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tv   24 7 Pacquiao Marquez  CNN  November 5, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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story is true that you fell for her after watching "the father of the bride" with steve martin. is that true? >> it is totally true. it's the strangest story. i'll do a synopsis. >> where were you watching the movie? >> i was 20 years old. it was 1991. and i was, the strangest thing. i'd asked a girl on a date. she wanted to go see that. we went to see it. that became my first long-term relationship which ended badly when i moved to nashville. shortly after moving to nashville, i got broke up with by her. and so i wrote most of my songs about it. and years later the sequel came out. i was in nashville a year or two and started -- i say in the book i had gone from i hope she calls to i hope she dies and back to i hope she calls. >> quite a parameter. >> you've been there. >> yes. >> but it's like anything. when the sequel came out i thought, this is poetic.
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i should go and see if she knows that on our anniversary of the ten year or whatever the anniversary was of our first date, i should go see this. i had buddies talk me into this. it's the most romantic thing. if that girl is there it's fate. i did. i went to the same theater same time for anniversary of the first date thinking maybe she'll think of this. it was the stupidest thing i've ever done. in some ways it ended up being the best thing i had ever done because i came home and wrote a song about it and it ended up being a title cut to the album called part two. and woke up one day and thought to myself, that's not who i belong with. not the girl i took to the movie. i really, it's the strangest thing. i sound like a psycho. >> you do. >> i know. >> a good psycho. i like this. >> i thought you know i belong with this really, the girl in the movie. and it was so weird because i had no idea who she was really. just i think i knew her name. so quickly i called a friend of mine in hollywood and said, i
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was thinking about the song i wrote about that. wouldn't it be great if that actress was in the video? do you have any way of getting ahold of her? and he did. >> you're not only a psycho but devious. >> and a very lucky psycho because that night she called me. i -- through her management i told them the story of going to see the movie and writing a song about it. i didn't sag of course about being a psycho. >> of course. she calls you. wants to be in the video. >> what's this i hear about this crazy thing you did? i told her all about it and we hit it off on the phone. i flew out to los angeles. i used hollywood squares as a free ticket out. i took a gig on there for taping some shows so i could be here for a couple days and then we went out on a first date and it was love at first sight for me and love at first month or two for her. that's typical. >> good luck at the cmas. >> thank you. >> i like your story. >> thank you. >> there is something very authentic about it. >> it's all made up but thanks. i'm glad you like it. >> i knew it was.
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♪ susan boyle burst onto scene two years ago on britain's got talent. no one expected much. when she opened her mouth to sing, wow. i was a judge that night and it was one of the most extraordinary things i've ever witnessed. susan's voice captivated all of us and then the whole world. her first album went to number one globally. her second also went to number one globally. she sold 14 million copies in 14 months. her third "someone to watch over me" is released this week and already is riding high up the
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charts. susan, welcome. >> hello. >> who would have thought two years ago you and i would be sitting here in hollywood from a position where you were a complete unknown coming on this talent show, hoping for the best, not knowing what would happen. and now 15 million albums later can you believe it? >> still pretty much surreal. >> you did do an interview with my predecessor larry king and the reason i know that is i also appeared on it. and we have a clip to play. >> not this one. >> this is before the end of britain's got talent. you had already done the audition but you hadn't actually fwot to the final yet. let's watch a bit of this. >> i'd like to say susan i was very touched by the very flattering remarks you made about me in the newspapers this weekend which did not go unnoticed particularly as you chose me over simon as your potential suitor and i'd like to extend an invitation to have dinner with me in london, susan.
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>> i accept. >> oh, my god. >> we've never had -- we've never had our din dart have we? >> hum. >> i still owe you that then. what do you think when you look at yourself back there? >> i think oh, my god. >> now i have a bone to pick with you. >> oh, dear. >> despite our ongoing thing here i had to turn on a rival show the other morning and i witnessed a scene i wasn't happy about. i'll play this to you. >> oh, hey now! >> she is not pushing that leg away. >> i'm going to get a real performance from susan boyle and she is going to sing a little later too. >> maybe a duet the way this thing is going. >> getting a little close there. >> what the hell are you doing with bill cosby? i thought i was the man in your
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life. >> ah ha. >> i mean, i love watching that because you seem so relaxed and the fact you are just cavorting with one of the most famous television stars of all time, again, you must feel like pinching yourself don't you? >> he is a lovely man. a nice man. like yourself. >> i don't want to get into a battle with bill cosby. >> you don't. >> i would lose. tell me about the new album. >> the new album is "someone to watch over me", a reflective album. i sing a variety of songs to suit all ages. >> i know your manager very well. he is a lovely guy and has taken great care of you. he said to me i think after the first album had been number one around the world, he said the really interesting thing about susan unlike everyone he had worked with from george michael, all the great singers, is that you had no knowledge of or
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interest in how many records you sold or how much money you made. it just didn't interest you. >> i just love the job too much. >> do you know now? do you ever look at charts and ask how you're going? >> every artist does have that wee bit of -- >> you've gotten a little bit more now competitive? >> that is the name of the game. >> you're in a head-to-head battle i think with justin bieber. >> he is a lovely boy. >> you want to take him down. >> he's a lovely boy. >> come on, susan. >> he is a lovely boy. >> you're about to say -- i'm going to smack down the bieber boy. >> he is a lovely boy. a great voice. lovely person. he's a good boy. i'd adopt him. why not. >> quite adoptable. >> he is lovable. >> if he is watching you would happily take him under your wing.
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you grew up in this little village in scotland. not many people live there. it was not as people like to say an unhappy upbringing. you were very happy for most of your life before you came on "britain's got talent." we discussed that. >> still am. >> the key person in your life was your mother who very sadly died really before she saw any of this. what would your mother have made of this do you think? >> that was a bit of a tricky one. she probably would have said, stop all the nonsense and just go on with it. >> what were the values she taught you? >> christian values, how to put yourself in other people's shoes and how to give your best even when things are really tough. >> you certainly did that and you entered britain's got talent and after the break i want to show you the clip that the whole
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♪ i dreamed a dream in time gone by ♪ ♪ i dreamed that love would never die ♪ >> what a moment. susan boyle's audition for britain's got talent. i had a lump in my throat, susan. the moment you finished and the audience in scotland rose as one, 3,000 people roaring from the roof tops, and the judges gave you these rave reviews that must have been for you, you were 47 years old at the time. you'd lived this dream all your life and in that moment you must have felt i don't know. how did you feel? >> a bit pleased. i was quite frightened. but it was quite something to be accepted. i feel accepted. and the warmth from the audience really made me feel accepted. >> you had a good upbringing and
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were very close to your mother and loved by many people but you had had a lot of bullying when you were at school and stuff. and i suspect there was a sense of vindication wasn't there that went with all the other feelings you were feeling of i've just got one back at those people that believe me. >> in the album, one of the songs, the song "you'll see" summed it all up. i've since had very nice relationships with some who had been bullies growing up. >> really. >> a happy ending. >> they've contacted you and said sorry? >> some of them have. some of them, you lose contact with some but those who have contacted me have just been okay. they've grown up. they were just silly kids. just silly kids. >> when the audition got aired on television, i remember simon cowell and i spoke. he was here. i was in london.
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both our phones were going off the hook. we hadn't predicted this at all. we thought it would be a good moment in the show but not necessarily even the best moment of that night. by the next day it had a million hits on youtube. by the end of the week 10 million. by the week after 100 million. it became the statistics are incredible. i think 300 million hits on youtube at its peak. it was the most downloaded clip in the world in 2009. and then i dreamed a dream. u.s. album numbers. 701,000 copies sold in its first week. the biggest opening week in over a decade. you beat eminem who only sold 608,000 that week. your second biggest album of 2009 in america just behind taylor swift. stuff of dreams isn't it? >> it is, yes. is someone kidding me? that's what it feels like. >> does it still feel like that? >> it does a bit. i guess i'll grow into it.
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>> what's been your biggest pinch me moment of them all? >> i think meeting donnie osmond. >> really. >> why not? >> because you've got a big soft spot there? >> i have. >> he's a lovely guy isn't he? >> yes. he is really nice. >> as nice in private as he is in public. >> very family oriented. very grounded. >> have you sung with donnie yet? >> not yet. >> you sang for the pope. >> that was actually special. that's something that was really private for me. >> because you're catholic. >> yes. >> a big moment. >> you know, that's not something you get to do in a lifetime twice. and for the -- it was overwhelming. it was an emotional moment. something i'll never forget. >> do you know how much money you make? have you any idea?
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>> maybe 500 pounds. i don't know. >> you could afford to live here in hollywood in some huge mansion but that doesn't interest you does it? >> i believe in being a normal person. i believe in being a person who is an entertainer because you're mixing with people who entertain, you are a close knit community. you come away from that glitzy bit and become a normal person. i like that transition. >> what's the ambition now? you've obviously realized the original ambition. what is the next ambition for you? >> to be continuing what i'm doing, continue to make people happy. and i hope for as long as it lasts the public can continue to be happy with what i do. >> i don't think you have to worry on that score. it's been a great pleasure for me and a privilege.
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somebody that i saw on that day? scotland, the first audition, when we had that magical moment together and to see you now, the third album, possibly by the time this airs even, maybe number one again in america. very few people in history have ever achieved that. it's a remarkable achievement. good luck. you've got a little to see off. thank you very much, susan. i believe you're going to now do a little performance for me. of the singing variety, right? >> it's from my album. >> susan boyle, thank you very much. e's no time like the preset to consider all your health insurance options.
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performing from her third
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album, "someone to watch over me," the great susan boyle. ♪ ice cream castles in the air and canons everywhere i look at clouds that way ♪ ♪ and now they rain and the snow on everyone so many things would
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have done ♪ ♪ the clouds got in my way ♪ i looked at clouds from both sides now, from upside down ♪ ♪ and still somehow it's cloudy and i really don't know clouds at all ♪ ♪ tears of fears and say i love you right up now ♪ ♪ dreams and screams and circumstances, i've looked at life that way ♪
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♪ now my old friends are acting strange and shake their heads and tell me i've changed ♪ ♪ and something's lost but something's gained, living every day ♪ ♪ i've looked at life from both sides now ♪ ♪ from win and lose and still somehow ♪ ♪ it's life's illusions i recall ♪ ♪ i really don't know life at all ♪ ♪ i've looked at life from both


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