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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 3, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> he says he wasn't and there are a lot of people who were there who actually gave a news conference and said, no, he wasn't drunk at all. he was articulate, coherent, passionate. interesting, funny. so there you go. jon stewart says he thinks he was drunk. he says i'd like to have a drink with jon stewart, but jon stewart's buying. >> a drink of wine. who knew. joe johns, political pop. i know, right, or whisky. thank you so much. now to wolf blitzer. "the situation room" starts right now. happening now, as wall street and world markets are rip sawed by the financial crisis in greece, the on again off again rescue plan is looking less than certain. president obama and world leaders are in france for a critical world summit. one hf herman cain's accusers may come forward. a former cain adviser blamed by
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cain for leaking the story is speaking out. plus, lawmakers -- documents of the bankrupt solar energy company that got a half a billion dollar loan from the obama administration. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- while herman cain scrambles to try to get in front of the growing controversy, he's raking in lots of campaign contributions. cain's campaign now tells cnn they've raised an astonishing $1.2 million since sunday evening when news of the accusations first broke. meantime, cain may face new embarrassment and more pressure if one of his accusers is allowed to come forward with a statement. brian todd has been reporting. what are you learning today? >> going to get to that in a moment, but what we may hear, there are indications that
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cain's alleged behavior may have cost the national restaurant association up to $80,000. politico reports one of the woman received a payout of about $45,000 as part of her settlement. earlier this week, "the new york times" reported that a second woman got $35,000, a year's salary in severance pay after an encounter. we've been in touch with the attorney, joel bennett. it's not clear if his client got the payout reported today. bennett refused to comment on any of that. we also contacted cain's campaign. he said corporate agreements are quite common. now, a key question remain, will the national restaurant association which cain once headed, where this behavior allegedly occurred in the '90s, will that group release one of the accusers from her
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confidentiality agreement? we're likely to know tomorrow. joel bennett contacted one of their attorneys today, gave them a proposed statement from the woman. the association says it's reviewing the document. it is going to respond tomorrow. bennett wants the association to release the woman from the deal. he says she's upset that cain has said her case has no merit. we talked to deborah kelly, who said she'd be surprised if the restaurant association releases the woman. i asked kelly what are the risk for that group to do that. >> the risks are that everything they wanted not to be discussed, again, settlement is not necessarily i did something wrong. it's i want peace, i don't want to pay the lawyers. they don't get peace. they get this issue from the '90s bubbling up again. >> the accuser who's seeking that release has not been named by any news organization. joel bennett tells us she is a
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career civil servant who has worked at several federal government agencies as a spokeswoman. if released, she still may not go public beyond giving a statement. she told "the washington post" she has decided not to go public. when asked why, quote, i'm too tired to say why. >> already been 24 hours and campaign fending off another accusation. >> that's right. a former employee at the association told the associated press that she once considered, considered filing a workplace complaint over what she considered aggressive, unwanted behavior by cain when she worked for him. she said that behavior included a private invitation to his corporate apartment, but important to note here, she never filed a formal complaint. cain's campaign responded by saying they expected these quote baseless allegations to come up as part of an ongoing smear
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campaign. they said he has never acted in the way alleged by the inside the beltway media. >> the next 24 hours could be critical. she gets authority to do that. thanks very much. a man who worked on cain's 2004 campaign is hotly denying he had anything to do with leaking the story that's led to so much controversy since sunday night. cain pointed the finger at his ex aide, kurt anderson, saying he told him about sexual harassment allegations when he worked for his 2004 senate campaign in georgia. gloria borger is here. you had a chance to speak with this republican operative and give our viewers o sense of what he said. >> wolf, very simply, he said the conversation never ever happened. >> conversation that cain is suggesting when he shared with him the allegation in 2004. >> right. he said never happened. didn't know about the allegations. take a list in.
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>> he's accusing you of leaking. >> he can say what he wants, but i just want to set the record straight that i have tremendous regard for the guy and he's a great leader. he's run a great campaign. i really enjoy him. you don't enjoy everybody you work with, but i really enjoy the guy. there's two problems with that. one is i didn't know anything about this. and so, it's hard to leak something that you don't know anything about of course. the second problem with it is this. if someone tells you something in confidence, a family member, a friend, a candidate, a client and then you go out and blab it to other people, that's just unethical and it's not the way i live my life. but that's sort of immaterial in this instance because i didn't know anything about any of this. >> so, you're saying that conversation never took place. >> that's correct. i don't have any knowledge of any of this and you know, it's just not true. >> so, were you saying herman
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cain is lying? >> well, i'm not here to add any more name calling. >> is he not telling the truth? >> i'm not going to, you know, attack him in any sort of personal way or anything. i will say this. this has been, you know, he's in a tough spot and it's very rough and candidates, when they get into a fire storm like this, have you know, sometimes come unravelled and you know, it seems to me that they're kind of grasping at straws and fishing around trying to figure out what to do, how to get out of this and it's a lot of stress. these guys are under tremendous stress in these situations and maybe it's a diverse nar tactic. i'm not here to disparage herman. i think he's a tremendous guy and this is an unfortunate mess. >> why do you think he fingered you then taz leaker? >> i'm not sure. i think they probably figured it's a good diversion strategy.
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i think it's kind of a weak strategy. the best thing to always do in any circumstance, people in politics get all confused and get into tough situations. they need to think back to what my dad used to tell me. when in doubt, tell the truth. come to think of it, tell the truth all the time. >> you obviously worked for mr. perry right now. mr. perry would have a lot to gain if mr. cain drops in the polls, so is this politically motivated to kind of throw it back at the perry camp? >> i'm sure it's politically motivated. that's kind of the sorry thing about the state of politics we're in. people don't do a lot in terms of talking about what they believe. maybe this is convenient for them. but you know, let me say this. a lot of candidates, herman included, talk about their faith in these issues and i endorse
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that. i think that's great. well, one of the important things there is the old saying thou shall not bear false witness. you have a situation here where mr. cain is saying that people are falsely accusing him and so, the last thing that he ought to do is falsely accuse somebody else. >> how's the cain campaign reacting to your interview? >> well, we're now in a he said he said situation and the campaign is saying i just spoke with them. thaifr saying we stand by ou comments, which means they're not retracting the charge. >> they still believe he leaked the information to politico? >> absolutely. >> and till insist that in 2004 when he worked for cain, shared with him this information about the sexual harassment allegations. >> did not back off at all, but said we would like to return to talking about the economy, so
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it's clear the cain campaign wants to sort o pivot and get back to its campaign. >> vo you spoken to the herman campaign, or herman cain, when the allegation first came up, he couldn't remember anything about it. but said in 2004, he did brief this aide about it. >> he still sticks with his story. there's nothing more the campaign can say. you raise a good question. if he remembers telling a campaign aide about this, why wouldn't he have remembered it when politico first asked him? >> a lot more over the next 24 to 4 hours. thank you. day in and day out, investors have been keeping a nervous eye on europe. under the risky rescue package for greece finally will go
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through. today, stocks were up big. and the nasdaq up more than 2%. that despite the political wrangling in greece which still threatens to unravel the european bailout plan and europe's economy as well with enormous potential fallout on the u.s. economy. it's the focus of president obama and a counterpart at the g-20 economic summit in france. let's bring in erin burnett in new york for more op what's going on. when i say the stakes are enormous in cannes right now and what's going on at this summit, i think it's fair to say the whole world is watching for very good reason. >> they are and not watching the movie stars you usually get in cannes, right? this is different, but more important when it comes to our economy. the market up in the u.s. because of hopes that while greece milgt not have a general referendum or election as to whether they would go ahead with these austerity measures
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required to get the latest bailout, wolf, it's pretty interesting though because what is at stake at this point is a decision and really, nobody knows whether what the answer to this is. but can greece come out of the 17-member euro and go back and not inflict any further damage to europe? that's really the question. a lot of people are starting to say even if this bailout goes through, greece isn't going to be able to survive it and greece doesn't have enough money to bail out the countries sure to follow greece. italy has problems. portugal has problems. ireland has problems. they call him the pigs. those countries have problems and europe has a very real question as to whether it can continue to exist and whether it really matters to the rest of the world if we go back to all these individual currencies and
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economies. it's a big question that matters for everybody. >> are they going to say, uncle sam, we need your help? there's no great desire here given the u.s. economy to boil au bail out the europe ps, but what's going to happen if that should develop? >> right now, we're already helping europe significantly. just in the form of some of the swaps or federal reserve can do. not the same as direct lendinging. we are doing all kinds of things helping facilitate the flow of money and trans anchors and trade in europe. there is no political will for that. certainly, you're not going to get that. but american banks do have a lot at stake. our banking system cares and everyone in america cares because europe is our biggest trading partner. one thing that surprised me today when i was looking at this was that when the european central bank said, did this whole european union, they don't have, they never set up a way
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for a country to leave the euro legally. so they set up this whole alliance of 17 countries and never put in the legal infrastructure for one country to leave. but more and more people are saying that might be the right thing to do. but it would be better than if italy or spain would follow. >> there's no political desire for a t.a.r.p.-free europe. thanks very much. important programming note. erin burnett's show, 7:00 p.m. eastern later tonight, she's going to have a lot more on this and all the other important news of the day. 7:00 p.m. eastern. campaign blame game. who's behind the sexual allegations behind herman cain? and more on the greek bailout and g-20 economic summit. jack cafferty, jessica yellin is on the scene. they're coming up.
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jack? >> the unit is on its way to being greece one day and nobody wants to acknowledge it. our national debt increased more than $200 billion in the month of october alone. that comes out to $650 for every man, woman and child in the country. it's also more than three times the amount the national debt increased last october. united states debt stands at more than $14.9 trillion and will top 15 trillion by the end of this month. the so-called super committee is trying to cut $9.2 trillion over ten years. they're still whining about how hard it is. it's hard. the whole idea that the federal
1:19 pm
government is in any way serious about the national debt is a joke. even after america's credit rating was downgraded, our lead rs continue to spend money at an unsustainable rate and if they don't get serious, very soon, you only need to look across the pond at greece, for our future one day. the euro and european banks have been thrown into crisis by greece's debt and by prime minister papandreou's actions. first he said there will be a referendum. then he said there won't be. his own government may vote him out of power tomorrow morning. papandreou's government doesn't have to stones to make the tough decisions. sounds like the politicians here, doesn't it sm they don't have to stones either to tell the american people that the party is over and it's time to pay the tab. here's the question. is greece a preview of what's to
1:20 pm
come one day for the united states? go to or go to our facebook page. >> thank you. the greek financial crisis which has sent shock waves across europe and beyond is certainly the the key focus right now as president obama joins world heeders for the g-20 economic summit in cannes, france. our chief white house correspondent, jessica yellin, is there. >> for the moment, the president arrived in france, all yays were on greece where turmoil in the greek government seemed to put the euro zone deal in jeopardy. now, it's quieted. this is a crisis that could impact the u.s., but it's clear the u.s. is not driving its ruz lesion. he's still popular in europe, but here at the g-20, president obama is not the center of attention. sharing the stage more than usual with french president sarkozy. >> the most important aspect of
1:21 pm
our task over the next two days is to resolve the financial crisis here in europe. >> and with german chancellor merkel. >> we are now having seen some progress looking forward to working together to figure out how we can implement this and in an effective way. to make sure that not only is the you were ozone stable, but the world financial system is stable as well. >> in times past, the world has looked to the u.s. to lead such rescues. not this time. on the eve of the summit, the greek prime minister threatened to throw the bailout into limbo. french and german leaders called him to a leet meeting here before president obama even arrived. and when europeans needed up to $100 billion for a bailout fund, they asked cash rich china, not the u.s. >> chinese are the ones whose role has been elevated. everyone wants their money. they're really the ones who have gotten stronger in the g-20.
1:22 pm
not the united states. >> so, what role is the u.s. playing? >> what the u.s. has is a significant amount of experience in dealing with a financial crisis where we took very aggressive and robust action to rescue our financial seg tor and to help rescue the global economy in 2008 and 2009 and we've been sharing that experience over the course of many weeks and months. >> the euro zone crisis wasn't the only item on the agenda. the president also attended a working lunch with bill gates about investing in the developing world and the annual class photo with leaders, but attention centered on the crisis the u.s. can't do much to fix. >> we're going to have to resolve the situation here in europe. >> tomorrow, president obama will hold a press conference, meet with the president of argentina and join president sarkozy of france in an event marking the end of nato involvement in libya.
1:23 pm
>> jessica yellin on the scene with us traveling with the president in cannes. thanks. which of herman cain's rivals could gain the most from the controversy? where would his votes go if, a huge if, if the scandal were to take him down? our strategy session is coming up negs. and female soldiers in the u.s. army are doing something they've never had the chance to do before. we'll explain. one-hundred-nineteenncer] data points. this is what we can gather from an ordinary crash test dummy. two million data points. this is what we can gather from a lexus crash test genius. [ engine revving ] when you pursue industry-leading safety, you don't just engineer breakthroughs in simulation technology, you engineer amazing. ♪ consumers er wanchai ferry orange chicken... over p.f. chang's home menu orange chicken women men
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i'm wolf blitzer. here are some of the stories we're working on for our next hour. is israel on the verge of a strike against iran? i'll ask condoleezza rice. plus, big corporations making
1:27 pm
big profits. why are so many paying zero in taxes? and closing arguments in the michael jackson death trial. could a verdict come tomorrow? we'll go live to los angeles. stand by. you're in "the situation room." let's assess what's going on in the herman cain sexual allegation story. joining us now, cnn political contributor, democratic strategist, hillary rosen and will cain, a kcolumnist for the thanks for coming in. will, let me start with youful when cain and his campaign accuse another republican campaign of being behind this entire uproar, this story takes on a whole new level of vito troll. what's going on? >> i don't know, wolf, because i don't know if the accusation that if rick perry's camp
1:28 pm
planted this story is true, it joins a pile of baseless, undetailed, vague accusations in this whole sordid affair. fred thompson and newt gingrich say it wouldn't be beyond a republican rival, a mitt romney or a rick perry, to have planted the story, but that doesn't answer the basic question. but that doesn't answer the basic question, are these allegations true or not? >> that we'll know more in the coming days. the next 24 to 48 hours will be very important, but hillary, who gains politically among republicans? who loses if herman cain's stat chur goes down? >> well, mitt romney is the clear winner because when romney and cain are fighting with each other, romney comes out more unscathed and in fact, romney was kind of on his way to one of the worst weeks of this campaign before this cain story came out. he was just caught the other day declining, flip-flopping on
1:29 pm
state workers. angering republicans in ohio. he changed his mind again about health insurance and kids being on their family plans, so mitt romney was really headed down a very dangerous path this week and cain's story kind of saved him. >> will, what do you think? >> i think there's one other winner here and that's newt gingri gingrich. he somewhat stapds above it all and chastises, kind -- reagan's amendment. in that way, he starts to curry cain's current supporters and builds on this kind of percentage point momentum he's started to have over the last month or so. >> he does emerge as sort of the elder statesman. you remember bole dole in '96. john mccain years ago. newt gingrich is someone who seems to be a bubble out of
1:30 pm
that. at least in those debates and elsewhere. >> he has shown himself to be and we'll see if he can sustain this because newt gingrich has a pit of the cain, perry problem, which is shooting off his mouth before his brain can get there and we'll see whether he takes advantage of this smartly or not. there's one other point i think all of the republican candidates ought to respond to and that is herman cain running around bragging that since everybody's found out about him being a sexual harasser -- >> alleged. we don't know if he harassed anybody. >> none the less, he's bragging on this situation to raise money and that offends -- all women everywhere, the fact that you know, junior staffers had the leave the organization. whether it for whatever reason, is just offensive and i think that other candidates ought to take cain on this issue, too. this is not going to serve any republican well in the general
1:31 pm
election with women as majority vottoers. >> i just totally ignores the fact this is a complete accusation. we don't know whether or not it's true. >> well, we know that women have left the organization. what we don't know are all the details around why. >> we should have learned a lesson around a month ago when we publicly tried dominique strauss-kahn for rape. he will never be president of france now. >> well, what we do know is that herman cain has changed his story five times since he first started talking about it, so that in and of itself gives us cause to thip is this somebody we trust and why is he taking advantage of these troubles to raise money. >> there is no doubt he is guilty of making contradictory statements and not coming out clearly in front of this thing, but that is very dimpt than being a sexual harasser. >> listen to what he said in march on a conference call with
1:32 pm
reporters when he was getting ready to run for the republican presidential nomination. >> finding that i -- i play just well enough that -- but other than that, i can assure you, i have an original copy of my birth certificate. i don't have any mistresses. >> he was asked if he had any skeletons in his closet and he made that statement. these inconsistencies though, will, how much of a problem pause he's raising a lot of money, more than a million dollars since sunday night. he's very popular out there. this new poll out in south carolina shows he's way ahead of all of the other republican candidates. the poll taken after these allegations surfaced. explain what's going on here. >> i think these inconsistencies are going to be a problem. he's made statements, walked them back and modified them.
1:33 pm
he's done this on the border fence issue. your question to him about trading prisoners from guantanamo. it joins the narrative, he shoots from the hip, makes statements and as charles krauthammer said, is winging it. that is a habit that will build up and be a problem over time. right now, the reason he's raising money and that upsets hillary so much is that there's a sentiment of people want to protect herman cain. he's a likable, charming guy and unless it's proven he's done something ugly, they're going to protect him. >> if he came to you and said you're a political strategist, give me one little piece of advice. what i need to do to end this uproar and end the campaign. what would that advice be? >> to tell the whole truth. let the story come out and try and move on. there's no oh way to do this. the stories will come out. the truth will come out and he
1:34 pm
might as well be if one to share it. >> you got bad news, you should be the one to release it and not wait for your adversaries to release it. thanks very much. is israel on the verge of a strike against iran? reports say the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is rallying support. stand by. we'll update you on that. plus, what did the white house do and say in the months leading up to solyndra's bankruptcy? house republicans want to know and today, they have dramatically upped the ante. [ indistinct talking on radio ] [ tires screech ] [ crying ] [ applause ] [ laughs ] [ tires screech ] [ male announcer ] your life will have to flash by even faster.
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a rocket engine test and headlines in israeli newspapers have raised the possibility that push cold come to shove. jill, military action likely by the israelis? >> that's a good question right now and you know this really well. with your background in the
1:38 pm
middle east. this isn't the first time the idea of striking iran by israel has come up. but now it's stronger than ever. speculation is reaching critical mass that israel is inching closer to launch iing a militar air strak against iran's nuclear program while reports say netanyahu and defense minister had gone to the cabinet with the idea, in an interview with cnn, barack guarded his words. >> discussing any kind of a military action, i don't think that if and when, it should be discussed the way that we are talking now. >> speculation is being fueled by israel's successful test this week of a new rocket propulsion system. the israelis called it preplanned, but that's thot
1:39 pm
putting out the fire. from france, president obama weighed in. >> the iea is scheduled to release a report next week and president sarkozy an i agree on the need to maintain the national pressure on iran to meet its obligations. >> that new report from the international atomic energy agency is expected to reveal details of iran's program to develop nuclear weapons. at the state department, the spokeswoman insisted the u.s. does not seek a military confrontation with iran. >> ha said, we are going to use every means at our disposal to continue to try to increase the international pressure on iran to meet its iaea obligations and to come clean on its nuclear program. >> so, will israel or even the u.s. take out iran's nuclear program? one iran expert says not likely. >> i think very few people think it's going to happen, but we all
1:40 pm
feel like we have to take it seriously. >> bombing iran, whether it's the u.s. or israel, could have real reprecussions. especially in afghanistan and in iraq. not to mention potentially destabilizing the world's economic situation. >> we'll watch this story. thank you. a house panel voted to sub pea na the white house today for documents realitied to solyndra. lisa sylvester has been investigating this part of the story for us. what else is coming up? >> the white house did a document, some 20,000 documents released yesterday and we have some of these records here. but it was not enough to satisfy republicans on the energy and commerce committee investigating solyndra. they voted to subpoena the white house and vice president's office. mr. upton votes aye. >> the vote, 14- slit down party
1:41 pm
lines. the deal authorizes the committee to subpoena all white house records related to solyndra. republicans accuse the obama administration of stone walling. >> we've made our case about the documents. the white house has refused to produce them. we have no choice to but issue a subpoena and i'll say it again. i wish it had not come to this. >> solyndra received a $550 million loan from the department of energy. were out a half a billion dollars. the house energy and commerce committee is investigating whether political connections played a worole in the company receiving the loan. democrats accused republicaning of going on a fishing expedition. ranking democrat says the committee's request is too
1:42 pm
broad. >> it would encompass everything from how many chairs they had at the solyndra factory to the travel plans all the way up to e-mails on the president's blackberry. >> the white house insists the loan was decide ds on merit and that the mrks has been work iin the committee, quote, this mrks has cooperate rated extensively by producing over 85,000 pages of documents including 20,000 pages produced just yesterday afternoon. administration officials have participated in multiple briefings and hearings and the white house has already provided over 900 pages of documents in response to requests we have received, but republicans say the white house twice in october, turned down requests for additional dom documents. >> what is there ability about the word slow walk the democrats don't understand?
1:43 pm
that's continuely been the mantra of the white house until we issued that subpoena. >> these newly released e-mails include some interesting details. the obama administration considered the last ditch effort to save solyndra in august. in that deal, the government would have taken on an equity stake in the company, but someone knicked that idea. also, you can see from these e-mails, top administration officials were worried about negative reports and once the company folded, the white house continued to keep close tabs on the media coverage on solyndra. >> story not going away either. thank you. women can't be sent to the front lines of combat, but these female soldiers, check it out. they're going into the danger zone and getting special forces training to do something only they can do. we'll explain.
1:44 pm
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female soldiers are serving in special commando units for the first time. a whole new world out there. >> it is a new world out there, wolf. we have seen women in combat for the last decade sh but now, the next step. it's not g.i. jane, but it's about as close at it gets. elite special forces training to assault compounds. many are headed to afghanistan. these troops have a new weapon. for the first time, women are joining elite commando units, going on raids into compounds and living in villages. their job, to do what the men cannot. deal directly with the afghan women and children. for the first time ever on television, cnn was given access
1:48 pm
to their rigorous training. >> we have got a bunch of strong, capable, awesome women who can take any challenge that's thrown at us. >> the captain who just began training, laughingly rejects comparisons to g.i. jane. >> we're not going to be shaving our heads. >> only half the women who apply are accepted. >> these women are a cut above the rest of the army. >> but even as they train, the women know they are skept is. >> we're going to be prepared to pull our weight. >> it's training both brain and brawn. they move hundreds of pounds of weights, run an obstacle course and work as a team to solve problems. it's political liddell cat. women are not allowed to serve in front on combat yupts, so these women, heavily armed, will only go into compounds after they are secured by assault teams. >> the women that are on raids,
1:49 pm
they're thot deliberatery part of the direct action raid. they are there to help mitigate foll following the raid. >> it's an effort to ease ventment afghans feel when troops raid their villages. for women, it means offering help for villagers, but still searching afghan women for weapons. >> it's been acknowledged that women can operate at this level. >> new recruits know the danger. just last month, team member first lieutenant ashley white and two male soldiers were killed during what the army described as combat operations in afghanistan. the first death of a team member has made the program so sensiti sensitive, no senior army special operations commander would talk to us on camera. the women did. sergeant baldwin is just back from afghanistan. >> this is a program that is going to keep going on. it's a need that theeds to be
1:50 pm
met there right now. >> and in september, wolf, another team of women working in this program found themselves in the middle of a fire fight in afghanistan, so this notion that these women will only go where it's already secure is a notion that pretty much is already being tossed out. >> notion that combat zones, noncombat zones, it's all dangerous over there and you don't have to necessarily just go to the front line. you can be killed right in kabul where supposedly it's safe. we have a lot more coming up, including greece. we'll have a preview of what's to comfort united states. stand by. jack's getting ready to read some of your e-mail. also, big corporations making record profits. so why are so many of them paying next to nothing in taxes? we have a shocking new report. state farm. this is jessica.
1:51 pm
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zblunchts i really think over the long haul, north africa is a
1:54 pm
more accurate preview. i think the emerging wealth curves point to a disastrous result we cannot imagine for america. desperate people can be an explosive environment no matter what political theatre they find themselves in. tom writes no, very different cultures. very different circumstances. if we merely stop extending bush tax cuts, we go back to the surplus that clinton had in the '90s. if we eliminate waste, we're rolling in dough. greece's best chance of a decent future is increasing tourism, something the riots don't encourage. richard in washington. during the '70s, a greek actress was a communist politician in greece. wasn't that the same time that pensions an benefits began to exceed tax revenue? the u.s. is not anywhere near the insoluble debt of greece. we are the last domino in line to fall. best to fix it now. eric writes if we continue providing a free ride to those
1:55 pm
who don't want to work, keep expanding welfare to cover those who can, but refuse to, then question. we can't continue to afford to support deadbeat people who just milk the system without providing anything in return. if they can't find a job, we should require them to provide something this return. work at some social program. pick up trash along the highway. dig out ditches, et cetera. giving this to them for free has got to stop. ken writes yes, if the u.s. does not change its ways, it will go the same ways as the roman empire. the next election will make o break the circumstances. and steve writes, it's not a preview, jack. pass me some popcorn, will you? go to my blog or our facebook page. check of the other top stories coming up then at the top of the hour, big corporations are making record profits and why are so many of
1:56 pm
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1:59 pm
some of the top stories. what can you tell us about this asteroid headed towards earth. >> in just five days, an asteroid the size of an aircraft ca carrier, it will be flying by earth and it's going to get awfully close. just how close? nasa says this asteroid will come within 201,000 miles of earth on tuesday, which is closer than the moon. here's the projected path. the line that darts through the screen right there, that is the path the asteroid is going to take. nasa says the asteroid poses no threat to earth, but if it did hit our planet, it could cause an impact the size of a 7.0 earthquake. you see the path there. and alarming new health warnings about a popular new smoking drug. a new study finds that chantix increases suicidal behavior in some patients. this is a long list of concerns about the medication.
2:00 pm
the findings have been submitted to the fda. the study's group says there needs tor stronger warnings. and another major move toward a market in cuba. the government announced that citizens and permanent residents will be able to buy and sell residential property on the island beginning november 10th. the new -- follows legislation in october legalizing the puchings and sell of cars. >> let's see. thank you. and you're in "the situation room." happening now, world leaders in talks and in turmoil as the financial rescue plan for europe threatens to fall apart. this hour, dramatic new developments in greece and the economic shock waves around the globe. we're also waiting to see if one of herman cain's accusers releases a statement about her past claim of sexual harassment. this controversy keeps exploding. cain keeps raking in campaign
2:01 pm
cash at the same time. and cain is blaming his troubles on rick perry's campaign. stand by for perry's first on camera response in an exclusive interview with our own john king. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- right now, economies around the world have a huge stake in what's happening in athens, greece and in cannes, france. the greek prime minister has backed down from holding a vote that could jeopardize a bailout for his country, but the feature of his government and the plan remain very uncertain right now. world leaders attending the g-20 summit in france are focused on instability in greece and europe's broader debt crisis. the implications for the world, enormous right now. our chief business
2:02 pm
correspondent,aly velshi, is covering this for us. will greece pull this controversial vote or not? >> wolf, all we've learned in the last 24 hours is everything's uncertain in greece. at the moment, as you said, george papandreou has backed off the idea that vote will be held because he feels he can get some opposition support. greece is a tenuous place to govern. he's only got a two-seat lead and in about two hours from now, they're going to hold a confidence vote. if he survives that vote, perhaps that referendum won't be held, but if something else happens in the next 18 hours, it's unclear. all we've learned is over the last 24 hours is how unstable the situation is in greece. remember the debt ceiling debate in the united states? it sort of writ large in greece. internal squabbles about how to cut back. how to manage that country's budget are having ripple effects
2:03 pm
across europe an really overshadowing the work the g-20 was plan ining to get done here. >> it's having an enormous impact on the markets here in the united states. one day, way down. the next day, up. up today. i could never understand what's going on. how it affects the markets on wall street, but maybe you can. explain. >> yeah. well look, greece is the 32nd biggest economy in the world. not a particularly large or influential economy and yet today, greece is the most influential country in the world because of this debacle. here's the situation, wolf. if greece defaults on its debt, it will be a reflection on the other 16 countries that use the euro that they can't enforce their oempb rules and that will send a shiver through banks around the world so say can europe be trusted to borrow money? we're already seeing an effect in italy, where it's become very expensive for that coup tri to borrow money. the net effect of that could be
2:04 pm
a further economic slowdown in europe which is near recession levels. europe is the biggest trading partner for the united states, so if europe slows down and people stop spending, that could have an effect on job creation in the united states and around the world. you just mentioned markets. today, they're up because there's a sense greece is going to pull back and things will get settled, but if that turns around, we could see markets tumble tomorrow. and finally, the most important thing we learned in 2008 is how intertwined our international lending so. if lending cracks down in europe, you'll find the same banks having lending restriks in other parts ov the world, so it could affect americans' able toy get loans. so everybody in the world should be very focused on what's going on in athens because it will affect all of us if things go south. >> president obama is there. what's his lowerole in this?
2:05 pm
>> unfortunately, it's marichalized and small. he's here. tim geithner is here as well. but ultimately, this has come down to an internal political battle in greece and greece's battles with the strong european countries, france, which is the host country of the g-20 and germany, the biggest economy in europe. those countries have got to put pressure on greece to say you've got to get in line. the europeans reached a deal on october 27th. everybody thought it was a done deal and then the surprise announcement they'll hold a referendum in greece. the role of president obama at this point at this meeting is a little bit marginalized. >> thanks very much. let's get to the fire storm here in the united states surrounded republican presidential candidate, herman cain. we should know within 24 hours whether one of his accuser wills release a statement on her past claim of sexual harass m.
2:06 pm
the national restaurant association says it will decide by tomorrow whether the statement conflicts with the woman's confidentiality agreement with the group. cain had more to say about controversy a little while ago. let's bring in brian todd. >> he did just appear on a conservative radio talk show. he told shawn hannity the charges against him are baseless, americans are tired of quote gutter politics and had choice words for joel bennett, who represents one of the women. bep et's trying to get the woman released. >> i didn't sign anything. the restaurant association signed it. secondly, he's out there trying to stir up stuff because he's trying to get famous and make some money. that's all i can say. now, as far as i have never mentioned this woman's name and when it first came up, i didn't
2:07 pm
even know her name. i haven't broken any confidentiality agreement. >> now, we just got a response from that attorney. he said quote he is representing his client in an honest, ethical way and publicity and fame are not related to that. here's another quote. if i was interested in pub b listy and fame, i would be accepting all of the television -- i have received. also, herman cain just a short time ago had some choice words for politico,nlin publication that politico had documentation. we a o f the women that supposey made the accusation. when the writer was asked on anderson cooper, was it -- were they tipped off or encouraged
2:08 pm
from another rival campaign, they refused to answer the question. >> just got an e-mail here from politico responding to that. editor in quheef john harris point by point says on the document nation, cain's charg m documentation -- we did review documents, we did request to share those documents as i would a request for anyone asking for our reporting materials. this is their response to cain's comment that they didn't talk to the women involved. the cain campaign not aware of who we talked to. we are not in a position to tell them who our sources are and asking them to respond to cain's comment when cain's campaign asked politico for rival campaign leaked the information to them, john harris' response said we did respond by declining to answer. we don't share our sources. >> very evolving story, shall we
2:09 pm
say, we'll get back to you. we have more later coming up as well. brian todd reporting for us. get to jack cafferty with the "cafferty file." >> it's starting to get ugly when it comes to those occupy protests going on around the country. in oakland, california, violent protests succeeding in shutting down the fifth busiest port in the nation last night. officials used tear gas on protesters who refused to leave. hundreds through rocks and shot fireworks at police officers who asked them to leave and dozens were arrested. the violence in oakland followed thousands of people marching in a largely peaceful protest during the day in that stay. they effectively shut down oakland, california.
2:10 pm
calling it the first general strike in the u.s. since the 1940s. seattle police used pepper spray on protesters who disrupted rush hour r traffic. hundreds of demonstrators surrounded a hotel where jamie dimon was speaking. as for new york city, where it all began, the occupy wall street protesters have been at it for almost 50 days now and it looks like our mayor, michael bloomberg, is getting tired of them. he's using a stronger tone saying the city may quote take actions on protesters who are disrupting quality of life. meanwhile, a growing number of americans are identifying with the movement. a new poll shows 36% of americans, more than a third, say they agree with the overall positions of the movement. 19% say they doept agree and 44% are unsure. here's the question. are general strikes that shut down cities the way for occupy wall street to get ilts point across? go to and
2:11 pm
post a comment on my blog. >> thank you. we have some eye popping new figures on big and profitable u.s. corporations that don't pay income taxes. we'll explain. plus, your going to find out why a police car crashed into a plane. you'll see the dramatic video for yourself and after years and years of war in iraq, is that country an ally of the u.s. or not? i'll ask the bush administration's secretary of state. she's here in "the situation room." you name it. i've tried it. but nothing's helped me beat my back pain. then i tried this. it's salonpas. this is the relief i've been looking for. salonpas has 2 powerful pain fighting ingredients that work for up to 12 hours. and my pharmacist told me it's the only otc pain patch approved for sale using the same rigorous clinical testing that's required for prescription pain medications. proven. powerful. safe.
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2:14 pm
a new report on the state of iran's nuclear program will be released this week. israel may be preparing for the worst. and joinings now from the university of miami, condoleezza rice, the former secretary of state. the former national security
2:15 pm
adviser. she's also the author of a new book entitled "no higher honor." thanks very much for coming in. >> it's nice to be with you, wolf. >> let's get to some of the current issues. you probably have been seeing these reports that israel might be preparing to launch some sort of military strike at iran because of its nuclear program. would that be wise? >> the fact that we're even talk about that shows the danger of the iranian program. my view has been that there's still time for diplomacy with iran. but really the international community has got to be a lot tougher than it's been willing to do in the past. i don't have any insight as to what may be going on in israeli calculations, but there's much more than can be done through sanctions and it's high time
2:16 pm
that it get done. >> for eight years, you were consumed with this program. what should the u.s. do because sanctions don't seem to have had much of an effect. >> well, i think the sanctions have had some effect. i think the iranian are having some trouble with their program. probably many of the kinds of equipment and the materials that they need are harder to get through embargoes, but it's possible to put a lot more pressure on the iranian economy, too. perhaps people should really start looking at an oil and gas embargo and what effect that would have, but the regime is dangerous, but not ten feet tall and a concerted effort here, building on what has been done over the last several years, we really did manage to bring together an international coalition around iran. we did manage to get the iranian to the security counsel a number of times and it is extremely
2:17 pm
important that those sanctions be toughened. now, the president of the united states should never take off the table military action, but i think everybody understands that has a lot of potential hi unintended consequences. >> the iraqi prime minister seems to be aligning himself with iran. he refused to allow the united states to maintain a military presence beyond the end of this year with the kind of immunity that would require and he's increasedly supporting al assad in syria. is this why the u.s. went to war? spent a trillion dollars or whatever, lost so many lives, to see iraq emerge as strategic partners of iran? >> i think that significantly overstates the case about what's happening. the iraqis don't really like the iranian very much. ma maliki himself actually left tehran. didn't go into exile there.
2:18 pm
went instead to syria and he ought to be pressed to get in line with the arab spring because maliki is an elected looder, not a dictator. iraq has become the fourth largest purchaser of foreign military sales from the united states. even though we were unable to work out an arrangement for residual force, there's still some talk of doing that. i don't know what happened in the immunity deal. we did work out a deal with the iraqis they were willing to accept, but we should try and revisit the residual force, but it's high lie overstating the case to say that iraq has become -- >> why could kuwait -- >> don't even -- >> why would kuwait allow to have the presence there, have the immunity that the u.s.
2:19 pm
troops require, but a country like iraq, where the u.s. invested so much, is saying no to the united states. >> well, first of all, i was not nts in negotiations and i don't know who said no to whom. i know that we were able to work out an immunity clause with a iraqis that was acceptable to them and the president and pentagon. >> beyond the end of this year? the end of 2011? >> my point, wolf, is that we were able to work out an immunity clause and i don't know whether or not that same clause might have been -- had it been looked at, but it might have applied to our forces going forward. i was not nd the negotiations, so i don't know where the breakdown was. but when you have the iraqis buying military equipment from us, you will have some training. the iraqi people are not particular friends of the iranian. let's not overstate the case
2:20 pm
they're somehow moving into the camp. >> $2 billion a week the united states is still spending in afghanistan. at least through the end of 2014. is this money well spent given where hamid karzai is right now and where the opposition to the u.s. presence is now? >> well, hamid ckarzai is not a perfect partner. that's quite obvious, but he isn't is taliban, either and he's not harboring al-qaeda in his country. this is a country that no longer has an al-qaeda safe haven. it is a country that has made some progress toward decent governnance. a continuing problem for us, it's really that frontier between the two countries that is the most dangerous threat to
2:21 pm
not just afghanistan, but i think also to pakistan. so yes, there's a lot of work yet to do in afghanistan, but i think we can in a reasonable amount of time, train afghan security forces that are capable of preventing a threat to the afghan government. help the afghans to create more decent governance and the real wild card is whether pakistan is going to go after the extremists in that northwest frontier. >> in your book, this line really jumped out at me. on one or your visits to saudi arabia. the crown prince paulled out a package. it was a full length black robe and veil saudi women wear. i had it made especially for you, he said. our women wear them, yes, as a sign of oppression, i thought. how do you balance the
2:22 pm
oppression of women in saudi arabia where they can't even drive a car let alone fully vote with the need for their oil and the u.s. saudi relationship maintaining that balance. how frustrated were you? >> well, this is a deeply conservative society and i'll say one thing for king abdullah. he is a reformer within his own context. he after all has put in place a multibillion dollar university that is a technical university where women will study even though separately. he himself has said women should be able to vote by 2015. that may not sound like much to us, but from the saudi king, that's really a revelation. this is a society that is deeply conservative and you are not going to change it overnight. i think the real issue is how out of step will saudi arabia will with the trends in the rest of the region? and that's why we have to keep pressing saudi arabia to make
2:23 pm
reforms, to make changes. it's not just about their oil. it's streenlgically located as well and the united states isn't a nongovernmental organization that can press for human rights. but i think we've learned over time that our interests are ultimately better served if our values are well severed, too. and yes, it's a balancing act with a country like saudi arabia. >> everything seems to be a balancing act in negotiations all over the world. eight years you served in washington. good luck. let me remind our viewers, thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks very much, wolf. take care. the trial of michael jackson's doctor moves into the final critical stage. you're going to hear some of what the prosecutors said in closing arguments today. that and a lot more coming up right here in "the situation room."
2:24 pm
2:25 pm
2:26 pm
2:27 pm
here in the united states, herman cain's campaign donors are rallying behind him big time even as he fights behind these allegations. it's raised is. million since sunday night. jim acosta has been following the political fallout and more on this story. keeps on going and going. drip by drip by drip. >> and unlike yesterday, we've seen herman cain keep a lower profile today. he did meet with henry kissin r
2:28 pm
kissinger, but has been staying way from the press, a sign that he is clamping down on this story, but rehad a chance to talk to a former executive at godfather's pizza who told cnn there's a good reason why cain is having such a bad week and it has nothing to do with sexual harassment. >> excuse me. excuse me! >> perhaps as baffling at the accusations facing herman cain are the shifting stories coming in from the candidate and campaign. one moment, it's a d.c. gush of culture that's out to destroy him as he said to clarence thomas's wife. >> that is the d.c. culture. guilty until proouen innocent. >> the next, he's accusing rick perry's campaign of leaking the story. >> trace to back to the perry campaign that started this up in order to discredit me, my campaign and slow us down. >> but the message comes as no surprise to one man who said he
2:29 pm
saw the gop contender's management style up close when he was running godfather's pizza. >> cain's weak side is his ability to organize, clearly. >> tim mcmahan says cain was known as a charismatic leader who left the organizational details to others. >> and he hasn't been able to surround himself with people to compensate for his issues. >> after cain left the national restaurant association, he moved on from the business world to politics. mounts two unsuccessful campaigns, one for president in 2000 and the senate in 2004. >> so, i suppose you want me to vote republican, like you, your soldier buddies. >> not at all. you've got no reason to. >> in 2006, cain was the spokesman for -- one spot that
2:30 pm
ran an african-american radio stations referred to women as hos. >> if you make a little mistake, no questions asked. >> now, that's too cold. >> at the time, cain told fox news the ad was offensive, but he defenned it. >> that ad might be wedged in between two hip hop ads that have language much more offensive to me and that's what we're up against because all we're trying to do is to give people a walk-up call and get them to think for themselves. >> donna brazile remembers speak out against the ad. >> that was clearly misleading. it was insensitive and backfired on not just herman cain, it was a waste of money. >> and we made repeated attempts to the cain campaign for response to that ad and got no response. you can look at that ad and the way herman cain handled it back
2:31 pm
then, again, going back to what this former godfather's pizza exec said, when cain has confident leaders around him, his style can shine through, but when he doesn't have those people around him, he can make critical mistakes. >> that's critical advice for us all. >> you need a good team. >> thanks very, very much. let's talk more about the cain controversy with the managing editor of "time" magazine. i know you've got some articles in the new issue that has just come up. what a baffling turn of events this week. >> i think we have to look at whether the herman cain candidacy was a real candidacy to begin with. i find the fact that experienced political reporters like yourself are hovering around the polls analyzing how he's doing
2:32 pm
based upon how he's doing in the polls rather than he has a genuine platform. whether he has a policy for medicare and medicaid. whether he knows anything about social security or nato. there are lots of folks who thought from the beginning, he never hired a staff in iowa, new hampshire, that in fact, his kapdsy was about herman cain and publicity and selling his own book. >> let me read to you the new issue of "time," what joe klein writes. i'm yenly opposed to the moral standard especially when there is more important business like cain's lack of knowledge about almost every relevant issue to be discussed. so, how do you explain the gaffes he's made on foreign policy issues? on other issues, but at the same time, he's raising a lot of money and his poll number, he's
2:33 pm
doing remarkably well. he's way atop the pack. >> of course, those polls are of a mi mnority of a minority. i have to say i agree with joe in the sense that cain doesn't really seem ready for prime time. it's a serious business running for president. i mean, as newt gingrich said, it's not as easy as it looks. at the same time, voters are looking at how candidates handle matters that are in a crisis like he's doing now and they make certain evaluations about that. obviously, he's not handing it in a smooth way and i'm sure that can't help him at all. >> can he bounce back? >> i don't know. it depends on republican primary voters. in the end, it helps the
2:34 pm
favorite, which mitt romney. i don't see cain coming back in a strong way unless he actually has policy prescriptions that people are interested and feel are valuable. >> 9-9-9, we've heard that for weeks, months. thanks very much. by the way, excellent cover of the new issue of "time" magazine. can you still move up in america? it's a powerful question. an excellent article on it. thank you. police car slams into a plane. ahead, details of what's behind this unbelievable chase caught on videotape. plus, two workers trapped on a church steeple for hours and hours. we're going to have the latest on a rescue effort. that is somen i would have liked to know? i like tacos. you invited eric? i thought eric gave you the creeps. [ phone buzzes ]
2:35 pm
oh. [ chuckles ] yeah. hey. [ male announcer ] don't be left behind. get it faster with 4g. at&t. ♪
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with the grass roots movement against corporate greed growing stronger, a new study is revealing some disturbing
2:38 pm
findings about big corporations which could further fuel this momentum. let's bring in mary snow with a closer look at how much, if anything, some of these huge companies are actually paying in federal taxes. >> this is a hard one to believe, but zero is how much many of america's biggest companies are paying in income taxes. that's accord tog a new study which looked at tax bills for 280 major companies over the last three years and that zero tax rate is all perfectly legal. as protesters rally against big corporations and big profits, there is talk of corporate tax reform. authors of a new study on company tax bills are hoping the results may inspire action. citizens for tax justice along with the institute on tax saix and economic policy, found that 30 major corporations paid zero income taxes oemp the last three years. robert mcintyre is the lead
2:39 pm
author. >> the congress is good at rolling over for them and over the years, last 25 or so years, loopholes have crept back in and companies have found ways to shift their profits offshore and invest in tax shelters that cut their taxes. >> the corporate tax rate is 35%. the study found that of the 280 companies studies, they paid about half that rate. the report also finds that some companies had so many tax break, their tax burden went negative. meaning they got money back. general electric is near the top to have list. the report finds it paid zero income tax for the last three years while their u.s. profits in that time amounted to $10 billion. ge challenged the report telling cnn, the report is inaccurate and distorted. ge paid billions of dollars in taxes in the united states over the last decade and expect our
2:40 pm
overall tax rate will be approximately 30% in 2011. ge favors tax reform, it says, to close all loopholes and lower the -- court is hoping for major reform like the kind he advocated for in the 1980s. >> if you don't keep cleaning things up, the lawyers and accountants will beat you. we haven't had a clean up in 25 years and we desperately need one. >> this tax law professor isn't holding his breath, noting changes in policy since the 1980s. >> we have a different environment today that makes taxes harder to do. >> and hthis finds about a quarter of the companies surveyed paid a rate of more than 30%. roughly the same amount of
2:41 pm
companies paid less than 10%. >> but the notion that ge didn't pay any corporate federal income tax the last three years, they did pay a lot over the past three years. was that confirmed they paid zero in federal income tax despite these profits over the past three years? >> that's wh this report is s saying is that ge is on that list of paying zero federal income tax. as you said, even though it had about $10 billion in profits over that same period. >> thank you very much for that. the senate here in washington rejected two prosoezales that would have put money towards roads and bridges. president obama gave a speech yesterday to approve about $50 billion in infrastructure projects. republicans opposed to it because it relied on the surtax.
2:42 pm
prosecutors making their closing arguments that michael jackson's doctor caused the pop star's death. and new violence in syria. is this a chevy volt? [ stu ] yeah. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here. an electric tank? really, stu? is that what you pour the electricity in? it's actually both, guys. i can plug in and go 35 miles gas free,
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2:44 pm
2:45 pm
there are new developments unfolding as we expected in the sexual harassment allegations against herman cain. let's bring in ken vogel with politico. what's the latest information,
2:46 pm
we r settlement in our story on sunday. >> the notion though that there's another inconsistency here between what he's been saying publicly monday and tuesday and what you're now getting, elaborate a little bit on the inckoconsistency we're getting. >> first of all, he insisted he never invited a female employee to his hotel room. we're hearing from multiple
2:47 pm
sources that that is thot the case. that he did invite this woman, who we have confirmed her identity, to his room during a national association meeting in the late 1990s. additionally, he said he was unaware of any allegations made by any employee other than this one particular individual who we reported on sunday. the woman who we are writing about today is a different woman who brought allegations to high ranking members of the national restaurant association. it's certainly possible that he never found out about these allegations, but considering we have now confirmed this woman who brought this allegation got a settlement and left the national restaurant association soon after she brought these allegations, it seems likely that folks including him at the national restaurant association were aware of these allegations.
2:48 pm
>> how much was her settlement? >> somewhere in the range of $30,000. she was roughly 30 years old. worked in the government affairs office of the national restaurant association. she no longer is in the washington area. we've confirmed her identity and she is now talking to us. we are with holding her name to protect her privacy, but we are certain this is the woman. >> the other woman got $35,000? >> that's correct. we reported this woman got $35,000. "the new york times" has reported there's another woman who got 35,000. i'm not sure you're referring to the same woman, but it seems there is a fact pattern building. >> ken vogel, thanks very much. thank you. for our north american viewers, john king's interview with rick perry, that's coming up at the top of the hour. jack cafferty is asking are
2:49 pm
general strikes that shut down cities a way for ok pie wall street to get its point across?
2:50 pm
2:51 pm
check back with jack for "the cafferty file." >> the question, are general
2:52 pm
strikes that shut down cities the way for occupy wall street to get its point across? bonnie in new jersey writes, in the general sense, of course not. what ends up happening in oakland was people just like them were prevented from getting to their jobs. but, jack, people out here are angry, very angry been look at your own column about congress getting richer. oakland's one of our poorer cities and violence is never the way to go. but i have some understanding for them in this incident. bill on facebook writes, no, no violence, no vandalism, ore otherwise history teaches us large, peaceful protests change american policy. gary writes, it's not to get a point across but to get some relief from the same old do-nothing government and private sector. i would be all for a nationwide total strike -- every worker walk out. maybe then these politicians and fat cats will get the message. it ain't that hard. solutions are there. rick says, is the point being stupid? all of these protests are accomplishing is a waste of
2:53 pm
public money on police and city administrations, and damage to both public and private properties. nothing else is being accomplishes. the labor unions behind the violence need to be held accountable for damage to property and the cities aought o sue to collect the money. mark writes, if these people wanted to make a point about the abuse from corporate america, they ought to be marching on capitol hill, where the people responsible for the social unrest work. corporate america's lobbying in washington is approved by congress. congress is responsible for these problems. and p. writes, the only way to get the point across and you haven't seen anything yet. you want to read more, go to or the post on "the situation room's" facebook page. >> jack, thank you. amazing video of a police car crashing into a plane in brazil been look at this. all part of a dramatic smuggling bust caught on tape. a police agent slammed the car into the alleged smuggler's
2:54 pm
plane. the agent new how to tap the plane's wing without injuring himself. the suspects already landed. they attempted to take off again but failed. five people were arrested. police confiscated notebooks and electronic surveillance equipment. two workers trapped on the steeple of a new jersey church for hours have just been rescued safely. they were repairing the steeple tower when their lift broke. they're okay. it's putting a new face on health scares. jeanne moos next. if you've just signed up for medicare or will soon,
2:55 pm
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aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme. here's a look at this hour's hot shots. paris, a firefighter protests changing recruitment methods for firefighters. new delhi, a woman and her children pick through onions in a market. indonesia, motorcyclists drive through the first health clinic for the gay and transagain ter community. an occupy d.c. protester plays with a kitten named occu-kitty. hot shots around the world. the stunning image putting a new face on one man's health scare. here's cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: forget finding a face amid the clouds or citing the virgin mary on a grilled cheese. instead, we're grilling this
2:58 pm
canadian neurologist about what he saw on an ultrasound image of a testicular tumor. >> my god, something like that creepy. >> reporter: sure ain't a happy face. the doctors from queens university who first in theed it called it the fate of tess titir pain. they describe his mouth agape as if the face seen on the ultrasound scan itself was also experiencing severe epid -- epi -- >>. pidimyro -- >> reporter: as the unhappy face went viral, one commenter gave it a name. where is timmy the testicular tumor now? now that he's become a celebrity? >> the tumor's in a bucket in the pathology lab. >> reporter: no wonder he's not smiling. >> get your hands off my
2:59 pm
testicle. >> reporter: the tess tick cal removed. but whose face? maybe the alien from "space balls"? minus the teeth. >> looks like a much met a little bit. >> reporter: could it be minute michigan me? not to him. >> looks like humpty dumpy. that's fantastic. >> the scream, the famous painting. >> charlie brown. >> i don't know, rush limbaugh. >> no! >> reporter: we can't really put a name to the face, but we can put a name to the doctor who examined the tumor. we kid you not -- >> last name is tumor. >> reporter: or as arnold schwarzenegger would say -- >> it's not a tumor. >> reporter: yes, it was. but it turned out to be benign. something to celebrate ♪ hello my baby hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal♪