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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 12, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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family? >> well, you know, i never understood the camaraderie. i think to the full extent my husband had with his fellow service members and i didn't understand that men he had only met six months before, he would be willing to give his life for. he did eight months into his deployment and it was not until i met another widow i understood why michael did what he did. because i think each one of us would give our lives for each other. >> oh, my goodness. i'm sorry we lost that signal out of austin, texas. taryn davis. fantastic figure there. if you want to get more information about her organization, you can go to a reminder, the top ten cnn heroes for 2011, you can vote for the one that most inspires you at all ten will be honored live at cnn heroes. all-star trick ute december 11
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hosted by anderson cooper. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. [ gnome ] awwwwwwww. i just feel bloody awful. she told tiffany, stephanie, jenny and becky that she was coming to a place like this!
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but somebody didn't book with travelocity, with 24/7 customer support to help move them to the pool daddy promised! look at me, i'm swimming! ♪ [ gnome ] somebody, get her a pony! [ female announcer ] the travelocity guarantee. if your booking's not right, we'll help make it right, right away. from the price to the room to the trip you'll never roam alone. add insult to injury. penn state lions lost their home game of the season. their first game without legendary football coach joe paterno. paterno was fired earlier in the week after not reporting enough that he knew about the child sex abuse scandal. former assistant coach has been arrested along with paterno the school's president was fired for not revealing enough. we will have live reports from
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beaver stadium in a moment. major league baseball player, wilson ramos, is safe and sound after being held by kidnappers for two days in the mountains of venezuela. he expressed his thanks after those who rescued him after a fierce gunfight. >> i am very happy for the rescue operation they carried out. very thankful to the government and the national army. i didn't expect them. where they were holding me captive was a very remote place. a jungle and i was praying to god to bring me home safely to my family. look at these guys, they risked their lives to save mine and i am very thankful. >> washington nationals catcher was in his native venezuela playing in a winter league. the country's justice minister issued an arrest warrant for colombian man believed to be behind that kidnapping. on his way to tonight's presidential debate herman cain made a stop if his hometown of atlanta today. he avoided any references to the sexual harassment allegation against him.
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he tried to get back on campaign message. >> there is a political class at washington, d.c. then you have we the people out here. and they believe that they know better what we need than we do but the american people are saying we are tired of them being the political class and they treat the american people like the underclass. not when herman cain is president. >> candidate also took a jab at president barack obama. cain says the president has an arrogant disregard for the american people and that is what inspired him to run. tonight's debate will be in spartanburg, south carolina. the focus is expected to be on foreign policy and national security. experts say this could give jon huntsman a chance to show off his hands-on foreign policy experience. president obama is in hawaii right now. he's hosting an economic summit with leaders from across the asia pacific region. part of the agenda is looking at ways the united states can tap
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into asia's economic potential. the summit begins a nine-day trip for the president that also includes stops in indonesia and australia. let's go to pennsylvania now and begin with our mike galanos there. game over. 17-14. nebraska. mike, what was it like inside of that stadium? we know they started with a prayer for all the alleged struck times. but then take it from there. >> reporter: yeah. it-to-the game it was just more emotion as penn state was down 17-0. came back and 17-14. they did studded didn't have enough to come back tall way and win this. emotion, it is bigger than football. but the feel inside this was a big game and everybody, could you feel it from the crowd. we have to win this. we have to come together. for the victims and the university but they couldn't come all the way back. again, penn state loses 17-14. again, some of the things you talked about, it was a different feel. normally you see a team come
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charging through the tunnel and break through some sign or something like that. penn state came out arm in arm. walking together. showing that togetherness. speaking of togetherness, both teams came together and nebraska and penn state, for a pregame prayer and the heart of the pregame prayer was the victims. speaking of that a moment of silence for child abuse victims and one thing that's just incredible, $20,000 raised here at the stadium as fans just out of the generosity of their heart and they as well putting victim first give of their heart and give $20,000. that is a good thing. you know, i mentioned, fred, emotion right off the top. joe paterno doesn't take the sideline for the first time since 1966. head coach. his son, jay, did take the sideline. and he became emotional. after the game, during an interview, said dad, i wish you were here. and the tears began to flow. i can guarantee you there are probably tears in that locker room as tumultuous week comes to an end. >> you have to think this cloud of suspicion, this scandal,
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certainly impacted the team today. the players. the distraction. how can they not be distract order that field? >> coach talked about that. tom bradley talked about how proud he was of his team and that they fought and hung in there and kept fighting through all of the distractions. football is an emotional game. you have to think that these are 18 to 22 23shgs-year-olds. emotionally they have to be spent. especially now with this all said and done. you wonder did it affect their play? i'm sure we will be hearing about that through the evening. >> thanks so much and appreciate that. our own mary snow. let's check in with her. earlier in the week we saw a different kind of expression. really, a kind of -- you know, range the gamut, expression of the students and student body, et cetera. how are things on campus today? >> reporter: you know, fredricka, fans going into that game said they just didn't know what to expect at the game.
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they are coming out saying it was much more emotional than they anticipated. we have two fans here, matt o'brien, penn state alum and his fianeiance fiancee, jennifer. >>. you got teared up. >> i did. when they gathered before the game and kneeled down and praying or whatever they were doing, i got emotional. tear ran down my eyes. i wasn't expecting that. >> reporter: you have been a penn state student and graduated a couple of years ago. tell me about the mood. you have been to many games and lived here on campus. what was the mood? what are you find sng. >> the mood of the whole university, the whole campus was pretty somber today. it really started with senior day today. and the -- traditionally the -- team runs out on the field and they walked almost in unison, almost like marching out, in various somberly almost -- it was very somber. it was -- very -- very not
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festive and -- >> very different feel to a normal game. you didn't know what to expect. >> all right. matt and jennifer, thank you very much. fredricka, we will send it back to you. >> thanks so much, mary snow. appreciate that. .state's campus p. remains of america's fallen airmen dumped in a a landfill. now that the defense secretary is ordering an independent investigation also. the lives of world war ii's brave tuskegee airmen brought to live on the big screen. their historic mission is a subject of a george lucas movie. we will talk to two tuskegee airmen right after this. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fruit and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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v8can i help you? yeah, can i get a full-sized car? for full-sized cars, please listen to the following menu. for convertibles, press star one. i didn't catch that. to speak to a representative, please say representative now. representative. goodbye! you don't like automated customer service, and neither do we. that's why, unlike other cards, no matter when you call chase sapphire preferred, you immediately get a person not a prompt. chase sapphire preferred. a card of a different color. (phone ringing) chase sapphire preferred, this is julie in springfield. breaking news out of italy now. the country's long time prime minister silviob berlusconi officially resigned. matthew chance is in rome right now. he is on the phone.
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we are going to hope we can get a clearer listen to him. matthew, tell us what's taking place. >> reporter: there are thousands of people in the italian capital. pouring on to the streets of rome celebrating the departure of berlusconi from the office of prime minister. he has given his resignation within the last hour or so to the italian president. it is an enormous relief for many italians who had seen berlusconi as corrupted, chanting abuses, arrived at president's office earlier tonigh tonight. shouting he should go to prison. calling him a joker. he got aggressive and police were struggling to hold back the hundreds if not thousands, of people that gathered outside the presidential palace in rome to
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witness him going in to hand his resignation. it got so bad no one actually saw him come out. he must have been sneaked out of a side entrance. it was just too hostile for him to walk out of that presidential office no longer the prime minister of the country. but once the news came through, as i say, wild celebrations continuing now into the night in the italian capital, fredricka. >> all right. matthew chance, thanks so much from rome. appreciate that. italian prime minister berlusconi now officially no longer has since now resigned. the tuskegee airmen now were the first to african military aviators in america's armed forces. close to 1,000 graduated from the elite pilot training during world war ii and at a time when the u.s. military was segregated. well, now, they are the subject of an upcoming film by george lucas called "red tails."
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on the market now. a fantastic book. helping you get a better understanding of the tuskegee airmen. we are lucky enough to have two tuskegee airmen here and the authors. a tribute to the first air force top the guns. good to see all of you. fantastic. so this is really an extraordinary year where we are able to see -- and hear for the first time many of these very personal stories about your experiences, more than 60 years ago, as a tuskegee airman. we are l see it in january. this week we had a chance to see much of that in double victory. mr. hall, you first, you brought along a picture of you from 60 years ago. and as a tuskegee airman, active duty serviceman. what are you hoping is in this
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documentary and is in this film that perhaps people have never known or understood about your experience? >> many people haven't heard about it for one thing. because nothing with b the tuskegee airmen is in any of the books in schools. you know. so the history books, kind of rare. as a matter of fact, when i was in grade school, i didn't see any colored people in the history books. i went home and asked my mother and father. i said, where are the black people? >> then you made history. >> yes. >> you are among those who made history. mr. archer, what are you hoping? i'm going to grab that photo for you. i'm going to hold it up if we can get another shot of it from one of the other cameras. what are you hope sing in the -- people will learn from these films, yes, entertainment, "red tails" in particular, it is a fictional story but it is based on fact. based on real experiences.
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many of you were asked about your experiences so george lucas wanted to put them in that film. what are you hoping people will walk away knowing? >> i think an understanding that there are new possibilities for young people that -- if they can understand that it is possible they will achieve more. they will have -- be able to set goals and organize their -- their education and training and experiences. so that they can accommodate the opportunities. >> for a long time, people have felt that they -- there was a dearth of information about the tuskegee airmen, sacrifices, about the commitments. for a long time, you have been -- incredibly dedicated to piecing together a lot of these details and you have compiled it in your book. george lucas and others a part of the lucas film knew about that dedication. and they really turned to you to
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find out more about the history of the tuskegee airmen and compiled that in this film. what are you most proud of with this documentary and this upcoming film? >> i'm proud that i did get to work on "double victory." i made a contribution. the thing is that as "red tails" comes out, it is a fictional account. the true men where the men are telling their own stories along with pictures you don't normally see will be displayed. so with "double victory," before seeing the movie they will get a true account. that's what is very important. >> i said it was -- an incredible year of compiling a lot of the stories and bringing it to the silver screen and the big screen. but really in the past couple of years, there's been 'greater amount of attention paid to the honoring of the tuskegee airmen, congressional gold medal you received a few years ago. you were invited do the presidential inauguration for the first time. what has it been like in the
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past few years knowing that there has been this sort of attention being paid to the history and there has been a relearning of something that happened that you experienced 60 years ago? >> yes. this -- it is -- learning curve for us as well. and -- it is interesting to me to watch people today who are not familiar with our experience. to watch how they interpret and receive the information about our legacy and essentially -- inning to watch us watching them. i find some humor in that. >> do you? >> although it is -- it is very serious stuff. and -- depending on how well we received this new information and will say a lot about how the
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next generation, generations, will interpret it and incorporate that into their experience. >> mr. hall, did you talk about it openly, share it all of your experiences or good -- bit of your experience was your family members? or are you similar to a number of tuskegee airmen that suppressed it and didn't share it because it was a very difficult time? >> i shared it with my family. we communicated, my father and i, and may mother passed away before i joined. but i think it is good for the children today to know something about the history of the black people. you know. and it encourages them to maybe seek higher levels of everything. >> you all have been ain't credible inspiration. thank you for sharing your stories and share your legacy. and i appreciate your time today, too. and we really thank you for your service. and your dedication, all of
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these years. this is a t cover of your book. beautiful book. beautiful pictures. and great detail. "heroes in war heroes at home." good to see all of you. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. all right. i'm going shift gears. quite a bit. you know what it is like. you walk in a a room. you get this great fundraising france and filled the room. but then apparently according to the medical community or at least some of the medical community, it could be dangerous to your health. we are talking about air fresheners and deoderizers, next. first, tomorrow dr. sanjay gupta has a new show premiering right here on cnn on the next list dr. gupta will be row filing exceptional characters and he will be talking to someone who represent it is virtual magician of marco tempest. >> for tempest adding pop culture to his tricks in the mid 'pats emulating what he loved most of all-special effects like
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those he was seeing in the move zblees people would go to the movies to see special effects. so if i could bring the special effects of the movies to the stage, then in mind, sure enough, i would have a recipe to dna to do magic which is contemporary and which would attract larger audiences. >> tune in sunday to watch "the next list" or set your dvr at 2:00 beginning tomorrow with dr. sanjay gupta. [ male announcer ] one-hundred-nineteen data points. this is what we can gather from an ordinary crash test dummy. two million data points. this is what we can gather from a lexus crash test genius. [ engine revving ]
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there's nothing like coming home to great smelling house but then some home deoderizers and aerosol sprays apparently can come with health risks especially for those with asthma orale oraleries. that's the subject of our weekly look at how to get and stay healthy. dr. bill lloyd, health living expert joining us now from san francisco. also, dr. bill, this is a drag to hear this because a lot of folks really love walking into a home. it smells like flowers and not because there are real flowers there but got a great deodorizer working. what are the indicators there may be trouble? >> well, the nation's leading allergy group has called attention to an unrecognized problem that involves those plug-in room deoderizers aroma candles and popular aerosol odor
1:24 pm
eliminators. they are full of chemicals that can cause problems that involve your lungs and your heart and so people need to be aware that these products exist and they contain these chemicals and you will never find the information on the labels. >> we are talking about a host of things here. we are talking about aerosol deowd deoderiz deoderizers, scented candles. what are the symptoms to know? >> anyone that's familiar with allergies knows you will get water, itchy eyes, nasal congestion but if you are asthmatic you will feel tightness in your chest and wheezing as well. these are symptoms that tell you you have to get out of that room and you may just have one of the devices in your house chemicals can get to every room in the house and even applies to the unscented brands, fredricka. >> okay. you said there are some federal guidelines that may be on the horizon to what degree? >> you know, we are talking about indoor air pollution.
1:25 pm
and so these chemicals are called vocs, volatile organic compounds. there is no safe level for an individual. if you inhale a small sxamt you are susceptible you can get in trouble with acute allergies, asthmatic problems. involving the ingredient isobutane, there is a story of a woman who collapsed from a heart attack after inhaling this because it was full of the isobutane. >> what are the symptoms you look for so that you can, you know, find out whether this is just a temporary reaction or something much more serious? >> well, i would say that you would know immediately if you went into the room. if you are having a problem. you would sense it right away. and your children as well. you mentioned that one out of five statistic. for asthmatics it is one out of three. so if you go into a room and all of a sudden you can't breathe, you feel trouble, you have to get out and tell your host to please disconnect that device. and open a window if want your
1:26 pm
room to be fresh open the window and let in fresh air. >> all right. dr. bill lloyd, thanks so much. be careful with that aerosol. clearly you don't have an allergy. all right. or asthma. good to see you. all right. american troops killed in battle but their remains thrown in a landfill. very serious matter that is under the microscope right now. the pentagon admits that ashes of dead troops were treated like medical waste. generals want answers and the investigation is coming up.
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cnn reporters, anchors, producers cover stories around the world.
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we get great tips on best hotels, restaurants and travel spots. patrick takes us to a mexican restaurant in seattle that rents kayaks. >> reporter: i'm patrick oppman. one of the great things about living in this city you don't have to go far to find amazing views of the watt are. puget sound or many rivers or lakes nearby, it seems like have you incredible water views just about everywhere you look. i'm in a restaurant that's a mexican place upstairs they serve food. downstairs they actually rent out kayaks. the idea is you come in for a bite and then go out and paddle. a unique way to get a different view of the city. >> as you paddle along, you see the history of seattle. you know, you go underneath the old bridges and you understand pretty soon it starts to dawn on you to get are from that side of seattle to this side you had to paddle. now people are a little bit more remote. they see the water from afar.
1:29 pm
think everything is, you know, great on the water and that it looks good to have it there. they are not really experiencing being on the water. >> reporter: for $15 an hour you can rent a kayak. the restaurant also organizes tours where you can go through lots and boats pass through. and nights that there's a full moon they have light paddles. i'm on seattle's lake union where you have amazing views of a space yield. a short paddle away from here you can see some of the houseboats made famous by the movie "sleepless in seattle." really, you get views of seattle from the water you just can't get any other way. so whether you live here or you are advice iing seattle, don't miss out on the experience of going out on a kayak. >> very soothing and great. top stories including security being very tight at penn state during today's game. school's first game you would legendary football coach joe
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paterno. just ended. with a loss. loss for penn state. win for nebraska. paterno was fired earlier in the week after a former assistant coach was arrested and charged with child sex abuse. a report on that straight ahead. why do we have aflac... aflac... and major medical? major medical, boyyyy! [ beatboxing ] ♪ i help pay the doctor ♪ ain't that enough for you? ♪ there are things major medical doesn't do.
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league baseball's wilson ramos is free and unarmed after a two-day kidnapping ordeal. the nationals catcher was kidnapped at gunpoint in venezuela. he was rescued after a fierce fire fight between police and the alleged kidnappers. a tough week, tough day, for penn state. last hour the nittany lions lost their last home game of the season. it was also their first game without legendary football coach joe paterno. paterno was fired earlier this week after a child sex abuse scandal erupted and accused of not doing enough. former assistant coach has been arrested along with paterno, and the school president was fired as well. sarah hoye is outside joe paterno's house during game time. a lot of other people out there, too. any signs of the coach? did he go to the window? what have they been
1:34 pm
anticipating? >> reporter: out here today, relatively quiet from pregame to during the game until now after the game. you are now starting to see people who live in the neighborhood, students, residents, make their way. we have not seen any movement of the coach today. however, 30 minutes ago, his wife, sue did leave the house with about three other people in a vehicle. we p don't know who those people were. however, we do not have any sight of joe yet. and now, as i said, people who were at the game, residents, students have now been showing up on his front lawn. >> what are they planning to do there on the front lawn? you know with their -- anything planned that they have shared with you? >> reporter: i don't know if there is anything planned per se. it just seems to be kind of the hotspot to be right now. there is rumor that some of the seniors on the football team, will be bringing the game ball here. we are not sure if that is what
1:35 pm
will happen. there were other visitors throughout the day such as the postman and other neighbors and stuff like that. in terms of the students showing up now, they just seem to be con degree gating and cheering, almost trying to entice the coach to come out. we will see what happen, whether it turns into any formal plans, there doesn't seem to be. >> we know you will be there and keep us posted. thanks so much. air force general says that we could have done better. he's talking about the way the military has handled some remains of u.s. troops killed in combat. cremated ashes toss flood landfills like medical trash. the military promises an explanation. here now is cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr. >> reporter: this is the virginia landfill where the air force dumped some insent racine remains of america's fallen. until 2008 the dover air force port wary which handles war remains had contractors cremate and incinerate bone fragments,
1:36 pm
tissue, and other dna material brought back from iraq and afghanistan where troops were killed. no bodies were involved. the ashes were then taken to the landfill and disposed of as if they were medical waste. the air force changed the policy and is now burying remains at sea. but defense secretary leon panetta has ordered an independent review into how dover handled remains of the war dead. >> none of us will be satisfied until we have proven to the families of our fallen heroes that we have taken every step possible to protect the honor and dignity that their loved ones richly deserve. >> reporter: some families are distraught. >> most devastating and it is -- saddening and it is shocking for our families to hear what happened. >> reporter: there are growing questions about what the air force did once it learned of another problem, whistle blower reports of missing body parts at dover. panetta ordered the air force to investigate itself again.
1:37 pm
this time to determine if the whistle blowers suffered reprisal. >> what i am concerned about is their investigation into what the air force did in response to the whistle blowers. specifically, the fact that the i.g. of the air force, they failed to admit wrongdoing in their report. >> there were clearly were unacceptable mistakes made. whether they constitute wrongdoing is another matter entirely. >> reporter: but when asked if it was wrong to put remains of the war dead in a landfill, the chairman of the joint chiefs said -- >> i don't know what right looks like. >> reporter: panetta initially supported the air force report on the investigation of whistle blower allegations at dover of mishandling remains. but then he learned of new allegations that those whistle blowers suffered reprisals. he ordered this additional
1:38 pm
investigation. but this time he really believes, he says, that the air force can investigate itself. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. italy is without a prime minister tonight. at least what used to see. latest from rome next. aaron, you're all set. great, thanks. mike, thanks for doing that discount double check. you saved us hundreds. what was that? the discount double check? it's when we comb through your policies and make sure that you're getting all the discounts you deserve. no, i get that part, but you guys are doing my move. the discount double check move? that's my touchdown dance. so you're a dancer? no, i'm a quarterback. oh, a quarterback. mrr. i'm a robot. mm, mm. ee, er, ee, er. get out of here. [ male announcer ] aaron rodgers got his. how about you? rodgers! discount double check! [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm.
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silicon valley is the promise land for tech entrepreneurs. now some minority entrepreneurs are risking everything to become the next big thing. cnn's soledad o'brien explores this once in a lifetime opportunity. >> right now all you should be thinking about is how do i execute on my idea. >> reporter: one week after the google event, the entrepreneurs have dinner with one of their mentors. navaro wright, chief technology officer for the internet company interactive one. navaro was one of the four dragons during the event. what was your take? describe for me that moment. >> i said to myself they were
1:42 pm
not ready. everyone is looking at this environment of this incubator and saying i don't want to be the first person to tell this black person that hey, they are not doing a good job. right? i guess to a certain degree that role has fallen on me. >> black guy. >> reporter: >> black guy, yes. >> show of hands, who thinks they did well? nobody thinks they did well? >> did okay. >> i think you guys need to be a little bit harder on yourselves. and let's be clear. my goal to say that is to not to belittle anybody in this room. my goal to say that is that i need you guys and want you guys to understand the vastness of this opportunity. right? you guys walk through palo alto to get here and this is probably the most black people who are in this -- town right now. let's be honest. right? you need to understand that the reality of that you are in. >> no one that walked into that room knew they were about to pitch. >> let's say walked in there and mark zuckerberg was in there and said wane to hear your ideas. you are going to tell me that it
1:43 pm
is okay i didn't know i was going to pitch to him and it is okay to not be ready? you can make those excuses but you have to recognize the only person that was in control or fault at that is yourself. it wasn't the valley or the investors. it was you. because you guys made the decision to come out here and it is bigger than you. if an investor is only seeing one african-american a year to give a pitch, right, you don't do well, you no only affected you but you affected other people. it is that important. you took what angela -- there is a tag line. no whack demos on demo day. >> reporter: for in america, soledad o'brien, cnn, silicon valley. for more from soledad o'brien join us for a new "black in america" special. headlines from overseas now. berlusconi era is over in italy. he survived sex and ethics scandals but silvio berlusconi
1:44 pm
could not weather europe's economic storm and keep the job. he promised to resign if the parliament pass ad series of austerity mesh sxurs did just that today. berlusconi kept his promise, he resigned. syria has been kicked out of the arab league and alliance spokesman said sear yaz was suspended for failing to crack down against dents. it is effective wednesday. emergency officials in turkey raised the earthquake death toll today 38 people. rescuers saved 26 people so far. and 195.6 earthquake hit turkey wednesday. there is a lot of star power at the box office this weekend but is it worth any of your time and money? we are going to check in with our critic in just a minute. honey, i love you... oh my gosh, oh my gosh.. look at these big pieces of potato. ♪ what's that? big piece of potato. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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movies. earlier i talked with critic matt from to find out which flicks are worth your cash and time. let's start with "j. edgar." >> i do not want that to happen to you or your brother, sir. there's no reason we both can't get what we want. we can wage -- >> look at that makeup. okay. that alone, to me, very impressive, matt. >> the makeup does look really good. the movie is relatively well directed. i have to say this isn't one of clint eastwood's best films. part of the fill silver medal
1:48 pm
the subject matter. we don't really ever know that much about j. edgar hoover. it is not like he left memoirs. you feel like he's sti-- they address the rumors of his cross-dressing and address the rumors of his homosexuality. he was a life long bachelor. his number two man, clyde tolson, was always life long bat batchler. they both put in great performances and the movie is not bad but ultimately it leaves up wanting a lot more than you really get. >> all right. he's still an enigma. your grade on this one? >> my grade on this is a "c." if you are a big eastwood fan and want to know about j. edgar go see it but ultimately you are better off reading the history book. >> next movie, "jack & jill." adam sandler. this is still pretty popular, you know. actor playing more than one character. >> yes.
1:49 pm
in is the second wide release with cross-dressing men. >> let's take a quick look. >> daddy. >> no, i don't want to jump rope. >> your father likes to pretend his life started in california. >> come on, daddy. please. >> bring it over here! >> kick it! >> it is dopey adam sandbler what you would expect. this is not one of his better efforts. i would say that this movie is nearly unwatchable except for one thing that saves. >> it what? >> al pacino comes in as relatively main character playing himself. and he goes crazy in this movie. and the scenes with al pacino are so funny. he is completely self parody here. he -- you know, he drops lines from famous movies like "scar face" and "the godfather." hay has the funniest scenes in the movie. if you are a big pacino fan you may want to see this. otherwise i say avoid it. it is really not a very good
1:50 pm
movie aside from the bits -- >> you are not setting up a very good grade. >> no, no. i have to give it a "d," lower grade. pacino saves it. >> all right. that's harsh there. isn't he? well, remember you can go to he is calling them as he sees it. much more of "the newsroom" coming up. no harsh words for don lemon. >> that's one of -- "j. edgar ghts a while i wanted to see. wane to go to the box office. it looks amazing. >> that's his point of view. how are you? >> i'm good. little cold. like you. everybody is dealing with. >> already had it. don't give me anymore. >> can't complain. nothing like what the effects in pennsylvania are going through. penn state. you know, you have been covering it. they had their first game. coming at the latest of the penn state child abuse case with live reports from the site of today's game in nebraska. we will look at the impact on the victims.
1:51 pm
ing the legal case and the psychology of all those people accused of keeping quiet. why does it happen? it is a big story. we will have all the angles covered for you. it is surprising. have you read that -- yes, you have. you have been covering it. complaint. it says -- i was reading it and -- >> detail. >> troubling and unsettling. >> it reads like a novel. just want to go oh, make this stuff. make it stop. i was sitting on a plane and with some people who had read the complaint itself and were just stunned. they couldn't believe it. as "people" can't. we are going to continue to delve into that, fred. also, what can be -- people do to get through the holiday season without drowning in debt? personal finance expert terry savidge has advice for you and shannon cookford has a rarever b -- interview with r.e.m. >> how do you feel this? do you feel sad? are you relieved?
1:52 pm
>> there is sadness. it is bittersweet. >> the feelings go from here to here. we are feeling every one of them. >> right. not relief, though. relief implies like we are escaping something. certainly isn't that. >> no. >> there is the word that popped into my head, odd feeling of liberation because it means that we can -- you know, for the same reason we are breaking up rather than just going on hiatus, it is -- it means we are free to do whatever -- whatever between want without the shadow of r.e.m. hanging over, future projects hanging over. lib sxrags clean break. and a chance to move forward. >> i-can't 2018 see. >> it fascinate. ♪ that's me in the corner ♪ that's me in the spotlight >> nice voice, too. >> it is all right. i sing in the shower. that's about it. >> very good. this is something that will entertain you coming from your hometown backyard. louisiana. catcher's mistake actually ends up being quite the prize for someone else. making him a millionaire. we will show you how the lucky
1:53 pm
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louisiana lottery winner is giving back a cash cashier's mistake turned into a million buck force him. she accidentally added the power play option which multiply the winnings by five for him. >> this is the million dollar ticket. yes, yes, yes! i won a lot of money. you know what? this lady who sold me the ticket is a big part of this. >> he is a big winner all right. lotto winner is showing his gratitude by giving the cashier some of the winnings. very generous. nice big old hug there. jacqui jeras in the weather center. she is very generous to deliver a lot of nice weather out there. >> there's some nice weather out southeast and that's the good news. but -- if you are like the rockies westward, fredricka, forget about it. it is a real ugly mess. we have a very powerful area of low pressure and not just do we have snow to deal with we have incredible wind gusts. you put those things together
1:57 pm
and it is a terrible mess for travelers. we are talki ing peak gusts 60 70 miles per hour. we will show you a live picture quick from the ski resort. you can hardly see anything, the snow is coming down so heavy. as we take a look at the big picture for the weekend, we have three storm systems out west. pacific northwest and rain into southern california. >> glass full. that's the way i like to look at things. thanks so much. that will do it for me. thanks for being with us this afternoon. we will see you again tomorrow at 2:00 eastern time. meantime, much more of "the newsroom" straight ahead with don lemon. men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. even if it doesn't happen every day, you can be ready anytime the moment's right, because you take a clinically proven low-dose tablet every day.
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