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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 6, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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probably didn't get as much attention as he should have. >> we wish him well and his family as well. can you see the monitor? can you see air here? >> i was waiting for you to bring that. there you go. >> that's your alma mater. >> i like the lid. it was a dramatic game. not a pretty game, but your lsu tigers holding on. that's our number one team. i'll give you credit for that one. >> you can't win them all, except if you're an lsu tiger. thank you very much, jon wertheim. see you next weekend. appreciate it. the next hour of the "cnn newsroom" begins right now. hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thanks for joining us. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." greece's political leaders are expected to name a new prime minister, possibly by tomorrow. current prime minister george pap an papandreou has agreed to
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step down. pappen day yew narrowly avoided a vote of confidence. and how the greek confidence could impact your wallet. 19 occupy protesters were arrested near a park in downtown atlanta saturday night. according to police, protesters were given verbal warning to be out of the park by 11:00 p.m. or face arrests, leading some to pour into the streets, disrupting traffic. one protester was charged with aggravated assault and obstruction for assaulting a motorcycle officer. in central oklahoma, they are cleaning up from the strongest earthquake on record there. the 5.6 magnitude quake hit right before midnight eastern time. no one was seriously hurt, but some homes and businesses were damaged. and at least three sections of a u.s. highway buckled there. people from texas to iowa felt the quake which has triggered at least 30 aftershocks.
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coming up in about ten minutes, we'll give you a closer look at the damage from this record-breaking quake. entertainer andy williams has bladder cancer. the star of the 1960s program, "the andy williams show," revealed his sickness to an audience in branson, missouri. a reporter told cnn that williams was upbeat, saying that bladder cancer is no longer a death sentence. williams is 83 years old. a spokesman for connecticut light and power says the utility will not make a promised deadline to restore power to 99% of customers still affected by power out animals. connecticut governor dan malloy has asked state prosecutors to join a review into what he calls an inadequate response by the state's largest utility to last week's freak snowstorm. nearly 100,000 people are still without power as temperatures dipped into the low 20s in some part of the state overnight. a tragic fire at a home for disabled adults in marina, california. flames were roaring through the
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care facility. by the time firefighters arrived shortly after midnight. five people died. three were declared dead at the scene and a fourth died later in a hospital. a fifth body was discovered today among the charred ruins. the college sports world is reeling from sex abuse accusations against an ex-coach for the penn state lions football team. jerry sandusky arrested for alleged sexual abuse or advances on eight young men from 1994 to 2009. investigators say he met all of them through second mild, a charitable organization he founded for at-risk children back in 1977. sandusky is out on bail tonight on $100,000 bond. his lawyer says he maintains his innocence. also involved in his case -- in this case, penn state's athletic director, timothy curley, and jerry schultz. both are charged with perjury and failing to report an
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allegation into the investigation. susan candiotti has been digging into this case. and we're hearing now that coach paterno for the first time is speaking out. what is he saying? >> that's right, don. paterno made a statement to the "patriot news" in pennsylvania. he says, quote, if true, the nature and amount of charges made are very shocking to me and all penn staters. while i did what i was supposed to with the one charge brought to my attention, like anyone else involved, i can't help but be deeply saddened about these matters that are alleged to have occurred. and don, again, the first time we're hearing from coach paterno. >> how did these allegations come to light after 15 years? this has been an ongoing investigation, though, hasn't it? >> it has. you know, the investigation by the pennsylvania attorney general's office started in 2009, but in 2008, it all began when the mother of a boy complained to his high school, alleging that retired coach sandusky had sexually assaulted
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her son. the school did what it was legally supposed to do and called the d.a.'s office and the police got involved. contrast what happened in 2002 when a grad assistant, according to authorities, told penn state coach joe paterno that he saw a boy allegedly being assaulted in a locker room shower by sandusky. and the university did not report it to police. tonight, paterno also questions the specifics of what the grad student says told him about what happened in the alleged locker room assault. now, some say the whole thing smacks of a cover-up. paterno is not under criminal investigation, but one sports columnist thinks he should step down. >> joe paterno, if this is true, should step down from the university. before you're a leader of men in college athletics, and before hundreds of them graduate and do great things in society, you're
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responsibility as a person, not a football coach, is to protect the child. >> now, of course, this investigation is far from over, don. the attorney general who is holding a news conference tomorrow on monday says that it's possible that many more victims may come to light. >> all right. susan, thank you very much, now. we appreciate that. on the political news now, the resurfaced allegations of sexual misconduct against herman cain dominated the political headlines throughout the whole week. not surprisingly, the sunday talkers made it a huge focus as well. here's what you might have missed. >> so don't even bother asking me all of these others questions. >> i talked to a republican this week who said, after the events, is he disqualified, unqualified, or will the conservative base just love him more? >> that's totally up to herman cain, a person i've come to know was a decent, decent man, and a good candidate. and now it's been said over and over again, it's up to herman cain to get the information out and get it out in total.
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but that's important, because we've got some real issues to discuss in this campaign, and this is taking all the bandwidth out of the discussion. >> these problems that he had, now, i don't think -- i think the media's blown that way out of proportion. i mean, i think there are a thousand stories out on that. and i think that dilutes the real debate. >> the gentleman from new york has 30 seconds remaining. >> a year now into the new congress, what is your biggest regret then? >> i really thought the president and i could come to an agreement. and i thought that for the good of the country, he and i could have solved this problem. we could have passed a significant bill to reduce our long-term obligations. listen, we've made promises to ourselves that our kids and grandkids cannot afford. and we have to deal with it. >> what's becoming clear over time, as the president puts forward proposals that had been accepted in the past by democrats and republicans alike, is that we have a very, very
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obstructionist wing of the republican party, whose been very successful at keeping the president from accelerating this jobs recovery as quickly as he would like. [ speaking foreign language ] >> do you think the united states, the obama administration, has to ratchet up the confrontation? >> yes. eck it's time to confront the iranian regime, because it's the poster child for state sponsorship of terrorism. it's trying to get a nuclear weapon. it's repressed its own people. the regime has absolutely no legitimacy left. we should be doing everything we can to bring it down and never take military force off the table. all right, coming up, a killer landslide hits columbia, and we'll tell you what triggered the devastation. and oklahoma has been shaking for the last day and a half, but the big one hit just before midnight. see how an earthquake broke up -- broke open roads and much, much more. are energy security and economic growth.
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a left-hand side in columbia has killed at least 18 people and injured another 16. rescuers spent sunday trying to find survivors trapped in the earth. the landslide wiped out about 16 homes in the northwestern part of the country. officials say heavy rains triggered that disaster. as the waters rise, so does the death toll in thailand. look at this video. more than 500 people have died. look at these pictures, eshd say. over 500 people have died in the flooding that the country has seen, the worse in the last 50 years. the water is creeping into bangkok, forcing evacuations in 11 of the city's 50 districts. the nation is now in its third month of dealing with this river
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flooding. unbelievable there. oklahoma was hit by the strongest earthquake ever measured in that state. the 5.6 magnitude quake was the second one to strike in less than 24 hours. >> probably a good 45, 50 seconds worth of shaking. last night was kind of more of a back and forth motion. this was definitely more of a rolling motion. >> what's more, the second quake played out on the local late news. >> having an earthquake right now. our lights shaking quite a bit here. it is now calming down as another earthquake has just hit. i still hear a few lights rattling here in our studio. and we will -- yeah, we still have our -- if young see our duratran back here, if you can seep behind us, still shaking here in oklahoma city. we do not know the epicenter, as it just now happened. >> let's go to meteorologist jacqui jeras. so far, no reported injuries, but a lot of damage. a lot of damage. >> yeah, quite a bit. you know, nothing major, so that's the good news.
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and also good that nobody was injured as well. but take a look at this video. yeah, people's cabinets opened up, plates and dishes all fell out, and that's a chimney that actually went through the roof of somebody's house. that's kind of a common thing, to see chimneys go down with an earthquake of this magnitude, 5.6. in addition to this, we had some roads that buckled. highway 62 can , kind of a main thoroughfare there, there were at least three different places where the road had buckled. so it will take a little time to cleanup from that. now, there have been dozens of aftershocks since that time, quite a few of them. most of them have been pretty weak. this is the area we're talking about, where the epicenter is. that's near sparks and all these little dots are some of those aftershocks that we've seen in the past 24 hours. now, the 4.7 that happened real early on saturday morning, that's actually what we would call a foreshock. when it's smaller than the big one, that's something that precede it, that's called a
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foreshock. you don't think of oklahoma as being a hotbed of earthquake activity, but they're no stranger to it. most are so weak you don't feel it. there are a series of fault lines across oklahoma, but they're much smaller and they're very ancient, actually, and only one has actually been identified. it's called the meers fault in southwestern oklahoma. there you can see the meers fault. this wasn't related to this that quake. when you get a 5.6, you get some damage to buildings. the aftershocks not usually felt at all. now, the earthquake waves travel a little farther east of the rockies, as much as ten times farther. so they felt this thing in texas, all the way up into iowa. also into parts of -- into illinois. so amazing to think all these people felt this. this was also detected on doppler radar by the birds and the bugs. this was an image before the quake, and when the quake happens, that gets all the birds
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and bugs back in the air. you advance that one frame for you and show you. the reason you don't see it near the earthquake, is the radar shoots too far out there. just kind of interesting, kind of an interesting fact, and you'll also see these aftershocks continuing. >> i'm also struck by thailand, i was telling you -- >> the flooding. so terrible. >> i was looking at the pictures as i was reading there, and it's just unbelievable. >> it is. that's been going on for so long. >> all right. thank you, jacqui. we'll see you later here. a lot of weather news going on. the greek prime minister agrees to resign on one condition. we'll tell you what it is and how it could affect your 401(k).
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a political shake up in greece could have a significant impact on your wallet. so joining us now from new york to explain all of this, the managing editor of, lex harris. a big deal, the managing editor is joining us. okay, lex, thank. greece's prime minister has agreed to step down on the condition that the new government approve a eurozone bailout deal. how are these developments overseas going to impact wall street and the u.s. economy? >> well, the good news in all of
4:19 pm
this is that it seems, despite the sort of crazy shake up and this power struggle we've had over the past few days, it seems that this paves the way for two key things that are going to unfold over the coming days. one is that greece desperately needs money. this is, it needs to secure a short-term loan that was actually agreed to weeks ago. and it's actually part of a bailout package from over a year ago. that needs to kind of come through right away. and they somehow need to convince people that the new government will get in line and agree to this most recent european rescue package. the reason this matters is because if they don't, what it gets back to is the banks. as so often has been the case over the past three years, it's all about the banks. if greece defaults, you're talking about huge, huge losses. hundreds of billions of dollars and the fear, anyway, is that you would have this sort of -- yet another financial panic, like the one we had after lehman brothers. >> so, no confidence from the
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banks? it's going to be harder to get money? the banks aren't going to want to lend money, and so on. and that has a trickle-down effect, so to speak, on the rest of the economy and people's confidence as well? >> absolutely. and it's not just that. so all these european banks -- now, fortunately, the u.s. banks aren't that exposed directly to greece and also some of the other weaker economies we're worried about, like italy. but they're heavily exposed to the european banks. and as we've been hearing more and more over the past few days, just how undercapitalized the european banks are. and what that means is, if their assets go bad, they're holding greek bonds. if they go down in value, all of a sudden you could have banks that are insolvent. and then that would tip over into the u.s. banks as well. >> all right. so you've got greece, italy has its debt problems as well. i want to ask you this, though, lex, because asian marks have just opened. do you have any sort of forecast on what the week's going to be like on wall street? >> i can predict with absolute
4:21 pm
certainty that you're going to have ups and downs that will make your head absolutely spin. >> really? >> i've been speaking to a lot of wall street guys -- well, and it's not just because of europe. it's become par for the course. they're all used to this 400-point swings in the market. so even if -- so, you know, this might be good news tonight. and you might see japan open higher. i'm actually not sure right now. and i'm not sure exactly what the dow's going to do more. but, you know, i wouldn't get too confident. we saw after the european rescue deal was announced two weeks ago, a huge rally, and sure enough, the next day went back down again. >> what's going to be the focus at cnnmoney next week? is it this story? what are you working on? >> europe's going to be the big deal. this story will stay with us for weeks and months to come, but it won't be long until we focus right back again on the u.s. economy, which, you know, the good news about europe is, it's taken the heat off of the u.s. a little bit, but we've got that
4:22 pm
bigger super committee decision that has to happen before thanksgiving, so we're going to be probably getting other news bites over the coming days. >> lex harris,, thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> absolutely. sure thing. >> all right. a texas man is scheduled to be put to death in just three days. we'll tell you why more than 120,000 people want hank skinner's execution stopped. i'm going to speak with his lawyer. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the peace of mind of owning a 2011 iihs top safety pick. the all-new volkswagen passat. and it's your fault. instead of blaming me try advil congestion relief. often the real problem is swelling, not mucus. advil congestion relief reduces swelling
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an extremely controversial execution is scheduled to take place in texas on wednesday. hank skinner is on death row for the 1995 murder of his live-in girlfriend and her two adult sons. he says he's innocent and for the last ten years he's been seeking dna analysis of untested crime scene evidence. joining us now, live by phone from houston is skinner's attorney. his name is bob owen. mr. owen, why are the courts preventing this testing? >> good evening, don. i appreciate you having us on tonight. i can't tell you exactly why the courts -- of course, right now the courts are waiting to tell us whether they're going to order the testing. the last two times mr. skinner has tried to get this dna testing in court, he was denied on the basis of aspects of the texas dna testing law that have been changed. so in other words, the reasons the courts have given in the past for turning us down for this dna testing are no longer on the books. and the texas legislature just
4:26 pm
this year changed the dna testing law in a way that's clearly intended to provide broader opportunities to do testing in cases just like mr. skinner's. >> so, skinner got a break from the u.s. supreme court last may when justices ruled that he had the basic civil rights to press for dna testing. and i know you're fighting that battle now in federal court as well as pursuing relief in the state courts. so how do you feel about your chances here of success? >> well, i think that if you look at this case, it's just common sense that you want to do dna testing. this is a case where there are serious reasons to question whether mr. skinner had the physical capacity to commit a triple murder. as your listeners may know, he had consumed tremendous quantities of alcohol and codeine on the night of the crime. and a witness who saw him about 90 minutes before the murders took place say he was essentially comatose. he was dead to the world.
4:27 pm
they couldn't even rouse him from the sofa. on top of that, mr. skinner had a hand injury at the time that would have made it impossible for him to inflict the injuries that twyla becauuzzby suffered. so there were already a lot of questions about whether or not he could have committed a crime. and add to that there was an alternative suspect that had been stalking her and making sort of sexually suggestive remarks to her on the night of the murders, that upset her so greatly that she had to leave the party where they were both in attendance -- >> so mr. owen, mr. owen -- >> -- the day after the murder, he is seen by a neighbor frantically cleaning out his pickup truck, tearing out the seats, tearing out the carpets, scrubbing it down to the floorboards. a lot of suspicious behavior there. and all i'm saying is, with questions like this, why wouldn't you want to do the dna testing to be sure? that's why the texas legislature created this post-conviction dna
4:28 pm
testing law, and that's why we feel some confidence that the courts are going to order this testing before allowing mr. skinner to be executed. >> mr. owen, if you can keep your answers brief, because when you're talking, you can't hear my trying to jump in here. you think you have a pretty good chance of getting the testing done this time? >> we're hopeful, very hopeful. >> is rick perry expected to intervene and is this skinner's last hope here if rick perry doesn't intervene? >> i think that the governor has had a practice in the past of not intervening until the courts have all had an opportunity to look at the case. in other words, he won't act as long as there is a chance that a court might step in and stop an execution. and that's really just prudent, because he has pretty limited powers in this regard. he doesn't want to use him in circumstances where another, sort of, institution might stop the execution. so, you know, he will be asked to help, though, if the courts don't stop the execution.
4:29 pm
certainly, if the courts don't stop it, we'll be going to the governor and asking him to intervene. >> you've spoken to the family recently. how are they doing? >> i think they feel a lot of anguish, obviously. the uncertainty about mr. skinner's fate and the frustration at not being able to have this evidence be dna tested is taking its toll. >> okay. the victims' family, they believe that skinner is guilty. do they want this dna testing done? >> you know, i don't want to speak for the victims' family, but i can say that a couple of members of the victims' family have been reported in the press as saying that they would be just as happy to have this testing done, so there wouldn't be any doubts about mr. skinner's guilt. they certainly believe that he is guilty, but they have not expressed a desire not to do the testing. >> hank skinner is on death row for the 1995 murder of his live-in girlfriend and her two adult sons. his attorney, rob owen, joins us
4:30 pm
by phone now. thank you, sir. >> thank you, don. i appreciate it. delta has partnered with a miami-based company to provide charter flights to cuba. we'll tell you why, next. but first, middle class students are apparently not making the grade. a report from the think tank third way finds middle class students are consistently underperformers and underachievers. only one in four are likely to graduate from college. in this week's perry's principles, steve perry offers some prospective. >> one of the most interesting things about this report is it dispels the myth that if you move to the suburbs, you're actually going to get a better education. what we're finding is across the board american schools are falling short of the expectation of american parents. as a result, we're seeing that our children are being beaten by international comparison to other school in other countries. so we need to do a better job of uplifting all of our schools and providing children with a choice. actual access to opportunities outside of the traditional school in which the children can find the school that fits their
4:31 pm
needs best. one of the reasons that the middle class students are not going to college is the fact that, truthfully, a third of them, when they get there, are taking remedial courts. that's at four-year colleges. the percentage of students that are taking remediate courses at college classes could be anywhere from 60 to 70%. just because you graduate from high school doesn't mean you're college ready. in fact, in america, it may mean that you're not. [ female announcer ] today, your busy schedule demands doing more in less time. which is why we've developed innovative learning tools like our mobile application and phoenixconnect, a worldwide academic social network. it's part of our commitment to you and why last year we invested over 1 billion dollars in our students to help them successfully balance work, life and education. ♪ discover all that sets us apart at
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another chartered flight headed to cuba from the u.s. is expected to take off today. delta has partnered with miami-based travel agency marazul to provide the flights. after the obama administration, they relaxed flights to cuba in 2009. however, the flights are only available to those who have been authorized by the u.s. government to travel to cuba. the first flights in the partnership took off last month. the national resources defense counsel held a protest outside the white house earlier today, urging president obama to reject the keystone xl pipeline project. the 1,700-mile pipeline would carry crude oil from canada down to refineries in texas.
4:35 pm
pipelines operator said it would include safeguards to protect people and property. all right. on now to politics. politics, what else? herman cain is losing his patience with reporters, to say the least. the republican presidential candidate is refusing to answer more questions about allegations of sexual harassment against him. reporters peppered him after his debate with newt gingrich saturday night in texas. >> mr. cain, the attorney for one of the woman who filed sexual harassment complaint -- >> don't even go there. >> can i ask my question? >> no. >> no gossip -- >> can i ask a good question? >> where's my chief of staff? >> i'm right here. >> please send him the journalistic code of ethics. >> and yet his dodging is apparently not deterring potential voters. a poll taken after the accusations came out shows he is neck and neck with mitt romney. and to make sense of all of this
4:36 pm
is political analyst and independent voter, goldie taylor. she joins me now. here is your -- just so you can check. >> i get to see this again? >> that's the code of ethics that we have there. a conservative often, a term you have heard this, lame stream media. this looks like this is playing into it that, don't you think? >> it is playing into it. as early as the '90s, you had republican candidates pushing back what they called the mainstream media, that they weren't being treated fairly. you saw some other networks rise because of that. but now they're taking it a bit further than usual. and they're really playing to this base that doesn't trust mainstream journalism, to tell what they think is their side of the story. but, you know, for herman cain to toss the journalistic code of ethics towards a reporter is -- i think he needs media training, first of all. that's number one. but -- >> say that again. and that's the interesting thing, because i got a lot of tweets and people saying, i can't believe you're acting that
4:37 pm
way when it comes to herman cain. the way he conducted himself, this guy wants to be the leader of the free world and you say you're not going to answer questions? it didn't work for ross perot, for anyone. >> running for president and being president is like one big pop quiz after another, and you owe it to the american people to be ready for it, to study foreign policy, to study domestic policy, to understand your own background and answer questions about it. if you're not ready for that kind of pop quiz, maybe you should be back making pizzas, but not this job. this is about being ready for the hard questions, no matter what they are. i think this could have been begun and ended on the first day of the story, if he had just come clean and answered correctly. but his consistent stumbles, the malfeasance that his campaign staff has shown, that's what's gotten him into this quandary, and the only person who can get him out is him. >> i say imagine this. imagine if people hadn't kept questioning bill clinton, or imagine if reporters hadn't kept questioning anthony weiner. not saying that herman cain is
4:38 pm
guilty, but sometimes to get to the bottom of it, you have to keep questioning people until the answers are sufficient. >> if his story had remained the same, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute, we wouldn't still be asking questions tonight. >> all right. thank you, goldie. that's -- okay, let's talk about the whole reason he was there, one reason, he was at this conservative -- this was a conservative conference, the pac group he did, the press conference, after this debate with newt gingrich. what happened in that debate? >> first of all, i won't call it a debate. i won't even call it a forum. >> a lincoln/douglas style forum. >> it was a double book tour. this was a time for these guys to get together, not even disagree with each other, but prop each other up. these guys are friends, they've known each other for years, and they're really just helping each out in terms of whipping up their promotions. >> we did a live shot with our political reporter last night and during his live shot, newt gingrich and his wife were signing books right next to his
4:39 pm
live shot. >> absolutely. this is a book tour that's gotten out of hand. >> you're an astute observer there, goldie taylor. another poll. i'm going to read the poll here. it says, mitt romney just unlging out president obama for the white house. basically, it is a tie. romney is at 44, the president's at 43. what do you think? >> that i think republicans, you know, sort of really understand that there are really only one or two candidates on the gop field who can match president obama this coming fall, and that will make a real race of it. if you think about a herman cain, he loses independents, he loses moderate republicans, and thus he loses the entire race. this really is a two-man race. it's down to, you know, president obama and at least one republican, maybe it is mitt romney. maybe it is perry, who, you know, is trying to find his way back home, but it certainly isn't herman cain? >> you don't think so? you know, this is unlike anything that i have seen. i mean, i've only been around for 40-some years and seen just a limited number of presidential campaigns, but this is unlike any campaign that i have seen.
4:40 pm
and it could be herman cain. you don't think so? >> i think that while the popularity numbers are there, when you say he's at, you know, 25%, that means 75% of republicans won't vote for him. and even when you dig into that 25% number, you find people that say, yes, i'll support him, but am i inclined to vote for him? no. and so that number is very soft. and i think you'll see that turn up when we go to iowa, south carolina. when you go to new hampshire. especially when you get to florida. i think that's when the campaign is really going to be put to the test. and err wiwe're going to see if unconventional campaign is really working. >> and a lot of this is pageantry. really when it comes down to delegates and super delegates, and how they are going to vote, not just the popular vote, as we say, when it comes to the big presidential campaign, it's the electoral vote. >> absolutely. the primary campaign is the most expensive vetting you're ever going to see. that's really all it is, is an expensive vetting. and so far, herman cain is keeping his supporters. his supporters are sending him more money, but he's not growing new support. that's the telltale.
4:41 pm
>> i always feel smarter after i speak to you and i love that. thank you, goldie taylor. we appreciate it. a major blush. >> you did, thank you. >> how many of you remember this moment? >> because of the hiv virus that i have obtained, i have will to retire from the lakers. >> can you believe that? yeah, that was 20 years ago. i just had been in news for like one year when it happened and it was a bombshell. we'll take a look at magic johnson's life since that announcement, after the break. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
4:42 pm
two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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football player terrell owens is a wanted man. a judge in contra costa county, california, issued an arrest warrant for former dallas cowboy for failing to show at a child support hearing. a spokesman more owen says he tried to reschedule the hearing so he could attend a televised workout that would hopefully lead to a contract with a new team. well, owens has four children. he is trying to rework his child support to reflect his current lack of income. the nba has given the players association until wednesday to accept a new collective bargaining agreement. both sides met for about eight
4:45 pm
hours saturday. their first meeting in eight days after talks broke off last month. the latest proposal would give players between 49 and 51% of revenue, but commissioner david stern says by wednesday, that percentage will drop to 47%. the president of the players association says the proposal is, quote, unacceptable. it is the 20th anniversary of a watershed moment in professional sports. november 1991, irvine magic johnson announced he was infected with the virus that causes aids. >> reporter: irvine magic johnson entered the nba as a 20-year-old rock rookie and to league by storm. he won five nba championships, three league most valuable player awards, and was an all-tar in 11 of those 12 seasons. then in a flash, it ended. >> because of the hiv virus that
4:46 pm
i have obtained, i will have to retire from the lakers today. >> reporter: the news rocked the sports world, but johnson was determined to face this new challenge head-on. >> your back is against the wall. and i think that you just have to come out swinging. and i'm swinging. i will now become a spokesman for the hiv virus. i guess now i get to enjoy some of the other sides of living. >> reporter: johnson returned to the court three months later to play in the 1992 nba all-star game, where he was named most valuable player. he was also a member of the famed dream team that won the olympic gold medal later that summer in barcelona, but johnson's team to return to the nba in september of '92 was short lived. several players, most notably his olympic teammate, carl m malone, voiced concern about playing against an hiv-infected
4:47 pm
player. johnson played in 32 games in '96, retiring for the final time at the end of the season. today he's a business executive, an nba television analyst, the head of a foundation whose efforts revolve around hiv/aids education, and perhaps more importantly, he's a husband, a father, and a grandfather. it's been 20 years since that stunning news, and magic is still going strong. mark mckay, cnn, atlanta. >> 20 years. time flies. a new jobs report this week still looking very dismal out there. unemployment is at 9%. but the answer to your cash flow problem may be right there on your smartphone. we'll explain how, coming up.
4:48 pm
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the latest job report shows that unemployment is still at 9% here in the u.s. and if you're out of work, you're probably looking for anything that can give you a leg up. it turns out there are some apps that you can download right now that can help you find extra cash. it's a great story. our tech reporter katie
4:51 pm
linendoll is there to tell us about all of them. katie, how do these apps work? >> you might want to work up. the first one i'm telling about, some users are earning up to $5,000 a month for use ing. task rabbit. a free app and website available currently in six cities. it allows anyone to post a random small job to the site. people come in that have extra spare time or are looking to earn some extra money, can actually go on there and bid. these bidders are then called rabbits. there are over 2,000 rabbits nationwide. and what's really interesting, due to the success of the website, there's now a waiting list thousands long to be a rabbit. but fear not. it only takes about five to seven days to get through the approval process which is actually a good thing. because there is a criminal background check. the jobs on the site are pretty vast. they range anywhere from taking cup cakes to somebody's office, doing somebody's laundry, cleaning somebody's apartment. the most popular job on there is
4:52 pm
assembling ikea furniture. people are making up to $5,000 a month. check out task rabbit. >> task rabbit. i'm serious. i think it's a really cool app. one never knows, do one? there are apps that are made specifically for your smartphone. >> yes. that is correct. let's talk about a few of those. first off, gig walk. gig walk is an app for iphone users. what it does is it uses the gps in your smartphone to locate small one off jobs that are around you in your area. most of these jobs take about 20 minutes to complete. you can actually earn upwards of $4 to $10 per job. an example of a job is to capture data like street signs, photos of a business or product placement in a store or signage. pretty easy to do. this year more than 140,000 gigs were placed. also new reputable clients of gigwalk, microsoft, menu pages, tom tom, gigwalk is currently in
4:53 pm
eight cities. if you have the extra time, you want to make some money, $4 to $10 -- here's the bonus. once you complete so many jobs you earn this thing called street cred. it allows you to unlock higher paying jobs sometimes upwards of $90. nice little option. i want to get through one more. check points. it works a little differently. for android or iphone users. when you check into a store, it actually earns you points. then you could also scan products in the store to earn you even more points. you take these points and you convert them to rewards cards or frequent flier miles so you can earn an itunes giftcard, amazon giftcard, giftcards for restaurants. >> is there a downside? >> there is a downside. the first few times you have to get through it. i was testing these all weekend. you have to be a little tech savvy in order to operate it. you also have to have the time to do this. i was using checkpoints where you scan the bar code of
4:54 pm
products. i was in a walgreens running around like crazy for 20 minutes trying to scan deodorant. people were looking at me. you've got to have the time to do it. >> time is money. we know that. task rabbit, gigwalk and then checkpoint. right? >> exactly. >> katie linendoll. good stuff. good to see you. >> you, too. next, the man who made his mark in journalism but considered himself just a regular guy. w malibu. [ woman ] '57 bel air -- still have it. [ both ] our camaro. [ man ] chevy silverado -- third one. [ male announcer ] people love their chevys. that's because for 100 years, chevy has offered the best value in america. come in now and help us celebrate our centennial open house, november 1st through the 7th. and fall in love with your next chevy. ♪
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4:57 pm
tonight's making your mark. long-time "60 minutes" commentator andy rooney passed away friday after complications from undergoing minor surgery. rooney began his career as a war correspondent for stars in skriskri stripes during world war ii. to california now, call it lights, camera, action.
4:58 pm
a man accused of robbing a hotel clerk at gunpoint was captured by two marshtial arts experts. the story from ktla. >> reporter: brent alvarez and billy denny are in town to compete in a martial arts competition. but they got some unexpected training. >> i heard, he's got a gun and he just robbed us. >> reporter: police say 31-year-old luis rozalas is the gunman. after he put the gun into the duffel bag, the clerk ran up from behind, held down his arms and yelled for help. >> i went over around him. grabbed him. and then locked him up from behind his hands, positioned him down. >> reporter: alvarez and denny are both trained fighters who competed in mma. they wrestled with the gunman for several minutes, talking the guy down. >> i'm telling the guy, hey,
4:59 pm
this isn't the decision you want to make. let's make the right decision from here. >> show me your hands, show me your hands. i had his hands up. i had to hold the bag also. the clerk reached in, pulled the gun out. >> reporter: the gunman kept trying to escape, pleading with the men. >> he needed his money for his daughter. >> reporter: they used jujitsu moves. >> took his arm out. wrapped him up. >> reporter: seen here on security video, they held their positions until police arrived. >> danger never really crossed my mind. we should have just knocked him out. >> reporter: but they held back as in true hero form. they restrained him, life isn't over. he'll have another chance to make it right. all right. a video posted on youtube has tempers flaring across the country. the video shows a dad beating his teen daughter with a belt. and what may be even more shocking, this dad is a family court judge. coming up tonight at 10:00 eastern, we'll show you this video that's caused such an


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