propofol to make jackson sleep is what killed the pop star. >> that is conrad murray knowing full well what caused michael's death. that is conrad murray not putting the patient first. that is conrad murray putting conrad murray first. >> meantime the defense hopes to prove that jackson took sedatives and gave himself the failed dose of propofol when murray wasn't looking. some more hig moments at a walmart in california. the store shut down for a couple hours, why? because a homeless man with a baseball bat beat an elderly man to death in an unprovoked attack. the homeless man has been arrested. >> if you're kind of listening, not watching. come back. come back to your television. you have to watch this video. federal police. take a look. federal police in brazil shot
11:04 am
this video while busting this accused smuggler. take a look at the car. bam! right into the wing of the plane. the story is that they crashed on purpose to stop it. five people were arrested including the pilot. police confiscated 114 notebook computers, electronic surveillance equipment, and one bicycle. from that plane. >> a mangled mess, flames leaping from freight train cars piled up. look at this. like match sticks. reports of at least eight cars derailed. this is bartlett, illinois this morning. sparking this massive fire, causing a traffic nightmare. none of the cars contained hazardous material. and we are just four minutes into a lot that's about to happen in the next two hours. take a look at this. a daughter posted a video online of her father, showing him beating her over and over again. her father is a judge.
11:05 am
so what finally prompted her to share her family secrets? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> it's hard to leak something that you don't know anything about. >> accusations fly between republican campaigns in a scandal of alleged sexual harassment involving herman cain. >> excuse me! >> but suddenly, fireworks -- >> you will always remember this upcoming november 5th. >> the battle of shadows. a secretive hacker group threatening drug gangs in public. >> you made a huge mistake. >> the hackers may beback up their threat out of fear. plus, they are the richest of the rich. the biggest of the big. but many fortune 500 companies don't pay a dime in taxes. >> please don't put your weapon on me! >> and rocks, explosives, tear gas. as tempers flare between sxlis
11:06 am
occupy protesters. state farm. this is jessica. hey, jessica, jerry neumann with a policy question. jerry, how are you doing? fine, i just got a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue.
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11:08 am
(announcer) gold bond ultimate healing lotion. moisturizers, vitamins, and aloe, hydrate deeper, last longer. gold bond ultimate healing. this stuff really works. big news coming out of g-20 sum. the fact that greece has withdrawn its sudden threat to back out of that european bailout deal. that's greek prime minister george papandreou speaking. it would spare the greeks and inoculate the rest of the world from a possible dealt contagion. let's go straight to jessica. she is our senior white house correspondent. my question here off the top, what happened? what happened over there with the greek prime minister? why this sudden about face?
11:09 am
>> reporter: well, the leaders of france and germany called the prime minister of greece here last night and told him, if he put their offer to bail greece out to a vote of the greek people and it fails, then greece will get kicked out of european union. that news was a shock to the system over in greece. and today they ended up holding an emergency cabinet meeting that lasted for hours. during that time there were rumors that the greek prime minister was out. he would resign. there were rumors he is not. in the end, he is not. and the resolution is that the opposition party has agreed to also accept the terms of this deal. it had been unpopular in greece because in exchange for rescuing greece from default, the europeans are saying, listen, you have to cut back from some of your government services and you're going to have more oversight. some of the people didn't like that. but for now, both parties, all sides have accepted it and as of now, all is fine in greece. but you never know.
11:10 am
so they're moving ahead with filling in the rest of the details of this deal which still has a long way to go. >> as of now. let's say that for the third time. from over here it looks like the big power players at this summit of the european pourks specifically france and germany. what's the president getting done? >> reporter: even add china. you're absolutely right. when france and germany needed extra money to add to a bailout fund, they went to ask china for $100 billion to give them unclear if china will invest or not. but the president is playing a role here, too. and he sat down with the head of this year's g-20. nicholas sarkozy, the french leader. first i think we have some sound of the president's meeting. let's listen to that. >> i think it's no surprise that we spent most of our conversation focused on strengthening the global
11:11 am
economic recovery so that we are creating jobs for our people and stabilizing the financial markets around the world. >> reporter: so your question was what role is the u.s. playing? the u.s. has some experience getting out of financial crises. so administration officials insist that they're lending their expertise. sort of explaining how we did it back in 2008, 2009. and then doing some sort of financial shuttle diplomacy. communicating between the imf, the international monetary fund and germany and france and making phone call and helping everybody smooth the way as they try hammer out the remaining pieces of this deal. >> and as we just heard the b the global economy, let's talk about our own. you look at the polls and the polls do show the president's jobs agenda. it is scoring points for him. is president obama going to get back home? hammer that message out a little more back here? >> reporter: one of the messages they kept emphasizing on the way
11:12 am
to the g-20 is that he's not getting away from the jobs agenda while he's there. because the g-20 is also about jobs and the economy. so yes, the white house officials are emphatic. the truth is that if there is, i mean, the bottom line to your question is yes, they're eager to get back and focus on that. in truth, if there weren't a crisis here, more than anything else, that could derail his messaging. because every expert you talk to says the unknown, the unknowable for the president, more than any other factor is a collapse in the euro zone. which a contagion here could spread to the u.s. could it lead to a double dip recession in the u.s. in the worst-case scenario and that more than anything else could imperil the president's re-election chances next year so they really need hammer this out here for him to be on sound footing back home when he get there. >> that's why the greek prime minister about faced today is
11:13 am
so, so huge. jessica yellin. back here at home, a texas judge off the bench after this video surfaced on him. he's hitting his daughter over and over with this leather belt. the judge admits, yes, he's the man in the video. you're going to see that video. you'll hear from his daughter in two minutes. plus, republican presidential candidate herman cain accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. he is blaming a fellow candidate for leaking the story. and a mexican drug cartel could be the next target for a group of hackers. a video has emerged from the international hacker ring anonymous. that's coming up this hour. my doctor told me calcium
11:14 am
is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal.
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11:16 am
a story that has a lot of people talking and tweeting and so many people are fuming over this one. a daughter posted a individual over on u.n. tube showing her dad beating her with a belt over and over and over again. her dad is a judge in texas. so keep in mind, this dad makes decisions about other families and their lives. and now he is being investigated. the thing is, this family secret is years in the making. the video has gone viral but we're going to show you some of it. i have to warn you, it's tough to watch. so some of you might want to turn away. >> bend over the bed. bend over that bed. >> reporter: the video is difficult to watch. it shows that texas father punishing his 16-year-old daughter for using the computer to download video game. that father, william adams, is a
11:17 am
texas judge who handles among other things, family and juvenile cases. this happened seven years ago in 2004. and the now 23-year-old daughter hillary adams posted it online. it's been viewed more than a million times. the outrage is causing judge adams to leave his post temporarily. a visiting judge will take over his caseload. judge adams could face criminal charges. police are investigating. >> we need to see the original of the video. we're always concerned with seeing an original when possible. >> reporter: phones at the aransas county courthouse have been ringing off the hook. a fellow judge says the video is disturbing. >> observing him in court, you would never think that he had any kind of temper. >> reporter: judge adams admits, it's him in the video.
11:18 am
>> in my mind, i haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing and did i lose my temper. but i've since apologized. it looks worse than it is. there is a story. it will come out in due time. >> reporter: in a twitter post, his daughter says, i'm feeling some regret for publishing the video because too ruin my own father is heavy indeed. she tells corpus christi tv station -- >> these things have been brought to light. not because i want to see my father burn or anything like that. that's a hideous way of thinking and i don't want to inflict that upon him. i cannot stress enough, i can't repeat myself enough that he just needs help. >> reporter: cnn, atlanta. >> quite a story, isn't it? you can see the complete video and decide for yourself. go to our website, you can hear much more from the daughter tonight on ac 360. coming up in two minutes,
11:19 am
republican presidential candidate herman cain now demanding an apology from a fellow candidate. and remember the 50 wild exotic animals that were set free by that ohio man before he killed himself? today we have new details about his finances and new information about how exactly he died. apparently he had bite marks on his head. what's in the mail? well, it just might surprise you. because this is how people and business connect. feeling safe and secure that important letters and information don't get lost in thin air. or disappear with a click. but are delivered. from person to person. and, sometimes, even face to face. have a great day. you too. for some of the best ways to connect and protect... it's all in the mail. learn more at
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someone you know...check out twitter, or your friends on facebook... you'll hear it all...unedited! ask me how i wish i had done this sooner. ask me how this is the best investment i've ever made. tempur-pedic brand owners are more satisfied. than owners of any traditional mattress brand... to learn more, or find an authorized retailer near you visit tempur-pedic the most highly recommended bed in america. here's a big question. is herman cain coming unraveled over these allegations of sam? a political adviser to governor rick perry suggested as much. just this morning on "good morning america," his name is kurt anderson. he once advise pld cain when cain was running for the u.s. senate a couple years ago. now the cane compaign has accused anderson of leaking this story. this sexual harassment story. i want to go straight to gloria
11:23 am
borger. a fascinating interview you conducted with mr. anderson. let's just back up. big picture here, why is the cain campaign singling out curt anderson? >> that's a really good question. because a couple days ago, if you want to believe it, it kind of writes itself. curt anderson used to work for herman cain. helped him with his senate fwhid 2003, 2004. and so he is a former cain person who has now gone to work for rick perry within the last two weeks. and so herman cain says, you know what? when we had one of those conversations that every candidate has to have with his staff in which the staff says, now is there anything you need to tell me that if it could come up in the campaign, i need to know about it in advance. that herman cain says, you know what? i told this guy curt anderson about this charge of sexual harassment.
11:24 am
so i put to it curt anderson this morning. did he tell you that? and listen to what he said. was he not telling the truth? >> i'm not going to attack him in any sort of personal way or anything. i will say this. this has been, he's in a tough spot. and it's very rough and candidates, when they get into a firestorm like this, have sometimes come unraveled. and you know, it seems to me that they're kind of grasping at straws and fishing around trying to figure out what to do, how to get out of this and it's a lot of stressful these guys are under tremendous stress in these situations. so they're floundering and maybe it's a diversionary tactic or something. i'm not here to disparage herman. i think he is a tremendous guy. and this is all an unfortunate mess. >> but you say that maybe they're become unraveled. what does this tell but mr. cain then under stress as a candidate or potentially as a president?
11:25 am
>> again, i have great regard for the guy. and i think both he and all the other republican candidates running would be a great improvement over our current president. i really do believe that. and so i don't have an interest. here's the thing. the only reason i'm here this morning is this. you don't really have much in this world other than your own integrity and your character. >> right. >> and other than that, you may have a house and some cars or something. you can't take it with you. and i live my life as much as i can with simple set of rules, do the right thing, tell the truth. so after i saw this news yesterday, i figured i'm going to have to go out there and tell the truth. i didn't know anything about this. didn't leak it. >> gloria, you talk to him for a number of minutes and off the top, it seemed like curt anderson was pretty gracious when he was talking about herman cain despite the story. when you pressed hill, he said he had no knowledge of this. from when he was helping herman
11:26 am
cain run for senate a couple years ago. to his point, he says this is probably a diversionary tactic. >> reporter: then the stilletto came out. he sort of embraced herman cain personally, as i think he probably had to do and maybe perhaps he really feels this way and really does like the guy. but then when it came to the campaign, he said, look. this is a diversionary tactic. this is what happens when a campaign unravels. when they fish around, when they try to change the subject. so embracing herman cain while essentially saying i think the herman cain campaign is falling apart before your very eyes. sort of deft the way he did it. sort of unspooling. wanting to release a statement on of what of one of his accusers, when will we get that? >> reporter: it's interesting.
11:27 am
we just spoke with joel bennett who has been in contact with the restaurant association. as we reported last night, he wants to issue a statement on behalf of his client without naming his client, saying that she stands by. she was sexually harassed. she received a settlement. very general sort of terms grifrg what herman cain is saying. essentially setting the record straight, i believe, without giving all the details. he called the restaurant association because he felt that he needed to legally get an opinion from them saying that if she did this, she would not be held to the confidentiality agreement. now we've just heard from the restaurant association. the restaurant association confirms that they've heard from her lawyer, joel bennett, and that they will issue something tomorrow. so stay tuned. >> well, we will stay tuned. and we will be all over this tomorrow. gloria borger, thank you so much. now to a ruthless drug
11:28 am
cartel. the target of a group of computer hackers. that international group. you've heard of them. they're called anonymous. there is this new twist. the drug cartel has hired hackers of their own. it's my ne. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado -- third one. [ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years, chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪ the progresso chicken noodle you made is so good. it's got tender white meat chicken. the way i always made it for you.
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11:31 am
i was just talking to gloria borger a moment ago about hem cain and the claims made by a woman. i want to show you this tweet. herman cain just tweeted and he's tweeting about iran. my message to iran. if you mess with israel, you're messing with the usa. so herman cain tweeting about foreign policy on this thursday. have you heard about this latest target of the hacker group anonymous? their plan to go up against a ruthless mexican drug cartel trending today and reportedly still on. anonymous knows the move is quite dangerous.
11:32 am
they're warning members to protect themselves. the group says, los zetas kidnapped a volunteer. i want you to listen to this threat from anonymous member wearing a mask. >> you made a huge mistake by taking one of us. release him and if anything happens to him, you will always remember this upcoming november 5th. >> the hackers are threatening to publish the name, addresses, personal intel of people linked to the zetas cartel. but the cartel has hackers of their own and they're trying to hundred down members of anonymous. fred burton is vice president of intelligence for terrorism intelligence stlevs in austin, texas. and anonymous. they're calling this operation cartel. normally they're caught. if they're caught, they're arrested. in this case, they could be killed. >> absolutely, brooke. due to just the level of
11:33 am
violence inside of mexico, the outcome would probably not be good for any names that are published or outed inside of mexico. alleged and formers. having said that, the interesting part is this may actually cause the average person in mexico to bring forth information of cartel-related activity. >> i was reading for cyber vigilante i. i want to you tell me more about this group anonymous. it is activists. you call them ghosts. why? >> well, they are a group that has no formal structure. this is a group that is very, very fractured. and at time there is not a consensus which is one of the reasons why we've seen the threats to release information on the fifth of november which i think is highly probable that we'll see some names released.
11:34 am
the scary part is you look at this, whether or not the names are connected in any way to the cartels. there's still going to be out there. >> why do this over the internet? why not just go to police to try to get help? >> well, for the most part you have a challenge in mexico of going to the right cops, those that are not corrupted by the cartel. so there's a fear there. the use of the internet, there is that anonymous possibility there where you can post this information out and it would be out there for not only the mexican police and federal authorities to look at, but as well as u.s. intelligence such as dea to see if these individuals are in any way connected. >> so i know we mentioned this deadline that anonymous has given. i've heard it's on, it's off, november 5th which is this saturday. what should we expect come saturday?
11:35 am
>> i think that it is highly probable we'll see some names released. the real scary part, brooke, here is just due to the level of brutality and violence inside of mexico, it would not surprise me in the least to see some bodies surface with notes pinned to the bodies claiming that these individuals were killed as a result of this. >> what if the zetas aren't behind this kidnapping? >> well, that's the scary part. they very well may not be. having said that, if you look at this from a sheer geography perspective, the zetas own a large degree of turf inside of mexico and in the area where allegedly one of these anonymous individuals was kidnapped. >> and just in general, what is your interpretation now of this anonymous group who had taken on major trends, national companies, governments and now a
11:36 am
very violent mexican drug cartel. >> it's really very interesting development due to the success of anonymous, and as you mentioned, attack governments and releasing police information to include police organizations from inside the united states. there is no doubt they have the internal forensic capability to be able to do this. the big question is accident what is going to be the information they're going to release? and who are they going to identify? thus far, they've only identified one individual that has long been suktd of being linked to the zeta organization. if they continue to release known information, i don't see much damage done. i think the curious part will be the level of the name that are released, what level, are they cops? >> thank you so much. we'll follow that right along with you out of mexico with anonymous. thank you. lions, tigers, monkeys,
11:37 am
bears, remember? all on the loose. these exotic animals all on the loose. the owner killed himself after setting these animals loose. we'll have more on that. plus, you normally see a school bus driving down the road, right? not in a house. the video two minutes away. ♪ walk, little walk ♪ small talk, big thoughts, gonna tell them all ♪ [ male announcer ] the most headroom per dollar of any car in america. from $10,990. the all-new nissan versa sedan. innovation upsized. innovation for all.
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♪ ♪ small talk, big thoughts, gonna tell them all ♪ [ male announcer ] the most legroom per dollar of any car in america. from $10,990. the all-new nissan versa sedan. innovation upsized. innovation for all. ♪
11:39 am
i've got some new information for but the man who
11:40 am
police say set dozens of those exotic dangerous animals loose last month in zanesville, ohio. we've learned he owed thousands of dollars in back taxes. he had served time on weapons charges and had marital problems as well. autopsy results confirm thompson did in fact commit suicide. he later received a large bite wound on his head. most likely from one of his tigers. deputies shot and kill more than 45 animals to protect the public there in muskingham county. though animals were buried on thompson's farm. six other animals that survived are now still at the columbus zoo. to that video we promised. a school bus crashes into a house. >> i come out and i look and i see orange through my window. >> yikes! you don't want to see orange that close. look at this. the bus had just finished dropping off elementary school students in florida when it had a brake failure. amazingly, everyone is fine.
11:41 am
the home, yeah. not so much. and this. a shoplifter getting his dance on. take a look at him go. dancing in the women's section of a new jersey kmart. must have been some get tunes on the loud speaker at the kmart. a little while later he leaves the store with a stolen dress. police still trying to track him down. time for your america's choice 2012 update. wolf blitzer joins me now with the latest news fresh off the ticker. and you know what, wolf? are you okay? >> i am. >> we've talked so much about herman cain. let's talk about someone else like condoleezza rice. >> yes. some people would have loved her to run for political office. whether for the senate in california which is where she lives. maybe governor or even president of the united states. there was talk about her doing it. she made it clear to peers morgan last night, she has no intention whatsoever of running for office. she is a policy person. she said not a political person.
11:42 am
but we do have her new book, no higher honor. this is it right here. a long book. more than 750 pages of memoir of my years in washington. she spent four years as president bush's national security adviser. four years as the secretary of state. she will be joining me in the situation room and we'll be discussing a lot of these current issues. a little history as well. i do want to get into a little political stuff with her shelf has some strong views. i've known her a long time. we'll go through what's going to in iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, the middle east, syria, all these substantive important issues. i want to hear what she thinks about what the president is doing and what she thinks of these potential candidates, their national security. we've got a big debate coming up on national security, foreign policy, a presidential debate that we're looking forward to. so there's a lot to discuss with
11:43 am
condoleezza rice. she'll be in the situation room. i'm sure you'll want to sight. >> obviously. are you going to ask her about making a music video? >> she's been asked that so many time. i'll try not to repeat the questions. some good ones that we're going to get to her on. >> all right. wolf blitz we are the fresh questions. thank you so much. coming up here, the corporate tax rate right now is 35% duffle realize that there are many company that pay no corporate tax? let me repeat myself. there are many american companies right now that pay no income taxes. we're going to reveal which companies in two minutes. so you're seriously proposing we change our name to sun life valley. do we still get to go skiing?
11:44 am
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11:46 am
as the new study making the rounds that seem to bolster the complaints that some big corporations are getting off really easy on their taxes. some say they aren't paying a dime on billions and billions of profits. let's go to poppy. it looks like some of these big corporations are making big use of the write-offs. >> they are. if you look at the law, the law allows for this. tons and tons of write-offs on these corporations and they take advantage of them. this is one reason why we've heard this increasing drum beat for tax reform in this country. we heard it from president obama. the super committee is looking into it right now. it's important to know when you look at the study, it was done by to left leaning tax research groups. the citizens for tax justice and the institute on taxation and economic policy. what they did, brooke, they looked at 280 of the fortune 500 companies in america that were
11:47 am
profitable between 2008 and 2010. and you look at the corporate tax rate in this country. 35%. what they found is that on average, those 280 companies paid 18.5%. so a lot less than the federal tax bill. in fact, let's look at the next graphic them found many were actually paying less than 17.5%. take a look at these number. 111 companies paid less than 17.5%. 98 companies paid between 17.5 and 30%. and 71 companies paid 30% or more. so of course this adds to that drum beat and that cry for corporations to pay more in tax. order some sort of reform. i keep coming back to the issue. this is how our tax system works. so corporation that's have a lot of write-offs, they're falling the law. >> well, this will add to the drum beat. let's talk about ge. i know you know this. the study says over the past
11:48 am
three years, general electric trick earned more than $10 billion. billion with a b and paid negative taxes. how do you have a negative tax bill? >> you have a negative tax bill by spending a lot of money. we'll get into ge in a minute. if you spend a lot of money as a company accident you're investing, for example. nascar. this is a good example. nascar race car owners can write off the cost of their race track. big oil and gas company can write off the cost of exploration and drilling. general electric trick spends a lot of money on factories and on different investments that they say create jobs. a lot of write-offs in our federal tax code for investment that's create jobs. this is the wait works. it is not just general electric. it is a lot of company across the board. what this study found, 30 of the 280 companies that the study looked at owed less than nothing. that means they get a tax rebate. a checkbook from the irs.
11:49 am
but i want to point out because ge came out and opposed this study, and i want to bring this out. this is what general electric had to say. this victoria inaccurate and distorted. gmpbl e paid billions of dollars in taxes toe last decade and we expect our overall tax rate will be approximately 30% in 2011 them won't to say we believe tuesday tax system needs to be reformed to close all loopholes to lower the corporate tax rate and to provide a territorial system like every other major country in the world. when they talk about territorial system, what they're talking about is that argument over repatriation. should profit that's these multinational companies make overseas, should they be also taxed here in the united states. that's what ge had to say. a very interesting study and i think it really adds to that call for some sort of corporate tax reinform in this country. a lot of corporations, even ge, says we need to reform the system. >> i should say thank you for coming on the show. i know that you were knee deep in a totally separate story.
11:50 am
we wanted to talk about the taxing corporations. if i may, ask for a little preview. i know you've done a lot when it come to the economy whk it come to the youth in our country. one of the questions you're posing for this piece. give me a preview. is this generation an unemployable generation? >> the jobs report comes out tomorrow among. we wanted to find an interesting way to cover it. one of our producers said why don't we look at youth unemployment. if you look at people between 16 and 24 in america, their unemployment rate is over 17%. so it's almost double the national average. and we're talking about college grads that have a very hard time finding work. so we went down. we spent the morning today at occupy wall street. part of the argument there among protesters is the inability to find work and to succeed. so we talked to folk down there. we're just looking at what is really a crisis in this country that i don't think gets enough attention. that is the fact that you have youth that are unemployed and what the experts say that this generation could become an
11:51 am
unemployable generation. because if you don't give the youth in america the skills they need to succeed in the long temperature, it will be very hard for them to find work down the road. we'll take a look at that tomorrow and go in depth. we'll talk to those folks and give you the troubling statistics. >> i can just hear the collective groan from parents everywhere with kids going to college. you pay all this money to get them educated and then there are no jobs. thank you so much for us in new york. also, closing arguments underway right now in the michael jackson death trial. >> conrad murray corrupted that relationship and for that michael jackson paid with his life. >> the jury could start deciding the fate of dr. conrad murray today. we'll take you live to los angeles straight ahead. plus, remember the old wardrobe malfunction? you know the one that exposed the breast of janet jackson a couple years back?
11:52 am
there are new developments in that case. the fine that was leveled against cbs. >> and have you seen this incredible video? this is outs of brazil. the plane was full of smugglers. today, we have a list of good paying jobs that do not require a college degree. comes from business insider. number five. an electrician or a plumber. starting salary, $35 to 48,000. appliance reparkway number three, mechanic with a salary in the ballpark of $30,000 to $40,000. what are the top two jobs you can get without a college degree? stick around. whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. way to go, coach. ♪
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for the top, two someone you might need to call in an emergency. a police officer. they say that salary varies depending on where you live. number one, a job that can save homes and lives. a starting salary of $53,000. we love them. we need them. firefighters. and another win for cbs in the ongoing battle over the infamous janet jackson wardrobe malfunction back in the 2004 super bowl. an appeals court ruled against the fcc. the ruling says the agency
11:56 am
wrongly fined cbs for the halftime show slip-up. the fcc was not clear on its policy for brief nudity. jackson's breast was exposed for just a moment as timber laik sang the words "going to have you make the by tend of the song." didn't realize that's what he was singing. the fate of michael jackson's doctor will be in the hands of jury very soon. let's go back out to ted rowlands live for us once again. you just walked out of that courtroom. what are they telling the jury? >> reporter: well, they have the jury riveted. david walgren is doing an outstanding job of telling his version of the story and what he claim the evidence shows. he said it from the beginning. the motivation of murray to come on board. he said this was not a doctor-patient relationship. this was a guy looking to make $150,000 a month to give somebody propofol in his home.
11:57 am
he talked about false statements that murray made, employing the jury to use those false statements when they make their decision. he said he was too busy talking to his girlfriends on the phone when he should have been watching michael jackson. the family throughout this was riveted and emotional when they talked about, and walgren did this several time, the children. saying that michael jackson's three children have been left fatherless because of conrad murray. they were also visibly emotional. at least randy was. he put his head down. when he talked about the actual time that michael jackson died, saying that we'll never know exactly what happened when jackson stopped breathing. take a listen. >> conrad murray knowing full well what caused michael's death. that is conrad murray not putting the patient first. that is conrad murray putting conrad murray first. >> he went on there saying, we'll never know if michael jackson cried out for help or
11:58 am
coughed or choked. we'll never know because of dr. murray putting himself first. that's been the theme for the entire close here. and that is really been the theme of this entire trial. >> that's been the theme of that side though. we know defense will get their chance soon. when mr. dr. murray's lawyers be giving their close in. >> we'll have a break in the next few minutes for lunch. typically it's an hour and a half. that will be the break today. then it is the defense's turn to tray to convince the jury of their side of the story. >> then the prosecution gets another shot, correct? >> yeah. the defense is expected to take about an hour and a half. because the prosecution has the burden of proof here, they also get the last word. so when the defense is finish, walgren will step up there one more time and get the final words to this jury. they should get the case late today i doubt they'll deliberate in earnest today. there won't be a lot of time but they should get it by the end of the day. >> by the end of the day in the
11:59 am
hands of the jury. ted rowlands in los angeles. thank you. now watch this. here we go. top of the hour. welcome back. sparks fly at the economic summit in cannes, france. amazing video of police chasing drug smugglers. occupy protests getting out of hand. and one drug may have some alarming side effects. time to play reporter roulette. let's to go nick near studio with me with our national desk. we'll talk about this stunning video. >> i woke up thong and i wrote my little pitch list. you see this video. you have police on the ground in brazil. they're chasing what? >> this is just outside sao paulo brazil. they said they will been spotting these guys, following this group for the last 30 days. the federal police had gotten a tip they would land the plane in this area.


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